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tourism in nagaland essay

State Tourism Website :

Tourism in Nagaland is on growing stage with its glorious past and rich heritage and culture. For the adventurous and the intrepid, Nagaland is an ideal place for trekking, rock climbing , jungle camping and offers limitless exploration possibilities in its lush and verdant sub-tropical rain forests which are also a treasure trove of a plethora of medicinal plants. Above and beyond tourists can also experience a truly ethnic Naga Culture with the best local brews served in large bamboo mugs and exotic local cuisines which is much celebrated here. Nagaland has many advantages in this sector over its north-eastern neighbours. For a start, Nagaland has had a tradition of hosting tourists for decades. With the partial lifting of ILP in recent years during Hornbill Festival, Domestic tourists and visitors no longer need travel permits (as they do in some other states), and the security situation has improved substantially. The location of the region and its richness in biodiversity has become a place of attraction for tourism industry. Encompassing hills, mountains, plains and plateau, the region has many cultural groups and communities with varied cultural background and biodiversity hotspot where it lies which can easily attract tourists from the world over.

Life in rural areas is extremely engaging, more colourful and unusual compared to what travellers are used to seeing. The scenery is equally engrossing. Festival: Nagaland is a cultural mosaic of diverse multi-ethnicity sprung up by the several tribes that inhibit the State. Each community celebrates its myriad festivals revolving around the agrarian calendar that makes Nagaland by default, a land of festivals. Nagaland Hornbill Festival: Festival of Festivals encompasses through collective celebration the colour and vibrant elements of all the tribal festivities and gives a glimpse of Naga life to titillate cultural sensibilities. The annual Hornbill Festival is held for 10 days, 1st -10th December. It draws all the tribes and sub-tribes of Nagaland to the foothills below the lofty spurs of towering Mt. Japfu wherein lies the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama-the venue of the Festival.

Destinations in Nagaland

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Nagaland: an introduction

Nagaland is a vibrant hill state Located in the extreme North East of India, bounded by Myanmar in the East; Assam in the West; Arunachal Pradesh and a part of Assam in the North with Manipur in the south. It offers a rich and incomparable traditional and cultural heritage.

Nagaland has only been open to foreign visitors for the last fifteen years and so it is still largely 'undiscovered' and a true hotspot for adventure lovers. It is home to 16 major tribes with different languages and dialects. It is ideal for eco and rural tourism and promotes tribal festivals, mountain treks, home-stays and offers rare opportunities to experience life in its traditional tribal villages.


34°C / Clear

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  • Places to visit
  • How to reach

tourism in nagaland essay

History of  Nagaland

tourism in nagaland essay

Culture of Nagaland

tourism in nagaland essay

 Art and handicraft of Nagaland

tourism in nagaland essay

Food of Nagaland

tourism in nagaland essay

Places To Visit In Nagaland

  • Learn about the culture of Nagaland in the Naga state museum.
  • Go camping in the Kohima mountains.
  • Experience boating in the Doyang river.
  • Indulge in the adventure of mountain biking in Rain Forest Trail.
  • Take A Wild Safari at Ntangki National Park.
  • Go trekking in Mount Saramati.

tourism in nagaland essay

  • Enjoy the nightlife in the capital city of Kohima.
  • Attend the Hornbill festival in Dzukou valley .
  • Stay in traditional Naga homes and enjoy authentic cuisine.
  • Pay homage to world War II martyrs in Kohima war cemetery.
  • Visit the Nagaland zoological park in Dimapur .

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Hotel Grand Horizon

Shizo complex hazi park, dimapur, nagaland 797112.


Hotel Acacia

Opp. east police station, near dimapur railway sta....


Hotel Kaustav

C.k. das road, near kamrupia namghar tezpur, sonit....


Hotel Pine Yard

Evening branch, anjana complex, nb rd, near sbi, t....


Hotel KRC Palace

Suryarekha complex, j.n. road, tezpur, assam 78400....


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tourism in nagaland essay

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Nagaland is a delightful North Eastern State known for its scenic beauty and rich traditions.  The locals here are warm and take pride in their cultures and religion. Numerous tribes reside here, making this state rich in terms of diversity.

Nagaland, beautified with countless hills, is a pure delight for those visiting this incredible state of North East India. It has a heavenly vibe that lets you untie all your tired nerves. From dramatic looking head gears worn by the locals during traditional dance forms to delectable food and from vibrant festivals to unseen traditions – this state stands out of all other states in India. Numerous Naga tribes add to the diversity of the state bringing their own distinct flavors here.

  • About Nagaland

Nagaland Cities

Nagaland attractions, nagaland festivals, nagaland wildlife.

  • April to June 20°c - 29°c
  • July to Sep 15°c - 24°c
  • Oct to March 11°c - 21°c
  • Introduction
  • Art / Handicrafts
  • Dance & Music
  • Fairs / Festivals
  • Dzukou Valley
  • Kohima War Cemetery
  • State Museum
  • Khonoma Green Village
  • Nagaland Tribes
  • Hornbill Festival
  • Aoling Festival
  • Sikrenye Festival
  • Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Trogopan Birding

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+91 370 2243124

ILP queries - 8837222758

Opp: Indoor Stadium, Raj Bhavan Road,

Kohima -797001, Nagaland

Office Hours

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

tourism in nagaland essay

Experience The Culture

Embrace the nature.

Rejuvenate your Spirit and Soul. Feel its freedom and enjoy the peace and quiet

Witness The Festival of Festivals

Get immersed in the unique and colourful Naga tribal dances, food and folklore

tourism in nagaland essay

  • May 18, 2023 : Admission Notification
  • January 7, 2023 : SKOCH Awards: Nagaland Offroad Popular Vote
  • November 17, 2022 : Hornbill Campsite Registration 2022
  • September 28, 2022 : 🆕UNWTO World Tourism Day Reel Competition 2022 RESULTS✅

tourism in nagaland essay

Click to Listen to the ECI Song "Main Bharat Hoon"

tourism in nagaland essay

About Nagaland

A land engulfed in mystery, inhabited by vibrant people zealously guarding their culture – dancers, warriors, head-hunters; mountains, valleys, forests – all these form the portrait of Nagaland the moment the word is uttered.

tourism in nagaland essay

Upcoming Events

Tsükhenyie (Chakhesang Tribal Festival) 24th and 25th April 2023

tourism in nagaland essay

Tuluni Festival

Event Date: 8 July 2023   Tuluni is a festival of great…


Tsungremong Festival

Tsungremmong is a pre-harvest festival celebrated by the Ao Nagas. On the…


The Nagaland Umbrella Festival

The 6th edition of August Rush 2022 under the banner of Richa…

tourism in nagaland essay

Featured Destinations

tourism in nagaland essay

2023 Campsites List

tourism in nagaland essay

A new off-roading experience in India’s wild, wild east

tourism in nagaland essay

Doyang Hydro Project

tourism in nagaland essay

Khezhakeno Village and Chida Resort

tourism in nagaland essay

Featured Project

If tropical jungle, slush & mud, remote mud tracks, forgotten hamlets - truly back of beyond countryside excites you, then join us on this exciting, tough, yet hugely insightful drive on tracks and trails in the hinterland of Naga Land Besides the sheer geography and road, this land is also home to many forgotten tribes, quaint folk culture, exotic cuisine and more Log & Drum Naga Land is an offroader's delight, a cultural spectacle & a true-blue opportunity to return to the basics!

tourism in nagaland essay

Sl. No Campsite Contact No. 1 Wild Woods Camps 9856070737…

tourism in nagaland essay

Admission Notification


tourism in nagaland essay

SKOCH Awards: Nagaland Offroad Popular Vote

The Popular vote carries a 15% weightage (upto 1.5 marks).…

tourism in nagaland essay

Hornbill Festival 2022 Prepaid Taxi Service


tourism in nagaland essay

‘Outlook of Tourism has completely changed in Nagaland’

Vishü Rita Krocha Kohima | January 5

The year 2023 proved to be an extraordinary year for the tourism industry, especially for Zhavame village under Phek district, bordering Manipur state, even as it gained incredible momentum and drew an estimate of close to 10,000 visitors both to the village and its majestic Kapamodzü peak.

tourism in nagaland essay

In the recent past, Kapamodzü has emerged as the most sought after destinations in Nagaland and in 2023, October emerged as the busiest month with a total of 2400 visitors.

Rekha Rose Dukru, who took on the management of the highest tabletop mountain in the state a year ago and initiated a number of eco-friendly facilities, observed that during the COVID years, families have learnt not only the  value spending time together but also the realise the importance visiting places together.

tourism in nagaland essay

“The outlook of tourism has completely changed,” she remarked, while elucidating that in the current scenario, people are enthused to travel and explore a place through the different seasons of a year. 

“Sometimes you need people visiting to remind us how blessed we are”, she said.

Highlighting that although there were visitors from all over, maximum number of visitors to Kapamodzü in 2023 were Nagas from across the state, she related that most of them shared the same sentiment that “we need not travel far to see mesmerising places.”

tourism in nagaland essay

Most parents, she echoed, have also decided to explore as many places possible in Nagaland before venturing out further. Reiterating that there were domestic and international travellers but the maximum were locals, she added, “If Nagas love it so much, then there is so much potential for international tourism.” 

“All we have to do is provide the facilities, and it will grow and soar.” 

tourism in nagaland essay

“Of all the businesses I have done, tourism industry is one that has immediately been self-sustaining,” she further attested, informing that she started with just an employee and in the course of one year, the workforce has grown to five individuals working full-time.

Kapamodz­ü, which now boast of facilities such as cottages, café, camping facility, catering, electricity, washrooms, etc, however hasn’t been without challenges. 

In the words of Dukru, “people may think it’s easier when you are constructing cottages, for instance, with locally available materials, but it is not that simple as these materials are also season-based whether it is harvesting thatch or bamboo.”

tourism in nagaland essay

Interestingly, however, every cottage, every washroom has a different design at Kapamodzü. 

“I don’t have a design planned prior but depending on the landscape, or it could be a tree that gives us the concept of how a bathroom will look like,” she highlighted.

One of the consistent remarks from local visitors has been, “We have witnessed the worst in Nagaland and never anticipated encountering a cottage, electricity, or other facilities at the summit of a mountain.”

She also stressed that Kapamodzü’s popularity is inseparable from the village and to enhance the visitors’ experience at the peak; they are also looking at packages encompassing not only Kapamodzü but also Zhavame village and nearby areas.

tourism in nagaland essay

Kapamodzü to introduce Paragliding  Kapamodzü, which comes across as an ideal place for paragliding experience may soon add the adventure sport to its list of attractions. 

“We want to introduce paragliding this year,” Dukru  said, informing that the first team (one of the teams associated with Paragliding in Bir-Billing in Himachal Pradesh—also known as Paragliding Capital of India) had already come during December and done the recce.

“They were very impressed and are now collecting data on the strength of the wind, direction, etc and if all goes well, we will be introducing it this year,” she said.

Given the viability and the green signal given by the experts from Himachal Pradesh, she is very hopeful that it will take off very soon.

Besides Paragliding, Mountain biking is also in the pipeline, she conveyed.

tourism in nagaland essay

‘Further international realisation of Nagaland’ Overall, the beauty of Nagaland has clearly caught the attention of the global community even as it figured in the number four among “The 16 hottest destinations for 2024” in the Sydney Morning Herald. “Among the most intriguing is Nagaland in the northeast of the country, bordering Myanmar, where more than 16 tribal groups have preserved their distinctive customs and costumes,” it read.

In a ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) thread, Advisor to Chief Minister and Chairman IDAN Abu Metha had also highlighted some of the many silver linings of Nagaland in 2023.

In the area of tourism, he highlighted that the Hornbill Festival of 2023 was  “one of the best ever in the 24-year history.” 

“For the first time ever and perhaps a first of its kind in the country, the festival had country partners and state partner in the form of the United States, Germany, Columbia and Assam. 5 countries, 40 bands and 800 musicians performed at the music fest,” he added, articulating it as “further international realisation of Nagaland.”

Commenting on the Hornbill Festival, Vibha Lakhera, founder of Project Empathy, meanwhile stated, “I would say that as someone who does not belong to Nagaland, being there, interacting and bonding with people, literally has a healing effect” especially traveling from a power centric, high pressure city like Delhi.”

“What I noticed most definitely was that while one is walking on the streets or driving past, it is very easy to smile at people and even easier to receive a warm friendly smile, be it a kid or a young person or even an elderly person,” she added. 

“That itself,” she said, “makes one think of the inner worlds that inhabit in people in Kohima. What is it that makes them so friendly and accepting? As compared to the capital city, where mostly everyone is in a hurried, stressful, many times arrogantly judgemental space.”

“If I have to rally for Nagaland, apart from the scenic beauty it would be the softness offered by people largely, I would talk about,” she said.


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Dimapur, March 28 (MExN): The Ladies Unit, Naga Army, celebrated 25 Years of Raising Day

Morung Express NewsDimapur | March 28 The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is committed to enhancing

SATOI (ZUNHEBOTO), MARCH 28 (MExN): In a significant decision, the Satoi Range GBs Association has

Kohima, March 28 (MExN): The meeting of the High-Power Committee of the JICA assisted Nagaland

Youth front reiterates conservation of biodiversity in Chakhesang jurisdiction

Phek, March 28 (MExN): The Chakhesang Youth Front undertook area tours on March 22 and 23, and


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Tourism in Nagaland

Owing to the diversity in flora, fauna, cuisines, languages, cultures and so many more things; Nagaland is one of the most visited places in India. Over the past few years, Nagaland Tourism has worked a lot in order to make visiting here blissful for people.

Nagaland is situated on the easternmost region of India. One of the seven sister states India, Nagaland is covered mostly by high-altitude mountains. The hospitability of the people here and their culture and tradition simply touch the heart. Moreover, the Nagaland is an ideal destination for trekking, rock climbing and jungle camping.

Nagaland is situated on the extreme northern east just below Arunachal Pradesh. It has on its long eastern strip the neighboring country Myanmar. The north is bounded by Arunachal Pradesh, while on its west lies the state of Assam. It is bordered by Manipur on its south.

High mountains, deep gorges, green valleys, twisty streams and exotic flora and fauna found in Nagaland give an idea about the physical features of the place.

Nagas belong to the Mongoloid group who migrated to this hilly region hundreds of years ago. The ethnicity of the state comprises of 15 different tribes of Tibeto-Burmese origin who crossed the neighboring Myanmar (Burma) to reach this territory.

During the British rule in India, the Nagas were known for their extreme courage. During the end of the 19th century, the British, knowing the importance of the tribes here, had established a very good relationship with them. The Nagas later had proven to be the most useful help for the British in fighting and chasing away the Japanese who, during the war advanced up to the present-day capital of the state Kohima.

Sixteen years after India attained her independence, Nagaland was given the status of a full-fledged state on December 1, 1963.

Fairs & Festivals of Nagaland

During your Nagaland trip there are innumerable places to visit and things to do, but attending the fairs and becoming a part of the festivals is the best thing to do.

Nagaland is also the home of some of the most colorful festivals. Singing, dancing and drinking of locally prepared rice beer mark the Naga festivals. Sekrenyi is a festival that belongs to the Angami tribe. This festival signifies the end of the agricultural cycle and lasts for 10 days. Konyak Aoling is another festival that denotes the coming of the New Year. This festival is celebrated in the month of April. Moreover, there are the festivals like Ao Moatsu and the non-traditional tourism festival of May and October that draw good crowds.

Best Time to Visit Nagaland

The climate of Nagaland is comfortable all through the year. The temperature of the state ranges from 16°C to 31°C in summer (May to July) and 4°C to 24°C during winter season. The monsoon that spreads from the month of June to early September is marked by heavy rains.

How to Reach Nagaland

Tourist attractions in nagaland.

Kohima, the capital city of the state, has a number of sites that are worth visiting to get an insight of the place's rich history. The World War II Cemetery that lies in a beautiful surrounding, the Cathedral of Reconciliation with its striking red roof, the Bara Basti, the Nagaland Museum, Nagaland Zoo and Park are some of the attractions of Kohima.

The sites near Kohima include the tribal village of Khonoma, Dzulekie (famous for waterfalls), Jopfu Peak, Dzukou Valley, Dimapur, etc.

Recommended Nagaland Tour Packages

More tourist destinations in nagaland.

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The Enigmatic Living Cultures of Nagaland: A Glimpse into Tribal Traditions

Introduction: living cultures of nagaland.

Table of Contents

Nagaland, known as the land of festivals, is a fascinating state in North East India renowned for its vibrant tribal cultures and rich heritage. The indigenous tribes of Nagaland have preserved their unique traditions and customs, offering a captivating window into their enigmatic way of life. In this blog, we invite you to explore the living cultures of Nagaland, immerse yourself in the tribal traditions, witness colorful festivals, and experience the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Introduction to the Tribal Communities of Nagaland:

Nagaland is home to several tribes, each with its own distinct customs, languages, and social structures. Learn about the major tribes, such as the Angami, Ao, Konyak, and Rengma, and their contributions to the cultural fabric of Nagaland. Gain insights into their traditional practices, craftsmanship, and close-knit community bonds.

Nestled in the hills of Northeast India, Nagaland is a land of captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage. The state is home to diverse tribes, each with its distinct traditions, customs, and living cultures. From colorful festivals to intricate craftsmanship, Nagaland offers a fascinating glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of its people. In this blog, we invite you to embark on a virtual journey and explore the living cultures of Nagaland, where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously.

Discovering Nagaland’s Tribal Communities

Nagaland is home to several major tribes, including the Angami, Ao, Sema, Lotha, Rengma, and Zeliang, each with its unique traditions and cultural practices. These tribes are known for their close-knit communities, preserving their age-old customs while embracing the modern world.

1. Festivals: Showcasing the Cultural Extravaganza

Festivals form an integral part of Nagaland’s living cultures, offering an immersive experience into the traditions and customs of its tribes. The Hornbill Festival, celebrated in December, is a grand showcase of Nagaland’s cultural diversity. Visitors can witness traditional dances, folk songs, indigenous sports, and enjoy local delicacies during this vibrant celebration. Other festivals like Moatsu, Sekrenyi, and Tuluni offer insights into agricultural practices, harvest rituals, and community bonding.

2. Traditional Attire: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

The traditional attire of Nagaland is a visual delight, reflecting the tribes’ cultural identities. Men and women adorn themselves with intricately woven shawls, adorned with vibrant motifs and patterns. The Angami men wear the sleeveless “Kho” coat, while the Ao women flaunt their handwoven “Rongkhim” skirts. The attire not only represents the tribes’ cultural heritage but also serves as a symbol of pride and identity.

3. Music and Dance: Stories in Motion

Music and dance are an integral part of Nagaland’s living cultures, with each tribe having its distinctive forms of artistic expression. The tribes use traditional musical instruments like drums, bamboo flutes, and gongs to accompany their rhythmic movements. From the energetic warrior dances to the graceful movements depicting everyday life and nature, Nagaland’s traditional dances bring alive the spirit and emotions of its people.

4. Crafts and Artistry: A Testament to Skill and Tradition

Nagaland is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, showcasing the tribes’ artistic talents and traditional skills. Intricate woodcarvings, bamboo and cane crafts, pottery, and vibrant beadwork are among the diverse forms of artistry found in the state. The Naga shawls, known for their striking designs, are highly prized for their beauty and intricate handwork. By supporting local artisans, visitors can acquire these unique pieces and contribute to the preservation of these traditional crafts.

5. Culinary Delights: Savoring Naga Cuisine

A journey through Nagaland’s living cultures is incomplete without exploring its culinary delights. Naga cuisine is a gastronomic adventure, offering a blend of unique flavors and local ingredients. Sample traditional dishes like smoked pork, bamboo shoot curry, fermented soybean preparations, and fiery chutneys. Be it at local food stalls, traditional meals with locals, or specialty restaurants, Naga cuisine is a testament to the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Preserving the Living Cultures of Nagaland

Preserving Nagaland’s living cultures is crucial to safeguarding its unique identity for future generations. Visitors can contribute to this preservation by respecting local customs and traditions, supporting local artisans and craftsmen, and engaging in sustainable tourism practices. By appreciating and understanding the living cultures of Nagaland, we can play a part in celebrating and safeguarding this invaluable heritage.

Spotlight on Their Unique Customs, Arts, and Festivals:

Delve into the unique customs and traditions of the tribal communities in Nagaland. Explore their traditional attire, intricate beadwork, handwoven textiles, and distinctive jewelry. Discover the significance of their tribal festivals, such as the Hornbill Festival, Sekrenyi Festival, and Moatsu Festival, which showcase their vibrant cultural heritage through music, dance, and rituals.

Exploring Tribal Villages, Handicrafts, and Traditional Music and Dance:

Visit the remote tribal villages of Nagaland to experience the authenticity of tribal life. Witness skilled artisans at work, creating intricate handicrafts and traditional instruments. Engage in traditional music and dance performances, where the rhythmic beats and vibrant costumes captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in the warmth and hospitality of the tribal communities through homestays and cultural interactions.

Recommendations for Cultural Immersion Experiences in Nagaland:

  • Plan your visit during major tribal festivals to witness the grandeur and energy of the celebrations.
  • Participate in traditional village tours, where you can witness daily life activities and interact with the locals.
  • Visit local markets known for their tribal handicrafts, such as wood carvings, bamboo crafts, and woven textiles.
  • Attend cultural shows and performances that showcase the unique music, dance, and folklore of Nagaland.
  • Respect local customs and seek permission before photographing individuals or participating in sacred ceremonies.


Nagaland’s living cultures offer a captivating journey into the heart and soul of the state’s tribes. From vibrant festivals to intricate crafts, traditional attire, music, dance, and mouthwatering cuisine, Nagaland presents a vibrant tapestry of traditions and customs. By immersing ourselves in the living cultures of Nagaland, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse heritage and celebrate the resilience and vibrancy of its people.

Nagaland offers a captivating glimpse into the living cultures of its indigenous tribes. By exploring tribal villages, witnessing traditional arts and crafts, and experiencing vibrant festivals, you can gain a deeper understanding of Nagaland’s enigmatic tribal traditions. Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality and cultural richness of Nagaland, and create lasting memories of this extraordinary land.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Living Cultures of Nagaland

Q: What are the living cultures of Nagaland? A: Nagaland is known for its vibrant and diverse living cultures, with each tribe having its distinct traditions, customs, and practices. The major tribes in Nagaland include the Ao, Angami, Sema, Lotha, Rengma, Zeliang, and many more. These tribes have unique languages, attire, festivals, arts, and crafts, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the state.

Q: What are the traditional attires of Nagaland? A: The traditional attire of Nagaland varies among the different tribes. Each tribe has its distinct clothing style. For example, the Angami men wear a sleeveless coat known as “Kho”, while the Ao women wear a handwoven skirt called “Rongkhim”. The colorful shawls, adorned with intricate designs, play a significant role in the traditional attires of both men and women across various tribes.

Q: What are the major festivals celebrated in Nagaland? A: Nagaland is renowned for its vibrant festivals, which provide glimpses into the state’s rich cultural heritage. The Hornbill Festival, held annually in December, showcases the cultural diversity of Nagaland’s tribes through traditional dances, music, sports, arts, and crafts. Other important festivals include Moatsu, Sekrenyi, Tuluni, and Tokhu Emong, which celebrate the agricultural cycle, harvest, and traditional customs of different tribes.

Q: What is the significance of traditional music and dance in Nagaland? A: Traditional music and dance hold immense cultural significance in Nagaland. Each tribe has its unique dance forms accompanied by traditional musical instruments like drums, bamboo flutes, and gongs. These performances depict tribal stories, rituals, and celebrations, and often serve as a means of social cohesion, storytelling, and passing down cultural knowledge from one generation to the next.

Q: What are some traditional arts and crafts of Nagaland? A: Nagaland is renowned for its exquisite traditional arts and crafts. Each tribe specializes in specific crafts, including weaving, woodcarving, pottery, basketry, beadwork, and metalwork. Naga shawls, intricately designed with traditional motifs, are highly sought-after. The skilled craftsmanship is showcased in various handmade products, such as jewelry, home decor items, and traditional musical instruments.

Q: How can visitors experience the living cultures of Nagaland? A: Visitors to Nagaland can immerse themselves in the state’s living cultures through various means. Attending cultural festivals, such as the Hornbill Festival, provides a comprehensive experience with traditional music, dance, crafts, and local cuisine. Exploring tribal villages, interacting with locals, and staying in traditional homestays offer insights into the daily lives, customs, and traditions of the tribes. Additionally, purchasing authentic handicrafts directly from artisans supports the preservation of traditional arts.

Q: Are there opportunities to learn about the traditional cuisines of Nagaland? A: Yes, visitors can explore the traditional cuisines of Nagaland. Naga cuisine is known for its unique flavors and use of local ingredients. Traditional dishes like smoked pork, bamboo shoot curry, fermented soybean preparations, and various chutneys offer a delightful culinary experience. Local food stalls, restaurants, and participating in traditional meals with local families provide opportunities to savor the diverse flavors of Nagaland.

Q: Are there any restrictions or customs that visitors should be aware of when experiencing Nagaland’s living cultures? A: While Nagaland welcomes visitors to experience its living cultures, it is essential to respect the customs and traditions of the tribes. Dress modestly and appropriately, particularly when attending cultural festivals or visiting villages. Seek permission before taking photographs, as some tribes may have specific protocols. It is also advisable to engage with local guides or tour operators to ensure cultural sensitivity and navigate any specific customs or restrictions that may apply.

Q: Can visitors purchase traditional handicrafts and artworks in Nagaland? A: Yes, visitors can purchase traditional handicrafts and artworks in Nagaland. Local markets, craft emporiums, and village cooperatives offer a wide range of handmade products, including shawls, jewelry, baskets, pottery, and more. Buying directly from artisans not only ensures authenticity but also contributes to the sustainable livelihoods of the local communities and supports the preservation of traditional arts and crafts.

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tourism in nagaland essay

A land engulfed in mystery, inhabited by vibrant people zealously guarding their culture – dancers, warriors, head-hunters; mountains, valleys, forests – all these form the portrait of Nagaland the moment the word is uttered. But, from extreme mystery to hosting a globally famous cultural festival, Nagaland has come a long way over the years and etched a name for itself in the world’s tourist destination map.

Nagaland came into being on 1st December, 1963 as the sixteenth state of the Indian Union with Kohima as her capital. With a geographical area of about 16,579 sq km, she shares her borders with Assam in the North and West, Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh in the East and Manipur in the South. The topography of the state is nearly all hilly, the highest peak being Saramati (3841m) in the district of Kiphire. Many rivers cut through this mountainous terrain, like sharp swords slicing through rocks, the main ones being Dhansiri, Doyang, Dikhu, Milak, Tizu and Zungki.

The climate of Nagaland is nothing but perfect. With pleasant summers when temperatures do not average above 31o C and winters when they don’t average below 4oC, the place is a ‘perpetual holiday destination’.

2 Discussions

Share your suggestions for making Nagaland an Eco-Tourism Destination

Sustainability must serve as the dictum for any development and management of tourism whereby greater emphasis should be ...

tourism in nagaland essay

The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Nagaland has compiled questions and answers on Corona Virus ...

Become a MyGov Volunteer & work towards building a New Nagaland

Become a MyGov volunteer and participate in building a New Nagaland – Bad roads near you? ...

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India Map

States › Nagaland Travel Guide


Nagaland offers unending exploration possibilities from heritage villages to wildlife sanctuaries. Beautifully nestled amidst the lush and verdant sub-tropical and sub-alpine climate, Nagaland treasures an overabundance of wild flora and fauna and even some medicinal plants. Nagaland is a beautiful destination in India and it stores some popular places to visit. You can soak in the freshness of fine scent in the air, the calming yet buzzing sound of wild cicadas and beautiful rolling ranch lands and white fluffy clouds hovering above.

Capital: Kohima Location: North East India

Best time to visit Nagaland:

Winters from October to February are an ideal time to visit Nagaland.

Why Visit Nagaland?

Nagaland can be visited to experience holiday destination and witness unique heritage sites, rich wildlife, local festivals, delicious cuisines, beautiful handicrafts, cultural shopping, attractive places, attractions and more.

Temperature in Nagaland:

16°c - 31°c.

Summer March - April

21°C - 40°C

Monsoon May - September

Winter October - February

Let us Plan Your Trip

Popular Travel Destinations Nagaland

Dimapur, Nagaland

An Insight to Nagaland Tourism

This must visit destination 'Nagaland' is a wonderful world full of beauty, appeal and adventure that calls tourists from far and near. As for some, the only drawback is the accessibility which is an important factor and perhaps the only reason why this seems to be a dream-like destination. But truth be told, the roads are quite convenient, from smoothly linked highways via Assam and West Bengal, Nagaland, in fact, the entire Northeast in easily accessible. Travellers venture into the Naga Hills to experience Nagaland tour with exquisiteness and to have unforgettable memories of the landscape, people, food, and culture. Even the rich deep forest looks blue because of the reflection of the bright sky with meandering clouds hovering around. Nature could not have been any sweeter to Nagaland for endowing it with everything beautiful and awe-inspiring.

The people in Nagaland live a very noble and humble life, and if you visit these states you will be welcomed with love and curiosity. Often, the people of Nagaland are tagged to be introvert but once you interact with them, they will be a good travel guide and will help you travel at ease. When we talk about different sightseeing places in Nagaland then there are plenty. From the II World War that took place in Kohima in 1944 to the humble settlement between Indo-Burma borders in Mon district 'Longwa Village,' every town or city or village has a story to tell and attractions signifying the tales to visit. This folklore land proudly carries music as an important tool for communication. Thus, music in Nagaland plays an integral part and you can hear the soothing yet hair-raising folk songs praising ancestors during its many Nagaland festivals. Today, one such time and venue to attend and witness the music is during the winter season. On every first week of December tourists and local people gather to the Kisama Heritage Village in Kohima to witness the famous 'Hornbill Festival.' It is certainly not just the mega event that invites, but the entire Nagaland calls people to catch a glimpse of its otherworldly places and attractions. Witness the beauty amongst the top places to visit and tour in some of the most popular travel destinations in Nagaland. This destination consists of 16 major tribes each unique to its own that dwells in this fascinating state. It so happens that, since Nagaland consist several tribes, each tribe has different and unique festivals. And this exotic holiday destination will offer you ample amount of festivals and cultural ambience to blend in with the locals.

An ideal holiday in Nagaland would mean traversing through the different routes and modes of the state along with best places to explore. And this is what makes people come to Nagaland to see its many wondrous places and to be a part of its extravagant festivals accompanied by its lush and surreal hill stations, of which Mokokchung, Mon, Kohima, Wokha, Tuensang to name a few are the best examples of places to see in Nagaland. This land is a paradise for nature lovers because Nagaland is home to various flora and fauna and you can also take up a trekking tour to some best places to trek in Nagaland. Some outdoor adventure tours you can take up when in Nagaland are angling; this is a very common and great pastime to spend an afternoon in some of the rivers of Nagaland.

You will find varieties of fishes like local Trout, Indian Masheer and Salmon. Camping and Trekking are both an exciting adventure done in Nagaland. Adventure lovers looking for adventure activity can go camping in the Satoi Range of Nagaland. Besides, Dzukou Valley also is an ideal camping site which also serves a border of Manipur and Nagaland and it is also an active trekking spot for trekkers.

Another feature that is worth exploring in the state is its soothing ambient bird sanctuary located in Kohima. Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary is home to some rare and endangered species in Nagaland like Blyth’s Tragopan and Dark-Rumped Swift. Also, this sanctuary has two important features i.e. Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak located side to side. Nagaland sightseeing tour is incomplete without paying a visit to its unique marvel architecture and historical sites in Nagaland like the Mary Help of Christians Cathedral, Kachari Ruins, Langpangkong Caves, Totsu Cliff, Longwa Village, Twin Stones just to name a few. Nagaland is also home to some National Parks like Ntangki National Park and Nagaland Zoological Park. Apart from wildlife destinations, another good reason to visit Nagaland is for its museums. They store age-old cultural legacy and a number of artefacts and remains of the times. One can see a ceremonial drum, an exhibit of animals and birds which are specific to north-eastern hill states and it also houses an art gallery which has beautiful exhibits of local artists.

Tourism in Nagaland offers one and all with some must try Naga cuisines that give a unique blend of taste. As you all know, Nagaland is mainly meat eater, hence, you will find a lot of tasty pork, chicken, beef and the list goes on. Some lip smacking dishes Nagaland offers are salty smoked pork stew, bamboo steamed fish, dried fish and roasted intestines and there is more to vegetable eaters as well like a healthy mixture of beans, boiled vegetables that includes cabbage, long beans and melon. Lastly, you do need a memento for remembrance and you will get plenty and worthy items to buy in Nagaland. This Northeast state has a lot of skilled craftsmen and their handiworks are worth it. Some items you can consider to buy are cane-crafting which is made of bamboos, this item is useful to make various things like the locals use it to make a cup to drink local brews, also, they make things like sofa, chairs, baskets, and storage materials. Weaving is perhaps Nagaland’s utmost skill and they make it with great detail, the finishing is remarkable. Most commonly made item are the famous Naga shawls, besides, other items like handbags and jackets are also prepared. The important handicrafts of the Nagas are Wood-carving, Bamboo work and Pottery.

We, at Tour My India, will help you explore the scenic destinations of Nagaland and accordingly, we will offer to you with best Nagaland holiday packages at best prices. With our best travel deals and itineraries, you can place confidence for a hassle free and memorable holiday in Nagaland.

Best Holiday Packages for Nagaland

Nagaland tourism will blow every individual's mind with unique attractions and destinations to visit. Allow us to introduce you to this amazing destination through our Nagaland travel packages. We will help you spend an exotic holiday in this one-stop destination where you can see all that you have missed throughout your life. Check out Tour My India holiday packages to get good deals and services.

Nagaland Tribal Tour

Nagaland Tribal Tour

Hornbill Festival Tour

Hornbill Festival Tour

Nagaland Cultural Tour

Nagaland Cultural Tour

Dzukou Valley Trek

Dzukou Valley Trek

Top places to stay in nagaland.

Nagaland is on everybody's checklist to visit and this popular yet fresh destination still is undergoing to bring out some ultra luxurious hotels. However, this road less travelled destination has some nice lodgings beautifully decorated with traditional and modern architecture; most importantly, for its noble hospitality. This must visit destination provide best in services and local cuisines and you will find comfortable rooms and warm environment. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by quite, serene and peaceful ambience throughout your stay.

Hotels in Kohima

Hotels in Kohima

Hotels in Dimapur

Hotels in Dimapur

Hotels in Mokokchung

Hotels in Mokokchung

Hotels in Wokha

Hotels in Wokha

Top tourist attractions in nagaland.

Nagaland offers an abundance of tourist attractions around every corner of the individual districts. This far away paradise attracts tourists for its rich cultural festivals and pure untouched meadows. Besides, Nagaland tourism offers places to visit like historical sites, religious places and even adventure activities especially suitable for nature lovers like wildlife sanctuaries and exciting trekking trails around the beautiful and scenic valleys of Nagaland.

Dzukou Valley, Kohima

Dzukou Valley

Longwa Village, Mon

Longwa Village

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, Zunheboto

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary

Kachari Ruins, Dimapur

Kachari Ruins

Best things to do & see on your trip to nagaland.

Traversing through daring dense tropical forests, visit native head hunting tribal villages, be a part of various festivals and gallop delicious local cuisines - this is all that you can do in Nagaland. Not quite, you can also visit some homage and explore the ruins, soak in the soothing wild and also witness the colourful Naga cultures through its many festivals.

Nagaland Fairs & Festivals

Fairs & Festivals

Nagaland is reckoned as the land of festivals due to its many tribes and their different customs and beliefs. The state offers a beautiful glimpse of the life of the various tribes that have gratitude for almost everything in their lives.

Pilgrimages in Nagaland

Pilgrimages in Nagaland

Pilgrimage in nagaland.

With a major population of Christians in the state, Nagaland can easily be recognized as a pilgrimage for Christian believers. There are numerous churches, chapels and cathedrals that are built beautifully and are indeed quite sacred.

Wildlife in Nagaland

Wildlife in Nagaland

Though unexplored, Nagaland is said to be the heir of opulent wildlife that is just not abundant but is unique as well. The state is home to wildlife reserves like Intanki which is refuge of the Hoolock Gibbon that is reckoned to be the only Gibbon found in India.

Adventure Tourism in Nagaland

Adventure Tourism in Nagaland

Adventure in nagaland.

Gradually opening door to tourists, Nagaland is also stretching out its arms to welcome the adventurists at hearts. Lush with numerous unexplored trails that are ideal for trekking and motor biking.

Hill Stations in Nagaland

Hill Stations in Nagaland

Surreal and pristine, the hill stations of Nagaland call out to all the weary souls looking for rest in the lap of unspoiled nature. Far away from the modernity, cradling in the time that has stood still for decades.

Folk Dance Nagaland

Folk Dance Nagaland

The always grateful Nagas, reflect their gratitude with one or the other lively folk dances. Accompanied by unique music, these folk dances of Nagaland are definitely the soul of the state.

Nagaland Cuisines

Nagaland Cuisine

From flavoursome smoked pork to bland assorted worms, the cuisine of Nagaland can definitely challenge your taste buds. Hot, smokey and indeed unique, the state’s cuisine is something you can’t give a miss.

Shopping in Nagaland

Shopping in Nagaland

Nagaland promises an unparalleled shopping experience with putting on offer the best of its craftsmanship. The state spoils one for choice with the best bamboo/cane articles, tribal jewellery and handloom manufactured Naga shawls.

Nagaland Travel Information at a Glance

Travelling to Nagaland can be thrilling and exciting but we have to get our facts right for a hassle free tour. Thus, we have gathered some important information to ease your trip. Our holiday guide on how to reach Nagaland lists the means of transport; best suited time to visit and also a map to help you navigate and explore the different places and attractions around the state.

  • Top Destinations
  • Top Things to Do
  • Top Tourism Attractions
  • Top Accommodation
  • When to Visit Nagaland
  • Nagaland Winter Season
  • Nagaland Summer Season
  • Nagaland Monsoon Season
  • How to Reach Nagaland
  • Nagaland Travel by Road
  • Nagaland Travel by Train
  • Nagaland Travel by Air
  • Tour Packages Nagaland
  • Entry Permits for Foreigners
  • Entry Permits for Indian
  • Tourism Map Nagaland

Let us Plan Your Trip


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    Tourism in Nagaland is on growing stage with its glorious past and rich heritage and culture. For the adventurous and the intrepid, Nagaland is an ideal place for trekking, rock climbing , jungle camping and offers limitless exploration possibilities in its lush and verdant sub-tropical rain forests which are also a treasure trove of a plethora of medicinal plants.

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    Nagaland is a vibrant hill state Located in the extreme North East of India, bounded by Myanmar in the East; Assam in the West; Arunachal Pradesh and a part of Assam in the North with Manipur in the south. It offers a rich and incomparable traditional and cultural heritage. Nagaland has only been open to foreign visitors for the last fifteen ...

  4. Tourism in Nagaland has grown remarkably, reports NES 2022-23

    With the lifting of PAP (Protected Area Permit) on year basis, tourism in Nagaland has grown remarkably and is becoming a promising sector, sharing potential with other places in the country and the world. The Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, also popularly known as the 'Festival of Festivals', showcases Nagaland's rich culture.

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    1.7. Tourism Development in Nagaland 1.8. Objectives of the Study 1.9. Methodology 2. Nagaland 41 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Geography 2.3 People and Culture 2.4 Natural Environment and Ecology 2.5 Socio-economics 2.6 Evolution . 3. Tourism in Nagaland 52 . 3.1 Tourism Status . 3.2 Tourism Potential 3.3 People's outlook towards Tourism

  7. An Experimental Eco-Tourist in Nagaland

    Contact: Bokas Muru Email: [email protected] tel: +91 98626 81713. For more details of the CCAs visit . Gillian Wright is a translator and writer based in New Delhi. Homestays bring ...

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    Nagaland is a beautiful state in the north-eastern part of India known for its tribal culture and picturesque locations. Hotels and Flight. ... Nagaland tourism offers a lot of tourist opportunities. We are hereby listing a few things to do in Nagaland. Learn about the culture of Nagaland in the Naga state museum. Go camping in the Kohima ...

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    Travel Enquiry. 🏠 Tour Packages Tour Enquiry Contact Us +91 971 730 0203 [email protected]. Change Language. Incredible North East India. Sikkim Assam Nagaland Tripura Arunachal Pradesh Manipur Meghalaya Mizoram Packages Enquiry Contact. Enquire Now. Nagaland is a delightful North Eastern State known for its scenic beauty ...

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    A land engulfed in mystery, inhabited by vibrant people zealously guarding their culture - dancers, warriors, head-hunters; mountains, valleys, forests - all these form the portrait of Nagaland the moment the word is uttered. Learn More. Entry Permits. How to get there. Revised SOP for Travelers and Tourist 2021.

  11. 'Outlook of Tourism has completely changed in Nagaland'

    Vishü Rita KrochaKohima | January 5 The year 2023 proved to be an extraordinary year for the tourism industry, especially for Zhavame village under Phek district, bordering Manipur state, even as it gained incredible momentum and drew an estimate of close to 10,000 visitors both to the village and its majestic Kapamodzü peak. In the […]

  12. Tourism in Nagaland: Things to do in Nagaland

    Tourist Attractions in Nagaland. Kohima, the capital city of the state, has a number of sites that are worth visiting to get an insight of the place's rich history. The World War II Cemetery that lies in a beautiful surrounding, the Cathedral of Reconciliation with its striking red roof, the Bara Basti, the Nagaland Museum, Nagaland Zoo and ...

  13. The Enigmatic Living Cultures of Nagaland: A Glimpse into Tribal

    A: Nagaland is known for its vibrant and diverse living cultures, with each tribe having its distinct traditions, customs, and practices. The major tribes in Nagaland include the Ao, Angami, Sema, Lotha, Rengma, Zeliang, and many more. These tribes have unique languages, attire, festivals, arts, and crafts, contributing to the rich cultural ...

  14. Nagaland Tourism

    Nagaland came into being on 1st December, 1963 as the sixteenth state of the Indian Union with Kohima as her capital. With a geographical area of about 16,579 sq km, she shares her borders with Assam in the North and West, Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh in the East and Manipur in the South. The topography of the state is nearly all hilly, the ...

  15. Nagaland Travel and Tourism Guide

    Our holiday guide on how to reach Nagaland lists the means of transport; best suited time to visit and also a map to help you navigate and explore the different places and attractions around the state. LET'S PLAN YOUR TRIP. C - 81C, Sector - 8, Noida - 201301. +91-120-4052615 - 99 (85 hunting lines are available)

  16. PDF Tourism Survey for state of Nagaland

    Nagaland is one of the seven sister states of northeast India, covering a total geographic area of 16,579 Sq. KM. It borders the state of Assam to the west, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam to the north, Myanmar to the east and Manipur to the south. The state capital is Kohima, and the largest city is Dimapur.

  17. PDF Tourism Development in Northeast India: Changing Recreational Demand

    European Bulletin of Himalayan Research 32: 143-161 (2008) tourism sector because of the efforts made by the central and the respective state government in this direction. However, tourism as an industry is of recent origin in Northeast India and despite a long history of hosting both international and domestic tourists, tourism sector of this ...

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    employment and income status of the tourist and the level of satisfaction with Hornbill Festival experience. Index Terms - Tourism, Hornbill Festival, Socio-Demographic, Satisfaction Level. I. INTRODUCTION The state of Nagaland, Northeast India is a home to quite a lot of tribes, having their own distinct festivals. The Nagas regards their

  19. PDF Tourism Aspects of Nagaland: an Empirical Analysis

    the overall tourism of Nagaland to bring economic growth in future and to utilize hornbill festival as a platform to promote it globally. Pongen (2021) applied ANOVA tool to analyse satisfaction of ... tourists are not found although many related papers have been studies apart for Nagaland. Few studies conducted in Nagaland are focused only on ...

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    Nagaland is a mountainous state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar. It's home to diverse indigenous tribes, with festivals and markets celebrating the different tribes' culture. Its capital ...

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    Nagaland (/ ˈ n ɑː ɡ ə l æ n d /) is a landlocked state in the north-eastern region of India.It is bordered by the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh to the north, Assam to the west, Manipur to the south, and the Naga Self-Administered Zone of the Sagaing Region of Myanmar (Burma) to the east. Its capital city is Kohima and its largest city is the twin Chümoukedima-Dimapur.

  22. PDF Exploring the potentials for ecotourism and sustainable tourism

    The concept of tourism development in Nagaland is still in its infancy. The tourist inflow to Nagaland is meager comparing to the touristically advanced States of the country. The status of tourism is reflected in the following statistical data of tourist inflow to Nagaland (Table 1). Source: Directorate of Tourism, Govt. of Nagaland.