Classic Convertible Tour of Los Angeles, CA

Tour details.

  • Private Tour – Your Party Only!
  • 3 Hours Minimum
  • Complimentary pick up from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and downtown Los Angeles
  • 70’s Classic Convertible
  • Bottled Water
  • Tour is Customizable Upon Request

About our Classic Convertible Tour of Los Angeles

The classic convertible car tour of Los Angeles, CA, is an experience you must enjoy while visiting the City of Angels! Los Angeles is more than just a single city; it is a metropolis of many cities jammed into one.

Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Los Feliz, Santa Monica, Venice, Watts, Studio City, Burbank, and all of the neighborhoods in between. Our Los Angeles classic car tour allows you to see the best of the city in a single day. This is something that cannot be experienced on foot or with public transport.

Our classic car tours in LA are very popular. It is easy to understand why. Seeing Los Angeles this way provides a unique experience. At Classic Experiences you get unparalleled customer service.

We treat our customers like family. Spend the day taking a classic vehicle tour of Los Angeles and you become part of the Classic Experiences family. We prioritize ensuring you have the best experience. We go the extra mile to make this happen for our Los Angeles classic convertible tours.

Our classic car tours in LA, CA, are ideal for travelers far and wide. We proudly welcome visitors from across the US and around the globe!

Renowned Los Angeles in 70s Cadillacs

We designed our convertible tours in Los Angeles carefully. This ensures our guests experience the best of Southern California in decadent luxury. We provide the most stylish and beautiful cars for your Classic Car Tour of Los Angeles.

Experience the retro glamour of our restored 1970s Cadillac Convertibles. Feel like a star in the sun-drenched city with the roof down and enjoy the ride! It is pure bliss.

Take a tour in a classic American convertible from the 1970s. You will get a 360° view of the famous streets as you cruise. See everything!

You will smell all the tantalizing aromas of this beautiful city. Experience the energy and soul of LA. We strive to make your experience with us outstanding. We love to please our guests. If you need anything to make the old-school convertible tours in Los Angeles more enjoyable, please let us know. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Highlights of Our Classic Convertible Tours of Los Angeles

Spend a day on an exciting private tour of Los Angeles in one of our gorgeous classic cars. Dreams will come true as you drive through the scenic streets of Los Angeles to see the famous Hollywood sign. We will guide you to a destination you may not know.

You’ll have a stunning and breathtaking view of the city.

Then, have fun finding your favorite “stars” on the Walk of Fame. Experience a retro car tour in Los Angeles.

Visit a celebrity hot spot and enjoy a cup of coffee or fresh juice. Unwind and relax as you meander through the expensive estates and luxury houses of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood .

Would you like to see the homes of celebrities you admire? Just let us know who they are and we’ll make it happen! Classic cars can give you a tour of LA. You will be able to see the homes and favorite hang-outs of today’s superstars and yesterday’s icons. You will also be able to visit the places they like to eat and party.

Book a classic vehicle tour of Los Angeles and experience the city in a new way. Our expert guides from Classic Experiences will show you everything the city has to offer.

We have many years of experience designing the best tours of this incredible city. We can provide you with an abundance of knowledge and expertise. It will be a tour to remember for years to come.

Itinerary of the tour

  • Dreams really do come true. Look at the Hollywood sign from the very top of Hollywood Hills through the path only a few people know about.
  • Find your favorite star’s star, among many others. The Walk of Fame is the place for Oscar nominations, big Hollywood premiers, and over 2675 stars.
  • Come with us on an adventure! We’ll take an old-style convertible car and explore the hidden gems of Los Angeles. Join us for a sightseeing tour you won’t forget!
  • Beverly Hills. Beautiful houses and their famous owners.
  • Rodeo Drive. Pronounce it roh-DAY-oh, and there aren’t any cowboys here. This is a mecca for well-off shoppers who are brand-conscious. Celebrities are often seen here. The architecture is inspired by Europe and there are famous movie spots. Finally, the people here are glamorous.
  • Downtown – a hip, walkable paradise. Visit the Mayor of Los Angeles. Travel to the top of a historic building to see the spectacular view of Downtown.
  • Have a bite at the ocean – perfect for those looking to extend the vintage car tours in LA or have a coffee break. Enjoy a leisurely lunch or coffee at a bohemian restaurant in Santa Monica, Venice, or West Hollywood.
  • Experience the thrill and excitement of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. They’re packed with characters, shops, vendors, hip and local restaurants, and juice bars.

Retro car tours in Los Angeles create positive memories that stay in our customers’ lives forever. Do you want to see the houses of Hollywood celebrities and the wealthiest people in the world?

Our Classic Convertible Tours of Los Angeles

We proudly offer classic convertible tours for all types of sightseers! You could be a group of friends searching for an exciting experience. Alternatively, you might be a family hoping to visit the places where your child’s favorite celebrity lives and hangs out.

Are you a solo traveler who loves movies? Are you looking to visit the filming locations of your favorite films? Or, maybe you’re a couple seeking to experience the romantic side of Los Angeles? Whatever your preferences, we create vintage car tours in LA that cater to whatever our customers have in mind!

We are flexible and always love designing bespoke tours for our treasured guests. Simply get in touch and tell us what your dream Los Angeles itinerary would be. We can create the perfect classic automobile tour in Los Angeles, especially for you. Ready to see the best Southern California has to offer?

Reach out to us for more information about tours in LA and private tours of LA in a luxury vehicle .


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The Beverly Hills VIP Limo Tour

Los angeles hummer vip limo tour, sightseeing is an art, and those who find themselves carted around haphazardly by the fly-by-night tour outfits quickly realize that not all art is created equal..

Our talented staff has been selected exclusively from high hospitality backgrounds with an emphasis on their storytelling abilities and they are extraordinarily well-versed in Hollywood and Beverly Hills lore.

We pride ourselves on offering the finest Private Tours in Los Angeles . We cordially invite you to tour with us and see for yourself why we have earned such an excellent reputation.

Proud Members of: The Los Angeles Concierge Association The Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau The Los Angeles Conservancy The Los Angeles City Historical Society National Trust For Historic Preservation

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How to Visit Los Angeles Without a Car

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hmlCA / Getty Images

Visitors to Los Angeles wonder if they really need to rent a car or if it's possible to get around without a car. It's not only possible but for some people, it might make more sense than renting a car, especially if you're going to focus your sightseeing in some specific areas or if driving in an unfamiliar city is going to be stressful for you.

Visitors will be pleased to know that many of L.A.'s top attractions can be seen on a Metro Red Line Tour of Los Angeles . The L.A. Metro subway and over-ground train system can take you within walking distance of many attractions. 

L.A. Tourism also has some resources for car-free Itineraries of specific neighborhoods or following specific themes.  "Car-Free LA" features a series of self-guided car-free vacation itineraries that offer a way to experience the hidden gems of L.A.’s diverse neighborhoods via foot, bike, and Metro. 

If you organize your trip well, you can create your own car-free itinerary that's relatively painless and doesn't cause you to lose too much time in transit. There are strategies for having a successful car-free L.A. vacation.

Best Places to Stay

GC Images / Getty Images

If you are without a car, where you stay in L.A. can make a world of difference. Being close to attractions or public transportation is key.

Consider staying in Hollywood . There are many things to do in Hollywood and the vicinity, for example, that can be reached without too much trouble from Hollywood Hotels.

Hollywood also gives you easy access to Downtown L.A. and Universal Studios Hollywood via the L.A. Metro Red Line, the only rapid transit in town. It's quite time-consuming to get to Santa Monica or Disneyland from Hollywood by any public transit options, although it's not impossible. There are many routes that only require one transfer.

Staying in Downtown L.A. is an option. It's less touristy and has less glitz than Hollywood, but there's plenty to do and it's a straight shot to Hollywood or Universal Studios Hollywood, and an easier connection to Disneyland via the Metrolink, Amtrak, or the 460 Disneyland Express Bus.

It's also easier and faster to get to Santa Monica from Downtown than from Hollywood. It's not really closer, just more direct. Consider staying in the vicinity of the  Music Center . You'll have easy walking access to live theater and music, museums, Chinatown nightlife,  El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Site , and trendy bars.

You can be in Hollywood in 16-20 minutes via the Metro Red Line from Civic Center or Union Station. If you're used to walking around a big city like New York or Berlin, Downtown L.A. is exceedingly walkable, even if it has multiple blocks of nothing interesting between points of interest. If you're attending an event at the Staples Center, Nokia Theatre, or the L.A. Convention Center then you'll probably want to stay around L.A. Live , an entertainment complex in the South Park District of Downtown Los Angeles adjacent to the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center.

Staying Near LAX

You could also stay at a hotel near LAX   airport and make that your hub. You could then take the Airport FlyAway shuttle each day from LAX to and from Santa Monica, Hollywood or Downtown L.A. to explore.

Even though it's not geographically logical (Hollywood is closer to Santa Monica than to LAX), the directness and economy of taking the Flyaway make it a more efficient hub. If you're the kind of person who is done for the day by 8 p.m., this might be a reasonable option for you. But really, it's more fun to stay where there's actually something going on in the evening .

Santa Monica or Venice Beach

Consider staying in Santa Monica or Venice Beach . If you spend a day or two in Santa Monica and/or Venice Beach, it's easy to get around by bus, or completely manageable by bike. If you're just going from your hotel to the beach, you can probably walk. Most of the hotels and hostels are clustered relatively near the beach, although there are a few further inland. 


Staying at Disneyland is convenient if that is your main reason for visiting. If you're visiting Disneyland for multiple days, you can get around fine without a car, including visits to surrounding attractions, most of which can be reached on the many Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) buses. 

Santa Monica and Disneyland do not make great hubs for exploring other places without a car, even if you have hired a limo. It's better to just pack up and move to the next area you want to explore.

Stay in Several Locations

Moving and staying in several locations might work for you. With the itinerary mentioned above as an example, rather than working from a hub, if you're flying into LAX , you might want to start in Santa Monica (or Venice) for a night, then move to Hollywood or Downtown, then Disneyland. This will reduce your between-city transfer time. There are Car-Free Strategies to get from Santa Monica to Disneyland but staying there is very convenient for families.

Stay near the attractions you want to see first thing in the morning to avoid having to travel far to your first stop of the day. While using Hollywood or downtown as a base to explore Hollywood and/or Downtown L.A., you won't be dealing with a rush-hour drive in the morning to get to your first activities.

So if you're planning on taking in Hollywood nightlife, stay in Hollywood. If you're planning on seeing a show or  hitting a club Downtown , stay Downtown. That said, it's best not to plan your Disneyland or Santa Monica day after a late night of partying in Hollywood.

West Hollywood

West Hollywood  has a lot of great hotels, many of which are LGBTQ friendly , and is just down the road from Hollywood, but staying there adds another level of complexity (bus, taxi, ride-hailing) to getting around without a car since it's not on a Metro rail route. So, unless you're staying in a West Hollywood hotel that offers free car service within three miles (which will get you to the Metro) when you're looking for a Hollywood hotel or hostel, try to find something closer to Hollywood and Highland or Hollywood and Vine for the fastest Metro access. 

Most of the tours that you can do in L.A., from bus tours to walking and biking tours, leave from Hollywood or Santa Monica, although some have hotel pick-up from Downtown,  Beverly Hills , or LAX for an additional fee.

Hire a Limo or Town Car

Glowimages / Getty Images

If you just don't want the hassle of driving in L.A., you can always hire a car and driver to be at your beck and call and take you everywhere you want to go.

If you're traveling alone, it gives you the added bonus of being able to ride in carpool lanes on the freeway, reducing time in transit for greater distances.

If you're traveling with a group or family, it can end up being less expensive than buying individual tours or shuttle fares for everyone in your group.

There are also ride-hailing services in the Los Angeles area. 

Transportation From LAX

kevinjeon00 / Getty Images

Getting from the airport to your hotel is often one of the biggest ground travel expenses. It is easier than ever to get to the primary tourist hubs economically from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with the convenient  FlyAway  bus service that provides direct, non-stop service to drop-off points in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Union Station in Downtown L.A., among other destinations.

If you're flying into another airport , you'll still have multiple options for airport transportation to your hotel or other destination, but you may have to choose between convenience and economy.

Other options include rental cars, shared-ride shuttles, car services, taxis, and ride-hailing apps.

Using Public Transportation

Juan Camilo Bernal / Getty Images

L.A.'s Metro rail subway system is expanding, but still limited. The Metro brand is a county service. There are dozens of  local bus services  and the Metrolink inter-city commuter train service that make up the difference within smaller cities and between cities.

Many of these are now integrated into Google Maps and Bing Maps, so you can map a public transportation route from any point A to point B. However, neither one includes all the options, and they both sometimes offer weird routes.

One of the reasons we recommend staying in Hollywood if you don't have a car is that Hollywood is very walkable . The other reason is that it's the one area where the faster Metro rail is really efficient between Hollywood, Universal Studios, and Downtown L.A., which is the only area where it actually runs underground.

So it's easy to stay in any of those areas and visit the other two via Metro. If you stay in Hollywood, in the vicinity of a Metro station (Hollywood and Highland or Hollywood and Vine), you can be at Universal Studios or in Downtown L.A. in about 15-20 minutes. There are dozens of attractions you can see in this general area within reach of the Metro Red Line, so between walking and public transportation, it's easy to get around these areas.

Taking the Expo Line to the beach in Santa Monica also makes it relatively easy to visit the museums and gardens at  Exposition Park  near the University of Southern California with a quick transfer from the Red Line. You can go from Hollywood and Highland all the way to the beach by metro in 76 to 90 minutes. 

You can also take the Metro, with transfers to the Blue Line or Gold Line, to visit the attractions in Long Beach or Pasadena , but, like the Expo Line, it takes much longer to get there because the trains run above ground and it's a much greater distance.

Getting from Hollywood or Downtown L.A. to Santa Monica via Bus is an option for visiting the beach. From Downtown L.A., Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus Rapid 10 is the fastest route to the Santa Monica Pier. It takes from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the time of day, usually averaging just over an hour. 

From Hollywood, you can plan your trip for speed, or for scenery. For scenery, Metro Bus 2 takes you through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills along the Sunset Strip to UCLA, where you can transfer to the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus.

Sightseeing Tours

 TripSavvy / Christian Hundley

There are a variety of sightseeing tours that can help you make the most of your visit to Los Angeles without a car. They include walking tours of specific locales, biking tours, horseback riding tours, general  sightseeing bus tours , and special interest tours, including some that act as cross-town transportation, allowing you to get off and explore.

If you're staying in a hostel in Hollywood, there are often organized excursions planned, including to Santa Monica. They will get you to Santa Monica faster than a city bus, and may include additional activities at the beach, but are more costly than taking a city bus.

The Starline Grand City Tour is one of the city tours anyone can book that takes you to different parts of L.A. and gives you a specified amount of time to explore areas like  Rodeo Drive , the La Brea Tar Pits , the L.A. Farmers Market , and Olvera Street. You have to be back at the bus at a designated time to continue the tour.

A more flexible option is Starline's Hop-On Hop-Off Tour . The Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus will take you to almost anything you might want to see in L.A., and you can start hopping on from a stop near wherever you're staying in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, Santa Monica or Downtown L.A. It doesn't go to the Getty Center, Getty Villa, or Disneyland, but its five narrated tour routes do stop at 99 other potential stops, some of which provide access to multiple attractions. Every stop is near at least one tourist attraction. You can buy tickets for 24, 48 or 72 hours that allow you unlimited riding on five routes, plus a connector to LAX. Your Hop-On Hop-Off ticket also gives you discounts to many L.A. attractions as well as 10 percent off other Starline Tours, like the Movie Stars' Homes Tour or Haunted Hollywood Tour.

You can also use the Hop-On Hop-Off Tour as an option for getting you to Santa Monica from Hollywood or Downtown L.A. and you can explore other L.A. attractions along the way. The downside if you're relocating from a hotel in Hollywood to one in Santa Monica is that you'll have your luggage , which may be inconvenient for hopping on and off in between.

Another disadvantage is that the tour buses don't run in the evening, so you'll want to plan your tour loop each day so that the last stop is at or near your hotel, or somewhere with easy alternate transportation back to your hotel. Some of the activities on the tour route might take all day, like Universal Studios Hollywood (which might not be the best use of a tour day), while at other stops you might want to hop off to take a couple of pictures and get on the next bus.

halbergman / Getty Images

Los Angeles is vast, so it's hard for most people to conceive of using a bicycle as a primary means of transportation, and we don't recommend it, but if biking is how you get around at home, it's possible to plan your L.A. visit on two wheels as well. Beach cities like Santa Monica,  Venice , and Long Beach are particularly bike-friendly, and you'll see a lot of locals within those communities using bikes on the beach as a primary form of transportation locally. More bike lanes are being added throughout L.A. all the time. Google Maps has a function to show bike lanes to help you plan your route on bike-friendly streets. Most buses have bike racks and the L.A. Metro also accommodates bicycles.

Hollywood and West Hollywood attractions are within easy biking distance of each other, but this is one of the least bike-friendly areas, due to the density of cars and drivers who are unfamiliar with the area. If you're cycling in this area, you may want to stick to smaller parallel streets for going more than a few blocks, rather than trying to navigate the chaos of cars and tour buses on Hollywood Boulevard.

If you're an avid cyclist, it's about 14 miles to bike from Hollywood to Santa Monica and is probably faster than taking a bus, although more treacherous.

If spending the entire day biking around sounds like fun,  Bikes and Hikes L.A.  covers 32 miles from Hollywood through Beverly Hills and movie stars' homes to the beaches and back in five hours in their LA-in-a-Day Bike Tour.

Daily and weekly bike rental rates can be as expensive as renting a car, but you'll save on insurance, parking, and gas.

Getting to Disneyland

National Renewable Energy Lab / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 

The best public transportation route from  Hollywood to Disneyland  is to take the Metro Red Line to the 7th Street/Metro Center station and then take the Metro Express 460 Disneyland Shuttle, which drops you off right at Disneyland.

It takes an hour and a half to two hours depending on traffic. If you stay until Disneyland closes at midnight on a summer weekend night, the last 460 bus back to Downtown L.A. gets you to Hollywood by Metro around 2:30 a.m. 

Another option is to take the Metro Red Line to Union Station, then catch a Metrolink (commuter train) or Amtrak train to Fullerton Train Station, then take the Anaheim ART bus one stop to Disneyland. This gives you two transfers instead of just one, and it takes about the same amount of time or longer.

Disneyland Tickets

It's more efficient to book your Disneyland ticket to include transportation from L.A. hotels. One disadvantage to this is that the hours you get to stay at Disneyland are limited if you plan to use the return to your L.A. hotel. Another is that it may be stopping at a lot of hotels, so isn't necessarily faster than the public transportation options, but it requires less planning.

Another option is to plan your Disney trip for a day or two at the end of your stay and spend your final night or two near Disneyland. You can get the Disneyland Ticket with Transportation option from a broker like Viator, which is still far cheaper than a one-way taxi fare, but don't use the return. Check into a Disneyland area hotel instead. That way you can stay in the park until it closes.

LAX to Disneyland

If Disneyland is your first stop, there are a number of ways you can get there from Los Angeles International Airport without a car. There are so many options, reviewing a resource on Getting to Disneyland from LAX is helpful.

Santa Monica to Disneyland

Getting from Santa Monica to Disneyland without a car is not easy but there are options such as hiring a car, taking a ride-hailing service or, the most difficult, public transportation.

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la tour car

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Come celebrate the people you love with adventure and FUN! CLICK HERE

Sunny Day Scoot


Sunny Day Scoot is a one-of-a-kind, fully immersive, interactive outdoor experience featuring the best sightseeing in Los Angeles that’s fun for locals & visitors alike.

This is the coolest thing to do in LA!

You & your guest sit side by side and can take turns driving these fun, cartoon- like minicars that we call Scoots!

See famous landmarks like The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, LA Zoo, Warner Bros Studios, & much more!

Choose from a variety of guided Los Angeles sightseeing tours & rides to plan your adventure with us today!

a close up of a flower


  • Hour Glass 1 Hour

Adventure Ride

Rides for people who just want to get in these cartoon-like cars, have fun, and drive!

  • Food Breakfast
  • Hour Glass 2.5 Hours

Sunrise Tour

Best morning views of The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, & the LA Skyline! Includes breakfast!

  • Most Popular!

Discover LA Tour

Drive by famous movie studios, explore LAs abandoned zoo & hear all about Hollywood history! This is the best Griffith Park Tour!


News channels cover Sunny Day Scoot in LA

Heck yeah! I can't wait to try this!

Sunny Day Scoot is an activity for every person group or gathering


This was the most fun day! I am from Los Angeles and went for a tour with my girlfriends. These little cars are SO. MUCH. FUN. They are super easy to operate and I had a blast driving! It is a really exhilarating experience. Also learned a lot about the city that I never knew from the stops during the tour, which was very cool. I'm glad we did this tour and I highly recommend. Thanks guys!

Had a great day out with the family experiencing LA in a new way! Highly recommend it! This is a wonderful activity to do especially during Covid- They followed all the Covid protocols and being outdoors with fresh wind in our hair the feeling of freedom is exactly what we needed!

A great birthday gift during COVID. Very safe and fun. Our daughter and her boyfriend were able to celebrate her birthday in a safe environment, observing all safety standards. I highly recommend this experience!

Awesome experience! Truly had an amazing time! If you're in town visiting or have lived LA your entire life, you'll have a blast either way! Scooters are ez to drive and super fun. Great experience to bring a date or simply hang out with the family doing something new. The best part it's all outdoors so with our current environment it was a great activity!

The scooters were sooo much fun and something different to do during my trip in LA. The highlight areas of the tour were amazing to see. Our tour guides were the best. I give them a 100 on a scale of 1-10.

Such a fun experience! The cars are super easy and fun to drive, and we got a lot of attention! We tooled around and the guides pointed so many interesting spots and we even got a little history/entertainment industry lesson! This is a must do for anyone visiting LA, or wants to be a tourist in their own neighborhood. Would definitely recommend!!

I can’t think of a better way to explore LA than in one of the mini cars at Sunny Day Scoot. If you are visiting LA or you live here, seeing the city from a buzzing three-wheeled scoot is an exhilarating fresh angle to view some of the best attractions LA has to offer. My wife and I had ridiculous smiles plastered on our faces the whole time. We can’t wait to join the pack again!

We both had a really great time. We have the tour guides to thank for that. They were knowledgeable about the city's history (and they were funny as well). I will definitely be telling my friends and family about Sunny Day Scoot and would love to book a longer tour soon!

Great trip around Griffiths Park and surrounding area. The guides explained everything very carefully and we stopped along the way so they could update us on what we would see on the next section of the drive. Lovely people, would definitely recommend doing this, it was really good fun!

I am so glad my family and I went on a tour with Sunny Day Scoot. We had a ball! They made it super fun! Their customer service is outstanding! Most importantly they kept us safe and sound on the main streets blocking traffic when needed! I would definitely do this again!

My daughter and I were looking for something fun to do while on Spring Break. I'm so glad I found Sunny Day Scoot!! The tour guides were very knowledgeable and SO much fun! We are leaving with a permanent smile and great memories!

We absolutely ADORED our Sunny Day Scoot experience. The guides were absolutely incredible! They were so positive with lots of energy and ensured that everyone was having blast. Pictures and videos cannot do justice to how fun and immersive it is to ride around LA sightseeing in these little cartoon motor buggies. The sights! The sounds! The wind in your hair, and the hilariously adorable little meep meep of the horn like you hitched a ride on the road runner! I've lived in LA for years, but I've never experienced it like this! My cheeks hurt from non-stop smiling. It operates like a motorcycle so my husband road cross-legged half the time which cracked me up.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I would recommend it to anybody. Of note...we thought it was a little pricey when we signed up. In hindsight, we got our moneys worth and more. This was a highlight on our trip.

This was my first time with Sunny Day Scoot and it was so much better than I even imagined! I highly recommend giving this a try and letting the kid in you come alive for a few hours with lots of sightseeing and scooting around tight curves with the wind in your helmet hair!

This is a must do experience! It was SO much fun and educational. Our guides were amazing. We did the one hour adventure. We look forward to doing the longer adventures some time soon!

My wife and I were looking for something different and entertaining to do with our two teenaged sons during our first trip to Hollywood. They're usually so bored with normal sightseeing. The guides kept us informed, cracked endless jokes and pulled out all the stops to made sure that we all had a great experience. My boys are still talking about what a great time they had! I couldn't recommend them more highly!!

60th present for hubby from our daughters. It was brilliant! Would recommend it to everyone! Fun drive, lots of facts given. Best thing we did in LA!! You should definitely do it!

We had so much fun on our 10th-birthday-celebration scoot! Green hills, sun overhead, speeding along in our little convertible. A great way to surprise a friend, spouse, kid, parent or grandparent!

Had a great time. The guides were very friendly and funny. Will do this again the next time I am in LA.

We had a great time! Fun for the entire family- kids, adults and seniors. The cars are very easy and fun to drive. The guides are awesome- very friendly, energetic and provided interesting history of LA. Highly recommend!!

During our weekend visit to Burbank we visited Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, shopped & took in an Escape Room. THIS IS THE BEST THING WE DID! We were tempted to purchase the Front of Line tickets at Universal Studios & very glad we didn't because with the money we saved we paid for our Sunny Day Scoot adventure.....Bottom line, this tour is MONEY WELL SPENT & TIME WELL SPENT!!....YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!....This is a very cool adventure!!!!

Great way to celebrate my niece's sweet 16 birthday!! My niece and nephew were thrilled to pieces riding in these cute mini cars. We all had such a wonderful time, and it made for a memorable birthday, and mini adventure highlighting some of the most fun and interesting sites in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area. It was really fun acting like a tourist in a city where we all grew up. Our tour guides, Mike and Kim, made it an awesome experience with their energetic personalities, knowledge of the sites, fun facts, and great following of traffic safety guidelines. They put us at ease and provided detailed tutorials of the mini scooter right from the start. I felt like a pro driver only after a couple of minutes driving! Their expertise is greatly appreciated, to say the least. Also, so glad to have purchased the picture package. It allowed all of us to be hands free, and to just enjoy the ride :) The pictures take by our guide, Kim, help remind us of the fun celebration, and that we can come back to try out one of the other packages - yay! In fact, after describing our day to my husband and showing him the pictures, he said he's considering going next time with me soon ... hmmmm ... maybe the romantic package for his birthday in July? Stay tuned :))

This was truly one of the most memorable activities we will always remember! We did the tour of Griffith Park, Old LA Zoo, Gene Autry Museum, and drive by of the Warner Bros and Disney Corporate buildings. I work with Disney and learned facts I never knew about and even had an amazing business epiphany while at the carousel where Walt Disney came up with the idea of a theme park called Disneyland! Thank you Sunny Day Scoot for making my daughter and girlfriend have an amazing time! We would love to do a private tour in the future! Highly recommend and worth every penny! A must do activity!!

Sunny Day Scoot is a once in a lifetime experience for fun that you can actually come enjoy as often as you want!

Give the Best Gift Ever!!

Why choose us, here is the sunny day difference.

la tour car

Feel like a star! People will snap photos of you in your Scoot. Bring your camera, our guides are your paparazzi. YOU are a VIP, so pass on the Hollywood bus tours. You’re not just a face in a crowd. Sunny Day Scoot is a personal and sincere experience. We love to see you smile! Your Scoot, Your Tour, Your Adventure!

la tour car

Let’s be honest, you want to experience this excitement with friends & family, so bring them! Sit side-by-side for the most interactive adventure. Have fun, smile & laugh together, take pictures & video, and see the sights. Trade off driving at any of the exciting stops. Feel free and drive!

la tour car

Jump into your very own Scoot! You probably haven’t ever seen them before but Scoots are very easy to drive. Steering is just like a bicycle, moped, or scooter, and the brakes are right on the handlebars. There are no foot pedals so the power is all in the palm of your hand. You wanna move? It’s as simple as twist and go!

National Rifle Association and Wayne LaPierre are found liable in lawsuit over lavish spending

Wayne LaPierre, left, CEO of the National Rifle Association, leaves the courtroom as a jury...

NEW YORK (AP) — The longtime head of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, misspent millions of dollars of the organization’s money, using the funds to pay for an  extravagant lifestyle  that included exotic getaways and trips on private planes and superyachts, a New York jury determined Friday.

The jury ordered LaPierre, 74, to repay almost $4.4 million to the powerful gun rights group that he led for three decades. It also ordered the NRA’s retired finance chief, Wilson Phillips, to pay back the group $2 million. Jurors additionally found that the NRA omitted or misrepresented information in its tax filings and violated New York law by failing to adopt a whistleblower policy.

LaPierre sat stone-faced in the front row of the courtroom as the verdict was read aloud.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat who campaigned on investigating the NRA’s not-for-profit status, declared the verdict a “major victory.”

“In New York, you cannot get away with corruption and greed, no matter how powerful or influential you think you may be,” James said in a post on X. “Everyone, even the NRA and Wayne LaPierre, must play by the same rules.”

The outcome is the latest blow to the powerful group, which in recent years has been  beset by financial troubles  and dwindling membership. LaPierre, its longtime face,  announced his resignation  on the eve of the trial.

NRA general counsel John Frazer was also a defendant in the case. Although the jury found that he violated his duties, it didn’t order him to repay any money.

The jury found the NRA violated state laws protecting whistleblowers who raised concerns about the organization, a cohort that included the group’s former president, Oliver North.

The penalties to paid by LaPierre — the jury actually found him liable for $5.4 million but determined he’d already paid back a little over $1 million — and Phillips will go back to the NRA, which was portrayed in the case both as a defendant that lacked internal controls to prevent misspending and as a victim of that same misconduct.

James also wants the three men to be banned from serving in leadership positions at any charitable organizations that conduct business in New York. A judge will decide that question during the next phase of the state Supreme Court trial.

Another former NRA executive turned whistleblower, Joshua Powell, settled with the state last month, agreeing to testify at the trial, pay the NRA $100,000 and forgo further involvement with nonprofits.

James sued the NRA and its executives in 2020 under her authority to investigate not-for-profits registered in the state.

She originally sought to have the entire organization dissolved, but Manhattan Judge Joel M. Cohen  ruled in 2022  that the allegations did not warrant a “corporate death penalty.”

The trial, which began last month, cast a spotlight on the leadership, organizational culture and finances of the powerful lobbying group, which was founded more than 150 years ago in New York City to promote rifle skills and grew into a political juggernaut that influenced federal law and presidential elections.

Before he stepped down, LaPierre had led the NRA’s day-to-day operations since 1991, acting as its face and becoming one of the country’s most influential figures in shaping gun policy.

During the trial, state lawyers argued that he dodged financial disclosure requirements while treating the NRA as his personal piggy bank, liberally dipping into its coffers for African safaris and other questionable expenditures.

His lawyer cast the trial as a political witch hunt by James.

LaPierre billed the NRA more than $11 million for private jet flights and spent more than $500,000 on eight trips to the Bahamas over a three-year span, state lawyers said.

He also authorized $135 million in NRA contracts for a vendor whose owners showered him with free trips to the Bahamas, Greece, Dubai and India, as well as access to a 108-foot (33-meter) yacht.

LaPierre claimed he  hadn’t realized  the travel tickets, hotel stays, meals, yacht access and other luxury perks counted as gifts, and that the private jet flights were necessary for his safety.

But he  conceded  that he had wrongly expensed private flights for his family and accepted vacations from vendors doing business with the NRA without disclosing them.

Among those who testified at the trial  was North , a one-time  NRA president  and former National Security Council military aide best known for his central role in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s. North, who resigned from the NRA in 2019, said he was pushed out after raising allegations of financial irregularities.

After reporting a $36 million deficit in 2018 fueled largely by misspending, the NRA cut back on longstanding programs that had been core to its mission, including training and education, recreational shooting and law enforcement initiatives. In 2021, it filed for bankruptcy and sought to incorporate in Texas instead of New York,  but a judge rejected the move , saying it was an attempt to duck James’ lawsuit.

Despite its recent woes, the NRA remains a political force. Republican presidential hopefuls flocked to its annual convention last year and former President Donald Trump  spoke at an NRA event  earlier this month — his eighth speech to the association, it said.

Associated Press writer Philip Marcelo contributed to this report.

Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

AT&T struggling with outages

AT&T announces workaround during nationwide cell phone outage

Foul play is suspected in a woman's death near Lake Herrick on UGA's campus.

Woman found dead on University of Georgia campus after reportedly going for a run, police say

The crash happened on Strawberry Plains Pike at Corum Rd., according to Rural Metro.

Rural Metro responds to ‘serious’ car accident

A woman was arrested after she was found passed out behind the wheel of a car, according to...

Woman arrested after passing out behind the wheel in Jefferson Co., police say

Jelly Roll performs during MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Jon Bon Jovi on Friday, Feb....

Jelly Roll announces his biggest tour yet for this fall

Latest news.

This image provided by the Idaho Department of Correction shows Thomas Eugene Creech on Jan....

US appeals court panel declines to delay execution of one of longest-serving death-row inmates

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks during a Fox News...

Ahead of South Carolina primary, Trump says he strongly supports IVF after Alabama court ruling

Laken Riley was found dead on the University of Georgia campus Thursday afternoon. She was a...

Man charged with murder of nursing student killed on University of Georgia campus

Ben tracks a colder Saturday ahead of strong storms next week

Chilly Saturday with showers and spotty mountain snow

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2024 Genesis Invitational purse, prize money: Payout for Hideki Matsuyama, golfers from $20 million pool

The biggest winner's check of the young season was on the line this week at riviera.


The field may have been small at the 2024 Genesis Invitational, but the prize money was as significant as ever. The deepest purse of the 2024 PGA Tour season was on the line Sunday at Riviera Country Club with Hideki Matsuyama taking home the $4 million top prize as part of the $20 million signature event purse.

The $4 million winner's share exceeds the total from the first two signature events of 2024 -- The Sentry and the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am -- as well as the first-place checks from the Masters, PGA Championship and The Open last season. (Only the 2023 Players Championship's $4.5 million winner's check was larger.) It also represents a $400,000 increase from last year's top prize taken home by Jon Rahm.

The top three players all cleared seven figures with Will Zalatoris and Luke List each taking home $1.8 million. The trio who finished tied for fourth, including 54-hole leader Patrick Cantlay, will bring home $866,666 each. The generous paydays trickle down the board with everyone inside the top 36 receiving a check worth at least $100,000.

Let's take a look at the payout list or the 2024 Genesis Invitational through the 70 players at Riviera Country Club.

Genesis Invitational prize money, purse

Total Purse: $20 million

1st: $4,000,000 2nd: $2,200,000 3rd: $1,400,000 4th: $1,000,000 5th: $840,000 6th: $760,000 7th: $700,000 8th: $646,000 9th: $600,000 10th: $556,000 11th: $514,000 12th: $472,000 13th: $430,000 14th: $389,000 15th: $369,000 16th: $349,000 17th: $329,000 18th: $309,000 19th: $289,000 20th: $269,000 21st: $250,000 22nd: $233,000 23rd: $216,000 24th: $200,000 25th: $184,000 26th: $168,000 27th: $161,000 28th: $154,000 29th: $147,000 30th: $140,000 31st: $133,000 32nd: $126,000 33rd: $119,000 34th: $114,000 35th: $109,000 36th: $104,000 37th: $99,000 38th: $94,000 39th: $90,000 40th: $86,000 41st: $82,000 42nd: $78,000 43rd: $74,000 44th: $70,000 45th: $66,000 46th: $62,000 47th: $58,000 48th: $56,000 49th: $54,000 50th: $52,000 51st: $51,000 52nd: $50,000 53rd: $49,000 54th: $48,000 55th: $47,000 56th: $46,000 57th: $45,000 58th: $44,000 59th: $43,000 60th: $42,000 61st: $41,000 62nd: $40,000 63rd: $39,000 64th: $38,000 65th: $37,000 66th: $36,000 67th: $35,000 68th: $34,000 69th: $33,000 70th: $32,000

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Majors rise above noise with Niemann's Masters invite

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la tour car

2024 Genesis Invitational purse, prize money, payouts

la tour car

Majors rise above noise as Masters invites Niemann

la tour car

Van Rooyen leads at Mexico Open

la tour car

How top 10 are playing ahead of Masters

la tour car

LIV Golf's Niemann among special invitees to Masters

la tour car

Tiger Woods (illness) withdraws from Genesis

la tour car

Spieth DQ'd at Genesis for signing incorrect scorecard

la tour car

Zalatoris wins two cars with hole-in-one at Riviera

la tour car

Taylor proves he's among PGA Tour's best closers

la tour car

Davis Love III enthused about golf's young stars

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Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus

  • Description
  • Choose date

Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus

Visiting a new city is akin to going on a first date, it is something you will never forget. Many people imagine Moscow as just a bunch of sporadic landmarks: Red Square, the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum and GUM. There is so much more to this wonderful city than that and even though we only have a few hours, we will do all we can to show you everything we know and love about our capital in one fell swoop. We will take you on a journey through the ages, from centuries ago, right up to the modern day, soaking in the sights of this vast and bustling metropolis. Bright, luxurious and both ancient and modern at the same time, Moscow invites you on a date you’ll never forget!

On our sightseeing bus tour of the city, you will see:

  • The wonderfully historic city centre and its unique museums, magnificent cathedrals, the exquisite Chambers of the Romanov Boyars and of course, the famous towering red brick walls of the Kremlin, The charming beauty of the Alexander Garden awaits the capital's guests - a lush green oasis in the midst of the glass and concrete clad metropolis, basking in the etherial aura emanating from the whitewashed stone walls of the restored Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the world- renowned fairytale onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral and other impressive monumental buildings such as the library built in Lenin's honour - the Russian State Library - and the State Duma.
  • The Lubyanka KGB headquarters is notorious to members of older generations and although nowadays, the face of the secret police has changed dramatically, the looming enigmatic building on the waterfront maintains its aura of mystery, shrouded in a variety of murky rumours and dark myths. Then, there’s another of Moscow's main attractions - the marvellous Bolshoi Theatre, yew simply cant leave Moscow without taking in its breathtaking architecture. Engrained in the fabric of Russia's cultural heritage, virtuoso performers such as prima ballerina Galina Ulanova, opera singer Feodor Chaliapin and pianist, composer and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff once stood centre stage of this vaunted institution.
  • The memorial complex on Poklonnaya Hill was constructed in the glory and honour of our heroes who defended our nation in the many crucial battles of the Great Patriotic War (WWII). This is a place that embodies a particularly acute and inextricable link between older ancf younger generations. Moving on to the Moscow International Business Centre, not dubbed ‘Moscow City' for nothing, a true glimpse of the future in the present. This incredible, rather jaw-dropping project in the capital has shown that Moscow has come to accept the age of the skyscraper. Finally, the stunning views from the observation deck at Sparrow Hills will leave professional and amateur photographers alike itching to capture them. How could one resist?

The most beautiful of all the world's cities - lady Moscow invites you out on a date!

The cost of an excursion with a personal guide for 1 person

Meeting point We'll pick you up at your hotel

St. Basil's Cathedral

House on the Embankment

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Vorobyovy Hills

Poklonnaya Hill Poklonnaya Gora


Alexander garden

Russian State Library

Bolshoi Theatre

End of the tour

Choose your dates

Select time, who's going.

  • Excursion Moscow: City Sightseeing by Car/Bus
  • Date and time:
  • Who's going:


  • 5.0 • 2 Ratings
  • FEB 22, 2024


Doit-on en tant qu'enfant subvenir aux besoins financiers de nos parents ? Quelles sont les exceptions ? Discutons-en sans tabou

  • FEB 13, 2024


On aborde la question de fêter la Saint-Valentin ou pas pour les fameuses personnes qui sont en date voire fraîchement en couple car la problématique est souvent posée

  • FEB 8, 2024


Doit-on dire à un homme comment être un homme ou est-il sensé tout savoir après le briefing ? La différence entre demander et quémander. On en discute aujourd'hui. Podcast sofa and chill

  • FEB 1, 2024


Aujourd'hui avec mon invité, on aborde le fameux "KANGA MOTEMA" qu'on estime être l'un des dégâts d'une dote trop élevée. Simple hypothèse ou réalité ? Parlons-en !

  • JAN 25, 2024


Oui encore une fois, on va aborder les trauma mais aujourd'hui ca concernera plus l'importance de ne pas les normaliser ni de les utiliser pour justifier nos actes

  • JAN 18, 2024


On vous a probablement dit que faire les taches à la place de sa femme juste pour avoir une sucrerie en échange fonctionne? Probablement, mais à quel coût et cela durera combien de temps? N'est-ce pas une forme de manipulation? Discutons-en.


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Taylor Swift Fan Killed in Car Crash While Heading to Eras Concert in Australia

The teenager was on her way to the star's show at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

By Mitchell Peters

Mitchell Peters

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Taylor Swift

A teenage girl traveling to Taylor Swift ‘s Eras Tour concert in Melbourne, Australia, was killed in a car accident.

On Thursday (Feb. 15), fan Mieka Pokarier, 16, was traveling with her mother and 10-year-old sister from the Gold Coast to the pop superstar’s show in Melbourne Cricket Ground when their sports utility vehicle crashed into a semi truck, TMZ reports .

Justin Timberlake Dives Into the Deep End With New Song 'Drown': Stream It Now

Taylor swift.

See latest videos, charts and news

Trending on Billboard

The sisters’ godmother, Karleigh Fox, said the girls were very excited to see Swift in concert and had bought tickets to the singer’s concerts in Melbourne and Sydney, according to the Post .

“Last night one of my dearest friends was driving from the Gold Coast to Melbourne with two of her children (my god children) when they were involved in a front on collision with a semi trailer,” Fox wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“We are heartbroken to have lost one of her children (aged 16) whilst the 10-year-old has been lifted to Westmead Hospital in critical condition, fighting for her life with brain injuries, a damaged pelvis, and a broken leg.” She added, “This was supposed to be a road trip of a lifetime with them going to concerts in both Melbourne and Sydney.”

Swift’s three-night stand at Melbourne Cricket Ground launched on Friday (Feb. 16) and wraps Sunday (Feb. 18). From there, she’s scheduled for back-to-back concerts at Sydney’s Accor Stadium (Feb. 23-25). Other international stops include Singapore, France, Sweden, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.

In November 2023, another Swift, 23-year-old Ana Clara Benevides Machado, died from heat exhaustion at the superstar’s Eras Tour show at Estadio Nilton Santon in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Following her death, Swift shared an emotional message on social media and postponed her concert the following evening.

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Travis Kelce grabs lunch with pal in Kansas City as Taylor Swift continues Eras Tour in Australia

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Travis Kelce

If Travis Kelce was planning on supporting Taylor Swift in Australia, he hasn’t headed Down Under just yet.

The 14-time Grammy winner, who is currently on the Aussie leg of her blockbuster Eras Tour, performed three sold out shows to more than 288,000 people in Melbourne over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the three time Super Bowl champ stepped out in Kansas City for lunch with a pal, according to snaps obtained by the Daily Mail .

In the photos, the NFL player, 34, grabbed a bite at a local eatery, Rye, before jumping in his Rolls Royce and rolling the windows down.

Kelce smiled and waved to fans on the street who noticed him, Daily Mail reported, while rocking a camouflage sweatsuit and chunky black sneakers during the outing Saturday.

Travis Kelce

The tight end paired the laid back look with a black cap, and sported a longer-than-usual beard.

The outing comes a few days after he hinted at the possibility of heading to Australia on his New Heights podcast.

During this week’s episode, he cryptically told listeners that he would “venture to an island real soon,” leading fans to theorize that he would join his girlfriend for her Sydney tour dates next weekend, before traveling to Singapore in early March.

Taylor Swift

Since arriving on the other side of the world, Swift has made headlines for discussing her upcoming album , “The Tortured Poets Department” on stage, and performing multiple medleys of fan favorite hits, including “Getaway Car,” “August” and “The Other Side of the Door.”

“Melbourne, what do I even say to you after over 288,000 of you came and danced with us in the last 3 nights ??! That was unforgettable. You were on an another LEVEL. Thank you for the memories. I’ll revisit the ones from this weekend often 🥲🫶,” Swift captioned a series of Instagram snaps on Sunday that showed her on stage at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Want celebrity news as it breaks? Hooked on Housewives?

The “Cruel Summer” hitmaker, 34, also admitted to being “lonely” while writing her 2020 album , “Folklore,” despite being in a relationship with her then-long term boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift

“[I was] imagining that, instead of being a lonely millennial woman covered in cat hair drinking my weight in white wine, I was a ghostly Victorian lady wandering through the woods with a candle in a candlestick holder, and I wrote only on parchment with a feathered quill,” she was heard saying in  a clip posted by a fan from her second Melbourne show.

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“That was in my mind, what I thought I looked like writing ‘Folklore,'” she went on.

“That is not what I looked like … So that’s all that matters — the delusion.”

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

She and Alwyn started dating in 2016 and were notoriously private throughout the course of their six-year relationship.

“I think that in knowing him and being in the relationship I am in now, I have definitely made decisions that have made my life feel more like a real life and less like just a storyline to be commented on in tabloids,” she said in her  2020 interview with Paul McCartney  for Rolling Stone.

“Whether that’s deciding where to live, who to hang out with, when to not take a picture — the idea of privacy feels so strange to try to explain, but it’s really just trying to find bits of normalcy.”

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

After their split in early 2023 , she was briefly linked to The 1975 rocker Matty Healy before she began dating Kelce in the summer.

The new couple  went public with their romance that September and haven’t been shy about  flaunting their love in the months since .

Most recently, Swift  supported her beau throughout the NFL season, and was on hand for his Super Bowl 2024 victory  against the San Francisco 49ers earlier this month.

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Travis Kelce


la tour car

NEWS ALERT: A week after deadly Loudoun County house explosion, here's what investigators have learned

NEWS ALERT: NRA, Wayne LaPierre found liable in lawsuit over lavish spending


An Elly De La Cruz foul ball leaves a crater in a window on Hunter Greene’s car at Reds camp

The Associated Press

February 20, 2024, 7:35 PM

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GOODYEAR, Ariz. (AP) — Elly De La Cruz and Hunter Greene faced off in Cincinnati Reds camp on Tuesday and it took a toll — on a window on Greene’s car.

With Greene on the mound, De La Cruz hit a foul ball into the players’ parking lot at the team’s spring training facility. The ball left a crater in a window on Greene’s car.

The young slugger and the 6-foot-5 right-hander posed for a picture with the window after the live batting practice session.

De La Cruz and Greene are two key players for Cincinnati as it tries to get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2020.

The 22-year-old De La Cruz made his big league debut last year, hitting .235 with 13 homers, 44 RBIs and 35 steals in 98 games.

The 24-year-old Greene, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 amateur draft, could start on opening day for the Reds. He went 4-7 with a 4.82 ERA in 22 starts last year.


Copyright © 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

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Preliminary investigation into deadly Loudoun Co. explosion: Leaking 500-gallon propane tank, $2.5M in damage

Preliminary investigation into deadly Loudoun Co. explosion: Leaking 500-gallon propane tank, $2.5M in damage

Former NRA chief Wayne LaPierre misspent gun rights group's money, owes more than $4M, jury finds

Former NRA chief Wayne LaPierre misspent gun rights group's money, owes more than $4M, jury finds

Jury awards $13 million to family of man killed in 2018 DC fire truck crash

Jury awards $13 million to family of man killed in 2018 DC fire truck crash

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    THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Car Tours (UPDATED 2023) Questions? Chat now Top Los Angeles Car Tours Car Tours Private and Luxury Half-day Tours Full-day Tours City Tours Private Sightseeing Tours Multi-day Tours Luxury Car Tours Bus Tours Limousine Tours Classic Car Tours Audio Guides Adventure Tours Historical Tours Movie Tours Walking Tours

  3. THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Luxury Car Tours (UPDATED 2023)

    THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Luxury Car Tours (UPDATED 2023) Questions? Top Los Angeles Luxury Car Tours Luxury Car Tours Classic Car Tours Private Sightseeing Tours Car Tours Private and Luxury Bus Tours Limousine Tours City Tours Historical Tours Half-day Tours Movie Tours Full-day Tours Crime Tours Cable Car Tours Day Trips Audio Guides Cultural Tours

  4. THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Classic Car Tours (w/Prices)

    THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Classic Car Tours (w/Prices) Questions? Top Los Angeles Classic Car Tours Classic Car Tours Luxury Car Tours Private and Luxury Car Tours Private Sightseeing Tours Historical Tours Bus Tours City Tours Limousine Tours Half-day Tours Movie Tours Crime Tours Cable Car Tours Cultural Tours Day Trips Audio Guides Ghost Tours

  5. Private Tour of LA in a Luxury SUV

    We offer these car tours of LA in one of our luxury vehicles. In our private tour of LA you will see the main attractions of this glamorous city. Such as the Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier, Venice, and celebrity houses, along with hidden gems that many do not know!

  6. 2024 Classic Convertible Car Tour of Los Angeles

    77 reviews Recommended by 100% of travelers See all photos About from $800.00 per group (up to 5) Lowest price guarantee Reserve now & pay later Free cancellation Ages 0-120 Duration: 4-8 hours Start time: Check availability Mobile ticket Live guide: English More What's included What to expect Departure and return Accessibility

  7. The BEST Los Angeles Private car tours 2024

    Los Angeles Private car tours Our most recommended Los Angeles Private car tours 1. Universal Studios Hollywood: Ticket with Easy Cancellation Enjoy world-class entertainment all in one place at Universal Studios Hollywood™.

  8. THE 10 BEST Los Angeles Tours & Excursions

    2. Hollywood Sightseeing and Celebrity Homes Tour by Open Air Bus. 831. Movie Tours. 2 hours. Get the most out of your time in Los Angeles with this comprehensive tour that passes LA hot spots, famous landmarks, celebrity…. Free cancellation. Recommended by 94% of travelers. from.

  9. Classic Car Tour Los Angeles. Family and kids friendly!

    Our Los Angeles classic car tour allows you to see the best of the city in a single day. This is something that cannot be experienced on foot or with public transport. Our classic car tours in LA are very popular. It is easy to understand why. Seeing Los Angeles this way provides a unique experience.

  10. Top Rated Private Tours in Los Angeles

    $249.00 Learn More The Private LA Highlights Tour The Private Los Angeles Highlights Tour offers a VIP guided experience like no other, providing guests with an extensive and leisurely exploration of Tinseltown's top sights. In just five hours, you will witness the best of LA, from Hollywood to Beverly Hills and everywhere in between.

  11. Los Angeles 4K

    California sunsets. The best. Taking the 2021 Ferrari F8 Spider on a sunset drive in Los Angeles California USA. From Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills ...

  12. Petersen Automotive Museum

    Tour the car museum and explore the history of the automobile through celebrity cars, supercars, Discover one of the largest automotive collections in the world. Located in Los Angeles, CA, the Petersen Automotive Museum occupies an entire city block and houses over 300 cars, motorcycles and trucks. Tour the car museum and explore the history ...

  13. THE 10 BEST Los Angeles Private Tours

    THE 10 BEST Los Angeles Private Tours Private Tours in Los Angeles Enter dates Tours Filters • 1 Sort Los Angeles: Private Tours Information Explore Los Angeles the way you want to with your own private tour guide! Forget about getting flustered with maps.

  14. Visiting Los Angeles Without a Car

    If spending the entire day biking around sounds like fun, Bikes and Hikes L.A. covers 32 miles from Hollywood through Beverly Hills and movie stars' homes to the beaches and back in five hours in their LA-in-a-Day Bike Tour. Daily and weekly bike rental rates can be as expensive as renting a car, but you'll save on insurance, parking, and gas.

  15. THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Tours & Excursions (UPDATED 2024)

    Los Angeles Tours Half-day Tours Bus Tours Private Sightseeing Tours Full-day Tours Movie Tours Day Trips Sightseeing Tours Historical Tours Private and Luxury City Tours Unique Experiences Pop Culture Private Drivers Theme Parks Airport & Hotel Transfers Multi-day Tours Universal Theme Parks Layover Tours Helicopter Tours Walking Tours Ghost Tours

  16. Sunny Day Scoot

    From $65 1 Hour Adventure Ride Rides for people who just want to get in these cartoon-like cars, have fun, and drive! Learn More From $140 Breakfast 2.5 Hours Sunrise Tour Best morning views of The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, & the LA Skyline! Includes breakfast! Learn More Most Popular! From $140 2.5 Hours Discover LA Tour

  17. National Rifle Association and Wayne LaPierre are found liable in

    NEW YORK (AP) — The National Rifle Association and its former longtime leader were found liable Friday in a lawsuit centered on the organization's lavish spending.. The New York jury found that Wayne LaPierre, who was the NRA's CEO for three decades, misspent millions of dollars of the group's money on pricey perks, and it ordered him to repay the group $4,351,231.

  18. 2024 Genesis Invitational purse, prize money: Payout for Hideki

    The deepest purse of the 2024 PGA Tour season was on the line Sunday at Riviera Country Club with Hideki Matsuyama taking home the $4 million top prize as part of the $20 million signature event ...

  19. Moscow: City Sightseeing Tour by Car/Bus

    On our sightseeing bus tour of the city, you will see: The wonderfully historic city centre and its unique museums, magnificent cathedrals, the exquisite Chambers of the Romanov Boyars and of course, the famous towering red brick walls of the Kremlin, The charming beauty of the Alexander Garden awaits the capital's guests - a lush green oasis in the midst of the glass and concrete clad ...

  20. ‎EN ROUE LIBRE on Apple Podcasts

    Endroit où vous aurez l'occasion de rentrer dans mes pensées les plus profondes et où je relèverais les aspects omis de sujets aussi bien simples que délicats, que absurdes ou futiles mais qui vous pousseront à votre tour, à la réflexion. Roue libre car je dirais ce que je pense, en étant en roue libre c'est-à-dire que vous rentrerez ...

  21. Taylor Swift Fan Killed in Car Crash Heading to Australia ...

    A teenage girl traveling to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert in Melbourne, Australia, was killed in a car accident.. On Thursday (Feb. 15), fan Mieka Pokarier, 16, was traveling with her mother ...

  22. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Los Angeles

    The Best of LA Tour: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Griffith Park +More. 366. Full-day Tours. from . $99. per adult. Perfect 5 ½ Hour LA & Hollywood Tour from Santa Monica. 687. ... Private Car Tour LA Hollywood Beverly Hills Venice Santa Monica. 1. Movie Tours. from . $750. per group (up to 4) Private and small group tour from San ...

  23. Travis Kelce grabs lunch with pal in Kansas City as Taylor Swift

    Three time Super Bowl champ Travis Kelce stepped out for lunch in a camouflage sweatsuit, while Taylor Swift played three sold out shows to more than 288,000 people in Melbourne.

  24. Classic Convertible Car Tour of Los Angeles (Feb 2024)

    Classic Convertible Car Tour of Los Angeles 101 Reviews Los Angeles, United States Share See More See More See More See More From $800.00 per group (up to 5) Lowest Price Guarantee Select Date and Travelers Check Availability Reserve Now & Pay Later - Secure your spot while staying flexible Free cancellation

  25. The Russia CityPass

    Inside the cars there are interacting video screens and you can listen to audio guiding tour in four languages, i.e. English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. Please note! With the Moscow CityPass card return tickets are available. Please note, the operating mode is replaced by a winter schedule. Contacts and location.

  26. An Elly De La Cruz foul ball leaves a crater in a window on Hunter

    GOODYEAR, Ariz. (AP) — Elly De La Cruz and Hunter Greene faced off in Cincinnati Reds camp on Tuesday and it took a toll — on a window on Greene's car. With Greene on the mound, De La Cruz ...

  27. Ocho personas mueren en choque vehicular en California cerca ...

    MADERA, California, EE.UU. (AP) — Ocho personas mueren en choque vehicular en California cerca de zona agrícola, informa la policía ...

  28. THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Private & Custom Tours in 2024 (w/Prices)

    THE TOP 10 Los Angeles Private & Custom Tours in 2024 (w/Prices) Questions? Top Los Angeles Private Sightseeing Tours Private Sightseeing Tours Private and Luxury City Tours Walking Tours Car Tours Historical Tours Audio Guides Half-day Tours Full-day Tours Helicopter Tours Luxury Car Tours Movie Tours Cultural Tours Adventure Tours Day Trips

  29. Moscow tours and vacation packages

    Week-end Moscow0. 3 days / 2 nights. Personal arrival and departure transfers. Guide speaking your language (English, German, French, Spanish) Private car. Entrance tickets to museums. Visa support (invitation) if you book accommodation. Price from 148,05.

  30. Los Angeles Exotic Car Driving Experience (Feb 2024)

    2 hours 30 minutes (approx.) Mobile ticket. Offered in: English. Dream car driving experience on a professional speedway near Los Angeles. Drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi or Nissan five to ten laps at Auto Club Speedway. Receive racing tips and one-on-one coaching from your instructor. Take discovery laps in a Porsche Cayenne before ...