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noun as in ability to draw attention; something that draws attention

Strongest matches

allure , appeal , attractiveness , interest

Strong matches

allurement , bait , captivation , charm , chemistry , come-on , courting , draw , enchantment , endearment , enthrallment , enticement , fascination , gravitation , inclination , inducement , invitation , it , lure , magnetism , pull , seduction , solicitation , temptation , tendency

drawing power

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Example sentences.

Ironically, these attempts to please the algorithm often meant losing the very flexibility that was one of the attractions of gig work.

The last week of August is not the best time to visit Europe for anything other than empty tourist attractions.

The Ashland Mural Walk in Wisconsin’s far north is a leading tourist attraction for the town of 8,200 people.

The research, conducted with Markey’s ex-wife, psychology professor Charlotte Markey, used surveys and statistical modelling to explore the connection between personality, romantic attraction, and relationship quality.

The infant universe was so smooth that the gravitational attraction of ordinary matter alone wouldn’t have been enough to gather particles into galaxies, stars and planets.

For the Brogpas, transforming into a tourist attraction may offer their community a way to generate much-needed income.

Were you playing up or, on the flip side, shying away from portraying a romantic attraction?

Fees can range from £5,000 to £20,000, the attraction being the relatability she holds with her subscribers.

Even Godzilla, the ugliest star attraction of them all, is bigger than ever, both at the box office and in sheer monstrous height.

“The new attraction is off to an amazing start,” said Comcast CEO Brian Robert.

Pitch corresponds to the range of the voice, and expresses affection or attraction.

In 1884 she once more yielded to the attraction that Paris had for her, and there made a great advance in her painting.

It possessed the greatest interest and attraction for Edna; the envelope, its size and shape, the post-mark, the handwriting.

The pleasures of life (the rational pleasures I hope) had always an attraction for me.

Banquets and feasting offered little attraction to the hero, and he despised riches and rank.

Related Words

Words related to attraction are not direct synonyms, but are associated with the word attraction . Browse related words to learn more about word associations.

noun as in liking or inclination toward something

  • compatibility
  • good vibrations
  • same wavelength

noun as in appeal

  • bedroom eyes
  • come-hither look
  • enchantment
  • inveiglement
  • seductiveness

noun as in power to attract, interest

  • attractiveness
  • charmingness
  • engagingness
  • fascination
  • interestingness
  • pleasingness

noun as in recognition of worth

  • aesthetic sense
  • commendation
  • comprehension
  • high regard
  • realization
  • recognition
  • responsivenesss
  • sensibility
  • sensitiveness
  • sensitivity
  • understanding

Viewing 5 / 45 related words

On this page you'll find 76 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to attraction, such as: allure, appeal, attractiveness, interest, allurement, and bait.

From Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.



What is another word for tourist attraction ?

Synonyms for tourist attraction tourist at·trac·tion, this thesaurus page includes all potential synonyms, words with the same meaning and similar terms for the word tourist attraction ., princeton's wordnet.

  • tourist attraction noun

a characteristic that attracts tourists

Matched Categories

How to pronounce tourist attraction, how to say tourist attraction in sign language, how to use tourist attraction in a sentence.

John McDonald :

We know that Columbine continues to attract people from around the world, we're not a place to come visit if you're not a student. If you don't have business there. We're not a tourist attraction and we're not a place for you to come and gain inspiration.

Jesse Fox :

It's all about me. It's putting me in the frame. I'm getting attention and when I post that to social media, I'm getting the confirmation that I need from other people that I'm awesome, you don't care about the tourist attraction you're destroying; you don't care about annoying people in your social media feed ... you're not even thinking about the consequences of your actions, so who cares if you're dangling off the side of the Eiffel Tower?

Aristides Aloice Kashula :

In my opinion, chimps are important for the country's economic growth, they can be used as a national symbol for tourist attraction into this area of Tanzania, generating income which should later be used for sustainable development of the communities.

Frank DeAngelis :

It became a tourist attraction.

Bridget Brennan :

A tourist attraction wherever it anchors, the ship served as the perfect cover for traffickers as it hopscotched across the Atlantic Ocean and back carrying its illicit cargo.

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"tourist attraction." STANDS4 LLC, 2024. Web. 10 May 2024. < >.


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Are we missing a good synonym for tourist attraction ?

Image credit, the web's largest resource for, synonyms & antonyms, a member of the stands4 network, image or illustration of, tourist attraction.

tourist attraction synonym thesaurus

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  • touring car noun
  • tourism noun
  • tourism-related
  • tourist noun
  • tourist class noun
  • tourist court noun
  • tourist-related
  • touristed adj

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tourist attraction synonym thesaurus

Tourist attractions synonyms

What is another word for tourist attractions .

  • places of interest
  • touristic attractions
  • tourist spots

Synonyms for tourist attractions

1. attraction

  • Rhymes with Tourist-attraction
  • Tourist-attraction in a sentence

2. attraction

3. attraction, 4. attraction, 5. attraction.

noun. ['əˈtrækʃən'] the force by which one object attracts another.

  • attractive force
  • chemical bond
  • gravitation
  • gravitational force
  • van der Waal's forces
  • gravitational attraction
  • magnetic attraction
  • magnetic force
  • extraordinariness

Rhymes with Tourist Attraction

  • dissatisfaction
  • satisfaction
  • liquefaction
  • transaction
  • subtraction
  • distraction
  • contraction
  • abstraction
  • diffraction
  • classaction
  • interaction

Sentences with tourist-attraction

1. Noun Phrase Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a holiday resort destination and home to several man-made tourist s" aria-label="Link to attraction s"> attraction s.

noun. ['əˈtrækʃən'] the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts.

  • attractiveness
  • temptingness
  • showstopper
  • drawing power
  • show-stopper
  • sexual attraction
  • fascination
  • unattractiveness
  • unattractive

noun. ['əˈtrækʃən'] an entertainment that is offered to the public.

  • counterattraction
  • worthlessness
  • unfaithfulness

noun. ['əˈtrækʃən'] a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts.

  • characteristic
  • tourist attraction
  • wholesomeness
  • fruitfulness

noun. ['əˈtrækʃən'] an entertainer who attracts large audiences.

  • entertainer
  • drawing card
  • unsuitableness
  • improbability

noun. ['ˈtʊrəst, ˈtʊrɪst'] someone who travels for pleasure.

  • holidaymaker
  • excursionist
  • -ist (English)
  • tour (English)
  • tor (Old French (842-ca. 1400))

synonym term image

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Synonyms of tourist

  • as in traveller
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Thesaurus Definition of tourist

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • excursionist
  • rubbernecker
  • vacationist

Thesaurus Entries Near tourist

touring cars

tourist court

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“Tourist.” Thesaurus , Merriam-Webster, Accessed 10 May. 2024.

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Synonyms of 'attraction' in British English

Additional synonyms, synonyms of 'attraction' in american english.

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  • attractively
  • attractiveness
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Synonyms and antonyms of attraction in English


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  11. Synonyms of ATTRACTION

    endearment. enticement. captivation. temptingness. pleasingness. See examples for synonyms. 2 (noun) in the sense of pull. Definition. (of a magnet) a force by which one object attracts another.

  12. Another word for TOURIST ATTRACTION > Synonyms & Antonyms

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    Synonyms for TOURIST: traveller, traveler, visitor, sightseer, excursionist, pilgrim, tripper, guest, rubbernecker, rubberneck

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    Synonyms for ATTRACTION in English: appeal, interest, draw, pull, come-on, charm, incentive, invitation, lure, bait, …


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