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11 best travel cots for hassle-free holidays and overnight stays

Help little ones (and yourself) get some shut-eye with these best-rated snug and secure travel cots, article bookmarked.

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All of the travel cots in this round-up meet the European Standards for safety – your first consideration when buying a travel bed

Graco FoldLite

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Babies don’t travel light. But if you’re planning a relaxing trip, whether it’s a UK staycation or something more exotic , you can’t skimp on the travel cot.

While some hotels and Airbnbs promise to provide travel cots for the tiniest members of the family, you’ve no idea how many children have slept on them before your little darlings, or predict what that means for how comfortable and sturdy they are. Taking a baby out of their usual safe, strong cot with a supportive mattress and putting them in a shaky cage with a rock-hard or spiky mattress is a fast way to ensure nobody in the family gets much shut-eye.

Different travel cots have different age and weight limits, so, before buying one, consider how many years of use you want to get from your cot. Size is another key factor when looking at travel cots, as those with a larger surface area can double up as a playpen in the day. Also, if you’re in unfamiliar territory and are travelling with a mini-escape artist, a travel cot with high mesh sides means you can see your child and they can see out, but they’re perfectly safe at all times.

However, size should not come at the expense of portability. Remember, you’re going to have a lot of other things to carry as well as the cot, and every extra kilo counts. Plus, heavier cots tend to be more effort to erect and collapse, and you don’t want to waste precious moments of your holiday in a sweaty mess trying to put up your travel cot.

All products in this round-up meet the European Standards for safety, which should always be your first consideration when buying a travel cot. Christina Rolles from safe sleep charity The Lullaby Trust says: “A travel cot should have a rigid frame and base, and a firm, flat mattress, covered in a waterproof material. Travel cot mattresses are often thinner and feel harder than those in a permanent cot, but don’t be tempted to place folded blankets or a quilt under the baby to make them more comfortable, as this could cause injury, suffocation or overheating.”

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How we tested.

With the help of a seven-month-old and a two-year-old, we tested the travel cots for size, comfort and safety. The toddler has a habit of swinging their leg up and escaping their regular cot, so we tried to find ones that kept them contained. We also tested each cot for speed of assembly and disassembly, and picked it up when folded, to see if it was something that could be carried around an airport.

Take into account any age and weight limits before you buy

The best travel cots for 2023 are:

  • Best overall – Graco foldlite: £79.99,
  • Best for entertaining baby – Mamas & Papas joie commuter travel cot change and bounce: £175,
  • Best lightweight cot for your back – BabyBjörn travel cot light: £220,
  • Best for breathability – Nuna sena aire: £250,
  • Best for value – Red Kite sleep tight travel cot: £37,

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Graco foldlite

best travel cots

  • Best : Overall
  • Dimensions : L 119cm x W 63.5cm x H 68cm
  • Weight : 6.78kg
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to 15kg (approximately three years old)

The foldlite from Graco is up to 30 per cent lighter than most other cots, which we definitely noticed and appreciated – you can easily lift it one-handed. You might even find it lighter than your nappy bag, which is a win if you’re carrying a lot of other luggage for your trip.

Erecting this cot was a joy – taking less than 30 seconds. All you need to do is unwrap the mattress, push up the sides, put the mattress in the bottom and it’s ready to go. Collapsing it is just as simple – it folds up super thin, too. We also liked the sturdy material and strong base. It’s a great price at £80 and it’s made to last.

Mamas & Papas joie commuter travel cot change and bounce

Best travel cot

  • Best : For entertaining baby
  • Dimensions : L 106cm x W 70.5cm x H 80cm
  • Weight : 14.8kg
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to 15kg

This is a travel cot, changing table and bouncer in one, so you can create a home from home for your baby when you travel. The bouncer is a decent size, providing a place to relax and play for babies too young to sit up. It even has cuddly toys for little ones to reach and grab.

The starry print, which is exclusive to Mamas & Papas, gives the smallest babies something to look at to help them make sense of the world, and this also helps older kids relax. We suggest counting the stars on the mattress to encourage early numeracy skills in a fun way.

This cot is taller than most others we tried, which is great if you have a mini Houdini. It makes for an excellent play and sleep solution to keep at grandparents’ house and works out at excellent value for money, when you consider it’s three useful items in one.

BabyBjörn travel cot light

Best travel cot

  • Best : For your back
  • Dimenions : L 112cm x W 82cm x H 64cm
  • Weight : 6kg
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to three years

This gets top marks for ease of setup. There’s no need to bend down or fiddle with anything on the floor – all you need to do is shake it out and then secure the sides. There’s a handy YouTube video showing how to put it up in just 25 seconds, and the presenter demonstrating it isn’t even going at top speed.

Weighing just 6kg, including the carry bag, your back will thank you when you’re taking it in and out of cars or planes. Our toddler tester approved of the mattress, which makes for a cosy sleeping place. But what we liked most about this cot is knowing that its fabric is OEKO-TEX-approved, which means all materials coming into contact with your baby’s skin are kind to sensitive skin.

Nuna sena aire

Best travel cot

  • Best : For breathability
  • Dimenions : L 107cm x W 73.5cm x H 74.5cm
  • Weight : 12.26kg

If you’re all sharing a bedroom when you travel, it may get stuffy very quickly, especially if it isn’t an air-conditioned room. We like how the Nuna sena aire addresses this issue with its mesh sides, floor and mattress providing 360 degrees of ventilation, for ultimate airflow. The better a child can breathe, the deeper they sleep, giving everyone a more relaxing trip.

We were really impressed by the feel of the triple-layered mattress, which is designed to pull away heat and humidity, and will come in useful if you’re jetting off to tropical climes.

Its clever zigzag leg design pops open easily into a soft, sturdy dreamland and it’s one of the easiest to collapse – we found we could do it one-handed.

Red Kite sleep tight travel cot

best travel cot

  • Best : For value
  • Dimensions : L 101cm x W 72cm x H 71cm
  • Weight : 7.1kg

This is the cheapest travel cot we tried but it’s perfectly functional. It’s safety-tested, comes with a carry bag, is easy to assemble and it has mesh sides, to give you a clear view of your child as they rest or sleep.

It doesn’t win any prizes for design, as there are no frills – it’s simply a place to sleep. Plus, the mattress is a tad on the stiff side, so you may want to spend some of the money you’ve saved on the cost of the cot on a plumper mattress. However, it’s still a very good choice if you’re only going to use it now and then throughout the year.

Micralite sleep and go 3-in-1 travel cot

best travel cot

  • Best : For style
  • Dimensions : L 112cm x W 80cm x H 67cm
  • Weight : 6.25kg

The first thing to note is this comes with a premium duffle bag carry case, so you’ll look stylish when you arrive at your destination. Open the cot – with ease, as it weighs just 6.25kg – and you’ll notice the material on the top and sides feels very high-quality. The decently padded mattress caused our two-year-old to exclaim, “I like ’dis one!”

We really liked the newborn insert, which raises very young babies to typical bed height, so you don’t have to break your back lifting them in and out of the cot. It also makes it easier to nurse a baby and transfer them back to a cot. If you’re using this as a playpen, you’ll also appreciate that one of the sides unzips, so tots can crawl in and out.

Kinderkraft lovi 3-in-1 baby crib

best travel cot

  • Best : For fussy babies
  • Dimensions : L 88cm x W 61cm x H 85cm
  • Weight : 5kg
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to 9kg

While it takes a bit of time to erect this travel cot and rocker, there’s a very good YouTube video to show you the process. You can access it via a QR code on the instruction leaflet included, and it’s very simple to follow along.

The rocking motion is brilliant for little ones that need movement to settle, mimicking the gentle swaying motion of the womb. Babies are at a higher level in this cot, too, so you can pick them up and settle them down without pulling a muscle.

The only slight down side to this cot is that a baby will outgrow it within the year. That said, our youngest tester loved playing with the toy bar and three adorable hanging toys that come with it, so, while their time in it may be short, it will also be very sweet.

Bugaboo stardust travel cot

  • Best : Two-in-one cot and playpen
  • Dimensions : L 64cm x W 98cm x H 85cm
  • Weight : 6.7kg
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to two years old

Setting up this pop-up travel cot was a total breeze, despite how tall and strudy it is once erected. We were surprised by how much the mattress kept it’s solid shape, with no crease or fold from being flat-packed within the cot and travel bag.

Mums will be grateful for the newborn insert, which raises babies to bed level. The breathable mesh is ideal for all seasons to keep baby’s temperature regulated.

The mattress is nicely padded for playtime but feels a little firm for bedtime. When topped with a matrress protector and Bugaboo’s breathable fitted sheet (£27.95, ), we nailed baby’s recquirements for a peaceful snooze. You really do get more bang for your buck with this travel cot, as it doubles up as a playpen and lasts until your little one is two years old.

Halo flex portable bassinet

  • Best : Portable bedside crib
  • Dimensions : L 75cm x W 100.3cm x H 108.6cm
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to five months

A lightweight and portable bedside crib is hard to come by, so, we were very grateful Halo’s offering ticked a lot of boxes for parents to get that reassuring ‘home away from home’ feeling when on the move.

It can be a daunting experience taking a little one away for the first time, especially when they are used to co-sleeping at home. We were delighted that this bassinet meant babies could feel just as close to their parents as they do at home. The mattress is extra soft when wrapped in Halo’s 100 per cent cotton fitted sheet (£16.64, ), and the cot is surrounded by breathable lining to suit all temperatures, and enable parents to keep a 360 view of baby.

We have to admit, we did use this more at home than on our travels, as it was so easy to adjust the height of the crib for when you’re sitting on the sofa during the day or when you’re sleeping at night and want to comfort your baby quickly. The side of the crib lowers easily, with no need to stand-up or hunch over. This is particularly helpful for mums recovering from C-section delivery as well as for night feeds.

An over-the-shoulder carry bag comes included but it is less sturdy than other holdalls we’ve tested, and one side is partially open, due to its drawstring closing, which didn’t feel as secure. The packing away was a simple enough four-step process.

Fisher-Price On the Go travel baby dome

  • Best : For on-the-go parents
  • Dimensions : L80cm x W76cm x H71cm
  • Weight : 2.5kg
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to five months (until babies can sit unaided)

This travel cot combines the perfect solution for on-the-go parents and tired babies. It’s lightweight, easy to set up and allows babies to nap or play wherever they are.

We love that this cot can be used indoors and outdoors, to encourage the whole family to get more vitamin D. The canopy keeps your little one protected from the sun as well as keeping out creepy crawlies.

As it folds up flat, we found it easy to keep it stored in the car for spontanious day trips and overnight stays with the grandparents. However, it doesn’t come with a carry bag, which would have made it easier to keep clean and compact. Two overhead linking toys are included, to keep baby entertained and relaxed.

ergoPouch easy sleep portable crib

  • Best : Lightweight travel cot
  • Dimensions : L 80cm x W 49cm x H 27cm
  • Weight : 2.2kg
  • Age limit : Suitable from birth to 9kg (or when baby starts rolling over)

You can’t get any more portable than this lightweight pop-up cot that folds up as a small rucksack and weighs just 2.2kg. The mosquito net is ideal for summer babies, if you want to get some fresh air and let them have a safe daytime nap outdoors.

If you are travelling with a baby less than three months old on a flight, we recommended taking this one for sleeping on-the-go, if you get the luxury of seats with extra leg room. The backpack will fit neatly under your seat or in the overhead lockers.

The only downfall is this bassinet is only suitable until your baby shows signs of rolling over, so it’s quite a hefty price for short-lived use.

Travel cot FAQs

What age is a travel cot for.

This will depend on the cot you buy – bassinets are designed for newborns up to three months old, while larger options are available for children up to five years old.

Can a baby sleep in a travel cot every night?

It’s not recommended to use a travel cot regularly for a long period of time, as they’re not designed to support your baby’s development. Instead, limit their use for short trips away and daytime naps.

What to look for when buying a travel cot

You already have enough to think about while travelling with your baby, so the best cots are hassle-free. They should be easy to assemble, collapse and store, while the addition of wheels and a carry bag should make cots easier to transport from A to B. If you’re shopping for a newborn up to three months old, a bassinet is the way to go – these are raised, to give you a clearer view of your little one during the night, while you can lift them up without the risk of throwing out your back.

Do travel cots need a mattress?

Yes – the cots themselves are thin and hard, so a mattress is essential, though most of our top picks come with a mattress included.

The verdict: Travel cots

The Graco foldlite is excellent value for a lightweight cot that’s easy to erect and collapse, and we felt both our seven-month-old and two-year-old testers were safe in there. It will grow with your child, and provide a secure place to sleep and play for up to three years.

The BabyBjörn travel cot light also deserves praise for ease of setup and for the comfort of its mattress, while the Mamas & Papas joie commuter travel cot solves three of a baby’s needs – sleep, play and hygiene – in one neat package.

Provide extra comfort by investing in the best cot mattresses

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travel bed for 3 year old uk

12 of the best travel cots 2024 for babies and toddlers

Our pick of the best cot and bassinet options to provide your baby or toddler with a portable sleeping space for travel, put to the test by parents

12 of the best travel cots

  • Janet Martin
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Travel cots are portable, safe places for babies and toddlers to sleep when away from home. They’re lightweight, have collapsible sides and fold into a portable format with a carry handle, making them great for holidays, breaks and overnight stays.

We’ve analysed the travel cot market and rigorously tested a range of different models to find the best ones for your family. Whether you're looking for something safe for a newborn, or a roomy cot for an older toddler, you'll find it here. Some travel cots can also be used as playpens for a baby, although, if you're looking specifically for a playpen check out our best playpens for babies and toddlers . For cosy bedding inspiration, take a look at our list – tried and tested by real parents and their kids. If you're traveling somewhere hot with your little ones, take a look at our selection of the best pram fans .

Why do I need a travel cot?

One of the main benefits of travel cots are their portability. Regular cots are often made of wood and to disassemble and put in a car or suitcase would be quite a task! With a travel cot disassembly is usually a matter of a few minutes (or even seconds) and some of the travel cots on our list fold small enough to fit in a suitcase or overhead locker alongside the stroller.

Travel cots are an on-the-go sleeping option that means you won’t have to rely on sleeping arrangements at your destination. For frequent travellers they can be as familiar to little ones as their regular bed; helping to aid sleep in a different environment.

Best travel cots at a glance

  • Best travel cot for easy assembly: Bugaboo Stardust, £168.75
  • Best lightweight travel cot for a good mattress: Venture Airpod Travel Cot, £109.99
  • Best multi-use travel cot: Silver Cross Slumber 3-in-1 Travel Cot, £150
  • Best travel cot for added extras: Graco Contour Electra, £115.99
  • Best budget buy travel cot: Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot, £35
  • Best travel cot for versatile features: Hauck Sleep'n Play Centre Travel Cot, £79.95
  • Best travel cot for occasional use: Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot, £65
  • Best travel cot for newborns: Joie Kubbie Sleep, £99
  • Best budget travel cot for co-sleeping: Red Kite Dreamer Bedside Travel Crib, £65
  • Best travel cot for versatile newborn co-sleeping: Chicco Next2Me PopUp, £159.20
  • Best travel cot for no upper weight limit: BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light, £187
  • Best stylish travel cot: Tutti Bambini CoZee Go 3-in-1 Bassinet, Travel Cot & Playpen, £129

What to look for when buying a travel cot

Portability — Travel cots have lighter-weight components and are designed to be easily carried and stored. But they're still cots, so none of them are going to fold into a truly tiny package. They fold into different shapes so look for the folded style that suits your needs. Some of the travel cots on our list fold into a long rectangular shape more suited to public transport, others fold flat to fit in a car boot.

More like this

Weight — Travel cots vary significantly in weight - we found some that are under 7kg and others that weigh in at a hefty 11kg. Think about how often you’re going to use it, and if you’ll be lifting it up and down stairs or in and out of a car. If you want frequent use, a super lightweight travel cot may suit you best. Of course, a heavier cot is likely to feel more sturdy and offer more functionality.

Ease of assembly/disassembly — Once you have the knack, putting a travel cot up and down should be a very quick process - a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Do read the instructions though, many have a knack and have parts that need to be put together in a very specific order.

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Age suitability — Age suitability really varies for travel cots. Most can be used from birth – we’ve specified the manufacturer’s instructions – but the travel cots that have a built-in bassinet offer a cosier, elevated sleep environment for newborns. Some even have drop-down sides to allow them to be used as a bedside crib. Some cots can only be used for a few months while others are suitable up to around 3.5 years.

Mattress — Travel cot mattresses tend to be thinner and harder than normal cot mattresses. This is partly to enable a compact fold and easy storage, and is why travel cots are usually not recommended for permanent overnight sleep. But remember, a firm mattress is important for safe sleep for your baby, and doesn’t mean your child won’t be comfortable. Most manufacturers will state that you shouldn't add an extra mattress to a travel cot.

Extra functions — Some travel cots can serve as a handy playpen once babies can sit up. Some also have a changing station, which could be useful if you’re frequently travelling with a baby.

How, when and where will you use your travel cot?

Do you plan to use the travel cot frequently during the year, or do you need it for a particular holiday? The frequency and location of where you’ll use it will help when considering weight, functionality and budget. For example, if the travel cot will be used for overnight stays at relatives or friends every month, you won’t need to worry too much about weight and the ease of assembly – especially if it can remain constructed.

For holidays in hot climates, a breathable mattress and all-around mesh panel are factors to consider. These help with air circulation and will provide a more comfortable environment for your child to sleep. Some travel cots include or offer the option of an insect net and sun protection.

For travel involving flights, it’s worth investigating your airline’s baggage allowances. A light, compact-folding model with easy assembly could be your best solution.

How much does a travel cot cost?

Our list covers travel cot prices ranging from £30 up to £200 - so quite a wide scope. For items at all price points, we expect a safe, comfortable and stable sleeping environment.

When looking at budget options, our reviewers found that they certainly did the trick and functioned well as a travel cot but were quite basic with limited added extras. For example, you shouldn’t expect a changing station included on a lower priced travel cot.

When considering more high-end travel cots we still expect good value (not overpriced), premium components and extra thought on a design that will make traveling with kids a breeze. Also, the more often you travel, the easier it is to get your money’s worth out of a more expensive travel cot.

The mid-range options on our list – priced under £100 include many great benefits and may tick quite a few boxes but without some of the lush extras of more expensive models.

Here are the best travel cots for 2024

1. bugaboo stardust, £168.75, – best for easy assembly.

bugaboo stardust

Suitable from: birth (with newborn insert) to 2 years| Travel cot weight: 6.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: L64cm x W98cm x H85cm| Folded dimensions: L 65cm x W14cm x H85cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes

Forget tricky folds, the pop-up style mechanism of the Bugaboo Stardust takes just seconds: simply pull the cot open from flat by pulling both sides. It’s perfect for a hassle-free bedtime when you’re not in the comfort of your own home.

It conveniently folds back down in the same amount of time, too, although it is worth noting this model folds down to a large flat shape, like a suitcase, making better suited to sliding into a car boot or under a bed than taking on public transport.

Along with the ease of assembly, the built-in mattress is what you pay for with this model: it's not only comfortable but can be adjusted to two height positions (with the newborn insert) making it easier to lift out newborns and babies not yet sitting up unaided. This is particularly handy if you’re prone to back problems or have just had a C-section. The mattress can be folded down inside the cot, meaning no extra assembly is required.

Although one of the priciest travel cots on our list, the Stardust can still deliver great value if you’re using your travel cot regularly with your baby. MFM home tester Rovenna, who tried it with her 4-month-old, said, "The fact it has both a raised zip in baby bassinet or a deep bed for toddlers – as well as a comfortable and generously filled built in mattress – is fantastic. It’s compact and lightweight, meaning it can be easily moved from room to room and transported in its handy carry bag.”

Pros : Quickest to assemble, two mattress height positions Cons : Quite large when folded

Available from: Bugaboo , Boots and John Lewis

2. Venture Airpod Travel Cot, £109.99

– best for lightweight with good mattress.

Venture airpod travel cot

Suitable from: birth to 3 years | Travel cot weight: 6kg | Unfolded dimensions: L85cm x W55cm x H66cm| Folded dimensions: 60cm x 15cm x 50cm | Newborn bassinet: No

This travel cot is very lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry. It's available in a number of colours and features mesh panels on all sides. The mesh means that you can get a great view of your baby or toddler, while also ensuring good air circulation at night time.

Travel cot mattresses are often the feature that parents are least satisfied with, as they are often thin and flimsy. However, the Airpod travel cot has a better quality, more luxurious mattress than you might expect. Although the Cuggl Deluxe is very similar and quite a bit cheaper in price, we found that the mattress in this travel cot was of much higher quality.

Although this cot doesn't have an all-in-one pop-up assembly, it's still easy to put up and down, so much so that some of our home tester parents didn’t need the instructions. “It was very easy to remove from the carry case and put the cot together.” said MFM home tester Sarah. “It was also easy to take apart and put back into the travel case. No fiddling or spare parts. The easiest baby item I have actually put together.”

The Airpod Travel Cot is suitable from birth, but it doesn't come with a bassinet, something that you might prefer for a newborn. Offering a good amount of room, the travel cot can also be used as a play pen, and offers a comfy night's sleep for babies and toddlers.

Pros : Easy to build and collapse, mesh design, good mattress Cons : No newborn bassinet, can’t be used as playpen

Available from: Amazon and Venture

3. Silver Cross Slumber 3-in-1, £150

– best multi-function travel cot.

Silver Cross Slumber

Suitable from: birth (with newborn insert) to approx. 3 years (up to 9kg) | Travel cot weight: 7.65kg | Unfolded dimensions: 112 x 80 x 67cm| Newborn bassinet: Included

If you're looking for a multi-use travel cot that will grow with your child from birth, then the Silver Cross Slumber is a stylish design that offers 3-in-1 functionality in one portable package. Made of breathable mesh with a padded mattress included, the Slumber has three distinct uses as a bedside co-sleeper, travel cot and playpen.

Zip in the newborn insert to create a bedside crib suitable from birth until approximately 6 months old. The newborn insert sits at the top of the cot, meaning your baby will be at the height of your bed - although these is no option to drop the side in this mode as with some bedside cribs.

As your baby grows, you can use the Slumber as lightweight travel cot, using the same mattress. A waterproof carry case is included to allow for easy portability on the go. You can also use the Slumber as a secure play pen, and there's a zip-open door your toddler can crawl in and out when they are older.

At 7.65kg it’s a lightweight design that can be transported easily and stored away when not in use. The Slumber also has an easy fold function meaning it can pop up and fold down quickly. For eco-conscious parents, Slumber features quilted material crafted using a yarn made from recycled plastic bottles that would have otherwise been sent to landfill. It looks good too, with an attractive, minimalistic design. This is a useful product that will grow with your child and a stylish option from a trusted brand.

The Silver Cross Slumber is available in two different colourways, carbon and stone.

Pros: 3-in-1 functionality, lightweight, will grow with your child, sustainable fabric, stylish minimal design Cons: Additional functionality if you just need a single-use travel cot, not the smallest when assembled

Available from: John Lewis

4. Graco Contour Electra, £89.99

– best for added extras.

Graco Contour Electra travel cot

Suitable from: birth to 15kg | Travel cot weight: 10kg | Unfolded dimensions: H:91cm W:73cm D:104cm| Folded dimensions: H:85cm D:23cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes

If you're looking for a travel cot that will do double or even triple duty, this could be the product for you. The Graco Contour Electra comes bursting with added extras, including practical additions like a cot-top changing unit, and fun ones like the mobile and battery-operated unit that plays tunes and vibrates the cot.

MFM home tester Jessica said, “ The Graco Electra travel cot has proven to be a lovely cot for my 5 month old son. It folds up to an easily transportable, small travel bag and has lovely extras such as the hanging toy bar and night light which are well thought out."

There's a newborn bassinet that fastens in to keep tiny babies close, and the whole unit is on wheels so it can be moved easily. It's definitely not the lightest product on our list, but remove any accessories you're not using (such as the changer or bassinet) and this significantly reduces the weight to make it easier to move or carry.

Pros : Lots of accessories, good newborn bassinet Cons : Heavy, can be difficult to transport

Read our full MadeForMums Graco Contour Electra review

Available from: Smyths and Graco

5. Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot, £35

– best budget buy.

Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Suitable from: birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 8.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: L99cm x W59.5cm x H80.5cm| Folded dimensions: L27cm x W25cm x H80.5cm| Newborn bassinet: No | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2 stars

The cheapest cot on our list, the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot is a great choice if you're looking for an affordable but sturdy option. The mattress, as you'd expect, is quite thin, so if you do look to buy an additional one, take note of the dimensions and ensure anything you buy is the correct size. It must be a snug fit with no gaps around the edges.

Where this travel cot does excel is the ease of assembly. “Once you have pulled up the handle in the bottom and un-assembled the cot, it is very easy to fold shut and put into the carry-bag,” stated our MFM reviewer Jessica, who called it “hassle-free and very quick.” Travel cots of this type usually have an order in which each section has to be assembled (or taken down), so pay close attention to the instructions.

This cot's purse-friendly price point doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality – you’ll find plenty of useful design features like a full padded top rail and mesh sides to provide visibility and air flow. Our MFM reviewer and parent testers also found it felt robust once built. One parent tester said, “It feels secure, with the side bars locking in place, and is sturdy enough to accommodate a lively toddler.”

Pros : Affordable, easy to assemble Cons : Mattress may need replacing

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Available from: Amazon and Halfords

6. Hauck Sleep'n Play Centre Travel Cot, £79.95

– best for versatile features.

Suitable from: birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 8.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: L125cm x W68.5cm x H82cm| Folded dimensions: L22cm x W21cm x H76.5cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes

The Hauck Sleep'n Play Centre Travel Cot has all the bells and whistles for under £100. This includes a changing mat that can stay attached but out of the way, high and low sleeping positions (reducing back strain), a zip-down side panel for a fun playpen adventure (crawl in – crawl out) and a fun design with pops of colour.

For ease of moving about, it also has two wheels when folded up that means you can pull it along like a suitcase – genius!

With an extremely impressive 4.5 stars out of over 7000 reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say the German brand has come out on top. Customer reviews repeatedly mention good value and great quality. “It is quite heavy but that gives it the stability, we also purchased the extra mattress for when we need to use it for a bed,” said one parent review on Amazon. The heavier weight and insufficient mattress were echoed by other reviewers too.

Bargain hunters will be happy to hear that despite the £79.95 RRP, we’ve seen online deals for less than £60 - which would make this option a superb return on investment.

Pros : Changing table included, can wheel along when folded Cons : Needs an additional mattress

Available from: Boots , Amazon and Online4Baby

7. Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot, £65

– best for occasional use.

Cuggl Deluxe Travel Cot

Suitable from: birth to 15kg | Travel cot weight: 6kg | Unfolded dimensions: L85 cm x W56cm x H86m| Folded dimensions: L50cm x W61cm x H15cm| Newborn bassinet: No

Coming in at only 6kg, this is one of the lightest travel cots on our list, and also one of the most affordable. If you're looking for an all-rounder for occasional use during the first couple of years of your child's life, it's a good value option that performs well. It can be constructed in minutes and folds up to a suitcase size, although it's sadly not quite small enough to take as hand luggage on a plane.

The built-in mattress is 2.5cm deep, putting it on a par with most travel cot mattresses but perhaps not up there with the likes of the Bugaboo Stardust. Overall, the cot is smaller in size than some other options, but that means it folds up smaller too. The weight limit of 15kg means most toddlers will have grown out of it by about 2.5 years old. If you're looking for longevity beyond that, the Venture TravelPod and the Micralite Sleep 'n' Go have a slightly longer lifespan, but will cost you a little more.

Pros : Lightweight, folds up small, easy to assemble, affordable Cons : Mattress isn't the best, small footprint, low weight limit

Available from: Argos

8. Joie Kubbie Sleep Travel Cot, £99

– best for newborns.

Joie Kubbie Sleep Travel Cot

Suitable from: Birth to 15kg | Travel cot weight: 8.79kg | Unfolded dimensions: L99cm x W59.5cm x H80.5cm| Folded dimensions: L 27 cm x W 25 cm x H 80.5cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 3.8

For parents who want a travel cot from birth – perhaps to keep at a family member or caregiver's house – the Joie Kubbie Sleep combines the functionality of a travel cot with that of a bedside crib, with a drop-down side operated by a button that allows easier access to a newborn while in bassinet mode. It does sit quite high up so the exact functionality will differ depending on the type of bed you have, but in those early days when mum is healing it could be a lifesaver.

"One of the great features of the Joie Kubbie Sleep travel cot is that it can be used beside the bed once its straps are attached to the bed, and its side is dropped," said MFM reviewer Dominic, who tested this with his newborn daughter. He was also impressed with the durability, saying, "I’m really impressed with the quality of the build, despite the ‘sticky’ mechanics. Once assembled, it feels sturdy enough to last a number of years, which will be helpful for when our daughter can start using it as a playpen."

Once your baby is old enough, you simply put up the side, drop the mattress down to the base of the cot, and it becomes a generously-sized travel cot and playpen that'll last until the child weighs 15kg. The pull-and-click functionality takes a few minutes to master, and like others of this style there's an order you need to memorise in order to get it to go up and down smoothly, but Joie has a great instructional video to help .

Pros : Simple drop-side, grows with baby Cons : Not very lightweight, can be tricky to put up and down

Read our full MadeForMums Joie Kubbie travel cot review

Available from: Very and Argos

9. Red Kite Dreamer Bedside Travel Crib, £62

– best budget travel cot for co-sleeping.

Red Kite Dreamer Bedside Travel Crib

Suitable from: birth (with bassinet) to 15kg | Travel cot weight: 7.6kg | Unfolded dimensions: L99cm x W57cm x H76cm| Folded dimensions: L27cm x W71cm x H26m| Newborn bassinet: Yes

Like the Joie Kubbie sleep, the Red Kite Dreamer offers the perfect travel option for families with newborns that use a bedside crib at home, as it has the same drop-side functionality built into a more portable travel cot. However, unlike the Joie Kubbie Sleep, which has a button-operated drop-side, this one is fastened with buckles, making it more suited to those who want to keep the cot fastened to their bed with the side dropped permanently down, for a safe way to cosleep with a newborn.

Once the baby is older, it becomes a travel cot that's almost a metre in length, offering lots of space for a growing toddler and a mattress that our parent testers really rated. "As travel cots go this is one of the comfiest mattresses I’ve seen. It feels nice and padded and had a solid firm base underneath to secure into the cot," said home tester Bridget, who tested this with her 4 month old.

Our testers did find the basinette insert for newborns a little flimsy, but fine given that's only used for the first few months before moving to the full travel cot. It's also lightweight to carry and one of the smaller folds on this list.

Pros : Permanent drop-side option, good mattress Cons : Flimsy newborn insert

Read our full MadeForMums Red Kite Dreamer beside travel cot review

Available from: Argos and Red Kite

10. Chicco Next2Me PopUp, £159.20

— best travel cot for versatile newborn co-sleeping.

Chicco Next2Me Pop Up tester picture

Suitable from: birth to 6 months | Travel cot weight: 10.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: L97cm x W80cm x H82cm | Folded dimensions: L97cm x W84cm x H23m | Newborn bassinet: No | Awards: Silver – Travel Cot, MadeForMums Awards 2023

The PopUp is the latest offering from the Chicco Next2Me range and is a great option for parents who will be travelling with their young baby a lot in the first 6 months. The Red Kite Dreamer and Joie Kubbie Sleep also offer co-sleeping but, unlike these, the PopUp has a range of features that make it a really great choice for newborns.

We love that the crib has 6 adjustable heights to better help it align the barrier of the crib to the parents' mattress — this is particularly useful if you're travelling and staying in different places. Also, thanks to its foldable feet, it is suitable for use with beds with storage compartments. It also comes with straps that allow the crib to conveniently attach to different beds. It can be used as a standalone or bedside crib and transforms easily between both. It also has 2 wheels that make it easy to move from room to room around the house.

There is an ergonomically designed mattress included and the crib itself has mesh panelling on all 4 sides, providing great visibility and air ventilation as your baby sleeps.

MFM reviewer Helen who tested the Chicco Next2Me Pop Up with her 1-month-old son Alessio said, "The Pop Up works very well as a crib for the early months of a baby’s life, especially for people who will be travelling a lot with a young baby, because it is so easy to put up and down. It would certainly be a practical buy if you are going to be driving to stay away from home several times in the first 6 months of your baby’s life."

The crib has an impressively quick and easy 3-second fold that Helen thought was one of the standout features of the travel cot: "The ease of putting the cot up and down with the 3-second fold, and without the need to dissemble anything, is the main selling point and for good reason. It easily folds up into one piece and is easy to insert into the travel bag included." However, at 10kg, the PopUp (along with the Graco Contour Electa) is the heaviest option on our list and is quite bulky when folded. Whilst compact and able to fit under some beds while not in use, it does have a large footprint and therefore takes up quite a lot of car boot space and may not fit into the boot of smaller cars.

Pros: 6 height positions, quick and easy fold, mesh design Cons: Heavy, shorter life span than other options, can be difficult to transport

Read our full MadeForMums Chicco Next2Me Pop Up travel cot review

Available from: John Lewis , Amazon and Boots

11. BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light, £22o

– best for no upper weight limit.

BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light being tested

Suitable from: 0-3 years | Travel cot weight: 6kg (including travel bag) | Unfolded dimensions: L112cm x W64cm x 82cm | Folded dimensions: L49cm x W60cm x H14cm | Newborn bassinet: No

This lightweight, easy-to-use travel cot impressed our parent tester for a number of reasons – as you'd expect for one of the most expensive option on our list.

The brand known for stylish baby products won't disappoint parents on the go, with a sleek silhouette, premium-feeling fabrics and excellent functionality. It's impressively easy to set up and fold down – a true highlight compared to trickier styles such as the Joie Kubbie Sleep. Simply pull out each leg, click it into place on the top frame, then place the mattress inside and secure with poppers.

MFM Consumer and Reviews Editor Christy commented: "It's so easy to set up, which is really useful if you forget how between holidays, or are asking a grandparent to help. I had no worries about sleepily packing it up at the airport hotel before we took a flight."

The mattress is extra thick, an essential luxury as the base rests on the floor. This design means there's no weight limit, a real plus point for parents with heavier-than-average toddler.

Christy, who tested the cot with her tall 2 year old, says: "I loved the fact that the BabyBjorn has no weight limit. With a heavy toddler who is not ready for a bed, it's perfect. He slept very well, even though we tested it on a hard tiled floor."

The cleverly designed shape, with the sides inclining towards the top, also makes it harder for little ones to climb out of, and the mesh walls give great visibility from any angle.

The cot folds up into a flat rectangle shape, stored in a carry bag. Christy adds: "We took it as hold luggage out our TUI flight, and could even have fitted it inside our large family suitcase to avoid dropping it off at the 'oversized luggage' desk."

Pros: Lightweight, no upper weight limit, easy to set up, premium feel, extra thick mattress, comes with a carry bag Cons: One of the most expensive option

Available from: John Lewis and BabyBjörn

12. Tutti Bambini CoZee Go 3-in-1 Bassinet, Travel Cot & Playpen, £129

— best stylish travel cot.

Tutti Bambini CoZee Go Travel Cot

Suitable from: Birth (with bassinet) to 3 years | Travel cot weight: 6.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: L133cm x W98cm x H65cm | Folded dimensions: L72cm x W62cm x H14cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes | Awards: Bronze – Travel Cot, MadeForMums Awards 2023

Suitable from birth and adapting to a toddler travel cot and playpen, this Scandi-style cot impressed our testers with its appealing, stylish design and ease of use.

It's a breeze to initially put together and then fold away and, at 6.5kg, it is one of the more lightweight options on our list. It's suitable from birth with the included newborn bassinet and foldable mattress. As your baby gets older, the mattress can be unfolded to be used as a floor-level travel cot. Then you can zip open the mesh window and you've turned it into a playpen.

The mesh fabric all around the cot provides great visibility and airflow and, available separately, is the Day & Night Shade which can help your baby switch off and sleep in bright or unfamiliar places. We also love that there is a carry case included for storage or travelling. It's not the most compact travel cot when it's assembled and is still quite large when it's folded — it's wide and square, which may be awkward to transport in smaller car boots. Our testers also found that fitting everything in the carry case and zipping it back up again could be difficult.

Parent tester Cali, who tested the CoZee Go with her 13-month-old son Teddy, really loved the style and quality of the travel cot: "There are cheaper travel cot and playpen options out there but they don't look as stylish or high quality. I absolutely love the minimalist look, it's stylish and neutral. All of the materials feel extremely good quality — this is definitely one of the comfier travel cots that we've used."

Cali also praised its different elements, "The CoZee Go makes a great playpen, the zip opening was especially good for giving my son the freedom to come and go as he pleases. As a travel cot, its a really good size so should last well into toddlerhood."

Parent tester Claire, who tested this with her 3-month-old son Zach also praised the design of the cot, "It is a high-end, stylish travel cot that’s built to last and worth its price tag. It also packs up compactly for ease of transport and has a very comfortable mattress that I think little ones will sleep well in."

Pros: Stylish, multi-functional, premium feel, quick to put together, mattress included Cons: Quite large, can be difficult to transport, pricey

Available from: Kiddies Kingdom , Natural Baby Shower and Tutti Bambini

How did we choose our 12 of the Best?

When testing travel cots, we considered size and weight limits, mattress quality, effectiveness, ease of build/fold, ease of transportation, any extra features or additions, and value the money.

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each ofwhich we believe is  best for  a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for  your family .

About the author

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  • Best baby carriers
  • Best compact folding buggies

Janet is mum to two children aged 6 & 9 and a great-Aunt too. She began writing early, penning her first book aged just 7. She has published 2 books

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The 9 Best Toddler Travel Beds, Tested by Our Editors and Their Mini Explorers

With the right travel bed, your tot will sleep (almost) anywhere

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Verywell Family / Nick Kova

Traveling with toddlers isn't easy, but you can still have a wonderful time exploring new places with your family—you just need to be prepared. Toddler travel beds provide consistency and protected sleep space, resulting in a well-rested child and a smoother trip for everyone. 

For some parents, portable toddler travel beds are must-haves to provide young children with a secure place to sleep while on vacation. “Simpler is always better, especially when thinking of traveling with toddlers . So, when it comes to a toddler travel bed, you don't need all the bells and whistles,” says Anjuli Gans, MD, a pediatrician at the Karabots Pediatric Care Center in West Philadelphia. “There are a lot of fancy ones out there on the market, but your baby really just needs a safe and comfortable place to sleep ." 

We spent hours testing these products (20 total) in the lab and our homes by assembling and disassembling them—sometimes with one hand—and timing the whole process. We also studied the beds' features, how well they hold a toddler's weight, and how easy they are to clean. Our list shows the best toddler travel beds we’ve tested, which we’ll continue to update as we test new models.

  • Our Testing Process And Experts
  • Factors To Consider

Your Questions, Answered

Best overall, jetkids by stokke cloudsleeper.


  • Assembly 5 /5
  • Portability 5 /5
  • Ease of Use 5 /5

Why We Like It

If you plan to hit the road with your little one and need a toddler travel bed that is comfortable and easy to travel with, then the JetKids by Stokke CloudSleeper Kids Inflatable Bed is our top pick for you. Designed for children ages 3 and up, this travel bed features side bumpers to keep your child from rolling onto the floor. There's also an air mesh cover to keep your child cool at night. 

We loved this inflatable bed's unique design, which is very easy to fill up and took us only five minutes to put together and inflate, which is great when traveling with little kids. And since it's light and comes with a small bag with handles, so it's easy to move around. The mattress also has a removable and washable cover that can be spot-cleaned and dries quickly, so your little one can get back to bed. 

When you’re done with it, deflate the mattress, pack it back into its packing cube, and you're good to go!

But Take Note

Setup is incredibly easy, thanks to an integrated pump that lets you inflate the mattress in minutes by using your hands or feet. It’s meant to lie on the floor, so there’s no additional assembly required. Although we noticed it can sound a bit noisy when a child moves on it. Otherwise, we didn't experience any additional issues.

The Details

  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Size: 59.1 x 29.5 x 6.7 inches inflated; 15 x 11 x 4 inches in travel bag
  • Recommended Age/Weight Limit: Ages 3 years and up; up to 68 pounds

Verywell Family / Vicky Wasik

Best Inflatable

Eltow inflatable toddler bed.

  • Assembly 4.5 /5
  • Value 4.5 /5
  • Ease of Use 4.5 /5

The Eltow Inflatable Toddler Bed is portable and easy to set up, and it comes at a lower price than our top pick, the Stokke. Unlike other inflatables, the Eltow toddler travel bed consists of an outer section with bumpers on two sides and a mattress that fits snugly inside the outer shell. It's not sitting directly on the floor but is at floor level.

We love that it took us just five minutes to set up and is lightweight and portable . It comes with a high-speed pump, two patches in case of punctures, and a travel bag for storage. And thanks to a vinyl layer that protects against punctures, it's well-equipped to withstand wear and tear. Plus, it comes with a bag, so it's super portable. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a sheet, so you'll have to pack one in your luggage. 

One flaw is that the mattress has a plastic smell that sticks around for a few hours once the mattress is removed from its packaging. (It should go away if you allow the product to air out for a day or two before use.) Assembly is straightforward, but removing the pump nozzle without losing air can be difficult when done alone, so we recommend getting a partner to help you out.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Weight: 10.21 pounds
  • Size: 63 x 40 x 12 inches inflated
  • Recommended Age/Weight Limit: Up to 310 pounds

Best With Pump

Hiccapop inflatable toddler travel bed.

  • Ease of Setup 5 /5
  • Ease of Cleaning 4.5 /5

The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed is ideal for parents who want their toddler close to the ground with bumpers on all sides of the bed. A removable mattress rests in a higher outer shell that ensures your little one cannot roll off. It's designed for kids making that transition between cribs and big-kid beds, and it's easy to deflate and pack into its carrying bag before moving to your next destination.

Setup is relatively quick once you get the hang of detaching the electric pump, and it's easy to move around with the handles. Another plus: It comes with a patch kit. The handles are not as easy to clean as the rest of the bed, but we do appreciate that the removable mattress comes in three different colors for kids who definitely have their design preferences. 

The mattress has a faint chemical smell at first, but it's not as eye-watering as some of the other inflatables we tested. It's also very durable due to its thick vinyl material .

  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Size: 62 x 39 x 12 inches inflated

Verywell Family / Tamara Staples

Best for Camping

Enerplex kids inflatable travel bed.

This puncture-proof toddler travel bed can be used during trips or at home as a transitional bed for toddlers who are still in that in-between stage. A 120-volt electric pump (and three universal nozzles) is a game changer and makes inflating the bed a breeze. We love how quickly and easily this bed can be put together: It took us five minutes to blow up both parts of the bed and attach a fitted sheet. Best of all, we didn’t even need to glance at the instructions while doing so.

In case you worry about your toddler rolling off the mattress, the EnerPlex Kids Inflatable Travel Bed has bumpers along three sides. The removable coil-beam mattress rests snugly inside the outer shell and fits a standard crib sheet. 

Even though the bed is bulky, it comes with a large carry bag that you can wear as a backpack, freeing your hands for luggage or a kid. We also like that the electric pump comes with an adapter for your car, making it ideal for camping. It can be wiped down and the crib sheet can be tossed in the laundry for cleanup. One downfall: It has a chemical smell.

  • Material: Not listed
  • Weight: 11.88 pounds
  • Size: 66 x 44 x 13 inches inflated
  • Recommended Age/Weight Limit: 36 months and up; up to 150 pounds

Best Pop-Up Crib

Babybjörn travel crib light.

  • Durability 5 /5
  • Portability 4.2 /5
  • Design 5 /5

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib is a great option for parents who prefer more of a crib design than an inflatable mattress. Toddlers who need more than bumpers to keep them safe in bed can benefit from this travel crib’s high mesh walls and a mattress that sits low to the floor—which means it's difficult to climb in and out of, let alone roll off of. You won’t need to worry about messes or nighttime accidents because the fabric can be wiped down quickly, and the exterior fabric can be removed from the frame and washed.

The BabyBjorn is a dream to assemble: Setup takes two minutes, and you can put a standard crib sheet on the bed without a struggle, even after attaching the mattress to the four corner safety latches. The mattress is comfortable and a standard crib size . It is also a good pick if you need a travel bed that isn't hard on your back. It is very light, it comes with a carrying case, and it fits into a car trunk. However, the mattress does lie low to the ground, so picking up your child may be tough on your back if they are lying down.

The main reason this crib isn't our top pick is that it's much more expensive than most of the other products on this list, but it's a worthwhile investment if you have the room in your budget.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Size: Mattress 23.5 x 41 x 1.2 inches; assembled crib 32 x 44 x 24 inches; 19 x 23.5 x 5.5 inches in bag
  • Recommended Age/Weight Limit: 0-3 years, or until your toddler can climb out of this travel crib

Verywell Family / Jessica Juliao

Best Budget

Hugbino inflatable toddler bed.

  • Assembly 4 /5
  • Ease of Use 4 /5

The Hugbino provides a lot of the same features as other inflatable mattresses on this list, but at a lower price. The removable mattress is coated in soft velvet flocking to keep your little one comfortable while they snooze, and bumpers along all four sides of the outer shell keep them in bed. It's also a cinch to clean. We appreciate that the mattress can be spot-cleaned, and a sheet can go over the mattress for extra protection.

This inexpensive bed does come with an electric pump, but the setup is not as easy as with other travel beds we tested. We had to use two sets of hands to get the nozzle on before it started to deflate. However, it is light and easy to store and comes with a carrying bag .

  • Material : Polyvinyl chloride
  • Weight: 6.63 pounds
  • Size: 63.6 x 42.5 inches inflated
  • Recommended Age/Weight Limit : Not listed

Best Crib to Fly With

Guava family lotus travel crib.

  • Ease of Setup 4.5 /5
  • Portability 4 /5
  • Value 3.8 /5
  • Ease of Cleaning 4 /5

This crib can’t make traveling on a plane with a toddler less challenging, but it can simplify your life when you get to your destination. In terms of ease of use, this travel bed only took us five minutes to set up and didn't require too much prep work to understand how to put it together. The setup process isn't as straightforward as other travel beds we tested, but it's not difficult.

An access door makes it easier to get to your little one without leaning over the side. You can use the entrance to lay them on the padded, waterproof mattress inside the mesh enclosure or let them go in and out of the crib when they are awake. The mattress is easy enough to wipe, but the fabric around the top of the crib is so absorbent that it's tough to give it a good cleaning. You can also unzip the bed cover and throw it into the washer for a deep clean. This convenience does come at a higher price than a lot of competitors, however.

We like the travel crib's packaging, which comes with shoulder and backpack straps that make it easy to carry around in an airport. It is a tad heavy, however.

  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride
  • Weight: 13 pounds, 15 pounds with bag
  • Size: Mattress 41.5 x 23.5 x 1.4 inches; crib 45.5 x 31.5 x 25.5 inches; 24 x 12 x 8 in backpack
  • Recommended Age/Weight Limit: 0-3 years, or until child can climb out

Verywell Family / Leticia Almeida

Best for Naps

Milliard toddler nap mat.

The Milliard Toddler Nap Mat Tri Folding Mattress can be used for napping anywhere. Simply unfold it at the hotel, a relative's house, or a camping tent, and your little one is good to get their sleep on. It doesn't come with a carrying case, which may make it a pain to carry. But if your toddler spills a drink or has an accident on this mattress, the good news is that it's effortless to clean: It has a removable bamboo cover that can be machine-washed and a foam mattress that can be spot-cleaned. Plus, it's got a cozy, thick mattress that's comfortable for naptime.

This folding mattress doesn't require any assembly—just take it right out of the box. However, after unboxing, it takes 48 hours to reach the highest comfort level.

  • Material: Foam mattress, bamboo cover
  • Weight: 8.74 pounds
  • Size: 58 x 24 x 3 inches unfolded; 24 x 19 x 9 folded

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Air Mattress

  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Effectiveness 3 /5

The Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed is a good pick for families who want a larger travel bed without bumpers that’s a little higher off the floor (16.5 inches) than the toddler beds on this list. A built-in pump makes for easy assembly, since you just turn the panel to either inflate or deflate, and you’re done! When it needs a cleaning, just wipe down as needed.

The mattress comes with a duffel bag for storage and travel, but it's not the most compact, and the bag isn't as comfortable as others we tested. On the plus side, the bed has a built-in pillow rest , so you won’t have to pack an extra pillow for your kid when you travel.

  • Weight: 10.16 pounds
  • Size: 75 x 39 x 16.5 inches inflated
  • Recommended Age/Weight Limit: Up to 300 pounds

Our Testing Process and Experts

To find the best toddler travel beds, we tested 20 beds in the Parents Testing Lab and in our own homes. We first tried to assemble the travel beds—with one hand, if possible. After that, we noted whether we needed to use both hands or had to get another adult to help. We also timed just how long the setup took for each bed. We then tested how well the toddler travel beds hold a toddler's weight using a 25-to-30-pound sandbag.

Next, we looked at how hard it would be to clean messes on the beds, examining hard-to-reach areas and taking note of the material and what it felt like to wipe it. We tested whether we could use a standard crib sheet as well, and then we tried to disassemble the beds one-handed. After breaking them down, we considered how long it took us and how difficult it was to place the beds inside their carry bags, if bags were included. Finally, we lifted the carrying bags to assess the beds’ portability. 

In addition to lab and real-world testing, we spoke with medical experts to gather their input on how to choose a toddler travel bed. We spoke to the following experts:

  • Anjuli Gans , MD, a pediatrician at Karabots Pediatric Care Center, West Philadelphia
  • Lynelle Schneeberg , PsyD, a pediatric sleep psychologist and author

Factors to Consider in a Toddler Travel Bed

  • Comfort: As you’ve probably realized when getting a kid to sleep at home, comfort is key. Comfort for some toddlers may mean a favorite blanket, while others require a crib. Parents should consider various must-haves to make traveling easier and smoother when trekking across the country—or a few hours away—with your little one.
  • Safety: Dr. Gans recommends researching products on the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) website to determine their safety and ensure that they haven't been recalled. When purchasing a crib or bassinet, parents of babies should also practice the same safe sleeping rules they implement at home. "Every toddler travel bed has age and weight requirements, so I would definitely check those first and make sure it matches up (with your toddler's age and weight)," she explains. Then, stick to simple beds without all the added features. "The less they have, the better.” Once you've narrowed down your selection to simple beds, make sure there are no bumpers or parts that can potentially trap your baby, and check corner points and sharp corners. "Corner points are sometimes a place where kids can get clothing caught or get injured, so make sure it doesn't have sharp corners," explains Dr. Gans. "And remember that pillows and blankets are still recommended for toddlers age 2 and over."
  • Ease of Use: If you need a toddler travel bed that is easy to carry, quick to assemble, and doesn't require much work, then ease of use and portability must be considered when selecting a toddler travel bed. Some toddler travel beds can be assembled using one hand and only take minutes to assemble. That is very helpful if you arrive at a destination with a sleeping or cranky tot . You may want to look for bags that allow hands-free carrying. Another consideration is whether the bed is easy to put in those bags so you don’t find yourself fighting to pack it back in when it’s time to go home. If you are in a situation where you don't have a toddler travel bed, don't worry. "If you are staying somewhere, and they allow you to request a crib, you can pull out the mattress and just lay it on the floor," Dr. Gans adds. "If it's in a safe place for your toddler, then it is perfectly fine. Make sure it is somewhere they can have adult supervision at all times and within eye view, because you may not be able to safetyproof rooms the way you can at home."

How can I keep my toddler in bed while traveling?

A pack-and-play or travel bed with inflatable bumpers (which are not recommended for babies, of course!) can help keep a toddler from rolling onto the floor. You can also bring along some of their favorite items from home to help them want to stay in bed in a strange new place.

"The best thing to do when traveling is to bring along items from the child's home bedroom," recommends Dr. Schneeberg. "Parents can bring along the child's favorite pillow, 'bedtime buddy' (security object), and favorite books, for example. If the child is used to a certain night light or a sound machine , these can be brought along as well."

Can my 2-year-old sleep in a travel cot?

Certain travel cots are appropriate for 2-year-olds, but young 2-year-olds who haven't yet transitioned to a toddler bed may be more comfortable and safer in more crib-like pack-and-plays or travel beds with safety rails.

Can I put my 3-year-old in a toddler cot?

Unless a manufacturer suggests otherwise (usually based on a child's weight or height), most toddler travel cots are appropriate for 3-year-olds who have already transitioned from a crib to a bed.

How much is a toddler travel bed?

A high-quality travel toddler bed will generally cost between $60 and $100, although some can be cheaper, and certain models can cost upwards of $200. Pricier travel beds often come with more accessories and features, although not every family will need extra bells and whistles.

Ambrosia V. Brody is a California-based editor, journalist, and mother of three. She has worked as a professional journalist for more than 16 years. You can find her at the library, Starbucks, or the park with her kids when she isn't writing.

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Spring sale! Save up to 40% on select items. Shop now > 

  • Where to Buy


From birth to approx. 3 years (0-15 kg)


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Free Shipping & Return

Free delivery usually within 1 to 2 working days

2-Year Warranty

Playtime begins in seconds

All the features you will love.

Mum folding Gray Graco FoldLite Lightweight Travel Cot in living room


A one-of-a-kind fold.

As flat as it is fast, FoldLite’s innovative Home Fold revolutionises the travel cot game! Collapsing to only 26cm wide, you can swiftly tuck the cot into any nook around your home.

Mum folding Gray Graco FoldLite Lightweight Travel Cot for travel in living room


Travel made easy.

Take it one step further, and the cot folds down even tinier for incredible portability. Doubling as a playpen, FoldLite conveniently travels from playdates to Grandma’s and anywhere in between.

Mum holding toddler and Graco FoldLite Lightweight Travel Cot in doorway


Light as a feather.

Travelling with kids can feel like a circus. Cut down on the bulk with Graco’s ultra-lightweight travel cot — up to 30% lighter than traditional travel cots.

Mum watching toddler play inside Graco FoldLite Lightweight Travel Cot


Ready for adventure.

Durable materials and wipe-clean fabrics keep messes at bay and allow you to create a safe space to play wherever you go. Mesh walls and a soft mattress add extra comforts for your little one.

How to Fold

Is foldlite right for me.

If you’ve got a busy kid on your hands, ensuring they have a safe space to play and nap is critical. The FoldLite pop-up travel cot and playpen provides the versatility you need when you’re at home or on the go.

What truly sets FoldLite apart is its two-option fold. The convenient Home Fold is perfect for when you need to quickly clear space and pops open in seconds when you’re ready to get back to playtime. Meanwhile, its Travel Fold collapses even further for maximum portability when you’re visiting friends and family.

And let’s face it, baby products can get bulky. So FoldLite will be a welcome addition as it weighs up to 30% less than traditional travel cots, helping you and your family travel light.

Ease of Use - Instant and innovative Home Fold for quick ups and downs - Compact Travel Fold for when you’re on-the-go - Sets up in an instant - Weighs only 6.78kg, making it up to 30% lighter than traditional travel cots - Modern frame - 2 wheels for easy manoeuvrability

Child Comfort - Easy-view mesh to see baby from all sides and increase air flow - Soft, wipe-clean mattress - Padded rails to soften any bumps or tumbles

Included Accessories - Carry bag for convenient transport and fuss-free storage

(1) FoldLite travel cot

(1) carry bag

(1) instruction manual

Folded dimensions

L 69.5 x W 21 x H 25.5cm

Home Fold dimensions

L 26 x W 66 x H 66.5cm

How much does FoldLite weigh? Weighing only 6.78kg, this playpen is perfect to bring with you when you’re travelling away from home.

How do I fold FoldLite? The FoldLite travel cot has 2 convenient folds. The one-of-a-kind Home Fold is designed to quickly open or close at home and the Travel Fold is ideal for on-the-go. Please view this video  or reference the manual  for further instruction.

Is a carry bag included with the FoldLite travel cot? Yes, a convenient carry bag is included with your purchase of FoldLite, making it easier to bring your travel cot with you on trips or to store it away at home.

How do you clean FoldLite? Clean the playard with household soap and warm water and make sure to air dry. The carry bag can be machine washed in cold water and air dried.

What is the max weight for the playpen? FoldLite can be used from birth up to 15kg, approximately 3 years of age.

Does FoldLite come with a mattress? FoldLite includes the mattress designed for use with the travel cot. Never add a mattress, pillow, comforter or padding. Only use the mattress pad provided by Graco.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

Travel cot suitable from birth to approx. 3 years (0-15kg).

Do not use the travel cot when the child reaches 86cm in height, weighs more than 15kg or is able to climb out.

Check that the bottom centre mechanism and top rails are locked into place before use.

The travel cot can be spot cleaned with a sponge and soapy water. The covering material is not removable. Do not use bleach.

The carry bag can be washed in lukewarm water on delicate cycle and drip dry. Do not use bleach.

From time to time check your travel cot for worn parts, torn material or stitching. Replace or repair parts as needed. If damage is found, contact Graco Customer Service for advice on replacement or repair.

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The best travel cot for babies and toddlers

best travel cot

Venture UK Airpod Baby and Toddler Travel Cot

Graco FoldLite travel cot

Graco FoldLite

Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot

Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot

Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot

Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot

Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light

Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light

Joie travel cot

Joie Excursion Change and Bounce

Nuna Sena Aire Travel Cot

Nuna Sena Aire Travel Cot

Graco travel cot

Graco Contour Electra

Baby Elegance Kangu Foldable Bedside Sleeper

Baby Elegance Kangu Foldable Bedside Sleeper

Bizzi Growin Pod Travel Changing Bag

Bizzi Growin POD Travel Crib

BabyDan Travel Cot

BabyDan Travel Cot

Kinderkraft Joy Children's Travel Cot

Kinderkraft Joy Children's Travel Cot

Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Kinderkraft 4 in 1 SOFI

Kinderkraft Cot 4 in 1 SOFI

When you're thinking of essentials for your little one, you probably already have a cosy cot picked out, but what about a travel cot if you love travelling? In addition to packing your baby's travel system and gathering all the necessities before heading off on holiday with your family, a travel cot will help your little one to sleep as soundly as possible, even when you're away from home.

You probably did a lot of research on the best cot and bedside crib for your baby but may not have considered investing in a travel cot yet. Put simply, a travel cot is a portable, lightweight option designed to fold away compactly. Its collapsible sides and storage bag are some of the features that make it the perfect solution for trips away. Like a travel stroller , it's another one of those holiday essentials that you'll want to invest in when travelling with children under 5 years old.

You most likely won't need a travel cot for the first few months, especially if you already have a Moses basket , a portable crib or a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping. If you don't go away very often, then you might be better off borrowing a cot from a friend, as it can be an expensive purchase if you're only going to be using it once a year.

The best travel cot at a glance

• Best travel cot overall : Venture UK Airpod Baby & Toddler Travel Cot - £109.99

• Best travel cot for compact fold : Graco FoldLite - £73

• Best compact travel cot : Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot -  £168.75

• Best budget travel cot : Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot - £60

• Best stylish travel cot : Baby Elegance Kangu Foldable Bedside Sleeper - £74.99

A lot of hotels and holiday cottages may provide travel cots and other baby equipment, so check with them before you travel. If you are away from home often, then a travel cot is a good purchase, as it will last well past the newborn months and will prove extremely useful at other times, too. For example, for your baby's daytime naps when you're visiting friends or staying over with grandparents overnight. We've enlisted the help of expert mum testers to put the best travel cots through their paces, taking into account the weight, size, price, assembly, age suitability and stability. Our annual  Mother&Baby Awards  also help us bring you the best advice about current products on the market.

The best travel cot 2024

1. venture uk airpod baby and toddler travel cot, best travel cot overall, description.

Silver winner for Best Travel Product Over £30 in the M&B Awards 2023 Designed to provide

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for baby
  • No raised bassinet

2. Graco FoldLite

Best travel cot for compact fold.

Rrp: £ 80.00

Bronze winner for Best Travel Product Over £30 in the M&B Awards 2023

Suitable from birth

  • Folds two ways
  • Convenient carry bag
  • Assembly not totally straightforward

3. Bugaboo Stardust Travel Cot

Best compact travel cot.

If you're looking for a travel cot that's a doddle to set up and folds away in seconds, this is it

  • Includes carrycot insert and mattress
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact to fold
  • Mattress doesn't include a waterproof cover

4. Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot

Best budget travel cot.

Shortlisted for Best Travel Product Over £25 in the M&B Awards 2019

This deluxe travel cot

  • Easy to transport with wheels
  • Easy fold down into storage bag
  • Low to the ground

5. Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light

Best lightweight travel cot.

Rrp: £ 219.90

Shortlisted for Best Travel Product over £25 at the M&B Awards 2015

This travel cot is a real

  • Easy assemble
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Made with sensitive skin in mind
  • Harder to dry

6. Joie Excursion Change and Bounce

Best newborn travel cot.

This versatile travel cot comes with lots of extra accessories, so it's great value for money.

  • Extra accessories
  • Great value for money
  • Sound, vibration and nightlight settings

7. Nuna Sena Aire Travel Cot

Best travel cot mattress.

Shortlisted for Best Travel Product over £25 at the M&B Awards 2018

This stylish,

  • Padded edges
  • Triple-layered mattress
  • Comes with its own storage bag
  • Not as lightweight as other options

8. Graco Contour Electra

Best value travel cot.

The Graco Contour is a good-value travel cot with lots of extra features. It comes with a toy bar

  • Compact fold
  • Has wheels for easy transporting
  • Removable changing table
  • Some reviewers struggled to assemble it

9. Baby Elegance Kangu Foldable Bedside Sleeper

Best bassinet-style travel cot.

We love the innovative way this travel cot converts between two different modes, with a bassinet

  • Folds into storage bag
  • Legs can adjust to fix in position or allow for gentle rocking motion
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Only able to use until 6 months

10. Bizzi Growin POD Travel Crib

Best carrycot travel cot.

This is a really clever invention; it looks like a really spacious changing bag, but then off you

  • Includes mosquito net
  • Can be used as a changing bag
  • Extremely compact and lightweight to carry
  • Long dispatch time currently

11. BabyDan Travel Cot

Best long-lasting travel cot.

This travel cot represents good value for money, especially because it can be used from birth up

  • Includes a small bag
  • Sturdy and secure with brake
  • Heavier than others

12. Kinderkraft Joy Children's Travel Cot

Best travel cot with playpen.

The Joy travel cot is a versatile product in that it can be used both when travelling and at home,

  • Versatile, can also be used as a playpen
  • Comes with travel bag
  • Some reviewers found it hard to lock into place when assembling

13. Red Kite Black Sleep Tight Travel Cot

Best simple travel cot.

The Sleeptight Travel Cot is an award-winning sleep solution from Red Kite. Stored in a carry bag,

  • Central locking base for extra safety
  • Easy to fold and store in the storage bag
  • See-through mesh sides
  • Mattress is very thin

14. Kinderkraft Cot 4 in 1 SOFI

Best 4 in 1 travel cot.

Rrp: £ 139.99

 A practical trade cot which also doubles as a playpen, cradle and everyday cot, the SOFI is a

  • Can be used with or without rocking function
  • Mattress can be used at two different levels
  • Looks stylish
  • Slightly narrower than standard travel cots

Travel cots – All you need to know:

Choosing the right travel cot for you and your child.

Think about where and when you'll use a travel cot. If you are throwing it in the car boot when you're going to Granny's, check how bulky it is when folded and make sure it fits along with your pushchair and still leaves enough room for your luggage. If you're buying for your holiday and you'll be travelling to your destination by plane, boat or other public transport, choose one that folds very compactly to make it easier to pack. Consider, too, where you'll keep it at home when it's not in use.

Unpacking your travel cot after a long journey with a tired baby can be stressful, so choose something quick and easy to set up. Some travel cots can be assembled and folded with one hand, which is a lifesaver if you're holding your baby.

Some travel cots are designed to double as playpens , creating somewhere safe for your baby to play when she's awake. This is useful when you're away from home, especially if you're staying somewhere that's less baby-friendly, without any baby-proofing products , than your normal environment. This type of travel cot has added value as you can get more use out of it than a standard travel cot but check the manufacturer's guidelines before you buy to ensure it's safe to use as a playpen.

Features to consider before purchasing a travel cot

Here are some travel cot features to look out for when deciding on which travel cot is best for you and your baby.

Travel cots come with a mattress supplied, but some are comfier than others. Check how thick it is and whether it provides enough support for a good night's sleep. If not, thicker travel cot mattresses can be purchased separately – but that's an extra expense and something else to pack!

Fold mechanism

As well as checking how simple it is to assemble the travel cot, make sure you can fold it away again easily. Could you do it in a hurry if you're dashing to the airport? If you have older children, make sure inquisitive little fingers can't access the mechanism for folding the travel cot when it's in use.

Most travel cots have mesh sides to encourage airflow and enable you to see your baby easily when they're sleeping. Check the quality of the fabric and how easy it is to wipe clean.

If you want to move the cot elsewhere in the house for daytime naps or playpen use, choose one with wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Standard cot bedding may not fit your travel cot, so check what size bedding is required and factor in any extra expense. Make sure the bedding fits the mattress securely with no loose fabric.

Choose a travel cot with side panels that zip open and closed if you'd like to be able to reach your baby without bending low over the side of the cot. If it doubles as a playpen, a 'window' to crawl through can add to the fun.

If you plan to travel with your baby to a climate where mosquitoes might bother them, choose a travel cot with an insect net, and check it fits the travel cot securely.

What age are travel cots advised for?

Travel cots come in a variety of sizes and styles, and they all have different upper age and/or weight limits. Consider how old your child will be when using the travel cot, and choose one suitable for their age. Most of the travel cots in our list above can be used from birth until your baby weighs 15kg, which is approximately three years old. Keep in mind that once your baby makes the transition from sleeping in a cot to a bed, they'll probably prefer a bed to a travel cot when away from home overnight.

Can I travel on a plane with a travel cot?

Yes! Although all airlines will have their own rules on luggage allowances, but if you are flying with a baby then typically parents of infants are allowed to take at least two items - e.g. travel cot, buggy or car seat - at no extra cost.

If you're buying a travel cot to take on holiday and are travelling by plane, boat or train, choose one that folds as compactly as possible to make it easier to transport. If you're driving, make sure it fits in your car boot and still leaves enough room for the rest of your luggage.

Think about where you'll keep the travel cot when it's not in use, too. If space is not an issue, you could look into the larger options available.

All travel cots are designed to be light enough to carry, but some are heavier than others, and there's generally a pay-off between how light it is and how durable it is.

If you'll be carrying it a lot on your journey, such as through an airport, then weight may take priority, but if you've got a cruising toddler, and throwing the cot in a big boot is about the extent of your lugging it around, then a sturdier, perhaps heavier, cot would be better.

How to assemble a travel cot

Wrestling with an unwieldy travel cot and a tired baby after a long journey is stress you really don't need in your life, so choose one that doesn't require an engineering degree to set up. While how to put up a travel cot differs depending on the brand, some can be assembled and folded away within seconds, even with one hand– and that's a really helpful feature if you're going to be assembling it with your baby or other children in tow.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

Where can I buy a travel cot?

Whether you need one pronto or want to spend your time researching the perfect travel cot, there are plenty of places where you can pick one. We'd recommend these trusted retailers that offer great products and plenty of reviews so you can make sure you're buying the right one for your little one:

John Le wis

Mamas & Papas

Supermarkets also hold baby events where you can often pick up travel cots and other accessories for a great price. These include:

Can I buy a travel cot second-hand?

If you're looking to buy a second-hand travel cot, there are a few things to check before you make your purchase:

• Check that it assembles and folds down correctly

• Make sure it's sturdy

• Make sure the seller provides you with the original instruction booklet

It's also worth purchasing a new mattress for the travel cot

How to clean your travel cot

If your travel cot has been tucked away in the loft for a few years and it smells a bit musty, or your child has turned it into a bit of a mess, a good tip for cleaning is to use warm soapy water and a sponge.

Make sure to leave it out in the fresh air and sunlight to dry.

Travel cot safety

There are a number of safety aspects to check on your travel cot for your peace of mind.

Stability: Be sure to use the mattress that comes with the cot, as changing it could affect the stability of the cot and could make it easier to tip.

Escaping: Swapping for a thicker mattress could give your tot more height and make it easier for them to escape.

Corners: Be wary of how smooth corners are - make sure there is no chance of your baby's clothes getting caught on them to avoid any chance of strangulation.

Flexible sides: Pop-up-style tents may be easy to erect and dismantle; however, the flexible sides mean that if you were to stumble onto the cot, there would be no ridged sides to stop your fall.

Zips: Make sure you check all zips are secure, as any loose zips that become unattached could potentially become choking hazards.

Wheels: The wheels must be able to securely lock into place or have two wheels and two legs for sturdiness.

Test it out: Make sure you try it out before you travel to check all of the above safety aspects.

Safe sleeping in a travel cot

The general consensus is that you need to be following the same sleeping guidance for your baby in a travel cot as you would at home.

Here's what The Lullaby Trust have to say:

"The same 'safer sleep' rules apply to a travel cot, which should have a rigid frame and base, and a firm, flat mattress, covered in a waterproof material. Travel cot mattresses are often thinner and feel harder than those in a permanent cot, but don't be tempted to place folded blankets or a quilt under the baby to make them 'more comfortable'. If you are very tight for space, you may have to consider re-arranging the furniture in the room to ensure that the travel cot isn't against a radiator, in direct sunlight, and is out of reach of blind cords and hazards."

How we tested and chose these travel cots

Every year, our panel of real mums tests and reviews parenting products such as travel cots for the annual Mother&Baby Awards.

Our list of the best car seats for travel cots comes recommended by like-minded parents – who have experienced these car seats personally.

A number of the travel cots in our list are also previous  Mother&Baby Awards  shortlisters and winners.

E mily Gilbert is the Features & Reviews Editor for Mother&Baby and has written for the website and previously the magazine for six years. Specialising in product reviews, Emily is the first to know about all the exciting new releases in the parenting industry.

Tear Free Travel

Posted on Last updated: February 9, 2022 Categories Kids Travel Gear

By: Author Kate

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Toddler Travel Beds (2022)

This post may contain affiliate links.

Sharing is caring!

Are looking for the best toddler travel bed? Do you want a travel bed That will last a long time and fit a tall toddler? This was exactly our dilemma when we were evaluating the best portable cribs for travel. We wanted something that wouldn’t need to be replaced every time our kids grew a few inches!  

We wanted a portable toddler bed that would allow us to keep our kids precious sleep and give us peace of mind on vacation. When looking for a portable travel crib we wanted something that would be easy to set up, lightweight, and large enough for our son to grow into.

So here it is: I’ve done all the research for you, and picked out the best toddler travel beds for family vacations that meet these requirements below!

The Best Toddler Travel Beds: Quick Comparison

Check out my list below to learn about the best travel cribs for toddler travel sleep on the go.  These are the top rated travel cribs for toddlers around!

What to look for in a Toddler Travel Bed

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a toddler travel bed. Here are the 5 factors that we have taken into consideration when ranking our toddler travel beds:

  • Overall product weight
  • Compact fold and ease of set up

Toddler Playpen vs. Toddler Inflatable Beds

If your toddler is still IN the crib, chances are you want to keep her that way on vacation! My eldest son (the escape artist) definitely needed the constraints of his crib for as long as possible, and there was no way I was giving that up on vacation. Also, having always slept in the crib, my son would not have even known what to do if I tried to put him in a bed! There was no way I was going to try to make such a transition on vacation. We wanted to look for a travel bed for a toddler still in the crib.

The problem I’ve found is that most portable cribs for toddlers are too small for taller and older kids. We wanted a large toddler travel bed so we wouldn’t be stuck replacing this item when our toddler turned 3 or 4. I’ve broken down my review below to include toddler travel beds for kids who are still in the crib and toddler travel beds for kids who are out of the crib.

The Best Toddler Travel Bed for Tall Toddlers

Phil and teds traveler.

best toddler travel crib

This is my favorite  toddler travel bed and is the perfect travel crib for a tall toddler.  We used this travel toddler bed until our son was 3 years old and transitioned to a ‘big boy bed.’  This playpen is longer than traditional playpens so it accommodates taller toddlers. This will be a great travel crib for a 3 year old and for many would still work for a 4 year old or 5 year old.  I love that is still like a crib, keeping your little one contained.

The Phil and Teds kids travel bed is really lightweight and will easily fit in a suitcase. It’s the best travel crib for flying as it can be brought on as a carry-on. We often store it in the overhead compartment of a plane and it fits perfect.  Also, it’s lightweight, it weighs only 6 lbs! We have gotten so much great use out of this tall playpen, and it’s still in great shape.

The one negative when rating this portable toddler crib is that the setup is not instant. There are some other toddler travel cribs like the Guava below that set up in just a few seconds. Although it’s not a one-step setup, once you’ve set it up once it’s really easy to set up and take down after that. It takes me about 2 minutes to set it up now that I have the hang of it. For me, this little bit of hassle is worth it for the extra length and lightness!

Best Toddler Travel Bed for Tall Toddlers

We’ve used this portable travel bed not only just for sleeping – we have also used it as a makeshift beach tent and fort in our backyard. I love that this compact travel crib is not just for sleep, it’s also a space for our kids to play and stay safe when we are on vacation.

The Best Toddler Travel Bed for Tall Toddlers

As you can see above, the length of this travel bed is the big selling point! I brought it out to take pictures for this blog and was surprised to find that my 4.5-year-old son STILL fits in this large toddler bed. Now he’s not the tallest 4-year-old out there, but STILL, I was really impressed. My 18-month-old is much taller than my first and he still has PLENTY of room in the Phil and Teds traveler. This is definitely the best travel crib for a 2 year old and up!

The Best Toddler Travel Bed for a Play Space

Joovy room 2 play pen.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

If you are wanting extra space in your portable toddler travel bed, this extra-sized playpen is perfect for you. The Joovy Room 2 is 50% larger than a standard playpen making it great for large toddlers and also great as a play spot during the day. It still packs up compact and can be checked with your luggage depending on your airline regulations.

It’s definitely heavier than some of the other options on the market, but that might be worth it for the extra room! I love that this playpen is large enough that you can throw some toys in and your little one can also play safely in here without feeling too cramped. Especially on vacation, this can be useful because the places we stay aren’t always baby proofed how we like them! I’ve also heard this playpen is great for twins!

The Best Travel Bed For The Toddler that is Still in the Crib

Guava lotus travel crib.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

The Guava Lotus Travel Crib and the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib are both popular options for toddler travel beds. If you check out Amazon there are lots of head-to-head reviews comparing these two options. The setup for the Guava playpen is really simple and intuitive and the crib folds up very compact for easy portability. There is even a backpack carrier which is a really nice feature for airports and more adventurous trips.

The dimensions are not as long as the Phil and Teds travel crib above which is why it’s not my first choice for a portable travel crib. It may work fine as a portable bed for a 2 year old but will be pushing it as a travel bed for a 3 year old . I like the longer length of the Phil and Ted’s traveler crib for my growing toddler.

The Guava Lotus crib is Greenguard certified meaning that it is non-toxic without the use of harmful chemicals. The cover is removable and machine washable which knowing my toddler is an absolute necessity! Overall, I love the design of this portable crib. Although I haven’t tried it myself, I asked my friend Emily over at Henry and Andrew’s Guide for her review. Here’s what she had to say:

‘The Guava Lotus is the best toddler travel bed because it’s easy to carry, it’s so light, and it’s perfect for even the bigger toddlers. We took ours on our 5 countries in 14 days trip in Europe. That meant we carried it through 5 plane rides, 1 train ride, and numerous car trips. We didn’t mind it at all! You can carry it as a backpack so your hands are free, or it folds up in a perfect rectangular shape, so it can be easily stacked on top of your rolling bag. Another perk is that even though it’s not a stroller, we’ve never been charged for checking it through the airlines as a “baby itemâ€. This was the best travel bed for our 2 year old, until he grew out of his own crib at home! Their customer service is excellent too.’

Lotus Crib - Best toddler travel bed

The Most Compact and Lightweight Toddler Travel Bed

Peapod plus:.

Peapod Toddler Travel Bed

The PeaPod is a popular option that is particularly marketed as a travel bed for baby. It’s one of the most compact toddler beds as it folds down into a small bag that’s easy to throw in a suitcase. It certainly has small size in it’s favor but it’s otherwise impractical as a long term solution for more mobile toddlers and preschoolers.

I’m happy to have my friend Jill from This Harry Life drop in to give her review of this popular toddler travel bed. You may be surprised to see what she has to say!

‘The most appreciated aspect of this baby travel bed is it’s compact size. Folded up, it’s 18 inches in diameter by about 6 inches deep (this compresses to about half that depth when packed). It was extremely reasonably priced compared to other travel sleep accessories we considered, and with the zipper closed you can keep your child safely contained inside. We purchased this thinking it was the best option for a portable travel bed for baby. There are drawbacks to the PeaPod , though it works OK for us. My primary issue is the interior “floorâ€. Safe sleep guidelines dictate the included mat be snapped underneath, and there is no option to secure it inside. This is fine, but the interior is a a harsh polyester surface to place my child directly on. Anything I put underneath to soften it shifts and bunches as my child moves. It is also incredibly bright, and I have occasionally had to drape towels over it in an attempt to provide darkness to nap in bright spaces. Further, this item only has a single use: for your child to sleep in. It is not a space that I can safely place my child to play or be occupied, which is necessary sometimes when in non-baby-proof settings. For that reason if I were in the market for a travel bed for baby again, I would not likely buy another PeaPod, despite it being the most affordable option.’

The Best Travel Bed For The Toddler that is Out of the Crib

Once our toddler was out of his crib the options for sleep were so much easier! Depending on where we were though, I did worry about him escaping his sleeping quarters at night. To solve this I have rented baby gates at my destination on multiple occasions. This gave me peace of mind that if my toddler woke up in the middle of the night he would be safe until we got to him.  (You’ll find more toddler travel hacks here!)

A Mattress on The Floor

Nothing wrong with simplicity when it comes to kids travel beds! There are lots of great travel toddler beds out there but when push comes to shove, a mattress on the floor is really all you need for toddler sleep. We often rent Airbnbs and in these places, it is usually quite easy to do this. In hotels, space is tighter so we have had to use inflatable bed rails (see below). Once my eldest had transitioned out of the crib it was great not to have to pack an extra piece of equipment. A mattress on the floor works great and means you can keep your packing minimal!

The Best Toddler Travel Bed for Compact Spaces

Regalo my cot.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

Another great option for toddler travel beds is a portable cot. Travel cots for toddlers are generally easy to fold up and store and provide a more comfortable surface than the ground. I love this as a toddler camping bed. We bought this for my son when we were going camping knowing that we wouldn’t have access to a mattress to put on the floor. We used a kids sleeping bag like this one and it made it a bit comfier for him to sleep on. He enjoyed having a special ‘big boy bed’ on the trip and we loved the portability and easy setup.

The portable kids travel cot folds up compact and is extremely simple to set up. I’m not sure that I would take it on an airplane because it would definitely need to be checked! We got lots of use with it on road trips. It’s certainly not the comfiest thing in the world, but my son didn’t seem to mind it. This thing work as a portable travel bed for a toddler and wins points on easy set up and storage.

Now that my son can sleep in a real bed we aren’t using it as much as a child travel bed. I have, however, found a great hack for it – we bring it to the beach and we use it as a raised platform for the kids to sit on when we eat. It keeps us somewhat out of the sand and is comfier than sitting directly on the ground. I love a product that can be used for longer than a few months. I’m glad I’ve found ways to make this purchase worthwhile!

The Best Toddler Travel Bed for Grandma’s House

Milliard portable toddler bumper bed.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

This portable toddler bed is perfect for toddlers transitioning from the crib to an adult bed. The travel bed bumpers on the side are a really nice feature which keep little ones safe and comfortable inside this bed. I think this bed is best portable crib for grandma’s house or a cottage that is tight on space. It would also be great for camping, I wish they made it in adult size!! It’s not carry-on size so it would need to be checked for flying. I think this makes it less desirable for this type of trip.

The Best Toddler Travel Bed for a Hotel Room

Inflatable bed rails by the shrunks.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

These are definitely the best travel bed rails for toddlers! I find that hotels always have beds that are sooo high off the ground! I was constantly worrying that my son was going to fall out of the bed until I found this product . These inflatable bed rails are the perfect travel option. They keep my restless sleeper from taking a tumble in the night. Since they are inflatable, they are super easy to set up and pack. You just slip them under the sheets and kids won’t roll off the mattress in their sleep.

Having recently slept with my toddler on our last trip, he is a little MOVING MANIAC. I felt like I was getting kicked all night. I’m glad to have these bumpers to turn our bed into a portable toddler bumper bed and to keep him from Karate kicking right off the bed. If I don’t have these available I will unusually throw some extra pillows on the floor JUST IN CASE 🙂

Sleeping on a real mattress in a nice hotel is so much better than a thin pad in a travel toddler bed so I like that these rails give me peace of mind to let my toddler sleep on the ‘big bed’ and have a really comfortable sleep!

The Best Toddler Travel Bed for Camping

The shrunks toddler travel bed.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

The Shrunks also makes a  Shrunks inflatable toddler bed that has gotten rave reviews from my friends who own one! An inflatable toddler bed is a great option especially for things like camping or hotel rooms where there aren’t extra mattresses lying around.

This award-winning inflatable toddler mattress has some really cool design features that make it a great option. First, it has raised edges that act as toddler bed bumpers and keep your little one safely on the mattress. As well the inner mattress within this inflatable toddler travel bed raises up allowing you to tuck in standard size crib sheets. This is a really nice feature that makes keeping the mattress clean super easy. It’s also nice to be able to use standard crib sheets as this will likely be a familiar comfort for your little ones.

The Shrunks inflatable mattress comes with an electric pump which is essential for inflating quickly on the go. It comes in a compact case that’s easy to carry from one place to another. Keep one of this toddler air mattress at grandma’s house, its a convenient option for places that are short on space.

The Best Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Bumpers

Intex kids travel bed.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

Another inflatable mattress for toddlers is the Intex kids travel bed . It has built-in bumpers as well that make it perfect for little ones.  It also has the ability to tuck in sheets by pulling out the inner mattress. I’m more of a ‘glamper’ than a true camper, so we bring an inflatable air mattress when we are camping. The Intex kids travel bed is perfect for camping with kids! It’s also great in a hotel room where space is tight. The Intex toddler travel bed comes with a pump included

Let’s hear your toddler travel bed reviews!

What do you think is the best portable travel cribs for toddlers?? I’d love to hear your favorites! Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know! I always love to hear what you think. Before you head on vacation, be sure to check out my other posts on the best car seat for travel , the best kids suitcases , and my (completely free!) downloadable packing list to keep your packing organized on vacation. Safe travels and wishing everyone a good nights rest! xo Kate

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The Best Toddler Travel Bed

Ryan Biddulph

Wednesday 27th of September 2017

Nice list of toddler beds here.

Although her fam will not be traveling anytime soon - big-time home bodies - my 15 month old niece could definitely fit nicely in a few of these beds.

Thanks for sharing.

Sunday 8th of October 2017

Thanks for stopping by Ryan! These are perfect for a 15-month-old :)

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travel bed for 3 year old uk

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  • Baby & kids

Best toddler bed 2023: The best beds for a safe and soothing sleep

  • Amanda Stellisano

travel bed for 3 year old uk

Find the best options for transitioning your toddler from a cot to a bed with the best toddler beds

As babies grow into toddlers, they will also need to transition into a more grown-up bed. With every new milestone, there comes the question of how best to accommodate your child, and leaving the cot behind for a toddler bed is no exception.

It’s important to find a bed that helps your child sleep soundly and safely. Thankfully, there are a lot of options to ensure your child’s new bed is not only comfortable but fun as well. From the most basic frames to the plushest decor, and so much more, there’s a wide variety of beds that your child may love.

When your child is ready for their first big kid bed, you may feel like you aren’t quite ready yet yourself – it’s a big step and there are so many things to consider. Fortunately, toddler beds have many features, such as safety bars and extra storage, that can help make the transition easier for parents as well.

However, there are several other things to be taken into account when choosing a toddler bed. Below, we look at some of the best toddler beds available, as well as what to consider while shopping for one.

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Best toddler bed: At a glance

  • Best overall toddler bed: Lauryn Convertible Toddler Bed and Mattress | £267
  • Best cot-style toddler bed: Isla Toddler Bed | £200
  • Best toddler bed with storage: Habitat Ellis Toddler Bed Frame | £165
  • Best treehouse toddler bed: Vesper Single Solid Wood House Bed | £170
  • Best stylish toddler bed: Obaby Lumi Toddler Bed | £232

How to choose the best toddler bed

What should i look for in a good toddler bed.

The key features you should be considering when shopping for a toddler bed include:

Size: Not every toddler transitions to a toddler bed at the same age or the same size. Toddler beds are typically designed for children who are between 18 months and three years old, and some of them have specific weight restrictions for this reason. Make sure the bed’s dimensions and weight capacity can not only comfortably fit your child, but will also last them until they’re ready for their first twin bed.

Safety: Of course, this is a consideration of paramount importance, especially if your toddler is still fairly young. A safe toddler bed will be low to the ground, making it easier for a child to climb in and out on their own. Some beds include railings to prevent children from falling out during the night, but it’s not a standard feature, so keep in mind that you may have to buy them separately.

Mattress: Just as not all beds have railings, many toddler beds come without a mattress included. You can either choose a bed that works with your existing crib’s mattress or be prepared to buy a brand-new mattress to pair with the new bed.

Other considerations

Once you look past the vital-yet-mundane features, there are still some important questions to keep in mind. Mainly, will it make your child happy? This is a big change in your toddler’s life, and you will want to make the transition as easy as possible. Perhaps they’ll be more comfortable in a bed that, while not fully enclosed, still resembles the crib they’re used to.

On the other hand, a bed with a cool, fun design might help your toddler feel excited about this new normal. In this case there are many options to choose from, from race cars to princess beds and everything in between.

We’ve found some of the best toddler beds for every need, and at every price point, that everyone in the household will be happy with.

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The best toddler beds you can buy in 2023

1. lauryn convertible toddler bed and mattress: the best overall toddler bed.

travel bed for 3 year old uk

With soft edges and a selection of four fun colours to choose from, this bed is bound to make both parents and toddlers happy. This contemporary design features curved corners to minimise bumps and scrapes, and guard rails to prevent children from taking a tumble.

To make life easier for parents, the bed also includes a storage drawer – perfect for tucking away toys, sheets, clothes and more – which can be put on either side of the bed for added convenience. This frame has a slat kit, and it includes a foam mattress so there’s no need for extra purchases. The guard rails are detachable, yet sturdy enough to keep children safely in bed throughout the night.

Assembly is required, but it only takes about an hour to put together.

Key specs – Dimensions: 61 x 90 x 144cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 100kg; Mattress included: Yes; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Manufactured wood, solid wood; Colours: White, lime green, pink, blue

Buy now from Wayfair

2. Isla Toddler Bed: The best cot-style toddler bed

travel bed for 3 year old uk

Not every child will be comfortable going straight from a crib to a novelty bed, and that’s okay. For toddlers who need a less drastic transition, this cot-style bed can provide a sense of familiarity as they move up.

Available in two neutral colours, this bed has vertical slatted sides that resemble the bars of a crib, as well as a matching guard rail. The bed is sturdy, made of solid pine with a beautiful lacquer finish. The base of the frame is also slatted, for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The basic frame doesn’t include the mattress, but it can be added to the purchase as an extra item. Similarly, a handy storage drawer can also be added. The bed requires assembling, but no time estimate is listed and you might need some help setting it up.

Key specs – Dimensions: 60 x 76 x 148cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 30kg; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Solid pine; Colours: White, grey

Buy now from Cuckooland

3. Habitat Ellis Toddler Bed Frame with Drawer: The best toddler bed with storage

travel bed for 3 year old uk

When updating your child’s bed, it helps if you can also upgrade the storage in the bedroom. This Habitat bed frame comes with a full-length drawer to go under the bed. It’s been designed with durable castors for easy movement and it’s ideal for extra linen, toys, books or clothes.

This bed has a slatted base, with extra-long guard rails for a safe night’s sleep. It’s low enough to the ground that children can feel confident climbing in and out on their own without taking a tumble and, when they’re a little older and less likely to roll around, the side rails are easy to remove. As a precaution, this bed has no sharp corners, with all the edges rounded off for extra safety.

It’s available in two neutral colours to match any bedroom decor. It requires assembly, but only needs one person.

Key specs – Dimensions: 57 x 75 x 144cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 40kg; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Solid wood; Colours: White, grey

Buy now from Habitat

4. Vesper Single Solid Wood House Bed: The best treehouse toddler bed

travel bed for 3 year old uk

As a bed that can live up to your child’s imagination, this is ideal. This beautiful frame is a perfect place for your child to both sleep and play. Low enough that it almost sits on the ground, this bed all but eliminates risk when a child climbs in and out by themselves.

It includes a slat kit for a comfortable base, and the frame comes in several colour options to match any room. With the high, house-shaped frame above them, children (with their parents’ help) can turn this bed into the treehouse of their dreams – consider adding fairy lights, bunting or some other decoration. Alternatively, with some extra sheets, this bed can double as a delightful blanket fort.

The bed requires assembly, but it’s not specified how long it takes. The solid wood construction makes it a sturdy bed that will last throughout toddlerhood.

Key specs – Dimensions: 154.8 x 94.3 x 195.8cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 100kg; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: No; Materials: Solid wood; Colours: White, grey, pastel green, blue, pink

5. Obaby Lumi Toddler Bed: The best stylish toddler bed

travel bed for 3 year old uk

For parents looking for Montessori furniture for their little one, this Lumi toddler bed makes a gorgeous addition. It’s covered in soft velvet for a cosy experience with a luxurious look, and it comes in a choice of two colours to match almost any home’s decor.

The bed has no guard rails, instead using a sleigh shape for safety – the high head and foot boards have curved side panels designed to keep children from rolling out of bed in the night. As with most toddler beds, this bed sits low to the ground so it’s easy for children to get in and out without falling.

The bed requires assembly, and the mattress must be purchased separately. There’s no weight limit listed for this bed, though it does specify that it’s only suitable for children up to four years old. With its beautiful design, this bed is sure to please toddlers and parents alike.

Key specs – Dimensions: 63 x 79 x 149cm (HWL); Weight capacity: Not specified; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: No; Materials: Polyester, plywood, PU foam, metal, plastic; Colours: Grey, pink

6. Stompa CK Starter Bed: The best extending toddler bed

travel bed for 3 year old uk

One way to save money in the long run is to choose a bed that grows alongside your child.

This bed has three size options and includes a foam mattress in three sections, so the bed can grow as your child does – as your child gets taller, the foot of the bed can be extended, and an extra section of mattress can be added, to create a longer bed. Even the slat system is extendable.

The bed is made of solid pine, with a non-toxic lacquer finish, and has guard rails along both sides so that toddlers are protected through the night. And while there is no storage drawer included, one is available for purchase.

Like most other toddler beds, this bed is designed for self-assembly, but Room To Grow do offer an assembly service with their extended warranty for an additional cost. The bed is suitable for children 12 months and older, though there’s no weight limit listed.

Key specs – Dimensions: 81.1 x 85.7 x 114.7/149.4/183.1cm (HWL); Weight capacity: Not specified; Mattress included: Yes; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Solid pine, MDF; Colours: White

Buy now from Room To Grow

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Best travel cots: tried and tested

Whether used at home, at the grandparents' or as a playpen, a travel cot can be a familiar place for your baby to sleep, wherever they are. After four months of research and testing, we reveal the best travel cots to buy in 2024.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Feb 12, 2024

a collage of 3 travel cots

While you may have dedicated a lot of time to finding the best crib , moses basket or cot bed for your child, we tend to give less thought to which travel cot to buy. But getting the best sleep possible is just as important while you're away from home, so we've put some of the best travel cots on the market through their paces.

While they're mainly used for overnight stays at a grandparent's house, or longer holidays, travel cots can also be used instead of a traditional crib or playpen for both babies and toddlers. They are portable, easy to carry, fit in your car boot and should be fairly lightweight too. Pack your travel cot along with a baby monitor and your little one's best baby blanket and you're good to go.

Our parent tester, Ruth, and her 18-month-old put some of the UK's top-rated travel cots through their paces. We also turned to the Mumsnet forums - home of the UK's largest network of parents - to seek out authentic recommendations and honest reviews of the travel cots they'd used with their own children. Referring to expert review sites for extra information, we collated all the information to bring you our top picks.

The best travel cots 2024: editor's picks

Joie kubbie Bassinet Travel Cot

Red Kite Travel Cot

Graco FoldLite Travel Cot

Joie kubbie™ Sleep Travel Cot

Lift and lower side panel means baby can be picked up and placed down without hassle

Compact frame that packs down into a travel bag

Mesh panels on all four sides

Padded top rail

Too small to be used as a playpen

Material isn't machine-washable

Price on writing: From £90 | Suitable from: Birth to three years (15kg) | Weight: 8.79kg

Tested by MNHQ: Read our full Joie kubbie™ Sleep review

The Joie kubbie™ Sleep is a real steal and a brilliant choice for new parents who want something that covers all bases - that's why we've named it our best travel cot overall for 2024. Versatile in style and cocoon-like in the way it nurtures and grows with newborns, the kubbie™ Sleep also comes with a bassinet that can easily be attached and detached.

A unique feature of the kubbie™ Sleep that our tester was impressed by is that when your baby is in the bassinet, you can tuck the cot close to your bed and adjust the height of the crib so that it acts like a co-sleeper. It's a lovely feature if you're travelling with a tiny baby, it provides extra peace of mind and easy access for changing and breastfeeding .

Great for parents who

Have a newborn

Like the idea of a co-sleeper and want to keep their baby close during the night

Want a cot that can last up to three years old

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Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Lightweight and folds down compactly into a travel bag

Quick to assemble and fold away

Easy to clean

Mesh sides make it easy to see baby

The mattress is thinner than some other baby travel cot mattresses on the market, such as the Joie kubbie™ Sleep

Doesn't have wheels

Price on writing: £35 | Suitable from: Birth to three years (or able to climb out) | Weight: 7kg

Tried and tested by Mumsnet : Read our full Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot review .

Robust and simple in design, the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot is a basic, practical travel cot that you'll be glad to have for the odd night away from home with your little one. With breathable mesh on four sides, a carry bag and padding over the poles and edges, it's got everything you need for a safe night's sleep - or a handy play pen.

Mumsnetters say the mattress could be thicker and better quality, which is often the case with cheaper travel cots. If you're looking for a separate mattress, this one from Mother Nurture fits the Red Kite perfectly and folds up for extra practicality while on-the-go.

Need a bed for short trips or as a secondary for the grandparents' house

Are on a tight budget

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Graco Foldlite

Lightweight and easy to fold up and down

When folded down is only 26cm wide

2 wheels for easy manoeuvring

The mattress could be thicker

Price on writing: £73 | Suitable from: Birth to three years (or able to climb out) | Weight: 6.7kg

With two ways to fold, the Graco Foldlite is a brilliant cot for frequent use. The quick fold is designed for speed, while 'Home Fold' is ultra-thin at just 26cm wide - perfect for storing away at home.

We love the two-wheel design that makes the cot easy to drag around, and it's not bad to look at either. The base is one of the lowest to the ground on our list, making it a good option for using as a playpen. Graco are well-loved by Mumsnetters thanks to their good-quality, affordable baby gear, and this travel cot is no exception.

Want a cot that can be put up and down frequently without too much hassle

Have limited space for storage

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LittleLife Arc 2

Insect-proof mesh for hot weather and the outdoors

Has a front panel with a safety toggle that can be zipped open or closed, making it a great option to use as an outdoor playpen

Colour-coded poles make assembly simple

Lightweight option

Thin mattress

Sunshade must be bought separately

Price on writing: £110 | Suitable from: Birth to three years (15kg), but we'd recommend it for toddlers | Weight: 2.5kg

Tested by MNHQ: Read our full LittleLife Arc 2 review

The LittleLife Arc 2 is extremely lightweight (practically featherweight, really, at just 2.5kg), is designed just like a tent and can be folded down compactly to fit into a backpack, which comes with it. This makes it perfect for use on public transport, holidays and camping.

It works just as well outdoors as it does indoors and is great for those grab-and-go moments. Our tester really liked its tent-like design - close to the floor means there's no risk of kids falling out and the cosier sleeping space makes it ideal for younger babies. She was also impressed by the mosquito net - perfect for travel wherever you're headed.

Use public transport when travelling

Want something that could double up as a playpen

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BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light

Durable construction

Very comfy mattress

Mattress and fabric is removable and machine-washable

Mattress is fairly close to the floor – one side can be unzipped for easy access though

It’s one of the more expensive cots around

Price on writing: £187 | Suitable from: Birth to three years | Weight: 6kg (including carry bag)

Tested by MNHQ: Read our full BabyBjorn Light review

If you have a little extra to spend, then the luxury and comfort of BabyBjörn's Light will make sleepovers fuss-free no matter where you go. Our tester found it sturdy, simple to set-up and really easy to transport. The mattress is considerably more comfy than those you'll find in cheaper travel cots, and all the fabric parts are removable and machine washable.

The main drawback is the price tag, but if you have the means, then this cot won't let you down.

Need a small portable crib that can be taken on short or long trips

Want to invest in a travel bed that can stand heavy use

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Joie Commuter Change

Two wheels make this cot easy to move around

Easy to fold and unfold

Bassinet and changing unit don’t fit into carry bag

Side of the cot can’t be pulled down like the new Joie kubbie™ Sleep

Price on writing: £100 | Suitable from: Birth to 15kg | Weight: 12.3kg

Tested by MNHQ: Read our full Joie Commuter Change review

Winner of the Mumsnet Best Travel Cot 2018 award, the Joie Commuter Change didn’t quite make our top five this year, but it’s still a great product and definitely worth considering.

Our tester loved all the added extras that come with the Commuter Change. Not only is there a full-size bassinet, which will save your back when reaching down to your child, but the cot also comes with a changing table which handily clips onto the top.

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Bugaboo Stardust

Great quality mattress

Takes just one second to unfold and three seconds to fold

Can be folded with the mattress left in

Carrycot insert for newborns

On the expensive side

Only suitable up to 2 years

Price on writing: £169 | Suitable from: Birth to two years | Weight: 6.7kg

For those considering a travel cot to use from birth, the Bugaboo Stardust is a great option. It comes with a carrycot insert which means the cot can be used as a bedside crib - perfect for co-sleeping away from home.

It has a height-adjustable mattress and an incredibly easy fold up and down. When folded up, the travel cot is nice and slim, making for easy storage. The mattress is great quality and thicker than the others on our list. At just over £200, it's on the premium end of the spectrum, and the manufacturer recommends only using it up to 2 years, so it doesn't have quite the longevity of most other travel cots, which generally can be used until the age of three.

Want to co-sleep safely away from home

Are expecting to use the cot frequently for sleeping

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Travel cots: our pick of the best of the rest

Sturdy but pricey.

We have the Nuna Sena and its amazing, the most hassle-free assembling I've seen having watched BIL trying to get his cheap and cheerful one up! You just push the ring in the middle. It looks great and my kids have both slept great in it when we're away. Also sturdy enough to double as a temporary living room playpen for a while too! Has definitely been one of my highly recommended baby items.


Nuna Sena Aire

Better for use as a playpen

Quite a while ago now we bought a BabyDan one from John Lewis which is the same dimensions as a standard cot (not cot bed). Extra handy as we could also use the actual cot mattress in it for extra comfort if we had space in the car, or latterly when we had got rid of the cot but had friends or relatives to stay


BabyDan Travel Cot

Best travel cot for air travel

I've been to many different countries on different planes, trains and automobiles and the Phil & Teds is the only one which works across various check in requirements and ages of children ...100% [would recommend] the P&T one if you actually intend travelling with it, as opposed to staying at Granny's place every now and again.


Phil & Teds Traveller

What age is a travel cot for?

This type of cot is usually used from the newborn stage up until toddlerhood – or until the little wriggler can climb out by themselves.

Do I actually need a one?

The short answer is: no, not necessarily, but that depends entirely on your lifestyle.

Portable beds can be expensive and can take up unnecessary space in an otherwise baby-filled home, so if you think you'll only get use out of one for two weeks of the year, then you could probably do without.

If you already have a co-sleeper, Moses basket or carrycot that you use with a travel system , you might be able to use that when you're away from home with a smaller baby.

If, however, you tend to travel often or think your little one will have regular sleepovers with the grandparents, then a travel cot is a great solution.

It'll not only be easier to cart around, but it'll offer a familiar and comforting environment for your child no matter where they rest their head.

Are travel cots safe?

Safety is crucial when buying a travel bed for your little one so, while all products should have some sort of testing certification, be sure to check the safety features out yourself.

If you plan to buy in-store, ask to see it being assembled

Check how sturdy it is – could it withstand being knocked into?

Look for safety locks on wheels if there are any – can they also be tucked away when not in use?

Choking hazards are also something to look out for so make sure that small parts, like zips, are well covered

Check for sharp corners and padded rails

Assess whether your child would be able to climb out easily – check that the side panels are high enough

Safe sleeping and travel cot mattresses

The Lullaby Trust says that all cots need to comply with British Standards Institution (BSI) safety standards regardless of how old they are. If there is no safety standard number visible then you shouldn't buy it.

When it comes to safe sleeping, they also insist that the bed's original mattress needs to be firm, entirely flat and waterproof with no soft or cushioned areas, particularly around the baby's head. Babies should be placed on their backs with their feet at the foot of the cot.

Soft mattresses are known to increase the risk of SIDS as they make it harder for babies to lose body heat, which can cause them to become too hot.

Sleep positioners and pillows must not be used and there should also be no loose or bulky bedding inside the crib as this can cause a baby to overheat.

Even if the mattress feels thin, don't be tempted to place folded blankets underneath your child. Go for a baby sleeping bag or a well-fitted swaddle instead.

The Lullaby Trust also advise that portable cribs aren’t placed against radiators and remain out of reach of blind cords.

How much does a travel cot cost?

Prices range from £20 to over £200, and your budget will probably depend entirely on how much you think you'll use it.

As with anything, the most expensive option won't necessarily be best suited to you and your child. Some cheaper models may do just the trick and will last well into the toddler years too.

Can I buy one secondhand?

Yes, you can, but make sure you always follow the manufacturer's instructions before using.

Make sure it isn’t damaged or broken, that the frame is intact and that there aren’t any sharp edges that could cause injury. If possible, ask to assemble and fold it down before you buy to check it works as it should.

Secondhand travel cots can go from anywhere between £10 and £80.

Other things to consider when buying a travel cot

1. portability.

Check the size and weight. Can it be folded down compactly? Is it likely to fit into the boot of your car?

If you tend to travel by public transport, you'll want a bed that's lightweight and easy to carry. For planes, some small cots may even be able to fit into an overhead locker.

2. Assembly and storage

By nature, travel beds are usually easy to put up and fold down. Pop-ups are, of course, the easiest, but check to see if your chosen product is quick to assemble, fold and pack away.

When it comes to storage, the amount of space you have at home will influence your decision.

Some models have mattresses that fold with the frame before they go into a bag, and most will fit into the back of a cupboard or under a bed when stored away.

3. How to clean

Babies create mess – and a lot of it too. Look for a removable mattress that comes with a fitted sheet, which you will be able to stick in the washing machine.

Some cots have removable side panels, but if they don’t then you can always wipe them clean with warm water.

4. Extra features

Many larger models double up as a playpen which is great for keeping your child safe at all times no matter where they are. Some even come with changing tables, mobiles and bassinets for newborns.

You’ll find that the added extras will usually need to be carried separately once the frame is folded down. Brands that offer attachments like these include Joie (the Joie Commuter Change won Mumsnet Best Travel Cot 2018), BabyBjorn and Graco.

Some, like the Arc 2, also come with added extras like built-in mosquito nets for camping.

What's the best travel cot to buy?

The Joie kubbie Sleep is the best travel cot to buy in 2024. Mumsnetters love that it doubles as a co-sleeper, making it a versatile, useful and great value buy. The compact design makes it easy to transport and set up, while the bedside feature allows for easy access to your baby during the night. Overall, the Joie Baby Kubbie Sleep Bedside Travel Cot is a great choice for parents looking for a safe and comfortable sleep solution for their little one.

How we tested and why you should trust us

For continuity, we try to get one tester to test all the products in a single category. This reduces any potential variables during the testing process and ensures that our results are based on like-for-like comparisons. After approximately 24 hours of research, our tester, Ruth, produced a shortlist of 14 cots to put to the test. The list included the most highly recommended cots by Mumsnet users and other review sites, plus a wide range of designs and price tags, from nifty pop-ups to more studier models akin to traditional cribs.

Each product was tested in rooms with both carpet and laminate flooring, then scored on six key areas:

Safety and stability

Comfort and day-to-day use, cleanliness, value for money.

Five products were then awarded a Mumsnet Best badge – these are the products that we feel offer the absolute best value for most parents. We also gave honourable mentions to four others.

Ruth scored each product based on each criteria below, with the highest scoring coming out on top as the overall winner. Honourable mentions were then given to nine other top-performing beds.

We looked at a number of factors including:

Durability and materials – how well was each product made and finished?

Safety features – did the product have padded rails, lockable wheels, mesh ventilation, firm bedding, a locking system etc? And could a baby's fingers become trapped? Ruth studied everything from the frame to the mattress

Choking hazards – were there any parts that could come loose?

Sturdiness – she walked into it, knocked it against furniture and dropped it when assembled and packed away. Could each cot withstand the weight of both an adult and child if accidentally fallen into?

Safety standards – she also looked for the appropriate safety labels

Height of side panels – could a child climb out easily?

Assembly and folding

How straightforward was it to assemble and fold?

Were written or visual instructions clear and precise? Could the instructions also be accessed online and were there video tutorials to guide you through?

Each cot was assembled and taken down 20 times – this was also timed to see how long it would take

We also wanted to see which products might cause difficulty for people with mobility issues and which were the easiest to assemble and take down

Ruth also considered how easy it would be to access spare parts and whether each cot came with a warranty

Ruth looked at how much space the cot took up in a room – did it slot in easily, and was it more suited to indoors or outdoors?

Could it be moved around easily, particularly through doorways, from one room to another, and up and down the stairs? Did it have to be folded in order to do so?

How easy was it to place the child inside? Could the side panels be lowered?

When inside, was the little one comfy? Did they like it and was there enough room to sleep and to play?

Was it heavy to carry and did it fit comfortably in the boot of an average-sized family car? Could it be taken on public transport easily?

Ruth analysed looks, including colours, fabrics and overall design

Did the bed fit in with the décor? Was the design attractive and user-friendly?

Were there different colours to choose from?

The likes of mud, sand, peanut butter, milk and orange juice were smeared and spilled onto the interior and exterior to see how easy stains were to remove

Ruth also checked for removable bedding that could easily be thrown into the washing machine

We tested products with a variety of price tags and compared the more expensive models to those that were cheaper

If pricey, was it worth the price tag?

And were there any extras included to make the investment more justified?

How real-life comparative testing makes Mumsnet Reviews unique

We commissioned Ruth Lumley to write about and test a variety of toddler and baby travel cots. Ruth is a journalist who has used a number of baby beds with her three young children – from the newborn stage right through to toddlerhood and while holidaying abroad and visiting relatives in the UK.

During the research process, she looked at the types of products available, scoured the Mumsnet forums for recommendations and spoke to baby sleep experts from The Lullaby Trust , an organisation that provides advice on safer sleep for babies.Ruth tried out each bed with her youngest child, who was 18 months old at the time of testing. She tested each for at least three nights, both at home and at the grandparents' house, which meant that all the models were subject to the same environmental factors and held a child of the same age and weight.

About the author

Poppy O'Neill is a Content Editor at Mumsnet and a mother of two. She's been researching and reviewing baby and child products for 2 years, with a particular focus on baby essentials, toys and books for toddlers and outdoor play equipment. From potties to paddling pools and bunk beds to bedtime stories, she loves to deep-dive into research and find the best products out there.

Poppy is also an award-winning, best-selling children's and parenting author of books such as Don't Worry, Be Happy , The Extraordinary Book That Makes You Feel Happy  and Mother Power . She specialises in children's mental health and her books are used by therapists, teachers and SENCOs across the UK. She won a The Week Junior Book Award in 2023, her books have been translated into several languages and she's been featured in The Guardian, The Sunday Times and The Sun.

After earning a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Leeds and a PGCert in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism from University of the Arts London, she worked in fashion for most of her 20s. When her children were young, she undertook an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Chichester and re-trained as an author and freelance writer.

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10 Highest Rated Toddler Travel Beds 2024 reviews and ratings

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

Written by Melanie Kassel

Melanie Kassel

Written by Melanie Kassel, Performance Editor

Our testing process.

Here at Sleep Advisor, our Sleep Certified experts use a refined mattress and product testing process to give you unbiased product suggestions… Read our full product review process .

.st0{clip-path:url(#SVGID_00000046340743257271907690000000964648354283835324_);} In This Article

Looking for a handy travel bed for your toddler? We considered everything and made a selection of the ten best-rated picks to choose from.

Traveling with kids can be stressful, but figuring out where your little one will sleep shouldn’t be. It can be a struggle to create a safe sleeping space for your child while away from home.

Having a cozy space to lay their head can make all the difference in getting them the zzz’s they need so you can all enjoy your trip.

There are many options to consider when it comes to choosing a travel bed for your child. Keep reading for all the details you need to know so you can find the top rated toddler travel bed for your family.

10 Top Toddler Travel Bed Reviews

Hiccapop – ideal quality.


  • Inflatable bed with bumpers
  • Plush removable mattress
  • Electric pump included
  • Travel bag included

hiccapop product image travel bed for toddler


The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed has unmatched quality and durability, designed with the modern family in mind. With inlay-enforced™ vinyl that is 40% thicker than similar models, the Hiccapop was created to resist punctures and leaks.

The velvety-smooth mattress is removable and fits all standard crib sheets (although it is comfortable enough that a blanket on top may be all you need). The extra-large, built-in bumpers are 2″ taller and longer than most others and offer extra peace of mind for parents.

The Hiccapop comes with a powerful electric pump and was designed to inflate in just 30 seconds for a fast and easy set-up.

The quick-release valve is meant to make deflating simple, so you can be packed and ready to go in no time. The extra-large storage bag should allow you to take this airbed virtually anywhere.

Safety is a big concern for many families. This model exceeds all federal standards for child safety, according to the manufacturer. The vinyl is BPA, lead, and phthalate-free, and is made with no harsh chemicals.

With a 310 lb weight capacity that is greater than most others, this inflatable choice may last you longer so you can keep using it as your toddler grows.

Butterfly Craze – Best Alternative

  • Pillow bed / Nap mat
  • Plush and comfortable
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Easy to store away

Butterfly Craze travel bed product image

For an easy solution for travel, school, or nights when scary monsters send your little ones running for safety, this Butterfly Craze Kids Floor Pillow Cover may come in handy. Simply use extra pillows you already have in your house for stuffing into the 5 zipper compartments, and your comfy bed will be ready to use!

The Butterfly Crave comes in many fun and kid-friendly prints and makes a great nap-mat for school, sleepovers, or visits to Grandma’s house. This bed comes in two convenient sizes, making it suitable for children, teens, or even adults.

The smaller lounger fits 5 standard pillows and measures 26″ W X 75″ L. The larger lounger fits 5 king-sized pillows and measures 32″ W X 75″ L.

If you are looking for an alternative to bean bag chairs or floor pillows, this may make a great spot for lounging. Pillow forts and other fun activities could take on a whole new dimension with this foldable and portable design.

This product makes a great solution for schools, daycares, or slumber parties! The soft, plush fabric is machine washable for easy care. This cover can be packed into just about any suitcase, so you can travel with it anywhere and just add pillows at your destination!

Eltow Inflatable Toddler Air Mattress – Best Safety

  • Inflatable bed with protective bumpers
  • Puncture-resistant layer
  • Leak-proof valve
  • Pump and travel bag included
  • BPA and Phthalate-free

Product Image of Eltow Toddler Air Mattress

Your toddler will be ready to hit the road with this inflatable air mattress from Eltow that should give them a restful night’s sleep while also keeping them safe and sound.

This bed’s design, which features protective bumpers on the side, should help relieve any concerns you may have about your little one rolling off the mattress during the night. Plus, the health-conscious construction includes a BPA & Phthalate-free product, further assuring the safety and well-being of your child.

What stands out?

  • For families who plan to use this bed outdoors, you’ll be pleased to know that this bed comes with a leak-proof valve and puncture-resistant layer, which means you won’t have to worry about your kid’s bed deflating during the trip. 
  • Additionally, a pump and convenient travel bag are included with your purchase. The travel bag, in particular, should make transporting your toddler’s travel bed much easier. 

Intex – Best Comfort

  • Manual pump included

product image of intex bed for traveling for toddlers

The Intex Travel Bed was designed to be a comfortable, convenient, and versatile option for families with small children. This durable travel product may make a great solution for camping trips, sleepovers, naps, or wherever life may take you!

Weighing in at under 10 lbs, this lightweight bed could be easily packed into the included carrying bag for travel by car or plane.

The inner airbed can be conveniently separated from the frame to create an additional sleeping space if you are traveling with multiple children.

For younger toddlers or preschoolers, the frame should provide safety and stability to ensure little ones won’t roll out of bed. This travel option was designed for kids aged 3-6 or those up to 48 inches tall.

Having a separate mattress can make tucking in standard crib-sized sheets much easier. This model includes a high-output hand pump for quick and easy inflation and deflation. When inflated, the Intex frame measures 66″ X 42″ X 10″ and the inner mattress measures 28″ x 52″ x 4″.

The kid-friendly light aqua color and enclosed design should make this an inviting space for little ones on-the-go. Having a familiar, cozy spot can help kids to feel safe and secure so everyone can get the sleep they need.

The Shrunks – Best Noise Reduction

  • Inflatable bed with guard rails
  • Soft flocking and sheet tuck feature
  • Included pump

the shrunks product image travel bed

Nothing is worse than the squeaky sounds of a toddler, tossing and turning on a noisy blow-up mattress. The Shrunks Toddler Traveler Bed features soft flocking on the top, designed to eliminate night time squeaks. This award-winning model has been a favorite choice by many families for over ten years.

This mattress is safe from phthalates, lead, and BPA. A repair kit is conveniently included so you can easily patch up any small holes or leaks.

The comfortable mattress is built into this model and has a signature tuck-in feature so you can easily keep any standard crib-size sheets from moving around.

This portable air-mattress has built-in security rails, designed to prevent your little one from falling out of bed so they can feel confident and safe. The low to the ground design should allow young children to easily climb in and out.

A compact yet powerful Jetaire electric pump is included and was designed to inflate this mattress in under 30 seconds. The Shrunks may be a convenient, portable option for travel, sleepovers, or kids who are just transitioning out of their crib.

Regalo – Best Lightweight

  • Foldable cot design
  • Steel frame
  • Sleep surface made with waterproof nylon canvas
  • Includes Fitted Sheet

product image of regalo travel bed for toddlers

The Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed is made with a durable, all-steel frame that is lightweight and can hold up to 74 lbs. This bed weighs just over 6 lbs and can easily fold up for travel or storage.

The sturdy nylon material is waterproof and easy to wash. This cot can be covered with the included fitted sheet for added comfort.

The product is meant for children ages 2-5 or up to 48 inches long. It was designed to be easily set up in seconds with one fluid motion, making it a quick and easy option for parents.

This cot was created for portability and could be a great option for naps, travel, camping, or sleepovers. You may even use it for extra seating space at a sports event or take it to the beach!

For little ones who like to roll around, The Regalo My Cot has a generous sleeping space that measures 48” x 24” x 9”. When folded down, this cot measures 9” x 8” x 24” and can be easily packed into the carry case for storage or travel. If you are looking to keep luggage weight down, this may be a great option to consider.

Leachco – Most Convenient

  • Polyurethane Foam bed with bumpers and headrest
  • Machine washable cover
  • Folds into included storage bag

product image of leachco travel bed for toddlers

The Leachco Bump ZZZ Travel Bed may make a convenient option for families with children ages 3 and up. This spacious and lightweight model is designed to be ready to use, with no need for inflation or any extra equipment. It can also be conveniently folded into the included travel bag for a great fold and go option.

This model features a comfortable foam padded interior with cushioned outer bumpers for comfort and safety. Customers can use the BumpZZZ fully extended as a portable bed, or fold it over to make a convenient lounging spot. This spacious product could also make a great play space for little ones while traveling or at home.

Both the center foam pad and the outer bumper pads can be removed for easy washing. This versatile bed was made in the USA and measures 58” x 39” x 7” when fully assembled. The BumpZZZ packs into a compact travel bag with handles, so you can use it as your carry-on luggage item or take it anywhere you need to go.

If you are looking for a travel option for napping, lounging, reading, playing, or just a comfy spot for your little one to land, the BumpZZZ is a convenient and lightweight option that you don’t have to worry about inflating.

USHMA – Best All-Around

  • Two pricing options, with or without air pump
  • Comes with two color options
  • Bumper rails
  • Pillow included
  • BPA, phthalate, and lead-free

Product image of Ushma travel bed for toddlers

USHMA’s inflatable bed is our pick for the best all-around travel bed for toddlers. Depending on your budget, you can choose to purchase this item with or without a foot-operated air pump for a difference of six dollars – though both price points are very budget-friendly.

Each bed comes with two color choices for your toddler; they can opt to sleep on either the blue or gray side, both of which feature a comfortable fabric cover. A pillow is also included and can be flipped to either the blue or gray side as well.

A child’s safety is always important, especially when they are away from their regular bed, and this product is conveniently designed to include bumper rails on each side to help your child feel secure throughout the night. You should also feel comfortable knowing that this bed is free of chemicals BPA, phthalate, and lead.

Baby Seater – Best Budget


Whether your tot is spending the night at grandma’s house or joining you on a long road trip, the Baby Seater inflatable toddler bed is a great value for the price. The bed comes with its own pillow, carrying case, and patch repair kit, should your toddler get a little too rambunctious.

Made with reinforced vinyl to be tear-resistant, the bed should be able to withstand up to 310 pounds of pressure and be easy to move around on. With a high-powered air pump, this bed should inflate in less than a minute, so when those eyelids start to droop, your little one should be off to dreamland in no time.

This two-piece design should make it simple to create a home away from home without too much effort as it allows you to tuck the sheets and blankets into the mattress portion. This creates a cocoon effect and could help your baby to drift off easier and stay warmer throughout the night.

AeroBed – Best Heavy-Duty

  • Washable mattress pad included
  • Included hand-held AC pump

product image of aerobed

The AeroBed Air Mattress is meant for kids ages four and older. It was designed to support weights up to 300 lbs and features a spacious 50 x 25-inch sleep surface in case your little one wants you to lay with them until they fall asleep. The 4-inch high safety cushions surrounding the mattress were created to prevent children from accidentally rolling off of the bed.

This mattress was created with heavy-duty PVC material with welded seams for added stability, durability and long-lasting use. The horizontal channel construction was designed to prevent sagging and provide extra support for your child.

The thick fitted mattress pad is washable and features a cute, kid-friendly design with moons and stars.

This blow-up mattress is designed to be quick and easy to use, inflating in under one minute using the included hand-held AC pump. When you are ready to put your mattress away, it deflates in less than 15 seconds and can be conveniently stored in the matching travel bag. The AeroBed is a cozy and portable option that can be used for traveling, sleepovers, or a safe space close to Mom and Dad.

How To Choose The Best Toddler Travel Bed In The Market

Kid’s weight.

Some options are meant for younger children who weigh less, so be sure to check the weight restrictions.

If you are looking for a sleeping space for use at home or the occasional road trip, weight probably will not be an issue. However, if you will be traveling, especially by air, it may be important to look for a lighter-weight option. Some designs are incredibly light and could even be packed in carry-on luggage.

Comfort Level

If this is a bed your toddler will be using frequently, choosing a comfortable sleeping spot may be very important. Sturdier designs may be more durable, but inflatable choices tend to offer more in the way of comfort. If you are unsure, read some reviews to see what other parents have said before purchasing.

Includes A Carrier Bag?

While not essential, a carrying bag can make traveling much easier.

Toddler beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which may be an important factor if you have a taller child.


Some designs can fold up easily into a carrying bag for ease of transportation. Other factors like a pump for inflation may take up additional space.

What Is A Toddler Travel Bed?

A toddler travel bed is a kid-sized, portable bed for families who like to travel or need an in-between option for children who have outgrown their cribs. They are usually designed to be lightweight and easily transportable for travel by car or airplane. There are many different styles to choose from including cots, foldable options, and inflatable air mattresses.

Traveling with younger children can be more challenging since toddlers love routine. Many are accustomed to sleeping in their own space at home and may find it difficult to transition into an unfamiliar setting. Having a comfortable space of their own to play or sleep in may help to ease some of their fears and ensure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Many toddlers are still learning how to sleep in a “big kid” bed. Choosing a design with built-in security rails may provide reassurance for parents who are worried about their little ones falling out of bed.

Different Types of Toddler Travel Beds

Air mattress/inflatable.

Inflatable air mattresses offer a compact option that can easily be transported or stored. Most air mattresses come with a separate pump for easy inflation, but for those options that do not include a pump, they can easily be purchased separately. Air mattresses are easy to inflate or deflate, taking on their full shape in under 30 seconds in many cases.

While many options have a soft flocked surface for sleeping on, your little one may prefer to have separate sheets on top as these mattresses can have a slight plastic odor. Air mattresses are also more prone to tears and leaks, but many come with a repair kit so you can easily fix them.

Many toddler designs include built-in bumpers so you shouldn’t have to worry about your little one falling out of bed. Some also have a “tuck-in” feature or a separate frame so you can keep their sheets from moving around. Toddler mattresses typically fit standard or twin sized-sheets which you may already have at home.

A ready bed is a convenient option for toddlers that comes with a built-in sleeping bag so there is no need for extra bedding. For families who travel a lot or need a ready-to-go sleeping space for their toddler, these portable all-in-one designs give parents one less thing to pack.

Some require inflation and simply need to be unfolded. Many of these ready models come in fun, kid-friendly prints featuring their favorite television characters. For convenience and an all-inclusive option, ready beds may be a good choice.

Folding toddler beds are typically a “cot” design that can be folded up quickly for storage or travel. Most feature a canvas top with steel legs, similar to the popular stadium or camping chairs. These sit higher up off of the ground, so they may be a better option for camping, sleeping outdoors, or even a trip to the beach.

Many schools and daycares use sleep cots for naps or rest-time since they can easily be stacked or stored. Most folding cots do not have side rails, so they are better suited for older children or those who aren’t prone to falling out of bed.

Folding cots also make a convenient option for travel since they are very lightweight and can be easily packed into luggage. They also offer versatility because you can use them as extra seating space for little ones outdoors or around the house.

Why You Need To Have a Toddler Travel Bed

Toddlers are in a unique “transition” time in their lives, just moving out of the baby stage and into a phase of discovery. As they switch from a crib to a “big kid” bed, many toddlers prefer to have a more enclosed space similar to what they’ve been used to. Traveling with little ones can be challenging, so having a familiar space of their own may help young children to feel safe and secure.

Child Travel Bed vs. Travel Crib vs. Pack N Play

As you begin researching the best portable sleeping options for your toddler, you may find all of the different terms confusing. While travel beds, travel cribs, and pack-n-plays can all be used as sleeping spaces for little ones, there are unique considerations that you may want to keep in mind before deciding which is the best choice for your family.

Typically, travel beds are designed for toddlers and children who have already outgrown their cribs. They come in various options such as foldable, “cot” style, inflatable, and ready-beds.

Some may include built-in bumpers for younger children, and others include unique features such as bedding and carrying cases. Different sizes are meant to accommodate younger guests with a crib-size mattress, while others feature twin-size or double mattresses for older children.

Travel cribs are designed for little ones aged two and under, although some come in bigger sizes meant for toddlers. While travel cribs are the best choice for babies, you may want to consider a travel bassinet for infants under four months of age. There are different styles of portable cribs including pop-up types or ready-to-use cribs.

Another style of a portable crib is a co-sleeper that is meant to be used in-between parents in bed. While co-sleepers can only accommodate younger babies up to a certain age or weight, they allow parents to keep their tiny child close and are a good option for places with limited floor space. Co-sleepers are very light-weight and are usually easy to pack and travel with.

A pack-n-play is a foldable playpen or play yard that can easily be packed up for storage or to take on-the-go. While pack-n-plays are a lot bulkier and tend to weigh more than travel beds, they are a convenient option for little ones since they offer a safe place for both sleep and play. Many also include removable bassinets and/or change-tables for an all-in-one option for traveling with babies.

Many families with young children have a pack-n-play in their home for their little ones to nap or play in. These are also a popular choice for storing at Grandma’s house for overnight visits and sleepovers.

While they are a convenient option, they are generally too heavy to take on longer trips since they do not fit into luggage and are too big to use as a carry-on. Deciding which option is best for you will depend on the age of your child and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toddler Travel Beds

What is the age range for toddler beds.

Depending on your child’s age, weight, and development, they made be ready to transition out of their crib between the ages of one and a half and two. While some parents choose to keep their toddlers in a crib until as late as age three, many children have learned how to climb over the sides of the crib by this time, possibly putting them in danger.

Toddler beds all have different age ranges depending on their design, but most are generally meant for children aged two through five. Some toddler options may extend up to age six or seven, but be sure to check the recommendations first.

Are they really safe?

Safety is a big concern for parents, especially for those with toddlers who love to climb. The benefit of most toddler beds is that they don’t have sides like cribs do so they can easily get up and move. Toddlers are also more prone to rolling out of bed, so many designs feature built-in sides or bumper pads to keep little ones secure.

When considering various options for your child, look for manufacturers that verify they have met American Safety Standards. Many also offer foams that contain safe levels of chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and lead.

Toddlers are special, and their sleeping space should be special too! Finding a safe and secure option is a big concern for parents, and thankfully there are many varieties to choose from.

Portability, weight, and convenience are all important factors to consider for families looking for the perfect toddler bed for traveling.

Traveling with kids may require more planning to accommodate their unique needs, so having a bed you can take with you may make a world of difference while you travel the globe. Having a familiar spot to lay their head should help your little one to get the rest they need so you can too!

Melanie Kassel

Melanie Kassel

Performance Editor

About Author

As Sleep Advisor’s Performance Editor, Melanie writes and edits content throughout the site to ensure it’s accurate, engaging, and up-to-date.

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Traveling with kids is wildly different than traveling solo or as a couple — but that’s not to say one is better than the other. I love adventuring with just my partner (because it is easier to care for the needs and wants of just two humans), but I also feel a quiet sense of accomplishment when I manage to carry out a relatively smooth family vacation . And as parents, we know that the latter usually requires careful planning and organization of all the things .

If you’ve got a younger child between the ages of 18 months and 4 years old, a crucial piece of travel gear is a portable bed, and my favorite for this age range is The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed . It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re packing up, like a stroller or even packing cubes , but consider this: The quality of your own sleep legitimately depends on how well your child sleeps. So your kiddo’s bed should rank high up on your parental survival list, somewhere near lattes and weekend getaways with girlfriends.

To buy: , $70

I’ve taken The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed on road trips, further-flung domestic vacations, and lots of overnights at grandparents’ homes — I can attest that this product wins with its ease. It comes with a portable Jetaire Electric Pump that makes it simple to inflate (in about 30 seconds). Once deflated and folded, place it in the included travel bag, that makes it compact enough to fit in most carry-on suitcases . And it’s made with durable PVC that you can inflate to varying degrees of firmness, depending on your toddler’s preference. 

The bed’s clever design is also notable. Side bumpers (or rail guards) help keep wiggly sleepers on the bed, and a standard crib sheet fits on it, so you can toss your child’s favorite cozy sheet into your luggage to help create a little sense of home while you’re on the road. The bed’s also a huge space saver, taking up far less of your trunk space than a pack-n-play or your typical travel crib . And, if you’re in search of a portable bed for a child that’s a little older, you’re in luck — The Shrunks Twin Travel Bed suits sleepers of most heights. 

No matter what size you choose, reviewers say you’ll be pleased with the bed’s durability and comfort. One parent reviewer on Amazon revealed that the bed “withstands” her daughter’s rambunctious “bouncing,” while numerous other reviewers deemed it “comfy.”

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed has more than 2,000 five-star ratings at Amazon. One reviewer called it the “perfect solution, incredibly easy to blow up, to remove air, and refold.” And that’s the exact ease on-the-go families need. 

Another reviewer noted that this product solves many toddler sleep challenges. “If you travel a lot, or your kid does overnights at someone else’s house without a designated bed… or [you] need a solution for a kid to sleep in your room in the middle of the night (while also trying to break them of sleeping in your bed), this is a great solution,” they raved. 

So if you’ve got a road trip, family vacation, or even a camping trip on the horizon, and you’re wondering where your toddler will rest their head, The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed is it. They’ll get a good night’s sleep, so you will, too. And rested children and parents are more ready to tackle a day of travel sans meltdowns.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $70. 

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