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Gta online: how to fast travel using taxis.

Players can use taxis from the Downtown Cab Co to fast travel in GTA Online, albeit for a pretty steep price.

Because of the vastness of the map in Rockstar Games' multiplayer adventure shooter GTA Online , traveling from one location to the next can often take players an excessive amount of time. Although several forms of transportation are available in GTA Online, players can get from point A to point B even easier due to GTA Online 's most recent update. Thanks to Rockstar Games, it’s now possible to use taxis to fast travel through the land of GTA Online .

There are plenty of fun activities players can engage in across Los Santos, including gambling at the Diamond Casino, purchasing secret vehicles in GTA Online , or just causing general mayhem. No matter what players decide to pursue, GTA Online 's fast travel can help them traverse Los Santos easily. While players can use the Downtown Cab Co to make some extra cash with Taxi Jobs, the company's cabs can also be used to help players fast travel, albeit for a pretty steep price.

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How To Fast Travel Using Taxis in GTA Online

According to the Youtube channel Digital Card Addict , Fast Traveling works exactly the same in GTA Online as it does in the story mode. Players can fast travel in GTA Online by using their in-game phone and calling Downtown Cab Co to send a taxi to their current location. Although restarting failed missions makes taxis pointless in GTA Online , these vehicles also make timely transportation for players willing to wait a few minutes. After calling their ride, players need to position themselves where the taxi can reach them, which likely means standing by the side of the road somewhere.

Once the taxi arrives at the player's location in GTA Online , players can hop in. Once inside, players can select one of the pre-defined destinations. Although players are restricted to certain locations that have blips on the map, they can at least set a custom waypoint. After choosing a destination from GTA Online 's too-accurate map , players can press A/X/Enter to select the Trip Skip option, therefore fast-traveling the player to their destination.

Although skipping the trip immediately delivers players to their intended destination, this option isn’t free, and each skipped ride will cost players $1000 . While this steep price is quite a drop in the ocean to some players, others consider it a fair amount. Regardless, GTA Online players must be willing to spend extra cash if they intend to use this feature.

For players looking to fast-travel in GTA Online , it should be noted that only certain points of interest throughout GTA 5 's Los Santos can be fast-traveled to, which means this feature won’t work if players mark a random waypoint on the map and attempt to fast travel there. Also, the fast travel option in GTA Online ’s taxis comes with a 48-minute cooldown (or a 5-minute cooldown for GTA Plus members), which means players can't just spam it.

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Source: Youtube/Digital Card Addict

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How To Fast Travel In GTA Online

Here's how to explore quickly in GTA Online.

fastest way to travel gta 5

Published: 12 Apr 2021 1:36 PM +00:00 Updated: 12 Apr 2021 12:38 PM +00:00

GTA 5 and GTA Online are huge, sharing one of the biggest open-world games we’ve ever seen, with a ton of secret locations to find, along with a number of collectibles for them to gather, not to mention all of the various gameplay styles that are in the game, whether it’s shooting, driving , combat, or even tennis, there’s just so much to do.

However, while exploring around GTA Online is fun, it can also be tiresome due to how big the world is, and trying to drive around just to reach certain areas can be a hassle, so fans will be happy to know that there are multiple ways to fast travel around the game’s map, which you are going to need if you’re planning to explore thoroughly, especially in a game that constantly updates .

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Your first means of GTA Online fast travel is to simply use the Downtown Cab Service to quickly go wherever you want, sort of like Uber.

While we guarantee that this will be the method you will be using for most of your playtime, there are unique ways to travel to specific locations that you can’t use cabs on. 

If you’re a CEO, have a CEO office, and have GTA$5000, players will be able to use a helicopter to travel from any point in the game to your office’s helipad, which is useful if players are planning to go back here.

For those that are new to the Cayo Perisco Heist expansion, there is also another way to fast travel through the game’s beaches; having a submarine,

Players that want to travel across beaches can buy a Kosatka Submarine that can be used to head to these locations: Vespucci Beach, South Palomino Highlands, North Palomino Highlands, Davis Quartz, Chumash, Pacific Bluffs, Procopio Beach, San Chianski, Mount Gordo, Paleto Forest, North Chumash, and Elysian Island.

GTA 5 and GTA Online are now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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fastest way to travel gta 5

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How To Fast Travel Using Taxis In GTA Online

Let's be real. The Los Santos map in GTA Online is HUGE, so it can take a while to get from point A to point B. This is especially true when trying to outrun the cops or make a quick escape. Fortunately, a new Fast Travel system is available in GTA Online using the Downtown Cab Co. Taxi service. In this guide, we'll detail how to use the Fast Travel option using taxis in GTA Online, so you can quickly move around the city. So without further ado, let's get started.

How To Fast Travel In GTA Online Using Taxis

how to fast travel gta online taxis

It's worth mentioning that this new Fast Travel option is only available in GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to activate the option:

  • First, go on your phone and look for the Downtown Cab Co. Taxi service.
  • Next, call the taxi service and wait for a cab to arrive.
  • Los Santos International Airport
  • Del Perro Beach
  • Galileo Observatory
  • Legion Square
  • Tongva Hills
  • Sandy Shores
  • Finally, select your destination by pressing X|A|Enter. Once you are on the move, you can "Skip" the ride, which will teleport you straight to your chosen destination.

Note: Unfortunately, the cutscene (or Trip Skip) will not activate if you select waypoints, stores, hideouts, or any other location. This service costs GTA $1,000 (or free if you are subscribed to GTA+).

The option to Fast Travel in GTA Online is incredibly useful for players who are crunched for time. However, it's worth noting that there is a 48-minute cooldown (or 5 minutes if you have GTA+) after using the Trip Skip option to prevent players from abusing the function. So, next time you're in a sticky situation, don't panic; hail a Downtown Cab Co. taxi and make your getaway like a boss!

That's everything you need to know about how to Fast Travel using taxis in GTA Online. We want to thank the YouTube channel GTA Series Videos for their walkthrough on this new feature. We encourage you to subscribe to their channel for more exciting GTA content.

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How To Fast Travel with Taxis in GTA 5 Online

How To Fast Travel with Taxis in GTA 5 Online

Hello, fellow GTA adventurers! Ever found yourself stuck in the maze-like streets of Los Santos, wishing for a quicker way to navigate? Between bustling traffic, endless roads, and some not-so-friendly neighborhood trolls, getting from point A to B can sometimes be a drag. But guess what? There's a shiny new way to roll through the city streets, and it doesn't involve buying a swanky supercar or a roaring chopper. Meet the Downtown Cab Co’s taxi service – Los Santos' answer to hassle-free, rapid transits. Whether you're a seasoned player or just getting your feet wet in the sprawling world of GTA Online , this taxi system might just become your new favorite ride. Buckle up, and let's journey into the fast lane!

Existing Fast Travel Methods Compared

Alright, before we jump into the fantastic world of taxi rides, let's take a step back and consider what's already out there. Los Santos, as vast and complex as it is, has never left its residents without options to dart across the map.

First up, there's the Kosatka submarine . This underwater marvel is not just a mode of transport; it's a statement! It gives players the ability to traverse watery depths and pop up in different areas of the map. Cool, right? But there's a catch. Ownership is a prerequisite, meaning it's not available to everyone unless you've got the dough to shell out for one.


Next in line is the glamorous Casino helicopter service . For those who've enjoyed the high life at the Diamond Casino and secured a membership, this chopper's services are at your beck and call. It screams luxury and is a fantastic way to get a bird's-eye view of Los Santos. But once again, it's a privilege tied to membership.

Now, you might be thinking, "Well, both of these sound great, but what if I don't want to buy a submarine or get a casino membership?" And that's precisely where our taxi system enters the scene, offering an egalitarian solution for all players.

Deep Dive into Taxi Fast Travel

Alright, explorers, it's time to delve deep into the heart of this game-changing method of transport. We've all been there – wanting a quick hop across Los Santos without the drama. So, let's see how this fresh taxi service is making waves and changing the way we navigate.

Simple and Familiar:

For anyone who's dabbled in GTA's story mode, this won't feel like uncharted territory. The taxi fast travel process mirrors the single-player experience. A comforting blend of the old with the new, if you ask me.

Making the Call:

Let’s get down to brass tacks. When you’re yearning for a quick transit, reach for your in-game phone and dial Downtown Cab Co. It's as simple as ringing up an old friend.


Patience, My Friend:

Here's where a tad bit of patience comes into play. Depending on your location in Los Santos, it might take a smidge of time for the taxi to reach you. A small tip? Stand by a road or a clear spot. It's easier for the cab to spot you and pull over. Think of it as hailing a cab in the real world – but with more virtual flair!

Choosing Your Destination:

Jump in once your yellow chariot arrives. While you might notice that you can't go just anywhere, the taxi offers a selection of main locales marked by blips on your map. But hey, if you're feeling adventurous, you can set a custom waypoint too. Best of both worlds, right?

Fast Travel Magic:

Now, for the pièce de résistance! Once you've picked your destination, press the Trip Skip option (depending on your platform, it could be A/X/Enter). And voila! In the blink of an eye, you’re transported.

Understanding Cooldowns

Alright, let's take a moment to chat about something we all love (or maybe not so much) – the waiting game. In the sprawling digital universe of Los Santos, even with all the excitement and endless possibilities, there's still the concept of "cooldowns." Let's break it down and understand what this means for your taxi adventures.

What's a Cooldown Anyway?:

Think of cooldown as a short intermission. Just like you'd wait for your favorite snack to cool down a bit before munching, certain in-game actions require a pause before they can be reused. It’s the game’s way of ensuring balance and fairness, making sure that powerful features aren’t overused.


Taxi’s Cool Off Period:

Now, as exhilarating as it is to zip across Los Santos using the taxi’s fast travel, there's a tiny catch. Once you use the Trip Skip option, you’ll have to wait for 48 minutes before giving it another whirl. Imagine it as giving your taxi driver a short coffee break before the next big ride.

A Special Note for GTA+ Members:

Hey, if you’re part of the GTA+ club, there's a silver lining. Your cooldown is just a brief 5 minutes. It's like being in the express lane, letting you get back on the road faster than others.

Why 48 Minutes Though?:

An interesting tidbit: Most activities in GTA Online have this 48-minute cooldown period. It’s tied to the game’s day-night cycle. So, the next time you find yourself waiting, remember, it's just one in-game day!

Could This Change?:

Like everything in the digital realm, there’s always a chance of tweaks and updates. Rockstar is known to throw a curveball or two, adjusting game mechanics based on feedback and balance. So, always be on the lookout for changes, and hey, maybe someday we’ll see those cooldowns shift a bit!

In the end, understanding cooldowns is a crucial part of strategizing your Los Santos escapades. A little wait never hurt anyone, especially when you're in a world as vibrant as GTA Online. So, plan wisely and enjoy the ride!

So, fellow Los Santos adventurers, we’ve taken a scenic drive through the world of taxi fast travel, haven’t we? We've dabbled in the nostalgia of old transport methods, hailed our vibrant yellow rides, and even paused to understand the essence of cooldowns. Now, as we approach the end of this joyride, here's a quick refresher.

GTA Online is a world that never stops evolving. From ritzy casinos to deep-sea submarines, the options to dart around have always been intriguing. But there’s something refreshingly simple about the Downtown Cab Co's services. It’s like a throwback to simpler times with a touch of modern efficiency. No fancy memberships, no extravagant purchases, just a straightforward, reliable service at your fingertips.

How to Send Robux to Friends on Roblox – 3 Easy Ways

An image showcasing a character in GTA 5 stepping into a futuristic teleportation pod, surrounded by swirling blue energy, with a cityscape visible through a transparent panel

How to Fast Travel in Gta 5

Want to get around quickly in GTA 5? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you how to fast travel in the game and save valuable time. Whether you’re unlocking fast travel locations, hopping into a taxi, or utilizing public transportation, there are plenty of options for you to explore. So buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey through the streets of Los Santos!

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock new locations by exploring the game world and discovering unique landmarks and points of interest.
  • Utilize taxis, buses, subways, or trains for fast travel to save time and avoid traffic.
  • Take advantage of special character abilities like hailing taxis, using the Metro system, or hitchhiking on passing vehicles.
  • Unlock and use fast travel points such as airports, train stations, and helipads for quick and efficient navigation.

Unlocking Fast Travel Locations in Gta 5

To unlock fast travel locations in GTA 5, you’ll need to discover them by exploring the game world. Luckily for you, freedom is the name of the game in GTA 5. The developers have designed a vast open world filled with hidden gems just waiting to be found. As you roam the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County, keep your eyes peeled for unique landmarks and points of interest. These could be anything from iconic buildings to natural wonders. Once you stumble upon these locations, they will be added to your map as fast travel points. This means that whenever you’re in a rush or just want to explore a different part of town, you can simply teleport there instantly. So get out there and embrace your freedom – adventure awaits!

Using Taxis for Fast Travel in Gta 5

Using taxis is a convenient way to quickly get around in GTA 5. You don’t want to waste time driving all the way across the map when you could be enjoying the freedom of exploring new missions and challenges. Hop into a cab and let the driver take care of the navigation while you sit back and relax. Taxis can be found all over Los Santos, ready to whisk you away to your desired destination at a moment’s notice. Just flag one down or call for a taxi using your in-game phone, and within moments, you’ll be on your way. It’s hassle-free and allows you to focus on what really matters – having fun in this open-world game where anything is possible. So why wait? Grab a taxi and start exploring GTA 5 like never before!

Utilizing Public Transportation in Gta 5 for Fast Travel

You can easily save time and explore new areas by hopping on public transportation in GTA 5. It’s a great way to get around the city without having to worry about traffic or finding parking spots. Plus, it allows you to experience the freedom of being a passenger and enjoying the scenery as you travel from one location to another. Whether you’re taking the bus, subway, or train, public transportation in GTA 5 offers a convenient and efficient way to navigate through the game world. So why waste your precious gaming time driving when you can sit back, relax, and let someone else do the driving for you? Embrace the freedom that public transportation provides and make your journey in GTA 5 even more enjoyable.

Fast Travel Options for Special Characters in Gta 5

Hop on public transportation as special characters in GTA 5 to quickly move around the game world and explore new areas without wasting time. As a player who craves freedom, you’ll love the fast travel options available to these unique characters. Take Michael, for example. He can hail a taxi with ease, allowing you to jump straight into the passenger seat and effortlessly reach your destination. Or perhaps you prefer playing as Franklin; his ability to use the Los Santos Metro system means you can zip across the city underground, avoiding traffic jams and enjoying a smooth ride. And don’t forget about Trevor! He can hitchhike on passing vehicles, giving you an exhilarating ride while saving precious minutes. With these special character abilities, your exploration of GTA 5 will be faster and more exciting than ever before. So hop on board and let the adventure begin!

Unlocking and Using Fast Travel Points in Gta 5

Unlocking and utilizing the fast travel points in GTA 5 can significantly improve your navigation throughout the game world. Here are three ways to make the most of this feature:

Discovering Locations: As you explore the vast cityscape, keep an eye out for new locations that can serve as fast travel points. These could be airports, train stations, or even helipads.

Unlocking Safehouses: By purchasing safehouses across Los Santos, you not only gain a cozy place to rest and save your progress but also unlock them as fast travel points. This allows you to quickly jump between different parts of the city.

Utilizing Taxis: When you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to manually navigate through traffic, hail a taxi! Hop in and select your desired destination from the map, and let the driver take care of the rest.

With these fast travel options at your disposal, embrace the freedom to explore every corner of GTA 5’s immersive world without wasting precious time on long commutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i fast travel to any location in gta 5.

Yes, you can fast travel to certain locations in GTA 5. It allows you to quickly move around the map without wasting time driving or flying.

How Do I Unlock Additional Fast Travel Locations in GTA 5?

To unlock additional fast travel locations in GTA 5, you need to complete certain missions or tasks. Keep playing the game and exploring the map to discover new places where you can fast travel.

Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions When Using Taxis for Fast Travel in GTA 5?

When using taxis for fast travel in GTA 5, there are some limitations and restrictions you should know about. These include not being able to fast travel during missions or when you have a wanted level.

Can I Use Public Transportation to Travel Between Different Areas in GTA 5?

Yes, you can use public transportation to travel between different areas in GTA 5. It’s a convenient way to get around the city and explore new locations without having to drive yourself.

Are There Any Special Abilities or Benefits When Using Fast Travel Options for Special Characters in GTA 5?

When using fast travel options for special characters in Gta 5, you’ll enjoy the benefits of quickly teleporting to different areas. It saves time and allows you to explore the vast world without any hassle.

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fastest way to travel gta 5

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Fastest ways to cross map in GTA Online

Where the helicopter gets delivered

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Valet House map Salvage Yard

Locations of Valet House Chop Shop GTA Online

The GTA 5 map is huge and many missions require you to cross it multiple times, particularly when playing GTA Online. Even with the fastest car this can take minutes out of your game time, so it pays to know the quickest ways to get across the map.

We walk you through them in the video above.

You can of course select a fast car or motorbike and customise it to maximise its speed in Los Santos Customs, but there are much faster ways to move around the map.

Update: new quickest way = start new invite-only session

The Criminal Enterprises DLC has added what is probably the quickest way of all, even if it wasn’t entirely intentional on Rockstar’s part.

All you need to do is to set your Spawn Location to where you want to go or the nearest spawn to it via the Interaction Menu. Then open up the main menu and go to Online > Find New Session > Invite Only Session and then in around 10 seconds a new session will load and you’ll be teleported to your spawn point in record time.

The big change is that with the new DLC a new invite-only session will load much, much quicker than the 30 seconds or so it used to take.

Watch how to do it in the 1 minute video below:

The Kosatka submarine

The new Cayo Perico Heist has introduced a new and powerful addition – the Kosatka sub. It may be expensive, but you get a lot for the investment, including the ability to move across the ocean part of the map in seconds.

Sit at the help, click on ‘fast travel’ and then select your destination from 12 evenly spaced locations along the coastline and it will trigger a cut scene which moves you across the map saving huge amounts of time.

Before you’ve completed the heist this will cost you $10k a time, but after completion it’s reduced to $2k, well worth the investment in particular to save time with the Heist prep missions.

The Kosatka Sparrow

The Sparrow upgrade is essential to save time in GTA Online. Not only is it fast, well-armed and will re-spawn, but you can also request it via the Interaction menu > Services > Kosatka and it will spawn right next to you when on a road.

The only limitation is that if you’ve destroyed it or sent it back to your Kosatka you have to wait 2 minutes to request it again.

The Casino Limo

When you buy the Casino Penthouse you gain access to the Casino Limousine service for free. This also has the fast travel option from a set of locations across the map that will transport you in seconds and proves a good land-based alternative to the Kosatka coastline fast travel options.

You can also call Ms Baker on your phone and the limo will be sent to your location, but no fast travel option is available.

Helicopter and plane spawns

As you progress through the levels in GTA Online, an increasing number of helicopters and plane will spawn at set locations across the map (particularly from level 11 onwards), including the various airstrips. To see all of these locations, watch the video below.

Executive Assistant helicopter

When you have an Executive Assistant, you can call them and request an Executive helicopter. This will deliver the helicopter to your location and comes with limited fast travel options to your Office or Warehouses in the game.

Set your spawn location

You can set your spawn location via the Interaction menu and then start a new session and you will be transported to that location. It’s a balance of waiting for the new session to load and the time saved by not having to drive all the way across the map (note the update to this method as described above using the invite-only session trick).

The infamous Oppressor MK II is another fast and manoeuvrable option alongside your personal vehicles, including the fast Hunter heli, which you can spawn via the Interaction menu.

When you’re playing with friends you can get invited to their location which will transport you across the map and then you can leave their mission.

Let us know your favourites in the comments section…

' src=

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  • Cars in GTA 5 are split based on single-player and online, with each priced differently.
  • In GTA 5 story mode, the fastest car is the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator which can only be earned by winning the 3rd stock car race.
  • In GTA Online, the fastest car is The BF Weevil Custom. You need to visit Benny's Original Motor Works and get it for $980,000.

What’s the Fastest Car in GTA 5?

GTA 5 Vapid Pibwasser fastest car in game

The Fastest Cars in GTA 5: Single-Player

Truffade Z-Type GTA 5 singleplayer top fastest car

The Fastest Cars in GTA Online

The Ocelot Pariah in GTA Online one of the fastest cars in GTA 5

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fastest way to travel gta 5

Best Ways To Get A High Wanted Level In GTA 5

  • Create chaos in GTA 5 by attacking NPCs, but beware - wanted levels can rise quickly.
  • Aiming at police officers increases the wanted level, attracting more cops to chase the player.
  • Driving recklessly to kill NPCs, blowing up vehicles, robbing stores, or entering the army base can result in quick wanted stars.

Part of the fun in Grand Theft Auto 5 is creating as much chaos in the open world city of Los Santos as possible. Players can use a myriad of weapons and vehicles to harm the NPCs who populate this city, and each one will react differently. However, acting in a way that breaks the law will cause the player to receive a wanted level, and that means the police will give chase.

8 Best Weapons To Use In A GTA 5 Police Chase

Avoiding being caught or incapacitated by the law and continuing to commit crimes along the way will cause this wanted level to rise, and more police to come after the protagonist in an action-packed sequence. Getting a high wanted level is easy, and there are plenty of ways to raise these stakes quickly for those looking for a tense and fun chase through Grand Theft Auto 5 's vast open world .

Attacking Civilians In Front Of The Police

Assault is illegal.

The citizens of Los Santos populate the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 to help make this video game world feel alive. Most of these people are everyday pedestrians on their way to work, the shops, or their homes. Either way, these civilians are mostly powerless to defend themselves. Luckily, they have the local police force wandering around to quickly offer them protection.

Attacking a pedestrian in GTA 5 will eventually result in a wanted star, as the police will finally get news that someone is in trouble. However, behave this way in front of a police officer on foot or in a vehicle, and the player will immediately receive a wanted star. Persisting with this method will eventually cause the wanted level to rise, so long as the player can withstand any oncoming attacks from the already aggravated police force.

Attacking A Police Officer

The police are more trigger-happy than the public.

The citizens in GTA 5 are protected by the police, which is why many players may want to start raising their wanted level more quickly by cutting out the middle-man.

While the pedestrians in Los Santos may be an easy target, they are not the only NPCs who fill the open world in this game. The police officers who work tirelessly to protect the city that they work in are highly valued members of society. That is why aiming a weapon at one or simply attacking a police officer in Grand Theft Auto 5 is enough to instantly warrant a two-star wanted level. This will result in any nearby officers immediately opening fire on the player, and the wanted level will only get higher the more the player fights back.

Driving On The Pavement

Killing multiple innocent npcs at once.

Since the people of Los Santos need to get around this large city with ease, the open world map of GTA 5 is filled with roads and a variety of vehicles that players can drive. While these cars are a great way to get across the map quickly, they can also be used as deadly weapons.

The 6 Most Innocent Characters In GTA 5, Ranked

Anyone hit at a high enough speed will instantly be killed or will be gravely injured at the very least. Therefore, players can drive on the path to rack up numerous kills in quick succession. Such behavior is likely to be reported to the police quickly to give the player a wanted star, and hitting a police officer this way will grant two wanted stars. Of course, continuing down this route will only keep that wanted level rising.

Blowing Up Vehicles

Spread chaos to alert authorities.

Though firearms may be the best way to take out civilians and other NPCs in GTA 5 , players will find that bulkier objects in the games, like vehicles, are easier to destroy with explosives . That is why gamers will want to have some explosives on hand when trying to blow up vehicles.

While destroying a car without any consequences is not a crime, having one blown up in a highly populated area could harm pedestrians or other drivers. Therefore, any player looking to get a wanted level quickly should consider parking their car in a public space and blowing it up with a C4, grenades, a rocket launcher, or even a jerry can. The initial explosion will cause a chain reaction that could get the player one, two, or three wanted stars. Of course, more car explosions will result in a higher wanted level.

Robbing A Store

Get money and a wanted level at the same time.

The world of GTA 5 works just like the real one. As a result, the NPCs in this universe also need to work jobs and buy goods to survive. There is a thriving economy in Los Santos, and there are many businesses open for the player to use. Players can enter certain stores to buy weapons or clothes, and there are even some shops in the game that are simply used to dress up the place and make it feel lived in.

GTA 5: Best Ways To Make Money In The Story Mode

However, any store that a player finds with a cash register is able to be robbed. This involves the player aiming their gun at the NPC behind the counter, and this individual will slowly give the player money. These actions aren't without consequences, though, as the store clerk will immediately hit an alarm as soon as the player stops aiming at them, and this will give them an instant three-star wanted level.

Going Into The Army Base

Entering a restricted part of the city has consequences.

Los Santos is a huge open world that allows players to explore as much as they like. However, there are places on the map that are restricted to regular civilians, and one such area is the army base in Lago Zancudo. This base is filled with powerful military hardware , such as tanks and fighter jets, which is why its occupants would prefer it if the protagonists did not enter trespass.

Unfortunately for the army, players can enter this base by using a helicopter, plane, or by quickly driving inside. Doing this is not advised as it will result in an immediate four-star wanted level, and the army base is very difficult to escape from when soldiers are firing from all directions. Still, for those looking to raise their wanted level as quickly as possible, coming to this part of the map is one of the best methods available.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS3, PS5, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One

Released September 17, 2013

Developer(s) Rockstar North

Genre(s) Open-World, Action

Best Ways To Get A High Wanted Level In GTA 5


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