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    veteris home visit vet

  4. Vet Doctor Examining Golden Retriever Dog at Home Visit Stock Image

    veteris home visit vet

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    veteris home visit vet

  6. Vet Doctor Examining Golden Retriever Dog at Home Visit Stock Photo

    veteris home visit vet


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  1. Veteris

    A team of highly qualified pet-loving veterinary surgeons providing 24/7 emergency care. From the most efficient phone triage to technical medical care - all in the stress-free comfort of your home or our London veterinary clinic. Call us, we are available 24/7. If you are experiencing a pet emergency, please call us immediately.

  2. How Home Vet Visit Works

    Benefits for Pets. 1. Less stress and anxiety; ideal for senior pets and multi-pet households. 2. Reduced risk of contagious diseases and improved accuracy in diagnosis. 3. Mobile vet care is more personalized and provides a peaceful environment.


    You can contact them using the details below between the hours of 7pm and 9am Mon-Sat, and 1pm Sat to 9am Mon. Tel: 020 3608 3317. If, after discussing your concerns with Veteris, they advise you to wait till the morning to see us, please book an appointment using our online platform or call us at 9am to secure an appointment.

  4. Mobile Vet Services & Mobile Veterinary Clinic

    In-home Wellness & Mobile Veterinary Care. Our mobile vet team brings high-quality, compassionate veterinary care to you, keeping your pets healthy in the comfort and convenience of your home. ... Visit our Emergency Services page to determine if you have an emergency and for contact information for area emergency veterinary affiliates. ...

  5. Best Mobile Vets & How To Find In-Home Vet Care Near You

    Founded in 2021 in Miami, The Vets now offers in-home personalized vet care for dogs and cats in 18 major metropolitan locations (covering over 240 cities) across the U.S. Their licensed veterinarians provide high-quality clinical care in the comfort of your home. Services include wellness exams, vaccinations, sick visits, home lab tests ...

  6. Heal House Call Veterinarian

    Your vet. Every visit in the comfort of home. Your pets are family. That's why they need health care that's as special as they are. From the creator of Petfinder, Heal is here for you for all stages of your pet's life. ... Find a Heal vet near you and arrange a visit using our real-time scheduler. First you request a visit, then your ...

  7. Preparing a Pet for a Home Vet Visit: 9 Essential Tips

    2. Designate a Safe Place. Choose a quiet and familiar space in your home for the veterinarian's visit. This could be your living room, a spacious bedroom, or any area your pet feels relaxed in. Make sure that the area is clear so that there is room for the veterinarian to examine your pet as well as no hiding places.

  8. Mobile Vets Near You

    At times like this, our capable and compassionate veterinary teams often offer at home visits. In general, we recommend you visit a comprehensively equipped and staffed practice near you if your pet is ill. However, we do understand there are occasions where this might not be possible. To help make life less stressful for everyone, we offer ...

  9. Vet Home Visit Guide

    A medical team consisting of a Veterinarian and a Veterinary Technician who will arrive at your house in a predetermined time slot to examine your pet and define a further treatment plan if necessary. Depending on the services provided, allow 30 to 90 minutes for a single pet appointment and between 45 to 150 minutes for a multiple pet visit.

  10. Animal Clinic & Hospital

    Quality Compassionate Veterinary Care Since 1947. Small and Large Animal Veterinary Clinic & Hospital Services in Moscow, Idaho. ... Our patient forms are available online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office. PATIENT FORMS. Petly Login. As your pet's personal health page, Petly is a special place for you and ...

  11. Vet Home Visits: How can I get a home visit for my pet?

    These include: Ultrasound scans. X-rays. Surgery. Administration of intravenous fluid. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Dentistry. Whatever your cause for concern, if you need help and advice from your vet, get in touch with your local veterinary and pet care clinic today, to ask about booking a home visit.

  12. St Louis MobileVet

    We believe that the level of service, knowledge, compassion, experience and care that our veterinary staff brings to your home will far exceed your expectations. Our Services. Our Hours. Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 pm. Saturday & Sunday: Closed. Call St. Louis Mobile Vet. ... Reason for Visit * Preferred Date and Top 3 Times * Email * Submit (314 ...

  13. Why should I choose an in-home vet visit?

    Conclusion. In-house vet visits can provide a wide range of veterinary services from the comfort of your home and can make life a lot easier for both you and your pets. Many pet owners also choose house call vets to help their pet through difficult times such as palliative care or to make euthanasia a more peaceful experience.

  14. Contact Us

    Should you require emergency veterinary treatment during our closing hours please contact: VETERIS HOME VISIT VETS 020 4586 1496. Consult fees £150 to £200 (depending on call out time/distance) Otherwise if Veteris deem necessary, they will arrange transfer to closest 24 hour emergency vets: Vet 24 11 Belsize Terrace Hampstead NW3 4AX. TEL ...

  15. House Call Vet

    Basic pet care and treatment procedures - our house call vet can visit your pet to see how he is doing and if he needs further vet treatment. Our mobile vets have the basic tools, medicines, and other pet supplies for primary pet care. Emergency pet care - like emergency medical responders our vets can rush to your home in case your pet ...

  16. Home Visits: Improving Lives for Vets Owners, and Pets

    Our home visit vets express increased professional satisfaction at being able to provide better, more personal care than they often can in practice; one vet commented home visits give her the time to "ensure the pet receives the proper care and attention it deserves". PawSquad vets have also found they can do much more than anticipated for ...

  17. Emergency Vet

    Windcrest Animal Hospital. 3705 Lancaster Pike. Wilmington, DE 19805. (302) 998-2995. They also see exotics and reptiles. Our emergency vet team is trained to handle emergencies in your home. We'll guide you on the best choice for your pet's urgent care needs.

  18. Animal Clinic & Hospital

    Find local vet clinics, emergency vets, mobile services, and low-cost options. Pet Health Pet Care New Pet Pet Product Reviews Resources. Sign in. Home / Moscow / Animal Clinic & Hospital. Animal Clinic & Hospital. Save My Vet. CareCredit. 1222 Logan St, Moscow, ID 83843, USA (208) 882-4712. Visit website. Services. Is this your vet? Access ...

  19. The Hoxton Vet

    The Hoxton Vet aims to make the vet visit as stress free and convenient as possible. We're able to visit you in the comforts of your own home, or work place. We can perform many small procedures and deliver medications during a home visit including annual boosters, microchipping, and general health checks leaving the stress of the vet ...

  20. Affordable Veterinary Care

    Home Based/Mobile Practice. Viola, Idaho. 509-338-0118. Hours: Monday/Thursday 9-3. Tuesday 9-2. Closed Wednesday. Friday 1:30 - 5. Saturday/Sunday - varied. Email: [email protected] . ... About Affordable Vet Care. Affordable Veterinary Care is a home based/mobile practice as of 2023. We still serve Moscow ID, Pullman WA and surrounding areas.

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