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Head Prestige Tour 660

Head Prestige Tour 660

CLASSIC racket is brand new / never used / never strung - plastic is still on the handle. Grip size is L3 (4 3/8). 

If you need more info or pictures, please contact us at: [email protected]


Contact for price.

head prestige tour 660 specs


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Head Prestige Tour 2023

Head Prestige Tour 2023\Racquet

We will match or beat any posted overall price advertised in-store or online on in stock items.

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With its 16x19 string pattern and thicker 22m beam, this Prestige adds a dash of modern spin to the original formula

Specifications, similar racquets.

Yonex Percept 97H Racquet

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Head Lynx Tour 17/1.25 String

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Tennis Racquet & Gear Reviews, Doubles Lessons & News

Head Prestige Review: Compare All Models of the Prestige Tennis Racquets

Will Boucek · June 2, 2024

When you buy a product through our links below, we may earn money from our affiliate partners to help support the site. However, this does not affect our evaluation or recommendation of each product.  See our list of partners & how we get paid here . You can also learn our process for reviewing tennis gear here .

The Head Prestige is one of the best tennis racquets for control and feel on the market. Below, we’ll review the Head Prestige, including pros, cons, and different models of the racquet. Then, we’ll compare it to other tennis racquets to help you decide if the Prestige is right for you.

Review Summary & Ratings for the Head Prestige

The Head Prestige has been around for a long time and is known for its precise control and feel for advanced-level tennis players.

Head makes Prestige tennis racquets for intermediate to advanced tennis players. Their most recent Prestige model is from 2023.

Prestige 2023

See our ratings, plus the pros and cons of the Head Prestige below for a quick glance at how it performs compared to other tennis racquets.

Our Ratings for the Head Prestige

  • Groundstrokes: 8
  • Great advanced-level racquet for control & feel
  • Weight helps with power & stability against pace
  • Excellent stability on volleys
  • Comfortable frame on contact
  • Great touch around the net
  • Very stable returning against hard servers
  • Not great for beginner to intermediate players
  • Heavy frame can be difficult to handle

The Different Versions of the Head Prestige Tennis Racquet

The Head Prestige tennis racquet comes in several versions that vary in weight and size. Below is a list of the different Head Prestige racquets on the market today.

  • Head Prestige Pro
  • Head Prestige Tour
  • Head Prestige MP L

Head Prestige Tennis Racquet

We’ll review each version in more detail below.

What’s New with the 2023 Auxetic 2 Prestige?

Head has updated the Prestige line of racquets with the new Auxetic 2 technology, adding extra flexibility and comfort to the famed line. Fans of the Prestige will be happy that they still have a very classic feel that Head is known for. The specs for the Prestige Pro and Prestige Tour racquets are nearly identical to the previous version, but I did feel a little more power compared to the previous version.

  • Prestige Pro: Very similar with a little extra power
  • Prestige Tour: Also similar with a little extra power
  • Prestige MP L: Noticeable increase in power, spin, and maneuverability

The main difference in the 2023 Prestige line is with the Prestige MP L (formerly just the Prestige MP). This racquet has been updated from an 18×19 string pattern to a 16×19 pattern, providing a little extra power and spin. It is also a little bit lighter, dropping in weight to 11.2 ounces. Maneuverability has been slightly improved with a slight sacrifice in stability, but overall the updates make this racquet a little more accessible to those that prefer a lighter racquet that maintains the classic feel.

3 Steps to Find the Perfect Tennis Racquet for Your Game

Free checklist with 27 racquet recommendations

Head Prestige Pro Review

The Pro version is the most control-oriented Prestige racquet. It is one of the best 8 tennis racquets for control .

Head Prestige Pro Racquet Specifications

  • Weight: 11.9 oz. strung
  • Head Size: 98 square inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Balance: 320 mm
  • String Pattern: 18×20

The Prestige Pro has a heavy frame and is best for advanced players only. This added weight helps with both power and stability when hitting against pace. Lower level players will have trouble handling this racquet.

The tight string pattern and classic 98 square inch frame give it excellent feel and control as well. This is makes the Prestige Pro great for players who can generate their own power. It’s also one of the best racquets on the market for volleys and feel shots around the net.

On-Court Performance Review of the Prestige Pro

The Prestige Pro is going to give you a precise feel on all shots so you can place the ball anywhere on the court.

  • On groundstrokes, the Prestige Pro will help you generate enough power, but with better control than most modern racquets.
  • On volleys, the stability of this racquet will stand out. You will feel in control on both defensive and attacking volleys. It will feel great on half-volleys as well. Because of its weight, it is more difficult to maneuver than some other racquets.
  • On returns, the stability will help against powerful first serves. Against second serves, you will be able to step in and hit with controlled power.
  • On serves, you won’t be able to create quite as much power. This racquet helps you least in this area, however, you should still find good control with your serve.

Head Prestige MP Tennis Racquet

Overall, the Head Prestige Pro is a great advanced tennis racquet . I would not recommend it for beginners or lower-level intermediate players.

Other Sellers:

Read our Head Radical Review to find more beginner and intermediate-friendly racquets.

Head Prestige Tour Review

The Prestige Tour tennis racquet is a smaller version of the racquet with a more open string pattern. It’s great for high-level players who want more spin and a smaller frame.

Head Prestige Tour Racquet Specifications

  • Weight: 11.7 oz. strung
  • Head Size: 95 square inches
  • Balance: 325 mm
  • String Pattern: 16×19

Prestige Tour 2023

The head size of the Prestige Tour makes it easier to handle than the Pro version. However, there is a smaller sweet spot on this racquet so I don’t recommend it for people who don’t play frequently.

The open string pattern helps add power and spin potential. Similar to the Pro version, the weight of the Prestige Tour helps with stability.

On-Court Performance Review of the Prestige Tour

The Prestige Tour is a great classic racquet for advanced players.

  • On groundstrokes, this racquet is stable and has good spin. You’ll move the ball around the court easily, but this frame isn’t as forgiving as other models.
  • On volleys, the Prestige Tour will be easy to handle and stable at the net. Doubles players who like to play from the net will love this racquet.
  • On returns, you will be able to control power and spin serves with this racquet, but you may struggle to hit deep in the court.
  • On serves, you will find a good combination of power, control, and spin depending on how you string the racquet. A looser tension will help add power.

Head Prestige MP L Review

The Prestige MP L is great for both intermediate and advanced players who want more control in their game.

Head Prestige MP L Racquet Specifications

  • Weight: 11.2 oz. strung
  • Head Size: 99 square inches

Prestige MP L 2023

The Head Prestige MP L is for Intermediate & Advanced Skill Levels

The Prestige MP L is a great tennis racquet for high level intermediate and advanced players who want something a bit easier to handle.

Head Prestige MP Tennis Racquet

The 99 square inch frame gives this racquet a larger sweet spot. The balance point is moved slightly towards the head to add stability as well. Players who swing fast and freely will get the most out of this racquet.

The Prestige MP L is great for intermediate and advanced players who need a more forgiving racquet with good handling and excellent feel plus control.

This racquet won’t be great for players who need help with power. For that, I’d recommend reading our Head Extreme Review .

Neil Skupski serves with the Head Prestige tennis racquet

On-Court Performance Review of the Prestige MP L

The Prestige MP L is a well balanced racquet with a slight focus on feel and control.

  • On groundstrokes, this racquet is forgiving, stable, and has decent spin potential. You’ll move the ball around the court with ease, but won’t generate a ton of power.
  • On volleys, the Prestige MP L is easy to handle with great feel. You’ll have good touch and placement on volleys.
  • On returns, this racquet offers a generous sweet spot so you can take big swings. You’ll also be able to defend against hard serves.
  • On serves, you won’t find a ton of power, but should feel confident to hit your targets with spin and accuracy.

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The Best Alternatives to the Head Prestige

Below are 3 other tennis racquets similar to the Head Prestige that you may want to consider.

  • Wilson Pro Staff – Another control-oriented, advanced tennis racquet, the Pro Staff has precise feel in a comfortable frame. It is also the racquet used by Roger Federer. It’s a bit more difficult to swing though.
  • Wilson Blade – A widely-used racquet on the pro tour, the Wilson Blade will offer better power and spin than the Prestige. This is a better option for intermediate players or older adults.
  • Babolat Pure Strike – The Pure Strike has more power than the Prestige and will have good feel from the baseline. It’s a great option for players who need a little more MPH.

My Experience Playing with the Head Prestige

I have played with several versions of the Prestige over the years because I love the classic feel they provide. I do think this is a good update, as the previous version was low-powered, even compared to most other control racquets. The new version does have a little more power without changing much else.

Prestige 2023

The Prestige is still one of the best racquets on the market for stability, control, and feel. It excels especially well at the net where control and feel are most important.

A slight increase in power also helped on the return, where this racquet is probably the weakest for me. The update helps handle big serves a little better, but is still not a shining point for this racquet.

This racquet is similar to the Wilson Pro Staff but with a bit more stability.

While I think the Prestige tennis racquet is a very formidable tennis racquet, I do still prefer my customized Yonex Vcore Pro (I have the 97HD version), which plays similarly but with a little more modern feel.

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About Will Boucek

Will Boucek is the Founder & CEO of Tennis Tribe. With over two decades of experience playing & coaching tennis, Will now works as a doubles strategy analyst for ATP & WTA tour players and coaches. Will helps tennis players at every level play better doubles through smarter strategy. He also has expertise in tennis racquets & gear, testing the latest products from Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, and other tennis brands.

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HEAD Prestige 2021 Racquet Review

head prestige tour 660 specs

The new Prestige racquets are revealed. I’ve been fortunate enough to play-test four of them and here is my HEAD Prestige 2021 Racquet Review.

This HEAD Prestige 2021 Racquet Review deals with four models in the HEAD line-up: Pro, Tour, MP, and MP L. They have moved around the names to better suit the other HEAD racquets , which I think was generally a good idea, but will create some initial confusion when comparing them to the previous line .

Let’s dive into what’s new with the 2021 HEAD Prestige racquets.

head prestige tour 660 specs

What’s different besides some minor spec changes on two of the models and the shuffling of the names, is that spiral fibers are replaced by Auxetic – which is a main carbon construction technology placed in the yoke piece. There is still graphene inside the frame.

head prestige tour 660 specs

As you can see in the table above, the Prestige MP  is now called the “Pro”, the 2019 Prestige Pro is now called “Tour”, the 2019 Tour is now called “Prestige MP” and the 2019 S is now called Prestige MP L. This is to better follow the structure of other HEAD racquet lines, where the MP is kind of a middle-ground racquet, while with the 2019 generation it was perhaps the most demanding. The Prestige Mid is gone since I believe the market for a midsize racquet today is too small.

There are not many changes when it comes to specs, but both the old Tour and the old S models got 5 grams extra weight, which I think makes sense.

Swing weights are very much dependent on quality control, but when I measured my racquets they did all seem a bit higher than what I got from the 2019 racquets. Strung swing weights with the Lynx factory strings:

Pro: 327 (spot-on with the previous MP) Tour: 347 (way higher than the previous Pro) MP: 331 (higher than the previous Tour MP L: 318.5 (on par with the previous S)

I don’t think an increase in swing weight was intended but sadly just a result of poor quality control, which affects the entire industry.

head prestige tour 660 specs

I heard some players thought the previous all-red was too red and not enough burgundy throwback to the legendary Prestige classic. These are burgundy and black and reminds me of the Graphene XT Touch Prestiges, which I thought were the best-looking ones in recent times. This is obviously highly subjective, but a more universally appealing design should help sell more racquets.

A primarily black racquet is a safe card and they do look nice, but the letter P spelling “Prestige” annoys me a bit. Otherwise, the design is classy and nice, but nothing thrilling.

How do they play?

If you already have the 2019 Prestiges and enjoy that, I don’t see a reason to upgrade unless you’re doing it to upgrade the cosmetic. I have tried a few different string setups, some customization, played two generations of Prestiges side by side but struggled to detect much of a difference.

They’re all still excellent racquets for the right player. Despite having looked for a more powerful 98 sq inch racquet for a while, I keep coming back to the MP 2019 (or now the Pro 2021). It simply gives me the confidence to swing out, which I don’t get with more powerful frames. Two years since its launch and keep coming back to it – that’s a good sign for a tennis nerd!

Who are they for?

head prestige tour 660 specs

Like I wrote above, the Prestiges are for advanced players preferring feel and control over power and spin. They generally have lower flex ratings for a nice sensation when you hit the ball and the patterns are generally tight for better directional control. If you can provide the game, these racquets will respond well.

The 2021 Pro  (2019 MP) is my favorite racquet of the bunch. Nice comfort, excellent on the slice, can produce some topspin, but its identity is all about control. Just a wonderfully versatile frame for players with a flatter stroke and affection for a predictable stringbed response.

I do enjoy the 2021 Tour as well (the 2019 Pro), but I was unfortunate to get a demo with a high swing weight. When I was on my game, the racquet produced a more dangerous ball than the Pro thanks to the thicker beam and open string pattern. But when I had to defend or moved a little slower, the 95 sq inch head size wasn’t forgiving enough.

The 2021 Prestige MP is a bit of a “sleeper” racquet. It didn’t get much attention in its 2019 Tour iteration, but the interesting mid 60 flex and 18×19 pattern made it a more modern Prestige with decent pop and spin potential. I liked that they increased the weight on this update because it played more stable and with better power than the predecessor. This is an interesting frame kind of blurring the line a bit with the HEAD Extreme Tour and the Radical Pro . It offers a bit more cupping in the string bed than those two frames, but in power and spin potential, they are fairly close, with the Prestige MP landing in the middle.

The 2021 Prestige MP L (2019 Prestige S) is still more of a way to get players that look for “tweener” racquets to consider a Prestige. Yes, it’s more low-powered than most tweeners, but produces a powerful and spinny ball for a Prestige. It’s fun to play with but doesn’t give me the same kind of confidence as the other models. But it’s definitely the easiest racquet in the line to use and almost lands in Speed MP territory.

head prestige tour 660 specs

The Prestige holds a special place in my tennis heart. I’ve been a fan ever since the good old days and pretty much hit all the legends of the line, dating back to the Prestige Classic 600. The Prestige MP from 2019 is still my current racquet of choice, although I would be open to getting a little more power/spin at some point. I’m flirting with the Extreme Tour, but I’m not quite there yet.

This update did not wow me. It simply felt more like a design update than any technical improvement to the frames. I’m not sure they needed any improvement though, because the 2019 launch was just a great line of racquets across the board. The 2021 Prestige racquets seemed more like a way to usher HEAD racquets into the “Auxetic era”. But I struggled to find any clearly detectable differences in feel and performance between Auxetic and Spiralfibers. This means that if you have the 2019 Prestiges and are happy with those, there is not much of a need to update except for you getting a new design.

For me personally, this means that I’ll happily stay with the red Prestige MP, but if I need more racquets (I only have two), I can either try to find an older one and save some money or get a new Prestige Pro and switch in between them. When I’ve done that in set play, I haven’t been affected at all.

Not the strongest upgrade of a racquet line, but why fix something that ain’t broken? 

Jonas Eriksson

Jonas has been known as "tennis nerd" mainly for his obsessing about racquets and gear. Plays this beautiful sport almost every day.

Can you use a classical racquet today?

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It doesn’t sound as if I’ll be retiring my Classic Mid Pluses anytime soon. Thank you Jonas!

Thanks Jonas , I too play with prestige mp 360+ and have 2 frames. I don’t plan to upgrade to the 2021 models as I’m happy with my current rackets. I don’t know if I need to buy a 3rd racket on clearance but I don’t break strings and have settled down with a choice in strings and tension.

Jonas – I have a question for you. If I am a Blade player (16×19 v7) and want to try the Prestige line, which direction would you send me in if I am looking for similar playability? Should I buy the MP and play it as is, or the L and add weight? Is the stiffness feel similar between the two?

Thank you for your input! – Danny

Hey Danny. Just came off playing Blade 98v7 18×20 for two years and switched to the prestige Mp (red one 2020). Prestige plays better and more accurately and is simply more fun. It has a little less power but my shots are better :). I also played the blade 16x19v7 when it first came out. It was too erratic and the launch angle too high. Plus I found it to be mushy at the net. Just my two cents though. You won’t regret getting prestiges!

If you are worried about SPIN potential then just have your Prestige Pro or Tour strung with Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable. You don’t have to pick a 16×18. I am using Head Pro Tour 2.0 atm, this racquet is 95 square inches 18×20. The Ultra Cable adds monster spin potential to this control oriented racquet. The point being: If you want control AND spin potential just pick a control racquet and have it strung with a spin friendly string. You’ll have the best of both worlds.

I you were “not quite there yet” transitioning to the Head Extreme Tour. and you Found that the Prestige MP 2021 was a more controlled but close to the Extreme Tour…then why not go with/shift to the Prestige MP 2021 ?

I meant Prestige MP 2021 (former tour)

“Graphene inside” means spiralfibers and graphene in 9, 3 and 12…. like the 360+… the Auxetic is the new…. but do not cancel the spiralfibers.

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Prestige Tennis Racquets 5

Marin Cilic with Prestige on a Prestige visual

Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Racquet Main Image

With a lifespan beginning in the late 1980s, there's no doubt that the Prestige line of racquets is a staple in the tennis world. Thanks to its heavy focus on control and precision, the Prestige has been an all-time favorite for skilled amateurs and professional players alike. With this generation of the Prestige Tour 2021 (previously Prestige Pro), Head has successfully maintained familiar playability while advancing the overall feel. Head attributes this feat to the Auxetic technology located in the yoke. It's a uniquely flexible construction designed to optimize ball feedback on all areas of the stringbed. Our global team of playtesters felt that Head somehow took an excellent racquet and made it feel even better with this update. Heavy hitters will appreciate the slight swingweight increase in stock form for improved stability, while the 95-square-inch headsize provides top-notch precision for easy angles. Overall, this is a true player's racquet for skilled players, and our testers recommend giving this beast of a racquet a demo.

  • None they could agree on

Groundstrokes - Score: 85

The Head Prestige Tour 2021's stability and feedback improvements shine from the baseline. Our playtesters vary on their ideal specification setups, but everyone was impressed by the racquet's excellent control and solid feel. Starting with our US team, Chris said, "The Prestige Tour 2021 felt rock solid from the baseline. I loved the plow-through power; I was able to get enough pace on the ball to put points away, even though this is a very control-oriented racquet. My backhand slice felt fully dialed in. All I had to do was think about what I wanted to do with my shot, and the racquet would make it happen. I also found this racquet to work well on my topspin shots. I was surprised at how easy it was to whip the racquet around the ball for a topspin angle, especially considering the swingweight. For whatever reason, the racquet hid its weight well, cut through the air with ease, and I could accelerate it through the ball. Just like all of the other Prestige releases, this racquet had great feel at contact. The response was smooth, plush and comfortable, yet it had me feeling very connected to the ball. In other words, it was very Prestige-like."

Even though Michelle came into this playtest with sky-high expectations, the Prestige Tour still impressed her. She described, "I considered the Prestige Pro to be one of my favorite racquets, so I didn't think Head would be able to top it, yet somehow they did with this Prestige Tour 2021. The name change was probably the toughest part of this playtest. The racquet held up to pace and was so stable against big hitters, but also perfect when transitioning from offense to defense and back to offense again. I was shocked by how large the 95-square-inch racquet felt and how consistent the stringbed played. I could consistently hit deep and push my opponents back, and I could access spin if and when needed. Slices were impressive as well; whether I was really knifing the ball or going for more finesse, this racquet executed those shots well. One other thing I noted was that I felt I could move balls around the court really well, so my targeting felt more intentional rather than just reactive. I will also add that I think it is imperative to utilize our MRT matching service when purchasing more than one Prestige Tour 2021. I know a couple of our hitters varied slightly, and I gravitated toward one in particular, so I wanted to be sure they matched the more I spent time on this playtest."

Our playtesters at Tennis Only in Australia also felt they could take on full swings and maintain superb levels of control. James found the Prestige Tour to complement one shot in particular. He said, "If I could choose a different racquet for each stroke, this Prestige Tour would be my pick for the backhand. The Prestige feels right at home for me since I've played with previous iterations of this model. It shines on my backhand with unrivaled targeting and accuracy. If you hit through your groundstrokes with a full, fast swing, you will love this racquet at the baseline." Jaye continued, "When I was feeling on and playing with confidence, I was able to step on the gas and hit my groundstrokes well; however, I would have liked a little bit more forgiveness."

At Tennis Warehouse Europe, Cathrin and Anna-Lena also noted the Prestige Tour's excellent precision. However, they both had to make adjustments coming from their racquets of choice, which are lighter and have a larger headsize. Cathrin explained, "Once I got used to the Prestige Tour, I noticed the precision it added to my groundstrokes, especially when I was able to match my opponent's pace. That said, I had problems generating pace and spin with the Prestige on my own. Therefore, I personally would string the racquet with a softer string and lower tension." Anna-Lena added, "I felt really confident hitting the ball. I was able to generate a lot of pace with ease. I felt like I was hitting my targets really well. For me, the racquet is not so spin-friendly. I had to get below the ball and really whip my wrist to make sure to get the needed spin."

head prestige tour 660 specs

Volleys - Score: 85

True to its lineage, the Head Prestige Tour 2021 is well suited for volleys. The smaller headsize and beefier swingweight combined to offer precision and stability at net. Finding it difficult to put the racquet down, Michelle described, "The Prestige Tour was amazing to volley with. It was so stable yet still easy to get in place. I never felt stuck, even against big hitters or when closing tight in doubles. This was one of those point-and-shoot racquets we like to talk about; it does what you ask it to do. I could block volleys deep or drop volleys short. I have to admit I loved this playtest. I had this racquet in my hands for the majority of the past couple months, which means I logged some good hours playing doubles, and I have no complaints with this racquet from the net."

Cathrin also had no issues and found the volley her favorite aspect of the playtest. She said, "I love playing volleys with this racquet because it is very stable, yet still maneuverable, so it was easy to block the balls. I also had great precision."

Chris and Jaye discovered that the racquet's mass enabled them to hit punching volleys with penetrating drive. Chris said, "I was very impressed with the Prestige Tour 2021 at net. I loved the feel I had for hitting touch volleys. Not only did the racquet allow me to feel the ball, but the solid response also allowed me to relax my grip and find my targets with accuracy. I could put the mass of the racquet to work when punching volleys deep. I volleyed very well with this racquet, always feeling confident no matter if I was playing singles or doubles." Jaye added, "The Prestige is very point and shoot. I loved the precision I was able to get on my volleys, and I had enough mass and control to pinpoint where my shots needed to go."

head prestige tour 660 specs

Serves - Score: 82

With control-oriented specifications, better feedback and a heftier swingweight, the Prestige Tour 2021 impressed our playtesters when serving. Flat serves tended to be the most effective for our team. Anna-Lena explained, "My serves were great when hitting the ball in the sweetspot. My favorite serves with this racquet were big, flat first serves. I was able to generate solid pace easily." Cathrin had a similar experience, adding, "I was missing the spin that I get from racquets with a more open string pattern, but the control and the precision were good on flat serves."

On the other hand, Michelle had more success hitting spin serves. She said, "I loved serving with the Prestige Tour. It allowed me to feel confident and in command. I could hit big, flat first serves, and targeting was easy. Getting the ball to slide off the court with slice serves was solid. Even generating kick was simple, which really surprised me with the racquet's 95-square-inch head. I have to be honest, with this racquet in my hands, I did not want to hit many second serves, and I felt like my bigger serves were more effective. Plus, with the added confidence, I felt I was making more serves as well. I definitely was starting the point in an offensive position with the Prestige Tour 2021 in hand."

Chris put the racquet's hefty specs to good use on serve. He said, "With a beefy racquet, the serve is quite often my favorite shot, and that trend rang true with the Prestige Tour 2021. When I got the mass of this racquet through the ball I was rewarded with a nice, heavy serve and solid pace. Unlike some heavy racquets, this one never felt tough to maneuver, and I was able to brush the ball to get plenty of spin. My favorite serves to hit were heavy slices either moving away from the returner or moving into the body. The response from the racquet felt very consistent, which gave me the confidence to go for the corners and hit big."

James and Jaye found their emphasis to be on precision rather than power when it came to serving with the Prestige Tour 2021. Jaye said, "My serving was great when hitting the ball in the sweetspot. I didn't get a massive amount of pop compared to a more open-pattern racquet; however, I was happy to sacrifice this in the name of precision." James added, "It's missing the pop and spin you get from some of the more modern options out there, but it still offers a great amount of control that lets me hit my serves with full confidence."

head prestige tour 660 specs

Returns - Score: 83

The Head Prestige Tour 2021's winning combination of stability, maneuverability and precision simply wowed our playtesters on returns. Like many players, James likes to customize his racquets to achieve his desired stability, but that won't be necessary with this Prestige Tour. He said, "The Prestige is very stable and precise on return of serve in its stock form."

Michelle continued the praise, saying, "As you read this, I wish you could see my smile when returning with the Prestige Tour 2021 — it was near perfect! It's so stable, with just the right amount of plow-through, and it's still maneuverable enough that I felt I could swing out. Blocking back serves was simple, because if I got the racquet in position, it seemed like the racquet did the work for me and helped get the ball back deep. If I had a serve I could attack, the ball came off the stringbed in a precise fashion and allowed me to hit my targets with force. As mentioned, I played a significant amount of doubles with this racquet throughout the playtest and even was successful with angling returns short or dipping balls aggressively at the server's feet. Returns through the alley and down the line past the net player in doubles were quite effective as well since they were coming at high speeds. This is such a great returning racquet!"

Chris appreciated how solid the Prestige Tour felt on returns. He said, "The racquet felt very comfortable and stable in my hands. I liked how I could relax, focus on what I wanted to do with my returns and trust the Prestige Tour 2021 would deliver. The solid response felt especially good on my slice returns; I could knife or float the ball with equal accuracy. Strung up with some Head Lynx Tour, the stringbed offered ample bite to help me generate spin. I was able to go for big returns without losing control."

Lastly, our European playtesters noted how easily the Prestige Tour blocked back pace on heavy serves. Anna-Lena described, "Hitting in the sweetspot, I was able to go for big returns cross court, which made it difficult for my opponent to defend and easy for me to attack the next hit. I really enjoyed it." Cathrin concluded the review, saying, "It was super easy to block big serves. This racquet was very stable and precise, but it was difficult for me to attack the second serve."

Overall - Score: 80

Chris - "Pretty much everything! The Prestige Tour 2021 feels solid and comfortable, it has great feel and swings fast for its weight. I also love the classic Prestige colors at the tip combined with the graphite look above the handle."

Michelle - "Stable, controlled power, solid feel, consistent stringbed. I love this racquet from all areas of the court."

Cathrin - "I enjoy the precision (especially in my volleys) and the control I get on flat shots."

Anna-Lena - "Very easy pace and precision."

James - "I absolutely love the precision and launch angle of the Prestige Tour 2021, especially on flat shots. The control is definitely a stand out, as well as the cosmetics."

Jaye - "Very easy control and precision. The feel is comfortable, soft and easy to play with. I would very happily train and practice with this racquet."

Chris - "No complaints other than the name change and the large 'P' decal on the side of the racquet."

Michelle - "None to report. I'm thinking of adding a leather grip so it has a similar feel in hand to my RF97."

Cathrin - "For me, it is too hard to generate power with this racquet, and the sweetspot is too small, so it doesn't help my game."

Anna-Lena - "The Prestige Tour 2021 is too heavy for me, and the sweetspot is too small."

James - "The reason I moved away from this racquet is because the shape and size of the head don't quite work with my full western forehand. I now play with a similar frame that has a slightly larger head and different shape, but that is the only real downside for my game."

Jaye - "I like to play with something that is going to help my game. I believe the Prestige is a great racquet for those who want to improve on themselves technically, but I would need some additional help for playing matches."

Comparing the racquet to others they've tried, our testers said:

Chris - "The previous version of this Head Prestige Tour 2021 (Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro) was a dynamite racquet and tough to beat, but somehow Head has done it. Not only do I think this is a solid update, but I can't think of a better playing beefy player's racquet right now. Even though I've moved to lighter spec racquets over the years, this Prestige Tour 2021 is very hard to put down. I'd demo this racquet against the Head Gravity Pro, Yonex VCORE PRO 97H, Volkl C10 Pro and Dunlop CX 200 Tour 16x19."

Michelle - "Honestly, the Prestige Tour 2021 just feels even more solid and stable than the model it replaces, the Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro. It's hard to pinpoint a huge difference, but maybe Head sprinkled in some extra magic. It is always easy to compare racquets like these to my Wilson Pro Staff RF97, and the biggest thing I noted was that the lower static weight kept it easy to maneuver no matter the swingweight. Despite the Prestige Tour's smaller headsize, it felt the same as the RF97. Both are solid, stable racquets with great plow through."

Cathrin - "I haven't played a comparable racquet before. Currently, I play with the Wilson Blade 98S v7, which differs from the Head Prestige Tour 2021 significantly on power and spin."

Anna-Lena - "I have not played with something comparable to the Head Prestige Tour 2021 . My racquet of choice is the Babolat Pure Drive. As I mentioned before, the Prestige Tour's weight and smaller sweetspot, compared to the Pure Drive, make it hard for me to play my game."

James - "This version of the Head Prestige has a much nicer feel to me than the previous Graphene Touch version I used to play with. It doesn't feel as crisp, which is a huge positive if you prefer a more plush and comfortable feel. All in all, this is a sublime update from Head with a very simple and classy paint job."

Jaye - "I think the Prestige Tour 2021 is similar to the Prestige Pro that it is replacing. Other racquets that come to mind are the Prince Textreme Tour 95, the Wilson Ultra Tour 95 and the Head Pro Tour 2.0."

head prestige tour 660 specs

(Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores)

Playtester Profiles

Chris: 4.5 all-court player currently using the Tecnifibre TF40 305. Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand.

Michelle: Open level baseline player with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backhand. She currently plays with the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph.

Cathrin: is an all-court player. She is currently using the Wilson Blade 98S v7.

Anna-Leena: is an aggressive baseline player. She is currently using the Babolat Pure Drive.

James: An aggressive baseline player currently using the Yonex VCORE PRO 97 310. James uses a full-western forehand grip and hits a two-handed backhand.

Jaye: Open level aggressive baseliner with a semi-western forehand and a one handed backhand. He currently plays with a Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13.

head prestige tour 660 specs

Review date: December 2021. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. All content copyright 2021 Tennis Warehouse.

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Head pro lite tour 660

  • Thread starter GOATn10s
  • Start date Apr 18, 2017


  • Apr 18, 2017


  • Apr 19, 2017

That's interesting, I didn't know it existed... I've got both Pro Tour and Lite Tour 630, They are about the same, except the Lite version not having any weight in the handle, resulting in even to HH balance. It should be awesome, your 660. Why don't you measure the specs and let us know? Even the swingweeight, you can use the TW's swing method...  


GOATn10s said: This is my first post. Hello to all. Does anyone have any info or knowledge about these? I got one recently and was wondering what the specs were. Green and black paint job. Made in Austria with a 18x19 pattern. I'm guessing around 285~290g range unstrung. Not much information on the web. Any replies about this racket would be appreciated. Click to expand...
BlueB said: That's interesting, I didn't know it existed... I've got both Pro Tour and Lite Tour 630, They are about the same, except the Lite version not having any weight in the handle, resulting in even to HH balance. It should be awesome, your 660. Why don't you measure the specs and let us know? Even the swingweeight, you can use the TW's swing method... Click to expand...
vsbabolat said: Same mold as the Prestige Tour 660 sold in Europe. Click to expand...
  • Apr 20, 2017
GOATn10s said: I wanted to try something more forgiving for doubles versus big servers. Could you kindly send me the link of the TW's swing method? I can't seem to find it. Click to expand...
  • Mar 9, 2019

Hi folks! I will share my experience with Head Pro Lite Tour 660, which i have hit about 3 months. It is red one, not green. The racquet seemed to me too light, so i leeded it by 4 gr. on each 12, 3, 9, above handle and knob. As a result the racquet is 330gr strung with the balance 33 cm. I do not know how stiff it is since have not found its specs, but it feels flexible. It is like you feel the ball flattened on the stringbed. The sound of the impacts is very consistent and dense. Sweet spot is big, although i am, probably, 4-4,5 player, hitting quite well. Having nice and fast forehand swings and two handed backhand the racquet seems to me powerfull enough. Before I played with Wilson Pro Stuff 97S, 2014-2016 Georgi Dimitrov's one, which is not a bad racquet, but I like the Head more, probable for its flexibility. I would appreciate if someone give me any idea where i could find its specs. Head does not seem to share the old stuff's specs. I spent a time googling but found almost nothing. Thanks in advance.  

mr. G

  • Aug 3, 2019
Vladis said: I would appreciate if someone give me any idea where i could find its specs. Head does not seem to share the old stuff's specs. I spent a time googling but found almost nothing. Click to expand...
mr. G said: Hi! do you have an idea about balance before customization? was it head heavy? thanks Click to expand...
  • Jul 25, 2020

How is the racket working out fir you? What string and what tension works for you in it?  

  • Jul 11, 2021

Hi, I just bought a Head Prolite Tour Midplus. Is the grommet the same as the Prestige Classic Midplus? Both are 102 sq in. head size. What current grommets fit these classic rackets? I would like to have extra grommets for future use. I would appreciate if someone could give an answer. Thank you.  

  • Jul 12, 2021
chrischris said: How is the racket working out fir you? What string and what tension works for you in it? Click to expand...
johnthom said: Hi, I just bought a Head Prolite Tour Midplus. Is the grommet the same as the Prestige Classic Midplus? Both are 102 sq in. head size. What current grommets fit these classic rackets? I would like to have extra grommets for future use. I would appreciate if someone could give an answer. Thank you. Click to expand...
Vladis said: Both Head ProLite Tour 660 (102in) 18x19 and Head Prestige Tour 660 (102in) 18x19 have exactly the same mold, so, i suppose, the same grommets. I am not sure about Prestige Classic. Click to expand...


Would the Fusion Tour Twintube 660 be the same mould too?  

PhilSki said: Would the Fusion Tour Twintube 660 be the same mould too? Click to expand...

Satellite Tour 660 possibly same too?  

  • Jul 13, 2021
vsbabolat said: Yes, Classic MP is the same mold Click to expand...
  • Jul 28, 2021
johnthom said: Thanks for the info sir. Perhaps someone might know what current grommets fit these 660/102? Is there anybody who already tried it? Click to expand...

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    Head updates the Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro with a new name and material technology. This update is called the Prestige Tour 2021 and it gives you the stability of a tour level swingweight without feeling overly sluggish in the front court. With the discontinuation of the Prestige Mid, the Tour offers the most compact and surgical head size in the Prestige line.

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    A HEAD classic, the Prestige has been enhancing control and precision since the 1980s. ... The Prestige Tour 600, Prestige Tour 660 and Prestige Classic 600 - all in a beautiful red design. 1993 Prestige Tour 660 "Most of the games are won, by choosing the right racquet". Back in 1993 HEAD used a very iconic claim for a very iconic racquet.

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    As I know Prestige Pro and Prestige Classic only available with 600cm.sq.(, Prestige Tour available with 600cm.sq. & 660cm.sq.. There are no such Prestige 630. At early 90's, as I remember Head manufactured 3 head size for their racquet, 600, 660 & 720 cm.sq., like Discovery, Atlantis, Genesis...., in player racquet, Prestige Tour ...

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    Does somebody know what are the Head Prestige 660 tour Classic specs: Head Size: Length: Strung Weight: Balance: Swingweight: Stiffness: Composition: Power Level: Swing Speed: String Pattern: Thanks . S. Slava New User. Mar 30, 2004 #2 Head Size: 102 SQ INCHES Length: 27 Strung Weight: 12.2

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    With its 16x19 string pattern and thicker 22mm beam, the Prestige Tour has long been the most modern racquet in the Prestige family. That said, with its compact 95 square-inch head and newly softened beam (from 65 to 62 RA), it still packs the kind of surgical control and buttery feedback that Prestige purists crave. Thanks to its 330 swingweight, the Prestige Tour not only does a great job ...

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    Head Prestige Tour Racquet Specifications. Weight: 11.7 oz. strung; Head Size: 95 square inches; Length: 27 inches; Balance: 325 mm; String Pattern: 16×19; The head size of the Prestige Tour makes it easier to handle than the Pro version. However, there is a smaller sweet spot on this racquet so I don't recommend it for people who don't ...

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    As you can see in the table above, the Prestige MP is now called the "Pro", the 2019 Prestige Pro is now called "Tour", the 2019 Tour is now called "Prestige MP" and the 2019 S is now called Prestige MP L. This is to better follow the structure of other HEAD racquet lines, where the MP is kind of a middle-ground racquet, while with the 2019 generation it was perhaps the most demanding.

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    The new HEAD Prestige racquet series. An innovative upgrade of an icon that has been supplying control and precision on the tour since the 1980s. Along with new Auxetic 2.0 construction for sensational feel, the PRESTIGE has new and distinctive see-through carbon elements in the frame. Filter.

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    Looking at the specs, you can see Prestige Tour is going to be competing with rackets like the Wilson Blade 98 and Babolat Pure Strike, so it does have some stiff competition. To make it stand out though, Head has opted for a slightly unusual 18 x 19 string pattern, which should fall somewhere in the middle of a normal 16 x 19 and 18 x 20.

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    I tried using an old Head Prestige Tour 660 from a friend and liked it instantly, although I understand it's an old model. ... Need help finding specs on Head Accurace 660 racquet!! drewski; Feb 10, 2011; Racquets; Replies 5 Views 2K. Feb 10, 2011. drewski. D. T. Head Prestige 660 Tour vs Völkl Tour 10 MP vs Yonex RDX 500. trewq; Sep 7, 2004;

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    The Head Prestige Tour 2021's stability and feedback improvements shine from the baseline. Our playtesters vary on their ideal specification setups, but everyone was impressed by the racquet's excellent control and solid feel. Starting with our US team, Chris said, "The Prestige Tour 2021 felt rock solid from the baseline.

  21. Graphene 360+ Prestige Tour HEAD racket specs

    Head size. 99 in² / 638.71 cm². Stiffness. Average - 52% (65 RA) Recommended tension. 48-57 pounds. Swing weight. 326 kg · cm 2. String pattern.

  22. Head pro lite tour 660

    I've added 3 grams of lead at 12 and some head guard tape with double overgrip since it was a little light from the sticks I normally use. It might alter the specs a bit from stock form. This is my first 660 frame I've used. I've been using Head mids, like Prestige tour, Elite pro and TXP. Also 6.1 spin rackets and AI98.