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Free Walking Tours Barcelona

  • Entertainment and culture , is the combination that defines our success formula.
  • Expert guides that are passionate about the city!
  • Free Tour concept, where you choose the price.

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Tours & Activities in Barcelona

  • The Gaud√≠ Free Tour Come and discover with us the life of the genius Gaud√≠ and his architectural wonders that distinguish Barcelona, Casa Batll√≥, La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera +info & Booking
  • Alternative Free Tour of the Raval Leave the tourist side and explore the Raval de Barcelona , one of the most fascinating, unknown and exciting neighborhoods in the city, with a unique personality. +info & Booking
  • Best Bike Tours Barcelona Thanks to the extraordinary weather without slopes and facing the Mediterranean Sea discover why Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world to travel by bicycle. +info & Booking
  • Espadrilles Workshop Barcelona Enjoy the great experience of making handmade espadrilles with your own hands. In an old traditional workshop in the center of Barcelona. +info & Booking
  • Live Flamenco Show Barcelona Experience the passion of dance in Flamenco Show Barcelona Talented artists and a unique atmosphere to feel and enjoy¬† Spanish dance. +info & Booking

guru tours barcelona

Private Tours

With private tours we can adapt to your needs, with the duration and travel you prefer. A great option for groups of students, corporate events or simply to live a more personalized experience in Barcelona.

purple umbrella barcelona

We believe that everyone has the right to a quality tour regardless of their budget. At the end of the free tour you are the ones who can value the service.

We work with experienced guides, respectful of the city and passionate about transmitting the best stories from the corners of the city.

With more than 5 years of experience and a thousand positive comments on the internet, we continue to strive to provide the best service to travelers from all over the world.

Our Free Walking Tours Barcelona Guides

barcelona guide

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A fabulous way to explore the city!

guru tours barcelona

A great team of super tour guides!‚ÄĚ

An absolutely amazing and fun experience

We are always looking for new talent.

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  • The Top 5 Free Walking...

The Top Free Walking Tours in Barcelona

Barcelona’s picturesque plazas are perfect for exploring on foot

Many of Barcelona’s winding old backstreets and picturesque plazas are inaccessible to vehicle traffic, making them perfect for exploring on foot.

What better way to get some exercise and learn about Barcelona’s history, art and culture than on a free walking tour? After all, less money spent on a tour means more money for tapas later. Here’s Culture Trip’s round-up of the best free walking tours in Barcelona.

Free Walking Tours BCN

Barcelona has been through some momentous architectural changes over the years, and nowhere is this more evident than in the historic Gothic Quarter , right at the heart of the city. Free Walking Tours BCN offers a fun and informative walking tour of the district, taking in some important historical sights. From the old Jewish quarter to the majestic Gothic cathedral , you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the history of Barcelona and Catalonia and what makes them distinct from other parts of Spain. The tour leaves from Plaça Catalunya every day at 10am, 11am and 3pm, and lasts around 2.5 hours.

The tour takes in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, or Barri Gòtic

Sandeman’s New Europe

Starting just off Via Laietana in the very centre of town, Sandeman’s New Europe free tour of Barcelona takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the city’s history. From Barcelona’s legendary founding (was Hercules really responsible?) and the Spanish Civil War to the birth of the modern independence movement and the 1992 Olympic Games, this guide will give you the historical context to the modern city we know and love today. The 2.5-hour tour runs five times a day and starts by the exit of Jaume I Metro station. The route is wheelchair-accessible.

This tour starts at Via Laietana in the centre of Barcelona

Runner Bean Tours

Runner Bean Tours offers two free tours, so there’s something for everyone here. One tour has you covered for the history of the Gothic Quarter , while the second, the Runner Bean free Gaudí tour , gives you the lowdown on one of Barcelona’s most famous architects. You’ll find out what defined the movement known as Catalan Modernism and how Antoni Gaudí became one of its most important members. The guide will also take you past some of his most important buildings, including the world-famous Sagrada Família . The tour departs every day from the water fountain at Plaça Reial at 11am and 4.30pm during the summer and at 11am during the winter. The 2.5-hour journey includes a couple of trips on the Metro to reduce walking, so be sure to bring some change.

The Gaudí tour takes in the Sagrada Família

Feel Free Tours

There are two routes to choose from with Feel Free Tours: the Old Town Tour of Barcelona and the Gaud√≠ Modernism Walking Route . As well as showcasing the masterpieces of Antoni Gaud√≠, the Modernism route will take you past some other, often overlooked but exceptional work by fellow Modernist designers. It will also delve into the urban planning ideals of the 1856 Cerd√† expansion plan that advocated (at the time) revolutionary ideas around hygiene and mobility, and eventually led to the building of the Eixample district ‚Äď a must for anyone interested in the history of urban planning. Tours run every day of the week pretty much all year round, and last around 2.5 hours. Groups of no more than 15 people depart from in front of the Hard Rock Caf√© in Pla√ßa Catalunya.

The Gaudí Modernism Walking Route takes in buildings such as Casa Batlló

Travel Bar tours start and end at their own bar, just off Las Ramblas, near Liceu station. Grab a beer, cocktail or sangria and get to know your fellow group members before or after the tour. The two-hour free walking tour is another great general walk of Barcelona’s most impressive sights, with everything from historic architecture to street art to keep you engaged along the way. Tours are held daily and start at 11am, 1pm and 3pm, but despite their frequency, booking is essential.

people cheering on a mountain

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Aerial view over Las Ramblas

Barcelona Street Style Tour

Barcelona is home to a thriving street-art scene , so the free walking tours from Barcelona Street Style are a must for fans of urban art. With two options on offer, covering either the El Born neighbourhood and the Gothic Quarter or the colourful district of El Raval , these tours showcase the best of the city’s contemporary city murals. Led by guides who are very knowledgeable about techniques and styles, as well as artists currently active on the local scene, these tours are a fabulous way to learn more about an art form that most of us see every day but may know little about. The El Born and Gothic quarter tour departs at 2pm each day, while the El Raval tour heads out at 10am and 4.45pm. Advance booking is a must.

Take a tour of the winding streets of El Raval

Be Local Tours

The Spanish Civil War (1936‚Äď1939) was one of the most dramatic conflicts in the history of Barcelona, and one that still has resonance today. The Be Locals Tours Civil War Free Walking Tour takes you back in time to relive the dark days of the conflict and show you places and monuments still visibly scarred by the fighting. The guides illustrate the historical significance through old photographs and stories of how normal people lived during the war, which makes this an essential tour for anyone interested in this important period. The walk departs every Friday at 11am from Pla√ßa Catalunya; booking online is highly recommended.

The walls of this church are pockmarked with bullet holes from the Spanish Civil War

The Ruta del Modernisme

Fancy yourself as a tour guide? Well, the Ruta del Moderisme might just be for you. This self-guided tour winds through the city, and takes in more than 100 examples of Barcelona‚Äôs acclaimed take on Art Nouveau. The tour will introduce you to the works of Gaud√≠, Dom√®nech i Montaner and Puig i Cadafalch, the architects who made Barcelona the world capital of Modernism. Points of interest on the route are marked by round red paving stones on the pavement. To keep this tour completely free, you can follow the route and read the descriptions of the buildings on the dedicated website . Alternatively, if you don‚Äôt mind spending a bit of money, the accompanying guidebook is ‚ā¨12 and gets you discounted entry to many of the sights along the way. You can buy the guidebook from the G√ľell Pavilions or the L‚ÄôInstitut Municipal del Paisatge Urb√†.

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau was designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner

This article is an updated version of a story created by Tara Jessop .

Did you know ‚Äď Culture Trip now does bookable, small-group trips? Pick from authentic, immersive Epic Trips , compact and action-packed Mini Trips and sparkling, expansive Sailing Trips .

guru tours barcelona

Places to Stay

Hip apartments in barcelona you'll want to call home.

guru tours barcelona

Guides & Tips

What life is like in barcelona under lockdown.

guru tours barcelona

See & Do

Amazing day trips to take from barcelona by boat.

guru tours barcelona

Where to Stay in Barcelona, Spain, for a Local Experience

guru tours barcelona

The Best Hotels to Book in Roses, Catalonia

guru tours barcelona

Using Virtual Forests and Real Trees to Save the Planet

guru tours barcelona

The Artiest Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

guru tours barcelona

The Virtual Rave Taking Over Barcelona’s Casa Batlló

guru tours barcelona

A Postcard From Barcelona: a Writer Visits the Catalonian Capital for the First Time

guru tours barcelona

Uncover a New Side to Barcelona

guru tours barcelona

Why Did Barcelona Opera House Reopen to a 'Live' Audience of 2,292 plants?

guru tours barcelona

Reinventing the City Break in Barcelona and Vienna

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The Most Complete Barcelona Free Tour (The Original)

The Most Complete Barcelona Free Tour (The Original) Spain — #1

Overview of the tour in Barcelona

This is the Most Complete and Original tour in Barcelona, where you will discover the most representative landmarks in the city. The tour includes Sagrada Fam√≠lia, Modernism, and The Gothic Quarter. Our guides are film and theater actors, teachers with broad knowledge of Arts and History, and with the passion and natural gift for storytelling that speak over 10 languages combined! You don't want to miss this experience! **IMPORTANT** ¬į Book as soon as possible, we have limited places ¬į Look for the BLUE umbrella ¬į A subway ticket is required for ZONE 1 (If you are more than 3-4 it's more economic to buy a familiar ticket) ¬į It is not possible to do the tour if you are a group of more than 5 even if it is for separate reservations In this case, a private tour is recommended (However, you can do the tour by paying a minimum of 15 euros per person at the beginning of the tour) ¬į Wear comfortable clothing

This activity includes:

  • Casa Lle√≥ Morera
  • MUHBA Temple d'August
  • La Casa de l'Ardiaca
  • Sant Felip Neri Square
  • Portal del Angel
  • Mural Del Beso
  • Pla√ßa de Sant Jaume
  • Casa Amatller
  • Cathedral of Barcelona
  • Passeig de Gr√†cia
  • Cases Antoni Rocamora
  • Pla√ßa del Rei
  • Pla√ßa de Catalunya
  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Roman city wall in Barcelona
  • General Archive of the Crown of Aragon
  • Aq√ľeducte rom√†
  • Call Barcelona
  • Casa Malagrida
  • Casa Batll√≥
  • Roman Ruins
  • Free entrance to Cathedrals and Historical places
  • Kings Palace

Meeting point

KFC Sagrada Familia. Look for blue umbrella! :)

We will be in front of KFC near Sagrada Família with a blue umbrella.

Things to note

We have limitations on the groups by law, so secure your spot as soon as possible. If you cannot make it, please cancel your reservation so someone else can enjoy the tour. If you are late, please let us know. Wear comfortable clothing.

Free Cancellation

You are free to cancel a booking anytime. We kindly remind you to cancel bookings you cannot arrive for. Being reported as absent decreases your customer level points and the benefits you can enjoy.

Verified and Trusted by TripAdvisor

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This is Spain


Barcelona is a worldwide famous city that englobes the best of mankind, nature, art and culture. We have the great privilege to live and explain the wonders of this amazing city via GuruWalk Barcelona .

Why is Barcelona so great? Well, without a doubt, because it‚Äôs the place where thousands of cultures converge. Just walking around La Rambla you can easily hear 20 languages in a matter of seconds. World-class events are always available, from an opera concert in Palau de la m√ļsica catalana, Teatre Liceu or even in the narrow medieval streets of the Gothic Quarter, to a Champions League football match in Camp Nou. And best of all, a walk with us, Play Tour guides, listed on GuruWalk, where you will get to know more about the history, legends and secrets of the Gothic Quarter and the masterpieces of Gaud√≠.

In the morning, you could be admiring the skyline of the city from Parc G√ľell or Tibidado surrounded by nature and in the afternoon you could be in one of the best city beaches in the world.¬†

Thanks to Guruwalk, we have met people from all around the globe, most of them from countries such as Argentina, UK, Germany, the United States, but also from very surprising places like Kosovo, Guyana and even eSwatini (formerly Swaziland).

Many people and many cultures! The beauty of the walks we provide is that not only we have the chance of sharing with visitors the love we feel for the city but also to learn from each one of them. 

Thanks to them, now we know that our Patron Virgin, the Virgin of La Mercè, is also patron of the argentinian city of Tucumán. That the Sagrada Familia is taking longer than the Great Pyramids to be completed. Or that Johan Cruyff, the Dutch football legend, named his son Jordi due to his love for Barcelona. Why Jordi? Because Jordi is the most common name in Barcelona (it translates to George), and Sant Jordi is our Patron saint, who we also share with England, Georgia and many other places. 

In GuruWalk Barcelona , we are more than happy to show you around, and have a great time! Barcelona, with its amazing people, diverse cultures, exquisite cuisine, vibrant feelings and breathtaking buildings, is waiting for you!

By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.


Barcelona Walking Tours

Discovering the city step by step….

Barcelona Life

Types of Walking Tour

Best 5 Walking Tours:

1. Gaudi w/ Casa Batllo

2. Sagrada Familia

3. Gothic Quarter

4. Ghosts & Legends

5. Free Walking Tours

Discover the stories, legends and secrets of the Catalan capital in the company of an expert guide. We reveal some of the best guided, private and free walking tours available to travellers.

You can’t see the whole of Barcelona on a walking tour – major sights like¬† Camp Nou, ¬† Gaudi’s Park Guell ¬†and¬†the Olympic Ring on Montjuic ¬†are scattered in different corners of the city – but there’s an undeniable allure to exploring the Catalan capital on foot.

Apart from practical considerations (cheap, environmentally friendly, no traffic jams!), when you select the stroll option you get to feel a genuine communion with the city streets, that’s simply not possible on an open-top bus for example.

guru tours barcelona

Exploring the hidden corners of the Old Town

The slow pace of a pedestrian tour enables you to really take in the minute details that unfold on every alleyway: and, as well as having plenty of time to take in the history, legends and stories that your guide recounts, your retinas will be treated to a kaleidoscope of everyday sights (some quite bizarre!), whilst your nose will sample the tangy flavours of everything from seafood at¬† La Boqueria market ¬†to the occasional whiff of marijuana smoked by Barcelona’s resident¬† perro flautas ¬†(literally ‘dog-flutes’, or ‘hippies’).

Private, Small Group or ‘Free’ Tour?

Visitors coming to Barcelona are spoiled for choice when it comes to walks on offer: depending on your needs you might want to consider taking a private walking tour . This usually means the guide is willing to cater the tour to your tastes, plus of course you get the guide to yourself, which is great if you want to ask a lot of questions and have a more interactive experience.

The more common option however is to join a small group excursion offered by one of the established tour companies in town. This obviously has the benefit of being more economical, but still with the intimacy and manoeuvrability of a smaller group.

If you are¬† on a really tight budget there are even free walking tours you can join! Ok, they are not really free, in as much as you are expected to tip your guide ‚ā¨10-20 per person…. but the final amount is left to your discretion. While such tours usually are decent in quality, do bear in mind that you will likely be part of a very large group.

Aside from considering the pros and cons of private, small group or ‘free’ tours, travellers should keep their eyes peeled for companies offering walks with specific themes – which might include¬† Gaudi , Picasso ,¬† tapas , photography or even¬† craft beer !

As with all things in life you normally get what you pay for, and we suggest you look out for professional licensed guides who know their artists from the Ebro , and who can tell you everything from the history of Barcelona’s guilds to the impact of the¬† 1992 Olympic Games ¬†on the city.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite options below, all available in the English language…

The 5 Best Barcelona Walking Tours

Right, time to slip on your most comfortable pair of clogs and step this way…

1. Gaudi Tour (with Tickets to Casa Batllo)

guru tours barcelona


2. Sagrada Familia & Hospital Sant Pau Tour

guru tours barcelona


3. Gothic Quarter Walking Tour (2 hrs)

guru tours barcelona


4. Ghosts & Legends Tour (Evenings)

guru tours barcelona


guru tours barcelona


More Walking Tour Companies

Walking planets.

A specialist in on-the-ground exploration, Walking Planets was set up to introduce tourists to some of Barcelona’s less-visited districts, such as the fascinating and ever-so-slightly-sleazy¬† El Raval . Hippies and hipsters share this vibrant zone with immigrants from Asia and East Europe, and if you’re looking for something a little different hop onto Planet Raval! Walking Planets also offer atypical tours of El Born, El Gotic and more…

Other Types of Tours

If your legs are aching simply when reading this, then check our  article on all Barcelona tours  where comfortable coaches and cars will get you to all the sights. Whilst more athletic travellers can read up on  the best bike tours in Barcelona (where electric bikes are also an option in some cases).

Foodie’s should definitely check out our article on¬† gourmet experiences , whilst winos should visit our page on¬† wine tasting in and around the city .

Related Reading

Day Escapes

Sightseeing Guide

Museums & Culture

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Free Barcelona Walking Tours

guru tours barcelona

There are several types of free walking tours in Barcelona, Spain with most companies employing local guides and offering both a Gothic Quarter as well as a Gaudi/Modernism tour.

But there are also free tours that focus on street art as well as a free bike tour available.

In this post, we will explain your options, and provide schedules, and a calendar. 

In Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, there are many self-guided tours as well as talks at museums and historic sights that truly cost nothing.

It's easy to walk around Barcelona, especially the Gothic Quarter and other older neighborhoods.

However, most people understand the term 'free tours' to be guided walks that operate on a ‚Äėname-your-own-price‚Äô model or what‚Äôs usually called a ‚Äėtips-only-basis‚Äô.

Free Tour Barcelona

There is no cost to take a tour. So, technically, these tours are free.

After the tour, you are encouraged to decide how much you thought it was worth or what you could afford, even nothing.

According to reviews on Google and TripAdvisor, past participants seem to leave between ‚ā¨5-‚ā¨15 per adult.

The tours listed below are run through us. More tours are available in the following sections.

Searching Availability...

Here is a calendar with more of the best free walking tours in Barcelona.

Many people are drawn to these tours because they are convenient, affordable, and entertaining.

TIP: If you are planning on purchasing a tourist attraction discount pass, such as the Barcelona Pass , then note that most already include a walking tour of the Old Town and Gothic Quarter for free (not pay-what-you-wish).

Free Walking Tour Barcelona Pass

These passes also include free tickets to museums as well as hop-on-hop-off bus tickets and boat tours.

Learn more about the different Barcelona tourist passes .

  • Overview + Schedule
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Modernism/Gaudi
  • Other Walks
  • Things to Do in Barcelona


Signs on the street that simply say, "Free Tour of Barcelona" are likely referring to this district.

Several companies offer pay-what-you-want walking tours in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic). which is arguably the most historic area in the city.

Most companies are local, while a few offer tours here and throughout Europe.

Whether you want to see some of the most notable sites or you’re interested in learning about the significance of major landmarks, these free walking tours serve as an excellent introduction to Barcelona.

Free Gothic Quarter Tour

During these outings, you can expect to visit some of the following locations:

  • Pla√ßa de L'√Ängel
  • Mirador del Rei Mart√≠
  • Pla√ßa Sant Jaume
  • Palau de la Generalitat
  • Basilica de Santa Mar√≠a del Mar
  • Roman Necropolis
  • Las Ramblas
  • Old Jewish Quarter

If these sites are of interest, consider taking one of these free Gothic Quarter walking tours to learn more about them.

Some tours extend just outside of the quarter and visit sights such as the Arc de Triomf.

Barceno Tours

Donkey Tours Barcelona

We like Barceno Tours because they are founded and run by local Barcelonians and are very well-reviewed, with 5 of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

Their Gothic District tour is available daily at 10:30 in English and Spanish, with more offerings for Spanish.

To start the tour, you will find your guide in PLAZA CATALU√ĎA #4 with a Pink Umbrella.

Book this tour or get more details .

Donkey Tours

Like Barceno, this is a local company with great reviews.

Their Gothic District tour is available daily at 10:00 am, 11:00 am & 15:30 pm in English and Spanish, with more offerings for Spanish.

The tour lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The meeting point of the tour is Plaça Nova, 1, 08002 Barcelona, Spain .

To find your guide, just look for the yellow umbrellas in Plaça Nova, next to the Barcelona Cathedral.

Other Companies

  • Excursions Barcelona
  • Free Walking Tours Barcelona
  • Runner Bean Tours


Rick Steves offers an excellent free audio tour you can use anytime you want.

His audio tours are well-produced, easy to follow, and a pleasure to listen to.

The only caveat is that his target audience is Americans, so you might occasionally hear measurements described in Imperial rather than Metric.

Self-Guided Gothic Tour of Barcelona :

This self-guided tour will show you all the main sights of the Mediterranean’s most vivacious city from the Barcelona Cathedral to the Jewish Quarter.

You'll discover some of the most beautiful views and awe-inspiring architecture spanning centuries.


Visitors who want to learn about the artistic history of Barcelona will be glad to hear that there are several free walking tours covering this subject.

On these outings, you’ll learn about how architects and artists such as Antoni Gaudi and Pablo Picasso contributed to the artistic movement of modernism.

You will see many of the sights that were inspired by their visions, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Sagrada Familia

These tours explain the representations of symbolism and help guests to understand the significance of the art and architecture they will see along the way.

Here are a few of the sites you can expect to see on these pay-what-you-wish tours:

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Casa Lle√≥ i Morera
  • Casa Batll√≥
  • Casa Ametller
  • Palau G√ľell
  • Eixample District

Learn about all these locations and see the masterpieces by taking one of the following tours.

Their Gaudí, La Sagrada Familia, and Modernism Tour takes place daily at 10:00 am & 4:00 pm.

The total duration of the tour is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Your tour will start outside the FNAC store at the corner of Bergara Street with Plaza Catalu√Īa.

Your tour guide will wait with a PINK umbrella of Barkeno Tours.

Reservations are required. Book this tour here .


We offer a self-guided tour covering all of the main Gaudí sites. As they are spread out, we will need to twice jump on the metro system.

If you are planning on paying to enter the Gaud√≠ houses, the monumental zone of the Park G√ľell, or la Sagrada Fam√≠lia, you should plan and book tickets to avoid the lines.


While most Barcelona night tours are paid outings, there is at least one free night tour available which shows guests a side of the city they probably won’t learn about anywhere else.

If you’re interested in learning how sex and drugs came to shape the city you see today, this pay-what-you-wish tour should be quite enlightening!

You can expect to see and discover more about some of the following sites and subjects on this journey:

  • Barrio G√≥tico
  • Barrio Chino
  • Historic Bars
  • Picasso‚Äôs favorite brothel
  • Famous Thieves

Additional Free Tours in Barcelona

There are a variety of other free walking tours provided in Barcelona, and they cover several different subjects that might be of interest.

Free Spanish Civil War Tour

Note: The tour is currently not taking bookings.

If you‚Äôre interested in learning about the history of the Civil War that once destroyed parts of Barcelona, Be Local Tours offers a free tour every Wednesday at 11 a.m. 

The tour takes around 2 hours and the meeting point of the tour is the Center of Plaza Universitat .

Raval Underground Tour

Note: Currently unavailable. The paid version of the tour is active.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider taking their Raval Underground tour to see some of the more interesting locations in a neighborhood filled with history, urban art, skaters, and more.

This 2-hour free walking tour is provided every Tuesday at 15:00 (3 p.m.) and every Friday at 11 a.m.

Secrets of El Born Tour

Note: Booking for this tour is currently unavailable..

Be Local Tours also offers a trip that covers some of the secrets and history behind the El Born neighborhood, including stops at locations like Santa Maria del Mar, Parc de la Ciutadella, Palau de la M√ļsica Catalana, and more.

Guests can take this 2-hour tour in both English and Spanish every Sunday at 11 a.m. and every Thursday at 15:00 (3 p.m.).

The meeting point of the tour is Plaza Catalunya ‚Äď Centre of the square .


If you want to ride around the city on a bicycle instead of just walking, this free bike tour is an excellent opportunity to see some of the most notable sites in Barcelona on two wheels.

Free Bike Tour Barcelona

The only thing you have to pay for is a bike rental, and that‚Äôs very affordable at around ‚ā¨10 per person.

This tour is approximately 3 hours long and it’s available every day at 13:00 (1 pm).


  • Free Tours in Palma de Mallorca
  • Free Tours in Madrid

And much, much more

North america, united kingdom & ireland, middle east & india, asia & oceania.

Ver sitios de interés

Lugares de interés turístico en  Barcelona


Barcelona ¬† est√° ubicada al noreste de Espa√Īa y es capital de provincia y de Catalu√Īa ¬†(Comunidad Aut√≥noma). Es la segunda ciudad m√°s grande del pa√≠s por detr√°s de Madrid y est√° considerada como una de las ciudades m√°s tur√≠sticas del mundo por todo lo que ofrece a nivel cultural, hist√≥rico y gastron√≥mico.

Sitios de interés en Barcelona

guru tours barcelona

Casa Lleo Morera

La Casa Lleó Morera es un bello ejemplo del modernismo catalán y está considerada como uno de los edificios más importantes de Barcelona.

guru tours barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia es la bas√≠lica dise√Īada por el famoso arquitecto catal√°n Antoni Gaud√≠. M√°ximo exponente del modernismo catal√°n y del ing√©nio arquitect√≥nico de Gaud√≠.

guru tours barcelona

Plaza de Catalunya

Plaza de Catalunya es la plaza principal de Barcelona. Conectando el Passeig de Gràcia y La Rambla dos de las principales calles de Barcelona.

guru tours barcelona

La Pedrera Casa Mila

La Pedrera, tambi√©n conocida como Casa Mila, es un edificio dise√Īado por el arquitecto Antoni Gaud√≠ en Barcelona. Fue encargado en 1906 por el fabricante textil Pere Mil√° y su mujer Roser Segimon.

guru tours barcelona

Casa Batlló

La Casa Batll√≥ de Barcelona es un edificio que fue dise√Īado por Antoni Gaud√≠. Es una obra de arte y una pieza de arquitectura que mucha gente viene a ver cada a√Īo.

guru tours barcelona

Catedral de Barcelona

La Catedral de Barcelona o "Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia de Barcelona" es un templo de estilo gótico comenzado en el siglo XIII y finalizado en el XV.

guru tours barcelona

Plz. de Sant Felip Neri

En la Plaza de Sant Felip Neri (San Felipe Neri) podemos encontrar la iglesia de su mismo nombre y uno de los lugares m√°s singulares de Barcelona.

guru tours barcelona

Plaza del Rey

La Plaza del Rey es una de las plazas del barrio g√≥tico, muy cercana a la Catedral de Barcelona y rodeada por la iglesia de Santa √Āgueda y el Palacio Real Mayor de Barcelona entre otros.

guru tours barcelona

Paseo de Gracia

El Paseo de Gracia o "Passeig de Gràcia" es una famosa calle comercial de Barcelona. Es una de las calles más atractivas de la ciudad y también es una de las calles más caras de Europa.

guru tours barcelona

Casa Amatller

Casa Amatller es un hermoso edificio en Barcelona que fue dise√Īado por Josep Puig i Cadafalch para la familia Amatller.

Free tours que pasan por estos lugares de interés

guru tours barcelona

Free Tour de Gaudí y el Modernismo (Barcelona)

guru tours barcelona

Guru : DonkeyTours

guru tours barcelona

Explora el corazón de la Sagrada Familia

guru tours barcelona

Guru : Gloria

guru tours barcelona

Sagrada Familia - La visión de Gaudí de la luz, la vida y la naturaleza

guru tours barcelona

Guru : Nostos Tours

guru tours barcelona

Free Tour Veeps Barcelona Completa

guru tours barcelona

Guru : Antonio

guru tours barcelona

Freemium Tour Gaudí y el Modernismo por Barcelona

guru tours barcelona

Guru : Guidecelona

guru tours barcelona

El Tour esencial de Barcelona: Barrios Gótico y Born

guru tours barcelona

Guru : Barkeno Tours

guru tours barcelona

Free tour por el Barrio G√≥tico en peque√Īos grupos

guru tours barcelona

Guru : Patricio

guru tours barcelona

Barrio Gótico - Historia y Leyendas Comedy Tour

guru tours barcelona

Guru : Charlie

guru tours barcelona

Duración : 2 horas y 30 min

guru tours barcelona

Duración : 1 horas y 15 min

guru tours barcelona

Sagrada Familia - La visi√≥n de Gaud√≠ de la luz, la vida y la naturaleza‚Äč

Duración : 1 hora

guru tours barcelona

Duración : 3 horas y 30 min

guru tours barcelona

Duración : 2 horas y 15 min

guru tours barcelona

Duración : 1 hora y 45 min

guru tours barcelona

Los mejores guías de free tours del mundo están aquí

GuruWalk Team

¬°√önete al equipo!

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Buscamos un profesional con ganas de aprender para unirse a un proyecto en pleno despegue.

guru tours barcelona

Apostamos por talento a largo plazo

Sobre tu misión a

Si GuruWalk ha llegado donde est√° hoy y tiene esta ambici√≥n de crecer, es gracias a un equipo motivado de grandes profesionales que ha sido apoyado por una cultura que les permite desarrollarse al m√°ximo su potencial. 

Cada nueva persona que se incorpora impacta el equipo y la cultura que tenemos y por eso somos muy exigentes a la hora de contratar.

Por este enfoque, hemos aprendido mucho a la hora de definir y contratar personas con alto potencial de aportar valor y hemos desarrollado nuestra propia metodolog√≠a que sigue en constante mejora. Buscamos una persona con ganas de aprender de nosotros con la intenci√≥n futura de responsabilizarse totalmente de esta √°rea con el mismo nivel de exigencia que tenemos. 

Esta persona se encargar√° tambi√©n de proactivamente  buscar y contactar perfiles que podr√≠an ser futuros grandes miembros del equipo ( sobre todo perfiles IT con experiencia). Tambi√©n desarrollar√° e implementar√°  estrategias de marca empleadora con la intenci√≥n de que el mejor talento quiera trabajar con nosotros, por lo que buscamos una persona creativa, con carisma y con buenas habilidades comunicativas y comerciales.

Tendr√°s total libertad de acci√≥n de hacer lo que creas que m√°s valor puede aportar en esta misi√≥n. Por eso buscamos una persona ambiciosa, con ganas de aprender y capacidad de auto-gestionarse para liderar este gran reto. 

  • Contrato a tiempo completo e indefinido
  • Sueldo competitivo (25-45k)
  • En una oficina luminosa y de f√°cil acceso en Valencia (centro – fnac)

¬ŅCu√°les ser√°n tus funciones?

  • Gestionar los procesos de selecci√≥n con el apoyo del responsable de cultura , con la idea de llevarlos luego solo.
  • Desarrollar e implementar estrateg√≠as de atracci√≥n de talento (sin necesidad de apoyo externo) y de employer branding, a nivel general y enfocado a perfiles IT.

¬ŅQu√© esperamos de ti?

  • Experiencia relacionada con el puesto (min. 2 a√Īos)
  • Eres una persona aut√≥noma y creativa (puedes gestionar todo tipo de tareas relacionadas con tu misi√≥n: autogesti√≥n y priorizaci√≥n de tu trabajo). 
  • Eres una persona cr√≠tica, organizada y proactiva . Te cuestionas siempre y usas datos para tomar mejores decisiones.
  • Tienes carisma , buenas habilidades comunicativas y comerciales y don de gentes: se te da bien conectar, despertar inter√©s y convencer a la gente y tienes empat√≠a hac√≠a los (potenciales) candidatos y para entender las necesidades de talento.
  • Tienes buenas habilidades informaticas: no te cuesta aprender nuevas herramientas online (por ejemplo para la b√ļsqueda y gesti√≥n de candidatos o para campa√Īas de employer branding) y usarlas luego con r√°pidez y facilidad. 
  • Se valorar√° la red de contactos, sobre todo de perfiles IT en Valencia. 
  • Te gusta trabajar en un entorno din√°mico y en movimiento continuo. 
  • Conocimiento muy flu√≠do del castellano.

Siempre estamos buscando a los mejores candidatos, por lo que si crees que encajarías bien, incluso si no cumples con el 100% de los requisitos, ¡nos encantaría saber de tí!

¬ŅPor qu√© unirte a GuruWalk?

Lo que hace GuruWalk diferente es su equipo y la cultura que tenemos, cuyos pilares m√°s importantes son el liderazgo compartido (no hay jefes, cada uno se responsabiliza de una misi√≥n), la mejora continua y el compa√Īerismo (somos un equipo unido y nos gusta pasar tiempo juntos).¬†

Creemos mucho en la inteligencia colectiva y nos preocupamos de que todos se sientan involucrados en la estrategia de la empresa y que su opinión sea escuchada. Somos muy transparentes y nos esforzamos por ser ágiles, experimentar y mejorar de forma continua. 

¬°√önete a GuruWalk y sentir√°s que formas parte de un gran proyecto con un prop√≥sito, con un gran impacto en el mundo y en la vida de miles de personas! ¬°GuruWalk est√° creciendo y t√ļ puedes crecer con nosotros! ūüöÄ

Lo que m√°s valora el equipo de trabajar en GuruWalk:

  • La¬† autonom√≠a y la confianza que damos a cada uno ¬†(libertad y responsabilidad).
  • La gran flexibilidad de horario de trabajo y vacaciones .¬†
  • Pertenecer a un equipo unido y motivado ¬†de personas con mucho talento.

Otros beneficios: 

  • Inversi√≥n en¬† formaci√≥n continua , tambi√©n durante la jornada laboral.
  • Eventos de teambuilding y ocio frecuentes.
  • Comida a cargo de la empresa todos los d√≠as.
  • Ambiente de trabajo internacional

Sobre GuruWalk

GuruWalk es el marketplace líder mundial en visitas guiadas de libre pago (free tours) que ya utilizan más de 200k viajeros cada mes, con un crecimiento interanual x4. Además, somos una empresa rentable que no depende de nuevos inversores. 

Nuestra misi√≥n es crear una compa√Ī√≠a con una cultura ejemplar para ser super eficaces ante problemas complejos y situaciones inciertas (como es una startup) y enfocando toda nuestra energ√≠a en maximizar el valor que aportamos para el negocio y la sociedad.¬†

Aplicamos esta misión al free tour como modelo innovador y disruptivo del turismo y donde nos posicionamos como expertos. Así nos acercaremos cada vez más de nuestra visión de un mundo donde todos los viajeros, sin importar su presupuesto, harán un free tour como primer contacto en una ciudad, abriéndose más la mente sobre el lugar que visitan.

Unos hechos relevantes: 

  • Fundado en Valencia en 2017
  • M√°s de 1 mill√≥n de euros de inversi√≥n externa
  • M√°s de 3 millones de viajeros han hecho free tours con nosotros
  • No se despidi√≥ a ning√ļn miembro del equipo durante el COVID y alcanzamos¬† break even ¬†en 2021 a pesar de las restricciones¬†
  • En 2022 hicimos un incremento de la facturaci√≥n de x4

Free walking tours in Barcelona

Tambi√©n tours en espa√Īol.

Plaça Catalunya,21 In front of the entrance of the hard rock café

OldTown Tour Daily 10:30H & 15:00H

Prepare yourself to enjoy a free tour through an ancient city, full of markets ,monuments and narrow streets that has reflected in a vivid history for more than 2.000 years.

Go with Goran

We did the old city tour,We liked Goran's clear and direct recounting of history and his amiable humor. Highly recommended.

Great walk around Old Barcelona

The pace was easily manageable and care was taken to ensure that a shady spot was taken for explanatory talks.

A wonderful tour in the old town

it was wonderful to listen at someone telling Catalan history and stories :) thanks Markus for these great discoveries

Gaudí Tour Daily 10:30H

Walk with us in our Barcelona Gaudi Modernism tour and discover unique gems of modernism era such as Casa Batllo, La Pedrera and obviously Gaud√≠¬īs awesome masterpiece: Sagrada Familia.

Gaudi architecture with Goran

Amazing time, 2-3 hours tour. Excellent guide, great with explanation, well-verse in history

Highly recommended

I went to the Gaudí modernism tour in the morning and i liked it so much that I did the Old town tour in the afternoon.

Great trips around magnificent city :)

I've been on tours with Hector and Goran, they were absolutely fantastic guides and provided me with a lot of useful trips and great stories about city.

Feel Free Tours

We organize free walking tours in Barcelona where guides work for tips (gratuities), meaning you may pay what you feel the tour was worth after the tour is completed. Our funny and motivated guides will offer you an unforgettable experience. Tours start every day in front of Hard Rock Café (Plaza Catalunya).

The tour guides will use our FEEL FREE TOURS shirt so you will recognize them easily. For more information or questions, please check FAQ


Meeting Point

FAQ World free tours --> Legal disclaimer Cookies policy work with us

Important Notice

Due to the covid-19 crisis all our free walking tours have been cancelled until further notice . we will resume offering tours as soon as possible. for any more information, please contact us. #stayathome.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, thanks

  • Best Free Tours in Barcelona: Theme by Theme

Best Free Tours Barcelona

If visiting Barcelona and looking for a nice introduction to the city , a Free Tour is always a great option. There are dozens of Free Tours in Barcelona, some are run by big multinationals and others by small locally-based companies. Our advice is always to go with the latter. Not only you help maintain the local economy but you will also get a more local flavour out of the experience. I am going to show you the best Free Tours in Barcelona but, in case you are new to the concept, let me explain first what a Free Tour is.

What is a Free Tour?

This is a concept that started in Europe in 2004 and that has spread all over the world. It is very simple: instead of pre-paying for a tour where the price is fixed, the customer decides the value after taking the tour. Simple, right? If the guides do a good job you will probably be happy to compensate for their work so it is a win-win situation.

Free Walking Tours have become so popular nowadays that are highly ranked on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Travel gurus like Rick Steves or reputable guidebooks like Lonely Planet also recommend some of these companies as one of the best ways to explore a city.

Barcelona Free Tour

Learning while having fun with a friendly guide is a must on a good quality Free Walking Tour.

So there is only one way to know if you will become the next big fan of Free Tours: try one. Now, as in any other fixed-price tour, quality varies enormously between the different Free Walking Tours so my advice is to compare and decide which one you think is best.

The Best Free Tours in Barcelona: Theme by Theme

Nowadays there are many companies in Barcelona offering Free Tours so the choice is overwhelming . I have selected for you a list of the most recommended ones depending on your interests. There are so many different types that you could almost spend your entire visit taking only Free Tours in Barcelona.

1- The Gothic Quarter Free Tour

The first Free Tour in Barcelona was actually Runner Bean Tours , a local company established by Ann-Marie and myself 10 years ago now. Wow! Time flies! After some time working as tour guides and quite frustrated by the level of customer care taken by the companies we worked for, we decided to start our own project.

 Barcelona's Gothic Quarter Free Tour

The Free Tour of the Gothic Quarter is the best introduction to Barcelona. Photo by Runner Bean Tours

The Gothic Quarter Free Tour was the one that was kick-started first by the company. The old medieval town of Barcelona is such a lovely area with over 2,000 years of history that it’s difficult for someone not to get charmed by it. On this Free Walking Tour, you will explore the nooks and crannies of the Gothic Quarter . Barcelona’s highlights, like the Cathedral or the old Jewish Quarter, are also included here. And to top it off, there is also time to marvel at Roman remains that have withstood the passage of time… with a few surprises along the way.

If learning about the history of the city and local traditions is your cup of tea, you would love this walking tour. Travel gurus like Rick Steves or Arthur Frommers have recommended Runner Bean Tours as well as thousands of visitors on sites like Google , TripAdvisor or Yelp . It is advisable to book in advance as, for quality purposes, numbers are limited.


2- The Street Art Free Tour

Barcelona is well known for its Street Art. I am not an expert in this field and that is why a while ago I took a walking tour with the guys at Barcelona Street Style . I have to say that it opened my eyes to a fascinating world completely unknown to me until then.

Street Style Barcelona Free Tour

To see another side of the city, you can join the Street Art Free Tour. Photo by Barcelona Street Style

They offer two Free Tours in Barcelona focused on graffiti: one around El Born & Gothic Quarter and the other one around El Raval . I would recommend the latter for a more varied and better line-up. The guides are fantastic and some of them are actual street artists themselves so they know every new inch of painted wall in Barcelona.

As well as the two Free Walking Tours, you can book a fixed price bike tour in the Poble Nou neighbourhood and even do a workshop to learn the techniques of Street Art. An extra skill to bring back home with you from Barcelona.


3- The Gaudí Free Tour

Antoni Gaud√≠ is one of the main reasons Barcelona attracts so many visitors. And who can blame them! The Catalan Art Nouveau architecture is one of the highlights of the city. Gaud√≠’s buildings top them all with his extravagant and genius creations.

Free Gaudi Tour Barcelona

The Free Tour of the Gaudí buildings in action. Photo by Runner Bean Tours

As the title says, the focus on this Free Tour is exclusively on Gaud√≠ . It includes his most important buildings in Barcelona, like Palau G√ľell, Casa Batll√≥ , La Pedrera and Sagrada Familia. A couple of metro rides are involved in order to cover the large distances between the sites. This is also a great opportunity to learn how to navigate the metro and what the best passes to buy are!

For many, Sagrada Familia and Gaudí are the highlights of their visit to Barcelona. If you want to know all about the man and his vision while learning his unusual techniques, this is the trip for you. The interior of the buildings are not part of this tour but you can ask your friendly guide for advice on which one/s to visit afterwards.


4- The Bike Free Tour

Cycling in Barcelona is just a pleasure. The city is renowned for its multiple cycle lanes , rain is quite rare and the city centre and waterfront are mainly flat. On this daily 2.5-hour Free Bike Tour you will cover the open areas of the city while feeling the Mediterranean breeze.

Bike Barcelona Free Tour

A bike tour is a great way to explore the waterfront of Barcelona. Photo by Free Bike Tour Barcelona

There is a small charge of ‚ā¨6 for the bike rental and the rest works on the usual Free Tour system of donations for the guide. They even offer helmets and child seats free of charge, always great news if you are¬† travelling with the little ones .

I recommend this option if what you want to see are the beaches, Ciutadella Park and the big avenues of the Eixample. It is a nice overview but, if you want more detailed information, take a walking tour in the old town or specialised tours, like the ones focused on Gaudí or Street Art. They limit their groups to 20 people so it is better to book beforehand to be sure you get a spot.


5- The Photography Free Tour


If photography is your thing, you will have a blast on this special free walking tour focusing on how to take the best Barcelona photos . You won’t see the main sites but areas that are special for their photogenic value. Worrying about not having the best equipment? Nothing to worry about. The daytime free tour is even mobile-friendly .

Photo Free Tour Barcelona

Take beautiful photographs of Barcelona and impress your friends back home. Photo by Phloc

Their main tour takes place around Pla√ßa d’Espanya and the site of the International Exhibition of 1929. There is also a night photography mini-workshop on offer that takes you around the more modern buildings of Barcelona.

6- The Born Free Tour

The old city of Barcelona is divided into three main sections: The Gothic Quarter, El Raval and La Rivera, also known as El Born. This array of small alleys is missing the spectacular architecture of the Gothic Quarter, except, perhaps, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Ma r (in the photo). However, it rewards visitors with a charming neighbourhood full of restaurants and trendy shops.

Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar is one of the sites to see on Barcelona’s El Born Free Tour.

This walking tour of El Born is a new addition to the market  of Free Tours. It was started by a multinational company with a base in Ireland that opened 7 years ago and has expanded to a few cities. The exterior of Palau de la Musica, Arc de Triomf, Ciutadella Park and Passeig del Born are all included on this Barcelona Free Tour. A great way to see another part of the city!

The tour is offered only on certain days so please be sure you check the schedule before booking. After the walk, I recommend enjoying a coffee or a beer at one of the many cafes and restaurants around. You will probably deserve it!

7- Free Tours in other languages (rather than English)

The ones above are the best Free Tours in Barcelona that I recommend if English is your main language. But nowadays you can find free tours in many other languages : from Spanish to Russian, Italian and even Hebrew.

A quick online search will give you a few options. As usual, my advice is to check the reputation of the company before booking as quality varies enormously within Free Tours. The same as with any other tour.

What to look for on a Free Tour?

As I just mentioned above, Free Tours are like any fixed-price tours. The quality depends on the care that the company puts into it and the professionality and knowledge of the guide. Everyone has their own preferences but, when I travel, these are the points that I always look for . They give me a pretty good idea if the tour I am looking at is going to be mediocre, nice or plain fantastic.

Is it a local company?

To me, this is a very important factor. Not only because I like supporting small businesses whenever I travel but, also, because the tour with a local company has that special local flavour that big multinationals can never achieve. Want unbiased local recommendations after your tour? Ask your local guide and you’ll be fine.

Of the free tours mentioned above , all except the last two are local companies. I am always on the lookout for new offers by local people so watch this space for updates.

Rick Steves in Barcelona with the founder of Runner Bean Tours

Me and Rick Steves, a great advocate for local companies, while helping him update his Barcelona book.

Do they try to up-sell other tours?

Let’s face it. There is nothing more annoying than a tour guide constantly advertising other products from the company. When I join a tour I just want to learn about the city. The last thing I need is more publicity disguised as information on a walking tour. I found that a great way to know if you are going to be bombarded with publicity is to check if the company has a pit stop at a bar or restaurant. If that is the case, this should raise a few red flags for you.

Are the tour guides professional?

With a professional guide (preferably with experience) half of the job is done for a good quality tour. Add to that a passionate guide who loves his/her job and you know you will be in good hands. I always read the about section on the company’s website. It gives me a clearer idea of who I am going to trust when visiting a new city. To put a face to these people before I even travel is just gold.

Chat during a free walking tour in Barcelona

A Free Walking Tour is always a good opportunity for a chat with your guide.

Is the tour sold through a third-party platform?

A new trend in the world of Free Tours is the re-sellers in the form of an app or a fancy website. I always stay away from these , not only for tours but also for attraction tickets. Remember that these are businesses and they do charge big commissions to the local tour companies that do the actual tour.¬†That big commission comes out of the guide’s pocket so, as the amount gets bigger, the guide is less happy and motivated, therefore, the quality goes down .

How much to tip on a Free Tour?

This is the hundred million dollar question! “ I have never taken a Free Tour before. How much do I tip? “. Well, this is a Free Tour system that works on donations but the amount, if any, is entirely up to you .

Take into account a couple of things. First, tips are the bread and butter of your guide so, if you do enjoy the tour, compensation is just fair. Also, the amount depends on many factors: how professional the guide was, how you enjoyed the actual tour, how expensive that city is to live in, etc. What I usually do is take a look at the prices charged for similar tours in that place. With this as a base, I go up or down depending on how much I enjoyed the walk.

Sagrada Familia on the Gaudi Free Tour

Doggies are also more than welcome on the Free Tours ūüôā


I was looking for free tours in Barcelona and your article helped me a lot. Thanks a lot!

Free Walking Tours Barcelona

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Hi, i will be in Barcelona between Oct 19-22, looking for The Gaudí Free Tour to see the Building, any schedule?

The Gaud√≠ Free Tour runs every day at 11am. The meeting point is Pla√ßa Reial. Look for the guides holding a big GREEN umbrella. You can easily book your place on the website here: Barcelona Free Tour – GAUD√ć .

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Spain's identity, not star power, vaulted them to Euro 2024 glory

ESPN FC team discuss what Spain need to improve following their Euro 2024 win. (1:26)

guru tours barcelona

BERLIN, Germany -- Last time Spain won the Euros, back in 2012, it was about Xavi and Andres Iniesta, Sergio Ramos and Gerard Piqué, Iker Casillas and Sergio Busquets , Xabi Alonso and Jordi Alba . Legends of Real Madrid and Barcelona who famously -- witness the pact between Xavi and Iker Casillas -- put the eternal rivalry aside to coalesce into a juggernaut capable of winning three consecutive major tournaments (Euro 2008, 2010 World Cup, Euro 2012), a feat never before achieved.

This time, in 2024, it's different, but not because this Spain side lacks superstars. Lamine Yamal , who finished the tournament with four assists, is pretty much already there, and Rodri is the best in the world at his position, though it's telling that after he was forced off at half-time to make way for Martín Zubimendi , Spain hardly missed a beat.

Nico Williams , who scored the opener and was named player of the match, may yet ascend to such heights and so might Dani Olmo , if he can stay fit. And yes, Dani Carvajal , well into his 30s, is pretty darn special too, but play the "Combined XI game" with the 2012 side and it's not much of a contest.

Sunday's Euro 2024 triumph by Spain is a win for an idea, for a way of playing and working, more than it is about individuals and stars. Johan Cruyff used to say that plan B was simply believing more in plan A and executing it better; that's what Spain did in a tournament that saw them win all seven games, six of them before the 90th minute. Nobody in Euros history had ever done that. In men's major tournament history, the only side to achieve it was Brazil in 2002, a team so loaded with talent that its front three were Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. (The only women's team in any competition? The U.S. at the 2019 World Cup.)

On Sunday in Berlin, Spain set up in their 4-3-3 (though it mutated into a 4-2-3-1 when they had the ball, which was most of the time), played a possession-and-pressing game and were unafraid to go north-south with their gifted young wingers, Yamal and Williams, when the opportunity presented itself. That's an idea and an identity, and it came together under a bespectacled Spanish Football Association apparatchik, Luis de la Fuente, a guy who spent more than a decade working internally, bouncing among the age groups. Were the Spanish FA a government ministry, he'd be the bureaucrat who devotes a lifetime to civil service and suddenly ascends to the top job.

In fact, de la Fuente has a history with these players. Fabián Ruiz , Dani Olmo and Mikel Oyarzabal -- with Oyarzabal coming on to score the winner on Sunday -- were key to his Under-21 side that won the Euros in 2019. So was Mikel Merino , who scored the winner against Germany in the quarterfinal. Unai Simón , Spain's current starting keeper, was in that squad as well. Rodri, Merino and Simón were also part of his Under-19 side that won the Euros in 2015.

De la Fuente also coached Spain's Olympic team to a silver medal in Tokyo in 2021. Who was there? Simón, Marc Cucurella , Zubimendi, Merino, Oyarzabal, Pedri (injured for this final) and Olmo.

Make no mistake about it: These were his players. This was his group. And they played his way, however much he may give off dorky substitute teacher vibes.

Spain was super-charged on the wings with Yamal and Williams and brought in a couple of French-born ringers at the back ( Robin Le Normand and Aymeric Laporte ), but this group wasn't just thrown together, its roots run deep. And maybe that's why, at each road bump in this tournament -- dominating Italy in the group stage, but failing to capitalize in the first half, being taken to extra time by Germany, going a goal down to France in the semifinal -- they remained unflappable and relentless. They had an idea. They had faith.

Yet that faith was tested by Gareth Southgate's England in a first half that saw Spain's opponents manage to slow the tempo of the game to a crawl. Space was congested and bodies were in the way; it was as if both teams played in Moon Boots and the upshot was that no real save was made by either keeper until the 45th minute.

Were Spain knocked off their stride? Nope. They had belief. They stuck to plan A and did it better, even after losing their (arguably) best player, Rodri. The goal that put them ahead did get a bit of help from some poor England defending, but it nevertheless came from de la Fuente's playbook, with Yamal cutting in from the right and Olmo trailing into the middle. Indeed, both Yamal and Williams had excellent chances immediately after.

When Southgate made his changes -- first Ollie Watkins for Harry Kane on the hour mark, then Cole Palmer for Kobbie Mainoo with 20 minutes left -- and was rewarded with Palmer's equalizer, there was a moment when you felt the momentum shift. England fans behind Simón's goal roared in song, while the white waves in the stands grew more turbulent. England were zippier with Bellingham suddenly playing centrally with Palmer, while Foden and Saka threatened out wide and Watkins kept rampaging between the center-backs.

Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf heap praise on Spain manager Luis De La Fuente following Spain's Euro 2024 triumph.

Time for an adjustment or tactical countermeasure to blunt the rising English tide? Nope. In fact, Yamal had perhaps the best chance of the game after Palmer leveled and shortly thereafter, Oyarzabal -- who had come on for Morata at center-forward -- notched the winner.

That sort of coaching, when it works, fosters confidence and bolsters the players on the pitch. So do dramatic sequences such as the late pinball in the area, with Simón making his first real save of the game off Declan Rice and then Olmo heading away Marc Guéhi 's finish before Rice put the rebound over the bar. Bit of luck and randomness in that one? Sure, but when it goes your way, it only makes you believe even more that this is your night, and the subsequent chest bump between Cucurella and Olmo spoke volumes in this regard. Spain weren't going to let this slip away, and they didn't.

Credit the players, of course -- always, in fact -- but credit the process and the system that nurtured de la Fuente and allowed the core of this side to grow over time.

You hesitate to draw conclusions from these sorts of tournaments because they're short and often random in nature. But when a team is this dominant, this unflappable, this eyes-on-the-prize determined, you can't help but conclude there's something more there. That maybe ideas and identity matter more than we think, and that you don't need a fancy big-name guru to lead your national side (USSF, take note).

In those situations, you just need a guy with a plan, who knows how to execute and who has the players in the palm of his hands. Much like de la Fuente did as Spain won a record fourth European crown.

guru tours barcelona

Barcelona's Raval neighbourhood is considered one of the most multicultural areas of the city. A great way to explore this area is with a free tour, such as the Free Tours of El Raval that we offer here at Guruwalk. It will take you around the area and show you some of its incredible buildings, architecture and history. The tours are a fantastic way to learn about the area from the locals. One of the highlights of El Raval is undoubtedly the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. It has been recently renovated and revitalised. This museum was created to showcase contemporary art by international artists, including those with a social message. It is part of Barcelona's Museum City and covers three neighbourhoods: El Raval, C√≤rsega and Poblenou. Barcelona has its own art scene and it is evolving every day. Recently, one artist painted a mural on the wall in Barcelona's Raval and others have followed suit. It is a great example of what is happening in this city when it comes to urban art. The mural features different figures who are all holding hands. The artist was inspired by the idea that people should walk together, hand in hand, and not be judged by their origins or gender expression. Continuing with the artistic expression that so characterises this Barcelona neighbourhood, we must not leave out the Palau G√ľell. The Palau G√ľell was a house built by Antoni Gaud√≠ for Count Eusebi de G√ľell. At the end of the 19th century, Antoni Gaud√≠ began to work on the architecture of the Palau G√ľell. In 1883 he had finished his first draft of the project and by 1886 he had completed it. He was commissioned to build it by Count Eusebi de Guelle, who wanted a summer residence for his family and commissioned it in 1885. The building is surrounded by two gardens and has a limestone fa√ßade with bas-relief drawings of plants and animals. Palau G√ľell is one of the most visited monuments in Barcelona due to its unique architecture that combines Gothic, Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles. As you can see, the Raval neighbourhood has a lot to offer. In its offer stands out the Art that is born from the multiculturalism and history of this particular area of Barcelona.

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    I recently experienced the "Secrets of Bohemian Barcelona" tour with Dominika, and it was a captivating journey! Dominika's enthusiasm and deep knowledge made every story come alive, especially as we traced Picasso's footsteps and explored the unique history of places like the Gothic Quarter and Chinatown.

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