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koaloha ukulele tour

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koaloha ukulele tour

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KoAloha Ukulele - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

KoAloha Ukulele Review

KoAloha Longneck Soprano Ukulele

Looking for an authentic Hawaiian ukulele? KoAloha builds amazing instruments in Honolulu, using fine tonewoods including acacia, opio, and of course real Hawaiian koa.

In the beginning, the company offered only soprano ukuleles, which Alvin Okami built one at a time, complete with handmade wooden labels. Over time, KoAloha has grown – but the company’s instruments continue to reflect tradition while offering handcrafted quality that is seen in many unique features.

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  • Great for the beginners
  • Master Half Notes, Quarter Notes, and Eighth Notes
  • Develop amazing right hand strumming technique
  • Learn how to play in ‘time’ and keep a solid rhythm
  • Memorize essential major, minor, and 7th chords

koaloha ukulele tour

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Best KoAloha Ukuleles Reviewed

KoAloha ukuleles are like nothing else. Sweet, pure sound is the company’s hallmark, and thanks to unique features, these instruments offer exquisite looks and an incredible feel in hand.

Inside each KoAloha Ukulele is a one-piece internal bracing system called the unibrace. This supports the instrument’s top, back, and sides, assuring durability and inspiring confidence that the KoAloha “Better than the Weather” warranty won’t need to be tested anytime soon.

In case you do need to use the warranty, you’ll be glad to discover that KoAloha will either repair or replace your ukulele if there are problems – and that promise lasts for life.

Most KoAloha ukuleles have Musubi soundholes, which are a rounded, triangular shape. You might spot a few older ones with round or oval soundholes on the secondhand market but all contemporary models currently listed have the Musubi shaped soundhole.

There are a couple of other distinguishing features that give KoAloha ukuleles their signature look.

First is the crown-shaped headstock, which features five points. This shape is reflected in the KoAloha Sceptre ukulele, which is a custom build that can be pretty hard to find.

The headstock is adorned with KoAloh’s signature logo, and most models come with KoAloha friction tuners although there are a few that rely on geared Grover tuning machines instead.

Before we dive deeper into the wonderful world of KoAloha ukuleles, we’d like to mention that this review focuses on a few unique models that captured our attention.

Don’t worry if the one you’re interested in isn’t mentioned here! We’d review every single ukulele produced by KoAloha if we had time, but for now, it’s worth mentioning that this company offers nothing but the best, as you’ll see if you ever get the opportunity to take the factory tour like Terry did.

You’re not going to find an economy-grade uke here but if you do decide to invest in a KoAloha, you’ll have a very difficult time putting it down.

KoAloha Longneck Soprano Ukulele

KoAloha Longneck Soprano Ukulele

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Also known as the “Super Soprano,” the KoAloha Soprano Long Neck ukulele features a concert-length neck on a soprano sized body with a traditional profile. The longneck style ukulele has more frets for greater range. It gives your fingers more room to move, and as you’d expect from an instrument of this caliber, the neck is made with solid hardwood for lasting durability.

Soundwise, the KoAloha Longneck soprano ukulele offers plenty of warmth, with bright, sunny tones and a surprising amount of depth given the instrument’s small size. The type of wood you choose will have a subtle impact on the sound.

  • Solid wood body
  • TUSQ nut and saddle
  • Inlaid wood KoAloha logo on headstock
  • 5-pointed crown headstock
  • 17 frets (12 frets to body)
  • KoAloha friction tuners
  • Inlaid wood fret markers
  • Solid hardwood neck
  • Premium KoAloha fluorocarbon strings

KoAloha longneck soprano ukuleles are available in Opio, Mango, and Koa woods. A high-quality padded gig bag is included, and the instrument arrives set up and ready for your playing enjoyment.

KoAloha Slimline Tenor

KoAloha Slimline Tenor

From the front, the KoAloha Slimline Tenor ukulele looks just like a standard tenor uke. Take a look at the instrument’s profile though, and you’ll notice that this ukulele is slimmer than usual. Even though this ukulele has a pared-down profile, the sound is rich and full.

This instrument offers an amazing fit and finish. It’s easy to hold whether you opt to add electronics or not, and it’s so pretty that you might find yourself hanging it up instead of storing it inside a bag!

  • Designed for use with a pickup if desired
  • KoAloha geared tuners
  • Inlaid wood or abalone fret markers
  • Crown-shaped five-point headstock
  • 20-fret straight-cut fretboard, joined at the 15 th fret
  • Musubi soundhole

The KoAloha Slimline Tenor ukulele is available in a few different wood options depending on what Koaloha had available during their manufacturing run. Mango, mahogany, and Hawaiian Koa are some options.

It’s worth noting that the KoAloha Slimline Tenor isn’t always available. These ukuleles are produced in limited batches and if you have the opportunity to get one, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot.

KoAloha Tenor Ukulele

KoAloha Tenor Ukulele

There’s no doubt about it: Tenor ukuleles are more popular than ever, and the KoAloha Tenor is as close to perfection as you can get. Silky, sweet sound, incredible classic looks, and outstanding playability make this an exceptional instrument.

No two KoAloha ukuleles are the same, since all the woods are hand-selected. As you’ll see when you take a closer look, the artisans who build these instruments do an exceptional job with matching the woods and ensuring that the grain is straight. While this doesn’t impact sound, the level of attention to detail ensures outstanding visual appeal in every ukulele KoAloha builds.

  • Solid wood top, back, and sides
  • Inlaid frets and inlaid KoAloha logo in headstock
  • 20-fret fretboard joined at the 15 th fret
  • Patented KoAloha Musubi soundhole

As you might expect, the KoAloha Tenor Ukulele offers plenty of volume, and such clarity that you’ll wonder where it has been all your life. It comes in a variety of wood options including Hawaiian Koa, with a gorgeous finish that shows off the wood’s grain to perfection.

KoAloha Soprano Solid Koa Pineapple Ukulele


Affectionatley known as the Pineapple King Koa, the KoAloha Soprano Solid Koa Pineapple Ukulele offers compact sizing and the gorgeous sound that only solid koa wood can provide. This unique ukulele stands out not just for its sweet voice and awesome projection, but also for its glossy finish, exceptional fittings, and portability.

  • All Hawaiian Koa body
  • CNC-cut Sapele neck
  • KoAloha 5-pointed crown headstock
  • KoAloha Friction Tuners
  • Soprano size fretboard, 12 Fretd
  • All Hawaiian Koa Binding on Fretboard edge
  • KoAloha’s patented “Musubi” soundhole
  • Clear high gloss finish

KoAloha Concert Ukulele KCM-00


Another solid koa wood ukulele, handmade by the artisans at KoAloha! If you’re looking for a concert ukulele that will stand the test of time, this is certainly one to put on your shortlist. Warm, rich sound that can improve with time and proper care, a stunning finish, and gorgeous abalone inlay are just a few things that make this concert ukulele worth a look – and a listen !

  • All Solid Hawaiian Koa Body
  • CNC-cut Mahogany Tenor Neck
  • TUSQ Nut and Saddle
  • KoAloha 5-pointed Crown Headstock
  • Ebony Fretboard and Bridge
  • 17-Fret Fretboard, Joined at the 13th Fret
  • KoAloha’s Patented “Musubi” Soundhole
  • High gloss finish
  • Abalone inlay headstock logo and fret markers

KoAloha Concert Long Neck Ukulele


Love the sound of a concert ukulele but long for the added versatility of a tenor? If so, you’ll want to see what the KoAloha concert long neck ukulele has to offer. Also known as the super concert ukulele, this beautiful instrument is handcrafted in Hawaii using solid koa wood that ensures durability and superior sound . As Terry says, you get the best of both worlds with this ukulele!

  • All Hawaiian Koa body (Top, Sides and Back)
  • CNC-cut Mahogany tenor neck
  • Ebony fretboard and straight design bridge
  • Tenor size fretboard
  • Abalone logo and fret marker on 5, 7, 10, and 12th fret

How much do KoAloha Ukuleles Cost?

As with other brands, prices vary. You can sometimes find entry-level models on sale for less than $500 , while the company’s custom instruments typically fetch $2,500 or more.

Overall, are KoAloha Ukuleles a good choice?

Granted, an entry-level KoAloha ukulele is going to come at a higher price than you’ll pay for a mass-produced instrument, however it’s one that you’ll be proud to own for years to come.

For those who want a gorgeous upgrade to a real Hawaiian ukulele made in the islands, KoAloha is an outstanding choice. There’s something here for just about everyone.

If you’re looking for a quality ukulele that will stand the test of time, then be sure to put KoAloha on your shortlist. This family-owned company builds some of the world’s best ukuleles, focusing on fine craftsmanship and quality materials, and resulting in instruments that are a joy to own and play.

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Terry is a San Diego based ukulelist, guitarist, and songwriter. Through his 25 years he has worked with some of finest musicians on the planet.Terry is the creator of Uke Like The Pros and Rock Like The Pros, online instructional sites aimed at helping people become better ukulele and guitar players.

Kala Ukulele Review

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KoAloha Ukulele Tour

koaloha ukulele tour

One of my favorite tours in Honolulu is the KoAloha Ukulele Tour. Not just for tourists, this family run shop and showroom gives visitors an inside look at the making of a ukulele and a short history behind the company and Hawaiian music. If you’re looking for family friendly activities near Waikiki, this tour ten minutes from the main hotels offers a unique perspective of this beloved instrument.


There are a lot of misconceptions that I had about Hawaiian music. Yes, there are still ukulele and hula dancers, but they aren’t just for luaus. The famous ukulele can make many more sounds and be incorporated into different styles of music.

When we arrived at KoAloha I was under the impression that we’d get a short tour, see a few ukuleles and then leave. I imagined a normal tour, where the staff is friendly and helpful but they don’t play an active role. From the second we walked in, the Okami family treated us as long-lost friends and we were greeted with huge smiles from all the boys (I say boys because even though not every employee is related, this shop is run like a family.) They showed us around each room, discussing in great detail how each uke got its shape, how they date and tag them and what types of wood they use.

My favorite part was definitely learning about the shaping of the wood- how each cut, trim and sanding is a delicate and mastered process. My second favorite part would be getting to know the Okami family and feeling like a part of a secret club from the second I walked in. I left not just having a great day but with friends for life.

Here are some of my photos from the tour:

KoAloha Ukulele tour

After my week in Honolulu learning about the history and culture around Hawaiian music, I now have much more appreciation for the skill and art behind the music and instrument. Now, I just need to learn how to play!

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Ukulele Insider

Ukulele Insider

Koaloha ukulele: ultimate guide to the perfect musical companion.

Koaloha ukulele

As an avid ukulele enthusiast and advisor, I’m thrilled to share my in-depth knowledge and passion for Koaloha Ukuleles. If you’re considering investing in a high-quality ukulele, this comprehensive guide will take you through Koaloha Ukuleles. From understanding what sets them apart to selecting the perfect instrument for your needs and maintaining it for a lifetime of musical joy, we’ll cover it all.

With its melodic and charming sound, the ukulele has captured the hearts of musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. Koaloha Ukuleles has emerged as a symbol of craftsmanship, quality, and innovation among the many ukulele brands available. In this comprehensive manual, I will accompany you on a journey to delve into the world of Koaloha, uncovering the reasons behind their esteemed reputation and offering valuable knowledge to aid you in making a well-informed decision.

What is a Koaloha Ukulele?

Koaloha Ukulele is a distinguished brand renowned for its dedication to the art of ukulele craftsmanship. Established in Hawaii in 1995, Koaloha has been a frontrunner in the industry, consistently producing top-tier ukuleles. What sets them apart is their commitment to manual craftsmanship, a deep appreciation for sound quality, and an unwavering passion for innovative design.

Why Choose a Koaloha Ukulele?

The decision to invest in a Koaloha Ukulele is a choice that reflects a commitment to musical excellence and a deep appreciation for superior craftsmanship. Here’s why these ukuleles are a standout choice:

Superior Craftsmanship

At the heart of every Koaloha ukulele lies a story of artistry and precision . Crafted by skilled artisans, each instrument embodies the essence of handwork and dedication. Koaloha’s commitment to craftsmanship shines through in every ukulele they produce, from selecting the finest tonewoods to the intricate detailing.

The meticulous attention to detail at Koaloha extends to the joinery, bracing, and finishing. A dedication to perfection ensures each ukulele delivers an extraordinary playing experience.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Sound quality is the soul of any musical instrument, and Koaloha Ukuleles do not disappoint. The harmonious blend of skillful craftsmanship and carefully chosen tonewoods produces a rich, warm, and perfectly balanced tone. Whether strumming gently, picking with precision, or experimenting with various playing styles, a Koaloha ukulele responds with exquisite clarity and resonance.

Unique Design

Koaloha ukuleles are not merely musical instruments; they are works of art. The brand is celebrated for its innovative designs, which push the boundaries of ukulele aesthetics. One standout feature is the signature “Musubi” soundhole, inspired by the Hawaiian musubi rice ball. This distinctive design enhances the ukulele’s visual appeal and contributes to its unique sound.

Finding the Perfect Koaloha Ukulele

Now that we’ve established what makes Koaloha Ukuleles special let’s explore the crucial factors to consider when choosing the perfect Koaloha ukulele for your musical journey.

Consider Your Skill Level

Koaloha offers a wide range of ukuleles tailored to different skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting your musical exploration or an experienced player seeking an upgrade, there’s a Koaloha ukulele designed to meet your specific needs.

For beginners, Koaloha’s entry-level models provide an excellent starting point. They offer affordability without compromising quality, making them ideal for those embarking on their ukulele journey.

Koaloha offers premium models for more seasoned players that deliver exceptional sound and craftsmanship. These instruments are the culmination of years of experience and innovation, designed to satisfy the discerning tastes of advanced musicians.

Size Matters – Soprano vs. Concert vs. Tenor vs. Baritone

Koaloha offers ukuleles in various sizes, each with distinct characteristics, catering to a diverse range of players. When choosing a Koaloha ukulele, consider your playing style, comfort, and the tonal qualities you desire. Here’s a closer look at the different sizes:

Soprano ukuleles are the smallest in the ukulele family and are known for their bright and cheerful sound. Their compact size makes them ideal for beginners and players with smaller hands. The soprano ukulele’s pleasant tone is perfect for traditional Hawaiian music and strumming. The soprano size is excellent if you enjoy the portability and classic, bright ukulele sound.

Concert ukuleles offer more room and a fuller tone than sopranos. They balance the compactness of sopranos and the depth of larger ukuleles. This size is versatile for players of all levels and musical genres. The concert size is an excellent option for a more balanced and resonant sound with a comfortable playing experience.

Tenor ukuleles provide even more space and a richer, warmer tone than concert ukuleles. They are favored by many professional players and those who want more depth and projection from their instruments. The tenor size is well-suited for both strumming and fingerpicking styles. The tenor size is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a ukulele with a broader tonal range and comfortable playability.

Baritone ukuleles are the largest in the ukulele family and offer a deep, robust, and guitar-like tone. They are tuned differently from soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles, making them a distinctive choice. Baritone ukuleles are favored by musicians who appreciate the versatility of a larger instrument and seek a sound closer to that of a traditional acoustic guitar. The baritone size is an excellent option if you’re transitioning from the guitar or desire a unique ukulele experience.

Each ukulele size has its unique charm and is well-suited for various playing styles and musical genres. When selecting a Koaloha ukulele, consider the size that resonates with your musical aspirations, and you’ll find an instrument that enhances your playing journey.

Tonewood Selection

The choice of tonewood plays a significant role in shaping the sound of your ukulele. Koaloha meticulously chooses premium tonewoods, and having a grasp of their traits can empower you to make a knowledgeable decision:

Koa wood is a cherished Hawaiian tonewood known for its bright, clear tone. It’s highly sought after for its visual appeal, with gorgeous grain patterns that vary from instrument to instrument.

Cedar is prized for its warmth and resonance. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a mellow and balanced sound.

Mahogany offers a warm, rich, and full-bodied tone. It’s known for its versatility and is a popular choice among ukulele players.

When selecting a Koaloha ukulele, consider how these tonewoods influence the sound and find the one that resonates with your musical preferences.

Playability and Comfort

A comfortable playing experience is essential for enjoying your ukulele to the fullest. When choosing a Koaloha ukulele, pay attention to factors that contribute to playability:

Neck Profile

The comfort you feel while holding the ukulele can be significantly influenced by the neck’s shape and thickness. Some players prefer a thinner neck, while others prefer a slightly thicker one. Try different neck profiles to find your ideal fit.

Action refers to the height of the strings above the fretboard. Lower action can make playing easier for beginners, while more experienced players may prefer a slightly higher action for specific playing styles.

Visiting a music store and trying out various Koaloha ukuleles can be an enlightening experience. The instrument that feels like an extension of your hands is the one you should consider.

Maintaining Your Koaloha Ukulele

Once you’ve chosen your Koaloha ukulele, it’s essential to care for it properly to ensure it continues to delight you with its melodies for years to come. Here are some important maintenance tips:

Proper Cleaning and Care

Regular maintenance involves keeping your ukulele clean and protecting its finish. Here’s what you should do:

After each playing session, use a gentle, lint-free cloth to clean your ukulele. This simple step helps remove dust, fingerprints, and sweat, preserving the instrument’s appearance.

Invest in a high-quality ukulele polish compatible with your instrument’s finish. Apply it sparingly to maintain the shine and protect the wood.

String Care

Strings can wear out over time and affect the sound. Consider changing your strings periodically to keep your ukulele sounding its best.

Humidity Control

Koaloha ukuleles are crafted from wood, and wood is sensitive to changes in humidity. Ensuring the correct humidity level is essential for safeguarding the integrity of your instrument. Here’s how to do it:

Invest in a ukulele-specific humidifier. These small devices release moisture into the ukulele case, preventing the wood from drying out or cracking.

Utilize a hygrometer to keep track of the humidity levels within your ukulele case and strive to maintain a relative humidity range of 40% to 60% for the best health of the wood.

Store your ukulele in a case to protect it from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations when not in use.

Where to Buy Your Koaloha Ukulele

Once you’re ready to make your Koaloha ukulele dream a reality, it’s essential to consider where and how to make your purchase.

Authorized Dealers vs. Online Sellers

One crucial decision is buying from an authorized dealer or an online seller. Each option has its pros and cons:

Authorized Dealers

Purchasing from an authorized dealer provides the advantage of authenticity and the opportunity to play and test the ukulele in person. You can receive expert advice and personalized service, ensuring you make the right choice.

Online Sellers

Online sellers offer convenience and sometimes a wider range of options. However, it’s essential to research the seller’s reputation and return policy to ensure a safe purchase.

Price Range and Budget Considerations

Koaloha offers ukuleles in various price ranges, catering to a wide range of budgets. When determining your budget, consider the following:

Higher-end models often come with superior craftsmanship, tonewoods, and sound quality. If you’re a serious player, it may be worth investing in a premium model.

If you’re a beginner, breaking the bank is unnecessary. Koaloha’s entry-level ukuleles provide excellent quality at an affordable price point.

Intermediate Players

Intermediate players may find that a mid-range Koaloha ukulele perfectly balances quality and affordability.

Take your time to explore the options within your budget and consult with experts or experienced players if needed. A well-informed decision will lead to a ukulele that brings you joy for years.

In conclusion, acquiring a Koaloha Ukulele is not just a transaction; it’s an opportunity to embark on a musical voyage enriched by beautiful tones and unmatched craftsmanship. The allure of superior sound quality, innovative design, and dedication to detail make Koaloha ukuleles a top choice for musicians worldwide .

As you venture into Koaloha, consider your skill level, the size that suits you best, the tonewood that resonates with your soul, and the playability that ensures a comfortable musical experience. And remember the importance of proper care to protect your investment.

Whether strumming under the Hawaiian sun or serenading friends and family, a Koaloha ukulele will be your faithful musical companion. Enjoy the journey, and may your ukulele play melodies that warm your heart and inspire your soul.

What makes Koaloha ukuleles unique?

Koaloha ukuleles are celebrated for their superior craftsmanship, exceptional sound quality, and innovative designs, such as the signature “Musubi” soundhole.

Are Koaloha ukuleles suitable for beginners?

Yes, Koaloha offers ukuleles suitable for all skill levels, including beginners. Their entry-level models provide affordability without compromising on quality.

Which tonewood should I choose for my Koaloha ukulele?

The choice of tonewood depends on your sound preferences. Koa offers brightness, cedar provides warmth, and mahogany delivers a rich, full-bodied tone. Each has unique characteristics, so choose the one that resonates with you.

How should I clean my Koaloha ukulele?

After playing, gently employ a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe your ukulele, eliminating dust and sweat. Apply a ukulele-specific polish sparingly to maintain the instrument’s shine and protect the wood.

Do Koaloha ukuleles require special humidity control?

Yes, Wooden Koaloha ukuleles are sensitive to humidity fluctuations. To maintain optimal wood health, invest in a ukulele-specific humidifier, monitor humidity levels with a hygrometer, and store your ukulele in a case when not in use.

Can I buy a Koaloha ukulele online?

While online sellers offer convenience, purchasing from an authorized dealer ensures authenticity and the opportunity to test the ukulele in person. It’s a significant investment, so choose wisely.

What is the price range for Koaloha ukuleles?

Koaloha offers ukuleles in various price ranges, allowing you to find one that fits your budget while enjoying exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Explore the options within your budget to make an informed choice.

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Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha & KoAlana

KoAlana KCA-10SP Sapele Concert Ukulele w/Case (KoAlana by KoAloha)

KoAlana KCA-10SP Sapele Concert Ukulele w/Case (KoAlana by KoAloha)

Regular price $259.00

KoAlana KSA-10SP Sapele Soprano Ukulele w/Case - (KoAlana by KoAloha)

KoAlana KSA-10SP Sapele Soprano Ukulele w/Case - (KoAlana by KoAloha)

Regular price $219.00

KoAlana KTA-10SP Sapele Tenor Ukulele w/Case - (KoAlana by KoAloha)

KoAlana KTA-10SP Sapele Tenor Ukulele w/Case - (KoAlana by KoAloha)

Regular price $279.00

KoAloha KCM-00 Solid Koa Concert Ukulele w/Case #1 - Made in Hawaii

KoAloha KCM-00 Solid Koa Concert Ukulele w/Case #1 - Made in Hawaii

Regular price $1,249.00

KoAloha KCM-00 Solid Koa Concert Ukulele w/Case #2 - Made in Hawaii

KoAloha KCM-00 Solid Koa Concert Ukulele w/Case #2 - Made in Hawaii

KoAloha KCM-10RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Concert Ukulele w/Case #1 - Made In Hawaii

KoAloha KCM-10RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Concert Ukulele w/Case #1 - Made In Hawaii

Regular price $1,349.00

KoAloha KCM-10RPE-MG Solid Mango Royal Pikake Electric Concert Ukulele w/Case - Made In Hawaii

KoAloha KCM-10RPE-MG Solid Mango Royal Pikake Electric Concert Ukulele w/Case - Made In Hawaii

Regular price $1,195.00

KoAloha KCM-25 25th Anniversary Concert Ukulele - Solid Hawaiian Koa - - Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha KCM-25 25th Anniversary Concert Ukulele - Solid Hawaiian Koa - Limited Edition

Regular price $1,370.00

KoAloha KCNP-00 Naupaka Concert Ukulele w/Case #1 - Koa/Mango - Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha KCNP-00 Naupaka Concert Ukulele w/Case #1 - Koa/Mango

Regular price $1,299.00

KoAloha KCO-02 Solid Acacia Concert Long Neck Ukulele w/Case - Opio Uk - Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha KCO-02 Solid Acacia Concert Long Neck Ukulele w/Case - Opio Ukulele

Regular price $649.00

KoAloha KCO-10 Solid Acacia Opio Concert Ukulele w/Case  #1 - Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha KCO-10 Solid Acacia Opio Concert Ukulele w/Case #1

Regular price $589.00

KoAloha KCO-10S Concert Ukulele Opio w/Case - Solid Spruce/Solid Acaci - Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha KCO-10S Concert Ukulele Opio w/Case - Solid Spruce/Solid Acacia

Regular price $749.00

KoAloha KSM-00 Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele w/Case #3 - Made in Hawaii

KoAloha KSM-00 Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele w/Case #3 - Made in Hawaii

Regular price $899.00

KoAloha KSM-01 Solid Koa Soprano Pineapple Ukulele - Made in Hawaii

KoAloha KSM-01 Solid Koa Soprano Pineapple Ukulele - Made in Hawaii

Regular price $979.00

KoAloha KSM-02 Solid Koa Soprano Long Neck w/Case - Concert Scale - Super Soprano

KoAloha KSM-02 Solid Koa Soprano Long Neck w/Case - Concert Scale - Super Soprano

Regular price $1,099.00

KoAloha KSM-03RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Pineapple Soprano Long Neck Ukulele #1 - Made In Hawaii

KoAloha KSM-03RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Pineapple Soprano Long Neck Ukulele #1 - Made In Hawaii

Regular price $1,199.00

KoAloha KSM-03RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Pineapple Soprano Long Neck Ukulele #2 - Made In Hawaii

KoAloha KSM-03RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Pineapple Soprano Long Neck Ukulele #2 - Made In Hawaii

KoAloha KSM-10RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Soprano Ukulele - Made In Hawa - Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha KSM-10RP Solid Koa Royal Pikake Soprano Ukulele - Made In Hawaii

KoAloha KSM-25 25th Anniversary Soprano Ukulele - Solid Hawaiian Koa - Limited Edition KoAloha

KoAloha KSM-25 25th Anniversary Soprano Ukulele - Solid Hawaiian Koa - Limited Edition

KoAloha KSM-T2 Solid Koa Soprano /Tenor Neck - Made in Hawaii - Aloha City Ukes

KoAloha KSM-T2 Solid Koa Soprano /Tenor Neck - Made in Hawaii

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Ukulele Resource Center

The Ukulele Review

April 18, 2017

koaloha ukulele tour

The culture of ohana within the company is obvious. The instruments, their voices, designs, and the feel are what many ukulele enthusiasts and professionals have come to love. Check out this overview of the models in the tabs below and check individual available ukes from KoAloha HERE .

koaloha ukulele tour

KSM-00 Koa Soprano

koaloha ukulele tour

Kalei gives us a “raw” sound sample of the soprano KoAloha.

Pineapple & Pineapple Longneck

KSM-02 Koa Soprano Long Neck

The long neck soprano, or super soprano as it’s sometimes called, is a soprano size body with a concert length scale. It has a soprano sound with a bit more brightness and a little more range with four more frets.

koaloha ukulele tour

KSM-T2 Koa Soprano Tenor Scale

KCM-10 Koa Concert “Pikake”

koaloha ukulele tour

KCM-02 Koa Concert Long Neck

koaloha ukulele tour

The KCM-02 has a a concert sized body with a tenor 17″ scale. For many this is the optimal KoAloha. You basically get a tenor with a voice more focused in the mid and higher frequencies. Classic ukulele sounds and a wonderful tenor feel.

KTM-00 Koa Tenors

koaloha ukulele tour

Variations on the KTM-00

Ktm-10 “pikake”.

KTMS-00 Slimline

KTR-00 “Rosette”

KTN-00 “Naupaka”

Neal Chin is one of the artists that plays the KoAloha Tenor

Dvi koa guilele (tenor scale).

koaloha ukulele tour

The KoAloha D6 is a tenor sized 6 string tuned A to A, like a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret, or an ukulele with two lower strings.

Australian Musician Ryo Montgomery on his D-VI

Koa concert “special issue”.

Special Issues are a fairly new offering from KoAloha. Every few months they release a unique and always beautiful offering in a very limited run. This first one was done in each size. Above you can hear the concert size here and below is the tenor. These ones are the same thing as the normal koa models but with upgraded curly koa.

koaloha ukulele tour

Spruce Top Koa Concert “Special Issue”

koaloha ukulele tour

With this batch of Special Issues you get a spruce top with a curly koa sides and back and pickguard. Above is a concert and below is a tenor.

Jason Arakawa talks and demos his Special Issue tenor

koaloha ukulele tour

Honu Koa Tenor

koaloha ukulele tour

This is a black label tenor with gorgeous koa and a honu inlay on the fretboard.

Solid Neck-Thru Body Tenor

koaloha ukulele tour

Some of the other articles here about KoAloha

Two koaloha tenor body depths compared, koaloha & the legend of naupaka, koaloha’s opio tenor, koaloha pineapple- regular or long-neck, 3 koaloha soprano’s compared-ksm-00, ksm-02 & ksm-t2, comments 19.

' src=

Hold on…. there’s a solid body Koaloha!? I need one! Is that really the only one? Would I have to convince Koaloha to make another?

' src=

Yeah, only one like that. We’ve had a few others. Send them the link and ask though. I’ve asked for another a few times but they seem to come around like the eclipse. Mahalo Abe.

' src=

Gotta start saving up for when the pig decides to take flight. Love my Koaloha, the playability is second to none!

' src=

There is a “certain something” about Koaloha uke that just make me keep picking it up over and over again. Among my dozen of Ukes, the koaloha long neck Soprano probably gets the most playtime. It is just a pleasure to hold it and play it.

' src=

When I got my KoAloha tenor several years ago, I felt as if I’d arrived in a different ukulele world. It wasn’t just that it was my first all-solid uke; I’ve played many other all-solids that didn’t move me. It’s that the KoAloha did move me, from the moment I first played one in a store, to when I got mine from The Ukulele Site several years later. What people like and praise is all subjective, of course; but the looks, sound and feel of my tenor still make me feel good. That the company is extremely generous with their lifelong warranty is a peace-of-mind bonus. But it’s my daily playing of the tenor – oh, and of the concert acacia Opio, which I got a year ago (also from TUS/HMS) – that reminds me that these ukuleles are two of the best happiness investments I’ve ever made.

' src=

I bought my Koaloha concert from the Ukulele Site, and everyone I dealt with were awesome, responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. Got great accessories, too. This is the uke I keep in my office for when I need a break from the daily grind — puts mind and spirit back in order:-)

' src=

I have the KoAloha Opio, which is the primary uke I use in my learning. Mine is a soprano…I’m wondering if you think a concert or tenor might be easier to learn on. Thanks!

Either one, depends on the person. Since you play soprano you might want to try concert for the next step up. Mahalo

' src=

Love my KoAloha koa tenor, it’s a wonderful point of beauty in my life! Beautiful sound, beautiful finish, beautiful feel. Makes me smile literally every day. Andrew (and everyone) at the Ukulele Site went above and beyond as they helped me search for just the right uke. Setup, communication, shipping — couldn’t have asked for anything better.

' src=

I bought my KoAloha tenor from Hawaii Music Supply three years ago. It’s so good that I’ve ended up selling all my other ukuleles! Two of which were Martins. KoAlohas are freaking great!

' src=

I actually spent hours listening to the different ukuleles on TheUkuleleSite.com before purchasing one. I just love the look and sound of KoAloha ukuleles.

' src=

I bought a KoAloha soprano KSM-00 from HMS in May of 2016, and it was one of the first few that arrived after KoAloha had changed to the new look with the abalone dots and KK on the headstock. HMS was very easy to work with, and the uke plays like a dream. The designers put a lot of thought into the details of these ukes. the curve of the neck joint feels really nice. It makes it easier to reach high frets. The shaping of the bridge makes it easier to get good clean strums and is also comfortable for finger picking. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the instrument or HMS’ service.

' src=

I know that they sound great, but I wasn’t sure about the look of the pointy crown headstock . It’s starting to grow on me and read an ukulele underground blog where they mention the religious christian angle for the design which may or may not be true (because it’s on the internet of course). You could say the headstock looks a little death metal guitar (or GWAR) inspired, pineapple inspired etc. as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ukulele designs much like music lyrics can be interpreted in different ways for the same song.

' src=

I just got a Koaloha Soprano Classic from the Ukulele Site about a month ago, and I can’ t put it down! I love the sweetness of the tone, and I can’t believe how much such a small instrument projects.

' src=

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I bought my Naupaka soprano mostly on looks. There was something about the two toned wood scheme that just screamed “freakin’ cool!” As it turns out, the advertised sound was 100% right on the money, too. It’s become by daily player.

' src=

The spirit of KoAloha is what really makes them something special! I feel that I can hear it in their instruments..

' src=

I purchased the KCM-10 KOA CONCERT “PIKAKE” about three years ago. Was looking for a no-frills, solid koa uke that would give me more volume and “body” than my Bushman Mahogany soprano. Upon receipt, I was not disappointed. The tone is open without being strident. I play “live” concerts for a multi-generational crowd. My previous uke stood out among my other instruments as the weak link. This little warrior is quite the contrary. The “concert” size strikes a balance – still sounding playful (like a soprano), but with more depth and easier playability (like a tenor). With a pick-up installed, it is every bit of a professional instrument and I find myself looking for more opportunities to utilize it in concerts and recording. If you’re looking for lots of fancy in-lay, this is not your uke. But, if you want a serviceable, quality instrument that will go the distance, look no further. This is the Toyota of ukuleles. One last thing…it shipped with a set of Worth strings, which not only matched well to the instruments tone, they lasted twice as long as expected!

' src=

When I first began my ukulele Journey 4 years ago HMS was the place to explore options. But I don’t live in Hawaii and buying online seemed daunting. That is until we listened to Music Guy Mike introduce the KoAloha KoAlana sapele line. From the sound sample I felt like he was talking to me. Still unsure I called the store and I spoke to Aaron, Music Guy Mike and finally Andrew. I was debating between Pono and Koaloha. Andrew gently suggested “get the one that’s in your heart.” Yes! HMS is in my heart every time I play, and I feel lucky to to have been touched by Music Guy Mike. May his memory long live on.

' src=

Did you get the tuner upgrade or keep the originals?

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koaloha ukulele tour

Koaloha Opio Concert Long Neck Ukulele (KCO-02 23571)

New Koaloha Acacia Series!

The Opio series from KoAloha has now evolved to a more beautiful in look and with a classic big bright tone KoAloha is known for. They now have this gorgeous all solid figured acacia body in a light gloss finish, making them nearly indistinguishable to their Hawaiian Koa line. This one is a new offering with a concert body and a tenor scale just like the KCM-02 KoAloha but in acacia instead of koa and at a much lower price.

KoAloha's top Hawaiian workers have spent the last few years teaching these talented Thai wood workers how to be true KoAloha craftsmen. The result is monumental. The sound and feel is extremely similar to their beloved Hawaiian made instruments, but with a much more affordable cost.

Pictures show the exact ukulele available here. The video shows the same model.

KoAloha's Opio line is built exactly the same as their acacia koa line here in Hawaii. If you wanted the tone and playability of a KoAloha for less money than this is the way to go. Limited availability so don't hesitate to experience this new KoAloha soprano.

 Included with purchase as the KoAloha Deluxe Gig Bag.

Don't miss out! Grab one now and love it for life!

Materials Solid Acacia Body CNC-Cut Mahogany Neck TUSQ(tm) nut and saddle KoAloha 5-Pointed Crown Headstock Sapele Fretboard 20-Fret Straight-Cut Fretboard Joined at the 14th Fret Single-piece Sidewall Construction 4-Strings – Standard GCEA Set up with High G tuning KoAloha’s Patented “Musubi” soundhole Satin “Better than the Weather” Warranty

Measurements: Concert Long Neck Total Scale Length: 17.062”/43.337cm Body Length: 10.875”/27.622cm Overall length: 25.875”/65.722cm Nut Width: 1.45”/36.86mm Saddle Width: 2.25”/57.15mm Lower Bout Width: 8”/20.32cm Upper Bout Width: 5.75”/14.61cm Lower Bout Depth: 2.375”/6.032cm Upper Bout Depth: 2.375”/6.032cm String Spacing At Nut: G to C = 9mm G to A = 27mm At 12th fret:G to C = 11.2mm G to A = 34.2m At Saddle: G to C = 13.5mmG to A = 41.5mm

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- Final Cleanup: We always do a final overall cleanup of the instrument to make sure it is in new condition and ready to play before it is prepared for shipment.

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For Sale   Cripple Creek Mahogany Sopranino "The Bed"

  • Thread starter Tukanu
  • Start date Yesterday at 6:05 PM


Handmade 2B Hand Played

  • Yesterday at 6:05 PM

"The Bed" is a series of ukuleles built from a repurposed Cuban Mahogany 4-poster bed. This is number 3. This is an 11" sopranino and is a mere 17" overall. It fits nicely in your carry-on. Top, back, and sides are all book matched with a nice grain pattern. Comes with a gig bag and free shipping to the lower 48.  



  • Yesterday at 6:13 PM

How cool is that! If I didn't have a KoAloha "Noah" sopranino just 1 1/2" longer, I'd jump on this one. Nice work!  


  • Yesterday at 6:23 PM

Beautiful! Just bought a TYDE pocket uke, but if I hadn’t … Good luck with the sale!  


Well-known member.

  • Yesterday at 7:57 PM

I just got your color blind one  


  • Yesterday at 8:06 PM
M3dicat3dV3t said: I just got your color blind one Click to expand...
  • 7 minutes ago
Tukanu said: They would look so good together, and won't take up much shelf space! Hope you are enjoying the mini purple. Click to expand...

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    The KoAloha concert has a full body of sound and incredible projection. With this model you get excellent clarity over a warm bed of bass tones. Above Corey samples the "Pikake" concert or KCM-10, which is the same as the KCM-00 but in the satin finish, whereas the KCM-00 below that Elof is playing has a gloss finish.

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