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Princess Cruises Pros and Cons

by Gary Bembridge · November 11, 2019

What are the pros and the cons of cruising with Princess Cruises?

Interested in going on a Princess Cruise? I’m on board one at the moment, so I thought it’d be a good time to share with you what I think are the pros and the cons of cruising with this cruise line.

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Let’s start first of all with the pros.

#1 Size of fleet and cruise options

I think one of the biggest pros of Princess Cruises is their size and the range of opportunities they give you, both in terms of size of cruise ship but also destinations. At the moment, they have 17 ships but have many more coming – in the next couple of years they are going to have over 20 ships. The ships are quite small, with just under 700 guests, up to what I’m on now (Sky Princess) which has an incredible three thousand six hundred and sixty guests.

They have a lot of options in terms of size of the ships and most importantly, pretty much anywhere in the world you want to go, you probably can do it on a Princess cruise!

One of the most important regions for them is Alaska. In 2019, they have been visiting Alaska for over 50 years. What’s interesting about Princess is that they also own different lodges so you can also do land-based activities as part of a whole Princess cruise, with land and cruise combined vacations.

They even have specific train journeys which will take you off the ship and to the various parts of Alaska on a land-based trip.

They cruise everywhere – you will find them in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Australia, the South Pacific, Mexican Riviera, they go through the Panama Canal, Canada and New England and World Cruises.

You can do anything from a three or four-day cruise to up to over 100-day cruises on Princess.

So, there’s a huge range in terms of ships and itineraries and pretty much anywhere in the world you want to go you’re probably going to be able to go on a Princess cruise. That’s a huge pro in my opinion.

Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess in Cohb Ireland

#2 Luxury travel at an affordable price

I think the second big Pro is the type of cruise Princess provides.

They offer a luxury type of travel, but at a more affordable price. They compete with lines like Celebrity and Holland America – they’re at that sort of quality and range but very affordable.

You have a wide range to choose from, such as big palatial suites (available on Sky Princess). These are monstrous big two-bedroom Suites, and they have balcony suites (where I was staying). These are the main class of cabins. They also have ocean view cabins, they have inside cabins, as well as suites and mini suites.

#3 Luxury travel at an affordable price

Another big Pro about Princess is that they offer a traditional cruise experience, and they don’t go for lots of gimmicks and some of the funky and unusual ways of cruising. They offer a pretty traditional cruising experience.

So, if you are the sort of person that likes a traditional cruising experience with the sort of activities you would expect (like production shows, quizzes, bingo) and facilities (like pools, fitness centre, casinos, spas, kids clubs and all the traditional things that you’d expect on a cruise ship), you’ll have it. You’re not going to find big resort ships with water parks and rock-climbing walls, go-karts, ice rinks and all that kind of resort stuff.

You’ll find it runs a fairly traditional cruising program, so even down to dining where they still have the traditional early and late sittings, or you could also choose to have anytime dining. There are some nods to modern cruising trends, but overall, it’s a pretty traditional experience. If that’s the sort of cruise you like, and I think that’s a big pro, there’s not a lot of fancy bells and whistles around the Princess experience.

Part of that is a lot of their entertainment and activities are enrichment focused. They have partnerships on excursions with brands like the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. They additionally have guest speakers on board with cooking classes and demonstrations, which I think is a big pro if you’re looking for that.

Sky Princess from Princess Cruise Tips:

#4 Ocean Medallion App

Another really big pro of Princess Cruises is an innovation, and that’s the Ocean Medallion device and the app.

Princess Cruises is the first cruise line to introduce this sort of device, which is wearable.

Their fleets are slowly being converted to work with it, and ships like the one I’m on now Sky Princess have been built with it integrated into the whole system.

It’s designed to make the cruising experience more personalised and much smarter.

For example, the sort of things you can do with Ocean Medallion is it helps you check-in much faster. Then, because you’ve uploaded all your information like passport details and photograph, you either get sent the Ocean Medallion in advance or in some countries you have to pick it up when you check-in, but you get onto the ship really quickly.

The device also then becomes your cruise card, so it’s the thing that you’ll clock in and out of the ship on, using it to buy things with.

It also does a couple of unique things. For example, as you head towards your cabin, it recognises you and unlocks your cabin! You can also use it to do things like order drinks or buy things (wherever you are on the ship) and get it delivered to you.

As it is a smart device, the crew are able to track you down.

So, you can be sitting by the pool, and you can order a drink and they know where you are. It also means that over time, the crew get to know your preferences and can start to tailor service much more for you.

The Ocean Medallion also helps you unlock a whole lot of features, both on the app (which you can have on your smartphone) or on big interactive screens around the ship.

Here you can do things like look at the daily program and you can plan your activities, track your friends and family (you could find out where they are on the ship and can message them and arrange to meet them), and can also play various interactive games like bingo.

This smart device is really designed to make your cruising experience much more personalised because the crew can start to know your preferences, but also to simplify and speed up a lot of the activities around the ship.

I have a video about the whole Ocean Medallion process, but certainly that whole smart technology is making the whole cruising experience smoother, more personalised and easier. That’s a pro point from me.

Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess in Cohb Ireland

So, what are the cons of cruising with Princess Cruises? Here are a few points that some people may view as a downside.

#1 Fares are not all-inclusive

The first one, and probably I think the biggest one, is that the fact that their fares are not all-inclusive.

When you book a Princess cruise you need to be aware of what the extra charges are.

Your fare includes obviously lots of dining options – casual dining options and formal dining options like the main dining rooms. On the ship I was on you have things like the Salty Dog Grill, Slices Pizza, Alfredo’s Pizzeria, World’s Fresh marketplace and an International Cafe.

There’s lots of food included. All your entertainment is also included and access to pretty much all of the facilities are included, with one key exception which is The Sanctuary which is a quiet space where you do pay to have access.

So, what’s not included?

Gratuities are charged extra and they’re normally added on board, although you can, depending on when you’re booking, prepay those in advance. (Gratuities at the time of writing were $16.50 per person per day in a suite, $15.50 per person in the mini suite in club class, $14.50 per person per day per guest in an interior ocean view or balcony staterooms).

You’ll also have gratuities of 18% added to drinks you buy and things like the spa.

Excursions are not included and those obviously are extras and you decide how many of those you do.

Drinks are also not included. They do have various drinks packages though which will include both alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, sodas and coffees. For example, they have a premier beverage package which is $59.99 per person per day, they have a premier coffee and soda package which is $19.99 per person per day, and a classic soda package which is $9.99 per person per day. There are also some dining options that are not included within the price which are a couple of speciality dining options.

These differ slightly based on the ship but, for example, I will give you examples on Sky Princess which I’m on when I’m writing this.

They have one of the Princess classics which is the Crown Grill which is a steakhouse, there’s Sabatini’s (which is a really nice Italian restaurant which is extra) and across many of the ships, they also have the Ocean Terrace seafood bar which is sushi, and the Bistro sur la Mer which is a seafood restaurant.

They also have a gelato shop where you do have to pay extra for as well.

So, of the downsides of the Princess cruise fare is once you’re onboard, there are going to be quite a few extras like gratuities, drinks, specialised dining and excursions and the other big one of course is Wi-Fi.

They are introducing really fast Wi-Fi as they roll out the Ocean Medallion and they have Medallion Net (which is a really fast Wi-Fi), and at this current moment this is $9.90 per day. I must say it was really fast Wi-Fi and I was very impressed with the Wi-Fi.

So those are the main costs that you will be paying extra above your fare onboard Princess.

Sky Princess Kotor

#2 Aimed towards couples and a more mature crowd

The next main con is that Princess probably really caters more for couples.

It is a slightly more mature crowd and as mentioned earlier, it’s for people who like a traditional cruising experience. It is a more mature couples experience.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t have families onboard (you’ll get quite a few families on board and many multi-generational families on board during the summer and Christmas holiday season period) but the overall experience, the entertainment, the food and the excursions I think are really very much for that sort of older couples crowd.

There are probably other lines that cater even better for families then Princess Cruises do.

It really is very much a mature couples experience.

Another downside of Princess Cruises is if you’re a solo traveller, Princess Cruises doesn’t really cater for you.

There are no solo cabins on-board their ships, and they don’t (unlike some lines) offer lots of solo discounts. You’re likely to find you going to be paying up to 100 percent surcharge if you are going on a Princess cruise! So certainly, as a solo traveller, Princess cruises is probably a downside because there’s not a lot of flex in terms of finding a good fare through a solo cabin or deals. However, they do cater for solo travellers on board, as they’ll have things like solo traveller meet-ups.

Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess Belfast-2

#3 Dress code

The last con of Princess Cruises is for those people who have an issue with dressing up. As Princess Cruises are fairly traditional, they do have a dress code.

Most of the nights are ‘smart casual’, so they describe it are the sort of things you’d wear out for an evening in a restaurant. They do ask men for example to wear slacks not jeans, although you probably can get away with dark smart jeans in practice.

I certainly saw that a lot across the cruises that I’ve been on on smart casual evenings. They do expect men to wear things like collared shirts or long-sleeve shirts and ladies the sort of equivalent. They also have formal nights where you’ll find everything from tuxedos through to suit and tie and that is the expectation.

You’ll normally find there’s a formal night roughly once every five days, so if you’re on a cruise of five to seven days you’ll have at least one formal night and there is an expectation and requirement that you stick to the dress code.

So, if you’re the sort of person that hates dressing up and you want to be able to wear jeans or shorts, then definitely Princess Cruises is not the right cruise line for you.

Sky Princess Kotor

So, it really depends on what you’re looking for – Princess cruises has both pros and cons.

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Gary Bembridge

I grew up in Zimbabwe, but I have been based in London since 1987. My travel life spans more than three decades and that includes more than 95 cruises. In 2005, I launched Tips for Travellers to make it easy and fun for people to discover, plan and enjoy incredible cruise vacations. And the rest, as they say, is history. I have the largest cruise vlogger channel currently on YouTube, with more than 3 million video views per month.

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is princess cruise line nice

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is princess cruise line nice


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Princess Cruises Review

Tuesday, July 9th

2024 Cruise Line Reviews

Princess Cruises Review

  • Princess Cruises
  • Best for retirees
  • 16 ships in the fleet
  • Sails to destinations worldwide
  • Choose between Standard (cruise-only) and Princess Plus (includes drink package, Wi-Fi, and "Crew Appreciation" gratuities) fares

Princess Cruises is a premium cruise line founded in 1965 and headquartered in Santa Clarita, California. The company operates a fleet of 16 ships that sail to destinations all over the world, including the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. The company's ships range in size from the intimate Pacific Princess, which can accommodate just 670 passengers, to the larger Royal Princess, which can accommodate up to 3,560 passengers. Princess Cruises is a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, the world's largest leisure travel company.

Spring break in the Caribbean? No problem

Princess had no problem coming up with an itinerary for our across-cruise-lines comparison sailing, going to the Caribbean in March and booking a little less than a year ahead of time. There were 13 options, starting at $418 for a week-long sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale (either Eastern or Western Caribbean itineraries) and going up to a 20-day Caribbean Explorer itinerary with 13 ports, priced at $2,148 per person.

Upgrade to Princess Plus to get more included in your fare

How about gratuities? On Princess, it's called "Crew Appreciation" , and while it's adjustable it'll still be added automatically to your onboard account: $16 per guest per day for interior, oceanview and balcony cabins, $17pp per day for mini-suite and Reserve Collection guests, and $18pp per day in Suites. But, if you choose a "Princess Plus" fare at the time of booking, your gratuities have already been taken care of, along with a beverage package and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Choose when and where you'd like to eat every night

Princess Cruises is known for its excellent food and beverage offerings, with a range of dining options to suit all tastes and preferences. The company partners with renowned chefs such as Curtis Stone and Ernesto Uchimura to create menus that feature both classic and contemporary cuisine. Passengers can choose from a variety of dining options, including the main dining room, specialty restaurants, and casual eateries. Princess Cruises also offers a unique dining experience called "Anytime Dining," which allows passengers to choose when and where they want to dine each night.

Best Cruise Lines

Most guests are 50+

One of the biggest things to be aware of with Princess is the demographic. The average age of a Princess Cruises guest varies depending on the itinerary and time of year. In general, Princess cruises attract a diverse mix of passengers, ranging from families with children to retirees and solo travelers. However, on average, the majority of guests are over the age of 50. Many of the onboard activities, such as bridge and ballroom dancing, may be more popular with older passengers. Princess also attracts a significant number of repeat guests, many of whom are retirees. These guests often appreciate the line's longer itineraries and world cruises, which provide the opportunity to travel extensively while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a cruise ship.

Kids and young adults are welcome too

That doesn't mean that kids aren't welcome - or kept busy - when sailing on Princess. Families with children can take advantage of the line's Camp Discovery program, which provides age-appropriate activities and entertainment for kids and teens. The line also offers family-friendly shore excursions, such as snorkeling and beach trips.

Trying to appeal to wider range

In recent years, Princess Cruises has made efforts to appeal to a wider range of passengers, including families and younger adults. The line has introduced new dining options, such as the Salty Dog Gastropub and SHARE by Curtis Stone, which offer more casual and contemporary cuisine. Princess Cruises has also partnered with Discovery Communications to offer onboard programming, such as Shark Week at Sea and Discovery at Sea, which provide educational and immersive experiences for all ages.

Trustworthy cruise line

We have no concerns about recommending Princess as a trustworthy cruise line with an attractive variety of destinations and onboard experiences, from small-ship sailing to large-ship amenities. This is especially true if you're retired, because much of what the company offers is geared towards you and your peers. It'll be a little less appealing if you're traveling with children, but it's still worth a look as long as you know what you're getting (and what you're not).

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The 15 Best Cruise Lines

Which cruise line is the best.

Cruising is a popular way of traveling for many people, offering a unique experience that combines the convenience of a floating hotel with the excitement of visiting multiple destinations in one trip. In an average year, over fifteen million people say "all aboard" and set sail on an amazing vacation.

There are many different cruise lines to choose from, and each one offers a different type of experience. Some are geared towards families, while others are more focused on luxury or adventure. What would you like to see and do while you're onboard? Is a casino a must-have or a rather-avoid? Would a Broadway-caliber show tip the scales for you? Do you need a wide range of activities to keep the kiddos happy while the adults live it up or relax? The onboard activities and amenities can really make or break your vacation, so be sure you know what you're getting.

The Best Cruise Lines

Cruise Line FAQ

Which cruise line is the best, what is included in the cost of a cruise, what is the minimum age to cruise, what are the dining options on a cruise ship, are cruise ships crowded, do i have to dress up, are activities included at destination ports, can i bring my own alcohol onboard.

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Continued from above...

Another factor that can influence which cruise line you choose is the itinerary. Cruise ships travel all over the world, but some cruise lines may not have destinations available where you're hoping to go. You should also consider the size of the ship: larger ships offer more amenities, but smaller ships can access ports that bigger ships can't.

Speaking of amenities, make sure you understand what you'll get as part of your fare and which extras will come with an additional cost. For example, most cruises offer drink packages for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but a few have drink stations where you can get complimentary lemonade, coffee and tea. Other amenities that might be important to you are Wi-Fi, spa services, babysitting, fitness classes, and upgraded dining experiences. You can usually get a decent discount if you sign up for an amenities package before you sail, so keep an eye out for promotions in the months leading up to your sailing.

When you take a cruise, it's almost always expected that you'll tip the crew members who have attended to your needs while onboard: your cabin steward ( who probably leaves your towels folded into fun shapes every night ), your servers at your nightly meals, and the head waiter. Cruise lines have a recommended gratuity to cover all three of those staff members, usually $15-$20 per traveler, per day; the total gratuity amount may be charged automatically to your account, or you may be given envelopes to make cash payments.

While it usually isn't mandatory to pay those gratuities - you can ask to have them removed if they're applied automatically, especially if you've received poor service - it's typically considered in poor taste not to tip at the suggested levels (because crew members' salaries, much like servers at your local restaurant, are based on the expectation of tips paid by guests). And, if you receive service that goes above and beyond, adding to the recommended gratuity is always appreciated. Be aware that tips for bartenders, poolside servers, and professional services provided in the spa or elsewhere are not included in the daily suggested gratuity and may be charged automatically at the time of service.

Now that you have a good overview of the cruising experience, which cruise line should you choose? Beyond the points we already covered, here are a few additional criteria that might make it easier to pick:

  • Embarkation port. You could get a great deal on a cruise, but what will it cost you to get to the port? That could involve airfare, an overnight stay or two in a nearby hotel (so that you're less likely to be affected by travel delays), and transportation from the airport or hotel to the port. This is especially true if you're taking a cruise that departs from an international destination.
  • Perks for repeat cruisers. Like frequent flyer programs on airlines, most cruise lines offer benefits the more you sail. If you find yourself absolutely loving cruise vacations, it can be advantageous to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Rewards programs can include casino benefits, complimentary meals at the upgraded dining experiences, exclusive sail-away parties with free cocktails and tchotchkes, early-access booking on future cruises, and much more.
  • Reputation. It's a really smart idea to see what other travelers have said about their overall experience with a cruise line before booking your trip. The ads on TV may make that private island look amazing, but someone who's been there might point out that you'll pay extra to get on that waterslide. Or, previous cruisers could tell you that despite having several formal nights on the schedule, a particular cruise line has no problem with people showing up to dinner in flip-flops and swimsuit coverups. Find out if the cruise line you're considering lines up in reality with what they advertise.

Here at Top Consumer Reviews, cruising is one of our favorite ways to travel and experience new things. And with so many different cruise lines to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But, don't worry: take a look at our in-depth analysis of today's most popular options, find the one that's the best match for your vacation ideas and your travel party, and book that trip you've been dreaming of. Bon voyage!

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The stock's rise snapped a four-day losing streak.

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Princess Cruises

is princess cruise line nice

Courtesy of Princess Cruises |

is princess cruise line nice

Find a Cruise on Princess Cruises

with a cruise advisor

Cruising with Princess

Princess Cruises' claim to fame may be its starring role in the 1977 hit TV series "The Love Boat," but since its Hollywood debut, the cruise line has continued making waves with enriching onboard activities and versatile itineraries. Princess' 15-ship fleet traverses the globe, with popular sailings covering  Alaska ,  Mexico ,  Europe , Hawaii and the  Caribbean , among other locations. Princess Cruises' fleet, which departs from several U.S. cities, including  Los Angeles  and Fort Lauderdale, Florida , features both midsize ships and larger ships, so you can select your ship according to your style and size preferences.

Whatever ship you choose, you can count on a refined atmosphere and personalized service, with approximately one crew member per every two or three passengers. Cruises last between two and 116 days and feature everything from specialist-guided stargazing to stage shows to "Movies Under the Stars" poolside screenings.

When the ship docks, you can choose from a variety of shore excursions, including guided sightseeing tours in  Barcelona, Spain , and rum tastings in Barbados . Prefer extra time for land exploration? Select sailings offer Cruisetours, vacation packages that allow you to spend a few extra nights in a destination before or after your cruise.

Book a Princess Cruises cruise deal with GoToSea , a service of U.S. News.

Pros & Cons

Flexible dining times and a variety of culinary options

Wheelchair-accessible cabins available, with special features like lowered closet railings and bath distress alarms

Groups can coordinate their travel plans with Celebration Group packages

Some onboard amenities not covered by cruise rates

High-capacity ships can usher in heavy crowds

Shore excursions can be pricey

  • Expert Rating » 3.8
  • Traveler Rating » 4.0
  • Health Rating » 4.3

Princess Cruises has been ranked based on an expert evaluation of the line's level of luxury, as well as an assessment of user reviews and health ratings.

  • # 3 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money
  • # 7 in Best Cruise Lines in the Caribbean
  • # 11 in Best Cruise Lines for Couples

Explore Photos

Sky Princess

Princess Cruises Ships

is princess cruise line nice

Sky Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Regal Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Enchanted Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Grand Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Royal Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Discovery Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Ruby Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Crown Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Majestic Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Caribbean Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Emerald Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Coral Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Diamond Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Island Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Sapphire Princess

is princess cruise line nice

Before You Book

  • Princess Cruises requires a 20% deposit for all cruises. Final payment is due 75 to 90 days before your departure date, depending on your specific cruise.
  • Cancellation fees vary by cruise duration and whether or not you purchase the cruise line's Vacation Protection or Platinum Vacation Protection package. For voyages lasting 6 to 24 days, you'll receive a full refund if you cancel and notify Princess at least 90 days prior to your scheduled departure date. For voyages lasting 25 days or longer, you must notify Princess at least 120 days in advance for a full refund. For more information regarding cancellation penalties, visit Princess'  Passage Contract  page.
  • With Princess Cruises' EZair program, you can view competitive airfare prices. Princess guarantees that you'll reach your cruise's next port for no additional cost if you miss your original departure port due to a flight delay or disruption. Note: Fees may apply if you change your original flight reservation fewer than 45 days before your scheduled departure date.
  • To coordinate medical and special needs services, contact the Health Services Team at [email protected] before your departure date. Requests for special medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and scooters, must be noted when booking your cruise. You can bring your own equipment or reserve it through Special Needs at Sea. Guests should also fill out Princess' mobility questionnaire at least 60 days before departure. This form indicates which device(s) they will need during their cruise.

Before You Board

  • For cruises that begin and end in the United States, you must present a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative-compliant document at check-in. Acceptable documents include your passport, a government-issued photo ID and a U.S. passport card. Travelers may also bring an original birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID for these "closed-loop" voyages. Princess strongly recommends you bring your passport in case you decide to disembark the ship before reaching your final destination. You will need a valid passport for international cruises, as well as a visa for select international port destinations.
  • Vaccination requirements vary by cruise destination. Check the  World Health Organization (WHO)  and  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  websites for the necessary vaccines and current travel health notices.
  • Travelers can check in for their cruise up to 75 days prior to embarkation through the MedallionClass app on their mobile device. From the app, you'll be able to upload all necessary information to help streamline the embarkation process on the day you leave. Cruisers who do not complete check-in through the app will check in on embarkation day (which will be a slower, more manual process). Visit Princess' website for more details.
  • No quantity or weight limits apply for baggage, however, if you are arriving to your departure destination by plane, be sure to consult airline luggage policies before your trip.
  • Shore excursions may be reserved from the time you book your cruise to five days before departure.  
  • Reservations for specialty restaurants are suggested and can be made in advance through the MedallionClass mobile app.

Disclaimers about ship ratings: A ship’s Health Rating is based on vessel inspection scores published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If a ship did not receive a CDC score within 22 months prior to the calculation of its Overall Rating, its Health Rating appears as N/A; in such a case, the ship’s Overall Rating is calculated using the average Health Rating of all CDC-rated ships within the cruise line. All ship Traveler Ratings are based on ratings provided under license by

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All 16 Princess Cruises Ships, From Newest to Oldest

Here’s everything you need to know about the Princess Cruises fleet.

is princess cruise line nice

Courtesy of Princess Cruises

Sailors of all ages love Princess Cruises for its quality, service, value, and serene style of cruising.  What’s more, the 2023 T+L World’s Best Award-winning mega-ship line   — which is also a WBA Hall of Fame Honoree — tends to steer clear of splashy entertainment (for example, you won’t find go-karts, water slides, or ziplines on board most ships) in favor of more refined activities. Discovery at SEA programming is a standout offering: In partnership with Discovery and Animal Planet, guests can partake in nature-centric onboard activities and shore excursions. Most Princess ships boast a majestic atrium modeled after an Italian piazza, and it’s here where you’ll find some of the best drinking, dining, and shopping venues on board. 

According to travel advisor and cruise specialist Jennaca Boose of Marvelous Mouse Travels , Princess’ fleet of 15 ships — 16 if you count the upcoming Sun Princess , which will make its long-anticipated debut this year — is family-friendly, and each vessel is “equipped to entertain all ages;” however, some cater towards specific age demographics better than others. For example, she says, travelers sailing with younger children will especially love Royal Princess and Regal Princess , which “have even more to offer” beyond the kids club, such as “outdoor play areas with jungle gyms and a separate teen space with a hot tub.” Meanwhile, says Boose, cruisers craving an intimate onboard experience may consider sailing aboard Coral Princess or Island Princess , which are two of the line’s smaller ships. 

Finally, it’s also worth noting that the line ​​offers dozens, if not hundreds, of itineraries across the globe, including Alaska, Mexico, Japan, the Mediterranean, and many more. “Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an immersive cultural itinerary,” says Boose, “Princess has a ship for you.” Without further ado, keep scrolling for a breakdown of each ship in the Princess Cruises fleet to help you narrow down which vessels would be best for you. 

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Sun Princess

Inaugural Year: 2024

Ship Class: Sphere

Ship Capacity: 4,300 guests

The inaugural ship in Princess' new Sphere class, Sun Princess is the line's largest — and flashiest — vessel to date. Set to sail the Mediterranean and Caribbean, this 20-deck mega-ship is sure to make waves following its early 2024 debut. The Park19 family zone will offer nine fun-filled activities, including the Sea Breeze (the first Rollglider at sea), The Lookout (an open-air observation deck), and Coastal Climb (a climbing structure for adventure enthusiasts of all ages). There’s also a two-deck arena, the multi-level Dome entertainment space, and the brand-new Spellbound, a Victorian-themed bar where guests can watch magicians while sipping theatrical cocktails.

Discovery Princess

Inaugural Year: 2022

Ship Class: Royal

Ship Capacity: 3,660 guests

For an elegant onboard experience complete with world-class specialty dining that’ll entice any gourmand, spectacular live entertainment in the lavish Princess Theater, and the largest balconies at sea (spanning over 1,000 square feet) found in one of the ship’s splurge-worthy Sky Suites, look no further than Princess’ final Royal-class ship. Spend sea days soaking up the sun — and the ocean views — by the infinity Wake View Pool.

Enchanted Princess

Inaugural Year: 2021

The elegant Enchanted Princess is a haven for relaxation-seekers with four sparkling pools (including the infinity-edge Wake View Pool), 10 hot tubs, and a serene spa offering Asian-inspired treatments. For the ultimate splurge, reserve one of the sprawling Sky Suites, best known for their expansive balconies offering 270-degree sea views. Other honorable mentions include the Sanctuary, Discovery at SEA, movie screenings under the stars, and the SeaWalk, a 60-foot-long glass-enclosed hallway with floor-to-ceiling ocean vistas.

Sky Princess

Inaugural Year: 2019

The snazzy Sky Princess made its grand debut in 2019; fast-forward five years later, and the ship has retained its allure. The three-story atrium is the beating heart of the ship, dotted with shops, bars, and restaurants galore. Check out Chef’s Table Lumiere, or try your luck at the casino for the ultimate splurge. Finally, for the best ocean views, book one of the Sky Suites.

Majestic Princess

Taylor McIntyre/Travel + Leisure

Inaugural Year: 2017

Ship Capacity: 3,560 guests

This Royal-class ship was initially designed for cruises from Shanghai, which means passengers can expect Chinese-inspired decor along with the fantastic specialty restaurant, Harmony, which features mouthwatering Asian menu items like wok-fried lobster, spring rolls, and more. Also unique to Majestic Princess is the adults-only Hollywood Pool Club, a perfect spot for grown-ups looking to soak in style. Meanwhile, don’t miss the dazzling casino and incredible SeaWalk, where panoramic ocean views await.

Regal Princess

Inaugural Year: 2014

This 2014 mega-ship definitely delivers in terms of onboard attractions. A few fan favorites include movies under the stars (best enjoyed with popcorn and candy in hand, of course), original productions, an outdoor musical fountain show, and Princess Live!, where passengers will find interactive culinary shows along with late-night comedy and game shows that can be viewed in-person or from the comfort of one’s stateroom. Last but not least, don’t forget to snap a selfie on the SeaWalk.

Royal Princess

Inaugural Year: 2013

Prepare to receive the royal treatment (pun intended) aboard the 3,560-passenger Royal Princess . The ship’s dazzling common spaces, including the grand atrium and the SeaWalk, are sure to impress design lovers, while the drinking and dining options, including the extravagant Chef’s Table Lumiere — available only on Royal-class ships — will delight culinary connoisseurs of all ages. 

Ruby Princess

Inaugural Year: 2008

Ship Class: Crown

Ship Capacity: 3,080 guests

Entertainment options abound on the 19-deck Ruby Princess , from movies under the stars and basketball to golfing and (hopefully) winning big at the casino. While party-going cruisers can dance ‘til the wee hours of the night at Skywalkers, serenity-seeking travelers may choose to hit the sack early before waking up to enjoy the spa or The Sanctuary.

Emerald Princess

Inaugural Year: 2007

Last refurbished in 2019, Emerald Princess features something for families of all ages, including  reimagined Camp Discovery youth and teen centers and the serene Sanctuary, a kid-free slice of paradise in the middle of the sea. Passengers can also perfect their swing at the putting course, enjoy poolside movie screenings, unwind at one of several swanky bars and lounges, including the Speakeasy Cigar Lounge, hit the spa, or dance the night away at the onboard club. In summary, it’s pretty much impossible to be bored on this ship.

Crown Princess

Inaugural Year: 2006

Despite its 3,000-plus passenger capacity , Crown Princess never feels super crowded thanks to abundant onboard amenities and activities. Highlights include three main dining rooms, a three-story atrium, and, of course, ample activities and programming, which run the gamut from basketball courts and pajama movie nights for kids to karaoke and an onboard nightclub.

Diamond Princess

Inaugural Year: 2004

Ship Class: Grand

Ship Capacity: 2,670 guests 

Best known for its Asia itineraries, Diamond Princess is sure to wow cruisers of all ages with its unique onboard features. Wellness-seekers need not miss the Izumi Japanese Bath, where guests can enjoy a traditional Japanese bathing experience coupled with breathtaking ocean views. There’s also the adults-only Sanctuary sun deck, Broadway-caliber entertainment, ample restaurants (including five main dining rooms), a nightclub, and so much more.

Caribbean Princess

Ship Capacity: 3,140 guests

This massive 18-deck ship was last refurbished in 2019 to bring it up to par with the line’s latest vessels. The European-inspired piazza , boasting street performers, eclectic boutiques, restaurants and bars, and a striking spiral staircase, is the beating heart of the ship. Plus, as part of the line’s partnership with Discovery, guests can enjoy nature-filled activities and lectures.

Sapphire Princess

Ship Capacity: 2,670 guests

Those craving a traditional cruising experience need not look further than the 20-year-old Sapphire Princess . With an onboard nightclub, five main dining rooms (plus many other bars and lounges, including a cigar lounge), this 2,670-passenger ship is among the line’s buzziest. After dancing the night away, adults can spend the day relaxing at The Sanctuary, while families will surely appreciate the dedicated spaces for kids, tweens, and teens.

Island Princess

Inaugural Year: 2003

Ship Class: Coral

Ship Capacity: 2,200 guests

Island Princess was purposefully built to sail through the Panama Canal. This 2,200-guest, 20-plus-year-old ship offers a more refined onboard experience compared to the line’s newer, flashier vessels. Sea days are well spent at the spa, in swimming pools, or sipping cocktails in the massive atriums; come nighttime, watch movies under the stars (a Princess staple) or catch live musical performances before hitting the sack — and getting ready to do it all again the following day.

Coral Princess

Ship Capacity: 2,000 guests 

Coral Princess is Princess’ smallest ship; however, there is still plenty to see, do, and experience on board. Guests can make themselves right at home in the piazza-style grand atrium, where prime people-watching awaits. For some R&R, grown-ups can head to the tranquil, adults-only Sanctuary while the kids are at play at the children’s centers.

Grand Princess

Inaugural Year: 1998

Ship Capacity: 2,600 guests

Princess’ oldest ship underwent a major renovation back in 2019, adding fan-favorite restaurants like Alfredo's Pizzeria, Salty Dog Grill, and Coffee & Cones. Catch a Broadway-style show, relax at The Sanctuary, or partake in nature-centric activities as part of the line’s Discovery at SEA programming.

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Which cruise brand is best for you? A guide to the most popular lines

Gene Sloan

Thinking about booking your first cruise? The sheer range of choices can be daunting. There are more than two dozen lines marketing to North Americans — no two alike.

The list of brands includes everything from giant companies such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line, which are household names, to lesser-known small operators such as Windstar Cruises.

Some of the brands — Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line, in particular — operate massive vessels that are like giant floating resorts with deck-top water parks and other over-the-top amusements . Others specialize in intimate, boutique hotel-style ships.

For more cruise guides, news and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter.

Some lines, such as Carnival, are aimed at a budget crowd. Others operate vessels that are as luxurious as any upscale resort found on land. A few small luxury players such as Regent Seven Seas Cruises have ships with lavish suites that'll cost you as much as $11,000 a day .

Where should you start your search for the perfect cruise for you? Below, you'll find our quick guide to some of the most popular cruise brands. As you'll see, it's not meant to be an in-depth review of the lines. It's just a short overview — enough to give you a sense of which particular cruise operator might best appeal to you.

Once you've narrowed down the choices to a few brands that you think best fit your style, do a deeper dive into them and their specific ships, their itineraries and home ports and their comparable costs (either on your own or with the help of a cruise-savvy travel agent ). Note that TPG has many guides to individual lines, which you can find by clicking on our cruise line hub pages linked in each segment below.

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With just four ships, each holding fewer than 700 passengers, Azamara is one of the smallest players in the cruise business. But it has a loyal following of travelers who appreciate the upscale ambience of its vessels, the inclusive amenities it offers (including gratuities and alcoholic drinks) and its destination focus.

The line prides itself on offering longer stays in ports, including multi-day visits. Its ships have an intimate, boutique-hotel feel. Pricing is higher than at the big, mass-market lines but not quite as high as you'll find at luxury lines.

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Carnival Cruise Line

is princess cruise line nice

The self-described "fun ship" line is the king of short, affordable, fun-focused cruises from U.S. ports to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexico and beyond.

The choice of roughly one in five cruisers, Carnival Cruise Line' s ships are notoriously lively, flashy and packed with fun features such as water parks with multiple waterslides. Just don't expect anything too fancy .

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Celebrity Cruises

is princess cruise line nice

Designed to be a cut above mainstream options such as Carnival while remaining relatively affordable, this Miami-based "premium" line is known for some of the most stylish big ships at sea.

Expect high-end design, cutting-edge art and trendy restaurants. In short, Celebrity aims for sophisticates, not the party crowd (although it's not a luxury product).

Celebrity's four newest ships, Celebrity Edge , Celebrity Apex , Celebrity Beyond and Celebrity Ascent, feature "infinite veranda" cabins that are open to the sea in a way we haven't seen with other ocean ships. They boast a glass wall that opens from the top to create a balcony-like effect.

Crystal Cruises

is princess cruise line nice

This much-beloved luxury line recently restarted operations under new owners after shutting down for 18 months. For years, it was considered the ultimate luxury cruise operator, and our take after sailing on Crystal Serenity after its relaunch is that the line is even better than before. Initially, Crystal has returned to operations with just two ships. But it recently announced plans to expand rapidly with four more ships over the next six years.

A storied line with roots that go back to the 1800s, this three-ship brand is perhaps best known for its 2,695-passenger flagship, Queen Mary 2. The ship lives up to its billing as a true ocean liner with semiregular, transatlantic service between Southampton, England, and New York.

Cunard fans love the line's relatively formal vibe (including nightly dress codes) and other nods to ocean liner tradition, including evenings with ballroom dancing. A fourth Cunard ship called Queen Anne is set to debut in 2024.

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Disney Cruise Line

is princess cruise line nice

Meet-and-greets with Disney characters, Disney-themed shows and the most extensive kiddie fun zones on the high seas are just a few of the family-friendly allures of a Disney cruise . If you're a Disney fan, nothing quite compares.

If Disney isn't your thing, well, this probably isn't the line for you. The biggest downside of the brand? As with Disney's parks on land, it doesn't come cheap.

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Holland America

Tradition long has been a touchstone for this storied line, which dates to 1873 and is known for carefully crafted, globe-circling itineraries on midsize ships.

However, Holland America has been shaking things up in recent years with lively new venues such as B.B. King's Blues Club. Couples and retirees are the market for this line. Families with kids might want to look elsewhere.

MSC Cruises

is princess cruise line nice

A giant of cruising in Europe, Switzerland-based MSC Cruises is making a big play for North Americans with newer, bigger ships sailing year-round from Florida to the Caribbean and Bahamas. It also offers sailings from New York City.

Like Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, MSC Cruises operates big, resort-like vessels that appeal to a broad audience. Among the highlight of its cruises in North America are stops at its new private island in the Bahamas, the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve .

Norwegian Cruise Line

is princess cruise line nice

Multistory waterslides, ropes courses and even go-kart race tracks are among the gee-whiz attractions atop Norwegian Cruise Line 's giant, resort-like ships. The vessels also are packed with eateries, bars, casinos and showrooms.

The brand is known for its entertainment, including big Broadway shows such as "Beetlejuice." If you're looking for a Las Vegas-style resort at sea, this is your line.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania has carved out a niche with relatively small, upscale ships that offer a significant upgrade from mass-market vessels but aren't quite as fancy (or pricey) as luxury offerings.

Its seven ships feature a relaxed, country club-like ambience and inspired dining that appeal to a mostly older crowd.

Itinerary-wise, Oceania is known for destination-intensive voyages that typically are 10 nights or more in length, with some globe-circling trips as long as 180 days.

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This France-based line is a specialist in expedition cruising , a type of cruising that involves traveling to remote, hard-to-reach places on small, hardy vessels that carry their own landing craft.

Operating a fast-growing fleet of tough but upscale expedition ships (none carrying more than 264 passengers), Ponant is known for voyages to places like Antarctica and the Arctic.

If you're looking for waterslides and laser tag, this is not the cruise line for you.

Related: This epic Ponant trip will take you to the North Pole

Princess Cruises

is princess cruise line nice

Popular with middle-aged couples, retirees and multigenerational families, the "Love Boat" line's ships aren't as flashy (or big, for the most part) as those of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, and that's just the way its customers like it.

Princess Cruises ' customers also like its wide range of itineraries, including voyages in Asia and Australia, as well as closer-to-home places like the Caribbean. It's long been one of the dominant lines in the Alaska cruise market.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This Miami-based luxury line operates some of the most opulent vessels at sea, including three recently unveiled Explorer-class ships billed as the most expensive luxury vessels ever built on a cost-per-berth basis.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is particularly known for some of the most over-the-top suites at sea (including some bigger than the average American home ), some of the most inclusive fares in the cruise business and high levels of service. The only catch: You'll pay a pretty penny for it. Rooms on Regent ships start at around $1,000 per person per day and can cost as much as $5,500 per person per day.

Royal Caribbean

is princess cruise line nice

For megaresort fans, there's nothing quite like a Royal Caribbean vessel.

The line's biggest ships are more than 20% bigger than almost any others afloat (only MSC Cruises has ships that come close in size) and feature every type of amusement imaginable, from rock climbing walls and surfing pools to Broadway shows and ice skating rinks.

Families, in particular, will love this line, due to all the family-friendly activities and venues on its vessels. Royal Caribbean ships sail everywhere in the world, but the line's heaviest presence is in the Caribbean and Europe.

Related: The ultimate guide to Royal Caribbean

Another leader in luxury cruising, this seven-ship brand offers all-suite vessels, top-notch service and elegant cuisine.

As with other luxury lines, Seabourn offers a wide range of itineraries around the globe. It also recently jumped into more adventurous, expedition-style cruising with two new 264-passenger vessels designed to operate in polar regions such as Antarctica and the Arctic.

Silversea Cruises

is princess cruise line nice

Exquisite service, refined dining and well-appointed accommodations are hallmarks of this Monaco-based luxury line with 12 vessels. Silversea Cruises is also known for its industry-leading array of off-the-beaten-path itineraries.

Its growing fleet of small expedition ships will take you everywhere from the Arctic to Papua New Guinea in style.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

is princess cruise line nice

Fans of upscale hotel chain Ritz-Carlton will feel at home on one of this line's yacht-like vessels. Or, at least, that's the idea.

The cruising arm of Ritz-Carlton has been in operation for just a bit over a year, and the jury still is out on where it ranks in the pantheon of luxury cruise brands. The line notably struggled to get off the ground after years of construction delays for its first and only ship.

Dubbed Evrima, the line's only operating ship is a 298-passenger vessel designed to appeal to Ritz-Carlton regulars with an elegant, residential look. A second, bigger ship called Ilma that's already open for bookings debuts later this year.

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is princess cruise line nice

This fast-growing line has dominated the world of river cruising for North Americans for years, and in the last few years, it's become a significant player in upscale ocean cruising as well. Viking 's 80 river ships operate on just about every major river in the world, and its 10 ocean ships (up from just one in 2015) can be found in a growing number of destinations, too.

Viking is known for impeccably designed vessels with modern Scandinavian interiors and offering unusual, port-intensive itineraries. They also operate with a mostly all-inclusive format, as Viking long has subscribed to a "no nickel-and-diming" philosophy. Just don't bother booking the family. Kids under 18 aren't allowed on Viking.

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Virgin Voyages

is princess cruise line nice

This relatively new cruise line, backed by Richard Branson's Virgin Group, is reinventing mainstream cruising with a hipper, more inclusive, younger vibe (though not too young; its ships are adults-only). Think tattoo shops, karoake booths and no upcharges for tips or eateries.

Virgin Voyages ' first three ships ( Scarlet Lady , Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady ) have suites by acclaimed designer Tom Dixon. Destinations include the Dominican Republic, Mexico and a private beach club in the Bahamas, as well as parts of Europe and Australia.

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Windstar Cruises

If the idea of sailing on a big ship makes you cringe, small-ship specialist Windstar could be the answer.

Its six vessels carry just 148 to 342 passengers — fewer than fit on a single big-ship lifeboat — and are wonderfully intimate.

Romantic types will love Windstar's three vessels with sails — a relative rarity. Foodies can choose one of the James Beard-themed cruises, which include market tours and cooking demonstrations with a James Beard Award-winning chef.

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Frommer's - Home

Which cruise should I take: Celebrity or Princess?

By Sherri Eisenberg

In an industry full of excess, Princess ships are impressively restrained, without the too-loud lighting and over-the top-décor you often find on large ocean-going vessels outside the luxury market. Celebrity ships, however, really blow us away with interior design in public areas that feels chic and effortless, yet playful. Case in point: Look for cool seating areas (with, say, egg chairs or hammocks or daybeds) in spaces that tend to be ho-hum on, well, just about every other line.

Our Pick: Celebrity — While both lines do well in this category, Celebrity’s options are a bit more creative.  

Standard Cabins

Neither line has the most innovative cabin choices, but both offer respectably sized rooms with all the must-have amenities, plus solid, helpful service from cabin stewards.

Our Pick: Draw

Specialty Cabins

Both lines offer lovely suites. Celebrity’s choices include the AquaClass suites — with access to both the spa and a private restaurant — and a specialty two-bedroom suite with a glass shower that appears to hang out over the edge of the ship.

Our Pick: Celebrity — While both lines do well in this category, too, Celebrity’s options are once again a bit more creative.

Both lines do a fine job in their main dining rooms, casual spots, and specialty restaurants. The highlights on Princess ships tend to be the Italian and steakhouse options, which are both nicely done if not especially memorable. Some ships have a Cajun eatery; newer ships include a pizza restaurant with Naples-style pies.

Celebrity ships feature Italian restaurants and French choices, as well as one-off odes to historic ships. The line also showcases Qsine (which serves small plates of playfully plated modern fare), Lawn Club Grill (a fun take on a backyard barbecue with grill-your-own steaks and a salad bar), and Blu (a healthy restaurant for guests in spa suites), as well as the poolside AquaSpa Café, where you can grab wholesome, tasty dishes at breakfast and lunch.

Our Pick: Celebrity — While both lines do well in this category, Celebrity’s options are a bit more creative.

Activities & Entertainment

Both lines offer plenty to do each night, with a mix of stage shows and performers — from jazz bands to acrobats and DJs — that take over the middle atrium of the ships. Princess also does a great job with its Movies Under the Stars program, where the line shows popular films on deck, serves popcorn along with milk and (warm!) cookies, and outfits the lounge chairs with blankets.

Celebrity recently launched a few more evening entertainment options: On Celebrity Summit, you can check out 54 Below, a cabaret space with Broadway-style singers. And on Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Silhouette, you’ll find a new comedy club: Sin City.

Our Pick :  Draw

Families & Kids

Although neither line caters to kids quite as extensively as Royal Caribbean or Disney Cruise Line, you'll find offerings on both Princess and Celebrity for children. Celebrity has limited hours in its playrooms for the under-3 set, and a parent must be present; Princess also requires that a parent be present, but extends the hours of access.

Both lines do a better job at catering to teenagers, and on Princess ships, you'll find large numbers of teens happily flocked together at the buffet for kids-only dinners, as well as at the pool areas.

Our Pick: Princess — We’ve witnessed hundreds of kids onboard and the older children, tweens, and teens having the time of their lives.


These cruise lines serve the Caribbean and Alaska very well, but both lines go way beyond and cover a lot of the world: Both offer plenty of choices in Mexico and Europe, as well as Canada and New England, Hawaii, South America, Asia, and Australia. Princess’ more exotic locales include the South Pacific; Celebrity sends ships down to the Galapagos Islands.

Our Pick: Celebrity takes more categories, so it's the winner here — but only by a hair. Whereas Celebrity can be a little flashier, more stylish, and more, well, cool, Princess certainly deserves credit for consistently delivering quality food and service across the board. In the end, both lines serve their cruisers well with a polished, well-executed cruise. Which one you choose should depend on your travel companions and your preferred destination.

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is princess cruise line nice

  • Human Interest

Missing American Teen Found Safe After Leaving Cruise Ship in Germany: Reports

Aydin Brown, 14, has reportedly been reunited with his family after his disappearance in Rostock-Warnemünde on Thursday, July 4

is princess cruise line nice

Missing Hearts Advocacy Inc./Facebook

The 14-year-old American boy who went missing after disembarking from a cruise ship in Germany this week has reportedly been located and reunited with his family.

As previously reported , Aydin Brown was last seen on Thursday, July 4, at around 7 a.m. local time before he disembarked from a Caribbean Princess cruise ship docked at the German port town of Rostock-Warnemünde.

Now, NBC News has reported that Brown's grandmother confirmed he was found safe. Princess Cruises also told the outlet that the teen was reunited with his family.

In a statement to NBC News, the company wrote that it was "delighted that Aydin Brown has been found safe and sound."

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to German authorities for their swift response and exceptional efforts in locating Aydin after he disembarked in Warnemünde last Thursday morning," the statement continued.

When reached for comment on Sunday, July 7, Princess Cruises did not provide a statement to PEOPLE, instead recommending "confirmation from German officials or the U.S. Embassy in Berlin." Rostock Police in Germany did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment on Sunday.

Fox News reported, citing local police, that Brown was found in Brandenburg, Germany, where he was unharmed and in the company of a 19-year-old. The outlet also said Brown was reunited with family on Saturday night, July 6, citing a family update on social media.

Wibke Woyke/imageBROKER/Shutterstock 

As NBC News reported, the search for Brown remained underway as recently as Saturday, when state and local police shared three new photos of the teen. Two of the images were reportedly taken from security video and showed an unknown man speaking to the boy and walking with him toward Warnemünde Church square at around 7:45 a.m. Thursday.

At the time, local authorities said they wanted to speak with the man or anyone who could identify the man.

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Brown was traveling with his grandmother on the cruise ship before his disappearance. Authorities said the pair got into an argument before Brown left the ship, as previously reported by Fox News .

Katie Brown, a woman who identified herself as the boy's mother, described her son's appearance on Facebook and noted that he is from Texas and was "spotted by camera with an unknown person” at a “train station."

NBC News  also previously reported that police were looking for the second person, described as being between the ages of 20 and 25.

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14-Year-Old Who Vanished From Cruise Ship Turns Up Over 150 Miles Away

After disappearing from the Caribbean Princess cruise ship in the port town of Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany, 14-year-old Aydin Brown , from Texas, USA , was found unharmed in Brandenburg, a city over two hours away from the last location he was seen.

Upon stirring global panic, Aydin, who has autism , was found safe and sound at 10 pm local time, authorities said Saturday (July 6). 

The teen left the 1,000-foot-long (305 meters) ship that docked in Germany and disappeared on Thursday, Rostock city police said, Fox News reported on Sunday (July 7).

“Intensive investigations and the analysis of technical data led the Rostock criminal police to track down the youth, who had been staying near Potsdam,” the Rostock department said, NBC News reported on Sunday.

14-year-old Aydin Brown from Texas, USA, was found unharmed 

Image credits: Anne Yaktiyol

Aydin’s family announced in an update on social media that the youth was found safe, thanking everyone who continued to share updates during the ordeal.

Amy Kopischke, a cousin of the boy, wrote on Facebook : “Our prayers were answered and Aydin was found safe!!

“Thank you again to everyone for sharing the alerts and updates!!”

Image credits: Amy Kopischke

The vulnerable teen was last seen exiting the Caribbean Princess cruise ship shortly after it docked on July 4 at the port of Warnemünde, Fox News reported.

He was reportedly taking the cruise with his grandmother when the pair got into an argument, which prompted the teen to leave the ship, police previously said.

Princess Cruises said in a statement on Friday (July 5) that it was actively working with German police in the search for the teenager, NBC News reported at the time.

After disappearing from the Caribbean Princess cruise ship in the port town of Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany, Aydin was found

Image credits: Tips For Travellers

The boy left the vessel without an escort, the statement said, adding: “We understand the distress this situation has caused and will continue to provide ongoing on-site support to the family during this challenging time.”

Aydin’s grandmother had reportedly left the ship Thursday night (July 4) and was being helped by company employees in Warnemünde. 

Concerns grew after family members suggested on social media that someone may have taken advantage of the cruiser.

A relative had taken to her Facebook over the weekend to share security footage of Aydin accompanied by who is assumed to be a stranger.

She wrote in the caption: “ He is still missing please keep sharing and praying for his safe return.

“Also, Aydin has autism. The man in the photo with him is not a friend or relative. 

“We believe he was being lured away!”

The teen was found in Brandenburg, a city over two hours away from the last location he was seen

Authorities have recently said a 19-year-old who Aydin apparently had arranged to meet was with him Saturday night. “There is no evidence of a criminal offense,” Rostock police said in their statement, as per NBC News .

In a new statement, Princess Cruises said: “We are delighted that Aydin Brown has been found safe and sound.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to German authorities for their swift response and exceptional efforts in locating Aydin after he disembarked in Warnemünde last Thursday morning.”

While Aydin’s ordeal concluded in a happy ending, hundreds of people have met a much scarier fate after traveling on cruise liners.

Approximately 400 people have gone missing from cruise ships in the past 20 years, Maritime Injury Guide reveals. While this is no cause for general alarm, given that approximately 30 million people take cruise ship vacations each year, it is still a dangerous and concerning statistic.

According to the legal resource specializing in maritime law, there are several potential reasons people disappear on cruise ships. 

Concerns grew after family members suggested on social media that someone may have taken advantage of the cruiser

One common reason is falling overboard, which can happen if a person accidentally falls or intentionally jumps from the ship. 

Another is self-inflicted death , as the stress and isolation of a cruise ship environment can sometimes lead to this tragic outcome. 

Disappearances also occur during port visits. In all these situations, the person’s whereabouts and well-being are unknown, and it is up to the ship’s crew and authorities to investigate and try to locate the missing individual.

“I’m so glad he’s ok,” a reader commented

14-Year-Old Who Vanished From Cruise Ship Turns Up Over 150 Miles Away

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American teen missing in Germany after leaving cruise ship, police say

An American teenager disappeared during a cruise in Germany, police said.

Aydin Brown, 14, was last seen at 7 a.m. Thursday when he left the Caribbean Princess in Rostock-Warnemünde, a port town on the Baltic Sea, police said.

He is about 5-7, has long dark hair and was last seen wearing a dark jacket, dark pants and retro shoes, police said.

Aydin Brown.

Princess Cruises said in a statement Friday that it is actively working with German police in the search for the teenager.

The boy left the vessel without an escort, the statement said.

“We understand the distress this situation has caused and will continue to provide ongoing on-site support to the family during this challenging time,” Princess Cruises said.

The teen's grandmother, whom Brown was traveling with, left the ship Thursday night and is being helped by company employees in Warnemünde. Princess Cruises also arranged for his mother to fly to Germany as the search continues, the cruise line said.

"We greatly appreciate the swift response and ongoing efforts of the local authorities in their search for the young man," the statement said. "Their dedication and expertise are invaluable in this critical situation, and we are doing everything we can to assist them."

Police are also searching for a witness who may have seen the teen about 7:30 a.m. Thursday at the train station in Warnemünde.

The witness is described by police as between 20 and 25 years old. and has been asked to urgently report to the criminal investigation department in Rostock.

Natasha Worthington, who is traveling on the cruise said that despite the teen's disappearance, “The mood on the ship is still upbeat as not a lot of people are talking about it."

She said she has little information about the situation, adding "we would like to know what’s happened as we feel extremely sorry for the family.”

Carlo Angerer is a multimedia producer and reporter based in Mainz, Germany. 

Antonio Planas is a breaking news reporter for NBC News Digital. 


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