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Bad Suns at Orem, UT in UCCU Center 2023

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Bad Suns is an Indie-rock band hailing from Southern California, USA, melding 80s post-punk with Elvis Costello's melodic sensibilities to create their angst-ridden, hook-heavy indie rock.

Bad Suns formed in 2012, featuring the members Christo Bowman (vocals), Miles Morris (drums/percussion), Gavin Bennett (bassist) and Ray Libby (guitar). The bad quickly honed their craft, writing songs that were rather accomplished considering the short space of time in which the band had been together, as well as the young age of the musicians.

Having signed to the Vagrant label, Bad Suns released their debut EP, "Transpose" in early 2014. The release captured a youthful angst, through their grinding riffs, with sensitive yet strong vocals reminiscent of Robert Smith. They also harnessed the energy of The Clash and other early punk bands into their music.

"Transpose" was followed by their debut full-length album, "Language & Perspective," later that year, an eleven track album that is full of memorable hooks and stadium-sized anthems. The album was produced by Eric Palmquist, who has worked previously on records for artists including The Mars Volta, Wavves and Trash Talk.

The band's first single, "Cardiac Arrest" made significant waves on the American music scene, receiving significant radio airplay. The band also performed the song on the Conan show, as well as becoming a popular track on Alt Radio. This airplay and television performance helped raise the profile of the band and find new audiences across the country. They also secured a high profile support slot with The 1975 on their nationwide tour of the US.

Live reviews

I went to Bad Suns' show at Ace of Spades last night with my parents. Aside from frustrations due to ADA seating being changed for the worse and leading me to not sit there (I am disabled and use a wheelchair when I attend concerts) the show was absolutely fantastic. The energy from both the opening band, Vista Kicks, as well as Bad Suns, was high during the whole show. There were some memorable moments; someone shouted "You guys fucking rock!" out to Vista Kicks, and Derek (the lead singer) replied "You fucking rock." Someone else yelled out to Trevor, the bassist, "I love you, Trevor!" and he made a silly face in response. Ace of Spades has a no stagediving or crowdsurfing rule, apparently; but Christo, the lead singer of Bad Suns, ended up in the crowd at one point, with fans holding him up—this happened twice, and I can't say I've ever seen anything as interesting as someone being held up by a crowd of people. He also reached out to both sides of the crowd and held hands with fans while he sung. Overall, the show was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be seeing Bad Suns next time they come to Ace of Spades; perhaps even sooner if time and money allow. I also look forward to seeing Vista Kicks in the future as well, as they were probably the best opening band I've ever seen.

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riley-gadberry’s profile image

I saw Bad Suns on July 25th @ the Fox in Oakland. They, along with the White Arrows opened up for The Neighbourhood. Up until that night, I was only familiar with their song "Cardiac Arrest." However, while I was at the concert I immediately fell in love with them! So much, in fact, that I purchased their debut album, 'Language & Perspective,' the second I got home. Their sound is so unique compared to what's playing on the radio right now. Not to mention, the lead singer, Christo's, voice vaguely reminds me of the voice of Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers (which I also happen to LOVE). They have a great energy about them that when they're onstage, the aura in the room is electric. Everyone in the audience in the concert thought they were amazing as well. They showed different sides of their music in their setlist, which I thought was really cool. My new favorite song from their album is "We Move Like the Ocean". I would DEFINITELY go see them again. I can honestly say their performance left a remarkable impression on me and now I'm scouring the internet trying to find more music. Their album leaves so much more to be desired, but in a good way. Can't wait for them to release new music and to hopefully see them in concert again!

roseuh’s profile image

I LOVED last night’s show! And Christo said it was probably the best show of the tour :) The Van Buren is fantastic also. I also loved the first opening act (Ultra Q), they are adorable and energetic and very talented. The thing I did not enjoy was the second opening act. I understand everyone likes different things, but I felt like they were not similar enough to Bad Suns to be enjoyed by most of the fans there, and then people started moshing and pushing people who had waited in line for multiple hours to be closer to the front until we lost our spots. It was super uncomfortable and drinks were being spilled and it was just really unexpected for all the people going to see Bad Suns. And the lead singer was doing this weird thing where he was looking really strangely and creepily at the crowd and we were all really confused. But despite all that and losing the spots we worked so hard to get, Bad Suns completely made up for it. Every guy (Christo, Gavin, Ray, and Miles) were working so hard and having fun and looking great, and it was Ray’s birthday, which made it extra special. The dancing was great, they sounded great, the energy was great, and the interaction with the audience was great. I wish I could go all over again.

avery-mondrago’s profile image

Didn't even get to see them because my friends and I were kicked out. Bad Suns have REALLY shit fans. They don't dance and look at you like you're crazy for ENJOYING and JAMMING out to the music. Ya'll need to market your stuff to older and more mature adults and not some high school playground crap. My friend and I were dancing and these two girls started talking sh*t. I would've loved to see Bad Suns but these dumb white girls made a scene once we approached them and of course got us kicked out. Like these girls literally got in my face... and once I called them out they went crazy, but at least not before my friend let them know that their disrespectful behavior would not be tolerated like that again :))

GUYS- it's a concert. ENJOY the music, be merry, and dance your a** off, stop worrying about others or putting them down for being themselves and enjoying the moment.

Can't wait for the next time they're around. And... at least now I have a vinyl of theirs.

hlopez90’s profile image

It was my first time ever going to a concert. The opening was Carlie Hanson and she was absolutely amazing. I’ve never heard of her before but her voice gave me chills and the whole vibe she brought to the stage was very exciting. She brought a scooter on stage which was rather funny and she enjoyed interacting with the crowd. As it wasn’t my first time going to a concert I really didn’t know what to expect and thought that Bad Suns were probably going to match the way she performed. Yet they went above and beyond. There were flashing lights, different colors and I could never take my eyes off of the screen. I could feel the music throughout my nature body and was left a little deaf afterwards, but everything was completely worth it.

laurenbui630’s profile image

I had an amazing time. This was my third time seeing them. I love them so much!! They have great energy and put on such a good show. Christo interacts with the audience a lot and isn't afraid to jump into the crowd. Their music is amazing and Christo's voice is beautiful. Ray is so cute jamming on the guitar and doing the background vocals. I literally am in love with him <3 Gavin and Miles are also stellar and complete the whole band. My friends who didn't know their music went with me and they had a great time even though they didn't know any of the songs; that's how amazing they are. I love bad suns so much and recommend everyone and anyone see them live.

dianners’s profile image

Bad Suns were perfection. This was my second time seeing them and they just keep getting better and better! The lead singer was nice enough to say hello to us before the show even started, then once we were inside the venue, all the live acts were stunning. But when Bad Suns took on the stage, you could feel the energy and excitement radiating in the small intimate venue. I would most definitely recommend seeing them live, it's magical and life changing! GO BAD SUNS.

annybelly13’s profile image

I loved their show! I have been fans of them for a while now and they sound great live! There was a good balance with interaction with the crowd and music played. The tickets were very reasonably priced and they sounded just like they do on their albums! The only negative was I couldn't hear the lead singer very well, as his microphone was down lower than normal. This could be their style of performing, but it took away from the concert a little.

emilytaylorfan’s profile image

2nd time seeing BadSuns in concert. This time they opened for Halsey in Orlando but I only went to see them & left after they finished up. They rock, they jam and sounded great as always! I can't wait until they come back through as the headline band BC they only got to play like 37 mins. They did however play 2 new songs Disappear Here and Heartbreaker off of their 2nd album that comes out 9.16.16 both songs of which I loved, alot.

vzymowski’s profile image

I saw them live on November 1, 2016. It was my first concert and it couldn't have been better. The aesthetic of the show is beyond beautiful. The ambience of the environment just adds to the experience. And they're so intense it's exhilarating. If you genuinely love their music you HAVE to see them live. Prkmise you won't regret it. And purchasing it through SongKick was super easy. 10/10 would do it again.

melissa-monts’s profile image

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  • New Politics (39)
  • SomeKindaWonderful (36)
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  • The Band Camino (28)

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Bad Suns

Latest Setlist

Bad suns on february 24, 2024.

Filinvest City Event Grounds, Alabang, Philippines

Bad Suns Returns with 2019 Tour and Third Studio Album, 'Mystic Truth'

Bad Suns made a triumphant return with the announcement of their third studio album: 'Mystic Truth' and a full-blown tour to boot.

Popular Tracks

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Bad Suns Announce New Project 'Infinite Joy'; Share New Single 'Living Or Dying'

Bad Suns have announced their new project, 'Infinite Joy', set to release on November 17.


Los Angeles natives Bad Suns announce plans to release a new collection of songs called ‘Infinite Joy', out November 17th via Epitaph Records.

With Grammy award-winning producer Ben Allen (Washed Out, Walk The Moon) at the helm, the trio masterfully crafts a sublime union of alternative indie rock and synth funk with an emphasis on glossy production and accessible pop sheen.  

Alongside today's announcement the band has released the track “Living Or Dying”.  Accompanied by shimmering hi-hats and an undeniable groove, the song explores existentialist themes in an uplifting atmosphere. Written by frontman Christo Bowman as an expression of encouragement to his fiancé as she contemplates a major life decision, he expresses,  

“Living a life in a state of fear or regret is hardly living. Life is too beautiful to waste.”  

Last month Bad Suns released the upbeat single and music video for “The One I Used To Love”- “a polished, deceptively danceable track born from a transformative new chapter” as highlighted by American Songwriter. Their first new music since their 2022 album Apocalypse Whenever, the song was a cathartic release for Bowman and a wistful ode to the past after overcoming addiction. 

“The songs on Infinite Joy reflect an oceanic scope of emotions which colored the last year of my life,” the frontman comments. “In October of 2022 I got clean after a decade spent battling with alcohol abuse. In the direct aftermath, it was like experiencing an entire ten years' worth of growth, in a matter of months. Growth doesn't occur independent of pain, sorrow, joy - every emotion imaginable. I had to go through all of it, and resist none of it. It's a journey I will be on for the rest of my life.” 

To Bowman, “infinite joy” is more like a renewable resource than a feeling. He first encountered the phrase while reading scientist and author Carl Sagan's novel ‘Contact'. It initially seemed oxymoronic, but after stopping to consider the possibilities, it started to take on meaning.  He muses, “Joy is an infinite reservoir which exists beneath the surface of palpable reality - accessible in fragments, most purely when we cease our attempts to grasp it. This idea struck me, perhaps because it seemed so naive and yet I couldn't negate it.” 

The FADER explained that Apocalypse Whenever conceptualized “an existential questioning of the way fear, regret and self-reflection function when informed by the notions of love and loss”. With songwriting as vulnerable as ever, Infinite Joy is brimming with contemplative lyricism as Bowman continues to look inward for answers. “Music tends to serve as a gateway to our purest emotions,” he explains. “My goal was, and always is, to allow room for every possible reaction to take place.” 

Following a whirlwind tour with The Band CAMINO, Bad Suns will be playing an intimate set at The Roxy for its 50 Years Of The Roxy Celebration on Nov. 13th, and an Infinite Joy release show on Nov. 17th. Tickets are available HERE .

Bad Suns Tour Dates

11/13 – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy 

11/17 – Anaheim, CA – House Of Blues (Infinite Joy Release Show) 


Ticket Central

USA Today Sports

Live stream: Suns 124, Pelicans 111

bad suns tour

April 1, 2024 - by HoopsHype

By HoopsHype | April 1, 2024

Game streams

Live stream: Suns 124, Pelicans 111

Live stream: Hawks 113, Bulls 101

Live stream: Blazers 103, Magic 104

Live stream: Blazers 103, Magic 104

Live stream: Grizzlies 110, Pistons 108

Live stream: Grizzlies 110, Pistons 108

Live Stream: fuboTV (Watch for free) NBA League Pass: The most live games plus NBA TV. Free trial

Game Time: 8:00 PM EDT on Monday April 1, 2024

Phoenix Suns 124, New Orleans Pelicans 111 (Final)

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

bad suns tour

Games , New Orleans Pelicans , Phoenix Suns


LOOK: Dyson Daniels jumps over Bradley Beal and other pictures of the day in the NBA

LOOK: Dyson Daniels jumps over Bradley Beal and other pictures of the day in the NBA

Rajon Rondo officially announces retirement

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Rajon Rondo officially announces retirement

Bogdan Bogdanovic on heated exchange with Quin Snyder: ‘We are doing this almost every minute, that means we both care’

Bogdan Bogdanovic on heated exchange with Quin Snyder: ‘We are doing this almost every minute, that means we both care’

Rajon Rondo officially announces retirement

Main Rumors 4hr ago

Clippers vs. Kings: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Game previews 5hr ago

Clippers vs. kings: start time, where to watch, what's the latest.

Cavaliers vs. Jazz: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

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Spurs vs. Nuggets: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

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Warriors vs. Mavericks: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Knicks vs. Heat: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Knicks vs. Heat: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Bucks vs. Wizards: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Bucks vs. Wizards: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Lakers vs. Raptors: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Lakers vs. Raptors: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

Thunder vs. 76ers: Start time, where to watch, what's the latest

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bad suns tour

2024 World Series contender tiers: When will your team win?

bad suns tour

  • Member, Professional Basketball Writers Association Follow on X

Copy Link

Is your favorite team a potential 2024 World Series contender ... or is 2025 (or beyond) a more realistic target?

O ne thing we were reminded of last year is that prognostications are all about expectation, not destiny.

We divide the clubs into five tiers based on projections and probabilities. The higher the tier, the more likely a team is to find itself in the next Fall Classic. Last season, the eventual champion Texas Rangers landed in my preseason Tier 3 ; their World Series opponents, the Arizona Diamondbacks , were in Tier 4.

This reflects the new reality in Major League Baseball, with its expanded postseason and more room for chaos. To paraphrase managers and executives around the game: "We just want to get into the tournament."

With that in mind, let's see how teams stack up based on my most up-to-date simulations, run just before last Thursday's openers, and what the outcome of those simulations tells us about where each franchise is and where it might be going.

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Boston Celtics

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Luka Doncic

© Tim Warner/GettyImages

Mavericks Need Every Bit of Luka Doncic's Magic as Playoffs Approach

The Mavs will go as far as their superstar can take them.

  • Author: Liam McKeone, Special to

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Houston Rockets, 125-107, on Sunday night, putting an end to Houston's 11-game winning streak. Luka Doncic had a monstrous stat line of 47 points, 12 rebounds, and seven assists in the victory. His greatness can be so overwhelming that we grow numb to seeing those numbers. After all, it is his 10th 40-point double-double of the season. But his Easter performance included a play so ridiculous the NBA world is still in awe 12 hours later — a underhanded finger-roll buzzer-beater from the three-point line.

Yes, you read that right. An underhanded finger-roll buzzer-beater from the three-point line .

WHATTTTT 😱 — Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) April 1, 2024

That, right there, is what's become known as Luka Magic. It's nearly impossible for us mere mortals to understand how Doncic even considered taking that shot, much less swishing it. An unprecedented combination of why did he do that and how did he do that . Doncic has been doing this sort of thing since he stepped on an NBA court in 2018 and continues to surprise viewers, even as we've grown to expect the unexpected from the Slovenian superstar.

It is also the sort of thing the Mavs are going to need in heavy doses down the stretch. Sunday's win put Dallas in the driver's seat for the No. 5 seed in the Western Conference, entering Monday tied with the New Orleans Pelicans in the standings. They are now only two games behind the Los Angeles Clippers for the No. 4 seed. However, the franchise is also only two games ahead of Play-In Tournament teams, the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns.

Dallas has two weeks' worth of games left. A good stretch would put it in position for homecourt advantage in the first round of the postseason. A bad stretch would push it to the edge of the playoff picture entirely. The margin for error is razor-thin, and the Mavs need their best player in top form for their final eight games.

In other words, they need Luka to continue doing his thing. Dallas has won seven straight games. In that stretch, the franchise's superstar has averaged 28.7 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 9.7 assists per game. The Mavericks may not win every game for the rest of the season, but they have some big ones coming up.

Two of their next three contests come against the Golden State Warriors. The dynasty may be dead but Stephen Curry isn't going to go away quietly. The Dubs, entering Monday 10th in the West, desperately need wins to ensure they don't miss the play-in tournament. Dallas will play the Rockets again next Sunday and Houston isn't far behind Golden State for the last play-in spot so they won't roll over, either. It's going to be a tough stretch and there is a lot at stake.

The Mavericks improved their roster significantly at the trade deadline. They still aren't good enough to reach true contention without Doncic at the top of his game. So while the Mavs shouldn't expect Luka to flip the ball in from 30 feet regularly, they do need as much of his magic as he can muster.

Liam McKeone is an editor at The Big Lead.

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Joel Embiid gets an update from Nick Nurse ahead of the Sixers' matchup against the Suns.

Nick Nurse Dishes Latest on Joel Embiid Before Sixers vs. Suns

Feb 13, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Coby White warms up before an NBA game against the Orlando Magic at United Center.

Coby White is set to return and says he dodged a bullet in a nasty fall vs. the Indiana Pacers


Looking Ahead to the Raptors Upcoming Race For Draft Seeding

Franz Wagner Herb Jones Pelicans

Pelicans vs. Magic: 3 Best Bets

Brooklyn Nets forward Cameron Johnson

Cam Johnson spends off day visiting Brooklyn's NETSTEM program logo

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  • Blind Suns, The
  • June 29, 2019 Setlist

The Blind Suns Setlist at Tula Oblast, Moscow, Russia

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The Blind Suns

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Wild Mint 2019 setlists

The Blind Suns Gig Timeline

  • Nov 07 2018 Ex Cinema Aurora Livorno, Italy Add time Add time
  • Nov 09 2018 Joe Koala Osio Sopra, Italy Add time Add time
  • Jun 29 2019 Wild Mint 2019 This Setlist Moscow, Russia Add time Add time
  • Dec 14 2019 SpaceFest! 2019 Gdańsk, Poland Add time Add time
  • Feb 26 2020 La Laiterie Strasbourg, France Add time Add time

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Marquee memories: sleater-kinney.

  • Sleater‐Kinney
  • Mar 31, 2024
  • Mar 30, 2024
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  • Mar 28, 2024
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bad suns tour

Why Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns will end a disappointing season missing the playoffs

bad suns tour

NEW ORLEANS — Kevin Durant was the last to leave Paycom Center’s visiting locker room Friday night after an ugly 128-103 loss to his former team in the city that remains upset about him leaving for Golden State.

Leaning back in a chair in front of the locker, Durant, still in his black Phoenix Suns jersey, addressed being vehemently booed once again in Oklahoma City. It’s approaching a decade, but the wounds are still fresh from him joining the Warriors after he and Thunder blew a 3-1 lead to them in the Western Conference finals.

“It's hard to not hear how people react to you when your name is called,” Durant said. “It’s been eight years. I understand the dynamics to all of this. What being a fan means and what I meant to this city. I’ve been saying this for eight years now. I let the fans react how they want to react. This is their before whereas before I tried to tell them how to act towards me.”

That brought a smile to Durant’s face on what was a long night on multiple levels. Before talking about the OKC fans, Durant addressed the idea of believing the Suns can be at their best come playoff time.

“We’ve got eight more games left,” Durant said. “Hopefully we get an opportunity to play in the postseason. Just take it a game at a time.”

All things Suns: Latest Phoenix Suns news, schedule, roster, stats, injury updates and more.

This can — and has already been — poked and dissected by a disappointed and frustrated fan base that not only saw the Thunder splatter their Suns without injured All-Star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, but watched Phoenix (43-31) fall short of playing up to championship expectations all season with its Big 3 of Devin Booker, Bradley Beal and Durant.

Still, they’re seventh in the West and just 1 ½ games behind Dallas for that coveted sixth spot to avoid the play-in tournament. The Mavericks (44-29) own the head-to-head tiebreaker over Phoenix, too, but they are a losing skid away, coupled with a late Suns surge, from ending up in the play-in instead.

That sounds like something even a Suns optimist might find hard to visualize.

Here’s why Phoenix will fall short of the playoffs to mercifully conclude what has been one of the most disappointing seasons for the franchise in recent memory.

Toughest remaining schedule

Phoenix’s final eight games are all against teams in the top five of their respective conferences. The Suns conclude their five-game road trip Monday against New Orleans.

They return to Phoenix for a four-game homestand with games against Cleveland, Minnesota, New Orleans again and the Los Angeles Clippers before closing the regular season on three-game road trip against the Clippers again in what will be the second of a back-to-back, Sacramento and Minnesota one final time.

The Suns could easily go 3-5 or worse and end up in the eighth or even worse ninth spot that requires a team to win twice in the play-in just to land the eighth seed. The remaining four teams in play-in consideration — Sacramento, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State and red-hot Houston, winners of 11 straight — are a combined 8-9 against Phoenix.

Does anyone want to play a win-or-go home game against LeBron James or Stephen Curry?

Deep rooted flaws

Turnovers. Defending the 3.

Transition defense. Finishing games.

The Suns have had problems in all four areas.

They’re 25th in the NBA in turnovers, 21st in 3-pointers allowed, 19th in transition points allowed and have the worst plus-minus in the league in the fourth quarter at minus-3.

Any team that can’t protect the ball, yield 3s, doesn't get back on defense and can't close out games can’t be trusted.

The Suns have talked at nauseam about these issues, will make progress in one or two only digress and have one or two cost them a game. Those type of teams find ways to miss the playoffs.

Lacking urgency

The Suns know every game at this point matters in trying to avoid the play-in, but they’ve showed on this road trip an inability to consistently play with the necessary energy, focus and intensity.

Playoff teams don’t lose to the worst team in the West — Spurs — without rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama, beat the best in the West — defending NBA champion Denver — and then get cooked by OKC without its best player.

They all know what’s at stake, but they can’t put it together to string together much-needed win.

Phoenix is 74 games into the season and shown its only consistency is being inconsistent.

Blame the players. Blame the coaches. Blame the front office and ownership for putting together a top-heavy roster and having a point guard, but hard to change a team’s tendencies in eight games when facing tough competition and having its own deficiencies that are harder to cover and even harder to fix in such a short time frame.

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