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What is Proof of Onward Travel? My Horror Story & How to Avoid Disaster

Last Updated: April 13, 2021

*FYI - this post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure. for more info.

onward travel uk

Proof of onward travel is one of the most important yet under-discussed parts of trip planning and preparation. In this article, I’ll talk about what proof of onward travel is, how to prove it, and my personal experience *almost* getting denied boarding due to a lack of it.

Have you ever been barred from boarding a plane?

As in, ticket in hand, luggage in tow, Pinterest boards filled… but denied entry at the very last second?

The answer for me is almost. A very very close almost.

And because that sense of panic (and profuse sweating) is something I’d never wish on anybody, I’m here today with a mildly serious post about a travel mistake many of you might make, and what you can do to prevent it.

TL;DR – If the phrase “proof of onward travel” means nothing to you, you need to keep reading.

If you want a full recount of my experience ‘lawyering’ my way onto a flight to Germany , you can scroll to the bottom of the post, but for now – here are the important nuggets of info you need to know.

onward travel uk

Save this guide to Proof of Onward Travel for later!

You’ll be very glad you did.

What is proof of onward travel?

Proof of onward travel (often referred to as proof of returning travel or proof of outgoing travel) is basically proof that you will be leaving the country you’re temporarily travelling to. In other words, you won’t be overstaying illegally.

Why do airlines and immigration authorities require proof of onward travel?

Simply put: many countries want proof that you won’t be staying longer than you’re allowed.

For the most part, it is a safeguard against illegal immigration, but we travelers are required to provide proof of onward travel too if we’re asked to.

For most of us, this proof usually comes in the form of a return ticket (i.e. yes, I’m going home on this day!) but for digital nomads, spontaneous backpackers, and one way ticketers, it’s not as easy to prove that you will, in fact, GTFO.

So, while one way tickets sound awfully romantic (the possibilities! The self actualization!), sadly, these indulgent fantasies couldn’t carry any LESS weight to border police and airline employees.

Can you imagine entering a new country with a one way ticket, and just being like “Yeah don’t worry… I’m not here to stay illegally. It’s just an Eat Pray Love sorta situation.”

You’d probably be home in time for supper.

NOTE: In most cases, proof of onward travel can either be proof of return travel (e.g. a ticket showing you are going home) or proof of outgoing travel (e.g. you are leaving that destination for another). Usually, they don’t care if you are going home after – their main priority is ensuring you will leave that specific destination before you legal allowance runs out.

Which Countries Require Proof of Onward Travel?

You’re not going to like this answer…

While not all countries have a legal requirement that you provide proof of an onward ticket, you should ensure you have some kind of proof of onward travel no matter where you’re travelling.

Passports with boarding passes on a table

Long story short: even if it’s not a legal requirement, airlines are increasingly checking passengers for proof of onward travel before boarding or even at check-in. This is because many countries now put the onus on airlines to perform these checks, otherwise they may have to bear the cost of flying you back.

Practically speaking, this means many airlines will just check you have a return or onward ticket, even if they’re not legally obligated by the destination’s laws to do so.

Some budget airlines in Europe like RyanAir, Wizz Air and easyJet even regularly perform “visa checks” at check in for those with non-EU passports.

Most annoyingly however, proof of onward travel is very randomly enforced, which is why you might have never encountered it as an issue before. In fact, I have friends who (out of hundreds of flights), have only been asked once or twice for an onward ticket.

The likelihood you’ll be checked isn’t high, but trust me – once it happens to you (as it did me), you’ll be scared straight into having the right documents every time… just in case.

Passport and boarding pass with coffee at airport

I’ve tried to locate an accurate list of countries with a legal requirement for proof of onward travel, but most websites seem to regurgitate the same country names without official sources to back them up.

The UK for example is often cited as a county where proof of onward travel is mandatory, but if you look on the official Gov.uk site here , they phrase it differently.

Rather than saying onward travel is mandatory, they instead say you must prove your status as a “genuine visitor” through one of several methods, one of which is evidence you’ll leave the UK (i.e. an onward travel ticket) OR evidence that “you’re able to pay for your return or onward journey and any other costs relating to your visit”.

See how it’s not that black and white?

Practically, I can tell you 9/10 times when I’ve spoken to UK passport officials, they’ve asked me how long I plan to stay, and asked for proof of the duration of my stay. Without an onward ticket, I would have likely created a lot more problems for myself.

People walking in an airport

So, really, research the entry requirements for your destination, but try to ensure you have some kind of proof of onward travel no matter what if you want to be on the safe side. At the end of the day, your travel fate is up to either the airline employee or passport control officer speaking to you, so it’s often better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re curious about which countries explicitly state they require an onward ticket though, here are a few that I’ve found (with links to the official sources where I got the info from):

  • Costa Rica: The official Visit Costa Rica website states here that “All non-resident travelers must possess a return ticket or a ticket as proof of when they intend to exit the country, commonly referred to as an outbound exit or onward ticket”
  • Indonesia: According to their official immigration law here , under Article 42, it says “Visa application is refused in the event that… the applicant does not have a return ticket or onward ticket to continue their travel to another country”
  • New Zealand: As stated in this official government FAQ , those entering New Zealand without a visa “must have valid onward travel arrangements” (with the exception of Australian citizens or permanent residence holders)
  • The Philippines: As stated on the official Republic of the Philippines Bureau of Immigration website here , they state that a “return ticket” is part of travel requirements for entry
  • USA: While I’ve had trouble locating the exact law requiring proof of onward travel in the USA, as stated on the official Travel.State.Gov website here , “Citizens of VWP countries *  who reside in Mexico, Canada, or a nearby island are generally exempted from the requirement to show onward travel to another country *  when entering the United States” which implies that other countries in the Visa Waiver Program must show proof of onward travel

Let me know in the comments if you can find more countries explicitly stating their requirements for onward tickets (preferably from government sources. I’d love to add to this list!

Overhead view of blue lagoon in the Philippines

When will I be asked for proof of onward travel?

Sometimes, they’ll ask for it at Passport Control before you’re allowed into a country (I’ve seen a sobbing girl get refused at the Ireland border for not having it!).

Other times, you’ll be asked for it before you get on the plane (like in my case) or even just when you check in. This is becoming increasingly common because often airlines will have to bear the cost of flying you back if they allow you to board without the right documentation.

Regardless, there isn’t a universal time when you will be asked, and how picky they’ll be will also depend on the employee you’re dealing with.

But hey, it’s all good, friend. Now that you know this complication exists, here’s how you can make sure you never get withheld from boarding your plane!

Airport with decorations like flags and a globe and travellers walking down

Options for Providing onward travel Proof

How do you provide proof of an onward ticket? What if you want to travel with no fixed plans or go on a one-way ticket somewhere for an indefinite amount of time?

There are several ways you can provide proof of onward travel, along with workarounds that allow you to maintain flexibility. Here are some options for you re: providing proof of an onward flight/travel.

Option 1: Buy a return or onward ticket in advance

Sorry Spontaneous Sally, but the best way to make sure you don’t run into trouble is to simply have your onward travel sorted.

And beyond just booking it, make sure you have solid PROOF too.

A paper copy of a bus, train or plane ticket would probably be easiest to have and show off, but make sure you have digital copies on your phone too (screenshots, people!) just in case.

If ‘go with the flow’ travel is more your thing, here are some other options:

Departures area of an airport at night

Option 2: Buy a refundable ticket

There are several airlines that refund tickets within a specified time frame, so you can easily purchase a ticket and then refund it right after.

Be careful with this method though: be sure to read the fine print and Google individual airline policies before you buy.

Some companies might only refund you credit, rather than actual money. Others might have strict rules about when refunds apply or have a stiff cancellation fee.

If you’re not keen to spend loads on a plane ticket (even temporarily), you can look into other transport options like buses.

My friends in Europe, Flixbus offers very cheap rates and they charge only a 1 euro cancellation fee, at which point you get the rest of the money as Flixbus credit.

Not too bad, considering tickets will be less than 60 euros most of the time, which is way cheaper than a plane ticket.

NOTE: While a bus ticket should be sufficient, it really depends on the employee you deal with… For some, a plane ticket might seem more “legitimate”, so keep that in mind!

Woman sitting on the floor on her laptop

Option 3: Buy a cheap ticket and plan not to use it

In parts of the world where traveling between countries is cheap, you could always just buy the cheapest ticket you can find, with no intention of using it.

This will likely be your best bet if you’re crunched for time (i.e. about to board the plane).

If you are travelling in Europe, you might want to read my guide to the cheapest ways to travel in Europe for a briefer on the cheapest tickets you can book.

Generally speaking though, if you need cheap proof of onward travel in Europe, there are a lot of low cost airlines like RyanAir and Wizz Air you can look into, or even just bus companies like Flixbus.

Rainy plane window looking out onto another plane

Option 4: “Rent” a plane ticket

Lastly, I will say that another final option for providing proof of onward travel is “renting” a plane ticket through a service. Many sites exist for this purpose.

I personally have not used any myself, and have heard enough horror stories of scams to feel good about… NOT recommending any I haven’t used personally.

I really do think any of the options mentioned above are a better option than relying on a service to do it for you.

But, if you’ve used any of these onward ticket rental services, please let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear about your experience.

Sunset view outside of a plane

NOT an Option: Faking Proof of Onward Travel

Okay, so there is plenty of shady advice out there on the Internet telling you how you can ‘fake’ proof by amending emails or even using online ticket generators.

Guys, please use your common sense.

Do you REALLY want to provide fake documents to government officials just to save (in the case of FlyOnward) 10 bucks? It’s not worth it, and is genuinely illegal. Please do not ever do this for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Crowds walking in an Asian airport

My ‘proof of onward travel’ disaster story

With all that practical information out of the way, here’s how I was almost denied entry on my flight to Germany.

Fresh off a flight from Vancouver to Montreal, I had my passport in hand, a carry-on full of snacks and an all-too-excited grin at the prospect of living in Europe again for a few months.

Everything had been smooth sailing up until this point – my flight landed early and I even had time to buy a bag of delicious MTL bagels.

I was only one flight away from being back in Germany and I swear I could already smell the pretzels.

German road trip inspiration! Click through for a funny story of a road trip around Germany gone wrong (then right).

My carb-loaded buzz was short lived. Instead of a chirpy check of the passport and a syrupy “have a nice flight!”, I was greeted with a stern airline employee who looked me up and down, then demanded to know when I would come back.

I had prepared for this, I thought. With a psychotically large smile, I whipped out the return ticket confirmation on my phone, citing a June return for my university grad ceremony. “ I can haz Germany now? ” I thought through my ‘calm’ smile.

The short answer was no.

“That’s more than 90 days. I can’t let you on the plane,” he said almost as if it was a non-negotiable fact.

Oh dannnnnnnnng.

Such an important travel tip that too many travelers forget! Always have Proof of Onward travel when you go abroad, because otherwise you might not be allowed on the plane or into the country. Here's a guide on what that means and what your options are for producing proof of onward travel.

It was in that moment that I snapped out of my dreamy daze and kicked into lawyer mode.

I knew that I only had 90 days to spend in the Schengen Zone, but it had been my plan all along to simply travel outside of that zone for a few weeks to ensure I never maxed my allowance.

I cleared my throat, and spewed out a (likely less eloquent) version of the following: “I’m aware that as a Canadian citizen I get only 90 days of free travel in the Schengen zone. My plan is to travel around the Balkans for a month to ensure that I don’t exceed those 90 days.”

I had done my homework, or so I thought.

Amsterdam Schipol airport by night

“Well do you have proof you’re leaving the Schengen Zone?”

A million thoughts flooded through my mind as the passenger queue grew behind me.

I hadn’t planned any of my Balkans itinerary because Type A me decided to embrace spontaneity for once.

I told him that no, I hadn’t purchased any tickets yet, but I had a rough plan and if I needed to, I would buy a plane ticket on the spot right there.

He then proceeded to quiz me on my plans.

It seemed like he as all too eager to somehow “catch me”, because as soon as I mentioned Croatia, he exclaimed with a snooty tone “well, Croatia IS in the Schengen Zone.”

Haaaa, I knew right then that he was wrong.

I had read the rules a million times.

Exasperated (but still sassy), I told him to Google it. And he did, as curious passengers stood by like they were watching an intense boxing match.

After a few taps of the phone, the redness in his face said it all.

I was right. I out-Schengen’d the airline guy. A win for obsessive Googlers all over the world!

onward travel uk

“Okay, I’ll let you on the plane under one condition… that you UNDERSTAND that you only have 90 days in the Schengen Zone, and overstaying may result in a fine or a ban from the area,” I nodded, sassy again.

I might have flipped my hair a bit, but that could just be my overactive imagination at work.

And so I got on the plane.

Shaking, but on-board, ready to drink a lot of airplane wine. Funnily enough, I was so paranoid I ended up buying a bus ticket to Croatia in case the Munich border police asked me similar questions.

They didn’t ask me a single thing, just smiled, stamped my passport and waved me off on my merry way.

SO, learn from my mistakes! Take this as a cautionary tale that you are not immune to random checks, even if it has never happened to you before. Especially these days, countries are getting more strict and careful about people coming and staying illegally… so at least have a plan on what to do if this situation arises.

Plane view at sunset

Any More Questions About Proof of Onward Travel?

I hope you found this guide to onward travel proof helpful! Now, tell me – have you ever had any “proof of onward travel” horror stories? Let me know in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “What is Proof of Onward Travel? My Horror Story & How to Avoid Disaster”

Okay, I did NOT know about this. Never encountered this problem, but probably because I’ve never bought one-way tickets. Nice to keep in mind for the future.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog https://charmainenyw.com

This is one of those things that people don’t find out about until it’s too late haha! Glad you’re aware of it now, Charmaine 🙂

Great advice and poor you with your story! I’ve found that German border patrol officers are the friendliest ever!!! Every time I travel in and out of Germany, their most common question is why I have a German last name (Wagner) but not a German passport! haha…total discrimination, but you don’t fit the profile of someone who is likely to overstay your Schengen visa 😉 They definitely profile for it in Germany! I’ve only ever gotten my passport stamped…no questions asked!

They definitely do profile for SURE! I think I confuse them with my passport because I’ve been in/out of Europe a lot in the past 3 years, so the stamps are mega confusing. Add in a German student visa (from last year) and they’re stumped most of the time haha. I’m SO paranoid about visa things these days, I always get nervous even when I’ve done nothing wrong haha. Better safe than sorry I guess? Thanks for reading, jordan!! 🙂

Thank you for sharing your experience! This is SO important to know. The UK is really strict about this too.

Yes!! The first time I went to London, it was on an overnight bus from Paris (#brokestudentlife) and I crossed the border in the middle of the night, half asleep. I was petrified because they asked so many more questions than the other places I’d been to. Now I know it’s always good to have everything confirmed, printed and available haha. I’m such a nerd I sometimes even practice my little spiel about who I am, where I’m going, etc. while I’m in line.

I love how you did your research and knew he was incorrect about Croatia! It shows it’s always good to be prepared. Imagine if you didn’t! This was an interesting read. I had no idea that Germany was so strict to get in to.

Haha I felt so smug after!! And yeah, it honestly depends on individual guards/employees though. In my experience, German border police have always been very easy-going and not as picky as this. It pays to be prepared no matter what though!

Oh Christina! I swear you are the funniest Though of course this could very well not be that funny! I learned about prove of onward travel on my trip to Maldives; the lady a true the counter definitely looked like she’d send me home if I hadn’t got anything Luckily I did!

Hehe thanks Nam! I feel like this is definitely one of those things you don’t know about until you get asked for it! That’s why I want everyone to know it at least exists! And SO good to hear you didn’t get turned away at the Maldives haha… that would have been terrible!

Honestly, this has never been an issue when I’ve travelled. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing this to my attention. I usually have printed itineraries from booking my flights, and they include the return date and flight number, but I will make 100% I have those on me when I travel now! It appears quite a few people haven’t heard of this/had it happen, so good job for letting us all know about this!

thanks for reading, Kayleigh!! Yeah it’s definitely one of those things you don’t hear about until it’s too late haha. Glad you found this useful 😀

I have never been denied entry into a country but I did have to provide a rambling explanation coming from Paris to the UK with my friend who has a German passport and a return plane ticket and I only had a one-way plane ticket and an American passport with a recent UK border stamp. Long story short I gave a very detailed explanation of her student status in Paris my American holiday time frame and tried not to pass out from fear. The guy asked a lot of questions and wanted exact dates and locations for proof of onward travel, so have that information ready and not stowed away in your carry-on.

oh my gosh that sounds so scary!! Really good tip to have everything handy. It always helps to be overprepared 🙂 I still carry my silly spreadsheet around and it always makes them laugh haha.

i think I was asked once by an airline when I went to Peru from Chile. I simply told them I had 12000 in the bank and they let me through. Afterwards I have never been asked for proof when I intend to leave. If I was to travel to Europe I would probably travel to Albania. Rent an apartment there and use Albania as my base of operations. When I want to go to Poland than I would simply tell them I will return to Albania afterwards. I figure that as I am a caucasian male who is dressed in dress clothing and I have a US passport that I am not likely to be asked alot of question as they figure I am likely rich and not interested in illegally immigrating to their nation.

These requirements are a mess! I travel often in SE Asia and places like Indonesia require it all the time :/ There are a few onward ticket generators, such as fakeflighttickets.com, flyonward.com, returnflightonwardtravel.com Have you guys tried any of these? Are they worth it?

I use https://keyflight.io , it was enough for a border control and for travel visa (but i paid for it)

I had a similar experience flying into Italy, but the U.S. airline let me board with only a one-way ticket. In hindsight, I had wished they had stopped me in New York. Once in Rome, I spent 3 hours in their “holding room” trying to explain to them I would buy a return ticket within my allotted 3-month visa, I just didn’t know where I was flying out of yet. My misfortune I had traveled to Italy at a time they were having a row with Indian (yes, other countries have rows with other countries, it just doesn’t make the US news). I am of Indian extraction. My father is American-born Indian and my mother is from New Delhi. I finally got a custom agent to understand that the US is a melting pot and some of us have funny last names and darker skin. This sunk in, he nodded, and said that they would consider letting me in. This was progress. Soon after a fellow American traveler was brought into the same office because he couldn’t find his passport in all his luggage. We talked, and he suggested I buy a fully refundable one-way ticket back to the US via my smartphone. What a genius! I did do and within minutes I had proof of return. This pleased the Italian customs and off I went.

We had a terrible experience with the border patrol in Germany. We were coming back to US with a 1.5 hours layover in Munich, after a cruise a few years back. We visited many ports and had all those stamps in our passport. Munich border patrol (still in secure area of the airport, changing a plane) checked all the stamps and did not let us through. We were not told what the problem was. We showed our itinerary to the agent but got nowhere. We did not know that one of the stamps, Zeebrugge (Belgien) was stamped with a future date by customs agent at the cruise terminal. It turned out that we were stamped with a future month. German board patrol agent took us away to a lockdown area. I were kept there for a long time and worried that we miss our flight. We were kept in the dark all this time and were not even allowed to use the restroom. It was rude and inhumane behaviour. It took a long for another agent to call Zeebrudgge customs to verify the information. Finally, we were allowed of this lockdown area to catch our flight. We were running with our carry-ons with the speed we did not know was possible for us. They gave us a paper which had a correct date for Zeebrugge – that is how we found out what was the delay about. I would always think about Germany border patrol as sadistic. BWY, we were already senior citizens that year.

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“Careless customer service not worried about customers ”

written by SAMEGM on 01/11/2023

I would like to give review about this company mainly so worst company in UK.With online system and very careless customer service of no time to listen passengers problem.I have booked by mistake now regretted.II have try to solve with them but they wouldn’t bother mainly corporate companies like this not caring for others only money minded business.Please be aware of this company for our public this is review for public to avoid genuinely affected by this company by charged me unnecessarily without caring about spoke to them of my children's and family.This company put me lots of stress after I came back from my holiday.

“Excellent service”

written by PSMS on 26/10/2023

Overall this was an excellent experience. Our driver managed the delay in our flight arrival at Heathrow, kept in touch once we landed, met us as agreed and drove us to our desination in calm and professional manner at quite a busy time of day.


written by Garethsandrey1972 on 21/10/2023

Excellent journey, very comfortable vehicle and driver was very friendly and professional

“Driver was amazing!”

written by Anna2222222 on 21/10/2023

My driver was so kind and understanding when my flight was delayed by 3 hours. On the drive back he was very kind, kept asking me if I wanted to put the heating or aircon on. Helped me with my luggage and was overall just very kind and funny. Amazing service.

“Scary drive home”

written by MessiahMiddleton on 10/10/2023

During my recent trip back from Germany I used OTS for my journey from the airport to home. The car was very clean, however this is where the positives ran out. During this trip our driver drove very erratically, and stayed in lane 2 driving at around 60-65 MPH which incurred the ire of most other road users. On a number of occasions when approaching roundabouts it was unclear whether the driver was aware of the roundabout and broke at the last possible moment. The entire drive did not leave me in a relaxed state.

“Reliable and Friendly”

written by on 09/10/2023

Good service and good value. The driver was punctual and contacted me as soo n as I landed at the airport. My plane was 35mins late but he didn't complain. I would recommend this service without hesitation.

“Driver very impatient”

written by Roysin on 09/10/2023

Driver kept calling over and over even though it was an airport pick-up and the plane was a little late. Don't they track the flights? It took a while for the bags to come out and then we had lost one bag so had to report it. Driver was getting more and more impatient, constantly calling, to the point where my colleague was starting to worry about getting in the car with them or that they would just go and leave him at the airport. We couldn't help the lateness and kept in touch as soon as we knew anything. We were happy to pay waiting time and offered it but this wasn't an option for some reason?

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onward travel uk

  • Local transport

Transport Secretary extends scheme helping Ukrainian evacuees reach safety in the UK

The onward travel scheme for Ukrainian refugees will be extended for 6 months.

The Rt Hon Mark Harper MP and Ukraine First Deputy Prime Minister Yuliia Svyrydenko.

  • Ukrainian evacuees arriving in the UK continue to be offered one free journey to reach their final destination
  • over 2,900 Ukrainian evacuees have benefitted from the scheme, so far
  • this scheme makes the incredibly difficult journey for evacuees fleeing Ukraine, in some part, easier

The Transport Secretary has today (18 December 2022) announced the extension of a travel scheme helping Ukrainian evacuees reach safety in the UK.

For a further 6 months, the free onward travel scheme will continue to grant all Ukrainian evacuees arriving in the UK one free journey either by rail, coach, tube or bus to reach their final destination.

The Department for Transport is working closely with operators to ensure support for Ukrainian arrivals is in place across the country.

The scheme is providing vital support to those who need it the most and today’s extension means passengers will continue to be protected should the situation in Ukraine escalate any further.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said:

We know, for those who have had to flee their homes in Ukraine and find sanctuary in the UK, this support has been vital, making the difficult journey to safety in some part easier. We will continue to do all we can to stand with Ukraine and Ukrainians, and this scheme is an important first gesture on their arrival in our country.

So far, over 2,900 Ukrainian evacuees have used the vital scheme, which has made it easier for Ukrainians fleeing war to reach safety and sanctuary in the UK.

The Transport Secretary is writing to rail, bus and coach operators to thank them for their generosity in facilitating the scheme and for their willingness to continue offering it.

The department has been widely informed by scheme partners that onward travel is a commonly requested area of support for refugees and the free onward travel scheme has made a huge difference for those fleeing Ukraine, following the illegal Russian invasion.

The scheme, which was launched in March 2022, provides Ukrainian arrivals with a single no cost onward public transport journey within 48 hours of arrival at major English entry ports to their final destination in the UK.

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Media enquiries 0300 7777 878

Switchboard 0300 330 3000

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onward travel uk

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onward travel uk

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Find out about the latest goings-on at CMAC

Trends and challenges in uk travel, and the vital role of onward travel solutions.

Posted Oct 02, 2023

Steve Turner provides insights into the challenges and opportunities shaping the UK's travel industry. Founder of CMAC Group, Steve, shares valuable reflections, emphasising the crucial role of onward travel solutions in addressing unexpected challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about several difficulties - including a rise in living costs, and an increase in issues concerning air travel.

Spending shifted towards purchasing goods rather than services as people were told to stay home, however many organisations encountered difficulties in maintaining supplies, resulting in price hikes, particularly when goods had to be imported. Following this, Russian’s invasion of Ukraine and the fall in the number of people in work further impacted the cost of living.

The challenges related to air travel arose due to a shortage of staff during the pandemic. The reduced availability of people who are essential for air travel operations such as check-ins, security checks, and boarding, created delays throughout the travel process. This resulted in longer wait times, increased stress and a general decrease in the efficiency of the air travel experience.

Both these factors have had a substantial effect on people's travel choices in recent times. People have had to reconsider how they spend their leisure time, and, for many, that means enjoying themselves closer to where they live.

A study conducted by Statista in 2022 highlights the influence the cost-of-living crisis has had on UK citizens' holiday spending; 25% of Brits have either reduced their spend or stopped spending on holidays altogether due to financial challenges.

Travelling outside the UK is also becoming more expensive. Plane tickets, accommodation, and exchange rates are all on the rise. And with an increase in flights being cancelled or delayed and strikes causing issues – all of which can add up to more costs for travellers - more and more people are opting for a staycation instead.

According to GoCompare, 18% of travellers were deterred enough by the aviation industry’s staff shortage problems in 2022 that they opted for a staycation instead in 2023.

The term 'staycation' refers to a holiday spent in the home country rather than going abroad, or involves day trips to local attractions whilst staying at home. Domestic travel offers a more pocket friendly and convenient option than going abroad. Shorter travel times, familiar amenities, and the freedom to take spontaneous trips are some of the main reasons people are drawn to it.

In 2023, people in the UK are reported to spend £875 on average for a staycation (American Express), with the total expenditure on domestic UK holidays projected to reach approximately £25.9 billion in 2023.

A new trend called 'staycation snacking' has emerged in the last few years. This means that instead of taking long and expensive holidays, people are opting for shorter breaks, more often. They want to enjoy different places in the UK without spending too much time or money at once. According to Statista, 20% of people in the UK prefer the Southwest as their main choice for trips in Summer 2023. Scotland is the second favourite at 12%.

Traditionally, the busiest months for staycations are during the UK school holidays. Specific events throughout the year, like the King's Coronation, the Eurovision Song Contest, and significant international sports competitions, have also led to an increase in staycations this year. A growing number of individuals have opted to use cars for their holidays in 2023. It's easy to see why – cars offer convenience and flexibility, and factors like the ongoing rail strikes are likely to have played a role in this decision.

However, when a lot of people travel by road at the same time, there's a higher chance of things going wrong, such as breakdowns or other problems. That's where CMAC comes in. We work in partnership with breakdown recovery providers and insurance companies to help if things don’t go to plan - and find a solution to get travellers on their way.

We’ve witnessed an unprecedented surge in onward travel bookings this year. Onward travel refers to the continuation of a journey from one place to the destination. It involves the next leg of a trip that allows travellers to proceed to their final or intended destination.

CMAC is well-positioned to meet this demand, by offering timely assistance in cases of travel disruptions or breakdowns. Our commitment is to help travellers navigate unexpected challenges and find suitable alternatives. When a vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, CMAC steps in to arrange alternative transportation, ensuring that individuals reach their destinations. Additionally, in situations where accommodation is needed, we extend our services to find suitable rooms for travellers. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support, addressing the diverse needs of travellers when their journeys face unexpected obstacles.

As we look ahead to the upcoming half-term in October, the upward trend in UK getaways is expected to continue. It's anticipated that the cost of living will also continue to play a role in influencing this trend in 2024, as people seek breaks that align with their budget constraints. This trend is expected to persist as long as the cost of living remains high.

In response to the rising cost of living, the Bank of England has been raising interest rates since the end of 2021 to curb inflation. This might make things cost less in the future, including travel.

The Bank's objective is to bring inflation down from 6.8% to a target of 2%. The expectation is that inflation will gradually decrease and reach the 2% target by early 2025, allowing for a more stable economic environment.

With this in mind, CMAC’s responsibility remains to be prepared and proactive in minimising any disruptions for travellers during their much-needed holidays. What’s great to see is that the demand for affordable, convenient, and hassle-free trips is driving more people to explore the fantastic destinations that the UK has to offer.

Let CMAC support your business

CMAC is an award-winning ground transportation business with over a decade of industry experience. With access to over 2.5 million+ vehicles globally, CMAC takes pride in serving as a trusted partner to many prominent breakdown recovery brands, delivering unparalleled onward travel services.

To find out more about the services we offer, submit your details here and a member of our team will get back to you.

Learn more about CMAC’s full suite of industry-leading ground transportation services .

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Posted Mar 26, 2024

Insights from Neil Micklethwaite, CMAC Group's Chief Operating Officer on elevating public transport through a customer-centric approach.

Posted Feb 28, 2024

CMAC Group poised for growth as it joins ComfortDelGro Corporation

Posted Feb 13, 2024

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onward travel uk

What is Proof of Onward Travel and What Are Your Options?

Proof of onward travel is a common yet frustrating question that you might get asked for when you’re travelling into a new country. This is especially the case if you're travelling with flexible plans, and don't necessarily have your next country planned (or booked) yet.

Proof of onward travel is usually requested when checking in at the airport, however I’ve also heard some stories of a few people who have been asked for proof of onward travel while crossing land borders, Basically, it's evidence that you'll be leaving the country before your visa expires, usually in the form of a flight ticket to another country.

The easiest way to bypass proof of onward travel?

Rent an onward ticket.

This is the simplest and most reliable method (although there are other ways too). Read on to learn more about proof of onward travel and your options.

Proof of onward travel causes endless confusion amongst travellers, so it’s good to know what your options are and to do a little bit of research into your next country beforehand. Sometimes airport staff get it wrong as well – I’ve once had to argue my way onto a flight from South Korea to Vietnam, which doesn’t require proof of onward travel.

Proof of onward travel seems to be requested more often in South East Asia (probably due to the high volume of expats doing monthly visa runs). I've also been questioned when flying into the UK as well.

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What is Proof of Onward Travel?

In short, proof of onward travel is evidence that you will be leaving your destination country. This is usually a return flight ticket or another flight ticket to your home (or next) country. A land border crossing in the form of a bus or train ticket is usually accepted as well, but I’ve heard quite a few stories of airport staff specifically asking for a flight ticket.

Proof of onward travel is required by some countries for all sorts of reasons, but in general, it’s to make sure that:

  • You have enough money to leave the country.
  • You intend to leave the country before your visa expires.
  • You don’t intend to stay in the country (illegally).

If you think about it, using proof of onward travel to determine one of the above scenarios doesn’t seem like a particularly bright idea, but for now, it’s best to treat it as just one of those old, bureaucratic rules that haven’t yet been updated.

What Counts as Proof of Onward Travel?

A flight ticket out of the country you're visiting is the best proof of onward travel. Technically, bus or train tickets should be accepted as well, but a flight ticket is your safest bet as this is what border control is used to. If you're not sure, you should try and find an official source (e.g. the government website of the country you're visiting) or play it safe with one of the options below.

The cheapest and most surefire way is to rent a ticket .

What Countries Require Proof of Onward Travel?

Countries that definitely require proof of onward travel include Peru, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Panama.

My personal experience of being asked for proof of onward travel was flying into Thailand. I was also asked for proof when flying to Vietnam, but I did my research and found that proof of onward travel was not needed. I showed my evidence to the check-in desk at Bangkok Airport, and they finally let me through.

I tried digging around some more to find a more comprehensive list, but couldn't find one - not to mention, it probably changes from time to time. Renting a ticket alleviates this uncertainty altogether, but if you want to check your destination's government resources - more power to you!

How to Get Proof of Onward Travel

My first experience with a request for proof of onward travel was when I flew with a one-way ticket from Sydney to Thailand several years ago. I intended to catch an overnight bus into Cambodia before my one-month visa expired, but I wasn’t sure when – so I didn’t have a ticket yet.

Thailand requires an onward ticket, and I didn’t want to pay for one. So, like any self-respecting digital native of the 21st century, I went to the internet to find answers. And as always, the internet delivered: with hundreds of pages of conflicting advice from self-proclaimed “experts”, hare-brained theories and generally inconsistent anecdotes.

Not exactly the clarity I wanted. Thanks, internet.

So, what are your options?

1. Risk It and Smile

While it’s possible that you won’t be asked for proof of onward travel at the airport, it’s a good idea to be prepared on the off-chance that it might happen. Life is full of unexpected surprises: tour taxi to airport could be late, there could be traffic… and you might get denied entry when boarding your flight.

This leaves you with no choice but to book an onward flight (or follow one of the options below), and if you’re short on time, you might end up missing your flight altogether. The alternatives are so simple that there really is no point in risking it.

Verdict: high risk, not recommended.

2. Create a Fake Ticket Confirmation

If you’re a Photoshop whiz, you can try editing an old email confirmation from another airline or travel agent. Just make sure that the flight number and departure times of the flight you’ll be “boarding” actually exists!

Alternatively, you can start the booking process with some airlines and take a screenshot of the check-out screen. Some creative cropping will result in a document you can keep on your phone to show at the gate.

I’ve met a lot of people that advocate this approach, but personally, I’m not a fan. While it’s highly unlikely that they’ll actually check the details at the gate, this method leaves you vulnerable to accusations of knowingly forging official documents. And let’s be honest: that’s exactly what you’ve done. You’ll have almost no options to defend yourself and completely at the mercy of the airport official.

3. Buy a Flexible Date Ticket

Another legitimate way of skirting around the onward travel rules is to buy a ticket where you can change the flight dates. The issue is that flexible date tickets are often significantly more expensive, especially if you compare it against local airlines that offer flights that are inflexible but are also half the price (or less).

Verdict: expensive.

4. Buy a Cheap Throwaway Ticket

While expensive, this the most legitimate way to beat the system. In fact, this is what most process-abiding airline staff will tell you if they find you don’t have an onward ticket.

In a nutshell, this method requires you to buy the cheapest ticket possible to a nearby country, while still being within your visa period. I’ve also heard of people getting by with a cheap bus or train ticket between countries, although it seems like there have been mixed results with this approach. Still, this strategy is expensive – not to mention wasteful.

Verdict: unnecessary, expensive and wasteful.

5. Hold a Flight Ticket for 24 Hours

All US airlines (and some online travel agencies) are also required to offer a 24 hour “hold” period. With this method, you can reserve a ticket at a certain price for 24 hours. You’ll be issued with a confirmation email, which you can show to the airport staff if asked.

This was my personal preference for a while as it’s completely free, however I’ve heard stories of some people having their flight reservations questioned at the airport. It’s hard to say whether they got unlucky or the airports have become wise to the act, but this method is still a relatively low risk way of bypassing proof of onward travel. If all else fails, combine it with method #6 or #7 if you’re challenged at the airport.

Verdict: low risk, but not foolproof.

6. Buy a Refundable Flight Ticket

In the United States, all airline companies are required by federal law to provide a complete refund on all bookings within a 24 hour period. This means that you can book any flight at random, use it to get into your destination country as “proof of onward travel”, then get all your money back.

Just make sure you process the refund before the 24 hour refund period expires!

The best way to do this is to pay by credit card to avoid dipping into your savings, or even better, to use your frequent flyer miles. All US airline companies should honour the 24 hour refund period, however there has been some chatter about American Airlines phasing out this option. To make sure you’re not going to stuck with a $1000 flight across the world, make sure you do your research: read the fine print before booking and make sure you have enough time to cancel before your 24 hours are up.

Verdict: low risk, but could be expensive if you don't cancel in time.

7. Rent an Onward Ticket

There are a number of services that allow you to rent a ticket for a small fee. At first, these services were using the “hold a flight ticket for 24 hours” method which made them rather unnecessary, but they have since become more sophisticated. When you present your flight number and details at the airport desk, you will now actually show up on airport systems – making this a legitimate way of having peace of mind.

As far as these services go, the self-titled  Onward Ticket website is a good place to get yourself an onward ticket. At the time of writing, renting a ticket costs $12.

Verdict: highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Proof of onward travel is an inconvenience that travellers will have to face at one point or another, so it’s good to be informed and have a plan before you end up stuck without being able to board your flight.

The simplest way to avoid any headaches is to simply  buy an onward ticket , but if you’re game, either holding a 24 hour reservation or refunding a flight ticket within 24 hours is also an option. Just be prepared in case an over-zealous airport official keeps asking questions.

If asked why you’re holding (and not buying) the ticket, you can simply say you’re waiting to see how price changes, or that you simply forgot. Make up an excuse. If they won’t get off your case, simply book the ticket on the spot. Just be sure that you can process the refund in time!

Whichever method you decide to use, don’t forget to smile and be friendly to all airport staff. Simply being nice can get you free seat upgrades, less questions, and even in one case, an exemption when I tried to bring 12kg of carry-on luggage onto an airline with a 7kg maximum.

If you have other strategies or experiences, I’d love to hear from you!


One more life hack how to create a real ticket for 24h for free: 1. Go to aeroflot.com and book a flight ticket 2. On the payment screen change language to RU. 3. Choose payment method by cash 4. They will give you booking number PNR for 24h. But without flight itinerary 5. Go to Photoshop for create itinerary Good Luck

Hey Weekends, this sounds pretty similar to the 2nd method listed here. All in all, I'd still recommend the 7th method to most people. It's just safer and it seems like airport officials are getting savvier. I personally wouldn't want to be caught with a Photoshopped ticket!


My bf and I just used fake flight tickets while traveling to Bali. It's a dummy ticket that looks exactly like the confirmation you get from Expedia.

good luck with your travels!

Thanks for sharing your experience!


I like the idea of renting a ticket.. I personally just bough the cheapest out of Thai to vietnam which I'll be happy to go to.. do you know if they will ask for onward proof?

Hey Firo, if you've bought a legitimate ticket you simply have to fill in the arrival card with your next destination. Thailand's border security has a reputation of asking for proof of onward travel, but you might not get asked at all. On the occasions that I've flown into Thailand, it was a 50/50 change on whether I was questioned or not.

Alternatively, you can rent a legitimate ticket with a provider such as Onward Ticket . This allows you to change your mind later on - for example, if you don't want to head to Vietnam any more.


So did the hold ticket work for you every time? How do I find the hold ticket, which page should I find it at? And any idea if trying to get a 60 days visa in my country from consulate is that also ok to use the hold ticket, any experience?

I've used the hold ticket method quite a lot of times and I haven't had any issues. You simply need to book with an American airline (any of them will do). That said, the last time I did this was a few years ago, so now I'd suggest renting a ticket instead - just to be safe.

As for your visa situation, I can't really say without knowing what visa you're trying to get. Depending on where you're going, some visa applications require that you provide an exit ticket (that is, a "confirmation" is not enough), but again, this really comes down to your personal situation and where you're going. Hope this helps!


We're traveling from the US to Singapore, Sabah Malaysia, Brunei, The Philippines then back to the US. The only tickets we have purchased are from the US to Singapore and from The Philippines back to the US. If we show our return ticket from the Philippines back to the US, will that be adequate for boarding flights to the other countries?

Hey Boyd, I'd say that this should be fine if you can show the full itinerary and the connecting flights.

The main thing that each country cares about is when you're going to leave, not where . Officially, Singapore and the Philippines both require proof of onward travel to enter the country (although there's a chance they just won't check). I suspect Malaysia will also ask, but I'm not 100% sure as this was one of the rare times I had an exit flight booked before I landed in the country.

Best of luck and safe travels!


Great article ! Onward tickets keep your booking with PNR confirmed for 14 days. Which is perfect for visa application as well. (i'm not paid to say that :p )

Hey Lucie, thanks for sharing! I didn't know about it working for visa applications too, but perhaps that would be useful someone else reading this 🙂

Nina Ragusa

I rent onward tickets. Service could not be better! Immediate responses, personal attention, authentic ticket and they cancel it automatically. I highly recommend and will use them again.

Roman Herrle

Number 3 may not work in Thailand. If they ask you for proof, they won't accept an open ticket, as even their consulate's page mentions this. For Thailand, the easiest way seems to be a smile, a 'hello' in Thai, or, if you want to stay on the safe side: a throw-away ticket for 20 bucks from AirAsia.

Hey Roman, I think you've misunderstood #3. Purchasing a flexible exit ticket with the option of changing the departure date is 100% abiding by Thailand's rules. If you're going to buy a throwaway ticket, you may as well rent an onward ticket and save yourself a few dollars. Being nice to the person at the desk is always a good idea though 🙂

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onward travel uk

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onward travel uk

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Professional Service

Very impressed with the level of service received. I was kept updated by the company as there was a delay with my flight and the meeting point was easy to reach. The driver was very professional, courteous and friendly. I have already passed the details to my friends and family and I will definitely be using Outward Travel Solutions again. Highly recommend!!!

Date of experience : 15 July 2023

Do Not Use - driver never arrived to take us to Heathrow for a flight. When I called after the time of pick up passed and we hadn't heard anything I was told the driver was on his way and will call me. 5 minutes later I was called to say he wasn't coming so they can refund me or try find another driver but not sure when.

Date of experience : 07 January 2024

Your driver arrived a half hour late…

Your driver arrived a half hour late for the initial pick up to take me to the airport and then drove like a lunatic! Somebody at the office told me that you would arrange or do something “special” by way of recompense for the late arrival … that “ something” never happened. This was the 3rd and final time I will be using your company for any future return airport trips

Date of experience : 24 November 2023

Taking the stress out of travel

Very competent and flexible handling of a booking related to a cancelled flight. Staff extremely competent and friendly. Drivers of taxi firms employed during our trip also very courteous.

Date of experience : 04 September 2023

cheapest taxi. Excellent service

I was looking for the cheapest taxi service to and from Gatwick Airport and found this on the top of the google searches. The price quote was very cheap. I was skeptical because I searched reviews on trustpilot and I usually read the most critical ones first. I emailed the company and they assured that most of those who leave reviews are those with bad experiences only hence the good ones go unnoticed. But then I went ahead and booked it. I had a text notification the day of the travel and I was given the contact number of both the company and the driver. It was a smooth transfer. I highly recommend!

Date of experience : 24 September 2023

Have used them now 3 times and booking…

Have used them now 3 times and booking again in September. Very easy to get quotes and book online, always been on time with pick ups , drivers all been helpful and polite, cars been clean, very reasonable prices.

Date of experience : 28 June 2023

Used this service more than ten times…

Used this service more than ten times in the past year. Always worked well in terms of drivers turning up. A couple of them drove a little fast and on one occasion I had to actually tell the driver I wanted to get there in one piece.

Date of experience : 01 January 2024

Poor customer service

Poor customer service. Booked journey from home to Manchester airport and return. The pick up from home was 20 minutes late! The pick up from the airport is a fiasco - you have to be out within an hour or book in advance for an extended wait period. So basically you need to be clairvoyant! As a single Mom with 3 kids I did not want to be hanging around the airport after a 26 hour journey so didn't book extended time, rushed around and was still later than the hour - so was charged extra. When questioned why especially as they were late for pick up at home, I was told I should have complained after the first journey. The booking is the full journey so the complaint should be after the return. Will never use again, totally unrealistic.

Date of experience : 30 December 2023

Perfect service

Confirmation always prompt, pick on time and fuzz free! I love the service!

Date of experience : 12 February 2024

Unexpected price increase

Unexpected price increase. Booked and pre-paid taxi, only to be told 2 days before that price would be £10 more due to availability of driver. They agreed their T&Cs did not specify that customer would have to pay any extra costs, so I refused. They said tough. Absolutely not impressed. Do not recommend.

Date of experience : 07 October 2023

Consistently Terrible Serivce!

Consistently Terrible Serivce! Left stranded in Bristol airport at midnight. Half an hour later a very rude foreign driver arrived (Was supposed to be meet and greet). Almost killed us by erratic driving on the way home - Very dangerous. Nail in the coffin was trying to cancel a further preboked journey - Cancelled using online option twice but ignored, Contacted customer services who swore me down this cancellation facility didn't exist (Corrected them) Finally had to send a cancellation email - Am still awaiting a refund.

Worst customer service

Very rude on customers. They knew that during holidays time UK immigration takes time. On 2nd September due to train strikes had to book taxi from this website. I had to pay £34 for one hour more delay than usual delay. As they are experts in airport transfers should advice customers and try to be friendly. Anyways im totally not happy with their behaviour mailny the lady customer support. I would advise not to book this tax and instead try for another taxi services.

Date of experience : 02 September 2023

We have used the company twice this…

We have used the company twice this year and found the whole service first class very courteous,on time, and driver and the driving was excellent we will be using them again this month too thankyou

Date of experience : 17 August 2023

Never again back to arrow taxis again ,never fail me

Never again , they claim to be an airport taxi company, yet when we had a small delay the driver was continuosly ringing me saying i was out of order ! when i explained that as an experienced airport carrier you must understand these problems, he said im no airport taxi ! i had to pay a large amount to the company to get home, they did say pay the driver the cash ! common con !

Date of experience : 22 September 2023

Late airport collection

Despite pre booking taxi for collection at landing; after I landed to call driver, the job hadn’t been planned so I needed to wait for 40 mins! Would have been much easier to call Uber / get taxi from airport, but journey is pre-paid. Disappointing service. The only time I have ever pre booked collection as it was late at night! I was honest in landing time and had no luggage to ensure quick departure . Unfortunately my advice is to lie on landing time or ensure you are not waiting!

Date of experience : 30 October 2023

Taxi booked for my son and family…

Taxi booked for my son and family coming from USA. Flight from Dublin delayed by one and a half hours but but my son and driver were in touch and the driver was patient and collected them. Very impressed.

Date of experience : 31 December 2023

Totally Reliable- my fourth return experience

They were there when they said they would be, and it was effortless. Cars were clean and comfortable. I have used them for 4 return trips now from home to airports and return (some returns many months apart) and they haven't let me down.

Date of experience : 09 November 2023

Great Service

Used this company for travel to and from Glasgow Airport in June 2023. Fantastic service. Faultless. Both drivers extremely helpful and friendly. Will definitely use again.

Date of experience : 22 June 2023

Excellent, happy experience as always

Driver arrived on time, even before expectation which was great. He missed his way, so we had to go and turn around to get back to M25. Pleasant conversation. Only thing that pulled down a little was the missed the route.

Date of experience : 29 November 2023

The drivers were so punctual & so…

The drivers were so punctual & so pleasant & gave us very clear instructions about where to wait (this was The Grand National). This is why I will use OTS again without hesitation!

Date of experience : 23 April 2023

Airport Taxi Service

Onward travel solutions, +44 (0)203 4788892 live chat.

Information Book Online for a £3 Discount Close Notice

£3 OFF EVERY Online Journey + 5% Return Booking Discount! Enjoy discounted travel when you buy online. For even greater savings, book your return trip at the same time and save an extra 5% off both journeys... More Information

Instant Online Quote

First journey.

Please enter a place name or postal code for the "Start" and "End" of your journey.

Click the plus (+) button to add any additional pick up or drop off points to your journey.

Terms & Conditions

You will receive an 'OTS Journey Acknowledgement' email for the journey(s) you have paid for. You are responsible for checking that the details received to us are correct.

You will receive a 'Journey Details' email when the journey has been assigned to a driver. This will contain the pick up instructions and the driver's telephone number. Onward Travel Solutions Ltd will not refund you if you have forgotten to take this with you.

Onward Travel Solutions Ltd does not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights for whatever reason i.e. traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.

We advise passengers to plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure to allow for possible unpredicted delays en route to or from the airport. Onward Travel Solutions Ltd will not take responsibility for any passengers missing their flight if two hours check in time was not allowed.

You are free of course to arrange to get to the airport for a time of less than 2 hours prior to flight departure, however Onward Travel Solutions Ltd accepts no responsibility for any missed flight due to this.

All passengers are advised to have adequate travel insurance prior to booking.

No responsibilities for costs are to be refunded to any passengers who do not wait for their driver and take alternative transport.

Onward Travel Solutions Ltd does not accept any responsibility in any way if the passenger/luggage requirements exceed the capacity of the vehicle booked. If you are unsure about the capacity of the vehicle booked please contact Onward Travel Solutions customer services team immediately.

For passenger safety Taxi Licensing regulations require all luggage to be securely fastened in the boot of the vehicle, please ensure to take this into account when choosing a vehicle.

Onward Travel Solutions Ltd reserves the right to refuse carriage of animals which were not agreed at the point of booking. All animals must be secured in a suitable transport box/crate. Onward Travel Solutions Ltd accepts no responsibility for costs incurred from a failure to abide by these terms.

The exact route of your journey is down to the driver's discretion on the day of travel, alternate routes may be requested and will be assessed by the driver on a case by case basis.

Please ensure you give us your arrival times and day in to the UK and not your departing information.

If your flight has any serious delays please inform us as soon as possible.

Onward Travel Solutions Ltd use their own transport wherever possible but do use third party companies where appropriate.

Onward Travel Solutions Ltd reserves the right to provide an upgraded car type from the original selected if your chosen vehicle is unavailable.

Reservations made for service on the following timings and dates will be subject to an additional 50% surcharge on published prices: 18:00 24th December to 23:59 26th December, 18:00 31st December to 23:59 1st January, other days may also be affected

All card payments are processed securely by Opayo / Elavon (formerly Sage Pay). Onward Travel Solutions Ltd do not process or retain card details, except for selected metadata returned to us by Sage Pay (card type, expiry date, etc). This service uses the latest 3DSv2 security checks for strong customer authentication.

During the payment process, you may be offered the opportunity to 'save' your card for easier future use. This optional facility is offered by Opayo / Elavon, who will retain your card details securely on behalf of Onward Travel Solutions Ltd; typically until the card expires. Onward Travel Solutions may instruct Opayo / Elavon to delete these saved details prior to the card expiry if your account with us is deemed to be inactive. Note that you will still need to provide some security details when using a saved card. You may delete saved cards at any time from your online account area, or by contacting us.

Customer-initiated transactions (CIT) performed on our public website are initialised with the ability to be 'repeated', subject to relevant security checks. This could be for a different amount to the original payment. For example, if you were to request a 'Meet & Greet' service be added to your journey after your booking is placed, with your permission we may acquire the additional fee for this service from the original payment method without needing to re-take card details. You will always have the opportunity to choose an alternate payment option. Full or partial refunds can also be applied to the original payment method to cover fare reductions or cancellations; however please note that fees may apply for cancellations, depending on the circumstances (see 'Cancellations' in our 'Policies' section).

All passengers are responsible for any cost incurred to return a vehicle to working order (repairs or professional cleans) where the damage to the vehicle by passengers exceeds reasonable wear and tear.

Policies & Notices

Waiting time.

On journeys collecting from an airport, as standard, Onward Travel Solutions Ltd allows all passengers 1 hour maximum from the time the flight actually lands to meet with their driver. After this, waiting time is charged, regardless of reason, at £20/hr pro rata.

Onward Travel Solutions Ltd will honour requests for a "deferred" collection time, e.g. [X] minutes after flight landing. However, customers requesting this are not entitled to any additional waiting time beyond the requested period. No compensation will be offered if the passenger(s) is ready earlier than planned and has to wait until the scheduled collection time for the driver to arrive.

Onward Travel Solutions Ltd will assume you wish for a ‘standard’ collection unless otherwise informed in writing in advance of the journey by email to [email protected]

Waiting time for all other journeys will be charged at £20/hr pro rata, either from the scheduled collection time or for any stop en-route.

All Tolls are included in the instant online quotes.

Any amendment must be made via an email or by telephone to us to which you will receive an email confirming the amendment. Amendments must not be made with your driver.

All bookings must be made through the office either via the website, telephone or e-mail. In this way confirmations are sent out and the journey is insured.


Onward Travel Solutions Ltd will accept any cancellation as long as 24 hours notice is provided. There will be a £7 or 10% (whichever is higher) administration / transaction charge per journey. All cancellations must be made via an email to which you will receive confirmation by us.

If you do not receive an email from Onward Travel Solutions Ltd confirming the cancellation, then we have not received it. In this case please call our out of hours number which is 01934 744171.

Refunds will not be issued in the following circumstances:

- No refund is made if the passenger does not show up for pre-paid journeys.

- No refund is made for cancellation of a booking with less than 24 hours notice provided or afterwards.

- All other circumstances where a refund may be possible should be addressed directly with Onward Travel Solutions Ltd's customer services.

Any complaints regarding service should be raised in writing with our office, preferably by reply to your confirmation email. All complaints must be submitted within 30 days of the event giving rise to the complaint.

Please note that some calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

Popular Locations

We cover the whole of the UK, including many popular locations such as Aberdeen , Belfast-City , Belfast-International , Birmingham , Blackpool , Bournemouth , Bristol , Cardiff , Coventry , East-Midlands , Edinburgh , Exeter , Gatwick , Glasgow , Heathrow , Humberside , Inverness , Leeds-Bradford , Liverpool , London-City , Luton , Manchester , Newcastle , Newquay , Norwich , Plymouth , Prestwick , Sheffield , Southampton , Southend , Stansted , Teesside , and many more...

© Onward Travel Solutions Ltd, 2006 - 2024 

Visa Traveler

Exploring the world one country at a time

How to book onward ticket: A step-by-step guide

Updated: September 8, 2023

How to Book Onward Ticket For Your Next Trip

When entering a country, the airline staff or the immigration officer may ask you to show a return or onward ticket. If you do not hold a return or onward ticket, you may be denied boarding or deported. 

If you are traveling on a one-way ticket, you can use an online agent such as onwardticket.com to book onward ticket for a nominal fee. 

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to book onward ticket using onwardticket.com . 

Table of Contents

What is onward ticket.

An onward ticket is a booked flight ticket out of the country that you are about to enter. This could be a flight ticket to the next country on your itinerary or a ticket back to your home country. Though an onward ticket can be a bus or train ticket, immigration officers insist on showing a flight ticket as a proof

How does onward ticket work?

Onward ticket works as proof of onward travel . This helps airline staff and immigration officers to make the decision whether to let you enter the country or not. 

For a nominal fee, onward ticket providers reserve flight tickets on your behalf and cancel them after 48-72 hours. These onward tickets are only reservations and not fully-paid tickets with e-ticket numbers. 

Steps to book onward ticket with onwardticket.com

Onward Ticket - Home Page

  • Go to onwardticket.com
  • Click on the “BOOK NOW” button

Onward Ticket - Route

Enter the following information on this page.

  • One-Way or Round-Trip [ Comment: Select “One-Way” or “Round Trip” ]
  • Route [ Comment: Select “From” and “To” airports ]
  • Date [ Comment: Select “Departure” and “Return” dates ]

Click on the right arrow “->” button.

02. Passengers

Onward Ticket - Passengers

  • Contact Email [ Comment: Enter your email address where you would like to receive your onward ticket ]
  • Title, First Name, Last Name [ Comment: Enter your title/prefix, first name and last name as per your passport ]
  • Additional Passengers [ Comment: If you have additional passengers traveling with you, click the “+” button to add their names ]

03. Options

Onward Ticket - Options

Enter the following information in this section.

  • Receive now
  • Receive later
  • Direct flight

04. Confirm

Onward Ticket - Confirm

On this page, review your details and make sure they are correct and accurate.

Check the box for “I accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy”.

Click on the “CONFIRM AND PAY” button.

05. Payment

Onward Ticket - Payment

  • Coupon code [ Comment: Exclusive discount for Visa Traveler readers – enter VT5 for 5% discount ]
  • Card [ Comment: If you prefer card payment, enter your credit or debit card details ]
  • Paypal [ Comment: If you prefer Paypal, click on “Paypal” and follow the instructions ]

Click on the “PAY” button.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT FOR VT READERS Use code VT5 for a 5% discount on your onward ticket purchase with onwardticket.com

06. Booking Confirmed

Onward Ticket - Booking Confirmed

After the payment, you will be taken to the booking confirmation page.

On this page, click on the “DOWNLOAD” button to download your onward ticket.

Onward Ticket - Booking Email

You will also receive an email with a copy of your onward ticket. You can download your onward ticket PDF from the email as well. 

Onward Ticket Sample

You can carry a print of your onward ticket or simply save it on your phone to show it to the airline staff or immigration officer. 

Onward Ticket - Verify on Airline Website

You can also verify your onward ticket on the airline’s website for accuracy and validity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get a free onward ticket.

An onward ticket must be verifiable. Free onward tickets are either fake or non-verifiable. If verified by the airline staff or immigration officer, you may be denied boarding the flight or entering the country.

Is onward ticket legal for travel?

Yes. Onward tickets are legal as they come with a PNR number that can be verified on the airline website. Keep in mind that onward tickets do not have an e-ticket number like a fully-paid ticket has.

What is the cheapest onward ticket option?

Best Onward Ticket is the cheapest at $12 per ticket. But the booking is not instant. You will have to wait a few minutes to an hour to receive the ticket to your email. Onward Ticket is slightly expensive at $16 but you can download the ticket instantly. 

When traveling to a country, you may be required to hold a return or onward ticket. Otherwise, you may be denied boarding or deported. If you aren’t sure about your travel plans or traveling on a one-way ticket, you can use an online agent such as onwardticket.com to book onward ticket for a small fee.


Thirumal Motati

Thirumal Motati is an expert in tourist visa matters. He has been traveling the world on tourist visas for more than a decade. With his expertise, he has obtained several tourist visas, including the most strenuous ones such as the US, UK, Canada, and Schengen, some of which were granted multiple times. He has also set foot inside US consulates on numerous occasions. Mr. Motati has uncovered the secrets to successful visa applications. His guidance has enabled countless individuals to obtain their visas and fulfill their travel dreams. His statements have been mentioned in publications like Yahoo, BBC, The Hindu, and Travel Zoo.


I highly recommend using these websites to plan your trip. I use these websites myself to apply for my visas, book my flights and hotels and purchase my travel insurance.

01. Apply for your visa

Get a verifiable flight itinerary for your visa application from DummyTicket247 . DummyTicket247 is a flight search engine to search and book flight itineraries for visas instantly. These flight itineraries are guaranteed to be valid for 2 weeks and work for all visa applications.

02. Book your fight

Find the cheapest flight tickets using Skyscanner . Skyscanner includes all budget airlines and you are guaranteed to find the cheapest flight to your destination.

03. Book your hotel

Book your hotel from Booking.com . Booking.com has pretty much every hotel, hostel and guesthouse from every destination.

04. Get your onward ticket

If traveling on a one-way ticket, use BestOnwardTicket to get proof of onward ticket for just $12, valid for 48 hours.

05. Purchase your insurance

Purchase travel medical insurance for your trip from SafetyWing . Insurance from SafetyWing covers COVID-19 and also comes with a visa letter which you can use for your visas.

06. Get your zero-fee ATM card

You can manage money internationally in over 70 currencies using  Wise . With a Wise card, you can store and withdraw cash in 40 currencies with zero ATM fees. 

Need more? Check out my travel resources page  for the best websites to plan your trip.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER We are not affiliated with immigration, embassies or governments of any country. The content in this article is for educational and general informational purposes only, and shall not be understood or construed as, visa, immigration or legal advice. Your use of information provided in this article is solely at your own risk and you expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this article as a substitute for professional visa or immigration advice. Under no circumstance shall be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in this article or for any damage you may suffer in respect to any actions taken or not taken based on any or all of the information in this article. Please refer to our full disclaimer for further information.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please refer to our full disclosure for further information.


Onward Ticket Review: Review of onwardticket.com

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Step 2: redirecting you to PayPal to complete your payment...


Rent an onwardfly ticket now from $9.99 only

A legit travel solution for #digitalnomads.

Book it Now 

Available Carriers

Tickets valid for, today remaining, easy payment, other languages:, book now / rent a ticket just in 2 steps.

Book today and have everything planned ahead. No longer need to worry about our office hours, timezone differences, or any delay that might occur in the ticket delivery process. We will serve you 24/7 if this option is enabled (a small handling fee of $1.99 will be added). You will receive your ticket, and the rental time will start exactly at the date & time you schedule below:

The next step will redirect you to PayPal to complete your payment.

onward travel uk

Payment is secured and processed by PayPal. You can pay using your credit/debit card without creating a PayPal account.

OnwardFly is an exclusive flight ticket rental service. We provide you with international flight tickets (travel itineraries) with your name on them to use as proof of onward travel plans when you travel abroad.

In many countries around the world, you will not be allowed to enter as a tourist without proof of onward travel. Put simply, if you have a one-way ticket and no proof of future plans, you can be refused entry. Our service gives you proof of onward travel, without the hassle of paying for expensive airfares upfront. You simply “rent” the ticket for a small fee.

We understand and have experienced the hassle of onward ticket rules and wasting money on tickets that you never actually use, which led us to coming up with this idea to offer the travel solution as a service to you, as well as other fellow digital nomads around the world.

A Legit Travel Solution For Legit Travelers / It's our original idea!

If you’re about to fly into a country with a tourist visa, but you’re not sure how long you want to stay for or where your next destination will be, you should consider using our ticket rental service.

Here’s why: without evidence of an onward or return travel plan, you could be suspected of planning to overstay your visa. Obviously you’re not going to do that! However, without a flight ticket as proof, you could be denied permission to board your flight or cross the border. Many people in this situation have no choice but to book expensive tickets to places they didn’t plan on going, at prices they didn’t want to pay, just to show they plan on leaving before their visa expires.

Renting a ticket with us will simply solve the problem and save your money!

How it works / Simply like a charm!

We like to make things simple. In order to rent a ticket with us, you only need to fill your booking information into the booking form, then submit it and complete your payment.

After receiving your payment, we will process the order with your provided booking information. An e-Ticket email will be sent to your email address. The ticket will legitimately come with a “Confirmed” status, a PNR code, an e-Ticket number for each passenger. You can print out this e-Ticket file, or save it in your mobile devices.

Depending on your rental option, the ticket will last for exactly 24 hours or 48 hours, so all you need to do is make sure you’re arriving at your destination while the rental is active. The ticket will be automatically canceled when the rental time finishes.

Pro-tip: set the arrival airport to a different place from the country of origin, to make it an onward trip instead of a return trip.

FAQ / Find your answers.

  • When should I make my booking order?
  • How can I view my booking order?
  • What if I don’t receive my e-Ticket email?
  • Will my ticket have an e-Ticket number or just a PNR code?
  • I’ve made a booking, can I request a name change?
  • Where will you send my ticket to?
  • What are 24 hour tickets and 48 hour tickets?
  • When is an onward ticket required?
  • What is an onward ticket?
  • What if I don’t have a PayPal account to pay?
  • How long does it take to receive my ticket?

It is highly recommended to plan ahead and make your booking order today.

You will find an option in the booking form which allows you to set a delivery schedule for your ticket and start the rental service at any time of your choice, without worrying about our ticket office hours, timezone differences, or any delay that might involve in the delivery process.

Your booking order details will be sent to your email address.

Also, after a booking order is made, you can view your booking order details and its updated status on this website at My Booking .

In case the system fails to deliver the e-Ticket to your email, you can alternatively find the link to download it at My Booking .

By making a booking order with us, you are guaranteed to receive a legitimate e-Ticket email with an e-Ticket number for each passenger, and a PNR code for your booking reservation with an airline company.

If your booking has been processed and ticket has been sent to you already, we may help correct it for you if there's only a typo mistake, but a total name change is unfortunately not allowed.

Please make sure to type your name correctly when making your booking order!

All emails to you from our system, including your e-Ticket email, will be sent to the email address you use with your PayPal account or provide to PayPal in the payment process.

Alternatively, you can view your booking order details or find the link to download a copy of your e-Ticket file at My Booking .

  • 24 hour ticket means the rental time of the ticket is 24 hours.
  • 48 hour ticket means the rental time of the ticket is 48 hours.

After a ticket is booked and delivered to you, you will have either 24 or 48 hours to use it.

An onward ticket can be required, based on the countries' entry requirements (which may or may not include the onward ticket).

Many countries insist a flight ticket be held out from their country, which must be presented upon arrival at immigration. They set this requirement, so that if travelers run out of money, the country is certain that the traveler will depart.

In the past, travelers would remain in a country supporting themselves by illicit employment. Without an onward ticket, a traveler may be refused entry to these countries and subsequently placed on the next plane for the destination from where he arrived.

Source: Wikipedia

An onward ticket is a proof of a booked train or airline ticket originating from the country about to be entered. An onward ticket reflects any of these:

  • A round-trip airline ticket.
  • An airline or train ticket from one country to another.
  • A one-way airline ticket to a country with an onward ticket requirement as a stop-over.

Source: Wikipedia.

In case you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your credit/debit card to pay without the need of opening an account, PayPal allows it as an option in most places.

In the payment page, select "Pay with a credit or debit card", or "Checkout As Guest".

Contact Us / Help Center

onward travel uk

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Reviews 3.6.

1,049 total

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Great taxi service

We used this taxi company on the 17th October to the airport..(Manchester)driver was on time, very polite lovely car, got us there in plenty of time, we then returned on the 24th , different driver, but was again very polite, we were his first customers , the car was lovely, he stayed In touch, very well mannered. Would definitely use them again !

Date of experience : October 17, 2023

Please don’t use this company

Please don’t use this company, the drivers never get paid I have done 8 jobs with them they forward it to scam 3rd parties they do not pay to driver. when i contacted them they just said sorry we can't do anything

Date of experience : January 29, 2024

I wouldn’t use this company again

I wouldn’t use this company again. In essence they are an agent that drivers just accept jobs for, my driver turned up 50 mins late and said he had a puncture when it seemed more he woke up late, the car was dirty with grass and mud on the floor and stains behind the chairs. There was a disused disposable vape on the back seat, the passenger front seat was all the way back with the seat pretty much horizontal, the car smelt of BO and the driver was riding the cats eyes most of the way, it looked like his eyes were mostly closed for most of the journey to. He was also using his mobile phone as a sat nav which isn’t a problem but he had the phone on his leg which I think is illegal, he was also reading text and messaging back all while driving and he was playing his music. He should have a cradle for it and while driving a client he shouldn’t be messaging people nor should I have to listen to music I haven’t asked for. I paid for the executive category and it wasn’t cheap so I do expect a level of service, I also paid for meet and great but I had to meet the driver outside in the rain as I was fed up of waiting for so long. Next time il find a local driver and hopefully the money goes to someone who wants to provide a decent service. My driver going to the airport was very good, nice clean car, front seat pulled forward and his driving was excellent so seems very much “luck of the draw” which is why I’ll look locally from now on.

Date of experience : March 02, 2024

Pleasant Journey

The driver turned up 5 minutes early, texted me so I could easily find him outside the hotel. The car was clean (looked recently hoovered) and the journey was pleasant. We arrived slightly earlier than I expected but not because he was exceeding speed limits (which he wasn't). I have to say I was slightly dreading it having read other reviews (after booking), but I found a nice friendly driver and excellent service.

Date of experience : July 04, 2023

Excellent price and service

Excellent price and service. Very smart and modern Mercedes car left us feeling like we were being chauffeured rather than taxied! The driver was extremely smart and polite and offered us bottled mineral water on arrival. Above my expectations and would recommend to anyone, will be booking with you on our next trip in December.

Date of experience : August 28, 2023

Booked a taxi from Bristol airport to…

Booked a taxi from Bristol airport to Hereford hospital for my nephew who travelled from Madrid to come and see his dying grandfather. None of us wanted to leave my dad as it was obvious his time was near. I was worried as I had read the reviews and it felt like real leap of faith as I had no idea who this company was but had read some of these reviews. I hassled them quite a bit about the booking - even considering cancelling it as I was so nervous about my nephew being stranded. His flight was delayed 2 hours getting in around 1am . The driver was there , no issues at all and drive my nephew back to us without any problems whatsoever- other than him missing his grandad by 10 minutes 😞 So thank you x

Date of experience : September 28, 2023

I have now used Onward Travel Solutions…

I have now used Onward Travel Solutions for 6 journeys to Heathrow and 6 journeys home from Heathrow. All the drivers have been polite and on time and most keeping me up to date with their whereabouts. The cars have been spotless and the drivers friendly and helpful. Booking is very easy and when I had a flight cancelled in Sicily due to Volcanic ash it was no problem rebooking with text and email Booking details come by return with drivers numbers The cost is considerably less than my local companies which is a bonus

Date of experience : September 21, 2023

Always use OTS they are brilliant

Always use OTS they are brilliant ! Ive had last minute travel cancellations or change of dates and they handle everything quickly and efficiently. Would most definitely recommend.

Date of experience : October 25, 2023

Late night pickup from Bristol airport

Late night pickup from Bristol airport, our lovely driver Pawel was there in 5 mins, safe,comfortable drive ,fair price ,would recommend Thankyou

Date of experience : November 25, 2023

I have been using OTS for 8 years

I have been using OTS for 8 years. They have never let me down and always offer the keenest prices. They have access to some fabulous drives. Yesterday, as I came through the airport with my 91 year old mum the driver was stunningly polite, charming and helpful. I recommend this company

Date of experience : October 10, 2023

Driver contacted us way in advance

Driver contacted us way in advance, reminding us where he would meet us etc at the airport and reminding us to confirm when we had arrived. That made it easier for us, we didn’t have to remember to make the first call to him. Driver was punctual, pleasant. We will use this company again.

Date of experience : September 15, 2023

Shocked to read previous reviews

Shocked to read previous reviews. For us this company was great. We had rebooked and paid for a journey from Gatwick to Victoria Station as the trains were on strike. Our airline company cancelled our flight but we kept the company well informed of this and even though there was a lot of disruption for us the driver was waiting at the airport and drove us straight to Heathrow in a lovely clean Mercedes. Personally I couldn't fault the service we had that day.

Date of experience : June 03, 2023

Booking easy

Booking easy. Arrived promptly. Pleasant, helpful drivers. Have used several times already. Will definitely use again. Highly recommended.

Date of experience : January 08, 2024

Never Use This Company Absolutely…

Never Use This Company Absolutely SHOCKING DRIVER & company DONT CARE !!!!!! Our journey was quite the wild ride yesterday. On winding 2-lane roads signed for 30mph Mohammed was careening around corners at 55-60 mph, and passing cars and lorries on blind curves. When we asked him to please slow down he went even faster. We know you are not responsible for his behavior but we’ll report him to the City of Edinburgh Council, Licensing Section. Even our friend Bob, a former air force helicopter pilot in Vietnam, was very concerned. 😳

Date of experience : October 09, 2023

Punctuality was important to me and you…

Punctuality was important to me and you have now given me the confidence in your company. It would be helpful if you could confirm the pick up by mail 24 hours beforehand to save me calling you. I would certainly recommend your company.

Date of experience : November 15, 2023

Very professional driver

Very professional driver. Immaculate interior of car. Helpful with our cases. Text with regard to instructions of where to meet to take us to the vehicle. Have used previously and will use again when need transport to and from the airport.

Date of experience : August 20, 2023

No responsibility taken for their services.

Booking made with the help of online chat with one of their booking agents. Full adress was given but with one erroneous digit in the postcode. The adress wasn't crosschecked and the fact that it didn't match the postcode was not caught by the booking agent. The driver blindly navigated to the postcode which resulted in a wrong drop off followed by additional charges directly debited from credit card. Although the booking was made and confirmed with the full correct adress this company denies any liability for their part in the booking process through their chat functionality. Very unprofessional! Don't expect any help from customer service if anything goes wrong. Any suggestion to solve this issue was declined. Very customer unfriendly! By the way, the driver showed up 30 minutes late. I guess it happens.

Date of experience : January 07, 2024

It was a great experience

It was a great experience. It felt as you are being received by a friend. The office staff was very considerate and helped to coordinate by themselves rather than me calling them. They were considered enough to make even last minute changes to the trip details and the driver Mr Ghulam was an absolute gem if a person. He was considered to even pick us 40 minutes early than the mentioned time, as we got through immigration swiftly. He helped with the heavy luggage. The office staff and the driver, their coordination was absolutely great and made the journey comfortable. I highly recommend this services and would be happy to use this service again.

Date of experience : March 29, 2023

A reliable and smooth service

A reliable and smooth service. Polite communications with timely reminders. A pleasure to use for any airport travelling needs. Used 6 times in the last 3 months. All of them excellent. Many Thanks

Date of experience : October 30, 2023

Booking - excellent service. Notice of driver allocated etc. Pick up from home - driver on time and very courteous. Pick up from airport not so smooth. Driver in Arrivals as requested but had to walk, with suitcases, to another car park across the road. Driver not in pick up zone close to airport.

Date of experience : September 14, 2023

Compare Breakdown Cover

Onward Travel - Breakdown Cover Explained

Broken Down Car

We know that breakdown cover can be a dreary subject at the best of times, but here at CBC, we want to attempt to make it that little bit easier to understand. We’ve put together a whole host of articles explaining breakdown cover in a way that’s easy to understand in the hope that customers everywhere can be that bit better informed about the wonderful world of breakdown cover.

This one’s all about onward travel options, so settle in, grab a brew and prepare to be enlightened.

What is Onward Travel?

Onward travel is a benefit in your breakdown policy that allows you to be transported to a location of your choosing; this can be either your final destination, temporary accommodation such as a hotel or back to your home, generally this is done on a reimbursement basis. So you’ll pay the cost of the travel and your policy will pay you back the money after your claim.

It’s important to note that this specific benefit only applies when you are a certain distance from your home address, so you need to check your policy cover for the exact distance.

How Does it Work?

When you make a claim on your breakdown policy and your car has to be recovered to a garage and repairs aren’t easy or quick, if you have onward travel included in your policy, you may be offered the option of onward travel if your car can’t be fixed by the end of the working day.

It’s at this point that you’ll have a few options:

Public Transport

You can take buses, coaches, trains or equivalents to your desired location and be reimbursed the cost (up to a certain amount of money) of that journey. If public transport isn’t readily available, you may also take a taxi.

If you’d rather hire a car to continue your journey, then the onward travel cover in your policy will reimburse the cost (up to a certain amount) of hiring a car to get you to where you want to go.

On some policies the cost of returning and collect your vehicle when repaired is covered too.

  • Alternative Accommodation

Whilst not technically, onward travel, alternative accommodation does fall into the category of onward travel. Your policy will cover the cost of reaching a nearby hotel and the price of a room per passenger up to a certain amount. Always check your policy to find out the exact amounts that you’ll be covered for.

Winter Road

Is Onward Travel Included in Every Breakdown Policy?

Onward travel is not always available in every breakdown policy. Just because you have breakdown cover, never assume you’re covered for onward travel too.

It’s really important you look through your policy carefully (including the policy wording) before you purchase, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money and what you’ll be covered for in the event you require onward travel.

Is there a Difference Between Onward Travel in UK and EU policies?

In truth, onward travel operates almost exactly the same, wherever you are. One major difference though between the UK and European policies is that more often than not the cost of onward travel is higher in Europe, simply because it’s likely you’ll have further to go. So, you’ll usually find that you’re afforded a higher reimbursement amount if you require onward travel in Europe than you would in the UK.

Check the policy wording of your breakdown cover before you buy to find out exactly how much you’ll be covered for.

Find Out More About Breakdown Cover

Want to learn more about breakdown cover and the different types of policy benefits you could be entitled to? We’ve put together a load of pages to help educate our customers and people looking for great breakdown cover, but who may not understand the ins and outs of insurance, take a look at some of our other “Breakdown Cover Explained” pages:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Roadside Recovery
  • Misfuelling Cover
  • Puncture Cover
  • Flat Battery Cover
  • Motorway Fees

I Have More Questions…

No problem! Take a look at our FAQs page .

Still not satisfied? Head to our contact us page , type in your query and our customer service team will be in touch.

CBC is a trading name of Eversure Limited, Bury House, 1 Bury Street, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4AW. Registered in England and Wales no. 6751893. Eversure Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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