Best Travel Cribs

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Daniel Ganjian , M.D., Pediatrician, Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.  American Academy of Pediatrics, How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe: AAP Policy Explained , July 2022. American Academy of Pediatrics, Suitable Sleeping Sites: Safe at Night & Naptime , June 2022. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Safe Sleep – Cribs and Infant Products .

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Best Travel Cribs

The best travel cribs are super portable to make your job as carrier-of-all-the-stuff a tad easier., by jen labracio.

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Traveling with babies and kids can be so rewarding, but there’s one thing you need when you get going: gear. To make things easier, you may want to have a travel stroller (or maybe your usual travel system will work just fine) and a travel car seat , but no matter how lightly you want to pack, your little one will need a safe place to rest. The best travel cribs are super portable to make your job as the baby gear schlepper a tad easier.

Babylist’s Top Picks for the Best Travel Cribs

  • Best Lightweight: Babybjörn Travel Crib Light
  • Best Affordable Lightweight: Chicco Alfa Lite Lightweight Travel Playard
  • Best for Flying: Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib & Play Yard
  • Best Affordable: Graco Pack ‘n Play Portable Playard
  • Best for Toddlers: Newton Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard
  • Most Versatile: UPPAbaby REMI Travel Crib & Playard
  • Most Portable: Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot
  • Best for Small Spaces: Bugaboo Stardust Playard
  • Best for Car Travel: Maxi-Cosi Swift Playard

In This Article

How we chose the best travel cribs.

  • Our Top Picks

What Is a Travel Crib?

Do you need a travel crib, what to look for in a travel crib, babylist’s picks for the best travel cribs, best lightweight travel crib.

Babybjörn Travel Crib & Organic Sheet Bundle - Dark Green - $279.99.

Babybjörn Travel Crib & Organic Sheet Bundle - Dark Green

Why we love it.

Weighing in at just 13 pounds, the Babybjörn Travel Crib is one of the lightest travel cribs on the market, making it especially ideal if you’re a family who’s routinely on the go. Top features include an incredibly easy setup (it unfolds and breaks down in one motion, and there are no loose parts to worry about), breathable mesh sides and a firm but ultra-comfy mattress that parents rave about. The mattress and the fabric frame are both machine washable, so it’s easy to clean. And when the crib is folded in its carrying case, it will fit within any airline baggage compartment. Wheels up, with baby in tow!

Keep in Mind

You’ll want to stop using this travel crib around three years old or until your little one is able to climb out of it. But unlike many other travel cribs, there’s no weight limit for the Babybjörn, since the crib’s mattress rests on ground. This means you’ll get more time out of this travel crib than most.

What Babylist Parents Say

“Very happy with this travel crib – lightweight, packable, set up is incredibly easy, and it’s simple to disassemble for cleaning. The thing that set this crib apart for other similar travel-appropriate pack-and-plays for us was the thicker mattress – our 9 month old slept just as well in this travel crib as she does at home. Great product, we would highly recommend!” -BH

Additional Specs

Best Affordable Lightweight Travel Crib

Chicco Alfa Lite Lightweight Travel Playard - Dove - $169.99.

Chicco Alfa Lite Lightweight Travel Playard - Dove

A lightweight travel crib is a sound investment if you’re a family who’s frequently on the go or if you plan on using it for multiple children, but many cost upwards of $300, especially after you add on accessories like sheets. Chicco’s Alfa Lite is a stellar lightweight travel crib but is about half the price of other similar options. And don’t worry—you won’t be sacrificing on features or quality. It weighs 13 pounds, is easy to open and close, folds down into a zippered carrying bag (with a large shoulder strap) and even has a zip-down side for easy access to your little one.

The Alfa Lite is Greenguard Gold Certified. Some parents mention that the mattress is on the thinner side.

“This travel playard is perfect. The design is sleek and the safely measures are advanced. The side opening zipper is buckled to the leg so no little hands can magically unzip themselves. The mattress pad also gets buckled in place. It took seconds to set up and take down. The travel playard makes your life so much easier while traveling and doesn’t take up much of any space in the car. 100/10 recommend buying!!!” -Sophia K.

Best Travel Crib for Flying

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib & Play Yard - $229.95.

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib & Play Yard

If you’ve ever traveled with kids, especially via plane, you know the value of having one less thing to tote around. Meet the Lotus: the travel-crib-turned-backpack that no traveling family should leave home without. This ultra-lightweight crib folds seamlessly into a compact, backpack-style carrying case, leaving your hands free to deal with the other 142 things they’ll be tasked with for attempting to leave the house with your littles in tow. (This feature comes in especially handy in airports.) We also love the unique zip-down “door” feature of the crib’s mesh side—it makes getting down on baby’s level for cuddles, feeding or play super easy, then quietly zips back up and locks into place.

Like the Babybjörn Travel Crib, the Guava’s mattress is flush to the ground, meaning there’s no weight limit usage recommendations here, either. Some parents report that the mattress is fairly thin, however.

“The Lotus crib is one of the best products we have. It is lightweight, folds and assembles in just a few snaps, and has mesh sides. The fabric comes completely off and is machine washable.” -Kristin

Best Affordable Travel Crib

Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Playard - Reign - $59.99.

Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Playard - Reign

If you’re looking for simple, sturdy travel crib that will stand the test of time but won’t break the bank, this Pack ‘n Play from Graco fits the bill. Although it’s basic, the features are anything but—there are a ton of things that you (and your little one) will love. We especially appreciate the sturdy frame, the roomy area for play and sleep and the push-button fold for quick and easy breakdown. And at around $70, this travel crib is perfect for using as an extra playard around the house and for keeping at the grandparents’ house or anywhere else you know you’ll be visiting on a regular basis.

You can’t attach any extras to this travel crib, like a bassinet or changing table. And some parents complain that the mattress is on the thin side, so that may be something to consider if you’re planning on using it for more than just the occasional weekend away. It’s also fairly heavy, so you won’t want to use it if you’re traveling by plane or anywhere else where you’ll need to carry it around frequently.

Best Travel Crib for Toddlers

Newton Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard - Grey (2023) - $199.99.

Newton Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard - Grey (2023)

As your baby grows into a toddler , many parents still need the safety that the confines of a crib provide—especially while traveling. But what happens when your toddler is too big for their travel crib but too little for a bed? Enter the Newton. The mattress is about two times larger than most travel cribs, making it ideal for an older toddler who may be sized out of a smaller playard. It’s also 100 percent breathable and washable, made with the same Wovenaire technology used in the brand’s much-loved crib mattress. It’s flush to the ground, so there’s no weight limit, and it’s super comfy and GREENGAURD Gold Certified.

The playard weighs in at about 17 pounds, so while it’s not the lightest on the market, it’s still fairly easy to travel with and the weight is for a good cause. Assembly and breakdown are easy and the crib comes with a travel bag for easy storage. And it’s not just for the toddler years; there’s a bassinet insert for use from day one. Oh, and when you are ready to graduate your toddler from the travel crib, check out these great toddler travel beds .

Because of the Newton’s larger sleep space, it’s a bit bulkier than some of the other travel cribs on our list. The travel bag only has a handle, not a shoulder strap or backpack straps. And the crib is too large to store in the overhead compartment of an airplane

“I despise traditional pack n play style things. Newton’s playard is innovative and will definitely grow with a child from infancy through the preschool years! My 4.5 year old can still sleep in it comfortably with plenty of space. I really appreciate the thought that went into this product.” -Mona

Most Versatile Travel Crib

UPPAbaby REMI Travel Crib & Playard - Charlie - $299.99.

UPPAbaby REMI Travel Crib & Playard - Charlie

And speaking of multifunctional products, the Remi from UPPAbaby is the best choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one travel crib and playard to use both at home and when you’re on the go. There’s a ton of functionality built in to this smartly designed (and beautiful) playard. It’s Greenguard Gold Certified and includes a removable bassinet, a zip-down side panel, a triple layer air mesh mattress and a smooth, simple fold that takes one hand and only a few seconds. There are also lots of accessories to add on. A few of our favorites include the changing station , organizer and canopy .

The Remi is expensive, and even moreso when you start adding on accessories. It’s also fairly heavy, weighing in at about 20 pounds. This isn’t a big deal if you’re planning to use it mostly at home and for the occasional overnight trip, but if your family travels frequently and you need to bring along a place for your baby to sleep, it may not be your best option.

“Incredibly easy to set up. Our baby just started crawling and we don’t have a good play yard set up yet, so this was great to put him in a for the meantime. We purchased it instead of a Graco pack and play because of the zipper access and mattress quality. Love it!!!” -Rachel

Most Portable Travel Crib

Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot - White Sand - $195.00.

Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot - White Sand

Pop-up tent meets travel crib in the Aeromoov. This 11-pound playard works just as well for a day at the beach or the park as it does for an overnight at grandma’s and is our top pick if you’re looking for one piece of gear you can use both indoors and out. The origami-style fold takes about two seconds (literally), and once it’s folded down, the whole thing slips into a bag and is less than five inches wide. It’s easy to stash for travel or throw over your shoulder and carry if you need to bring it along for an outdoor adventure. (There are also lots of useful accessories available like a sunshade and a mosquito net.) Another feature we love: there are two levels, one upper level bassinet-style for newborns up to about two months and a the main lower level for older babies and toddlers.

If you’re using the crib indoors and your little one moves around a lot, the fabric makes a “swishing” sound that’s a bit loud.

Best Travel Cribs for Small Spaces

Bugaboo stardust playard - grey melange.

Simple, streamlined and seamless. The Bugaboo Stardust is one of the smaller travel crib + playards on our list, but it packs a big punch. Unlike most travel cribs that open from the center of the base and feature fold-out legs, the standout feature here is the accordion-style fold. It makes it quick and easy to open and close by either pushing or pulling each side. You can even fold the Stardust with the mattress still inside—a pretty big deal and a huge time-saving (and sanity-saving) feature.

The Stardust weighs about 14 pounds and has a compact design that’s ideal for spaces that can’t handle a giant playard, either at home or when you’re on the go. There’s also a bassinet attachment for younger babies, a really comfortable mattress and all-around mesh panels.

The maximum weight limit for the Stardust is similar to the other travel cribs on our list, but because of smaller size, your little one may outgrow it in height sooner than they would with other playards. It’s also on the pricier side.

“I’m a first time mom and it feels like I have tried all the baby products out there. We were in the market for a new pack n’ play so I recently purchased this for my 5.5 month old and it is a game changer when it comes to portability and ease. I’ve found other products like this are bulky and difficult to store, but the Stardust is slender, lightweight and unfolds in one second. (No exaggeration.) I would highly recommend this product for travel, sleeping or playtime - in fact, we’re looking forward to traveling with it over the holidays!” -AlexT

Best Travel Crib for Car Travel

Maxi-cosi swift play yard - classic graphite.

Weighing in at just over 18 pounds, the Maxi-Cosi Swift is too heavy and bulky for regular air travel. But it’s also quite a bit lighter than many of the standard playards on the market, so we still wanted to consider it for our best-of list. That’s why think it’s an ideal choice if you’re a family who travels frequently by car. While you won’t want to lug it around on the regular, it’s easy enough to load and unload from any vehicle. And the setup and breakdown? It’s an actual dream, especially during travel when you have 14 other things to do after you set up your little one’s sleep space. Parents rave about how easy it is—it actually folds in one step using only one hand. Other pros to love include a super sturdy design, a comfortable mattress and a bassinet attachment that comes included at no extra cost.

As noted above, the Swift weighs about 18 pounds, so it’s not the lightest travel crib of the bunch, but isn’t the heaviest, either.

“We have tried a handful of play yards and the difficulty of putting them down and back up is what always frustrates us. The swift is truly like no other. It takes less than 5 seconds to set it up and less than five seconds to break it down. Not only is it so easy but it’s also so aesthetically pleasing!!” -Momof3

  • We analyzed results from Babylist’s Best Baby Products survey, which polled 6,000 Babylist users and asked them to share the baby products they love the most and why.
  • We utilized insight from the Babylist editorial team, including Gear Editor Jen LaBracio, an expert in the baby space for over six years and a mom of two who has written hundreds of baby gear guides and personally researched and tested hundreds of baby products, including many travel cribs.
  • We reviewed customer reviews from hundreds of real Babylist parents.

A travel crib is a portable crib you can use for sleep or play when you’re away from home with your baby or toddler. While you can use most playards for the same purpose, travel cribs are specifically designed with travel in mind; they’re lighter, more compact and easier to set up and break down than your average playard. Travel cribs generally accommodate newborns to toddlers about three years old.

Whether or not you need a travel crib depends on how often you travel and where you’re heading on your next adventure.

Many hotels and even some rental homes may supply a travel crib. Using a baby gear rental company is an option, too. But if you’re staying somewhere that doesn’t supply a crib, you don’t want to rent or you simply prefer to be in control of what your baby sleeps in while you’re away, investing in a travel crib is probably a good idea.

Besides being a place to rest, travel cribs are also a safe place for your little one to play, especially when you’re away from your usual surroundings and potentially dealing with a non- babyproofed space. (We’re looking at you, sharp table corners and exposed electrical sockets.) You can even use some travel cribs as a napping spot on days spent at the beach or park.

Travel cribs can be expensive. A travel crib is also something you’ll use for years, especially if your family travels frequently. Think through these features before you buy.

  • Weight. This is one of the most important features to look for in a travel crib. A lightweight travel crib is easier to lift and carry than a heavier option. To figure out if this is important to you or not, think through how often you’ll be traveling and which modes of transport you generally use. Do you travel infrequently and often by car? Plan to use your travel crib only for a trip to the grandparents’ once a year? Then your travel crib’s weight may not be hugely important to you. Are you planning several trips by plane where you’ll need to bring your travel crib along? Then the weight of the travel crib you choose should jump to the top of your priority list.
  • Size and portability. Similar to weight, the size and overall portability of your travel crib are important features, but also dependent on how often you travel and how you get wherever you’re going. If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll want a travel crib that’s not only lightweight but portable, too. Look for a compact crib and something that has either backpack straps or another easy way to carry it through someplace like an airport or train station. If not, however, a slightly larger travel crib or one that doesn’t come with built-in carry straps may be just fine.
  • Longevity. How long you’ll be able to use your travel crib is a big factor to consider while shopping. One thing to consider is the crib’s design. Although not outwardly labeled this way, there are two basic types of travel cribs: cribs with raised mattresses and cribs where the mattress lies flush with the floor. Most travel cribs with raised mattresses have weight maximums. This means that if you have a larger, heavier child, they may exceed the travel crib’s weight long before you feel comfortable letting them sleep in a regular bed or even a toddler travel bed while you’re away from home. Travel cribs where the mattress sits directly on the floor, however, often do not have weight maximums. While your little one still may outgrow the crib by height, these types of travel cribs often can be used for a longer period of time.
  • Ease of breakdown and setup. Travel with babies and toddlers is no easy feat. Look for a travel crib that sets up and breaks down quickly and easily so you can spend less time grappling with gear and more time enjoying your vacation.
  • Materials and breathability. Look for a travel crib with a breathable mattress, breathable mesh sides and one that’s made from soft, comfortable materials. If it’s important to you, you may prefer a travel crib that’s GREENGUARD Gold Certified or uses organic materials. Removable and machine washable sides and covers are also nice-to-have features in case of a mess.
  • Budget. Travel cribs can get pricey, especially if you want one that’s extremely lightweight and portable. Thinking through how often you’ll be traveling and what types of features will make the most sense to you can help you determine your budget.

Jen LaBracio

Senior gear editor.

Jen LaBracio is Babylist’s Senior Gear Editor, a role that perfectly combines her love of all things baby gear with her love of (obsessive) research. When she’s not testing out a new high chair or pushing the latest stroller model around her neighborhood, she likes to run, spin, listen to podcasts, read and spend time at the beach. In her past life, she worked for over a decade in children’s publishing. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and their two boys, Will and Ben.

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The 8 Best Travel Cribs of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We tested 19 travel cribs to find which one is the best for portability and safety.

travel crib on airplane

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks

Our Testing Process

  • Others We Liked
  • Tips for Buying

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Trust T+L

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Whether you have a family trip coming up, need something for the occasional overnight visit, or are shopping for a baby registry, a good travel crib is essential. Sometimes called playards, these foldable contraptions offer a secure place for your child to sleep or play when you're on the go.

According to neonatologist Michael H. Goodstein, MD, FAAP, they're "a safe alternative to a crib, as long as the product is consistent with the mandatory guidelines established by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)." But, beyond safety considerations, not all portable cribs are created equal.

Travel cribs vary by size, weight, features, and functionality. We tested 19 models to narrow it down to the most user-friendly, portable, durable, and easy-to-clean options. (See more about our in-depth testing process below.) Our number one pick is the Maxi-Cosi Swift Play Yard, a sturdy, stain-resistant travel crib that takes less than two minutes to pack up.

Best Overall

Maxi-cosi swift play yard.

  • Ease of Setup 4.8 /5
  • Durability 5 /5
  • Portability 4.5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

With an adjustable mattress and easy folding mechanism, this sturdy crib grows with your child and can be taken on any excursion.

It's not the lightest option we tested.

Clocking nearly perfect scores in all our tests, our top choice is the Maxi-Cosi Swift Play Yard. Even after six months of use, we loved how lightweight this portable crib is, making it super easy to set up and take down. Though the leg-folding mechanism is a little different than most models, we assembled it in less than three minutes and packed it back up in under two. It also has all the comfort and safety features we'd want in this type of product. The mattress lays flat on its own, you don't need to hook Velcro straps to keep it down, which is great for saving set-up time. The supportive yet bouncy design barely budged when we dropped a 25-pound sandbag on top, and the frame held strong too.

We're also big fans of the bassinet feature. For newborns and infants, you can detach the mattress from the bottom and raise it up for easier access to your baby. Then, when your child grows, lower it back down to prevent them from climbing out.

At 18 pounds, this travel crib is on the heavier side. However, it seems durable and long-lasting. The high-quality materials appear stain-resistant. All things considered, we think the price is right on point.

The Details: 41.5 x 33.5 x 31 inches (overall) | 33 x 11 x 12 inches (packed) | 18 pounds | 35-pound weight limit

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Best Budget

Munchkin travel bassinet.

  • Ease of Setup 5 /5
  • Durability 4.5 /5
  • Quality 4.5 /5

This lightweight, compact sleeper is incredibly easy to set up and pack up, a perfect option for traveling with newborns.

It doesn't come with a carry bag, and the weight capacity is 15 pounds.

On a budget? Check out the Munchkin Brica Travel Pod. This on-the-go sleeper can be set up in one minute and packs back up in less than 30 seconds. At just three pounds, we were also impressed with the lightweight design. When it folds down, it's super small and doesn't take up a lot of space even though it doesn't come with a carry bag. The lightweight, compact design is undoubtedly convenient, but bear in mind the capacity is 15 pounds. In other words, you'll need something bigger once your child is about 6 months old.

The Details: 30 x 21 x 12 inches (overall) | 3 pounds | 15-pound weight limit

Best Splurge

Uppababy remi portable playard.

Buy Buy Baby

  • Portability 5 /5

This durable, splurge-worthy crib is super easy to assemble and packs into a conveniently compact bundle.

It's somewhat heavy (but super sturdy), and the carry bag is sold separately.

If you're open to splurging on a high-quality travel crib, UppaBaby won't disappoint. It's incredibly easy to set up, you just pull it out of the box and snap it into place. When folding it back up, the frame wraps into the mattress to create a conveniently compact bundle. After six months of use, we found it to be a great option to even leave up as an extra home crib.

We also appreciate the safety features, including padded edges, hidden zippers, and an elevated bassinet attachment. It's also pretty light and portable. So, while the price is steep (and you'll have to buy the carry bag separately), in the end, we think it's worth the investment for its durability and overall features.

The Details: 40.5 x 28.5 x 26 inches (overall) | 28.5 x 11 x 10 inches (packed) | 22.5 pounds | 20-pound weight limit

Travel + Leisure / Tamara Staples

Best Compact

Kidco peapod plus.

  • Durability 4 /5

The ultra-lightweight, compact design is easy to take on the go and folds up into its carry bag in seconds.

It's not recommended for children under 6 months and the bottom of the crib is made of fabric that can be slippery.

For something more compact, consider the KidCo PeaPod Plus. We were able to set up this sleeper and fold it back down in almost no time. The ultra-lightweight design folds effortlessly into its included bag, and the carry straps make it easy to take on the go.

The tent-like design can be used indoors or for outdoor naps in your backyard, on the beach, or on family camping trips . While it's not the most structured, it holds its shape enough to provide a safe sleeping spot for a small child. Despite the compact size, bear in mind it's designed for kiddos between 6 months and 5 years.

The Details: 46 x 34 x 22 inches (overall) | 19 x 19 x 3.5 inches (packed) | 3.5 pounds | 100-pound weight limit

TripSavvy / Jhett Thompson

Best Lightweight

Chicco lullago anywhere portable bassinet.

  • Value 4.5 /5

This remarkably lightweight-yet-sturdy bassinet is easy to set up, move from room to room, and bring on the go.

The maximum weight is 20 pounds, and it doesn't come with a carrying case.

We were able to assemble and fold up the Chicco LullaGo in under a minute. This travel bassinet is remarkably lightweight yet still sturdy. After six months of use, it's holding up well and is a great option with a minimalist design. Though we wish it came with a carrying case, it's easy to move from room to room or bring on the go. We also like that all the covers are conveniently machine-washable.

Dr. Goodstein warns against using this product past the newborn stage, as the elevated platform isn't designed for larger infants. "When the babies are too old, they can fall out of it," he says. "It's just not safe."

The Details: 30 x 28 x 18 inches (overall) | 28 x 18.5 x 5.5 inches (packed) | 12 pounds | 20-pound weight limit

Best Playard

Chicco alfa lite lightweight travel playard.

This playard boasts easy setup, a sturdy design, and various safety features to keep your kiddo secure during naps or playtime.

It doesn't fold down as small as other options we tested.

The Chicco Alfa Lite can be assembled in three minutes and folded back up in less than 60 seconds. Thanks to the helpful 'push' buttons and intuitive design, you don't even need to consult the instructions for set-up and take down. Though the legs fold out with ease, the frame also feels sturdy, like it'll hold up well over time.

Designed for on-the-go sleeping or safe, secure playing, this playard has lockable side zippers and a mattress that buckles to the base. You can also unzip the side to let your child climb in and out during playtime. The mattress is a little flimsy, but other than that, we have no complaints. After six months of use, we love that this is even a good option to set up during playdates.

The Details: 43 x 29 x 25 inches (overall) | 21 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches (packed) | 13 pounds | 30-pound weight limit

Best for Car Travel

Baby joy travel crib 2-in-1 playpen.

  • Portability 4 /5

This lightweight, ultra-portable crib is a breeze to set up and pack into its carrying case.

The handles are somewhat short, making it hard to avoid dragging it.

The Baby Joy Travel Crib takes a mere three minutes to set up and folds up in a flash. It folds and unfolds easily, kind of like a camp chair. Once you know where the lock button is, the frame is incredibly simple to put together. After six months of regular use, we love that this can be used inside for naps and even outside for contained playtime.

The entire thing seems high-quality, which is impressive, considering the very reasonable price tag. Weighing only 11 pounds, it's one of the lightest options we tried. While we appreciate the included case, the short handles make it hard to avoid dragging it on the ground when carrying it — for shorter folks, at least. This portable crib folds up pretty compactly but is still probably too tall for an overhead bin, which is why we recommend it for family road trips .

The Details: 45.5 x 31 x 27 inches (overall) | 23.5 x 20.5 x 7 inches (packed) | 11 pounds | 33-pound weight limit

Best Stability

4moms breeze go playard.

  • Value 3.5 /5
  • Quality 4 /5

Set-up is straight forward and quick.

It's on the heavier side.

With less than four minutes to set up and only two minutes to take down, this is one of the easiest travel cribs to use. Once unfolded, you simply drop in the mattress and attach it to the frame using velcro straps to keep it stable and secure. The first time we assembled this crib, we didn't even need to read the manual because it was such an intuitive process.

In addition to its ease of use, this is one of the most sturdy and high-quality of all the travel cribs we tested. The material doesn't shift around at all and the slight suspension and shocks improve safety for any kiddo. We also love that it comes with its own travel case that helps keep the crib compact and organized while on the go. For anyone looking for an entry level travel crib that's simple and sturdy, this is a high-quality and reliable option.

The Details: 43 x 30 x 29 inches (overall) | 23.2 pounds | 30-pound weight limit

Travel + Leisure / Leticia Almeida

Travel + Leisure editors selected 19 travel cribs to try firsthand. We started by timing how long it took to assemble them based on the brand's instructions, noting any hiccups they ran into along the way. After assessing the features and materials, we lifted them up and moved them around the room to see how light and portable they were once assembled.

To evaluate the sturdiness, we shook the frames and dropped a sandbag into the center to see how well they could support a small child standing up or jumping around. Finally, we timed how long it took to fold down the cribs and put them in their carrying cases, noting how heavy they were when packed up. Each model was scored for ease of setup, portability, durability, ease of cleaning, quality, and value, and those with the highest average ratings were selected for this roundup.

Other Travel Cribs We Liked

KidCo Peapod Portable Travel Bed : This tent-style sleeper quickly pops open, and the padded base is a cinch to snap on. While the fabric is somewhat thin, it's super lightweight and easy to carry, too. However, in the end, we just liked the other KidCo model better.

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Portable Infant Lounger : We liked the small, lightweight design of this product. But since it's technically a lounger rather than a crib, it's really designed to be a safe place to set your infant down — not necessarily a place to sleep. When in doubt, check with your pediatrician before using it.

Pamo Babe Deluxe Portable Nursery Center : While this crib was incredibly easy to set up, we thought it lacked durability as it had a tendency to collapse as it grew closer to the weight limit.

Tips for Buying a Travel Crib

Put safety first.

Whether for travel or nightly sleep, safety should be a top priority when buying a crib. Per the CPSC's current guidelines , the mattress should be relatively firm to prevent rolling. And you shouldn't add extra padding or bedding until your child is at least 12 months old, as the materials can pose a suffocation risk.

"Get a travel crib that is current from a major brand," says Dr. Goodstein, "and use the mattress that's included." He adds that, aside from a sleep sack, you really don't need anything other than a mattress and a tight-fitting crib sheet.

Know the important features 

Travel cribs come with various features — some for safety and others for comfort or convenience. This may include user-friendly foldability, a carrying case, a firm mattress, padded edges, concealed zippers, or breathable mesh sides.

"Some have a bassinet feature, which is convenient for new mothers (not bending over) and small/younger newborns," says Dr. Goodstein. "With or without, they should be used properly, following the weight, age, and developmental limitations set within the product instructions and warnings."

Consider the type of trip you're taking

When browsing options, consider the type of trip you're taking and where you plan on using the crib. If you're traveling by plane , some (but not all) airlines allow you to check portable cribs for free (along with travel strollers and car seats). But if you're not checking baggage, make sure it's small enough to pass as a carry-on.

Some small travel cribs can be folded up super compactly and even tucked inside a suitcase. But larger options that come with their own carry bags will usually need to be toted around separately. If you just need something for the occasional overnight, you have more flexibility in terms of size.

The main difference between a travel crib and a regular crib is that the former is typically foldable and relatively lightweight. But as long as it has a proper mattress and sides that prevent rolling off, you can use a travel crib as a regular crib.

"The newer ones, for the most part, should be fine," says Dr. Goodstein. "If you're going to use a sheet in there, make sure it's a fitted sheet for that specific type of crib."

Travel crib mattresses are roughly 38 x 24 inches, which is the size of a mini crib mattress. Getting a fitted sheet in the proper size is crucial, as loose fabric can be dangerous for sleeping babies. "These little ones don't have good head [or hand] control — they can't brush something off of their face," explains Dr. Goodstein. "Something as light as a sheet can cause suffocation."

Some travel cribs fit into overhead compartments, but it varies by model. While it's different for each airline, the maximum dimensions for carry-ons is usually 22 x 14 x 9 inches, so be sure to measure the packed-up size before your trip.

While most airlines will check strollers and carseats for free, travel cribs are considered luggage and will be charged as such. Be sure to check with your specific airline in advance to determine what baby gear is complimentary.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

Theresa Holland is a toddler mom and seasoned commerce writer specializing in travel, baby gear, and furniture. For this story, she compiled our in-house testing insights and combed through product specs to create a comprehensive roundup of today's best travel cribs. She is personally familiar with the offerings from UppaBaby, Munchkin, and Chicco.

In creating our list of best travel cribs, we also spoke to an expert in the care of newborns, neonatologist Michael H. Goodstein , MD, FAAP.

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travel crib on airplane

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The Best Travel Cribs of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

travel crib on airplane

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

TripSavvy / Jhett Thompson

A safe and comfortable travel crib is an essential accessory for parents who want to travel with their little ones without restriction. Sleepovers with friends and family, local road trips, and even international adventures—the world is your oyster with the right one. Some can be used as a permanent sleeping place for your baby or toddler, while others adapt throughout the first stages of their life from bassinet to cot or playpen. Things to consider include how long you want to use the crib, what you want it for (and, therefore, whether lightness or size is the greater priority), and how much you’re willing to spend. 

To help you find the travel crib best suited to your requirements, we tested 19 of the most popular options in the TripSavvy lab. Each one was scored for ease of setup, portability, quality, durability, ease of cleaning, and overall value—giving us our overall winner, the Maxi-Cosi Swift 3-in-1 Bassinet, Travel Cot, and Playpen. This crib stood out for its attractive, high-quality design and the fact that it works from birth to approximately 3.5 years. Read on to find out which other models earned themselves a spot on our roundup of the best travel cribs currently on the market.

  • How We Rated

Other Travel Cribs We Tested

How we tested.

  • What to Look For

Why Trust TripSavvy

Best overall, maxi-cosi swift play yard.

  • Ease of Setup 4.8 /5
  • Durability 5 /5
  • Portability 4.5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

Beautiful, high-quality design

Incredibly easy to put up and take down

3-in-1 design suits newborns to toddlers

Not the lightest option for air travel

The Maxi-Cosi Swift was a clear winner for us due to its ingenious design that combines three baby essentials—bassinet, cot, and playpen—in one high-quality product. The mattress unzips to fit the newborn bassinet, then zips together again to create an extra thick, comfy mattress for the toddler cot and playpen. This versatility means you can use the travel crib day and night through all stages of your little one’s growth from birth up until approximately 3.5 years—saving you plenty of money in the long run. 

The manufacturer’s description claims that the crib takes one second to fold or unfold; however, our tester timed assembly at three minutes and disassembly at less than two. We did find it incredibly easy to set up, earning the crib a near-perfect score for this element of the testing process. At 15.4 pounds, it isn’t the lightest cot on this list and probably not the most convenient choice for air travel. However, we loved that its full size and sturdy construction meant it could double as your permanent crib. 

We also fell for its beautiful design and high-quality fabric—in fact, our tester called it the most stylish pack n’ play they’d ever seen. We felt it was durable and likely to last a long time, with a convenient carry bag that makes it ideal for taking with you on your next road trip or staying at Grandma’s house.

Dimensions: 41.7 x 33.9 x 29.9 inches | Weight: 15.4 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 33 pounds

Best Budget

Munchkin travel bassinet.

  • Ease of Setup 5 /5
  • Durability 4.5 /5
  • Quality 4.5 /5

Incredibly lightweight

Folds down flat

Mesh panels for maximum airflow

Relatively short use window

Available online for a fraction of the price of our overall winner, the Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet is the perfect fit for those on a budget. It’s also a very different product, intended for occasional use only during the newborn stage. Brica recommends stopping using the bassinet when your baby reaches three months, 15 pounds, or can push up on their hands and knees—whichever comes first. Nevertheless, we found it almost unbelievably easy to set up, with assembly taking one minute and disassembly taking less than 30 seconds. 

With side walls constructed of breathable fabric and mesh panels for maximum airflow, the bassinet is also incredibly lightweight (less than 3 pounds). Its tubular steel frame is held in place by a four-point Safe-T-Lock system but folds flat for effortless transport. We felt it would be ideal for air travel—although we wished it came with a carry bag to help keep it clean. We thought it was relatively sturdy and easy to spot clean, though the removable mattress pad comes with a water-resistant sheet.

Dimensions: 30 x 21.25 x 11.75 inches | Weight: Under 3 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 15 pounds

KidCo Peapod Travel Bed

  • Durability 4 /5
  • Portability 5 /5

Essentially self-assembling

Great age range from 6 months to 3 years

Ultra lightweight

The material could be a little thicker

If you’re looking to spend under $100 on a product that still guarantees good quality and an extended lifetime, we recommend the KidCo PeaPod Travel Bed. It weighs less than 3 pounds and is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry using convenient shoulder straps. Once opened, the tent-like travel bed pops up on its own. We found that, including the time taken to attach the removable sleeping pad, it took less than two minutes to assemble and disassemble, and we felt that it would also be a great fit for outdoor uses such as backyard campouts and the beach. 

The tent crib features a large zippered panel for easy access and walls made of lightweight mesh. These are great for maximum airflow and also double as an insect screen. The material is coated for UV protection, while anchor straps help to secure the tent against breezes (or active occupants!). We felt it would hold up well to the toddler years and be easy to spot-clean when necessary. Choose yours in colors ranging from Midnight to Cranberry or Tangerine.

Dimensions: 46 x 18 x 28 inches | Weight: 2.45 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 3 years

Best for Playtime

Chicco alfa lite lightweight travel playard.

  • Value 4.5 /5

Quick, intuitive setup

Smart safety features

Side panel for easy access

The mattress could be a bit thicker

For a travel crib that doubles as an on-the-go play yard, we love the Chicco Alfa Lite. It assembles in just three minutes with a snap-open motion that locks the legs in place and takes less than a minute to disassemble. We found both steps so intuitive that the instructions were unnecessary. The zip-open side panel was a particular highlight for us, allowing the gentle placement of younger babies and the freedom to come and go for older children. Best of all, the zipper is lockable from the outside to prevent wandering at night. 

The full-size mattress creates ample space for playtime and is made extra secure by buckling underneath the cot to eliminate any risk of suffocation. If you need to move the cot around, we found it easy to do so with side handles that provide a good grip. Both the materials and the structure felt solid, and the crib survived our drop test undamaged. When folded back down into its zippered carry bag, we found it pretty light, too. Finally, the GREENGUARD Gold Certified materials are removable for machine washing.

Dimensions: 43 x 29 x 25 inches | Weight: 13 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 30 pounds

Best Portability

Zoe the cloud.

  • Ease of Setup 4 /5

Packs compactly into a backpack

Wipe-clean, mesh walls

Extra comfortable plush mattress

Disassembly may require some practice

If you’re traveling with a crib, the chances are you’re also traveling with the rest of the paraphernalia a small child needs. The Cloud from Zoebaby keeps your hands free for other gear thanks to its clever backpack-style carry bag and compact design. Although it weighs 15 pounds (more than most others on this list), it felt light to carry and also features wheels for moving it easily once set up. Setup and take-down took us around five minutes, though we thought this time would be much shorter once we were familiar with the crib’s straps and buttons. 

The walls are breathable mesh with water-resistant Luxe fabric accents. The crib floor floats 3 inches off the floor, keeping your little one away from potential drafts—while the mattress was a particular highlight for us, being thicker and plusher than standard mattresses. The crib withstood our durability tests well, and we liked that its shallow depth made it simple to clean. There are six attractive colors to choose from, including practical gray to pastel pink or blue.

Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 26.5 inches | Weight: 15 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 30 pounds

Best 2-in-1

Baby joy travel crib 2-in-1 playpen.

  • Portability 4 /5

Zippered side entry panel

Very stable and secure

All fabrics are removable for washing

Not particularly easy to carry

Those searching for a travel crib that can act as a generously sized play area will appreciate the Baby Joy Travel Crib 2-in-1 Playpen. We timed setup and take down at approximately three minutes each, with most of that time used to attach the mattress’ Velcro straps. The actual cot is incredibly easy to unfold and lock into place. It’s designed for babies from birth to 3 years, with breathable mesh walls offering excellent visibility from across the room. A zippered side door provides easy access for crawling and toddling children. 

We particularly liked how stable this crib is. With aluminum tubes reinforcing each corner, it felt rock solid even when we dropped a 25-pound sandbag into it and threw it around. We found it hard to tip over, even for an adult. Materials are high quality, while the mattress cover and crib fabrics can all be removed and washed as needed. The only downside was that the crib lacked portability. We felt an over-the-shoulder strap would have been more useful than the short carry handles included and that it was too wide for convenient air travel. 

Dimensions: 45.5 x 31 x 27 inches | Weight: 11 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 33 pounds

Best Compact

Kidco peapod plus.

The age limit is up to 5 years

Folds flat for easy storage and transport

Adjustable sun screens and UV protection

Not particularly structured

For the maximum blend of space and compactness, choose the KidCo PeaPod Plus Travel Bed. As the larger version of the standard PeaPod already mentioned on this list, it’s for children aged 6 months to 5 years, yet still weighs in at just 3.65 pounds. When not used, it folds flat into a compact circle that can be easily slung over the shoulder or carried in hand. We loved that it’s small enough for easy air travel or to realistically keep in the trunk of your car for “just-in-case” situations. 

It took us seconds to pop the tent up and less than two minutes to attach the Micro-Lite sleeping pad (this snaps on underneath the crib floor to avoid any risk of suffocation). Take down time was less than three minutes. Like its smaller sibling, the PeaPod Plus features lightweight mesh walls with a tight-enough weave to protect from insects and UV protection and adjustable sunscreens. Entry is through an extra-large, zippered side panel. The pod comes in Midnight or Camo and would be easy to spot clean.

Dimensions: 52.5 x 34 x 22 inches | Weight: 3.65 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 5 years

Best Splurge

Uppababy remi portable playard.

Buy Buy Baby

Zip-on bassinet attachment

Stood up to durability tests perfectly

Zippered panel for easy access

The heaviest option on this list

The UPPABaby Remi Portable Playard retails for roughly seven times the price of our budget pick; however, its excellent quality and intuitive design make it a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers or those who plan to use it as a primary sleeping space. It’s intended for babies up to 18 months old and comes with a zip-on bassinet attachment that allows easy bedside access to your newborn. Setting up the crib frame takes a matter of seconds and can be completed with one hand. 

We did find that figuring out the bassinet attachment took us several minutes—however, once learned, this process would be much shorter. The crib also features a zip-open panel for easy access, mesh walls for clear views and optimum ventilation, and a triple-layer mesh mattress for ultimate breathability. We found it very sturdy even when moved around and subjected to our sandbag tests. The quality of the materials is top-notch. It is relatively heavy (20 pounds)—however, a good quality carry bag with handles on the top and bottom makes transportation easy.

Dimensions: 40.5 x 28.5 x 26 inches | Weight: 20 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 20 pounds

Best Bassinet

Chicco lullago anywhere portable bassinet.

Moving it around the house is easy and simple

Fabrics zip off for machine washing

It takes less than a minute to set up

A relatively short window for use

We love the Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Portable Bassinet for its high-quality design, which stood up well to our durability tests. It features a firm, flat sleep surface with mesh side panels for maximum visibility and ventilation; with metal legs that snap into place and a convenient shade canopy. It took us less than a minute to set it up and the same amount of time to fold it flat and fit it into its low-profile carry bag. At just 12 pounds, it’s wonderfully light—so much so that you can easily move it from one area of the house to another to keep an eye on baby during naptime.

Other thoughtful features include a mesh storage pocket for keeping essentials handy and a waterproof mattress with a fitted sheet. Best of all (during a stage when accidents happen often), all fabrics zip off for easy machine washing. For added peace of mind, the bassinet is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means it’s been independently tested for low chemical emissions to ensure your little one is breathing the healthiest air possible. It comes in several colors, including Sandstone or Grey Star.

Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 18 inches | Weight: 12 pounds | Maximum Weight Recommendation: 20 pounds

How We Rated the Travel Cribs

  • 4.8 to 5 stars: These are the best travel cribs we reviewed. We recommend them without reservation.
  • 4.5 to 4.7 stars: These travel cribs are excellent—they might have minor flaws, but we still recommend them.
  • 4.0 to 4.5 stars: We think these are great travel cribs, but others are better.
  • 3.5 to 3.9 stars: These travel cribs are just average.
  • 3.4 and below: We don't recommend travel cribs with this rating; you won't find any on our list.

Chicco Dash Instant Setup Playard : This was a solid crib with high-quality materials—however, we found it so difficult to attach the mattress' Velcro straps that we gave up, and it's too bulky and heavy for easy travel. 

Graco My View Travel Crib With Stages : Compact and well-made, we liked that this crib was quick to assemble. It lost points due to its relatively small size, and the bassinet section doesn't fit in the carry bag. 

Baby Jogger City Suite Multi-Level Playard : We loved this crib's look, quality materials, and lightweight construction. We didn't love that it required two people to set it up or that the mattress buckled slightly in play yard mode. 

Pamo Babe Deluxe Portable Nursery Center : This crib initially impressed us by offering a bassinet mode, a travel crib/play yard mode, and a changing table. However, it started to collapse during testing, which made us question its safety. 

4moms Breeze GO Playard : We assembled this crib without instructions and liked its sturdiness and simple mattress design. However, we felt the price was high for relatively few bells and whistles. 

Dream On Me Nest Portable Play Yard With Carry Bag And Shoulder Strap : Although four separate testers tried, we could not successfully assemble this crib, which we found to be frustrating and useless. 

AeroMoov Instant Travel Cot Playard : This crib was easy to set up, although the zipper for the bassinet section broke. It wasn't particularly structurally secure, either, and when folded, it was heavy and awkward to carry. 

Gladly Family Merritt Portable Playard Suite : We loved this crib on most fronts—it's incredibly durable and sturdy, easy to clean, and boasts plenty of smart features. The only downside? It's possibly too heavy to be a true travel crib. 

MiClassic Foldable 2-in-1 Stationary & Rock Bassinet : This bassinet was a win for us; easy to set up, light, easy to clean, and with a nice carry bag. Our only complaints were the jerky rocking function and the product's limited window of use. 

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Baby Bed : This baby bed is super lightweight and essentially assembles itself upon being taken out of the box. However, it has a minimal use period—only until the baby starts to roll over. 

First, we timed how long it took to assemble the crib and evaluated how easy the setup process was. Where relevant, we checked how simple it was to adjust it to its different stages (from bassinet to cot, for example). We assessed whether the mattress would fit a standard crib sheet or required a special size; then, we moved the crib across the room while fully assembled to see how easy it was to do so and whether all the parts remained securely in place. We also examined each feature and shook the frame to determine its sturdiness. 

Next, we placed a sandbag in the crib to replicate a baby or toddler (depending on the weight the product was certified for). We checked how the added weight affected the crib’s stability, then dropped the sandbag from 6 inches to simulate a toddler jumping up and down. Finally, we timed how long it took to disassemble the travel cot. Once packed away, we tested how easy it was to carry the crib before dropping it from waist height to test its durability further.

Each product was scored from 1 to 5 for ease of setup, portability, quality, durability, ease of cleaning, and value.

What to Look for in a Travel Crib

Weight and dimensions.

Travel cribs generally come in two styles. "Full-size" cribs that last through to the toddler years often double as a play yard, and smaller bassinets are meant exclusively for newborns. When choosing which one to purchase, consider your needs and whether the extended lifespan of a larger crib might make the trade-off of it being a little less portable worth it. The best option for you depends on your child's needs and how you plan on traveling—cribs for air travel will need to be much lighter than those packed in the car. 

How much you can expect to pay for a travel crib depends on the style and brand you go for. For example, our category winners range in price from just under $50 to nearly seven times that much—but what you get for your money differs considerably, too (one’s a foldable bassinet, the other’s a bassinet, crib, and play yard that could be used permanently). When deciding how much to spend, consider what you can afford and the long-term savings of purchasing a product that can be used throughout your baby’s early life, from newborn to toddler. 

Other Features

Other features to look out for range from the bassinet and changing table attachments to zippered side panels that provide easy access to the crib when you want it to double as a play yard. Any parent knows the value of baby equipment that’s easy to clean, so look for wipe-down surfaces and removable, machine-washable fabrics. Setup shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and if it’s possible to do it one-handed, so much the better. Finally, the best cribs fold down for easy over-the-shoulder or backpack-style carrying, keeping your hands free for everything else. 

You should always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before cleaning your travel crib since best practices differ from one model to the next. However, most can be spot-cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth, while the best feature fabrics can be removed and machine-washed when necessary. Many come with waterproof mattresses that can also be wiped clean. If yours doesn’t, after-market mattress protectors are often available, although you should always consult an expert before adding anything to your baby’s sleeping environment.

Some travel cribs fold flat and are small enough to pack in your suitcase. Others are compact enough to count as carry-on luggage and can be stowed in an overhead compartment. Often, even if your travel crib is substantially bigger, you can take it as checked luggage. Many airlines allow you to take a travel crib as an additional piece of checked luggage for free. However, rules vary, so check specific airline regulations for flying with children before deciding whether to take your crib with you.

Some parents choose to invest in a pack-n’-play-style travel crib as their child’s permanent sleeping place. Otherwise, having a travel crib as a backup is worth it if you travel regularly and don’t want the hassle of always having to check whether your hotel or vacation rental can provide a cot (or if you simply want the peace of mind of knowing the cot’s history and quality). Many parents also purchase one to keep at a place their child regularly sleeps—a grandparent or shared custodian’s house, for example, or even in another room of their own home.

Jessica Macdonald is TripSavvy’s Africa travel expert and a regular contributor to family travel articles. A mom of two who’s always up for the next adventure (from road-tripping around South Africa’s national parks with an 18-month-old to hiking up Scottish mountains with a six-week-old), she has traveled extensively with her kids and personally tested many different brands of travel cribs.

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The 4 best travel cribs for babies and toddlers in 2024.

Finalize your decision with one of these four travel cribs.

The Best Travel Cribs

Woman carries backpack of Guava Lotus Travel Crib while holding the hand of her child as they walk down the stairs

Courtesy of Guava Family

The Guava Lotus Travel Crib is so compact, you can wear it like a backpack.

There are an increasing number of travel cribs on the market these days, and nearly all of them are touted to have a lightweight design and an easy setup, which makes it overwhelming to choose the right one for your pint-sized travel partner.

Taking into consideration key factors like safety, comfort and convenience for travel – as well as recent consumer reviews, expert recommendations and our own experiences – we've chosen the best travel cribs for babies and toddlers.

Best Overall: Guava Lotus Travel Crib

  • Jump to features and traveler insights ↓

Best Lightweight: BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light

  • Best Budget: Graco Pack 'n Play On the Go Playard

Best for Toddlers: hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Note: All travel crib dimensions are listed in order of length by width by height.

Guava Lotus Travel Crib in gray against white background.


  • Especially convenient for air travel, the Guava Lotus Travel Crib can be worn like a backpack in an included carrying case with padded straps, then checked as a bag.
  • The Guava Lotus is GreenGuard Gold Certified , which means its emission levels are even lower (and better) than industry standards.
  • It doubles as a bassinet and playard featuring a zippered door for easy access to your baby.

Setup: The Guava Lotus is easy to set up. The sturdy aluminum frame's hinges swiftly snap in place with the touch of a button. Once the frame is assembled, a fabric cover with mesh sides can be zipped on before you place the included waterproof mattress with a sheet (which is not included) inside. Then the mattress is secured to the frame via a buckle on each corner. When it's time to take the crib down, you don't have to disassemble the entire thing – another reason to love this option.

YouTube tutorial: Guava Lotus Setup | Guava Lotus Teardown

Maintenance: The mattress is easy to wipe down, and the crib's fabric portion is machine-washable.

"I've taken this crib all across the world over the past three years, and it still looks as good as new. We initially bought this crib because we were wary of using hotel cribs during COVID. We quickly fell in love with it and still bring it on every trip we take. Additionally, we purchased the optional sun shade, which came in handy on beach trips in our daughter's infant days." – Tamiz Ahmed , co-founder of Poppylist

BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light in navy blue against white background.

Courtesy of BabyBjörn

  • If you're specifically looking for something lightweight, meet your match: The BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light is one of the lightest travel cribs on the market.
  • The crib comes with a mattress and carrying bag.
  • All materials meet OEKO TEX Standard 100, Class 1 standards for baby products – meaning the crib permeates low levels of chemicals and is also free from as many as 350 harmful chemicals, making it safe for a baby's skin and curious mouth.

Setup: The frame of the BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light is assembled in one swift motion. Next, the mattress is placed inside and secured to the crib's legs. When it's time to put the crib away, the mattress and crib frame easily fold down.

YouTube tutorial: BabyBjörn Travel Crib Setup | BabyBjörn Travel Crib Teardown – Option 1 | BabyBjörn Travel Crib Teardown – Option 2

Maintenance: The mattress can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and both the mattress cover (which can be zipped off) and the other fabric on the crib are machine-washable.

Best Budget: Graco Pack 'n Play on the Go Playard with Bassinet

Graco Pack 'n Play on the Go Playard with Bassinet in black against white background.

Courtesy of Graco

  • This crib comes with a full-size bassinet insert that folds with the playard when it's time to transport or put away the crib.
  • The crib also has a toy bar with soft toys to amuse your curious baby.
  • A carry case is included with this crib.

Setup: First, hit the crib's push buttons to assemble the frame. Once the four rails are locked, you can push the crib floor down before placing the mattress inside. Finally, secure the mattress straps (on the bottom) to the playard. To disassemble, you'll reverse the process almost exactly: Unfasten the mattress straps, remove the mattress, pull the tab at the bottom of the crib and – using the push buttons – fold the crib down.

YouTube tutorial: Graco On the Go Playard Setup and Teardown

Maintenance: The crib can be wiped down with mild soap and water, while the carry bag is machine-washable.

" The Graco Pack n Play On the Go Playard offers all the bells and whistles of other travel cribs, but at a far more affordable price ($80 vs. $150-$300). In particular, the removable bassinet is a game-changer during those early weeks of parenthood. My family used it during our first two weeks home with our daughter, and I appreciated that it provided a safe sleep space but didn't require me to bend over and stress my sore body. After that, we moved it to my mom's house and, even though it's super easy to fold and store, she keeps it out because it doesn't take up a lot of space." – Leah Rocketto , Associate Commerce Director at What to Expect

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed in white and blue against white background.

Courtesy of hiccapop

  • Long and tall bumpers ensure your little one won't roll off the bed.
  • It inflates with an included electric pump and rolls up into an included carry bag.
  • The bed comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and top-notch customer service.

Setup: The setup for this toddler travel bed is similar to that of a traditional air mattress – simply use the included electric pump to inflate the bed frame with rails and a mattress pad.

YouTube tutorial: hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed Setup and Teardown

Maintenance: The hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel bed can be wiped down with soap and water.

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Guava Lotus vs. Baby Björn

When choosing the best travel crib to purchase, the final decision for many buyers often comes down to the Guava Lotus Travel Crib and BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light since they're so similar.

If you're undecided between the two, see which crib wins in the following categories:

Your decision may ultimately come down to the type of traveler you are. If you frequently travel (especially by plane), the Guava Lotus is the best choice.

Guava Lotus vs. Newton Travel Crib

Many people also compare the Guava Lotus with the Newton Travel Crib, a newcomer to the travel crib market. The Newton Travel Crib mimics the Guava Lotus almost exactly, but here are some key differentiators (and the reasons we ultimately recommend the Guava Lotus instead):

  • Price: At $299, the Newton Travel Crib is about $50 more than the Guava Lotus.
  • Weight: The Newton Travel Crib is also 2 pounds heavier than its predecessor, weighing in at 17 pounds.
  • Setup: While the Newton Travel Crib is easy to set up, many buyers say that disassembly is difficult.

Travel Crib Accessories

When purchasing a travel crib, think about the other essentials your baby will need for restful naps and nights in your destination – especially since they'll be in an unfamiliar environment. These might include:

Room-darkening curtains: If your little one is accustomed to sleeping in a pitch-black room at home, you'll want to ensure your hotel room or vacation rental bedroom is as dark as possible. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Use foil and duct tape:  It won't look pretty, but covering the windows with foil and duct tape is a cost-effective option.
  • Invest in a Slumberpod:  The highly rated  SlumberPod  ($180) is essentially a tent that goes over the travel crib, ensuring total darkness for a peaceful night's rest. For a cheaper alternative, check out the  Dofilachy Blackout Cover  on Amazon.
  • Buy portable blackout curtains:  Purchase a set of curtains that won't take up too much space in your luggage. These  portable blackout curtains from Amazon Basics  are highly rated and come with a storage bag.

White noise machine: Even if you already have a white noise machine you plan to pack, you might consider buying an additional, more portable option to use in tandem with it – especially if you'll be in a small space with older siblings who stay up later. U.S. News editors say they've had good experience with both the Yogasleep Hushh Portable Sound Machine (also useful for stroller rides) and this option by Magicteam .

Portable fan:  A small battery- or USB-powered fan is a useful accessory when traveling with little ones – you can attach it to the travel stroller and car seat on hot days and secure it to the travel crib on warm nights. There are a variety of affordable, well-rated stroller fans on Amazon, including this adjustable option by AMACOOL .

Why Trust U.S. News Travel

Amanda Norcross is a family travel expert who regularly travels with her toddler. Shortly after she found out she was pregnant, she excitedly bought the Guava Lotus Bassinet Kit & Travel Crib and – despite its hefty price tag – never regretted it once.

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travel crib on airplane

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The Best Travel Cribs, Tested by Babies on the Go

profile picture of Marygrace Taylor

In a nutshell:

Based on product testing, expert interviews and survey feedback from over 300 members of The Bump community, we chose the Bugaboo Stardust Travel Crib as the overall best as it’s super-lightweight and features a one-second unfold.

Heading out on a trip or vacation with your baby or toddler? Chances are, there isn’t going to be a safe, sturdy crib waiting and available at your destination. And if that’s the case, you’re going to need a portable travel crib. “It’s important to have a specific safe place for your child to sleep when traveling so that you can keep them safe and sound,” explains Bridget Bowling , a certified pediatric sleep consultant in Cleveland, Ohio. “Without a travel crib, it’s easy for families to fall into unsafe sleep habits,” like letting baby sleep in bed with you. Thankfully, there are a ton of travel crib options to choose from.

Aside from safety, the most important factors to consider when choosing a travel crib are portability, size and weight. Of course, practically every travel crib bills itself as compact, lightweight and easy to set up and break down. To find out which ones actually lived up to the promise, we scrutinized the options, picked out the best of the bunch and had real parents put them to the test. Keep reading for our picks of the best travel cribs on the market, including this year’s Best of The Bump winner, as well as expert advice on what to look for in a travel crib.

How We Tested the Travel Cribs

travel crib on airplane

For more than 10 years, The Bump has acknowledged the best baby products on the market through our award series. The Bump editors did extensive research and created a shortlist of top-rated travel cribs. From there we took the following steps to determine which product was the overall best:

  • The Bump editors combed through user reviews, leveraging our familiarity with leading baby brands and relying on our own experiences as parents. We only considered options that meet CPSC safety standards and had an average four-star rating.
  • We interviewed a certified pediatric sleep consultant to get the lowdown on must-have features and how to use a travel crib safely.
  • In May 2023 we surveyed 300 members of The Bump community. We asked this sample of new parents to rate the travel cribs they’ve used with their own babies and to comment on their overall experience. We evaluated this data and used it to inform our product choices.
  • We enlisted parents of babies and toddlers to thoroughly test the leading options on the market. They used the portable cribs with their own kids for multiple naps and nights, and carefully assessed each travel crib for ease of use, portability, effectiveness, features and design and value for money.

We paired this rigorous testing with our own expertise and insights to bestow the prestigious Best of The Bump award to the overall best travel crib. But we didn’t stop there. Using the testing evaluations, we identified other standout options that are particularly good for specific needs, whether you want a slim or lightweight option, one that’s ideal for newborns or a travel crib that works particularly well as a playard. All this, to help ensure you find exactly the right product for your family. Editorial integrity is at the heart of everything we publish. Read about how The Bump develops and reviews all articles , including product reviews.

The Best Travel Cribs

Overall best travel crib.

Bugaboo Stardust Playard - Portable Indoor and Outdoor Crib

  • Adjustable height
  • Uses standard crib sheets
  • Comes with Velcro travel bag
  • Higher price
  • Weight capacity may not suit older toddlers

One of the major selling points of this travel crib is a one-second unfold, which may sound like quite a bold claim! But “it lived up to its promise,” according to our product tester, who added, “the Bugaboo Stardust was impressively user-friendly. Its sleek, folded design made storage easy, especially in tight spaces like car trunks.”

The lightning-fast setup comes courtesy of an all-in-one design, including a built-in mattress, which means you have zero extra parts to fiddle with. Folding it back up takes a mere three seconds, so packing at the end of your trip is just as easy. And at 17 pounds, “it felt lighter than many of the other models I've tried,” our product tester reported.

Despite the slim profile and minimal poundage, the Bugaboo Stardust is a sturdy space for sleep and play. “Its robust sides and base seemed well-equipped to handle the spirited energy of a 9-month-old,” our tester said. You'll get maximum longevity too, thanks to a bassinet feature for newborns and an adjustable height setting that keeps your cutie contained as they grow. Compared to other travel cribs she’d tried, our tester said “this one stood out in terms of comfort and design.”

Dimensions (open): 38.8" (L) x 25" (W) x 33.5" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 25.6" (L) x 5.5" (W) x 33.5" (H) | Weight: 17.2 lbs. | Weight capacity (crib): 33 lbs. | Weight capacity (bassinet): 19.8 lbs

Our product tester says: “It made travel with a 9-month-old remarkably hassle-free.”

travel crib on airplane

Best travel crib for newborns

Remi Playard

  • Spacious design
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Suitable for newborns, older babies and toddlers
  • On the heavier side

The UPPAbaby Remi Playard was designed with newborns in mind. Not only does it boast an easy-to-insert mesh bassinet to keep the tiniest sleepers safe and secure, but its materials are also GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical emissions to provide better air quality for baby. The organic, temperature-regulated mattress is machine washable too, making easy work out of cleaning spit-up, blow-outs or leaks.

There are plenty of newborn-friendly features to love here, but the greatest gift for new parents is a good night’s sleep—and this travel crib delivers. “There’s no difference in [ baby’s ] sleep using the travel crib vs. his usual crib or bassinet,” our product tester reported. She gave the Remi a 5 out of 5 score for effectiveness, adding, “we tried it as a bassinet and as a crib and [ my baby ] sleeps great using both.”

The Remi earned additional kudos from our tester (as well as additional 5 out of 5 scores for ease of use and portability) when it came to set up. “The Remi is brilliant,” she said. “Not only is it super easy to use, but the instructions are very easy to follow. When traveling, the last thing you need is the headache of having to set up a complicated crib to put a tired and fussy baby down. The Remi is so easy to set up, you can do it in less than a minute and be able to focus on other things.”

That’s not to say that the Remi is just for infants—it's also sturdy enough to withstand naps, sleep and playtime with older babies and toddlers. In fact, our product tester believes she’ll keep using it for some time to come. “I can see it being very useful as he gets older and I can set him in with his toys to keep him contained because there is plenty of space for toys and books.”

Dimensions (open): 40.5" (L) x 26" (W) x 28.5" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 11" (L) x 10" (W) x 28.5" (H) | Weight: 20 lbs. | Weight capacity (bassinet): 20 lbs.

Our product tester says: “The Remi is very well thought out. I love the side zipper to let kids in and out, and the set up is foolproof.”

Best travel crib for easy setup

Travel Crib Light

  • Easy to unfold and setup
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with carry bag
  • No bassinet
  • Not as roomy as other options

Traveling with baby in tow can be exhausting—so the last thing you need once you reach your destination is a travel crib that’s a painstaking puzzle to assemble. Not with the Baby Bjorn crib! Setup is a breeze. “It folds in and out so easily, I could almost do it with one hand,” our tester said, giving the Travel Crib Light 5 out of 5 scores for ease of use, effectiveness and portability. When you're ready to head home, just collapse it and tuck it into the handy travel bag. “I could fold it down and transport it easily for playdates and sleepovers at the grandparents,” our product tester reported. It won’t break your back, either: Clocking in at just 13 pounds, this sturdy yet featherweight travel crib may weigh less than baby!

The firm-but-cushioned mattress will keep your little one comfortable while they snooze, and the crib can easily double as a play zone for babies. That said, the light weight and simple design comes with a few minor costs: The crib's small size isn't ideal for toddler playtime, and there's no bassinet feature for newborns.

Still, if you're looking for a travel crib that'll get you from point A to point B with minimal headache, it’s a top choice. “It's worth the price for a hassle-free experience and its convenient travel size,” our product tester said. “It's not fussy at all and very straightforward.”

Dimensions (open): 44" (L) x 32" (W) x 24" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 23.5" (L) x 5.5" (W) x 19" (H) | Weight: 13 lbs. | Weight capacity: N/A

Our product tester says: “It's not fussy at all and very straightforward.”

Our community says:

“/[It's] easy to set up and use.” – Katherine*, The Bump survey respondent

Best travel crib for flying

Lotus Travel Crib

  • Can be worn as a backpack
  • Carry-on approved
  • Features a side zipper
  • No bassinet feature
  • Thin mattress
  • Base is low to the ground

We can't promise the Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib will make flying with baby easy. But it'll definitely make things easier , thanks to its lightweight, compact fold-down size, included travel bag that can be worn as a backpack(!) and the fact that you can take it onto the plane as carry-on luggage.

"I can’t lift very heavy things, and I find myself picking this up with no problem,” our tester reported, giving the Lotus 5 out of 5 for ease of use and portability. “The shape is great and very flat.” And she’s not kidding: This highly portable travel crib folds down to just half its full size.

Once you reach your destination, the easy-to-set-up crib doubles as a play space to keep your cutie (and their toys) contained. A convenient side-zipper feature makes it easy for older babies and toddlers to climb out on their own (once you unzip it), which means less lifting for you; it’s also a handy feature for shorter parents and caregivers who struggle to reach over the sides of a portable crib. The Lotus earned another 5 out of 5 score for features and design from our tester, who added, “It's spacious but not bulky.”

While this crib option is lightweight and streamlined, the sturdy aluminum frame keeps active toddlers secure, and because it sits on the floor, there's no upper weight limit. You can use it until your tot is big enough to climb out, wherever your travels take you.

Dimensions (open): 45" (L) x 31.5" (W) x 25.5" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 24" (L) x 12" (W) x 8" (H) | Weight: 15 lbs. | Weight capacity: N/A

Our product tester says: “It's ridiculously easy to set up, super small and you can wear it as a backpack.”

“/[It’s] small and easy to pack up.” – Nicole*, The Bump survey respondent

“I like the style and how compact it gets when folded.” – Susan, The Bump survey respondent

“I like that it sits on the floor—feels sturdier, plus there's no weight limit as a result of it.” Lisa*, The Bump survey respondent

Best small travel crib

Brica Travel Pod

  • Small and lightweight
  • Convenient for newborns
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low weight capacity
  • Too small for older babies

If you're looking for a pint-sized sleeping space for camping trips or naps in the park, the Munchkin Brica Fold ‘n Go Baby Travel Pod may be the option for you. Like the name implies, it's more like a portable cocoon than a full-on crib, making it ideal for newborns and younger babies who aren't yet pushing up or trying to roll over .

The pod, which lays flat on the ground, can be quickly set up on a picnic blanket or beach towel with the touch of a button. “It took maybe one full minute to set it up and break it down,” our product tester reported, giving the Brica Fold ‘n Go a 5 out of 5 score for ease of use. It's also ultra lightweight (just 3 pounds!). “This was especially helpful since I haven't yet gained my full strength back postpartum,” she added. She also appreciated the mesh sides that offer breathability (and let you take a peek in at baby).

The Brica Fold ‘n Go also earned a 5 out of 5 for effectiveness—our tester reported that her child “settled well after just a minute and slept regularly.” In short, it's a great, easy option for newborn snoozes. The Brica Fold ‘n Go is basically a travel bassinet, offering a great option for little nappers who will move on to a bigger travel crib once they’re able to start pushing up.

Dimensions (open): 30" (L) x 21.3" (W) x 11.8" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 16.9" (L) x 5" (W) x 20.7" (H) | Weight: 3 lbs. | Weight capacity: 15 lbs.

Our product tester says: “It's a great item to keep in the car and to take to parks, beaches or camping.”

Best lightweight travel crib

instant travel cot

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Add-on sunshade and mosquito net
  • Adjustable levels for newborns through toddlers
  • Narrow, on the small side for toddlers
  • Some users wish the travel crib bag was sturdier

This lightweight travel crib—and seriously, we mean under 11 pounds lightweight—was a big hit with our product tester. “This was extremely light and very easy to carry both assembled and folded up,” she told us, giving the Aeromoov Instant Travel Crib 5 out of 5 scores across a broad range of categories, including portability, effectiveness and value for money. it's a breeze to tote along practically anywhere. And since it folds down to less than five inches wide in the included carrying bag, it's super easy to store.

Our product tester said she’d “especially recommend it to someone who travels or does a lot of outdoor trips," since the crib can be bundled with a UV 50+ sunshade and a mosquito net to keep your cutie comfortable in the elements. In fact, the mosquito netting was something our tester particularly singled out for praise: “I’ve never actually seen a playard with a mosquito net, so I really did like that. I took my first son camping at 5 months and struggled with bugs and leaves falling into his playard.”

If you’re worried that a lightweight travel crib won’t hold up to an active baby, don’t. Our tester told us, “The structure of the playard was very sturdy and I didn’t feel like it would give in at all if my son was to fall over or try and pull up inside.” Setup is quick and convenient, and you'll appreciate the adjustable height too. This is one light crib that does the work of a heavyweight champ!

Dimensions (open): 36.2" (L) x 24.8" (W) x 51" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 28.3" (L) x 4.7" (W) x 4.7" (H) | Weight: 11 lbs. | Weight capacity (bassinet): 13 lbs. | Weight capacity (crib): N/A

Our product tester says: “I'd especially recommend it to someone who travels or does a lot of outdoor trips.”

Best pack and play travel crib

Graco Pack 'n Play On the Go Playard

  • Full-size bassinet
  • Lots of space to play
  • Can be wheeled from room to room
  • Larger than some other travel cribs

Spacious, sturdy and easy to transport from room to room (thanks, bottom wheels), Graco's Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard shines not only as a place for naps, but also as a space to keep your little contained while they're awake. “There's enough room for [ my daughter ] and her toys,” our product tester told us. “I felt safe and secure with the durability of the playard and how happy she was to play and do tummy time.”

The On The Go Playard isn’t as compact as some of the other models we tried—it’s definitely geared towards giving your child a dedicated playspace in addition to a sleep environment. But our tester, who gave the travel crib 5 out of 5 for portability and ease of use, found it simple to fold down, transport and set back up. “One of my favorite things [ about it ] was how easy it is for a busy mom," she told us. “It took me maybe five minutes to set up. And it's light enough for me to carry along with my baby.”

It's a great value for the money too—whether you need a toddler travel crib or something that can grow with baby, you’ll love the age-adaptable features like a full-size bassinet and soft toy bar. “The height was perfect for picking her up and setting her down, and there's lots of room for her to grow,” our tester told us. There's even a side pocket for storing essentials like diapers and wipes, and the 35-inch height limit easily keeps even the most curious toddlers in one spot.

Dimensions (open): 39.5" (L) x 28.3" (W) x 131" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 10.5" (L) x 10.5" (W) x 29" (H) | Weight: 21.4 lbs. | Weight capacity (bassinet): 15 lbs. | Weight capacity (crib): N/A

Our product tester says: “I loved this playard for the ease, durability and style!”

Best all-in-one travel crib

GAP babyGap Deluxe Play Yard, Grey Stripes

  • Compact carry case
  • Toy mobile included
  • Easy to assemble and break down
  • Some users worried the carrying case handles weren't sturdy enough

The Delta Children babyGap Deluxe Play Yard has everything you need to serve as your little one's home base away from home, including a bassinet, changing table, snap-on hanging storage and a removable toy arm to engage your newborn's visual development. At the same time, it has a quick, compact fold that makes it easy to pack and tote when you're on the go. “The playard has so many additional features,” our product tester told us, rating the babyGap deluxe 5 out of 5 for value. “And is much less expensive than [ similar products ] !”

“I was genuinely surprised at how lightweight this playard was in comparison to another Pack-n-Play that I have,” our product tester told us, also giving the babyGap Deluxe 5 out of 5 for portability and ease of use. “It easily broke down and slid back into the carrying case.” She also added that she loved the fact that set-up instructions were printed right on the side of the bassinet. “It made it so easy and convenient to put together,” she told us. “Especially as someone who loses paper directions!” (We hear you!)

Our tester loved the wheels built into one side of the travel crib—and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point that she rated the babyGap Deluxe 5 out of 5 for features and design. “This is so important, as when I'm working in my kitchen, I can easily push the playard closer and into my vantage point while I'm cooking.”

The mesh-paneled bassinet was also a winner. “It's excellent quality. It's firm and fits securely into the bassinet insert,” our tester said. The mobile on top is pretty mesmerizing too, so you can eke out a few more uninterrupted minutes as you get ready to hit the road. “My infant stared at it for 25 minutes,” she said. Needless to say, she loved this feature!

Dimensions (open): 37.4" (L) x 27.8" (W) x 40.2" (H) | Dimensions (folded): 12" (L) x 9.5" (W) x 30.1" (H) | Weight: 28.6 lbs. | Weight capacity (crib): 30 lbs. | Weight capacity (changing table): 25 lbs. | Weight capacity (bassinet): 15 lbs. | Weight capacity (crib): N/A

Our product tester says: “It’s comfortable and so easily transportable for my two young babies.”

*Note: Some names have been changed due to privacy requests.

Travel Cribs Comparison Chart

What to look for when shopping for travel cribs.

Just like with a standard crib, safety comes first. Your child’s travel crib should have mesh side panels to promote healthy airflow and reduce the risk of suffocation while sleeping, Bowling says. In keeping with recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics , the mattress should be firm enough that it doesn’t conform to the shape of your child’s head (again, to reduce suffocation risk), and there shouldn’t be any visible gaps between the mattress and the side of the crib, Bowling adds.

Any travel crib being sold in the US today must meet federal safety standards, which were updated in 2022 . If you’re planning to use an older model, be sure that it meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety standards. The CPSC website can also tell you if a travel crib has been recalled , which is especially important if you’re snagging a hand-me-down from another family.

After safety, you’ll want to think about the features that’ll make your life easier. While traveling with baby is never really convenient , having a travel crib that works for your needs will mean a little less stress. “You’ll want to decide what’s important to you and what sorts of trips you’ll be taking and toting your travel crib on,” Bowling says. For instance, frequent fliers will probably want to prioritize compactness and minimal weight, while a little extra bulk won’t be much of an issue for those who take the occasional road trip to visit friends and family.

Finally, consider whether the travel crib will grow with your child. Compact models designed for air travel tend to be smaller, which is great for convenience when you have an infant. But you might need something a little more spacious if you’re hoping to use the same product until your older toddler transitions to sleeping in a bed. “Typically children sleep in travel cribs as long as they sleep in cribs, which I recommend to be until at least age 3,” Bowling says.

Differences Between Travel Cribs and Pack and Plays

Travel cribs and pack and plays (also known as playards ) can keep babies and toddlers safe, comfortable and contained while they sleep or play (as long as the playard is designated for overnight sleep). Both are designed to be portable and can generally be folded down and packed up in a compact bag or case, making them a good alternative to a crib when you’re on the go.

The main difference? Many products billed as travel cribs tend to be smaller, lighter and easier to transport than a pack and play. They’re a little more convenient for tucking into the car or bringing along to the airport, explains Bowling. But ultimately, both will get the crib stand-in job done.

About the writer:

Marygrace Taylor is a freelance health and parenting writer based in Philadelphia, who’s written dozens of product roundups, health features and personal essays for The Bump. She’s also a highly experienced car seat and travel crib user, thanks to her 5-year-old.

Interested in becoming a product tester for The Bump? Head here to apply.

Plus, more from The Bump:

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The Best Baby Travel Essentials for Your Next Family Trip

Tips to Get Baby to Sleep While on the Go

Bridget Bowling is a certified Family Sleep Institute pediatric sleep consultant in Cleveland, Ohio, and the founder of Little Snoozers

Healthy Children (AAP), How To Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe: AAP Policy Explained , September 2023

US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs Business Guidance

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Toddler Backpacks-hero

Top Travel Cribs for Globe-Trotting Tots

Terry Ward

Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here .

There are many moving parts for families to consider when it comes to the logistics of travel, from the right stroller (or double stroller ), whether or not to take your own car seat, which luggage to use , etc. With that in mind, the idea of adding another large item to your checked luggage — like a travel crib — can be off-putting. (But, don't forget that you can at least lighten the load and skip baggage claim and have your checked bags delivered to your destination.)

baby in crib

While nearly any sizable hotel (and many small ones, too) and most rental houses and apartments often have some Pack 'n Plays or cribs for guest use, you can't always count on a crib at a hotel . So, bringing along your own travel crib often makes sense, especially when it comes to having a safe, comfortable and portable place to keep your baby contained. This is especially true if you are traveling somewhere that doesn't have a healthy baby gear rental market.

During a recent trip to Cuba — where island-wide shortages on virtually everything naturally extend to baby accessories, even at hotels — I was so relieved to have paid the extra baggage fee to bring along our BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light. Although there were always family members around offering to hold my baby during the day, I was glad I didn't have to build a pillow fortress around her when it was time to sleep at night.

travel crib on airplane

Read on for our top picks on the best travel cribs that tick all the boxes by being lightweight, easy to bring along in a car or plane and — best of all — simple to set up.

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

Designed as a handy portable sleeping solution for newborns through kids up to 3-years-old, the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light couldn't be more convenient to set up. I've even managed to set this crib up in total darkness when arriving late to a shared hotel room when I didn't want to disturb everyone else. You simply pull out the four legs from their folded position in the frame, position the crib to standing, pop the mattress down and voilà — it's bedtime for baby.

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

The mattress is several inches thick and nice and firm. Since it's supported on the floor, there's no weight limit to what it can hold. The whole thing packs down to flat into the handy carrying bag, tipping the scales at just 13 total pounds. Because the legs come out at a tent-like supportive angle, the crib is also surprisingly stable. Even kids that like to pull up on the sides probably can't topple this one over.

Guava Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

Also weighing in at 13 pounds, this travel crib by Guava is another traveling-parent favorite. It's quite similar to the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light in that the mattress is supported by the floor and the legs come out at an angle for excellent stability. The side-zipper door can be left open to allow your child to come in and out during supervised play time.

Image of the Lotus Travel Crib

The side door is also a handy way to access baby if you happen to be, say, breastfeeding in a tent (raises hand!) or otherwise sleeping on the floor beside your baby. You can crawl right inside and lay your head next to your little one to comfort them. The Lotus Everywhere folds up into a convenient backpack, which you can take on an airplane as a carry-on, or otherwise haul around on your back on the go.

Graco Pack 'n Play Jetsetter Playard

This is another travel crib that packs down into a convenient backpack so you can easily tote it along with you on a flight or road trip. The Graco Pack 'n Play Jetsetter Playard is a bit heftier than the other two options, weighing in at just over 17 pounds. But there are extra features to this crib, too, including a removable bassinet with a canopy (the latter is stored on the outside of the backpack when the crib is packed away) and a diaper changing pad that you can choose to take with you or leave at home.

(Photo courtesy of Graco Baby)

The bassinet has a soothing, built-in vibration feature that might help newborns sleep more soundly on the road (key word: might ). And while setup isn't quite as quick as with the BabyBjorn, this crib feels more like a proper Pack 'n Play and has wheels and feet that fold down to help keep it compact. To break it down, you simply push the buttons on the side of the top rails and fold it back into the backpack.

Bottom Line

Any of these cribs could be a sanity saver on your next family vacation. Do you take along a travel crib on vacations or simply rely on hotel equipment or a makeshift pillow fort? We'd love to hear about your experiences.

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9 Perfectly Portable Travel Cribs That Will Keep Sleeping Babies Secure

These Travel Cribs Are Safe and Easy to Use

travel crib

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The Best Portable Cribs

  • Best Overall: Bugaboo Stardust
  • Best Crawl Out: Silver Cross Slumber
  • Largest and Most Breathable: Newton Travel Crib and play yard
  • Best 3- in- 1: 4Moms Breeze
  • Best Bassinet: Guava Lotus Travel Crib

What You Need to Know

Most portable cribs are designed for babies from newborn to age 3, but a few of them either have an insert for younger babies that cannot yet sit up, or they're bassinet style for the youngest infants. Many of them also double as play yards/ playpens , making them a sound investment overall. One thing to point out is that although every travel crib on this list comes with a cover for the car or plane. It's a good idea to put an AirTag or another tracking device on it in the event the airline misplaces your luggage.

This is an image

The truth is, while many hotels offer travel cribs or rollaway beds for babies , bringing your own and having that continuity of style and environment makes for a much easier transition from one place to another, which decreases stress and allows your vacation to feel like a vacation. Finding a compact travel crib that's right for your family isn't as tricky as it sounds — just focus on three main things: style, size, and sheet style.

  • Style: Here is where you see the real difference in travel cribs. Some compact models have a bassinet and compact models that do not. There are larger cribs, and cribs made just for babies.
  • Size: Your choice of size comes down to preference and necessity. You could get a super compact like the Bugaboo, one that folds up tiny, like the Baby Bjorn , or more traditional play yard styles, like the Century .
  • Sheet Style: This seems silly, but for convenience, it's big. Does it use a standard Playard crib sheet , or are you going to have to either buy custom sheets or clean the mattress pad often? Some travel cribs are worth the hassle, but not being able to buy a standard sheet can become a pain.

How We Chose

I evaluated each travel crib on this list and spoke with both real-life users of the product and testers who tried out new-to-the-market travel cribs. On top of that, I tested each one myself, evaluating them for durability, utility, and style. I also spoke with manufacturers to find out how they're made and the thought behind the design, and chose travel cribs that are not only useful, but long-lasting, easy to care for, and easy to fold.

Bugaboo Portable Indoor and Outdoor - Foldable On The Go Play Yard

 Portable Indoor and Outdoor - Foldable On The Go Play Yard

When I first saw this travel crib, I wasn't expecting much judging by its looks — but oh, how I was wrong. Rather impressively, this portable crib folds completely flat , meaning it can be conveniently stored right under your sofa or in the back of a closet. Folding it is a breeze, too — it opens in 1 second and closes in 2.

It's compact, so it will fit in the limited confines of a hotel room but comes with a bassinet to easily get to your baby.

The whole thing is incredibly stable and sturdy, too. Sometimes, travel cribs can feel a bit flimsy, but this one is solid to the core. It doesn't tip or rock, and even if your little one is getting rowdy, this crib can take it. I particularly loved how easily the whole thing cleans. Our tester gave it a run for its money, and not a sticky fingerprint or scent lingered after a basic cleanup.

More: The 12 Best Jogging Strollers for Your Running Needs

Silver Cross Slumber 3 in 1 Travel Crib

Slumber 3 in 1 Travel Crib

The biggest difference between the Silver Cross and a few others on this list is that it was designed first and foremost as a travel crib, with the play yard being the bonus. On this list, it's one of my favorites for the overall feel of the quality of the materials. Silver Cross isn't skimping out on the fabrics or steels, even though it's under $300.

The bassinet slides in easily, but firmly, and the cushion feels just about perfect for a baby. Not too firm and not too soft. Folding it does take a minute to learn, but once you do, you're good to go.

The crawl-out side is one of the few that open at the far end of the travel crib, which I found handy when it had to go in a tight space. The gripping portions on the feet are also very stable. This is not a play yard that will rock about.

Newton Travel Crib & Play Yard

Travel Crib & Play Yard

The Newton is the most-breathable travel crib on the market according to a study commissioned by Newton and conducted at an independent lab. Having felt it, I am inclined to agree. However, that's not why I love it. I love the size of this travel crib and play yard. It's almost 50 percent larger than most other play yards, and the bassinet is similarly large. There's plenty of room to grow with the Newton.

It's a cinch to put together and take down as well. I figured out how to do it in about 2 minutes without studying the instructions.

4moms Breeze Plus Portable Playard with Removable Bassinet

Breeze Plus Portable Playard with Removable Bassinet

A real workhorse, this full-size travel crib, play yard, bassinet, and changing area is the picture of convenience. Even easier to open and close than the Bugaboo, the 4Moms is a real one-hand operation.

It's a bit bulkier when folded than the Bugaboo, which is why it's not in the top spot. The cover that it comes with is wonderful, weather-resistant, and durable, but it's not going to fit under your bed.

Our testers adore this travel crib's ability to morph back and forth between bed and play, with plenty of space to do both. The mattress pad on this model is washable, which is a real benefit that our testers loved.

guava kids Lotus Bassinet Kit & Travel Crib

Lotus Bassinet Kit & Travel Crib

You can wear this travel crib one as a backpack, it folds up that tiny. This bassinet/travel crib from Guava Family is the only bassinet you need at home or on the go for the first 3 months of your child's life.

The material is super smooth, soft, and easy to clean. It's lightweight, but thanks to the super-wide legs, it feels very stable. And again, it's so small that it fits in the overhead bin of a plane. Our testers noted that closing it has a bit of a learning curve, but other than that it's a home run.

BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light

Travel Crib Light

This is a travel crib that's built for crawlers, and a surprising favorite of parents I spoke to. I admit I was a bit dubious about the low-to-the-ground style, but parents love how light it is, and the fact that it zips down the side for easy access.

The whole thing only weighs a few pounds thanks to the genius design, and all of the materials are machine-washable. Another thing parents told me that they love is the softness of the edges. Sometimes, the material that covers the frame can feel a little bit industrial, but not with the Bjorn.

This one folds flat like the Stardust, but it's nowhere near a one-handed fold — in fact, it's just as tricky as the Guava.

Century Century Travel On LX 2-in-1 Compact Playard with Bassinet, Playpen with Sheet Included, Metro Grey

Century Travel On LX 2-in-1 Compact Playard with Bassinet, Playpen with Sheet Included, Metro Grey

The question of value and affordability comes up a lot in the parenting space. Century, made by Graco, is an affordable brand that makes quality products. This travel crib from Century is truly a gem for the price.

It's a compact size but plenty big enough for a bassinet, bed, or even a play yard when you're on vacation. Like everything made by Century, this is built for use, with machine-washable fabrics and durable materials.

It's a bit tricky to collapse and definitely isn't the smallest fold on the list, but it's a solid, affordable contender.

Chicco Alfa Lite

Alfa Lite

If you like the idea of a side zipper but are leery of tricky folds, the Chicco has you covered. The Alpha Lite is a great option for easy access, but slightly smaller than similar models.

However, you cannot overlook the fact that the fabrics on this model are entirely zip-off and machine washable. Chicco is known for their innovative, more environmentally-friendly fabrics, and the Greenguard Gold-certified Alfa Lite shines with its supple yet strong materials.

Parents who love this travel crib really love this one. It has a devoted following, with users praising its cleanability, durability, and quick fold. One parent raved, “I don’t take my kid anywhere without it!”

pottery barn Maxi-Cosi Swift Playard

Maxi-Cosi Swift Playard

The major benefit of this travel crib from Maxi Cosi is the luxurious mattress. It’s probably the most premium mattress of the bunch. It also has this cozy, breathable fleece cover over the top of the bassinet, which is strangely soothing when you’re putting your baby down at night.

It’s a cinch to open and close, hence the name “Swift,” and it stores in a super-premium cover. Parents love the feel of this crib, saying, “It just feels nicer than others I’ve had.”

Unfortunately, it’s spot-clean only, which is a pretty big drawback.

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Best Travel Cribs

Best Portable and Travel Cribs

When you're ready to travel with your baby, whether for an overnight jaunt or a weeklong vacation, a portable travel crib can really come in handy. We surveyed more than 3,000 Pampers Parents to find out which travel cribs were their favorites. Find out which products made the list.

8 Best Travel Cribs

There are many options to choose from when it comes to travel cribs. Here are the portable cribs that Pampers Parents voted as the best:

1. Graco Travel Lite Crib

Graco Travel Lite Crib

Why pick this one? The Graco Travel Lite Crib is the number one choice among Pampers Parents, and for good reason. This travel crib converts to accommodate three different stages, growing along with your little one. You can use it as a bassinet for your newborn, as a crib for your infant, and finally as a play yard for your young toddler. The travel crib is lightweight, coming in at under 20 pounds, making it easy to take with you for travel, play dates, or family visits. Simply fold it into the carrying bag when it’s time to head out. Once assembled, it’s easy to wheel from room to room. You might also appreciate that when used as a play yard, the Graco Travel Lite Crib is 20 percent smaller than most other play yards on the market, making it ideal for small spaces such as apartments. The travel crib's airy mesh sides ensure plenty of ventilation for your baby’s safety and comfort. No part of the travel crib is machine-washable, but the mattress pad and the crib itself can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Highlights: Included is a canopy with removable plush toys that your baby will enjoy looking up at before he snoozes. The travel crib is available in three different designs: Manor, Montana, and Ramley.

Price*: about $119.99 on

Pampers Parents pros and cons:

2. HALO 3-in-1 DreamNest Bassinet, Portable Crib

HALO 3-in-1 DreamNest Bassinet

Why pick this one? This 3-in-1 portable crib from Halo can convert into a rocking bassinet, travel crib, or cot, making it a versatile product. It’s designed with all-around breathable mesh fabric, which is great for your baby’s comfort, and makes it easy to see your baby from any angle. Since your baby lies directly on the taut mesh fabric, there’s no need for an additional mattress when using this travel crib, and this can be a huge benefit when you’re on the go and traveling light. However, some Pampers Parents noted that the mesh stretched with prolonged use, making the crib less stable when the baby moved around. To engage the rocker function when the crib is in use as a bassinet, simply step on the foot pedal. With the included cot legs, the crib can be converted into a toddler cot when the time comes. When not in use, the entire travel crib and all its accessories fold into the carrying bag for easy portability. A matching changing table can be purchased separately. The changing table clips onto the crib for more comfortable diaper changes.

Highlights: The mattress fabric is removable for machine-washing.

Price*: about $249.99 on

3. Lotus Travel Crib

Lotus Travel Crib

Why pick this one? This travel crib may be one of the fastest to set up—you're done in just 15 seconds, Lotus claims. It’s also the second-lightest travel crib on our list, weighing only 12 pounds. The backpack-style carrying case allows you to keep your hands free when you're transporting it, a big advantage at airports, for example. The travel crib/play yard comes with a thin foam mattress, and has mesh panels to promote airflow. A zippered door on the side lets you easily reach your little one and allows him to crawl out for playtime. However, some Pampers Parents noted that the zipper is rather noisy, so you wouldn’t want to use it while your baby is sleeping.

Highlights: The travel crib is GreenGuard Gold certified, which means it was manufactured without the use of chemicals or substances such as formaldehyde, arsenic, or mercury.

Price*: about $209.00 on

4. Dream On Me 2-in-1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib

Dream On Me 2-in-1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib

Why pick this one? Though this portable crib from Dream On Me is made from solid wood, it’s still light enough to transport and it folds up easily. The crib includes safety wheels with locking casters so you can easily move the crib from room to room, and lock it safely before placing your baby inside. Keep in mind, this won’t be the kind of crib that you can easily travel with, so its use is limited. The crib’s mattress support can be adjusted all the way down or halfway down. The manufacturer claims that in the upper position, the crib can be used as a changing station, which may be the case; however, for some parents it may be difficult reaching into the crib for a diaper change. Note that the mattress isn’t included, which is a definite downside, as it can be difficult to find the right size portable crib mattress .

Highlights: Available in five finishes: natural, cherry, espresso, black, and white. The crib is manufactured without the use of phthalates, latex, lead, and BPA.

Price*: about $114.99 on

5. Flisko 2-in-1 Travel Crib & Bassinet

Flisko 2-in-1 Travel Crib & Bassinet

Why pick this one? This travel crib functions as a bassinet as well as a crib, so you can get plenty of use out of it. It’s ideal for traveling with your infant or baby as it’s lightweight enough to carry with one hand when it’s folded in the carrying bag. It’s also easy to set up and disassemble in just minutes. The firm mattress offers comfortable support for your baby and can go in the bottom of the crib, or in the bottom of the bassinet depending on what configuration you’re using. The mesh fabric is easy to see through and there’s a zippered opening on the side of a play yard for when you want to let your little one crawl out.

Highlights: A fitted sheet for the mattress is also included so you don’t have to search for the right size.

Price*: about $94.95 on

6. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

Why pick this one? This travel crib is the lightest on our list and comes with a convenient carrying case. Setup is simple and disassembly isn’t that hard either. All it takes is some folding, and voila — next thing you know you’re sliding the crib into the carrying case. It also includes a mattress, which easily folds in half to fit into the carrying case as well. The travel crib features breathable, see-through mesh fabric, which is free of any toxic chemicals.

Highlights: It’s available in black, blue, or silver. Both the travel crib fabric and the mattress cover are machine-washable.

Price*: about $299.99 on

7. Baby Delight Go With Me Nod Deluxe Portable Crib & Playard

Baby Delight Go With Me Nod Deluxe Portable Crib & Playard

Why pick this one? This portable crib and play yard from Baby Delight gives you options for your little one: Use it as a portable crib when you’re on the go or use it as a play yard inside or outside your home. It folds up compactly for travel, and can be assembled easily when you’re ready. The crib is made of breathable, easy-to-see-through mesh so you can keep an eye on your little one. There’s even a zippered panel for when you’d like to let your little one crawl out of the play yard. The carrying case doubles as the mattress, which can be safely attached to the inside of the travel crib when it’s assembled. Some Pampers Parents noted that it was difficult to find sheets to fit the mattress.

Highlights: The cover is removable and machine-washable.

Price*: about $149.99 on

8. Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib

Why pick this one? Whether you’re heading to Grandma’s house for an overnight stay, or just need a crib to fit a tight space, this portable crib from Delta is a good choice. The crib folds up easily and can be wheeled anywhere. This may come in handy if you’d like your baby to sleep in the same room as you and are tight on space. The crib comes with a mattress that can remain inside the crib even when it’s folded, limiting the amount of room taken up while it’s in storage. The mattress height is adjustable so you can lower it as your baby grows to prevent her from climbing out. The mattress is hypoallergenic and waterproof, and is made of nontoxic materials. However, it may difficult to find sheets for this particular size mattress.

Highlights: The crib is available in natural, cherry, and dark chocolate wood finishes, and in white or gray painted finishes. The crib is made of sustainable wood from New Zealand.

Price*: about $102.49 on

How to Choose the Right Portable Crib For You

A portable crib can be a lifesaver if you plan to travel with your baby or are tight on space at home and are looking for something smaller than a regular crib. Many of the cribs on our list also double as a portable bassinet and/or play yard, which means you can get extra use out of the product. To decide which is best for you, it helps to consider whether you just plan to move your portable crib from room to room, need the crib to fit the trunk of your car when it’s folded, or need it to be compact and lightweight enough to be stowed in an airplane overhead bin. These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself before making a purchase:

Can the crib be converted into a bassinet, cot, or play yard?

Does the crib or play yard have mesh sides?

Does the play yard have zippered sides for easy access?

Is a mattress included?

How easy is it to find a fitted sheet for the mattress?

Does the baby lie close to the floor or higher up for easier access?

Is the mattress height adjustable?

How easy is it to assemble and disassemble?

Does the product come with a carrying case?

Are the fabrics machine-washable?

Is the product lightweight enough?

How compactly does the portable crib fold?

Is the footprint of the crib large or small enough for your needs?

The Bottom Line

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a travel crib for your little one. You could go with the more traditional wooden crib that folds up for storage and may even fit into the trunk of your car. This style could work well as a crib you can move from room to room, or to set up at the grandparents’ home for overnight stays. Or, you may prefer a more compact portable crib that doubles as a play yard and folds so small that it’s even great for airplane travel. Whichever option you select from this list, you’ll be making a great choice. A travel crib can be an essential piece of baby gear that you can't live without.

Recall Notice

Before buying a product, always check that it’s approved and hasn’t been recalled on sites like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). *Prices are correct at the time of writing.

  • Healthy Children: How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe: AAP Policy Explained
  • Consumer Reports: Crib Buying Guide
  • Consumer Reports: Play Yard Buying Guide

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The 17 Best Travel Cribs & Bassinets in 2023 [Toddlers & Babies]

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The 17 Best Travel Cribs & Bassinets in 2023 [Toddlers & Babies]

Table of Contents

What is the difference between a crib and a bassinet, why use a travel crib or bassinet, things to consider with travel cribs and bassinets, the 7 best travel cribs under $150, the 4 best travel cribs under $300, the 6 best travel bassinets, final thoughts.

We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our  Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

Going on holiday with your little one means finding the right equipment to make them feel at home, wherever they are. Travel cribs and bassinets give your baby somewhere safe and secure to sleep. This helps them to remain calm and gives you the chance of a peaceful night’s sleep, even when you are on vacation.

There are many to choose from on the market, and below we outline what you should look for and the best options you can buy right now.

Travel cribs and bassinets both provide a cozy, safe sleeping area for your baby, both at home and on vacation. While they both have many uses for parents on the move, there are differences between the 2 options that you should consider before you buy.

What Is a Travel Crib?

A travel crib is a lightweight and portable alternative to the traditional wooden crib your baby may use at home. Designed to be taken anywhere with you, a travel crib has soft sides and a collapsible structure, making it easy to fold up and pack away when in transit.

Made from durable and breathable materials, these kinds of cribs can double up as a safe play space for your little one, both at home and away.

What Is a Travel Bassinet?

A bassinet, on the other hand, is smaller, more compact, and designed to better suit the needs of newborns and very young babies. These safe sleeping areas are perfect for babies who cannot yet sit up unaided and will keep them snug while they sleep close beside you.

Most travel bassinets have soft sides that can be folded up for ease of transport and handles for you to carry. Some can even be used as an inner lining for the bassinet that attaches to your stroller .

Travel Crib

Some hotels may offer to provide you with a crib or bassinet in your bedroom. Vacation apartments or Airbnbs may also have separate infant sleeping facilities, but you will need to check before you book.

However, you may not want to put your baby in a crib that has previously been enjoyed by somebody else, or you may be staying somewhere that doesn’t offer additional facilities.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, here are some compelling reasons why you should indeed use your own travel crib or bassinet on your next trip.

Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Young infants can become very unsettled when they are taken away from their usual routine. Having a travel crib that they use regularly will feel familiar to them , even if they are vacationing with you a long way from home. You can also swaddle them in their favorite blanket or throw in a special toy to help your little one feel relaxed and settled.

They Can Be More Hygienic

If you are taking your own travel crib with you, you know exactly how clean it is before you set your baby down to sleep in it. You can also be sure that you have your own sheet that fits the crib properly or any other special items that your baby likes to sleep with.

You Can Keep a Watchful Eye

Travel cribs have mesh sides that allow you to see your baby as they sleep or play. This means that you can keep a close eye without disturbing them, all the time knowing that they are safely placed in a secure crib on the floor.

Give Your Baby a Safe Space To Play

When you need a moment to yourself, or simply want to give your baby some downtime, your travel crib also makes an excellent playpen . Secure, visible, and always within easy reach, you can pop your baby in the crib with his or her favorite toys and let them play. The crib can be used as a playpen at home, too, making it an even more worthwhile investment.

If your baby is very little, you may want to consider a travel bassinet instead. These lightweight and incredibly portable safe spaces make cozy beds for babies who are not yet on the move. Safer than just laying your baby on your bed, you can keep your baby comfortable and close at hand without worrying about them rolling or falling.

Hot Tip: Like travel cribs, travel-sized bassinets can once again be very useful in your own home. Keep your baby next to you by the sofa, sleeping in the kitchen, or even just as a spare sleep space for taking with you when you visit friends and family.

Not all baby travel cribs and bassinets are the same, so before you invest, consider the following:

Size and Weight

Travel Crib Size

With the focus being on travel, your crib or bassinet needs to be made of lightweight material that can be folded up small enough to carry with you. It will also need to be large enough to comfortably house your baby without them being squished when sleeping. It should also be able to fold down small enough to be able to be stowed away in transit easily.

Materials and Durability

Travel Crib Material

Travel cribs and bassinets are designed to be incredibly lightweight, of course, but they also need to be durable and hard-wearing. With this in mind, most of them are made from high-grade nylon and breathable mesh to withstand the movement of your baby, as well as the bumps and knocks caused by travel.

A travel crib, in particular, will last your baby well into the toddler years, so it will need to be durable enough to go the distance, as well as sturdy enough to withstand opening and closing over long periods.

Your Child’s Age

Travel cribs and bassinets are designed to accommodate babies and toddlers of different heights, weights, and ages. Your bassinet will only suit your baby in the first few months, while your travel crib could be with you for a couple of years.

Check out the best recommendations for your child’s age, weight, and height before you buy , and make sure you know what the maximum age recommendations should be. Be aware that as soon as your toddler can attempt to get out of the travel crib, they are way too big for one.

Hot Tip: Travel cribs may be unsuitable for tall toddlers as they won’t feel comfortable sleeping in a restricted area. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations and measure them against the size of your child before you buy it.

Folding and Portability

Travel Crib Portability

Getting your travel crib upright and locked into position can take a bit of practice, but pretty soon, you will become an absolute expert at it. Making sure you can fold it back down and stash it back in its carry bag will become equally as important, too.

Before you purchase, check out the weight of the crib as well as the folded dimensions to ensure that you will be able to carry it with you on your journey realistically. Better still, if the crib comes with a carry bag that has a strap, you can simply stow it over your shoulder and go!

Safety and Comfort

Travel Crib Comfort

As well as being lightweight, portable, durable, and made to last, your travel crib or bassinet also needs to be proven to be safe for your little one. Check out the reviews and compare different makes and models before you commit, and always settle for the best quality travel crib or bassinet you can afford to buy.

Cheaper models may have very thin mattress bottoms, which may not be comfortable for your baby or toddler. More importantly, they may not be made to withstand the most curious of tiny fingers or the lifetime of assembling and disassembling that your travel crib is required to go through.

1. A Roomie Travel Crib That’s Bigger Than Most

  • Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard

Designed to provide parents with peace of mind when your baby is on the move, this traditional-style travel crib is strong enough to contain your toddler while still being plush enough to offer babies of all ages an excellent night’s sleep.

Complete with its own fitted mattress with a cotton sheet, the Room2 is slightly bigger than some other cribs on the market , yet it still folds small enough to be carried in transit in the matching travel bag included. For your convenience, the large mesh sides provide a perfect 360-degree view both in and out, and with nearly 10 square feet of interior space, this is not just a great travel crib — it is a pretty awesome play space, as well.

Designed and built by the baby-loving experts at Joovy, the Room2 is an affordable and incredibly practical playpen and travel crib that is well suited to older babies and toddlers on vacation. Newborns can also be accommodated, but you’ll want to invest in the additional bassinet attachment for your convenience.

What We Like

  • Has a soft, comfortable mattress

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite a heavy travel crib

2. A Travel Crib Lighter Than Your Baby

  • phil&teds Traveller Crib

This incredibly lightweight travel baby crib weighs just 6 pounds and has a super compact design that opens out to become a comfortable, breathable, and useful sleep and safe space for both you and your baby to enjoy.

Designed to be strong and sturdy, despite its featherweight proportions, the full mesh sides allow for easy viewing and complete ventilation. There is a side opening with easy zipper access so your bigger baby can crawl in and out as and when they want to, and a self-inflating mattress and fitted sheet for use when it is time to hit the hay.

Being able to fold up small enough to carry on most airlines, this crib is a winner for families heading away on vacation. Being made by one of the most innovative providers of baby gear out there , it is no surprise that the Traveller Crib looks incredibly stylish, is uber-cool and functional, and even has top-quality fabrics, making it soft and gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

  • Small enough to pack in your luggage
  • The mattress could be thicker

3. Award-winning Design That Creates a Darkened Environment

  • SnoozeShade Pack N Play Crib Canopy and Tent

Designed for parents by a mom herself, this breathable, net canopy for play yards, travel cribs, and playpens is designed to provide a calm, dark, and distraction-free environment for your little one.

Perfect for trips away where bright sunshine or busy bedrooms might throw your baby’s sleep habits out of whack, this simple canopy is like a tent for your baby’s bed.

Free from complicated attachments, and small enough to fold and carry with you wherever you may go, the Snooze Shade simply stretches over the travel crib and attaches using nothing more than Velcro. It also offers excellent protection from mosquitoes, bugs, and cats.

  • Blocks out 94% of light
  • Can get warm inside

4. Unique Design From a Big Name Brand

  • Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

This supercute travel crib is perfect for younger babies and makes a safe and secure cocoon for them to enjoy midday naps or nighttime sleep close to mom or dad.

Suitable for babies under 20 pounds and those that are not yet able to push up on their hands and knees, this is an excellent addition to your newborn baby inventory, and perfect for those first few nights away.

The Baby Dome is particularly useful for parents visiting warmer climates or those planning on spending time outdoors. With a canopy offering UPF20 protection and a bug shield, this is a soft, cozy, and protective shell for your little one to sleep in.

The overhead play bar comes with 2 colorful toys to keep your baby amused, and the dome itself folds up, ready for you to pick up and go when you are ready to move on. Cute, comfortable, and perfect for the little person in your life, this offers your baby their own safe space, even when they are very small.

  • Has an adjustable sun canopy
  • Quite heavy to carry

5. Folding Feet and Wheels for a Compact Folder

  • Pack ‘n Play On The Go Playard with Bassinet

Be sure that your little one is comfortable on the go with the Pack ’n Play travel crib from brand leaders Graco. Featuring 2 fantastic features in 1, this portable sleep station has a removable full-size bassinet and a travel crib for older babies. There is also a supercute toy bar that features a selection of soft toys to keep your baby amused.

Incredibly easy to set up, this model features the signature Graco push-button fold that makes for super speedy assembly when you need it , and fast fold-ups when it’s time to move on. It also comes with a convenient carry bag and fold-up wheels that make for a 20% more compact fold.

Suitable from birth using the bassinet, you should remove this completely when your baby can push up on their hands and knees, and the main crib can be used until your child can climb in and out. Made from durable and wipeable nylon and mesh, you and your baby can enjoy this safe sleep station on the go.

  • Has a removable bassinet
  • Not the easiest to clean

6. A Fully Washable Playpen for Peace of Mind

  • BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib

For use, both indoors and out, this easily portable travel crib is perfect for use in the home, in the garden, at the beach, and even on vacation. With its very own custom bag with carrying handles, it can be carried with you, wherever you are heading.

You’ll be set up in seconds with the push of a button, and your little one will love sleeping on the comfortable and completely washable mattress. Parents will also be relieved to know that the mesh surround is detachable and safe to pop in the washing machine (should any accidents occur).

When your baby is old enough to crawl and walk, the side can be zipped down to make a fun and easily accessible play space, as well as offer an alternative access point for parents to set the baby down for the night.

  • Easy access through the side door
  • The mesh walls could be more durable

7. Simple Assembly and Easily Collapsible

  • Flisko 2 in 1 Travel Crib & Bassinet

With a lightweight design and compact size, this is a great, multi-purpose travel crib for parents on the go. The simple folding mechanism is quick and easy to use, while the carry case converts into a backpack, meaning you can keep your hands free when traveling.

With 2 levels, you can choose between a lower-level playpen or upper-level bassinet for newborns. The playpen’s side zipper can be opened to create a crawl-through door for your little one and an alternative access point for you. With breathable mesh fabric walls, you can keep an eye on your baby and be sure that they will stay cool with a healthy airflow.

The plush, insulated foam mattress is perfect for nights away from home , whether used in the crib or bassinet.

  • Easy to set up and break down
  • The included sheet can shrink after washing

1. Folds up in Handy Backpack Carry Case

  • Lotus Travel Crib

Offering a modern take on traditional travel cribs, the Lotus Travel Crib is suitable for babies from 0 to 3 years old. The unique zippered bottom panel transforms the crib into a safe and fun space for your toddler to enjoy, then a cozy crib when it’s time to go to bed.

Designed to be super portable and perfect for taking on vacation, this crib can be set up in around 15 seconds , and when you are done with it, you can carry it in the included backpack, keeping your hands free.

Your little one will love the freedom that the Lotus crib offers, and you will like the way it keeps your baby safely contained when you need it to. Most of all, this lightweight, portable, and easy-to-set-up travel crib will give you the reassurance you need when traveling away from home.

  • Can be transported as a backpack
  • Can be difficult to get back inside the carry bag

2. Airy Design for Good Supervision

  • BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light

Weighing in at 11 pounds, this travel cot from the brand leaders at Babybjörn is a little more expensive than some of the others of the market, but its innovative design and impressive build quality make it worth every last cent.

The sides of the cot are made from mesh material, allowing air to circulate and giving you a great view of your baby, whatever he or she is up to. With its unique click and fold frame, the Travel Crib Light can be set up in just seconds, and the upside-down design means it will remain stable and safe, even as your baby gets bigger.

Suitable for babies from birth to 3 years old, it comes with a comfy mattress and a waterproof, breathable cover to help your baby sleep peacefully wherever they may be. When not in use, you can leave it set up as a safe play space for your little one, or fold it back up to stash in its very own practical carry bag.

  • On the expensive side
  • Doesn’t come with a fitted sheet

3. Expands From a Travel Crib to a Play Yard in Seconds

  • Skip Hop Portable Playard and Foldable Expanding Travel Crib/Playpen

Offering an innovative 2-in-1 solution for parents on the go, this expandable travel crib can easily switch from a quiet sleeping space to a fun-filled play yard in a matter of seconds. The crib mattress and sheet can be used for nap time and night time, then unzip the sides to use the comfy, wipe-clean mat as a playpen as the entire crib expands up to 60% to make a perfectly square play yard.

The mesh sides allow for excellent ventilation and will ensure that you can see your baby at all times, whether they are fast asleep or wide awake in there. Suitable for babies from newborn to 3 years old, this is a travel crib that really will grow with your child to last them even longer.

  • Expandable for more room
  • Quite heavy for a travel crib

4. Easy 1-Push Open, 1-Pull Close

  • 4moms breeze GO portable travel playard

Complete with its very own super cool-looking carry bag, the 4moms GO portable travel crib and play yard is an excellent choice for use both at home and away for an overnight stay or on your next vacation.

Suitable from birth until around 30 pounds, your baby can sleep, play, and chill out in this sturdy and well-built travel crib and play yard. Wipe-clean, breathable fabrics help to keep the crib hygienic, and the mesh sidewalls allow for easy viewing both inside and out.

One of the best features of this particular model is the super-easy “push open, pull close” mechanism that allows mom or dad to set it up in just a matter of seconds . Simply push down on the central hub to open and pull it back up to close while the automatic latches click into place, making a safe, secure, and super-cozy crib and play area for your little one, wherever you may be staying.

  • Has one-handed setup and breakdown
  • Not a standard size playpen, so it doesn’t fit universal sheets

1. Amazon’s Choice for Bassinet

2in1 stationary&rock mode bassinet one-second fold travel crib portable newborn baby.

Perfect for parents that want their little one to sleep close by, either at home or away, this bassinet is super easy to set up and incredibly comfortable for your baby. With a rocking mode to soothe your baby to sleep and a stationary mode for when they do drift off , you should all be able to get some sleep after a busy day on vacation.

With its very own carry bag, the MiClassic Bassinet can easily be stowed in the trunk of your car, kept at Grandma’s house, or even taken on a plane. The unique 1-second open and fold system means it is quick and easy to put up and take down again, and the breathable mesh sides will keep your baby safely within sight at all times.

This is a tremendous little bassinet for babies on the go — those who like to be rocked to sleep while still being close to mom or dad.

  • Has a soothing rocking mode
  • Quite a low bassinet

2. Nap Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

  • Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

This cute and cozy portable bassinet is perfect for keeping your baby safe and sleeping soundly both at home and away. Suitable for babies up to 3 months old or 15 pounds, this is a great addition to your newborn baby equipment that offers a comfortable and safe space for your little one.

Lightweight and incredibly portable, this travel bassinet can be set up and folded down in a matter of seconds, and the carry handle makes it super easy to take anywhere with you. The locking frame and durable sidewalls keep it feeling strong and sturdy, while the breathable, mesh sides help the air to flow around your baby  and allow you to see them at all times.

The specially-designed firm mattress and fitted sheet will allow your baby to sleep soundly, and while this should not be used on an elevated surface, this is a good travel bassinet for overnight stays and vacations with your newborn.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • No mesh-covered top

3. The Bassinet That Is Also a Diaper Bag and Changing Station

  • Scuddles 3-1 Portable Bassinet for Baby – Foldable Baby Bed

This fabulous little baby bed offers everything you need as a parent on the go . As a portable changing station, a travel crib, and a diaper bag, you and your little one will be set for any kind of vacation adventure.

The same size as a regular diaper bag, you can store diapers, creams, spare clothing, wipes, and all of your usual baby gear in the smart-looking pockets and carry bag. When it is time for a change, the travel crib can be used as a clean, hygienic changing station that protects your baby from dirty surfaces or hard floors.

At bedtime, the cozy sleeping area has an extra thick pad that can be used as a mattress, and the sturdy sides will keep your baby safe and sound as they sleep. Suitable for babies up to 3 months old, this is a brilliant idea for parents taking their newborn away with them.

  • Has an insulated bottle pocket
  • No padding on the bag straps

4. Lightweight, Versatile, and Can Be Used Outdoors

  • Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

Made of lightweight polyester with a strong metal frame, the Dream On Me Karley Bassinet combines all the useful features of the stroller and a travel crib and is perfect for taking on overnight stays, leaving at Grandma’s, or simply as an extra crib in your own home.

Suitable for babies from birth up until they weigh around 25 pounds, you can use this portable bassinet as an extra sleep space in your home, a safe space in the garden, or a changing station with additional storage.

With a double canopy and a soft, comfortable sleeping pad, your baby can sleep soundly either on the integrated stand or on the floor, and the compact and quick folding mechanism means you can store the crib away when not in use.

  • Has an adjustable double canopy
  • Thin mattress

5. Conveniently Folds Into a Backpack

  • Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro

This wonderfully portable little baby bed can go anywhere with you. Have your baby asleep close by at home or in your hotel room, or use it to let your baby join you outside on your next adventure. The 2-position canopy will protect your baby from the sun and wind , and the machine-washable fabric can be removed for cleaning while also being waterproof along the bottom.

Whether you chose to use this bassinet as a travel crib, a co-sleeper, a playpen, or even just a changing station, the affordable price tag and the ability to be quickly folded and carried as a backpack, make this an excellent choice for parents on the move.

Suitable for babies up to the age of 3 months old or weighing less than 15 pounds, the hanging toy bar will keep your baby amused and the cozy cocoon with mattress and canopy will give them a safe space to sleep in.

  • Has a folding design that turns into a backpack
  • Quite short for taller babies

6. Keep Your Baby Close and Protected

  • Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Portable Infant Lounger

This small and portable bassinet keeps your baby comfortable and close to you while offering a safe space for lounging or sleeping.

The mesh sides ensure that you have full visibility of your baby as they sleep, while also keeping the lounger well-ventilated. The low but sturdy sidewalls mean you can easily reach your newborn for soothing, changing, or generally monitoring the well-being of your baby throughout the day.

Suitable for newborn and very young babies, the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest also features a removable, washable sheet and cover, and the whole thing folds up compactly, so it is ideal for travel.

  • Fits comfortably in a queen bed
  • The sides could be sturdier

Taking your baby away with you is an exciting time. Having everything you need to keep them comfortable is the key to a successful trip, and having their own space to sleep and play in will help your little one enjoy their time away even more.

Get a good night’s sleep with a safe and secure bassinet or full-size travel crib, specially designed to fold up small for easy transportation, wherever you are headed. These robust but portable sleep spaces also make useful playpens and extra beds when back at home, too.

All information and content provided by Upgraded Points is intended as general information and for educational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice or legal advice. For more information, see our  Medical & Legal Disclaimers .

Frequently Asked Questions

What do babies sleep in when traveling.

A travel crib or travel bassinet is the best option for your baby to sleep in while traveling. A bassinet will be more suited to newborns up to the age of 3 months or so, but this varies depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. A travel crib, on the other hand, will be suitable from 3 months right up to toddler age.

Can a toddler sleep in a Pack 'n Play?

Generally, most playpens or play yards also double up as suitable sleep environments for toddlers. It is best to check with the product manufacturer as this can vary by make and model.

Do hotels have cribs?

Not every hotel will have a crib, so it’s best to call ahead and check. That being said, if you have the space and the budget, it is well worth investing in your own travel crib to ensure that your baby is sleeping in a familiar and hygienic environment.

What are the best travel cribs and bassinets?

Some of the best travel cribs and bassinets include:

  • MiClassic Bassinet

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Wanderlust Storytellers – An Inspirational Family Travel Blog

The Best Travel Crib, 2024 [Reviews of Portable Comfy Cribs]


After a portable crib for travel? 

As family travel bloggers we have tried both using hotel cribs as well as taking various types of cribs with us on our trips until we found the right one.

We know how challenging it can be to get a baby to sleep (don't tell me your baby sleeps like a dream - I don't want to know!). And I'm sure that you are aware that it might be even more challenging to get them to sleep in new locations.

That is why we love travel cots so much! Your baby will sleep so much better when they sleep in a familiar crib.

A travel cot for baby is handy for not only for vacations with your baby, but it is also really handy for when you visit friends or grandparents as well.

In this guide, we will outline features that we love of each, as well as share any negatives that we found of the baby travel cribs as well.

I hope this guide to choosing the best travel crib for baby and toddlers will help you choose the best baby travel bed for your family.

BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light, Silver, One Size

Not in the mood for research and reading and just want to find out which is the best portable baby cot?


Our top pick is the Baby Björn Travel Crib Light

  • The cot is lightweight (11lb)
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable for babies and toddlers
  • Suitable for ages 0-3 years (a worthwhile investment)

Click here to check out the BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light Travel Crib

Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet

Skip the research and simply grab the best baby crib for newborns?


Our top pick is the Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet

  • Compact fold 
  • Lightweight
  • Great for carry-on or hand luggage
  • Mesh allows for airflow

Click here to check out the Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet

Keen for all the info? Keep reading.

What Should a Baby Sleep in When Traveling?

We recommend that when your baby is newborn it is best to use a portable sleeper or bassinet when traveling as it is small and compact to keep your infant safe.

When your baby is a few months older, it is better to move them into a full sized travel crib.

Do you Really Need a Travel Crib?

A travel crib is very useful if you travel a lot. However, a travel crib can also be useful if you spend weekends with family and they do not have a spare crib for your little one.

A travel crib is definitely a must have when traveling abroad or away for long periods as not all accommodations have suitable cribs to use for your baby. When you purchase a travel crib you are ensuring that your little one will always have a suitable and safe space and bed to sleep in.

The most popular travel crib for babies from newborn age is the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light .

BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light, Silver, One Size

Let's be honest here, most hotels have baby cots available for you to use. So why spend the money and carry along one extra piece of luggage?

Here is why:

  • Your baby will have a sleeping space that they are used to. It can be challenging for babies to fall asleep in unknown spaces and let's face it, we want to relax on holidays, not deal with tired babies who are struggling to fall asleep. Using the same crib wherever you go, will mean that your baby will get better sleep.
  • You know that the cot will be the right size for you baby's age.   We went on a trip to Lombok and one of the hotels gave us a crib that was suitable for newborns.  It was TINY! Avalee was only 4 months, and she was really squashed in the crib. Vietnam hotels also have tiny cots, their cots are probably more suitable for 1 year olds, because our 2 year old had to sleep curled up in order to fit in the cot.
  • You know that the crib will be safe for your baby. On more than one occasion we received cots from the hotel that would collapse as soon as our daughter pressed against the side. Needless to say they were useless and pretty dangerous to use!
  • You know that you will have a crib for your baby. One a few occasions we have pre-requested a cot on the booking form only to arrive at the hotel and be told that they only have one cot and that another family is using it. Our baby doesn't normally co-sleep with us, so it was a nightmare.
  • You know your cot is clean. Again we can tell you some horror stories about being given moldy and dirty baby cots.  So gross!
  • If you purchase one of these best baby travel beds, you will find that it can double up as a safe playard for your baby - hallo downtime!

So should you travel with your own baby travel crib? - Uhmmmmm hell yes!!!

Best Baby Travel Crib  Comparison Chart 

Below is a comparison chart of our picks for the best travel baby beds; which are mentioned in this article.  

You can then read our travel cot reviews below featuring both compact traveling cribs, as well as a full size travel crib for older babies.

Can I Use a Travel Crib As a Regular Crib?

Yes you can however it is always advisable to check with the manufacturer to verify the weight and safety guidelines. The problem with a regular crib is that they are usually really heavy, they don't come with a travel bag and they are also typically much harder to set up and pack away.

If you have a full size travel crib, your child should be able to sleep in the travel crib until around 3 years old.  

We do recommend though that you invest in a travel crib that is good quality. You may have to also invest in a thicker mattress for when at home for extra comfort.

What's The Difference Between a Travel Crib And a Portable Crib?

So what exactly is the difference between a travel cot and a portable cot?

  • A travel cot is smaller than a portable cot . Some travel cribs even fit in a backpack that you can carry-on to an airplane.
  • A travel crib can fold up . Travel cots need to fit into carry-on luggage & in car trunks.
  • Baby travel beds are lightweight. Travel cots need to be lightweight enough to be carried around easily.

The best travel cot 2024 has on offer, will tick the boxes above, as well as offer many of the same benefits (safety and comfort) as a regular portable crib.

What's the Difference Between a Travel Crib Vs a Pack n Play

Phil&Teds Traveller Crib

You might have a Pack 'n Play at home that you are considering taking on your trip. So what exactly is the difference between a travel crib and a Pack 'n Play?

A Pack 'n Play is typically a lot bulkier and heavier than a well-made travel crib. Which means that it is impractical to pack for a trip overseas. 

As a positive, some of the infant travel cribs listed below can double up as a Pack 'n Play, whilst still giving you the lightweight, compact benefits.

Travel Toddler Crib Vs a Toddler Travel Bed

KidCo TravelPod Portable Play, Midnight

Toddler travel beds are designed for kids who are 2+ years old. They are a great alternative for a traveling baby bed for active toddlers. 

Whilst many of the baby travel cribs listed below can be used for toddlers, a travel toddler bed is perfect for toddlers who have managed to work out how to climb out of the cribs.

A bed is typically similar to a camping or roll-out mattress.

Our selection below is suitable for those looking for travel beds for babies or a travel crib for 1 year old.

If your toddler is still happy and safe in a crib, then we highly recommend you keep them contained in one of the cribs below as well.

But for those who have climbers, best to go with a baby sleep travel bed instead.

How to Choose the Best Travel Crib 2024 has to Offer

The Best Crib for Travel

If you are planning on traveling a lot, you will need to invest some dollars in order to purchase a light travel crib that is also compact, easy to fold, safe, and also comfortable for your little one.

You might also like to purchase a crib that will last for longer than the first year as well.

Let's look at each of these criteria more closely, so you can make a smart decision on which crib would be the best travel bed for your baby.

There are several different types of travel cribs on the market:

  • portable cribs,
  • toddler travel cot,
  • regular travel cribs,
  • travel pack 'n play

It is important to choose the right type of crib for both the age of your baby as well as for your circumstances (how much packing space do you have? Are you driving or flying? etc.)

If your baby is still little, and you typically don't travel very often, you might want to grab one of the cocoon-type cribs.

Best lightweight travel crib

BABY JOY 2 in 1 Travel Crib with Side Zipper, Portable Pack and Play with Soft Washable Mattress, Lightweight Installation-Free Home Playard with Carry Bag, for Infants &Toddlers (Light Sliver)

The size of your folding travel crib is really important. It needs to fold up small enough that you can easily transport it around.

It also needs to be lightweight so that you can carry it easily. In order to find the best lightweight travel crib for you, we have shared weights for each of the travel cribs in the table above.

Make sure to know down what size the cot is when assembled as well as when it is folded up. The best travel bed for infant use should be able to fit easily in your suitcase.

If you are looking for the best travel crib for flying, it is important to purchase a crib that comes with a protective bag, one that is comfy enough to carry around and one that is lightweight enough to carry from point A to point B.

2in1 Stationary&Rock Mode Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby,Gray…

Another important factor when it comes to size is to ensure that the crib will actually be large enough to fit your baby comfortably.

If you travel frequently, it only makes sense to invest in a crib that will last for at least a few years. Some travel cribs are suitable for newborn babies only, but many can be used for 2-3 years.

You will find though, that even though many of these cribs stipulate that they can fit kids up to 3 of age, it might not be best suited for that age bracket.

Once your toddler is 2, I would suggest that you do some research to find the best travel crib for toddler use. The crib should allow your child to move around, but it should also be sturdy enough to keep them contained.

You have to be really careful when it comes to travel cribs.  As many might be super light and super cheap but have thin flimsy mattresses. 

phil&teds Portable Traveller Crib, Black

You also want to buy a crib that offers great air flow. 

So when you're trying to pick the best travel cribs for babies or toddlers, then it is important to make sure that it ticks both the boxes for comfort as well as air flow.

Of course safety should be the most important factor to consider. We have only included baby travel cots that have met the American Standards in terms of safety. 

When it comes to safety is so important to buy a crib that fits with your baby's age and activity levels. Especially important for toddlers who try to climb out of their cribs.

Also look at how snug the mattress fits into the cot, we don't want the mattress to be loose or have gaps.  And think about how the sheet will be held in place as well.

Ease of Use

Chicco FastAsleep Go Full-Size Travel Playard, Graphite

The best travel baby bed should be  super simple and easy to set up, as well as fold up.

Make sure to have a look at how the cots fold up, some are super easy whilst others require some fiddly assembly.  

Top 10 Travel Crib Reviews

Below are our travel crib reviews of, in our opinion, the best travel cots 2024 has to offer. 

We share both the positives as well as the negatives of these top rated travel cribs, to help you decide which crib would be the best for your baby and your travel-lifestyle.

1.  BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light Review (Most Comfortable Travel Crib)

The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light Silver is, in our opinion, one of the best selling travel cots. And one by a well-known baby brand as well. We love that this cot will last you all the way from newborn till age 3!

This travel cot is nice and lightweight.  It is easy to set up and fold away and they have made it easy to carry as well.

We love that the sides of the crib is made from a soft mesh material, the mesh is fabulous and allows air flow to circulate through the crib.

The base of the cot is lovely and sturdy to ensure that your baby has a safe sleeping environment. And the insulated mattress means that your baby will be comfy as well. 

Baby Bjorn travel crib dimensions:

  • Assembled: 32 x 44 x 24"
  • Folded down in carry bag: 19 x 23.5 x 5.5"
  • Suitable for 0 -3 years
  • Lightweight (11 lb)
  • Soft mesh material to allow for airflow
  • Nice insulated mattress to keep baby comfortable
  • Premium Price tag

>>> Click here to check the current price on this crib or click the button below.

2. Lotus Travel Crib Review

Lotus Travel Crib - Backpack Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Pack Play-Yard with Comfortable Mattress - Certified Baby Safe

The Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib by Guava Family is very popular as it combines a travel crib for sleeping with a playard for confined play into one handy cot.

This crib might just be one of the best portable crib 2024 has to offer. Why? It only takes around 15 seconds to set up!!  Effortless set up when you are tired or jet lagged is definitely a bonus.

The clear mesh sides allow for that all important airflow and you can also unzip the one side if you wish to allow your little one to crawl in and out of their crib for playtime.

The Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib has been thoroughly tested for chemical emissions and is certified to the GREENGUARD GOLD standard!

We love that the crib comes with a backpack (with convertible straps) style carry bag. 

Guava Family Travel Crib Dimensions:

  • Packed Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 8"
  • Assembled Dimensions: 42 x 24 X 25"
  • Suitable 0 -3 years
  • Lightweight (13 lb) and easy to carry with the backpack-style bag
  • Travel crib and portable playard in one
  • Super quick to set up
  • Baby mattress could be a bit thicker

>>> Click here to check the current price on the Guava Lotus travel crib or click the button below.

3. Pamo Babe Lightweight Foldable Travel Crib  Review

Lightweight Foldable Travel Crib, Portable Crib for Baby Travel, Portable Playard with Carry Bag for Infant Toddler Newborn(Grey)

This lightweight portable baby crib is an affordable travel crib that will last from baby to toddler.

This travel crib is easy to assemble and comes with a carry bag to make it easier to carry from one destination to the next and is perfect for travel on a plane.

The travel crib can be used for sleep or playtime.  The mesh fabric not only allows for airy design but means you can also see your little one easily for keeping an eye.

It comes with a mattress and a fitted sheet. The fitted sheet is easy to remove and clean. The crib is also easy to clean, simply wipe it with a cloth.

Travel baby crib dimensions:

  • Packed Dimensions: 24 x 6 x 19"
  • Sleeping Space Dimensions: 33 x 22 x 26"
  • Comes with a travel carry bag and a waterproof mattress cover
  • Great for changing diapers as well
  • Suitable for 0 - 3 years
  • Mattress could be thicker and bigger
  • Side zippers do not slide easily when crib is empty

>>> Click here to check the current price on this travel crib or click the button below.

4. Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet  Review

Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet Portable Bassinet-Folding Portable Baby Bed Baby Bassinet in Bed Mini Travel Crib Infant Travel Bed with Mosquito Net and Canopy Lightweight Washable Foldable

The Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet is the best mini crib and is the best travel crib for newborn babies . Looking for a travel crib that fits in a suitcase - this is it.

It is incredibly lightweight (4.4 lbs) and is suitable for babies aged 0 - 5 months or up to 22 lbs.

The mesh panels and breathable fabric allow for ample air circulation. 

The crib is very safe to use as it has a T-lock frame, which is sturdy and safe.

Due to its size and weight, it is our pick for the best travel crib for flying. Simply pack it into your hand luggage and you are ready to go, or fold it up and carry it by the handle.

Travel Crib Dimensions:

  • Packed Dimensions: 20.5 x 19.7 x 1.7"
  • Assembled Dimensions: 31.5 x 10 x 16"
  • Compact Fold
  • Great for carry-on luggage for flying
  • Suitable for babies aged 0 -5 months only

>>> Click here to check the current price on this bassinet or click the button below.

5. besrey 3-in-1 Portable Baby Travel Bassinet Review

besrey Bassinet for Baby, 3 in 1 Portable Baby Bassinets, Rocking Cradle Bed, Easy Folding Bedside Sleeper Crib, Quick-Fold for Newborn Infant, up to 33 lb Compact Storage, Mattress and Net Included

The besrey 3-in-1 Portable Travel Bassinet is great for traveling with a new baby, it is quick and easy to fold up or set up.

The compact size when folded means it takes up minimal space and storage.

When set up you can choose from 2 modes, rocking or stationery mode.

Mesh sides ensure you have visibility of your baby when sleeping. There is also airflow in the bassinet. 

The crib also has a mosquito net keeping bugs out when sleeping. There is also a built-in storage basket.

  • Great for newborn babies
  • Suitable for babies up to 5 months

>>> Click here to check the current price on this travel baby bassinet or click the button below.

6. Dream On Me Travel Light Playard Review

Dream On Me Travel Light Playard In Black, Lightweight, Portable And Easy To Carry Baby Playard, Indoor And Outdoor - With A Soft And Comfortable Mattress Pad

The Travel Light is a great travel crib that is super affordable.

It is very easy to use as it sets up and folds down in minutes making it the ideal travel companion for infants and toddlers.

It folds up flat and can be stored in its durable carry bag which makes it perfect for traveling and using whilst out and about.

The Travel Light Playard comes with a soft mattress, making the space comfortable for your child whether sleeping or playing.

The Travel Light is available in 4 colors.

The Playard sides are made of soft, airy mesh fabric that allows your baby to breathe easily. The see-through fabric helps you keep an eye on your baby and also makes it easy for your little one to look out and see you. 

  • Easy to carry around
  • Mesh sides for air flow
  • Not very lightweight
  • Padded mattress is a bit thin

>>> Click here to check the current price or click the button below.

7. Lumiere All-in-One Travel Crib & Bassinet Review

Lumiere,All-in-One Lightweight Travel Crib and Bassinet for Baby and Toddler,Portable Play Yard for Baby for Better, Safer Sleeping,w/ Ventilated Mattress,Oeko-TEX Waterproof Cover & 1 Fitted Sheet

The Lumiere All-in-One Travel Crib and Bassinet is a great option as a travel crib, especially if you are traveling with newborns. The travel baby crib is lightweight (13 lbs).

The baby travel crib comes with a comfortable bassinet layer that can be added and removed with ease.  

The Lumiere All-in-One Travel Crib comes with a breathable mattress and its own fitted sheet. It also includes a white noise sound machine to help create a calming environment when your little one goes to sleep.

When you do not want to use the crib you can fold it flat for easy storage. It also has a carry bag with two-way handles so can be used as a back pack.

The removable sheet cover makes the crib easy to maintain and keep clean.

  • Removable bassinet layer
  • Includes carry bag for easy transporting
  • Not as light as other travel cribs

8. Chicco Alfa Lite Lightweight Travel Playard  Review

The Chicco Alfa Lite Lightweight Travel Playard  is designed for babies and toddler aged 1 - 3 years old. We love it because it packs up so compact and fits into its own zippered carry bag making it easy to take with you when traveling. 

The Chicco Alfa Lite Leightweight Travel Playard weighs only 12.5 pounds.

The fast, snap-open design makes it a breeze to set up. The lightweight mesh construction provides airflow.

The travel crib comes with a mattress and mattress cover. The mattress cover and frame fabrics are removable and machine washable making it great for easy cleaning.

The crib can also be used as a playpen for playtime.

  • Lightweight (12.5 lb) and easy to carry around with carry bag
  • Compact and small for rooms with little space
  • Mattress is a bit thin

9. Silver Cross Slumber 3-in-1 Travel Crib  Review

Silver Cross Slumber 3 in 1 Travel Crib in Black - Multi Use, Converts from Bassinet to Crib to Playard - Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Pack with Comfortable Mattress, for Infants to Toddlers

The Silver Cross Slumber 3-in-1 Travel Crib is great for home, vacation, and visiting family and friends. The travel crib is great for babies from birth up to 3 years old.

The is quick and easy to set up and fold close for easy storage.  When folded the travel crib has a carry case and handle to make it easy when moving around.

The crib is not as lightweight as other travel cribs we have listed lightweight, weighing  15.6 pounds makes it a little cumbersome to carry when moving it around.

We love that the crib comes with a bassinet making it great to use for newborns. The fabric is soft and the mattress is comfortable. 

The mesh sides and raised bassinet make it possible to use as a side sleeper crib.

  • Assemble and disassembly only takes a few minutes
  • Can be used as a co-sleeper crib
  • Not as lightweight as other travel cribs 

10. Palopalo 3 in 1 Travel Lightweight Crib Review

Palopalo 3 in 1 Lightweight Travel Crib

Another fabulous buy is the Palopalo 3 in 1 Lightweight Travel Crib. Travelers love this cot, because it is still a light travel crib if you are looking for a full size travel crib rather than the cocoon or bassinet size ones. 

This travel portable crib has plenty of room to move. It is recommended for newborns till 3 years old, so it is a great option as one of the best travel cribs for toddlers as well.

The sides are fully mesh, allowing nice airflow to circulate through the cot. You also have the option of zipping off one of the sides, we don't really ever use this functionality, but hey it is there.

The mattress is lovely and soft and water resistant. It can also be folded into a compact size.

The Palopalo 3 in 1 Lightweight Travel Crib folds down and packs into a compact carry bag that you can carry over your shoulder. 

The crib can also be outdoors, for example at the beach, as it has a UV mesh top that offers sun protection.

The negative? You will need to practice the assembly and disassembly before you go.

Palopalo 3 in 1 Lightweight Travel Crib  dimensions:

  • Packed Dimensions: 19 x 27"
  • Sleeping Space Dimensions: 35 x 22 x 27"
  • Light full size travel crib 
  • Stable, comfortable and spacious
  • Comes with an over-the shoulder carry bag
  • Well ventilated
  • Not as easy to assemble and pack up as the BabyBjorn Travel Crib.
  • Carry bag is not very durable

>>> Click here to check the current price on the Palopalo Travel Crib or click the button below.

Best Crib Block Out Covers

When traveling with a travel crib block out covers are great to use to ensure that no matter where you set up your portable crib, your little one can rest without the light affecting their sleep.

Below are our top picks for the best crib block out covers.

1. SlumberPod Portable Blackout Canopy Cover

SlumberPod Portable Privacy Pod Blackout Canopy Crib Cover, Sleeping Space for Age 4 Months and Up with Monitor Pouch and Zipper, Blackout Cover, Travel Crib Canopy (Black/Grey)

>>>  Click here to check the current price on the SlumberPod Canopy Cover

2. LYFFXYH StretchyCrib Tent Blackout Canopy Cover

Hiaksedt Pack N Play Blackout Cover, Crib Canopy Cover for Pack and Play, Breathable Blackout Tent for Travel Crib, Portable Stretchy Netting Cover for Indoor Outdoor Travel Playard

>>>  Click here to check the current price on the LYFFXYH StretchyCrib Canopy Cover

3. SnoozeShade Pack N Play Blackout Cover

SnoozeShade Pack and Play Blackout Tent - Crib Canopy for Toddler Travel Bed, Award-Winning and Safety Tested Baby Travel Essential to Block 94% of Light, Breathable Tent Cover for Baby Pack and Play

>>>  Click here to check the current price on the SnoozeShade Canopy Cover

Verdict on Our Pick of the Best Portable Travel Crib

We hope you found our portable travel crib reviews and comparison table helpful and that you managed to find a portable travel crib that is comfy and right for your baby and your style of travel.

Have you read through all our portable baby bed reviews and you are still not sure which one to buy?

I recommend you invest in a crib that will last you for as many years as possible. Choose a travel crib that is 12 lb and under. And make sure that it is easy to pack up and carry.

If you are still feeling stuck and confused, here are our personal preferences depending on if you are traveling with a toddler or newborn baby.

The best travel crib for toddlers is the  BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light . Not only is it lightweight weighing only 11 lbs but is super easy to set up and carry. It is also a great investment as it is suitable for ages 0 - 3 years.

Prefer to have a bassinet when traveling with your newborn? Our top pick for the best portable crib for newborns is the Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet . It is compact when folded and can be transported when flying in hand luggage or carry-on.

Further Reading:

  • Click to see a list of handy  baby travel products  to take along on your  holiday with your baby .
  • After some gear for yourself? Click to see our favorite  traveler gear .

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cove™ aire go

Give baby a space of their own no matter where you are. Travel with our COVE™ aire™ go play yard that doubles perfectly as a bedside crib thanks to its slim silhouette, so you can keep them close overnight even in tight spaces. Whether you’re visiting Grandma or vacationing at your favorite resort, COVE™ aire™ go is an ideal travel companion that quickly opens and folds with just one hand.

The evolutionary design starts with a full-size bassinet. As baby gets older, simply unzip the bassinet and remove for the perfect play space. The Advanced air design™ provides 360° ventilation for ultimate airflow from every angle with all mesh sides, floor and mattress. With the ventilated mattress, heat is pulled away from your baby, leaving them feeling refreshed.

Travel smarter. Travel with COVE™ aire™ go, where baby feels right at home.

  • Advanced air design™ allows airflow from every angle with all mesh sides, floor and mattress.
  • Use COVE™ aire™ go beside your bed overnight, and let the ventilated mesh mattress pull away both heat and humidity from your little one as they snooze.
  • Sets up and folds easily with one hand—the bassinet even folds while attached!
  • Easily converts from a bassinet to a play yard.
  • Slim silhouette offers a space-saving solution for bedside use.
  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Triple layered mesh mattress, fresh thinking mattress design
  • A chic look—perfect for home and away.
  • Perfect for traveling. Sets up and folds easily.
  • Unique zigzag legs pop cot open quickly and easily.
  • The bassinet folds with the frame. No need to remove before packing up.
  • Unique zip-off bassinet is easy to detach for play yard use.
  • Ventilated mattress panels easily remove for deep cleaning.
  • Zip-off mattress cover is machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Above-ground base keeps baby draft-proof.
  • Skid-proof feet keep sleep quiet and still.
  • Sturdy, aluminum zigzag frame
  • Woven threads blend together to create an easy-to-clean fabric featuring a soft, subtle texture.
  • No extras needed—even the GOTS™-certified organic sheet is included.
  • Travel bag included. Easy carry handle makes toting it around a breeze.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified: Products that have achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification are scientifically proven to meet some of the world's most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards, and certified to not contribute to indoor air pollution or chemical exposure

Product specifications

  • Bassinet: Birth to 15 lb (approx. 5 months of age) 
  • Play yard: Birth to 30 lb or 35 in height
  • Playard dimensions
  • Playard dimensions (folded)

Q: How long can I use my COVE™ aire go?

Transform any room  into baby's room

COVE aire go play yard half folded

Is the Guava Lotus a good travel crib to get for a trip with a baby? I review this travel crib and compare it to other popular travel cribs.

This article may contain affiliate links. We earn a small commissions when you purchase via those links — and it's free for you. It's only us (Becca & Dan) working on this website, so we value your support! Read our privacy policy and learn more about us .

Table of contents

  • What is the Guava Lotus Travel Crib?
  • Pros and cons of the Guava Lotus crib
  • How to get the most out of your Guava travel crib
  • What is the Guava brand?

Upon taking a few trips at the start of our child’s life, it became clear that a packable travel crib that didn’t break the bank was a priority.

In this review I’ll cover our thoughts on the Guava Lotus Travel Crib, and you can see for yourself if this is a travel product your family needs for an upcoming trip.

travel crib on airplane

Guava was generous in gifting us the Lotus Travel Crib; however, all thoughts in this article are genuinely my own.

What is the Guava Lotus Travel Crib ?

Guava’s Lotus Travel Crib is a compact fold-out baby and child crib for travel. It has a nice and clean design with a mattress that sits at floor-level. It also has a zipper side “door” that we think is really cool. In my mind, the zipper side door is what makes this crib unique and sets it apart from the competition, like the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib.

The Guava Crib packs up into rectangularly-shaped travel bag that can be worn as a backpack, or carried like a duffel. For someone petite and short like me, this didn’t break my back, which was awesome.

travel crib on airplane

Because the Lotus crib has the mattress suspended at floor level, it saves on material and clocks out at 15lbs in total. This makes it 50% lighter than many other travel cribs out there. For reference, the Graco Pack ‘n Play is 19+lbs.

Pros and cons of the Guava Lotus crib

The Guava Lotus Travel Crib is nice to look at, for sure. It also has usable features that make it memorable, if you’re testing out a few travel cribs and are deciding along a few, for your purchase.

Pro: the minimalist design

I like the design of this crib, and it’s certainly modern in that more and more travel cribs are being designed with mattresses that sit on the floor.

The poles are strong and slanted, with hinges on the tops of the legs. At the top, there’s a lightly padded perimeter to provide a soft area for children who can stand in the crib itself.

travel crib on airplane

I haven’t seen the side zipper door access option on other travel cribs. This option is nice for a child of any age, really. You can reach in and take out an infant when a nap is done, or you can let a toddler crawl out onto the deck or some grass.

Using the Lotus crib as a “play yard” also creates openness with the side door. If a crawling child wants to keep toys in the crib and have that space, they can also crawl out to be social at a gathering or in a vacation home.

Pro: the backpack carry option

We have experience carrying travel cribs like the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light, and the Graco Pack ‘n Play . The Baby Bjorn crib carries like a large briefcase, and the Graco crib is just gigantic and has to be carried like a log.

The Guava Lotus crib , though, can be carried like a backpack . This makes it the kind of travel crib your family may see when you walk in for a holiday weekend and compliment it!

I carried the Lotus crib like a backpack and it felt okay! Given, most adults are taller, stronger and wider-shouldered than I am, so for someone else, it’s even more of a breeze.

travel crib on airplane

Pro: size and total weight

The size of the Guava Lotus Crib is perfect. It fits children from newborn to age three. It weights 15 lbs in total, which makes it 2 lbs heavier than the BabyBjorn Crib and 4 lbs less than the Graco Pack ‘n Play .

travel crib on airplane

Pro: the top shade (“Nap-Ready Fun Shade”)

The Lotus (when buying the Essentials set) comes with a bag of accessories: the crib sheet (included), and the top shade. The top shade is a great invention. You can use it to create either dim conditions for a nap and block out some light, or, use it as a sun shade when outside!

It could also be useful for keeping things like leaves and tree ruffage from falling into the crib if you’re using it outside on a deck, like I do.

Pro: the competitive price

While it’s not cheap like the Graco Pack ‘n Play , the Guava Lotus is also not on the expensive side like the BabyBjorn crib (see more at my BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light review ). It falls in the middle and often goes on sale.

When looking at options, make sure you sort out the different sets that are offered, as the basic Lotus package doesn’t contain a sheet. The top-tier “Adventure Set” also has a bug net and plush quilted sheet, in addition to the regular cotton sheet and top shade.

Con: folding it out or folding it up

This is where the Guava Lotus may fall short, in its ease of setting up. I lent my Guava crib to my sister and brother-in-law for a holiday weekend in Connecticut and they commented that setting it up was not as much of a cinch as expected. To quote my brother-in-law, it was “complicated.”

This may come from the need to get the fold right in order to snap the compression strap as part of the process. The mattress also folds kind of uniquely into the carrying case, so you’ve got to get that part right to get the crib frame fitting in properly.

travel crib on airplane

I recommend watching the videos from the Guava YouTube channel to see if it looks like something you could get the hang of! I’m confident that in doing it a few times, any parent can do this fold-up repeatedly.

Overall, the fold is not quite as simple as the BabyBjorn crib , which takes the cake for “very easy” as far as folding up and folding back up goes. I didn’t even need to watch a video to figure it out.

travel crib on airplane

How to get the most out of your Guava travel crib

Here are a few tips.

Use it outside

Guava’s products are made for being on the go, as well as outside the house. The top shade and the bug net are helpful accessories for using our Guava outside.

travel crib on airplane

Use it as a play pen or play yard

As our baby doesn’t exactly like napping too much, we’re glad to have the play pen option with the Guava. You can see how it looks set up on the deck for daytime use.

Carry it as a backpack in the airport

The backpack carry straps that zip out of the carrying case are what make the Guava Lotus Crib worth it. The backpack style of carrying the entire crib in the bag makes the weight manageable for someone like me, when I need to transport the Guava Lotus .

travel crib on airplane

Make use of the zipper side door

For nursing moms or anyone who rocks their baby to sleep, try sliding your child onto the mattress through the side, rather than via the top. This may be helpful for some babies.

What is the Guava brand?

Guava is a baby and child travel product brand making modern and aesthetically pleasing items for families. Guava doesn’t make too many products and only works in three product lines: crib, bassinet and stroller .

I have been getting ads on Instagram for months if not a year now, about Guava’s cool stroller . It folds up into a nice travel bag that can be worn as a backpack through an airport or on a trip.

The products are also smart and can work together as a system. The bassinet can convert into the travel crib with a few easy pieces and steps. This is good for babies who grow quickly, or growing families!

Guava knows that parents want to travel and see the world with their little ones, so what we appreciate about the brand is the thoughtfulness behind how these larger sleep and stroller products pack up for being on the go, and look good!

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How to Take a Flight with a Baby (32 Tips)

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Why Traveling with a Baby Is a Whole New Game

I never knew that traveling with a baby was as different as it really is, from traveling as a couple before kids. Here, I compare the needs of family travel versus my travel life before becoming a parent.

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BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light Review (Tried & Tested)

BabyBjorn’s travel crib is the lightest travel crib I’ve used, by far. Is it also the best travel crib for its price? My review details my experience and thoughts!

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Among other programs, Half Half Travel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Watch: Passengers evacuate a Delta jet in Seattle after fire breaks out

travel crib on airplane

A Delta Air Lines plane appears to have caught fire after landing in Seattle on May 6, forcing an evacuation.

  • Video of the incident shows smoke and a bright light in the nose area of the Airbus A321neo.
  • Delta has not yet confirmed the source of the fire, but its investigation is currently focusing on the ground power unit.

Video of the incident shows smoke and a bright light in the nose area of the Airbus A321neo, and passengers exiting the aircraft via emergency slides.

“During deplaning on the evening of May 6, the crew of Flight 604 from Cancun to Seattle witnessed smoke in the aircraft nose area after plugging into ground electrical power. Out of an abundance of caution, slides were deployed and passengers still on board deplaned via the rear of the aircraft,” a Delta spokesperson said in a statement to USA TODAY. “Passengers were fully evacuated, and those deplaned to the ramp returned to the terminal via the ramp stairs. All passengers exited to customs in the International Arrivals Facility for regular processing. The aircraft has been removed from service for inspection and maintenance.”

According to Delta, the plane involved in the incident was less than two years old. The airline and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the incident.

Delta said it has not yet confirmed the source of the fire, but its investigation is currently focusing on the ground power unit, not the airplane itself.

Cruising Altitude: 4 tips for a safe airplane evacuation

Video of the evacuation also shows many passengers exiting the aircraft with their belongings, which is against most safety guidelines. Luggage and other accessories can slow down an evacuation and can result in avoidable injury or deaths.

Zach Wichter is a travel reporter for USA TODAY based in New York. You can reach him at [email protected].

The Key Points at the top of this article were created with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reviewed by a journalist before publication. No other parts of the article were generated using AI. Learn more .

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Did You Make Your Connecting Flight? You May Have A.I. to Thank.

Airlines are using artificial intelligence to save fuel, keep customers informed and hold connecting flights for delayed passengers. Here’s what to expect.

A map of the contiguous United States marked with airline routes between hubs like Miami, Boston, New York and Los Angeles, with red, orange, green, blue, red and purple areas that look like storm systems on a radar map. A hand is holding up a cellphone that shows the seating chart of a plane. A message on the screen reads, “JFK-LAX: Holding for Delayed Passengers. On-Time Arrival Projected” and “Gate 10, Seat 5A.”

By Julie Weed

Last month in Chicago, a United Airlines flight to London was ready to depart, but it was still waiting for 13 passengers connecting from Costa Rica. The airline projected they’d miss the flight by seven minutes. Under normal circumstances, they’d all be scrambling to rebook.

But thanks to a new artificial-intelligence-powered tool called ConnectionSaver, the jet was able to wait for them — their checked bags, too — and still arrive in London on time. The system also sent text messages to the late-arriving passengers and the people on the waiting jet to explain what was happening.

A.I. still might not be able to find space for your carry-on, but it could help put an end to the 40-gate dash — sprinting to catch your connecting flight before the door slams shut — as well as other common travel headaches.

It’s not just United. Alaska Airlines , American Airlines and others have been working to develop new A.I. capabilities that could make flying easier for passengers. The carriers are also using the technology to reduce costs and streamline operations, including saving fuel, said Helane Becker, an airline industry analyst for the investment bank TD Cowen . Although many of the airlines are developing their programs independently, a successful innovation by any carrier could possibly become an industry standard.

A.I. is poised to change almost every aspect of the customer flying experience, from baggage tracking to personalized in-flight entertainment, said Jitender Mohan, who works with travel and hospitality clients at the technology consulting company WNS .

Saving fuel and frustration

A.I. has been helping Alaska Airlines dispatchers plan more efficient routes since 2021. “It’s like Google maps, but in the air,” explained Vikram Baskaran, vice president for information technology services at the carrier.

Two hours before a flight, the system reviews weather conditions, any airspace that will be closed, and all commercial and private flight plans registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, to suggest the most efficient route. The A.I. takes in “an amount of information no human brain could process,” said Pasha Saleh, the corporate development director and a pilot for Alaska.

In 2023, about 25 percent of Alaska flights used this system to shave a few minutes off flight times. Those efficiencies added up to about 41,000 minutes of flying time and half a million gallons of fuel saved, Mr. Baskaran said.

On the ground, American Airlines and others are working on an A.I.-powered system American calls Smart Gating — sending arriving aircraft to the nearest available gate with the shortest taxiing time, and if the scheduled arrival gate is in use, quickly determining the best alternate gate. All this could mean fewer frustrating minutes spent waiting on the tarmac.

American introduced Smart Gating at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in 2021 and now employs it at six airports, including Chicago O’Hare and Miami International. The airline estimates it saves 17 hours a day in taxi time and 1.4 million gallons of jet fuel a year.

Mr. Mohan said that using A.I. as a virtual parking attendant could save up to 20 percent of taxiing time, with the highest benefits seen at the largest airports.

Faster and better customer service

Rapidly evolving generative A.I. — think ChatGPT — is helping airlines communicate with passengers better. At United, a companywide challenge last year yielded a plan to make texts sent to fliers more specific about what’s causing delays. Passengers can get frustrated when flights are delayed with no explanation, said Jason Birnbaum, United’s chief information officer.

But tracking the details required, composing an appropriate message and sending it to the right people for 5,000 flights a day would be too much for the staff to handle, Mr. Birnbaum said. Generative A.I. can process all that data and create messages tailored to conditions. For example, passengers booked on a January United flight from San Francisco to Tucson received this text message, along with a new departure time and an apology: “Your inbound aircraft is arriving late due to airport runway construction in San Francisco that limited the number of arrivals and departures for all airlines earlier.”

Having a more detailed explanation can calm travelers’ nerves. Jamie Larounis, a travel industry analyst who flies about 150,000 miles a year, recalled receiving text messages last summer explaining that a storm and a related crew-scheduling problem had delayed his flight from Chicago. “Getting a specific reason for the delay made me feel like the airline had things under control,” he said.

Generative A.I. is also good at summarizing text, making it a powerful tool for wading through emails. Last year, Alaska was among the carriers that began using A.I. to handle customer messages more efficiently. The airline’s system “reads” each email and summarizes the issues raised.

“We used to read first in first out, handling the requests as they came in,” said Mr. Baskaran, but now the system helps prioritize emails. For example, an urgent request involving an upcoming flight may take precedence over a complaint about a past one.

The system also helps a human agent decide how to respond, such as offering the customer a voucher, and it may draft an initial written response. “The person makes the decision, but it’s streamlined,” Mr. Baskaran said.

For all the benefits A.I. promises to airlines and passengers, the technology still has some shortcomings. For one, it doesn’t always deliver accurate information. In 2022, an Air Canada chatbot incorrectly promised a traveler that if he booked a full-fare flight to a relative’s funeral, he could receive a bereavement fare after the fact. When he filed a small-claims case, Air Canada tried to argue that the bot was its own separate entity, “responsible for its own actions,” but a tribunal found Air Canada responsible and ordered it to pay about $800 in damages and fees.

Still, as A.I. develops and airlines race to find more uses for it, passengers could see even more benefits. “As a customer and a business person, this is one of the biggest technology disruptions in the last five to eight years,” Mr. Mohan said.

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An earlier version of this article, in a quotation from Vikram Baskaran, vice president for information technology services at Alaska Airlines, misstated the number of gallons of fuel an artificial-intelligence-powered planning system saved the airline in 2023. It was half a million, not half a billion.

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