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Skyrim survival mode: How to enable survival mode and survival mode tips in Skyrim: Anniversary Edition

How to survive a harsher Tamriel in the Anniversary Edition.

Survival Mode in Skyrim is a particularly unforgiving experience, but for players who like a challenge, it's a great way to experience something new in the 2021's Anniversary Edition.

This page explains everything you need to know about Survival Mode in Skyrim, such as how to enable Survival Mode , survival mode differences - including changes to travel and camping - as well as our Skyrim survival mode tips .

A feature which ties nicely into the addition of survival mode is fishing - which you can also use in a non-survival mode playthrough.

On this page:

How to enable survival mode in Skyrim, and what to do if not in settings explained

What is survival mode in skyrim survival mode changes, including fast travel, explained, skyrim survival mode tips and tricks, from survival mode camping to cooking.

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Survival mode can be found in the Settings are of the menu, by selecting Gameplay then enabling Survival Mode.

If it is not in the settings, then you are likely in a new save - and you have to complete the tutorial of Skyrim first.

Once you complete the 'Unbound' intro quest with either Hadvar or Ralof, you'll receive a pop-up notification about Survival Mode. It gives you a brief explanation on what to expect from the mode: such as you needing to eat, to be more wary about catching diseases, the need to sleep, etc before asking you whether you want to enable it or not. If that sounds like fun, you select yes.

skyrim without fast travel

From there on out, you'll be playing Skyrim on Survival Mode - which means it's a fair bit harder, but who doesn't love a good challenge?

Nonetheless, if Survival Mode turns out to be too difficult, it's easy to turn off. Head to Settings, go to Gameplay and you'll be able to disable it without having to worry about any consequences.

The opposite of this is also true, as you're able to enable Survival Mode on any previous saves you have started or imported into the Anniversary Edition.

skyrim without fast travel

Survival Mode in the Anniversary Edition is a new, exciting way to make your time in the continent of Skyrim a little more challenging and fun.

When enabling Survival Mode, players will need to meet certain requirements in order not to get sick and die. These requirements are: be well-fed, warm, physically well, and well-rested.

skyrim without fast travel

However, these requirements won't always be easy to meet as Survival Mode puts a heapload of restrictions on you. These are:

  • No Fast Travel: You want to just do a quick trip to Riften to pick up something you forgot? That's no longer possible in Survival Mode. You'll have to walk!
  • Reduced Carry Weight: Skyrim's carry weight restrictions are already pretty unforgiving at times, this makes it so you really do need to just pack the essentials.
  • Level Up via Sleeping: In vanilla Skyrim you can level up wherever and whenever, but here you can only do so after you sleep.
  • Reduced Stamina/Mana: If you're hungry, cold or fatigued, you'll suffer from a reduction of Stamina or Mana, represented by the darkening of the Stamina/Mana bar.
  • Warm/Cold Meters: Depending on whether you're hot or cold, you'll be shown a Snowflake or a Sun at the top of your HUD. This can affect you to the point you can die if you don't cool down or get warm.
  • Health: When in Survival Mode, health doesn't come back after waiting for a little while. You'll need to eat, sleep or use a health potion in order to get back to tip-top shape.

There's a lot of factors to consider with survival mode - here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way:

  • Want to know what's affecting you right now? Head to Active Effects in the Magic menu and you'll see what being hungry, tired and cold does to affect your gameplay.

skyrim without fast travel

  • Don't enter water when cold - you'll more than likely catch a disease and there's a high chance you can die and lose your progress.
  • Warm soup can heat you up - In the frozen tundra with nowhere to go for another 10 miles? Don't fret, eat some soup. It'll not only keep you fed, but will keep you nice and toasty. If that doesn't work, there's always a torch to keep your bones warm.

skyrim without fast travel

  • Cook your food - sometimes it gets desperate when you're in a dungeon and there's no food to eat but the raw fish you caught outside, but it's always better to cook your food before eating it. Just like real life, eating raw food can lead to food poisoning in Skyrim.

skyrim without fast travel

  • Fishing is the best way to get food quickly and easy, as long as you know where the best fishing spots are.
  • Craft camping gear - Included in the Anniversary Edition content through the Content Creation Club, crafting camping gear will make it so you're able to set down camp in the wilderness, giving you a warm fire, a place to cook and a place to settle in for the night.

skyrim without fast travel

  • The colder you get, the slower you are. It also affects your stamina and how fast you swing your weapons and the effectiveness of your stealth.
  • Travelling in a horse and cart to far off places will make you tired and hungry, so don't get into one if you're already pretty fatigued and hungry, otherwise you risk dying on the journey to your location.

All Interactive Maps and Locations

skyrim without fast travel

Dawnstar Map

skyrim without fast travel

Falkreath Map

skyrim without fast travel

Markarth Map

skyrim without fast travel

Morthal Map

skyrim without fast travel

Solitude Map

skyrim without fast travel

Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC) Map

skyrim without fast travel

Whiterun Map

skyrim without fast travel

Windhelm Map

skyrim without fast travel

Winterhold Map

It is a known fact that wandering Skyrim on foot can be a monumental task in itself. Good thing there are certain mechanisms in place that can truncate your travel time by... a whole lot.

Fast Travel

Once you've discovered a location and have confirmed its location on the map (you must physically go there), you can start using the Fast Travel feature to quickly be transported there. Time will still elapse as if you'd spent the time traveling there, but arrival is as instantaneous as it gets in real time. Being that the true charm of Skyrim lies in its never-ending sense of discovery, your choice to constantly Fast Travel would make you skip out on sight-seeing and other cool stuff.

Located outside every major Hold in Skyrim are carriages that will take you to both already known or undiscovered major towns and locations for a nominal amount (usually 20 or 50 gold depending on the distance). This will help you discover the location and allow Fast Travel in the future.

Horses are probably the best companions you can possibly steal, buy, or earn. They occasionally lend their horsepower in destroying your enemies. Joking aside, however, horses allow you to traverse greater distances in a shorter time frame. Also when overloaded with  items , on horsesback you can Fast Travel to your favorite trader or house to unload.

Owning a Horse

A horse , however, is typically not free. Stolen horses come with a price in the form of a bounty and will not stay with you once you dismount. Horses can cost 1000g and be purchased from any stable.


There are ways around this. First, you can earn two unique, named horses as quest rewards.

  • Shadowmere - Finish The Cure For Madness as part of The Dark Brotherhood Quests .
  • Frost - Finish Promises to Keep .

The main benefit to owning a horse is that the steed follows you wherever you go.

Get a Free Horse without Stealing

skyrim without fast travel

Horses can be earned in Riften by challenging Hofgrir, the stable owner, to a brawl. Once you win the battle of fists, he will offer to sell a horse to you. If you say that you would rather walk then he calls you cheap and you can ride the Riften horses for free. The free horse will walk away after dismounting. Although the horse is not technically not owned by the player, it will travel with you when you fast travel. A benefit to earning and using this free horse is that you can simply go to Riften and take a new horse if yours dies in battle which saves 1,000 of your hard earned gold .

Also, there's a horse near Winterhold that you can get without stealing and without paying 1,000 Gold . Once you ride the horse it becomes yours and will even follow you around when you fast travel.

It is important to note though that it likes to walk away when you dismount instead of the usual waiting around.

Also it seems that after joining either the Imperial Legion or the Stormcloaks there are occasionally unowned horses wandering around the camps as well as at the forts you raid that will not result in a bounty .

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5 Open-World Games That Improve When Ignoring Fast Travel

Fast travel is a feature many folks use without thinking in games. Still, some titles with it available are far better if players ignore it entirely.

Fast Travelling in video games is a super convenient way to get around the world, especially in open-world games. When the size of a game's map rivals the size of some real-life small countries, there have to be methods to speed up travel from one location to the next.

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However, many open-world games thrive on the beauty and aesthetics of innumerable areas of the world. They're built to be explored, savored, and combed for details. Fast travel helps a lot with finishing a game quickly,  but sometimes it's better to relax, take your time, and immerse yourself in these open worlds so painstakingly detailed for patient eyes.

5 The Witcher 3

Geralt has no issues with looting in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is among the most beautiful games ever made. It has an incredibly vibrant color palette, more like an oil painting than a video game, and a lighting style that highlights the somehow highly-realistic-yet-cartoonishly-exaggerated visuals. Fast travel is implemented in  The Witcher 3  through signposts that dot the landscape. Once Geralt discovers one, he can travel back to it from any other.

All things considered, fast travel in  The Witcher 3 is not as immersion-breaking as it is in other games . Geralt  must  go to a signpost to fast travel to another, and can't fast travel from anywhere whenever he wants. You still get to see much of the world by using fast travel, but ultimately  The Witcher 3 hides a lot of its best side quests and content off the beaten path.

4 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

skyrim without fast travel

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most well-known RPGs of all time, and for good reason. It was perhaps the most ubiquitous RPG of its time upon release, partly for its incredibly deep lore and breadth of choices in-game. Skyrim's fast travel system is more of a "click here to go here" type of system, which works almost anywhere in the game.

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The problem with Skyrim's fast travel system is that the player will sometimes skip over random events that happen while journeying, even to already-visited locations. Having a horse makes any journey trivial. Plus, the horse can get to areas the player normally can't. Aside from all the intentional side-content in the wilds of Skyrim, unintentional side-content like having to climb the Thousand Steps on horseback makes the journey that much more fun.

3 The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

the legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 release window

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of those games that just  feels good to play. The movement system on land is perfectly intuitive , even with a horse, and so are the vertical and swimming movement systems too. Mountain climbing in  Breath of the Wild is one of the most exhilarating experiences on the Nintendo Switch, requiring the player to plan ahead and make precise movements. Surfing down mountains, too, is a fantastically fun way to move.

Fast travel in  Breath of the Wild  works between discovered Shrines, and can be used anywhere in the world to quickly relocate. Although the world of  Breath of the Wild is vast, it's not so vast that Link cannot traverse Hyrule on foot or on horseback the entire way – plus, Link can find merchants, Korok seeds, and rare items dotting the landscape just about everywhere. The game is already incredibly immersive, and avoiding fast travel will suck you into the world much more.

2 Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Unkindled

The first  Dark Souls game was a breath of fresh air for many gamers because it didn't hold the player's hand  at all . Games of the time and in years before had been very kind to players and explained everything in great detail so the player didn't miss any points. Dark Souls , on the other hand, brought back the days of the arcade to the RPG genre and inspired a generation of games that focused on the pairing of a deep, complex world with unforgiving gameplay elements.

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Fast travel in Dark Souls was a late-game feat that was only useful for a short while,  but in  Dark Souls 3 it was a main part of the game. The player could teleport from any bonfire to any other they had discovered. This made for a much easier late-game, but ultimately something was lost in giving players such an easy way to get around. There are lots of hidden items and secrets in  Dark Souls 3 that aren't discoverable if you fast-travel constantly and aren't patient in your exploration.

1 World of Warcraft

Project Titan World of Warcraft Shadowlands Cancelled Video Game Sequels

World of Warcraft  and  World of Warcraft Classic  boast perhaps the largest, most complex, deepest worlds in any modern game. It's a wonder, then, that players tend to go from one point the next as fast as they possibly can when there is  so much world to explore . Players who min-max and speedrun the leveling process will miss out on what makes  World of Warcraft  truly special. It's necessary for cross-world travel, though, as there's no way to get from Booty Bay to Darnassus in any reasonable amount of time without the flight path.

When questing in a zone, try not to simply hearth or fly back to the quest hub and take some time to explore the vast world that's been in constant development for the better part of two decades. A top tip for the traveling Azeroth explorer is to turn off the HUD with Alt-Z. Don't necessarily stick to the path either, as  World of Warcraft hosts a number of little secrets and out-of-the-way features. Plus, avoiding flight paths is a great way to stock up on materials for trade professions (or to sell on the Auction House).

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Elder Scrolls

Fast Travel (Skyrim)

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Fast Travel is a method of travel in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . It is a way of quickly "teleporting" to any previously discovered location . The travel takes place almost instantaneously in real-world time through a loading screen , but in game time will still pass by as if the Dragonborn had walked there. When using fast travel, the time elapsed may be longer than the time it would have taken to run to the destination, especially when the distance is short.

Fast Travel can be done via the world map or by using one of the carriages stationed near the main gate of many cities. Fast travel via world map is free, but can only be done to a location that has already been discovered. Travel via carriage is limited to major cities, regardless if they have been visited or not before, with a fee relative to distance and the size of the destination city (for example it costs more to travel from Whiterun to Dawnstar than from Windhelm to Solitude even though the distance between Windhelm and Solitude is greater). The Hearthfire DLC allows the Dragonborn to hire a carriage for their homestead , which will also go to smaller cities  and towns ( Darkwater Crossing , Dragon Bridge , Ivarstead , Karthwasten ,  Kynesgrove , Old Hroldan Inn , Riverwood , Rorikstead , Shor's Stone , and Stonehills ).

With Dawnguard , fast travel can also be done between Castle Volkihar and the main island of Skyrim by boat. With Dragonborn , the initial trip to Solstheim must be by boat. (Conventional fast travel can be used later, between the docks at Windhelm and Raven Rock .)

  • 1 Conditions
  • 2 Fast travel time

Conditions [ ]

The fast travel cannot be done while in any of the following conditions:

  • While indoors
  • While jumping
  • While falling
  • While mounting or dismounting a horse .
  • While being too close to enemies
  • While being pursued by enemies/ Hold Guards
  • While taking health damage (e.g. from poison )
  • Riding on horseback.
  • Under the effect of a Fortify Carry Weight potion that is strong enough. There is no limit on fast travel distance while the potion is in effect. However, the effect of the potion immediately wears off after the arrival causing the Dragonborn to be overburdened again.

Fast travel time [ ]

Approximate time to travel between cities/towns wearing Light Armor , measured by in-game hours:

  • The amount and type of armor worn affects how much time passes during fast travel.
  • Fast traveling while on foot or on horseback takes the same amount of time. The only difference will be how the Dragonborn arrives: on foot next to the horse, or on horseback.
  • Any positive or negative effects (such as from a disease ) will still progress during fast travel.
  • Neither the Dragonborn, their horse, or any companion will encounter any enemies during fast travel.
  • Due to the respawning of enemies , dragons and creatures being scripted to happen when fast travelling; if fast travel is never used, after a certain time, encounters with them will reduce noticeably.
  •  PC     360     PS3    When arriving at a location by fast travel, random creatures can spawn in front of the Dragonborn. For example, a non-hostile bandit might spawn every time they fast-travel, who can be talked to but will become hostile if attacked. A similar bug happens when fast-traveling to Falkreath , causing all of the Hold Guards to spawn at the entrance to the city.
  •  PC    Fast traveling with followers to northern cities like Windhelm or the College of Winterhold can trigger a sliding effect on arrival. Normally, this effect is not critical; however, it is possible to sometimes slide for a very long distance and fall from a cliff.
  •  360    After waiting in a location for a long time (two or three weeks), or if multiple other characters have been played before returning to play as the affected character, fast traveling to a location might spawn enemies that have made into thralls (or raised as zombies) in the past. They will attack each other unless they are in the same faction. (Only bandits or spiders, for example).
  •  360     PS3    If fast travel is selected to any location and the back button is immediately pressed, the fast travel will not occur, the game will no longer be paused and the character menu will not be able to be opened. The pause menu can be opened, but saving the game will be the only option that functions, not loading an existing save. The "quit game" option is available, however, allowing a more time consuming reload of the game by saving and exiting the game. Reloading the game will fix this.
  •  360 (Fix)     PS3 (Fix)    Manually shut down the console, as any attempt to open the Xbox or PS3 menu will result in the loading circles on every option and they will never load.
  •  PC     360    Fast traveling on horseback to the College of Winterhold may cause one to appear several feet above the bridge.
  •  PC (Fix)    Quickly Fast traveling to another place before the horse falls off may solve the problem.
  •  PC     360     PS3    Sometimes, when attempting to fast travel, the game will say "You cannot fast travel while guards are pursuing you," even if guards are not pursuing the Dragonborn.
  •  360     PS4    Fast traveling from a snowy location can sometimes cause it to snow in areas that do not normally experience snowy weather conditions.
  •  PC (Fix)    Fast traveling to any location will fix this.
  •  PC (Fix)    Exiting the game to the desktop restarting will fix this.
  • By opening the Journal and pressing the "show on map" button for quest objectives it is possible to access the map, and thus fast travel even under circumstances that normally prevent access to the map, such as after the Dragonborn dies or at the beginning of the game while Helgen is under attack.
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skyrim without fast travel

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Back, back and fourth, fourth! http://nofasttravel.blogspot.com/2012/03/72-back-back-and-fourth-fourth.html 73. Ending The War? http://nofasttravel.blogspot.com/2012/03/73-ending-war.html 74. High Hrothgar again and again and again! http://nofasttravel.blogspot.com/2012/03/74-high-hrothgar-again-and-again-and.html 75. Side Tracked. http://nofasttravel.blogspot.com/2012/03/75-side-tracked.html 76. Peace Conference http://nofasttravel.blogspot.com/2012/03/76-peace-conference.html  

Don't mind Shew and his rude comments. Anyways, this seems like an interesting project. Personally, I wouldn't use fast travel if it wasn't for my IRL time being limited. I look forward to your updates.  


PurpleShew said: wasn't trying to be rude really it was originally posted in role play area no offence intended Click to expand...


Forest Crawler

Phenom said: I wouldn't use fast travel if it wasn't for my IRL time being limited.. Click to expand...



-bnahabra king-.

Go for it. i started my second time through a few days ago and I'm doing the same. So far I've played about 10hours and just made it to riften after about a 4hour walk(did some side quests on the way)10minutes ago. it was a wonderful experience especially when i met a drug dealer.  


  • Jan 13, 2012

Once I complete the story line I won't use fast travel anymore. I've still found the vast majority of the map, but I haven't beat the game at level 44 yet either. I just want to finish the quests that are going to without fail send me all over creation before I start hoofing it non-stop. Then I'm going to grab a horse and make sure I've scoured every square inch of the map before I do a second playthrough.  

Anonylulz said: Once I complete the story line I won't use fast travel anymore. I've still found the vast majority of the map, but I haven't beat the game at level 44 yet either. I just want to finish the quests that are going to without fail send me all over creation before I start hoofing it non-stop. Then I'm going to grab a horse and make sure I've scoured every square inch of the map before I do a second playthrough. Click to expand...

Taking the world by foot just makes the game feel that little bit more special I think...you get to see the random things that may happen like a rabbit swimming downstream REALLY fast or beautiful views from some hard to get to spot. Cant beat it.  

I found a horse and it's owner was dead but when I took it I was "stealing" it then when I went into a city and came back it was gone!  

Rathalos_lord_of_the_sky said: Taking a horse is a good idea... but make sure its a strong one or it'll die soon. Click to expand...

I am interested to know about "WHICH HORSE" and how can I best keep my horse from leaving?  

Anonylulz said: I haven't rode the horses much at all since I stole one on my first character, whom I deleted. Any you'd recommend? Click to expand...

Har'Gaar the Wild

  • Jan 20, 2012

Sounds cool, I attempted to do no fast travel on my first playthrough, but when I arrived in Markarth after 1 whole hour of traveling on foot.. and then I was sent to Riften for a quest.. thats when I gave in.  


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Aren't all the horses in the game, save Shadowmere, the same speed and strength? It would make sense since they are each 1000 gold.  


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I'm not sure I would be able to do a complete playthrough without fast travelling. Going up to high Hrothgar each and every time would really annoy me...  


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  • Jan 21, 2012
Teritus said: Aren't all the horses in the game, save Shadowmere, the same speed and strength? It would make sense since they are each 1000 gold. Click to expand...
Dagmar said: Yes. Maybe he meant the color. Palomino is a nice color. Click to expand...


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here's another link, i actually posted this in another thread up here. http://www.mmorpg.com/blogs/Inktomi...id-Playing-Skyrim-with-The-Immersion-Rule-Set  


mus admit i havent yet fast travelled and dont intend to. i can understand if you limited game time (which i do anyway) but for elderscrolls games i've always tried to get the most out of them  


Screw horses. I bought one and got shadowmere, to this day I have no idea were they went. Well that's not true the first one is back in the stable in Whiterun as for Shadowmere..... Restoration (with stam regen) + Become etheral shout + Running + cliff jumping = Quick travel. Only Shadowmere has moved faster then me doing this however Shadowmere can't jump off cliffs and keep going with ease or keep a constent pace =D. -Cheers  

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skyrim without fast travel

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Skyrim – How to Fast Travel Between Towns, Cities, and More

skyrim without fast travel

How to Fast Travel – Skyrim

Fast travelling is going to be your best friend in Skyrim. The world is massive, and you’ll be juggling a ton of quests constantly sending you to each corner of it. To make sure you don’t waste your life running around the map, here’s how to fast travel and save yourself a lot of headaches.

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re outside. You won’t be able to fast travel inside a cave, building, or other structure. Next, make sure you aren’t in combat and that there aren’t any enemies nearby. You won’t be able to fast travel unless you’re safe. And last up on the warnings list, you cannot fast travel if you’re overburdened, or carrying more in item weight than the max capacity your stamina affords you.

Then, pull out your map. Hit Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox to bring up your menu, then hit the down button to head to your map. Move your cursor over a landmark you’ve visited at least once before, be it a city, a cave, or other notable location. Select this, and choose to fast travel there at the prompt. You’ll then find yourself magically teleported to your desired spot.

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skyrim without fast travel

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Chris Jecks has been covering the games industry for over eight years. He typically covers new releases, FIFA, Fortnite, any good shooters, and loves nothing more than a good Pro Clubs session with the lads. Chris has a History degree from the University of Central Lancashire. He spends his days eagerly awaiting the release of BioShock 4.

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Starfield: How To Fast Travel Without Menus

O ne of the most infuriating parts of Starfield is the space travel. I spent far too many skill points buffing my spaceships before realising that, aside from dogfights that feel straight out of Star Trek , your meticulously-upgraded spacecraft is little more than another base you’ve built to craft on the go. Unless…

Starfield is very tutorial-light. It may not feel like it, with the stuttering pace of the opening, but there are so many systems to get to grips with in the game that explaining them all would take hours. Whether you’re building your own spacecraft from scratch or just trying to use your base to mine minerals, you’ll have to do a lot of trial and error before you work out how things work and what your limitations are. The same goes for sailing the stars.

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Many players, myself included, lamented the lack of ‘proper’ space travel in the game. There’s a reason one of our guide writers spent four hours trying to fly from Mars’ orbit to the planet itself , only for the game to pull him up a kilometre short.

The only way to get from planet to planet is via fast travel. The same goes for getting from orbit to a planet’s surface, from a planet to a moon, or (perhaps more understandably) from system to system. Open the menu, navigate to the map, select the system, planet, and landing area you want, hold X, cutscene and loading screen ensues. Et voila, you have arrived at your destination. It’s tedious, boring, and completely fails to immerse you in the universe Bethesda has created.

While ‘exploring’ Starfield, I often thought back to playing Skyrim, and the excitement of stumbling upon new towns, encampments, and caves along my way. From the moment you emerge out of the Helgen tunnels, you’re immersed in Tamriel. You see the animals and the streams, the people and the quests, you kill a chicken and fight off an entire enraged village. It pulls you in immediately, and a lot of that comes down to the fact you’re forging your own path on foot. You look at the mountains yourself, maybe you try to climb one. You follow a fox to some loot. You explore the world of Skyrim at your own pace, on your own two feet, and see the world as you would explore it in real life.

Conversely, Starfield immerses you in its story by sending you deep into a mine. It’s the opposite of what most people want to do in the game – I want to fly among the stars, not get a second job going down ‘pit – and it’s boring. It’s immediately followed by a big fight, which prepares you for exactly what to expect with this game, and then you’re finally let loose to fast travel the stars. It’s incredibly underwhelming, and the less-than-stellar travel is the biggest disappointment in a dull opening.

However, Bethesda hides one key part of space travel: your scanner. You know that piece of equipment that allows you to check whether a pile of ore on a planet is Aluminium or Titanium? Yeah, you can use that in space. And when you do, a host of new options open up.

Pressing LB when piloting your ship to open your scanner. Now you can check what minerals meteorites are made of before you blow them up to harvest them (yeah, you can do that too), but you can also see tags on visible planets in your system.

Want to travel from Earth to the Moon – sorry, from Earth to Luna ? Open your scanner and you can press X right from your pilot’s seat to initiate that fast travel sequence. This can go surprisingly far within a system, and is far more immersive than the usual menu-filled method. Yes, you’re still travelling via loading screen, but it feels better to plot your course in real space than in a gamified menu.

You can also fast travel directly to your selected quest this way, by hovering over the blue quest marker which appears in the galaxy. Of course, you’ll need to abide by the usual fast travel rules requiring you to have travelled the route to the system before, but it still feels good.

Space travel in Starfield still isn’t great, but utilising your onboard scanner makes it a little more immersive than the menu method of fast travel that most of us have used for our playthroughs so far.

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Starfield: How To Fast Travel Without Menus


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  1. Entire Skyrim playthrough without fast travel, Fun or Tedious?

    Entire Skyrim playthrough without fast travel, Fun or Tedious? I've been wondering if I should start a new playthrough and not use fast travel at all. I find fast travel a bit stupid so I thought it would be cool and way more immersive.

  2. Playing with no fast travel! :: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim General

    #1 ScareCrow Jul 22, 2017 @ 7:34pm This game is one of those games that should never even have fast travel, it makes the game a whole lot harder but also make it so much more immersive. you get to feel how its like to walk around in a dangerous place #2 Morrandir Jul 22, 2017 @ 10:59pm Originally posted by ScareCrow:

  3. Journeyman

    Fast Travel Many Survival-oriented mods remove fast travel from the game. This encourages exploration and adds to the immersiveness that many players experience when using these mods. Unfortunately, it also sucks massive donkey balls, because playing without fast travel makes it extremely clear that Skyrim was designed around fast travel.

  4. Skyrim: Complete Guide To Survival Mode and Camping

    Survival Mode Mechanic. Explanation. No Fast Travel. In Skyrim Survival Mode fast travel is disabled, meaning that if you want to quickly get around the province, you have to hire a carriage or boat

  5. To people who did "No fast travel playthroughs" : r/skyrim

    I did overland travel by foot mostly. Carriages to new holds. But if I have to buy 100 iron ingots for building my homestead, I have no issues using fast travel. That stuff is just pointless. I even did one run where I tried to gather almost everything myself (ended up with soooo much iron ore and corundum ore..), but even that had its limits.

  6. Skyrim survival mode: How to enable survival mode and survival mode

    Survival mode changes, including fast travel, explained. Survival Mode in the Anniversary Edition is a new, exciting way to make your time in the continent of Skyrim a little more challenging and fun.

  7. Skyrim is more enjoyable without fast travel : r/skyrim

    Skyrim is more enjoyable without fast travel I'm finding myself way more immersed in my adventures with fast travel turned off (survival mode). It feels like a real adventure going from town to town on horseback, even when it's back and forth fetch quests. Anyone else? 542 137 137 comments Add a Comment CromulentPoint • 2 mo. ago

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    No Fast Travel at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community All games Skyrim Special Edition Mods Gameplay No Fast Travel No Fast Travel Endorsements 945 Unique DLs 19,924 Total DLs 29,271 Total views 90,485 Version 2.1 Download: Manual 3 items Last updated 27 June 2023 2:02PM Original upload 28 February 2020 7:59PM Created by lilebonymace

  9. Simply No Fast Travel at Skyrim Nexus

    Skyrim Mods Immersion Simply No Fast Travel Simply No Fast Travel Endorsements 632 Unique DLs 11,072 Total DLs 17,824 Total views 69,100 Version 1.0 Download: Manual 1 items Last updated 20 May 2016 9:29AM Original upload 20 May 2016 1:02PM Created by Pharros Uploaded by Pharros Virus scan Safe to use Tags for this mod Gameplay Lore-Friendly

  10. Traveling

    Also, there's a horse near Winterhold that you can get without stealing and without paying 1,000 Gold. Once you ride the horse it becomes yours and will even follow you around when you fast travel.

  11. 5 Open-World Games That Improve When Ignoring Fast Travel

    Fast travel is a feature many folks use without thinking in games. Still, some titles with it available are far better if players ignore it entirely. ... Skyrim's fast travel system is more of a ...

  12. Good mods that makes traveling skyrim without fast travel more fun?

    I came back to Skyrim after a long break, I played Kingdom Cone Deliverance recently (incredible RPG) on hardcore without fast travel - it was one of best gaming experiences ever. But I realized that Skyrim was simply designed with fast travel in mind, quests that make you hop all around map are super frustrating on survival.

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    1 Conditions 2 Fast travel time 3 Trivia 4 Bugs Conditions

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    A Game without Fast Travel - Jun 9, 12 "Can not fast travel while taking health damage" - Jan 18, 24; Joys while travelling in Skyrim - Dec 5, 11; Fast Travel question - Oct 7, 13; Fast Travel ...

  15. Skyrim without fast travel, AT ALL, EVER!

    Once I complete the story line I won't use fast travel anymore. I've still found the vast majority of the map, but I haven't beat the game at level 44 yet either. I just want to finish the quests that are going to without fail send me all over creation before I start hoofing it non-stop.

  16. How do I fast travel without my horse?

    VenM 7 years ago #3. Head to any stable and steal a horse (has to be unowned) and fast travel with it to another hold. It should be placed automatically into a stable, only since you don't own it, it returns to its "original" stable. CarbideTitan 7 years ago #4. I think summoning arvak and mounting him works.

  17. Skyrim Without Fast Travel : r/skyrim

    Skyrim Without Fast Travel I have just begun my 4th playthrough of Skyrim and I plan to complete without fast travel. Are horses like Frost a faster way to travel than sprinting with light Armor, refilling stamina through healing spells (respite perk of restoration tree)?

  18. Modded Skyrim Is The Best Hardcore Survival Experience

    It's a hurdle that brings another layer of depth to Skyrim's exploration. With mods like No Fast Travel and iNeed, you can't just open a map and teleport across the country on a whim.

  19. Unlimited Fast Travel at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus

    Unlimited Fast Travel at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community All games Skyrim Special Edition Mods Gameplay Unlimited Fast Travel Unlimited Fast Travel Endorsements 2,975 Unique DLs 66,663 Total DLs 124,087 Total views 191,400 Version 1.4.1 Download: Manual 2 items Last updated 10 December 2023 12:04PM Original upload

  20. Skyrim

    Hit Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox to bring up your menu, then hit the down button to head to your map. Move your cursor over a landmark you've visited at least once before, be it a city, a ...

  21. Mods for a "No Fast Travel" Playthrough for SSE : r/skyrimmods

    Not related to travel mechanics, but for more interesting travel I can recommend { {SkyTEST}}, which makes wildlife much better (including things like attacking animals running away if you use flame spells on them, or if they're hurt enough), { {Camping Lite}} as a minimalist camping mod, { {Skyrim Bridges}} for unique bridges, { {Immersive Worl...

  22. Starfield: How To Fast Travel Without Menus

    There's a way to fast travel without menus in Starfield, Bethesda just doesn't tell you how TheGamer ... I often thought back to playing Skyrim, and the excitement of stumbling upon new towns ...

  23. Fast Travel on Survival mode for Anniversary Edition. : r/skyrim

    At the time it seemed to be a small window of opportunity: when you exit a buildinging/cave/internal location and then open the map- you would get the option to fast travel to major locations when hovering over the location icon/map markers.