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MEdia Cadette Journey

Thank you for your interest in joining our virtual troop for this Cadette Journey called MEdia. Please register, wait for approval and then sign in. Click on the title of each meeting post to see the assignment. There will be discussion topics, that you’ll write in the comments box that says “Reply” at the bottom of the page. All of the reading assignments are in the MEdia Journey book , which is a requirement for the course. The book is available new at any Girl Scout council store and available new and used online at or in many local libraries. If you or your parents or troop leader have questions they can contact me, your virtual leader, by emailing Debbie Lechner, at  [email protected] .

Working on these challenges will be an exciting time of Discovering, Connecting and Taking Action with other Cadette virtual friends to complete the MEdia Cadette Journey.

Within 8 sections there will be interesting online assignments and you are welcome to enjoy those on your own, with your family, or with another girl scout friend.

On this journey you have the opportunity to earn three awards, all of which build foundational leadership skills critical to moving up the Girl Scout ladder of leadership and becoming lifelong leaders:

Monitor Award – You complete a few activities that get you to hone in on the role media plays in your life and the lives of people around you and in your community and you create and take a community survey about media use.

Influence Award – You complete a MEdia Remake Project to make media that better represents your reality.

Cultivate Award – You challenge yourself to make a positive change in the way you use media in your life – a change that you cultivate so it grows into a full-fledged inspiration for others.

By taking part in these 8 assignments you will earn the 3 awards and complete the MEdia Journey but there are many more exciting and interesting things you can try in your MEdia booklet. Feel free to read and explore those other activities as we take this journey together.

Now, please tell us a little about yourself and why you are doing this online journey in the comments section below!

12 replies on “Welcome to Our Virtual Troop”

Hi, I’m here that way I can do a journey because I missed our camp’s cadette journey. This will help me complete my silver award.

Hi i’m Enya, and I want to complete my gold award.

Hi I’m Layla and I’m doing the journey so I can do my silver award.

Hello!! Im Adoriam, Im a senior. Im a little late on this journey so I thought I could still do It because I really want to do my Gold award.

Hi, my name is Nyla Moss. I’m a Cadette in troop 40503. I see things in commercials, ads and magazines all the time that tells me what my weight, hair and body shape should look like. Sometimes those things can tear people down, this is a reason why I wanted to do the MEdia journey. I also want to do this journey because this is a step that I have to take to get my Silver award.

Hello I am Charlotte I am a Cadette and my troop is 716 I am here on my journey to someday getting by silver award

Hi! my name is Riley and I’m a Cadette I spend a lot of time on my phone and the internet so it brings a lot of interest to me. I would like to learn more about and the influencers and about the internet.

Hi my is Allie and I belong to the Cadette troop 716 and I am doing the virtual journey because it is a stepping stone to my silver award.

Hello – I’m Krista Haubner. I have been leading my Senior Troop through the Sow What Journey through the virtual troop and I love the resource. It has saved me tons of time reinventing the wheel and the girls have learned so much. My Cadette troop just decided the want to work on the Media Journey this summer. Since we can’t meet again in person until after July 31st, I thought this would be a prefect time to get started.

Welcome, Krista! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the resource. It’s a great time to get started. Deb

Hi I’m Debbie, I’m the virtual leader for this website and right now I’m logged in as a user and I’m testing the comments so I’m sure that they’ll work when you try them! I’m excited to have you join the virtual troop!

Hi. I’m Cecilia.

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  1. PDF Cadette MEdia Journey 1 Purpose: Planning Guides Link: 1.5 hours

    Cadette MEdia Journey Monitor Award Activity Plan 1 Purpose: When girls have earned this award, they will have taken stock of media in their world and the influence it has. Planning Guides Link: Leadership Lesson Plan Length: 1.5 hours Involve Family and Friends: Participation from family and friends can enrich your troop's Girl Scout experience, both for the girls and for you.

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    To kick off this Journey, girls conduct a media walkabout where they discover how much media surrounds them. Directions for this activity can be found on pp. 28-29 in the adult guide. After introducing the girls to the Journey and awards, consider hosting a "movie night" and invite other Cadettes embarking on this same Journey.

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    MEdia . A Leadership Journey Workshop for Girl Scout Cadettes. This Program Brought to you by GSCNC and R.E.A.C.H. 2. Workshop Schedule. Location. Camp Brighton Woods, located near Ashton, MD 120 Brighton Dam Road, Brookeville, MD 20833 . The Program will be located in the Main Room of the Brighton Lodge . Schedule for the Day.

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    Activity #1: Stereotype Search. Journey Connection: Session 2 - Unmasking Media Stereotypes Time Allotment: 15 minutes Materials Needed: • Magazines • Scissors Steps: 1. Advertising and its messages are often at the root of concerns people have about media. Use this activity to get the girls talking about the messages they receive from ...

  5. PDF Up All Night Curriculum

    10 minutes. 1. Give each girl a slip of paper and give them 30 seconds to write the name of a famous girl or woman in the media on the slip. Toss all of the slips into a bag or pot. 2. Divide the girls into two teams. On each turn, one team keeps time for 60 seconds while the other team picks a clue-giver. 3.

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    Intro to Journey: There are 3 parts to this journey This weekend you will earn each part. We will explore different areas of Media. Part 1 - MONITOR. 3 activities - girls book. 1- Slice the pie. 2- P 29 take it apart. 3- Music (P 60 commercial.

  7. Welcome to Our Virtual Troop

    Thank you for your interest in joining our virtual troop for this Cadette Journey called MEdia. Please register, wait for approval and then sign in. Click on the title of each meeting post to see the assignment. There will be discussion topics, that you'll write in the comments box that says "Reply" at the bottom of the page.

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    Title. Cadette MEdia Journey Retreat Manual. Created Date. 6/7/2022 8:20:04 AM.

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    Step 3: The Influence Award part 1: This is your Take Action project for this Journey. Go to page 74-75 for Media Remake ideas and suggestions, or come up with your own. Carry out the media remake project of your choice. Step 4: The Influence Award part 2: Share what you've learned and created. Find an audience and share your Media remake ...

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    CADETTE MEDIA JOURNEY - MEETING 2. Award Purpose: When you've earned this award, you'll be able to recognize the influence of media on your everyday life, and make a commitment to cultivating positive change in how you use media. Law. Review the results of the media survey that you designed and completed in Meeting 1.

  11. MEdia for Cadettes

    Cadette Girl Scouts are constantly bombarded with messages telling them how to look, act, and think! In this 4-day virtual Media Journey workshop series, Girl Scout Cadettes will learn to examine the messages they see with a critical eye. Using their newfound media savvy, they will create a Take Action project that focuses on media messages ...

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    Breathe. Journey Planner for Leaders. Guide girls to complete a Journey while still participating in traditional Girl Scout events and earning badges. These activities are categorized by: Traditions-Combine Girl Scout traditions throughout the year with Journey activities. Earn It!-Earn the Journey awards by completing these activities.

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    interact. Title. Cadette Journey Snapshot Amaze. Author. stebow. Subject. A summary of the Journey and how to earn it. Created Date. 5/14/2015 2:25:55 PM.

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    Cadette Journey Overview Title Description *All Journeys require a Take Action Project related to the Topic* Community Resources It's Your Story—Tell It: MEdia Explore media for ways to reshape media messages to be positive. Talk to a TV show producer about what influences their work, organize a movie night and discuss the film's messages ...

  15. PDF MEdia Journey Series

    Completing a Cadette Journey is a prerequisite for the Silver Award. For Girl Scout Cadettes, Grades 6-8 . $100.00 includes workshop series (Journey book & awards are not included) Meeting dates are Sundays, April 14, 21, 28, May 5, 2024 . 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM PST . Participants start the Journey and earn awards on completion of their Take Action ...

  16. PDF aMAZE!

    The best tools for girls and adults on their Journey adventure are How to Guide Girl Scout Cadettes Through aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along* (adult guide) and It's Your World-Change It! A Leadership Journey aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along* (Journey book). The adult guide has prompts to help leaders guide their troop, and

  17. PDF Journey Toolkit (Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors)

    During this Journey girls will also 'Slice the Media Pie' to realize their exposure to media and the amount of time media consumes on a daily basis. Girls have the opportunity to earn three awards. A brief description of the awards is listed below. MONITOR AWARD - Girls earn this award when they take stock of media in their world and

  18. PDF Cadette MEdia Journey Meeting 3

    Activity #3: Be the Change Time: 15 minutes Award Connection: Session 9 - The ME in Media and Session 10 - A Better Media Reality Materials Needed: Journal or notebook; writing utensils; Media Commitment handout (at the end of this activity plan) Prep Needed: • Print copies of the Media Commitment handout before the meeting. 1.

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    2. Plan a Take Action Project that encourages positive messages in media—rewrite a song that has hurtful lyrics about women, create a blog that reviews how movies and TV shows depict girls, or start a Twitter campaign responding to stereotypes you see in the media. 3. Earn 3 awards: Monitor Award, Influence Award, and Cultivate Award.

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    ©2016 Girl Scouts Gateway Council 1 Cadette aMAZE Journey Activity Plan 1 Purpose: When girls have earned this award, they will better understand the complexities of friendship and getting along with others. Planning Guides Link: Leadership Activity Plan Length: 90 minutes Girls Take the Lead: While earning this award, there are many ways for girls to be leaders.

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    On this Journey, Cadettes explore the media they love, including movies, TV shows, and music, and how to reshape negative media messages into more positive o...

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    2. While having a healthy snack, take a slip of paper and write a sound bite that says something about your likes or skills. Examples: "plays piano," "allergic to peanuts," "loves camping," "always smiling.". 3. Put all the slips of paper in a container. Ask each girl to pick out a slip and read it aloud.

  23. PDF Earning the LiA Award

    Journey that correlates with the Journey they are working on. (Some examples would be World of Girls and MEdia or the Brownie and Cadette Think Like an Engineer Journey.) There are specific LiA award requirements for the three original Journey series: It's Your World—Change It!, It's Your Planet—Love It!, and It's Your Story—Tell It!.