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100 Dungeons and Dragons Roadside Encounters

Travel in d&d or pathfinder doesn't need to be boring..

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Travel time in Dungeons and Dragons can be boring. But it doesn’t have to be. Lord of the Rings taught us that the adventure is in the journey. Here are 100 Dungeons and Dragons roadside encounters to make that trip to the next town a little more enjoyable.

You’ll note that few of these lead immediately to “roll initiative.” Instead, these are meant to add intrigue, introduce an important NPC, or perhaps serve as a red herring. And, you know, some will lead to the words “roll initiative,” so that’s nice.

You can read through them to work as inspiration for encounters you want to spring at your players, our you can roll 2d10 and take your campaign off the rails by letting chance dictate. Regardless, enjoy.

1. A huge nest has fallen from a tree on the side of the road. The strange-looking eggs within seem on the verge of hatching.

2. A dwarf falls from the sky onto the road with a splat. (Did a creature drop it, was he launched into the air, did he fall from a floating fortress?)

3. A row of severed heads on spikes and a warning sign claiming, “Dis Rode Belong Negan”

4. A very small goblin wearing an old carpet as a cape leaps into the path and demands tribute.

5. A crazed halfling, starved out of his mind, jumps to the backs of the PCs and rips their packs apart with his teeth in search of food.

6. A bounty hunter tracks his target.

7. A lush garden is filled with ripe vegetables. It is protected by a magical ward, but what is triggered when entering the garden?

8. A monstrous mount is ridden by a gnome. Friend or foe?

9. Two guards hold a wanted poster. They carefully studies the party as they pass by.

10. A smiling roadside merchant roasts rats, frogs, and squirrels on sticks. He offers a bite to the PCs.

11. A chatty bard walks alongside the party. Time for an exposition dump!

12. A bridle ties a well-groomed speckled horse to a nearby tree. The horse is fitted with an elegant but empty saddle. Who does it belong to? Do the PCs take it?

13. A powerful storm forced you to take the only available refuge: an elderly couple’s home just off the side of the road. The two room home holds numerous open cups of the same pungent liquid.

14. A naked bard asks for a lift to the nearest inn where he left his clothes and money.

15. Alongside the road, a charlatan asks the party if they want to see a performance of his trained pets. The slightest affirmative answer causes Steve to give a whistle, and a huge swarm of ravenous locusts suddenly manifests.

16. A fat friar hurries past the PCs mumbling, “It isn’t fair.”

17. An evil wizard is tied to a stake, the body still smoking.

18. Three young men work on tipping over an occupied outhouse.

19. A band of orcs runs toward the party. They look over their shoulders and try to run through the party. Something dreadful has terrified them, and the party is heading in its direction!

20. Traveling off the main road, the PCs feel like they are being followed. Who is hunting them?

21. Three types of meat hang on a spit over a campfire. It is clear that it is three types of humanoids that hang over the flames.

22. A snowy road hides a sinkhole that chutes the party on a slalom slide down the mountainside.

23. A well-spoken bugbear wearing fine studded leather armor is trapped under a fallen tree. He begs the party to come to his aid.

24. A ranger stops by the group’s camp one night and gives them advice on the trail ahead, including places to camp and a tavern where they can get good rates if they mention his name. All his advice is impeccable, but when they mention his name at the tavern, they’re told he died years ago on that very road.

25. A shopping list for potions lies on the ground.

26. The local baron has enacted a toll bridge. Several peasants were unaware, and cannot afford the toll. They beg the PCs for change.

27. You find the remains of a pouch that contains coins fro ma land you do not recognize.

28. The party hears a long stream of curses further up the road. Then they spot a head in the road. A person is still alive, buried up to his neck!

29. An arrow hits a nearby trunk, a message wrapped around the shaft.

30. A bridge is missing. Where it used to be is now a ferry service, for a sizable fee. The ferry looks like it might consist of bridge parts, and only takes a few travelers at a time.

31. A loaded wagon travels down the road toward the party, but it has no apparent means of propulsion.

32. As bandits attack, the PCs realize a friend of theirs is among the robbers.

33. There is a mysterious flicker ahead, and one member of your party suddenly stops, paralyzed.

34. Orcs gather twigs and berries along the road and it’s clear they have non-hostile purpose. Will the PCs attack just because they are orcs?

35. A tree falls onto the road. Then a fireball blows up the tree. It appears the PCs are in the middle of a skirmish between druids and fire wizards.

36. Flowers by the roadside turn their heads to follow the party, and they’re getting larger.

37. An overturned beer cart lies in the road. Nearby, an enormous troll snores loudly, surrounded by empty kegs.

38. A set of shackles lies at the side of the road.

39. A village can be seen to the west. It isn’t on any of the maps.

40. Three pilgrims trudge along the dusty road, an old man and two young men. Simple travelers? Or are they more than they seem?

41. You stumble upon an old scroll case wedged between a tangle of tree branches. Inside is a village’s charter of rights and freedoms.

42. A dead magic user clutches a scroll in his stiff hand. The scroll says something important.

43. A single giant footprint lies along the path. There are no other signs of such footprints in the area.

44. You party awakens to find all your gear has been stolen during the night. A quick search reveals twelve sets of tracks and, lying in the middle of your campsite, a smoldering pouch of herbs that, when you sniff them, make you feel slightly drowsy.

45. An enormous dragon lands on the road in front of the group. It asks for directions to a certain village, gives the party a generous tip, and then flies off saying he intends to raze it to the ground.

46. An exotic, almost alien weapon or tool lies on the side of the road.

47. The PCs mysteriously repeat a piece of road they already passed, though the route has been perfectly straight to this point. The road even includes their footprints.

48. A dozen townsfolk are running after a fleeing woman and attempting to stone her to death for being a prostitute.

49. Two other adventuring groups are arguing in the middle of the road.

50. You see a man-sized shadow from the left side of the road waving its arms at you. “Over here, quickly, I’ve caught one!”

51. A person fleeing arranged marriage seeks refuge with the PCs.

52. Picked mushrooms lay on stump to dry.

53. A strange old man offers the PCs a scroll in a language they cannot read.

54. Gnomes are holding a yard sale! They have any number of strange and fascinating contraptions.

55. Someone has scattered caltrops across the road.

56. You encounter a monk, a monkey, a turtle and a pig, all heading west.

57. A weathered sign points off the road, yet with no apparent trail to follow.

58. The next 100 feet of road are covered with newly grown grass.

59. Ladies clothing and under clothing are strewn in the bushes along the road. How did these get here?

60. A formerly brilliant wizard, now pesters the party with the incoherent rants of a man driven mad by a botched invisibility spell.

61. A drunken dwarf staggers along, challenging everyone to a wrestling match.

62. A goblin, on fire, runs shrieking past the party.

63. A rock with an odd, glowing rune sits by the road ahead.

64. A noble, disguised as a filthy beggar, tests the party’s compassion and generosity. If they pass whatever standard he sets, then he becomes a source of various quests that require personal sacrifice to accomplish.

65. A circus is set up alongside the road. A barker on the roadside cajoles you to “come inside and see what wonders it holds.”

66. The road crests a hill, and spread out before the group is a stunning, sweeping vista of the land beyond. A painter sits nearby, capturing the scene, and asks the group to pose for his foreground.

67. An overturned rowboat sits on the side of the road. There is no river or stream nearby. Under the rowboat is an entrance to a lair.

68. A wandering cleric begs the heroes to recover a relic for them.

69. A road sign saying where you came from is ahead of you.

70. A group of guardsmen hang wanted posters on trees. One face looks familiar to a PC.

71. A carriage is stuck high up in a tree.

72. In the morning while breaking camp, the PCs spot a bush that wasn’t there before.

73. A beautiful woman, adorned in the robes of an enchantress, emerges from hiding near the road and implores you to lend her aid.

74. The road is lined with snakes sleeping in the sun.

75. A necromancer uses his talents to animate animal and human corpses and forces them to perform in a roadside circus. The townsfolk from a nearby village seem to enjoy the show a bit too much.

76. A chain gang digs ditches beside the road.

77. A traveling minstrel challenges the wisest looking member of the party to a storytelling contest.

78. A wizened tinker sells charms from his cart: dried frogs, finger bones, cat skulls, and the like. Leaving him, you turn to find he is eerily out of sight altogether.

79. A paladin of a holy church and his retinue have ridden out on a holy crusade against evil and demand others who serve the cause of good to join their cause on the spot.

80. The road starts to get muddy. Soon the mud is two feet deep. Water in the ditches alongside starts to bubble.

81. A majestic elk sprints past with something golden caught in its antlers.

82. A stranger on the road tells each PC to repent of their sins. He knows details.

83. A door stands beside the road, but there is no sign of the rest of the house.

84. A wine merchant’s wagon has shattered a wheel and he offers passers-by cut rate prices on his wares as it is getting repaired.

85. An ugly old woman struggles to bring her wash basket of wet clothes up from the creek to the road. She stumbles and drops the laundry back down the slope.

86. A monk, collapsed and bleeding on the roadside, pushes an unremarkable ring into a PC’s hands and desperately whispers, “You must…” before exhaling his last breath.

87. A lost gnome asks for directions.

88. A dead raven lies on the road, pierced by a bright blue fletched arrow.

89. A table on the roadside holds a large basket of fresh vegetables. A sign reads “1 copper a bunch: honesty is a virtue!”

90. You find a small leather bag. It smells of moisture, and contains a set of keys and a vellum map to the location of a small keep.

91. The road is littered with bear traps.

92. A thick fog has settled on the bridge ahead.

93. The group arrives late at night at a tiny village straddling the road. They secure accommodation and food from the friendly locals and fall asleep. In the morning the village is empty and ruined, as if abandoned years ago.

94. As the road passes through a hilly region, you spy a cave, from which can be heard the voice of a singing female.

95. As you turn the corner, a dwarf and elf are standing over a stack of goblin corpses. They argue over the kill count.

96. The party notices a sudden and drastic change in temperature, then just like that, things are back to normal.

97. A little girl is watching you from just off the road. The next time you glance over, you see a wolf run away.

98. An ecstatic farmer presses a cigar into your hands and proclaims, “It’s a girl!”

99. Scratched into the dust of the road are the words, “Good luck tomorrow. You’re going to need it.”

100. The entire party suddenly loses their bearings and realize that they’ve walked the same mile three times. Are they road weary or are they caught in something manipulating them.

Enjoy. if you want more encounters, check out the work of Johnn Four .  Or give our 100 City Encounters  and 100 Forest Encounters lists a look!

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random travel encounters 5e

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random travel encounters 5e

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Road Encounters | 5e Random Encounter Table for Levels 17-20

  • November 18, 2023
  • Posted by Luke Hart

Road Encounters | 5e Random Encounter Table for Levels 17-20

By Hana the Lorekeeper

Did your 5e players go off in a random direction again? Or maybe you just need a cool 5e encounter to spice up the monotony of travel? 5e random encounters to the rescue!

But not just a mindless list of 5e monsters--that's less than useful. Instead, we present to you a 5e random encounter table WITH CONTEXT that sets up interesting situations.

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Road Encounters - Level 17-20 Random Encounter Table

These level 17-20 random encounters can be used to spice up travel in your game. Feel free to customize the details of these random encounters to fit your world and your players' playstyle!

Want More Random Encounters?

If you'd like even more random encounters, spanning levels 1 to 20, check out Loot & Lore . In addition to more random encounter tables, it's packed full of professionally developed 5e resources you can drag and drop into your games: traps, puzzles, magic items, and more!

Reduce your prep time by letting the DM Lair team do some of the work for you, and still run amazing games your players with love!

Loot & Lore

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random travel encounters 5e

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Dungeons & Dragons: 6 Ways The Warlock Class Is Changing In The 2024 Player's Handbook

Everything revealed in magic: the gathering's bloomburrow debut, what's the point of warhammer you can't use.

Swamp by Michael Bierek AND Tome Raider by Randy Vargas

Dungeons and Dragons campaigns can end up spanning thousands of miles, with the party traveling from coast to coast, across mountains and through different planes of existence. Keeping the game interesting even when transportation spells aren't available yet is vitally important.

Related: Dungeons And Dragons: Classic Side Quest Ideas

A long, lonely road is a great place for role play and getting your players to develop their characters and form bonds. You could run the typical bandit ambush or highway robbery, but if you're looking for something they'll never expect, throw one of these random encounters at your players to really get them thinking.

10 Shifty Traveling Merchant

Heading towards the party is a small coach with two horses, hurriedly driven onwards. Upon interacting with the sweaty driver, the players may determine that he's in a rush and trying to get away from a mob that's chasing after him. The salesman has been visiting small towns and villages, selling Wyvern Oil in exchange for valuable possessions from desperate townsfolk.

If the players refuse to let him leave, he's willing to sell the possessions at a massive discount and continue to outrun the angry mob. Many of these items are mere trinkets and silverware, but if they sift through the junk, the party can uncover common magical items ..

9 Moral Quandary

Beyond the treeline, the party spots a dark plume of smoke caused by a terrible house fire. Upon arriving at the scene, they're met with a large crowd of bystanders, all holding buckets but not helping to extinguish the fire. Two individuals are desperately trying to save the large house alone, begging for others to help. The bystanders will explain that this is the wealthiest property in the region, and the family heavily taxes the locals.

They also point out that gold doesn't burn, and are planning to ransack the remains once it's died down. Whether the PCs snatch the villagers' buckets to do a good deed or stand and watch it all go up in flames, this will hopefully spark a debate about the characters' moral standings.

8 Surprise Party

On a quiet track through the woods, the party finds themselves abruptly pulled up into the canopy in a large blanket. As they struggle and try to cut themselves out of the trap, they hear excitable voices and celebratory cheers. It's not long before the wrapped-up party is deposited onto the ground again, and the blanket stripped away to reveal a sea of innocent faces that quickly become shocked.

Related: Dungeons And Dragons: Strongest Classes, Ranked

A group of friends had planned to "kidnap" their buddy, Ash, for a surprise birthday party, and Bernie had been sent to make sure that Ash and some other friends were on this specific path at this specific time. What a massive misunderstanding! Hopefully none of your violent adventuring party managed to hurt these misguided partiers. They're invited to attend the party as an apology.

7 Ominous Rock

It's pretty hard to miss it, far off along the road, maybe in the plains or the mountains, there stands a ten-foot tall boulder. It seems to be made of obsidian, sharp and warm to the touch. When approached, the rock hums gently, and if knocked upon, it sounds a little hollow.

The party has found the ominous rock. To add even more mystery, residents of the closest village might warn the travelers about the rock, whispering folklore and mumbling prayers of safekeeping. The big secret about this rock is that it's a normal rock. There's no magic, no cool backstory. If the adventurers don't leave it alone, then maybe the big rock of paranoia ends up as the campaign's big bad. Watch them obsess over a totally inert stone in the road.

6 A Haunting Display

Some ways along a forest road, the most perceptive player hears soft knocking coming from the woods. Upon investigation, the party finds a 50-foot tall fir, so covered in clean bones that it's difficult to see the tree itself. Hanging from the underside of the lowest branches are animal pelts, and other gory viscera depending on the hardiness of your friends.

Related: Dungeons And Dragons: The Best Warlock Patrons

If someone is brave enough to disturb the roots, they'll find heaps of nicely wrapped gifts. Boxes and parcels tied up with string, shiny and new, sitting in stark contrast to the horrors displayed above them. Who decorated the tree? Who placed presents around it? How long has it been like this? Come up with your own answers, or leave it as a mystery to haunt the party.

5 Couple's Counseling

Soon after setting off at sunrise, the party come across a heated argument. Two individuals scream accusations and curse at each other. If the party intervene, the couple explains they agreed to a duel at dawn to sort out who is in the wrong. They've tried to settle it amicably, but neither trusts the other at this point.

She is convinced her husband only agreed to marry her to get access to her family's vast estate, and now he intends to sell it to bail his own failed business out and divorce her. He retorts angrily, accusing his wife of making a deal with the local mage, forcing him to fall in love and propose against his will. Now the spell has faded, and he wants compensation for his business failing. You can add to this story or change some details, and let the party decide if and how to help the couple.

4 A Good Deed

At the edge of town, a young Dwarven girl can be heard singing to passersby, hoping for some coin to feed her and her siblings. She isn't getting much positive attention, though, as her singing voice is gratingly poor. Spiteful teens jeer at her from the other side of the street, but run off when the adventuring party comes near.

The girl refuses the players if they try to give her a large sum of money, stating that they must have worked hard for the money, and she must do the same. The team might try to teach the girl a different performance to entice people, such as juggling or a gambling game.

3 Questionable Combat

Ambushes on the road are a common occurrence, but for something a little more interesting, a lone Goblin jumps from the bushes along the road. They initiate battle with the strongest looking adventurer. The blows the Goblin lands are non-lethal, and its heart doesn't seem in the fight.

Related: Dungeons And Dragons: Different Ways To Resurrect A Character

If they decide to question it, the party learns that the Goblin was meant to be chaperoning a group of children through a dangerous forest. Upon hearing the approach of a rival Goblin clan, the chaperone hid "like a coward", and let the children be kidnapped. The Goblin, feeling guilty and shameful, intends to return to its own clan and claim that it tried its best to fight off the attackers, but it needs to look like it's been wounded first.

2 Fairy Ring

When the players look for a clearing to make camp, they stumble across a ring of brightly colored mushrooms. With a high enough Nature or Arcana check, it's revealed that this is a teleportation circle to the Feywild. Stepping within the ring and presenting the mushrooms with a small gift will whisk the individual off to a similar Fairy Ring on the Feywild plane.

This can be used for quick travel to random places in Faerun, as the magic in the Feywild can mean stepping in the same Fairy Ring will send you to a totally different place.

1 Creepy Companion

For a truly unsettling adventure, after a long night's rest , the players find that their luggage has been rifled through. Things have been removed from bags and turned upside down, as though someone was searching for something. After a thorough check, nothing is missing, except the party's nerve.

Each night, whenever someone fails a 20 perception check, an invisible Brownie darts out from behind the treeline and quickly searches some belongings. It never seems to find what it's looking for, but for a few nights, it will be all the adventurers can think about. This is a minor encounter, meant to give the dungeon master a little kick!

Next: Classic Endings For Your Next Dungeons And Dragons Campaign

LitRPG Reads

D100 Random Encounter Tables for Tabletop RPG

Random Encounter Tables

This page is a collection of all the DND 5e random encounter tables I have created. Feel free to use them in your Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other tabletop role-playing game campaign. (I’ve got plenty of other DND plot hooks as well…)

NOTE: Be sure to bookmark this page about Random Encounter Table 5e , as I will be updating it with more random tables goodness.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find these tables useful for all your RPG needs. Reach out on Twitter — @litrpgform — if you have any tips for this site or just want to say hello. I’m always interested in new random encounter tables.

Swamp Encounters

Forest encounters, city encounters, non-combat encounters, wilderness encounters, jungle encounters, road encounters, more random encounters, how do random encounters work in dnd, are random encounters good for dnd, how do i get a random encounter, how do you make random encounters more fun in d&d, how often do you roll random encounters, more random encounter tables.

random travel encounters 5e

More Great D100 RPG Lists?

Check out my softcover tabletop games resource series on Amazon!


This is a collection of the D&D Random Encounter Tables I have created. Some of them are related to one another. Feel free to use them in your own campaign. You might need to make some adjustments, but they should help with dungeons or many other locations.

Random Encounter Table 5e Guide

I’ve split my fantasy random encounter tables into several sections.

The swamp is a dangerous place. There are dangerous beasts , and there are also dangerous people. These tables will give your players some interesting and dangerous opposition in a swamp setting .

As always, they’re more of idea-seeds – things you can use as a DM to direct your players and to add some flavor to your encounters when PCs are traveling in a swampy area or another place that’s similar.

  • 1d20 Swamp Encounters – This is a list of 20 random events in a swamp for your PCs to add some variety. They are fairly generic, but they can come together to tell a unified story with a bit of work on the DM’s part. Each description is about a hundred words or so. Some NPC data is included.
  • Non-Combat Swamp Encounters – This is a huge list of 100 unique events in a swamp. There are a few details that could lead to a larger adventure or campaign, but the DM will need to flesh them out. Overall, it’s a comprehensive list. Your PCs can find a tribe of gnolls or something even more sinister.

When your players are entering the woods or a forest , these random encounter tables will throw some variety at them. I’ve spent a lot of time coming up with the encounters then editing them so they’re balanced. I’ve often had to give some monsters a boost to make them more interesting – or add them to a tribe of locals or an interesting town to spice things up.

The forest is a dangerous place, and what’s even more dangerous are the monsters and brigands who live there. These tables include a lot of those “dangerous” NPCs as well. As a DM, you can use these tables not only to start an encounter, but to decide what your players should be doing in the woods (or any other place they end up going). There’s lots of monsters and creatures to include.

  • 600 Random Woods Encounters – A list of 600 related ideas for PCs in a forest . There’s a good mix of starters to get the creative juices flowing if your PCs are traveling through the woods and need something interesting to come across when having a random encounter in this place. That tribe of halflings might be more than it seems after you enter their town for the first time!

Need even more? I’ve got thousands of free random forest encounters on my other website. Go check it out.

Want some more variety when your PCs are in a city environment or a new town ? Here you go! All sorts of variety…

  • D100 City Encounters – This is a massive random encounter table with 100 unique and interesting encounters in a large, magical city . PCs will be kept on their toes with some of these encounters. There is a small cast of characters in this resource. Some encounters are related to others in the list. They can be adjusted for a smaller town too by a good DM.

Need even more? I’ve got thousands of free random city encounters on my other website. Level up and go check it out.

  • Non-Combat Encounters – This D&D random encounter table includes 20 events and locations for players. They are generic, but a creative DM can easily flesh them out with related ideas. This is one of an ongoing series of D&D random encounter tables I’m creating for ideas to throw at your PCs. Enjoy! (They will love being able to level up…)

Here are some great d100 fantasy encounter tables. Feel free to modify these events as you need – ie change the order around as necessary. As an experienced DM, I’m sure you have the ability to add areas where you want to add creatures to in your campaign. (Goblins and kobolds can get boring – no matter the level of your PCs!)

Encounters in the wild come in all shapes and sizes. I concentrate on more general ideas that DMs can use to develop by adding specific NPC or monsters – or even a whole tribe of beasts. I don’t include stats on these, but they’re useful for idea generation. (Note: You can order print books with similar content…) Some of the creatures in this list are interesting…the locations too!

  • 100 Wilderness Encounters – A list of twenty interesting and unique encounters to bring some variety to your fantasy tabletop campaign. The PCs in your campaign will love this list… maybe! (There’s always that one PC…)
  • More Wilderness Encounters – Another list of random encounters free that you can check out online right now. One is for general encounters, and the other twenty is for plains encounters.
  • 100 Jungle Encounters – Another great d100 table of encounters. This time, they’re in the jungle. While it’s not a super popular location for fantasy campaigns, it has a lot to offer. Check out these random jungle encounters and let us know what you think.

Your players planning a road trip? Here’s some events for that adventuring party to run into on the way.

  • 200 Road Encounters – Get 200 riveting random road encounters and events, including roadside and travel encounters.

Want even more DND random encounters? Here you go.

random travel encounters 5e

100 Gothic Fantasy RPG Random Encounters: Cursed Castle

May 31, 2024

"A vibrant village festival in Feudal Japan. Villagers are dancing, and food stalls line the streets. A kabuki actor, dressed in elaborate costume, stands at the center, seeking help to recover a stolen mask. Colorful lanterns hang above, creating a festive atmosphere."

100 Samurai RPG Random Encounters: Feudal Japan

May 26, 2024

This vibrant scene depicts two spacefarers in a bustling galactic outpost marketplace, with one character negotiating with an alien merchant. The background features neon signs and various stalls, creating a lively yet organized atmosphere.

100 Cyberpunk RPG Random Encounters: Neon Underground

random travel encounters 5e

100 DND 5e Urban City Encounters Table

August 20, 2022

random travel encounters 5e

D100 Random Mountain Encounters 5e DND

random travel encounters 5e

100 Interesting DND River Encounters

July 21, 2022

random travel encounters 5e

D100 Random Village Encounters for DND

June 24, 2022

random travel encounters 5e

D100 Random Grassland Encounters for DND 5e

June 23, 2022

random travel encounters 5e

DND Random Dungeon Room Generator with AI

May 3, 2022

random travel encounters 5e

600+ Random Forest Encounters for Tabletop RPG

March 21, 2022

random travel encounters 5e

22,000+ Fun D&D Encounter Ideas in 36 Locations

March 19, 2022

random travel encounters 5e

100 Riveting D&D Random Road Encounters

October 22, 2021

Random Encounter Tables FAQ

Here’s some frequently asked questions (and answers) about how to use random encounter tables in D&D 5e and other fantasy tabletop RPG campaigns. These are related to the information above. (These kind of work for fantasy RPG video games too.)

Basically, you or the DM will roll a die depending on the size of the random table. It can be as small as a d4 (or even a d2 if you flip a coin) or as complex as d100. You’ll basically roll then consult the random table to find out what happens to the players. A good DM will sometimes fudge the results if the events will be better for the players, but it can be a great way to stir the imagination.

Yes! If DMs and players aren’t taking them as absolute gospel and not swaying from them when necessary, random encounters can be a great way to spice up an otherwise boring overland journey. They’re also a way for the DM to add a little flavor to a dungeon with a special encounter. Good random tables will have just enough information to get the DM going. The games are better this way – usually.

You can search google of course, but if you want nearly a hundred different options to check out for free, go to Random Tables RPG and browse around. I’ve split it up for fantasy, modern, and science-fiction tabletop settings. You’re sure to find something. The good news is that I also run that site, and I’ve decided to keep publishing free content to the web for gamers everywhere.

DMs, If you’d like to support my efforts in teaching RPG to AI, you can buy my random tables RPG book at Amazon. I’ve actually got quite a few RPG guide books for sale if you’re looking for cheap, creative content to spice up your campaign. If you’ve wondered, “How do I get a random encounter?” Now you know! Check out the website above or head to Amazon and one-click a book or two.

I cast, “Video Answer!” (DMs will laugh at my joke?)

Once again, this is subjective and up to your DM, but in general, one to two encounters every 4 to 8 hours of game time is reasonable. You might want to increase or decrease this number depending on circumstances with your particular group of players. As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to become too reliant on random encounters to fill your time at the table! (I told you this guide was full of helpful tips!)

Check out these random encounter table 5e books I’ve put together. Available on Amazon in ebook and print, there’s three fantasy random tables books available now with more to come soon. I used GPT-3 AI to help me create them. You can  purchase my books  all for a low price – low enough to get one for each party member! Even better, they make a great gift for your Dungeon Master.

D&D Random Encounter Tables

LitRPG Author Paul Bellow

Fantasy rpg random tables books.

random travel encounters 5e

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Map Travel Pace

Light sources, dungeon master tables.

Useful tables for 5E Dungeons and Dragons.

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5E Random Encounters by Level and Terrain

Encounter tables for Low (1-4), Medium (5-10) and High (11+) levels and different terrains.

Expanded tables available at my DM's Guild with support for Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

random travel encounters 5e

This chart uses input variables

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{%enc_table={{$Terrain} {$Level_Range}}%} {%loc_table={{$Terrain} Locations}%} Roll on "{$enc_table}" Location : Roll on "{$loc_table}" They are Roll on "Encounter Activity or Purpose" . Roll on "Encounter Complication"

Rolling on 5E Random Encounters by Level and Terrain

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Non-Combat D&D Encounters for Road and Travelers

A scout and a berserker are just married and ask for local sites to visit

Non-Combat Encounters using creatures from the D&D Monster Manual. For road, trails and travelers.

Road, Trail and Travelers

Non-Combat Encounters for roads and trails, from patrols of guards to giant singing tales. Or you can choose from travelers to be found almost anywhere, wandering the lands.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

Ruins Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild

Non-Combat Encounter Tables - wilds & ruins | underground | travelers | city & village  | level 1-10  | level 11+  | orcs

Non-Combat Encounters for Road and Trail

Non-combat encounters for travelers and wanderers, more encounters, you might also like.

Boats, Ships and Events Onboard - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Boats, Ships and Events Onboard - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Beaches and Underwater - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Beaches and Underwater - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Islands and Open Sea - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Islands and Open Sea - D&D Noncombat Sea Encounters

Random Tables RPG

Random Encounter Table for DND 5e: Massive Collection

random travel encounters 5e

Are you in search of intriguing random encounters for DND 5e or any other fantasy tabletop RPG system? Brace yourself for this extensive collection of d100 encounter tables. Meticulously crafted, this compendium features an exhaustive list of d100 random encounter tables that I’ve generated over several years.

The collection encompasses the full gamut of classic fantasy RPG creatures and situations (think orcs, goblins, kobolds, pirates, and all those beloved tropes) and ventures beyond the standard fare with a series of non-traditional encounters.

What makes this assemblage indispensable for any committed DM is its dual appeal – it caters not only to the purists who enjoy classical fantasy settings but also resonates with the avant-garde DMs who love to infuse unpredictability and novelty in their campaigns. A smidge of prep time, and you’re ready to spring an encounter on your players that’s not only unexpected but possibly unparalleled in its originality!

This collection aims to invigorate your tabletop role-playing sessions and inspire new narratives, so let’s delve in. Prepare to immerse your players in a world that blends the familiar with the extraordinary, creating memorable gaming experiences.

Random City Encounters

Random tavern encounters, random road encounters, random temple encounters, random travel encounters, random forest encounters, random swamp encounters, random wilderness encounters, random beach encounters, random castle encounters, random arctic encounters, random ocean / sea encounters, random river encounters, random desert encounters, even more random encounter tables, random encounters dnd 5e list.

Here’s my collection of random encounter tables for DND 5e and other fine role-playing systems.

Here’s a list of things your players might encounter in a city . These lists are full of story ideas as well as encounters , and many of them have adventure hooks as well. The details in most of these encounters are minimal, so they’re easy to adapt to your setting.

When your players enter a city , you’ll be sure to find something interesting for them here! As always, use these as you see hit. You might want to just let players find the locations these encounters describe, or you can use them as the start of an adventure.

  • D100 City Random Encounter Table 5e DND
  • D100 Random Village Encounter Table
  • D100 Random Village Encounters for DND
  • D100 Random Town Encounters for D&D 5e
  • 100 Interesting Random Town Encounters
  • D&D 5e Random City Encounters: Best D100
  • D100 Low-Level Random City Encounters
  • 100 Non-Combat Random City Encounters

Your players are going to spend some time in the tavern, so make sure you fill it with interesting encounters! I’ve tried to make these encounters diverse, so you’ll find everything from mysterious runes to the beginning of a harem. This list also includes patrons , food and drink and other details that I’m sure you’ll find useful!

Even if your players are just passing through, they’re still going to want to go inside the tavern. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you have a list of people and events inside. When it comes to the tables I’ve provided, you’ll find a wide variety of people and creatures – both inside and outside the tavern.

  • D100 Random Tavern Encounters for DND+
  • 20 Interesting D&D Tavern Encounters
  • 100 Tavern Plot Hooks and Cool Encounters

random travel encounters 5e

A road can be a dangerous place – and this is especially true if you’re traveling through an area that’s not safe. These encounters are random but can easily be tailored to a specific region or part of the country. These encounters are great for a road trip or caravan through dangerous territory.

These encounters are all fun, and many are fun and combat-free, giving your players a chance to roleplay and interact with the world around them. They’re also good for adding a sense of danger to the setting without leaving anyone behind.

  • D100 Great DND Travel Encounters for 5e
  • 300 DND Random Encounters on the Road
  • 100 Riveting D&D Random Road Encounters
  • 100 DND Road Encounters – 5e Compatible

Your players are going to be in a temple at some point, so make sure you have interesting things for them to do. These tables include such things as local deities, gatherings, rituals and activities. They’ll also include more than a few dangerous creatures along with interesting secrets.

As an included bonus, these tables also include a list of common places in a temple. These lists are helpful for designing an unfamiliar temple and filling it with interesting encounters. Your players are sure to enjoy checking out the listed activities and events at the temple!

  • D100 Random Temple Encounters (DND+)

Whether you’re traveling by wagon, cart or by foot, there are going to be hazards. These tables are for when your players are traveling, and they should make for some interesting situations that can turn deadly in a heartbeat.

A lot of your players will learn to avoid traveling at night. If they don’t, they’ll quickly learn to hate the night. These tables are going to give your players some really fun and really frightening nights while they’re traveling.

  • DND Grassland Encounters: D100 Ideas
  • D100 Random Grassland Encounters
  • D100 Random Grassland Encounters for DND 5e

When your players are out in the forest, there’s sure to be something interesting for them to do. This list includes a wide variety of events and activities that your players are sure to enjoy. It also includes a few dangers, some new ones and some familiar ones. Whatever your players find in the forest is sure to be entertaining!

Let’s face it, your players will probably be traveling through the forest at some point. This is especially true if you decide to use a forest as a home base for their characters. In either case, you’ll find these tables useful for filling the forest with things to see and do.

  • D&D Forest Encounters Random Table: D100
  • D100 D&D Random Forest Encounters
  • 100 Low-Level Random Forest Encounters
  • 100 Fun RPG Random Forest Encounters
  • D100 Creative Random Forest Encounters
  • D&D Random Woods Encounter (D100)
  • D100: DND Forest Encounter Table Ideas

random travel encounters 5e

In the swamps you’ll find bog monsters, monsters at a feast, mysterious vines and other dangers. Make sure you have a good reason to go into the swamp, because it’s not a place you want to go casually. These tables include encounters in the swamp, where you’re almost always going to be attacked by some sort of creature.

The thing I’ve had the most problems with is what to do if the PCs run into another adventuring party or camp. That’s why I’ve written these encounters in a way where any combat can be avoided. That way you can have a few exciting encounters, but you’ll never have to worry about your PCs getting into trouble with an enemy they can’t handle.

Fantasy RPG Random Tables Books

Make life as a Gamemaster easier....

random travel encounters 5e

  • Swamp Random Encounter Table 5e
  • D100 Random Swamp Encounters for DND
  • D100 DND Swamp Encounters for One-Shot
  • Non-Combat Swamp Encounters: 1d100

When using these tables for a journey through the wilderness, let your players pick the encounters they want to resolve. If an encounter sounds interesting to them, then it sounds interesting to you. That’s because these tables are full of interesting and fun encounters.

The other cool thing about these encounters is that they can be used to fill any sort of road or pathway your players travel on. It doesn’t have to be a road – it could be a river, a riverbank, or even a hunting trail. As long as there’s a path for someone to travel on I think you’ll find these tables useful.

  • Random Travel Encounters Table DND 5e
  • 100 DND Grassland Encounters (Non-Combat)
  • D100 Random Mountain Encounters (DND+)
  • D100 Random Jungle Encounters for 5e
  • D100 Random Wilderness Encounters for D&D 5e
  • D100 Random Jungle Encounters: 5e DND Ready!
  • D100 D&D River Encounters for 5e +
  • D&D Random Jungle Encounters (d100)
  • More Random Wilderness Encounters: D&D 5e
  • D20 Random Wilderness Encounters: D&D 5e

The beach is a great place to visit, but it can also be a dangerous place to live. These tables are full of ideas for random encounters on the beach, whether you’re swimming, camping or just looking for a good spot to lounge.

We’ve also included a huge list of sea creatures on these tables, so you can jump right into an ocean adventure with or without a ship.

  • D100 Coastal Beach Encounters for DND

random travel encounters 5e

Castles are unique among the dungeons your players will explore, as they were built by other people. Sure, there might be the odd monster infesting the place, and they might even have a ghost or two lurking around, but castles are also littered with things to discover.

Castles are full of interesting things and people that aren’t always on the same page. Sure, there’s the ruler of the place and maybe a few guards, but what about the servants? The cooks? The gardeners?

That’s why we have tables for random encounters in a castle, a place full of interesting people and exciting things to discover. Are your players looking for something to do? Look no further than here!

  • D100 Random Castle Encounters 5e DND+

There are few places on earth as interesting, or as dangerous, as the arctic regions. These places are so interesting because they are so dangerous, holding dangers that would be unfathomable to most.

These dangers can include cold, wilderness hazards and other dangers that have been made popular by characters like Mad Max and others. If you ever find yourself in the arctic regions of the world, these tables will prove very useful to you.

  • D100 Random Arctic Encounters for RPG

There are few things as fun as an ocean voyage, but there are also few things as boring as an uneventful trip across the sea. These random encounters are ideal for a quick sea voyage, giving players a reason to pay attention to the water.

These tables will help you throw in a little flavor to your voyage, whether that flavor is a storm or an interesting locale you’ve never seen before. They’re also ideal for coming up with a reason for players to set sail – to find new challenges, a new land to explore, or to escape an unwanted conflict.

  • 100 Random Ocean Encounters for D&D
  • D100 Random Fantasy Sea Encounters

Rivers are all around us, making them a great place to use encounters that are closer to home. There are many rivers scattered throughout the countryside, full of fish, crocodiles and aquatic mammals alike.

Yet, there are also scenic locations to visit, and small towns and villages where new friends and allies can always be found. Rivers may be a little more common than other types of random encounters , but they’re still fun to find on a map!

  • 100 Interesting DND River Encounters

The desert is a dangerous, unforgiving place. It also tends to draw people to it, either by choice or by force. This means your players will be coming across people in the desert – and that can lead to all kinds of interesting encounters.

When making these lists, I was intentional about making it useful in any kind of desert. There’s not only a list of random encounters, but also a list of random hexes and villages. These tables will really help you fill a hexcrawl with interesting encounters!

  • D&D Desert Encounters
  • 100 Desert Encounters

If you enjoy the lists above, be sure to check out Random Encounters AI for even more free random encounters. We’ve got over 10,000 random encounters available at this time with more coming in the future.

And if you enjoy that free tool, be sure to check out LitRPG Adventures . With over 2 dozen advanced RPG generators powered by GPT-3 and DALLE2 from OpenAI and over 42,000 generations in our public library so far, it’s a great value.

Related Random Tables RPG Gems

  • D100 Random Town Encounters for D&D 5e
  • 100 Random Potion Effects Table for 5e DND

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Random Encounters: Making Travel Engaging

random travel encounters 5e

I was never a fan of random encounters, or even travel in general. It’s always felt like it’s delaying the “good part” of a D&D campaign and that I’m annoying the players for having yet another random group of creatures attack them.

Also, 5e’s mediocre/non-existent exploration rules don’t make this portion of the game more enticing to run.

However, running Curse of Strahd (CoS) , I’ve also realized that I’ve both a) misunderstood the purpose of random encounters and b) ran them poorly. Random encounters don’t have to be random skirmishes with an assortment of creatures just to fit some combat into a session.

A great list of random encounters is a phenomenal vehicle for worldbuilding and dishing-out plot hooks. The overworld random encounter tables in CoS have generated more interest in the campaign and have given the party more time to show off and test their new skills as they level.

What’s a Random Encounter?

A random encounter is, as the name implies, an encounter that the party stumbles upon. Its occurrence is not premeditated or preplanned.

The encounter itself, however,  is  preplanned at least to some degree. Random encounters are selected as part of a list of encounters. When the party triggers a random encounter, the DM rolls on the random encounter table and proceeds to play out the encounter from there.

This list is usually premade. The DM can make it themselves so that it’s a list tailored to the location or scenario.  While this requires some planning,  it’ll be a personalized list for your campaign ensuring that the party will learn about and explore aspects that you believe are important.

However, the list can also be grabbed online  from sites like DNDSpeak.  The DM can even throw caution to the wind and just straight-up use a random encounter generator online instead  like Donjon.

The key here is that even the DM has no clue what the encounter is before it occurs. They’ll have whatever information is given to them via the table and that’s it.

The encounter is random, perhaps it’s from a curated list, but its occurrence is random.

Random Encounter Frequency

The DM is asked to roll a die (generally a d20) every so often as the party travels. This could be once every X minutes, once an hour, or once every Y hours. It’s dependant on the environment. A dungeon, for example, has more frequent random encounters than overland travel would.

The result of the die roll will determine whether or not the party faces a random encounter. The result that procs a random encounter is also dependant on the location.

For example, in Curse of Strahd, a random encounter will occur on a 18-20 while the party is traveling on the road. However, random encounters will occur on a 15-20 if they’re traveling off the road and through the wilderness.

This difference in encounter frequency is another worldbuilding benefit that random encounters bring to the game. It’s a quantifiable way to show how dangerous the untamed wilderness and dark crevices of the world are to the party.

Random Encounters Aren’t  Just  Combat

Oftentimes when one thinks of a random encounter they picture fighting a group of random creatures or NPCs.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought of this either. D&D is built around combat so it makes sense for many (if not most) of its random encounters to be combat-centric, or at least be solvable via combat.

However, combat isn’t the only flavor of random encounter. Any of the three pillars of play (Combat, Exploration, Social) can make up a random encounter.

In fact, I’d say that it’s important to sprinkle in some exploration and/or social encounters in an overworld travel random encounter list. This variety has come in handy in my  Curse of Strahd  game and is part of why my opinion has changed about random encounters.


The exploration pillar is engaged in random encounter tables in numerous ways. For example, one encounter could be a strange or interesting location for the party to interact with.

The party could explore a strange cave that they stumble across in the forest or check out the cliff face to survey the next portion of the journey. Of course, both of these instances could include combat or social encounters if desired.

However, exploration isn’t reserved for places. Interacting with objects and uncovering potential  plot hooks  also fall under the exploration pillar. Using CoS as an example, the party has a chance to stumble upon a lost trinket or a dead body as they traverse Barovia.

They’re also perfect fuel for plot hooks if desired. The party can seek out who the trinket belonged to or search for friends and loved ones of the body. This search may lead them toward new quests, information, etc. within Barovia.

Meeting and talking with people is a fantastic way to learn about the world around you. Bumping into various folks as you travel is a great way to learn more about how the common person interacts with the world.

Social encounters span a variety of different flavors of encounter. Here are a few I thought up on the fly as I wrote this section:

Bumping into a group of fellow adventurers for a chance to exchange information Finding a traveling merchant with unique or rare items for sale Deescalating a hostage situation Multiple ways to solve this encounter as combat is a possible option Lending aid to a stranded family whose wagon has lost a wheel

The cool thing about social encounters is that they give the party a chance to flex their non-combat skills.

Face characters  can flex their social muscles, of course, but skills like Medicine, Animal Handling, Performance, Insight, and various Intelligence checks might show up as well depending on how the party interacts with the encounter.

Again, keep in mind that an encounter doesn’t need a winner or loser. Sometimes there is no problem to solve in a social encounter. Take the “traveling merchant” scenario for example. The party can barter with the merchant, make small talk with them, or purchase wares from them. There’s no winner or loser in this encounter in a conventional sense.

Although if the party robbed the merchant then I’d say the merchant loses.

Running a Random Combat Encounter

A planned encounter gives you the benefit of preparation. You have all the time you desire to hand pick creatures, plot out initial creature positioning, and strategize before gameday.

You don’t (or shouldn’t) have these same advantages for random encounters. Well, you can, but if you go through prepping each random encounter you’ll waste a  ton  of time. I say waste because there’s a high chance that you won’t play a large percentage of the encounters on your random encounter table.

There’s no need to expend so much time prepping when you might not reap the rewards of doing so.

Instead, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the creatures if you aren’t already. Skim through the creatures’ statblocks and get an idea of what they do and how you could use them. Then, if their encounter is chosen, you have an inkling of how to play them.

One aspect of a random combat encounter that you can control is the battlemap. A scenic battlemap helps depict the setting just as much as the encounters themselves.

There are also tactical benefits for drawing a couple of different, simplistic battlemaps. A few boulders, trees, or  other pieces of cover  change the flow of an encounter significantly. They act as a tactical objective for the party and creatures to take due to the defenses they provide.

Keep your maps simple, but give them interesting aspects to make your encounters more dynamic.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t spend too much time on this, just like with the creature prep. Make a couple of generalized maps  at most  and cycle through them as desired. Even a single battlemap is sufficient.

Don’t spend too much time on this. While random encounters are beneficial to a campaign or adventure, part of their benefit is the lack of prep needed to run them.


Random encounters are a great way to flesh out the world. A well-rounded list of random encounters has the party will meet new people, learn about the local creatures, and explore the nooks and crannies of the locale they’re traveling in.

This revelation is just one of many tricks and lessons I’ve learned since running a non-homebrew campaign. Honestly, I’d recommend everyone do so at some point as a different perspective will improve your DMing skills.

Sprinkling in random encounters makes the world feel inhabited. It gives the party a chance to interact with people and creatures on a smaller scale, making the game more personal. Plus, it’s a great way to set up plot hooks for side quests!

random travel encounters 5e

I’m a 30-year-old Computer Engineer living just outside of Boston, MA. D&D 5e is my favorite TTRPG system, therefore, most of the articles written by me will involve that in some way. That being said, I do dabble in a few other systems, so posts discussing those systems and their mechanics may pop up every so often. Some of these systems include the Star Wars RPG and Apocalypse World.

I do also design and host online D&D 5e games that thousands of people across the world attend each year.

D&D has been my passion for over 18 years now and I have been interviewed by many of the worlds experts.

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    All sorts of variety…. D100 City Encounters - This is a massive random encounter table with 100 unique and interesting encounters in a large, magical city. PCs will be kept on their toes with some of these encounters. There is a small cast of characters in this resource. Some encounters are related to others in the list.

  16. 5e Dungeon Master Tables

    Useful tables for 5E Dungeons and Dragons. Map Travel Pace. Location Slow Normal Fast; Dungeon: 200 ft/min: 300 ft/min/min: 400 ft/min/min: City: ... 4 mi/hr 30 mi/day: Kingdom: 6 mi/hr 18 mi/day: 6 mi/hr 24 mi/day: 2 mi/hr 30 mi/day: Effect: Able to stealth --5 to passive perception: Encounter Distances. Terrain Visiblity Noise Level ...

  17. 5E Random Encounters by Level and Terrain

    5E Random Encounters by Level and Terrain. Encounter tables for Low (1-4), Medium (5-10) and High (11+) levels and different terrains. Expanded tables available at my DM's Guild with support for Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes.

  18. 6 Random encounters for travelling through wilderness

    6 Random encounters for travelling through wilderness. Some boredom today lead me to create a handful of random encounters to add to a game that are a little more interesting and a little less combat based than the typical sort found in most encounter tables. I made these for travelling from one location to another, however I feel they could be ...

  19. Random Travel Encounters Table DND 5e

    Random Travel Encounters Table DND 5e. July 17, 2022 by Paul Bellow. I've put together a random travel encounters table for DND 5e, Pathfinder, and other fine tabletop roleplaying systems. At the end of the list, I've got some info on some RPG tools I built that are powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI, an advanced neural net language model that ...

  20. Non-Combat D&D Encounters for Road and Travelers

    1d20 Non-Combat Encounters for Travelers and Wanderers; 1 An aarakocra is drawing a map of the area. Lands to add to the map 2 A pacifistic oni (dimenson door replaces cone of cold) appearing as a half-orc sells potions, trinkets and toolkits to remote locations : 3 An invisible stalker has a letter for one of the group. Can wait for reply 4 A constantly singing wererat has been outcast from ...

  21. Encounters

    Encounter. 1. Factol Skall * drifts through the Mortuary toward his orrery (detailed later in this supplement). 2. Two guardian nagas slither up to the party. The nagas are collecting stories about those who have passed. 3. A death tyrant, eager to build its undead army, lingers outside a derelict crypt.

  22. Random Encounter Table for DND 5e: Massive Collection

    As long as there's a path for someone to travel on I think you'll find these tables useful. Random Travel Encounters Table DND 5e. 100 DND Grassland Encounters (Non-Combat) D100 Random Mountain Encounters (DND+) D100 Random Jungle Encounters for 5e. D100 Random Wilderness Encounters for D&D 5e.

  23. Random Encounters: Making Travel Engaging

    A random encounter is, as the name implies, an encounter that the party stumbles upon. Its occurrence is not premeditated or preplanned. The encounter itself, however, is preplanned at least to some degree. Random encounters are selected as part of a list of encounters. When the party triggers a random encounter, the DM rolls on the random ...