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business travel agencies uk

Dedicated corporate travel agency

CT Business Travel is a multi-award-winning independent Global Travel Management Company. We specialise in collaborating with SMEs to optimise their travel spend while seamlessly connecting businesses worldwide with our travel solutions. It’s what we do best.

As one of the largest independent business travel agents in the UK, our experience and size mean we are vast enough to manage the most complex requirements, yet small enough to provide a personalised service to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our dedication to duty of care, and the wellbeing of our clients and their employees, has cemented our status as a leading global corporate travel agency in the UK.

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Find out how our knowledge, tools and expertise can help deliver a compelling travel management solution for your business - at a time or place (in-person or virtually) that suits you.



Access to a wide range of travel services at the best global rates


Self-booking platform and bespoke technology built around your travel policy and workflow


Focused duty of care and traveller wellbeing, with traveller tracking and emergency support 24/7


Tailored data reporting to identify trends, spend, efficiencies and carbon emissions


Experienced travel consultants offering a high-touch, personable service and round-the-clock suppor


Ability to make greener travel choices and carbon report through our sustainability partnerships


Priority access to our dedicated Groups, Conferences & Events Department


With over 35 years of experience, we empower your business, delivering exceptional customer service and a travel programme that aligns with your policies and workflows.

As proud members of both Globalstar and Focus, we are part of a worldwide travel network with exceptional global buying power in excess of $13Bn. You get direct access to discounted rates with over 120 airlines, 35,000 hotels and the best value rail tickets and ancillary services too.  

Our proactive Account Management Team takes care of every aspect of your business travel, from strategic planning to carbon reporting, budget management, and beyond. With a wealth of expertise, we ensure your business travel is both seamless and cost-effective.


Common Corporate Travel Questions

Q1 - what is a business travel agent, q2 - what does a business travel agency do, q3 - what is a travel management company (tmc), 6 great reasons to choose us for your travel.


Your policies, your budget, your resources


Safe travellers, treated with care


Make well informed savings, based on data



All traveller data visible and accessible in one place


Bespoke technology for enforced policies and approvals


Best in market pricing


business travel agencies uk

business travel agencies uk

Nobody brings people together like we do.

We're a multi  award-winning corporate travel, meetings and events management company.

We're all about helping businesses to connect by understanding your culture, people and customers. We provide exceptional service, support and cost control through unrivalled knowledge and innovative award-winning online booking technology for business travel, meetings and events.

When you need to travel and meet for business, we've got the services to put traveller safety, duty of care and wellbeing at the heart of your travel programme. With 24/7 support and risk management processes, we carve out great value, efficiencies and insights to help you buy, book, travel and meet in the safest and most sustainable way possible.   Sound like a good fit? Start working with a top UK business travel management agency. Or if you need a little more convincing, keep scrolling.

Booker searching with pretend hands for glasses

​From implementing an easy to use travel booking solution to building corporate travel policy and programmes, we're the providers you want by your side. Top business travel agents don't just get travellers from A to B, we get you there in the safest, most secure and sustainable way possible.

We're the unrivalled champion in meetings management. From large scale conference planning to taking a strategic approach to your meetings, the combined power of our award-winning meetings technology and venue finding experts provide industry leading service, safety and insight to our customers.


Our database of suppliers offers a huge range of rates and accommodation to support any need or business travel budget. Through strategic supplier partnerships with apartments, large hotel groups and independent accommodation providers, we're able to offer value for money and cost control to customers.

​​​​Our award-winning event management team put delegate engagement, creativity and sustainability at the top of the agenda. Our industry best event planners are experts in designing  events that exceed business objectives. Whether it's in-person or virtual, we're the team you want on speed dial.

Black and white selfie for public sector travel management company

Experts in public sector business travel.

We've got a rich history of public sector travel management organisations means we understand the unique challenges public sector organisations face. The diverse mix of our customers and our proud place on two frameworks: Crown Commercial Service (CCS) RM6217 (Lot 1 & Lot 4) and Kent Procurement Services (KCS) enables a single source solution which can save time and costs on the entire procurement process. 

​You are knowledgeable and a breath of fresh air to work with.

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Our transformational travel, meetings and events technology.

Our online booking systems, award-winning meetings management technology and event management software platforms are designed to find the best way to connect, while considering safety, wellbeing and the planet. We combine corporate travel booking systems and expert people in travel management to put the right tools at the fingertips of managers, delegates, travel bookers and travellers to offer exactly what they're looking for. So, if it's powerful travel booking technology you need, we're the travel management company for you.

public sector


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Business travel you can look forward to

We are fello, a premium quality, ruthlessly efficient travel management company .

The traveller is the most valuable asset of any business trip – if the traveller is happy, the travel manager and the organisation will be successful. That’s why we put travellers and their experience at the heart of everything we do.

At Fello we make every aspect of travel management run smoothly. No spiel, just action. No fluff, just great service. It’s what we do. 

Who we work with

Travel managers, travel bookers, services for planning, booking and travelling on business.

Whether you’re an individual traveller or part of a managed travel programme, we know it’s important for you to have quick and easy access to anything you need, whenever you need it. That’s why we’ve created a suite of products and services that can be tailored just for you.

  • Dedicated business travel agent to help plan your itinerary
  • Secure bookings by telephone, email or online for your entire itinerary
  • Optimum schedule options
  • Lowest prices for first, business and economy class flights
  • Discounted business rates at hotels worldwide
  • Car hire, rail travel, airport transfers, chauffeurs and taxi services
  • Passport and visa service
  • 24-hour journey monitoring, protecting you from risk and disruption
  • Changes, cancellations and refunds
  • Online check-in and seat selection
  • Mobile app that helps you every step of the way
  • Combined business and leisure travel
  • Meetings and event venue find, booking and management

Planning to travel a lot?

If you or your company do a lot of travel, you could consider our managed travel services which have been specially created to help you get the most from your investment in business travel:

Dedicated business travel consultants

We’ll manage all of the above services for travellers in your company.

Corporate travel policy design and compliance

Traveller considered travel policy advice to get 100% compliance.

Risk management & travel safety

Keep your travellers safe with risk management & corporate travel safety.

Consolidated invoicing and company payment options

Consolidated invoicing and several payment options such as virtual cards and bill-back to suit your needs.

Travel spend reports and analysis

Track and analyse your business travel expenditure.

Savings advice & supplier deal negotiation

We’ll advise where you can save money and get you the best travel deals.

Our partners

We work with a carefully selected and reliable network of partners who care about the traveller as much as we do. They help us to make sure you receive the best – the best traveller experience, the best booking experience and the best results for your business. 

business travel agencies uk

Need to get in touch?

We’re here to help….

Hays Travel

We understand business travel

Professional, personal business travel.

When looking at your business travel needs we understand you need a professional service where all your requirements can be met in one place.

As the UK’s largest independent travel agent this gives us a wealth of buying power with savings that can be passed on to you. We have access to negotiated rates with suppliers and airlines – all of which you will have access to by working with us.

We also understand that each business is individual and we can tailor make your company compliance and reporting to fit in with your business module. Our staff have the experience and knowledge to help you save time and money with the added benefit of our personal service.

Everything you book with us is fully financially protected so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

At Hays Travel For Business we give you the most competitive prices, quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need UK or Continental Rail or a Eurostar booking, our experienced consultants will offer advice.

Whether it be the UK or overseas we can make hotel arrangements for you. We offer the facility to pre-pay, pay on departure or bill-back all charges.

Turner & Townsend LLP

”Travel is key to our organisation as we operate from 108 offices in 45 countries. It is therefore vital that our travel budget is controlled and monitored and Business Travel have been doing that efficiently and effectively for over 20 years. As we continue to expand our global footprint their travel expertise will be of increasing importance to us as is the trusted relationship we have developed with them.“

Hanif Loonat

Global IT Director

Turner & Townsend LLP


”As accountants and business advisers we appreciate value for money. Fortunately, Business Travel have exactly the same attitude and we know they always produce a professional service while making the kind of significant savings on travel that we appreciate. We book all of our rail travel via Business Travel’s online booking systems, giving us the flexibility to make bookings whilst enjoying the best rates and 24/7 support from their team. We are particularly grateful to them when we need to make travel plans at the last minute.“

David Charlton

Yes, an account manager will be assigned to your business to make sure all of your needs are met.

Each account manager will also have a buddy to ensure a smooth transition should your account manager be on annual leave.

No, it is not necessary to sign a contract to do business travel through us.

Yes, we complete an individual profile for each executive travelling.

We will hold details such as where you like to sit, account details, frequent flyer and loyalty numbers.

This will allow for a smooth process each time you book as we will know your complete travel requirements.

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding new challenge? Come and join the team and do it the Hays Way!

Top 10 Business Travel Agencies UK 

Feb 26, 2024 | Travel Guide


Written by Emma Marais

February 26, 2024.

Business Travel Agencies

Outsourcing business travel management has gained much popularity over the years as businesses have become overwhelmed by the time-consuming tasks needed to organise business trips. Businesses are looking for business travel agencies that will help them save money, time and energy. 

Various business travel management solutions can achieve these results but finding the solution that works best for you and your business is important which can seem daunting and confusing. 

But don’t worry we have got it covered. In this article, we will cover the following:

1.  What is Business Travel management?

2. Types of Business Travel Management Solutions.

3. Advantages and Drawbacks of Each Solution.

4. Necessity of a Business Travel Management Company. 

5. 10 Best Business Travel Management Companies in the UK.

Business travel management solutions should make your business trips easier and not more complicated.

What is Business Travel management? 

Business travel management is the process of planning business trips. This process includes many different aspects in order to control, track, and report a company’s travel expenses. 

Business travel management can be implemented by an in-house travel manager or admin professional, or an external business travel agency.  

Types of Business Travel Management Solutions 

Booking for a business trip can be achieved through various solutions. Let’s look at the three main solutions businesses use. 

1. Consumer booking sites

Although they are not designed with business travel in mind many businesses use them and directly make bookings on accommodation or airline websites or use aggregator websites such as Expedia, Airbnb etc. 

2. Travel Management Agencies

Travel management agencies are external companies tasked with handling all business travel aspects for a business. They are industry experts who arrange travel for businesses of all sizes and needs. They cover all details of a business trip including booking flights, arranging accommodation, duty of care, travel support and many other services. Travel management companies find you the best deals and stick to your business’s travel policy.

3. Travel Management Software

Travel management software is a program where all travel arrangements can be handled. These programmes are used to book and manage travel arrangements online. They are normally handled by the business without any external agency. 

Managing Travel Visas And Work Permits

Advantages and Drawbacks of Each Solution.


-Bookings can be made at any time of the day.

-Don’t have to waste time on phone calls to make bookings.

-Can access real-time availability of flights and accommodation. 

-Less human errors. 

-Need to compare many websites to find the best prices.

-Have hidden costs like having to pay fees for cancellations or changes.

-Time-consuming and slow process of sending emails back and forth to make a booking. 

-Upfront payments needed.

-No travel support is provided when issues on your trip arise.

-Complicated manual process for reimbursements and expense tracking.

-Very difficult to ensure travel policy is being stuck to.

2. Travel Management Agencies 

-Saves you money as travel management companies can negotiate better prices for flights and hotels. Making your overall trip more cost-effective. 

-Experts in the industry, meaning they can offer advice, optimise travel itineraries, avoid common mistakes and facilitate productive travel.

-They are available 24/7 to help and support travellers, making assistance available at any time, this is very important for emergencies or unexpected changes.

-They save businesses valuable time by handling all aspects of planning a business trip.

-They ensure all travel is in line with company policies. This allows consistency and control. 

-They make the process of booking a business trip smoother and quicker.

-Provide duty of care allowing you and your travellers peace of mind.

-Gather data for you to make more data-driven decisions when it comes to your business trips. 

-Human interaction allows for a more personal relationship and ensures more personalized trips for travellers. 

-Can be a long process of phone calls and emails to sort out travel requirements for your trip. 

-Have to pay a service fee on top of the booking costs.

-They are technology-dependent, which can cause various issues.

-You have to find a good reliable travel management agency you can trust. 

-Can be difficult to make changes last minute. 


-Instant access for your business to create and change travel plans, which is available 24/7 and not just during working hours. 

-Better deals can be accessed due to software being able to aggregate huge amounts of data quickly. 

-Reduces errors significantly. 

-Gives employees a self-booking option.

-Impractical user experience that travellers don’t like. 

– Difficult to get offshore customer service, which is a huge frustration for travellers. 

-No human support in times of emergencies or unforeseen changes. 

-Can be very complicated and confusing with too many features.

-Unable to control travel when travellers don’t use the tool. 

-Don’t have cheaper options for flights and accommodation available. 

-Impossible to ensure company policy is being stuck to. 

-Data and internet dependent. To access your travel plans, bookings, and itineraries a stable internet connection is needed. 

Javier Allegue Barros C7B Exxpoie Unsplash Scaled

Necessity of a Business Travel Management Company.

Booking, planning and organizing business trips are stressful and not always a smooth process. Having a Travel management company handling your business travels is a necessity for all businesses. Travel management companies come with many benefits that allow you to reach your business travel aims. These companies help you reduce costs, allow better time management, create efficiency, and reduce your stress when it comes to business travel. They find the solutions that work best for you and your budget. 

Having a business travel management company guiding you through your business travel journey is important. They are experts in the industry and take time to clearly understand what you need from your business travels. They are also there to give you advice and make sure that the business travel journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible.  

10 Best Business Travel Agencies UK

Agitto has been in the business travel industry for many years. They are experts at connecting people and specialise in UK travel, meetings and events. They have created a team full of creative minds, innovators and problem-solvers. They take time to understand your culture, people and customers to fulfil your business travel needs effectively. They hold strongly onto their values and ensure these are visible throughout their business. They are also committed to being a responsible business and exhibit this through various avenues like carbon offset, charity and more. 

Fello makes sure to make every step of business travel as smooth and stress-free as possible. They work hard to provide a better kind of journey as they understand how important the traveller is to a business. They make sure to be by your side through it all and guarantee an exceptional experience every time. They have an experienced team that is committed and empathetic problem solvers. They work with you to develop travel programmes that are best for you. Fello offers personalised service 24/7 and puts the traveller experience first. 

3. The Travel Group

The Travel Group offer business travel management solutions that are built on putting your needs and satisfaction first. They are a complete travel solution that manages all aspects of business travel like vehicle leasing, VIP services, visas, insurance, lodging and more. They provide you with a dedicated travel expert who is available 24/7 to assist you with anything from last-minute changes to lost passports. Their travel experts are some of the finest in the industry with much experience. 

The Travel Group puts high value on honesty, innovation, and hard work as well as other values that represent what is important to them as an organisation. They offer business travel management that is fully customized as they understand every client is different and needs their own solution. They guarantee reduced travel costs and have access to negotiated rates allowing your business travels to be more cost-effective. 

4. Corporate Traveller 

Corporate Traveller has been in the industry for the last 30 years. They provide simpler bookings, unified systems, better user experience and much more. They offer you a dedicated travel consultant to make your travels easier. Corporate Traveller use a travel platform called Melon that can be used for bookings, safety, reporting, policy and expenses all in the palm of your hand. They also promote sustainable business travel and have the tools and team to help you create a greener travel policy. 

Corporate Travel Management offer a unique mixture of customer service, innovative technology and custom programme development allowing greater savings, improved efficiencies and high safety. They provide business travel that is more effective, reliable and enjoyable for all. They offer and design highly customised travel solutions based on your business’s specific needs. CTM create travel solutions for all travel styles and budgets. 

6. Hays travel 

Hays Travel is the largest independent travel agency in the UK which allows them access to negotiated rates with suppliers and airlines. They offer tailor-made company compliance and reporting for every individual business. Their staff are experienced and knowledgeable and can help save you time and money. Their services cover air, rail, hotels, car rentals, visas and more. Hays Travel understands that the main objective of business travel solutions is to save time, money and resources. 

ATPI is a leading group in the corporate travel industry. They offer travel and events solutions to businesses operating in a variety of specialised sectors. ATPI promises to deliver what matters to every single one of its customers. They have 24/7 support, technology that performs, travel compliance, and a team that shares your goals and strives to achieve them. They offer scalable solutions, local knowledge, personal touch, and sector-specific expertise. 

8. CT Business Travel

CT Business Travel offers all the services you would want and more for your business travel with over 30 years of experience. They are focused on delivering high-quality services and support to businesses and their travellers. They take pride in how they look after their clients and employees and their core ethos is providing outstanding service. They provide an inclusive travel programme that includes access to experienced travel consultants, personal service, 24/7 support, duty of care and dual IATA license in the UK and Europe. 

9. ACE Travel

ACE Travel partners their global capabilities with tailored business travel management to provide a comprehensive strategy built around you and your business. They offer pricing plans that work for your budget and your business goals. ACE Travel offer business travel management that is integrated with technology to streamline your business travel. They offer tailor-made travel programmes,24/7 support and advice as well as climate-conscious planning. 

  10. Good Travel

Good Travel aims to simplify your business travel through their expert specialists who care. They ensure to take care of your team so you can focus on what matters. Good Travel offers a human-led service backed by technology. They promise to save you time, focus on the traveller’s needs, increase productivity, cut down costs, reduce your risk and provide sustainable travel solutions. Their core values are people, planet and performance and these are at the heart of their operations and influence everything they do. 

Finding the right business travel management solution for your business is important. With everything that goes into business travel management outsourcing is highly beneficial and can save your business valuable time. The Travel Group offers business travel solutions of top quality that include many highly beneficial services. If you are looking for the best travel management company for your business travel needs book a free travel assessment with The Travel Group and let them show you what they can do for you.

Magnet Me 315Vpgsafuk Unsplash Scaled

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Althams Travel

We have access to the widest choice of discounted airfares designed specifically for business travellers.



As part of the Advantage partnership, we have access to negotiated rates & exclusive discounts in over 30,000 hotels worldwide.


UK & European rail

Our optional online self-booking tool gives access to the cheapest rail fares available on the rail network.


Specifically negotiated rates with all major car hire companies will ensure you get the best price.


We are able to arrange visas & advise of all the correct documentation required before you travel.


Airport hotels / parking

Airport hotel stays & car parking is available for us to pre-book at all UK airports.

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When in search for your next business trip, before you click that confirm button, why not give your local travel agent a try!

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Reliable advice, when you need it, professional business travel agents.

Award-winning Baldwins Business Travel Management (BBTM) is a business travel agency providing corporate travellers with an amazing customer experience, every time.

Our experienced corporate travel industry professionals get to know you and your company’s business travel requirements, to understand your travel priorities and deliver the experience you are looking for. Then we save you time, effort and money; delivering seamless itineraries and travel management tools that add confidence and reassurance to every business trip.

Professional Business Travel

Our Services

Why book with bbtm.

Personalised business travel that works harder for you

Scaling up your business is what matters most to you. Managing your business travel programme to help you achieve this is what matters most to us.

With state-of-the-art technology and round-the-clock assistance, we’ll show you a travel management agency that cares.

Let’s get you travelling with confidence.

business travel agencies uk

A trusted leader in the world of business travel management

business travel agencies uk

Your local business travel management company, with a global reach

Your business travel objectives are entirely unique to your company and your employees. So, it makes sense that your travel strategy should be unique too.

At ACE Travel Management ATG UK, we couple our extensive global capabilities with tailored business travel management operations to deliver a truly comprehensive strategy built around you.

From global and regional solutions to AI personalisations and everything in between, our expertise as a travel management agency enables you to travel with confidence.

This is what successful business travel looks like. Let us help you get there.

Pricing plans that work for your budget and your business objectives

As a business travel management company in the UK, our goal is to create a programme that works harder for your business. That’s why we’ve created pricing plans that match your specific needs, so you get the most out of your investment.

Choose the plan that’s best for you:

Your travel booking all taken care of, so you’re free to focus on your core business.

Who is it for?

Businesses with an annual travel spend under £150k.

What’s included?

Concierge services, such as:

  • Flight bookings
  • Hotel reservations
  • Cancellations/refunds/exchanges
  • Emergency services

Optional services, such as:

  • Account management reviews
  • Corporate reward administration
  • Supplier failure escalation

Reporting services, such as:

  • Monthly expenditure overview
  • C02 reporting
  • Cost savings report


Advanced travel solutions and technology that streamline your operations.

Businesses with an annual travel spend between £150k and £500k.

Everything that’s included in the Essential Plan PLUS:

  • additional technology solutions
  • tailored business travel management agency services

Fully managed business travel and dedicated service for maximum ROI.

Businesses with an annual travel spend over £500k.

Everything that’s included in the Professional Plan PLUS:

  • dedicated off and online services
  • licence ownership
  • global pricing
  • bespoke, data management

Delivering excellence as a business travel management company

Integrated technology.

Every aspect of your business travel management programme is elevated and streamlined, using our state-of-the-art technology.

Always-on management

With 24/7, 365-day support and advice from our team of travel experts, you can rest assured knowing you are in safe hands.

Tailored travel programme

We excel at giving our clients outstanding travel management service that prioritises traveller safety and business growth objectives.

Climate-conscious planning

Building sustainability into your business travel strategy is simple with ACE by your side. Climate-conscious travel is at the heart of what we do.

business travel agencies uk

Digitally transform your business travel programme

With some business travel management companies relying on manual processes to manage your travel, things can quickly become burdensome and highly inefficient.

The solution? To leverage advanced travel technology that makes travel management effortless and effective.

With our suite of technology you can:

  • Swap out manual booking and payments with automated, trackable processes.
  • Switch confusing paper trails with a secure traveller dashboard storing all your travel policies and documentation in one place.
  • Connect your travellers, internal teams and third-party vendors with powerful integrations and reporting capabilities.
  • Create valuable efficiencies in your travel strategy, successfully driving your business forward.

business travel agencies uk

A business travel management company with sustainability at the forefront

We believe that travel management agencies have a duty to make travel more sustainable.

That’s why we track, report and optimise your sustainable travel procedures – making your business travel smoother and creating a sustainable travel policy that ensures adherence from your travellers, stakeholders, and vendors.

The outcome? Reporting becomes simpler, you’ll be more environmentally friendly, and you’ll see a greater return on investment.

Why should I choose ACE Travel Management ATG UK as my business travel management company (UK)?

Since its founding in 1992, ACE Travel Management ATG UK has specialised in providing corporations with a full-service business travel management programme. We have over 50 corporate clients and a client retention rate of more than 12 years. And we’re a member of the Advantage Travel Partnership, giving our UK business travel management company immense buying power and great relationships with airlines on a global scale.

What are the benefits of using corporate travel booking companies?

Corporate travel booking companies make business travel simpler. And at ACE Travel Management ATG, we provide the corporate sector with tech-driven, high-quality business travel management. With decades of experience, we can help our clients transform their businesses by increasing efficiency, lowering costs, managing risks and crises and providing quality customer service.

How much do business travel management services cost?

Our pricing is based on your annual travel spend and your exact business travel needs, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

For all our clients, we have a list of fixed concierge booking fees that can be complemented with optional management services charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Thereafter, if you require additional support, such as technology solutions, online booking tools, license ownership and/or offline services, we can build out a bespoke proposal that matches both your budget and your business objectives.

As a business travel management company (UK), do you take sustainability into consideration when booking?

Providing sustainable travel options is now a priority for any business travel management company (UK), and we are here to make sure that your travel is more environmentally friendly. We’ll help you optimise all of your sustainable travel procedures and develop your business travel policy to ensure adherence from all your travellers, stakeholders and third-party vendors, without the need for additional administrative effort.

How does ACE handle risks and crises as a small business travel agency?

We’ve been making traveller safety and risk management stress-free for businesses across various sectors as a small business travel agency since 1992. We utilise our extensive network of suppliers and decades of expertise as a UK business travel management company, we provide an unparalleled service. We’ll build a robust risk management strategy that safeguards your business and empowers your staff to travel confidently, no matter what sector you work in.


Personal Assistant

Travel Booker

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business travel agencies uk

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business travel agencies uk

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business travel agencies uk

Modern corporate travel management for the fast-changing travel landscape

Manage risk. Support traveler wellbeing. Plan for the future. How can Egencia™ help you modernize your corporate travel program?

The only proven global B2B travel tech platform

Egencia is always working to deliver travelers, travel managers, and travel arrangers unrivaled choice, value, and experience, with the powerful backing of Amex GBT.

We’re in a league of our own

Our platform can be optimized for all types of users, in companies big or small.

Tech is in our DNA   We originated in the labs of global tech giants and now we are a part of the most valuable B2B travel solution in the world.

AI-driven insights   Our AI delivers custom user experiences that add value to your company’s travel program.

Suite of APIs   Amex GBT Egencia’s open API platform gives you the ability to build robust integrations that help you automate, connect and simplify your travel and expense management.

Unbeatable travel content We lead the industry with over 290 global airlines and 650,000 lodging partners.

Industry-first NDC capabilities Amex GBT Egencia is the first to offer new distribution capabilities to our clients. 

Amex GBT Egencia Preferred Rates  We offer the best value for business travel with access to special discounted air fares.

The unique content from Amex GBT Egencia provides unrivaled choice and value for air, hotel, car and rail.

Our technology-driven customer service and commitment to excellence puts Amex GBT Egencia on another level.

Industry leader in service Our platform and services are consistently rated above 95% satisfaction by customers.

Best-in-class traveler support We provide services to over 2 million travelers in over 60 countries.

Globally proven Amex GBT Egencia proudly supports over 9,000 companies of all sizes around the world.

Constant innovation We consistently deliver enhancements and innovation across our online and offline services.

Smartest shopping experience Our technology provides the smartest, quickest shopping experience to give the best routes and rates based on user preferences.

Proven optimization Our AI and machine learning delivers the best experience and enhancements for savings, traveler wellbeing and sustainability.

We lead the industry in innovation, with data insights from 100s of millions of transactions every year.

The world's business travel platform

  • Companies of all sizes in more than 60 countries trust Amex GBT Egencia to modernize their corporate travel programs
  • We deliver simple, consumer-like business travel that users love and fast, knowledgeable support for unexpected moments
  • With a globally consistent platform and skilled travel program management, rest assured your travel program is optimized to manage risk while maximizing ROI

Worlds Business Travel Platform

Ready to update your travel program?

If now is the time to redesign your corporate travel program to manage risk, support traveler wellbeing and monitor your travel spend, this toolkit can help.

Amex GBT Egencia helps you stay connected

14 million business trips were made with Amex GBT Egencia last year. As your travel management company, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Managing travel risk

Travel risk management has never been more important. Find out how you can manage risk, deliver duty of care and make your business travelers feel secure.

  • A comprehensive and quickly adaptable business travel policy is crucial. Use this free guide to help you create a travel policy that adapts to your needs.
  • Make traveler wellbeing a priority. Inform, alert and assist them in real-time via the mobile app and online booking tool
  • Reduce risk by improving travel policy compliance

Managing Travel Risk

Putting traveler wellbeing first

You want employees to feel fully supported from the time they book until they return home. Amex GBT Egencia travel experts are ready to assist.

  • Learn how you can enhance your duty of care policies for travelers
  • Travel booking is only one part of the equation. Traveler safety is the other. Use this pre-travel safety checklist as a guide
  • Learn how Amex GBT Egencia simplifies hotel bookings for travelers .
  • Put your travelers in the driver’s seat and take advantage of our fleet of 5 million car rental options worldwide

Savings and ROI

Even as the travel industry changes, businesses still need to make strategic decisions based on cost and ROI. Amex GBT Egencia can help you boost your bottom line.

  • Gain insights, identify savings and optimize travel spend in real-time with Amex GBT Egencia Analytics Studio
  • Find out how Umpqua Bank maximized their business travel ROI with Amex GBT Egencia
  • Amex GBT Egencia travel services can help simplify expense management . Easily track travel expenses that reflect spending with personal or corporate credit cards
  • 19 ways our travel management solutions can help you save time and money

Savins & ROI

Amex GBT Egencia empowers over 2 million business travelers to get the most out of their business travel. Shouldn’t you be one of them?

BP Logo

Amex GBT Egencia’s G2 Winter 2024 Awards

Are you considering a return to business travel.

Amex GBT Egencia partners with Festive Road to offer a permissible travel framework to evaluate an organization’s overall readiness to travel based on corporate, individual and government regulations.

Are you an Amex GBT Egencia travel customer?

I'm a business traveler, i manage travel, recommended for you.

Employees in Discussion in Meeting Room

Request a demo to see what Amex GBT Egencia travel management solutions can do for you.

Already a customer? Contact Amex GBT Egencia customer service .

Wayte Travel Management | Business Travel Specialists | Corporate Travel Agency UK

Over 40 years of business travel experience at your service

Marine fares, welcome to wayte travel.

We combine unsurpassed expertise, years of experience and vast network of worldwide contacts to create a tailor-made solution for each of our clients.

Personal Service

Renowned for our excellent personal service, we constantly strive to deliver the best and most efficient travel management solution.

Travel Advice

Our ability to provide full and impartial travel advice means that our clients gain access to the widest range of travel services and the most up-to-date information.

Our first class account management means we take care of all your travel requirements, allowing you to take care of your business.

Our Services

We provide a full range of corporate travel services, including:

Best possible airfares – Economy, Premium Economy, Business & First Class travel

Ability to hold most flights without commitment

Lowest hotel and car rental rates

Monthly account facility for regular business clients

business travel agencies uk

Proud to support Friends of Mombasa Children

Wayte Travel Management are proud to support Friends of Mombasa Children as our charity of choice. Click here to find out more information about the fantastic work they do in Mombasa, Kenya.

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TMC Finder

The only search engine for business travel agencies and travel management companies across the UK.

The travel group.

29 Wheatfield Road, Houghton Conquest, Bedford MK45 3QF

Corporate Travel Management

Rex Building, 62 Queen Street EC4R 1EB

Skytrak Travel

Skytrak Travel Unit 4, 141-149 Staines Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 3JB

TakeTwo Travel Solutions Limited

82 St Johns Street, London, EC1M 4JN

Pitmedden Road, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 0DP

Travel Avenue

Travel Avenue Fairway Manchester M27 4JD

Gray Dawes Travel

Head Office: 27 Middleborough, The Octagon, Colchester, CO1 1TG

Corporate Travel Services

65 Limesdale Garden, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 5HY

Dawson & Sanderson Corporate Travel Services

19 Park View Whitley Bay NE26 2TP

Ventur, Millshaw, Leeds, LS11 8EG

Meon Valley Business Travel

Meon House, Meon Valley Travel, 32 High St, Petersfield GU32 3JL

Meridian Court, Stanier Way, Wyvern Business Park, Derby, DE21 6BF

Wings Travel Management

160 Falcon Road, London SW11 2LN United Kingdom

Uniglobe Gemini Travel

Elizabeth House. 56-60 London Road, Staines-Upon-Thames, TW18 4HF

Selective Travel Management

Murray's Exchange Lower Ground Floor 1 Linfield Road Belfast BT12 5DR

Saren Travel Group

68 Beauchamp Walk, Gorseinon, SA4 6AE

DialAFlight Corporate Travel

Sandpiper House, 39 Queen Elizabeth Street, London SE1 2BT

Beyond Business Travel

Scottish Provident Building 7 Donegall Sq West Belfast BT1 6JH

Global Travel Collection UK

101 St Martin's Lane, London, WC2 4AZ

Cresta Business Travel

32 Victoria Street, Altrincham, WA14 1ET

ACE Travel Management

118 Pall Mall St, St James London SW1Y 5EA

Conference Travel

SMT Colne House High Street

Elite Bookings UK Ltd

Lock Cottage, Queens Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 7DT

Hays Travel for Business

Gilbridge House, Keel Square, Sunderland, SR1 3HL

arrangeMY, Building 7, Berkeley Business Park, Wainwright Road, Worcester, WR4 9FA

Ealing Aurora, 71-75 Uxbridge Road, London, England, W5 5SL

West End Travel Ltd

4-6 Canfield Place NW6 3BT

Hermes Travel

Tzell UK Ltd, First Floor, 101 St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2N 4AZ

Harridge Business Travel

118 South Ealing Road, Ealing, London, W5 4QJ

Corporate Travel Management (CTM)

One Carter Lane

Thornton’s Travel

54 Baldwin Street

Phoenix Travel Ltd

Suite 16e, Manchester International Office Centre, 11 Styal Rd, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5WB

Wayte Travel Management

CP House, 3rd Floor, 97-107 Uxbridge Road

Isleworth Travel Management

Sunvil House, Upper Square

QCTM – Quintessentially Corporate Travel Management

141 Moorgate

Total Management Travel

91 Peterborough Road

Travel and Transport Statesman

Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria St

Review Travel

117 Wilmslow Road

Your Travel Corporate

64 College Road

Onbusiness Corporate Travel Services

Brine Well House, Tower Hill, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire WR9 8BY

Click Travel

Click Travel, Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street, Queensway

House, Threshelfords Business Park, Inworth Road, Feering, Essex CO5 9SE

Fello, 2nd Floor, Paxton House, 26-30 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS

7th Floor, 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2HY

Sterling Holidays

16 Kingston Close

Corporate Traveller

6th floor, CI Tower, St George's Square, New Malden, KT3 4TE.

Premier by Brightsun

14-16 Hanworth Road

Matrix Travel Management

Matrix House, 51, Billing Road

Matrix House, 10, Chamberlain Road, Aylesbury

Good Travel Management

Matthew Good House,, Bridgehead Business Park, Orchid Road

CT Business Travel

8 & 9 Orchard Business Centre, North Farm Road

Avocet Travel Management

34A High Street

Travel Inspirations Ltd

Glan y Coed

The Lux Travel Group

Suite 9, 2 Station Court, Townmead Road

253A Kilburn Lane, W10 4BQ

2 Eastbourne Terrace

Kanoo Travel Ltd

3 St Mary's Gate

34 Union Street, Birmingham, B2 4SR

Traveltrust Global

White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard

53 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2EG

Global Travel Management

123-125 Goldsworth Road

Crystal Corporate Travel Management

40-42 Riding House Street

Lupus Travel Management

No 1 Lonsdale Gardens, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1NU United Kingdom

Travel Counsellors for Business

Venus, No.1 Old Park Lane, Trafford City, Manchester, M41 7HA

Applehouse Travel

32 Dover Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4NE

Capable Travel Limited

4 Old Bailey

Screen and Music Travel Limited

Colne House High Street

Business Travel Centre

International House

Linen Court 10 East Road

The Travel Professionals Ltd

Vine House, 41 Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey KT11 1JQ

Business Travel by STA Travel

St George's House, Manchester

Norad Travel Management

Suite 2 Oakfield Barn, Brows Farm Business Park, Farnham Road, Liss, GU33 6JG

business travel agencies uk

  • IATA/ABTA Licence
  • Worldwide Airfares
  • Worldwide Hotel Bookings
  • UK & European Rail Tickets
  • Car Hire Services
  • 24 hour Emergency Services
  • Accounting & Admin Support
  • MI Reporting

What is a Travel Management Company? Full List of TMCs & Agencies in the UK Full List of TMCs & Agencies in London Business Travel Tenders What is Business Travel? Business Travel Policies Business Travel Expenses and Deductibles Travel Business Leads

Online Booking Tools No Contract Required Discounted Airfares & Hotel Rates Passport & Visa Services Small Business Travel Services Group Travel Services Chauffeur Services Hotel Bill Back Services BA Preferred Partner Dedicated Consultants

Harridge Business Logo

In challenging times, expert advice is more important than ever. As the travel sector adapts to Covid-19, Harridge Group is here for its clients, providing the very best customer service as we navigate this new environment together.

From single bookings to multi-sector itineraries, harridge provides efficient, reliable, and cost-effective business travel management that is unrivalled in quality and backed by 40 years of industry-leading experience., we provide every client with two dedicated travel consultants with an average experience of 15 years and a 24-hour support line. when you call us, you will speak to someone who knows you., as partner member of the uk’s largest travel management consortium, our clients benefit from a £3 billion buying power along with exclusively negotiated travel rates and cost savings of up to 30%., family run and owned for 40 years. our commitment to clients is unmatched. we take care of everything, from booking your preferred seat on-board to the exact location of your hotel..

Harridge Response

1 hour response time for all quotes foc 24 hour emergency assistance Calls answered within 3-5 rings Traveller tracking, duty of care for all and responsive emergency assistance

Harridge Guarantee

Tailored personal service Experienced dedicated consultants Travel risk advice

Harridge Quality

Access to negotiated net fares Duty of care proactive management and offerings ISO 9001 & 27001 Full trip management and complex itinerary planning

Harridge Solutions

Proactive Account management of travel budgets, green travel & Well-being policies Proactive searches to quality check fares & rates Carbon off-setting reporting included in client dashboard Off-setting plans produced and certified

Harridge Family

Family owned and run for 40 years All family members work in the business Family philosophy and ethos throughout the business

business travel agencies uk

Low fees and price matching

business travel agencies uk

  • Amongst the lowest fees in the industry
  • Call us now to compare
  • Price matching to ensure the best fare

A PA’s best friend

We enhance your team, working alongside you to deliver cost-saving, flexible and straight-forward travel management solutions.

  • Check-in online and boarding passes
  • 24/7 dedicated account manager
  • VIP services available, such as limousine transfers and helicopter bookings

business travel agencies uk

Event management

Harridge can also book rooms and venues for meetings, conferences, and other company events, here or abroad. We have access to the lowest rates and exclusive availabilities.

  • Book a room or venue for meetings
  • Book team building venues
  • Access lower rates and exclusive availabilities

Find out more

Meaningful account management

We don’t just book flights, hotels and transfers. As part of our free consultancy service, we also analyse your travel expenditure and identify opportunities to optimise savings. Meaningful quarterly meetings and reports show you exactly where Harridge is saving you money.

  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Corporate supplier negotiation
  • Tailored reports

business travel agencies uk

Marine travel

Marine travel is distinct from other forms of business travel. We offer continued adaptation and applied specialist knowledge. We make the complex straight-forward whilst managing security risks. We offer businesses working within the marine, offshore and energy sectors travel solutions 24/7/365, globally.

  • Marine fares
  • 24 hour team available
  • Knowledge and experience

Risk management

We help companies working in emerging markets and unstable environments protect employees and discover external factors that could effect their business.

  • Travel risk advice and preparation
  • Traveller assistance
  • Traveller tracking and support

business travel agencies uk

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2017

ISO 27001:2017 is a specification for an information security management system. This includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in our risk management processes.

The benefits of certification to ISO 27001 include:

  • Increased reliability and security of systems and information
  • Improved customer and business partner confidence
  • Increased business resilience
  • Alignment with customer requirements
  • Improved management processes and integration with corporate risk strategies

We work to an ISO 9001:2015 international standard.

ISO 9001:2015 is a standard based upon the continual improvement of management principles, including a strong customer focus, the implementation of top management and the process approach.

  • Fares checking
  • Process procedure checking
  • Invoice report checking

CWT logo - homepage

Select your preferred language

  • Deutsch English English (Australia) English (China) English (India)
  • English (United Kingdom) Español (Latinoamérica) Español (España) Français Italiano
  • Português (Brasil) Suomi Svenska 中文

Business Travel Agency

Put the power of one of the world’s leading corporate travel agencies to work for you.

business travel agencies uk

Making the most of corporate travel agency services

CWT understands that the relationship between organizations and their traveling employees is changing. Your employees need business travel agents who can help them stay productive, get the best prices, and make travel easier for them. Your organization needs a corporate travel agency that helps you manage your travel program effectively, including:

  • Getting started
  • Engaging travelers
  • Staying overnight
  • Managing risk
  • Delivering travel ROI
  • Driving action
  • Managing meetings

CWT, one of the world’s leading business travel agencies, provides world-class corporate travel management fueled by decades of experience, our amazing corporate travel agents and backed by award-winning technology. Our organization focuses on the business of business travel—so you and your employees can focus on your company’s business.

We make business travel easier for your employees

  • Easy bookings on one, integrated platform that offers corporate travel agency services via mobile, online or phone.
  • Single platform for business-relevant flights, trains, car rentals and hotels no matter which booking channel they choose.
  • Consistent service in ~150 countries around the world by corporate travel agents
  • Price tracking technology, helps travelers take advantage of price drops even after they’ve booked their airline ticket or hotel room.
  • Proven best hotel rates —with a Best Rate Guarantee on our specially negotiated deals
  • Highest rated mobile travel app of any travel management company or third-party—on both iOS and Android platforms.  

We help you manage corporate travel better

  • Online, 24/7 access to an award-winning travel management command center .
  • Shareable reports and graphics to help you win over key stakeholders and showcase your value.
  • Automated messaging to help you improve communications to traveling employees, helping you improve policy compliance and give your employees helpful information.
  • Traveler tracking available 24/7 through interactive maps and enhanced risk management services.
  • An array of tools, services and processes that support travel policy compliance.
  • New insights and savings opportunities recommended based on your company’s specific travel data.

Reach out to CWT today to discuss a travel program

business travel agencies uk

Traveler help

Help me manage my travel

business travel agencies uk

Careers at CWT

Explore career opportunities

Careers @ CWT

business travel agencies uk

Learn more about travel management

Contact CWT

Learn more about our travel management offering

Travelers: manage your travel here . The below form is for inquiries about our corporate travel management offering.

To reach out to CWT to learn more and also receive communications (email or phone) on our products and services, please complete the form below. You can unsubscribe at any point in the future from our mailing list using the ‘unsubscribe’ link on any of our emails.

Thank you for your interest in CWT, we will contact you soon.

Thank you for your interest in CWT. Unfortunately, CWT cannot offer services in your home country at this time. Your contact request has not been submitted.

With kind regards,

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Travel agencies in the United Kingdom - statistics & Facts

Retail travel agencies in the united kingdom, online travel agencies (otas) in the united kingdom, key insights.

Detailed statistics

Annual output of travel agencies and tour operators in the UK 2010-2022

Number of businesses in the travel agency industry in the UK 2013-2023

Number of businesses in the travel agency industry in the UK 2023, by employment size

Editor’s Picks Current statistics on this topic

Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

Leading travel agents ranked by number of outlets in the UK 2024

Number of retail travel agents in the UK 2019-2023

TUI UK Limited revenue 2015-2022

Further recommended statistics

  • Premium Statistic Annual output of travel agencies and tour operators in the UK 2010-2022
  • Premium Statistic Monthly output growth of travel agencies and tour operators in the UK 2019-2023
  • Premium Statistic Market size of the travel agency industry in the UK 2013-2023
  • Premium Statistic Revenue of travel agencies in the UK 2008-2021
  • Premium Statistic Gross value added (GVA): travel agencies in the UK 2008-2021
  • Premium Statistic Travel agency, tour operator, and reservation services employment in the UK 2015-2021
  • Basic Statistic Number of businesses in the travel agency industry in the UK 2023, by employment size
  • Premium Statistic Number of businesses in the travel agency industry in the UK 2013-2023

Annual output of travel agencies, tour operators, and other reservation services in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2010 to 2022 (in million GBP)

Monthly output growth of travel agencies and tour operators in the UK 2019-2023

Monthly output growth of travel agencies, tour operators, and other reservation services in the United Kingdom (UK) from January 2019 to March 2023

Market size of the travel agency industry in the UK 2013-2023

Market size of the travel agency industry in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2013 to 2022, with a forecast for 2023 (in million GBP)

Revenue of travel agencies in the UK 2008-2021

Annual revenue of travel agency enterprises in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2008 to 2021 (in million GBP)

Gross value added (GVA): travel agencies in the UK 2008-2021

Gross value added (GVA) of travel agencies in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2008 to 2021 (in million GBP)

Travel agency, tour operator, and reservation services employment in the UK 2015-2021

Employment in travel agency, tour operator, and other reservation services and activities in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2021 (in 1000s)

Number of VAT/PAYE based enterprises in the travel agency, tour operator, and other reservation services and related activities industry in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2023, by employment size band

Number of businesses in the travel agency industry in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2013 to 2022, with a forecast for 2023

Travel agents

  • Premium Statistic Number of retail travel agents in the UK 2019-2023
  • Premium Statistic Number of retail travel agents in the UK 2023, by retailer
  • Premium Statistic Leading travel agents ranked by number of outlets in the UK 2024
  • Basic Statistic Most popular amusement, cruise, and travel brands in the UK Q4 2023
  • Premium Statistic TUI UK Limited revenue 2015-2022
  • Premium Statistic TUI UK Limited net income 2015-2022
  • Basic Statistic Number of TUI AG employees worldwide 2011-2023, by region
  • Premium Statistic Turnover of Hays Travel Limited in the UK 2008-2023
  • Premium Statistic Profit/loss after tax of Hays Travel Limited in the UK 2008-2023
  • Premium Statistic Key financial figures for Flight Centre (UK) Limited 2020-2022

Number of travel shops operated by retail travel agents in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2019 to 2023

Number of retail travel agents in the UK 2023, by retailer

Number of retail travel agent stores in the United Kingdom (UK) as of June 2023, by retailer type

Leading travel agencies in the United Kingdom (UK) as of February 2024, by number of travel shops

Most popular amusement, cruise, and travel brands in the UK Q4 2023

Most popular amusement, cruise, and travel brands in the United Kingdom as of 4th quarter of 2023

Annual revenue of TUI UK Limited in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2022 (in million GBP)

TUI UK Limited net income 2015-2022

Net income of TUI UK Limited in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2022 (in million GBP)

Number of TUI AG employees worldwide 2011-2023, by region

Number of TUI AG employees worldwide from 2011 to 2023, by region

Turnover of Hays Travel Limited in the UK 2008-2023

Turnover of Hays Travel Limited in the United Kingdom from 2008 to 2023 (in million GBP)

Profit/loss after tax of Hays Travel Limited in the UK 2008-2023

Profit/loss after tax of Hays Travel Limited in the United Kingdom from 2008 to 2023 (in million GBP)

Key financial figures for Flight Centre (UK) Limited 2020-2022

Key financial figures for Flight Centre (UK) Limited from 2020 to 2022 (in 1,000 GBP)

Online travel agencies

  • Basic Statistic Market cap of leading online travel companies worldwide 2023
  • Premium Statistic Estimated EV/EBITDA ratio in the online travel market 2024, by segment
  • Premium Statistic Key information on the online travel agency industry in the UK January 2023
  • Premium Statistic Revenue of On the Beach Group plc in the UK 2012-2022, by segment
  • Premium Statistic Net income of On the Beach in the UK 2014-2022
  • Premium Statistic Revenue of Tripadvisor worldwide 2012-2023, by region
  • Premium Statistic Lastminute.com Group revenue worldwide 2019-2023, by country
  • Premium Statistic Skyscanner annual revenue 2011-2021
  • Premium Statistic Revenue of Skyscanner 2014-2021, by business segment
  • Premium Statistic Key financial figures for Thomas Cook Tourism (UK) 2019-2022

Market cap of leading online travel companies worldwide 2023

Market cap of leading online travel companies worldwide as of September 2023 (in million U.S. dollars)

Estimated EV/EBITDA ratio in the online travel market 2024, by segment

Estimated enterprise value to EBITDA (EV/EBITDA) ratio in the online travel market worldwide as of April 2024, by segment

Key information on the online travel agency industry in the UK January 2023

Key data on the online travel agency industry in the United Kingdom (UK) as of January 2023

Revenue of On the Beach Group plc in the UK 2012-2022, by segment

Revenue of On the Beach Group plc in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2014 to 2022, by business segment (in million GBP)

Net income of On the Beach in the UK 2014-2022

Net income of On the Beach Group plc in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2014 to 2022 (in million GBP)

Revenue of Tripadvisor worldwide 2012-2023, by region

Revenue of Tripadvisor, Inc. worldwide from 2012 to 2023, by region (in million U.S. dollars)

Lastminute.com Group revenue worldwide 2019-2023, by country

Revenue of Lastminute.com Group (lm Group) worldwide from 2019 to 2023, by country (in million euros)

Skyscanner annual revenue 2011-2021

Annual revenue of Skyscanner Limited from 2011 to 2021 (in 1,000 GBP)

Revenue of Skyscanner 2014-2021, by business segment

Revenue of Skyscanner Limited from 2014 to 2021, by business segment (in 1,000 GBP)

Key financial figures for Thomas Cook Tourism (UK) 2019-2022

Key financial figures for Thomas Cook Tourism (UK) Company Limited from 2019 to 2022 (in 1,000 GBP)

Booking behavior

  • Premium Statistic Preferred methods to book the next overseas holiday in the UK October 2022
  • Premium Statistic Preferred methods to book the next overseas holiday in the UK October 2022, by age
  • Premium Statistic Leading holiday travel provider websites in the UK Q1 2024, by share of voice
  • Premium Statistic Hotel / private accommodation online bookings by brand in the UK 2024
  • Premium Statistic Package holiday bookings by brand in the UK 2024

Preferred methods to book the next overseas holiday in the UK October 2022

Preferred methods to book the next overseas holiday among individuals in the United Kingdom (UK) as of October 2022

Preferred methods to book the next overseas holiday in the UK October 2022, by age

Preferred methods to book the next overseas holiday among individuals in the United Kingdom (UK) as of October 2022, by age group

Leading holiday travel provider websites in the UK Q1 2024, by share of voice

Leading websites for holiday searches in the United Kingdom in 1st quarter of 2024, by share of voice

Hotel / private accommodation online bookings by brand in the UK 2024

Hotel / private accommodation online bookings by brand in the UK as of March 2024

Package holiday bookings by brand in the UK 2024

Package holiday bookings by brand in the UK as of March 2024

Further reports

Get the best reports to understand your industry.

Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm (EST)

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (SGT)

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Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 5pm (GMT)


Redefining Global Travel Management

Travelers care more than ever about being safe, healthy, and knowledgable as they travel the world. That’s why FROSCH is the answer.

FROSCH is a travel management company co-headquartered in New York City and Houston, with offices in more than 40 locations worldwide. Known for our exceptional service in global travel management and luxury vacation planning, FROSCH has been ranked as one of the top fifteen travel management companies in the world. FROSCH employs more than 2200 dedicated professionals, many of whom have been recognized by Conde Nast, Travel + Leisure , Luxury Travel Advisor, and Travel Agent West for their expertise. FROSCH provides the technology and resources of a large firm while delivering highly personalized service, exceeding the expectations of even the most discerning clients.  LEARN MORE

40+ locations around the world

over 2,200 employees globally

98% client retention rate

ranked #13 TMC by Travel Weekly


Global Business Travel Solutions

business travel agencies uk

Innovative Travel Solutions for Law Firms

FROSCH understands the complexities of travel in the legal space; we take a uniquely strategic approach to managing travel in this typically non-mandated environment. We’ve assisted our clients, many of whom are part of the AM Law 100, in creating innovative travel programs that provide customized reporting and simplify complex expenses. We have also seamlessly executed recruitment travel programs and successfully conducted extensive training for travel arrangers.

business travel agencies uk

Consolidation & Optimization in the Financial Sector

We understand the high level of service required in the financial sector and work to establish relationships with each traveler by assigning the same level of VIP agents to service them. Roadshows are key to traveler satisfaction; we’ve found that putting a face to a name can drastically improve trust in a travel program. We have also helped many of our clients consolidate portfolios of companies to not only provide significant cost savings, but ease of use and full program optimization.

business travel agencies uk

24/7 VIP Support for Professional Service Firms

FROSCH’s boutique approach to corporate travel has amassed a portfolio of clients in the professional services space. From publishing to engineering firms, we are able to provide clients a VIP experience, while delivering cost-savings on every transaction. Our follow-the-sun approach ensures excellent service 24/7, while our foundation in luxury travel enables us to provide value-add services including private aircraft consultation, the execution of firm retreats, and more.


One Single Platform, Globally.

the smarter way to travel.


frosch travel specialties

business travel agencies uk


We consult with you to provide a travel management program tailored to your specific corporate travel needs, no matter the business size. With our extensive experience, you have peace of mind and know your travelers are in good hands. READ MORE

business travel agencies uk


FROSCH Entertainment handles the special needs of celebrity, production, entertainment, and music industry travel. With a team truly skilled in handling the intricate travel plans and discreet nature for those in these industries, we have successfully built a reputation as the best in the business. READ MORE

business travel agencies uk


As a FROSCH client, you receive VIP status with our worldwide network of hotels and global partners, along with access to an array of incredible itineraries customized to meet your personal travel style. READ MORE

business travel agencies uk


Co-headquartered in Houston, the energy capital of the world, FROSCH manages marine and energy travel for the country’s leading Energy, Offshore and Multi-National Drilling Exploration Companies. READ MORE

business travel agencies uk


FROSCH Group Travel is a team of experienced travel consultants trained in handling a wide variety of domestic and international group programs, including the custom design of all types of group travel programs spiritual and faith-based missions, student group immersion, and sports team travel. READ MORE

business travel agencies uk


FROSCH Global Conferences & Events (GC&E) provides our clients with a powerful partnership for their planning requirements, a solid infrastructure, long-term vendor relationships, and leading technology. READ MORE

business travel agencies uk


FROSCH Rewards & Incentives offers comprehensive incentive management services and is exclusively dedicated to the design, implementation and management of motivation and performance improvement programs. READ MORE

business travel agencies uk


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business travel agencies uk

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business travel agencies uk

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The 10 best online travel agencies in 2024

The top 10 online travel agencies (otas).

  • Booking.com
  • Lastminute.com

Best online travel agencies for business travel

1. travelperk.

Main offerings and features:

  • Industry-leading travel inventory
  • Flexible booking with FlexiPerk
  • Safety alerts with TravelCare
  • Integrated travel policy & approval flows
  • Centralised invoicing
  • Easy & real-time expense reports
  • Carbon offsetting with GreenPerk
  • 24/7 fast customer support in target 15s
  • VAT reclaim
  • Integration with 3rd party tools , such as expense management or HR software like Expensify and BambooHR

Save time and money on your business travel with TravelPerk

2. sap concur.

Sap Concur homepage

  • Works with some of the biggest brands
  • Easy tracking and reporting of expenses for expense reports
  • Many connected apps, such as Uber and Airbnb for cars and hotels
  • One solution for a variety of business travel spending

Click below to compare both platforms’ features and benefits

CWT homepage

  • Ample integrations
  • Award-winning mobile app
  • Employee-centric travel management

Click below for a more detailed comparison between both platforms:

Best online travel agencies for leisure travel, 1. booking.com.


  • Intuitive booking tool and website
  • Flight + Hotel booking for easily planning trips with no cross-referencing travel websites
  • Simple car rental options and taxi hire
  • Available in over 40 different languages and offers over half a million properties across 207 countries
  • You can book experiences in your destination city to entertain you on your travels
  • Genius rewards programme


  • Simple interface and booking tool
  • Deals when making more than one booking
  • 38 different languages and offers a 24-hour, multilingual customer support service
  • Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Millions of reviews to help make your decision

3. Lastminute.com

Lastminute homepage

  • Filter hotels according to budgets, star ratings, guest ratings, board types, and more
  • ATOL protection on flight + hotel bundles
  • Flash sales for last-minute deals
  • Payment plans to spread out the cost of travel
  • Extra entertainment booking for your trips, like theatrical productions and day trips
  • Gift cards for gifting travel

Expedia homepage

  • Expedia rewards for hotels, cars, and more
  • Experienced support
  • Compare cruise lines
  • Big savings when booking flights, hotels, and car rentals
  • Operates in nearly 70 countries and in over 35 different languages
  • Luxury travel options

Hotwire homepage

  • Book hotels, flights, cars, and bundles
  • 24/7 support
  • Lower prices on the app
  • Great last-minute deals for spontaneous travel

6. Bookmundi

Bookmundi homepage

Best online travel agencies for flights

1. skyscanner.

Skyscanner homepage

  • Super flexible booking filters
  • Cheaper flights and hotels than other OTAs
  • Price alerts for travel routes of interest
  • Easy-to-use booking tool and UI
  • Hundreds of location and currency options
  • One-way, return, and multi-city travel options

2. Kiwi.com

Kiwi.com homepage

  • Simple flight booking tool
  • Partnerships with Booking.com and Rentalcars.com
  • Discover deals anywhere with the option to open up your search
  • Easy-to-use app

How do online travel agencies work?

What are the advantages of booking through an online travel agency.

  • Access to comparison tools
  • Peer reviews to help you with your decisions
  • Flexible cancellation policies
  • All your travel in one place
  • Local flights and deals

Rewards programmes

Comparison tools, peer reviews, flexible cancellation.

" "

Flexiperk: Cancel anytime, anywhere. Get a minimum of 80% of your money back.

One account for all of your travel needs, a local approach to global travel, wrapping up.

Woman riding train

Make business travel simpler. Forever.

  • See our platform in action . Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, TravelPerk makes business travel simpler to manage with more flexibility, full control of spending with easy reporting, and options to offset your carbon footprint.
  • Find hundreds of resources on all things business travel, from tips on travelling more sustainably, to advice on setting up a business travel policy, and managing your expenses. Our latest e-books and blog posts have you covered.
  • Never miss another update. Stay in touch with us on social for the latest product releases, upcoming events, and articles fresh off the press.

Speak to a travel expert

" "

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business travel agencies uk

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We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. And while our site doesn’t feature every company or financial product available on the market, we’re proud that the guidance we offer, the information we provide and the tools we create are objective, independent, straightforward — and free.

So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. Here is a list of our partners .

How to Get the Best Car Insurance

Ryan Brady

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

For a lot of people, buying car insurance is like buying sliced bread. It’s not the most exciting purchase, and the options all seem similar. So thrifty shoppers might simply reach for the cheapest thing on the shelf. But like cheap bread, cheap car insurance may leave you wishing you spent a little more on quality.

“The cheapest is not always the best,” warns Jessica McNally, an agency owner with Goosehead Insurance in Dallas. That’s because there are lots of factors that make up a car insurance company. And while price is one of them, it’s best to look at the bigger picture.

Here’s what to look for when picking the best car insurance company.

1. Choose a financially stable company

The best car insurance companies have plenty of money on hand to pay for customers’ claims. It’s important to check an insurer’s financial stability before buying a policy, especially if it’s a smaller insurer you’ve never heard of.

There are several independent agencies that evaluate the financial strength of insurance companies. One example is A.M. Best. You can use its online search tool to find an insurer’s financial strength rating. Companies with a rating of A or higher are considered to have an excellent ability to pay out customer claims.

2. Check customer satisfaction ratings and reviews

Not every insurer is customer-first. That’s why it’s important to research the customer satisfaction of insurers you’re considering.

You can turn to surveys from companies like J.D. Power to find insurers with the best customer satisfaction scores [0] J.D. Power . Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Plummets as Rates Continue to Surge, J.D. Power Finds . Accessed May 21, 2024. View all sources . Or, if you don’t mind doing a little detective work, you can compare customer complaints against insurers by using the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ website . But take other people’s emotionally charged comments about companies or agents you might read online with a grain of salt, McNally advises.

3. Look for convenience

A great auto insurer should offer multiple ways to manage a policy. For example, some insurers allow customers to use a mobile app to file and track claims. But it’s hard to tell how simple it’ll be to file a claim or perform other essential tasks, like paying your premium, before becoming a customer.

Some telltale signs that an insurer will be easy to work with are high mobile app ratings, flexible customer service hours and an easy-to-use website with helpful content. Consider asking a company representative to walk you through the claims process to learn what you’ll need to do if you have to file a claim. And pay attention to how the company communicates with you. "If they don't properly communicate, well, that's a warning sign," says Michael DeLong, a research and advocacy associate for the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America.

4. Pick an affordable company

Car insurance premiums are stretching to record-breaking heights [0] U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS . Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) . Accessed May 21, 2024. View all sources , and almost half of U.S. consumers shopped for a new car insurance policy in the past year, according to an April 2024 report by J.D. Power [0] J.D. Power . Half of Auto Insurance Customers Currently Shopping for New Policies, J.D. Power Finds . Accessed May 21, 2024. View all sources . The best car insurance companies offer competitive rates and a variety of potential discounts.

It’s not hard to get car insurance quotes online from many companies. Make sure you compare the same coverage options throughout the quote-gathering process. And don’t forget to look for car insurance discounts, like breaks for being a good driver, paying your premium in full or driving a new car.

More tips to find the best car insurance

When shopping for the best car insurance, keep the following tips in mind.

Assess your needs. Before buying car insurance, take a moment to reflect on what’s important to you and your family. For example, maybe you prioritize affordability and a well-polished mobile app, but don’t need accident forgiveness .  

Consider small insurers. There are lots of small insurance companies you’ve probably never heard of. These regional insurers may provide lower rates and better customer service than the big companies you see advertised on TV.

Work with an independent agent. While it may be easy to get quotes yourself, independent car insurance agents and brokers can streamline the process. These experts vet companies and compile quotes from small and large insurers on your behalf. Independent agents and brokers can especially come in handy if you have a less-than-perfect driving record and can’t find insurance on your own.

Do your research. Search online for recent mentions of a company in the news before buying a policy, recommends DeLong. If you find a company has lots of recent lawsuits against it, you may want to think twice about signing on the dotted line. “And if they've had to pay out settlements, that's an even bigger red flag,” DeLong says.

Shop around once a year. Make a practice of shopping for car insurance every year — especially if price is important to you. Insurers adjust car insurance rates regularly, so what might have been the most affordable option last year may no longer be a bargain.

On a similar note...

Free car insurance comparison

Instantly compare top auto insurance companies.

business travel agencies uk

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Top 30 Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK for 2024 and Beyond

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova 33 min READ | May 23 2024

Top 30 Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK for 2024 and Beyond

Table of contents

Navigating the complex world of influencer marketing can be daunting.

Brands often struggle to find the right agency that aligns with their vision and values.

Luckily, you've landed on the perfect guide to the UK's top 30 influencer marketing agencies.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A comprehensive list of leading agencies.
  • Insights into the industries they specialize in.
  • Overview of key services offered by each agency.
  • Highlight of notable clients they have worked with.

Continue reading to discover how these top agencies can elevate your brand’s presence on social media.

TL:DR: Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK

  • inBeat: inBeat, recognized as the best overall influencer marketing agency in the UK, specializes in scalable, personalized campaigns. They provide exclusive access to the top 2% of high-engagement influencers, ensuring your brand connects effectively with its audience.
  • We Are Social: We Are Social delivers comprehensive influencer marketing services focused on ethical practices and transparency. They offer extensive influencer networks, strategic partnerships, and focus on genuine content creation, driving measurable business outcomes.
  • Socially Powerful: Socially Powerful uses advanced AI and data analytics to create performance-driven influencer campaigns. They specialize in strategic content production and diverse platform engagement, ensuring optimized campaigns and significant ROI.
  • Bee Influence: Bee Influence focuses on diversity and creative marketing with a strong ethical stance. They excel in creating culturally impactful campaigns that resonate with socially conscious audiences, enhancing brand credibility and loyalty.
  • Disrupt: Disrupt combines data-driven insights with creative storytelling, specializing in culturally relevant campaigns across multiple platforms. They offer comprehensive analytics, content production, and multichannel engagement to maximize brand influence and performance.

Benefits of Hiring an Influencer Marketing Agency in the UK

  • Tap into expert knowledge of the latest trends and algorithms to ensure your campaigns are cutting-edge.
  • Access a vast network of proven influencers across various industries, saving you the time and risk of vetting them yourself.
  • Leverage specialized tools for analytics and tracking that most companies might not invest in independently, enhancing your marketing precision.
  • Benefit from creative and strategic content that aligns perfectly with your brand identity and audience interests.
  • Enjoy greater scalability in your marketing efforts, as agencies can more easily adjust to your needs and budget.
  • Receive ongoing support and optimization of campaigns, which is often more comprehensive than what a typical internal team could provide.
  • Utilize their experience in negotiation to secure better rates and partnerships, maximizing your budget efficiency.

A Deep Dive into Each Top Influencer Marketing Agency in the UK

business travel agencies uk

inBeat  is a premier influencer marketing agency in the UK that is dedicated to enhancing online brands' social media influence.

What sets inBeat apart is their commitment to scalability and personalized service, ensuring each campaign is uniquely tailored to meet specific brand needs.

You'll benefit from their ability to connect you with the top 2% of content creators, boosting your brand's visibility with high-engagement influencers.

This access lets you tap into a network of influential personalities who can authentically integrate your products into their content.

Their versatile digital marketing services enable you to seamlessly integrate user-generated content into your marketing strategy, increasing authenticity and trust in your brand.

With inBeat agency, your campaigns are not just about exposure but effective engagement, driving potential customers to act, thanks to their strategic TikTok and Instagram marketing tactics.

Moreover, inBeat's micro and nano-influencer marketing expertise means your brand message reaches the right ears, fostering more personalized and impactful connections with your target audience.

When Soylent collaborated with inBeat Agency, they wanted to leverage micro-influencers for their content marketing strategy.

The company aimed to drive awareness and engagement for their new product lines tailored to specific consumer interests, such as outdoor activities, hiking, and gaming.

  • Soylent sought to effectively introduce and market their diverse product lines to distinct audiences, each with unique lifestyles and interests.
  • The strategy involved creating and distributing niche-specific content, employing micro-influencers who resonated with targeted demographics. This approach ensured that the promotional content was highly relevant and engaging.
  • The campaign successfully generated over 5 million impressions.
  • Produced 50+ reusable content assets.
  • Engaged 10 content creators who aligned perfectly with the targeted niches.

This tailored approach enhanced Soylent's visibility across various consumer segments and supported a dynamic content calendar, promoting sustained engagement with the brand’s expanding product offerings.

Industries: Mobile Applications, CPG and DTC brands, Retail, eCommerce, Agencies, Fashion, Food, B2B

Notable clients: New Balance, Deux par Deux, Linktree, Hopper, Nissan, Disney, Hurom

Key services:

  • Media Buying
  • Social Media Advertising
  • UGC Creation
  • TikTok and Instagram Marketing & Advertising
  • Micro-Influencer and Nano-Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Advertising

Reason to work with inBeat: They excel in offering personalized, scalable influencer marketing solutions that connect you with the top 2% of high-engagement content creators, ensuring your campaigns resonate deeply and authentically with your target audience.

2. We Are Social

business travel agencies uk

We Are Social specializes in managing comprehensive influencer marketing campaigns tailored to align with specific brand objectives, ensuring measurable business outcomes.

What sets them apart is their dedication to ethical practices.

They operate with complete transparency to maintain integrity in every campaign they manage.

You can leverage their extensive network, which includes nano- and micro-influencers as well as celebrities, ensuring your brand connects authentically with your target audience to drive engagement and action.

Experience enhanced brand credibility and reach by tapping into their strategic influencer partnerships, designed to resonate with your market.

Their focus on co-creation allows you to engage influencers in content development, creating genuine and impactful messages that reflect both your brand’s values and the influencers’ authenticity.

With We Are Social, your campaigns are not just about visibility but are strategically crafted to convert engagement into tangible business results.

Industries: Alcohol, Automotive, eCommerce, Entertainment, FMCG, Food & Drink, Non-Profit, Retail, Sports, Technology, Telecomms

Notable clients: Adidas, Starbucks, Kellanova, Activision

  • End-to-end campaign management
  • Influencer partnership and co-creation
  • Media and measurement
  • Ethical and transparent practices

Reason to work with We Are Social: Partnering with We Are Social ensures that your influencer marketing efforts are ethically grounded and strategically optimized to meet your business objectives, delivering audience engagement and real business results.

3. Socially Powerful

business travel agencies uk

Socially Powerful is an influencer agency that enhances brand influence through performance-driven influencer marketing strategies backed by cutting-edge technology.

Their standout feature is the seamless integration of advanced AI and data analytics to tailor campaigns that perfectly align with client goals and market demands.

Benefit from their strategic influencer matchmaking, ensuring your brand connects with influencers who resonate with your audience, enhancing authenticity and effectiveness.

Take advantage of their in-depth campaign analytics to measure success and optimize future strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and ROI.

Their extensive network across various social platforms allows for versatile and dynamic influencer collaborations that expand reach and engage diverse audiences.

Leverage their innovative content strategies to capture attention and drive meaningful engagement, turning viewers into loyal customers.

Industries: Automotive, Alcohol, Technology, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Gaming, Sports

Notable clients: Hyundai, Toyota, Asus, Tencent

  • Influencer Campaign Management
  • Data Analytics and AI Integration
  • Content Strategy and Production
  • Social Media Management

Reason to work with Socially Powerful: Choosing Socially Powerful means investing in a future-focused marketing partner that understands the digital industry and shapes it to bring your brand to the forefront of it.

4. Bee Influence

business travel agencies uk

Bee Influence is a boutique influencer marketing agency in Manchester, renowned for its focus on diversity and creative marketing solutions.

They distinguish themselves in the industry with a unique approach that blends radical creativity with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

You will benefit from their tailored campaigns, which boost brand visibility and align with progressive values, resonating deeply with a socially conscious audience.

Their expertise in managing diverse and radical talent ensures your brand connects with audiences through authentic and impactful narratives.

Leverage their award-winning strategies to create campaigns that promote your brand and contribute to societal change.

With Bee Influence, your brand can make a significant impact, fostering connections beyond mere transactions to build lasting loyalty and trust.

Industries: Fashion, Technology, Food and Beverage, Retail

Notable clients: Greenpeace, Vistaprint, Cricut, Lee Kum Kee

  • Creative Campaign Development
  • Diversity Focused Marketing
  • Talent Management
  • Social Responsibility Campaigns

Reason to work with Bee Influence: Working with Bee Influence means partnering with an agency that is not only at the forefront of influencer marketing but also dedicated to positively impacting society and the environment.

5. Disrupt Agency

business travel agencies uk

Disrupt is a dynamic influencer marketing agency based in London specializing in creating culturally relevant, performance-driven campaigns.

What distinguishes Disrupt is their ability to seamlessly blend data-driven insights with creative and cultural relevance, ensuring that each campaign engages and achieves significant business outcomes.

You'll benefit from their cutting-edge approach to influencer marketing.

They utilize next-gen data analytics to optimize and measure the impact of your campaigns, ensuring your investments yield substantial returns.

Their expertise in navigating multiple social and entertainment platforms means your brand can leverage the full spectrum of digital engagement, maximizing reach and resonance across diverse audiences.

Utilize their compelling content production to craft stories that do more than capture attention—they inspire action and foster deep connections.

With Disrupt, your brand is positioned at the intersection of innovation and influence, ready to make a lasting impact in the digital marketplace.

Industries: Fashion, Technology, Sports, Beauty, Entertainment

Notable clients: Ecco, Disney, Today Tix, Admiral, Absolut

  • Influencer Campaign Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Content Production
  • Multichannel Campaigns

Reason to work with Disrupt: Engaging with Disrupt means tapping into a powerhouse of creativity and analytics that propels your brand into the spotlight, ensuring visibility and measurable performance and growth.

6. Find Your Influencer

business travel agencies uk

Find Your Influencer (FYI) is a premier influencer marketing agency in the UK.

They expertly connect brands with the perfect influencers to amplify their message.

What sets FYI apart is their extensive network, which boasts over 100,000 UK influencers and more than 20 million globally.

FYI utilizes this network to create precisely targeted campaigns that drive real engagement.

With FYI, you gain the advantage of tailored influencer campaigns that enhance your brand's visibility, foster genuine conversations, and build community around your products.

You'll appreciate the ease of campaign management FYI offers.

They allow you to focus on core business tasks while they handle every aspect of influencer collaboration.

Experience the impact of strategic content amplification.

FYI employs expert methods to boost the reach of content created by influencers, ensuring maximum exposure.

Their data-driven approach means every campaign is optimized for conversions, translating into measurable results and a stronger return on your investment.

Industries: Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Lifestyle, Fitness, Parent & Baby, Travel, Food & Drink, Interiors, Technology

Notable clients:

  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Paid Social Amplification
  • Content Creation
  • Strategic Campaign Planning
  • Data and Insights Analysis

Reason to work with Find Your Influencer: Choose FYI for a partner that understands the nuances of influencer marketing and commits to achieving your specific brand goals through innovative and targeted strategies.

7. The Social Shepherd

business travel agencies uk

The Social Shepherd stands out as an influencer marketing agency that strategizes and executes comprehensive brand awareness and direct-response campaigns.

Their human-led approach, backed by technology, ensures that each influencer partnership is thoughtfully curated to meet your brand's specific goals and budget efficiencies.

You can leverage their expertise in end-to-end campaign management, which means they handle everything from strategy and influencer sourcing to payment and reporting, allowing you to stay focused on your core business.

Benefit from their unique ability to produce user-generated content (UGC) crafted specifically for your brand’s social media platforms, enhancing your online presence and engagement.

With The Social Shepherd, your campaigns are meticulously tracked and reported, providing detailed insights and a clear understanding of the return on your investment.

Industries: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Food & Beverage

Notable clients: GoCustom, Passenger, Lumene, Bio Oil

  • User-Generated Content Production
  • End-to-End Campaign Management
  • Strategic Content Placement
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Reason to work with The Social Shepherd: Opt for The Social Shepherd if you need a partner delivering bespoke influencer marketing strategies and hands-on campaign management, ensuring your brand achieves visibility and targeted results.

8. SevenSix Agency

business travel agencies uk

SevenSix Agency is an award-winning influencer marketing firm known for championing diversity and fairness in influencer compensation.

They stand out for their commitment to transparency, evidenced by their annual influencer pricing report, which has pioneered equitable pay across the industry.

With SevenSix, you benefit from their strategic campaign planning, ensuring your brand engages with the right audience through well-crafted influencer collaborations.

You'll appreciate their focus on creating diverse and inclusive campaigns that resonate with a broad audience, enhancing your brand's market reach.

Experience the advantage of their Creator Club, a platform for ongoing personal and professional development for influencers.

This translates into more impactful and authentic content that makes for a successful campaign.

Their proactive approach to fostering fair and transparent relationships between brands and creators ensures that you work in a value-driven environment, maximizing your brand's ethical standing and appeal.

Industries: Diversity & Inclusion, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness

Notable clients: Soho House, Spotify, L'Oreal, NEXT

  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Diversity Consultancy
  • Creator Development Programs

Reason to work with SevenSix Agency: Opt for SevenSix Agency to leverage their unique position in promoting fairness and diversity in influencer marketing, ensuring that your campaigns not only reach but also resonate with diverse audiences.

9. Sociably

business travel agencies uk

Sociably is a luxury influencer marketing agency in London, specializing in high-end campaigns for premium and luxury brands.

They distinguish themselves with art-directed campaigns managed by their in-house luxury influencer, ensuring a bespoke and sophisticated approach to each project.

You'll benefit from Sociably's expertise in creating visually stunning and strategically crafted content that elevates your brand's luxury appeal.

Their end-to-end campaign management simplifies the process for you, from concept to execution, ensuring a seamless integration of influencers into your marketing strategy.

Experience the advantage of their global reach, effectively positioning your brand in European and international markets.

With Sociably, your campaigns are visually appealing and crafted to achieve specific marketing objectives, maximizing your return on investment.

Industries: Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Automobiles, Hospitality

Notable clients: Bentley, Ferrari, Jimmy Choo, Vacheron Constantin, Waldorf Astoria

  • Art-Directed Campaigns
  • Global Market Strategy
  • Luxury Brand Positioning
  • Visual Content Creation

Reason to work with: Sociably is ideal for brands seeking a sophisticated influencer marketing approach that focuses on luxury, visual appeal, and global reach.

business travel agencies uk

Pitch is a London-based influencer marketing agency focused on crafting unique campaigns that blend strategic insights with creative talent, ensuring alignment between brand vision and influencer ethos.

They offer a distinct advantage with their deep understanding of both earned and paid influencer relationships, optimizing campaigns for maximum commercial success and creative expression.

You'll benefit from their expertise in identifying and leveraging influencers who can authentically engage with your target audience, enhancing your brand's credibility and reach.

Their innovative approach to detailed campaign management means you receive comprehensive oversight from strategy through to execution, ensuring consistent and measurable results.

Enjoy the strategic edge that comes with Pitch's approach, integrating influencer authenticity with your brand's marketing goals to drive significant ROI.

Industries: Sports, Fashion, Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment

Notable clients: ThinkMarkets, Stonegate, EE, Asics, Great British Racing

  • Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Performance Analytics

Reason to work with Pitch: Choose Pitch for their strategic approach which perfectly balances creative potential and commercial outcomes, ensuring your influencer campaigns deliver visibility and genuine engagement.

11. Bottle Digital PR

business travel agencies uk

Bottle is a dynamic influencer marketing agency that excels in creating authentic engagement through digital PR and strategic influencer collaborations.

They excel in their ability to merge brand vision with influencer creativity, delivering campaigns that not only reach but genuinely engage audiences.

With Bottle, you gain a partner adept at navigating the nuances of digital influence, ensuring that your brand's message resonates deeply and authentically with your target audience.

Their focus on user-generated content and multi-channel campaigns ensures that your message is amplified across various platforms, maximizing reach and engagement.

Experience the benefits of their effective strategies, which involve thoughtful influencer selection and creative campaign execution.

These strategies ensure your brand stands out in a crowded market.

Industries: Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage, Home & Garden, Parenting, Pet Care

Notable clients: Rowse Honey, Piaggio, Stannah, Thompson & Morgan, The RSPB

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Strategic Brand Collaborations

Reason to work with Bottle: Opt for Bottle if you're looking for an agency that provides comprehensive influencer marketing solutions that are both innovative and effective, ensuring your brand's message is heard loud and clear.

12. Soap Media

business travel agencies uk

Soap Media is an influencer marketing agency blending creativity with data-driven strategies to enhance brand engagement and growth.

They excel in building strong connections between brands and influencers, ensuring that every campaign resonates well with the intended audience.

With Soap Media, you benefit from their in-depth market analysis and persona development.

They guarantee that the influencers chosen align perfectly with your brand's values and target demographics.

Their detailed campaign management and reporting ensure that you are always in the loop and have clear insights into campaign performance and outcomes.

Experience the boost in ROI with Soap Media’s strategic approach, tailored to elevate your brand's presence and effectiveness in the digital space.

Industries: Finance, Entertainment, Business, Health, B2B, Education, Social Care, Home & Garden, Legal, Property & Construction

Notable clients: LMP Architects, Manchester Foundation Trust Charity, Clogau

  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Audience Analysis
  • Campaign Management and Reporting

Reason to work with Soap Media: Opt for Soap Media if you're looking for a strategic partner that can deliver precise influencer marketing driven by thorough data analysis and creative campaign execution.

13. Make Agency

business travel agencies uk

Make Agency is a London-based digital marketing agency specializing in creating bespoke influencer marketing strategies.

They focus on crafting symbiotic relationships between brands and influencers, ensuring authentic brand advocacy and seamless narrative integration.

Their approach provides you with strategic partnerships that enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement through tailored influencer narratives that resonate with your target demographic.

You benefit from their focus on micro-influencers, which ensures higher engagement rates through niche, dedicated audiences, maximizing the impact and authenticity of your campaigns.

Industries: Fashion, Technology, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Restaurant, Retail, Beauty

Notable clients: Boxpark, Soldo, Neat, Soho House, Asana

  • Paid Social
  • SEO & Digital PR
  • Strategy Development

Reason to work with Make Agency: Choose Make Agency for their innovative use of technology and creativity, which ensures your influencer campaigns are impactful and aligned with the latest digital trends.

business travel agencies uk

Hoopla Marketing is a prominent influencer marketing agency based in Manchester, UK.

They specialize in creating high-impact influencer campaigns that drive tangible business results.

They blend data, insights, and creativity to craft customized campaigns that drive engagement, foster conversions, and build communities.

With Hoopla, you gain the advantage of targeted content that resonates deeply with your audience, enhancing your brand’s presence and credibility.

You’ll benefit from comprehensive campaign management, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Their strategic use of data-driven insights allows for precise targeting and effective communication, translating audience attention into actionable results.

Additionally, their service includes end-to-end execution, which means you can expect meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the campaign, from ideal influencer selection to final content amplification.

Industries: Publishing, Retail, Beverages, Entertainment, Education, eCommerce

Notable clients: Amazon Publishing, ALDI, Gola, ITV, Sipful Drinks

  • Content Creation and Amplification
  • Data-Driven Insights and Reporting

Reason to work with Hoopla Marketing: Choose Hoopla Marketing for their expert blend of creativity and analytics, ensuring your influencer campaigns are creative and perfectly aligned with your marketing objectives, yielding measurable results..

15. CEEK Marketing

business travel agencies uk

CEEK Marketing is a dynamic influencer marketing agency based in Manchester, recognized for its comprehensive approach and global influencer network.

Their unique value lies in integrating influencer marketing with broader marketing strategies, maximizing overall campaign effectiveness through their proprietary OCMX methodology.

You benefit from CEEK's strategic campaign design, which enhances your brand’s online reputation and maximizes return on investment.

Experience targeted exposure through CEEK's Influencer Relationship Management, which leverages local to macro influencers tailored to your brand’s needs.

Furthermore, their meticulous attention to aligning influencer content with your marketing goals ensures a cohesive and impactful message.

You’ll appreciate their commitment to original content, which boosts engagement and authenticity, fostering a loyal customer base.

Industries: Community & Charity, Construction & Real Estate, Ethical & Sustainable, Fashion & Retail, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Home & Design, Hospitality & Events, Luxury & Lifestyle, Sport & Fitness, Startup & Venture, Travel & Tourism

Notable clients: The Savoy, Disney, DAME, Lavazza

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content & Creative
  • Web Development
  • Paid Targeting

Reason to work with CEEK Marketing: CEEK Marketing seamlessly integrates influencer campaigns into your overall marketing strategy, ensuring increased visibility and substantial business growth.

16. Connect Management

business travel agencies uk

Connect Management is a London-based social media marketing and talent management agency known for its comprehensive approach and global reach in influencer marketing.

They distinguish themselves by blending talent management with advanced social media strategies, making them versatile partners in local and international campaigns.

With Connect Management, you can leverage their expansive network of high-profile influencers across various sectors, enhancing your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Benefit from their strategic influencer collaborations that ensure your campaigns resonate well with the intended audience and achieve measurable success.

Plus, their compelling content and campaign execution means your marketing efforts will be innovative and effective, aligning perfectly with your business goals.

Industries: Fashion, Beauty, Comedy, Travel, Lifestyle, Family, Entertainment, Photography/VFX/SFX, Music, Food & Drink, Sports & Fitness

Notable clients: Meta, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Epic Games

  • Content Strategy
  • Campaign Execution

Reason to work with Connect Management: Choose Connect Management for its global perspective and tailored strategies, which bridge the gap between talent and brands, ensuring your campaigns engage and convert.

17. Prohibition PR

business travel agencies uk

Prohibition PR is a Leeds-based, award-winning influencer marketing agency that excels at crafting bespoke strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Their distinctive strategy combines influencer expertise with robust public relations, ensuring impactful brand promotion.

You’ll benefit from their tailored influencer partnerships which directly engage your target audience, boosting your brand's market presence.

Experience enhanced brand credibility through their meticulously crafted content, resonating deeply with your desired demographic.

Prohibition’s full-service capabilities also mean they manage every aspect of your campaign for optimal coherence and effectiveness.

Their use of advanced analytics ensures your marketing efforts are data-driven, enhancing efficiency and ROI.

Industries: FMCG, Property, Public Sector, Higher Education, Retail, Food, Drink, Luxury, Tech, Automotive, B2B, Travel

Notable clients: C4 Energy, Kurt Geiger, Interflora

  • Influencer Marketing Strategy and Mapping
  • Public Relations
  • Reporting and Analytics

Reason to work with Prohibition PR: Choose Prohibition PR for their integrated approach, which amplifies your brand's voice and substantiates your presence across various media platforms, promising reach and resonance with your audience.

18. Ritual Network

business travel agencies uk

Ritual Network is a pioneering influencer marketing agency in the UK, renowned for its robust campaign management and global influencer connections.

They excel by leveraging their deep relationships with influencers across diverse platforms, ensuring tailored, high-impact campaigns.

You’ll benefit from their precision in matching the right influencers with your brand, ensuring that each campaign resonates with your target demographic.

Their meticulous campaign management translates into efficient and effective promotions, optimizing both reach and engagement.

Furthermore, Ritual’s emphasis on compliance and quality assurance means your campaigns will engage and adhere to high standards, ensuring brand safety and integrity.

Industries: Music, Gaming, Sport, ASMR, Entertainment, Retail

Notable clients: Echo Falls, Huel, Love Honey, Daniel Wellington, Paul Hewitt

  • Multi-platform Monetization
  • Content Distribution and Licensing
  • Merchandising

Reason to work with Ritual Network: Choose Ritual Network for their strategic influencer alignments and comprehensive campaign oversight, which ensures your brand achieves its marketing goals with measurable success.

19. Aperture Comms

business travel agencies uk

Aperture Communications , based in London, excels in delivering targeted influencer marketing services tailored for the hospitality sector.

They set themselves apart through a hands-on approach, meticulously aligning influencers with your brand's ethos and goals.

You'll benefit from their strategic influencer selection, ensuring that every campaign resonates with your target market and drives engagement.

Their focus on data and insights guarantees that your influencer partnerships are both authentic and effective, maximizing reach and impact.

Moreover, Aperture’s personalized campaigns leverage powerful storytelling and innovative engagement tactics to boost your brand’s visibility significantly.

Industries: Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail

Notable clients: Canopy Market, Filli, Smashing Plates, Peninsula Market, Eating in London

  • Social Media Strategy
  • SEO and Digital Marketing

Reason to work with Aperture Communications: Opt for Aperture Communications for their specialized approach in hospitality, ensuring that your campaigns are visible and resonate profoundly with your audience, driving both engagement and conversions.

business travel agencies uk

TSA is a dynamic influencer marketing agency with a wide range of services that is focused on crafting authentic connections between brands and their audiences through social media and influencer strategies.

They stand out by rejecting artificial engagement, instead fostering genuine relationships that resonate with audience interests and needs.

With TSA, you gain access to impactful social media marketing strategies that enhance brand authenticity and deepen customer engagement.

You benefit from bespoke campaigns tailored to your specific sector, ensuring relevancy and effectiveness.

TSA helps you understand and leverage the intricacies of social media, transforming them into strategic opportunities.

Finally, they offer personalized service, aligning closely with your brand’s vision to drive measurable success.

Industries: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Technology, Retail, Food & Beverage

Notable clients: Audi, Laithwaites Wine, Red Bull, HiP

  • Brand Partnerships

Reason to work with TSA: Choosing TSA means partnering with an agency that believes in the power of real connections, ensuring that your brand’s voice is heard authentically and powerfully across all platforms.

21. Talent Resources

business travel agencies uk

Talent Resources connects brands with Europe-based influencers, offering comprehensive influencer marketing services in London.

Their unique advantage lies in their extensive network, including top brands and popular influencers, ensuring competitive rates and effective campaigns.

With Talent Resources, you can enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement through well-crafted influencer collaborations.

You’ll benefit from improved SEO rankings thanks to the high-quality content and backlinks generated through influencer partnerships.

Their expertise also translates into increased sales, as they effectively leverage influencer reach to boost your product’s market presence.

Additionally, they provide strategic social media management, aligning your brand’s online presence with its campaign goals.

Industries: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Sports, Technology, Restaurant, Food & Beverage

Notable clients: A-SHA, Got Milk?, Inmode

  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Brand Strategy

Reason to work with Talent Resources: Engaging Talent Resources means tapping into a network of influential figures and brands that can propel your marketing to new heights, ensuring authentic content and meaningful partnerships.

22. SpiderWorks

business travel agencies uk

SpiderWorks is a UK-based digital marketing agency specializing in influencer marketing.

They provide comprehensive services designed to help businesses strategically partner with influencers to increase brand awareness and engagement.

SpiderWorks sets itself apart by offering a meticulous process for identifying and collaborating with influencers aligned with your brand values and target audience.

You can enhance your brand visibility and credibility by tapping into SpiderWorks' expertise in navigating the nuances of influencer partnerships.

Their targeted approach ensures your campaigns resonate with the intended audience, maximizing engagement.

You gain access to tailored marketing strategies that amplify your message through well-matched influencer partnerships.

Enjoy the benefits of authentic content that enhances your brand's reputation and trust among consumers.

SpiderWorks also offers strategic campaign planning, ensuring every aspect of the influencer collaboration works seamlessly to achieve your marketing objectives.

Their performance tracking tools allow you to measure the impact of your campaigns, providing insights to refine and optimize future strategies.

Industries: Retail, Technology, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Entertainment, Professional Services, Education

Notable clients: Kiltons Business Set-Up Services, Charles & Darwish Associates, Klean Keepers, CDA Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, Sage Education Services

  • Brand Alignment
  • Performance Measurement
  • Influencer Partnership Management

Reason to work with SpiderWorks: SpiderWorks excels in crafting bespoke influencer marketing campaigns that are creative and aligned with your specific business goals. Their dedication to maintaining a transparent and compliant process ensures that each campaign delivers measurable results, effectively enhancing your brand's influence.

business travel agencies uk

Seed is a leading micro-influencer marketing agency in the UK.

They specialize in authentic campaigns that engage Gen Z and student demographics.

Their unique edge lies in their extensive network of over 10,000 young influencers, which allows for hyper-targeted, culturally relevant marketing strategies that resonate deeply with younger audiences.

Seed’s focus on real, measurable engagement will benefit you, ensuring that your campaigns aren’t just seen but felt.

Their ability to match your brand with influencers who genuinely align with your values amplifies your message in the most authentic way possible.

Experience the advantage of Seed’s strategic campaign execution that reaches and captivates your target demographic, creating meaningful connections that drive loyalty.

You also gain access to comprehensive campaign analytics that track engagement and impact, providing valuable insights that help refine future marketing efforts.

You can expect consistently high-quality content that maintains integrity and brand alignment by utilizing Seed's robust influencer training and management program.

Industries: Fashion, Technology, Entertainment, Education, Consumer Goods, Retail

Notable clients: Spotify, Bumble, Lululemon, ASOS, Prime Video

  • Influencer Matching and Outreach
  • Campaign Strategy and Execution
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Performance Tracking and Analytics
  • Influencer Relationship Management

Reason to work with Seed: Choosing Seed means partnering with an agency that not only understands the digital industry but also thrives within it, crafting innovative, engaging campaigns and, above all, effectively driving real results.


business travel agencies uk

Outreach is a dynamic influencer marketing agency based in London, known for its personalized approach and strong focus on building genuine relationships between brands and influencers.

They distinguish themselves through a commitment to nurturing talent and aligning them with brands with similar values and objectives, fostering growth and authenticity.

You will benefit from their hands-on approach, which ensures that your marketing objectives align perfectly with the influencers' content, creating campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Their emphasis on transparency and communication ensures that every campaign is fine-tuned to your satisfaction.

Experience strategic support beyond mere campaign management, enabling you to build long-term relationships with influencers who can consistently advocate for your brand.

You'll appreciate their dedicated talent management, ensuring that every influencer you work with is fully equipped to represent your brand effectively.

Leverage their comprehensive analytics to gauge the success of your campaigns and make informed decisions that drive your marketing forward.

Industries: Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Entertainment, Beauty

Notable clients: Topshop, H&M, Doritos, L'Oréal

  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Brand-Influencer Alignment

Reason to work with Outreach: Outreach stands out by ensuring that their influencers are not just spokespeople, but true brand ambassadors, creating authentic and engaging content that speaks directly to your audience. Their focus on relationship management translates into deeper connections and more impactful results.

25. The Goat Agency

business travel agencies uk

The Goat Agency is a powerhouse in the influencer marketing industry, recognized for their social-first approach and effective campaign strategies across the UK and Europe.

They excel by integrating influencer content with paid media, providing brands with optimized engagement and precise targeting.

With Goat's innovative use of influencer marketing, you can maximize your brand's reach and relevance, ensuring your messages resonate deeply with your target audience.

Experience the transformative power of their data-driven strategies that increase visibility and enhance engagement and conversions.

Enjoy the benefits of having a tailored, robust online presence curated by Goat's expert team, which will help you stand out in a competitive market.

Leverage their comprehensive approach to create campaigns that drive results, backed by their commitment to transparency and accountability in every project.

Industries: Automotive, Beauty, Fashion & Retail, Food & Beverage, Technology & Apps, Gaming, Luxury

Notable clients: Nivea, Dell, Audi, Belmond

  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Creative & Social Strategy

Reason to work with The Goat Agency: With Goat, you gain a partner that's at the forefront of influencer marketing innovation, offering comprehensive solutions that drive significant, measurable results, making your investment truly count.

26. BluCactus

business travel agencies uk

BluCactus stands out as a professional digital marketing agency in the UK, dedicated to leveraging the power of influencers across various platforms to amplify your brand’s visibility and engagement.

What sets BluCactus apart is their bespoke approach.

They tailor influencer campaigns to perfectly align with your brand’s unique needs and goals, ensuring maximum impact.

You will gain increased market visibility, especially among millennials, enhancing your brand's resonance with a vital consumer demographic.

Enjoy better SEO outcomes and a stronger online reputation as their influencer collaborations boost your site’s visibility and credibility.

Experience enhanced engagement on your social media channels, translating into deeper customer relationships and loyalty.

Benefit from personalized content strategies that align closely with your brand values, ensuring consistency and authenticity in your marketing efforts.

Industries: Fashion, Footwear, Retail, Technology, Hospitality

Notable clients: n/a

  • Influencer Strategy Development
  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Branding and Identity Design

Reason to work with BluCactus: Choose BluCactus for their comprehensive influencer marketing solutions tailored to your brand’s specific needs. These solutions ensure that your campaigns resonate well with your target audience and yield measurable results.

27. Colossal Influence

business travel agencies uk

Colossal Influence is an established influencer marketing agency in the UK that provides detailed strategies and services tailored to enhancing brand presence through influencer partnerships.

Their standout feature is the ability to blend influencer talent management with robust marketing strategies, offering a comprehensive approach to brand-influencer collaborations.

With Colossal Influence, you can access a unique roster of influencers, opening doors to innovative marketing opportunities and targeted audience engagement.

Their strategies ensure that your brand achieves enhanced visibility across diverse social platforms, which is vital for modern digital marketing success.

You'll benefit from their tailored content approaches, designed to resonate well with your target demographics and strengthen your brand's online influence.

Collaborating with Colossal Influence allows you to leverage their years of industry experience, ensuring your campaigns are both creative and impactful.

Industries: Fashion, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Automotive, Gaming, Restaurant

Notable clients: EA Sports, THG, Nissan, Yahoo!

  • Influencer Talent Management
  • Influencer Strategy and Campaign Execution
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Brand Collaboration Facilitation

Reason to work with Colossal Influence: Opt for Colossal Influence to take advantage of their extensive network and expertly crafted campaigns, which promise not just reach but real engagement and measurable impact on your marketing goals.

28. Famesters

business travel agencies uk

Famesters is a dynamic influencer marketing agency in the UK, specializing in creating data-driven, AI-enhanced influencer campaigns tailored to the unique dynamics of the British market.

Their distinctive use of AI technology to analyze and optimize influencer partnerships sets them apart, ensuring campaigns resonate deeply with target audiences and drive measurable results.

You'll benefit from their ability to connect with a broad range of influencers, which opens up diverse and impactful marketing avenues for your brand.

Their strategic approach boosts your brand's visibility and enhances engagement, helping you forge stronger connections with your audience.

Enjoy the advantage of their fine-tuned data-driven content strategies to echo the preferences and trends of the UK market, ensuring your brand remains relevant and influential.

Gain a competitive edge with Famesters' full-cycle campaign management, which promises not just execution but also strategic insights and optimizations to maximize your return on investment.

Industries: eCommerce, Gaming (PC & Console, Mobile), iGaming, Apps & Digital Products, Financial Services & Crypto, Fashion, Beauty, Sports, Food

Notable clients: Opera, IGG, Yager, Techland, Mobile Legends, Bytro

  • AI-Powered Influencer Matching
  • Real-Time Campaign Analytics
  • Full-Cycle Campaign Management
  • Strategic Content Distribution
  • Influencer Vetting and Selection

Reason to work with Famesters: Famesters offers cutting-edge AI tools and expert analytics to craft bespoke influencer campaigns that ensure your brand captures and engages the UK audience effectively, guaranteeing reach, genuine consumer engagement, and loyalty.


business travel agencies uk

Monumental Marketing is a cutting-edge influencer marketing agency based in London, known for its flexibility and commitment to proving its value within short-term contracts.

What distinguishes Monumental Marketing is their confidence in delivering results quickly, offering significant flexibility with a three-month initial contract commitment.

You'll appreciate the time and cost savings, as Monumental handles all aspects of influencer liaison, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Their established relationships with a global network of influencers ensure more authentic and effective promotions for your brand.

Experience enhanced campaign effectiveness, as Monumental utilizes advanced tracking technologies to provide deep insights into influencer performance and campaign impact.

By choosing Monumental, you'll leverage their expert campaign management, ensuring your influencer partnerships are creative and strategically aligned with your brand goals.

Industries: Fashion, Retail, eCommerce

Notable clients: The Dungeons, Relx, Dext, Stratford East, H Drop

  • Influencer Discovery and Vetting
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management
  • Strategic Content Creation

Reason to work with Monumental Marketing: Opt for Monumental Marketing for their flexible approach and robust analytics that save you time and effort and enhance the precision and impact of your influencer marketing strategies.

30. Loved Brands

business travel agencies uk

Loved Brands is a prominent influencer marketing agency in London that fosters authentic connections that drive tangible business growth through strategic influencer partnerships.

They are distinguished by their commitment to authenticity and transparency, ensuring that influencer collaborations genuinely reflect the brand values and resonate deeply with targeted audiences.

You can benefit from their extensive network of contacts, enabling access to top influencers and major brands across Europe, significantly amplifying your campaign's reach and effectiveness.

Their creative campaigns are engaging and structured to provide measurable results, giving you a clear insight into the ROI of your influencer partnerships.

With Loved Brands, experience the advantage of having a partner that is dedicated to not only enhancing your brand's visibility but also ensuring that every collaboration aligns with your business objectives and marketing strategy.

Industries: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Technology, Food & Beverage

Notable clients: Hush Puppies, Showroom Four Elements, Beautic, Low Key, Greenland, Sofia Peralta

  • Influencer Identification and Outreach
  • Campaign Strategy and Management
  • Performance Analysis and Tracking
  • Authenticity Assurance in Partnerships

Reason to work with Loved Brands: Choose Loved Brands to ensure that your influencer collaborations are authentic and strategically tailored to generate significant brand engagement and measurable business outcomes.

Key Factors in Choosing an Influencer Marketing Agency in the UK

  • Evaluate the agency's track record with brands similar to yours. Look for case studies or success stories demonstrating their ability to deliver tangible results in your industry.
  • Check the agency's influencer network to ensure it includes influencers that align with your brand values and target audience. This alignment is crucial for the authenticity and effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Assess their approach to campaign measurement and reporting. You need an agency that provides clear, detailed metrics to help you understand your influencer collaborations' ROI.
  • Consider the agency's creative capabilities. They should be able to offer innovative and unique campaign ideas that capture attention and distinguish your brand from competitors.
  • Look for flexibility and responsiveness in their service offering. The right agency will adapt to your changing needs and pivot strategies quickly if needed.
  • Examine their communication style and client service. You want a partner who keeps you informed and engaged throughout the campaign process.
  • Review their pricing structure to ensure it fits within your budget while also reflecting the value they provide. Transparent and fair pricing is essential for a successful long-term relationship.

Wrapping Up

This article has guided you through the top influencer marketing agencies in the UK, highlighting their key services, industries they excel in, and notable clients.

We’ve also explored the unique advantages of hiring these specialized agencies.

These agencies offer expertise in campaign management, access to broad influencer networks, and tools that enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

They also provide essential creative strategies for standing out in today's competitive digital environment.

While each agency has its unique strengths, inBeat stands out overall.

inBeat agency excels by offering targeted analytics, a versatile influencer network, and campaigns that are engaging and tailored to your specific business goals.

As you consider which agency to choose, consider what best fits your brand’s needs.

Rest assured, your brand is positioned to thrive with the right influencer marketing agency.

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Money blog: Apple overtaken as world's second most valuable company

Nvidia has overtaken Apple to become the world's second most valuable public company; Disfrutar in Barcelona has been named the world's best restaurant; there's a new cola-flavoured Jaffa Cake launching. Read these and the rest of today's consumer news in the Money blog.

Thursday 6 June 2024 22:14, UK

  • ECB cuts interest rates - and it could boost your holiday money
  • McVitie's launches first ever non-fruit flavoured Jaffa Cake
  • There's a new best restaurant in the world - this is how much it costs to eat there
  • Now is the time to lock some of your cash away - here's why
  • Asda goes from cheapest to most expensive supermarket for petrol

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Amazon is now giving all its UK customers - not just Prime members - access to its grocery delivery service.

People living in more than 100 towns and cities will also be able to access same-day delivery without needing to be a member of its subscription service. 

This covers items from Amazon Fresh, Morrisons, Co-op and Iceland. 

It comes amid efforts from the online giant to grow its grocery business in the face of tough competition within the sector.

Prime members, who used to be the only ones who could access the service, will be given more delivery options and free shipping, subject to a minimum spend. 

US regulators are investigating the notorious meme stock investor known online as Roaring Kitty.

Keith Gill shot to fame in 2021 after he fuelled a buying spree of shares in beleaguered video game retailer GameStop. The stock passed $120 from as little as $3 in three months and saw hedge funds' positions rack up big losses.

Gill returned to online chat forum Reddit on Sunday with a post revealing he had a $116m (£90.8m) position in GameStop, telling his followers that he controlled 1.8% of the company's available stock plus call options that gave him the right to buy more.

This fuelled investor confidence in GameStop, with its market value surging as much as 75% before settling around 30% higher.

Gill's trading activities are now being examined by the Massachusetts securities regulator, while the e-trade division of US bank Morgan Stanley is considering banning Gill from its platform, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The renewed interest in GameStop has gathered plenty of momentum, as our business reporter James Sillars outlined here this week...

Some Lloyds, Halifax and the Bank of Scotland customers will be charged more to use their overdrafts as of August. 

The three major banks, which are all part of Lloyds Banking Group, are set to launch a new tiered system for determining interest rates which could see some customers paying an extra 10%. 

At the moment, Lloyds has a standard rate of 39.9%, but the overhaul will see some forced to pay 49.9% for using their overdraft. 

The new rates are set to be: 

The 27.5% rate currently being offered to Club Lloyds customers will also be axed. 

There will be specific criteria for each tier based on a customer's credit information and account activity. 

For those who will see a rise, the banks will introduce a temporary tier for six months, which means the initial impact will be no more than 7.4% of what they are paying at the moment. 

"We are writing to our customers to let them know we're introducing new interest rate tiers on our overdrafts," a Lloyds Banking Group spokesperson said.

"The changes mean many will continue to pay the same or less than they do today, while some may see an increase." 

Nvidia has overtaken Apple to become the world's second most valuable public company.

The AI microchip maker's share price has risen to be worth more than $3trn (£2.34trn) for the first time. 

Only Microsoft is a more valuable company listed on a stock exchange, while Apple has fallen into third place.

Nvidia shares rose 5% after a year of growth - with one share now costing $1,224.40 (£957).

Nvidia's chips are powering much of the rush into AI, which has seen it become a poster child of the AI boom.

Demand for its processors from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook owner Meta have been outstripping supply. 

Nvidia's shares - up nearly 150% so far this year - are also being boosted by an upcoming move to split its stock by 10-to-one on Friday. 

Ian Coatsworth, investment analyst at AJ Bell, said the stock split will "bring its share price down and make it more affordable to investors". 

Tech companies - including Microsoft and Apple - have been racing to develop AI and embed it in their products.

Nvidia is a younger company than some of its peers, having been founded in 1993. Similar to many tech giants, it was founded in California in the US.

Britain is less likely to lose power this winter than it was last year, according to the company that runs the grid.

National Grid's Electricity System Operator (ESO) said it expects power plants, wind farms and other generation methods to be able to provide more than enough power to meet demand this time around. 

In an early outlook, it said the grid would have an average margin - the difference between supply of electricity and demand for it - of 5.6 gigawatts (GW) this coming winter. 

This means the period when demand might outstrip supply is just 0.1 hours.

The increased margins are in part because of improved capacity, thanks to a new 765km high-voltage cable that connects the UK's electricity network with Denmark.

The cable, called an interconnector, is known as the Viking Link, and started transporting wind power between the two countries in December.

New gas generation, growth in battery storage capacity and increased generation connected to the distribution networks have also contributed to the higher margins. 

Despite this, ESO's chief operating officer Kayte O'Neill has said it will still need to be "vigilant" due to uncertainties around global energy markets.

"As a prudent system operator we remain vigilant, continuing to monitor potential risks and working closely with our partners to establish any actions necessary to build resilience," she said.

The continent's energy system has been forced to reinvent itself in recent years, faced with potential gas shortages due to the war in Ukraine.

The 20 countries using the euro currency have seen interest rates cut from record highs following progress in the battle against inflation over the past two-and-a-half years.

The Frankfurt-based European Central Bank (ECB) said it was "appropriate" to trim its main deposit rate from 4% to 3.75%.

It followed an assertion last month by its president, Christine Lagarde, that the pace of price increases was now "under control".

But the Bank declared in a statement that the battle was not won - signalling data-driven caution on future policy decisions in the months ahead.

Its staff even revised upwards their forecasts for inflation this year and next.

As we have been discussing in Money this week, the cut before the US and UK could weaken the euro - potentially making Britons' holiday money go further.

McVitie's is selling a new flavour of Jaffa Cake - and it marks the first ever non-fruit flavour since the treat launched in 1927.

Shelves across the country will soon be stocked cola bottle flavoured cakes.

The new flavour will launch in Asda stores from 10 June and be available in other UK supermarkets - including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Iceland and Co-op - in the coming weeks.

Adam Woolf, marketing director at McVitie's, said: "Jaffa Cakes Cola Bottle is certainly one of our more unexpected product launches – stepping away from fruit flavours for the very first time. 

"Jaffa Cakes have always stood out from the crowd (and the biscuit aisle), but we really wanted to try something new with this one. It's no doubt going to cause some debate among our Jaffanatics, and we can't wait to hear what they think."

By  Sarah Taaffe-Maguire , business reporter

Are we entering an era of interest rate cuts? Probably not. Or at least, not yet. 

But the European Central Bank (ECB) which controls the euro currency does look set to make their first cut in four years this afternoon. 

And Canada yesterday became the first country in the club of G7 industrialised nations to bring down borrowing costs by lowering their benchmark interest rate. 

The UK, however, isn't currently expected by markets to make a cut until September. 

Elsewhere, oil prices remain below $80 but are slightly more expensive than earlier this week. A barrel of the benchmark Brent crude oil costs $79.10.

The good news for people going on holidays to countries using the euro continues - the pound is still doing well against the currency with £1 equal to €1.1757. 

That could go even higher after the ECB decision at 1.15pm. A pound also can buy $1.2783. 

Like in the US, the UK's most valuable companies have become more valuable as the FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) 100 and 250 indices are up 0.33% and 0.41% respectively.

Every Thursday  Savings Champion founder Anna Bowes  gives an insight into the savings market and how to make the most of your money...

Can you believe we are almost halfway through 2024?

Although the rate rises that we have seen this year have slowed compared with the previous couple of years, and we have even seen some falls, savers are now able to find hundreds of savings accounts that pay an interest rate higher than inflation.

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics showed inflation was still higher than predicted, however - which means the anticipated base rate cut is likely to be pushed back again – into the second half of this year.

While bad news for borrowers, this is great news for savers.

Incredibly, the latest statistics from the Bank of England show there is over £253bn sitting in current accounts and savings accounts earning no interest at all.

With top rates available paying 5% or even a bit more, that is potentially £12.65bn of gross interest that is not being claimed by savers.

So now really is the time to move your money if you have cash languishing, earning less than inflation, especially if you can lock some away with a fixed rate, as a base rate cut will happen at some stage, we just don't know when.

Easy access

If you think you'll need access to your money, an easy access account is a wise choice.

The base rate cuts that we have been waiting for are yet to start, so the top rates on offer are still paying almost as much as they were at the beginning of the year.

Fixed-term bonds 

There is a strange phenomenon with fixed-term bond rates at the moment: the longer you tie up your cash, the lower the interest rates on offer.

Normally, you'd expect to be rewarded for tying up your cash over the longer term - but base rate forecasts have flipped this.

Fixed-term cash ISAs

A frequent complaint that I hear from savers is that the tax-free rates on ISAs are usually lower than the pre-tax rates on the equivalent non-ISA accounts – and this is particularly true with fixed-term accounts.

As many more savers are paying tax on their interest once again, cash ISAs are more popular than ever, as the tax-free rate of the ISA can still be considerably more than the interest earned after tax has been deducted on the non-ISA bond equivalents.

The renowned "50 Best" list of the world's best restaurants was revealed in Las Vegas last night - with a new restaurant taking top spot.

Disfrutar in Barcelona took the crown from Central in Lima, Peru (previous winners are ineligible and instead join a Best of the Best list).

Eating the standard menu costs £247 (€290) - with an extra £136 (€160) if you want the wine pairing.

To be fair, you do get around 30 courses.

They also offer a unique menu for your table for between €1,050 and €390 per person - the more people, the less it costs.

The 50 Best list says: "The combination of brilliantly imaginative dishes, unsurpassed technical mastery and playful presentation results in the dining experience of a lifetime, as full of surprises as it is memories."

Dishes include:

  • Caviar-filled Panchino doughnut
  • Frozen gazpacho sandwich
  • Thai-style cuttlefish with coconut multi-spherical
  • Squab with kombu spaghetti, almond and grape

Two UK restaurants made the top 50 but the UK was eclipsed by countries from across South America as well as Thailand, Italy, France and Spain.

London's Kol moved up slightly to 17, while Ikoyi, which we reported on a few weeks ago following a link-up with Uber Eats, came it at 42.

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