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Canals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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"Amsterdam is filled with iconic sights, but one of the city's greatest joys is simply wandering along the pretty canals, bridges and leafy streets. You never know what you'll discover, from charming bars to traditional cheese shops - and don't forget to look up at those gorgeous gabled facades."

Travel Director

Wander around Amsterdam's labyrinth of canals

We’ll take you for a scenic stroll around Amsterdam’s impressive canals, lined with a jumble of medieval gabled homes, colourful houseboats and leafy squares. With almost 100-kilometres (60 miles) of canals, 1,700 flower-decked bridges, and 7,000 centuries-old buildings, prepare to be amazed by this iconic Amsterdam experience.

See the sturdy Dutch bicycles rattle day and night

Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, thanks to its flat streets and amazing cycling culture. We’ll show you how to get around town like the locals, pedalling along the pretty canals and around some of the city’s scenic wonders like the beautiful Vondelpark and the trendy Jordaan neighbourhood.

Enjoy a dinner in a historic Dutch House

We’ll show you around Amsterdam’s beautiful medieval buildings - but we’ll also take you inside one of these historic houses for a delicious meal of Dutch delicacies and drinks. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight into the Dutch Golden Age as you’re surrounded by the city’s rich history and superb cuisine.

Admire the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

With its magnificent 17th-century architecture and regal history, the Royal Palace is one of the best places to visit in Amsterdam. Although it’s the official reception palace of the Dutch monarch, it’s often open to visitors, and you can waltz across the marble floors, admire the grand hallways, and gaze up at the dazzling chandeliers.

Nibble your way through Amsterdam's traditional foods

Amsterdam’s dining scene is one of Europe’s best, and we’ll take you on a tasting tour with a Local Specialist, to learn all about the flavours of Dutch cuisine. Savour the artisanal specialities at a cheese shop, sample the best fish in town, bite into a sweet stroopwafel, and wash it all down with a local beer or Jenever.

Our top 5 things to do in Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam holidays show you all the iconic Amsterdam attractions like the pretty canals and famous architecture, along with the hidden gems of this captivating city.

Amsterdam Museum

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the history of Amsterdam, you’ve got to visit the Amsterdam Museum. Housed in the old city orphanage, the museum tells the story of this 1,000-year-old city from the Middle Ages to modern times, including a medieval aerial map and masterpieces like Brietner’s The Dam.

Rembrandt House Museum

Hailed as one of the world’s greatest artists, there’s no better place to learn about Rembrandt van Rijn than the Rembrandt House Museum. As the former home where Rembrandt lived and painted for many years, the building has been restored to its 17th-century styling and the museum displays a number of Rembrandt’s masterpieces.

Stedelijk Museum

Located a short stroll from the iconic Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, you have to make a stop at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam’s top museum of contemporary and modern art. You’ll see incredible works from the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, along with photos, sculptures and interactive displays.

Best museums in Amsterdam

You can’t visit this incredible city without making a stop at one of the famous Amsterdam museums, and we’ll show you where to marvel at the masters of art and discover the city’s fascinating history.

You’ll find these deep-fried delights all over Amsterdam, and you’re sure to fall in love with the famous kroket. It’s made with all kinds of fillings like meat, cheese, rice, pasta, mushrooms or vegetables melded with mashed potatoes and a thick béchamel sauce, which is then breaded and deep-fried to crispy perfection.

If you want to try a real Dutch breakfast, it’s got to be hagelslag. It's similar to sprinkles (but definitely not the same!), scattered over a piece of buttered bread and enjoyed by children and adults alike. Chocolate is the most common flavour and it’s sure to become your new favourite morning ritual in Amsterdam.

There are few things more Dutch than the smell of poffertjes wafting through the air and you can’t resist tucking into a cone of these small, fluffy pancakes topped with dripping butter and powdered sugar. Whether you eat them as a snack or dessert, it’s the perfect sweet treat to enjoy on your Amsterdam holiday.

Best food in Amsterdam

One of the best parts of Amsterdam is the delicious cuisine, and our Amsterdam tours will show you all the very best places to satisfy your Dutch food cravings.

What to pack for Amsterdam

People packing for a tour

Comfortable walking shoes

Whether you’re strolling around the canals or cycling through the streets, you’ll need to bring a comfortable pair of shoes for your Amsterdam trip.

Waterproof coat

Amsterdam gets around 133 rainy days a year, so it’s best to come prepared with a warm and waterproof raincoat. A small umbrella will also come in handy!

A day pack is perfect for holding your raincoat and umbrella, plus all those special souvenirs you pick up on your Amsterdam adventures.

Digital maps

With so many amazing things to do in Amsterdam, it’s a great idea to download the city map to your phone, so you can access it even when your phone is offline.

Camera & extra SD cards

Amsterdam might just be one of the most gorgeous cities you’ll ever visit, so be sure to bring a camera and extra SD cards to capture all that beauty.

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10 Best Tours in Amsterdam

By Clodagh Kinsella

Amsterdam Photo Safari Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Knowing where to direct your steps in Amsterdam is far more complicated than just keeping an eye out for the constant onslaught of bikes: between the major museum renovations, the cutting-edge architectural innovation, and the chameleonic food scene, the city is enjoying a renaissance akin to its Golden Age glory days. While there are brilliant specialist operators running tours of the highlights—whether of food, art, or local photo opportunities—others, lingering longer in the memory, focus on the shadowy flipside to that 17th-century luminosity, from Amsterdam’s colonial past to its misprized sex industry. We've rounded up our favorites—be it an Amsterdam canal cruise, Amsterdam bike tour, Amsterdam walking tour, or one of the many highlighting the city's cultural offerings—including one standout through the Red Light District, to lead you in the right direction. No matter which one you choose, one thing remains: take to two wheels or the water if you really want to go Dutch.

Jordaan District Food Walking Tour Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Eating Amsterdam, Jordaan Food Tour Arrow

The Amsterdam spin-off of ace tour company Eating Europe—in six cities and counting—this isn’t a makeshift affair, and you’ll get well-produced local food maps as part of the package (but make sure to reserve ahead). The focus is very much on insider knowledge, with four-hour guided walking tours of the Jordaan district’s lesser-known corners, including a dozen stops for Dutch delicacies, and ample meet-and-greets with artisanal food heroes. Your companions: two historians, two professional chefs, and an architect—plus a local whose family have lived in Jordaan for generations, and an Indonesian/Dutch guide for explaining the former colony’s worthy contribution to the food scene. The vibe is fun and interactive, and the main course comes with an appealing slice of history on the side.

Black Heritage Tour Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Black Heritage Tour of Amsterdam Arrow

Black Heritage Tours founder Jennifer Tosch is on a one-woman mission to shed light on the presence, and little told past, of the African diaspora in the Netherlands (she’s now added tours in NYC and, by request, Brussels). Rigorous, interactive three-hour boat trips are the big draw, luring two to 90 people via celebrities like activist and author Angela Davis (average group size is 10-20 guests). Eye-opening is the word here. Once you’ve been alerted to the hidden past of Amsterdam’s beautiful Golden Age museums and canal houses, you’ll start seeing signs of the city’s sinful colonial legacy everywhere. A visit to the Rijksmuseum (usually included) or Royal Palace won’t be the same again. Definitely book ahead—especially outside of summer, when trips are less frequent.

Mokumboot Boat Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

MokumBoot Arrow

There are a million Amsterdam canal cruises, and a million other tourists to take them. Sidestepping that, and exercising your navigational skills for two hours (or more, if you like) is a bit of a no-brainer. With a 50-strong fleet of slick monochrome electric motor boats, and six hire stations across town, this is the king of skipper-yourself boat rentals, but with the laid back attitude of a playboy prince. Not that they aren’t organized: Mokum (an old nickname for Amsterdam) take care of pillows (or ponchos and blankets, depending), suggested sailing routes, and instructions on how the boats work. Affable dock personnel go beyond, so you’ll get a super-clear brief on how to operate the boat, but if you want to escape the traffic or visit a particular spot, they’ll happily tailor your itinerary to that. For sunny weekends, reserve at least two days ahead to get the prime early-afternoon slots.

Architour  covering Ijburg and Golden Age home tours Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Architour Half Day Tours: IJburg & Golden Age Walk Arrow

As the market-leader for architectural tours in Holland, the brilliantly organized Architour can handle groups ranging from two to 240—whether town planning offices, Rotary Clubs, or architecture students. Their regular two-hour-long small group tours, for ten people max, and private tours, for up to 20 people, need advance booking. The two tours listed here are both on foot, though they also offer bike and canal tours. Directors Paul Vlok and Anneke Bokern (an architect and architecture journalist, respectively) have handpicked a dozen local architects to serve alongside them as guides. Fluent in Dutch and English (and some even German, French, and Japanese), all have personal insight into Dutch building culture, and how that stacks up against other countries, so no question is too specific.


WeBike Amsterdam City Tour Arrow

Cycling is part of the Dutch DNA, and there are over 880,000 bikes in Amsterdam alone—though three-hour tours by this excellent indie outfit generally top out at around seven cyclists. Between the rave reviews online and the intimate numbers, it’s definitely best to reserve your slot in advance. Like many Dutch kids, mainstays Thijs and Jasper grew up on the back of a bike, and know how to combine humor with brilliant historical and architectural titbits. You’re not just following the leader here, but engaging in regular chat as you cruise from one fascinating spot to the next. If you want to bring babies or small kids, they’ve got the (well-maintained, comfortable) bike for that. In fact, there’s really no limit to the crowd you’ll be riding with, but safe to say that it’s not the same set that comes to Amsterdam for the weed and red lights, and people who never learned to bike really shouldn’t start here.

Context Travel Dutch Masters of the Rijksmuseum Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Context Travel's Rijksmuseum Tour: Crash Course Arrow

This is a formidable operation established and executed by tour experts, and you’ll only need to share the joy with five other equally sophisticated tourists. The Rijksmuseum docents are all art historians, ranging from Vermeer experts to TV personalities—so you can be staring at a Rembrandt in the company of an acclaimed author on the subject. Despite all this they don’t talk down to tour members, and many manage to be funny as well as brilliant (sigh). Itineraries are docent-dependent (and group-dependent), so it’s worth doing your research if you’re set on getting that Rembrandt expert, but in any case the master’s works will be par for the course—not least his masterpiece The Night Watch , enjoying pride of place at the heart of the museum. More obscure rooms are also on the agenda, and having a guide to navigate them may leave you with a lasting love of 17th century ceramics, furniture, or model ships.

PIC's Wallen Tour Arrow

Walking tours of Amsterdam’s Red Light District aren’t hard to find, but no other operator tells the story of the notorious neighborhood from the perspective of sex workers. Run by invaluable non-profit the Prostitution Information Center (PIC), walks aim to encourage an open debate about the misunderstood industry and increase respect for sex workers (the term preferred by prostitutes). Turn up to PIC’s community center, café, and exhibition space a few minutes before the tour—or come earlier to consult the sex library over coffee and cake. Guides are either ex-sex workers, ready to open up about their own stories, or researchers on the industry who are able to answer literally any query from how much money you can make in a shift to the ancient origins of the trade. Given PIC’s mission to change hearts and minds, there’s absolutely nothing rote about the delivery here—this is a real passion project for guides, and you might find yourself shedding a tear.

Amsterdam Photo Safari Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Amsterdam Photo Safari Arrow

This is really best for those with a vested interest, as the one-on-one attention is brilliant for making swift progress, and if you opt for a longer tour (they run from three to six hours, with four a recommended minimum) you’ll really be able to get off the beaten track. Your safari group might range from total amateurs getting to grips with the basics of composition to pros with pricy DSLRs looking for the inside scoop on the best places to shoot in the city. You can bring a friend with an iPhone or other handheld camera device for around 90 percent less than the regular tour price, so it might end up feeling like a private tour (those are available too, and are strongly recommended for people with mobility issues). Night safaris, beginning a couple of hours before sunset, are absurdly picturesque, as the lights start to come on over the city’s bridges, casting fairytale reflections over the canals (even amateurs will soon be capturing boats’ light trails with tips on the best long exposure settings).

Rederij De Jordaan Private Boat Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Rederij De Jordaan Private Boat Tour Arrow

Slick, slick, slick. As VIP canal cruises go, captain Reinhard Spronk’s historic saloon boat tours (aboard 1932 teak beauty Welmoed , or 1908’s smaller Farahilde ) are really the business. He and his partner Miloe run the show, taking private groups (reservations necessary) on bespoke tours of Amsterdam’s legendary canals. Pick-up is from your waterside hotel or Cafe Van Puffelen, by their office. This is going to be the highlight of your European tour, combining an utterly beautiful vintage boat, the most sophisticated company in town, and (for a supplement) red roses, gourmet finger food, and bottomless champagne.

Brouwerij 't IJ Bar Brewery Tour Amsterdam The Netherlands

Brouwerij ‘t IJ Arrow

Compared to neighboring Belgium, the Netherlands isn’t exactly known as a beer powerhouse, but the big news is that the capital now has craft breweries to shout about. So skip the queues at the mammoth, more famous Heineken Experience, and head to signature local craft brewer ‘t IJ, which was raising the bar on specialty brews long before ‘small batch’ was a hipster rite of passage. Finding the venue, opened in 1985 in an old bathhouse, is child’s play: the biggest wooden windmill in the Netherlands is next door. Friday to Sunday afternoon tours of the Funenkade HQ are a snappy 20-minute crash course in the magic of malt, hops and yeast. With only 20 spots going, and no pre-booking, get to the bar early to grab tickets (a free beer is included with the entry fee). Don’t bother bringing your bachelor party though – after one too many messy experiences in the past, they’re now officially barred.

amsterdam guided tours


De Durgerdam

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Amsterdam Tours

The best tours of amsterdam.

Join one of our amazing tours for an incredible Amsterdam experience. Hop on a food tour to discover the traditional, modern and diverse delicacies that make the city a foodie haven. Whether partying or relaxing, ride through Amsterdam's famous canals on one of our fun boat tours. With our expert guides, local knowledge and exclusive access see the best of Amsterdam with our tours.

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Amsterdam Local Food Tour in the Albert Cuyp Market

From stroopwafel to bitterballen, taste the best of Europe’s largest open market with a foodie guide

Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum Private Tour

Explore Amsterdam's Two World Class Art Museums with a Licensed Guide

Amsterdam Food & Canals Tour

Cruise aboard a restored saloon boat and tour veiled backstreets where bites of Dutch treats await

Amsterdam in a Half Day by Bike

Discover the Best of Amsterdam By Bike in a Small Group

Luxury Canal Boat Cruise in Amsterdam

Cruise through the Great Canals of Amsterdam with Drinks and Snacks Included

Historical Anne Frank World War II Walking Tour

Explore Amsterdam circa 1940s and learn about World War II and Anne Frank through historical sites

Rijksmuseum Art Connoisseur Guided Tour

Explore Dutch history through the artistic works of Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Ferdinand Bol, and more

Dutch Countryside Tour from Amsterdam

Visit the quaint villages of Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam, and Marken on a half-day tour

Jordaan Local Food Tour in Amsterdam

Indulge in traditional Dutch cuisine and discover culinary influences with your friendly local guide

Amsterdam Bike and Boat Combo Tour

Cycle past Amsterdam’s top landmarks and take in the city’s scenery on a relaxing boat tour

Dutch Countryside Bike Tour from Amsterdam

Cycle through Waterland and Monnickendam, and pause at a cheese and clog making farm


Most Popular Tours

Ultimate palace of versailles tour from paris.

Breeze past the lines for the palace and gardens with a friendly English speaking guide

Privileged Entrance Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

Skip the line and gain direct access to the Raphael Rooms, Creation of Man, and St. Peter's Basilica

Rome in a Day Tour with Colosseum and Vatican Museums

Explore the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and more!

Special Access Colosseum Arena Floor Tour through the Gladiator's Gate

Walk in the footsteps of gladiators on the Colosseum floor and see the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

St. Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace Half-Day Tour with Gondola Ride

Explore St. Mark's Square's most iconic attractions with skip-the-line tickets and an expert guide

Semi-Private Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

Enjoy a premium and exclusive tour of the Raphael Rooms, St.Peter's Basilica, and more!

Privileged Entrance Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Skip the line at the Colosseum, plus Arch of Titus, Temple of Julius Caesar, and more!

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Amsterdam Tours & Trips

Find the right tour for you through Amsterdam. We've got 1085 adventures going to Amsterdam, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 61 days. The most popular month to go is September, which has the largest number of tour departures.

250+ Amsterdam tour packages with 12,703 reviews

Tailor-Made Best Netherlands Tour with Daily Departure Tour

Explorer Family Christmas & New Year +1

Tailor-Made Best Netherlands Tour with Daily Departure

  • Book With Flexibility View tour Download Brochure

Tailor-Made Private Netherlands Trip with Daily Departure Tour

Tailor-Made Private Netherlands Trip with Daily Departure

Holland & Belgium Tulip River Cruise (Amsterdam - Brussels - Amsterdam) Tour

River Cruise Family Historical +1

Holland & Belgium Tulip River Cruise (Amsterdam - Brussels - Amsterdam)

"Great tour manager, crew and food" Anne, traveled in April 2024

Amsterdam and Paris Tour

In-depth Cultural Family Explorer Coach / Bus Christmas & New Year +3

Amsterdam and Paris

"We met people for different parts of the world and it was really fun. I got to spend two extra days in Amsterdam before the trip." Sadie, traveled in March 2022

Beloved Europe Tour

Beloved Europe

"The cruise along the Rhine was a personal favourite. The places we went to and the information given were amazing." Kathryn, traveled in September 2023

Netherlands Biking Adventure Tour

Bicycle Active Explorer

Netherlands Biking Adventure

Best of the Netherlands Tour

In-depth Cultural Family Coach / Bus +1

Best of the Netherlands

"We had a nice time. The tour was informative and entertaining." Cathryn, traveled in August 2023

Trip to Brugge and Amsterdam Tour

Trip to Brugge and Amsterdam

Cycling from Amsterdam to Brussels Tour

Bicycle Explorer

Cycling from Amsterdam to Brussels

Tulip Tour, Bike & Barge in Holland Tour

Bike and Barge Boat Family Bicycle Explorer +2

Tulip Tour, Bike & Barge in Holland

"Experience was good." Robert, traveled in April 2023

What people love about Amsterdam Tours

Jessica was amazing and very accommodating. The staff were very friendly and very helpful. Great group and a wonderful cruise
This is my second tour with Europamundo. The first was not all that great, but I was partially to blame so I decided to give them another shot. This tour includes stops at locations that are in line with what one would expect to see in the cities included. The transportation is decent and comfortable. Another family and I were asked if we would mind going on a different tour bus because of seating space. Once on the bus it was conducted entirely in Spanish and we had to remind the guide that there were English speakers on board. The city tours provide a lot of information and scenic memories. Make a note that it says on the last day the end of services is after breakfast. Actually, after the city tour in Paris the day before the end of the tour you will get dropped off by the L'ouvre under the premise of a "free day" and you are on your own to get back to your hotel. The accommodations are about a 7.5/10. In Amsterdam I was at the Radisson Blu. It was a nice full service hotel. Daily breakfast was good. Room was comfortable and clean. However, it is not located by anything but warehouse/industrial buildings. However, in Paris We stayed at the Residhome Aparthome in Nanterre. The location is great!!! Lots of restaurants and buzzing college town. However the accommodations were horrid. Specifically my room #209 had old peeling furniture and mildew on the roof and doorways. I took pics and will upload. The staff were French speaking only. Overall, the tour is good. Saw lots of sights and made lifetime memories. Europamundo needs to do a little more fine tuning to be sure the tours run a little more smoothly. I will say I would consider doing another tour with them. Considering the price the value matches what was paid.
Amazing Experience. I’d definitely recommend this trip?

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The 14 Best Amsterdam Tours

Dive into this famously liberal city and its beautiful countryside with the help of a guided tour.

Best Amsterdam Tours

Getty Images

Exploring Amsterdam via its famous canals is a great way to see the city.

Note: Some tour providers on this list may be running more limited operations due to COVID-19 or may impose testing or vaccine requirements. Check with your tour operator about availability before you book.

There are so many can't-miss sights in Amsterdam , from the Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum to the city's famous canals, houseboats and windmills. With the help of a friendly local, you're sure to see it all and gain some insider tips. After analyzing both traveler opinion and expert research, U.S. News determined the best Amsterdam tours. Whether you're hoping to walk or cycle your way through the city or even cruise its canals, you'll find each tour highlights the unique qualities only found in Amsterdam.

Stromma – Open Boat Tours Amsterdam

This cruise takes participants through the city's famous canals to view its top sights, including the Van Gogh Museum , the Amstel and more. Plus, because this boat is smaller than a normal tour vessel, you'll get to explore some of the lesser-seen waterways. Reviewers say this is a relaxing tour with captains who provide plenty of information. Boats run multiple times daily from three departure points; tours last about 75 minutes. Tickets start at 22.50 euros (about $24) for adults; children travel for half that. The company also offers dining cruises.

[ View & Book Tickets .]

Mike's Bike Tours Amsterdam – Countryside Bike Tour and Cheese Tasting

Get your fill of windmills and the beautiful Dutch countryside on this bike tour that runs up to 3 1/2 hours and covers about 10 miles. It also includes stops at a clog factory, a public park and a cheese farm, where cheese samples are offered to visitors. Reviewers praise the scenic countryside and the stop for the cheese tasting. They also appreciate the well-maintained bikes and the friendly guides. Tickets start at 42 euros (about $42) for adults and 39 euros (about $37) for youths ages 12 to 17; the trip is not suitable for children younger than 12. This tour runs daily at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The company offers many bike tours, including tours of the city and private cycle trips.

[View & Book Tickets: Option 1 | Option 2 .]

With Locals – The 10 Tastings of Amsterdam

Get a "taste" of Amsterdam on this guided food tour that features 10 tastings, including beverage samples. In-the-know locals lead the three-hour walk that takes you through the De Pijp area of the city, as well as an outdoor market. Food samples could include a stroopwafel (a wafer cookie), herring and local cheeses. Reviewers highly recommend this tour, describing it as "fun" and "flavorful." They also extol the guides for their friendly, cheerful demeanor. Ticket prices vary depending on how many people tour; a couple can expect to pay around 95 euros (about $99) per person. The tour runs Monday to Saturday at multiple times each day. The company also offers tours of the city by bike or boat.

Free Walking Tours Amsterdam – Classic Tour

Learn about Amsterdam, its liberalism and the Dutch culture on this two-hour walking tour. Stops may include the red-light district, the canal belt area, the Waag building and more. Keep in mind each guide takes a slightly different route. Reviewers highly recommend the tour for travelers interested in a brief introduction to Amsterdam history. Tourgoers also applaud the guides for their engaging, funny storytelling. Tours depart daily at 10:30 and 11 a.m. and 1:30 and 4 p.m. The tour operates on a pay-what-you-wish basis, but you'll need to pay a city-mandated entertainment tax of 1.55 euros (about $2). The company also offers a food tour and an alternative tour of the city that explores Amsterdam's counterculture.

360 Amsterdam Tours – Anne Frank Walking Tour

See World War II through the eyes of Anne Frank on this two-hour tour through the Jewish Quarter. Highlights include the Portuguese Synagogue, the Hollandsche Schouwburg Museum and the Anne Frank House. Reviewers praise the guides' storytelling abilities and their knack for weaving in a substantial amount of information about Amsterdam and its role in World War II. Tickets start at 28.50 euros (about $30) per person and discounts are available for children. Tickets do not include entrance to the attractions on the tour. Tours operate daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. The company also offers an Anne Frank bike tour, among other options.

Best Amsterdam Tours

Courtesy of Hungry Birds

Along this tour with Hungry Birds, you'll eat like the locals do and learn about their favorite spots.

Hungry Birds – Original Experience

This delicious trip focuses largely on Amsterdam's street food and shares information about the city's culture, daily life and the people who make the dishes. During the 4 1/2-hour outing, you'll sample plenty of eats favorited by locals and you'll also try traditional foods like herring and Dutch cheese. Reviewers say the tour includes plenty of food and is a great introduction to local culture. Participants recommend coming hungry. Tours are generally available Monday to Saturday at 11 a.m. and start at 89 euros (about $93) per person; children younger than 6 can join for free. Food and drink samples are included in the ticket price. If you want to explore on your own, try Hungry Birds' self-guided bike tour.

We Bike Amsterdam – City Tour

Sightsee your way through the city using the preferred method of transportation among Amsterdammers: a bike. On this three-hour cycling tour, you'll see some of the most popular neighborhoods, as well as hidden spots frequented by locals. Top stops on the tour, which is limited to 11 people, include Vondelpark , the Jordaan neighborhood , the Western Church and the Rijksmuseum. Reviewers say this is a great way to see the city and that guides maintain a comfortable pace. Tickets cost around 30 euros (about $31) for adults with discounted fares for children. Tours depart daily at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The company also offers a private bike tour and a countryside tour.

Lovers Canal Cruises – One Hour Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise

See how Amsterdam comes to life after dark on this hourlong cruise that tours the incredible canals, traveling under illuminated bridges and past the historic city center. Boats are equipped with panoramic roofs, sliding windows and audio commentary. Reviewers say they enjoy seeing Amsterdam by night and that the audio guide is informative. Others wish the boat was less crowded. Tickets start at 19 euros for adults (about $20); children receive discounted tickets. Tours leave daily every half-hour from about 5 to 9 p.m. Lovers Canal Cruises also offers a variety of daytime cruises.

Those Dam Boat Guys

Over and over again, travelers praise Those Dam Boat Guys for a fun and informative tour of Amsterdam. During the canal cruise, guides share information about their city and offer helpful hints to make the most of your stay. Tours run on either covered or open boats (depending on weather and boat availability), so you won't have issues seeing the amazing sights. Up to eight passengers will be on the boat – another aspect of the tour travelers praise. Trips last about 90 minutes and run multiple times daily. Fees start at 29.50 euros (around $31) for adults. Private tours for up to 10 are also available.

SANDEMANs New Europe – Free Tour of Amsterdam

Learn about Amsterdam's rich history, including the Nazi occupation, its trade heritage and the city's enthusiasm for biking, on this three-hour walking tour. The excursion will also take you by the city's incredible canals, over its bridges and to see some of its best architecture. Reviewers describe the tour as "amazing" and say the guides are passionate and energetic about their city. Tours are free, but you will need to pay an entertainment tax of 1.50 euros (about $1.50) per person. Additionally, you are welcome to pay your guide what you wish at the conclusion of the tour. Tours are available daily at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.; keep in mind you must reserve your slot online in advance. If you want to learn more about Amsterdam's famous red-light district, take the fee-based Red Lights and Dark Amsterdam tour.

Best Amsterdam Tours

Wooden clogs are one of the best-known symbols of the Netherlands.

Tours & Tickets – Countryside and Windmills Tour from Amsterdam – All-In Tour

Reviewers praise the number of activities packed into this nearly six-hour excursion and say the tour provides a great overview of the Netherlands. During the daytrip, you'll visit the village of Zaanse Schans to see more than 10 of the Netherlands' iconic windmills. Then, it's off to Volendam and Marken for a tour of a cheese factory and a wooden clog-making demonstration. Plus, along the way, you'll have access to an audio guide to enhance the commentary provided by your live guide. Tickets start at 45 euros (about $47) for adults and 22.50 euros (about $24) for children ages 4 to 13. Tours depart at 8:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. from Amsterdam Central Station from spring through early fall. Tours & Tickets operates multiple excursions in and around Amsterdam and Belgium.

Eating Europe – Jordaan Food Tour

Once a working-class enclave with roots dating back to the 17th century, the hip Jordaan neighborhood is the focus of this 3 1/2-hour walking tour. Learn about Jordaan's history, discover hidden areas and sample about 12 local delicacies from Dutch beer to apple pie to herring. Reviewers, who rave about the food, say this is a great way to sightsee through Amsterdam. Tours are available daily at 11 a.m. Tickets cost approximately 90 euros (about $94) for adults, 70 euros (about $73) for teens ages 13 to 17 and 55 euros (about $57) for children ages 4 to 12. Eating Europe also offers a food tour that includes a private canal boat ride.

FreeDam Tours – Free Walking Tour

For a crash course in the city's history, the future of the red-light district, Amsterdam's famous bike culture and lenient drug policies, consider this free walking tour. Along the 2 1/2-hour, 1.5-mile tour, you'll pass by a variety of popular areas, including Chinatown, the University District and the Royal Palace, among others. Reviewers recommend this tour if you're hoping to see a variety of top landmarks with a knowledgeable guide by your side. Tours operate daily at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and start at the Stock Exchange. There is no cost for the tour, but you'll have to pay the city-implemented tourist tax of 1.50 euros (about $2). The company also asks you to tip what you feel the tour is worth at the conclusion of the trip. FreeDam Tours also offers a private walking tour of the city.

Babylon Tours – Rijksmuseum + Van Gogh Museum Skip-the-Line Guided Combo Tour

If you're hoping to explore the artsy side of Amsterdam, this semiprivate tour is for you. Guides take you and up to seven other participants through both the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum to talk about famous and lesser-known Dutch painters, including Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh, of course. The roughly six-hour experience includes tickets to both museums, which get you to the front of any queues that form. Tourgoers admit it's a long day, but the art smart guides and incredible works make it all worth it. Fees start at 199 euros (about $208) for adults, 179 euros (around $187) for kids 10 to 17 and 139 euros (approximately $145) for children 9 and younger. The outing includes a stop for lunch, which is at your own expense. Tours depart at 10 a.m. daily. If you're short on time, Babylon Tours also offers shorter, two-hour strolls that visit just one museum.

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Guided tours in Amsterdam

Johan cruijff arena stadion.

Johan Cruijff ArenA Stadion

Experience the excitement of the famous AFC Ajax football team with a tour of the ArenA Stadium. Explore the most exclusive spots and step into the shoes of the players as you discover the highlights of this classic tour. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes, with special access to areas normally reserved for players and officials. ...



Got music on the mind? Even so, you won't even need a concert ticket to take this fascinating tour behind the scenes of Amsterdam's Concertgebouw . See the attic, the changing rooms, and the amazing maze of passageways beneath the main hall of this beautiful 19th-century building. Learn its rich history and go where regular concert attendees never get to go! The ...

Gassan Diamonds

Gassan Diamonds

Experience the enchantment of diamonds at Gassan Diamonds , one of the most prestigious diamond polishing factories in the heart of Amsterdam . This historic location offers a unique insight into the world of diamond cutting and trading. What to Expect at Gassan Diamonds ?; - Diamond Polishing Tour: Take a tour of the diamond polishing ...

Red Light District Tour

Red Light District Tour

Discover the famous Amsterdam Red Light District , better known as the Wallen, in a respectful and safe manner with our guided Red Light District Tour . This tour offers a unique insight into the world's oldest profession and the rich history of this fascinating district. What can you expect during the Red Light ...

Amsterdam Walking Tour

Amsterdam Walking Tour

Discover the rich history and enchanting architecture of Amsterdam during a guided city walk through its historic centre. This tour is the perfect way to experience the soul of the city and learn more about its fascinating past and present. What can you expect during this city walk?; - Dam Square: Start your tour at ...

  • Netherlands

15 Best City Tours in Amsterdam for a Memorable Dutch Experience

best city tours in Amsterdam

  • 3 Pinterest

The best city tours in Amsterdam enable visitors to explore the Dutch capital in a variety of ways. These trips come in full or half-day options and they present some of the best things to do in Amsterdam .

Amsterdam is a city rich in culture and history, emerging from the swamps of Holland to become a global superpower and hotbed for societal innovation. The best way to experience this vibrant capital is through a city tour — allowing you to discover unique and interesting aspects of this ever-changing metropolis.

Want to dive straight in? Browse our catalog now!

  • city tours in Amsterdam

1 – Amsterdam: Hidden Gems & Highlights Guided Bike Tour

Amsterdam_ Hidden Gems & Highlights Guided Bike Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 4.8/5 ( 703 reviews )

“Great experience, despite the intermittent hail! Our bikes were comfortable and easy to ride even though we were very our of practice, and our guide was fantastic and knowledgeable.” Rachel, Getyourguide

Bikes are ubiquitous in Amsterdam, with just shy of a million of these environmentally friendly vehicles to be found in the city. But not many people dare to get in the saddle and peddle like a true Amsterdammer — and it’s exactly this that We Bike Amsterdam is striving to change, one brilliantly executed bike tour at a time.

Forget the bustling streets lining the city’s famous canals, with this tour you’ll head into the side streets and back alleys coming to grips with a side of Amsterdam that only the locals get to see. But don’t worry, you’ll still visit many of the city’s most famous attractions — just by taking the road less peddled.

Visiting Amsterdam and not taking a bicycle tour is like going to the Heineken Experience and not enjoying a beer. And as far as bicycle tours in The Dutch capital go, you can’t beat We Bike Amsterdam. The trips are expertly curated and the guide ensures that everyone has the best time possible, all while exploring a part of the city that usually remains hidden.

  • bike tours in Amsterdam

2 – Anne Frank Guided Walking Tour through Amsterdam’s Jewish Quarter

Anne Frank Guided Walking Tour through Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 5610 reviews )

“We strongly recommend this experience if you visit Amsterdam for the first time. Our guide, Giovanni, was able to transmit to the group his passion while telling the sad story of Anne Frank’s life.” Lorenzo, Viator

Anne Frank is arguably one of Amsterdam’s most famous residents and her honest account of life under Nazi occupation still serves as a warning against fascism and racism today. It’s therefore fitting that the home she once hid in has been immortalized as one of the best museums in Amsterdam — still drawing thousands of visitors to its humble facade in the Jewish Quarter .

360 Amsterdam Tours offers one of the best excursions to learn more about her tragic life. Conducted as a walking tour, a compassionate guide will retrace the steps of young Anne, illuminating the modern-day streets of Amsterdam with anecdotes from her life and diary.

It’s not easy to relay the story around Anne’s life with the necessary pathos while still ensuring a memorable experience, but that is not a problem on this tour. The guide will make Anne’s story and day-to-day existence come to life around you, allowing you to see the humanity in this important historical figure.

  • Anne Frank tours in Amsterdam

Read more: Best Walking Tours in Amsterdam

3 – Blue Boat: 75 Mins Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Blue Boat Company

Rating: ⭐️ 4.5/5 ( 4421 reviews )

“Great experience! I totally recommend it! You get also a detailed explanation of the history of Amsterdam throughout an audio guide!” Ljupka, Headout

A list of Amsterdam’s best city tours won’t be complete without mentioning boat tours in the Dutch capital. The canals formed and shaped modern-day Amsterdam and they continue to play an important role in the city’s identity.

As a result, there are a host of canal tours available in Amsterdam, but the cream of the crop remains the iconic vessels of the Blue Boat Company — especially when you take factors like duration and cost into consideration. The accompanying audio guide is expertly narrated and you’ll gain valuable insight into the city and its rich heritage.

This canal cruise in Amsterdam is sure to be a highlight of any trip. Even though the tour is only 75 minutes long, it’ll prove more than enough to admire all of the amazing Golden Age sites and the audio guide is very informative. Overall, the experience provides amazing value for money.

  • canal cruises in Amsterdam

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4 – Amsterdam Red Light District & Coffee Shop Tour

Amsterdam Red Light District & Coffee Shop Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 4.5/5 ( 2141 reviews )

“Our guide gave us a wonderful tour of the city highlighting all of the historic elements and describing them beautifully, very knowledgeable.” Anne, Viator

The infamous neighborhood known as the Red Light District is regarded as one of the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam . These notorious streets played an important role in Dutch society, posing serious questions that helped shape the Netherlands’ modern outlook.

Trigger Tours is one of the best companies when it comes to exploring the Red Light District and these tours offer an unconventional, no-holds-barred look at these famous streets. Their mission to entertain and inform rather than to shock and scandalize is one that many other tour operators should do well to follow.

On the whole, a great tour that offers a wonderfully enlightening experience. The tour provides a fascinating look at recreational drug use and prostitution in Amsterdam — while always considering the human element in the narrative.

  • Red Light District tours

5 – Full Coverage Amsterdam Private City Tour

Full Coverage Amsterdam Private City Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 25 reviews )

“Sharing stories about life and culture. Very good at modifying the tour to your interests. The weather was surprisingly beautiful for us.” Phillip, Viator

Private tours in Amsterdam allow you to explore the city in as much depth as you want, and you’ll usually also be able to determine the itinerary — making it the perfect activity for a family, a group of friends or even a couple.

The quality of these tours relies heavily on the capabilities of the guide, something that the team at Withlocals knows well. So well in fact, that they’ve created an entire platform around it, allowing travelers to connect with the absolute best guides in Amsterdam to ensure an unforgetable private walking tour.

This tour is worth every penny! You’ll enjoy great freedom in determining the points visited and your guide is always ready to assist you. On top of that, you’ll be sure to enjoy delicious snacks as well as lesser-known sites like the floating flower market and the tour through the Theatre district.

  • private city tours in Amsterdam

6 – Food Lovers Tour in Amsterdam

Food Lovers Tour in Amsterdam

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 202 reviews )

“This was an amazing tour! (…) We stopped and sampled the best foods in Amsterdam and also got a history lesson and other interesting facts along the way.” Garrit, Viator

While Amsterdam might not be the culinary destination that some other European cities are, it still boasts an impressive selection of local treats — making food tours in the city an ever-popular option.

One of the leading figures in this burgeoning scene is Romain, a foodie who first made waves with his Shaker Cocktail Club mixology classes. During the day, he leads the much-celebrated Food Lovers Tour in Amsterdam, allowing countless travelers to explore the surprising tastes that the city has to offer.

Scrumptious! Romain is the perfect host and he’ll entertain you throughout our food tour, telling you more about life in Amsterdam and the surprising culinary influences. At the end of the tour, you’ll be stuffed and leave knowing much more about the local delicacies than you did at the start.

  • food tours in Amsterdam

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7 – Amsterdam: Private Guided City Tour by Pedicab

Amsterdam_ Private Guided City Tour by Pedicab

Rating: ⭐️ 4.9/5 ( 45 reviews )

“It was our first time in Amsterdam and doing the pedicab as well. We learned so much and he made it a memorable and great experience. Definitely recommend this tour and would book it again!” Kristen, Getyourguide

If you’re looking for private tours in Amsterdam , but you’re not too thrilled by the idea of spending half a day wandering the streets of the city, then we’ve got the tour for you — a pedicab tour in Amsterdam.

These two-seater vehicles allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride, while your guide peddles you through the streets of Amsterdam. You’ll be able to stop along the way and listen while your guide regales you with stories dating as far back as the foundation of the city. Then, you’ll continue to the next stop and do it again, all from the comfort of your covered Pedicab seat.

If you’ve never heard of a Pedicab before going on this tour it’ll be the first thing you’ll search for when planning a trip to a new city — especially if the idea of not having to walk while taking in the sights and getting the lay of the land appeals to you.

  • pedicab tours in Amsterdam

8 – The #1 Best Rated (Free) Walking Tour in Amsterdam

The #1 Best Rated Walking Tour in Amsterdam

Rating: ⭐️ 4.6/5 ( 4579 reviews )

“(…) The tour was insanely entertaining and informative. Highly recommend to everyone!” Alexander, Guruwalk

Depending on the guide, a free walking tour can be somewhat of a hit or miss, especially as reviews do not always correspond with real-life experiences. That’s where Guruwalk comes in, an expertly curated platform featuring some of the best guides who’ll help you explore Amsterdam for free.

And when it comes to free experiences in Amsterdam, nobody can compete with the team at FreeDam Tours. These passionate and knowledgeable locals will show you a side of Amsterdam that most for-profit tours do not visit — and they do it all to share their love for their city and a well-earned gratuity.

  • free walking tours in Amsterdam

Even if you had to pay for this tour, you would still leave feeling like it was a bargain. The tour guide is extremely well-versed when it comes to Amsterdam’s history and the locations visited are great — you’ll even visit some attractions that you won’t find on most tourist brochures.

9 – Segway City Tours Amsterdam

Segway City Tours Amsterdam

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 259 reviews )

“The segway experience was fun and fantastic. We were able to see and learn about many places around town with the tour guide.” Patty, Viator

If you’re looking for a fun, affordable and novel way of exploring the Dutch capital, look no further than Segway City Tours in Amsterdam . These delightful vehicles allow you to zip around the city, covering much more ground in less time — ensuring that you make the most of every minute in Amsterdam.

The city’s ample cycling lanes and accommodating outlook towards carbon-free travel make it the perfect place for a Segway ride, no matter your experience level. This activity is especially well suited to people with limited time in the capital and it lasts for just under 3 hours — perfect for a crash course in all things Amsterdam.

This is undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to spend 2.5 hours in Amsterdam, and that’s saying a lot… The segways will allow you to cover much more ground and they offer a welcome change of pace, especially for travelers that are footsore and tired. Consider taking this tour as soon as you land in Amsterdam to get a true feel for the city.

  • segway tours in Amsterdam

10 – Amsterdam: Jordaan District Local Food Walking Tour

Amsterdam_ Jordaan District Local Food Walking Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 4.8/5 ( 184 reviews )

“We loved the historical facts, it was fun and interestingly presented. The food was amazing, the locations were stunning and our guide was patient and caring.” Karine, Getyourguide

The Jordaan District is one of Amsterdam’s most famous neighborhoods — so it’s only fitting that the next offering comes from one of the best tour providers on the continent, Eating Europe .

This culinary experience company has already made quite a name for itself, and it boasts activities in 15 cities across Europe. It’s easy to understand why this offer in the Jordaan District regularly makes the list of the top food tours in Amsterdam . Guests can expect a quality food tour that only one of the best companies in Europe can provide.

It’s easy to see why Eating Europe has become a synonym for quality from Amsterdam to Prague and everywhere in between. The tastings are delicious and generous and the guide provides enlightening commentary throughout. — even checking in individually to make sure that everybody was having a great time.

  • Jordan District tours

11 – Amsterdam: Open Boat Canal Cruise with Local Guide

Amsterdam_ Open Boat Canal Cruise with Local Guide

Rating: ⭐️ 4.8/5 ( 804 reviews )

“We really enjoyed our cruise with Maxim. It was beautiful and because the boat wasn’t too big it felt personal and special. It was quite entertaining and he shared some interesting background facts.” Rebekah, Getyourguide

Not all canal cruises and boat tours in Amsterdam are created equally. Generally, you can choose between the larger cruises with an audio guide or a voyage on a smaller vessel with a guide on board. While the latter option allows for a much more intimate setting and access to a passionate local, they also tend to be quite expensive.

Luckily, that’s not the case for this open boat tour from KINboat , and you’ll be able to explore Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed canals in an unforgettable manner.

It’s hard to find another tour in Amsterdam that can compete with this open-boat canal cruise when it comes to value for money. The boat is large without feeling impersonal and the commentary from the guide allowed for great insight into Amsterdam’s history.

  • boat tours in Amsterdam

12 – Amsterdam: Enjoy a Dutch Cheese-Tasting Session with Wine

Amsterdam_ Enjoy a Dutch Cheese-Tasting Session with Wine

Rating: ⭐️ 4.7/5 ( 276 reviews )

“Our tour host Killian was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the cheese and history. Very insightful tour, and I learned a few things indeed!” Rachel, Getyourguide

If you visit Amsterdam without trying the local cheeses, did you really visit Amsterdam? To say that the Dutch like their fermented dairy products is an understatement, a sentiment supported by the number of cheese shops throughout the capital.

One of the most famous of these purveyors of cheesy goodness is the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store , and it’s also the driving force behind this cheese and wine tour in Amsterdam . Learn how some of the world’s favorite cheeses are made and try some that you’ll only find in Amsterdam — each of them perfectly paired with a selected wine.

This is a true hidden gem of an experience and was wonderfully presented by the local cheesemaker. His love for his craft is infectious and guests will enjoy all of the delectable cheeses on offer — and the wine will help to bring many of the tastes to the forefront.

  • cheese tastings in Amsterdam

13 – Amsterdam: Guided Ganja Walking Tour of Coffee Shops

Amsterdam_ Guided Ganja Walking Tour of Coffee Shops

Rating: ⭐️ 4.3/5 ( 1893 reviews )

“This tour was exceptional. I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to go to coffee shops myself as a solo traveller. Sophie was the perfect guide, knowledgeable, welcoming and a joy to socialise with. The staff in the coffee shop were brilliant and fully explained how to enjoy the experience.” Ben, Getyourguide

With a name like the Guided Ganja Walking tour, it’s pretty obvious what’s the main focus of the outing. Coffee Shops are ever present throughout the Dutch capital and this excursion from Oranje Umbrella explores some of the best smoking joints that Amsterdam has to offer.

It also offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into this vibrant subculture, while answering many questions that most people don’t want to ask. Throughout the trip, you’ll learn about the history of marijuana in the Netherlands, how it became legalized and the do’s and don’ts when visiting one of these fine establishments.

If you’re curious about the marijuana subculture in Amsterdam, then this is the perfect tour for you. It’s a great ice breaker, endowing travelers with the knowledge and confidence to go to coffee shops on their own. The tour guide is brilliant, taking time to explain the way that marijuana should be enjoyed while in the city and he patiently answers any questions that you may have.

  • walking tours in Amsterdam

14 – #1 Craft Beer & Brewery Tour, Brew Bus Amsterdam

#1 Craft Beer & Brewery Tour, Brew Bus Amsterdam

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 63 reviews )

“This was a lot of fun! The breweries were unique, the beer was great, the bus was comfortable, and the tour guides were very friendly and provided many interesting facts about Amsterdam during the tour.” Lucas, Viator

Many people would consider Amsterdam the spiritual home of Dutch beer, with both Heineken and Amstel hailing from the city. However, the local beer scene isn’t exclusively about big corporate brands.

Craft beer is as popular in the Dutch capital as it is in the rest of the world — and this outing from the aptly named Brew Bus Amsterdam aims to leave participants totally refreshed by the end. In total, you’ll be able to visit 7 breweries where you’ll get to enjoy the decidedly Dutch take on craft favorites. There’s also an option to include a visit to the much-vaunted Heineken Experience, to see how the big boys brew.

Calling all beer lovers! This tour is unmissable and you’ll go away utterly refreshed, and somewhat fuzzy. But, of course, it’s not only about drinking — instead this tour allows you to get up close to the brewing process and may even get to ask a local brewer questions about their craft.

  • beer tastings in Amsterdam

15 – Amsterdam: Lovers Night Canal Cruise from Central Station

Amsterdam_ Lovers Night Canal Cruise from Central Station

Rating: ⭐️ 4.4/5 ( 356 reviews )

“I wish we had done this on our first night – it shows you where some of the best sights are and is so beautiful at night!” Cat, Tiqets

If you’re looking for the perfect Amsterdam city tour for you and your partners, look no further than this enchanting night out on the canal, brought to you by the folks at Lovers Canal Cruise .

Come nightfall, Amsterdam is transformed into a fairytale-like tableau of shimmering lights, bustling streets and beautiful buildings. An audio guide will help you make sense of the magical scenes as you cruise along the canal during this mesmerizing outing.

All in all, this is a great tour for the price. Amsterdam at night doesn’t disappoint and the buildings were beautifully lit up. Guests can look forward to enjoying an audio guide — making it super convenient to learn more about the sites you’ll pass on the canals.

  • night boat tours in Amsterdam

How to book city tours in Amsterdam?

Finding the best city tours in Amsterdam at the most affordable price is easier said than done. Usually, tour companies offer their activities on their own websites, as well as on several booking platforms, each with their own reviews. To make things even more confusing, they often do so at different price points, with special offers on some sites, but not on others.

TourScanner helps travelers make sense of the confusion by finding the best option, by instantly comparing offers, reviews and prices.

  • compare city tours in Amsterdam


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Our families told us: “study and you will make it far”. And here we are, 1500 Km away from home…

Zaanse Schans unas de las ciudades más tradicionales de Países Bajos

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This diverse city offers a fantastic opportunity to get swept away by history, leisure and culture in every corner: unique neighborhoods, canals, art and more; catapulting into one of the top spots of the most desirable destinations in Europe and with good reason.

And located in the heart of The Netherlands, magical Ámsterdam opens its doors to the world from land and sea. Since Ámsterda holds the leading port in transit of cruise ships across the Sea of the North as well as air transit, the recently renovated and modern Ámsterdam Schipol airport welcomes more than 58 million visitors a year and is easily accessible – just 15 minutes by train from the center of the city.

Amsterdam, The Venice of North

Stumbling into the city, Ámsterdam intricately unfolds before our eyes with open arms: warmth in every form, beauty and endless fun. Rich in history, it has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Without fail you will lose yourself in its history, dating all the way back to the Middle Edge era. It is a must to get lost in the streets of the oldest region, the Gothic neighbourhood, where the first inhabitants built their walls of defense. Today, centuries later, we can walk their steps and discover the narrow alleys, hidden plazas and take in the abundance of Gothic structures such as the Oude Kerk.

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Walks Tours Blog

A Visitor’s Guide to the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Photo of author

by Vicky Hampton

Last Updated: June 11, 2024

Amsterdam has more museums per capita than any other city in the world. We understand that if you’re only here for a short time, it can be hard to decide which to visit.

That said, the Van Gogh Museum is pretty much non-negotiable. Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic “Sunflowers” painting, reprinted on posters, mugs, and tote bags the world over, has to be seen up close and personal to be believed, in all its vibrant, sun-drenched glory. 

But of course, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is about a lot more than sunflowers. The museum’s permanent collection spans the troubled artist’s career, while a series of temporary exhibitions offer something new every time you visit.

Not to mention the building itself, which is a work of art in its own right. If the sheer breadth of four floors spread over two wings seems overwhelming, fear not. We’re here to break it down for you. 

Famous Sunflowers painting with person looking at it.

Table of Contents

The permanent collection

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is home to the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings, drawings, and letters. In the museum’s permanent exhibition located in the main building, you’ll come face to face with iconic masterpieces like “Sunflowers,” “Almond Blossom,” “The Bedroom,” “The Potato Eaters,” and of course Van Gogh’s self-portraits.

The museum doesn’t just focus on his paintings, however. It also highlights his drawings and letters – on the second floor in particular. What’s more, the permanent exhibition showcases the significant influence Van Gogh had on the first generation of artists after his death, through works by painters like Maurice de Vlaminck and Kees van Dongen. 

Whatever the medium, the artworks uncover the sheer profundity of ideas and ambitions driving Van Gogh’s art, depicting themes we can all recognize, like hope, love, anxiety, and suffering. Key aspects of his art, like his ambition to depict farmers, his exploration of color, and his personal interpretation of nature, are prominently featured and studied across these various themes.

As you explore the museum, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on an artist we’re all familiar with. And you’ll experience both his constant pursuit of self-improvement and his intense experience of life and the world.

Van Gogh Museum

The temporary exhibitions

In the more modern wing of the building, you’ll find the Van Gogh Museum’s temporary exhibitions. There are new exhibitions opening every few months. So, even if you’ve been to the museum before, there’s likely to be something new to see. The temporary exhibitions generally explore the artistic inspiration or personal connection between Van Gogh and one or more other artists.

Past exhibitions have comprised a breathtaking retrospective of the nature paintings of David Hockney and Vincent van Gogh – demonstrating just how much they had in common when it came to the use of color in their landscapes. And an exhibition on how Austrian artist Gustav Klimt , famous for his bold use of gold, was inspired by the work of Van Gogh, Rodin, Monet, Matisse, and many other artists. 

People at the Van Gogh museum Amsterdam, looking at a painting.

Planning your visit

Located on Museumplein, the Van Gogh Museum is easily accessible on foot, by bike or via public transport. Driving is possible, but we wouldn’t recommend it anywhere in central Amsterdam!

The museum is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., including on national holidays. At certain times of the year, it’s open for an extra hour until 6 p.m., and on Fridays it’s often open until later. We recommend that you confirm the opening hours of the Van Gogh Museum , Amsterdam, before your visit.

There is, without fail, a line outside the entrance to the museum. You definitely should buy your tickets well in advance, as all admissions are for a specific time slot. No tickets available when you are in the city? There are often cancellations and no-shows, so it’s worth turning up and trying your luck on the door, just in case.

A great option is to book our Complete Van Gogh Museum Tour with Reserved Entry . This will guarantee you access to the museum. It’ll also help you make the most of your visit thanks to an insightful art history expert. You’ll be able to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Vincent Van Gogh’s life including, yes, the real story of why — and how — Van Gogh cut his own ear off.

Pro tip : if you love art and culture and are going to be in Amsterdam for a longer time invest in a Museumjaarkaart (annual museum card) or a Stadspas (city card) for free entrance not only to the Van Gogh museum but to galleries and museums all over Amsterdam and beyond.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Guided tours

The Van Gogh Museum itself offers pre-recorded audio tours (in multiple languages) to enhance your understanding of the works on display.

However, to make the most of your visit, you might prefer to book a guided tour with a local art historian. During our in-depth Van Gogh Museum tour , you won’t just see Van Gogh’s masterpieces, you’ll also take a glimpse into the life and mind of the troubled artist himself. And better still, you’ll get to skip the line and explore the Van Gogh Museum just as the crowds are leaving. 

Van Gogh’s hope that his art would continue to inspire the world has undeniably come true, reaching millions of fans to this day. And Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is undoubtedly the best place to admire his work first-hand. So, what are you waiting for? Take a walk with us.

A guided tour looking at art

About the author

British by birth and Dutch by choice, Vicky Hampton is a food and wine writer who has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 2006 and been a digital nomad since 2021. She’s written for publications including The Guardian, New York Times and Michelin Guide, plus her own website, Follow her on Instagram @amsterdamfoodie or @trufflesandtannins.

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The Best Walking Tours in Amsterdam

One of the many historic canals in Amsterdam surrounded by flowers

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world. I’ve been visiting it regularly for over a decade and even spent some time living there. It’s a city with a misunderstood reputation, often glossed over as simply a place to party and partake in the illicit Red Light District.

But Amsterdam has so much more to offer.

If you want to explore the city, there are really only two ways to get around: biking and walking. And fortunately, for those who like to walk (and/or bike) the Dutch capital offers a legion of picturesque strolls: along leafy canals, past centuries-old churches and cozy canal houses, and down narrow cobblestoned lanes.

To really get a glimpse below the city’s surface, take a walking tour. I take them in every city I visit. They’re the best way to learn about the history and culture while connecting with an expert local guide who can share their tips and insight.

Amsterdam, unsurprisingly, offers an array of unique tours: from sex worker-led tours through the famed Red Light District to tours that explore the city’s recreational drug culture to strolls that focus on the history of the city.

To help you decide which ones to take, here’s my list of the best walking tours in Amsterdam!


Take Walks logo

Take Walks is my go-to tour company. Their tours are fun, detailed, and use expert local guides so you always learn ton. They also get you behind the scenes with special access to attractions that other tours just can’t get (they have an early-access tour to the Rijksmuseum so you can beat the crowds). If you want to really learn about the city and connect with a knowledgable guide, this is the company for you! I love their tours the best.

Best Free Tour

new Europe logo

Sandemans New Europe

Sandemans does free tours in many big European cities and they know what they’re doing. With a local guide leading the way, their three-hour walking tour hits all the major sites in Amsterdam. Start at the National Monument and end at the Anne Frank House and in between stroll along canals while stopping in the Jewish Quarter, various churches, bridges, and canal-side houses along the way.

  For more suggestions, here’s a few other walking tours worth checking out in Amsterdam:

1. Amsterbike

This tour with AmsterBike a perfect way to connect with the local pace of life. AmsterBike offers a few different types of tours, including a cycling tour around the canals and tours out into the countryside.

For their Amsterdam city tour, spend three hours pedaling along canals and down narrow atmospheric streets of this loveable city, learning the history of the place as you go along while stopping at some of the city’s most iconic spots.

Tours from 34.50 EUR.

Book your tour here!  

2. Free Food Tour Amsterdam

Dutch gouda cheese, scrumptiously sweet and gooey stroopwafels, deep-fried savory bitterballen, and fresh herring are all on offer during this free two-hour walking tour that explores the food of Amsterdam. The expert local guides give a nice overview of the history and culture of Dutch cuisine while you nibble on samples of traditional foods. And yes – you really do get free food on the tour (just be aware that these are tasting bites, don’t expect to get full here). Just tips the guide at the end.

3. Hungry Birds

For nearly a decade this female-owned tour company has been feeding hungry visitors with knowledge and food of Amsterdam. “Mother birds,” as they refer to their guides, lead food-loving visitors around this charming Dutch metropolis for 4.5 hours, snacking on all manner of edible Dutch delights. Tour-goers get the chance to sample street food, traditional Dutch fare including herring and stroopwafels, some non-Dutch treats like Surinamese and Indonesian cuisine, as well as food at an old-school atmospheric food market.

Tours from 79 EUR.

4. HistoryWalks

Despite the country’s neutrality during World War II, the Nazis invaded the Netherlands in 1939 shortly after the war broke out. Led by a retired history professor, their “World War II and the Holocaust in Amsterdam” tour takes visitors on a whirlwind around the city viewing it through the lens of World War II. It’s a fascinating three hours and the guides really know their stuff. If you’re a history buff like me — or if you just want to learn more about the war from a Dutch perspective — this is the tour for you.

Tours from 40 EUR.

5. Ultimate Party Amsterdam

These wild, party-themed pub crawl tours are festive and fun. Hop on the Red Light District pub crawl where the tour begins with unlimited vodka shots for the first 30 minutes (and then at every stop you get another free shot of booze). The tour concludes with free entry into Amsterdam’s biggest nightclub. This tour isn’t all just about getting drunk (though that’s a big part of it) but is a good way to discover some cool party spots so you can come back later and explore more on your own. It’s a great way to meet people too if you’re traveling solo.

Tours from 25 EUR.

6. Eating Europe

Started in Italy a decade ago, Eating Europe now has tours in many big European cities, including Amsterdam. The local guides know how to eat — and where! The food tour through the hip neighborhood of Jordaan gives a great taste of the amazing food scene there. The 3.5-hour walking tour hits some of the coolest spots in the neighborhood, plus street food and food markets to sample traditional and creative takes on Dutch food as well as some great international food. The knowledgeable guides also give a great account of the history of Dutch cuisine and the history and culture of feasting in Amsterdam.

Tours from 94 EUR.

7. O My Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam is famous for its tolerance of recreational drug culture, particularly marijuana. In certain cafes, it’s totally fine to light up a joint and get higher than a kite. This 2.5-hour tour takes a bong-sized hit of drug culture and history in Amsterdam, leading curious visitors to cannabis grow rooms and the marijuana museum, among other spots, all the while explaining drug culture here. The guide even explains the difference between bad weed and good weed. It’s a real trip!

8. Prostitute Information Center Tours

The Prostitute Information Center, or PIC, in Amsterdam aims to dispel some myths and misconceptions about prostitution, in general, and in Amsterdam, in particular. Every Wednesday to Saturday at 5pm, a current or former sex worker leads tours around the Red Light District, explaining the practices of the trade and taking tour-goers into an actual room where prostitutes entertain customers. And of course, you can ask a lot of questions. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about sex work but were afraid to ask.

9. AllTourNative Amsterdam

This Dutch metropolis has a huge alternative culture scene. And the best introduction to it is to take a guided walking tour. AllTourNative Amsterdam’s “Street Art and Alternative Amsterdam” tour takes visitors to see some of the city’s best street murals, galleries, and coffeehouses that support and create alternative culture in Amsterdam. The 2.5-hour tour will definitely take you to spots you would not normally have heard of as a tourist. They even have a street art bike tour for a different perspective of the city’s vibrant murals.

Tours from 20 EUR.

Book your tour here!

Amsterdam is an amazing city that really does have something for everyone — and every budget. Whether you want to learn about the drug scene and the Red Light District or have tamer tastes and are interested in the city’s storied past, there’s a walking tour for you. Start with Take Walks and go from there!

Get Your In-Depth Budget Guide to Europe!

Get Your In-Depth Budget Guide to Europe!

My detailed 200+ page guidebook is made for budget travelers like you! It cuts out the fluff found in other guides and gets straight to the practical information you need to travel while in Europe. It has suggested itineraries, budgets, ways to save money, on and off the beaten path things to see and do, non-touristy restaurants, markets, bars, safety tips, and much more! Click here to learn more and get your copy today.

Book Your Trip to Amsterdam: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Use Skyscanner to find a cheap flight. They are my favorite search engine because they search websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned!

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the biggest inventory and best deals. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels. Some great places to stay in the city are:

  • St. Christopher’s at the Winston
  • Flying Pig Downtown

If you’re looking for more place to stay, here is a complete list of my favorite hostels in Amsterdam .

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance protects you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for nomads)
  • Insure My Trip (for those over 70)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Looking for the Best Companies to Save Money With? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use to save money when I’m on the road. They will save you money when you travel too.

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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Row of colorful townhomes in Amsterdam, Netherlands along a historic canal


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Discover the Life and Work of Vincent van Gogh

Welcome to the Van Gogh Museum! Plan your visit, book tickets online. Beware of scammers, buy your tickets at

Matthew Wong, Unknown Pleasures, 2019, olieverf op doek, 165,1 x 165,1 cm, Museum of Modern Art, New York © 2023 Matthew Wong Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Digitaal beeld via MoMA

Now on view

Exhibition Matthew Wong | Vincent van Gogh

Discover Matthew Wong’s dynamic, colourful and expressive work, and his artistic connection with Van Gogh.

Find out more

Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1889

Always on view

Van Gogh’s Masterpieces

Explore Vincent van Gogh's famous masterpieces in the museum's permanent exhibition.

Amandelbloesem, Vincent van Gogh, 1890, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Stichting)

Collection highlight

Almond Blossom

Find out more about one of Vincent van Gogh‘s favourite subjects: large blossom branches against a blue sky.

View the artwork

Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, 1887

Vincent van Gogh

Learn more about Vincent van Gogh's art and life, explore his paintings and drawings, read his letters and much more.

Discover more

Explore more about the museum and Vincent van Gogh:

Our main partners:

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6 great day trips from Amsterdam for canals, windmills, cutting-edge buildings and more

Jun 11, 2024 • 6 min read

Traditional windmills with blue sky, A small village with tourist, Zaanse Schans is a neighborhood in the Dutch town Zaandijk near Amsterdam, Noord Holland

Within an hour of Amsterdam, you can find modern architecture, charming historic towns and (naturally) windmills aplenty © Wut_Moppie / Shutterstock

Compact in size and offering superb transport links (especially by train),  the Netherlands  is a treat to explore – and much of the country is easily accessible as a day trip from its capital,  Amsterdam .

Den Haag’s standout museums, Zandvoort’s sandy beaches and Zaanse Schans’ working windmills are just a few of the wonderful attractions within an hour’s journey of the city – all some of the best day trips from Amsterdam.

People look at Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” at the Mauritshuis museum, The Hague, Netherlands

1. Take in the royal vibes of Den Haag (The Hague)

Travel time: 45 minutes

While Amsterdam is the Dutch capital, ’s-Gravenhage (the Count’s Hedge) – better known as Den Haag (The Hague) – is the seat of government and of the royal family. On the shimmering Hofvijver lake, the Binnenhof complex is the world’s oldest parliament building still in continuous use. Its 13th-century Ridderzaal is home to the throne from which the Dutch monarch addresses the upper and lower houses each year.

For more royalty-tinged thrills, head to the extraordinary  Mauritshuis , where works by Dutch masters form the basis of the 800-strong Royal Picture Collection. You can also drop into former royal palace Lange Voorhout, now home to the  Escher in Het Paleis , which showcases the improbable creations (such as those never-ending staircases) of Dutch graphic artist MC Escher. Alternatively, spend a sunny afternoon simply holding court at one of the city's numerous canal-side cafes, where staff will inevitably treat you like – you guessed it – royalty.

How to get to Den Haag from Amsterdam:  Den Haag is located southwest of Amsterdam and takes around an hour to reach by car. Trains travel to Den Haag Centraal from Amsterdam Sloterdijk (journey time: 45 minutes) and Amsterdam Zuid (journey time: 38 minutes). Den Haag is also well connected to Delft and Rotterdam.

People on a floating barge with drinks in a canal in central Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands

2. Get a culture fix in Leiden, birthplace of Rembrandt

Travel time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Laced by canals lined with gabled 17th-century buildings and crisscrossed by bridges, the lively city of Leiden is a great place to get your culture fix. The city is home to the Netherlands’ oldest university, which dates from 1575, and is notable as birthplace of Rembrandt. The Museum De Lakenhal , which reopened in 2019 after a stunning renovation and expansion, displays many of the painter’s famous works, such as  The Spectacles Pedlar , alongside works by numerous other Dutch masters.

Elsewhere, the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden harbors ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Etruscan artifacts, while the Museum Volkenkunde is dedicated to ethnology, with cultural treasures from around the globe that tell stories about humanity’s shared existence.

Once you’ve had your culture fix at the museums and galleries, head to the beautiful Hortus Botanicus Leiden , one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe, where you can admire (and smell) colorful blooms from across the world.

How to get to Leiden from Amsterdam:  Leiden is southwest of Amsterdam and takes around an hour to reach by car. Trains run from Amsterdam Sloterdijk (journey time: 30 minutes) and Amsterdam Zuid (journey time: 23 minutes) to Leiden Centraal station.

A girl plays with a toy windmill near the real windmills of Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

3. Take your kids to see the windmills at Zaanse Schans

Travel time: 15 to 25 minutes

Visitors of all ages will enjoy an afternoon at Zaanse Schans – but since  younger travelers especially will enjoy seeing the creaking sails of its six authentic windmills in action, this is a top day-trip choice for families. This engaging attraction also boasts a recreated 17th-century village made up of traditional buildings from around the Netherlands, including a clog factory, and the workshops of a cheesemaker and pewter smith. The nearby Zaans Museum delves into the history of the Netherlands' earliest mills. After your visit, you can take a shortcut back to the station via a 5-minute riverboat journey.

How to get to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam: Zaanse Schans is located to the north of Amsterdam, roughly 25 minutes away by car. Alternatively, catch the Sprinter train from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station to Zaandijk Zaanse Schans (journey time: 12 minutes) and walk 1.5km (1 mile) to Zaanse Schans. During the summer months, you can also travel between Amsterdam and Zaanse Schans by ferry.

A woman with a camera in front of the yellow cube-like houses of the Overblaak Development, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

4. Tour the contemporary architecture of Rotterdam

Travel time: 1 hour

In stark contrast to the Netherlands’ historic cities, Rotterdam was flattened during WWII. Over the decades of postwar recovery, the city transformed itself into a veritable gallery of modern and contemporary architecture. Anyone who loves out-there design should visit sites like the Overblaak Development , with its pencil-shaped tower and “forest” of elevated, crazily-angled cube houses, one of which is a museum revealing what life inside is like. The bowl-shaped Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen  has a mirrored exterior and a green rooftop restaurant. The horseshoe-shaped Markthal , meanwhile, is a vast, covered food market with sit-down eateries beneath a curvilinear ceiling covered in outsized fruit-and-vegetable murals, and makes an eye-popping stop for lunch.

A great way to get a feel for the city is to take a water taxi: there are 50 docks around the city. If you’re after dedicated architecture tours, De Rotterdam Tours or Urban Guides are both excellent options.

How to get to Rotterdam from Amsterdam:  Rotterdam is south of Amsterdam and takes just over an hour to reach by car. Fast Intercity Direct trains connect Amsterdam Zuid (journey time: one hour) and Amsterdam Sloterdijk (journey time: one hour and 10 minutes) with Rotterdam's Centraal Station. Rotterdam is also directly connected to Delft and Den Haag.

Delft market square with the spires of Maria van Jesse Church in the background

5. Channel Holland’s Golden Age in Delft

Travel time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Spreading out from its monumental market square ,  Delft ’s enchanting, canal-woven core has scarcely changed since the painter Johannes Vermeer made a career creating masterpieces like Girl with a Pearl Earring during the Netherlands’ 17th-century Golden Age. Although none of his original works are on display in his hometown, you can see reproductions at  Vermeer Centrum Delft .

You can also see the painter’s final resting place inside the 13th-century  Oude Kerk  church, nicknamed “Scheve Jan” (“Leaning John”) due to its sloping tower. Practically modern by contrast, the Nieuwe Kerk  (or “new church”) was built between 1381 and 1655. Climbing its tower’s 376 steps rewards with spectacular views.

Delft is also famous for its blue-and-white-painted porcelain. Take a tour of a Delftware factory such as the renowned  Royal Delft , which runs workshops where you get to paint your own tiles and other pieces.

How to get to Delft from Amsterdam:  Southwest of Amsterdam in the heart of South Holland , Delft takes around an hour to reach by car. Direct trains run from Amsterdam Zuid (journey time: 45 minutes) and Amsterdam Sloterdijk (journey time: one hour) to Delft.

A family of three splash through the shallows of the sea on a day at the beach

6. Combine city and beach with a trip to Haarlem and Zandvoort

Travel time: 20 to 35 minutes

Only 20km (12 miles) from Amsterdam,  Haarlem retains its medieval charm. Its tangle of cobbled streets center on its lively  Grote Markt , overlooked by the Grote Kerk van St Bavo . Topped by a 50m-high (164ft) steeple, this Gothic church houses one of the world’s finest organs – the ivories of which were once tickled by a 10-year-old Mozart. Concerts usually take place on Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons; tickets are just €4 each.

Stretching between Haarlem and coastal sand dunes is  Zuid-Kennemerland National Park , home to red foxes, fallow deer and numerous bird species. Just beyond is the busy seaside resort of Zandvoort (aka “Amsterdam Beach”), a popular spot to soak up the sun on summer days. Public transport runs from Haarlem – though the most enjoyable way to explore both the park and the coastline is by standard or electric bike.

How to get to Haarlem from Amsterdam:  Haarlem is west of Amsterdam, and the journey time by car is 35 minutes. Alternatively, visitors can take the Sprinter train from Amsterdam Centraal to Haarlem, which takes around 20 minutes.

This article was first published Sep 10, 2019 and updated Jun 11, 2024.

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    Van Gogh Museum Exclusive Guided Tour with Reserved Entry. 1,155. Bypass the lines at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and admire van Gogh's works with your very own private guide. Gain priority access and explore the highlights of the museum, home to the world's biggest Vincent van Gogh art collection.

  22. Amsterdam: Low-Holland Windmill Village and Cheese Farm Tour

    Discover the Dutch countryside on a guided tour from Amsterdam. Visit the Zaanse Schans windmill village and see working windmills. Learn about the cheese-making process at a local cheese farm. Explore the charming villages of Edam and Volendam on a short walk. Enjoy a delicious lunch in the picturesque windmill village of Zaanse Schans.

  23. A Visitor's Guide to the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

    Planning your visit. Located on Museumplein, the Van Gogh Museum is easily accessible on foot, by bike or via public transport. Driving is possible, but we wouldn't recommend it anywhere in central Amsterdam! The museum is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., including on national holidays.

  24. The Best Walking Tours in Amsterdam

    3. Hungry Birds. For nearly a decade this female-owned tour company has been feeding hungry visitors with knowledge and food of Amsterdam. "Mother birds," as they refer to their guides, lead food-loving visitors around this charming Dutch metropolis for 4.5 hours, snacking on all manner of edible Dutch delights.

  25. THE TOP 10 Amsterdam Day Trips (w/Prices)

    Visit three of the Netherlands' most interesting cities in one day on this guided tour from Amsterdam. Led by a local expert, this full-day tour of The Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam offers travelers a fascinating overview of each city as well as a select few attractions. Highlights include Binnenhof & Ridderzaal—a 13th-century Gothic castle ...

  26. The Museum about Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam

    Book your tickets at the official site, and plan your visit to the Van Gogh Museum. Enjoy Vincent van Gogh's masterpieces such as Sunflowers, Almond Blossom, Wheatfields, and The Bedroom. See exhibitions, join guided tours, workshops, and many other activities for all ages.

  27. Best day trips from Amsterdam

    Compact in size and offering superb transport links (especially by train), the Netherlands is a treat to explore - and much of the country is easily accessible as a day trip from its capital, Amsterdam. Den Haag's standout museums, Zandvoort's sandy beaches and Zaanse Schans' working windmills are just a few of the wonderful attractions within an hour's journey of the city - all ...

  28. Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum Guided Tour and Ticket

    Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum Guided Tour and Ticket. Activity provider: 360 Amsterdam. 4.6 / 5336 reviews. Likely to sell out. During a 2-hour guided art tour through the permanent collection of the Rijksmuseum, discover how Rembrandt and Vermeer captured the incredible expansion of the Dutch Golden Age. About this activity.

  29. Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam Small Group Guided Tour

    Self-Guided Canals of Amsterdam Photography Tour. 1. from$21.89. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 4 hours private Amsterdam tour with hotel pickup & drop. from$603.60. Price varies by group size. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Discover Amsterdam Vondelpark in this Outside Escape city game!

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