Adriatic Sea Cruises

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  • The ruins of the ancient Greek empire.
  • The canals of charming Venice
  • The age-old culture and architecture of the Balkan states, including Montenegro , Albania , Croatia , and Greece
  • The turquoise beaches of the Dalmatian Coast
  • Archaeological sites
  • Wine Tasting
  • Mediterranean Cooking
  • Walking tours
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Horseback Riding
  • Gondola tours

Best Time to Visit the Adriatic Sea

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia : Known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic," Dubrovnik's historic Old Town, city walls, and stunning architecture are major attractions.
  • Venice, Italy : Famous for its canals, gondolas, and iconic St. Mark's Square, Venice is a highlight on many Adriatic cruise itineraries.
  • Kotor, Montenegro : The UNESCO-listed old town of Kotor is surrounded by medieval walls and offers breathtaking views from the fortress above.
  • Split, Croatia: The Diocletian's Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see in this bustling coastal city.
  • Corfu, Greece : Corfu's Old Town, with its Venetian architecture and historic sites, is a popular stop on Adriatic cruises.
  • Santorini, Greece: While not directly on the Adriatic, Santorini is often included in Adriatic cruise itineraries for its stunning sunsets and iconic white-washed buildings.
  • Mykonos, Greece: Another Greek island that's part of Adriatic cruises, Mykonos is known for its vibrant nightlife and picturesque streets.
  • Katakolon, Greece: The gateway to the ancient site of Olympia, where the Olympic Games originated, Katakolon offers historical and archaeological insights.
  • Ravenna, Italy: Known for its Byzantine mosaics, Ravenna is often included in cruises for its cultural and artistic heritage.
  • Koper, Slovenia : A lesser-known gem, Koper boasts a charming old town with Venetian influences and historic architecture.

Best Adriatic Sea Cruise Ports & Activities

Introduction to the mediterranean.

  • Breathtaking Scenic Views: Embark on one of our selected cruises to the Adriatic and experience the most fascinating Adriatic Sea ports and towns. As the ship navigates through shimmering waters, gaze upon the visual symphony that unfolds from the comfort of your cabin or the open decks.
  • Cultural Odyssey: An Adriatic Sea cruise is a cultural tapestry woven with diverse threads. Explore enchanting old towns like Dubrovnik, Kotor, and Split. Wander through cobbled streets, admire ornate architecture, and uncover stories that have shaped the region's rich heritage.
  • Alluring Islands and Ports: The Adriatic Sea is studded with awe-inspiring islands and ports, each with its own unique charm. From the allure of Venetian-influenced Koper to the serene beauty of Vis Island's secluded beaches. 
  • Culinary Delights: From Montenegro to Venice, stopping in Greece, Adriatic cuisine is a journey in itself. Indulge in fresh seafood. Savor dishes infused with Mediterranean flavors, olive oils, and aromatic herbs. Pair your meals with regional wines. 
  • UNESCO Treasures: Many stops along the Adriatic coast are home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Marvel at the historical significance of Diocletian's Palace in Split or the well-preserved medieval architecture of Kotor's Old Town. 
  • Diverse Activities: Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, an Adriatic Sea cruise caters to all preferences. Take part in water sports, snorkeling, and kayaking in hidden bays, or simply unwind on sun-kissed beaches or the comfort of your ship’s decks.
  • Lively Nightlife: As the sun sets, the Adriatic coast comes alive with vibrant nightlife. Explore local bars, cafes, and open-air venues where you can enjoy live music, dance, and mingle with fellow travelers and locals.
  • Seamless Exploration: One of the greatest benefits of an Adriatic Sea cruise is the ease of exploration. Unpack only once and wake up in a new destination every day. The cruise ship becomes your floating hotel, transporting you effortlessly between ports.
  • Intimate Sailing Experience:  Set sail on a small ship cruise along the Adriatic coast, where intimate experiences and personalized service await. Create lasting memories on a cruise designed for relaxation and discovery.

Italy Overview

Croatia overview.

  • Dubrovnik : Discover the vibrant ambiance of St. Mark's Square, or wander through the city’s bustling streets, immersing yourself in centuries of stories. Alternatively, find a contrasting haven for quiet reflection at the Franciscan Monastery.
  • Mljet National Park: Escape to Mljet's untouched landscapes and serene Veliko Jezero (Big Lake). Here, nature holds sway, creating a haven where the stillness of the water mirrors the serenity of the surroundings. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the Adriatic.
  • Stari Grad: Located on Hvar Island, Stari Grad echoes with Marco Polo's legacy as you meander through its narrow lanes and charming squares. This historic town beautifully weaves its rich past into the fabric of its picturesque coastal beauty.
  • Zadar and Plitvice Lakes National Park: Admire cascading waterfalls and interconnected emerald lakes in this UNESCO World Heritage Site that paints a living masterpiece of nature's design.
  • Vis and Hvar : Explore Vis Island's secluded beaches and embrace the unspoiled allure of its nature. Then, indulge in the sun-soaked vineyards of Hvar Island, where the bounty of the land is transformed into exquisite wines. 
  • Šibenik and Krka National Park: Discover the ethereal waterfalls and natural wonders of Krka National Park near Šibenik. Wooden pathways wind through lush greenery, allowing you to get up close to the cascading beauty. 
  • Korčula Island: Visit the charming town of Vela Luka on Korčula Island. Its coastal tranquility provides the perfect backdrop for reflection, allowing you to savor the memories and experiences from your Croatia cruise.

Serbia & Montenegro Overview

Adriatic sea traveler stories, cruising the adriatic, adriatic highlights, mediterranean travel guide.

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  • Travel to the Mediterranean
  • Greece Cruise Ports of Call

Favorite Mediterranean All Trips

  • Classical Greece
  • Jewels of the Cyclades
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Top Adriatic Sea Travel Destinations

  • Mediterranean
  • Mljet Island

Adriatic Sea Trips by Departure Date

  • 2024 Adriatic Sea trips (84)
  • 2025 Adriatic Sea trips (31)
  • May 2024 (43)
  • June 2024 (51)
  • July 2024 (49)
  • August 2024 (51)
  • September 2024 (42)
  • October 2024 (34)
  • May 2025 (20)
  • June 2025 (22)
  • August 2025 (25)

Top Experiences in Adriatic Sea

  • Adriatic Sea Cruises (80)
  • Adriatic Sea Beaches (20)
  • Adriatic Sea Cultural (18)
  • Adriatic Sea Food & Wine (17)
  • Adriatic Sea Luxury (11)
  • Adriatic Sea Land Tours (11)
  • Adriatic Sea Most Popular (4)
  • Adriatic Sea River Cruises (3)

Adriatic Sea Trips by Duration

  • 7 day trips (3)
  • 8 day trips (53)
  • 9 day trips (7)
  • 10 day trips (7)
  • 11 day trips (7)
  • 12 day trips (6)

Adriatic Sea Trips by Activity

  • Adriatic Sea small ship cruises (66)
  • Adriatic Sea village visits (55)
  • Adriatic Sea archaeological site visits (42)
  • Adriatic Sea urban exploration (21)
  • Adriatic Sea wine tasting (20)
  • Adriatic Sea small ship sailing (16)
  • Adriatic Sea local market visits (10)
  • Adriatic Sea hiking (7)
  • Adriatic Sea snorkeling (6)
  • Adriatic Sea kayaking (3)
  • Adriatic Sea cooking classes (3)

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Adriatic Sea

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Cruises in the Adriatic Sea offer a fantastic way to explore the natural beauty, rich culture, and fascinating history of this European region. Situated between the eastern coast of Italy and the western coast of the Balkans, it encompasses countries such as Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Albania.

The Adriatic coast is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and sandy and pebble beaches, with majestic mountains cascading into the sea, creating spectacular panoramas. The region is steeped in history and culture, boasting historic sites, medieval palaces, ancient churches, and museums that provide insight into the area’s heritage.

When to cruise in the Adriatic Sea

The cruising season in the Adriatic Sea typically spans from spring to autumn, offering mild and pleasant weather, ideal for exploring the region.

Departure ports for cruises in the Adriatic Sea

Most Adriatic Sea cruises depart from cities like Venice ( Ravenna , Trieste), Rome (Civitavecchia) , or Athens (Piraeus) .

Port visited on Adriatic Sea Cruises

These cruises allow you to visit multiple countries in one journey, including iconic cities such as Venice in Italy, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Kotor in Montenegro, Split and Zadar in Croatia, Koper in Slovenia, Bari in Italy, and many others.

Cruise lines

Several cruise lines, including Norwegian, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, MSC, and Holland America, offer voyages visiting ports along the Adriatic Sea.

Destination Highlights

Dubrovnik , known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” is a Croatian coastal city renowned for its well-preserved old town fortified within UNESCO World Heritage walls. It features picturesque cobblestone streets, historic churches, opulent palaces, and ancient monuments. The city’s walls offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and the old town. Dubrovnik is also famous for its cultural festivals, fascinating museums, pristine pebble beaches, and rich history that has left a lasting imprint on its architecture and culture.

Split , Croatia’s second-largest city, boasts the spectacular Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site housing a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, well-preserved Roman structures, captivating museums, and charming restaurants. Split’s waterfront, the Riva, is bustling day and night, offering a vibrant atmosphere with cafes, bars, and shops. The city serves as a gateway to the nearby Adriatic islands, making it an ideal starting point for boat excursions to paradise-like destinations.

Venice , known as the “City of the Doges,” is one of the world’s most iconic and romantic cities. It enchants visitors with its extraordinary architecture, canals winding through narrow streets, and magnificent Venetian palaces. The heart of the city lies in the St. Mark’s Square, surrounded by the Basilica di San Marco, the iconic Campanile, and the Doge’s Palace. Gondola rides along the canals are a must, as are explorations of picturesque neighborhoods like Dorsoduro and Cannaregio. Venice’s cultural wealth shines through its museums, including the Gallerie dell’Accademia and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. The city’s cuisine, featuring delicious dishes such as cicchetti (appetizers) and fresh seafood, is also a highlight.

Ports of Calls

  • Dubrovnik , Croatia
  • Koper , Slovenia
  • Kotor , Montenegro
  • Ravenna , Italy
  • Split , Croatia
  • Venice , Italy

Dubrovnik Croatia

Koper Slovenia

Kotor Montenegro

Ravenna Italy

Split Croatia

Venice Italy

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Adriatic Cruises

Discover the azure water and sweeping romance of the Mediterranean

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Cruises to the Adriatic Sea

Make your way along island-specked coastlines on one of our Adriatic cruises and marvel at pine-fringed beaches, medieval castles, and terracotta-roofed towns. Experience vibrant, cosmopolitan communities, enchanting seaside villages, and a blend of fascinating cultures.

On cruises to the Adriatic Sea, you’ll enjoy this lovely mélange in the area’s varied cuisine, architecture, and history. Spend balmy summer days on one of the pristine beaches along the Adriatic coastline, or go hiking and wine tasting in the countryside. Uncover the historic sites of the region and wander through captivating city centers. From Italy to Croatia and Montenegro, this region of Europe has a wealth of cultural gems waiting to be discovered.

Adriatic Cruise Highlights

Forts and castles.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Adriatic by visiting its castles, forts, cathedrals, and palaces. In Dubrovnik, stroll along the chunky ramparts that have encircled the city for centuries.   In Split, wander through Diocletian’s Palace, still a living community, where the Roman emperor once escaped for rest and refuge. In the handsome city of Trieste, visit the Cathedral of San Giusto Martire, from where you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea. 

Sparkling Coasts

Discover the Adriatic’s breathtaking coastlines, where sparkling blue water, bleached white islands, and bottle-green pine forests await. From Dubrovnik, hop on the ferry to the wooded island of Lokrum, where you can swim off the rocks in crystal-clear water. In the Bay of Kotor, a deep fjord hemmed in by mountains, swim from small pebble beaches and kayak against a backdrop of tiny islands and coastal villages.

Culinary Delights

Treat your taste buds to new flavors during your cruise around the Adriatic. Taste crisp white Graševina wines, perfect with salty cheese and smoked ham. Try the famous black squid ink risotto and feast on plump peaches and sweet cherries, all grown locally. Enjoy fresh oysters from Ston, near Dubrovnik, and the wide variety of pasta dishes that reflect the proximity of Italy. Learn to drink coffee like a local, sitting in a café for hours while chatting with friends.

Featured Ports

Split, croatia.

The elegant old city of Split has a long history. At its heart is the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace—more a bustling self-contained community than a typical palace—built for the Roman emperor in 4 AD. Wander through the winding alleys and explore the vaulted substructures where musical performances are held. Join a wine tasting, and sample local smoked hams and cheese. Take a trip to Krka National Park, where waterfalls tumble over natural travertine platforms into blue-green pools.

Kotor, Montenegro

Nestled between the Bay of Kotor and the mountains of Mt. Lovcen, Kotor is a lovely old harbor town with a mountainous backdrop and a beautifully preserved medieval center. Explore the Old Town, where al-fresco cafés line sunlit squares. Step into the quirky Cats Museum, which is full of all things feline. Climb the ramparts that snake over the hills behind the city for awe-inspiring views over the rooftops and the long Bay of Kotor.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Between Italy and Montenegro, you’ll find the spectacular city of Dubrovnik, a heavenly coastal city in Croatia that has risen to the top of many travelers’ bucket lists. Walk around the historic old city walls, where you’ll see unparalleled views of Dubrovnik’s terracotta-roofed buildings and shimmering Adriatic beyond. Explore the area’s forts and monasteries, and take the aerial tram up craggy Mount Srd for the best view of the tangled streets of the old town.

Adriatic Cruise Itineraries

On a cruise to the Adriatic Sea with Celebrity Cruises, choose from seven to 11-night itineraries that depart from Barcelona, Rome, Athens, and Ravenna (Venice). Cruise between April and November and visit ports of call such as Dubrovnik, Trieste, Kotor, and Split.


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Not only do we offer the best way to explore Europe, but we also make it easy to get there with Flights by Celebrity℠. Relax knowing you’re booking the lowest airfare and have a dedicated team helping you get to your ship—and back.

Why Cruise to the Adriatic With Celebrity Cruises

Discover the beauty of the region on an Adriatic Sea cruise with Celebrity Cruises. You’ll sail to picturesque towns and popular ports in supreme comfort while enjoying world-class service onboard. Join exciting shore excursions and spend your days learning about the area’s rich history, sampling its unique cuisine, and relaxing on the Adriatic coast’s famous beaches.

Once you’re back on board, enjoy balmy evenings in the Sunset Bar, book a massage at The Spa, or relax on your own private veranda and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. At night, savor global cuisine at any of our restaurants and cap off the evening with a drink at one of our lively lounges, where you can listen to live music or dance under the stars.

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Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems


Dazzling days (and nights) in Dubrovnik

Cruise the most incredible spots in the Adriatic Sea — by way of Croatia’s coastline, Greece’s glamorous islands, and a bay in the Balkans. With a late-night stay in Dubrovnik, there’s plenty of time to explore the scenic city during the day and take part in the vibrant nightlife.

Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems • 7 Nights

Sailing on Resilient Lady

  Day 1

Piraeus (Athens)

Departs at 06:00 PM, All aboard 2 hrs before departure

  Day 2

  Day 3

09:00 AM - 07:00 PM, local time

  Day 4

09:00 AM - 10:00 PM, local time

  Day 5

  Day 6

09:00 AM - 09:00 PM, local time

  Day 7

  Day 8

Arrives at 06:30 AM. Please allow up to an hour for the Gangway to open to disembark

The Virgin Voyages Experience

From captivating coasts to laid-back island vibes, the exclusively adult cruise vacation of your dreams is here.

Piraeus: a modern gateway to Athens’ past

Athens' largest passenger port, Piraeus is a bustling portal into a world-leading archaeological playground celebrating a rich and glorious past.

Hassle-free embarkation

Pre-upload your travel docs to the Virgin Voyages app, get Ready to Sail before leaving home, and make boarding a (sea)breeze in just a few minutes.

Late stay in Dubrovnik

Reach the tip of Mount Srda, explore medieval fortifications, and revel late into the night — with a late departure, you’ll get to experience it all.

Scenic sail in Kotor

Take in breathtaking views of the maze-like city of Kotor rising from the mountains on a scenic sail to the port — then do it again sailing out.

The places you'll go

Bright blue skies, sand-fringed shores, and a bustling street art scene — few places are as colorful as this ever-evolving city.

Beyond the Roman ruins and iconic medieval streets, Croatia's second-largest city is one of the Adriatic's most energetic ports and can't-miss ports.

Exuding historical seaside romance, Dubrovnik adds a splash of vibrant, youthful energy to the breathtaking Croatian coastline.

A breathtaking gem of the Balkans, this coastal Montenegro city is where museums and churches weave in and out of cafe-strewn squares and Venetial palaces.

Venture beyond the island's famous emerald-capped mountains to find historical monuments, bustling streets, and hip beach clubs.

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There’s nothing more liberating than having the freedom of charting your own course. No pre-assigned seating, no fixed schedules, no limited options, no nonsense — just a shipload of opportunities to rejuvenate your body and transform your soul.


Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems

We’re making waves from the Caribbean to the Med, the Adriatic to the Red, and everywhere in between across 4 continents. Join us on an unparalleled journey of relaxation and indulgence, and discover the things — and the people — that make each destination so special. Because we didn’t build a cruise, we created a voyage.   Get a delicious taste of the modern romance of sailing that only a Virgin brand could pull off.

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These are the spots you might be calling home. Whether you prefer coffee (or cocktails) overlooking the waves, or waking up late in your own cocoon, we're holding space for you.

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Ultimate adriatic cruise guide: tips, port guides & review of msc sinfonia.

Are you looking for an alternative to the standard Mediterranean cruise ? If so, why not take an Adriatic cruise from Venice to the Greek islands?

Read on for my essential tips for cruising the Adriatic Sea , port guides and a comprehensive review of my experience onboard MSC Sinfonia. My one-week itinerary had five ports of call: Split, Dubrovnik, Santorini, Mykonos and Ancona.  

adriatic-cruise-itinerary map


My Top Adriatic Cruise Tips

1. aim to cruise in june or september.

The Adriatic cruise season typically starts at Easter and runs until October. The Adriatic Sea is calmer during these months and less prone to thunderstorms and high winds that can make navigation hazardous. It is also warmer at this time of year and the islands are open for business. However, unless you are confined to the school holidays, I would avoid the peak season in July and August. Searing Mediterranean heat and jostling crowds are never a good combination. You will also pay more to cruise in these months. In my view, the ideal time of year to take an Adriatic cruise is June or September , when the weather is more predictably good and crowds are fewer. That said, I took an Adriatic Sea cruise in October and, for the most part, the temperature was balmy but not oppressive.


There is considerable variety in itinerary lengths, ports of call and types of ship. The  duration  of Adriatic Sea cruises generally ranges from seven to 14 days. As with all cruises, you need to think about the  ports of call.   Some itineraries concentrate on the  Balkan peninsula . They will include stops at ports on the mainland and, usually in the case of smaller ships, at some of the 1,300 islands dotting the Adriatic Sea. These ports include Zagreb, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Kotor. Other cruise operators offer itineraries that include  Italian ports , including Ravenna, Bari and Ancona. Many of the mainline cruise operators will also throw in a few  Greek ports  of call for good measure, including Piraeus (for Athens), Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu. Check out the available Adriatic cruise itineraries to see which combination of ports is the right one for you. Also, consider  where your cruise starts . For example, many sail from Dubrovnik or Venice. Sailing into and out of Venice used to be an unforgettable experience, offering you a unique perspective of the city’s landmarks. However, following a decree signed by Italian ministers in 2021, cruise ships are no longer allowed to sail into Venice’s historic city centre.


There is a spectrum of  ships  that sail along the Adriatic Sea, accommodating all  budgets , from mainstream behemoths to smaller ships offering a more intimate experience (and that berth at some of the smaller islands). Again, just pick the one that is the right fit for you.

Although not an exhaustive list, here is a selection of mainstream operators that offer Adriatic Sea cruises:

  • MSC Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Costa Cruises
  • AIDA Cruises
  • Marella Cruises
  • Silversea Cruises
  • P&O Cruises


Except for the extreme ends of the booking season, the weather in this region is predictably warm. This makes packing easy. For exploring the ports of call, wear t-shirts with shorts, linen trousers/chinos or skirts. I also like to pack a few easy-to-wear cotton summer dresses. For cooler days and evenings, pack a jumper or lightweight jacket. If you are travelling to the Adriatic in April / May or late September / October, predict unpredictability and stuff a few more warm layers in your suitcase. Ditch the stilettos for sensible walking shoes or trainers. And don’t forget your glad rags for the formal evenings on board! Pack an umbrella at any time of year in case of unexpected downpours.

cruise packing checklist cold climate


Selecting the right cabin is an important part of planning a cruise . I recommend booking a  balcony cabin  when cruising the Adriatic Sea to the Greek islands. Unlike some cruises, part of the appeal of an Adriatic cruise is the scenery as you sail by. And where better to take in the view than on your private balcony, sipping on an Aperol Spritz?

balcony of cabin on adriatic sea cruise with aperol spritz drink on table

However, I suggest that you take a look at your cruise itinerary before deciding on the type of cabin. If this is port-intensive with few days at sea, this may not be a worthwhile investment.

A final cautionary note: not all cruise cabins are equal. Therefore if you don’t want to end up under the promenade deck or next to the laundry,  research your cruise cabin  before you book.

Adriatic Sea Cruise Ports & Itinerary

Day one: leaving venice.

Not off to the best of starts. Due to restrictions on departure time from Venice, our scheduled time of 16:30 was put back almost three hours. At 19:15, MSC Sinfonia released her moorings and set sail through the Guidecca Canal.

We should have been able to see the city’s iconic landmarks as we sailed past, including the Cathedral of San Marco. But as the sun had well and truly set by the time we reached St Mark’s canal, we couldn’t and we didn’t.

The ship then continued towards Split, our first destination, 218 nautical miles southeast of Venice.  


Split, Croatia’s second-biggest city, is one of the oldest settlements along the Adriatic coast, thought to be at least 1700 years old.

The jewel in Split’s crown is its old town, once home to  Diocletian’s Palace . Built by the eponymous Roman Emperor in the 4th Century, this area is now a seductive tangle of churches, chapels and houses.

blue sky throughvestibule of Diocletian's Palace, Split

When you’ve had your fill of the town’s rich history, escape the crowds in Split and walk along the Marjan Peninsula. 

Walk for ten minutes along Riva, Spilt’s café-lined, seafront promenade, until you reach a set of stone steps. From here, it’s an easy uphill climb to the Vindlica viewpoint and its panoramic view of the old town.

MSC Sinfonia berthed at Split’s port, a ten-minute walk along the quayside from the old town.  

You should not need to use public transport within Split.  As the city’s main attractions are scattered over a compact area, everything is walkable.  

  • Explore Diocletian’s Palace
  • Join a  Game of Thrones  walking tour
  • Take a walk along the Marjan Peninsula
  • Admire the panorama from the VindNarrowlica viewpoint
  • Visit Froggyland
  • Shop at a UNESCO-protected supermarket


Continuing on her south-easterly route in the Adriatic Sea, MSC Sinfonia crossed the Splitska Vrata Canal between the islands of Brac and Solta. A relaxing day at sea, skirting the eastern coast of Italy from Brindisi to Cape D’Ortranto. and passing Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

Balcony seat, a good book and a glass of wine in hand.  


Welcome to  Santorini , the poster child of the Greek islands. One of the most photographed places on the planet, this striking island is quintessential Greece.

Traditional churches with blue domes teeter on the edge of the volcanic caldera. Whitewashed houses tumble in waves down the vertiginous cliffside until they reach the Gulf of Santorini below.

There’s even the occasional photogenic cat.

ginger cat snoozing on a white bench

Cruise ships anchor off Thira, the port town on Santorini’s western coast, and disembarkation is by a tender boat service. From the port, you need to take a cable car to Fira, on the rim of the caldera.

However, Santorini is a very popular port of call for cruise ships and when I visited late in the season, four had dropped anchor there. Fellow passengers reported waiting times of 90 minutes to board the cable car.

The alternative was a strenuous 45-minute walk in the morning heat. Donkeys also transport human cargo up the cliffside but let’s not go there!

If only to avoid these challenges, this is one port of call on this Adriatic cruise where I considered a shore excursion to be of value, particularly if you want to visit places outside of Fira. However, if you want to take your chances with the  public bus connecting Fira and Oia , this runs twice an hour. 

The neighbouring island of Mykonos is famed for its nightlife against the backdrop of stunning beaches and its numerous windmills, vestiges of a bygone age when they ground the wheat for bread-making.


Cruise ships dock at Mykonos’s Port Terminal. From here it is a 15-minute boat ride to Mykonos Old Town.

Mykonos is compact and pedestrian-friendly. If you are confining your exploration to the town itself you won’t need public transport. 


Leaving Mykonos in the wee small hours of the morning, MSC Sinfonia started on her 600 nautical mile journey to Dubrovnik.  


One of the jewels in Croatia’s crown, the extravagantly gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site of  Dubrovnik  is instantly enchanting.

terracotta rooftops of dubrovnik with church bell tower

Its beauty and historical heritage have always attracted visitors but since Dubrovnik became one of the settings for HBO’s  Game of Thrones , its tourist numbers have exploded.

MSC Sinfonia berthed in the Old Harbour, 3 km from the old town. Some cruise companies may provide a free shuttle bus; others don’t, including MSC.

I took one of the frequent city buses (1, 1a, 1b, 3) to Dubrovnik’s old town’s Pile Gate from the cruise port. The bus stops on the main road outside the bus station.

Dubrovnik’s old town is small enough to navigate on foot.


Poor old Ancona hasn’t had the happiest of histories.

The capital of Italy’s Le Marche region was pounded by bombs in WWII and then devastated by an earthquake in 1972. Despite this, it does boast a few historic sights, including a 12th Century cathedral, and is home to an art gallery and the region’s archaeological museum.

However, I suggest that you set your sights further afield and use this Adriatic cruise stop as an opportunity to visit the gorgeous medieval city of  Urbino.  This UNESCO World Heritage site was the cultural capital of the Italian Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries and is the birthplace of one of the greats from this period,  Raphael .


Ancona’s cruise port is within easy walking distance of its historic town centre. Useful maps are available from the cruise terminal.  

Ancona’s historic centre is small enough to navigate on foot. 


This cruise didn’t have a happy ending for many passengers.

Thick fog forced the closure of the Port of Venice, putting back our arrival time of 08:00 to 13:30. Hope slowly ebbed away from those who had a lunchtime flight out of Venice’s Marco Polo Airport.

MSC responded well to this delay, keeping the buffet restaurants and bars open until passengers had disembarked.


My Experience Onboard MSC Sinfonia: Ship Review

msc sinfonia cruise ship berthed in a port

Built in 2002, and refitted in 2015 to the tune of $200 million, MSC Sinfonia has an elegant and contemporary design. Spread over 13 decks, nine of which are for passengers, she is 32 meters wide and 275 meters long and weighs over 66,000 tonnes.

Unlike many other ships in this price bracket, MSC Sinfonia does not feature a show-stopping central space. Instead of a glitzy chandelier dangling from a great height, there is the use of more restrained primary and neutral colours with touches of marble, brass and glass.

Although getting acclimatised was easy, I found it frustrating that only the forward and aft elevators and stairwells reached all decks.

MSC Sinfonia had 721 crew members for its maximum of 2,679  guests, a higher passenger-to-staff ratio than other ships on which I have sailed. This was reflected in its levels of customer service, but more about that later.


Question: how many queues do you need to join to board an MSC cruise ship in Venice? Answer: four.

Queue #1 to deposit your luggage. Queue #2 to receive your embarkation card. Queue #3 to have your hand luggage scanned and to embark. Queue #4 to have your photo taken for your cruise card.

And I thought that it was the British who loved a queue.

There were a few other aspects of the embarkation process that were surprising:

  • At no stage were we asked to complete a health questionnaire to identify if we had an infectious disease
  • Credit card details were not required at this stage of the cruise (and registering your card on-board was optional)
  • My cruise pass was not handed to you but placed in the cabin

All that said, my cabin was ready, the luggage delivered and the cruise pass primed and ready to go within 15 minutes of boarding. Probably because we had been queuing for so long.  


I had a balcony cabin, which was decorated in tasteful burgundy and gold tones, complementing the beech-veneered walls. The large, comfortable bed had good quality linen and a choice of pillows (soft or firm).

Balcony cabin, MSC Sinfonia

In contrast to balcony cabins on P&O or Celebrity Cruises or when I sailed on NCL Epic , this was a small space and did not have a sitting area with a sofa and desk. Whilst this is perfectly adequate for a solo traveller on a cruise, two people sharing this cabin for a week might struggle.

Lighting in the cabin was good with overhead, bedside and vanity unit lights. The small TV had a limited choice of channels. There were two-pin EU and US plug sockets.

It took me three days to locate the cabin’s safe, cunningly hidden behind the vanity unit’s mirror!

A small fridge housed the cabin’s mini-bar, but there was no kettle. The following items were also not provided: tissues, a bathrobe, slippers and an umbrella.

Storage space was perfectly adequate for one person but, again, two people might struggle. There were no wall-mounted hooks which are a useful feature of cabins on other cruise lines.

The small  bathroom  had limited storage space and soap, shower gel and shampoo were provided in refillable dispensers.  Bring your hairdryer from home as the one provided is one of those nasty wall-mounted contraptions that resemble vacuum cleaners.

Bathroom in balcony cabin on MSC Sinfonia

A major plus point is that there is a proper shower cubicle, not just a shower tray with a nasty nylon curtain.

The  balcony  was a decent size, accommodating two reclining chairs and a small table.


There are 11  bars  on MSC Sinfonia to choose from, each with a theme. None of them had the wow factor for me.

One of the largest bars is the gloomy Shelagh’s House, which is the ship’s Irish pub.


The Buddha Bar, Sinfonia’s piano bar located on deck 6 was less oppressive.

Unusually, there was  no speciality dining  on MSC Sinfonia. Instead, there was the option to purchase upgraded menu items in the main dining room.

The food in the  main dining room  was consistently good and occasionally very good. The food from the buffet service for lunch and dinner at La Terazza Buffet was acceptable but unexceptional.

Breakfasts were OK, but freshly cooked options were limited. The one omelette station was manned by one member of staff, resulting in considerable queues.

As you might expect from an Italian cruise company, the barista-prepared coffee was excellent. You just needed to be prepared to wait for it. 


There was a busy main  pool  with the Doremi Spray Park on deck 11. Pool towels were provided in the cabin.

Pool and Doremi Spray Park on MSC Sinfonia

There was also a power walking track and a small  gym.

Mini golf  and  shuffleboard  were available at the aft of the ship on deck 13.  


The  entertainment programme  was so underwhelming that I did not attend any of the shows in the ship’s cramped  theatre . There was a slightly odd system whereby, for some shows, you needed to pre-book your place using one of the ship’s touch screens (which did or did not work).

Also underwhelming was the ship’s  programme of activities . Don’t expect cultural immersion or art classes. Instead, daily activities centred on games and fitness with the odd trivia quiz thrown in.  


This is where MSC Sinfonia failed, often spectacularly.

Although a few of the staff were friendly and welcoming, too many others were disinterested, bordering on contemptuous.  Long waits to be served  in the ship’s bars and restaurants were unacceptable, and this may be a reflection of its staffing levels.

However, the icing on the cake was the  overcharge  on the final bill. I was charged for drinks when I had a drinks package. There was a charge for the all-day shuttle bus at Dubrovnik where I used public transport.

And if that’s not bad enough, this charge was for two people when I had sole occupation of the cabin! How does that work?

Although I remain very cynical about the charge for the shuttle bus, I accept that mistakes can be made. But if these are rectified with grace, a smile and an apology they can be forgiven.

As you might have guessed by now, this was far from the case on MSC Sinfonia. Nothing approaching an apology, let alone a smile, passed the Guest Services assistant’s tightly pursed lips.

Worse still, mine was not an isolated experience. Fellow passengers reported similar issues but others, looking at the length of the queue snaking through the Guest Services area of the ship, gave up the fight.


MSC is the Eurovision of cruise lines. Expect a  cosmopolitan  crowd onboard. The majority of passengers were Italian but there were also British, French, Spanish and  German passengers. Consider a cruise on MSC as an opportunity to hone your foreign language skills by tuning into the multilingual tannoy announcements. The downside of accommodating a plethora of languages is that it feels like the mandatory emergency drill goes on for a week.  

Adriatic Sea Cruise on MSC Sinfonia: The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly

Sailing with MSC is a mid-range budget cruise experience. It cost just over £2,000 for the week’s cruise and return scheduled flights with British Airways from London. This was a good itinerary, with diverse ports of call, each of which had something different to offer. My one regret is that we only stopped in Mykonos at night. With hindsight, I would have looked for an itinerary that would have allowed me to explore the island during daylight hours. The ports of call were very busy, especially Santorini, which was challenging at times. I’m very glad that we didn’t decide to take this cruise in July / August when it is reportedly tourist carnage. MSC Sinfonia is an elegant ship, although it felt a little claustrophobic in places, and a few design aspects were frustrating. The cabin was comfortable, albeit small. Food was generally of good quality. However, the poor customer service I experienced means that it is unlikely that I will cruise with MSC again. I had a great time despite them, which is a sad indictment.

Thank you for reading my Adriatic cruise guide

If you have found this article helpful, take a deeper dive into the stops on this cruise:

  • Exploring Diocletian’s Palace in Split
  • Croatia Off the Beaten Path in Split, Croatia
  • Should You Visit Santorini on a Cruise?
  • A War Walk in Dubrovnik: A Scarred Beauty
  • A Day in Urbino, Italy: A Renaissance Gem

Finally, if you are new to cruising, I also have advice on  how to pick your first cruise  and  which cruise cabins to book , as well as advice on  solo staterooms  if you are  cruising alone.

Happy sailing!

bridget coleman the flashpacker 2

About Bridget

Bridget Coleman has been a passionate traveller for more than 30 years. She has visited 70+ countries, most as a solo traveller.

Articles on this site reflect her first-hand experiences.

To get in touch, email her at [email protected] or follow her on social media.

adriatic sea cruise norwegian

Adriatic Luxury Cruises

Wonderfully varied and woefully underrated, the adriatic coast is a combination of quality and diversity..

Espousing the back of Italy’s boot, travel clockwise all the way down to Montenegro and Albania, and you’ll find yourself with the delicious recipe of warm sunshine, aeonian history and the soothing murmur of the sea. Savour the flavour of a cuisine that is as varied and rich as its terroir; think homemade pasta, impossibly fresh seafood and local cheese to satiate even the most jaded of gastronomes! Longer stays in port allow for in-depth exploration at your own pace, so set sail on one of Silversea’s luxury Adriatic cruises to discover a region that is a treasure trove of style, UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks and easy summer living.




Why silversea.

Intimate Ships

Intimate Ships

With miles of dramatic coastline calling, there has never been a better time to book an Adriatic luxury cruise. Silversea’s small ships size allows for discovery and exploration from the big ticket ports to the smallest of islands. Once back on board and it is cosy corners, spacious bars and quiet luxury that go beyond all expectation.

Luxury Oceanview Suites

Luxury Oceanview Suites

When you sail the Adriatic on a Silversea luxury cruise, you’ll enjoy waking up with a view of the glittering Dalmatian coast. That’s because nearly all our suites come with a private veranda, so you’ll be luxuriating in comfort as the pretty ports glide by. But that’s not all! Curl up for an early night with a film from our huge interactive media library and enjoy being home away from home on the high seas.

Personalised Service

Personalised Service

Consistently the jewel in our crown, our butler service has won us awards the world over! Nothing is too big or too small, so whether it’s reserving a table in Rovinj, organising a tour of Kotor or hosting a private party onboard, our personalised butlers offer far more than just service with a smile. Now that’s luxury.

All-Inclusive Cruises

All-Inclusive Cruises

Have you ever wondered the true meaning of all-inclusive? Step on board, and you’ll understand immediately. Everything except excursions is included; gourmet cuisine, curated wine list, evening entertainment, prepaid gratuities (including butler service) – everything you could possibly need is included. Yes, that’s right. Everything.

Gourmet Cuisine

Gourmet Cuisine

An Adriatic luxury cruise is the best way to sample a region that is rich in flavour and diversity. Expect destination focused dishes; from home cooked Italian pasta and impossibly fresh seafood to regional specialities influenced by the Ottoman. Or enjoy some of the best international cuisine there is with what is surely the most comprehensive dining experience at sea.

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Dubrovnik Harbor and City Walls

Croatia Cruises & Adriatic Cruises

Croatia cruises are incredible, as the region is meant to be viewed by sea. Cruise to the walled Dubrovnik, the labyrinth-like Split, or the island of Korcula, a narrow town that juts into the sapphire Adriatic. Our cruises feature varied itineraries that mix iconic Adriatic locales with hidden treasures. See Croatian medieval cities, with palaces and castles among the clusters of orange rooftops. Explore limestone cliffs, canyons, and caves, sandy and pebbly beaches, or island hop by ferry. The scenery is a major draw for tourists and even movie producers (you might even recognize some locations from “Game of Thrones”). History buffs will have packed agendas full of amazing attractions. Walk the massive walls of Dubrovnik or visit the Roman Palace of Diocletian in Split. Like everything else in the country, Croatia’s food is extraordinary. Adriatic cuisine must be tasted to be believed, from the day’s breakfast of strong coffee and pastries to a late dinner of fresh-caught seafood paired with fantastic regional wine. We cannot wait to show you this amazing place.

Europe Cruises    |    Mediterranean Cruises    |   Dubrovnik Cruises    |    Cruises from Venice (Trieste)

Croatia Cruise Highlights

adriatic sea cruise norwegian

Steeped in History

kayaker in Adriatic Sea

Adriatic Wonders

Featured croatia cruise ports.

Split, Croatia

Diocletian’s Palace, a 1,700-year-old fortress is the highlight, but there are beautiful beaches, lively squares and shops beyond the walls. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A walled historic quarter, charming sidewalk cafes and vistas of the shimmering Adriatic make every minute in Dubrovnik unforgettable.

Korcula, Croatia

With rolling olive groves and vineyards, a fortified old town and romantic ambience from centuries of Venetian rule, Korčula island is a treasure.

More Europe Cruises

Cruises to Croatia

Cruises to Turkey

Cruises to Monaco

Cruises to Italy

Cruises to Spain

Cruises to Amsterdam

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Split, Croatia

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  • Itineraries

This Mediterranean city on the eastern shores of the Adriatic has a long and eventful history dating back to the awesome Diocletian's Palace (circa 295 A.D.) in the centre of the city. Split offers cruise guests a wealth of exciting places to visit, from the majestic cathedral and marble streets in the centre of town to the harbour area with its café-lined promenades and views of coastal mountains.

Split Cruise Image Gallery

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adriatic sea cruise norwegian


adriatic sea cruise norwegian


Choosing the Best Time to Cruise Croatia

MS Ambassador New-29.jpg

The pleasure of sailing Croatia's breathtaking coastline, from Split to Dubrovnik, is unmatched. But when is the best time to take on this adventure in the Adriatic? Everyone who travels wonders, "When is the Best Time to Cruise Croatia?" Timing is crucial, whether you're looking for quiet waters before the summer inflow, the bustling bustle of peak season, or the peaceful atmosphere of October. Explore our guide to find the ideal month for your Croatian cruise and make sure your trip is nothing short of wonderful.

What is the best month to cruise Croatia? - Understanding Croatia's Cruising Seasons

Croatia's stunning Adriatic coast has beckoned maritime enthusiasts for ages. From its azure waters to historic ports and rich cultural tapestry, every month offers a unique allure. Knowing the intricacies of each season can drastically elevate your cruising experience. Let's explore the early cruising months in detail to ensure you harness their full potential. 

Cruise season in Croatia can be divided in three periods: 

1. Early Cruise Season – April and May Cruises

2. High Summer Season - June, July and August Cruises

3. Autum Season – September and October Cruises

Setting Sail: Croatia's Early Cruise Season

As spring graces Croatia, the early cruise season offers tranquil seas and scenic beauty without the summer bustle. April and May usher in milder temperatures, special deals, and fewer crowds, making it an ideal time for a peaceful Adriatic voyage.

April - The Beginning: April Last Week's Special Cruises

The beginning of the sailing season occurs in the final week of April as Croatia awakens from its winter slumber. This onset's freshness and the alluring beauty of the Dalmatian Coast combine to provide an unrivaled maritime experience.

Benefits of Early Season Cruising:

April has a lot going for it. Most ship companies offer tempting deals, and it is much less crowded on the water and in the tourist destinations. This ensures a peaceful, private, and cost-effective sailing experience.

Air temperatures 20°C (68°F) Sea temperature 18°C (65°F) *average

Sunrises around 05:14 Sunsets around 18:4 6

Packing Tips:

Layering is key for April's climate. Equip yourself with a light rainproof and windproof jacket for those occasional breezy evenings. Light pullovers or sweaters can be donned or shed, adapting to the day's temperature.

May -Why May Offers the Perfect Cruising Ambiance

May bathes Croatia in an early summer glow. The climate becomes more inviting, days extend, and the waters, particularly around shallower areas like the Mljet Island lakes, warm up noticeably. The island, a frequent feature in most cruise itineraries, offers warmer waters than the average, making it especially pleasant for early-season swimmers.

Air temperatures 24°C (75°F) Sea temperature 20°C (68°F) *average

Sunrises around 04:37 Sunsets around 19:24

Packing Guide:

While May is warmer, evenings might still carry a nip. The focus remains on layered clothing, with a tilt towards lighter fabrics. A jacket remains a good companion for evening harbor strolls.

Croatia's High Summer: Experiencing the Peak Cruising Season

The summer months in Croatia unveil the country in all its sun-kissed glory. Sailors and vacationers from around the world anchor on its shores, creating an effervescent atmosphere. Let's dive deep into the zenith of Croatia's cruising period and ensure you're prepared to relish every sunbeam and sea breeze.

June - Welcoming the Summer's Warmth and Vibrancy

June is a harbinger of summer's exuberance in Croatia. With days growing warmer and longer, the coastal towns pulsate with life, and the waters gleam under the radiant sun.

Air temperatures 27°C (80°F) Sea temperature 23°C (73°F) *average

Sunrises around 04:13 Sunsets around 19:52

Suggested Apparel for Warm Days and Balmy Nights:

Lightweight, breathable fabrics are ideal for June's climate. For day trips, airy dresses, shorts, and sun hats work best. For the pleasant evenings, a light cardigan or shawl can be beneficial.

Booking Tip:

While June marks the start of Croatia's summer, it's important to note that this, alongside September, is peak cruise season. Demand soars during this period. If you have your heart set on a Croatian cruise, it's imperative to book well in advance. Cabins, especially those offering the best views, tend to sell out rapidly.

July & August - Croatia in its Sun-Soaked Splendor

These two months see Croatia bask in the peak of its summer splendor. Every town, beach, and bay buzzes with energy. Cruises become a daily spectacle, presenting travelers with panoramic views of the shimmering Adriatic coast.

Air temperatures 29-31°C (84 - 87°F)  Sea temperature 26°C (79°F) *average

Sunrises around 05:45 Sunsets around 19:30

Recommendations: Lightweight Clothing, Sun Protection, and Swimwear Essentials:

Sunscreen is indispensable, as are hats and sunglasses. Opt for UV-resistant clothing if possible. Flowy dresses, breathable shirts, and shorts are ideal. And given the inviting water temperatures, don't forget to pack a variety of swimwear for those spontaneous dips. A lightweight evening outfit can enhance your dining experiences under the starlit Croatian sky.

Wrapping Up the Season: The Allure of Autumn Cruises

As the golden hues of autumn drape over Croatia, the allure of its cruising season changes but doesn't wane. The summer frenzy fades, and in its stead is the tranquility of the post-peak period, offering a different yet equally enthralling experience. Dive into the final chapters of Croatia's cruise calendar and discover the allure of its autumnal ambiance.

September - Embracing the Post-Peak Serenity

While the crescendo of summer might be behind, September in Croatia remains a bustling month for cruising. The blistering heat waves of July and August give way to milder days, making it perfect for unhurried exploration.

Air temperatures 26°C (79°F)  Sea temperature 24°C (75°F) *average

Sunrises around 06:15 Sunsets around 19:00

Packing Pointers: Preparing for Overcast Days Without Compromising Style and Comfort:

Layering remains key. Soft cardigans, lightweight pullovers, and airy skirts or trousers should dominate your suitcase. A stylish scarf might come handy for breezier evenings.

Booking Tips for September Cruising:

It's worth noting that September is often considered the crown jewel of Croatian cruises. With a drop in island tourists, the ambiance feels more exclusive. However, the demand for cabins spikes immensely. To secure your spot on your preferred ship, consider booking your September cruise early on our webpage.

October - Savoring the Last of the Season's Offerings

October is a mellow month, showcasing Croatia in a softer light. It's ideal for those who cherish solitude and leisurely explorations without the bustle of peak-season tourists.

Air temperatures 22°C (73°F)  Sea temperature 21°C (70°F) *average

Sunrises around 07:00 Sunsets around 18:00

What to Wear: Staying Cozy Yet Fashionable, with Light Jackets and Layering:

As the crispness of autumn sets in, a light jacket becomes essential. Layered outfits, complemented with comfortable walking shoes, are perfect for exploring both nature and historical sites.

The Vintage Appeal:

Though the recent wine harvest finds its place in the cellar, awaiting its prime, there's a bounty of delightful vintages from previous years ready to tantalize your palate.

Autumn cruising in Croatia is like a fine wine—rich, layered, and leaving you with an aftertaste of longing. Whether you seek the popularity of September or the tranquility of October, the Croatian coast promises an unforgettable voyage.

Pro Tips for an Unforgettable Croatian Cruise Experience

Making the most of off-peak seasons.

Discounts and exclusive offers: Traveling during off-peak seasons often comes with the added bonus of special discounts. Many cruises might offer special rates, enticing the smart traveler to grab some exciting deals.

Quieter experiences and authentic connections: With fewer tourists around, you'll have a chance for more intimate experiences. From unhurried conversations with locals to peaceful moments at iconic spots, off-peak seasons can offer a truly authentic Croatian experience.

Getting more from the Cruise: Pre and post stay

Croatia offers much more than a perfect coastline to explore on a cruise from Split to Dubrovnik or the other direction. We recommend doing a pre or post stay in your port of departure/arrival – usually Split or Dubrovnik, in order to experience more. 

Split area offers a lot to see from ancient ruins of Roman Salona to cascading waters at Krka National Park or adrenaline rush with a zip-lining adventure in Omiš. Research, ask locals, or hire a guide to find the perfect balance between the famous and the secret wonders.

While staying in Dubrovnik look int exploring inland: wine tours, hiking, and cultural experiences of this region are amazing. Dive into the Konavle countryside near Dubrovnik, where mouth-watering food tours await. Discover the traditional dish "Peka," lovingly prepared by local families under an iron bell. For those with a penchant for history and gastronomy, Ston offers a mix of both - walk its impressive 5 km walls, then feast on oysters, mussels, and premium fish dishes, all paired perfectly with renowned wines from the Pelješac peninsula.

Packing Tips and Essentials for a Croatian Cruise

Preparing for changing weather: Croatian weather can be unpredictable. While sunny days dominate, it's always wise to have a light rain jacket and some warm layers on hand, just in case.

Essential gear for water activities and on-land adventures: Don't forget your swimsuits, even in October! For those keen on snorkeling, bring along your gear. For the explorers, sturdy shoes or hiking boots are essential for those off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Ready to Set Sail? Start Your Croatian Cruise Adventure Today! 

Check our Cruise offer for 2024

Your dream Croatian Cruise is just a click away!

My Croatia Cruise

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    1.866.234.7350. Back to top. Set off on a European Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line and stop in Split. Split offers cruise guests a wealth of exciting places to visit, from the majestic cathedral and marble streets in the center of town to the harbour area with its caf-lined promenades and views of coastal mountains.

  2. Adriatic Sea Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises

    Cruise in inside cabin per person. €1420. Adriatic Sea with Norwegian Escape. 7 nights from June 26, 2024. Cruise from Civitavecchia to Triest visiting 5 ports including Naples, Kerkyra and Dubrovnik. 8.5. Very Good 15 Reviews. 35 % discount + up to 450 € air discount per person. Cruise in outside cabin per person.

  3. TOP Adriatic Sea Cruise Deals

    Adriatic Sea Cruises. An Adriatic Sea cruise offers gorgeous turquoise waters and an intriguing, rugged coastline, dotted with charming terracotta towns, pastel-green olive groves and historic ports that make for a perfect day's exploring. Stretching down from the romantic canals of Venice, the Italian influence continues along the picturesque Dalmatian coastline of Croatia, via the Roman ...

  4. 36 Best Adriatic Sea Cruises for 2024-2025

    Aug 13, 2025. Embark on a 9-day cruise on Le Bougainville, visiting Malta, Montenegro, Croatia, and Italy, with UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Venice, Dubrovnik, …. 0. Coastal Gems of Italy & Croatia. $12790. 8. Jun 22, 2024. Indulge in an 8-dayt cruise from Venice to Rome with Emerald Cruises.

  5. Cruises & Cruise Deals

    Weekend getaways and great cruise specials. Enjoy Freestyle cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line. Enable Accessibility; Log in; 1-866-234-7350 1-855-577-9489 1-877-288-3037 1-877-288-3037 1-877-474-2969; 11-Reasons to Cruise to Alaska this Summer | NCL Travel Blog ... All Cruise Deals; Free At Sea; Free Airfare; Free Extra Guests Sailings ...

  6. Cruises From Venice (Trieste), Italy

    Make a payment and confirm your reservation. Don't Lose Your Reservation! 25422881. Apr 1, 2014. Norwegian Communications Center. Norwegian Communications Center. Dining on sale - Exclusive Dining Offer. Reserve your dining now. 25422881.

  7. 25 BEST Croatia Cruises 2024 (Prices

    Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL ), Oceania Cruises, Holland America Line (HAL), Celebrity Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises are several popular cruise lines that go to Croatia.

  8. Adriatic Sea

    Several cruise lines, including Norwegian, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, MSC, and Holland America, offer voyages visiting ports along the Adriatic Sea. Destination Highlights Dubrovnik , known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic," is a Croatian coastal city renowned for its well-preserved old town fortified within UNESCO World Heritage walls.

  9. Adriatic Sea and Greek islands with Norwegian Gem

    Important information for your upcoming voyage (Update: 14th October 2022): Embarkation requirement for Norwegian Cruise Line: At this time, Norwegian Cruise Line does not have any vaccination or testing requirements. In addition, please urgently check the individual country-specific requirements (e.g. here) prior to departure, which may deviate from the cruise lines's guidelines (e.g. Greece ...

  10. Adriatic Sea and Greek islands with Norwegian Gem

    For all Europe departures in 2022 (except Norwegian Prima/Star) and Norwegian Sun 2022/23 winter voyages in Europe: 150 € air discount p.p. for studios, interior and oceanview staterooms or 300 € air discount p.p. for balcony staterooms and above for 2 adults in the stateroom with flights booked through Norwegian Cruise Line.

  11. Sea Kayaking On The Adriatic

    A combination of scenic cruise and kayaking await. Sail by motor boat and cruise along Lapad Peninsula, an area known for its luxury hotels. Pass the magnificent city ramparts and reach the Old Town port. You'll walk along the Stradun, the city's main street towards Pile Beach where you'll board your sea kayaks and set out into the clear ...

  12. Best Adriatic Cruises 2024 & 2025

    Discover the Adriatic's breathtaking coastlines, where sparkling blue water, bleached white islands, and bottle-green pine forests await. From Dubrovnik, hop on the ferry to the wooded island of Lokrum, where you can swim off the rocks in crystal-clear water. In the Bay of Kotor, a deep fjord hemmed in by mountains, swim from small pebble ...

  13. Adriatic Sea, Greece & Croatia Cruise

    Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems. 7-NIGHT ROUND-TRIP SAILING FROM ATHENS. Dazzling days (and nights) in Dubrovnik. Cruise the most incredible spots in the Adriatic Sea — by way of Croatia's coastline, Greece's glamorous islands, and a bay in the Balkans. With a late-night stay in Dubrovnik, there's plenty of time to explore the scenic city ...

  14. Greece and the Adriatic with Norwegian Pearl on 23/10/2024

    Norwegian Cruise Line: 50 % discount, air discount & optional Free at Sea package Book this cruise and you will benefit from 50 % discount off of the cruise price. + On selected departures between 150-300 € air discount p.p. for studios, interior and oceanview staterooms or 300-450 € air discount p.p. for balcony staterooms and above for 2 ...

  15. Adriatic Sea and Greek islands with Norwegian Gem

    Norwegian Cruise Line: 50 % discount, air discount & optional Free at Sea Book this cruise and you will benefit from 50 % discount . + On selected 2023 departures between 150 € air discount p.p. for studios, interior and oceanview staterooms or 300 € air discount p.p. for balcony staterooms and above for 2 adults in the stateroom with ...

  16. Adriatic Sea and Western Mediterranean with Norwegian Epic

    Kreuzfahrt: 11 days Adriatic Sea and Western Mediterranean with Norwegian Epic on 28/08/2023 from Triest to Marseilles. Quick search. Menu. Main page; Cruise Lines. ... We do not have information about transportation offers from Norwegian Cruise Line for this cruise. We will be happy to inquire about transportation offers (from/to Germany) with ...

  17. The Adriatic, Italian Coasts & French Riviera from ...

    Cruise deals for The Adriatic, Italian Coasts & French Riviera from Trieste on 27 October 2023 (12 Nt) with Norwegian Cruise Line on Norwegian Epic. Expert service from IgluCruise Book a cruise: We're open. 0203 848 3612 ... Anthem of the Seas; Celebrity Solstice; Iona;

  18. The Ultimate Greek Islands & Adriatic Cruise Guide (on MSC Sinfonia)

    They will include stops at ports on the mainland and, usually in the case of smaller ships, at some of the 1,300 islands dotting the Adriatic Sea. These ports include Zagreb, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Kotor. Other cruise operators offer itineraries that include Italian ports, including Ravenna, Bari and Ancona.

  19. Cruises To Split, Croatia

    Make a payment and confirm your reservation. Don't Lose Your Reservation! 25422881. Apr 1, 2014. Norwegian Communications Centre. Norwegian Communications Centre. Dining on sale - Exclusive Dining Offer. Reserve your dining now. 25422881.

  20. Adriatic Luxury Cruises

    With miles of dramatic coastline calling, there has never been a better time to book an Adriatic luxury cruise. Silversea's small ships size allows for discovery and exploration from the big ticket ports to the smallest of islands. Once back on board and it is cosy corners, spacious bars and quiet luxury that go beyond all expectation.

  21. Croatia Cruises & Adriatic Cruises

    Croatia Cruises & Adriatic Cruises. Croatia cruises are incredible, as the region is meant to be viewed by sea. Cruise to the walled Dubrovnik, the labyrinth-like Split, or the island of Korcula, a narrow town that juts into the sapphire Adriatic. Our cruises feature varied itineraries that mix iconic Adriatic locales with hidden treasures.

  22. Cruises To Split, Croatia

    1300 255 200. 1300 255 200. Back to top. Set off on a European Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line and stop in Split. Split offers cruise guests a wealth of exciting places to visit, from the majestic cathedral and marble streets in the centre of town to the harbour area with its caf-lined promenades and views of coastal mountains.

  23. Best Time to Cruise Croatia

    October is a mellow month, showcasing Croatia in a softer light. It's ideal for those who cherish solitude and leisurely explorations without the bustle of peak-season tourists. Air temperatures 22°C (73°F) Sea temperature 21°C (70°F) *average. Sunrises around 07:00 Sunsets around 18:00.

  24. Norwegian Cruise Line cancels more than a dozen upcoming cruises

    According to Cruise Industry News, the canceled cruises were set to visit the Western and Eastern Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Adriatic Sea, the Middle East, the Red Sea, Asia and Northern ...

  25. Adriatic Cruises: prices and offers

    The Adriatic Sea, cut out from the main Mediterranean basin, has a variety of coasts: low and sandy on the western side, lagoons to the north, and rocky and jagged on the eastern side, especially the Dalmatian coast. All the islands, over 1100, form a dense archipelago on Croatian territory, with the exception of the Tremiti Islands, which are off the coast of Gargano.