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  1. Voyage, voyage

    Voyage, voyage. " Voyage, voyage " ( French pronunciation: [vwajaʒ vwajaʒ]) is a song by French singer Desireless, released as the first single from her debut studio album, François (1989). It was written by Jean-Michel Rivat and Dominique Dubois, and produced by the former.

  2. Desireless

    Desireless, the iconic French singer with a neo-punk haircut and an androgynous look, sings Voyage, voyage, a hit song written and produced by Jean-Michel Rivat and Dominique Dubois. Watch the ...

  3. Desireless

    Watch the official music video of "Voyage Voyage" by Desireless on YouTube and support the artist.

  4. Desireless

    Original HQ Video℗ 1986 Rivat Music © 1986 Rivat Music/CBS

  5. Desireless

    Desireless - Voyage, voyage (English Translation) Lyrics: Up above extinct volcanoes / Wings slipped under the carpet of the wind / Voyage, voyage / Eternally / From clouds in quagmires / Of wind ...

  6. Desireless

    EXCLUSIVE REMASTERED VERSION "FROM VINYL" HQ +4 MIN. "Voyage, voyage" is a song co written by Dominique Albert Dubois and Jean-Michel Rivat and recorded by ...

  7. Desireless

    Voyage, voyage est un single de la chanteuse Desireless, sorti en 1986. Titre emblématique des années 1980, Voyage, voyage est devenu rapidement un très grand succès en France

  8. The Meaning Behind The Song: Voyage; Voyage by Desireless

    Desireless's iconic song "Voyage, voyage" took the music world by storm when it was released in 1986. With its catchy melody and enchanting lyrics, it quickly became an international hit. But beyond its surface appeal, the song holds a deeper meaning and resonates with listeners on an emotional level.

  9. The Meaning Behind The Song: Voyage, voyage by Desireless

    The song's music video featured actor David Caruso and was directed by Bettina Rheims. Sources: - "Voyage, voyage" album "François" (1989) - Genius Lyrics: Desireless - Voyage, voyage (English Translation) Tags: Pop, Euro-Disco, Eighties, French Pop, Synth-Pop, France.

  10. Meaning of "Voyage, Voyage" by Desireless

    The lyrics of Voyage, Voyage basically encourage eternal traveling, through the above wonderful and breathtaking places and many more. Facts about "Voyage, Voyage" by Desireless. The song was the first song Desireless released as a professional musician. The song came out in December 1986 and was a single from her debut album François.

  11. Desireless in this song "C'est une belle journée" you will learn great french vocabulary about days of the we...

  12. Meaning of "Desireless

    January 6, 2024. The song "Voyage, voyage" by Desireless (English Translation) is an iconic French pop hit from the 1980s. It's important to note that the original version is in French, but this analysis is based on the translated lyrics provided. The song opens with the imagery of "extinct volcanoes" and "wings slipped under the carpet of the ...

  13. Voyage Voyage by Desireless Lyrics Meaning

    In the sonic landscape of the 1980's, a song emerged not just as a pop spectacle, but as an anthem of the soul's perpetual quest for discovery. Desireless's 'Voyage Voyage' transcends the bounds of its synth-pop shell to become a testament to the restless spirit of human nature. With its mesmerizing chorus and evocative verses, the track dares listeners to cast away anchors and sail ...

  14. Voyage voyage

    Desireless · Song · 2001

  15. The story and meaning of the song 'Voyage Voyage

    🎶 Voyage Voyage song analysis The song is about a woman who travels to different parts of the world including volcanoes, deserts, and rivers. She sees the ocean and has a romantic love affair that takes her to an incredible space.

  16. Desireless

    EXCLUSIVE REMASTERED VERSION "FROM VINYL" HQ +4 MIN."Voyage, voyage" is a song co written by Dominique Albert Dubois and Jean-Michel Rivat and recorded by th...

  17. Desireless

    Desireless - Voyage, voyage lyrics (French) + English translation: Above the ancient volcanoes / Slide your wings under the carpet of the wind / Travel, ... 26 songs, 1391 thanks received, 4 translation requests fulfilled for 4 members, left 16 comments. Languages: native English, beginner French, German . - the world's ...

  18. Meaning of Voyage voyage by Desireless

    Desireless. April 29, 2024. "Voyage voyage" by Desireless conveys a sense of freedom and exploration, encouraging the listener to embark on a journey beyond physical boundaries and into the realm of emotions and experiences. The song celebrates the idea of travel, both literally and metaphorically, as a way to escape constraints and discover ...

  19. Desireless

    Voyage, Voyage Lyrics by Desireless from the Voyage, Voyage: Greatest Hits album- including song video, artist biography, translations and more: Au dessus des vieux volcans Glissent des ailes sous les tapis du vent Voyage, voyage Éternellement De nuages en mar…

  20. Desireless

    Desireless - Voyage, Voyage (Euro Remix) 6:20. Destin Fragile (instrumental) - Desireless (1987 HQ vinyl 45rpm) 4:12. Voyage voyage (PWL - Britmix) 7:06. Explore the tracklist, credits, statistics, and more for Voyage Voyage by Desireless. Compare versions and buy on Discogs.

  21. Desireless

    Desireless performing Voyage Voyage (80's Redrum).We have the brilliant Desireless performing "Voyage Voyage," a magnificent gem from the 80's. The song brok...

  22. Cover versions of Voyage voyage by Desireless

    Desireless originally released Voyage voyage written by Dominique Dubois and Jean-Michel Rivat and Desireless released it on the single Voyage voyage in 1986. It was also covered by Jana Fabiánová, The Nightflyer [BE], Bananarama, Kate Ryan and other artists. ... Desireless: 1986: First release Hit song: Voyage voyage: Clifford White: 1989:

  23. Voyage Voyage [Official video]

    Voyage voyage, de Desireless, 1984. Vidéo complète restauré HD (4k) et HQ sonore.℗ Rivat Music/CBSParoles:Au-dessus des vieux volcansGlissent des ailes sous ...