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One Piece Grand Cruise is an interactive, virtual reality game released in May 2018 in Japan, North and South America, and Europe. [1] [2] A demo of the game was available at Tokyo One Piece Tower .

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Gameplay [ ]

Unnamed Grand Cruise Protagonist

The unnamed protagonist and the Straw Hat Pirates fighting the Kraken.

Players are able to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates by visiting rooms of the Thousand Sunny and having conversations with the crew. For example, players can train with Zoro or help the crew fight the enemies. In conversation, characters' reactions will also change based on the options you select. The game also includes summer and winter experiences formerly exclusive to Tokyo One Piece Tower. [2]

Players can interact with Sanji in the kitchen, with Zoro on the ship's deck to train, and with Chopper in his medical offices to watch his examinations. They can also collect items from the crew by spotting them in the environment and hovering over them.

During combat, players operate cannons to shoot at enemy pirate ships and large enemies like the Kraken . Shooting enemies gives players points. Players also use the cannon to choose which Straw Hat Pirates will complete actions like attacking enemies or deflecting projectiles.

In the Tokyo One Piece Tower demo, eight players can play simultaneously. It is unknown if these features will be available in the console version. The game features two main adventures: Sea Battle Against the Marines and Repel the Kraken . Each adventure has multiple scenes.

Players board the Thousand Sunny as new deckhands and meet different members of the crew. An unidentified person speaking through Den Den Mushi acts as the main guide and narrator for the duration of the game.

Sea Battle Against the Marines [ ]

Players choose whether they want to visit Nami's Quarters to talk with Nami and Robin or the ship's Galley to talk with Sanji and Chopper. After they finish their conversation, the players return to the deck of the Sunny to Fight the Marines in a cannon battle, shooting to deflect cannonballs and barrels sent toward them by a fleet of Marine ships . They are divided into two teams, one red and one blue, competing for higher scores. Sanji and Zoro get into a dispute, and players use the cannons to choose which of them will defend against a giant cannonball.

Repel the Kraken [ ]

Players choose whether they want to visit Nami's Quarters to talk with Nami and Brook , the ship's Galley to talk with Sanji and Usopp , the Sick Bay to be examined by Chopper, or the Upper Deck to talk with Zoro and Franky . After the conversation scene, the players and the Straw Hat Pirates return to the deck of the Sunny to Fight the Kraken . Divided into teams again, players shoot at the Kraken and its tentacles. After the players damage and anger the creature, Robin uses Gigantesco Mano: Stomp to knock it out and send it back into the sea. Suddenly, Donquixote Doflamingo appears. Luffy fights him, and players choose what happens during an interactive cutscene. With the players' help, Luffy defeats Doflamingo.

Characters [ ]

The only playable character is an unnamed first-person protagonist. Players can interact with all of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Enemy Characters [ ]

  • Marine ships
  • Donquixote Doflamingo

References [ ]

  • ↑ One Piece Grand Cruise Lets Players Interact with Strawhat Crew & Fight Alongside Them
  • ↑ 2.0 2.1 One Piece: Grand Cruise coming west in 2018

External Links [ ]

  • Official Japanese Website

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GCT M/S Tikhi Don - St. Petersburg to Moscow

By usnavyguy , June 24, 2012 in River Cruising

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Cool Cruiser

This is a review of a St. Petersburg to Moscow river cruise from 5/31/2012 - 6/14/2012 with Grand Circle Travel. I'll divide the review into sections starting with the ship so folks can jump to those sections of interest & ignore what isn't pertinent to them. For an excellent discussion on pre-trip planning, visa issues, comments on various cruise lines, this link:

will give you all the details you need. I'll not repeat it here.

So, let's get to the specifics:

Ship : Tikhi Don is owned by Grand Circle Travel (GCT) and is one of two ships, the other being M/V Rossia they operate between Moscow & St. Petersburg. All the cabins are identical: 146 square feet with one window that opens, situated on 3 decks. The only difference is location on the ship. The cabins were clean as were the attached bathrooms. Storage space was adequate for two weeks. There is one 120V and one 220V electrical outlet in the cabin as well as a 115V electrical outlet in the bathroom. I purchased a 4 outlet power strip specifically for this trip to plug in rechargeable digital camera batteries as well as a cell phone. The ship has an elevator near the reception desk forward that services Decks 1, 2, and 3. There is a double stairway in the after end of the ship that runs from the Main Deck to Decks 2, 3, and 4. All other stairways are external and serve all 4 decks. We had about 206 passengers embarked and about 100 staff, so the ratio of staff to cruisers was pretty high. It seems that all river ships operating in Russia carry about 200 or so customers which make them quite a bit larger than the average European waterways river ship. Since they have far fewer bridges to deal with in terms of height, and water depths are somewhat deeper than European rivers, they can and do take advantage of that to leverage a larger number of customers. That doesn't make it bad; it just makes it different. Tikhi Don draws about 9 feet of water which I suspect is about average for a Russian river cruiser. The ship has two bars, one on the 3rd deck forward (Tsar Bar) and one on the 4th deck aft (Presidents Bar). The restaurant is located on the 2nd deck aft and is used for the breakfast buffet and the sit down daily lunches & dinners. One disadvantage to my way of thinking was the sit down lunch. When we've cruised on Viking, they offered a light buffet lunch in the bar/lounge and a sit down lunch in the restaurant. That gave one some options which weren't available with GCT. Again, not necessarily bad; just different. Each cabin is equipped with a flat panel LCD TV with various satellite channels available depending upon the location of the ship at the time. There also were 3 different movie channels showing a different movie each day. Since we didn’t watch TV, I can only surmise it must have worked okay as we did not hear any complaints. While each cabin has individual air conditioning controls, they didn’t appear to function very effectively and the cabin remained around 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. There is a separate heating unit mounted beneath the window on the outside bulkhead which proved very useful on some of the colder mornings we experienced during the cruise. The cruise covers 829 miles between St. Petersburg and Moscow, and consists of several lakes, rivers and canals including the transit of 16 locks.

Travelers: One significant difference I noted was the average age of the passengers was somewhat older than we had previously experienced with Viking in Europe. I would guess that average age was around mid-70s; some younger, and some a good bit older. We had several veterans of WW2 embarked and I can only hope I'm as spry as they were when I'm that age. They also are very loyal to GCT. Those folks who had previously traveled 3 or more times with GCT or their companion company, Overseas Adventure Travel were identified with a gold name badge. I'd estimate that at least 50% of the embarked travelers fell into this category. This was a very seasoned group of world travelers. Few on the trip were making their 1st river cruise and even fewer were traveling with GCT for the 1st time (we fell into that category). The tours generally involved quite a bit of walking and a not so slow pace, but most everyone managed to keep at it, and few opted out of the walking tours. I'll discuss those in more detail later in this post.

Ship Staff: The staff was quite young (mid to late 20s mostly), inexperienced, but always willing to help. Their command of English was generally very limited although I expect that will improve as the season wears on. Their English was way better than my Cyrillic so they get an A+ for effort. The cruise is managed by a Cruise Director who spoke idiomatic English. The ship's Captain was the most personable Captain I have ever sailed with on a cruise ship. He spoke good English, greeted all the travelers as they debarked for each tour, met each traveler at the gangplank when they returned, and along with the Cruise Director and Hospitality Manager stood on the pier and waved goodbye to every bus that departed. I'm used to the Captain putting in a brief appearance at the Welcome & Farewell Cocktail parties, then disappearing for rest of the cruise. This was a novel & most welcome change.

We were divided into 6 groups of about 32-35 people, assigned a Tour Director who worked exclusively with that group for the entire cruise. Very occasionally for an optional tour, the groups would be combined to keep the numbers about the same, but basically, you functioned within your assigned group. The Tour Directors all had majored in foreign languages at the University and had anywhere from two to as many as eight years with GCT. They all spoke idiomatic English and did a great job of keeping track of their charges. I liken managing U.S. tour groups to herding cats and these folks were always cheerful, ready to answer any question, and resolve any problem. The wait staff in the dining room had limited English, but knew enough to converse with the passengers with regard to the menu & was a hustling young group of Russians. They were extremely pleasant to deal with.

Food on Board: In general the meals were quite good. Breakfast was served buffet style and one always had the opportunity to order an omelet or eggs of any style. There also was a special breakfast order each day. They also included the European breakfast meats and other items common on European river cruise ships. Service was quick and efficient. Restaurant seating included tables for 2, 4, 6 or 10 passengers so there was a wide variety of seating. Lunches & dinners would be best described as Russian modified for American taste. As I remarked previously, all lunches were sit down, formal service with soup, entre (including a vegetarian selection). Salad bar and dessert. Dinners consisted of an appetizer, followed by a soup course, entre (again including a vegetarian choice), and dessert. At dinner, there was always available salmon or chicken breast with a baked potato and steamed vegetables for those who did not fancy the main course. Food was served hot when appropriate and cold when in order. Service was friendly and efficient. Even with 200 people sitting down to eat, there was no sense of “steam table” cooking. With the exception of two meals ashore, all meals were served onboard. In the event of an evening tour such as the Moscow circus or the St. Petersburg ballet, an early dinner was served to those attending the event, followed by a late night heavy snack following return onboard. While I did not eat very many lunches, my wife tried most of them and said the food was very good. We found the dinners to be tasty and a nice introduction to Russian cooking, including the famous Russian stroganoff which is not served over noodles as it is in the U.S., but over spaetzle or mashed potatoes which we were told is common in Russia. Early bird coffee was available from 6:00-7:00AM and also throughout the day at the coffee station on the main deck. Lunch was served at either noon or 1:00PM depending on the tour schedule, with dinner at 7:00PM.

Onboard Activities: There was never a shortage of things to do onboard, but all were voluntary so you could participate in as few or as many as you wished. They featured the usual port talks, introduction to the Russian language, lectures on Russian handicrafts, vodka tastings, blini parties, pelmeni (dumpling) cooking class, and hand painting of Russian Matryoshka (nesting) dolls. We also noted several spontaneous bridge, cribbage, and canasta card games in progress at various times.

There is a large, well stocked gift store on the ship, operated as a separate concession. My wife found the prices for souvenirs of all types were generally better than souvenir shops ashore. They accept major credit cards or roubles. You cannot charge items from the store to your shipboard account.

Tours: There were a limited number of optional (extra cost) tours available. In St. Petersburg, that included:

Rivers & Canals of St. Petersburg

Yusopov Palace

St. Petersburg Ballet

Peterhof Gardens

In Petrozavodosk: Karelian Folk Show

Zlatoust Singers

Jewish Heritage of Moscow

Tretyakov Gallery

You can view the details of these optional tours on the GCT website:

under the Russian river cruise itinerary.

All passengers are provided with a pair of head phones & a battery powered receiver to provide the ability to listen to the tour guide while still wandering about the particular venue. The system works perfectly and depending upon location & interference such as walls, floors, and the like is crystal clear up to 100 feet from the tour guide. I have used these systems on other tours and would never consider a tour/cruise that did not employ this technology.

We took the Rivers & Canals of St. Petersburg tour which entailed taking a canal boat up & down the various rivers & canals running through St. Petersburg. It lasted approximately 90 minutes with a well informed local guide who commented on what we were seeing. It was interesting and informative and gives you another whole perspective on St. Petersburg than from a city bus tour.

We also went on the Peterhof gardens tour which unfortunately, did not go as well. The morning tour for that day was Peter & Paul Fortress which was really not that interesting and turned out to be just another church tour. However, because of the distance from where the boat moored to the fortress, then into St. Petersburg for lunch, the morning and part of the afternoon was pretty well shot by the time we departed for Peterhof. Peterhof is a good 45 minute drive from St. Petersburg; so consequently, it was well after 2:00PM when we arrived at the gardens. I’d like to say the local guide tried to cram what could easily have been a 4 hour tour into something less than two hours. So, we consequently were trying to set land speed records for walking tours as she was determined to show us as many of the Peterhof fountains as possible, and there are more than a few. My wife is a bit slow of foot as she has limited walking capacity so she was hard pressed to keep up. I, on the other hand, wanted more time to take pictures of the fountains and didn’t appreciate being rushed from spot to spot. Fortunately, our tour director Alex was particularly solicitous of my wife and made sure we could cut some corners and get ahead of the tour where necessary. Unfortunately, the local tour guide was annoyed when told to slow down and became somewhat hostile. The tour ends at the Peterhof palace which has a very large number of very beautiful fountains, all in gold leaf and is a photographer’s dream. It easily could have been worth an hour or more of picture taking opportunities. While I do understand some folks just want to check the block of having seen it and move on, there are, I think, a larger number of us who don’t expect to see those things again and want to take full advantage of the picture taking opportunities.

St. Petersburg: We spent 4 days in St. Petersburg not counting the day of arrival. The 1st full day, we had a city bus tour which included a stop & tour of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and an approximately two hour visit to the famed Hermitage Art Museum with an option to stay for an additional 90 minutes, On Day 2, we had Catherine’s Palace & Park Tour, an offsite lunch paid for by GCT followed by the optional Rivers & Canals Tour, Day 4 was the Peter & Paul Fortress, again followed by lunch (this time on your own) followed by the optional Peterhof Gardens tour. On Day 3 of the visit, there were optional tours available of Yusopov Palace and the St. Petersburg ballet (evening). The boat was moored about 1 hour from downtown, depending on traffic, as the city authorities do not allow the riverboats to moor downtown. This caused some angst among those taking their 1st river cruise as they assumed this was standard. Of course, it’s not, and in fact, almost all European river cruises including Paris moor almost in the heart of the city. However, for those with free time and a little bit of adventurism, the subway took you downtown in less than 40 minutes. There is a bus from the head of the pier which costs 30 roubles (in early June 2012, roubles were 32.5 to 1 USD). That dropped you at the nearest metro entrance where 25 roubles and 5 stops later, landed you in the heart of Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg’s equivalent to Times Square in NY or Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The metro is clean, no graffiti in the stations or on the cars, efficiently run and very safe. To return to the ship, just reverse the process. Once downtown, there are many attractions within easy walking distance such as the statue of the Bronze Horseman, a tribute from Catherine the Great to Peter the Great and the Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood on which site, Tsar Alexander II was murdered by an assassin on 1 March 1881.

This was our 2nd time in St. Petersburg as we were there on an ocean cruise of the Baltics in 2003 when the city celebrated its 300th anniversary. It is to my mind, much more European than Russian with the latest fashions on display, many, many outdoor restaurant cafes and a mostly young, apparently well off population (at least during a business day).

We had previously been to Catherine’s Palace and the Hermitage and enjoyed returning to both places. St. Isaac’s is very impressive, but unfortunately, it is crowded and pickpockets are afoot. Several men & at least 1 woman had wallets stolen in the crowds so for them, not so much fun. Peter and Paul Fortress from a historical perspective is important, but rather unimpressive.

We visited St. Petersburg during the period of the summer referred to as “White Nights” which are quite famous. Sunrise occurs about 4:30AM and sunset at 11:15PM. Since winters are long, cold, and sometimes very harsh, the many hours of sunlight are greatly appreciated and folks go out to stroll, especially on Nevsky Prospekt well into the evening hours enjoying the many parks and recreation areas throughout the city.

Svir Stroi: This is a small village of about 600 people located on the Svir River. They have the requisite souvenir shops, but the highlight of the stop was the visit to the home of a Russian villager. Our opportunity came to visit the wife of a local employee of the hydro electric plant. We visited her home and were served tea & pirozhki’s (Russian tea cakes). With the able help of our tour director, Tanya who translated, the lady explained her daily life in the village and the challenges ordinary people now face compared to the days of the Soviet Union. This is also where we first encountered the fierce Russian mosquitoes or as the tour directors called them, the KGB mosquitoes. They’re big, they bite and they fly around over the 3 months of summer. Mosquito repellent does, however, work when liberally applied.

Petrozavodsk: This port city on Lake Onega which is the second largest lake in Europe, only surpassed by Lake Ladoga, included a bus tour as well as a visit to the memorial to Russian’s Unknown Soldier from World War II, and a tour of the local market. It is the industrial, cultural, and scientific center of the Republic of Karelia. The visit also included an optional tour to a Karelian folk show which we opted not to attend.

Kizhi (Kee-shee) Island: This small island in the center of Lake Onega is home to the oldest known wooden church in Russia, the Church of Transfiguration which features 22 timbered onion shaped domes. The church was assembled without the use of a single metal nail and is currently undergoing extensive renovation. The stop also featured a “Fishing with the Ship’s Captain & Staff” for those who are ardent anglers. Fishing apparently wasn’t so successful as we did not have fish on the menu that evening!

Goritzy/Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery: Goritsky is just another tiny town, but the monastery was built in 1397 and had close connections with Ivan the Terrible. At one time, over 200 monks lived in the monastery, but with the Russian revolution and the harsh suppression of religion in Russia, it deteriorated significantly and now houses only 6 monks. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, restoration efforts have begun and the museum features an impressive collection of Russian Orthodox icons.

Uglich: The last city we visited prior to Moscow is located on the Volga River. Cruising on the river as you come onto Uglich is very impressive. The Kremlin (or fortress) has no exterior walls so the many colored churches and domes make great picture opportunities. The very large Cathedral of Transfiguration looms over the town while the Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood with its rich red walls and blue onion domes offer a sharp contrast. Souvenir and shops selling all sorts of goods line the route from the ship’s berth to the main street of Uglich. We were told by the local guide that as many as 7 to 8 river cruise ships a day visit Uglich during the summer. They also were having a display of lacquer and paper Mache’ boxes for sale at very Western prices. Enameled watches are also a specialty of Uglich. We were treated to a short concert by a group of male classically trained singers who rendered several Russian songs a capella during our visit.

Moscow: We arrived in Moscow about 3 hours late because of heavy fog the previous evening while transiting the Moscow Canal. The river authorities do not allow movement in the canal during heavy fog, so we waited out the down time in one of the locks. The ship moored a good ways from downtown as the city authorities do not allow river cruise ships downtown, the same rule as St. Petersburg. Moscow is a city of 11.5 million people and traffic can be a nightmare. However, we were fortunate to arrive on a Monday before a national holiday (Day of Russia) on Tuesday and Moscovites are like people everywhere; they angle to take the day before a big holiday off. So, the traffic to downtown was pretty light and we made up some time on the city tour which started in the famous Red Square outside the Kremlin walls. The tour included a walk around Saint Basil’s Cathedral which is actually a museum, then on to the GUM department store which resembles a U.S. mall. We also walked past a “Historic Toilet” located in Gum’s that I believe was the 1st indoor lavatory in a Moscow department store. (Use of the WC was 84 roubles for those interested; I took a pass). We also went for a ride on the famed Moscow metro where many of the stations are elaborately decorated in frescoes, busts representing the struggle of the common man, and other adornments of the Russian revolution. As in St. Petersburg, the metro is clean (no graffiti in the stations or on the cars) and very safe.

The next day was the national holiday so our tours steered us quite far from Red Square (where demonstrations were purported to occur against the Presidential election recently completed) and out to Sparrow Hills which is a high priced area of the city. We also toured the New Maiden cemetery where various Russian notables such as Boris Yeltsin and Nikita Khrushchev are buried. The evening tour involved a visit to the Moscow circus which has been in continuous operation since 1980. A fun time of clowns, jugglers, trained poodles, bears, a lion taming act and culminated with a trapeze performance by 5 daring men & 1 woman.

The following day was a tour inside the Kremlin walls and to one of the 5 churches located inside the walls. I found it ironic that 5 churches would be allowed to exist following the revolution, but many things in Russia are strange, this only being one example. We also toured the Kremlin armory which contains the Tsar’s Crown Jewels, armor and armaments of the 16th- 18th century, many Tsarina coronation and wedding dresses as well as a very extensive display of Faberge eggs. The tour concluded with lunch at Moscow’s Hard Rock Café and time to tour Arbat Street which is a pedestrian only street in the heart of Moscow.

We had family obligations that required us to cut the last full day off the cruise and return home via direct flight from Moscow to Dulles International.

Final Observations: It was a very interesting and different river cruise for us. Because the distances are so vast, there is a lot more down time on this cruise than one in European waters, but Grand Circle can make it as busy or as relaxed as you like. The meals were comparable to those served on our other river cruises for quantity and quality. There are slightly more optional tours than with some other companies, but on the other hand, some of the included tours were excellent. St. Petersburg is a great city and one I’d be pleased to visit again; Moscow, not so much. Grand Circle is certainly worth your consideration as a cruise line as the prices are competitive with all other Russian river cruises. We did book our air through Grand Circle which I’m normally reluctant to do, but the routing was the same that I would have chosen had I done my own booking and the pricing was better than I could do on my own, especially considering what GCT would have charged for transfers to and from the ship. We did not purchase travel insurance through GCT as I found we could do better by shopping around over the Internet.

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We did this trip in 2004, aboard the chartered Nicholay Chernychevski, before Grand Circle had put the Tikhi Don into service. This was an excellent review and brings back memories. Please post it under Travelers Reviews on on this trip.


Thank you for the informative review. I am taking this tour in mid August. I will print what you wrote so that I can refer to it as I do some of my planning.

How many people were in your "group" ? Did you take the pretrip to Helsinki and Tallinn?

We had about 32 people in our group. I don't know what, if any criteria, other than numbers were used to make up the groups. We did not take any pre or post trips with this cruise.

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    𝙍𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮 ~ A mature yet not dreery storyline that allows you to live your dreams of an oc lead version of One piece ~ Over 100 channels (not including staff channels) to have fun in ~A way to get Canon devil fruits that won't cause all the good ones to be stolen


    WILL YOU CHOOSE TO SAIL THE GRAND CRUISE? 𝐈 —⚡IMMERSIVE STORY Create your own storylines, participate in regularly held events. Explore the seas of the world and chase your dreams! Sail the GRANDLINE and forge your own BONDS 𝐈𝐈 —📗EASY TO LEARN SYSTEMS Simple and easy to learn systems that anyone can pick up.

  3. GTA 5: Grand Role Play

    GTA 5 game project with Role Play mode.🎮 How to start the game: | 190716 members

  4. Discord servers tagged with OnePiece

    Showing 1 - 24 of 410 servers ( 5 reviews ) 乂 One Piece Emotes 乂 Anime · Manga 5779 anime emotes one-piece onepiece one-piece-emotes ∙ 乂『 𝙊𝙣𝙚 𝙋𝙞𝙚𝙘𝙚 𝙀𝙢𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨 』乂 ∙ Welcome to One Piece Emotes! A server with a minimalistic, Japanese aesthetic dedicated to providing a variety of One Piece emotes to Discord Nitro users!

  5. One Piece Grand Cruise

    One Piece Grand Cruise is an interactive, virtual reality game released in May 2018 in Japan, North and South America, and Europe. [1] [2] A demo of the game was available at Tokyo One Piece Tower . Contents 1 Gameplay 2 Story 2.1 Sea Battle Against the Marines 2.2 Repel the Kraken 3 Characters 3.1 Enemy Characters 4 References 5 External Links

  6. Grand Quest Games

    Official Discord for Grand Quest Games, makers of Roblox game Grand Piece Online. | 733933 members. You've been invited to join. Grand Quest Games. 189,906 Online. 733,931 Members. Display Name. This is how others see you. You can use special characters and emoji. Continue.

  7. GrandChase Dimensional Chasers

    Welcome to the official GCDC Discord! Talk and discuss anything Grand Chase with your fellow chasers here. | 32104 members

  8. DRIFT / CAR MEET / CRUISE / CAR DISCORD : r/GrandTheftAutoV

    Assetto Corsa Competizione, the official GT World Challenge videogame. Thanks to the extraordinary quality of simulation, you will experience the atmosphere of the GT3 championship. Compete against official drivers, teams, cars and official circuits reproduced to the highest quality ever seen.. r/SmallYoutubers is a place where YouTubers who ...

  9. Grand Opening

    🚀 Grow Your Discord Server - Free 45-Min Strategy Call Available with Shylor! Click Here to Elevate Your Community 🌟 Categories . Login Login with Discord; Home; Bots; Random Server; Categories ; Anime 8,513 Servers Art 3,523 Servers Beliefs 758 Servers Bot 1,021 Servers Business 2,074 Servers Community 32,376 Servers

  10. Discord

    #official-hubs - All official Discord Hubs. Those include: The Official Trade Hub, Pirate Hub, Marine Hub and Crew Battles Hub. Warning! The past hyperlinks redirect to Discord. #2x-logia - Information regarding the 2x Logia Weekends. #updates - All important info about game updates. Including release dates, changelogs, bug patches and new codes.

  11. GrandChase

    Hello, Heroes of Bermesiah! In order to receive wider feedback and communicate better with the players, we will be opening a Discord server for GrandChase Classic. We hope that creating a separate server will allow us to expand our communication and allow players to feel more included. The link for the invite to the Discord server is as follows: With the opening of a new server, we would like ...

  12. r/Cruise on Reddit: Cruise related Discord servers?

    2 PepperoniPizzaRoll • 2 yr. ago I don't think the average cruiser (at least not the ones who frequent cruising social media pages and the like) uses discord. I once asked somewhere if discord worked on carnival's social wifi package and no one knew what it was 3 tickthegreat OP • 2 yr. ago This is a good thing. Filters out the boomers 3 r/Cruise

  13. ⤙ CRUISE ⤚

    ☄️ ⤙ CRUISE ⤚ ☄️ Take it easy and relax - Join Cruise, a brand new Vapor/Synthwave themed. 🚀 Grow Your Discord Server - Free 45-Min Strategy Call Available with Shylor! Click Here to Elevate Your Community 🌟 ... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Grand Opening. 3 years ago June 12th 2020 ...

  14. Official GrandChase Classic Discord

    The official Discord server for GrandChase Classic, a side-scrolling online action RPG with anime inspired graphics. | 15483 members. You've been invited to join. Official GrandChase Classic Discord. 3,978 Online. 15,483 Members. Display Name. This is how others see you. You can use special characters and emoji.

  15. Community Discord Open for both PS & PC

    Harkain Jan 28 @ 7:36pm. Community Discord Open for both PS & PC. Hey everyone! Hope you guys are doing well and are looking forward to the release on the PC side! Both platforms have been added with their own LFG and the ability to create VCs for ease. Just wanted to make a post to let everyone know I've gotten a Server specifically for Relink ...

  16. Discord servers tagged with cruise

    ( 2 reviews ) FHES Forza Horizon 5 All Games 308 forza drift cruise forza-horizon-5 fh5 Hello welcome to FHES70 Level 3 Discord Server This is our new gaming server which currently has over 1200 members and wanting to grow more: FORZA HORIZON 5 comprehensively, FHES Racing Club & FHES Drifting Club channels & growing FHES Team/Club

  17. GCT M/S Tikhi Don

    This is a review of a St. Petersburg to Moscow river cruise from 5/31/2012 - 6/14/2012 with Grand Circle Travel. Ill divide the review into sections starting with the ship so folks can jump to those sections of interest & ignore what isnt pertinent to them. For an excellent discussion on pre-...

  18. OnePieceTC FR

    Check out the OnePieceTC FR community on Discord - hang out with 3820 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

  19. Discord servers tagged with gran-turismo-7

    ps5. gran-turismo-7. TurismoHub™, a Discord community for the Gran Turismo franchise. KEY FEATURES: • Follow latest news & rumors on Gran Turismo 7 and the World Series events. • Chat with our chill & friendly community. • Participate in server contests for livery designs and photography. • Earn roles based on the licenses from the game!

  20. Tour & Travel Agency in Moscow

    In addition to our standard services, Grand Russia offers tours packages to Moscow and St Petersburg. You cannot resist our Two Hearts of Russia (7 Days &6 Nights), Golden Moscow (4 Days &3 Nights), Sochi (3 Days & 2 Nights), Golden Ring (1 Day & 2 Days), and many more. As a leading travel agency specializing in the tour to Russia and Former ...

  21. Gran Turismo

    The officially unofficial server for the Gran Turismo series. | 11499 members