1. Rudraprayag District Travel Guide

    garhwal tourism rudraprayag

  2. Rudraprayag

    garhwal tourism rudraprayag

  3. Rudraprayag Travel Guide

    garhwal tourism rudraprayag

  4. Top 10 Places to visit in Rudraprayag

    garhwal tourism rudraprayag

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    garhwal tourism rudraprayag

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    garhwal tourism rudraprayag


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  3. Srinagar Garhwal । Uttarakhand

  4. Aerial view of Maikoti Rudraprayag Garhwal Uttarakhand

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  1. Rudraprayag

    Named after Lord Shiva's Rudra avatar (incarnation), Rudraprayag is an ancient holy town situated at the confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers, at a distance of 34 km from Srinagar in the Garhwal region. Rudraprayag marks the fourth confluence between Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers. The fifth and final union takes place at Devprayag where the Alaknanda river joins Bhagirathi to form the ...

  2. Rudraprayag

    Rudraprayag is a municipality and town in the Rudraprayag district in the state of Uttarakhand. It is the home of the towering Garhwal Himalayas, meandering rivers and of course the sacred Hindu shrines which are the main tourist attractions as they uphold great mythological importance.

  3. Welcome to Garhwal Manadal Vikas Nigam Limited chardham yatra

    A Government of Uttarakhand Enterprise GMVN was formed on 31st March 1976. Presently with an authorised capital Rs. 40 crores and a dedicated workforce of over 1200 employees it has more than 90 guesthouses and tourist bungalows all over Garhwal. The Vision of GMVN is to promote steady and sustained growth phase of the travel and tourism sector in Uttarakhand making the destinations more ...

  4. Top 10 Places to visit in Rudraprayag

    Sonprayag. Kalimath. Rudraprayag. 1. Kedarnath Temple. Kedarnath Dham, in Uttarakhand's Rudraprayag area, is one of Shiva's most important shrines. Among the mighty snow-capped peaks, exquisite meadows, and forests of the lower Himalayan mountain range, the name of Lord Shiva seems to be resonating in the air.

  5. Rudraprayag

    Over the years these Package tours have become very popular amongst pilgrims and tourist all over India and abroad. 91-135-6913000, 2746817, 2749308 2431793, , [email protected]. Screen Reader Access ... Dhari Devi temple located on the banks of the Alaknanda River between Srinagar and Rudraprayag in the Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand ...

  6. Rudraprayag Travel Guide

    Rudraprayag - Confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini Rivers. The famed town of Rudraprayag is named after the Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. This heavenly town is encircled by the emerald lakes, glaciers, foaming rivers and silver streams.. The pristine town of Rudraprayag is nestled on the holy confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers, at 34 km from Srinagar (Garhwal).

  7. 9 Places to Visit in Rudraprayag

    Koteshwar Mahadev and Dhari Devi are famous Hindu shrines at Rudraprayag that is visited by the tourists and pilgrims alike. The revered Kedarnath shrine is located some 80 kms from Rudraprayag. Chopta is located 64 kms from Rudraprayag. There are 9 tourist spots in Rudraprayag where travellers can spent their leisure time.

  8. 12 Places to visit in Rudraprayag

    Rudraprayag is 34 Km away from Srinagar Garhwal. The route to Badrinath and Kedarnath are separated from Rudraprayag, so this place has a very big importance. This place is filled with a lot of natural beauty, religious importance, lakes and other famous glaciers in the Rudraprayag district.

  9. 10 Places to Visit in Rudraprayag

    Best time to visit: March to May and October to December. Things to do: Skiing, trekking, sightseeing. 8 Things To Do In Ramnagar That Capture The True Essence Of The City In 2022. 2. Kedarnath. One of the most important shrines of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath is another one of the best places to visit in Rudraprayag.

  10. Rudraprayag

    Rudraprayag named after Lord Shiva (Rudra), situated at the meeting place of two rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini. The holy confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers nature beauty attracts to the visitors. The town acts as a stopover for pilgrims en route to Badrinath and Kedarnath.

  11. Things to Do in Rudraprayag District

    Top Attractions in Rudraprayag District. Map. See all. These rankings are informed by traveler reviews—we consider the quality, quantity, recency, consistency of reviews, and the number of page views over time. 2023. 1. Kedarnath Mandir. 375. Religious Sites. By cp_0010.

  12. Rudraprayag Tourism And Travel Guide (2024)

    895 meters above sea-level, Rudraprayag is one the many hidden tourism gems of Uttarakhand and is also one of the five primary rivers the flow from the Garhwal Himalayas. It is equally popular with devotees as well as with nature lovers. Pilgrims tend to stop over on the Char Dham Yatra, as it is a place of great religious significance.

  13. Rudraprayag Travel Guide

    Enriched with a soul-stirring view of the Alaknanda River, Rudraprayag is a municipality and town in the Rudraprayag district in the state of Uttarakhand. It is the home of the towering Garhwal Himalayas, meandering rivers and of course the sacred Hindu shrines which are the main tourist attractions as they uphold great mythological importance.

  14. Rudraprayag District

    Rudraprayag. Rudraprayag is a picturesque town located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, India. It holds significant religious and cultural importance as it is situated at the confluence of two sacred rivers, Alaknanda and Mandakini. The town's name is derived from "Rudra," another name for Lord Shiva, and "Prayag," which means ...

  15. Rudraprayag Sangam

    Surrounding Attractions: Apart from the spiritual significance of the Sangam, Rudraprayag and its surrounding areas offer a plethora of attractions for visitors to explore. Koteshwar Mahadev Temple: Located approximately 19 kilometers from Rudraprayag town, Koteshwar Temple is another significant pilgrimage site. The temple is dedicated to Lord ...

  16. Rudraprayag,Rudraprayag Tourism,Places to visit in Rudraprayag

    Rudraprayag Travel Information. Rudraprayag Uttarakhand is a part of Garhwal tourism , and the local languages spoken are Gadhwali and Hindi. The best time to visit Rudraprayag would be from January - June and September - October

  17. Rudraprayag District Wiki: History, Tehsils, Tourism Places & Distance

    Tourism in Rudraprayag. Rudraprayag is blessed with immense natural beauty, places of religious importance, lakes, and glaciers. Rudra Prayag is a small town that is located in the state of Uttarakhand and in the district of Rudraprayag. ... (Garhwal). How To Reach Rudraprayag By Air. The nearest airport for Rudraprayag district is Jolly Grant ...

  18. Garhwal Region Travel Guide

    Region: Garhwal. Total Populataion: 242285. Local Language: Garhwali, Hindi, English. Total Area: 1984 sq km. The district of Rudraprayag is primarily known for its sacred Hindu Temples of Kedarnath, Tungnath, and Madhyamaheshwar. The district is also dotted with gorgeous lakes and glaciers and offers incredible views of the Himalayan Mountains.

  19. Garhwal

    The landlocked district of Garhwal was formerly a major district of the British India, in Kumaon Division of British United Provinces. Also known as The Land of Forts, Garhwal district is the place where a tourist will be travelling through serene routes and huge scaly mountains of Uttarakhand. Garhwal has so much to offer for … Continue reading "Garhwal"

  20. GMVN Rudraprayag (Rudra Tourist Complex)

    GMVN Rudraprayag (Rudra Tourist Complex) TRH Arrival Date: Departure Date: Overview. In the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Rudraprayag is both a town and a municipality. ... Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd. 74/1 Rajpur Road Dehradun-248001. Uttarakhand - India 91-135-6913000, 2746817, 2749308 2431793,

  21. Garhwal Hills, Uttarakhand

    The districts that fall under Garhwal region are Chamoli, Dehradun, Haridwar, Pauri Garhwal, Rudraprayag, Tehri Garhwal, and Uttarkashi. With lofty snow-covered peaks, enchanting rivers, rich flora and fauna, and sacred temples and pilgrimage centers, the Garhwal division of Uttarakhand gives you the option of relishing and quenching the travel ...

  22. Syalsaur

    Syalsaur is a less crowded offbeat mini Hill Station situated in the bank of Holy River Mandakani Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand State. At an elevation of 820m above the sea level, Syalsaur is around 27 km from Rudraprayag city - popularly known as for Bird Watching.

  23. Garhwali Traveller

    Narsu Lagasri Village Rudraprayag. BygarhwalitravellerFebruary 25, 2024February 25, 2024 Write a Comment on Narsu Lagasri Village Rudraprayag. Narsu is the smallest village in the Rudraprayag district, where only 5 families reside. Narsu Lagasari is located in the Augustmuni block of Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand and it comes […]