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Ultimate Egypt (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Ultimate Egypt (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Essential Egypt (5 Star Hotels)

Essential Egypt (5 Star Hotels)

Egypt Nile Jewel with 5* Boat Cruise

Egypt Nile Jewel with 5* Boat Cruise

Felucca Odyssey & Red Sea (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Felucca Odyssey & Red Sea (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Egypt Adventure

Egypt Adventure

Jewels of the Nile  (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Jewels of the Nile (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Wonders of Egypt and the Nile

Wonders of Egypt and the Nile

Egypt Nile Adventure with Felucca Cruise

Egypt Nile Adventure with Felucca Cruise

King Ramses - 13 days

King Ramses - 13 days

Best of Egypt

Best of Egypt

Highlights of Egypt

Highlights of Egypt

Instant book available

Egypt Experience

Egypt Experience

Explore Egypt

Explore Egypt

Felucca Odyssey (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Felucca Odyssey (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

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Group of travellers marvel at the pyramids in Cairo

Awesome ancient wonders, endless golden sands and atmospheric local souqs make Egypt the ultimate travel destination.

You’ve got to see it to believe it in Egypt – the chaos of Cairo (seriously, this city never stops); the bustling bazaars; the imposing glory of the Pyramids of Giza, and the world’s most famous lion with a human head (the iconic Sphinx).Only in Egypt can you sail into the sunset on a felucca cruise along the Nile, marvel at the world's most spectacular temple complexes, wander through Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, and then float facing towards the sky in the glittering expanse of the Red Sea. Take a moment as time stands still in Egypt.

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Egypt at a glance

Capital city.

Cairo (population 9.4 million)

107.5 million

Egyptian pound (EGP)

(GMT+02:00) Cairo



Type C (European 2-pin)

Learn more about Egypt

Best time to visit egypt.

Egypt is blessed with lots of sunshine and very little rain. Generally, the hottest months are June to August, and the coolest month is January. Rainfall is negligible, except on the coast, with rain usually occurring during the winter months (December to March).

During the summer months (from June to August), daily temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) - perfect for snorkeling and soaking up the sun on the beaches of Sinai, but can prove challenging for some in the crowded streets and souqs of Cairo.

Choose to escape the crowds by traveling from March to May or September to November when the weather is milder, and there's the opportunity to experience Egypt during Ramadan and the celebrations of Eid (which marks the breaking of the fast). If you are planning to travel during Ramadan, it's important to consider that many restaurants and shops will either be closed or operating at reduced hours.

Read more about the best time to visit Egypt

Culture and customs

Life in Egypt has been in a state of flux since the 2011 revolution. Many of the issues that motivated so many to take to the streets in protest continue to be points of contention, but Egyptians remain hopeful, relying on religion, family and humor to get them through, like they have for thousands of years. A strong sense of community binds people across the country. Families and communities support each other and there is a prevailing sense that everyone is in it together. For all these reasons, most express great pride in being Egyptian, despite their nation’s recent turmoil.

As a largely Muslim country (about 90% of the population is Muslim while most of the remaining 10% identify as Coptic Christian), Islam permeates daily activities. Life revolves around the five daily prayers and everything is closed on Friday, the Muslim holy day. A wide array of cultural norms, including how people dress and interact with the opposite sex, are influenced by religion. Women are largely defined by their role as a mother and matron of the house, whereas men are expected to be the provider.

Many Egyptians consider their country the gateway between the West and the rest of the Arab world, and take pride in their ability to mix tradition with modern influences. This mixing is most apparent in major cities, such as Cairo and Alexandria, where American fast-food chains can be found next to traditional cafes, secular attitudes are more common, and pop music rings through city streets.

Food and drink

With fragrant spices, fresh fruit and vegetables, and delicious sweets on offer, culinary adventures in Egypt are guaranteed. On many Intrepid trips you'll be given the opportunity to dine with a local family – this offers a great chance to see how meals are prepared and learn more about the ingredients.

Things to try in Egypt

1. Hamam mahshi

A north African delicacy, hamam – roasted pigeon stuffed with cracked wheat and rice – can be found on the menu of most traditional Egyptian restaurants. You may need a few to fill up though, as they don’t contain a lot of meat. And be careful of all the tiny bones.

2. Ta'ameya (falafel)

Crunchy on the outside, and moist on the inside, these deep-fried balls of spiced fava beans are a Middle Eastern vegetarian staple. Usually served in a pita with salad, pickles, and sesame-based tahina - buy it at a street stall for a quick, cheap meal.

Shops specializing in this popular ‘poor man’s dish’ can be found throughout Cairo. A hearty mix of rice, macaroni and lentils, chickpeas, and fried onions, koshary is topped with a tomato-vinegar sauce.

4. Ful medames

Don't leave Egypt without trying the classic dish of ful medames, which can be traced back to pharaonic times. Consisting of slow-cooked fava beans, served with olive oil, parsley, garlic, and lemon juice - add some spice by seasoning with chili paste and eat with bread.

5. Pastries

Delicious, sweet pastries are found in restaurants, markets, and cafes in Egypt. Never was there a better time to live by the adage ‘Life is short, eat dessert first’.

Egypt is a mostly Muslim country, and any consumption of alcohol here is relatively low-key. There are many fantastic alternatives. Juice stands are common on main streets offering freshly squeezed banana, guava, or mango juice. Karkadai is a chilled, crimson drink brewed from hibiscus leaves (served hot in the winter). And tea (or shai) is the beverage of choice for most Egyptians, which is sipped throughout the day and with meals.

Read more about what to eat in Egypt

Read more about what to drink in Egypt

Geography and environment

Located in the northeast corner of Africa, Egypt shares its borders with Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Libya, and Sudan, as well as the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east. The two seas are connected by the man-made Suez Canal.

The remote triangle-shaped peninsula is largely characterized by limestone and desert, but also has a vibrant coral reef along the Red Sea coastline. Hot, dry desert covers most of the country’s terrain, with the Western Desert occupying much of the west, and the Arabian (or Eastern) Desert stretching the length of the eastern coast. These two regions are dissected by the Nile River, which runs the length of the country, emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile Valley, a narrow fertile band extending from the river, is the country’s only fertile land and where 98% of the population lives.

History and government

Recent history.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the infamous pint-sized French leader, invaded Egypt in 1798, seeking to set up a French colony. However, not long after, the French were repelled, and Egypt became a part of the Ottoman Empire once again.

From 1882, the British Army occupied Egypt to protect the Suez Canal. Muhammad Ali officially ruled from the early 1800s, and his family and successors continued to rule for decades (alongside and during British occupation) until overthrown by a military coup in 1952.

During World War II, Egypt became a crucial element in Britain's defense. The Italian Army tried to advance into Egypt in 1940 but was stopped by the British Army at Mersa Matruh. Egypt continued to serve as a vital base for British troops during World War II and despite the disruption, Egypt's shopkeepers and retail trade benefitted from the thousands of Allied troops staying in Egypt.

In 1953, Egypt was officially declared a republic, and a year later, Colonel Nasser was declared Prime Minister, then President. In 1979, after decades of confrontation with neighboring Israel, the historic Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed. This agreement made Egypt the first Arab country to officially recognize Israel as a country - a significant step in the peace process. More recently, in February 2011, large-scale protests and mass demonstrations resulted in the removal of President Mubarak after decades of autocratic rule.

Early history

Ancient Egypt has been the focus of much fascination, investigation, speculation, and intrigue. It's hard to escape the education system without having studied Ancient Egypt in some way. Drawn in by the mighty pyramids, mysterious hieroglyphics, distinct burial rituals and animal-headed gods - scholars, students, historians, and travelers are all amazed by this civilization which has endured cycles of dynastic rule, invasion, and natural disasters.

Through key archaeological finds, historians have been able to unravel some of the mysteries of this great land. What is known is that the daily life of the average Egyptian usually involved working in agriculture with the waters of the Nile providing fertile ground for planting crops. Egyptians usually lived in modest homes with children and domestic pets. Professions were usually inherited - so if your father was a farmer, then so were you.

While most Egyptians led simple lives, dynasties of Pharaohs led lavish lifestyles, with the most well-known being Ramses II, Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, and Cleopatra. Huge monuments, imposing pyramids, golden artifacts, and detailed paintings all hold details about pharaonic rule and succession, as well as commonly held beliefs about religion and the afterlife.

Spanning centuries and full of drama worthy of a soap opera, the epic history of Ancient Egypt is complex and we suggest you read about it before visiting.

Top places to visit in Egypt

1. nile river.

Sail down the mighty Nile River on a traditional Egyptian felucca.

Trip: Egypt Experience

Trip: Explore Egypt & Jordan

Dive into the warm, glittering waters of the Red Sea on a snorkeling adventure in Hurghada.

Trip: Jordan & Egypt Express

Trip: Explore Egypt

Trip: Egypt Family Holiday

3. Alexandria

Discover the historic wonders of Alexandria, an ancient port city that locals call the Bride of the Mediterranean Sea.

Trip: Jordan & Egypt Uncovered

Experience the bustling energy of Cairo and shop for souvenirs at Cairo's Khan al-Khalili bazaar.

Trip: Egypt Adventure

5. Mt Sinai

Hike to the summit of Mt Sinai, which many believe is where Moses received the ten commandments.

Trip: Discover Egypt & Jordan

Explore the impressive chapels, pylons and obelisks of Karnak Temple.

Trip: Egypt, Jordan, Isreal & the Palestinian Territories

7. Abu Simbel

These massive monuments dedicated to Ramses II and Queen Nefertari are seriously impressive.

8. Valley of the Kings

King Tut’s treasures may be long gone, but his hieroglyphic-covered tomb remains an incredible sight to see.

Trip: Essential Egypt

Trip: Epic Egypt, Jordan & Isreal & the Palestinian Territories

Trip: Real Egypt & Jordan

Top 10 ancient wonders of Egypt

1. grand designs.

The original grand design - monumental and magnificent - the Pyramids of Giza are an impressive achievement in ancient engineering. Towering above the desert sands and standing proudly for centuries, the first glimpse of these stunning structures will render visitors breathless.

2. Stony enigma

Be captivated by the mysterious aura of the Great Sphinx of Giza. This monolithic mythical beast possesses a lion’s body and a human head - and has sat quietly in the desert sands for eons. Gaze at the Sphinx and try to work out the riddle of its existence.

3. Mighty Nile River

No trip to Egypt is complete without visiting the Nile River - the life force of Egypt that has flowed for centuries. A provider of irrigation, an essential travel route, home to hippos and crocodiles, and now a source of leisure for locals and travelers alike, the Nile is an aquatic link to Egypt’s ancient heritage.

4. Terrific temples

Discover an enormous open-air museum like no other. The awe-inspiring Temples of Karnak are filled with stately statues, immense columns, and gigantic gateways. Explore this intriguing site and be left in no doubt about the brilliance of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

5. Holy mountain

Embark on a trek to the top of Mt Sinai and witness an incredible golden sunrise to remember. A place of worship for many faiths, a pilgrimage to Mt Sinai reveals stunning scenery, an ancient monastery and historic chapels. An iconic highlight of Egypt for believers and non-believers alike, Mt Sinai is not to be missed.

6. Double happiness

Located in the Nile Valley, the unique Temple of Kom Ombo is a ‘double temple’ and a rare archaeological find. Dedicated to two gods, a visit here is a true highlight of an Egyptian escapade. Marvel at the well-preserved wall reliefs, try to decipher the hieroglyphics and honour the craftsmen who created this wonder.

7. Museum magic

Step into a dazzling world of antiquity at the Egyptian Museum. Be amazed by the glittering treasures recovered from King Tutankhamun’s tomb – with jewelry, furniture, chariots and that famous gold funerary mask, this pharaoh was certainly prepared for the afterlife.

8. Roman ruins

The Roman ruins of Kom el-Dikka in Alexandria may not be the biggest, but they are certainly among the best-preserved in Egypt, if not the world. Soak up the atmosphere of the Roman amphitheater and imagine it in all its glory - packed with 800 spectators ready for action.

9. Colossal characters

Near the modern city of Luxor stand the imposing Colossi of Memnon. These massive stone statues of Amenhotep III, while badly damaged, still maintain an unmistakable air of authority. Stand below them and be dwarfed by the scale of these tremendous figures.

10. The ancient heart of Cairo

Wander the cobbled streets of Islamic Cairo and uncover the ancient heart of this chaotic city. Admire mosques, palaces and houses, and peruse the goods on offer at one of the world’s oldest bazaars. Dating back to medieval times, the Khan al-Khalili bazaar is where people have traded goods for centuries.

Souqs – or open-air bazaars – are both the best place to shop in Egypt and attractions in their own right. The biggest and most famous souq is the 500-year-old Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo. Within the maze of narrow streets and laneways lie stalls selling jewelry, glass, copper, spices and artisan goods, along with more standard tourist fare. Quality can vary greatly so spend some time shopping around.

Like many markets around the world, bargaining is the norm, but Egyptians take it to another level. Expect to be offered tea (it can take that long) and for elaborate theatrics from the seller. While bazaars in Cairo tend to sell everything, visit Aswan’s bazaar for spices, incense, and basketwork, and Luxor for cheaply priced alabaster figurines and vases. It's also a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are able to bring certain items back into your home country.

Things to buy in Egypt

You’ll often see spices piled high in bazaars. In addition to making a great photo for Instagram, they’re often a good buy as long as you keep a couple of things in mind. Always buy whole spices rather than ground to ensure freshness and skip the ‘saffron’ – it’s actually safflower and tastes like dust.

2. Glassware

Hand-blown Muski glass, recognizable by its air bubbles, comes in brilliant shades of blue and green and purple and has been made in Egypt since medieval times. Be careful with this purchase though as it’s extremely fragile.

3. Cartouche

A kind of nameplate written in hieroglyphics. Most gold or silver shops sell these and many can customize them by engraving your name.

Festivals and events

Eid al-Fitr

After fasting for an entire month, Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with Eid al-Fitr, or ‘Feast of Breaking the Fast’. For three days, starting on the first day of the tenth month of the lunar calendar, people celebrate with feasts, family, and festivals. Look for vendors selling kahk cookies (nut-filled cookies covered in powdered sugar) while taking in the festivities, a tasty treat synonymous with Eid for many locals.

Eid al-Adha

Arguably the most important holiday in Egypt, the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’ is not one for vegetarians and vegans. About 70 days after Eid al-Fitr, sheep, and goats are slaughtered (often in the middle of the street) for a mighty feast.

Sham el-Nessim

Each year on March 21st, Egyptians celebrate the coming of spring by spending the day outdoors. Join the locals for this ancient holiday by packing a picnic and heading to a park or public garden.

Abu Simbel Sun Festival

As if the two temples dedicated to Ramses II and Queen Nefertari weren’t impressive enough, they were constructed in such a way that twice a year, the sun’s rays reach its innermost chambers and illuminate three stone gods that reside within, while leaving Ptah (god of the underworld) in the dark. And those days just happen to be Ramses’s birthday (October 21) and coronation (February 21). Coincidence? We think not.

Read more about festivals in Egypt

Public holidays that may impact travel include:

Coptic Christmas

Coptic Easter

Sinai Liberation Day

National Day

Coptic New Year

Islamic New Year

Armed Forces Day

Birth of Prophet Mohammed

Many of Egypt's public holidays are religious holidays celebrated according to the Islamic lunar cycle. Please note that the dates may vary.

Further reading

Egypt travel faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do you need a visa to travel to Egypt?

Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveler. Entry requirements can change at any time, so it's important that you check for the latest information. Please visit the relevant consular website of the country or countries you’re visiting for detailed and up-to-date visa information specific to your nationality. Check the Essential Trip Information section of the itinerary for more information.

Is tipping customary in Egypt?

Tipping is customary for pretty much all services in Egypt. A tip of 10–15% is customary at cafes and restaurants and loose change is acceptable for food purchases from street vendors and markets. It’s also a good idea to tip local guides and drivers USD$2.50-3 per day.

What is the internet access like in Egypt?

Internet access is growing in Egypt, with internet cafes and Wi-Fi hotspots becoming increasingly common in large cities, especially Cairo, though access may be limited in smaller towns and remote areas.

Can I use my cell phone in Egypt?

Cell phone coverage is generally good in Egypt’s urban areas, but may not be available in remote and desert areas. Ensure global roaming is activated with your service provider before leaving home.

What are the toilets like in Egypt?

Squat toilets are most common in Egypt, although Western-style flushable toilets can be found in larger hotels and some tourist areas.

Can I drink the water in Egypt?

Drinking tap water isn’t recommended in Egypt. Remember to avoid drinks with ice and to peel fruit before eating it. Help the environment and try to avoid buying bottled water. Instead, fill a reusable water bottle with filtered water. Ask your leader or hotel where to find filtered water.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Egypt?

Credit cards are usually accepted by modern hotels, large retailers, and tourist sites but are less commonly accepted by smaller vendors in remote areas. Always carry enough cash for smaller purchases in case credit cards are not an option.

What is ATM access like in Egypt?

ATMs are commonly found in larger cities, like Cairo and Alexandria, near shopping centers, tourist areas, and 5-star hotels, but are far less common in small towns and rural areas. Make sure you have enough cash before leaving urban areas.

Is Egypt a safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Discretion is advised for LGBTQI travelers in Egypt. Though homosexuality is not officially outlawed, gay men have been prosecuted using debauchery and public morals laws and given long prison sentences. Be aware that signals are ambiguous in Egypt as men commonly hold hands, link arms and greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. As long as you use common sense, travel in Egypt should not be a problem.

For more detailed and up-to-date advice, we recommend visiting Equaldex  or ILGA before you travel.

If you are traveling solo on an Intrepid group tour, you will share accommodation with a passenger of the same gender as per your passport information. If you don’t identify with the gender assigned on your passport, please let us know at the time of booking and we’ll arrange the rooming configuration accordingly. A single supplement is available on some tours for travelers who do not wish to share a room.

What to wear in Egypt

Summer temperatures can get very high, so light fabrics like linen, cotton and athletic gear made to take the heat are best. If you’re traveling outside of winter, don’t underestimate the cool change that can come in the evenings, especially if you’re spending the night in the desert or on a Nile cruise. Avoid packing anything in white – desert dust will quickly turn those light-colored clothes a not-so-delightful shade of brown.

How will I travel around Egypt?

Intrepid believes half the fun of experiencing a new country is getting there, and getting around once there! Where possible, Intrepid uses local transport options and traditional modes of transport - which usually carry less of an environmental impact, support small local operators and are heaps more fun.

Where will I stay in Egypt?

Traveling with Intrepid is a little bit different. We endeavor to provide travelers with an authentic experience to remember, so we try to keep accommodation as unique and traditional as possible.

When traveling with us in Egypt you may find yourself staying in a:

Felucca Glide down the Nile on a traditional Egyptian felucca; sleep on deck under the stars as the sun slides away for the day - a must-do experience while in Egypt.

Homestay Be welcomed into the home of a local family and experience the cuisine, culture and customs of Egypt firsthand during your stay. A truly authentic travel experience like no other.

Desert camp Travel deep into the White Desert to camp under the stars amid surreal scenery. This is a rare chance to experience the remote wonder and isolation of the Egyptian desert.

With calming Red Sea views and fresh sea breezes, this rustic breach abode is all about life’s simple pleasures.

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

What is it like traveling on a small group tour?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you’re about to embark on your first trip, traveling can be as intimidating as it is exciting. That's the beauty of a small group tour. From handling the logistics and organizing amazing cultural activities to local leaders who know each destination like the back of their hand (like which street has the best markets and where to get the most authentic food), traveling on a small group tour with Intrepid will give you unforgettable travel experiences without the hassle that comes with exploring a new place. Plus, you'll have ready-made friends to share the journey with. All you have to do is turn up with a healthy sense of adventure and we’ll take care of the rest.

Does my trip to Egypt support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. In fact, we make a donation on behalf of every traveler. Trips to Egypt directly support our foundation partner, Animal Care in Egypt . 

Animal Care in Egypt  

Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) cares for sick or injured working animals, like horses and donkeys, in Upper Egypt. Donations from our trips help ACE provide free veterinary care and fund education programs that empower local people with the knowledge and skills to best look after their animals. 

Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

Does my Intrepid trip include airfare?

While our Intrepid trips include many modes of transport, from tuk-tuks to overland vehicles, bullet trains and feluccas, airfare to and from your home country is not included in your tour package.

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Egypt Last Minute Holidays

Enjoy an escape like no other with our Egypt last minute holidays. Jet off to the stunning, hazy sunshine filled resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, where you’ll be surrounded by stretches of inviting coastline — far from the day to day routine at home.

Egypt is a favourite amongst holidaymakers, and it is home to some of the most breathtaking resorts, set against a luscious, tropical backdrop. African beaches and camel rides through the desert are just a few highlights which are unique to this awe-inspiring land.

Kick back and unwind in style, because we offer an array of sophisticated choices when it comes to accommodation in Egypt. From luxurious stays to the simplicity of a gorgeous room with an unrivalled view of the crystal clear waters, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning your holiday to Egypt.

You can see an entirely different side to the country when you choose to explore its treasure trove of culture and history, and the vibrant capital city Cairo is true to this. Choose to stay here or visit and marvel at the sublime architecture of the city, and while you explore some of its world famous sites. The Giza Pyramids and the river Nile are both within reach, so if you want to increase the pace of lounging by the pool to a day of exploration, it’ll all be awaiting you in Egypt.

Book a last minute holiday to Egypt today with Hays Travel, the UK’s largest agent. Contact our team for more information.

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Egypt Guided Tours & Trips

10 best fully guided egypt tour packages.

Pharaohs Nile Cruise Adventure - Return Flights Included Tour

Pharaohs Nile Cruise Adventure - Return Flights Included

"Excellent service and engagement from the Beyond The Nile team from before the tour to the very last moment." Karen, traveled in June 2024

Agatha Christie Egypt Ultra-Luxury Journey /Abu simbel & domestic flights included/Small Group Tour

Agatha Christie Egypt Ultra-Luxury Journey /Abu simbel & domestic flights included/Small Group

"Excellent itinerary and Luxurious hotels, we travelled through their great knowledge of Egypt history." Korean, traveled in January 2024
  • Book With Flexibility View tour Download Brochure

Egypt Explorer - Felucca cruise & Red Sea Tour

Egypt Explorer - Felucca cruise & Red Sea

"I would highly recommend to anyone and if you have Mina as your guide, count yourself lucky! What an experience." Nikki, traveled in November 2023
  • 10% deposit on some dates

Queen Cleopatra  - 7 days Tour

Queen Cleopatra - 7 days

"The optional tour, you can find cheaper local tour. Very freindly and informative tour guide though." Drake, traveled in May 2024

Nile Jewel - 5* Cruise Tour

Nile Jewel - 5* Cruise

"We knew we were in good hands. It was great trying their cuisine & doing the Nile Cruise far exceeded my expectations." Marilee, traveled in May 2024

Beyond the Pyramids: Egypt\'s Hidden Gems - Return Flight Included - 9 Days Tour

Beyond the Pyramids: Egypt's Hidden Gems - Return Flight Included - 9 Days

"Every part of this tour was amazing, organization, guides, experts!" Cindy, traveled in November 2023

From Luxor 5 Days 4 Nights Nile Cruise WITH GUIDED TOURS + FREE GIFT TOUR \"ABU SIMBEL TEMPLE\" Tour


"Spectacular Experience in Egypt with nile cruise from luxor for 4 nights, totally recommend, every thing was wonderful." nonysoso999, traveled in November 2023

Felucca Odyssey (5 & 4 Star Hotels) Tour

Felucca Odyssey (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

"I felt that the trip was well constructed and managed, and I rarely had to clarify about our arrangements."
  • €150 deposit on some dates

Essential Egypt (5 Star Hotels) Tour

Essential Egypt (5 Star Hotels)

"Loved the tour! Full of fun people and excellent sights. Would recommend to everyone!" K., traveled in August 2022

Goddess Hathor - 8 Days (5 stars) Tour

Goddess Hathor - 8 Days (5 stars)

"Eine tolle Reise mit vielen Eindrücken. Alles wurde perfekt geplant und durchgeführt." Markus, traveled in April 2024

GLORY OF  EGYPT( cairo/ Nile cruise/Mount Sinai) including flights Tour

GLORY OF EGYPT( cairo/ Nile cruise/Mount Sinai) including flights

"It's not rushed. You get time to explore almost all of Egypt historical sites like cairo, cruising down the Nile." Skylar, traveled in October 2023

9 Days Nile Jewel  (Cairo, Cruise, Hurghada) Superior hotels Tour

9 Days Nile Jewel (Cairo, Cruise, Hurghada) Superior hotels

"The tour was absolutely fantastic and well-organized, with a professional team." Jonathan, traveled in May 2024

Egypt Nile Jewel with 5* Boat Cruise Tour

Egypt Nile Jewel with 5* Boat Cruise

"The tour was well organised with attention to all details. Transportations and accommodations were carefully planned." Andrea, traveled in May 2024



"Egypt is a wonderful country and you couldn't experience it without this tour." lucianravi, traveled in February 2020

10-Day Ancient Egypt Tour (Superior Hotels) Tour

10-Day Ancient Egypt Tour (Superior Hotels)

"The food, service and accommodations were also wonderful. Such an amazing experience!" Holly, traveled in May 2024

What people love about Fully Guided Tours in Egypt

We really enjoyed this tour. Very organized, sticking to schedule. They were very communicative throughout the whole tour, always open to questions. We were very lucky to be a very small group (3 of us) it was great honestly. Safety was a big concern for us, and we are very glad we felt safe throughout the entire length of our stay. Upon arrival, we were met by our transport guy, he had already communicated prior to our arrival. The van was in good condition, comfortable and more importantly had A/C (in fact, all transport vans were comfortable, in great shape, and had great A/C). We met with Ahmed (Harry) and everything was explained to us, check in was a breeze. The hotel (Tolip Plaza) was alright, please don't expect too much, its ok based on the time you'll be staying there. There are several places to eat and hangout around the hotel - walking distance. Don't be scared, give it a try, specially the spot called Hookah (great hookah and really good chicken tenders with great customer service). We toured the Old Cairo and Museum of Civilization. Our guide (please forgive us, I cannot remember his name) was very knowledgeable, friendly, and chatty. Our guide for the pyramids was great too, very knowledgeable, friendly, and chatty (funny older gentleman). We loved our cruising on the Nile. We sailed on Royal Olivia (you can tell is an older boat) again don't expect no 5 stars boat because you'll be disappointed. The boat was alright, the staff was very attentive, especially the guys at the bar. The back glass door open giving the feeling of a balcony, depending on how low your deck is, the closer you'll be to experiencing the boat hustlers (or pirates, how we called them). It was all a great experience. Our guide through the Nile and most of the tour was Mahmoud, again friendly, chatty, informative, approachable; all types of great. The cruise offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner but ONLY at selected times. It functions for about 1.30 hours and there is no food available in between those times. MUST KNOW: the food was the biggest downfall of our experience, all through Egypt. We got stomach sick for most of the days because our stomach wouldn't agree with the food. Please come prepare (brings your pills, powders, anything that will help calm your tummy, or make it feel better. If you chose to bring neck fans, I honestly believe you will be wasting your time and money, because the heat is too much, unless you can get a fan that blows air with ice (good look finding ice to use on that). PLEASE PLEASE bring sunscreen with you! PLEASE PLEASE bring a hat with you, or anything you chose to cover your eyes/head from the sun (especially if you wear glasses - the sun will kill you. I learned the hard way). Throughout the tour you will experience the street hustlers that do not know anything about boundaries and personal space. They will be naggy, and it will get to a point that it will become upsetting to you..do not let that ruin your day, your experience. Ignore them, and carry on!!!!!! Upon arrival you will have to pay a set amount per person for tips (like $160 or $180 per person) that is to cover tips for the guides and the cruise staff, which is not a bad deal for the amount of days and attention they provide. Please know that you can pay for upgrades, ask if interested. Also, Uber works in Egypt (dirt cheap), don't be afraid to visit other areas like restaurants if inclined to. When booking this tour, I would recommend that you book the one that flights from Cairo to Luxor rather than the one that goes from Cairo to Aswan. I'll explain, flying into Luxor gives you and extra days on the boat (total of 5 days) activities are not as rushed, as it will feel if you flight to Aswan (pretty much doing the same activities but in 4 days instead). When having early day/morning activities you will be getting breakfast boxes/bags containing cold cuts sandwiches, yogurt, fruits (we couldn't eat it) just be mentally prepared and also have your stomach ready. RECCOMMENDATIONS FOR THE TOUR ADMINISTRATORS: for cold water (beverages in general) to be provided during tours (cost included in the tour price). On the last day of the cruise, why book a flight back to Cairo (at least from Aswan) so late (at around 8pm), when we had finished our activities that day at around noon (more or less). We sat on the boat for hours without anything to do (if flying early to Cairo we could perhaps enjoy some more of Cairo before flying back home the next day). We do recommend this tour to anyone that's looking to going to Egypt, just be ready for those little things I mentioned!
Me and my family just finished our Egypt tour, it was everything we had hoped ,We booked this tour to see all the things that we had only read about in history books and it didn't disappoint.The tour itinerary starts in Cairo pyramids and sphinx,then we did the 4 nights Nile cruise from luxor to Aswan which covers almost all the highlights of upper Egypt. Some of the days start early so you can get there before the crowds.This ended up being totally worth it nothing like having a whole temple to yourself. The guides know a lot,they provided us with tons of information and kept everything going smoothly,There are several adds on tours you can choose to do, We did Abu simbel,balloon ,Nubian village. my best part was the Nile cruise,our boat was called Ms Jaz Regent it was incredible and the staff was very helpful and the food was very testy. The security is everywhere,I never felt unsafe during the entire tour, thanks to the tour company and we are happy to recommend it to everyone.
Mina was an absolutely amazing guide! Would definitely recommend!! :)

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Exclusive Egypt Tours & Packages | Unforgettable Egypt Luxury Tours

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Egypt Vacations

egypt vacations

We also have tours especially for people with physical disabilities who love adventure – age, ability and price is no barrier to the vacation of your dreams when you book with Egypt Vacations. Sharm El Sheik and Hurghada offer sunbathing and nightclubs as well as opportunities for snorkeling, diving with qualified trainers, shipwreck explorations, and religious or mountain climbing experiences, for those who wish for their vacation to be more than just sun and sea. All kinds of trips into the desert are easily arranged as are dinners with the Bedouin people, who love visitors to share their heritage and a meal with them.

A vacation to Egypt can take many forms for both the new and the more seasoned traveler. Egypt Vacations has offices, Egyptologists, guides and a plethora of connections in Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheik or Hurghada so we can offer something different for everyone. It may be that your vacation already consists of a cruise and that you will dock at one of the many ports: Alexandria, Said, Safaga, Aqaba or Ain El Sokhna. If this is the case, then we can arrange a ‘bolt-on’ trip for the day and take you on another adventure, ensuring you arrive back early to comfortably continue your cruise.

Egypt Vacations recommends a cruise if you have never seen Ancient Egypt. It is great for those who really want to enjoy a relaxing holiday but see as much of Egypt as possible. The cruises are all-inclusive so you get the best of everything at one all-inclusive price. Our wide range of top quality cruise boats consist of luxury, modern and classic style boats which take you on a range of trips through Ancient Egypt whilst relaxing as the cruise boat travels up or down the Nile.

Waste no more time searching and let us do the work for you. Begin your reservation for your vacation today, For more information visit our vacation packages page https://egyptlastminute.com/holidays/


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    Top holiday packages to Egypt. Flight + Hotel. Sharm El Sheikh City, Egypt. Jaz Belvedere Resort. Flights included. Flight + Hotel. Sharm El Sheikh City, Egypt. Charmillion Club Aquapark. Flights included.

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    Last Minute Tours and Trip Deals in Egypt. Below you'll find 90+ last minute tours and trip deals in Egypt. Each tour deal will have some discounted trip departures in Egypt within the next 60 days. Egypt's last minute tour deals and discount range from 9% to 67%. Apply filters. Showing 91 Trips in Egypt with 306 Reviews.

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    Egypt all inclusive holidays. Egypt all inclusive holidays offer a seamless blend of family-friendly adventure and historical exploration. Immerse yourself in the wonders of ancient Egypt, from the awe-inspiring Pyramids to the majestic Sphinx, and the iconic Nile River. Families will enjoy the convenience of sun-soaked beaches and a variety of ...

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    Family vacation in Egypt, Egyptian adventure. The Great Pyramids and sail the River Nile. From US $1,810 US $1,650 to US $2,080 10 days ex flights. Small group travel: 2024: 10 Aug, 18 Oct, 25 Oct, 20 Dec. 2025: 15 Feb, 5 Apr, 10 Apr, 24 May, 26 Jul, 9 Aug, 18 Oct, 25 Oct, 20 Dec. Up to US $160 off selected dates.

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    Embarking on a captivating journey, our Last Minute Overland Deals to Egypt and Jordan cater to discerning travelers seeking comprehensive and luxurious exploration. Spanning 9 to 15 days, the "Egypt & Jordan Explored By Land" and "Highlights of Egypt" tours promise in-depth discoveries of iconic destinations.

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    Last minute holidays to Egypt. Our last minute holidays to Egypt pull out a hat-trick of sun, sea and sand, and then top it off with ancient pyramids and Nile cruises. The Red Sea is home to shoals of tropical fish, as well as manta rays, barracudas and green turtles. Most hotels have a dive school with instructors who'll help you get your ...

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    Last-minute holidays to Egypt for couples. When it comes to hotels for couples, Egypt's got oodles of 'em, and they're all absolute stunners that'll have you and your special someone feeling like Cleo and Mark Antony. Just, y'know, without the tragic ending. But what you will have, is pools for dunking into (with a choice of 10, if you're Royal ...

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    Egypt Adventure. Alan · Traveled June 2024. Our Intrepid guide, now friend was Mohamed Adel. He was friendly, fun, punctual, polite, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Mohamed ensured our safety throughout, sharing information clearly and always providing great advice. The Itinerary went so smoothly from attending our welcome meeting ...

  12. Last Minute Holidays in Egypt 2024/2025 from £359

    From £439pp. Um el Sid. Um el Sid in Red Sea, Egypt. From £505pp. You'll find golden sands, activities and all inclusive hotels in the Red Sea resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh. You'll have all the amenities you could need at these resorts fit for family holidays, couples breaks or getaways with groups of friends.

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    Cairo Holidays promises to bring you face-to-face with a myriad of experiences that make your journey an unforgettable journey through history, culture, and modern urban living. HOLIDAY TYPE: City breaks. LANGUAGE: Arabic, English, French. CURRENCY: Egyptian Pound (EGP) AVG FLIGHT TIME: 5h 4m (from London)

  14. Holidays

    4 Days Cairo - Alexandria (Egypt Last Minute Holidays) 4 Days / 3 Nights. Enjoy 4days in Alexandria and Cairo Transport yourself in time and visit the great pyramids of Giza and Egyptian museum and Tut Anck Amon. Travel to the pretty Mediterranean Alexandria which is summer. 7 Days Holiday Cairo - Nile cruise.

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    Last-minute holiday deals to Egypt. This page shows a wide selection of our best value Flight & Hotel deals, based on 2 adults for 7 nights, flying from London - All, departing from 19 Jul 2024 to 21 Jul 2024.

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    Get crackin' deals on last minute holidays to Egypt. All ABTA'd & ATOL'd to the MAX-imum with Covid Cover Plus included. It's time to Travel Republic! SAVE MORE ON LAST MINUTE ESCAPES. 0208 974 7200. Help. Last Minute Holidays to Egypt. Flight & Hotel Hotel only. Flying from. Travel dates.

  17. Egypt Last Minute

    Egypt Last Minute Tours has earned a Trip Advisor 2022/ 2023 / 2024 Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame for Egypt Tours. This prestigious award, which places Egypt Last Minute Tours in the top-performing 1% of all businesses worldwide. ... The 10 Best Alexandria Day Trips From Cairo. Egypt's capital, Cairo, is a bustling metropolis ...

  18. 6 best Egypt tours

    Egypt Excursion Tours are also a good bet to see this incredible place. Best for: A look at the Saharan sand dunes. Top tip: Sandboarding is also on offer in the area. 6. See the Nile by boat. A traditional Egyptian wooden boat with a canvas sail, a felucca trip is the best way to get a feel of the Nile.

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    The Giza Pyramids and the river Nile are both within reach, so if you want to increase the pace of lounging by the pool to a day of exploration, it'll all be awaiting you in Egypt. Book a last minute holiday to Egypt today with Hays Travel, the UK's largest agent. Contact our team for more information. Excellent. Based on 148,579 reviews.

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    We booked at the very last minute, but everything worked out perfectly for us." Alexandra, traveled in May 2024 . Destinations Cairo, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Luxor, Hurghada Age Range 10 to 68 year olds Country Region Nile Valley Valley Of The Kings +1 more Operated in English Operator Vacations to go travel

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    Family holiday in Egypt, Egyptian adventure. The Great Pyramids and sail the River Nile. From £1,345 £1,225 to £1,550 10 days ex flights. Small group travel: 2024: 10 Aug, 18 Oct, 25 Oct, 20 Dec. 2025: 15 Feb, 5 Apr, 10 Apr, 24 May, 26 Jul, 9 Aug, 18 Oct, 25 Oct, 20 Dec. Up to £120 off selected dates.

  22. Egypt Vacations

    Egypt Vacations also arrange adventurous vacations which include diving or quad biking, exploring the desert, cruises, safari trips, trekking and many more. Whether the budget for your vacation is luxury or otherwise, lasting from a day trip to a 21 day lifetime adventure vacation, you can be assured of the same service and commitment to ...