1. 7 Things to Do in Santorini on a Cruise to Greece

    ncl shore excursions mediterranean

  2. Norwegian Epic Mediterranean Cruise

    ncl shore excursions mediterranean


    ncl shore excursions mediterranean

  4. Top 5 Cruise Shore Excursions Every Adventurer Needs to Experience

    ncl shore excursions mediterranean

  5. Mediterranean Cruises

    ncl shore excursions mediterranean

  6. Norwegian NCL Roatan Excursions

    ncl shore excursions mediterranean


  1. NCL Breakaway Italy & Greek Isles! Welcome to Athens, Greece!

  2. NCL Breakaway Italy & Greek Isles! Welcome to Mykonos, Greece!

  3. A taste of MSC World Europa: 8 days of cruise in the Mediterranean

  4. 1 Week Solo Cruise! You CAN do it!💃🕺




  1. Mediterranean Cruises Shore Excursions

    Duration 4 1/4 hrs. Speed through Boka Bay on a speedboat ride with stops to relax and refresh at Blue Cave and Rose Beach. Enjoy the wild landscapes and enchanting swim. ... Adult from: $129.00 USD. Child from: $129.00 USD. No reviews yet. DURATION 4 1/4 hrs.

  2. Mediterranean Cruises Shore Excursions

    Our group shore excursions are offered in English. Depending on the booking situation, various excursions are also offered in German, Spanish, French, Italian or Russian (minimum number of 30 participants). The tours offered may vary from cruise to cruise.

  3. Mediterranean Cruises Shore Excursions

    Explore ancient Nora's history, Roman & Phoenician remains, and the picturesque Mediterranean. Enjoy a scenic drive in Cagliari and see pink flamingos. ... Adult from: AUD$137.49 AUD. Child from: AUD$122.05 AUD.

  4. Best Mediterranean cruise shore excursions

    Shore excursions in the Mediterranean highlight must-see experiences such as fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the wonders you travel to see - the ruins of Pompeii, the Roman Colosseum and Michelangelo's David in Florence - are nowhere near the pier where your cruise ship will dock. The easiest way to get to them is with ...

  5. Mediterranean ship excursions review

    On 1/21/2020 at 12:46 PM, TSUmom said: I am reliving our cruise with your review!! Wasn't this just a fantastic vacation! It was so much fun planning the vacation and meeting you guys. Was the best roll call. Figures the one time ship excursions made sense was the one time with the independent planners extraordinaire.

  6. NCL Epic Highlights and Excursions in the Mediterranean

    Highlights from our Norwegian Epic cruise and excursions/places we visited at all the ports including local food and drinks along the way. On board the Epic...

  7. Best Western Mediterranean Shore Excursions

    When Mount Vesuvius erupted around 79 A.D., it killed countless people and buried towns in the region. That includes Pompeii, of course, but also Herculaneum, Pompeii's smaller but arguably better ...

  8. Shore Excursion in Pompeii

    The excavated archaeological site of Pompeii is the perfect shore excursion to explore in Italy. The site features ruins that have been excavated over the ye...

  9. Norwegian Epic (NCL) Full Tour

    The Norwegian Epic is an extraordinary ship that spans over 1,000 feet in length and can accommodate over 4,000 guests. With 20 decks and a range of amenities, it's no wonder that this ship is often referred to as a floating city. From the moment you step foot onboard, you'll be amazed by the grandeur and scale of the ship.

  10. NCL EPIC

    NCL EPIC. Review of Cruise Excursions Italy. Reviewed September 14, 2016. This was a perfect cruise. Stopping at Rome, Naples, Barcelona, Pisa, Florence, Marsaille, and Monte Carlo. There are guided and self guided tours available. The ship food and atmosphene was excellent, and always shows to see. This ship has on overwhelming amount of crew ...

  11. 6 Mediterranean Cruise Delights You Need With Norwegian Viva

    Visit Livorno (Florence) on Norwegian Viva's 10-day Mediterranean: Italy, France, Spain and Gibraltar sailing as well as the 10-day Mediterranean: Italy, France and Greece voyage. Dine with panoramic ocean views at the Indulge Outdoor Lounge. Call 1300 255 200, visit or contact your travel agent to book.

  12. Best Eastern Mediterranean Shore Excursions

    Oct 9, 2019. You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to fascinating shore excursions on a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean. Incorporating Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Albania ...

  13. Western Mediterranean Cruise: Tips, Port Guides & NCL Epic Review

    If you are lucky, there are some great deals to be had with NCL. In 2021, I paid less than £1000 for the sole occupation of a Club Balcony Cabin for this Western Mediterranean cruise on NCL Epic. A drinks package, 50 USD off each shore excursion and 280 USD onboard credit were thrown in for good measure.

  14. Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship

    Shore Excursions: 704. Sails To. Caribbean, ... We took the Western Mediterranean Cruise on Epic, ... Norwegian Cruise Line Fleet. Norwegian Sky. 2,162 reviews.

  15. Norwegian Star Review [A 10 Day Mediterranean Cruise]

    This was also my first European cruise, so I was excited to check it all out. The Norwegian Star is a Dawn Class ship that holds about 2,300 passengers, making it a mid-sized ship among today's standards. It was built in 2001, but it got a makeover in 2018 so it doesn't feel like an almost 20-year-old ship.

  16. Norwegian Epic (NCL) Cruise Ship Full Tour Mediterranean Itinerary

    This cruise voyage was realized in May 2022 with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). The ship is Norwegian Epic.The 7 days itinerary started in Barcelona (Spain) an...

  17. 9 European Destinations on an NCL Mediterranean Cruise

    9 places in Europe you can discover during an NCL Mediterranean Cruise. 1. Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon, the sun-kissed jewel of Portugal, beckons travellers with its irresistible blend of old-world charm, modern vibrancy and undeniable good vibes. Depending on which NCL cruise you select for your Mediterranean vacation, Lisbon will either be a ...

  18. Everything You Need to Know About Shore Excursions

    Related: Best Western Mediterranean Shore Excursions. Full vs. Half-Day Tours: Shore excursions vary in length. Some take up all your time in port, while others are just a few hours of an all-day ...

  19. NCL Excursion Reviews

    Norwegian Cruise Line ; NCL Excursion Reviews NCL Excursion Reviews. By Coastalbreezes, May 16, 2016 in Norwegian Cruise Line. Share More sharing options... Followers 3. Recommended Posts. Coastalbreezes. Posted May 16, 2016. Coastalbreezes. Members; 2.9k January 13, 2005; Florida

  20. NCL shore excursion question

    September 8, 2017. USA. #3. Posted May 2, 2021. Normally you are able to see some excursions well in advance. Check the "Explore & Plan" page. As the cruise gets closer, more are added. Also you can check similar cruises leaving a year earlier for ideas. 1.

  21. Norwegian Cruise Line: Mediterranean

    Mediterranean - Italy, France, and Greece (10 Days) ... laundry, photographs, casino, ship-to-shore phone, email, Internet, fax and Shore Excursions (including all "Dive In" programs) ... The beauty of sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line is all our ships are built to offer freedom and flexibility to all our guests. With Freestyle Dining®, we ...

  22. Norwegian Mediterranean Cruise Reviews

    I travel on NCL quite a bit but the Epic was horrific. Did a B2B cruise Jan-28-2024 through 3-11-2024. LONG LONG LINES everywhere, whether dining, bars, venues.

  23. Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise Deals

    — 7-Nt Alaska w/ 70% Off Second Guest's Fare, $25 Onboard Credit, $300 Excursion Credit, Free Specialty Dining, a Beverage Package, Free WiFi, & More Alaska , from Seattle view map