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Lahaul Valley Trip – The MOST COMPLETE Travel Guide for Tourists

Shefali Joshi

Lahaul used to be clubbed with the Spiti Valley when travel plans were made. This might still make a lot of sense, today. But, with the construction and opening of the Atal Tunnel, Lahaul has become very accessible and an extension of Manali trip for many! Even if folks don’t have many days on hand – heading to the other side of the tunnel is now a legit activity.

But, if you have been mesmerized by Lahaul on your short visit – I am sure you will fall in love when you explore the place extensively! So, if you are looking for a detailed and common itinerary for the Lahaul Valley trip, then look no further, this article deep dives into all the required details for you.

Roads of Lahaul Valley

Let's quickly dive into the details:

Lahaul Valley

Lahaul Valley encompasses a much smaller valley and has some of the most stunning views of glaciers, rivers, monasteries, deep valleys, and high peaks. Of course, Lahaul forms one-half of the Lahaul-Spiti district. But, Lahaul is separated from its sister Spiti by the gigantic Kunzum Pass.

Best Season to Visit

Even though the summer months are amazing and the weather is very cool, winters are equally mesmerizing. Some areas are known to receive 10 ft. of snow. Before this season, Lahaul was cut off from the world, but the mighty Atal Tunnel has made it possible to enjoy the beauty of the region in the winter months. In the coming seasons, you will be able to ski in Lahaul as well.

How to Reach Lahaul Valley

Lying only 33 KMs from Manali on the Manali-Leh Highway – reaching Lahaul has never been easier. The valley starts from the northern end of the Atal Tunnel, which is essentially a bridge between Manali and Lahaul. Lahaul District extends to Sarchu on the Manali- Leh highway (almost halfway to Leh!)

The nearest airport is the Kullu (Bhuntar) Airport, which lies about 51 KMs from Manali. Cabs and buses are available here for heading to Lahaul Valley

The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar, situated at a 4-hour drive from Manali. Buses and cabs are available at the railhead. However, in terms of comfort – both for the airport and railway – Chandigarh is a better destination as it enjoys higher connectivity with the rest of India

The best way to reach Lahaul is by road. The best part about Lahaul village is that most places (except the hikes, of course) are motorable. So, having your vehicle will give you a lot of freedom to travel and explore. In terms of reaching the valley – you’ll travel to Manali and from there, head towards the Atal Tunnel. Once you cross the tunnel, you’re in the Lahaul valley – ready to start your journey!

On the way to Lahaul Valley

One thing to keep in mind is that you can, should, and must explore the smaller villages and settlements to truly get a pulse of Lahaul life. If accommodation seems like a concern, remember to check with the locals for guidance, or plan on returning to a major village (Jispa, Keylong, Udaipur) for the night! Camping is also a very legit option, which I will discuss in detail below.

Places to Visit in Lahaul Valley

Enjoying the new and recent connectivity, Lahaul is a new tourist hotspot these days. Some key places worth visiting are as follows, however, I also have a post on some of the more offbeat locations you might want to check out!

Essentially, Lahaul valley is sub-divided into the following 4 valleys –

Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma

1. Tinan Valley

Stretching from Khoksar up to Tandi, Tinan Valley is your introduction to Lahaul. There is a lot to do here, and each village offers something unique for you to explore. Villages of Teling, Jagdjang, and Shurthang can easily be visited from Sissu. Places of interest here include –

Sissu Waterfall

The waterfall is visible from all parts of Sissu and makes for a great accompaniment on your drive. I was happy to sit at a dhaba for my morning breakfast, en route Leh, and have the serene view as my backdrop! However, if you have a 4X4 and are willing to hike for an hour – you can comfortably reach visibly close to the waterfall and make a day out of it. To reach the waterfall – take the diversion from the nursery and keep heading straight up. Locals will be happy to guide you if you’re confused/lost.

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Labrang Gompa

Another important and fun hike from Sissu is heading to the Labrang Gompa, only 3 KMs from the village. The trail up to the Jagdhang village is cemented and meets a motorable road as well. The views will keep you mesmerized and the fresh air will make you feel alive. The freedom of climbing a mountain is such a privilege.

Gephan Lake and Temple

Heading to Gephan Lake will take some energy and the hike is a bit extensive. Even though the route is not well known – the locals do help guide you. Since the trail is not very famous/defined – I urge you to take a guide with you for this as it is easy to get lost in the hills.

In terms of the temple –the Gephan temple is one of the most revered temples of the valley and it is after this Raja that the peak is named.

Gondhla Fort

Located around 18 KMs from Keylong, Gondhla can easily be spotted from the Manali-Leh highway. The road is motorable and it is a fun excursion to take.

3. Gahar Valley

Right when you enter Keylong, you’re now part of the Gahar Valley. The Lady of Keylong peak will be your co-traveler when you’re in this village. The district headquarters, you’re about 110 KMs from Manali at this point. This is the beginning of your love affairs with exploring Gompas. Some of the more famous ones include-

Guru Ghantal Gompa

The oldest Gompa of Lahaul, Guru Ghantal is truly valued! Only reachable on foot through a steep hike, the Guru Ghantal trek starts from Tupchiling Gompa near the Tandi bridge. The views from the top are especially scenic and the serenity of the place will knock your socks off!

Shashur Gompa

Founded by Zanskar’s Lama – Deva Gyatsho, Shashur Gompa is one of the biggest Gompas of the region. Lying about 5 KMs from Keylong – this place is well worth the visit. If you have your car – drive to the Gompa. Alternatively, you can book a cab from Keylong as well, or even hike up to the top to enjoy the religious history and the stunning views of the valley

Beautiful Roads at Jispa

Kardang Gompa

Lying opposite to the Shashur Gompa – Kardang is quite ways away from Keylong. For the route, you’ll need to travel to Tandi – Kardang Village and finally the Gompa, taking about 18 KMs in total. If you plan on hiking, as always, take the advice of the locals for the route!

Even though there are lots of historic and religious places to cover in this valley, I think the scenic part of Jispa MUST be appreciated. Though this village is quite famous for those heading to Leh – this village is not just a pit stop by any means. The immense beauty and sheer delight of nature all around you will make you stop in your track! A worthy place for your overnight stay and to discover the wonders of the valley

3. Tod Valley

Beginning from Darcha and leading you right up to Sarchu, the very end of Himachal Pradesh’s border, the valley also includes the Shingo La pass. On a personal note, Tod (todh) valley is one of my favorite places on earth and some of my happiest memories of travel are from here. So, I am a bit biased when it comes to the wonders of this super pretty place! Some of the most scenic points lie on this part of Lahaul Valley, including


Ah, Baralacha-la. Those who’ve been on the Manali Leh Highway know of the innate charm of this high pass (16043 Ft). Situated about 80 km from Keylong, Baralacha-la is otherworldly in its beauty. The darkness of the mountain almost resembling coal-black, sprinkled with the purity and whiteness of snow – it is indescribable and must be experienced to be understood. The pass, given its height, is perpetually covered in snow. If you’re lucky, like me, you might experience snowfall here (even in June! – Blessed!)

As we passed the Surajtal near Baralacha La Pass

As you’re approaching Baralacha-la, you’ll come across this magical lake of Suraj Tal. A stunning drive takes you right along the lake and it is a worthy place to go explore through a little hike. The drive is a bit moody and at one point it might even feel like there’s no road ahead – because of the steep turn awaiting you. The lake remains frozen for many months. I would advise you to hire a guide if you’re trekking there, as the route is not well defined!

So, when you’re traveling towards Baralacha-La, before you reach the famous Zing-Zing Bar (must have tomato soup here!) – Deepaktal lies right along the roadside. It is a very small lake, but any water body here seems so magical. We stopped and chilled here for about half an hour – though there’s not much to do (except being mesmerized by the beauty!)

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Also known as Shingo La, Shinku la is a motorable pass and a gateway to Zanskar. With the opening of the road, this is now a shorter route to get into Zanskar. However, it should be noted that you’ll need an Inner Line Permit for Zanskar . Also, this route is a huge blessing to cutting short your way to Zanskar! Do remember, the road, however, is exceptionally tricky. If you’re not an expert hill driver, it is better to take the longer route. A 4X4 is a must.4.

The adventure is about to begin - Baralacha La

4. Pattan Valley

The last valley to form a part of the Lahaul Valley is the Pattan Valley. This covers the region from Tandi to Udaipur. One of the least expired regions of Lahaul – Pattan is undeniably the prettiest!

Udaipur of Lahaul is very fertile and low-lying. Once you enter this massive village, you’ll be greeted by apple orchards abound. Udaipur is the gateway to Pangi Valley in Chamba district and lies approximately 55 KMs from Keylong.

Mrikula Devi Mata Temple

Udaipur offers a lot in terms of exploration. Mrikula Devi Mata temple is one of the most ancient temples of the region and is famous for intricate woodwork and carvings. Many scenes from Mahabharata and Ramayana are engraved on the walls. Once you visit this temple, you can easily spend hours making sense of all the depictions!

Trilokinath Temple

Another ancient temple of Pattan valley, Triloknath is highly revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. I love this region of the hills particularly because of such a beautiful amalgamation of religions and cultures to form such a symbiotic society. What a beautiful thing to experience! Located at an elevation of 2700 meters., the temple also has some stunning bird’s eye view of the entire valley!

Miyar Valley

A sub-valley and part of the Pattan valley, Miyar offers the best of both Himachal and Zanskar. Here, you’ll feel like you’re simultaneously in Kinnaur and right at the end of the valley, it resembles Zanskar. Not as famous as its counterparts, Miyar has a firm hold in the off-beat traveler and hiking crowd. . The valley has many little settlements and villages, including – Tingrit, Urgos, Shukto, and Khanjar. Shukto is the last motorable village.

lahaul and spiti trip

Where to stay?

The valley has quite a few hotels, guesthouses, homestays, and camping sites. Particularly, the settlements of Keylong, Jispa, and Sissu are popular places to have a stopover. However, many smaller villages have sufficient homestays. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the local community for help and guidance.

However, I must encourage you to either homestay or camp in nature to get the best out of this world!

Where to eat?

I am sure you know that you’ll be traveling offbeat. Nothing close to luxury or fine dining is available in this wonderful piece of heaven. Momos, Thukpa, and basic Indian meals of Daal/Vegetable and roti will be available. Of course, the love affair of Maggi and chai in the hills continues in this region as well, so you’re pretty sorted food-wise.

However, do stopover in Keylong and try some lip-smacking local food!

Is an Inner Line Permit required for Lahaul?

No, there is no need to obtain permits to visit Lahaul Valley via Atal Tunnel. However, if you’re visiting Rohtang Pass Highway, you’ll need a permit for entering, as per the orders of the National Green Tribunal, to limit the vehicles headed to the pass. Also, in the future, there might be a green tax imposed on vehicles entering Lahaul. However, this is still under consideration.

What are the ideal places to stay in Lahaul?

Keylong, Jispa, Sissu, and Udaipur

Will there be an impact of the sudden tourism surge?

It is imperative to ensure that Lahaul valley doesn’t become the next Rohtang pass. In the sense that the past faced a lot of challenges and pollution as well as waste is thrown around. As tourists, it is our innate responsibility to ensure that the region remains pristine and generations of travelers that follow us can enjoy the beauty as we can. We must ensure that we follow a strict regimen of sustainable tourism and not trash the place after we are done enjoying it. The valley is pretty new at handling such huge amounts of tourists – be kind to the people and nature!

Is there phone connectivity in Lahaul Valley?

BSNL and Airtel enjoy intermittent connectivity. However, in very far-flung places, even that won’t work. You will have access to Wi-Fi in Keylong Hotels

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The most scenic and beautiful place to recently crop up on the radar of many travelers, Lahaul is awaiting your visit. Please ensure you keep the place pristine and enjoy its beauty as it! I highly recommend visiting Lahaul, it forms part of some of my happiest trips. The isolation and serenity of this valley are pretty unmatched.

I hope I was able to give you a lot of detail on the wonder that is Lahaul. Next post will be about the most common itinerary for Lahaul to help you plan. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, or if I missed out on any key details – don’t hesitate to reach out! Cheers!

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Shefali spends most of her time day dreaming about her next big vacation. A happy-go-lucky personality, she is an amalgamation of all the places she’s lived in and experienced! She is always confused as to where to call home, having lived in Chandigarh, Shimla, Dehradun, Mumbai, Hyderabad in India and Vancouver, Abbotsford in Canada. Her love for travel is only challenged by her love for reading and eating delicious food! In order to sustain her dreams, she brought out her inner geek, got an MBA and has a job in the corporate world crunching numbers. Do follow @notravelplans on Instagram for updates on her next great adventure.

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Lahaul & Spiti Valley Travel Guide

Famously described by Rudyard Kipling as "a world within a world", the Lahaul & Spiti District in Himachal is fringed by majestic Himalayan hills and it boasts mesmerizing cold barren lands of nothingness, pristine gurgling rivers, scenic alpine lakes, and a rich Buddhist culture and history. Inarguably one of the best places in Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul & Spiti is capable to transport one to another world where everything looks and feels magical.

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An Insight into Lahaul and Spiti Valley Tourism

The paradisiacal land of Lahaul & Spiti greets tourists with its unadulterated charm and jaw-dropping sights of the majestic Himalayan deserts and meadows. Situated on the Tibetan Plateau, the Lahaul and Spiti region, with its remote locales, sparkling rivers, alpine lakes, and unmatched natural beauty, is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh for an adventurous and surreal vacation. Lahaul Valley and Spiti Valley were merged in 1960 to form Lahaul & Spiti district, it is the 4th least populated districts in India. The two valleys are connected through the famous Kunzum La (mountain pass) that sits at an altitude of 4551 m. While the two regions are equally stunning, they vary slightly in appearance. The Spiti Valley is an endless barren land of nothingness, whereas, the Lahaul Valley shows some form of vegetation. However, the two regions find commonalities in terms of being remote and utterly spectacular and peaceful.

Lahaul & Spiti can leave you breathless with its stunning vistas, but it can also make you feel fuzzy with its cultural richness and hospitality. It is so amazing to witness handful of people who survive in the harshest of climate smiling and receiving you with incredible warmth. The rich culture preserved by this small population living in remote villages and small towns is one thing you cannot miss to witness.

Keylong is the district headquarters of the Lahaul and Spiti Valley and this is the perfect base to start your journey through the verdant lands of Lahaul. The various villages of Lahaul like Koksar, Sissu, Gondhla, Tandi, Jahalman and Thirot allure with their vibrant and luxuriant landscapes adorned with rich alpine flowers, thick willows and beautiful fields of potatoes, peas, barley and buckwheat. The potatoes grown in Lahaul are famous all over the world for their excellent taste and will definitely make your tummy and tongue develop a lifelong friendship with this scenic abode. The sub-divisional headquarters of Udaipur delights tourists with its apples, apricots, walnuts and thick pine forests. With its unique temples of Trilokinath and Markula Devi, Udaipur is also a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus. Lahaul is also a haven for thrill seekers with many trekking routes and mountaineering expeditions originating from Darcha to Baralacha la.

Travellers can halt during their trek to the Baralacha la and soak in the spectacular reflections of the mountains and the snowy peaks in the sparkling waters of the Suraj Taal, the lake of the Sun God. Kaza, the sub-divisional headquarters of the Spiti Valley welcomes you with its rich Tibetan culture and traditions. Explore the cafes and restaurants here and satiate your taste buds with the simple yet lip-smacking dishes.

Boasting a rich Tibetan Buddhism influence, the Lahaul & Spiti Valley is home to numerous marvelous monasteries and gompas such as the Guru Ghantal Gompa, Dzong Gompa, Shashur Gompa, Tayul, Yardong, Kardang and Gemur Monasteries in Lahaul and the Tabo, Dhankar, Komic and the famous attraction, Ki Monastery in Spiti. Among these, the most famous monastery is the Tabo Monastery in Spiti , also a renowned World Heritage Site. With their wonderful statues of Bodhisattvas, enchanting meditation caves and exquisitely made wood carvings, the various Monasteries of Lahaul and Spiti promise to leave behind a mesmerizing imprint of the life and culture of these Himalayan highlands in your memories.

Spiti Valley is also home to many high altitude and remote villages. Experience solitude in Kibber, the highest motorable village in the world, write letters to your loved ones from the highest post office in the world in Hikkim, meditate at the highest motorable monastery in the world in Komic, treat yourself to the majestic views of the highland meadows in Langza and Losar and witness the remarkably well preserved mummy in Gue. Visit the tranquil Chandratal lake and fill your heart with unbridled joy under the blanket of the dazzling stars and galaxies. This one of the most famous tourist destinations of Spiti Valley, ‘Moon Lake’ or Chandratal is situated at a height of 4270 meters.  With such splendid options, these hidden civilizations of Spiti will surely satiate your wanderlust.

The Spiti region is home to a variety of exotic wildlife with animals like the Tibetan Wild Fox, Ibex and Snow Leopards. Explore the rich fauna of this Himalayan hinterland in the Pin Parvati National Park in the Pin Valley. Complete your excursion to this stronghold of Nyingmapa Buddhists by visiting the picturesque villages of Mudh and Sagnam.

Top Things to Do and Best Places to See in Lahaul and Spiti

The twin valleys of Lahaul and Spiti are a haven for nature lovers, adventurers, photographers and backpackers. With being home to some of the most breathtaking sceneries of the high Himalayan landscape, remote villages, gleaming alpine lakes, sacred monasteries and temples, exotic cultures, rich wildlife and sumptuous cuisines, Lahaul & Spiti offer a number of places to see and things to do despite being a remote destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Kye Monastery

Kye Monastery

Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass

Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Fort

Dhankar Fort

Explore popular tour packages for himachal pradesh.

A holiday of your dreams awaits you in Himachal Pradesh; this land of unparalleled natural beauty is as close as you can come to heaven. Choose from our meticulously crafted Himachal Pradesh tour packages to enjoy a vacation here to the fullest. Our wide selection offers you the chance to pick a holiday of your style in the dreamy and adventurous Himachal Pradesh.

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Best Hotels and Resorts for Holidaying in Lahaul and Spiti

The Lahaul and Spiti region in Himachal Pradesh is one of the remotest places and apparently does not have a wide variety of accommodation options. Kaza is the only place which boasts numerous mid-range to budget category hotels. However, the other villages of Spiti have only homestays and fewer budget accommodation options.

Hotel Grand Dewachen

Hotel Grand Dewachen

Snow Land Hotel

Snow Land Hotel

Hotel Ibex

Hotel Chandrabhaga

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lahaul and spiti trip


lahaul and spiti trip


lahaul and spiti trip

Lahaul & Spiti Valley

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Tale of 2 Backpackers

Spiti valley Road Trip – The Complete & Ultimate Travel Guide

Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley Road Trip Himachal Pradesh

Last Updated on: Nov 18, 2023  

About the Blog: Spiti Valley needs no introduction in the Indian traveling circuit. With its mountains, monasteries and eccentric landscape, Spiti Valley is simply stunning. And it is a perfect place for adventurous souls. With this Spiti Valley travel guide and blog, we have tried to give you as much information about the place we could. Read it to know about the places to visit in Spiti valley and other important information that will help you plan your Spiti valley Road Trip. 

A Spiti Valley road trip or bike trip is actually a dream. The landscape changes as you travel from one region to the other, the monasteries loom in the horizon, there are rivers to cross and the stark barrenness of the land will leave you with nothing but wonder.

We had been planning our Spiti Valley road trip for a long time. The first time we visited Ladakh , I knew that I had to visit Spiti. Well, the trip happened only a few days back, but it was worth the wait.

Key Monastery Spiti Valley

So, if you are planning for a Spiti Valley road trip and are a bit clueless about what to do, you are in the right place. This travel guide will try to answer your most common queries about Spiti Valley and some more. Hope this helps you plan a perfect trip to Spiti Valley.

Spiti Valley You Tube Video

Oh! We have an entire series on Spiti Valley on our YouTube channel . Please have a look at that!

Spiti Valley – The Middle Land

Spiti Valley is located in the northeastern corner of Himachal Pradesh in the district of Lahaul and Spiti. The region borders Tibet in the east, Ladakh in the north, Chamba and Kullu in the west and Kinnaur Valley in the south.

For the uninitiated, Spiti and Lahaul are two distinct regions (though they are part of the Lahaul and Spiti district). Lahaul is another region centered around the town of Keylong located to the west of Spiti. As for Spiti, Kaza is the most important town of the region.

Chandratal Lake, Spiti Valley Road Trip

Spiti is a cold desert. Located at an altitude of between 3000 to 4600 meters, Spiti Valley is cold and barren with a beautiful and unique landscape.

Spiti Valley is also known as the Middle land. In essence, the valley of Spiti is actually a continuation of the Tibetan Plateau. Spiti is topographically and culturally similar to Ladakh in India and the Tibetan Autonomous region. Historically, the area had been a border area. The name, in Tibetan, also means “the middle land” – a place between India and Tibet.

How to Reach Spiti Valley?

Spiti Valley can be reached in two ways. One is from Shimla along the Hindustan-Tibet Highway that passes through Kinnaur Valley. Kinnaur in itself is a gorgeous destination that needs more time to explore.

You can also reach Spiti from Manali via Rohtang Pass or Atal Tunnel and Kunzum Pass. During peak season during the summer, tourists usually do a circular route starting from Shimla and exiting through Manali or vice versa. If you are planning to do a circular trip, then we recommend you enter from Shimla and exit through Manali. This helps you to acclimatize better to the increasing altitude.

Atal Tunnel Himachal Pradesh

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport to Spiti Valley is Bhuntar Airport in Shimla. The closest international airport is Chandigarh. Kaza is about 250 km from Bhuntar and 500 km from Chandigarh. From here, you have to get a bus or hire a car to reach Spiti Valley.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest major railway station is Kalka Station. You can also take the mountain railways from Kalka to Shimla. From there you can either hire a car or take a bus.

Spiti Valley by Road

Whether you arrive by flight or train, the majority of your journey needs to be done on the road. For your Spiti Valley road trip, you can either hire a car with a driver or drive in your own car. You can also explore Spiti Valley on your bike. This trip is a favourite among bikers and as adventurous as a bike trip in Ladakh.

Spiti Valley from Shimla

The route from Shimla to Spiti is the longer one and requires at least a night stop at Narkanda or Kalpa or Reckong Peo before entering Spiti Valley. This road is better and is open all through the year and you can visit Spiti during the winters through this road. Having said that, it is usual to have landslides and land blocks in this route also during the monsoon season.

The dangerous roads of Kinnaur Valley

The route to Spiti Valley from Shimla passes through the Hindustan-Tibet Highway. This route has its own beauty. The landscape changes as you travel from one region to the other. You will see the difference in vegetation as you cross Shimla Valley to Kinnaur Valley. The difference in landscape and culture will be quite stark as you enter Spiti Valley from Kinnaur. So if you have time in hand, this route is worthwhile to take.

Spiti Valley from Manali

This is the shorter route and you can reach from Manali to Kaza in one day. However, the roads are quite bad. After crossing Gramphu until you reach Losar, the roads are merely dirt tracks and you will be off-roading for the majority of your journey. You might have to cross streams on your way and there can be several roadblocks on the way.

However, these roads are beautiful in their own right. You will cross Kunzum Pass, one of the highest motorable passes in India. The landscape is stark and extremely gorgeous and this journey is going to be a rather impressive adventure.

Kunzum Pass - Spiti Valley road trip

As this route covers some high-altitude areas, the roads from Manali to Kaza remain open only during the summer, officially between May to September. However, the authorities allow vehicles beyond this time if they see that road conditions are conducive for travel. We took the route from Kaza to Manali in late April.

Spiti Valley on Public transport – the most affordable way to reach Spiti

The most affordable way to reach Spiti and explore the place is with HRTC buses. These buses are limited in number, but reliable and have a fixed timetable. Let me share the timings of a few buses to Kaza as I had gathered during our Spiti Valley road trip.

Shimla to Kaza Bus: 6.30 PM

This bus reached Reckong Peo in the morning. Usually Shimla to Kaza is a long journey and I would recommend to take a night halt at Reckong Peo or Kalpa , stay for a couple of days to enjoy the beauty and Kinnaur valley and then proceed to Kaza.

Reckong Peo to Kaza Bus: 7.00 AM

Kaza to Shimla: 7.30 AM (via Tabo, Nako and Reckong Peo)

Manali to Kaza: 5.00 AM

HRTC Buses

Shared Vehicles from Manali to Kaza

There are some local cabs and tempo travelers available from Manali to Kaza. Walk around new and old Manali and ask for these tempo travelers. Try to book a day ahead as seats tend to get full. The drivers stop for lunch and breakfast, but they hardly stop for toilet breaks, So be careful with your water intake. Roads are bad, but the drivers are experienced. The price for a seat will cost somewhere around INR 1000-1500.

Self-drive in Spiti Valley

We would recommend you take a car with high ground clearance. Also, if you are taking the Manali route, then try to avoid smaller cars. We had traveled in Innova, but it had got stuck at a stream crossing while reaching Chandratal Lake. We had to walk to the campsite and the car had to be towed out by a Bolero truck.

Also, do this trip only if you are confident in your driving and your car.

Self drive in Spiti Valley

Bike trip in Spiti Valley

A bike trip in Spiti is one of the most popular ways to explore the region. During the season, you’ll see many bikers on the road. You can bring in your own bike. Otherwise, bikes can be rented in Manali as well.

Do you need a Permit to Visit Spiti Valley?

There is no permit required for Indian citizens to visit Spiti valley. But foreign tourists require a special area permit to visit the area between Kaza and Reckong Peo.

If you are starting from Manali and want to cross the Rohtang Pass, then you will need a permit. But with the opening of the Atal Tunnel, you can skip the Rohtang Pass and travel via Atal Tunnel and continue your journey towards Kaza.

Protected Area Permit for Foreign Nationals

This is a bit complicated. If a foreign tourist starts from Shimla, they need no permit to visit till Reckong Peo. But beyond that, they would need a permit to visit Nako, Tabo, Gue, Dhankar and Kaza. Refer to the official site for details.

Local women at Spiti Valley

What is the Best time to visit Spiti Valley?

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is between May to September. This is the most popular and peak season for the tourists. However, you can visit Spiti at other times of the year as well. Here is a detailed breakdown of the seasons in Spiti Valley.

April & May

April and May is typically a shoulder season. If you want to visit Spiti valley during April, we recommend the second half of the month.

The roads are accessible and you can reach most of the tourist attractions and villages in Spiti Valley by road in April. It is also the beginning of tourist season and you will see very few tourists during this time. You will also find no problems in finding a place to stay as well. However, the road from Kaza to Manali will be closed during this time.

Historically, the roads to Kaza from Manali via Kunzum Pass open after May 15. But, sometimes BRO allows vehicles to travel through these roads if the weather is good and there is no snow on the roads.

Roads from Kaza to Manali

We visited Spiti Valley in the second half of April. We were warned by our driver (who happened to be a fabulous guy) that the roads from Kaza to Manali might be closed and we were prepared to return by Shimla again. Fortunately, on our last day, we came to know that the roads from Kaza to Manali were open and so was Chandratal Lake. We took the road and had one of the best road trip experiences of our life.

Usually HRTC buses between Manali and Kaza are not operational during April and May. You might get shared tempo travelers if the roads are open. Buses from Shimla to Kaza and other buses in that route are operational, though.

June to September (Peak Season)

As mentioned before, this is the best time to visit Spiti Valley in terms of weather and facilities and is also the peak season for tourists. It does not rain much in Spiti Valley and there is no distinct monsoon. It is like the summer season seamlessly merging into the early autumn – something that you will encounter in Ladakh as well.

Spiti River

However, it will be prudent to remember that while Spiti Valley gets less rain, monsoons (July and August) are heavy in other parts of Himachal Pradesh – places that you might have to cross before entering Spiti. There might be heavy rains in Kinnaur Valley and Kullu, often resulting in landslides.

During this time, all the hotels and homestays remain open. HRTC buses are also operational fully, also in Manali to Kaza route. Weather is pleasant in Spiti with bright and sunny mornings perfect for your day activities.

October is another shoulder season, similar to that of April. Cold starts setting in and in the second half of the month the number of tourists decreases considerably. It also starts snowing over the Kunzum Pass after mid-October. So if you are planning a Spiti Valley road trip in October, do so in early October, especially in the first 10 days of the month.

November to March (Winter Spiti)

Spiti is a winter wonderland covered in a blanket of white snow. This has made Spiti Valley a coveted destination in the winters and winter Spiti trips are quite common these days. Apart from the snow covered landscape, winter is also the time to spot snow leopards in the region.

However, you need to remember that Spiti Valley is remote and you are not going to get much facilities here in the winter.  Also, not all of the attractions in Spiti Valley will be accessible to travelers during this time.

Winters, especially December and January, are harsh and cold. Temperature at night falls several degrees below zero. Even days are not much better. You need to be prepared to brave the biting cold of the region.

Snowfall in Spiti

Quite obviously, you will not be able t o travel the entire circuit during this time. The roads from Kaza to Manali will be closed. Plan a trip in December only if you have a very good driver who can maneuver his way through the snow. If you are self-driving or riding, do so only if you are totally confident in your skills.

Spiti in winters is beautiful, but difficult. Do winter Spiti trips only if you are adventurous enough and are ready to face the challenges on the road.

Where to Stay in Spiti Valley?

Gone are the days when finding an accommodation in Spiti was tough. Now, there are many options of stay in Spiti Valley and around. Most of the expensive hotels and resorts can be found in Kaza, the headquarters of Spiti. Tabo also has a few hotels and guest houses.

Homestays at Spiti Valley

Homestay at Mud Village, Pin valley - Spiti Valley road trip

However, if you want to experience village life at Spiti, then stay at a homestay. There are many homestays in the region and you can find them in the villages. You might not have to book ahead for a stay at a homestay in Spiti Valley. In these homestays, you stay with the locals, eat local food and understand their way of life and get an insight into the culture. The costs are generally low and depend on the village and season.

We had stayed at homestays in Dhankar, Mud, Langza and Key village during our Spiti Valley road trip.

Backpackers Hostel

There are backpackers hostels at Kaza and Tabo.

Food at Spiti Valley

Worlds highest restaurant - Somewhere in Spiti Valley

Food in Spiti valley is a mix of Tibetan, Nepalese and Himachali cuisine. You will find thukpas , momos, thentuk , mokthuk , chowmein in most of the restaurants and eateries. At the homestays, you might get some authentic Tibetan food.

We found good rajma Chawal at Nako and Tabo. At Dhankar, we ate Tibetan bread and thentuk at our homestay. Kaza had several restaurants serving Tibetan food. There was also a North Indian restaurant at Kaza market that served North Indian thali, samosa and chaats with very good milk tea.

At Mud village, our homestay served us chapati and chicken for dinner and sandwiches and aloo parantha for breakfast. At our homestay in Key village, once again we had thentuk and momos.

Also try the sea buckthorn juice or tea at Spiti Valley. It is amazingly refreshing.

Sea buckthorn tea at Dhankar homestay

If you are a culinary connoisseur, you will have a gastronomy adventure here for sure.

What to Buy from Spiti Valley

You can buy local woolen items, dry fruits, roasted barley and Buddhist memorabilia like prayer flags and incense sticks. I did not find anything special in Spiti Valley to collect as souvenirs. The only thing that piqued my interest was sea buckthorn juice.

Places to Visit in Spiti Valley

Once we visited Spiti Valley, we were quick to realize that the entire Spiti is a tourist destination. There are so many things to see and explore here. Even the mountain ranges looming in the horizon as you drive through the roads will mesmerize you. At every turn of the road, you will see something new and you will never be tired of clicking pictures. But then you have to start planning your trip somewhere. So here is a list of the most popular places to visit in Spiti Valley.

Kaza Market Spiti Valley

Kaza is the headquarters of Spiti Valley and is the most important town of the region. The small town has most of the hotels and all the HRTC buses arrive at and leave from Kaza. While Kaza itself is a small town and hardly has much to offer in terms of attractions, it can serve as your base to explore the region. There are numerous hotels, guest houses and homestays available in Kaza. There are a couple of backpackers hostels as well. It is perhaps the only place in Spiti Valley where you will get good wifi in some of the hotels.

So you can stay at Kaza, get fuel for your car from the world’s highest fuel station and explore the rest of Spiti Valley.

Tabo Monastery, Spiti Valley Road trip

Tabo is a beautiful place. It is the first major village that you will come across in Spiti valley if you are coming from Shimla.

Tabo is also known as the “Ajanta of Himalayas” because of the ancient Tabo Monastery and the age-old murals that it houses. Tabo Monastery was built sometime in 996 CE. The monastery is located within the village and not on a hilltop. This was a distinguishing feature of the early period monasteries built before 1300 AD. Similar examples can be seen in Alchi Monastery and Mangyu Temple Complex in Ladakh.

Once you enter the Tabo Monastery Complex, you will be transported to a different era. And once you look at the ancient murals, you will understand why Tabo is known as the Ajanta of Himalaya. They are simply grand and magnificent.

Tabo village also has some ancient caves that you can explore.

Tabo is around 50km from Kaza. There are many hotels and homestays found in Tabo – many near the monastery complex and many in the villages. We highly recommend a night stay at Tabo. It is an enchanting place.

Dhankar Monastery - best places to visit in Spiti Valley

Dhankar is located about 36 km from Kaza, but you have to take a diversion from the main road to reach Dhankar Village. The place is known for Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar fort.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty and grandness of Dhankar Monastery and the village. The village looks as if it is hanging from a cliff and your photographer self would definitely want to click several pictures of the village and monastery.

View of the Dhankar village at dusk

Another attraction at Dhankar is the Dhankar Lake. It is a 5 km uphill trek from the village to reach Dhankar Lake. The trek is easy and can be done by moderately active people without prior preparation. Dhankar Lake is beautiful. But it is the serenity of the place that will take you in.

There are a few homestays at Dhankar village. We stayed at Dhankar for a night as we had planned to do the Dhankar Lake trek. A villager simply opened up his home and invited us to stay there. They only took INR 800 for the room and dinner.

Dhankar can be visited on your journey from Tabo to Kaza.

Key Monastery

Key Monastery Spiti Valley

Key village is located about 15 km from Kaza and the most famous attraction of the place is the Key Monastery, whose picture has become eponymous with Spiti Valley itself. The Gompa is grand and beautiful and houses several important artifacts, idols and murals. It is one of the largest and most important monasteries in the region. The Key Gompa has temples, prayer halls, meditation rooms, schools, monk’s quarters, and hostels for young monks inside the complex.

Young monk at Key Gompa

Once you are there, you will see several young monks  playing around. You can talk with them, visit the temples and meditation rooms and get a glimpse of the life of the monks.

Key village also has a few homestays and camps. We had stayed at a homestay in Key village as we wanted to stay away from Kaza and experience the village life at Spiti Valley.

Beautiful Kibber village, Spiti Valley

Kibber is one of the highest villages in Spiti Valley. It is located about 19 km from Kaza town on the same road as Key. Kibber is also the entry point of Kibber wildlife sanctuary where snow leopards can be seen.

Kibber is a beautiful village. The houses perched on the cliff look quaint and beautiful. Look at the picture if you do not believe me!

Kibber is also the starting point of Kanamo Peak Trek and Parang La Pass trek.

Buddha statue at Langza village Spiti Valley

If you have seen the picture of a gigantic Buddha statue lording over snow-capped peaks and valleys, then you have probably seen the Buddha statue of Langza. But that is not the only attraction of Langza. In Langza and a few surrounding villages, you can see marine fossils. It means that some 150 million years ago, Langza was under the sea.

Scientists observe that the Himalayas were not always there. Infact, the Himalayas happen to be one of the youngest mountain ranges on the earth. Earlier there used to be Tethys Ocean in its place. Due to tectonic collision, the mountains emerged and the ocean disappeared. This is the reason, one could find marine fossils at Langza and the surrounding villages. The villagers have preserved these fossils in their houses and you can see them once you visit there.

Langza village Spiti Valley

Langza too, is an extremely beautiful place. There are a few homestays available in Langza. These homestays provide basic amenities, but very warm hospitality. If you have time, spend a night at Langza.  

Komic - highest village connected by motorable road - Spiti Valley road trip

Komic is one of the highest motorable villages in the world. Located at an altitude of 4600 meters, there is a plaque at Komic saying that “You are at the highest motorable village in the world”. The village has very few houses and there is an ancient monastery at Komic.

We did see a small homestay at Komic. If you want to stay there, you have to ask around.

Hikkim - world's highest post office is located at Spiti Valley

Hikkim is quite famous because it has World’s highest post office in the village. Quite naturally, the place is quite a tourist attraction is Spiti Valley. The village itself is small and the few houses that are there are spread out.

You can visit the Hikkim post office, talk to the postmaster, buy several postcards and send them over to any address you like.

By the banks of Pin River at Mud village, Pin Valley

Pin Valley is one of the most beautiful places that you will visit on your Spiti Valley road trip. The location is in a bit of a different area and you will need an entire day to visit the place. Mud village is the major settlement in Pin Valley that also has a few homestays for tourists and travelers.

Pin valley is quite gorgeous. The landscape is a bit different from Spiti and you can see more greenery here. The Pin River flows by the village and the entire river valley opens up to a majestic view. If you have time, we recommend you stay a night at Mud village. The experience will be quite different from the others.

Pin River at Mud village

At Mud, there is not much to do than explore the village at your own lazy pace. You can visit the river bank and spend time there.

Pin Valley also borders the Parvati Valley and Mud village is the base camp for the famous Pin-Parvati Pass trek and the Pin-Bhaba Pass trek.

While you are driving towards Mud village, do not forget to stop and see the confluence of the Spiti and Pin River.

Offbeat Places to Visit in Spiti

Now that you have planned to visit the main attractions of Spiti Valley and yet have some time in your hand, you can check out the following offbeat places in Spiti Valley. Spiti in itself is remote and raw, but these places are not much visited by tourists and can definitely make it in your itinerary.

Gue Mummy Stupa

Gue Mummy Stupa - offbeat place to visit in Spiti Valley

Yes, there is a mummy in Spiti valley. Gue Mummy Stupa is a latest addition to the attractions in Spiti Valley. Gue village is located about 38 km from Nako. Just after crossing Sumdo, there is a diversion from the main road towards Gue village. The village is about 12 km from the main road and Tabo is another 26 km from the point.

Gue has a monastery, but its main attraction is the Mummy, believed to be almost 530 years old. The mummy you see here is that of the Buddhist monk Sangha Tenzing. It is believed that the monk had undergone the process of self-mummification to attain this state.

As of today, there are only 24 such mummies of monks who had undergone self-mummification. If you look carefully, you can see his teeth, small patches of hair on the head and nails on the body. And all these are not preserved in the way done in Egypt! This process is different.

This mummified body of Sangha Tenzing was found after an earthquake in 1975 opened an old tomb. It was excavated much later in 2004. The glass surrounding the mummy case was placed only a few years back.

You can visit Gue on your way from Nako to Tabo. There are a couple of homestays at Gue village if you want to stay there for the night.

Lingti Waterfall

Lingti Waterfall - offbeat Spiti Valley

Lingti is a small village on the way towards Pin valley. The place is famous for its waterfall, especially during the winter season. During summer, Lingti waterfall is just a simple waterfall on the way. But in winter, the waterfall gets frozen and looks quite imposing and beautiful. It’s brilliant, but scary!

Chicham Bridge

Chicham Bridge - highest bridge in Asia

Chicham Bridge is the latest addition in the attractions of Spiti Valley. Located at an altitude of 13596 feet, this bridge is said to be the highest motorable bridge in Asia connecting 2 villages – Chicham and Kibber. It took almost 15 years to build this bridge. You can cross Chicham Bridge and take the road forward towards Manali.

Mane is another small, beautiful and offbeat destination in Spiti valley. You can reach there by taking a short diversion near the road towards Pin Valley. Mane village has an ancient monastery which is its main attraction.

Gette and Tashigang

Gette and Tashigang are two villages located on the same route. Tashigang is one of the remotest villages to reach in Spiti Valley. And believe me when I say that we did not see a single person or vehicle on the road when we were driving from Gette to Trashigang!

Gette village Spiti Valley

Well, Gette is a small village with houses so spread out that you will feel there is nothing but emptiness there.

Tashigang is located at an altitude of 15256 feet and has the world’s highest polling station in the village. There are only 52 registered voters in Tashigang and there was 100% turnout during the November 2022 assembly election.

The village is small with a few houses and a gompa in the middle of the village. Due to the altitude, the wind is very strong here.

Tashigang Village in Spiti Valley has world's highest polling station

Well, Tashigang is also located very near to the China border, a mere 30 km away.

Demul & Lhalung

Spiti Valley landscape

Demul and Lhalunga are two nearby villages connected by motorable roads very recently. You can also trek from Demul to Lhalung if you want. In fact, we have seen many travelers trekking from one village to another in Spiti Valley. Perhaps one day, when we have enough time, we will do that.  Lhalung has an ancient beautiful monastery and the two villages are quite lovely themselves. If you have time at hand, visit these places.

Spiti Valley Itinerary

Here is a glimpse of a most-common itinerary for Spiti assuming you start at Shimla and end in Manali.

Day 1 : Shimla – Sarahan

Day 2: Sarahan – Kalpa

Day 3: Kalpa – Nako – Gue – Tabo

Day 4: Tabo – Dhankar – Pin valley (Mud Village)

Day 5: Mud village – Kaza – Key – Kibber – Kaza

Day 6: Kaza – Hikkim – Komic – Langza – Kaza

Day 7: Kaza – Kunzum Pass – Chandratal Lake

Day 8: Chandratal Lake – Manali

This is a very rushed itinerary for Spiti Valley.

I believe you need time for your Spiti Valley road trip. These days I have seen a 7 days itinerary for the entire Spiti Valley starting from Shimla and ending in Manali. I am not sure how they attain it. I think you will need at least 10 days to do justice to Spiti Valley. There is a separate post about it.

Spiti Valley road trip

Cost of Spiti Valley Road Trip

The cost of a trip majorly depends on your choice of transportation and accommodation. So here I will divide the cost into modes of transportation, accommodation, food and miscellaneous.

On a Spiti valley Road trip, the major cost comes out to be for that for transportation or fuel if you are self driving or riding. Using public transport is quite cheaper, but it is challenging and difficult if you have time constraints.

As such, in Spiti Valley, travelers mostly commute by hiring a taxi or they self-drive on their cars and bikes.

Here I am assuming that you start the trip at Shimla and end it at Manali.

Cost for Privately Hired Taxi

The rate for taxis from Shimla to Kinnaur Valley and  Spiti valley is usually around INR 3800-4500 per day.

Self-drive by Car or Bike

Spiti Valley on bike

On this Spiti Valley Road trip, you will probably be driving for around 1600 – 1700 kms in total. If your bike gives a mileage of 25-30 km per litre on an average, with the current cost of petrol (INR 105.00 approx), your fuel cost will be around INR 6,500.00 to INR 7,000.00.

If your SUV gives a mileage of 15 km per litre on an average and with the current cost of diesel (INR 92 approx), your fuel cost will be around INR 10,000.00 to INR 11,000.00.

If you are renting a bike or car, keep that cost in calculation as well.

Accommodation depends on what you choose. For basic homestays, guest houses and monastery stays, you can keep INR 800.00 to INR 1500.00 per night. For mid-budget hotels, it can be upto INR 4000.00.

Food will also depend on what you have and from where you have. If you have your meals at small eateries and dhabas, then it can cost you around INR 100.00 per meal. If you are visiting restaurants and cafes, the cost will be higher.

The trip cost will also increase if you decide to travel to remote places, spend on shopping and other activities.

What to Carry for your Spiti Valley Road Trip?

Spiti Valley on bike

In addition to your regular clothes and shoes, there are a few things that you should carry during your Spiti Valley road trip. The area is remote, though not inhospitable and the infrastructure is not yet at its best.

  • Let us first talk about clothes. During the summer months between June to September, carry cotton clothes, light woolen and a jacket. The mornings are usually quite sunny and warm. For April and October, carry woolen and proper jackets. Also carry socks, scarves and woolen socks.
  • If you are visiting Spiti Valley during the winter, you have to carry enough warm clothes, thermals, heavy jackets, socks, scarves, gloves and balaclava.
  • Good shoes are also important in any road trips. We usually wear these during our trips.
  • Whenever you are visiting Spiti valley, always carry a good sunscreen that offers SPF 50 protection.
  • Carry a skin lotion or cream. Also carry a lip-balm.
  • Carry Vaseline with you. Spiti is a dry region and Vaseline can be a lifesaver there.
  • Also, please do not forget a cap or hat. It will help protect you from the harsh sun rays during the day.
  • Carry a basic first-aid kit having general medicines for cold, cough, fever and stomach problems. You may also carry Diamox for altitude sickness. But it is always better to travel slow and acclimatize than taking Diamox.
  • Carry emergency kit for your car that includes a tyre inflator and puncture repair kit, battery jump start cable, towing rope, and empty 5 litre can for back-up fuel.

Petrol Pumps in Spiti Valley

On the Shimla to Kaza route, the last petrol pump is at Reckong Peo and Tapri. On the Manali to Kaza route, there are no petrol pumps once you leave the towns.

Worlds highest Petrol Pump at Kaza

Spiti valley Travel Guide (FAQs Answered)

You will need at least 8 days for your Spiti Valley road trip assuming you enter from Shimla and return to Manali. This time, you will probably visit the most famous attractions of Spiti Valley. You will need at least 3 days to enter Spiti from Shimla via Kinnaur Valley and at least 2 days to exit to Manali via Kunzum Pass. However, I recommend that you travel slowly and enjoy the vibes of Spiti.

It is always better to start your journey from Shimla, travel through Kinnaur Valley and then enter Spiti. End your journey at Manali after crossing the Kunzum pass. This will help you to acclimatize better.

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is between June to September when the weather is at the best. The mornings are bright and sunny and evenings are cool. It does not rain much in Spiti, so the months of July and August are great as well. However, monsoons are experienced at other parts of Himachal Pradesh like Kinnaur Valley and Kullu and Manali during July and August and there might be landslides and roadblocks because of the rains.

Yes, you can visit Spiti valley during the winter. Spiti is a winter wonderland with a snow covered landscape. Snow leopards can also be seen during this time. However, winters are very harsh and cold and facilities are very less for tourists during this time. Also, the Manali to Kaza road will be closed and you will hardly get any public transport during this time.

Yes, you can do a Spiti valley Road trip by car. Just make sure that your car is a SUV having high ground clearance. Also make sure the driver is confident when driving at treacherous mountain roads.

Yes, there are mobile signals at the towns and in some villages in Spiti valley. Mobile networks of Airtel and Jio are found in Kaza, Key, Dhankar and Tabo village. There was no mobile network in the remote villages like Mud village, Langza, Tashigang and Gue.

You will have wifi at the hotels in Kaza town. Mobile internet is poor and you will not get any internet once you leave Kaza.

Mud village Pin Valley

Hope this Spiti travel guide helps you plan your perfect Spiti Valley Road trip. If you wish to have an itinerary, we will be publishing a blog on that soon.

Do let us know whether you found this helpful. If yes, please share this blog with youyr family, friends and neighbours.

Keep travelling!

Agni Amrita Travel Blogger

Agni Amrita

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Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar Lake Trek in Spiti Valley

Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar Lake Trek in Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is indeed a gem in the Indian travel scene, and your blog beautifully captures its allure. The vivid descriptions and insights into the mountains, monasteries, and unique landscape create a compelling narrative. Your Spiti Valley travel guide is a treasure trove of information, offering a comprehensive look at the must-visit places and essential tips for a road trip. Reading this has sparked the adventurer in me, making Spiti Valley a top contender for my next journey. Thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge, making Spiti Valley even more irresistible!

Thank you so much!

Stunning locations in the Spiti Valley; I want to see them one day.

You will surely see them! Thanks for the comment.

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Lahaul & Spiti

Lahaul is braced for massive changes. For years, reaching this spectacular if desolate region has involved crossing the seasonal, infamously treacherous Rohtang Pass. However, by 2020 the new Rohtang Tunnel is expected to have opened, making access a breeze from Manali. In its wake, you can expect a rush of new tourism.

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Must-see attractions.

Tabo Gompa

Founded in AD 996, and retaining five sub-temples dating back over 900 years, Tabo Gompa is reckoned to be the oldest continuously functioning Buddhist…


This gloriously calm glacial lake presents mirror-perfect reflections of the surrounding white-top peaks and geological colour-swirls. At 4270m, the 20…


Dhankar Gompa

Like a series of whitewashed limpets, the 1200-year-old Dhankar Gompa clings precariously to an eroded cliff-edge rock pinnacle, high above the beautiful…


Forming the watershed between Lahaul and Spiti, this 4551m pass, accessed by multiple switchbacks, is topped by a grassy area where stupas are strewn with…


Covering a conical hillock with an array of whitewashed monastic buildings, Ki (Kee, Key) is the largest gompa in Spiti. Views of it from the south are…

Triloknath Temple

Triloknath Temple

The squat little temple is a remarkable example of Hindu-Buddhist syncretism with a basic Hindu vihar tower but a series of prayer wheels lining the inner…

Khamsar Khar

Khamsar Khar

High above Gemur but accessed on the side lane that winds up via Kolong, Khamsar Khar is an intriguing, unrestored Lahauli palace: 104 dusty, barely lit…

Lhalung Monastery

Lhalung Monastery

Near the top of Lhalung village, this outwardly modest monastery is actually an antique gem. Beneath a yellow painted tin roof, the very atmospheric…

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lahaul and spiti trip

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lahaul and spiti trip

Aug 31, 2017 • 7 min read

Imagine an arid land set high in the Indian Himalaya, a high-altitude desert punctuated by small patches of green and miniature villages of white, flat…

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Lahaul & Spiti and beyond

KI VILLAGE, HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA - 2013/06/05: Aerial view on Ki Gompa, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on top of a hill at an altitude of 4,166 metres, the Spiti Valley in the background.. (Photo by Frank Bienewald/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Spiti Valley Tour Packages

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lahaul and spiti trip

Spiti Valley in the northeastern part of Himachal Pradesh is a cold desert mountain valley and is the land between Tibet and India. One of India’s coldest places, Spiti derives its popularity from its snow-covered mountains, heavy snowfall, trekking trails and monasteries. Holidify’s wide range of Spiti Valley tour packages are perfect for when you’re looking to plan a trip with friends or family. Spiti is well known for its Buddhist culture and is home to several monasteries like the Key Monastery, Dhankar Monastery, Kungri Monastery and Tabo Monastery. You would also find the Trilokinath Temple here. The crescent-shaped Chandratal Lake is a breathtaking sight and is a must-visit attraction in Spiti Valley, along with Suraj Tal.

Places to Visit in Spiti

Chandratal Lake: Chandratal Lake is often referred to as one of the most beautiful lakes located at an altitude of about 4300 m in the mighty Himalayas. This lake is also one of two high-altitude wetlands of India that have been designated as Ramsar sites. It is believed that the Chandratal Lake lies in the vicinity of a place from where God Indra's chariot picked up Yudhishthira, the eldest of Pandava brothers in Mahabharata. The colour of the water of this holy lake keeps changing from reddish to orange to blue to emerald green as the day ends.  Key Monastery: The Key Monastery is a famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Lahaul and Spiti District. Also known as the Kye Monastery and Ki Monastery, it is over a thousand years old and is also the largest monastery to be found in the entire Spiti Valley. The monastery enshrines Buddha idols in the Dhyana position and has a collection of ancient books and murals. Suraj Tal: Suraj Tal Lake is considered as the 3rd largest lake in India. Due to the belief that a dip in the Suraj Tal lake cleanses a person of his sins, it attracts a lot of people and is therefore considered spiritual. However, the major reason that the lake has gained popularity is that it comes en-route to the famous Manali-Leh path that is popular for trekking and biking trips, that also encompasses the Baralacha-La Pass on the way.  Baralacha La: The Baralacha La, also known as the Baralacha Pass, is a high mountain pass that is located at the height of 16,040 feet above the sea level. This 8 kilometres long pass connects the Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and is located along the Leh-Manali highway. People who visit this pass also love to enjoy the trek from the Baralacha up to the Chandratal. The scenery and views here are breathtaking, and the barren land without any hotels and shops looks stunning.  Dhankar Monastery: Dhankar Monastery, also referred to as Dankhar, Drangkhar or Dhangkar Gompa, is perched unbelievably on the edge of a cliff and offers a panoramic view of Spiti valley. Built one thousand years ago on a 1000 feet high mountain and overlooking the heart-stirring sight of the confluence of Spiti and Pin rivers, Dhankar Monastery is listed as one of the world's 100 most endangered monuments.  Kibber: Kibber, also known as Kyibar, is a small village located in the Spiti Valley. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and barren landscapes, Kibber boasts of being the highest village with a motorable road. The village is particularly famous for the local monastery and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. One can spend a day at the rest houses here, with the mountains watching over.  Tabo Monastery: The Tabo Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries located in the Tabo Village of Spiti Valley. In fact, it is the oldest monastery in India and the Himalayas that has been functioning continuously since its inception. This alluring monastery is renowned as the 'Ajanta of the Himalayas'. This is because the walls of the monastery are decorated with fascinating murals and ancient paintings, much like the Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra. Pin Valley National Park: The Pin Valley National Park is home to the rare species of famous Himalayan snow leopards and their prey, the Ibex. The National  Park is most famous for its incredible trek. It snows for the most part of the year rendering the trek a thrilling and adventurous expedition. There are also Siberian Ibex, Bharal, red fox, weasel and marten that call this place their home. While foreign nationals are not permitted here, Indian nationals need a permit to visit.

Things to Do in Spiti

Spiti Valley Bike Trip: Being in the trans-Himalayan Region, the terrain of Spiti is favoured among adventure bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. It features toward the top on the list of any Mountain Biker. Ride on some of the highest roads and through the cold desert mountain valley's dreamy landscapes. The best time for such an experience is during the months of June to September. Yak Safari: One of the prime things to do in Spiti Valley is enjoying a ride on a yak. Yak and Horse Safaris are the best and some of the most popular and loved ways to explore this region. The activity is a very popular one among the tourists and even among the locals. River Rafting: ​​Rafting is one of the most thrilling things to do in Spiti. Riding the tides in the backdrop of rocky hills and picture perfect setting is an experience of a lifetime. You can try the activity in the Pin and Spiti rivers. This rafting activity covers a distance of 180 kms on an average. Stargazing: Stargazing is a unique experience that is especially enjoyable in the hills. And Spiti Valley is one such place where you can en-cash this surreal experience. On clear nights, you can see the night sky studded with millions of diamond like stars. While the activity is in itself, immensely peaceful, it is also a time to reminisce, and is surely going to be an experience of a lifetime for you. Trekking: Spiti is the haven for adventure seekers and trekkers as it offers treks through some of the most unseen, dream-like landscapes, watched over by majestic sceneries. For the more experienced trekkers there is the Pin-Parvati route. Other routes include Kaza-Langza-Hikim-Comic-Kaza, Kaza-Ki-Kibber-Gete-Kaza, Kaza-Losar-Kunzum La and Kaza-Tabo-Sumdo-Nako.

Why to Buy Spiti Tour Packages?

  Difficult Terrain: Spiti's rugged landscape with high mountain passes and narrow, winding roads can be challenging to navigate, especially for those not accustomed to such terrains. Tour packages often include experienced drivers who are familiar with these routes, ensuring a safer and more comfortable journey. Limited Accommodation: Spiti has limited accommodation options, and during peak tourist season, finding a place to stay can be tricky. Tour packages usually secure lodging in advance, relieving travelers of the hassle of searching for rooms in remote areas. Harsh Weather Conditions: Spiti experiences extreme weather conditions, including heavy snowfall in winters and the possibility of landslides in monsoon. Tour operators are equipped to handle such situations, providing alternative plans and ensuring the safety of travelers. Altitude Sickness: Spiti is at a high altitude, and altitude sickness can affect visitors. Tour packages often include acclimatization days and medical assistance if needed. Limited Connectivity: Spiti has limited mobile network coverage and internet connectivity. Tour packages can help travelers stay connected through satellite phones and provide communication solutions. Cultural Sensitivity: Spiti has a unique culture, and it's essential to respect local customs and traditions. Tour packages often come with guides who can facilitate interactions with locals and ensure travelers behave respectfully. Permits and Regulations: Some areas in Spiti require special permits for tourists. Tour operators are well-versed with the permit requirements and can arrange them in advance. In summary, purchasing a tour package for Spiti can alleviate the logistical challenges and uncertainties associated with this remote destination, allowing travelers to focus on enjoying the breathtaking scenery and rich culture that Spiti has to offer.

Best Time to Visit Spiti

The best time to visit Spiti are the summer months of June to September are ideal. This period allows you to explore the region, indulge in trekking, and witness local festivals. However, if you want to witness the stunning transformation of the landscape and don't mind some rainfall, the monsoon season from July to September can be captivating. Autumn, from September to November, offers clear skies and the opportunity for trekking and photography in pleasant weather

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lahaul and spiti trip

Best Spiti Valley Tour Package on Budget

4 Nights / 5 Days

Manali(0N) → Kaza(4N)

₹ 21,599* per person

₹ 21,599*

per adult on twin sharing

Expert Choice

Spiti Valley in Summers: 1 Week in Breathtaking Kinnaur & Spiti

7 Nights / 8 Days

Chandigarh(0N) → Shimla(1N) → Sangla(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 40,500* per person

₹ 40,500*

Adventurous Manali, Kaza & Chandratal

6 Nights / 7 Days

Chandigarh(0N) → Manali(1N) → Kaza(3N) → Chandartal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 35,900* per person

₹ 35,900*

Spiti Valley Tour from Manali

Manali(0N) → Chandertal(1N) → Kaza(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(1N)

₹ 23,000* per person

₹ 23,000*

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Kinnaur Spiti Tour Package: Short Trek to Kamru Fort

8 Nights / 9 Days

Chandigarh(0N) → Narkanda(1N) → Sangla(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandertal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 51,900* per person

₹ 51,900*

Unforgettable Manali, Kaza, Chandrataal and More

5 Nights / 6 Days

Manali (1N) → Kaza (2N) → Chandrataal (1N) → Tabo (1N)

₹ 22,720* per person

₹ 22,720*

Beautiful Spiti Valley, Kaza and Tabo Package

Shimla(1N) → Chitkul(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Kaza(3N) → Kalpa(1N)

₹ 35,520* per person

₹ 35,520*

Kinnaur Spiti Tour Package

Chandigarh(0N) → Sarahan(1N) → Sangla(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Dhankar(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandartal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 50,900* per person

₹ 50,900*

Offbeat Explorer

Shimla and Spiti Valley Tour Package with Manali

11 Nights / 12 Days

Chandigarh(0N) → Shimla(2N) → Sarahan(1N) → Sangla(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(3N) → Batal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 80,500* per person

₹ 80,500*

Sangla Kalpa Tour Package with Sarahan & Narkanda

Sarahan(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Sangla(2N) → Narkanda(1N)

₹ 24,999* per person

₹ 24,999*

Kinnaur Spiti Highland Jeep Safari

10 Nights / 11 Days

Chandigarh(0N) → Shimla(1N) → Sarahan(1N) → Sangla(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Pin Valley(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandertal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 55,500* per person

₹ 55,500*

Lahaul Spiti Tour Package: 10 Nights 11 Days

Chandigarh(0N) → Shimla(1N) → Sarahan(1N) → Sangla(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandratal Lake (1N) → Manali(1N) → Mandi (1N)

₹ 58,800* per person

₹ 58,800*

Spiti Tour Package from Delhi

9 Nights / 10 Days

Delhi(0N) → Manali(1N) → Kaza(3N) → Sissu(1N) → Udaipur(1N) → Keylong(2N) → Manali(0N)

₹ 51,999* per person

₹ 51,999*

Wonders of Spiti Valley

Chandigarh(0N) → Manali(2N) → Jispa(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 34,500* per person

₹ 34,500*

Exploring Kinnaur and Spiti Valley

Chandigarh(0N) → Sarahan(1N) → Sangla Valley(2N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandertal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 49,200* per person

₹ 49,200*

Kinnaur and Spiti Offbeat Adventurer Tour Package

Chandigarh(0N) → Narkanda(1N) → Sangla(2N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Langza(1N) → Chandertal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 59,530* per person

₹ 59,530*

Remarkable Lahaul Spiti Valley with Pin Valley National Park

3 Nights / 4 Days

Pin Valley National Park (3N)

₹ 17,536* per person

₹ 17,536*

Adventurous Spiti Valley Trek

Delhi(0N) → Manali(1N) → Kaza(1N) → Kibber(1N) → Kowmik(1N) → Demul(1N) → Lahlung(1N) → Dhankar(1N) → Kaza(1N) → Manali (1N)

₹ 69,972* per person

₹ 69,972*

Kinnaur Lahaul Spiti Tour Package: Excursion to Chitkul

Delhi(0N) → Shimla(1N) → Sarahan(1N) → Sangla(2N) → Kalpa(1N) → Nako(1N) → Kaza(1N) → Keylong(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 50,690* per person

₹ 50,690*

Offbeat Himachal Trip : Kaza, Kalpa and Sangla

Kufri(1N) → Sangla(2N) → Kalpa(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Manali(2N) → Chandigarh(1N)

₹ 29,266* per person

₹ 29,266*

Mesmerising Spiti Tour Package

Kaza(2N) → Pin Valley(1N) → Kaza(1N)

₹ 21,000* per person

₹ 21,000*

Monastries and Camping Package: Spiti Valley with Chandrataal Lake and Tabo

Chandrataal Lake (2N) → Tabo (2N)

₹ 21,712* per person

₹ 21,712*

Memorable and Lasting Tour Package to Himachal and Spiti

14 Nights / 15 Days

Chandigarh(0N) → Narkanda(1N) → Sarahan(1N) → Sangla(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandratal Lake(1N) → Keylong(2N) → Manali(2N) → Dharamshala(2N)

₹ 80,000* per person

₹ 80,000*

Adventurous Spiti Bike Tour

Chandigarh(0N) → Manali(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandratal(1N) → Manali(1N)

₹ 26,090* per person

₹ 26,090*

Adventurous Road Trip to Spiti Valley

Delhi(0N) → Shimla(1N) → Narkanda(1N) → Chitkul(1N) → Kalpa(1N) → Tabo(1N) → Pin Valley(1N) → Kaza(2N) → Chandratal Lake(1N) → Manali(2N) → Shimla(0N)

₹ 61,000* per person

₹ 61,000*

Spiti Valley Bike Tour

Manali(0N) → Kaza(2N) → Pin Valley(0N) → Kaza(1N) → Chandertal(1N)

₹ 23,590* per person

₹ 23,590*

Spiti Valley in Winters: Kalpa & Kaza

Shimla(0N) → Kalpa(1N) → Kaza(3N) → Kalpa(2N)

₹ 31,500* per person

₹ 31,500*

Offbeat Spiti Valley Honeymoon PAckage

Mesmerising spiti honeymoon package with pin valley, latest reviews for spiti valley, manali & shimla trip.

Ramchandra's Trip to Kalpa, Kaza, Manali, Narkanda, Sangla, Spiti

(Written on 22 Nov, 2023)


Atish's Trip to Kalpa, Kaza, Manali, Sangla, Spiti

(Written on 03 Nov, 2023)

Kinnaur and Spiti trip September 2023

Sonu's Trip to Manali, Shimla, Spiti

(Written on 06 Oct, 2023)

owner at kusum agro

KANAD A's Trip to Manali, Shimla, Spiti

(Written on 31 Jul, 2023)

A well planned trip. Good experience with Adventurescape

Rohan's Trip to Manali, Shimla, Spiti

(Written on 27 Jul, 2023)

Trip to Spiti June 19th to 28th

Dr Sangita's Trip to Manali, Spiti

(Written on 05 Jul, 2023)

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lahaul and spiti trip


Travelling Or Traveling

Top 15 Places to Visit in Lahaul and Spiti District

Lahaul and Spiti, sister of Ladakh from another mother; Himachal Pradesh, is a beautiful and peaceful place. Bikers and tourists love exploring the best places to visit in Lahaul and Spiti district. People usually love the greyish-blue mountains , blanket of snow , clear and blue sky with a traditional touch of monasteries . If you are a nature lover (especially a mountain freak) this is a paradise for you !

Table of Contents

About Lahaul and Spiti district

Top 15 Places to Visit in Lahaul and Spiti District

The Himachal Pradesh ‘s Lahaul and Spiti district is made up of the two previously independent districts of Lahaul and Spiti . Keylong in Lahaul is the current administrative center . Prior to the merge, Kardang was the capital of Lahaul Valley  and Dhankar was the capital of Spiti Valley . The district was established in 1960 and is India’s fourth-least populated district .

These two valleys have quite different personalities . Spiti is more barren and difficult to cross , with an elevation of 4,270 m (14,010 ft) on average. It is surrounded by high mountains , with the Spiti River pouring out of a valley in the southeast to join the Sutlej River . Basically, it is a typical alpine desert  environment.

How to Reach Lahaul and Spiti District?

Lahul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India

By Air: The closest airport is Bhuntar Airport (near Kullu) which is 245 km away. From Bhuntar, one must go to Manali and then take a bus or cab to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The nearest international airport to Lahaul and Spiti is in Chandigarh (495 km).

By Train: The Jogindernagar Railway Station (360 km distant) and the Shimla Railway Station (416 km away) are the closest railway stations to the Lahaul and Spiti. The Kalka Railway station , which has strong connectivity to various areas of India, is 485 km distant.

By Road: Road access to Lahaul and Spiti district is possible from two distinct locations . These are Sumdo , Kinnaur District for entry into Spiti valley , and Manali , Kullu District for access into Lahaul valley .

Best Time to Visit Lahaul and Spiti

Top 15 Places to Visit in Lahaul Spiti District

Summer (May-June): The best time to visit Lahaul-Spiti is during summer . The air temperature is between 8-15 degrees Celsius . The weather will be clear , cool, and perfect for exploration and adventure activities . Spiti’s cold deserts and Lahaul’s green valley will be calling you out.

Monsoon (July-October): The good time to visit Lahaul-Spiti is during the monsoon . Lahaul and Spiti experience little or no rain . And that’s why it is the perfect time to travel, but the road routes from Kinnaur and Manali town are prone to landslides . So I will advise you to avoid the monsoon .

NOTE: Monsoon is another best time to visit Lahaul-Spiti. But the roads leading are highly prone to landslides . So prepare well before going there.

Winter (November-April): Just like Ladakh, weather conditions during the winter are harsh and extreme . And this is not a good time to explore Lahaul-Spiti. In fact, the area remains inaccessible and roadblocks are common. The blanket of snow covers the whole Lahaul and Spiti district.

Top 15 Places to Visit in Lahaul Spiti District

Lahaul and Spiti district is the mecca of bikers and a must-visit for tourists. It offers nothing but beautiful valleys , colorful mountains , and numerous religious places like monasteries and temples . These valleys are not only perfect for sightseeing but also invite  adventure seekers .

The top and most famous places to visit in Lahaul-Spiti mentioned in this travellingortraveling blog are Spiti Valley , Kaza , Dhankar , Tabo , Losar, Kibber , Pin Valley ,  Langza ,  Hikkim ,  Lahul Valley ,  Keylong ,  Jispa , Sissu , Gondhla, and Udaipur .

#1 Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley

Spiti, which translates as “ middle country ,”, is a high-altitude chilly desert studded with monasteries. Indian and Tibetan civilizations have coexisted in this foreboding valley. It receives comparatively little rain and loads of snow . Due to its location in the rain shadow of Zanskar’s ranges . and Great Himalayan mountains, which are the highest in Himachal Pradesh . The entire valley appears in purple , pink , and sunset colors . Spiti Valley’s austere beauty enhances by the deep canyons formed by snow-fed streams.

The Kunzum La , which literally means “ meeting place for ibex ” (a kind of mountain goat ), connects Lahaul valley and Spiti valley. The terrain of the Spiti section of the Lahaul-Spiti region is harsher and hence more difficult to travel. The beauty of the foreboding Spiti is on display for just four months of the year. Because the rest of the year , snow covers the valley.

Best places to visit in Lahaul Spiti District

Kaza is the sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti Valley (locally called Piti). Kaza lies along the Spiti River at an elevation of 3,650 m (11,980 feet) above sea level. It is Spiti valley’s biggest municipality and economic center .

Kaza is well-known for its vibrant festivals as well as the historic Sakya Tangyud Monastery . Because of its central location and links to the rest of the valley, it is also popular with visitors and adventure seekers (connects to Leh-Manali Highway via Kunzum Pass). And so, Kaza is a good base camp for hiking , mountaineering , and trips to other areas of the valley.

Dhankar, Spiti Valley

Dhankar, the formal capital of Spiti , is located on the left bank of the Spiti river. It is 32 km downstream from Kaza and at an elevation of 3870 m . The total number of houses here are 68 . There’s a Dhankar Fort that lies on a spur that extends into the main valley and ends in a cliff.

This fort’s position is crucial since Spiti has always had to deal with numerous aggressions from its neighbors. The placement allowed the Spitian to keep an eye on the approaching threat and send signals to nearby residents. When the Spitians were under attack, they used to build massive flames. This was to indicate a gathering in the safe refuge of rocks, that is, Dhankars.

Tabo, Lahaul Spiti District

Tabo is a small town in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul and Spiti district. The chilly desert town lies 3,280 m (10,760 feet) above sea level. Scree slopes and snow-capped Himalayan peaks surround the town. Tabo, known for its tranquil beauty . And is among the must-see places to visit in Lahaul and Spiti for an out-of-the-ordinary trip .

The town is around 40 km from the border between India and Tibet. And you’re guaranteed to pass through it if you’re driving from Kaza to Reckong Peo. The most renowned sight in Tabo is a 1000-year-old monastery that the Dalai Lama himself considers to be one of the holiest . The list also contains a few temples and several old caves that were previously inhabited by Buddhist monks to escape from the severe winters.

Tourist attractions in Lahaul Spiti District

Losar is the first inhabited settlement on the Spiti side of the valley after crossing the Kunzom pass from Manali. The hamlet is very remote and settles at a height of 4,085 m . The sight of Losar as a trekker descends from Kunzom provides quick relief. The beautifully whitewashed mud homes with red stripes are really attractive. Furthermore, green meadows and willow plantations that surround the hamlet enhance the contrast.

“As lofty as Losar is, there is little in the terrain to reveal its position when viewed in summer, embosomed in thriving fields and herds of Pashmina wool goats”, Gerard writes . Yaks and horses confront the sight as the eye is drawn to the lofty activity of the mountains. And ardent sunlight maintains the air towering from the impact of mirage.

Kibber, Best places in Lahaul Spiti

Kibber is in a small valley on the summit of limestone rock at a height of around 4,270 m (14,200 feet). It is only 16 km from Kaza, and a bus service connects the two throughout the summer. Kibber is a nice hamlet with a lot of agriculture . As soon as you step off the bus, lush green fields that contrast sharply with the dry backdrop of towering hills welcome you.

In the settlement, there are just 80 homes . The use of stone instead of mud or adobe brick , which is common in the valley, is a notable characteristic of the architecture.

#7 Pin Valley

Pin Valley

The Pin valley, which stretches on either side of the Pin river , is one of Spiti’s four local divisions. The valley is geographically isolated from the rest of Spiti by steep mountains. The Pin river, which pushes its way down a deep tight canyon to reach the larger river Spiti near Attargu, has supplied the only entrance . The Pin valley is globally popular for its Chamurthi horses . Horses are raised and sold for high prices in Rampur-Bushahar and Ladakh at the Lavi fair . The climate and rich grass of the valley produce extremely sure-footed horses capable of negotiating great heights with ease.

A visitor to the Pin Valley may observe dozens of horses , colts and fillies grazing on the riverbanks, as well as some youngsters racing away on these horses, singing loudly in happy abandon.

Langza, Spiti Valley

Langza Vllage lies at 4400 m above sea level. It is separated into two sections : Langza Yongma (lower) and Langza Gongma (upper). Langza Village is one of the lovely places to visit in Lahaul Spiti. This beautiful town is endowed with old monasteries and prehistoric structures . Its verdant meadows , snow-capped mountains , and barren landscapes astound everyone who comes to this breathtaking site.

Langza Village is famous for the Lord Buddha’s statue overlooking the valley, a historic monastery , and mud homes . Visitors can travel to a few high-altitude lakes and engage in extreme activities like as climbing and hiking . This location is particularly rich in fossils of marine creatures and plants that were discovered here millions of years ago. That’s why many geologists and anthropologists visit the town every year.

Hikkim, Spiti Valley

Hikkim is a village at an elevation of 4,400 m (14,400 ft). Villae is 46 km (29 miles) away from Kaza. It is one of India’s highest year-round inhabited places, with homes ranging from 4330 to 4400 m.

Hikkim village contains the world’s highest post office , which is located at an elevation of 4,400 m (14,400 ft). The post office links tiny settlements in this remote area to the outside world.

#10 Lahaul Valley

Lahaul Valley

Lahaul is the tehsil of Lahaul-Spiti, the biggest district in the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh. The Zanskar range and Tibet bound it on the east . While on the south-east by the Kinnaur Valley , and the south by the Kullu Valley . High altitude glaciers are common in the area around Lahaul; the Bara Shigri glacier , 10 km long and 1 km broad, is one of the longest in the Himalayas.

#11 Keylong

Keylong, Lahaul Valley

Lahaul and Spiti’s district headquarters are at Keylong. Keylong is located above the Bhaga river on the primary commercial route between the Rohtang and Baralacha passes . This is also the center of all commercial activity, with a bazaar held regularly. Keylong is, unsurprisingly, the most populous and active hamlet in the Lahaul valley.

Best Places to Visit in Lahaul and Spiti District

Jipsa is 20 km from Keylong in a unique , fascinating , and rustic environment characterized by visitors. Jipsa is located on the banks of the Bhaga river , which has enough trout to entice serious fishermen. It also includes a rest house and a mountaineer cabin for those who wish to stay. For more adventure, there is a large camping area adjacent to the river.

Sissu, Places to visit in Lahaul Spiti

Sissu village settles at an elevation of 3130 m on the right bank of the Chandra River . During the summer, thick plantations of willows and poplars on both sides of the road prevent even the sun’s rays from penetrating. Wild roses in white, yellow, and red hues, together with stretches of alpine flowers , adorn the hillsides in a colorful feast.

Some of the famous places are the Gyephang mountain , and Lord Ghepan’s temple (though the entry of outsiders is restricted). Sissu nullah , which runs down a small valley from the Gyephang mountain glaciers . And the magnificent Sissu fall pouring down the cliff from the upper valley between the two mountains is visible across the river.

#14 Gondhla

Top Places to Visit in Lahaul and Spiti District

The village is 18 km from Keylong and lies along the right bank of the Chandra River. It settles at an elevation of 3160 m on a reasonably level stretch of land . Dense poplar and willow vegetation encircle the town.

Sissu and Gondhla are among the best in the world due to the glaciers and snowfields that cling to the precipices. The Thakur of Gondhla’s house, also known as the Gondhla castle or fort , draws a huge number of tourists.

#15 Udaipur

Udaipur, Lahaul Spiti District

This sub-divisional headquarters is located near the confluence of the powerful Mayar nullah and the major river Chandrabhaga. This hamlet, located 53 km from Keylong. Beautiful kail-blue pine trees surround the village. Because the altitude is low, apples , walnuts , apricots , and other fruits grow well in this region. This hamlet is warm yet prone to avalanches, making it unsuitable for district headquarters.

Udaipur, on the other hand, has the most densely wooded and green scenery in Lahaul. Hermann Goetz , during his visit in 1939, compared its landscape to that of Switzerland . It draws a large number of visitors and pilgrims due to its two distinct temples, Trilokinath and Markula Devi .

To be honest, Leh-Ladakh was my dream place. But after exploring the best places to visit in Lahaul and Spiti district, I felt that I was missing something really mesmerizing in my life. Lahaul Spiti has everything from mountains to rivers , from monasteries  to temples , and from adventure to luxury hotels . I must say, visit Lahaul Spiti at least once and wishing you a wonderful vacation 😉

Are Lahaul and Spiti same?

Himachal Pradesh's Lahaul and Spiti is a district . Lahaul and Spiti is made up of the two previously independent districts of Lahaul and Spiti . Lahaul Tehsil is more lush and fruitful , but Spiti Tehsil is largely barren high desert .

Which is better Lahaul or Spiti?

Lahaul is a high plateau surrounded by mountain ranges and massive glaciers. Spiti Valley is a chilly desert made up of austere barren mountains and huge canyons carved out by the raging Spiti River. As a result, Lahaul has become much more developed , with a higher number of mountain settlements.

Why Lahaul Spiti is famous?

The area is well-known for its high-altitude hiking paths and rich Tibetan-influenced culture . Lahaul and Spiti is a popular tourist destination due to its abundance of monasteries , flora and fauna , and several high mountain passes and rivers .

Which is the best time to visit Lahaul Spiti?

The best time to visit Lahaul Spiti is during summer (May-June) and monsoon (July-October) . The weather will be clear , cool, and perfect for exploration and adventure activities . Spiti's cold deserts and Lahaul's green valley will be calling you out.

But the road routes from Kinnaur and Manali are prone to landslides during the monsoon. So I will advise you to avoid the monsoon .

And just like Leh-Ladakh , weather conditions during the winter (November-April) are harsh and extreme . The blanket of snow covers the whole Lahaul and Spiti district. And this is not a good time to explore.

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Lahaul Valley in Spiti: The Road Less Traveled

The Lahaul valley is home to an energetic culture and distinct customs that have been preserved over time. The residents are polite and welcoming, and they are proud of their history.

Lahaul Valley Spiti is an excellent destination for anyone looking to soak up the beauty of nature and discover the greener side of the Lahaul-Spiti District. So, check out the best Spiti tour packages for the go!

Places to visit in Lahaul Valley


Rohtang Pass, located on the Pir Panjal Mountain Range in the Himalayas, provides an exquisite panorama of the glaciers and peaks of Lahaul Valley. This pass connects the Lahaul and Spiti valleys in Himachal Pradesh. It is located 53 kilometers from Manali and connects Kullu Valley to the Lahaul Valley.

Koksar Village

Koksar is a key halt for passengers on their way to Keylong, the Lahaul Valley headquarters. Koksar is gifted with an extraordinary view of the snow-covered Himalayas, crystal-clear river streams, verdant valleys, and breathtaking mountains. This village prepares guests for the sights they will see on their upcoming journey. Koksar is also a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts and hikers.

Sissu Village

Sissue village is located on the banks of the Chandra River in Lahaul Valley. This village is located 20 kilometers from Keylong and provides the finest insight into the lives of Buddhist monks, including their culture, traditions, architecture, and cuisine. This is a popular spot for vacationers looking to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.The Sissu village is flanked by snow-capped Himalayas, waterfalls, and a picturesque road lined with poplar trees.

Gandhloa Village

Gandhola, Lahaul Valley, Spiti is widely known for the Gandhola Fort and Monastery. This village is a Buddhist architectural wonder. The fort dates back to the 17th century and is constructed in traditional Tibetan style. It gives an insight into the region’s rich architecture, traditions, and culture. The Gandhola Monastery is one of the well known religious centers for Buddhists, hosting many religious and cultural festivals throughout the year.

Tandi  Village

Tandi Village holds religious significance in the life of the residents of the Lahaul and Spiti valleys. The settlement is located near the confluence of the Chandra and Bagha rivers. There are several mythical legends surrounding this location. One of the best-known stories is that Rishi Vashista was cremated at this confluence. This place provides a majestic view of the confluence of the rivers.

Keylong is the most popular destination in Lahaul Valley since it serves as the administrative headquarters for both Lahaul and Spiti valleys. Keylong also includes a market where tourists may buy local handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional Himachali items.

Kardang Monastery is a major attraction in Keylong and one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in the Lahaul Valley. The monastery is on a mountaintop above the town and provides panoramic views of the surrounding region.

Chandra Taal

Chandra Taal , also known as the Lake of the Moon, receives its name from its crescent form. The lake is situated at a high elevation and is only accessible during the summer months. Camping is popular  in the neighborhood of the lake. This location draws large numbers adventurers for camping and trekking Chandra Taal Lake also carries special religious significance for the Hindu community. According to legend, the Chandratal Lake is located near where God Indra’s chariot picked up Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers, in the Mahabharata. Religious and cultural events are held near the lake, attracting pilgrims from throughout India.

Suraj Taal the third highest lake in India is located at an elevation of 4,890 meters.This lake is located below the peak of Baralacha Pass in Lahaul Valley. Suraj Taal is the source of the Bhaga River.This location has been the subject of several mythical and horror myths and legends   For adventurers, this location offers a fantastic trekking and camping experience.

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5 Things  to do in Lahaul Valley

Lahaul Valley is the main attraction for campers. Solo travelers and groups alike visit the area, particularly to camp beneath the stars. Several professional organizations also pitch a tent beside the river, stream, or at the base of the valley for an ultimate adventurous experience.

This detached area of the country is far from pollution. As a result, one may find Mother Earth and nature in their purest state. One of the best things to do in Lahaul Valley is to spend an enchanting night beneath the beautiful night sky. The breathtaking view of the Milky Way Galaxy is surely a remarkable experience.

Lahaul Valley has opened its arms for the tourists even in the Winters. Skiing for all levels  intermediate and higher levels of backcountry skiers and snowboarders is available. The state government is trying to construct winter sports infrastructure in the valley that will equal European ski resorts.

Wildlife watching

The Suraj Tal and Chandra taal wildlife Sanctuary in Lahaul Valley is home to a variety of animal species, including Tibetan wolves, Himalayan snowcocks, golden eagles, and other migratory birds. Wildlife routes in the Lahaul Valley allow visitors to engage with the region’s abundant fauna and flora while also discovering its biodiversity.

The Lahaul Valley contains several hiking paths, some of which have yet to be discovered. The paths range in complexity and duration, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. The walking paths provide spectacular views of the snow capped Himalayas and valley below.

Suggested Read: Spiti Valley Trek

The best time to visit Lahaul Valley

Monsoon season is considered the most popular time for explorers and environment lovers to visit Lahaul Valley. The surrounding greenery is in full bloom at this time of year. Natural waterfalls spring to life during the monsoon season. The Lahaul Valley receives less rain since it is semi-arid and shadows the rain. However, landslides make the terrain tough.

Winter is the most challenging time to visit here. Lahaul gets the most snowfall, and the entire area is coated in a white blanket. The road leading to the location is closed. Winter is, however, not the best time to visit the location. To enhance the visitor inflow throughout the winter. Skiing and numerous cultural festivals are organized at the conclusion of the season. winter. Skiing and numerous cultural festivals are organized at the conclusion of the season.

Suggested Read : Lahaul And Spiti Travel Guide

How to reach Lahaul Valley

  By Train: The largest railway station nearest to Lahaul Valley is Chandigarh. However, you may take a toy train from Kalka to Shimla, which is around 169 kilometers from Lahaul Valley, and then continue on a road trip.

By Road: On a road journey to Lahaul, you may go on an adventure through the newly constructed Atal Tunnel Rohtang. This pass is available throughout the year. Atal Tunnel Rohtang connects Shimla and Manali, taking you to Keylong, the headquarters of Lahaul, which is around 330 kilometers away.

Places to stay In Lahaul Valley

Various organizations operate in Lahaul Valley and provide camping services to guests seeking an out-of-this-world experience. The campgrounds are located in remote areas and are designed specifically for adventurers, hikers, and backpacking groups.

Keylong, Jispa, and Sissu all provide a variety of hotel and guest house alternatives. However, small villages do not have hotels, but you can definitely locate a homestay in Lahaul Valley.

Following the easy accessibility of roads through the Atal Tunnel Rohtang and a surge of tourists to Lahaul Valley, people have transformed a portion of their homes into homestays in Lahaul valley. This provides travelers with an opportunity to witness how people live in secluded areas. Tourists might experience living in mud dwellings and taste delectable local cuisine and homestyle dining. Locals also provide mountain hiking services for the tourists.

Tips to remember when visiting Lahaul Valley

  •   There is no need to obtain a permit to go to Lahaul via Atal Tunnel. However, there has been a restriction on the number of vehicles going to Rohtang pass.
  •   Only BSNL and Airtel connections function at this location, and you should expect full cutoff in remote areas and select regions. However, WIFI connections are available at certain hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: what is the best time to visit lahaul valley, q: what are the main attractions in lahaul valley, q: how do i reach lahaul valley, q: what activities can i enjoy in lahaul valley.

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How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley – A Complete Travel Guide

spiti valley

Over the last few years, I have written several articles on how to plan a trip to Spiti Valley. These articles are spread over numerous pages and shuffling through trying to find the information that you need can actually be quite a task. So I thought to add this one sticky page at the front; more like an index to all the information.

How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley is really a very broad question because there are several aspects to it, and several factors will contribute to how your final plan turns out.

I will break this information as per different aspects of the trip, and provide links to articles where I have detailed the information related to it. Please take a look at the post below and it should answer all your questions about traveling to Ladakh.

If there some a question that wasn’t answered or if you need my advice on your travel plan or itinerary, you can follow me on Instagram and chat with me live there. Or you subscribe to my YouTube channel and ask any questions there.

A Timelapse captured in Nubra Valley of Ladakh

Quick Navigation

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is a name that creates many pictures in the minds of those who haven’t been there. While some picture lush green hills, mountain rivers, and waterfalls, others think of it as a barren wasteland, a cold desert very similar to Ladakh.

Whatever the picture is, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. A journey to Spiti is an experience that you will cherish for a long time, probably all of your life.

The name “Spiti” means “The Middle Land” which it actually is; because it is in fact the land between Tibet and India. And because of this very reason, it possesses a unique combination of both Indian and Tibetan cultures. A distinct lifestyle derived primarily out of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, gelled so well that it’s hard to tell them apart.

Is Spiti Valley Worth It?

I will start with this because it is one of the most frequently asked questions. A lot of people get confused about whether to visit Ladakh or Spiti Valley and then they think about whether or not Spiti Valley is worth visiting. If I am to answer this in a single sentence, yes Spiti Valley is definitely worth every minute or penny that you spend here.

It is going to be a journey that you will remember for all of your life. This trip will give you a taste of many things in terms of vistas and culture. The slow transformation from lush green hills of Kinnaur to barren brown of Spiti and then again the green of Manali will leave you mesmerized.

The white of snow-covered mountains and the blue of the lakes here are like nowhere else. You will get to see an entirely different part of our country and meet people following a very different culture than yours.

Yes, Spiti Valley is very well worth it and you must visit here. In many ways, it will actually be even better than visiting Ladakh.

When to visit Spiti Valley

This definitely is the first question that comes to mind when you think of planning a trip. Choosing the right time to go in my opinion is of utmost importance; both in terms of convenience and sightseeing.

Spiti valley is open by road for all 12 months. When to go to Spiti will really depend on what your preference is but the majority of the tourism happens in the months from June till September.

This is the time when both the routes from Shimla and Manali remain open. Take a look at the article below for more details on what can you expect in which month; and which would suit you the most.

  • When is the Best Time to Visit Spiti?
  • Spiti Roads: Opening and Closing Times

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Is Spiti Safe?

This is a question that must be addressed and answered before you go visit a new place. In my opinion, a person’s safety is entirely in their own hands and gets driven by the choices they make.

What you should know about Spiti Valley is that the roads here can be really bad, narrow, and sometimes even dangerous to drive on. So a certain amount of driving experience would be required (especially on hills) before you bring your vehicle here.

You definitely do not want this to be your first time when you were behind the wheel in the hills. If it was then I would recommend that you make a short trip to some other hill station and then drive to Spiti.

The local people here are very humble and gentle. The majority of the valley are simple villagers and the crime rate here is next to none.

So as long as you drive sensibly, did not take any unnecessary risks, did not wander alone into the wild on your own, and did not get into arguments with anyone, Spiti Valley is a very safe place to visit.

I would recommend reading through Is Spiti Safe for Tourists for more information and details on this topic.

Permits for Spiti Valley

Permits for Spiti Valley remain to be a topic of confusion really. Take a look at the articles below and these should help clarify any doubts. In a nutshell, as an Indian citizen, you do not need a permit for Spiti Valley. You are free to travel on the circuit any time of the year.

As a foreign national, you will need a permit to travel but it is only for traveling in the area near the Shipki La Pass (between Pooh and Nako). If a foreigner was coming from Manali to Kaza only, they do not need a permit. From the Shimla side, no permit is required for traveling till Reckong Peo but one is needed for going beyond Peo.

Irrespective of whether you are an Indian or a foreigner, you will definitely have to obtain a permit for Rohtang Pass; if you intended to enter the valley from Manali’s side. Go through the posts below please and these should clarify the matter further.

  • How to Get Permits for Spiti Trip
  • Rohtang Pass Permits: Details, Charges & How to Apply

how to plan a trip to spiti valley

How to Prepare

Once you have decided when to go, next in line comes the question of how to prepare. Spiti Valley is not really a place where you can just pack your bags and go.

You will have to seriously consider every aspect of the trip and pack accordingly. This will include packing the right kind of clothes, getting your vehicle ready, and carrying every essential item that you will need for the trip.

Below is a link to articles where I have provided this information in detail.

  • Clothes for Spiti Trip: What to Pack?
  • Carrying your Laptop to Spiti
  • How to Transport your Motorcycle for Spiti Trip
  • Mobile Network in Spiti – Coverage and Data Connectivity

Spiti Valley with Family

Not too long ago, Spiti Valley was considered a place only for the adventurous type and motorcycle enthusiasts. Back then, people were not even aware of the name ‘Spiti Valley’, and the ones who knew of it as a region close to the border and where no one goes.

Much however has changed in recent times. The number of people visiting Spiti now increases with each passing year and the place is slowly getting transformed into a tourist hotspot.

With that being said, the fact cannot be denied that it is still a high altitude desert where the terrain is not only challenging but dangerous too sometimes.

If you are thinking of a Spiti family trip then you would have to seriously prepare for the journey ahead; especially if you were traveling with a child, or elders of your family maybe.

Please take a look at the following post. The first one details preparations and precautions you would need to practice while coming to Spiti with an infant, toddler, or children of any other age.

The second article talks about how to plan a trip to Spiti if you had your parents or other elders of the family accompanying you.

  • How to visit Spiti Valley with Family?
  • Planning a Spiti Trip with Children?
  • How to Travel to Spiti with Senior Citizens?

how to plan a trip to spiti valley

What to buy in Spiti Valley

Shopping is of course an important part of any trip anywhere; especially if you are traveling with family. Spiti Valley is considered to be a very remote region. But makes no mistake, there is plenty that you can buy to remember your time here.

Local Warm Socks, Sweater, Shawl, Roasted Barle, Dry Cheese, Barle Powder, and Sea Buckthorn Tea are some of the most common items that are bought by tourists.

But the list just does not end here. It is merely the beginning. Please take a look at Shopping in Spiti – What To Buy and Where for more details on these items and several others.

What to eat in Spiti Valley

One of the must-do things, when you visit a new place, is to try the local food there. You may or may not like it, and it may or may not agree with your stomach but you must do it nonetheless. After all, traveling is in the end all about being in new places and trying new things.

A mix of Indian and Tibetan Cultures, the local food in Spiti valley looks exotic, smells mouth-watering, and tastes delicious. Please take a look at Local food in Spiti – What to Eat in Spiti for a list of some local dishes that you must try.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

Aside from getting ready yourself, you will also have to make sure that your vehicle too is ready for the arduous journey ahead. Spiti Valley is still a remote area where mechanics are rare to find in some places.

Out here, even a simple breakdown or a flat tire can ruin your trip if you weren’t prepared for it. You should know which vehicle to bring to Spiti, how to get it ready and what spares to bring. The articles below will help answer all these questions in detail.

  • How to Prepare your Car for Spiti Trip
  • Which is the Best Car for Spiti Trip
  • How to Prepare your Motorcycle for Spiti Trip
  • Which is the best motorcycle for Spiti Trip?

how to plan a trip to spiti valley

Time Needed

It will entirely depend on where you were coming from and your mode of travel. But assuming Delhi as a starting point, a total of 9 days is what I will recommend for this journey.

You can, of course, do away with a lesser number of days as well but with 9 days in hand, you will be able to make sure that you did not rush anywhere during the trip, saw everything that was worth seeing, and made the best out of your time.

The itinerary section below breaks down the trip by the number of days and gives you an idea of how you can plan your trip.

Itinerary for Spiti Valley Trip

A well-laid itinerary in my opinion is the most important part of visiting Spiti Valley. Based on the days you have in hand, you must have a carefully drafted plan on where do you want to be on which day.

A Spiti trip is not really a frequent affair so while you visit here, you need to make sure that you make the most out of it and visit as many places as you possibly can. I have written several articles providing examples of different itineraries broken by days; links to which I have provided below.

Depending on how long your trip is going to last, you can pick an itinerary from the ones I have listed in these articles.

  • 3 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 4 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 5 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 6 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 7 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 8 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 9 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 10 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 11 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 12 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 13  Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 14  Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 15 Days Itinerary for Spiti
  • 3 Detailed Plans to Visit Spiti in 6 Days
  • A Detailed Itinerary for Visiting Spiti in Winters
  • A Detailed Spiti Itinerary from Manali
  • Chandratal Itinerary – How to Plan a Trip for 4 – 5 Days?
  • 2 Weeks Itinerary for Spiti Trip
  • Shimla to Spiti Itinerary: A Detailed Travel Plan

chandratal lake

What to See in Spiti Valley

The next piece of information that you should keep handy is a list of places that you would like to see. You have been told that entire Spiti is a tourist destination in itself which is entirely correct.

Every turn of the road here will present you with something new and you will not get tired of clicking your camera for hours. But there must be some places that can be called the prime attraction, correct?

You are right. In the article below, I have listed every place in Spiti Valley that is worth a visit. Depending on the time you have for the trip, you can decide which one (or all of them) you want to cover.

  • Tourist Attractions In Spiti & Its Vicinity
  • Festivals of Spiti
  • Kaza – Sightseeing, Accommodation, and Other Facilities

Where to Stay in Spiti Valley

After what to see comes information related to accommodation. Spiti Valley is getting more popular with each passing year but the fact is that it still remains to be a remote region.

Knowing what your choices of accommodation are and where you can break your journey for the night is of utmost importance. It will also play a crucial part in drafting your final itinerary and deciding on the number of days for the trip.

In the articles below, I have listed some recommended hotels available on the circuit.

  • Recommended and Best Hotels in Spiti
  • HPPWD Rest House: Locations, Contacts, Charges & How to Book
  • Accommodation in Spiti: Recommended Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Accommodation at Chandratal – What are the options
  • Camping at Chandratal – Best campsites

Monasteries in Spiti Valley that allow Night Stay

A lot of people look forward to staying at a monastery in Spiti Valley. This is a great choice for experiencing something different and local. However, this option is not available at all the monasteries.

In Spiti Valley, there are only 5 monasteries that I know that have this kind of arrangement. Before you decide to stay here though, please know that your stay will be very basic and may feel uncomfortable to you. But if you want do want to give it a try, then you can stay at either of the following monasteries for the night.

  • Key monastery near Kaza
  • Tabo Monastery
  • Dhankar Monastery
  • Kungri Monastery, Pin Valley
  • Komic Monastery

key monastery

How to Travel to Spiti Valley

Now since we have all the information we need, let us talk about how to travel to and in Spiti Valley.

In the articles below, I have talked about how to journey on the two roads leading to Spiti Valley; the Manali – Kaza, and Shimla – Kaza routes; and then how to go to areas like Kibber, Pin Valley, and Chandratal after you have arrived in Kaza.

The first article is a very comprehensive road map of the entire Spiti Circuit; then the following articles are detailed explanations of the route.

  • Lahaul Spiti Road Map With Distances
  • Spiti via Shimla or Manali – Which one is Better?
  • Lahaul Spiti Route Guide
  • Riding to Spiti on 100CC Motorcycle or Scooter
  • Plan a Trip from Delhi to Chandratal Lake?
  • Kaza to Komik, Hikkim and Langza
  • Kaza to Kibber, Gette & Tashigong
  • Trip to Chandratal Lake
  • Spiti Trip In Winters
  • How to Plan a Trip to Pin Valley, Spiti

Renting a Bike for the Trip

A trip to a place like Spiti Valley is best when done by your own vehicle. This however is not really a choice open to everyone. For one reason or another, a lot of people travel here by other modes of transport as well of which, renting a motorcycle is one of the top ones.

There are several places that you can rent a bike from for the trip like Manali, Shimla, or Kaza itself. However, before you finalize the deal, you must carefully inspect the motorcycle to ensure that it will not give you trouble anywhere.

In the articles below, I have provided information on where you can rent a bike from with some recommended names; and what is it that you should pay heed to before renting a bike.

  • Why and When you should rent a Motorcycle for Spiti Trip
  • Where to rent a motorcycle in Manali for Spiti Trip?

Cost of Spiti Trip

The budget for the trip is one of the biggest deciding factors. While your overall expense incurred during the trip will completely depend on your own personal spending habits; some idea of the minimum cost will still be beneficial.

Below is a list of articles that can help you calculate the overall cost you will incur during the trip; and how you can keep it within budget.

  • How to Calculate Minimum Budget or Cost of Spiti Trip?
  • Calculate Spiti Trip Cost by Motorcycle
  • How to Plan a Budget Trip to Chandratal?
  • 8 Tips to Make a Budget Trip to Spiti

Public Transport Services in Spiti Valley

Off-late, a lot of people have started to visit Spiti valley using public transport services; either in form of a Bus or shared cabs. If you too are planning a trip here by Public transport, then in the article below you will find information related to bus schedules and shared taxis.

  • Spiti Bus Service: Frequency, Fare & Time Table

spiti valley bus service

Last but not the least, below are some articles where I have shared some quick tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Most of these tips are based on my own personal experience of Spiti Valley after being there several times.

Read through and I am sure this information can be of help to you.

  • How to Handle Acute Mountain Sickness In Spiti
  • Top 10 Things NOT to do in Spiti
  • Why you should avoid traveling from Manali to Kaza in October
  • Is it Safe to Travel to Spiti during Monsoon Season?
  • Other Facilities In Spiti

Months to Visit Spiti Valley

Which month you would want to go really depends on your own personal preference. Below is a list of articles explaining Spiti valley month by month. The information I have included in these posts is relevant to that particular month only. Depending on which month you want to go in, click on the link and read through the information.

  • Spiti in January
  • Spiti in February
  • Visiting Spiti in March
  • How to Plan Spiti Trip in April
  • Spiti in May
  • Spiti Trip in June
  • Visiting Spiti in July
  • Spiti in August
  • Spiti in September
  • How to Plan Spiti in October
  • Spiti in November
  • Spiti in December

how to plan a trip to spiti valley

When does Spiti Valley open for Tourists?

Contrary to common belief, Spiti valley actually remains open for all 12 months of the year. People tend to think that it gets shut down in the winter months but that is not true.

Of the two roads connecting Spiti with the rest of the country, it is only the Manali Kaza highway that gets blocked in winter. The reason behind this is that there are two high altitude passes on this route and both of them are notorious for receiving high amounts of snow each year. Yes, I am referring talking about Rohtang La and Kunzum La.

On the other hand, there is not even a single high altitude pass on the route from Shimla to Kaza. Due to this, it remains open throughout the year.

There could be a temporary block if the weather turned extreme and it snowed too much; but even if that happens, authorities clear the road just as soon as they are able to and restore connectivity.

With that being said, the tourist season in Spiti really starts in the month of May. People visit here in other months as well but the majority of the tourism happens only between May and September. This is the time when all tourist areas are open, and all hotels and guest houses are operational.

Is Spiti Valley Dangerous

If you are asking in terms of people then no, it is not at all dangerous. People here are very humble and simple. But if you are asking in terms of terrain then it will depend on how sensibly you travel.

Roads are bad and narrow in some places but as long as you drive sensibly and slow, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

But if you take unnecessary risks, drive insensibly, try to be at places where you should not be, or get into altercations with people then you are just making things difficult for yourself.

Spiti Valley is a very safe place to visit but the end result will entirely be in your own hands.

Is Spiti Valley safe for a woman to travel alone?

All that I explained above in this article about safety in Spiti valley applies to a solo woman traveler as well. Plan your itinerary well, chose your hotels wisely, keep your folks informed about your whereabouts, do not get over-friendly with everyone you meet, maintain your distance, do not venture out in remote areas all by yourself and you will be fine.

Do not also tell people that you are all alone. If asked, just tell them that you are with a group but alone just for that very moment. I know girls who have been on the Spiti Circuit alone, both by public transport and motorcycle, and they were able to travel without any problem at all.

I hope the information above on how to plan a trip to Spiti Valley was of help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. You can also follow me on Instagram  and chat with me live there or  subscribe to my YouTube channel and ask a question there.

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Not much to write about me really except for that I love to travel around whenever I can and to wherever I can. This blog is just a small attempt to share my travel experiences with the world. Hope you like it !!!

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You have defined Spellbinding landscapes, ancient monasteries, and vibrant culture make Lahaul-Spiti a must-visit. Your travel guide is a gateway to adventure and awe-inspiring beauty!

Thank you !!!

Planning to visit Spiti soon, your spiti guide is one of the well informed blog, you have really defined it so minutely, Thanks for this amazing info.

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Sir… What will be the taxi cost for 5 days spiti trip from manali side and return through same route to manali?

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Hi bro Can I visit to 27th nov 23 to 3rd dec 23 to Spiti trip?? Plz answer I m already packed my luggage for trip solo bike ride.

You will have to go via Shimla Bhai and come back the same way

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Hello Vargis, Just read your article about the iteneraries of all the places and much loved all the details of your step by step guide. I’m planning for a 9 days Spiti trip by solo. Can you please help me out the details of the planning procedures, cost of staying and tarnsportation and the best time to visit please? I’ll be much obliged if getting a helpful advise from you.

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Hi Mr Vargis, can you please suggest that i am planning to the spiti circuit from Shimla to manali somewhere around 12 jun onwards for around 8-9 days with my family of 04. Can you suggest will it be ok if don’t book accommodation in advance. Will we be able to find it at the spot. What could be pros n cons. Is there any issue of accomodation if we don’t book in advance? Are there good homestay on affordable rates on the route?

Hi Dhirendra – Yes, you will be able to find hotels upon arrivals as well, it should not be a problem.

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What be d Surity to reach chandratal or getting d kunzum open in second wk of June? Would you plz recommend any specific tour operator for spiti circle road trip?

It will be open in June for sure. Take a look at the contact me page. I have provided some numbers there.

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Hi … Instagram says you can’t receive messages from new contacts . HD few queries for my Spiti trip .

I just messaged you on Instagram

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I have visited Spiti during Winder ( Feb) 2020 & 2022, It is just heaven on earth. I visited Laznha, Komic, Hakkim, Kaza, Chichum etc., LIfe Time visit.

' src=

Can I go Manali from Kaza on my Maruti Brezza on 8 June

' src=

Hello Vargis,

We are group of 4 people trying to plan a tour to and from Chandigarh as it’s the nearest airport.

A private tour organizer I had a word with is quoting about 30k per person for 10 days 9 nights trip including innova taxi to and from Chandigarh, stay as well as breakfast and dinner during this time.

Need your inputs on this if these rates are reasonable, if not what costs should I be looking at for the kind of tour we are planning.

It would be good also if you can share any contacts of tour organizers who are experienced in this area and can provide a better deal.

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I visited Spiti Valley in 2021, It’s so beautiful, I have read your article it’s well written and rightly explained…keep it up.

Thank you Robin

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Dear Vargis,

I just returned from a fantsastic road trip to the KInnaur & Spiti valleys. I’d like to thank you for the wealth of information that I could gather about the trip from reading your blogs. I also am a travel blogger & if you wish you can read my blogs at

Keep travelling & keep writing. Best wishes, Lt Col Sudeep Vijai (Retd)

Hello Sudeep Bhai – Just read your blog. Thank you for mentioning me there and for your kind words, I really appreciate it. You may also want to change the category of the post there, it still shows in your bucket list.

I am myself the Son of a retired Army officer. So it felt really great to have someone from the Army like my posts. 🙂

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' src=

I like ur article. It is very nice and valuable infermation. We are planing at the end of may from kerala to spiti through shimla.

[…] Also Read: How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley […]

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' src=

Hi Mr. Vargis We have planned to visit Spiti starting from Shimla on 01.11.2020

Our TOUR ITINERARY: Day 01, 01.11.2020: Shimla to Saharan, O/N at SAHARAN Day 02, 02.11.2020: Saharan to Chitkul vai Sangla Chitkul Road, O/N at CHITKUL Day 03, 03.11.2020: Chitkul to Nako, O/N at NAKO Day 04, 04.11.2020: Nako to Pin Valley (Mud Village), O/N at MUD VILLAGE Day 05, 05.11.2020: Pin valley to Kaza, 50 Km, 1.00 hr, Kaza Local Sightseeing: Ki, Kibber, Gette, Tashigang in the second half of the day, O/N at KAZA Day 06, 06.11.2020: Kaza Local Sightseeing (Hikkim, Komik) — Hikkim, Komik, Langza circuit, O/N at KAZA Day 07, 07.11.2020: Kaza to Tabo via Dhankar, O/N at TABO Day 08, 08.11.2020: Tabo to Kalpa, O/N at KALPA Day 09, 09.11.2020: Kalpa to Shimla, O/N at SHIMLA Day 10, 10.11.2020: Shimla to Delhi and Delhi to Kolkata

We are total in 6 persons (2 families). Is it okay or some changes are to be need.

Seeking your observation and guidance.

Thanks and regards.

Ashokesh Biswas Kolkata

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see my spiti timelapse video

' src=

Amazing blog! Amazing content thank you for sharing knowledge. valuable information!!!

' src=

I loved Ur article… We are planning to visit the valley by end of April, hope it’s a good time and we would be traveling from Mumbai to Manali… So how to arrange 4 wheeler or is there any public transport available? You also mentioned about the Rohtang ,that we would require a pass whom to contact so that the pass would be ready by the time we reach Manali…. And if we have to rent a car what are the best options… I have been to Manali and Rohtang but we had hotel transport … But for Spiti valley if u can guide us plzz

[…] Also Read: How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley – A Complete Travel Guide […]

' src=

Hii vargis bhai..ur vlog just stun me because its reflecting your hardwork and i loved it and its truely helpful.. Brother i want to know can hash is available in kaza and mud village and in recongpeo pls dont mind my question brother because im going with my friend and we want to enjoy it fully for a rememberable journey ..pls reply brother

Bhai it is available everywhere as long as you know who to ask and talk to.

Thnks so much brother for d reply

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' src=

Read all your blogs on Spiti and loved the detailed info. Only a true traveler can write such blogs. Huge congratulations to you to have reached this stage in life which many travelers like me just dream about, I have 2 questions for you and would really appreciate if you could help me out-

1) I want to do the complete Spiti circuit and understood from your blogs that the best time to do it is June until September. I have seen the Rohtang pass in movies like “Jab we met” and I noticed that the route of the pass has tall ice/snow walls on both the sides… as if a hill of snow has been cut from middle to make a road. I want to see this particular landscape wherein the vehicle passes from the road with snow walls on both sides. Which week of which month can I see this view of the Rohtang pass? Does this happen when the BRO has just opened the pass in June? So if i start from Shimla on 20th June and reach Rohtang suppose on 30th June (after completing the Spiti circuit),will I still get to see these tall snow walls on Rohtang Pass or will the snow walls melt by then?? Will you in this case suggest to start the Spiti circuit from Manali in the first week of June (here I am assuming that the snow walls will be fresh and intact during the 1st or 2nd week of June). Please clarify me on this. I dont mind starting from either Shimla or Manali…. date of month is also not a constraint… but I really want to see these snow walls on Rohtang road. Please suggest.

2) Like your Spiti blogs, do you also have blogs on Uttrakhand? I want to do Nainital, Almora, Kausoni, Ranikhet, Binsar, Munsiyari, Chopta, Auli and Valley of Flowers. If you have this itiniary/blog, please send me the link. Thanks a lottt in adavance 🙂

' src=

Hi my Friend Vargis, You wrote awesome articles and I see your passion in writing and traveling. Very Appreciative:)

I’ve questions : Info : Will reach Chandigarh on 8th and in evening by taxi we will reach kasol (wanted to reach direct till pulga no travel agency is ready to drop why ?).

Questions : Can we travel after 5PM from chandigarh till Kasol for keerganga trek? Ola available and works well ? Or do you have any suggestions ?

Question : How many days before we have to rent a bike for Spiti with rothanpass permission ? from the rental services (This is very confusing) ?

Question : On 11th October we will start journey from Manali to Spiti for chandratal lake and start return journey on13th morning. Will this work ?

This will be really a great help if you can help me with this informations:)

thank you so much in advance Vargis. You are a travel hero:)

Best wishes from: Laxminarayana

Hi Laxminarayana,

Thank you for your kind words.

1. Yes you can travel overnight to Kasol if you have made arrangemetns for a cab and hotel in Kasol. I do not think Ola will work for this. 2. Let them know 3-4 days in advance so they can arrange your permit for Rohtang as well. 3. Yes, provided that the weather holds. It can snow anytime now and if it did, it will ruin your plans.

Hii vargis bhai..ur vlog just stun me because its reflecting your hardwork and i loved it and its truely helpful.. Brother i want to know can hash is available in kaza and mud village pls dont mind my question brother because im going with my friend and we want to enjoy it

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Excellent blog, I have read almost all of your posts regarding spiti valley trip and it has been really helpful so far. I am planning to visit spiti starting from Shimla ending at Manali on 25th sep to 2nd of October 2019. Can you please suggest me is it good season to visit and will I face any road closures including rohtang pass? Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi Nikhil – Your timings are OK. Rohtang won’t close that early.

' src=

Hello can you recommend any tour operators who have fixed departures to spiti

I do not know anyone who has fixed departures. Sorry.

' src=

Dear Vargis Bhai, We are planning to travel to Spiti from 30th September to 8th October from Shimla side. Understanding will be cold but have a few questions. 1. We are travelling by own vehicle from Shimla side. Would we be able to cover Chandratal or would it get closed by then? Or would you recommend from the other side? 2. By when does Spiti start to shut down in October? 3. Any other general precautions ? Regards, Amit

Hi Amit Bhai

1. Yes. 2. The Manali Kaza route and Chandratal remains open in first half of October. 3. See this post please.

' src=

An adventurer you are Vargis and very well info blog, so Kudos to you.. I’m planning a trip from Delhi – Shimla – Spiti – Manali – Delhi from 13 Sep because the way from Manali will be closed in October and I want to see green lush + Chandra Taal Lake.

QUERY : I’m travelling via Activa 125cc with a pillion, Is it possible at this time of the year?

INFO : I’ve done Dharamkot, Lansdowne, Nanital, Rishikesh, Shimla, and itty bitty on my Activa 125.

PS : If my scooty get’s stalled the pillion will push it till needed

Thanks Kashif. You can do this trip but it would very tough with a Pillion rider.

Hi.. any recommendations for travel agents who do fixed departures. I’m a solo traveller and will be happy to join a group

' src=

Great post, really helpful.

Just one query, will there be many muddy patches/water crossings on the way to Spiti via Shimla?

I am planning for a bike trip. Just wanted to check on this since will be using footwear accordingly. What do you suggest?

Regards, Robbie

Hi Robbie – There are a couple of crossings between Shimla andd Kaza but mmost are between Kaza andd Manali.

Do you suggest gumboots or waterproof shoes?

Waterproof shoes will be better

You are welcome !!!

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Hi Varrgis, first of all thank you so much for your inputs. That has really helped.

I am planning to visit Spiti in June end to July. Need your advise for the points below. 1. Dates? (June 21-30) OR (July 5-13) ?? Which one? 2. I plan to take a zoomcar. Is it a good option? As that will give me independence to explore that area, I am inclined to take a self-driven rental car. 3. Can we find a good stay option on-the-spot there?

1. Both are pretty much the same, not much difference. Try in June though, you will be able to avoid monsoon. 2. Yes 3. Yes

Thank you. One last question.

Hi, I have a good amount of driving experience, have driven 3 hrs at a stretch also. But have no experience in hilly area. Is it okay to drive there on my own?

Yes you should be OK. Just go slow and be careful.

' src=

Is Rohtang pass open now? I wanted to cover the complete SPiti circuite from shimla->kalpa->rohtangapass -> manali -> shimla!

No it will probably open by June 1st week

' src=

whether BSNL prepaid bought from outside Himachal Pradesh will work in spiti circuit?

Yes it will

' src=

Hi Vargis, I am planning to visit Spiti with my wife starting 2nd June from Shimla. Below is my tentative plan. Day1: Shimla to Sangla Day2: Sangla to Chitkul Day3: Chitkul to Nako Day4: Nako to Mud covering Gue Day5: Mud to Kaza covering key, kibber Day6: Kaza -komic,langza, hikkim Day7: Chandrataal (if open)/ stay in kaza Day8: Manali

Does the plan look reasonable? Also am planning to rent a cab. Is it okay to travel in smaller cab as SUVs are expensive.

Hi Amit – Yes your itinerary is fine and yes, it is OK to rent a smaller car as well.

' src=

Hi Vargis bro, We 4 friends are planning a trip to Sangla-Chitkul and Spiti. How abt takng a taxi from Shimla or Narkanda to Sangla-Chitkul-Kalpa-Peo then catch bus to Kaza. From Kaza again hiring a taxi to visit all d places arnd ther including Chandratal thn retn to Kaza and take direct bus to Manali. will it be expensive?

Hi Rakesh – It will not be expensive but you will not save too much either. The cost will more or less come out to be the same if you hired a cab for the entire trip.

' src=

Hi sir, Can vehicle( with driver) be hired at shimla for spiti circuit? If yes, from where? What would be approx charges for 10 days vehicle, which vehicle is best ? If you know any good driver , please give details . Thanks

' src=

sir. thanks for such good information for spiti valley. each every point is cover in your post. thanks once again

Thanks for taking the time to drop a note Ritesh

' src=

Any comments on availability of camps or homestays? Are they available all the time or prior booking is required?

' src=

Hi, I am planning to tour lahaul spiti from 11 Jun to 15 Jun, if any group or individual is planning a tour in this period then we can form a group to visit lahaul spiti

' src=


I must say that what I have found here in your blog is by far the best one will come across in the digital medium.

I am from Mangalore and I am at initial stages of planning a 9/10 days trip to cover Spiti circuit . Starting point may probably be Delhi and ending via Manali and Chandigarh.

I have previously covered whole of Sikkim with my wife, mom and dad. Through a Travel agency last year.

And before that I and my wife have been to Ladakh too.

This year since I am planning for Spiti , Probably in July or September,with my family , should I take the help of online travel agency again ? Because I have no idea about how to book a taxi for 10 days from Shimla. The online package is costly (28k per head), but sometimes I feel they will take care of everything na..

Don’t know what to do . Do suggest.

' src=

Hi Virgis Bhai…Very useful informations, thanks.

We are planning to go to spiti in 1-2 week of June. Just wanted to know, if it is possible to reach chitkul starting from shimla in 7-8 hours time? As we are thinking of leaving shimla early at 9:00 AM.

Is june 8th to 16th good time to complete shimla – Spiti – Chandratal – Manali – Chandigarh?

Hi Piyush – Shimla to Chitkul will be about 8-9 hours and yes June is a good time

' src=

Dear Vargis Bhai, Thank for writing a great article about the hidden of Himachal. It is enriching us. Thanks a lot. We are planning to go Spiti & Lahaul on 25.0819 to 03.09.2019. Any suggestion please inform me.

Thanks Kaustav. It is a good time to go. Just keep a check on the weather before you go.

Thanks a lot. I will be touch with you for your kind information.

' src=

This April is good time for spiti?

It is but you can only travel via Shimla.

' src=

Nice article, I’m planning to go Spiti via Shimla from 07 June 2019. Do you think if it is the right time? Also, the trip is for 10D/8N. Do you think it will be too exhausting considering I’m from south India?

Hi Rahgav – Yes June is a good time. How are you traveling from South India though?

' src=

I have not seen this great documentation for million dollor softwares anywhere. Keep up the good work 🙂

Thank you Abhishek !!!

' src=

Awesome yaar!! So much efforts in ur blog. Keep traveling and guiding us. Thanks a ton!!

Thanks for taking the time to drop a note Bhushan.

' src=

Your information did helped me alot during my Manali-Leh trip last year so Thanks a ton for guiding.

Next year we are planning a round trip Chandigarh-Spiti-Leh-Srinagar-Chandigarh so i have an unusual doubt as no one or very few have done this route.

While going to Leh from Manali one has to acquire ILP to produce in Rohtang pass and further checkpoints as well. If a person doesnt have the Rohtang stamp on ILP then he will be interrogated in Koksar as to why you missed and all ?

So my doubt is, As we dont need any ILP to do Spiti circuit, if i exit from Gramphoo and directly show up in Koksar then will they allow me to do further route ?

And even if i apply for ILP online and get it before going to Spiti, i would still miss Rohtang pass’s stamp on it and then i will be questioned in Koksar.

Please help me on this as there is no/minimal information on this.

Waiting for your response.

No you do not need Rohtang permit if you are coming from Spiti. Just keep a receipt of the hotel or anything handy and in case they stop you at Kokhsar, just produce the receipt to prove that you are coming from Spiti and not Manali.

' src=

Thank for writing a great article about the spiti valley, you have given the complete details about the hidden himachal , keep posting ……

Hello Mr. Katoch, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that the information posted was of help.

' src=

Your articles have been really helpful for us to plan our this year’s trip, which is to Spiti. I would like to thank you for that.

We are leaving for Manali on 17Aug and start our Spiti trip from Manali on 18Aug. Eventhough I visited your Road Condition page and forum, however was not able to find any latest info on the same.

So please let me know on how the roads and weather are in the area, if u have any updated info on the same.

The roads between Manali and Kaza is badly damaged Vinod, rest of the route is a mix of good and average. In fact the Manali Kaza route was closed for 2-3 days last week due to landslides.

Thanks Vargis for the reply. It looks like, it will be a gamble.Will come back and let you know how it goes. Regards.

I just confirmed with my contact at Kaza and the roads are all open. Between Manali and Kaza however is in terrible conditions brother.

' src=

How are the roads now?

Mix of good bad and ugly

Hi Vargis, thanks for the update bro. We completed the trip. There was rain in those region on 17.08.2018 and due to a landslide we were stuck some 10kms before Chatru for 7hrs. Had to spend the night in Prem Dhaba at Chatru because before Batal a tempo was stuck in the road due to slush. Also, Manali-Leh highway was completely slushy. However, from the next day onwards there was no delay as the weather was fine and the roads dried up. Chatru to Losar is still in bad condition, lots of water streams and rocks. Losar to Kaza is good and on our return we came from Chicham side, which was very good road till Kyoto. Then again from Kyoto to Gramphoo, its bad. Lots of water streams though, Chandratal Road is in very bad condition. The slush was gone on the way back, Rohtang was very foggy and visibility was very low. So I guess the mantra is, if it is rainy slow down the schedule and make the journeys in the morning when the water stream will have less force 🙂

Hi Vinod Bhai – Welcome back. I am glad that your trip went well and thank you for the updates on road conditions brother. Do share some pictures if possible.

' src=

Hi Bro, We are planning to visit spiti valley next week. Aug 15th to 26th. Shimla -> Spiti Valley -> Manali. But we heard that roads to spiti valley is closed because of landslides. When it will open and is it safe to travel on these days?

Hi Shylesh, Yes the Manali Kaza road got closed earlier this week due to heavy rainfall. It is expected to reopen in next day or two so you should be OK to ride. Just be prepared for rain, waterproof everything and keep a couple of days as buffer.

' src=

Harlo Vargis. i am mr tow and glad that i found ur page. I am interested in a 8days trip to spiti valley and hope taht u can help recommend someone who are experience in photography to help me in planning my trip. i am a landscapes photographer and eventhou i enjoyed the itinerary proposed but i am wondering if it is possible to be in certain places during sunset and sunrise just to get the best light for the landscapes and also some astrophotography in specific location for best composition. i really need an experience guide with photography knowledge to help me and advise my trip. thanks

Hello Mr. Tow – I wish I could be of help in this aspect but I really do not know anyone who could be your guide in terms of photography.

' src=

Found your blog and Spiti series just at the right time. 🙂 Thank you for writing these posts. Super helpful and a treat to read.

Thank you Rama

' src=

Must say really enjoying your blog… Great detailed posts…

' src=

Wow !!! The blog is a perfect answer to all the faqs regaeding the spiti valley road trip.

Thanks Aabhas. I am glad that the information posted was of help.

' src=

What an amazing piece of information.I usually read but never comment on blogs, but the first time I’m commenting on your blog..,seriously that’s amazing piece of content.., cheers.

Thanks Uday

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Hope you are well! At the outset, thank you so much for creating such informative and exhaustive blogs on travel. I have been an ardent follower, and had planned my Ladakh trip, last year based on your itinerary suggestions – it was awesome. This year, my peeps and I are planning a trip to Spiti tentatively from 3rd to 12th August. All of us are from Delhi and would require to resume office from 13th August. May I request you to share a feasible itinerary, if possible? I understand, you have a busy schedule, but would love to hear from you! Best, Srirupa

Hi Srirupa – Thank you for your kind words and I am glad that the information posted was of help. Before I suggest an itinerary, can you please let me know how will you be traveling? You own car?

Hi Varghis – We usually take the overnight bus to Manali and from there onward, we hire a car.

Thanks again.

Do you just want to cover Spiti valley? I mean reach Kaza via Manali and then come back the same way? I am asking because I would recommend completing the entire circuit since you are hiring a private cab and have 9 days for it. Also, hiring a taxi from Manali will also be costlier. Do it from Shimla. Rent a taxi from Shimla and then finish the journey at Manali.

We would love to cover the whole circuit if you are suggesting that 9 days will be enough to do that! Would you be kind enough to give me some idea about how our itinerary should be? I understand I’m taking a lot of your time but really appreciate your gesture! Thank you so much

Hi Srirupa – For 9 days, you can travel like this.

1. Delhi to Shimla / Narkanda 2. Shimla / Narkanda to Chitkul 3. Chitkul to Kalpa 4. Kalpa to Nako / Tabo 5. Nako / Tabo to Mud Village, Pin Valley 6. Mud to Kaza 7. Kaza to Chandratal 8. Chandratal to Manali 9. Manali to Delhi

' src=

Hello Vargis, we intend to travel from 28th Jun’18 to 6th Jul’18. Starting from Rohtak (Haryana) to Spiti Valley & returning to Rohtak. Can you pls suggest an itinerary? We do have one but I would need your expert advice. I am an Indian National. TIA Sewa Singh

How will you be traveling Sewa? By your own vehicle, cars or bikes? Also, Let me know what your itinerary is and I can suggest if a change is required.

HI Vargis, I will be travelling by Royal Enfield Bullet. There will be one more biker and one car. Our tentative itinerary is as below: 28th Jun’18 – Rohtak to Rampur 29th Jun’18 – Rampur to Raksham / Chitkul 30th Jun’18 – Chitkul – Kalpa 1st Jul’18 – Kalpa – Kaza 2nd Jul’18 – Kaza (sight seeing) 3rd Jul’18 – Kaza to Chandratal 4th Jul’18 – Chandratal to Mandi / Manali 5th Jul’18 – Mandi / Manali to Rohtak

We can extend the trip by a day or two, say return to Rohtak on 6th or 7th Jul’18

Hope this information enables you to provide your expert advice. Thanks

If you can extend by 2 days then incorporate a visit to Pin Valley as well. From Kalpa, go to Nako and stay there for the night. From Nako, go to Pin Valley and stay at Mud Village. From Mud Village then, go to Kaza the next day. Rest of your itinerary looks great.

Which car is going to be traveling with you?

Hi Vargis, thanks for your inputs. Much appreciated. Hyundai Santa fe is going with us. Where are you based? Pls share your contact details (if you feel like) on my email [email protected]

Hi Sewa – I am based out of Delhi, just dropped you an email on the mentioned address.

Please be careful on the Chandratal stretch. That road is extremely bad and very narrow, barely wide enough for one car.

Hi Vargis, thanks for connecting. We will be careful on the Chandratal stretch. We appreciate your inputs. You are doing a great job. Let me know if you are ever in Australia. Rgds Sewa Singh

Thanks Sewa. I will surely connect with you if I am ever in Australia.

At Chandratal, stay with Jamaica’s camps, greatly recommended. You can contact him at 9418200183 to book. In case you are not able to reach, just drop a message on watsapp and he will call back.

At Kaza, you can stay at Hotel Spiti Valley right opposite Kaza Monastery. Contact person is Tanzin and his number is 9418927312.

Thanks for sharing these contact details. It will be quite handy. Can I mention your name? And yes look forward to your visit to Australia anytime. Rgds

Yes absolutely. Give my reference and they both will take great care of you. Let me know if I can be of any other help.

Sure Vargis. Will do.

Do let me know how your trip went brother after you return.

Sure brother..

Hi Vargis, we finished our trip yesterday and can’t thank you enough for your valuable inputs. Our itinerary was like this: Day 1 – Shimla Day 2 – Sangla Valley Day 3 – Chitkul (went upto Rani Kund, couldn’t go to Dumti because of heavy flow in the nullah on the way. Camped next to the river) Day 4 – Nako Day 5 – Mudh (Pin Valley) Day 6 – Kaza (visited Langza, Hikkim and Komic). I would recommend staying in Langza, Hikkim or Komic rather than Kaza Day 7 – Chandratal (pitched our own tent) Day 8 – Shamsi (near Kullu) Day 9 – Back home in Rohtak (487 kms ride)

Ride from Kaza to Chandratal was not that bad but Chandratal to Rohtang was hell of a ride…loved every bit of it…real adventure…tougher than the Manali Leh route…did get a chance to view the mummy in Gue village…overall a different experience than the Ladakh trips that I had in the past…

Hi Sewa – I am glad your trip went well and thank you for dropping a note. Do share some pics if possible specially of your trek at Chitkul. Even I have not covered that part.

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sir i am planning a trip to spiti valley on sept 9. we are 1 couple and a small child abt 1 yr old. i want to hire a taxi from shimla and have a total to 7 to 8 days and return back to shimla.does the weather ia gd from shimla to spiti.and temp also.kindly provide me the itinary and also sugest hotels and stay point.kindly add stay at chitkul also.

Hi Deepak – Please take a look at the itineraries for 7 and 8 days at the links below. Let me know if you have any other questions.

' src=

Is it possible to plan a trip for 3 -4 days for SPITI? If yes then how ?

See the itinerary section in the post above.

' src=

Hi, I am alfas. I am planning to do spiti circuit in coming two months, this time i wish to do in groups. anybody who are planning to do spiti who are looking for travel mate are welcome

Alfas – Post a thread at community forum at the link below and annyone interested can join you.

' src=

Hi Vargis, Planning to travel from manali to Kaza tomorrow, taxi driver is saying there’s a landslide in spiti. Please let me know of that’s a correct information. Thanks in advance

Hi Neha. Yes, there is a roadblock after Batal as of now. Expected to open day after tomorrow, Monday.

' src=

hii …can we go by fortuner automatic transmission….are the roads safe …we are planning on 20 th june

Yes you can but it will depend on how good the person sitting at the wheel is.

' src=

Can’t thank you enough for all the effort that you put into writing these articles. The information that you provide in your articles, makes it convenient for all the travelers like us to travel a remote region like spiti valley.

Now, We will be travelling in July 1st week and here’s our itinerary for the Shimla – spiti – Manali circuit —

Day 1: Shimla – Kalpa Day 2: Kalpa – Nako Day 3: Nako – Kaza Day 4: Kaza – Komic/Hikkim/Langza Day 5: Kaza – Key/Kibber Day 6: Kaza – Chicham – Chandratal Day 7: Chandratal – Manali

We have excluded places like Chitkul and Mudh village as we are short on time. Do you find the itinerary ok?

We are a group of 5 friends from Bangladesh and we are willing to hire a car/SUV for the trip.

Could you please tell us how much would it cost to hire a standard car for our above-mentioned itinerary for 7 days?

and also what about the permits required? do we need to obtain it beforehand in delhi? or can we just collect the permit from Shimla like others? is that a time-consuming process?

Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello Atin,

Just one change needed in the itinerary. You do not need 2 days for Kibber and Langza / Hikkim. All this can be done in a single day. Do this in one day and use the day saved to cover Pin Valley as well.

In terms of arranging the permits and taxi for your trip, please talk to Jamaica @ 9418200183. Give my reference and he will take care of the arrangements for you.

' src=

Are the roads safe to travel around mid june?

Roads are always bad in Spiti valley but yes, June is better than traveling in July or August when its raining there.

' src=

Dear Mr Vargis Khan,

I m Harish Sharma in Delhi pls advice which date open Manali to leh Highway ASAP

[…] Open for Year 2018 Manali Leh Highway Opens for 2018 How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh… How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley… Manali Kaza Road Opens – HRTC Bus Service… Chandratal Lake in June – The Frozen […]

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Sure.. Near chandigarh – siswa jungle lodge Near Narkanda – Krish Rauni resort Chitkul – samaa resort Tabo – Namesay homestay Kaza – Sakya Abode (I tried calling the hptdc hotel there too and they to my surprise also said that we have not done it in the past but will be ok with it ) Chandratal – Jamaica camp Still need to do booking on Manali route but didn’t do it as we are planning to cover as much ground as we can and halt at mandi/Sundarnagar

All the above listed hotels were very accomodating to my request.

In Losar (though we are not staying their because by the time we chose to stay the place was booked) , the nomads cottage was also very open to our request .

Hope this helps

Hello sir I have been following your writeups for quite some time now and am an admirer of the efforts you are putting in to help people in planning their Leh and Spiti travel . I have a question though. We are planning to do Spiti circuit in June and are planning to take our dog along with us. We will be consulting his vet on precautions we need to take on the same however wanted to check if yoj know someone who has done this circuit with their pet and if yes then what all places would you suggest as good pet friendly accommodation on this circuit Delhi to Shimla to Kaza to Manali to delhi

Hello Himanshu – I wish I could help you with this question but I really do not have an answer. I don’t know anyone who has done the circuit with their pet dog.

' src=

Hey Himanshu,

Could you find anything which would accomodate your pet dog? Asking as I am also planning the same thing. Please share details if you have found something.

Thanks Sunipa

Hello Sunipa.. to my pleasant surprise, I have been able to.find accomodation on the complete Spiti circuit and have gotten the booking done. Most of the places I called were accomodating to my request to allow pet with us. The only place I found issue in was finding a place in chandigarh area that allows pet in property, but eventually found it too.. let me know what your travel itinary looks like and I will tell you accomodations I have found accordingly.. when are you travelling thoigh, if yours is post June 10 then I can share my experiences at those places too

Thanks Himanshu Bhai. Can you let me know the hotels you called? I would like to add that information on a different post to help others.

' src=

Really appreciate your effort in providing such good information. Just wanted to know if there’s any expected date when the Manali Kaza route will open. I’m planning a trip from Delhi to Spiti valley between May 12-19 and would like to return via Manali. Assuming the route opens by then, what all permits would I need? I’ll be hiring a cab from Delhi

Thanks in advance

Hi Srujan, It will most probably not be open by your date of travel. Rohtang Pass is expected to open by 16th and after that they will start working at Kunzum..

' src=

sorry I mean to say 3000-4000 Feet and not Meter

My another question is I am 35 year old and have undergone Angioplasty 1 year back. Is it ok to visit Spiti or will be there any risk of Acute Mountain Sickness? Please note that I have done the trekking to places which are around 3000-4000 M above sea level after treatment.

I do not really feel qualified to answer that Saket Bhai. Best consult a doctor before going and get a professional opinion.

Hi Vargis Bhai,

I am planning to visit Spiti Valley starting from Shimla around 20th May and then to do complete circuit to get down from Manali side. I will be planning to visit Chandratal Lake on 24th or 25th May and then go to Manali. I will be taking local vehicle on rent.

My 1st question will be is Chandratal Lake open by 24th or 25th May? and 2nd question will be is Kaza – Manali route open by 26th or 27th May?

Thank you very much for providing details.

Saket Bhai – Its really hard to predict right now the way the weather at Rohtang has turned in last one month. Rohtang La is still not open and Kunzum will come after. Manali Kaza in all probability will be open by May end so if possible, try delaying your trip by a couple of weeks.

[…] How to Plan Your Trip to Prashar Lake? How to Make your Car look Stupid –… How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley… How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh… How to Plan a Visit to Spiti Valley… How to Plan a Trip […]

' src=

Very good article. Thank you

I have few queries that we are planning to go Spiti on 30th June. Is it good time to visit Spiti. Also is it rainy season in Himachal(Kullu, MANALI)?

Hi Som, 30th June is a good time to go. It starts to rain sometime towards 2nd half of July.

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[email protected].


10 Best Things To Do in Lahaul and Spiti During an Adventure Vacation

Things To Do in Lahaul and Spiti

  • Post author: TRISOJ
  • Post category: Himachal Pradesh
  • Reading time: 16 mins read

Lahaul and Spiti are the beautiful valleys, home to stunning landscapes, vibrant alpine lakes, revered temples, beautiful monasteries, abundant wildlife, and blessed with a completely new culture. It is truly amazing to witness the preservation of such ancient traditions, even in this era of modernization. Exploring this area is an experience of a lifetime, and there are many activities to enjoy in Lahaul Spiti. From trekking and camping to enjoying local cuisines and visiting the lush meadows, there are numerous things to do in Lahaul and Spiti that one can savour. To make your experience even more memorable, you can also find several Adventure travel packages for Lahaul and Spiti to visit the nearby villages and explore their culture and beliefs. 

Famous Activities that can be included in Lahaul Spiti Trip

1. stargazing.


Gazing up at the stars on a cold, clear night is an experience like no other from spotting shooting stars to engaging in astronomy, it truly is a magical experience. If you’re looking for the perfect spot to do some stargazing, look at the places of Tabo, Dhankar, Losar, Komik, and Kibber. Each of these locations offers you a stunning view of the night sky full of stars that shimmer and glimmer with the frosty air. Whether camping or just taking a pew, you’ll be in awe of the night sky and all it has to offer. So why not take a look up, and witness the beauty of the stars.

Tickets: No entry fees are required.

Exploring Time: 2 to 3 hours.

2. River Rafting in Spiti

River Rafting in Spiti

It’s a great way to explore the unexplored natural beauty of the region. Rafting in Spiti is a fantastic experience for adventure seekers. The best rafting route is on the Pin River, from Koksar to Tandi Bridge, where Chandra & Bhaga meet to form the Chenab River. September is the best time to try this thrilling activity as the weather is perfect. Rafting gives you a perfect combination of camaraderie, adrenaline rush, and breathtaking views. Glide through the river while admiring the beautiful surroundings and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tickets: Costing starts from 500 INR to 1500 INR.

Exploring Time: 3 to 4 Hours.

3. Explore the Highest Post Office in the world.

Explore the Highest Post Office in the world.

A visit to the world’s highest post office in Spiti is a must for anyone visiting the region which is located at an incredible altitude of 4,389m in Hikkim village between Komik and Langza villages. The post office is a crucial link to the outer world and the journey to reach there is quite a task and takes around 45 minutes from Kaza. Before the visit one should check with the locals regarding the visiting hours of the post office and the other one is writing a postcard to your loved ones from the world’s highest post office is an experience like no other.

Tickets: No Entry fees.

Exploring Time: 2 to 3 hours maximum.

4. Exploring the Wildlife Sanctuary

Exploring the Wildlife Sanctuary

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary and Pin Valley National Park are two of the most stunning wildlife hotspots in Lahaul Spiti. The Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1992, is home to rare species such as Snow leopards, Himalayan wolves, and Red foxes. Meanwhile, Pin Valley National Park is home to endangered species including the Snow leopard, Siberian ibex, Tibetan gazelle, and Chukar partridges. Both spots are surrounded by breathtaking Himalayan peaks, making them a must-visit for anyone in the area during the trip to Spiti Valley.

Tickets: Starts from 500 INR per person.

5. Shopping at Kaza

Shopping at Kaza

Kaza valley is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and items of the exquisite beauty of Himachal Pradesh. From beautiful carpets, pure wool shawls, and woollen clothes to Chinese ceramic utensils, clothes, stone gems and local jewellery, Tibetan and Buddhist handcrafts, and skull sculptures painted in silver, the bazaar is brimming with souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Bargaining is an integral part of the shopping experience, and it’s wise to know the final price before bargaining. Shopping in Kaza is a delightful experience; one can always go right with various eclectic items available.

Tickets: It Depends on What You Buy.

Exploring Time: You can do complete shopping by giving your whole day.

6. Halt at a Homestay

Halt at a Homestay

Whether travelling solo, with your family, or with friends, homestays in the region provide a warm and hospitable welcome. Homestays in Lahaul Spiti offer the best way to experience the local culture and its people. There are several budget-friendly options to choose from, each offering its unique benefits. For those with pets, there are also pet-friendly homestays available. Staying at a homestay is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the culture and explore the region like a local.

Tickets: Start from 1000 INR.

Exploring Time: It takes One day and one night.

7. Explore Cafes

Stop by Cafes

We only talk about the beauty of the mountains if you mention the food. Not only that the vibes of each café are amazing from pizzas to pancakes, Thai to Chinese, and local dishes. Moreover, even the monasteries here offer delicious food as well. So, treat your taste buds to different cuisines and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere here. Enjoy the perfect ambience and delicious food that the cafes offer in Spiti Valley.

Tickets: Depends on What You Order.

Exploring Time: Maximum 2 Hours. 

8. Engage with the Locals

Engage with the Locals

Lahaul and Spiti valley offers an exciting mix of Indian and Tibetan culture and their historical and religious importance. It is home to many festivals, such as Ladarch, Phagli, Halda, and Dechhang. To appreciate the valley from a local’s perspective, it is advisable to interact with the locals, taste their cuisine and enjoy the local brews. This way, one can truly experience the place’s culture and get a feel of the true beauty of Lahaul and Spiti.

Tickets: No entry fees.

Exploring Time: 2 to 3 Hours.

9. Enjoy the Thrilling Passes

Enjoy the Thrilling Passes

If you’re an adventurous soul looking for an adrenaline rush, then Lahaul Spiti is the place to be! With its beautiful yet dangerous passes, you can experience the thrill of crossing them through biking and Hiking. But it would help if you came prepared with all the essentials like medicines and energy bars. You can also hire a tour guide to guide you through the journey and undoubtedly an experience that one should add to their travel diary. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the majestic passes of Lahaul Spiti.

Tickets: The pricing for a thrilling pass Starts from 500 INR.

Exploring Time: 4 to 5 Hours.

10. Ensure Hiking

Ensure Hiking

Why not go on an adventure and explore the beauty of nature? Hiking to scenic places will give you the perfect opportunity to witness astounding views. Feel the peace and excitement as you climb up the hills and enjoy the mesmerizing surroundings. Remember to capture these memories, as they will take your breath away. When the situation is back to normal, plan a trip to Lahaul Spiti and do activities to recreate the fantastic atmosphere of the valley. Enjoy the beauty of nature and ensure that your travel memoirs include these soul-stirring experiences.

Tickets: Starts from 800 INR per person.

Exploring Time: It takes a maximum of 3 to 4 Hours.

Frequently Asked Questions?

A. The best adventure activities to do in Lahaul and Spiti are trekking, camping, paragliding, rafting, and mountain biking.

A. The best things to do in Lahaul and Spiti with friends are exploring the ancient monasteries, taking a jeep safari, enjoying the local cuisine, and visiting the local villages.

A. Visiting Lahaul and Spiti are worth it! The stunning mountain views, vibrant culture, and unique experiences make it a great destination.

A. The altitude of Lahaul and Spiti is between 3500 meters to 4,270 meters above sea level.

To experience the best trip with the best Things to do in Lahaul and Spiti , like stargazing, river rafting, exploring the wildlife sanctuary, shopping at Kaza, staying at a homestay, indulging in local cafe cuisines, engaging with the locals, and enjoying the thrilling passes. You make sure you take advantage of the highest post office in the world and the chance to hike while exploring the region’s stunning natural beauty. So, book your travel package for Lahaul and Spiti today and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Spiti with Chandrataal Lake Tour

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Spiti Valley Tour From Manali

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Kinnaur and Spiti Valley Tour From Shimla

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I would highly recommend Spiti Trips for Himachal trip. It was a memorable trip for all my friends. The support provided by manager from the start to the entire trip was fabulous. Especially our trip driver, good person with safe & excellent driving skills. So, if someone is planning for Himachal trip, without a thought I would prefer Spiti Trips.

Sanjay Bhiwapurkar  

The valley is unique in it's own way... If USA has the grand canyons we have Spiti Valley. The deep gorges the eroded mountains, the stoney roads make this valley more beautiful than ever. If you like to see mountains in a different way Spiti Valley is the place, go with Spiti Trips.

Kalpona Das  

You'll definitely fall in love with this place. This place shows us the beauty hold by the nature, the desert mountains, world highest restaurant, Asia's highest bridge, the wonderful Chandra Taal lake and many more places to explore great time.

Nashrin Nadiya  

Good experience with Spiti Trips. Driver was very professional and patience. He pulled over whenever we requested as kids were suffering from motion sickness. Innova was good and clean. Memorable trip.

Omveer Bhardwaj  

I have travelled a lot in my life and explored lots of places but the scenery and landscape in Spiti valley was clearly way beyond anything that I have seen before. I am struggling to find the right words but the closest I can think of is majestic and mesmerising. It is an absolutely gorgeous place for someone who likes mountains and adventure.We were lucky to have discovered Spiti.... spiti trips to help us organise our trip

Roma Sharma  

Best travel experience with The Spiti Trips, Special Thanks to manager, they helped us throughout our trip, the hotel they booked is best and the cab driver thanks for your patience he is very sweet, You guys are the best?

Dilip Ghosh  

It's highly recommended to individuals who wish to do solo or in a group. One just needs to get started and the rest will be taken care of by Spiti Trips team. One of the lifetime trips with the warmest hospitality experience

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The Spiti Trips was simply Excellent. Special thanks to manager by far one of the most co-operative tour and customer handler very supportive and helpful person she took the update on daily basis which was very nice of her. The itinerary was carefully thought through and well balanced. The trip represented great travel for the cost.

Harshil Kapadia  

A fantastic experience with Spiti Trips. They provided us an Innova car in very good condition and our driver was very nice person. He was very friendly, supportive, polite with best driving skills at mountains I really appreciate him, He made our trip very pleasant with his behavior.

Eknath Dialani  

The car was comfortable and driver was reliable. The most important thing was the driving skill; it was a safe and enjoyable ride. The driver had been on the route multiple times, he knew all the roads and provided interesting information at various places we visited and passed by.

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Spiti Trips provide excellent service, value for money, good car service, and cooperative staff. The trip was well planned we were confident and we were good hand. In future also I will prefer this travel agency, recommended for everyone.

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Himanshu pathak  .

It is one of the best trips that we have taken so far as a couple as it offered a mix of adrenaline rushes and mesmerizing views each day. Taking this trip on a bike gives you the freedom to explore Spiti valley closely and experience one of the most challenging roads in India. We were accompanied by a very supportive Spiti Trips- Tours By Locals that ensured our safety and comfort throughout the trip.

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The spiti trip is a customised package from Spiti Trips. Thanks for a hassle free, well organised travel and stay arrangements. Hotel rooms and food were really good.

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Spiti Trips is by far the most authentic way to see and feel Spiti. If your aim is to travel mindfully while also giving back to this precious Himalayan region and its wonderful people, choose Spiti Trips experiences

Lokesh Malhotra  

If you are looking for a safe and reliable way to explore Spiti with people who know the valley really well, choose Spiti trip Tours and you will not be disappointed.

Satyam Kumar Jha  

Was a truly memorable experience .. A 10-day road trip with my mother. Was entirely planned by Spiti Trips- itinerary was very comprehensive and covered more than I had thought I could see. Days were very well planned, challenging but not overly exhausting.

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It was a wonderful experience for us with SPITI TRIPS. All our arrangements were up to the mark.. that is much satisfactory. All hotels and transportation arrangements were excellent. Thanks for the best tour.

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lahaul and spiti trip

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Lahaul Spiti Road trip

10 days Itinerary for Lahaul Spiti Road trip

Ask anyone in India , which is your dream destination, and for the sure, the majority will say road trip to Leh Ladakh and only a few will answer Lahaul Spiti. A year back; the same notation was true for us too. So, we did both a 13-day road trip to Leh Ladakh and a 10 day Lahaul Spiti road trip. Honestly, both the God lands left us speechless and Lahaul Spiti valley became our favorite. It is raw, lesser commercialized, lesser densely populated, and more enigmatic than Ladakh – land of high passes ; where only wind and water play at their best to carve and decorate the valley.

10 Days travel Guide For Lahaul Spiti Road Trip

The word “Spiti” means middle land between India and Tibet. So, Spiti Valley is the extension of mesmerizing landscapes of Tibet with challenging terrains and adventurous hairpin bend roads everywhere. The place has calming vibes and also can see the perfect combination of Hindu and Buddhist culture.  A true tourist or traveler , photographer, and adventurist cannot delight his eyes and soul just by traveling through this mystical land once. Indeed, he will long for more and start planning his next visit. Take a second visit and still, you will feel the valley is new and it will be exactly like a first visit.

Table of Contents

The route for Lahaul Spiti Road trip

There are two routes to reach Spiti Valley. One can enter from Shimla and exit from Old Manali or vice versa. We did a complete circuit, starting our journey from Manali and taking an exit at Shimla.

Route AllGudThings followed: Delhi – Chandigarh – Mandi – Manali – Rohtang Pass – Gramphu- Kunzum La- Kaza – Tabo – Nako – Sangla – Rampur – Shimla – Chandigarh – Delhi

Route: Lahaul Spiti Road Trip

Total time to reach Kaza in Spiti Valley from Delhi

The total time to reach Kaza in Spiti Valley from Delhi 17 -18 hrs. We advise you to break this journey into 3 days and halt at first Chandigarh or Mandi and if not here in-between, then Manali.

Condition of Lahaul Spiti Roads

Just forget the highways after Manali. There are bumpy and mud roads with potholes all around, most of the journey is like off-roading. At the passes ice will be melting down so additionally the roads will be wet too. Expect huge traffic jams from mid-July to August as there is apple crop transportation too.

Best time to take Lahaul Spiti Road Trip

The best time to do Lahaul Spiti road trip circuit starting from Manali and exiting at Shimla is between June-September. During this period both Rohtang Pass (opens in May) for which you need Rohtang Pass Permit and Kunzum Pass (opens in June) get functional. Whereas the other route via Shimla till Kaza is open throughout the year . Traveling to Spiti Valley in winters to the valley is extremely adventurous but surely tough too. 

Way to Kaza from Manali: Travel guide for Lahaul Spiti Road trip

Itinerary for Lahaul Spiti Road trip

While taking the Spiti Valley road trip, vistas change at every turn. If you think to blink your eyes or relax for a while, you will surely miss something worthy. So be awake during the whole journey to get soaked in the adventure.

Day 1 (Delhi – Chandigarh or Delhi – Mandi / Manali)

Leave early morning from Delhi to reach Chandigarh/ Mandi or Manali, according to your driving skills and capacity. From Delhi, Chandigarh can be reached in just 5 hrs and further till Manali it will take another 8-9 hrs, so totally journey coming to 13- 14 hrs. The terrain is plain till Mandi and changes after that. From here, the route becomes worth admiring. After reaching Manali rest in your hotel room, and walk to old Manali to enjoy scrumptious dinner.

Evening at Old Manali: Travel guide for lahaul Spiti Road Trip

We usually start our drive from Delhi in the late evening and reach Manali by next morning. After resting for some time, we go to Manali DC office to take the permits for next day.

Attractions on the way : Anandpur Sahib Gurdwara and Rewalsar Lake in Mandi district.

Must try : Do try Siddu and famous Bedawi Chapati / Puri in Mandi.

Day 2 (Manali to Chandratal Lake)

Leave around 7:00 am from Manali for Chandratal Lake . The Lake of Moon lays just 140 km from Manali but it takes almost 7-8 hrs to reach the place. The road to Chandratal Lake has only dirt and stones and no sign of tartar anywhere. On the way, you get to see waterfalls and the so-called Pagal Nallas (unexpected water comes through these). So, be really cautious.

Chandratal Lake: Travel Guide for Lahaul Spiti Road trip

There are several tents nearby the lake for accommodation. We stayed with Tenzin at Tenzin camps which lays almost 3 km from the moon lake. From here the lake can be reached by trekking or driving till one point.

Attraction : Rohtang Pass, also known as the pass of dead corposes and Chandratal Lake

Must Try : Chandra Dhabha at Batal run by a couple Chacha Chachi

Day 3 (Chandratal – Kaza)

After having breakfast and good tea, leave for Kaza which lies almost 100 km. Kaza is the headquarters of Spiti Valley. Along the way, you will cross Kunzum pass, located at 15,600 feet and village Losar.

Kunzum Pass: Travel Guide for Lahaul Spiti Road Trip

Attractions: Kunzum Pass on the way, Key Monastery in Kaza, Sakya Tangyud Monastery, and the surrounding villages.

Must Try: Hotel Deyzor for its awesome food and worthy location

Day 4 (Kaza)

Stay at Kaza and explore the surrounding villages like Kibber, Tashigong, Langza for fossils, Gette and Kaumik / Komic village. Also plan to visit the Pin Valley National park, which comes under protected area for wildlife.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by AllGudThings / India🇮🇳 (@suruchitashi)

Day 5 (Kaza – Tabo)

Start your day early from Kaza and head towards the green village Dhankar (34km) known for one of the oldest monasteries and palace on the hilltop. From there 34 km ahead lays the beautiful village Tabo . Roads are both good and bad and with sightseeing, you will reach by evening.

Village Dhankar: Travel Guide for Lahaul Spiti road trip

Attractions: Dhankar Village, Dhankar Monastery, Dhankar Lake, Dhankar Palace, old and new Tabo monastery, Tabo caves, Tabo Helipad .

Must-Try : Stay at Tabo Monastery. They have mud lining rooms that are super cozy and dirt cheap. You can spend one night here in just Rs 500/-.

Day 6 (Tabo – Kalpa via Village Gue, Nako & Rekong Peo)

This day is going to be long as you will be covering 3 -4 attractions on the way before reaching Kalpa. The village Gue lays 8 -10 km inside from village Sumdo (24 km from Tabo) and is known for the sitting 500 years old mummy.

The Village Nako lies 33 km ahead from Sumdo. It is the highest village in the Hangrang Valley and here the bumpy road ends and the perfect tarred road starts. Do read the complete post a walk to the Nako village , to know more.

Kalpa & Rekong Peo lies 103 km from village Nako, which is almost a journey of 3-4 hrs. There is nothing much in Rekong Peo but for sure you will be mesmerized by the views of Kinner Kailash and apple orchards in Kalpa.

Kalpa Village : Travel Guide for Lahaul Spiti road trip

Attractions : Mummy at village Gue, Nako monastery, Nako Lake, Chango Gompa, Kinner Kailash from Kalpa, Suicide point, Narayan Nagini Temple, Kalpa Monastery, Sapni fort, and Kamru fort.

Must try: Stay with Himachal tourism guest house at Kalpa, for the best views and food.

Day 7 (Kalpa – Sangla)

After watching the first ray of sunrise at Kinner Kailash and having filling breakfast, leave to check the attractions of Kalpa. By afternoon leave for Sangla, which lays 40 km ahead of Kalpa. Check into your hotel and get lost in the evening beauty of Sangla Valley, Kinnaur . Listen to birds chirping and the flowing Baspa River along.

Sangla Village: Travel Guide for Lahaul Spiti Road Trip

Attractions: Kinner Kailash, Suicide point, Narayan Nagini Temple, Kalpa Monastery, Sapni fort.

Must-Try : Tents at Kinner Camps, Sangla. We really enjoy staying with them because of their extraordinary hospitality and comfort.

Day 8 (Sangla – Chitkul- Sangla)

The next day, after breakfast drive 22 km from Sangla to the village Chitkul.  It is the last Indian village and the first glimpse of it is enough to leave you transfixed and speechless. On one side you can see the snow-capped arid mountains while on the other side there is a lush green valley with the Baspa River flowing in between.

Chitkul Village: Travel Guide for Lahaul Spiti Road Trip

Attractions: Chitkul, Baspa River, Sangla meadows, 1000 years old Kamru fort, Bering Nag Temple, & Sangla Monastery.

Must try: Evening long walks and apple orchards

Day 9 (Sangla – Shimla)

From Sangla, it is time to cover the last part of the circuit and the last day in hills too. Start early around 7:30- 8:00 am to cover 225 km. Roads are perfectly tarred and in excellent condition. If you have an extra day, do cover Sarahan & Narkanda on the way.

Highway from Sangla to Shimla: Travel guide for Lahaul Spiti Road trip

At Sarahan, check Bhimkali Temple and Bird sanctuary whereas in Narkanda visit Hatu Peak, Hatu temple and Jubbar Lake.

Attractions: Karcham Wangtoo Dam & cut out mountains forming ceilings on the highway near Rampur, Kufri.

Must Try: Buy red and golden farm fresh apples and plums.

Day 10 (Shimla – Delhi)

The day 10 th is going to be the toughest day as it is the end of a memorable trip. But cherish up as there are so many memories to take back home and plan the next journey. Roads are in excellent condition and you will be covering 345 km in almost 8-9 hrs.

Attractions: Himalayan Expressway, Timber trail resort at Kalka.

Must try : Good Punjabi food on the Chandigarh- Delhi highway.

Driving next to river bed in the valley: Lahaul Spiti road trip

Points to Remember before taking Lahaul Spiti road trip

  • The Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass are high altitude passes, so check the weather forecast with locals before heading out.
  • In the mid-July – August, there are spells of rains in the Lahaul Spiti Valley, although being a rain shadow region. So, the drive can be tough as well as risky.
  • Always keep a buffer for a day while taking the Lahaul Spiti road trip.
  • Get your vehicle properly inspected before hitting for a 1600 km road trip.
  • Carry proper car toolkit along.

Spiti valley: Travel guide for Lahaul Spiti Road Trip

  • Certain places like Rohtang Pass in the Lahaul Spiti Valley can be visited only with permits, so get those arranged timely. The Permit can be taken online or by visiting the DC office in Manali.
  • Carry the additional photostat copies of a permit with you, during the trip.
  • There is the last and highest fuel station at Kaza after Manali. The next can be found in Rekong Peo and then in Sangla.
  • ATM facilities are available in Sangla, Rekong Peo, Kaza, Manali & Shimla
  • Take time to acclimatize and don’t rush in the valley.
  • Basic Medical facilities are available at Sangla, Rekong Peo, and Kaza. Advance medical facilities can be availed only in Shimla and Manali.
  • Don’t expect luxurious accommodation and food in the valley, especially during winters.
  • The locals are really nice and ready to help. Do respect their traditions and cultures.
  • Remember to keep the valley clean and don’t litter around. Practice responsible tourism.

  Trip Expert 2017 Awards

Trip Expert Award Badge 2017

We have compiled this post for the nomination in “Travel Expert Awards -2017”.

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  • An 8 Days Spiti Valley Trip In 2024 Is The Mother Of All Mountain Escapes In India

23 Mar 2023

Dream of snow-crowned mountains dotted with picture-perfect villages? Fancy a stay amid mountainous terrains outlined by restless rivers making merry on the rocks? If yes, you must plan a vacation in Spiti! The 8 days Spiti Valley trip is the most engrossing vacation you need to revitalize and rediscover yourself.

At a distance of 202 km to the northeast of Manali , the scantily populated land of Spiti separates Indian mainland from Tibet autonomous region. For tourists, it offers everything serene – from lush green land looming into the vastness to pre-historic monasteries resembling paintings on a canvas.

Go around, exploring the picture-postcard villages, crossing narrow mountain passages, and feeling the chilly wind penetrating your skin. As you embrace the wilderness at altitudes touching almost 5000 meters above sea level,  Lahaul-Spiti tour plan perfectly feeds your soul!

About Spiti Valley

A biker on a mountain road in Spiti Valley

Image Source

Unique geographical features make Spiti more desirable by explorers of different age groups belonging to different walks of life. But there are a few things that one must be aware of before sealing the Lahaul Spiti tour plan.

  • The average elevation of the entire valley is 4270 m and weather is highly unpredictable.
  • The valley boasts of wide varieties of flora and fauna. Snow Leopards and Himalayan Wolves are also spotted in the Pin Valley National Park during winters.
  • Trekking and camping are a must when you are in the valley.
  • Brace yourself for a detached life when you are in the valley. Network connectivity is obscure and Spitians are pretty cool with it. You may get lucky with BSNL signals at some places.
  • The place is almost a mirror image of Tibet in terms of culture and lifestyle.

Best Time To Visit Spiti

Sun rays making way through the clouds in Spiti Valley

May end to the beginning of October is considered the best time to visit Spiti because that’s the time when Shimla – Kinnaur highway is open, which makes the valley accessible to the rest of the world. These are the best months for planning your Spiti Valley road trip.


  • Summer – Ranges from 18 – 25 degrees celsius
  • Winter – Experiences heavy snowfall in the valley region; all mountain passes leading to the valley are blocked making it impossible for any vehicle to enter the region.

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Is Spiti The Right Destination For You?

Pin Bhabha Pass Trek in Spiti

Image Source Taking a Spiti Valley bike trip or even a normal trip to this place is every traveler’s muse and is, but is it the right destination for you? Let’s figure out.

With its rough terrains, Spiti is definitely not for the weak-hearted. It faces extreme weather conditions, and you need to pass through risky routes to reach the valley. Expect only basic facilities on the way as well as in the hotels you stay in. In some places, stay options will be limited to monasteries and homestays only. So clearly, a trip to Spiti is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Of the few people who brave these odds to reach Spiti, some seek solace, some do it in the name of adventure, and some are keen to explore the hidden riches in the of the Trans-Himalayan region . Mostly, we see adventure seeking youngsters and mountain lovers taking a Spiti bike trip , or some tired souls who desperately want to unplug from the mundane city life by engaging in meditation and some volunteer work in the valley.

And in case you are an adventure loving couple, who don’t care much about the luxury part of the honeymoon, Spiti is the ultimate destination for you! Begin a new chapter of life in a perfect set up around the colossal sky, vast mountains, and glittering stars, thus making the moments most romantic and perfect.

But Spiti is also a great destination to be in, if you are a wandered and love exploring new lands alone. A Spiti Valley solo trip is an experience that can only be lived and not explained. Extreme tranquility, massive land forms surrounding you, fresh air and so much more! If this though excites you, take a solo trip to Spiti .

If you are among any four of the above – an adventure seeker, a spiritual seeker, or a daring couple who love adventure as crazy as this, here is what Spiti has in store for you!

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8 Days In Spiti Trip- Let’s Plan The Best Vacation Of Your Life

Spiti valley route map

7 nights 8 days in Spiti is a fairly long stay. It gives you ample time to see the best places in Spiti and also soak in the beauty of its landscapes and culture. Before we start with the itinerary, here is a quick view of the route:

In the Spiti valley map above, you can see the keystops of the route I am suggesting in the itinerary below.

Route: Manali – Kaza – Ki – Kibber – Tabo – Dhankar – Mud – Pin Valley National Park – Demul – Komic – Hikkim – Langza – Chandratal lake – Rangrik – Ecosphere – Kunzum La Pass – Manali

Here is your Daywise itinerary for your 8 days vacation in Spiti. Take a look!

Day 1: Kaza – Ki – Kibber

Kaza on a bright day Spiti

A perfect weekend getaway from Manali, Shimla, Chopta, and Kanatal, Kaza is decked up with rocky mountain slopes and bustling market. Kaza has plenty of attractions and boasts of a world-class facility for travelers.

Elevation: 3800 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Yak safari , camping, trekking, go ahead and buy some fuel from world’s highest petrol pump, enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful village, Cafe Sol , Kibber – Chicham ropeway, Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Ki monasteries , Komic village – Asia’s one of the highest village and the only village with polling station in the town

What’s there for honeymooners: There are plenty of places and experiences in Kaza for the honeymooners. Starting with a jeep safari to monasteries, a romantic stargazing session under the colossal sky, and an expedition to snow clad peaks, Kaza leaves everyone asking for more. Local handicrafts, and woolen products at state government handloom center and cooperative society run shops are a few places of interest for honeymooners.

Suggested stay in Kaza: Zostel Spiti, Banjara Retreat, Hotel Spiti Valley, Sakya Abode, Hotel Deyzor

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Day 2: Tabo – Dhankar

A view of Tabo village in Spiti

Image Source Located on the banks of Spiti river, Tabo is a dreamy village with humble roads and hospitable locals. Tabo has ancient attractions and things of religious importance that would certainly make your Spiti trip all the more special.

Elevation: 3280 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Prehistoric Tabo caves with plenty of photography options inside monastery complex, Dhankar Monastery (detour of 8 km from the main road, recommended only if you have a booked taxi or your own vehicle), mummy in Giu village (7 km detour from the main road, the village falls 1 km before Sumdo village )

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Prayer session at Tabo Monastery , library with books on Buddhist, a museum with artifacts and photos, prayers offered at Tabo gompa. Water driven prayer wheel in Dhankar, Tabo meditation caves

What’s there for honeymooners: The picturesque view of Tabo caves and local life of Tabo village and adjoining areas offer a lot to explore. A stay at one of the homestays is the best opportunity to interact with the locals at length. Their hospitality is an experience you wouldn’t like to miss. Dhankar lake, rock art, wall paintings, and mud statues, the confluence of Spiti and Pin rivers from Dhankar gompa.

Suggested stay: Tabo Monastery guest house, Dhankar monastery guest house, Dekit Norphel Tiger Den Restaurant

Note: A night stay at the Tabo Monastery is highly recommended for everyone traveling to Spiti to get an experience of a lifetime.

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Day 3: Mud Village – Pin Valley National Park

Gateway marking the entry to Pin Valley National Park

Image Source While traveling back from Tabo to Kaza, the roads divert in two directions at Atargo bridge . Head left to take the road leading to Pin Valley national Park, heading straight will take you to Kaza. Another 1-hour drive takes you to Pin Valley – a popular reserve of flora & fauna in North India.

Pin Valley National Park boasts of adventurous escapades and lush greenery. It is also home to the rare breed of Snow Leopards.

Altitude: 3500 – 6000 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Sight of picturesque Mudh village – the official entry point of Pin Valley national Park, opportunity to capture amazing shots of vivid flora and fauna, Pin – Parvati trek, ibex and snow leopards (mostly seen during winters)

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Best of flora and fauna in the Himalayas, Sagnam Monastery , Khungri Monastery , stay at Mudh village

What’s there for honeymooners: Nature, wildlife, picture postcard view of valley, brown mountains, hanging glaciers, and fudgy white snowfields

Suggested stay: A homestay in the Mudh village is recommended by people who have already been there

Note: Don’t be too preoccupied with the thought of spotting the snow leopard, they rarely come down below an altitude of 5000 meters, if they do it’s mostly during the winters.

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Day 4: Demul – Komic – Hikkim – Langza

Snow capped mountains in the backdrop of Komic village in Spiti

Image Source These villages fall in the fossil zone in Spiti and form the most amazing belt for sightseeing. In the  Lahaul-Spiti tour itinerary , a tour of these villages is of the unique experiences you can have here.

Altitude: 4580 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Komic village – the second highest village in Asia, fossils near Langza village, highest post office in the world in Hikkim, Demul – the village with only one telephone, picture-perfect locations around Komic monastery for photo bugs

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Komic monastery, village tour, the gigantic golden Buddha statue in Langza with snow capped mountains is a near-perfect spectacle

What’s there for honeymooners: Go around for a romantic walk with your partner in the picture perfect environs of the Komic village, write a letter to family/friends and post it from the highest post office in the world .

Suggested stay: Homestay in Langza

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Day 5: Langza – Chandratal Lake

Enchanting view of Chandratal Lake in Spiti

Langza to Chandratal is a 5.5-hour drive and it is recommended to start early in the morning, mostly by 7 am. Motorable road ends a kilometer before the lake and the remaining distance must be covered on foot.

Chandratal – a crescent-shaped lake makes for one of the most awe-inspiring escapades. It is one of the key highlights of the 8 days Spiti Valley trip. The lake has also remained in the news after people confirmed UFO-like objects sighted in the area.

Altitude: 4250 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Campsite – 2 km before the lake, picturesque view of frozen lake (before the onset of summer) with majestic mountains in the backdrop, ideal photography set

What’s there for spiritual seekers: An ultimate place for solace seekers, Chandratal Lake is a perfect peaceful retreat for soul searching. Come here to bask in the charm Chandratal’s natural beauty.

What’s there for honeymooners: Thrill and romance define the moments spent by the Chandratal lake – one of the highest lakes in India . Here you can go trekking and camp by the lake’s side. Also, at 4000 meters plus altitude, nothing beats the crazy view of twinkling stars in Spiti.

Suggested stay: Banjara Camps, Parasol Camps, and Retreat, self – camping by the lake, Himalayan Quest Chandratal Camp

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Day 6: Activities In Rangrik

Adventurers taking up river rafting in Spiti river

As you get back to Kaza the next morning, you can spend the day at leisure or youngsters can take up some adventure activities in the Spiti river. River rafting in Spiti river is one of the most adventurous things to do in your Lahaul-Spiti tour itinerary.

Altitude: 3800 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Make your 8 days Spiti valley trip even bigger and better as you get a booking for river rafting session in Spiti river. Rafting in Spiti is one of the most exciting things to do in the valley. Even better the exceptional escapade here keeps your eyes glued to it.

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Not much, spend the day at leisure by going for a walk in the village and exploring more about the place.

What’s there for honeymooners: Take some private moment and go around Kaza or you can make the day more exciting by booking a river rafting session in the Spiti river.

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Day 7: Ecosphere

Travelers taking up volunteer activities at Ecosphere in Spiti

Spend a day amid the environment unique environment of Ecosphere headquartered in Kaza. Of many, you can take up volunteer traveling programs that they have to offer while spreading a word about responsible traveling . Spiti and Pin Valley come in the Carbon Neutral zone, and Ecosphere constantly runs programs for the betterment of the environment.

Altitude: 3850 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Volunteer travel, photo tour, experience of responsible traveling, experience of wild habitats

What’s there for spiritual seekers: An experience of sustainable living, organic farms, sustainable practices initiated in the valley, spiritual sojourn

What’s there for honeymooners: Local handicrafts of Spiti, eco-friendly tour programs, volunteer activities

Suggested stay: Traditional homestays

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Day 8: Kunzum La Pass – Manali

A truck crossing the Kunzum La Pass near Spiti

Image Source You can end your 8th day Spiti valley tour on a high by taking a break at Kunzum La Pass while getting back to Manali . The pass is your official exit from the Lahaul Spiti valley. With snow-capped peaks, and hundreds of prayer flags fluttering around, Kunzum Pass is a piece of paradise! By visiting this place at the end, you’d ensure the best 8 days trip to Spiti Valley .

Elevation: 4590 meters

What’s there for youngsters: Camping, driving session one of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world, nature photography

What’s there for spiritual seekers: Sign off from the wonderland of Spiti by seeking divine blessings. Offer your prayers at the temple of goddess Kunzum, and look around, you’ll find nature thanking you for being there.

What’s there for honeymooners: Look around and you will find too much of nature’s awesomeness overloaded everywhere. Kunzum Pass acts as a topping on your Lahaul-Spiti tour plan. Bara-Sigri – the second longest glacier in the world, surreal view of Chandra – Bagha mountains, and Spiti valley.

Suggested Read: 18 Things To Do In Spiti Valley That Would Satisfy Your Wanderlusting Soul

How To Reach Spiti Valley?

Farming area in one of the villages in Spiti

By air – If you want to go for a Spiti Valley tour from Kolkata , then your flight would land either at Bhuntar Airport or Kullu Airport . The distance from there is approximately 245 km that you can cover via a cab which is easily available from the airport.

By rail – The nearest major railhead to Spiti is Shimla Railway Station . The valley can be reached by a cab from the railway station.

By road – Reaching Spiti by road is mostly preferred by travelers. Government buses, as well as private vehicles, ply from Manali and Shimla to Spiti.

Manali to Spiti is a 4-hour journey . It is preferred because it is less time consuming (195 km), easily accessible, less prone to landslides, and crosses the iconic Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass . A bus from Manali to Spiti runs every day from 6 am from mid-June to September. That’s the time the road to Spiti is open for public use.

P.S: No permits are needed to enter the valley. Only if you take the Shimla route and enter the valley from Kinnaur side you would be required to take a permit.

Note: Given the number of detours that you would be required to take during the 8 days Spiti Valley trip, it is recommended to travel to Spiti in your own vehicle or book a taxi from Manali.

Further Read: Test Your Grit, Take The Spiti Valley Trek

Lahaul Spiti never turned its back on a single soul! So, what are you waiting for? Get packed, book your trip to India with TravelTriangle and go, find out what’s in there for you! Let the cold mountains welcome you warmly.

Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spiti Valley Trip

Is it safe to travel to Spiti valley during COVID times?

You need to follow all the mandatory guidelines mentioned by the government such as maintaining social distance, wearing a mask at public places, washing or sanitizing hands after entry & exit, etc.

When should I go to Spiti?

April to mid-May is the time when you should visit Spiti.

What is Spiti valley famous for?

Spiti Valley is famous for its old monasteries, cold deserts, and stargazing scenes at night. The valley has a tourist appeal due to its natural beauty, lush green landscapes and a serene environment.

How do I get to Kaza Spiti?

To reach Kaza Spiti, the nearest airport is Bhuntar (250km) and Shimla (445km). From the airports, Kaza can be reached via road by hiring a cab.

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Lahaul & Spiti Drive

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Lahaul & spiti valley self-drive tour.

lahaul and spiti trip

lahaul and spiti trip

Trip Overview

Embark on a heart-pounding Lahaul Spiti drive where you navigate hairpin bends and conquer the treacherous Himalayan off-road trails with the coolest convoy.

From feeling the adrenaline surge as you navigate through some of the deadliest routes to finding serenity in age-old monasteries, the valley offers both white-knuckle thrill and heartwarming serenity.

Get ready for an off-road adventure that will leave you breathless.

Download the Brochure --> INR 95,000/- Per Person Excluding 5% GST (EMI Option available)

Driving Distance

Upcoming dates.

lahaul and spiti trip

₹ 95,000/- Per Person

/Per Person

  • enquiry form

Book this trip by paying 5% (per person) of the trip cost only.

Number of People:

5% trip amount

  • Choose Your Journey * -Choose Your Journey- Namibia Expedition 2024 --> Supercar Drive - South of France 2024 --> South Africa Overland 2024 --> Mongolia Overland 2024 North East Expedition 2024 --> Ladakh Expedition (Via Srinagar) Lahaul & Spiti Drive Ladakh Expedition (Via Manali) --> Supercar Drive – The Alps Edition- Season 3 Road to Lhasa 2024 Jordan Overland 2024 Scandinavia Overland 2024 Iceland Expedition 2024-25 Brazil Overland 2024 Kyrgyzstan Overland 2024 Morocco Overland 2025 Road To London 2025

Would you like to Tailor your experience ?

Get in touch, and we'll craft a unique, tailor-made experience specifically suited to your preferences.

+91 9911599811

Customize this trip, download brochure.

The convoy will assemble in the dream city of Chandigarh where everyone will meet our representative at the designated hotel. Afterward, a briefing session will be conducted where all travelers will be given a gist of what to expect in the next 7 days as we embark on this thrilling off-roading Lahaul Spiti road trip . After a delicious lunch, we will start driving towards Narkanda.

The highways turn into winding roads amplifying the excitement of the drive and as you ascend the Shivalik range, the small town of Narkanda renowned for its apple orchids beckons you closer.

By the time we reached our destination for the day, it would be time for dinner. 

7 Nights / 8 Days

lahaul and spiti trip

The next morning we embark on a thrilling drive towards Sangla. En route, we’ll be traversing the Hindustan Tibet Highway , notorious for being one of the country's deadliest roads. The drive consists of navigating some treacherous Himalayan routes, the occasional breeze caressing your hair along with the sound of the Baspa River keeps you company. 

The gateway to many exhilarating treks has earned Sangla the title of being a trekker's paradise. Still, the valley is also bestowed with eden-like forests, alpine meadows, and snowscapes that are to die for. 

Finally, we will reach our luxurious camps for a surreal glamping experience and to have it as our not-so-humble (and we say it with utmost delight) abode for the next two days.

lahaul and spiti trip

Navigating the jagged terrains of one of the most iconic Himalayan routes, and experiencing the true thrill of offroading, our convoy will head towards Chitkul which is a significant stop in this Lahaul Spiti itinerary . Renowned as the last village in India, this charming hamlet is also considered to have the cleanest air in the country providing you, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. 

The trails here are adorned with apple orchards and quaint wooden cottages which provide a delightful sight especially because of their juxtaposition against the majestic Himalayas that stand gloriously in the backdrop.

Chitkul is also home to the iconic “Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba” where we will stop for lunch and after spending some peaceful moments in this quaint town, we will head back to Sangla.

lahaul and spiti trip

As we move closer to our destination on our four wheels, we’ll be exploring the hidden gems that serve as the very foundation of the centuries-old heritage and culture of the valley.

Traversing the impassable trails that lead us to Spiti with the Himalayas beckoning us closer on every turn, we’ll be witnessing the vibrant town of Kalpa and the majestic Kinner Kailash peak, and snowscapes of Nako en route.

After conquering some particularly tricky terrains, the ones that are bound to give you the best kind of adrenaline rush, we will reach Tabo which is perched on the banks of the Spiti River.

lahaul and spiti trip

Often referred to as The Ajanta of Himalayas, the Tabo Monastery is a national historic treasure containing thangka paintings and other relics that have been preserved since the 9th century making it one of the most revered places in Spiti. 

On the other hand, the Dhankar Monastery which sits gloriously atop a spurring rock is a sight to behold as well. But it’s the journey that makes the destination feel more rewarding as the terrain to Dhankar monastery is completely beaten, full of bumps, and will surely give you the adrenaline high you crave.

As we continue our road affair, we’ll conquer many wicked Himalayan trails on our Lahaul and Spiti expedition to discover the picturesque landscapes that have remained hidden for ages before reaching Kaza.

lahaul and spiti trip

On our sightseeing tour of the day, we will first visit Langza, home to the thousand-year-old Buddha statue that overlooks the entire village and is believed to ward off all kinds of evil like a rightful protector. 

The charm of Spiti lies in all the “highs” it has to offer. From the world’s highest post office in Hikkim to the highest motorable road in the world, Komic, this offroading Lahaul Spiti expedition is all about making you embrace the raw beauty of the middle land. 

Along with that, we’ll also traverse the iconic Chicham Bridge, which at an altitude of 13,244 ft has the title of being Asia’s highest bridge. The valley of Spiti is the embodiment of postcard-worthy landscapes and one of the most prominent scape that it is known for is the Key Monastery . The largest and oldest gompa in Spiti that also serves as the training center for young Lamas, Key is an iconic landmark that we’ll be ticking off at the end of the day.

lahaul and spiti trip

Today we will leave Kaza and start our return journey. To say that the drive to Manali is exhilarating would be an understatement as the route consists of sharp hairpin bends that will turn you dizzy in the best way possible. En route, you’ll be conquering the famed Kunzum Pass as well as crossing the iconic Atal tunnel which is the longest tunnel in the world to be perched at such a high altitude. The drive would be full of twists and turns and conquering them in your sturdy 4x4 vehicles would be an adventure of a lifetime.

In the evening, a farewell dinner will be organized where the entire group will come together to share not just a meal but stories that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

lahaul and spiti trip

A 7-day escapade to the Himalayas will come to an end in Manali and the group will part ways with the promise of seeing each other on the road again!

lahaul and spiti trip

Download The Brochure

Arrive in Chandigarh either in your own car or collect a rented car in Chandigarh before embarking on the drive to Lahaul & Spiti with Adventures Overland Convoy.

The best time to visit this Himalayan Terrain is June & July.

Must-visit destinations in this region include Sangla, Tabo, Kaza, and Hikkim.

You will be accommodated in luxury camps and carefully selected 4-5 star properties throughout your stay.

Thukpa, Skyu, Thenthuk, Tingmo, and sea buckthorn are among the renowned local dishes highly recommended for a delightful culinary experience in the region.

Certainly, the itinerary includes the Raksham Trek and a challenging meadow trek in Sangla and Chitkul, providing ample opportunities for exploration through Tabo, Kaza, and Hikkim with rewarding walks.

Ensure adequate hydration as you ascend to higher altitudes; your body will naturally acclimatize. Avoid overexertion with intense workouts to support a smooth adjustment to the changing elevation.


Explore the firsthand accounts of participants who have embarked on journeys with adventures overland and delve into their immersive experiences..

lahaul and spiti trip

Tarana Bindra

Lahaul & Spiti Sep 2022

lahaul and spiti trip

Lahaul & Spiti June 2022

lahaul and spiti trip

Lahaul & Spiti June 2023

lahaul and spiti trip

Suman Aggarwal

lahaul and spiti trip

Sia Sarvaiya

Lahaul & Spiti July 2022

lahaul and spiti trip

Anand Lakshmanan

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21 Nights / 22 Days

lahaul and spiti trip

Supercar Drive – The Alps Edition- Season 3

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Mongolia Overland

10 Nights / 11 Days

Lahaul & Spiti Road Trip – Himalayan Self-Drive with AO

Discover the magic of the Lahaul Spiti Drive with AO Himalayan Drives – your ticket to a seven-day adventure filled with off-road thrills and stunning landscapes.

From a detailed Lahaul Spiti itinerary that ensures you get to experience all the shades of Spiti Valley to the coolest convoy consisting of like-minded people who make the experience ten times better. 

Adventures Overland, known for creating unforgettable experiences, promises a unique blend of excitement and natural wonders on the Lahaul Spiti Drive .

Commencement of Lahaul Spiti Drive from Chandigarh:

The journey begins in Chandigarh, a dreamy city where participants gather for a comprehensive briefing. Adventure Overland’s friendly representative ensures everyone is set for a week of exploration. The drive to Narkanda unfolds like a captivating movie scene, with winding roads leading to the charming town known for its apple orchids.

Heading to Sangla becomes a delight on the Hindustan Tibet Highway, offering thrilling yet challenging routes. The Baspa River accompanies the convoy, creating a picturesque backdrop. Luxurious camps in Sangla promise a comfortable stay, blending nature’s beauty with modern comforts.

The journey continues to Chitkul, where the scenery transforms into a visual masterpiece. Wooden cottages and apple orchards line the trails, leading to the last village in India. A visit to the iconic “Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba” adds a flavorful touch to the cultural experience.

Entering the Land of Lamas – Spiti 

Getting closer to Spiti, the convoy discovers hidden gems like Kalpa and the majestic Kinner Kailash peak, offering a glimpse into the valley’s rich heritage. Traversing impassable trails, Tabo unfolds alongside the Spiti River, sharing its centuries-old cultural treasures.

Kaza reveals cultural wonders, from the historic Tabo Monastery to the thrilling journey to Dhankar Monastery. The Lahaul and Spiti expedition becomes a visual feast, showcasing landscapes that have remained hidden for ages.

Exploring the heart of Spiti Valley – Kaza

The best part of the Lahaul Spiti drive is that you get to embark on a captivating journey through Spiti’s soul, uncovering treasures like the Key Monastery—standing tall at 13,668 ft, a sanctuary of Buddhist wisdom where young Llamas receive their training amidst ancient relics.

Witness the marvel of Chicham Bridge, Asia’s loftiest at over 13,000 ft, linking Chicham and Kibber. Suspended above the Samba Lamba Nallah gorge, it took 15 years to craft this engineering feat, offering a breathtaking traverse for locals and tourists alike.

Ascend to Hikkim, home to the world’s highest post office at 14,400 ft and a fascinating spot in this Lahaul Spiti itinerary. Immerse yourself in 90s nostalgia, crafting heartfelt letters and dropping them into the red mailbox, a ritual embraced by many, especially women, during their Lahaul Spiti road trip . 

Komic beckons with its distinction as the highest village connected by a motorable road. Wander its streets, embracing the unhurried pace of Spiti life.

Finally, Langza unfolds with ancient fossils and spiritual significance. A village of gods, it cradles a millennia-old Buddha statue, looking over the locals—a timeless guardian in the heart of Spiti.

The drive from Kaza to Manali becomes a blend of sharp bends, conquering Kunzum Pass, and passing through the world’s longest Atal Tunnel. In sturdy 4×4 vehicles, participants navigate twists and turns, turning each moment into a memorable adventure.

The journey concludes with a heartfelt farewell dinner in Manali, where participants come together to share not just a meal but stories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Until the next adventure, the promise is made to meet again on the road.

lahaul and spiti trip

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Curating and enabling incredible on-the-road experiences that are unlike anything else you can find.

100% Safety

Safety is paramount. We ensure that you are safe and secure across all terrains.

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If it’s not extraordinary, we either won’t do it or we’ll find a way to make it so.

It’s impossible not to love and care for the land with these amazing adventures.

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Winter Road Trip to Lahaul Valley - 4 Days - 2024

Home / spiti valley tours / winter road trip to lahaul valley - 4 days.

4 Day Road Trip

Available from


Road Trip Highlights

  • Visit the newly accessible winter wonderland, Lahaul, via Atal Tunnel.
  • Guided road trip to different snow-clad destinations with experienced staff.
  • A mix of leisure days, road trip and day hikes to explore hidden snow-trails.
  • Witness the untouched landscape of Lahaul like a local, with the locals.
  • Breakfast Lunch and Dinner included at all homestay/guesthouse

Cost per person

₹12,950, cost depends on the no. of people in the group. above cost is for six people. this tour can be customised as per your dates. no minimum / maximum number of people required for customisation., winter road trip to lahaul valley - 4 days.

Winter, which embraces Lahaul, usually in the first week of November, and stays on until the fourth week of March, is a cold, harsh and tough time in the valley, especially the high altitude ones. While it may not be the easiest time to travel through Lahaul, it certainly is the most rewarding time to come visit.

Everything – every house, hamlet, road and village – dons a cloak of white. The cottony snow is constant - stretching on for as far as the eye can see. The horizon is a myth, for you can never tell where the land ends and the skies begin.

As winter sets in, Lahaul assumes a timeless nature – like an enchanting postcard waiting for you to dive right in. With temperatures going below -20 degrees centigrade, the Chenab river has more or less frozen up. A few defiant streams tirelessly cut through the ice, giving a surreal glazed feel to the basin.

Earlier during these months, the famous Manali – Rohtang Pass – Lahaul road stayed closed due to heavy snowfall. Leaving Lahaul accessible only for 6 months of the year. Now with the newly inaugurated Atal Tunnel, an entirely new valley is waiting to be explored.  This curated Winter Expedition is designed for travellers for an authentic snow experience with comfortable and challenging conditions during the winter months. Shared by a small group of travellers, this Winter Expedition includes travelling in comfortable and safe Force Traveler to some of the most popular villages of Himachal through the World's longest Tunnel – Atal Rohtang. Marvel at the wondrous transition from Manali to the new winter wonderland, Lahaul. 


Detailed Itinerary

Drive from Manali - Lahaul via Atal Tunnel

  • Homestay Accommodation
  • Meals included

lahaul and spiti trip

Destinations Covered

Explore West-Lahaul

lahaul and spiti trip

Explore East-Lahaul

  • Hotel Accommodation

lahaul and spiti trip

Drive from Lahaul-Solang-Naggar-Manali

  • No Accommodation
  • 3 - 4 hours

lahaul and spiti trip

Includes accomodation, meals, guide and local transfer. 9% service tax extra.

  • The cost is ₹7,936 per person, if booked 90 days in advance or else the cost will be INR ₹8,936 per person.
  • The cost mentioned is for a fixed departure and in case you want a private tour, you can customize it accordingly.
  • This is a single sharing fixed departure cost, which will vary if you wish to select a whole car for yourself.
  • Accommodation at all hotels and homestays as per the itinerary on double / triple sharing basis.
  • Breakfast and dinner at all hotels. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at all homestays (Lahaul).
  • All Transfers by Non-AC Force Traveller (12 seater) for all days as per the itinerary
  • Reliable, experienced and adept English-speaking team leader with great knowledge of the area and the terrain.
  • Guides, Driver charges, driver accommodation, fuel and inter-state toll (if applicable).
  • Monastery / Museum Fees

Cost Inclusions

  • Experienced and licenced English-speaking local guide
  • All camping equipment including state-of-the-art high altitude sleeping bags, waterproof tents and trek mattresses
  • Camping accommodation as per the program on double / triple sharing
  • Freshly cooked, delicious vegetarian meals as per the itinerary
  • Safe storage to store your luggage while you are on your trek
  • Complimentary access to Pink House’s reading lounge to rest after the trek and a washroom to freshen up if available

Cost Exclusions

  • Hotel accommodation at Mcleodganj
  • Any Car / Jeep transfers
  • Snacks, beverages and Mineral Water
  • Any additional costs incurred in case of a medical emergency / natural disaster / breakdown of vehicle / acts of God.
  • Anything not mentioned in the “Inclusions” section.
  • Any Personal Expenses / Tips / Permits
  • 5% Tax (GST)
  • Additional Guide / Any meals during transit / Heating in hotels, homestays or the car.
  • Lunch in Manali / Any Beverages / Mineral Water / Meals that are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Sightseeing in Manali / Chandigarh. Any accommodation, activities or transfers other than what is mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances including medical emergencies and acts of God.
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the above list of inclusions.

What people have to say about this trek!

lahaul and spiti trip

Shraddha Singh

Experiece the best of McLedoganj with this short weekend trek. Trek & camp overnight at Triund. With Pink House\'s state of the art camping gear, trek to 9500 feet to reach Triund and camp overnight with millions of Himalayanstars. Be it Paragliding, or touring around McLeodganj, or climbing mountains, amazing packages. Trek & camp overnight at Triund. With Pink House\'s state of the art camping gear, trek to 9500 feet to reach Triund and camp overnight.

Balwant Dhillon

Mary kom yuritze, why travel with us.

30 years of experience

35 years of experience in organising tours within the Himalayas

Lonely Planet

The only local Spiti travel company to be Recommended by Lonely Planet

Best Local prices

The best local prices minus any middle man or commissions.

Itinerary for Winter Road Trip to Lahaul Valley - 4 Days

You might want to keep a copy of the itinerary with you!

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4X4 SUV - Winter Spiti Expedition 8-Day Trip


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Number of people, what type of a trip do you want, provide your email id so that we can send you a detailed pdf itinerary of this trip.

lahaul and spiti trip

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Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake

Perched at a staggering altitude of 4200 meters above sea level, you have to witness the unparalleled beauty of Chandratal to believe it. A sanctuary from the lightning fast city life, this lake is slowly becoming one of the most attractive tourist places in Spiti valley. With the spellbinding backdrop of majestic mountains and meadows covered with gorgeous wildflowers, the lake is the perfect place to click some Instagram worthy pictures for photography enthusiasts. Besides, if you have an adventurous spirit, take the scenic trekking route from Batal to the lake and camp under the stars on the banks of the lake. Experience nature in its most glorious splendor at Chandrataal. Location: Spiti part of Lahul, Keylong. Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM round the week.

Top Experiences To Do in Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Trek with Hampta Pass 2022 | Book @ 30% off

Best of Manali

20 Adventure Sports in Manali (Starting from ₹650 Only)

Key Monastery

Key Monastery

While Himachal Pradesh is home to a dozen different monasteries, this spectacular place is not just the biggest, but also the oldest one around. A must visit tourist place in Spiti Valley ,  the Key Gompa is encircled by picturesque mountains and soothing valleys. A wonderful example of monastic architecture and decorated with beautiful paintings, murals, manuscripts, and wind instruments.

Top Experiences To Do in Key Monastery

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Best of Ladakh

55 Leh Ladakh Tour Packages | Upto 50% Off Summer SALE

Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery is one of the most wondrous places to visit in Spiti Valley.   Founded a millennium ago, the temple is a unique amalgamation of history, culture and natural splendor. In the cold barren deserts of Tabo valley, the monastery appears as a sanctum from the brutality of barbarous rocky mountains around.

It houses centuries worth of Buddhist culture, tradition and heritage – a treat for history and cultural buffs. For those of you interested in art and handicraft – witness the amazingly preserved paintings, murals and sculptures. Or just kick back and take in the healing environment as calmness ascends over your being.

Discover the peaceful Tabo Monastery in the Himalayas with Spiti Valley Packages , where you can explore ancient Buddhist traditions and enjoy stunning mountain views in a serene setting.


Best of Leh

Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

Third highest lake in India and 21st highest in the world, the Suraj Tal is a divine water body surrounded by barbaric bare mountains and soothing valleys. It is a common belief that anyone who takes a dip in the pristine emerald waters of the lake is cleaned off their sins.

Whether you want to visit the Suraj Tal for spiritual reasons or to simply revel in the unsurpassed natural charm – you won’t regret it. An absolute haven for avid trekkers, the lake offers an asylum to refresh and recharge during the hectic Manali-Leh trek. Adrenaline junkie motorcyclists and mountain bikers will find this place a wonderful stopover on their journey.

Top Experiences To Do in Suraj Tal

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Best of Sikkim

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People Also Ask About Spiti Valley

What are the best places to visit in spiti valley in july with kids.

  •  Key Monastery: Located at a height of 4,166 metres, Key Monastery is one of the most popular attractions in Spiti. You can learn about Buddhist culture as well as meditate for a soothing experience. Additionally, you will get to admire the ancient books, scrolls, paintings and murals related to Buddhism. 
  •   Pin Valley National Park: A tour of the jungle and spotting wild animals is surely something that the kids will love. Pin Valley National Park is the only national park in Himachal Pradesh which is home to a wide variety of animals. On your tour, you may get to spot animals like snow leopards, ibex, red foxes, golden eagles, snow cock, pika, griffon and bharal. 
  •  Tabo Monastery : Found in 996 CE, Tabo Monastery is the oldest monastery in India. It is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Spiti Valley in July which includes structures made from mud and frescoes on the walls. It is a centre for worship and learning where you can get in-depth knowledge about Buddhism and its teachings. 
  •  Langza : Langza is a beautiful village in Spiti which is situated at an altitude of 4,420 metres. It is renowned for offering magnificent views of the Himalayas, friendly locals, endangered animals and a 35 ft tall statue of Buddha.

Is July a good time to visit Spiti Valley?

Is it safe to travel to spiti in july, why is spiti valley so famous, are 2 days enough to explore spiti valley, is there snow in spiti in july, what are the best places to visit in spiti valley in july for couples.

  • Chandratal Lake: Situated at an altitude of 4,250 metres, the scenic beauty of Chandratal Lake makes it one of the most romantic places for couples in Spiti. It is a huge lake with crystal clear blue waters, surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and offers stunning views of the nearby valleys. 
  •  Kunzum Pass: If you wish to visit the highest point in Spiti with your partner then Kunzum Pass should definitely be on your list. Located at an altitude of 4,589 metres, this place is where you can see a little bit of snow even in July. Additionally, you can visit the Kunzum Devi temple to offer your prayers and seek blessings. 
  •  Kaza: Kaza is a picturesque village in Spiti, situated at a height of 3000 metres. It is known for its ancient monasteries, giant mountains, pristine lakes and scenic trekking trails. 
  • Tashigang: Tashigang is the highest and the most scenic village in Spiti which you should definitely visit. It is an ideal place for a peaceful getaway where you will get to see ancient monasteries, traditional Tibetan houses as well as agricultural fields.

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Spiti Valley Top Attractions

Spiti Valley

Located close to India’s eye-catching Spiti river in the Spiti Valley, the Key Monastery is one of the must-visit places in Himachal Pradesh. Also known as the Kye Gompa or Ki and Kee Monastery, the spectacular Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is located on a picturesque hilltop at an altitude of 4,166 meters above the sea level. If you're planning to explore the spiritual and cultural treasures of the Spiti Valley, don't forget to include a visit to Key Monastery in your Spiti Tour Packages for an enriching journey through the Himalayas.The 1000-year-old monastery which dates back to 1100 CE is also the largest in Lahaul and Spiti district of India. The magnificent Key Monastery is believed to have been established by Dromtön (Brom-ston, 1008-1064 CE) who was a student of Atisha, a famous teacher of the 11th century.Home to around 250-300 Lamas, who are spiritual leaders in Tibetan Buddhism, the stunning monastery serves as a fully-functional religious training ground for Lamas run by a Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhist monks. The historic monastery with a breathtaking architecture will leave you spellbound with a resemblance to fantasy fiction.Surrounded by beautiful snow-capped Himalayas and glaciers, the monastery is visited by thousands of devotees and tourists from all over the world who come here to seek tranquility and inner peace. The pristine location of the monastery with gorgeous villages covered in snow and long winding roads will give you an unforgettable experience.As you step inside this amazing monastery, you will notice its beautiful walls which are covered with murals and paintings depicting the 14th-century monastic architecture, influenced by Chinese culture. It is also popular for its rare manuscripts, unique wind instruments, Buddha idols and a marvelous collection of weapons to ward off attackers and protect the monastery.With a fascinating history behind its emergence, the Key Monastery survived many attacks by the Mongols. Nevertheless, in the year 2000, it witnessed a grand celebration of completing 1000 years in the esteemed presence of the Dalai Lama.Experience the spiritual ambiance and rich history of Key Monastery as part of your Spiti Valley adventure with tailored Spiti Valley packages from Delhi.

Chandratal Lake

Popularly known as the trekker's paradise, Chandratal Lake is reckoned as the most charismatic lake situated in the laps of Himalayas. This enticing lake is perched on the Samudra Tapu plateau which lies in close proximity to Chandra river. Situated at an altitude of 4300 meters, Chandratal offers the most splendid views of the Spiti region. If you're planning a trip to the Himalayas, don't miss out on including Chandratal Lake in your Spiti Valley Tour.The lake is crescent-shaped, and that is how it got its name. If you are looking for a perfect blend of adventure and laidback holidays, there could not be a better site to kickstart your journey than Chandratal. The road to Chandratal lake takes you through treacherous trails of Batal which will set your adrenaline pumping.Discover the beauty of Spiti on a trip from Delhi, where you'll find the stunning Chandratal Lake, offering a peaceful retreat amidst the mountains. With a Spiti tour package from Delhi, cherish unforgettable moments by the tranquil shores of Chandratal Lake.On your way, you will also get to climb the glaciers between Kunzum pass and Rohtang Pass. This mesmerizing site has much folklore attached to itself but what lures its visitors is its turquoise blue water, majestic mountains and serene surroundings which make it an apt place for camping. Sprawled over an area of 2.5 kilometers, Chandratal sees a massive influx of travelers during the summer months.In the winter months, this place majorly remains in the bucket list of adventure enthusiasts who want to push past their limits.

More Spiti Valley Attractions

Spiti valley travel guides.

10 Best Places to Visit in Spiti Valley in September {{year}}

Spiti Valley Reviews

lahaul and spiti trip

More Things to do in Spiti Valley

More on spiti valley tourism, popular related destinations.


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Top Things to Do in Lahaul and Spiti District, India

Places to visit in lahaul and spiti district, explore popular experiences, popular cities in lahaul and spiti district.

lahaul and spiti trip

Ways to tour Lahaul and Spiti District

lahaul and spiti trip

Atal Tunnel Sightseeing Tour Covering Sissu & Solang Valley

lahaul and spiti trip

11-Day Private Motorbike Tour Over the Highest Roads in Ladakh

lahaul and spiti trip

Great Himalayas Motorbike Tours

lahaul and spiti trip

Experiential Expeditions to Himachal Jibhi and Tirthan Valley

lahaul and spiti trip

Great Himalayan Challenge with Motorcycle Tour Around India

lahaul and spiti trip

Pir Panjal Mountains and Little Tibet Ride 13 Days Fully Guided Motorcycle Tour

lahaul and spiti trip

11-Day Private Trek Pin Parvati and Spiti Valley Jeep Safari

lahaul and spiti trip

10 Days Spiti Valley Tour in India

lahaul and spiti trip

14-Day Cycling Tour in the Indian Himalayas from Shimla

lahaul and spiti trip

Trans Himalayan Expedition

Top attractions in lahaul and spiti district.

lahaul and spiti trip

Private Sightseeing Tours

lahaul and spiti trip

Cultural Tours

Tours & sightseeing, multi-day & extended tours, outdoor activities, what travellers are saying.


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The News Himachal

Former Minister Ram Lal Markanda to Run as Independent Candidate in Lahaul-Spiti By-Election

In a surprising turn of events, the by-election race for the tribal district of Lahaul-Spiti Assembly has taken an intriguing twist with former minister Dr. Ramlal Markanda throwing his hat into the ring as an independent candidate. This move comes amidst the backdrop of Congress fielding Anuradha Rana and BJP nominating Ravi Thakur for the electoral fray.

Dr. Ramlal Markanda convened a meeting with his supporters in Udaipur, where he declared his decision to contest independently. The decision not only adds a new dimension to the electoral landscape but also sets the stage for a triangular and gripping contest.

Scheduled to file his nomination in Keylong on May 13, Dr. Markanda expressed his disillusionment with both major parties, citing a series of grievances. “I want to make it clear that the politics that both the parties did with me for about one and a half months… The BJP sidelined me despite my longstanding dedication and service to the party,” remarked Dr. Markanda.

Narrating his journey of disappointment, he recounted, “I got in touch with Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Sukhu, who initially assured me of a ticket… However, the promises made to me were eventually rescinded, leaving me with no choice but to contest independently.”

Dr. Markanda’s determination to contest has been spurred by the overwhelming support of his constituents and well-wishers. “When I reached Lahaul yesterday, the people of Lahaul, my well-wishers from long time, decided that you will have to contest the election. I took the decision immediately,” he emphasized.

With his entry into the electoral race, Dr. Ramlal Markanda adds a new dynamic to an already fiercely contested by-election. His candidacy reflects the growing discontent within traditional party structures. As the Lahaul-Spiti constituency braces itself for the upcoming polls, all eyes are on the unfolding narrative of this unexpected electoral battle.


lahaul and spiti trip

Former Minister Challenges BJP Ticket in Himachal Pradesh, Announces Bid for Bye-Election

Tableau of Himachal at Republic Day 2021 New Delhi

Tableau of Himachal to be part of 72nd Republic Day function at New Delhi

lahaul and spiti trip

Atal Tunnel Rohtang – a mixed bag of boon and bane

lahaul and spiti trip

Tribal women forced Minister to return from Lahaul-Spiti for violating local quarantine norms

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Vidya Stokes seeks free hand to Virbhadra Singh in Vidhan Sabha...

Bsp announces 32 candidates for assembly election, trinamool congress announces 10-point programme for assembly poll.

Himachal by-elections: Congress picks woman candidate for Lahaul and Spiti after 52 years

The Congress on Sunday evening announced the candidature of Anuradha Rana for Lahaul and Spiti and Subhash Chand for Barsar.

Statesman News Service | Shimla | May 7, 2024 8:57 pm

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File Photo: Congress Symbol

The Congress has put its faith in a woman candidate for the second time after 52 years for the Lahaul and Spiti by-election scheduled to be held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha polls on June 1.

The by-elections in these two Assembly constituencies (ACs), along with four other ACs, were necessitated following the disqualification of six rebel Congress MLAs by State Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania under anti-defection law for defying for party whip to be present in the Assembly during cut motion and Budget session.


These rebel MLAs had earlier cross-voted in the Rajya Sabha election on February 27 in favour of BJP candidate Harsha Mahajan who defeated senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi despite Congress being in a majority in the legislative Assembly.

Zila Parishad chairperson Anuradha Rana is pitted against former Congress rebel Ravi Thakur who switched sides and joined the BJP.

Ravi Thakur is the son of former MLA Lata Thakur, the first woman legislator from the tribal district of Lahaul and Spiti and the first Scheduled Tribe MLA in Himachal Pradesh.

Lata Thakur had won the election in 1972.

Anuradha Rana is also said to be a protégé of two-time MLA Ravi Thakur. Thakur had won the election twice in 2012 and 2022 on Congress ticket.

Hailing from Teiling village in Lahaul and Spiti, she belongs to a humble family.

Her nomination as the Congress candidate has finally put to rest speculations of allotment of ticket to former BJP MLA Ram Markanda that was being opposed by the contenders from the party, workers and people supporting Congress.

The Congress office bearers of the Lahaul and Spiti block unit even met Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu and expressed their resentment, demanding that the ticket should not be given to Markanda.

The rationale of the party workers was that such a trend of importing candidates to contest elections would demoralise party workers who devote their lives with dedication to strengthen the party.

Some of the office bearers, along with one of the party contenders for the ticket, former NSUI Lahaul and Spiti district president and ex-district Youth Congress president Suresh Kardo, had threatened mass resignation.

Addressing the media at Lahaul on Monday, an elated Rana, almost in tears, thanked the party for giving ticket to contest the by-elections, saying, “I am grateful to the party for giving me the ticket. I am hopeful that people of the district will support me as they want change.”

She also expressed her gratitude to other contenders, who despite their seniority in the party, ultimately supported her.

Suresh Kardo said, “We thank the party high command, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, for giving ticket to a party worker. We will work unitedly to ensure the victory of Anuradha Rana.”

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30 students rescued from high mountains in himachal.

Thirty college students, who were travelling from Spiti to Manali, have been rescued to safety after snapping of the road link owing to flash floods and landslides in high mountains in Himachal Pradesh, officials said on Sunday.

Delhi to Leh bus service flags off after 8 months as snow clears

The bus service will facilitate the direct travellers from Delhi to Leh via Keylong, in two shifts from Keylong to Leh and Leh to Delhi.

Endangered Chamurthi horses thrive in tribal Lahaul Spiti

Once considered to be on the verge of extinction, the population of these horses reached up to 4,000.

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“Left to Congress, there will be no country for Hindus”: BJP’s Amit Malviya after EAC study shows dip in Hindu population

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Campus protests and the Naxal movement

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US, Philippine forces stage combat drills near southern Taiwan

California reports first rise in groundwater supplies in 4 years

California reports first rise in groundwater supplies in 4 years

Driver dies after crashing into White House complex security barrier

Driver dies after crashing into White House complex security barrier

Floodwaters receding around Houston, Texas

Floodwaters receding around Houston, Texas

Hp assembly bye-elections: congress announces candidates for lahaul-spiti, barsar.

HP Assembly bye-elections: Congress announces candidates for Lahaul-Spiti, Barsar

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) [India], May 6 (ANI): The Congress announced on Sunday the names of candidates for the bye-elections in the Assembly seats of Lahaul-Spiti and Barsar in Himachal Pradesh.

According to the AICC press release, Anuradha Rana is the Congress candidate for the Lahaul-Spiti, which is reserved for ST candidates, and Subhash Chand is the candidate for the Barsar constituency.

Assembly bye-elections in the state are necessitated because of the disqualification of six rebel Congress MLAs, who cross-voted in the Rajya Sabha election in favour of the BJP.

After Sunday's announcement of two more candidates, the Congress has announced candidates for five out of six constituencies, where bye-elections are due on June 1.

In April, Congress announced Capt. Ranjit Singh Rana from the Sujanpur constituency, Rakesh Kalia from Gagret and Vivek Sharma from Kutlehar.

The six disqualified MLAs joined the BJP and they were announced as its candidates in these bye-elections by the party. The BJP candidates are Sudhir Sharma for Dharamshala, Ravi Thakur for Lahaul and Spiti, Rajinder Rana for Sujanpur, Inder Dutt Lakhanpal for Barsar, Chetanya Sharma for Gagret, and Devinder Kumar Bhutto for Kutlehar.

The elections to the four Lok Sabha seats of Himachal Pradesh and by-polls to the six assembly constituencies that fell vacant with the disqualification of six rebel Congress MLAs and their eventual switch to the BJP will be held on June.

Six Congress legislators were disqualified from the State Legislative Assembly in February. They cross-voted in favour of the BJP in the Rajya Sabha election on February 27. The rebel Congress MLAs have approached the Supreme Court against their disqualification. The ground for their disqualification was their absence from the Assembly when the State Budget and the Finance Bill were being put to the vote, defying a party whip to vote in favour of the government.

ANI 6th May 2024, 06:18 GMT+10

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  1. Spiti Valley Tour Packages

    An average trip of 10 days to Lahaul Spiti can cost anywhere between INR 80,000 to INR 1,00,000 per person. The cost largely depends on your accommodation options, food options, and what activities you take part in.

  2. Lahaul Valley Trip

    Lahaul Valley. Lahaul Valley encompasses a much smaller valley and has some of the most stunning views of glaciers, rivers, monasteries, deep valleys, and high peaks. Of course, Lahaul forms one-half of the Lahaul-Spiti district. But, Lahaul is separated from its sister Spiti by the gigantic Kunzum Pass.

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    Spiti Valley Tourism. Long winding roads and valleys that present unforgettable glimpses of cold desert and snow-crowned mountains welcome you when you set foot into Spiti Valley. Bordered on all sides by the Himalayas, Spiti Valley, located in Himachal Pradesh, has an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level, and gets just around 250 days of ...

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    Things to Do in Lahaul and Spiti District, India: See Tripadvisor's 4,924 traveler reviews and photos of Lahaul and Spiti District tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in May. We have reviews of the best places to see in Lahaul and Spiti District. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions.

  5. Lahaul & Spiti Valley Travel Guide

    Lahaul Valley and Spiti Valley were merged in 1960 to form Lahaul & Spiti district, it is the 4th least populated districts in India. The two valleys are connected through the famous Kunzum La (mountain pass) that sits at an altitude of 4551 m. While the two regions are equally stunning, they vary slightly in appearance.

  6. Spiti valley Road Trip

    On this Spiti Valley Road trip, you will probably be driving for around 1600 - 1700 kms in total. If your bike gives a mileage of 25-30 km per litre on an average, with the current cost of petrol (INR 105.00 approx), your fuel cost will be around INR 6,500.00 to INR 7,000.00.

  7. Spiti Valley

    A small and secluded village in the heart of Spiti, Tabo is famous for a monastery which is over a thousand years old. Founded in 996 AD, Tabo is the largest monastic complex in Spiti comprising of nine temples, 23 chortens, a monk chamber and a nun's chamber. The village, with sprawling apple orchards is in the middle of a cold desert around.

  8. Explore Lahaul and Spiti District

    Komick Village. 26. Points of Interest & Landmarks. Tabo Monastery. 121. Religious Sites. Lahaul and Spiti District Tourism: Tripadvisor has 4,925 reviews of Lahaul and Spiti District Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Lahaul and Spiti District Tourism resource.

  9. Lahaul & Spiti travel

    Lahaul & Spiti. India, Asia. Lahaul is braced for massive changes. For years, reaching this spectacular if desolate region has involved crossing the seasonal, infamously treacherous Rohtang Pass. However, by 2020 the new Rohtang Tunnel is expected to have opened, making access a breeze from Manali. In its wake, you can expect a rush of new tourism.

  10. Lahaul Spiti Travel Guide

    Lahaul Spiti Travel Guide Lahaul and Spiti are two isolated Himalayan valleys of Himachal Pradesh lying on the Indo-Tibet border, dotted with rocky hills and snow-clad peaks. Lahaul, a land of enchanting Buddhist art and culture, is marked by imposing mountains and glaciers. Spiti is renowned as Little Tibet since its landscape, vegetation, and ...

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    Compare Spiti Valley tours & packages from top Travel agents. 4.7 /5 (35 Reviews) 20 travel agents available for Spiti Valley. About Spiti Valley Tourism: Spiti Valley in the northeastern part of Himachal Pradesh is a cold desert mountain valley and is the land between Tibet and India. One of India's coldest places, Spiti derives its ...

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    Lahul and Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India . By Air: The closest airport is Bhuntar Airport (near Kullu) which is 245 km away. From Bhuntar, one must go to Manali and then take a bus or cab to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The nearest international airport to Lahaul and Spiti is in Chandigarh (495 km).. By Train: The Jogindernagar Railway Station (360 km distant) and the Shimla Railway Station (416 ...

  13. Lahaul Valley

    By Air: The nearest airports to Lahaul Valley is Kullu Manali Airport or Bhuntar Airport. However, the nearest major airport is Chandigarh. From here, you may continue your road trip to Lahaul Valley By Train: The largest railway station nearest to Lahaul Valley is Chandigarh. However, you may take a toy train from Kalka to Shimla, which is around 169 kilometers from Lahaul Valley, and then ...

  14. How to Plan a Trip to Spiti Valley

    You have defined Spellbinding landscapes, ancient monasteries, and vibrant culture make Lahaul-Spiti a must-visit. Your travel guide is a gateway to adventure and awe-inspiring beauty! Reply. Vargis.Khan February 17, 2024 - 2:09 pm. Thank you !!! Reply. Ankita January 5, 2024 - 11:52 am.

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    Activities in Lahaul and Spiti. Lahaul and Spiti offer a range of activities for tourists, from trekking to exploring ancient monasteries. Here are some popular activities to do in the region: Trekking: The region is a paradise for trekkers. The popular treks include the Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, and the Chandratal Lake Trek.

  16. 10 Adventure Things To Do in Lahaul and Spiti

    Famous Activities that can be included in Lahaul Spiti Trip 1. Stargazing. Stargazing. Gazing up at the stars on a cold, clear night is an experience like no other from spotting shooting stars to engaging in astronomy, it truly is a magical experience. If you're looking for the perfect spot to do some stargazing, look at the places of Tabo ...

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    Total time to reach Kaza in Spiti Valley from Delhi. Condition of Lahaul Spiti Roads. Best time to take Lahaul Spiti Road Trip. Itinerary for Lahaul Spiti Road trip. Day 1 (Delhi - Chandigarh or Delhi - Mandi / Manali) Day 2 (Manali to Chandratal Lake) Day 3 (Chandratal - Kaza) Day 4 (Kaza)

  19. 8 Days Spiti Valley Trip For An Out Of The World Holiday In 2023

    The pass is your official exit from the Lahaul Spiti valley. With snow-capped peaks, and hundreds of prayer flags fluttering around, Kunzum Pass is a piece of paradise! By visiting this place at the end, you'd ensure the best 8 days trip to Spiti Valley. Elevation: 4590 meters

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    Adventures Overland, known for creating unforgettable experiences, promises a unique blend of excitement and natural wonders on the Lahaul Spiti Drive. Embark on the Lahaul & Spiti Self-Drive Road Trip from Chandigarh. The best Spiti Valley 4x4 expedition with luxurious stays, sightseeing tour, & adventure activities.

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    110 KMS. 4-5 hours. Meals included. We head to the most scenic part of this holiday - Lahaul Valley. To get here, we drive through the 9 km long Atal Tunnel - which is recognized as the world's longest highway tunnel. The tunnel is built with ultra-modern specifications in the Pir Panjal range of Himalayas at an altitude of 3,000 metres ...

  22. World Class Travel Company:Group Tours|Speciality Tours

    You can even travel to Himachal to celebrate togetherness as a couple on a Honeymoon Tour ! Grab the best Himachal tour packages by Kesari Tours. Mar 31, 2024 TO Mar 30, 2025 ; Mar 31, 2024 TO Mar 30, 2025 ; Itinerary is valid from Mar 31, 2024 to Mar 30, 2025. Print . Lahaul Spiti With Chandratal. 13 Days 12 Nights, Cities Country. Chandigarh ...

  23. 10 Best Places to Visit in Spiti Valley in July 2024

    Yes, July is an ideal time for a trip to Spiti Valley. The mild temperatures and favourable weather conditions of Spiti in July allows you to comfortably enjoy your trip and explore the attractions. ... enriching journey through the Himalayas.The 1000-year-old monastery which dates back to 1100 CE is also the largest in Lahaul and Spiti ...

  24. Save and Share for your upcoming mountain trip⛰️ ...

    Save and Share for your upcoming mountain trip⛰️ 📍Sissu, Lahaul Valley Located right at the beginning of Lahaul, only 40 km from Manali on the Manali-Leh highway, Sissu works as a gateway to the three famous regions of the Indian Himalayas- Ladakh, Spiti, and Lahaul. Thanks to the Atal Tunnel, coming to sissu has become easy.

  25. Places to Visit in Lahaul and Spiti District

    By AakashK190. It's the famous monastery in Spiti valley and is amazing site to watch. See ways to experience (2) 9. Chandra Taal. 48. Bodies of Water. By royjay2018. It is a lake with alluring beauty amidst the Himalayan mountain range.

  26. Lahaul and Spiti Assembly byelection: Triangular contest on cards in

    The tribal district of Lahaul and Spiti Assembly constituency bordering China is set to witness a triangular after Ram Lal Markanda decided to jump in poll fray as an Independent candidate. Apart ...

  27. Former Minister Ram Lal Markanda to Run as Independent Candidate in

    In a surprising turn of events, the by-election race for the tribal district of Lahaul-Spiti Assembly has taken an intriguing twist with former minister Dr. Ramlal Markanda throwing his hat into the ring as an independent candidate. This move comes amidst the backdrop of Congress fielding Anuradha Rana and BJP nominating Ravi Thakur for the […]

  28. Himachal by-elections: Congress picks woman candidate for Lahaul and

    The Congress has put its faith in a woman candidate for the second time after 52 years for the Lahaul and Spiti by-election scheduled to be held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha polls on June 1.

  29. HP Assembly bye-elections: Congress announces candidates for Lahaul

    According to the AICC press release, Anuradha Rana is the Congress candidate for the Lahaul-Spiti, which is reserved for ST candidates, and Subhash Chand is the candidate for the Barsar constituency. Assembly bye-elections in the state are necessitated because of the disqualification of six rebel Congress MLAs, who cross-voted in the Rajya ...