Journey East

Photo of Journey East - Singapore, SG, SG. Our outdoor furniture pieces are weatherproof, UV resistant, and made to last.

Location & Hours

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315 Outram Rd

Tan Boon Liat Building

Singapore 169074

Tiong Bahru

Amenities and More

About the business.

A furniture store at the fringe of Tiong Bahru and Outram, Singapore, that specializes in reclaimed and recycled teak wood, restored vintage furniture, industrial-styled furnishing as well as designer furniture and decor accents. Established in 1995, Journey East has since become Singapore's premier destination for eco-friendly, eclectic and unique home furnishings, with an 8,600 square-foot showroom at Tan Boon Liat building. Journey East is open every day, and overseas orders can also be arranged. …

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Photo of Miguel M.

Singapore is one of the Best Places in the world to buy furniture, especially if you have an eye for South East Asian pieces. Journey East best personifies this by taking reclaimed teak wood from Java (Indonesia) to create beautiful individually crafted furnishings. I, for one, had an eye on a TV Console hand-crafted from wood originating from old Javanese fishing boats framed with strong black iron. The fading paint (of varying colours) of the wood just made this piece and others like it, a conversational piece. The concept of taking wood that is destined to be scrapped or burned, but instead is used as raw material to create simply stunning furnishings is Awe-inspiring! What makes Journey East even more attractive for would-be furniture shoppers is that it is surprisingly affordable. Forget about the ridiculous furniture prices at the Park Mall or the fan-fare around the newly opened Crate And Barrel in Orchard Gateway. Journey East delivers equivalent furnishings at a fraction of the price. Not to mention, every dollar you spend goes to a local Singaporean business whose business model on Eco-friendly furniture. This is what Yelp is all about, after all, supporting local businesses! Putting aside the Eco-friendly aspect of Journey East, the d-Bodhi branded furniture pieces are simply STUNNING!

d-Bodhi Furniture showroom. See said TV console described in my review.

d-Bodhi Furniture showroom. See said TV console described in my review.

Interesting idea for a coffee table.

Interesting idea for a coffee table.

Photo of Michelle M.

One of my favourite furniture shops in the Tan Boon Liat Building! Journey East's furniture is a mix of eco-friendly, industrial, and vintage pieces with Asian accents. We recently bought a TV stand for our living area, and we love it so much that we thought we'd return to see if there are any other pieces that would interest us. We were in the market for a desk for my office, but this time around we didn't spot anything in our price range. However, we were thinking of getting a small side table and instead, found these awesome stackable crates by d-Bohdi (same brand as our TV stand.) They are made of recycled teak and come in various sizes. The sales associate was very helpful in finding the best looking ones and stacking them for us so we could choose what combinations we liked. He also gave us some good tips on how to use them, for example: the large crate is good for magazines while the small crate can be used to serve drinks to guests if we are entertaining. We ended up getting one each of the small, medium, and large crates. They look really lovely next to our couch! We appreciated how our sales associate and the rest of the staff were very welcoming, and I must admit I am quite smitten with their resident cat Ginger- if you see him wandering around, give him a pat on the head for me, will ya? :)

journey east tan boon liat

See all photos from Michelle M. for Journey East

Photo of Scott G.

Such a cool furniture store with a very eclectic mix of things old and new. Tucked in an office building you have to know the address to find it or else you will not see it from the road. If your looking for a cool piece of furniture check them out.

Photo of June L.

Eco-friendly furniture pieces Starting off as a typical furniture store specialising in teak and Indonesian furniture, Journey East has "evolved" in their words to include sustainable practices. These include refurbishing vintage furniture as well as recycling wood from old buildings, fishing boats and railway sleepers into unique, desirable pieces of art that double as cupboards, benches and more. They also choose their furniture partners who demonstrate fair trade practices and encourage the reduction of carbon production. Their showroom would make an environmentalist proud. There is a lot of fine craftsmanship on display, each one-of-a-kind piece the result of its recycled use as well as the skill of the craftsman. My favourite is the d-Bodhi brand, which uses the aforementioned recycled teak, Javanese fishing boats and galvanized iron pipes for a really unique finish and energy. A friendly resident cat enlivens the surroundings, and does not mind a few pats and cuddles.

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Collections Including Journey East

Singapore: Home Furnishings

Singapore: Home Furnishings

By Michelle M.

Singapore Furniture Stores

Singapore Furniture Stores

By Miguel M.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Tiong Bahru

Neighborhood Spotlight: Tiong Bahru

The Green List

The Green List

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Photograph: Born in Colour

The best furniture shops in Tan Boon Liat Building

We sussed out the best furniture shops so you won’t waste your time going up and down an old warehouse lift

Pailin Boonlong

There’s nothing else in Singapore like Tan Boon Liat Building – this iconic blue building's been along Outram Road since the 70s. It’s a treasure trove of all things furniture and decor: one-of-a-kind statement pieces, modern Scandinavian furniture, and even rare antiques that have been sourced from far-flung places like Northern China. Since it spans 14 floors, with furniture shops around every corner, it might be a little perplexing for first-time visitors. No need to hunt high and low for a rare Tiffany lamp or rattan bar stools, here are the best furniture shops to check out in Tan Boon Liat Building.

RECOMMENDED: The best second-hand furniture shops  and best home decor and furniture stores

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Hidden gems of Tan Boon Liat

Born in Colour

Born in Colour

  • Tiong Bahru

From rattan to solid wood furniture , local retailer Born in Colour’s diverse collection is worth seeing in person. This store carries a wide range of Scandinavian, Bohemian and mid-century furniture, available in an assortment of colours to suit every mood. Created with a typical Singaporean household in mind, each furniture piece is specially curated for both compactness and functionality. For muted palette lovers, the Hesse range is one to look for – boasting fluted sliding panels with rounded edges, the range spells Scandinavian design with a twist. Meanwhile, the Certo mid-century range has a timeless appeal that will sit well with other styles both old and new, thanks to its emphasis on simple lines that bring out the enduring beauty of wood. 

To recreate these gorgeous design looks in your home, shop Born in Colour’s pieces here .

Paid content 


Rattan has made a comeback in recent years, and furniture shop Rooma is known for its stylish use of rattan and solid wood. A visit to the store in Tan Boon Liat Building displays an assortment of furniture – everything from beautifully-crafted cabinets to old-school benches. There’s also a custom-made furniture service available for those looking for a one-of-a-kind item.

Emperor’s Attic

Emperor’s Attic

There’s a certain charm about handcrafted vintage furniture, and at Emperor’s Attic, it’s a vast collection of antiques, vintage, and even reproduced Chinese furniture. It sources its items directly from Northern China, making sure to personally select and authenticate each piece. When it comes to antique hunting, the details matter too – the team will be sure to accurately gauge the item’s age, origin, and materials. While it does not customise furniture orders, the staff are more than willing to help you source a specific piece you have in mind. 

ipse ipsa ipsum

ipse ipsa ipsum

At furniture store ipse ipsa ipsum, they take great pride in their furniture with each piece personally handcrafted using traditional techniques. The store name’s Latin for “himself, herself, and itself” – we’re guessing it spans all individuals. From hand etching to ironmongery, the furniture here is unlike any other in Singapore. You can be sure that your dining table or glass lamp is one-of-a-kind, since they use premium materials: black agate, rose quartz, and pink abalone shell.

The Past Perfect Collection

The Past Perfect Collection

Head to level 11 for The Past Perfect Collection, which has antique furniture spanning the British, Dutch and Portuguese era in India. Owners Pieter and Marie-Hélène van Houten had previously lived in India, and with their interest in its colonial history, they’ve lovingly restored many antiques and colonial furniture. The pieces are sourced and handpicked from India – and many of them were once part of stately colonial mansions. 

Grey & Sanders

Grey & Sanders

While we all enjoy a few statement pieces scattered around our home, we still need long-lasting, quality furniture – which is right up Grey and Sanders’ alley. It’s one of the mainstay furniture shops behind the Scandi decor trend in Singapore, with premium designs in earthy and neutral tones. They also have a selection of wooden slabs, available for pre-ordering a unique dining table or study desk.

Artful House

Artful House

As a nod to the beauty of Indian craftsmanship, Artful House sources its vintage items directly from India. The shop is a treasure trove of colourful doors and carved window frames, with most pieces made from recycled wood. In some cases, it makes the most of old doorway panels and cleverly uses the materials for an entirely new piece. Those looking for a truly unique piece will delight in browsing through its variety of handcrafted furniture and upholstered accent chairs.

Journey East

Journey East

As one of the more popular furniture stores in Tan Boon Liat Building, Journey East has no shortage of customers – you’ll find that their shop’s often filled with keen visitors browsing through their mishmash of restored pieces and modern designs. Whether it’s a stylish wooden study desk or modern LED light bulbs, you’ll most likely find a unique statement piece to suit your new abode. 

Commune Life

Commune Life

While Tan Boon Liat Building has no shortage of antique and vintage stores, Commune Life stands out for its collection of modern designer furniture. They pride themselves on creating lifestyle pieces that are equal parts tasteful and comfortable. Another plus: their designs constantly rely upon recycled materials, ethically-sourced wood, and coatings that have low lead content. Knowing that many of us live in small flats, they’ve made sure to design furniture that fits small living spaces – all at a fair price point. 

Singapore Trading Post

Singapore Trading Post

  • Gifts and souvenirs

Vintage lovers: behold Singapore Trading Post, a homeware emporium filled with memorabilia sourced from places that used to be the trade routes of Singapore’s colonial past. One-of-a-kind pieces to sift through include large statement furniture like grandfather clocks and trinkets like an old pair of binoculars.

Arete Culture

Arete Culture

  • Bukit Batok

Arete Culture’s interior design services will create your dream space with homeware sourced from around the world. Founded by Caroline Chin Geyler, the brand has two showrooms in Singapore: the one over at Tan Boon Liat Building offers a pared-down curation in a centralised location. You can browse through a huge variety of designs including cushions, lamps and mirrors from The Luxe Hotel Collection, textiles from Linen and Moore, luxury bed linens from Sleep Naked, and artworks from Urban Road, Karen Charmoille and Christina Jensen. 



LivingwithArt has a wide range of premium art paintings and prints. You can find artworks of every style here, from vibrant paintings to black and white prints, if you prefer a monochromatic colour palette. The studio also has works from established Singaporean artists such as Amanda Lim, Andy Yong, and Pua Ann Chi.



Art space Gallery1819 might be familiar for art lovers, especially since the gallery is a fine art wing of LivingwithArt, known for its accessible range of artworks. Gallery1819, however, serves a different purpose. The new gallery features Southeast Asian artworks and artists from across the region – perfect for collectors who live for the finer things in life. From Chinese Ink to Gouache paintings, Gallery1819 Singapore offers a versatile range of works.

Bespoke shops in Singapore

Dover Street Market Singapore

Dover Street Market Singapore

DSM is no stranger to all the hypebeasts out there thanks to its range of luxe streetwear and rare drops. But did you know that the multi-label store also lets you customise covetable accessories and fresh kicks via its Nikelab selection? Step out in your one-of-a-kind number and show the world who’s boss.

Stone for Gold

Stone for Gold

When it comes to leather goods, these folks know what’s up. The artisanal brand creates accessories such as wallets, pouches, bags and belts with your choice of handmade leather and exotic skins that are carefully sourced from around the world.


The Singapore-based label prides itself in using quality natural ingredients to create skincare that’s uniquely tuned to your skin’s needs. Personalised products such as serums, emulsions and eye creams are packed in eco-friendly recycled material to reduce plastic waste.


If you’re looking for bespoke tailoring and made-to-last clothing for both men and women, stop by homegrown outfit Inventory. This made-to-measure label focuses on everyday outfits for all genders including suits, biker jackets, jeans and more. The brand also does fashion-forward modern collaborations with stylists and musicians.

SIFR Aromatics

SIFR Aromatics

Want a scent to call your own? Sifr offers a unique customisation service where you can book a one and a half hour perfume personalisation session to select ingredients, mix and package your new scent in a gorgeous, uniquely shaped bottle. If you’re not satisfied, you can return for a tweak to get that signature aroma just right.

WTP Furniture Company

WTP Furniture Company

  • Bukit Merah

Give your space some personality by customising your furniture. WTP offers modifiable sofas, beds, desks, outdoor accessories to spruce up a dull space. The team measures and designs each piece to your specific instruction and makes sure everything is done to the highest standard.

Ed Et Al Shoemakers

Ed Et Al Shoemakers

  • Tanjong Pagar

What started out as a bespoke-only outfit, has now grown to offer more made-to-order services, ready-to-wear shoes, as well as shoe repairs and servicing. For a touch of exclusivity on your feet, book an appointment and the team can set you up with a handcrafted, quality leather pair that’ll make Cinderella’s glass slippers jealous.


For a home makeover that’s perfectly in line with your taste, the Roger&Sons team can design new home pieces or give your existing furniture a facelift. The expert team works with all types of wood and other materials including metal, LED and mirrors, so they can even build you a hybrid piece if you want.

The Jewel Box

The Jewel Box

Specialising in creating stunning bling, this private jewellery design house offers one-of-a-kind handmade creations decked out in everything from diamonds and pearls to precious gemstones. Don’t miss out on its range of breathtaking collections while you’re at it.

The Prestigious

The Prestigious

  • Raffles Place

As its name suggests, this bespoke tailor dresses the well-heeled, crazy rich Asians of our island. All commissioned suits are crafted in-house at the atelier – there’s no outsourcing and no secret factory here – it’s one of the only places in Singapore where the pieces don’t leave the premises except when it’s finally in the client’s hands (or on the body).

The Bespoke Club

The Bespoke Club

This local start-up caters to the wardrobes of both men and women. Furnished with warm wood interiors, plush leather couches and neat rows of ready-made accessories such as bow ties, pocket squares and cufflinks, the shop offers professional style consultations to keep you looking sharp.

[image] [title]

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journey east tan boon liat

MCI (P) 067/12/2023. Published by SPH Media Limited, Co. Regn. No. 202120748H. Copyright © 2024 SPH Media Limited. All rights reserved.

A shopping guide to Tan Boon Liat Building

(Blogpost updated Jan 2016)  Located between Outram and Zion Road is one of our favourite one-stop places for furniture shopping. Don’t be fooled by the worn warehouse façade and "old school" open-air car park of the Tan Boon Liat Building, for its shops inside are brimming with life. We take you through the storeys of this old enclave and present you a list of must-visit shops.

FairPrice Antique #01-01

journey east tan boon liat

Visit FairPrice Antiques for authentic antiques acquired from a sole supplier from China, as well as, unique reproductions like Buddha statue replicas. Owner Helle Espersen handpicks each piece and guarantees its authenticity. We have fallen for the intricate oriental details in their old window panels, medicine cabinets, and chests that you can hardly find on modern furniture. 

Arete Culture #06-01

tan boon liat, arete culture, fabrics, homeware, decor

Image: Affluent

Arete Culture is best known for their wide range of soft furnishings – all at affordable prices. There, you can find original artworks, carpets, silk duvets and more from brands such as Linen & Moore and Cochine. Besides carrying a bright and wide collection of cheery-coloured home pieces, Arete Culture also offers styling services for the home!

Journey East #03-02

journey east tan boon liat

A playful sign the Journey East showroom reads, “I can resist everything but vintage”, and the shop’s collections are testament of that.  Their vintage-inspired, reclaimed and restored furniture includes industrial pieces from District Eight Design, made of hardwood and cast iron from factories in Vietnam. Other collections are d-Bodhi, featuring sleek dining sets and shelves handcrafted from recycled teak wood, and an outdoor furniture range from Mamagreen. 

Deer Industries #07-05

tan boon liat, deer industries, kids furniture, beds, accessories

Spruce your child's bedroom up with some chic children furniture from Deer Industries! The 2,600sqf store carries a range of modern European kids lifestyle brands that cater to newborns up till teenagers. Their cribs, bedroom accessories and decor pieces are perfect for a minimal yet trendy addition to any room.

Mountain Teak #07-02

journey east tan boon liat

If you fancy wooden furniture and love the raw look of its grain, then Mountain Teak is the shop for you. Carrying a collection of teak furniture brands from Europe, their goods range from bed frames to moveable mini bars. You can find classic, Danish-design inspired pieces from their Vintage collection, or go for the industrial-chic look with storage units from Atelier K. 

journey east tan boon liat

The best term to describe the goods at The Shophouse would be: eclectic. From modern-style fabric sofas, to unique glass table lamps and traditional Chinese kitchenware, the shop offers a wide range to meet your individual design needs.

Read more about The Shophouse and see more of their products in our  blog entry .

Singapore Trading Post #07-01

singapore trading post, tan boon liat, antique, store, homeware

Singapore Trading Post is the place to be if you're a massive vintage collector. Housing items sourced from India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar, the space is an eclectic mix of furniture and decorative accents for the home. The pieces you'll see here are representative of the colonial era, and will definitely be unique additions for your living space.

Artful House #08-04

journey east tan boon liat

Take a break from your run-of-the-mill modern furniture shops and visit Artful House . The shop carries restored hardwood furniture from the colonial era, sourced from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. If old, colonial pieces are not your style, you’ll appreciate their contemporary home accessories that feature elegant classical motifs. Take for example their simple dining plates with a lovely depiction of a crane.            

Read more about the unique individual pieces at Artful House in our blog entry .

Knocknock #03-04

tan boon liat, knocknock, homeware, furniture, accessories

Do you ever knock on wood to prevent bad luck? Such was the concept behind  Knocknock 's name. The store houses both factory-made and customised teak furniture. Most of the wood used in making the pieces on sale are sourced from Indonesia. Everything in the store is easy on the pocket (with prices starting from $500 for a side table, to $5,000 for a dining table), but doesn't compromise on durability and looks.

Make Room #10-01

journey east tan boon liat

When dropping by Make Room , do not miss out on their own line of home accessories – a colourful collection of poufs, cushions, baskets and more. The irresistibly plush pieces are hand woven by owner Barbara Fritschy herself. The shop also houses Danish brands Nordal and Madam Stoltz, with pieces ranging from full-sized cabinets to ladder racks and embossed trays. Make Room offers interior styling services as well.

The Beuro #03-09/10

the beuro, furniture, homeware, tan boon liat

Having only opened its doors in May 2015,  The Beuro 's 11,000sqf showroom in the Tan Boon Liat building is fairly new! The space is divided not by brands, but into living areas, such as the bedroom and living room. Names that you can look out for in their showroom include Thomas Bina, Loop & Co, Delightfull and more. 

Pomelo #10-04

journey east tan boon liat

Pomelo houses contemporary furniture from many international design brands, offering you inspiration to dress up your home. Classic contemporary pieces from British brand Case, include collaborations with iconic designers such as Matthew Hilton and Robin Day, while high quality furnishings from Italian brand Ex.T feature clean lines in visually attractive colours. For one, we love the Ex.T Fuse lights – simple pendant lamps that come in lovely pastel coloured ceramic shades.

Find out more about the people behind Pomelo in this blog entry .

The Providore #05-03

journey east tan boon liat

After all the furniture shopping has worked up an appetite, you don’t have to look far for a light treat. In fact, The Providore warehouse is occupying a decent space at Tan Boon Liat Building itself. In this unlikely location, the grocer stocks a generous serving of gourmet food, and is practically the dream pantry of foodies. Expect fresh bread and croissants in the morning from BAO bakery, along with artisanal cheese and jams, and The Providore brand of coffee blends, tea blends and confectionary.

Tan Boon Liat building is located at 315 Outram Road.

[Text & Coordination by Thrina Tham]

  • Oriental Interior Design
  • Tan Boon Liat
  • Wood (Interior Design)


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Moving to Singapore and not sure where to start? Expat Living is the essential lifestyle guide to living in Singapore.

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Tan boon liat building for décor & furniture stores in singapore.

25th October 2023 by Amy Brook-Partridge 14 Min Read

If you want a hub for home accessories and some of the best furniture stores in Singapore, this location in Outram is a must-visit. Unassuming on the outside, the Tan Boon Liat Building features all all types of great furniture, from Asian antiques and vintage furniture to Scandinavian modern pieces. It also has home décor covered – think tablecloths, dining tables and settings, to cushions, sofas, coffee tables and mattresses. In addition, you can browse carpets, lamps, lights, ornaments and even art for your walls.

Journey East for sustainable and vintage furniture!

This favourite furniture store in Singapore is turning 28 years old, and Expat Living is proud to have worked with them for the majority of that! Journey East stocks lovely restored vintage pieces of furniture hand-picked from Java. Additionally, there are contemporary dBodhi collections that you can mix and match with their vintage collection. Many of the furniture pieces here are eco-friendly and use reclaimed wood. Other sustainable materials include handwoven rattan, hand-crafted bark and also handwelded and recycled iron. The store also carries gorgeous gifts and accessories, so check them out for Christmas and birthdays.

Tan Boon Liat Building

Top picks at this furniture store

  • Beautiful, traditional craftmanship is a key feature in the restored pieces of the vintage collection.
  • The solid teak sets are sustainably sourced and will last forever. One example is the hardy dBodhi Artisan dining table with Purus joinery.
  • The Swedish-made Pappenlina Effi rug is easy to clean, represents genuine craftsmanship, is allergy-friendly and long-lasting!
  • The retro-inspired United Strangers Styvest chair, with top grain Aniline leather, features a unique design and is available in blue or green.

#03-02 Tan Boon Liat Building 6473 1693 |

Soul & Tables for contemporary furniture collections

Soul & Tables (formerly Ethnicraft Online) is known for its multi-brand range. It offers a variety of furniture and accessories, specialising in contemporary teak and oak pieces. The store’s teak is crafted using FSC-certified, sustainably harvested wood. The oak collection is also modern and environmentally friendly. You’ll find a wide selection of handcrafted trays and tables from the Ethnicraft Accessories collection, ethically sourced rugs from Grey House, and also traditional handcrafted African mud-cloth cushions from Mae Woven. In addition, there’s a wide range of outdoor furniture from brands including Fermob, Fatboy, Roolf Living, and Woven+. There’s plenty here to furnish your home stylishly and sustainably inside and out!

All the products in this furniture store come with complimentary delivery, lifetime warranty and maintenance services. There’s also a free 30-day return and one-for-one disposal of items. From ethical sourcing of high-quality furniture to providing a seamless shopping experience, Soul & Tables can help build a home you’ll love for years to come.

Top pics at this Tan Boon Liat Building furniture store

  • The Arch dining table, Alcove bed and Solo bed are the latest additions to the constantly expanding Soul & Tables Signature collection. The collection is inspired by the brand’s daily interactions with customers, listening to their needs, and bringing these ideas into new designs. This collection brings knowledge and supplier expertise together to produce high-quality furniture for the home.

#02-03 and #02-09 Tan Boon Liat Building 9272 1545 |

J. edition for home-grown furniture

At this furniture store in Singapore you will find a range of sofas and bed frames here, inspired by and designed for the local market. J. edition also carries a range of ergonomic lounge chairs by Thai brand Zedere at very affordable prices. Parts of the store are modelled after typical apartments in Singapore so customers can visualise how the furniture will look in their homes. Much of the furniture is in a modern contemporary style.

Tan Boon Liat Building furniture stores

  • The Zoe sofa is the most popular model, also dubbed the Netflix sofa by customers! It features adjustable headrests and soft feather-filled armrests that give the user a comfy, versatile yet modern and sleek-looking sofa.
  • The Gaia bed is a friendly and fun-looking bed frame. Features include removable fabric covers and friendly curves, great for those who are afraid of kicking the bed at night! Customers can also choose from a wide range of boucle fabric to suit their interiors.
  • The Noah sofa is a minimalist statement piece that creates a talking point for guests. Versatility drives the design of this modern piece of furniture, which features rotatable arms for extended seating space and a modular backrest for a perfect Sunday nap.

#04-04 Tan Boon Liat Building 8911 1727 |

Singapore Trading Post for home décor with history

A shared love and passion for Singapore’s history is at the heart of Singapore Trading Post. Launched over 10 years ago, the store’s mission is to offer a stylish but unique shopping alternative to the shopping mall “monoculture”. You’ll find room scents of frangipani, images and artworks of Chinatown, relics from old town Singapore and also treasures to gift to friends and family, inspired by historical travels across Asia.

Furniture stores with Chinese antiques

The romantic style of old Singapore is the backbone of the look at this furniture store. Imagine plantation chairs, pineapple lamps and classic bar accessories for a black-and-white bungalow setting. In addition, they constantly introduce and design bespoke quality items to suit the Singapore home, whether it’s a small apartment or a heritage home.

They also love developing new product ideas to fit Singapore homes, and building relationships with family businesses and factories throughout Southeast Asia.

Top picks at this Tan Boon Liat Building furniture store

  • Medicine Cabinets in deep teal green and antique black finish, and various slim consoles to fit any space.
  • Exotic Indian Christmas baubles and beautifully packaged scented gifts for every budget.
  • The Planter’s Chair, a traditional Indonesian teak and rattan chair with swing-out arms.
  • Ice buckets and bar trolleys in a variety of sizes in metal and glass to set off every celebration (from $110) – hugely popular and great as gifts.
  • Iconic Palm table lamps and pineapple lamps that help create the black-and-white look.

#07-01 Tan Boon Liat Building (and 426 Joo Chiat Road) 8891 9950 |

Born In Colour for premium sofas and Scandinavian style

This furniture store in Singapore carries a wide range of premium sofas, from full-grain Italian leather to scratch- and water-resistant European fabric sofas. There’s Scandinavian, bohemian and also mid-century style furniture in various tones and moods. The living, dining and bedroom pieces they carry are trendy yet functional and compact, perfect for Singapore homes.

The team collaborates with designers to ensure every piece is ergonomically designed and practical. By working closely with factories abroad, they can supply affordable quality designer furniture without going through a distributor. They then pass on the savings directly to customers.

leather sofas at the Tan Boon Liat Building

This furniture store’s top picks

  • The Kano 3-seater full leather sofa ( above, right ). Designed with the intention of maximising comfort and functionality in its compact frame, while also providing a high headrest for maximum support and comfort, the Kano sofa comes in a variety of Aniline grade leather. Feauring Japanese design and quality, it’s a great addition to any space.
  • The Dix ceramic wooden legs dining table has a multi-purpose durable ceramic tabletop that is heat- and flame-resistant, scratch proof, anti-stain and accompanied by sturdy legs in solid beech. It comes in three custom sizes and two tabletop colour designs, marble white and concrete slate grey.
  • The Yasu solid oak smart wooden bed frame from the Yasu series features a minimalist style crafted in solid American white oak wood. The oak bed frame’s slanted solid headboard has two charging points, while the solid wood bed slate has regular air holes to allow the mattress to breathe in our humid weather. Built to fit all local Singapore mattress sizes, it’s also available in a walnut-stained dark colour.

#05-05 Tan Boon Liat Building 6988 3308 |

Dormiente for a healthy and natural sleep

Dormiente focuses on orthopaedic back care, offering female and male organic natural latex mattresses with body specific zonal support that allows you to customise different support and firmness in queen and king sizes. Recently attaining the Germany Green Brand Award 2021-2022 (an EU certification for ecological sustainability), it offers quality products for a safe and healthy sleep.

The mattresses are perfect for allergy sufferers as they’ve been tested free of 200 types of harmful chemicals. You can also enhance the benefits of your mattress with an adjustable bed base; these are endorsed by the German Association of Back Posture Trainers and certified to help with the regeneration of the spine as you sleep.

Dormiente offers 30 different modern, custom-crafted, toxic-free bed frames made from FSC-certified sustainable European hardwoods and 15 types of adjustable bed slats. All the products are handcrafted in Germany.

Book a private trial consultation to enjoy the Dormiente experience, and you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time!

Top picks for the bedroom

  • Ergonomically designed motor bed bases like the Ergo Natura Z Disc Frame and Physioform are fully adjustable for the different zones of the body: neck/shoulders, waist/hip and legs.
  • System 7 is a patented bed base that enables full customisation of firmness in seven different orthopaedic zones.

#11-10 Tan Boon Liat Building 9748 4468 |

Scanteak for Scandi-teak style

For quality wood furniture and home accessories, Scanteak combines the simplicity of Scandinavian designs with teak, one of the most sought-after wood materials. The company creates lasting, easy-to-maintain furniture pieces and home décor. This includes wooden sofas, bed frames and dining tables as well as stylish trays, condiment holders, wooden plates and accessories holders.

Durability is key at all of their furniture stores in Singapore. The tenacity of teak means the products are durable, and the brand focuses on long-lasting product design as well. One of the defining characteristics of Scandinavian home décor design is its emphasis on simplicity and functionality. The furniture at Scanteak reflects this philosophy.

As teak is such a precious resource, the Indonesian government strictly enforces responsible harvesting. This ensures the sustainability of its teak plantations. It’s from these regulated plantations that Scanteak sources materials.

Head to any Scanteak showroom to speak to a consultant for advice on teak furniture, home accessories or even their German-engineered mattresses.

Scandinavian style at Tan Boon Liat Building

 Top picks at this Tan Boon Liat furniture store

  • The Island Daybed is a versatile piece as a low sofa, ideal for lounging and reading, as well as for sleepovers. With its clean, simple lines and curved edges, the daybed adds a softer, more family-friendly element to Scanteak’s repertoire.
  • Crafted from solid teak wood, the Mono 1.5m Dining Table adapts well in small living spaces, suitable as both a dining and working space. The shallow depth of the table is ideal for intimate dinner conversations while being space-saving. Its long proportion accommodates up to six diners.
  • Simple and Scandinavian, there is no better alternative than snuggling on the LEN Bed Frame . It features a solid teak headboard supported by reclining support beams, making it more comfortable when you prop up your pillow and lean against it. With slightly rounded corners, it adds a gentle look to your interior setting.

#10-02 Tan Boon Liat Building 6990 2294 |

The Past Perfect Collection for authentic colonial furniture

Love colonial-style furniture? Visit The Past Perfect Collection and you’ll feel transported back in time! The store is filled with gorgeous antique furniture pieces restored to their former glory through exquisite polishing and fresh upholstery. Think romantic four-poster beds, handsome rosewood cabinets and sturdy travelling chests with heavy brass locks. You can also pick up silverware from Jaipur, India, including candlesticks and photo-frames that make perfect gifts. And the elegant tableware from Good Earth adds a sophisticated touch to any table setting.

Antique store in Tan Boon Liat Building

Top home décor picks at the store

  • Antique desks at Past Perfect are consistently in demand for the office or home study. A close second in terms of popularity are the dining tables; they’re high quality and never go out of style.
  • Cane furniture such as planter’s chairs, daybeds and sofas are ideal for the Singapore heat – and also the best place to enjoy a gin and tonic!
  • The store’s stylish accessories include antique maps, decorative silverware and Good Earth tableware. They’re all great gifts and will add a finishing touch to any interior.

#11-05 Tan Boon Liat Building 6737 3078  |

BODE for beautiful textiles

Located on the fifth floor of the Tan Boon Liat Building at the end next to the Holiday Inn, BODE’s showroom is full of hand-picked fabrics, wallpapers, leathers, cushions and furniture. Beautiful textiles are at the heart of the collections, and the team will guide you if you need to reupholster or make curtains, cushions or furniture. BODE sources collections from around the world. So, whether you’re looking for chic European fabric, hand-woven Indonesian wallpaper, durable American textiles or innovative printed designs from Australia, you’ll find it here.

Textiles at Tan Boon Liat Building

  • Glamora from Italy is BODE’s newest brand. These are stunning Italian wallcoverings, each design crafted to perfection. There’s even an option for completely waterproof coverings to use in showers and spas.
  • The store’s fabulous new outdoor fabrics let you have more fun decorating your outdoor furniture. The designs are superb and the fabrics tough, soft and sunproof. Take a look at the Liberty Fabrics garden collection, for example.
  • Sustainable fabrics are becoming more sought-after. Belgian company Designs of the Time weaves natural fibres such as linen and hemp, often using artisan processes. This means rich textures and colours from one of the world’s best. BODE also offers recycled polyesters, wools and cottons.

#05-10 Tan Boon Liat Building  6635 3377 |

Hassan’s Carpets for exclusive handmade rugs

Established in the 1930s, Hassan’s Carpets is a pioneer of Singapore’s Oriental carpet industry. The four-generation family company sources and creates exclusive handmade rugs and aims to give customers a trustworthy experience through a personalised service. Pieces here are individually handpicked by the company’s owners from major weaving houses globally. Their own designs are brought to life in their own weaving-houses in Pakistan and India.

Today, the Hassan’s Carpets collection is among the largest in the Far East. Their traditional and antique collections consist of unique pieces made between 25 and 130 years ago. Meanwhile, their modern pieces are fresh-off-the-loom limited editions, designed and woven in collaboration with artisan partners.

The team also understand that choosing a rug is a personal process, which requires expertise and guidance. With their home delivery and trial service, they can deliver shortlisted designs to let you live with them in the space for a while.

journey east tan boon liat

This carpet store’s top three picks

  • The Ghazni collection gives traditional designs a contemporary twist through colour and format. These pieces are crafted by skilled weavers in Northern Afghanistan using high-quality hand-spun Ghazni mountain wool and vegetable dyes. They have a traditional low-pile finishing, and the dyes used are natural.
  • The Bau collection is made in Afghanistan and is a beautiful combination of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. Each rug is handcrafted by skilled artisans using handspun wool, renowned for its soft texture and durability. The designs are inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, featuring minimalist designs with clean lines and geometric shapes, perfect for modern homes!
  • The Atlas collection is a tribute to the rich culture of Moroccan Berber rugs, originating from the Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains. The designs are inspired by the linear and geometric patterns found in traditional Berber rugs like the diamond, triangle, and zigzag patterns, but with a modern twist that makes them perfect for minimalist interiors.

#02-06 Tan Boon Liat Building 6737 5626 |

Emperor’s Attic for quality Chinese antiques and more

Emperor’s Attic continues to carry antique, vintage and reclaimed Chinese furniture. You can find Asian-inspired art and small home décor. Expect an array of colourful hand-painted cabinets, elegant sideboards, classy chests – all selected for looks and functionality. Quality authentic pieces are sourced from dedicated artisans in Northern China. In addition, there’s always something new to check out, as a fresh shipment arrives every few months. And you can now buy everything online!

  • Emperor’s Attic supports local and expat artists including Louise Hill, Deborah McKellar, Kanchan Mehendale and Kelly Ser.
  • There’s a fabulous range of Singapore-inspired gifts including tea-towels, cards, books and candles by brands such as Talking Textiles, Strait Lights and Pinyin Press.
  • The many choices of ceramic jars are also a great addition to styling a home.

#01-10 Tan Boon Liat Building 6270 2544 |

Commune for carefully curated style and décor

A haven for home décor enthusiasts, Commune is a good spot to start if you’re looking to add some elegance and style to your living space. From modern sofas and beds to dining sets and accessories, the collection is diverse and thoughtfully curated to cater to various tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re furnishing a new home or looking to revamp an existing space, there’s something for everyone in the immersive showroom. What’s more, the displays are arranged in a way that allows you to envision how each piece will look in your own living space.

Outram furniture store

  • One of Commune’s best sellers, the Crème collection epitomises classic Scandinavian design, taking inspiration from the natural elements and climate of the Nordic region. Its clean lines and sophistication will enhance the aesthetic of most spaces.
  • The Volta collection celebrates the art of harmonising striking juxtapositions; beneath the elegance of the pieces lies a vibrant and daring spirit.
  • Crafted in contemporary minimalist aesthetic, the Linate collection showcases a marriage of elegance and simplicity. It features smoked oak veneers with an open-grain finish, accented by subtle elements and understated gunmetal powdered-coated steel legs.

#11-09 Tan Boon Liat Building  6226 0928 |

Gabbbeh Carpet for quality rugs

Gabbeh Carpet started with modest beginnings in the 1990s with just one showroom. It has since grown to become one of Singapore’s leading carpets and rugs wholesaler and retailer, with two showrooms offering a wide selection of carpets and rugs.

journey east tan boon liat

The store carries a wide range of hand-knotted Persian and non-Persian carpets. There are also kilims that go well with any type of interior design, from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional.

Searching for a rug that fits your budget? Gabbeh Carpet has handmade and high-quality machine-made carpets from Europe that are fairly priced and require little upkeep. The wide range means there’s something to complement any individual’s home design, from traditional to modern, classic Persian to non-Persian, or hand knotted, machine-made wool to silk pieces.

Visitors will also find an extensive inventory of wall-to-wall carpets, outdoor carpets, grass carpets and more. Once you’ve bought your dream carpet, Gabbeh offers post-purchase services including cleaning, washing and restoration!

#10-01 Tan Boon Liat Building  6836 2880 |

Woody Antique House for antiques and teak furniture

For the past 22 years, Woody Antique House has been offering a huge range of Asian furniture and antiquities sourced from various areas in Asia such as China, Tibet, Mongolia, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. You’ll find carefully selected antiques and vintage pieces, as well as stylish teak products including tables, chairs and benches; then there’s the outdoor furniture as well! They can also customise furniture to your needs. This spot is a favourite among the furniture stores in the Tan Boon Liat Building.

Antiques at Tan Boon Liat Building

Top picks at this Singapore furniture store

  • Original wedding and kitchen cabinets always make a statement in a living space. Woody’s sources pieces from the Zhejiang Province in China, which can be repainted in modern shades or reproduced in various sizes and colours. It’s a great way to mix antique furniture styles in with new.
  • Indian coffee and dining tables made from old doors and windows are also popular; and there aren’t many left in the world!
  • Their white powder-coated aluminium frame range of outdoor products is a step away from the more traditional wicker furniture. It offers a great alternative as they are simple and elegant yet fully weatherproof and comes with outdoor cushion. The corners of the frame are rounded thus it is very child-friendly!

#13-03 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road 6471 1770  |  

Secret Furnishing for premium curtains and blinds

This flagship showroom opened with the aim of offering homeowners premium yet affordable window furnishings, supporting their dream home aesthetics. The showroom has a curated selection of both international and local premium curtains, blinds, motorised zip blinds and wallpapers.

Curtains and blinds at the Tan Boon Liat Building

Top picks for curtains and blinds

  • Zip Square is a local favourite for motorised zip blinds that effectively shield rain and sunlight, transforming outdoor areas into private, functional spaces. It provides an eight-year, all-covered warranty – the longest on the market – and is priced competitively at $19.90 per square foot.
  • Hailing from Belgium, Acacia Fabrics is celebrated for its luxurious textiles that epitomise elegance in curtain design. Prioritising high-quality materials and sophisticated patterns, it offers a variety of products that infuse interiors with European flair and luxury, and provide both style and durability.
  • Hunter Douglas is an American brand at the forefront of innovative window treatments, including motorised honeycomb and Venetian blinds. It’s known for its blend of functionality, style and energy efficiency, and enhancing the ambience and comfort of living spaces.
  • TOSO from Japan is acclaimed for its precision and craftsmanship in window treatments, specialising in pleated, Roman and wooden blinds. Its products meld traditional aesthetics with modern functionality, elevating interiors with refined Japanese artistry and practicality, ideal for those valuing both beauty and utility.

#08-07 Tan Boon Liat Building 8448 8973|

To browse all the great home décor and furniture stores in the Tan Boon Liat Building, head to 315 Outram Road.

Liked this? Get more furniture and décor inspiration in our Homes  section, plus new shops and home décor news .

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