🍕The 7 Best Rome Food Tours [2024 Reviews]

It’s no wonder why the Eternal City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. I mean, Rome has one of the richest histories of any city, with mouthwatering dishes, breathtaking architecture, amazing museums, and so much more.

Today, we are going to focus on the aspect that I perhaps enjoy the most of all of them: the food!

I’ve carefully curated a selection of the 7 top Rome food tours out there today, that will have you savoring traditional Roman classics through vibrant markets, hidden trattorias, and everything in between.

I know your stomach is growling, so let’s get started!

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Best Food Tours in Rome

Quick answer: the 7 best rated rome food tours for 2024.

  • Rome Food Tour – Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo)
  • Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe
  • The Award-Winning PRIVATE Food Tour of Rome: 6 or 10 Tastings
  • Small-Group Rome Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto
  • Food & Wine Tour by the Vatican City
  • The Roman Food Tour including Visit to the Trionfale food market
  • Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

Best Rome Food Tour Reviews

1. rome food tour – unlimited food & free-flowing fine wine (barolo).

  • Duration:  4 hours
  • Departure: Via Cipro, 4 L, 00136 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: Between 3:30 to 7:30 PM
  • Includes:  Bottle of water, Food tasting, Tour escort/host, Dinner, Alcoholic Beverages, Snacks, Lunch

Imagine walking through the streets of Rome with a local expert, enjoying unlimited food and wine. It sounds like a dream, but with this first tour it will be made reality for you!

The Rome Food Tour – Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo)  will leave you skipping the tourist traps and take you right into the heart of the best local eats and hidden gems that Rome has to offer!

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time in the city, I feel like you’d be missing out by not taking this experience! I’d been to Rome before this, but after taking this tour I realized just how much I’d been missing out on  real  Italian cuisine!

I was going to all the “best-rated” Italian places in the area, but they were all the typical touristy spots that charge you an arm and a leg for dishes that taste pretty similar to what I could get at the Olive Garden.

With this guided food tour, we met up with our guide near the Cipra metro station where we were able to explore the area and sample over 20 different foods!

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At La Nicchia Cafe, we were able to try the Mozzarella di Bufala campana, tons of tasty prosecco, aged Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic, and so much more!

My personal favorite was the Ricotta with white truffle-infused honey which was creamy, sweet, and savory.

Bonci Pizzarium is owned by the “Michelangelo of Pizza”, and was recommended by countless food icons, including the legendary Anthony Bourdain!

With nearly 100 different combinations, you’ll get to try pizzas you haven’t even thought of before! La Tradizione is the place to go for cheeses and cured meats paired with amazing fine wines, and Il Segreto near the Vatican provides on-point, al dente pasta with even more wine!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience, other experiences you may enjoy:, 2. rome twilight trastevere food tour with eating europe.

  • Departure: Piazza S. Bartolomeo All’Isola, 22, 00186 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: 4:00 PM
  • Includes:  13 samples at 7 different tasting locations, Wine, beer and water, Local English-speaking guide, Rome – A food lover’s guide

This next tour is actually the first tour of Trastevere, and with their expertise and vast knowledge, it’s obvious they have over a decade of experience under their belt.

The Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe  is more focused on quality over quantity, so you won’t get to try as many different types of foods.

However, the ones you  do  try are made to be savored and not rushed, and are well worth the time spent enjoying and learning about.

Trastevere is a lively neighborhood known for its nightlife, beautiful architecture, and is also one of the best “foodie” neighborhoods in Rome. However, with this tour you’ll be receiving VIP access to some of the area’s trendiest, most well-reputed food institutions.

Start off the tour by meeting up with your guide and learn some insider tips into the best types of dishes found in this area and what to look out for.

We met up at the Isola Tiberina, where we walked together with our guide and the rest of our group across the Ponte Cestio, crossing the river to Trastevere.

The first stop of the day was at Via dei Vascellari, where we kicked things off with a toast with DOC prosecco and plenty of traditional Roman dishes at Da Enzo al 29. It’s been serving Romans for nearly 100 years and is by far the most well-known trattoria in the entire city.

I loved trying delicious homemade cookies at the famous Via della Luce, followed by the amazing roast pork and beer at the Via Natale del Grande.

The supplí was phenomenal, along with the various pasta dishes and gelato after exploring the area. We even learned how gourmet gelato came to Roma, and the differences between “real” and “fake” gelato!

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3. the award-winning private food tour of rome: 6 or 10 tastings.

  • Duration:  3 hours
  • Departure:  Hotel pickup and drop-off available
  • Departure Time: Between 12:00 to 7:00 PM
  • Includes:  Private Personalized Tour, local guide, 6 or 10 food & drinks tastings of high-quality local products – depends on option booked, vegetarian alternatives available, only you and your guide, carbon neutral tour organized by a B-Corp certified company

I find that this tour works well for anyone, no matter your age, background, or knowledge of Roman dishes. The Award-Winning Private Food Tour of Rome: 6 or 10 Tastings  is perfect for first-time visitors who are not only interested in the food scene, but Rome’s history.

If you’d like to learn about local culture more in-depth than what most Rome tours offer, you’re in the right place. I really like the fact that even though it isn’t a particularly lengthy tour, they even come and pick you up from your hotel.

This is a huge weight off my shoulders, especially when I’m traveling in a foreign country and don’t know how to get around very well, yet. This casual strolling tour perfectly showed off authentic Roman culture, providing me with a perspective I hadn’t seen of this city before.

I’ve always felt like food is a very personal thing, so it made sense to take a private culinary tour with a local foodie who took us to various stops to sample dishes.

We met our guide at Campo de’ Fiori where we started things off with a quick tour of the square, which was exemplary of Rome’s outdoor market traditions.

We then headed to Ponte Sisto, which crosses over the river Tiber and offers beautiful views of the city on the way to Trastevere.

Once in Trastevere – one of the biggest foodie neighborhoods in Rome – we went through and tried some classics like buffalo mozzarella and gelato. After that, we checked out Palazzo Farnese, where we learned about and tried various dishes and drinks.

After all that, we all laughed and chatted while making our way to the Chiesa di Santa Margherita Catholic church, admiring the beautiful 12th-century mosaics and opulent interior.

4. Small-Group Rome Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Departure: Via Dei Baullari, 106, 00186 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: 10:00 AM, 5:00 PM
  • Includes:  Morning & Evening: 15 samples in 5 locations with with pasta & local fried (VIP restaurant entrance), 3 quality wine tastings at different spots, English-speaking local guide, best restaurants guidebook & cookbook for free, Campo de Fiori Market tour in morning departure

How does a small-group setting while venturing through the best architecture, food, and culture Rome has to offer sound?

You’ll get to experience all that and more with the Small-Group Rome Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto ! I find this tour to be the perfect date-night activity and a great alternative to going out to a nice restaurant!

The tour clocks in at around 4 hours, but I appreciate that they offer both morning and afternoon tour start times to make it easier to fit into busy schedules. Regardless of the start time you choose, though, I highly recommend arriving very hungry as you’ll be trying a lot!

However, I’d even be willing to recommend this selection if you or someone else in your party is a big history buff, as our guide covered a lot.

We started things off in Piazza Farnese, where we met with our guide and headed towards the first stop in Campo de’ Fiori which is known for its legendary outdoor food market.

This is the best place to get fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses. We were able to purchase items (if we wanted), meet some vendors, try samples of various foods, and soak in the culture of doing “grocery shopping” here.

We then arrived in Trastevere, which is incredibly charming thanks to its cobblestone streets, beautiful homes, and some of the most delectable restaurants and cafes in the world.

Our guide led the way through some of the most well-kept secrets that I’d probably never have tried, otherwise.

Getting to see the Jewish Quarter was enriching, learning about the unique history of this neighborhood while trying delicacies like supplí, fried artichokes, codfish, and much more.

5. Food & Wine Tour by the Vatican City

  • Departure: La Nicchia Cafe, Via Cipro, 4L, 00136 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: Between 4:30 to 7:30 PM
  • Includes:  Food tasting, Wine tasting, Snacks, Bottled water, Alcoholic Beverages

I’ll admit that food isn’t one of the first things that come to mind when I think of Vatican City. However, I was surprised that the surrounding neighborhoods of Prati and Trionfale are filled with amazing wine and cuisine selections.

The Food & Wine Tour by the Vatican City  is perfect for any age, background, and food preference – even offering substitutions for just about any allergies and food restrictions!

If you’re already planning on going to see the Vatican Museums, this culinary tour is a must-do! We started our tour by meeting our guide at La Nicchia Cafe, which is known for whipping up some of the finest Roman dishes and drinks!

We definitely started things off right, with a 30-year aged balsamic vinegar drizzled over Parmigiano Reggiano, along with truffles, buffalo mozzarella, and DOCG Frascati superior wine.

By this point, I trusted my guide to take me pretty much anywhere, displaying her vast knowledge on all things “Rome” and “Roman food”, along with being fun and very personable.

Our next stop was the Ristorante Pizzeria Falcone, where we were able to try typical Roman pizza (not shy of any kind of sauces, veggies, proteins, cheeses, etc.). I was very intrigued at just how different it was from Neopolitan pizza, but I was very much a fan!

After this, we went to Bonci Pizzarium, which is known as Rome’s #1 pizza and offers a massive selection of different types of – you guessed it: pizza.

Our last stop of the day was at the Hostaria Dino e Tony, where we reveled in handmade pasta dishes and tiramisu, washed down by some of the most delicious wine I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

Overall, this was an amazing tour right from the very beginning, with plenty of fun stories to keep us engaged throughout!

6. The Roman Food Tour including Visit to the Trionfale Food Market

  • Departure:  Via Cipro, 4L, 00136 Roma RM, Italy
  • Departure Time: 10:45 AM
  • Includes:  Food tasting, wine tasting, tour escort/host

If I were just in Rome for 1 day and I wanted to try as many Roman dishes as possible, I’d probably take this next tour. The Roman Food Tour including Visit to the Trionfale Food Market is the perfect balance between entertainment, history, architecture, and of course, food.

We were able to try nearly 20 different types of dishes, and while that may sound like a ton of food, was digested quite easily thanks to us strolling around in between each stop!

Our tour started off in the morning, which was quite a bit different from any of the other food tours in Rome that I’d taken! This made it easier to schedule into a busy itinerary, as people seem to always have plans in the evening over morning.

It made sense then that after meeting our guide at Venue La Nicchia Cafe, we started things off by trying a typical Roman breakfast!

I briefly explained La Nicchia Cafe up above, but this is the place to go if you’re interested in tasting aged balsamic, truffles, Genovese pesto, buffalo mozzarella, and some of the finest wine.

After this, we strolled on over to the Bonci Pizzarium, which is listed at the number one pizzeria in Rome – which is really saying something if you know about Romans’ passion for pizza!

At Bonci Pizzarium, you’ll see and get to sample pizzas you literally won’t see anywhere else in the world! After this, head to the Mercato Trionfale and learn about this local market and how everything operates.

Al Giardino Del Gatto e La Volpe Srl is one of the most well-respected, family-owned restaurants known for homemade pasta with fine wine (and they definitely delivered!). To follow all those “salty” dishes up, what better way to celebrate a great day than with some artisanal gelato?!

7. Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Departure: Piazza Navona, 14, 00186 Roma RM
  • Departure Time: 10:30 or 11:30 AM
  • Includes:  3 types of homemade pizza, fried risotto balls (supplí), Italian cheeses, cannoli, artisanal gelato, 2 types of Roman pastas, the Secret Dish, espresso/cappuccino, finest Italian wines, water, non-alcoholic drinks

Last but certainly not least, I bring you the shortest tour of its kind! The Rome Walking Food Tour with Secret Food Tours was simply a blast, and while it only lasts 2.4 hours, really packs a punch!

It’s a fantastic way to get to try true Roman fare while venturing through the city’s most unique districts, complete with breathtaking architecture, rich culture, and friendly locals.

While this tour doesn’t include a complimentary hotel pickup, our meetup point at Campo de’ Fiori next to Piazza Navona in Rome was very conveniently located. We then asked our guide some questions, got acquainted, and set off to the Jewish ghetto established in 1555.

Learning about the Roman/Jewish ghetto was quite striking, though it was surprisingly established in 555 in Rione Sant’Angelo.

We got to see so many unique and hidden places in Rome, thanks to our expert guide leading the way. She did so in a way that made me trust her, and her energy and passion for Rome were contagious and set a great mood for the entire group.

You can opt to take a small tour or a private tour, and with the private tour, you get a ton of input into your preferences and receive a more customized experience.

Our foodie guide led us through Trastevere, the Jewish Ghetto, and Campo de’ Fiori, which surprisingly all had very different vibes and food dishes. We tried fresh pizzas and pastas, cold meats, tons of cheese, and supplí which I can’t get enough of.

To follow it up, we had a little “dessert” of a tasty cappuccino and creamy gelato! If you want to learn more about Rome’s multilayered history, make sure to add this tour to your list!

Foods Tasted

Tour guides.

The Rome Food Tour - Unlimited Food & Free-Flowing Fine Wine (Barolo) is our Editors CHoice for the best Rome food tour.

Krysha Thayer

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best walking food tour rome

The Best Food Tours in Rome

Eating rome like a local.

Our entertaining Roman food tour guides walk you through the backstreets of the Eternal City and share a taste of local life with you – through authentic dishes, drinks and entertaining stories about the neighborhood’s history and the food itself. Each neighborhood in Rome has its own signature flavors that you must taste, from the Pizza Bianca in Trastevere to Suppli in Testaccio. Our food tours in Rome are a great way of discovering these amazing restaurants on the backstreets of Rome, far from the tourist traps.

Eternal Rome: Jewish Ghetto, Campo de' Fiori and Trastevere

Dive into Rome's culinary history, exploring the historic Campo de' Fiori, tasting unique dishes in the Jewish Ghetto, and enjoying VIP access to top restaurants in Trastevere, including a Slow Food Presidium.

Campo dè Fiori, Jewish Ghetto, Trastevere

Taste of Testaccio: Food & Market Tour

A culinary and historical journey through the neighborhood where locals have been eating and drinking since the ancient Roman times.

VIP Golf Cart Food Tour in Rome

Taste the best food in Rome, see secret highlights, feel like a celebrity in our brand new Golf Cart.

Trastevere, Testaccio, Jewish Ghetto

Late Night in Rome: Golf Cart Drinks & Bites Tour

An unparalleled night journey in Rome with riding along the city's bustling streets under the stars, stopping for killer drinks, top notch wines and legendary bites.

Trastevere, Gianicolo Hill, Testaccio

Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour

An exclusive night out in Rome’s medieval Trastevere neighbourhood. Skip the one-hour wait at an award-winning Roman eatery and enjoy wine tasting in a cellar 100 years older than the Colosseum!

Eating Rome: Trastevere Pasta Making Class

Explore Trastevere, with its narrow alleys, local delicacies, and historical characters. Then roll up your sleeves and dive into a pasta-making class, all accompanied by fine wine.

Eating Europe Rome Gift Card

Eating Europe’s Gift Cards give you access to the most meaningful culinary experiences and food tours across all Europe!

Book a Private Tour

Let us create the perfect private event for you and your friends or family! Our private tours can accommodate large groups or give you an extremely intimate and private experience.

best walking food tour rome

Meet Your Local Rome Tour Guides

Our team of Rome Food Tour Guides includes local experts that speak several different languages.


Share a taste of local life on one of our award-winning food & culture tours in Rome!

Frequently asked questions, is a food tour in rome worth it.

Absolutely! There’s no better way to experience the beautiful city of Rome and its culture than a food tour with a local guide.

What is the most famous food in Rome?

It’s difficult to choose with how many delicious dishes there are in Rome, but many say their favorites are either pizza bianca or pasta alla carbonara.

Do the tours accommodate vegetarian or gluten-free diets?

All of our food tours are vegetarian friendly. However, it may not always be possible to serve vegan, gluten-free, or kosher foods at many tour stops. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions upon booking so we can try to accommodate your needs.

What’s included in the price of the food tour?

All food and drinks are included in the price you pay for the tour. Some tours may have the option to upgrade to a more luxurious drink package.

What time is dinner in Rome?

Romans typically eat dinner between 7pm and 10pm. As you can tell, dinner is usually a little later in Rome than other European countries or the United States.

Do you tip in Rome?

Italian restaurants do not expect tips.

I’m traveling alone. Do you offer single tickets or just group sales?

We love welcoming solo travelers! All of our tours are open to individual guests.

What is Eating Europe’s cancellation policy?

Private tours can be cancelled and fully refunded up to 7 days before tour departure.

Small group tours can be cancelled and refunded up to 24 hours before tour departure. See our complete cancellation policy here.

Customer Reviews

tripadvisor logo

Thank you, Luca, for the fantastic food tour of Testaccio. Beginning at L'Oasi della Birra, we hit a well-curated selection of food and sites in the neighborhood. Although it was hot outside, the walks between each place were short, and all the stops were organized.

Jaclyn R

My husband and I had a great experience on this tour. Our guide Chiara was so knowledgable, engaging and fun. She made the tour that much more enjoyable. We had amazing food and really got a good sense of the local scene. Testaccio is not touristy, so you really felt you were experiencing what the locals do. Chiara also provided us with a great list of restaurant recommendations as well. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone traveling to Rome who loves food!

Matthew Perricone

A friend of ours recommended Eating Europe's Trastevere Twilight Food Tour. They raved about it so we had high expectations. They were met and then some on our tour. Our tour guide Giorgia was fun, knowledgeable, and engaging and guided us through this fascinating and delicious tour. We made about 5 stops and enjoyed truly unique food and wine at each location. Though we arrived at the tour a bit drained from a long day of touring, all of that was forgotten by the time we reached our first stop and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the tour. Can’t recommend this tour enough!

Reagan Wellman

Val was the most amazing guide! She was knowledgeable and charismatic. I felt immersed in Italian culture and welcomed. I learned a lot of history about food and wine and Val was so friendly and sincere. She was considerate of my elderly grandparents who were also walking with the group and fun and lively at the same time. This was the highlight of my trip to Italy and I would recommend this tour to everyone.

Jacy B

Spectacular! Our guide, Ariana was an absolute joy!! Highly, highly recommend the market tour/tasting and pasta making and eating adventure when in Rome! Tasting our way through food vendors in the Trastevere neighborhood, learning about food choices and how to make pasta was such a wonderful way to learn about daily gastronomic life in Rome/Italy. Our 10-year old daughter loved it - come hungry!!

Dr. Lena Edwards

EXCELLENT experience! BETTER than expected. Luca was an exceptional guide...very knowledgeable and a GREAT sense of humor. Not only did we learn about the food, we also learned a lot about Rome, and specifically the Testaccio area of the city.

Harlan Erskine

Thank you, Luca, for the fantastic food tour of Testaccio. Beginning at L'Oasi della Birra, we hit a well-curated selection of food and sites in the neighborhood. Although it was hot outside, the walks between each place were short, and all the stops were organized. We opted for the addon for a few extra drinks, which was fun. I'll be sure to look into anything the tour company does in future visits to Rome and Europe!

Gil DiMola

Unbelievable tour with Luca, this guy knows his history and on top of that does it all with a comical flair . The food was plentiful and delicious! We started with artichokes and burrata then pasta then porchetta then a risotto ball then pizza then biscotti and Italian custard and I forgot wine and beer !! The tour In itself was worth every penny but Luca made this an unforgettable experience !!!

Thank you, Luca, for the fantastic food tour of Testaccio.

Beginning at L'Oasi della Birra, we hit a well-curated selection of food and sites in the neighborhood. Although it was hot outside, the walks between each place were short, and all the stops were organized. We opted for the addon for a few extra drinks, which was fun. I'll be sure to look into anything the tour company does in future visits to Rome and Europe!

Rodica Apter

This tour was amazing. Valter was an awesome, funny, very knowledgeable guide. We learned so much about Roman food and the history of the places we visited. Each place was special in its own way and we got to enjoy authentic foods, and we visited the beautiful Santa Maria Church. This was a perfect ending to our trip. Definitely reccomend it. Thank you Valter ♥️

Katherine Horn

We had the most wonderful tour with Valentina!!! She was incredible. We stopped at authentic Italian food including appetizers, wine, pasta, Italian sandwiches and popular snacks as well as a variety of pasta dishes and gelato. Val was engaging and enjoyable. We and learned a lot about Italian cuisine and culture. It was an experience I will never forget.

Charles Mann

This is a wonderful tour! We learned much about the foods of Rome. Things about the culture and made friends along the way. I would highly recommend this tour. I only wished we did it earlier on our trip.

Harriet Resnick

We had a lovely evening with Emma as our guide. The places she took us were intimate and authentic- exactly what we were looking for in this tour. These were places local families own and where locals go. Emma was knowledgeable, friendly, funny, and spoke perfect English. She really connected with our family, making the evening even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone coming to Rome.

Devyn Dodge

Oh man! Francesca was amazing! She gave us a tour of some fantastic restaurants. Not only did we have good food, but she showed us little treasures throughout Trastevere. An underground wine cellar, fantastic cheeses and meats, and more than welcoming restaurant owners. Our tour group consisted of people from around around, so sharing stories and experiences was great to listen to. Top marks all around! We ended our tour off with some "Vitamin G" and I recommend trying the pear.

Vicki Sykora

Luca was amazing!! The best tour guide and tour we have done. We have done several in Europe. The food and hospitality were outstanding. We had a wonderful time. Luca remembered all 10 of our names after only being told once. I would give 100 stars if I could.

Nicholas M

This was the best food tour I have done! Fabio was an amazing tour guide, and the food we had was delicious. My wife and I have been of many food/drink tours in the past, but this one was the best. The amount of food and drinks we had were almost TOO much, and again, Fabio really elevated the experience to another level. 10/10 Recommend!

Anthony M

Amazing way to spend an evening in Rome...do not hesitate to book this fabulous VIP Rome Golf Cart Food Tour in Rome. Their gallery pics truly reflect the evening. We enjoyed spectacular food and drinks for four-plus hours while in the company of our guides Luca and Mario with only three others guests. We had such a great time my wife has already secured an upcoming tour with the same guide(s) for her mom later in the fall. Come hungry, leave happy!


We just completed our food tour of Rome with Gianluca. It was the best experience we had. He was so knowledgeable so friendly and also great craic lots of jokes. Took us to all the best places in the area the food was 10/10 the tour was better. Cannot recommend enough to do if you’re in Rome and ask for Jean Luca if you can. Well worth the money.

Rome Food Tours

An Adventurous World

Home » Europe » Italy » The 8 BEST Food Tours in Rome, Italy

The 8 BEST Food Tours in Rome, Italy

By Author Macca Sherifi

Posted on Last updated: March 1, 2024

This post contains product affiliate links. These are mainly on items/hotels/tours that I personally endorse & love. I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, but at no extra cost to you.

The Most Delicious Food Tours in Rome

Are you looking for the best food tours in Rome? From a delicious street food tour to eating all the pizza, these are 8 Rome food tours for your next trip!

food tours in rome

Rome is a city of full of art, architecture, culture, history, and everything else in-between. Oh, and food – so much incredible food! 

When I fist visited the city I knew there was going to be bowlfuls of delicious pasta dishes, platefuls of pizza and plenty of locally produced wines to indulge in. However, it wasn’t until I went of a few food tours in Rome that I truly started to appreciate Italian cuisine.

There was the 4-hour walking food tour by night where I was floored by the huge range of samples on offer. The Flavors of Rome by Bike was another of my favourite food experiences in Rome.

Cycling made a nice change from the usual street food tours and it included whizzing past some awesome iconic sights. You’ve got to remember to take in the sites like the Colosseum in-between all that eating!

best food tours in rome

Wherever I’m travelling, I always seek out a few local food tours. I’m a firm believer that eating your way around a city is one of the best ways of understanding a place. That and it’s downright delicious.

And it doesn’t matter what your budget is or what kind of dining experiences you rate, there is always a tour that appeals to your taste buds. That’s especially true in Rome where food is such a big part of the city’s identity.

With so many on offer, I hope my list of the best Rome food tours will help you narrow down which to join. Read on and prepare to feel very hungry.

Planning your trip to Rome? Then check out my guides on visiting Rome in summer and Rome in winter – I’ve got both seasons covered for you there! Also, read my guide on what to eat in Rome too!

Also, this is a really good itinerary for 2 days in Rome . This is packed full of activities when the sun’s out and is more of a summer guide than the one above.

Best Food Tours in Rome

1. street food and sightseeing guided tour in rome.

walking food tour rome

This walking food tour of Rome is perfect for those of you who don’t have long in the city as it combines must-see sights with samples of authentic Italian street food delicacies.

Campo de’ Fiori , the Jewish Quarter and Largo di Torre Argentina are all on the route. It’s as much about getting a taste of the unique history and culture in the different neighbourhoods as it is the food.

That said, the food was the star of the show for me. We tucked into some of the best cured meats I’ve ever tasted to start with. Also on the menu was the popular street food Supplì and my personal favourite, artisanal gelato. You can’t come to Rome without stuffing your face full of gelato.

Another bonus is that the groups are small. That means there are lots of opportunities to ask questions about the dishes and neighbourhoods for some extra insider knowledge.

You can find out more about this food tour here .

2. Jewish Quarter Food Tour

eating tours rome

This is another Rome walking tour that hits up areas renowned for their gourmet offerings and history. The difference with this one is that your guide is an app. So, if you prefer the flexibility of a self-guided solo tour, this might be the one for you.

From the starting point in Campo de’ Fiori, six samples await along the route. All of them are delicious, with some highlights being a piece of savoury pie called torta rustica and the mini-tiramisu. The latter is freshly made right there and then.

Since you’re relying on the app for the tour, remember to set off with a full phone battery. It takes around one and a half hours to complete, but that all depends on how leisurely your pace is.

I think this is such a cool idea and it gives you a really good insight into the types of food you can get in Rome as well as a fair few dish recommendations along the way, all in your own time.

3. Wine and Cheese Tasting in Rome

wine and cheese tour

A family-run wine bar is the base for this wine tour of Rome. With its wine-lined shelves and fifty-year history as a bar and shop, it couldn’t be a better setting.

Acclaimed wineries provide the top-notch wines, like Frascati Superiore and Bellone. Each of these is perfectly paired with delicious food – cheeses, salami, smoked ham, smoked fish and more treats. It’s amazing how flawlessly the flavours are matched. You really get to understand what wine works with different types of flavours and food.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your Pinot Grigio from your Chianti. The sommelier gives you pointers on how to taste wine like a pro. By the end of the hour, you feel a lot more confident in distinguishing differences between varieties. And if not you can always fake it till you make it.

4. The Flavors of Rome by Bike: Italian Food Experience

bike and food tour rome

The great thing about doing one of the bike and food tour in Rome is that you cover so much ground. That’s true of The Flavors of Rome by Bike tour, which takes you on a five-mile journey with regular stops for incredible food along the way.

We had a taste of everything from pizza and artisan smoked meats to some superb sweets. As you stop off at different shops and producers along the way, there’s also the chance to buy your favourite foodie finds too. Obviously you’ve got to take home a souvenir or two.

Everyone loves getting to know the Testaccio district , which is one of the city’s top foodie hubs as well as being steeped in interesting history. It really lives up to its reputation, especially in the market, which is the tour’s final stop where you’re greeted with the heavenly range of freshly cooked food. Just perfect.

5. 4-Hour Food Tour by Night

trastevere food trip

A whole evening of eating, drinking and exploring is what you get on the 4-Hour Food Tour by Night. There are no less than 20 samples – so turn up hungry. Very very hungry. From truffle cheese and pizza from Rome’s number one pizzeria to authentic gelato, the variety and quality are close to unbeatable.

Spanning Rome neighbourhoods famed for their excellent food, the tour is filled with lessons on the history and stories behind the dishes and drinks you taste. For me, that’s what makes this food tour stand out. I like to learn about everything I’m eating and you definitely get that here.

You also get to meet the people behind the food, some of whom are real characters, like Stefano in the gourmet food shop. Make sure you try some of his 25-year-old aged balsamic vinegar! This is definitely one of the best Rome food tours so make sure you check it out!

6. Gourmet Dinner with Local Fine Wine

wine tour italy

The Eternal City does everything from cheap street eats to Michelin-starred restaurants impeccably and there are food tours in Rome to match every level. For a high-end gourmet option, I really recommend this one.

Rather than a traditional tour as such, the whole affair takes place in one restaurant, just off Piazza Navona. Four courses are on the menu, each made with local, seasonal ingredients, including the most divine homemade pasta.

Each course is matched with a specially selected wine sourced from nearby regions, so you can count it as a wine tour of Rome too.

Even better, there’s a host on hand to give you context to everything you’re eating and drinking. It all adds up to an indulgent, truly memorable evening. If you like your fine dining then this is the tour for you.

7. Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide

eating tours rome

Of all the eating tours in Rome I mention here, this is one of the best value tours around. You get a brilliant selection of street foods, a great guide and take in a good chunk of the city’s sights in the three hours. Everything you’d want in a day trip activity in my opinion!

Treats on the menu include cured meats, seasonal fruit, cheese, and Supplì. As mentioned before that’s a Roman speciality, similar to arancini with a centre of delicious tomatoes and mozzarella.

A few of my favourite sightseeing opportunities during the tour are Torre di Largo Argentina , which is where Julius Caesar was assassinated, and the Great Synagogue of Rome in the Jewish Quarter. The tour guide fills you in on points of interest such as these between tastings so make sure you ask lots of questions along the way.

8. Private Michelin Star Food Tour

things to do in rome

Where does the Michelin Guide rate in Rome? On the Private Michelin Star Food Tour you get to devour a taste of the acclaimed food at four of those on the list. Yes, I did just say four!

This speciality walking food tour of Rome is spread over three and a half hours, which is perfect as you don’t feel rushed between restaurants. At each location, you are invited to sample creations from the kitchens, which are led by dynamic and admired chefs. Sometimes it’s one specific dish and others a few items brought together on a kind of tasting plate.

As you’d expect for Michelin-starred food, it’s more expensive than other tours. But as well as the highly celebrated food, you’re spending the evening with an expert local guide. They embellish the experience with their insights on the food, chefs and Rome itself, ensuring it’s definitely a special event.

Are you booking a trip to Rome soon? What are you looking forward to doing most? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Most Delicious Food Tours in Rome

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Saturday 24th of December 2022

Wonderful blog....can't wait to try this during our vacation. Are there any vegetarian food tours ?

Macca Sherifi

Monday 2nd of January 2023

Most of the food tours will always cater to vegetarians. Also, a lot of the pasta classes will be vegetarian too. It's best to find which tour is right for you, and then email the contact form to see whether they can cater to you, but you should be fine!


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“Discover Rome house-local tables, bright hidden gems where humankind expresses the concept of beauty at its best” 

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Roman Food Walk

Visit the oldest bakery in the city, discover the Jewish ghetto, and try typical food such as supplì and gelato.


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Book right now! Select the experience that suits you best, pick a date and contact us! Feel free to personalize the tour 100% for you. Get your stomach ready!

Enjoy an extraordinary experience like a local with your host and happy Gourmet! Discover the best spots of Rome with a private local guide.

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Rome Food Tours: 9 Best Tours To Take In 2024

' src=


Then you’ve come to the right article as I’ve visited Rome and taken a food tour , and I’m about to show you the best 9 tour options.

Italy is known for its delicious cuisine, and there’s no better way to experience it than with a food tour in the capital itself.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right tour. There are hundreds of options and picking a good one amongst all of the mediocre tours is easier said than done.

Luckily for you, as a full-time traveller, I have a pretty good judgement of what makes a good tour , so I created this list of the best Rome food tours to help make your decision for you.

Trust me, a tour can make or break your reputation for Rome’s cuisine, so you want to make sure you take the best tour possible.

This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps me to keep my site up and running! Read my disclaimer for more information.

A picture of a bowl of pasta I had during one of these Rome food tours.

🏆 EDITOR’S PICK: Best Tour = Rome Street Food and History Tour with hundreds of 5-star reviews. Book now!

Ready to explore the best options and book your tour? Let’s get straight into it!

My Top 3 Picks: Rome Food Tours


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rome Street Food and History Tour ✔️ 950+ 5 star reviews ✔️ Visit 7 local businesses ✔️ Learn while eating

A picture of a delicious pizza in Rome.

Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour ✔️ 16+ tastings ✔️ Explore Trastevere ✔️ Local guide

A picture of the market you explore during this Rome food tour.

Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour ✔️ Go beyond the tourist spots ✔️ Experience Rome’s daily life ✔️ 9 food and drink samples

Best Rome Food Tours

I consider Rome food tours a “must-do” when visiting the city. The food in Rome can only be described as delicious, and what better way to experience it than with a guide showing you the best spots? As I said in the introduction, this post only features the best of the best , so you can be assured that each of these tours will provide a memorable experience.

1. Rome Street Food and History Tour

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars (950+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 3.5 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 9 food & 2 drinks | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

In my opinion, the best Rome food tour is Rome Street Food and History Tour which has a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating.

It’s with Take Walks, who I believe runs the best tours in Rome. It’s who I used for everything, from Colosseum tours to Vatican tours and everything in between.

best walking food tour rome

A country’s rich history and culinary traditions are deeply intertwined, so combining the two into a single tour is an absolutely brilliant idea. Especially in a city like Rome where the history is so fascinating.

Also, who doesn’t like being fed whilst learning about history?

From the moment you join the tour, you’re greeted by a knowledgeable and passionate guide who instantly makes you feel like a friend rather than just a tourist . This is what I love about Take Walks- all of their guides are incredible.

I love tours where the guide feels part of the group.

What made this tour truly exceptional was the opportunity to try a variety of dishes that spanned different neighbourhoods, eras and traditions. It’s not limited to one area of Rome or one style of dish- you get a little bit of everything.

On the Rome Street Food and History Tour you get to learn about the Romans, and eat like one! As the saying goes, “When in Rome…”

Some of the dishes that you get to try on the tour include fried artichokes , a tasty kosher from a 200-year-old bakery, Porchetta and of course, gelato . There are many more on top of these too.

For me, a sign of a good food tour is when you get to the last stop and you’re struggling to take one more bite you’re that full. That’s the case with the Rome Street Food and History Tour. 

After visiting more than 7 local businesses in the Jewish Ghetto and historic centre, your stomach will be very full and happy. Trust me!

If you want to learn about Rome’s captivating history and be fed along the way, book the Rome Street Food and History Tour. 

2. Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour

A picture of a delicoius pizza in Rome.

⭐ RATING: 4.7 out of 5 Stars (300+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 10 food & 6 drinks | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love sunsets. In fact, some of my favourite sunsets of all time are in Rome. Why not combine a gorgeous sunset with some tasty food in Trastevere? That’s exactly what Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour has to offer.

best walking food tour rome

Italy is famous all around the world for its scrumptious pizza and mouth-wateringly good pasta, so where better in the world than Rome to do a food tour? That’s the way I look at it. As I said, I consider a food tour a “must-do”.

This Rome Food and Wine Tour visits Trastevere at sunset, a funky and bohemian neighbourhood that is home to Rome’s best restaurants and hidden establishments.

Essentially, it’s the perfect location for a food tour in Rome. When I was looking for places to eat on the days before and after my food tour, I found it was in Trastevere more often than not. It’s the place to be. Most of my favourite restaurants like Tonnarello are in Trastevere.

As well as tasting classic Italian food, you’ll also get to experience the Italian way of dining , starting with an aperitivo . An aperitivo is a pre-meal drink meant ‘to open’ the stomach before dining. And you’ll want to open your stomach because what comes next is great! 

Throughout the tour, which lasts for 3 hours, you eat your way through Rome, ending with a sit-down meal of incredible pasta and plenty of Italian wine. 

In between the aperitivo and the sit-down meal are countless delicious food tastings ranging from authentic Italian cheeses to bruschetta and everything in between.

And don’t forget about the sunset too. Rome’s sunsets are spectacular!

You should book the Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food and Wine tour if you’re looking for more like a dining experience than sampling from lots of different establishments.

3. Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars (160+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 3.5 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 7 food & 2 drinks | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

If you want a tour that takes you past the touristy parts of Rome, then Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour is the tour for you.

Review which says "This tour was fabulous and I got to see and taste some amazing delicious food with other travellers. It was a non tourist view of Rome and I am so glad that we booked this tour. The amazing foods tasted and the quantity of food was huge. Our tour guide was wonderful and friendly. I would recommend this tour."

Nowadays, it feels like everyone is in search of hidden gems. But, as social media grows, they’re getting harder and harder to find.

Somehow the neighbourhood of Testaccio has remained a hidden gem despite its prime location in Rome. And the great food found within it!

The Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour is the perfect way to taste some of the city’s freshest and highest-quality food.

You also get to see where the tasty ingredients come from, as the traditional market , which you’ll visit as part of the guided walking tour, sits at the heart of the neighbourhood. It’s full of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, wines and more.

Unfortunately, you can’t get free samples here unless you buy anything, as it is a real market which the tour just happens to visit. Even if you don’t buy anything, you get to experience the market.

In my opinion, exploring local markets is one of the best ways to see what daily life is like. This applies anywhere in the world.

This tour is slightly different to a lot of other tours on this list. It starts in the morning with a traditional Italian breakfast of coffee and pastries. If there’s one thing I learned from visiting Rome, it’s that Italians love their coffee.

Over the next few hours, you’ll visit the local market as well as sampling local bites at eight family-run establishments. This tour is also with Take Walks, and what I like about this one is the fact it visits family-run eateries and not the big popular restaurants.

It’s a good way to support local businesses, and it often leads to more authentic and nicer food too.

But there’s no debating that you’ve got your breakfast and lunch covered for that day!

If you’re interested in taking a tour which explores the food in Rome before and after it has been prepared, then book the Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour.

4. Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

A picture of a kit kat and oreo gelato.

⭐ RATING: 4.8 out of 5 Stars (4100+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 5 food & 2 drinks | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

The most-reviewed tour on this list is Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide . It has a whopping 4100+ reviews coming in at 4.8/5. Impressive, to say the least.

best walking food tour rome

Rome: Street Food Tour with a Local Guide is the cheapest tour on the list. So, if you’re visiting Rome on a budget this is one of the most affordable food tours that you’ll find. 

If you’re wondering whether the price means that the quality isn’t going to be that great, think again. As I said, it has over 3,400 reviews that average out at 4.8/5 stars! People don’t leave highly-rated reviews for no reason.

This food tour takes you to places that you would never have visited yourself. Overlooked places that aren’t all glitz and glamour, but local and modest spots that focus on serving the best food rather than the prettiest Insta photos. 

That’s what a Rome food tour is all about, eating at the places where the locals eat, not the places where the tourists eat. If you want Instagram photos, take a Colosseum tour instead.

And not only do you get to sample famous Italian dishes like supplì, cured pork meats, and pizza, but you also explore the city, visiting neighbourhoods like Trastevere and the Jewish Quarter.

The beer and wine samplings certainly help to make the tour a lot more fun!

Plus, the funny and knowledgeable tour guide makes it an even more unforgettable experience. I highly recommend booking this tour, whether you’re on a budget in Rome, or you like to go with a tour that’s passed the tests of thousands before you. 

Book the Rome Street Food Tour with a Local Guide to experience one of the cheapest – yet still amazing – food tours in Rome.

5. Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe

A picture of a pizza.

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars (1300+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 13 samples | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

Another very highly-rated tour is the Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe which has over 1300 ratings and a spotless average of 5 stars out of 5.

Review which says "We had a truly wonderful experience discovering the hidden gems of Trastevere with our guide, Edma. In addition to the delicious new foods we were introduced to, our small group consisted of people from England, Canada, Australia and the U.S, creating a fun and diverse social atmosphere as well. We met and mingled with the proud Trastevere cooks and servers, strolled by the young Roman crowds in the piazza’s and conversed with people from around the world… all of this while enjoying some of THE BEST food we’ve ever had. Definitely one of our favorite memories of Rome!"

For me, the Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe is one of the best value for money. If you like to feel exclusive and like a VIP then you’ll want to book this tour. 

Eating Europe, the company which runs this tour, take you to places that are notoriously hard to get into , require lots of time spent queuing or have a name that everyone knows.

I’ve never been on a food tour before where I’ve got a taste of what it’s like to be a celebrity, yet this tour offers exactly that. The feeling of strolling right past the huge queue and walking straight in is pretty cool, I have to admit.

These guys are professional and know exactly what they’re doing. For 10 years now they’ve been giving VIP access to the hottest and most unique food venues in Trastevere.

One to mention is skipping the long line at the local institution Da Enzo Restaurant , where you can toast their DOC prosecco and enjoy some of their flavourful dishes. 

If you tried to visit all of the places on the tour yourself, you’d be paying considerably more than what the tour costs. Plus, you’d waste a ton of time queueing to get into them. This is why I think this tour is such good value for money.

The 5-star reviews speak for themselves! Just read the above review. To quote it, it will leave you with some of your best memories of Rome.

If you want to eat in the most-VIP restaurants that you wouldn’t get to otherwise eat in, then book the Rome Twilight Trastevere Food Tour with Eating Europe.

6. Rome Food & Wine Tour in Prati

A picture of a pizza.

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars (1800+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 20+ samples | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

Rome Food & Wine Tour in Prati has the most food and drink samples out of all of these Rome food tours. If you want to taste as many things as possible, this is the tour you have been looking for.

Review which says "I thoroughly enjoyed this evening food tour and it was a lovely dinner with other travellers and our tour guide. The food was incredible and interspersed with stories about what we were eating and drinking and the areas of Italy from which they originated. I would recommend this to anybody going to Rome who wants to try some outstanding Italian food."

Rome Food & Wine Tour in Prati offers over 20 samples of food , which is higher than any other tour on this list, and pretty much any tour you’ll find for that fact. 20 different samples, it’s astonishing.

Prati is a more upscale neighbourhood in Rome that comes alive at night. The boulevards light up with al fresco wine bars, stylish cocktail lounges and gourmet restaurants. Good thing the tour is at sunset, so you can witness the neighbourhood coming to life first-hand. 

If you Googled ‘ must-try foods in Rome ’, most of the things on any list are included in the Rome Food and Wine Tour in Prati.

Savour foods like truffles, Genovese pesto, balsamic vinegar which has been aged for 30 years, and of course, pizza and pasta.  How could you have a Rome food tour without pizza and pasta, right?

The friendly and incredibly knowledgeable guides take this tour to another level. Most of them even grew up in Prati and therefore know the neighbourhood like the back of their hands. After the tour, you can get some great recommendations from them. 

By the way, if you are wondering whether you tip in Rome , it’s not a requirement like it is in other countries, but it’s a nice way of showing your appreciation.

To experience all of the must-try foods in Rome in one single tour, book the Rome Food & Wine Tour in Prati.

7. Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours

A picture of my hand holding a strawberry gelato in front of the Trevi Fountain

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars (600+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 10+ food & 3+ drinks | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

If you want a food tour of Rome that isn’t limited to one neighbourhood, then take a look at the Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours .

Review which says "Amazing and memorable, our guide was not only an absolute delight but knowledgeable of every aspect of our tour. Food and wine were incredible and the tucked away. Trattoria was a hidden gem. Highly recommend!"

Choosing where to eat in Rome can be a slightly overwhelming task with so many places to choose from. And most of the time, the best places to eat are the hardest to find.

This is why food tours can be a great option. Your local guide will find you the best secret and local spots that most tourists miss on the Rome Walking Food Tour with Secret Food Tours. 

The tour covers a number of different parts of Rome such as the Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, the Old Jewish Quarter, and of course, the Trastevere neighbourhood.

So as well as eating your way through Rome, you’ll get to uncover it too. Nothing like seeing new places while treating your tastebuds.

Plus, all that walking means that you’re instantly burning all the calories that you’re eating! I know how easy it is to eat “badly” in Rome. All the pizza, pasta and gelato make it way too easy to throw the diet plan out the window!

A nice little feature is that this tour likes to keep you on your toes, with a secret dish that you’ll only find out what it is if you join the tour. Are you intrigued? I know I was. And the surprise is worth it 😉

Food that you can know about beforehand includes fresh pizzas and a few different kinds of pasta, salami, cheese, and suppli (fried risotto balls). And more!

To see a good chunk of Rome while exploring the food scene of the city, book the Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours.

8. Rome: Food Tour and Wine Tasting in a Traditional Trattoria

A picture of a dish you get to try during a Rome food tour.

⭐ RATING: 4.7 out of 5 Stars (800+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 12 food & 4 drinks | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

If you want a super authentic Italian experience, then take a look at the Rome: Food Tour and Wine Tasting in a Traditional Trattoria . A trattoria is an Italian eating establishment that is less formal than a restaurant.

best walking food tour rome

If you’re a wine-lover, you’ll also want to book Rome: Food Tour and Wine Tasting in a Traditional Trattoria .

Sure, the other tours offer wine samples. But what makes this tour different, is that it puts a particular focus on the wine, specifically pairing them with the right food and teaching you how to correctly sample the wine. 

You’ll be a wine expert by the end, or a little bit tipsy. If I could guess, I would say either option would be considered a good outcome.

Some of the foods that you’ll get to try on this Rome food tour include fried salted code, pizza by the slice and suppli (rice balls). You’ll also finish the unforgettable night with a trip to a gelato shop to sample one of Italy’s most famous foods.  

This is another of the most affordable food tours on the list, so if the price is a determining factor for you, this may be a great choice. Especially considering the amount of wine which is included too.

For an unforgettable and educational food and wine tour, book the Rome: Food Tour and Wine Tasting in a Traditional Trattoria .

9. Rome: E-Bike Night Tour with Food and Wine Tasting

A bowl of pasta.

⭐ RATING: 4.9 out of 5 Stars (600+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | 🍝 TASTINGS: 9 food & 2 drinks | 🇮🇹 BOOK NOW

Last but by no means least of these Rome food tours is the Rome: E-Bike Night Tour with Food and Wine Tasting . It still has over 600 reviews with a rating of 4.9/5. It really is a case of “last but not least”.

best walking food tour rome

Rome at night feels like an entirely different city. The Colosseum at night somehow looks even more magnificent and formidable, whilst the famous Trevi Fountains look like a glowing magical pool.

Choosing to do an E-Bike Night Tour with Food and Wine Tasting will offer you a unique and unforgettable experience that is very different during the day. 

I love that this tour is done on e-bikes. You can cover a lot more ground, it requires less effort and you can focus on admiring the landmarks and enjoying the tastes in your mouth, rather than focusing on how much your legs are aching.

These bikes can also go pretty fast, which definitely adds to the excitement of the tour. 

And on top of the wonderful site-seeing experience, along the way you get to sample flavourful cold cuts and an array of cheeses served with a glass of Italian wine. I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening in Rome. 

There are lots of things to do in Rome at night , but taking a food tour is by far one of the best options.

The E-Bike Night Tour with Food and Wine Tasting lasts for 4 hours and is one of the most unique ways to experience Rome’s landmarks and its remarkable cuisine. 

For a Rome food tour that’s a little bit different, book the Rome: E-Bike Night Tour with Food and Wine Tasting .

Food Tours Rome: FAQ

Below are some questions related to Rome Food Tours along with my answers.

Yes, food tours in Italy are absolutely worth it. The Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world and offers delicious foods like Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and more. There’s no better way to experience these than by taking a food tour in Italy, which allows you to try the most authentic and delicious form of Italian cuisine.

3 foods Rome is famous for are Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara and Allesso di Bollito. Cacio e Pepe is a spaghetti dish with cheese and spices. Carbonara is one of the most famous forms of pasta and originates in Rome. And Alesso di Bollito is a classic meat dish.

The best food tour in Rome is the Rome Street Food and History Tour which is run by Take Walks, the best tour company to use in Rome. The tour is personal and educational and allows you to taste lots of different samples. It’s the perfect Rome food tour in my opinion.

Yes, you should definitely do a food tour in Rome. The food scene in Rome is incredible, particularly past the touristy parts. There’s no better way to experience it than with a local guide taking you to hidden secrets and the restaurants that locals use for the most authentic and delicious Italian and Roman food.

The best time to take a Rome food tour is at sunset, particularly in Trastevere. Not only will you be treated to some tasty Italian samples, but you’ll get to see a stunning sunset. Also, Italians eat quite late so if you take your food tour beforehand, it won’t feel crowded or busy.

Rome Food Tours: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide to the best Rome food tours.

Remember, the best tour is the Rome Street Food and History Tour .

But no matter which of these food tours of Rome you decide to take, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. The standard and quality of all the tours is outstanding.

Enjoy your trip to Rome, and most importantly, enjoy your food tour! 🙂

' src=

Josh Band is the founder of A Backpacker's World. He is a full-time traveller currently on a mission to visit every country in the world. As a full-time traveller, Josh knows exactly how to make the most of any trip and shares these tips with his readers. Josh mostly travels as a backpacker on a budget, so he is also an expert when it comes to getting the most of your money while travelling.

Finding the Universe

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Trastevere Food Tour Rome

The Best Food Tours in Rome, Italy

Published: 21st September 2023 by Laurence Norah - 2 Comments

If you’re thinking of visiting Rome, you might be thinking about trying some of the tasty Roman food on offer. And one of the best ways to do that in Rome is to take a food tour or cooking class.

We suspect that when you think of Italy, one of the first things that comes to mind will be delicious Italian food. Certainly, when we travel in Rome, or Italy in general, the food is always a highlight of our trip!

Italian food covers a wide range of dining styles and includes so much more than pizza and pasta. One of the challenges of dining in Italy is how to distinguish between authentic, quality Italian cooking and the more tourist-oriented fare.

Rome is a huge city and there are so many options when it comes to dining out that it can be difficult to know which to choose. We have found when we travel that one of the best ways to sample the local food and learn how it is made is to take a food tour.

We have taken several food tours in Rome, as well as cooking classes and pasta making workshops, which have helped us learn how to make some of the classic Roman dishes.

In this guide we’re going to share some of our favorite Rome food tours so you can get the best food experience in Rome. These will cover both walking tours with food, as well as cooking classes, as these are very different experiences that are both worth doing in our opinion.

We recommend reading this guide along with our other Rome content when planning your trip. These guides include our guide to spending  1 day in Rome , 2 days in Rome  and  3 days in Rome , as well as our guides to the best gelato in Rome and the best coffee in Rome .

Rome Food Tours on Foot

We love food tours and have done them all over the world. It’s usually a great combination of a walking tour where you can learn about the history of a destination, combined with lots of tasty local foods from some of the best producers in the area.

We also love that when we take a food tour the guide will be passionate about food and is normally very happy to recommend good dining options for the rest of our stay. For this reason, we think it can be a good idea to do a food tour in Rome near the start of your visit.

Rome has a lot of food tours to choose from, but these are some of our favourites.

Pasta making class walks of Italy Rome eating

Trastevere Sunset Food and Wine Tour

If you’d like to try some lovely Italian wine whilst sampling delicious Roman food, then this food tour with Take Walks of the trendy Trastevere district is one to consider.

This is a 3-hour Trastevere food and wine tour with a maximum of 12 people which takes place in the Trastevere neighborhood. This is to the west of the Tiber river, just south of the Vatican City area, within easy walking distance of locations like the Pantheon or Colosseum.

The tour includes a lot, so you will definitely want to come hungry. It includes a number of wine tastings (the pours were definitely generous when we did this tour!), a classic spritz at a very popular local bar, and a number of food bites and dishes including charcuterie, cheese, snacks, a delicious plate of pasta, and gelato.

There is some walking, but not a huge amount. You’ll also learn about the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome from a knowledgeable local guide. As with any walking tour you will of course want to wear comfortable shoes.

This is definitely one of our favorite food tours in Rome. The only thing to be aware of is that there’s quite a lot of alcoholic drinks included. Of course, soft drinks are available instead, but if you aren’t into drinking (or are not able to drink alcohol) then you might consider one of the other tours on our list.

As a brief aside, we’ve taken walking tours with Take Walks (also known as Walks of Italy) all around the world and always had a great experience. Their food tours are actually run by their sister company, Devour Tours , and you can book their tours on either site. The tours are exactly the same. They offer a variety of great food tours across Italy (and the world).

If you are wanting to do a walking food tour in the Trastevere, but the recommended tour with Take Walks doesn’t work with your itinerary or you are looking for something with less alcohol, there are a lot of other options out there. This is one of the most popular areas for food tours in Rome and you can see and compare a wide variety of other options here .

Aperitivo in Rome

Testaccio Food and Market Tour

When we visited Rome with Jess’s family, we really wanted them to experience a food tour, so we chose this tour of Testaccio with Take Walks .

Found to the south east of central Rome, Testaccio was traditionally the center of trade during Roman times. In the 19th century it became a huge industrial area, and it is well-known today as the place to find some of Rome’s most traditional foods.

The 4-hour food tour explains the history of the area, and includes both breakfast and lunch. We’d suggest coming hungry because a lot of food is included. The tour also includes coffee and a glass of wine.

When we did this tour, it started with coffee and a traditional pastry at a lovely cafe. Then we headed to the Testaccio market. Here the tour stopped at several local market stands, some of whom produce very traditional Roman foods.

If you are feeling adventurous, you may have the opportunity to try traditional staples such as tripe (I did, and thought it was quite delicious) as well as cured meats, fresh seasonal produce, cheeses, etc.

Of course, the exact stops and foods offered will depend on what is available and in season when you take the tour.

Finally, there was a full sit-down meal with different kinds of pasta at a local restaurant, accompanied by wine. Then the final stop is of course for gelato.

This food tour definitely focuses more on the food than the drink, and is an excellent option for those of you looking to try some more historically traditional Roman foods that you might not be able to get anywhere else. We also really loved learning about the Testaccio area as you pass by historical sites dating from Roman times to what was at one time Europe’s largest slaughterhouse in the 20th century.

Our guide Fernanda was incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining, and Jess’s parents thought the tour was a highlight of our time in Rome. The Testaccio area is Jess’s personal favorite place for a food tour in Rome.

Again, if you love the idea of a food tour in the Testaccio neighborhood of Rome, but the recommended one does fit your itinerary, you can check out other food tour options in the Testaccio here .

Trastevere Food Tour Rome

Campo de’Fiori & Ghetto Street Food Tour

If you’re looking for a quicker food tour without drinks included, then consider this 2.5 hour street food tour of the Campo di Fiori and Jewish Ghetto area.

The Campo di Fiori is located very close to the old center of Rome, just south of the Piazza Navona, so is very easy to get to.

The food tour offers great value and includes at least five different foods. These can vary depending on the tour and availability, but usually include classics such as porchetta, suppli (breaded rice stuffed cheese balls), pizza, and gelato. You’ll get to try the food of course, but also learn about its history and the reasons it became popular.

This being a walking tour, you also get to see some of the highlights of the old city center, including the location where Julius Caesar was killed and the Pantheon.

Overall, a great value food walking tour to consider for your next visit to Rome.

Rome Food sampler

Private Rome Food Tour

If you’d prefer a private food tour of Rome, that’s also an option of course. This tour can be booked as a private tour for up to 10 people, and you can choose between either doing a tour in the Trastevere neighborhood or Jewish Quarter. Both are great areas.

It can also be booked as a normal small group tour, where the group size is limited to 14 people, making it still a fairly intimate experience. Just be sure when booking that you choose the correct option, whether you want a private tour or to join a group tour.

All the tours include at least 5 street food tastings which normally include classics like suppli and cannoli. This tour also includes two alcoholic drinks: 1 beer and 1 wine per participant.

For more private Rome food tours options, you can see and compare a lot of great private options here . Just be sure to carefully read the tour inclusions and past reviews before making your booking.

Rome sampler plate

Rome Cooking Classes and Workshops

What better souvenir from Italy than the knowledge to make your own delicious Italian food that you can take home? Well, you can do just that by taking a cooking class in Rome.

These are obviously different from a walking tour because the majority of the experience takes place in a single location, where you work with a chef to actually create a dish.

However, some experiences might include a visit to a local market or producer to source fresh ingredients, which is so important in Italian cooking.

Rome Pasta-Making Class

If there are two things that probably spring straight to mind when thinking about Italian food, they would be pizza and pasta. So it should be no surprise that the most popular cookery classes in Rome focus on these two dishes!

Our first recommended cookery class in Rome is this 3 hour pasta making class with Take Walks.

This takes place at a purpose-built location in the trendy Trastevere region of Rome. Run by a local chef, the class has you enjoying some Prosecco with an aperitivo of cured meats and cheese to start.

After this, your chef will teach you how to make pasta from scratch. You get to help make two different pastas and two different sauces. Expect to get your hands floury!

Once your pasta is made, you can relax with a glass of wine and taste the fruits of your labor. You’ll also learn about how gelato is made and get some to taste at the end. You also of course get recipes of all the dishes so you can make them again at home.

We did a version of this food tour with Take Walks before it moved to its new location and had a really good time doing it. So, we have no hesitation recommending it in its new custom-built location! Group sizes are limited to 14, so it will never be too crowded either.

If the above recommended pasta making class doesn’t fit into your itinerary, there are a number of other pasta making classes and workshops in Rome and you can check out this list for more options .

Rome cooking class

Rome Pizza Making Class

Of course, we couldn’t share a guide to our favorite cooking classes in Rome without including one on pizza making! This 2.5 hour pizza making class is also with Take Walks at their dedicated cooking workshop location in Trastevere.

This evening workshop has you creating a pizza from start to finish under the watchful instruction of a professional chef. You’ll do everything from creating the dough through to adding the toppings, cooking it, and of course, eating it!

The experience also includes aperitivo to nibble on, unlimited beer and wine throughout the evening (soft drinks also available) and a sit-down meal where you get to eat your pizza as well as some gelato made on-site by the instructor.

Overall we think this class offers a great value experience and will be fun for all the family.

Again, there are lots more pizza making classes to choose from if this one doesn’t have availability or fit into your itinerary. You can see more options here .

Pizza in Rome

Rome Fettucine and Tiramisu Cooking Class

If you have a sweet tooth and would like to learn how to make a classic Italian dessert, as well as pasta, then check out this 2.5 hour cooking class that teaches you to make both fettucine pasta and tiramisu.

This cooking class is held at Oste Cavour restaurant, which is found just to the north east of Castel Sant Angelo.

This class has you learning how to make two classic Italian dishes. First, your professional chef instructor will teach you how to make pasta from scratch using flour and eggs. You’ll be shown how to turn the base pasta into various shapes, including the classic fettucine shape.

Once you have made your pasta, it will then be prepared by the restaurant staff with a sauce of your choice. You’ll then learn how to create and layer a tiramisu, one of Italy’s most well-known and delicious desserts.

When you have finished cooking, you’ll get to eat and enjoy the dishes that you made. Expect a sit-down meal where you get to eat your fettucine (with a sauce of your choice), followed by your tiramisu. You will accompany this with a glass of wine (or soft drink), followed by a coffee or limoncello.

Rome cooking class

Private Rome Cooking Classes

If you’d like to learn some more traditional Roman dishes in a private environment, then we would suggest this private cooking class experience .

You can book this for a private group of between 2 and 10 people, and the class lasts for three hours. You’ll actually make a whole meal, including a first plate, second plate, and dessert.

Whilst the menu may vary, a traditional experience has you being welcomed with a glass of prosecco and some homemade pizza.

Following this you will learn how to make ravioli, fettucine with a traditional cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) sauce, and then a tiramisu for dessert.

Once you have made everything you will then of course have the opportunity to eat your creations, accompanied with wine and water. You’ll then finish the experience with an espresso.

Overall this is a great option if you are looking for a private experience learning to cook in Rome, and it covers a good range of popular Italian dishes.

Rome cooking class

Things to Think About When Booking a Rome Food Tour or Cooking Class

Before you book a Rome food tour or cooking experience, there are a few things we suggest considering. These will help ensure you book the right tour for you.

Our main tip is not to compare tours based on price alone, there’s definitely more to consider when choosing. Here’s what we suggest you think about when comparing food tours.

Food Allergies & Dietary Preferences

The first thing to consider is whether or not the tour will actually meet your food and drink preferences. This is particularly important, of course, if you have any allergies as you want to be sure your needs can be met.

In addition, if there are certain foods you don’t eat or really dislike then obviously you will want to be sure there are alternatives. It is important to let the tour operator know in advance so they can ensure the tour is a good fit for you and make appropriate arrangements.

For example, many tour operators can accommodate common food allergies, vegetarians, pregnant women, and non-drinkers.

However, group food tours may not be a good fit for some travelers. We find that many Italian food group tours, due to the nature of most of the foods included (which tend to be heavy in bread, pasta, meat, wine, pizza), often cannot accommodate vegans, those wanting a gluten free tour, or those with multiple food allergies. But there are tours that can accommodate these dietary restrictions with advanced notice.

If you are having difficulty finding a tour, I would recommend booking a private tour or cooking class instead where the guide  can accommodate your food preferences and allergies.

Many Roman food tours include alcoholic drinks, and in our experience tours with more alcoholic beverages tend to cost more than those without, just due to the additional cost this incurs to the operator. Whilst alternatives are normally available, you might find it’s better value to book a tour without drink inclusions.

Ultimately, you are paying for the tour and the food or drinks, so it’s important that you are going to be able to enjoy everything (or at least most) that is included! If you have specific dietary requirements, you will definitely want to reach out to the tour operator in advance to be sure they can meet those prior to booking.

Pasta in Rome

When looking at a food tour or cookery class, it’s important to understand what is and what isn’t included.

A tour should list exactly what you should expect to get. For a food tour for example, whilst the exact dishes might not be detailed (as they may be subject to availability or seasonality), there should be an overview of how many dishes you will be sampling and an idea of portion size.

If drinks are included, either soft or alcoholic, again, this should be listed.

Any other inclusions or exclusions should also be made clear. For a cooking class, you should get an idea of what you will be cooking, whether you will be eating it (normally you will!), and if other foods are also provided.

In our experience, most food tours include enough food that they are equivalent to at least a meal, often more. So we always come hungry and ready to eat. But this may not always be the case, so it’s important to know in advance.

Rome cooking class

Food tours and cooking classes can vary in length, but usually last between 2 and 4 hours. Generally, the longer the tour, the more you will get to experience.

For a walking tour for example, this might mean more tastings and time for a sit-down meal. For a cooking class, it might include a visit to the local market before you get to cooking.

If you are doing a group tour, it can also give you more time to get to know some of the other group participants, or ask more questions of your guide.

Longer tours do tend to be more expensive of course. There’s not a “best” length for a food tour, it really depends on the experience you are looking for and how it fits into your itinerary. For instance, longer walking tours may be difficult for those with more limited mobility.

We have done both longer and shorter food tours and cooking classes in Rome, and enjoyed both formats. For a cooking class though we do recommend booking a longer option if choosing between tours though, as otherwise it might feel a bit rushed.

Time of Day

Food tours and cooking classes take place at different times in the day, and depending on your itinerary and preferences you might find that one or another tour works for you.

We’ve taken food tours in Rome at different times of the day. Generally, we find that tours with more drinks included are more common in the afternoons and evening, and can be a nice way to finish off a day of sightseeing.

Alternatively, tours that focus on visiting markets and food are more likely to take place in the mornings and over lunchtime so as to get access to the freshest produce.

If you like to do a lot of sightseeing and fit a lot into your visit, then you might prefer to book a food tour for the evening. This will let you do your sightseeing during the day, and then do the food tour or cooking class in the evening when the sights are closed.

Also note that tours generally take place no matter what the weather outside is like. So be sure to dress appropriately and bring raingear if needed. If you are visiting Rome in the summer, taking an evening tour (or early morning tour) can be ideal if you want to avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day.

Rome cooking class

One main factor to consider is of course going to be price. Food tours in Rome generally can be found priced from around 50 euros per person and up.

The price depends on a number of factors, from how long the tour is through to what exactly is included. So when comparing, definitely check what the tour includes.

In our experiences, tours with more alcoholic drinks tend to cost more than tours without any alcoholic drinks. Tours with more food, and especially larger portions such as a sit-down meal, also tend to cost more.

Don’t forget that most tours don’t include a tip for your guide, so you will want to consider that in you budget as well to reward your guide if you enjoy the tour.

One other factor to consider when evaluating price is the tour companies’ cancellation policy. Most food tours in Rome allow you to cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund (or to rebook for another date). If you no-show or cancel last minute, you will generally be charged the full price of the tour. So be sure you know the cancellation policy for your tour.

Food tours, like any tours, are available in a range of group sizes. In our experience, most food tours tend to be fairly small groups, usually no more than 15 people or so.

This is just because it can be impractical to guide a large group of people and provide them with good food all at the same time. So a large group food tour at a low price would be something we would probably be wary of.

Generally, we have found that smaller groups work best for food tours. Everyone can hear the guide and have the opportunity to ask questions. It’s also easier to get to know the other folks on your group tour if it’s a smaller group.

Dinner in Rome

Physical Mobility Considerations

If you have any physical mobility limitations, you will want to carefully check the tour description, length, and any physical requirements. Most of the popular food tours are unfortunately not able to accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Most of the food tours require at least a bit of walking, some may cover quite a bit of ground. The pace of a group tour can be too fast for someone with limited physical mobility. Many older buildings in Rome do not have step-free access, have narrow doorways, and some can’t accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

We find that the best tours for people with reduced mobility are either private food tours or the cooking workshops. Most of the classes and workshops we have found can accommodate those with limited mobility and who are in wheelchairs.

GetYourGuide has a filter where you can search for tours that have been marked as wheelchair accessible by the company, and you can see that list here . But I would still be sure to carefully read the description to ensure it is a good fit for your level of mobility.

For those who are having difficulty finding a tour that can accommodate them, I would consider hiring a private guide or booking a private tour who can set up a food tour itinerary or cooking class that can accommodate your needs and abilities. Sage Traveling, which specializes in disabled travel, offers private tour guides in Rome and can arrange a walking or rolling food tour. You can see more about those here .

Rome Food Tours with Children

If you are looking for a food tour in Rome with children, you’ll want to make sure the tour allows kids and is something that would be suitable for them. Some food tours can accommodate younger children and some cannot. Note that most walking tours in Rome do not allow strollers as these can’t be accommodated in many small restaurants, bars, and alleyways.

Be sure to check for any age limitations before booking. Many of the evening food tours which tend to include a lot of alcohol are only for those 18 years of age and older.

Many food tours we’ve done are definitely geared to adults and they may not be great experiences for younger children. So you will want to read a tour description carefully to see if you think it would suit your family or not. Consider how much your children are likely to actually eat and if they will be OK with the length and amount of walking involved.

We have generally found that many of the Rome food classes and workshops, particularly the pizza making ones, are some of the most family friendly options, especially for those with younger kids. The instructors are usually good at keeping kids busy and entertained and they get to eat what they make (something that appeals to any age!)!

For example, this pizza making class and this pasta and tiramisu class  are two options you might want to consider. Both have good reviews from families. Or you can do a tour that is specifically designed for kids and families such as this tour .


Rome, like any city, is made up of multiple neighborhoods. Each of these has its own attractions, as well as its own vibe.

The main thing though that you will likely want to think about is how the neighborhood fits into your Rome itinerary . Luckily, you’ll find food tours and cooking classes being offered in many of the central areas of Rome.

While Rome is easy to get around and is fairly walkable for the most part, it’s important that the food experience you pick is in a location that you can easily get to from where you will be on the day you choose to do it.

Further Reading for Visiting Rome

That’s it for our guide to booking a food tour in Rome. We also wanted to share some more guides we’ve put together for Rome, based on our many visits to the city.

We’ve also visited many other parts of Italy, and we’ve included some of these posts below as well, as well as some other resources we think you’ll find useful.

  • We have a guide to spending  1 day in Rome , as well as guides for  2 days in Rome  and  3 days in Rome , which should help you plan your time effectively. We also have a guide to  things to do in Rome  in general.
  • You can’t visit Rome without trying gelato – the Italian version of ice cream. See all our favourite places to find the  best gelato in Rome
  • Another popular Italian pastime is drinking coffee, particularly espresso! See some of the  best cafes to drink coffee in Rome
  • We’ve taken a number of other walking tours in Rome. See our guide to our favourite  walking tours of Rome here.  We also have a full  review of the Vatican VIP Key Master’s tour , which is one of the most exclusive tours of the Vatican you can take.
  • We have a detailed guide to  visiting the Borghese Gallery in Rome  which is one of our favorite art museums in Rome.
  • We have a guide to visiting the Colosseum , as well as a guide to visiting the Vatican . These have everything you need to know to plan your visits to this remarkable attractions
  • Beyond Rome, we have a  guide to Florence , suggested  things to do in Milan , and tips for  a day in Venice
  • We also have a detailed  10 day Italy itinerary  to help you plan a trip in this wonderful country
  • If you’re planning on visiting Rome in summer, read our  tips for visiting a European city in summer  to stay sane
  • If you’re looking for a physical (or Kindle!) guidebook, we recommend the latest edition of  Rick Steves Rome guide , which has lots of practical information to help you make the most of your stay

And that’s the end of guide to the best Rome food tours and experiences! We hope you found it useful. If you have done a food tour in Rome (or elsewhere in Italy), we’d love to hear about it. As always, if you have any questions or feedback on this post, let us know in the comments below!

A guide to the best food tours in Rome as well as the best cooking classes in Rome, all based on our personal experiences in the Eternal City

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Jennifer & Todd says

25th October 2023 at 4:42 pm

Your post makes my mouth water (so jealous of all the great tours you have done)! So we are heading to Rome (first time in Italy!) after the holidays if all goes as planned as part of a work trip – we can’t wait to try real Italian food and my husband wants to do a food tour and I want to do a pasta making class. Our budget and limited time means we have to choose one or the other so haven’t booked one yet.

Any thoughts on doing a walking tour versus a cooking class in Rome if only got to choose one? thanks!!

Laurence Norah says

25th October 2023 at 5:26 pm

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 You are definitely going to find lots of awesome food to try in Italy, and I am sure you will have a great time.

To answer your question, there is obviously quite a bit of a difference between a food tour and a pasta making class. A food tour will generally involve more samplings of various products, and will also have some walking and likely a bit of local history and information.

A pasta making class generally doesn’t feature any walking (although some tours do include a trip to a local market or something like that), and the focus is going to be on the pasta. Most of these tours do include some other food as well, like appetizers and a dessert (usually gelato), but there won’t be quite the breadth of foods to try.

So if you want to try a range of lots of different foods, do some walking and learn some history as well, then a food tour would make more sense.

If you want to focus more on pasta and learning how to make it, and try a bit of other food as well, then the pasta workshop would make more sense.

In terms of quantity, in our experience we’ve been pretty full from both food tours and workshops, so that’s quite comparable. From a social aspect, both types of tour are pretty good for meeting new people.

One thing to note is that when you take a tour or a class, the folks running them will usually be local and able to give you recommendations for places to go to try different foods. So if you booked a cooking workshop, you should be able to get recommendations for some dishes to try when in Rome and where to try them. So you could create your own mini food tour from those recommendations. The same is true if you do a food tour, but you might struggle to learn how to make pasta on your own if that makes sense!

I hope this helps a bit. It’s hard to give a definitive answer as both experiences are worth doing and I wouldn’t say one was better than the other. You will enjoy both I am sure.

Have an awesome time in Rome and do let me know if you have any more questions!

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rome food tour

Rome Food Tour

After our food tour, rome will feel like home.

The Roman Food Tour is Recommended by :

Rome Food Tour

#1 Rome Food Tour on Tripadvisor

Our food tours in Rome offer the ultimate foodie experience, exploring the Roman culinary scene for the real taste of Italian cuisine. During our food tour, Rome will be revealed through a gastronomic journey, visiting the most authentic restaurants and best places to eat in Rome.

Meet beloved chefs from Italy and within the Lazio region, to discover their kitchen secrets, use of gourmet ingredients and learn ancient Roman recipes, to further your appreciation of delicious flavors from iconic dishes.

In between food and wine tastings, enjoy walking through the beautiful piazzas and picturesque streets of Rome, to receive an insight into the history, culture and customs, which define the Eternal City.

Joining The Roman Food Tour is essential for any trip to the Italian capital. We believe after experiencing our food tours, Rome will feel like home. Group sizes are limited, so book now to reserve our award winning Rome food tour.

Our food tour in Rome offers the ultimate foodie experience, exploring the Roman culinary scene for the real taste of Italian cuisine. During our food tour Rome will be revealed, through a gastronomic journey visiting the most authentic restaurants, hidden gems and best places to eat in Rome.

Meet beloved chefs from Italy and within the Lazio region, to discover their kitchen secrets, use of gourmet ingredients and learn ancient Roman recipes, to further your appreciation of delicious flavors from iconic dishes.

In between food and wine tastings, enjoy walking through the beautiful piazzas and picturesque streets of Rome, to receive an insight into the history, culture and customs, which define the Eternal City.

Joining The Roman Food Tour is essential for any trip to the Italian capital. We believe after experiencing our food tours Rome will feel like home. Group sizes are limited, so book now to reserve our award winning Rome food tour.

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Rome Food Tour FAQ's

A food tour takes you to multiple restaurants to taste the best of which each venue has to offer. We believe, after joining our food tour Rome will have a more meaningful affect on you, through experiencing authentic Italian cuisine and embracing Roman culture.

Popular Roman cuisine includes pasta (amatriciana, carbonara and cacio e pepe) pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice), suppli (fried rice balls) and trapizzino (typical Roman street food) All of which are offered on our Rome food tours.

Expect a full course meal with free-flowing fine Italian wine. Non-wine drinkers can choose Italian lager, craft beer, spritz and lemoncello.

All food allergies can be accommodated. Menus on our food tours can be modified to gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, vegan and non alcohol drinkers.

The Rome Food Tour in Trastevere is ideal for visitors to the Italian capital, who prefer to tour a picturesque Roman neighborhood. The Rome Food tour in Prati takes place in a residential neighborhood in Rome close to the Vatican City, suited to those seeking a more local experience. Expect to walk between 1.5 / 2 kms on our food and wine tours. Customers with walking difficulties are provided with complimentary taxis.

We provide a full refund for tours cancelled within 24 hours of the tour. Private tours 7 days prior to departure

Yes. Our cooking class in Rome runs every day at 14:00. It includes a pasta and tiramisu making course.

Lunch In Rome is usually eaten from 1 p.m until 2:30 p.m. Romans eat dinner mostly from 8 p.m. Tipping in Rome is not expected but always appreciated. After our food tour Rome and Roman customs, will be ingrained within you.

Regardless of the type of meal in Rome you’re seeking, we offer restaurant recommendations for all tastes and budgets, including fine dining, pizzerias, gelaterias, street food and much more. See our Guide to Rome blog or email us to receive suggestions.

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Experience Rome Like a Local with The Roman Food Tour

The Italian capital offers endless sightseeing opportunities, from historical monuments, colossal ruins and ancient remains, to beautiful churches and breathtaking fountains, however equally as important for visitors travelling to Rome is tasting authentic food and wine.

After touring the Colosseum, visiting the Pantheon and Trevi fountain, admiring artistic masterpieces in the Vatican Museums and staring at the Sistine Chapel, maximize your Roman holiday with our walking food tour in Rome.

Instead of losing your appetite at touristy restaurants, serving substandard food, touristic menus and microwave meals, allow The Roman Food Tour to introduce you to the most authentic food Rome has to offer.

The Italian capital offers endless sightseeing opportunities, from historical monuments, colossal ruins and ancient remains, to beautiful churches and breathtaking fountains, however equally as important for visitors travelling to Rome is tasting authentic food and wine.

After touring the Colosseum, visiting the Pantheon and Trevi fountain, admiring artistic masterpieces in the Vatican Museums and staring at the Sistine Chapel, maximize your Roman holiday with our walking food tour in Rome.

Instead of losing your appetite at touristy restaurants, serving substandard food, touristic menus and microwave meals, allow The Roman Food Tour to introduce you to the most authentic food Rome has to offer. And, we also offers Florence Food Tours …

Our food tour guides lead small groups, away from the tourist traps to explore Roman neighborhoods including Trastevere, Testaccio and Trionfale, to visit restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, gelaterias and popular food establishments, where locals enjoy eating in Rome. Our aim is after joining our food tour Rome will feel less touristy.

Food Tour Rome Trastevere

What’s on the menu? Highlights include, spaghetti alla carbonara cooked al dente,  taste  authentic   Italian   flavors and  classic Roman dishes such as coda alla vaccinara  and carciofi alla romana.  Taste the best pizza in Rome from the Michelangelo of pizza Gabiele Bonci,  savor mouthwatering street food in Rome such as suppli and trapizzino, as well as artisanal gelato tasting.  You won’t leave hungry!

To drink, enjoy sipping on fine Italian wine such as Barolo and Amarone, as well as local vino from Roman vineyards such as Frascati Superiore, Castelli Romani and Prosecco.

After joining our tour, you will leave stuffed with a full stomach, as well as full of knowledge on Roman culture. So put down your guidebooks and wine and dine in Rome with The Roman Food Tour. 

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Food Tours Of Rome

We Are the First and Original Food Tours of Rome , Proud of our 5 Star Rating .

We were the first to start food and wine tours in Rome. Hundreds of online reviews are a valuable proof of our great reputation and hi-quality services. Our tours are not only tasty but also informative and fun.

FOOD TOURS OF ROME - First and Original Since 2008!

We offer hi-quality food tours and culinary experiences in Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence and many other cities in Italy including the lovely countryside. Thousands of guests have loved our food tours since 2008 . We kept the most popular itineraries and introduced new ones recently. Check them out!.


best walking food tour rome


Marcellus theatre, navona, largo argentina.

best walking food tour rome


Trevi fountain, montecitorio, spanish steps.

best walking food tour rome


Michelangelo's moses, basilica di santa maria maggiore, santa prassede.

best walking food tour rome


San giovanni cathedral, ancient acqueducts and gates.

best walking food tour rome


Piazza di spagna, piazza montecitorio, pompey theatre.

best walking food tour rome


Pantheon, largo argentina, campo de' fiori.

best walking food tour rome


Wine tasting led by a local sommelier.

best walking food tour rome


Piazza plebiscito, via toledo, piazza del gesu'.

best walking food tour rome


Duomo, santa croce, sant'ambrogio.

best walking food tour rome


Rialto bridge, marco polo house, campo san polo, other tours in italy.

Each region of Italy has a unique climate, grows different products and offers a special variety of works of art. We offer hi-quality food and culture tours in Rome, Naples and the beautiful Italian countryside.

best walking food tour rome


There are many reasons why hundreds of people have selected our tours and why you should do the same.

There are many things you can do in Rome but not all of them give you what they advertize. Our tours aim to make every dollar you spend worth.

Bruno is the founder of food tours of Rome and is a licensed tour guide. Him and his team will make each tour special and your experience memorable.

Some reviews might be fake but more than 500 hundreds of them are definetely real and prove the quality of our work.

We are licensed and official tour operator based in Rome. Most of other companies selling on Internet are not. Insurance, quality, customer care is a plus for us!

Our tours and activities are run and designed by locals born and raised in Italy. We want to make you taste the best of our land and have a great memory of us. Our tours are suitable for everyone, also people with special dietary requirements.

Our previous guests have been telling friends, family and colleagues about how good we are and suggested them to try us. Another proof of our success. Thank you!


Rome & Italy offer a large variety of food, spirits and art. We designed the following tour packages to reward our most passionate guests.

Tour Package 1


Our tours are suitable to individual people, families, groups of friends but also companies staff. Many enterprises have already organized team building or celebrated special events with us.

best walking food tour rome

Protect Your Trip »

19 best rome tours of 2024: food, the vatican & more.

These top-rated Rome tours are led by experts who bring the city's history to life.

The Best Rome Tours

roman fountain in twilight

Getty Images

Considered one of the world's best places to visit , Rome offers countless things to do and an endless selection of delicious cuisine. But given the overwhelming crowds and restricted access to ancient sites, it can be difficult to fully enjoy all that Italy's capital has to offer on your own. That's where a guided tour can help.

Based on recent traveler reviews and expert opinion, we've selected the best tours in Rome. Whether you're gliding past the Colosseum on a Segway or savoring Italian wine in the countryside, you'll benefit from fun and informative guides leading the way.

Fat Tire Tours Rome – Rome Day Segway Tour

Price: From 73 euros (around $79) Duration: 3 hours

Hop on a Segway to see the Eternal City's many sights. After receiving your helmet and tuning in to a quick training session, you'll receive a headset to follow the lively commentary from the experienced Fat Tire Tours guide. Along the three-hour ride, you'll glide past sights like Trajan's Forum, Capitoline Hill and more. Plus, you'll don a virtual reality headset during your stop outside the Colosseum that reconstructs the famous arena's past grandeur. Travelers appreciate that Segways make getting around and seeing Rome's sights easier and more fun, especially for families with older teens. Reviewers also appreciate the engaging local guides.

Tours run daily at 9:30 a.m. Participants must be at least 16 years old and weigh between 100 and 260 pounds. Pregnant women are not permitted on this tour. The company also leads a night tour, which visits the city's illuminated monuments after sundown, among other outings.

Check prices & availability on:

LivItaly Tours – Colosseum Underground Tour with Arena, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

Price: Adults from 159 euros (around $173); kids from 144 euros (around $156) Duration: 3 hours

Enjoy swift entry to the Colosseum underground and see the arena floor, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum on this small-group tour. LivItaly leads up to six travelers to the restricted lower level of the Colosseum, where dungeons once confined gladiators and their opponents. In three hours, learn about ancient Rome's social order on Palatine Hill and everyday life at the forum. Travelers, especially those with children, agree that having a passionate guide with a deep knowledge of Roman history enriched the experience. Reviewers also appreciate the small size of the tour group.

Tours depart daily at multiple times beginning at 12:15 p.m. Book the company's 90-minute Express Colosseum Underground & Arena Tour if you're short on time.

The Best Rome Colosseum Tours

Laura Itzkowitz Dec. 19, 2023

Rome Colosseum views from an ArcheoRunning tour.

TopBike Rental and Tours – Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Aqueducts Park

Price: From 65 euros (about $71) to 89 euros (about $97) Duration: 4 or 6 hours

Travelers have been using the Ancient Appian Way for 2,300 years and you'll traverse it with a friendly, knowledgeable local on this electric bike excursion. Along the ride, you'll pass archeological sites, Christian catacombs and picturesque Roman aqueducts framing the unspoiled countryside. The tour covers roughly 17 miles, 60% of which requires off-road cycling, so TopBike recommends this tour for intermediate riders. Some tourgoers say you might not even break a sweat though, thanks to the ease of the electric bikes.

Tourgoers can opt for the Short Tour (four hours) or the Plus Tour (six hours), the latter of which follows the same path as the shorter excursion and also includes a guided tour of the Catacombs of St. Callixtus (or Saint Sebastian) and a stop at the Baths of Caracalla. Exact tour departure times vary by season, but you can expect to start around 9 a.m. TopBike also leads cycling tours within the city center.

Gourmetaly – Campo de' Fiori, Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere Rome Food Tour

Price: Adults from 93 euros (around $101); kids from 65 euros (around $71) Duration: 3.5 hours

Tantalize your taste buds on this Rome food tour, which covers three distinct neighborhoods known for their cuisine. As your local guide leads you through the Jewish ghetto, Campo de' Fiori and Trastevere, you'll stop by top-rated food markets, grocery stores, coffee shops, gelaterias and restaurants. Among the food samples included in the tour are fried artichokes, pizza, mozzarella, fresh pasta and gelato. Tours are capped at 12 participants. Reviewers call this a delightful experience thanks to the informative guides who offer an interesting lesson on Roman history, food and culture. They also recommend taking this tour on your first day in Rome to make the most of the guides' recommendations.

Tours are offered several times each day in the morning and afternoon. Note that the afternoon tour does not visit the Campo de' Fiori market (a highlight for many recent tourgoers). In addition to food tours, Gourmetaly also hosts cooking classes.

Eyes of Rome – Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour

Price: Adults from 453 euros (around $491); kids from 35 euros (around $38) Duration: 3 hours

With your private guide leading the way, you'll visit the Colosseum, explore the ancient city along paths that served the Roman Senate and learn the legends of the House of the Vestal Virgins. Tourgoers value the attentive guides who share history and lore in an entertaining way. They also say the tour is well-paced.

Tickets cover pick up at centrally located hotels and skip-the-line admission. Note that prices can vary significantly depending on the number of people in your party. A couple can expect to pay roughly $500 for tickets. Eyes of Rome also conducts private walking tours of the Vatican.

Private Tours of Rome – Vatican & Sistine Chapel Private Tour

Price: From $364 Duration: 3 hours

One of the best tours of the Vatican , this intimate excursion includes skip-the-line access to the complex and a guide who shares the Vatican Museums' top attractions in just three hours. See the artistic highlights in the   Gallery of Ancient Roman Sculptures, the Gallery of Tapestries and famous Raphael paintings. You'll then experience Michelangelo's masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel. Your guide will ensure you see the Pietà   in St. Peter's Basilica, the Apostolic Palace and the famous balcony where the pope delivers his blessings. Travelers praise the excellent guides who tailor the tour to groups' interests and keep children engaged.

Tours operate Monday through Saturday in the morning and afternoon. Ticket prices vary depending on your itinerary and group size. The company suggests you book at least one month in advance to ensure a specialist authorized by the Vatican is available. Private Tours of Rome also offers tours of the Colosseum and the Borghese Gallery, among others.

Best Rome Tours

Courtesy of Roman Food Tours

The Roman Food Tour – Prati By Sunset

Price: Adults from 99 euro (about $107); kids from 90 euros (about $98) Duration: 4 hours

Devoted foodies skip lunch for the more than 20 food and wine pairings on this four-hour evening tour of some of Rome's top eateries. Throughout the tour, you'll feast on gourmet delights, such as homemade pasta, pizza, fresh cheeses and gelato. More importantly, you'll learn tips to enhance your knowledge and pleasure in Italian cuisine. Travelers praise the expertise of the fun guides who explain each dish's origin and quality with gusto.

Tours, which are offered daily multiple times starting at 3:30 p.m. The Roman Food Tour also offers day tours and cooking classes.

Rex-Tours – Rome City Segway Tour

Price: From 79 euros (about $86) Duration: 3 hours

Roll in comfort past many of ancient Rome's major sights on this three-hour Segway tour. Rex-Tours' expert guides lead up to eight travelers for an effortless overview of must-see landmarks, such as Capitoline Hill and the Colosseum. Reviewers applaud the knowledgeable guides who offer a wealth of information without overwhelming travelers. What's more, guides provide restaurant recommendations and tips for making the most of your visit to Rome, according to tourgoers.

The Rome City Segway Tour departs twice daily at 9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Travelers also recommend enjoying the company's evening Segway tour if you're visiting during the summer and need a break from the peak daytime heat.

best walking food tour rome

Tips on Trips and Expert Picks

Travel tips, vacation ideas and more to make your next vacation stellar.

Eating Europe – Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour

Price: Adults from 114 euros (about $123); kids from 81 euros (about $88) Duration: 4 hours

Travelers suggest you skip lunch before this evening walking tour of Trastevere, so that you can savor the street food and sweet treats served at each stop. As you meander through the neighborhood (often compared to New York City's Greenwich Village), you'll enjoy mouthwatering bites of everything from classic supplì , or fried risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella, to porchetta, homemade pasta and gelato. Foodie guides share each chef's story and culinary traditions, along with tips on how to find and make the best Roman cuisine on your own. Reviewers praise the guides for their insider knowledge and gush about the quality of the food and wine featured on the tour.

Tours run daily at multiple times and there is a maximum of 12 people per tour. Eating Europe also operates a tour that explores Testaccio, considered Rome's "original foodie neighborhood."

Rolling Rome – Rome Squares & Fountains Golf Cart Tour

Price: From 100 euros (about $108) Duration: 3 hours

Avoid Rome's congested traffic and keep the family entertained on this three-hour, private golf cart tour of the city. Whizz past major sights in the historical center and piazzas Venezia, Navona and del Popolo, plus the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and more. Since the tour is customizable, you can also ask the guide to take you to lesser-known spots in the city – a highlight for reviewers. Along with the knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, reviewers appreciate the golf cart's ability to avoid traffic using Rome's narrow back lanes.

Tours, which can accommodate up to seven participants, depart daily at 9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. One week's advance reservation is recommended. Rolling Rome also offers daylong golf cart tours, as well as a variety of Segway and electric bike tours.

Food Tours of Rome – Jewish Ghetto and Campo de' Fiori by Night Food Tour

Price: Adults from 89 euros (about $96); kids from 75 euros (about $81) Duration: 4 hours

Combine sightseeing with snacking and drinking on this evening tour of the Jewish ghetto and the Campo Marzio area. Fun, knowledgeable guides make seven stops for food and wine between explaining major historic attractions like Piazza Navona and Campo de' Fiori. Stop in delis, family-run shops and restaurants to sample gourmet cheeses and hams, pasta, espresso, and gelato. First-time visitors especially appreciate this informative introduction to the city and the family-run vendors featured on the tour.

Tours depart nightly at 6 p.m. Food Tours of Rome can accommodate some special diets with advance notice. The company also offers a dessert and sightseeing tour of Rome, among various other options.

What A Life Tours – Skip-the-line Vatican Small Group Tour

Price: Adults from $87; kids from $82 Duration: 3 hours

Travelers say this tour is worthwhile thanks to the personable guides, who bring the history of the Vatican Museums to life. Reviewers also appreciate that groups are capped at 12 participants, which they say creates an intimate experience that fosters engagement between guides and tourgoers. You'll start the three-hour tour with skip-the-line access to the Vatican Museums to admire highlights like the Gallery of Maps and the Pinecone Courtyard. Then, you'll head to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica to marvel at Michelangelo’s Pietà. Along the way, your guide will share commentary that you'll be able to hear via an audio headset.

Tours generally operate Monday through Saturday at 10 a.m.; tours depart at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday. In addition to its variety of Vatican tours, the company also offers tours of the Colosseum and daylong tours of Rome.

Rome's Ultimate Free Walking Tour

Price: Free Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

According to reviewers, this free walking tour is a great way to start your visit in Rome. During the nearly three-hour stroll, you'll visit several photo-worthy piazzas, the Pantheon, Ponte Sant'Angelo and Castel Sant'Angelo, among other sights. Guides, who have backgrounds in subjects like history and architecture, earn praise from reviewers for their entertaining storytelling and thoughtful restaurant and activity recommendations.

Tours, which are limited to 15 participants, operate twice daily at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. In total, you'll walk less than 2 miles. According to the company, the tour is suitable for travel strollers and wheelchairs. Though the tour is free, it's recommended that you reserve your spot in advance via the company's website (guides do not wait at the departure point unless reservations are booked). At the end of the tour, you can tip your guide based on your experience.

Check availability on:

Best Rome Tours

Courtesy of Secret Food Tours Rome

Secret Food Tours – Rome Food Tour

Price: Adults from 79 euros (about $86); kids from 69 euros (about $75) Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

Dine your way through the historical center of Rome, visiting cafes, markets and shops for a total of up to seven stops. During the tour, you'll walk through neighborhoods like the Campo de' Fiori and the Jewish quarter with an enthusiastic guide who ties together history and insights about traditional dishes. The focus is on Italian-style dining: savoring the perfect cappuccino, sampling fresh pizzas and homemade pastas, pairing wines with a variety of cheeses, gelato and more. Travelers praise the guides' knowledge of Roman cuisine and the amount and quality of the food.

Tours depart daily at 11 and 11:30 a.m. An additional 5 p.m. tour may be available depending on the day. Private tours are also an option.

The Roman Guy – Privileged Entrance Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

Price: Adults from $119; kids from $56 Duration: 3 hours

Hoping to see the Vatican sans enormous crowds? This three-hour tour from The Roman Guy convenes at 7:45 a.m., allowing you to enter the Vatican Museums an hour before they open to the general public. First, relish the tranquil Sistine Chapel, which welcomes upward of 25,000 visitors daily during the summer. Afterward, follow your guide to museum highlights, including Raphael's paintings, the Borgia Apartments and the Gallery of the Maps. Travelers rave about the knowledgeable guides and say the opportunity to see the Sistine Chapel without the crowds is worth the tour price (though reviewers warn that you will still encounter quite a few other tour groups enjoying early access to the site).

Tours are available Monday through Saturday. Groups are capped at 14 people. If you're short on time, consider The Roman Guy's abridged Vatican Highlights tour, which last 2.5 hours.

City Wonders – Tuscan Countryside Day Trip from Rome with 3-Course Lunch & Wine Tasting

Price: Adults from $112; kids from $102 Duration: 12 hours

If you want to visit Tuscany while in Rome, but don't want to drive the approximately 175-mile journey yourself, consider this 12-hour excursion from City Wonders. You'll depart from Rome at 7:30 a.m. via an air-conditioned coach bus to see famous hilltop towns, such as Montepulciano and Pienza. You'll also visit the Renaissance church of St. Biagio before enjoying a three-course lunch and wine pairing in the famed Montalcino. Travelers say guides are informative and thoughtful, giving tourists ample time to explore the towns and take pictures. All agree that leaving the driving to a professional made the trip worthwhile.

Tours are offered daily. City Wonders also offers a variety of tours in Rome, including tours of the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Borghese Gallery.

Through Eternity Tours – Rome in a Day Tour with Colosseum & Sistine Chapel: Essential Experience

Price: From 1,345 euros (about $1,458) Duration: 6 hours

Conquer Rome in six hours with Through Eternity Tours. With your skip-the-line tickets , you'll visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. Professional, engaging guides – all fluent English speakers – allow you to set the pace, absorbing as much history and archeology as you want at each stop. Travelers say you'll see much more on this half-day tour than you would if you were to visit each site on your own, as guides point out unexpected gems along the way.

Rates can vary considerably depending on the number in your party, and the company offers discounts for students and children. Bring stamina, a water bottle and wear comfortable walking shoes . When you're ready for more, try one of Through Eternity's other tours, such as its evening tour of Rome's piazzas and fountains.

Walks of Italy – Gladiator's Gate: Special Access Colosseum Tour with Arena Floor

Price: Adults from $105; kids from $99 Duration: 3 hours

On this three-hour tour, you'll enter the Colosseum through the "Gladiator's Gate" – the entrance that was once used exclusively for gladiators 2,000 years ago. Once inside, you'll enjoy 360-degree views of the Colosseum on the reconstructed arena floor as your guide shares the gory history of this famous landmark . Then, you'll bypass the lines to tour the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Highlights include the cremation point of Julius Caesar, senate buildings and the Temple of the Vestal Virgins. Guides win kudos from travelers for their ability to discuss dense history topics in an engaging manner. Reviewers say the tour flies by thanks to the guides' entertaining storytelling. They also appreciate the skip-the-line access to these must-see sights.

Tours, which are capped at 25 participants, are offered three times daily at 9:15 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Rates may vary based on the time of year, and they include all entrance tickets and the use of audio headsets during the tour. Walks of Italy also hosts cooking classes in Rome and organizes day trips to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.

Maya Tours – Skip-the-Line Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Group Tour

Price: Adults from 45 euros (about $49); kids from 35 euros (about $38) Duration: 2 hours

If you're interested in visiting the Vatican Museums, but don't want to devote more than a couple hours of your Rome vacation to the experience, consider this kid-friendly tour. In addition to skip-the-line access, your guide will show you the must-see artworks, several courtyards and galleries, and the Sistine Chapel. Reviewers praise guides for their interesting and informed commentary (which tourgoers can hear via audio headsets). Parents are particularly impressed with guides' ability to engage children.

Tours are offered Monday through Saturday multiple times in the morning and afternoon. Maya Tours also operates longer, semiprivate tours of the Vatican.

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Trastevere Local Food Tour in Rome

Join a culinary guide to indulge in tasty cheese, pasta, gelato, wine, and authentic food of rome.

Want to taste the very best of Rome’s local food and wine? This delicious walking tour through the trendy Trastevere neighborhood will show you everything that’s great about the food of Rome. Join your passionate foodie guide for an evening of street food, wine, and local meats and cheeses, then enjoy an authentic Roman dinner and refreshing gelato with your small group. It’s the tastiest way to experience the charms of Trastevere!

Rome local food tour

  • Rome local food tour
  • Piazza Farnese
  • Italian meat and cheese
  • Taste street food baccalà
  • Views from Tiber River
  • Explore the Trastevere neighborhood
  • Delicious, freshly -made pasta
  • Saltimbocca alla Romana
  • After-dinner limoncello
  • Indulge with gelato

On this super-popular evening food tour, you'll meet your culinary guide at the fountain on the right side of Piazza Farnese, where you and your small group of 12 or fewer will learn about the rich food culture of Rome's picturesque Trastevere neighborhood. Then head out to the first of four stops at beloved local eateries where you'll discover the true roots of Roman food.

Through the evening, you'll visit a traditional family-owned salumeria (deli), local trattorias (small restaurant), and sample some of Rome's famous gelato!

Rome Local Food Tour Description

Your 3-hour tour includes:

Culinary walking tour through Trastevere

Four stops with multiple food and wine tastings

Sit-down dinner at a local Roman restaurant

End the evening with delicious gelato

A local English-speaking foodie guide

Maximum of 12 people per group

Roman Salumeria

Your first stop will be at a family-owned deli where you'll sample prosciutto, salame, cheeses, and some tasty local wine. This establishment has been serving locals for over 100 years, so they definitely know what they are doing. Learn the difference between parmigiana and pecorino, and prosciutto and salame. After you wash it all down with some local wine, you'll probably want to visit this little shop again to stock up for your trip home.

Street Food of Rome

Many people wonder why baccalà (cod fish) is such a popular dish in Rome, considering they aren't close to the Atlantic where cod is usually found. Well, your guide will share the fascinating history of this local favorite and why it's a popular dish in Trastevere. You'll enjoy another glass of local wine with this local street food favorite.

An Authentic Roman Dinner

Sit down and relax in a friendly restaurant and sample a three-course meal with an antipasto starter, two popular Roman pastas, a traditional meat dish, and local wines. At this sit-down restaurant, you'll be able to rest your feet, enjoy your dinner, and learn more about what makes the Eternal City such a popular food destination. No Italian dinner is complete without a digestivo , so you'll finish your meal with a limoncello.

The Best Organic Gelato in Trastevere

You didn't think we'd finish a Roman food tour without gelato, did you? If you've been to Italy, regardless of the time of year, you'll know how important it is to end the evening with a gelato. Your guide will help you learn how to spot the best quality gelato as you try some new flavors. From coffee to cheese or pistachio, there's a gelato flavor for everyone. 

When you book your tour with us, please contact us if you have any special dietary restrictions so we can do our best to accommodate you.

" data-expanded-text="hide full description "> show full description

What you get with this tour

Tripadvisor Logo

See what people are saying

476 total reviews

so worth it

if you're on the fence about going on a food tour in rome, I highly recommend doing it. our guide Mario was so knowledgeable and lovely and made the tour so informative and enjoyable. I wish I could go back!

A fantastic tour!

Dimitri, the tallest guide in Rome, did a wonderful job. All the food was fantastic. My wife and I had a great time. My wife's a vegetarian, and she had plenty of tasty options.

Fantastic Experience!

The food tour was better than expected. Max was a great guide. Knowledge, very friendly, and entertaining. The food was excellent and plentiful ! I highly recommend this tour.

show more reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring?

Come hungry and wear comfortable shoes, since you'll be walking between tasting stops.

Do the tasting stops on this tour ever change?

Stops and tastings on this tour are subject to change due to seasonal/holiday venue closures. As the places we frequent on this Trastevere Rome food tour are local institutions and family-run businesses, they can close at any time with little-to-no warning. In this situation, your guide will take you to another popular eatery nearby.

Can I bring my kids and do I have to pay for them?

If your child is under 6 years of age and will not be eating during the tour, you do not need to pay for them. If they will eat food at any stop, please select the "youth" category before checkout and add them to your group in order to save them a seat at the dinner table.

What if I have food allergies, intolerances, or other requirements?

Please contact us in advance so we can do our best to accommodate your needs. We will work with our tour partners to provide you an alternative when possible.

How many glasses of wine will I get?

You'll enjoy three glasses, but in many places, it is served in a carafe which is the typical serving style in Rome. In this case, you might enjoy more than three glasses of wine, but we recommend not overdoing it so you can enjoy your evening (and the following morning).

Come hungry and wear comfortable shoes, since you'll be walking between tasting stops.

Can I still come if I don't drink alcohol?

Yes, you're welcome to come! Just reach out to us directly so we can work with our partners to accommodate your needs.

Free 24-hr cancellation on group tours! Learn more

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Special Access Colosseum Arena Floor Tour through the Gladiator's Gate

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Entry Ticket

Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Tickets

Skip the line and gain quicker access to the Vatican so you can explore at your leisure

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St. Peter's Dome Climb and Sistine Chapel Combo Tour

Save money while seeing Rome from above, the Papal Crypts below, and the Vatican museums nearby

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Rome Catacombs Tour and Capuchin Crypts with Transportation

Skip the line and explore a creepy underground world of Roman tombs and crypts with an expert guide

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Semi-Private Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

Enjoy a premium and exclusive tour of the Raphael Rooms, St.Peter's Basilica, and more!

( 1101 ) From: $123.68

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Vatican After Hours Tour with Sistine Chapel

Book a unique experience that visits the Vatican in the early evening with fewer crowds

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Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Get special access to the Underground dungeons and Arena Floor on this guided small group tour

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Private Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill

See the Colosseum and ancient Rome like a VIP, the Temple of Caesar, and more!

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Day Trip

Unforgettable Rome Day Trip to Pompeii and Sorrento

The easiest way to dive deep into the famous ancient ruins and soak up the sunny coast of Sorrento

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Transportation Included

Transportation Included

Rome Shore Excursion from Civitavecchia

Book a private Rome tour and see the Colosseum, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and more in just one day!

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Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica Private Tour

See the wonders of the Vatican on a tailored private tour with expert guide and skip-the-line entry

( 131 ) From: $445.22

Climb the Dome

Climb the Dome

Ultimate St. Peter's Basilica Dome Climb and Tour with Papal Crypts

See St. Peter’s Basilica up close and climb the dome for the best views of Rome and the Vatican

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See the best of Rome with the comfort of your own private vehicle and a dedicated local tour guide

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New Tour

Skip-the-Line Pantheon Express Guided Tour in Rome

In one hour, discover the storied dome, Oculus, and tombs of Rome’s ancient temple with your guide!

From: $49.72

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Private Family-Friendly Rome Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour

Bring the Colosseum to life on this interactive kids tour with a treasure hunt and fun local guide

( 22 ) From: $562.74

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Private Family-Friendly Vatican and Sistine Chapel Tour

Enjoy a boredom-free Vatican private tour that's perfect for kids, with treasure hunt and fun guide

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Rome Golf Cart Food Tour: Explore the City's Iconic Sites and Cuisine

Journey Through Time and Taste on a Small-Group Adventure

( 9 ) From: $245.21

Private Tour

Private Tour

Vatican Under the Stars Private Evening Tour with Sistine Chapel

Appreciate the Vatican masterpieces without the crowds on an after-hours tour with a private guide

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Full Day Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius Tour from Rome

Skip-the-line at Pompeii, savor a three-course meal, and walk amid Mt. Vesuvius’ volcanic formations

( 13 ) as low as $157.29

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Testaccio Small Group Food Tour

Sip an espresso, indulge in authentic Italian pasta and wine, and explore a local Roman Market

( 4 ) From: $129.95

New Tour

Rome Sightseeing Tour by Golf Cart

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Cooking Class

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Guided Tour

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Orvieto, Civita di Bagnoregio & Winery Private Day Trip from Rome

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Rome Actually

Twilight Trastevere Food Tour: Eating and Laughing With Eating Europe

Archaeological ruins, ancient art, beautiful views. The Eternal City offers all this and more. But let’s face it, what most travelers long for is trying the local cuisine. This is why going on a Trastevere food tour has the double perk of eating plenty of delicious dishes in one of Rome’s most popular and history-rich neighborhoods.

Table of Contents

Twilight Trastevere Food Tour: Full Review and Details

porchetta roma trastevere food tour

This Rome food tour of Trastevere takes place in the evening and you will have plenty of tastings before dinner, so make sure you don’t eat before. Along with the eating stops, we also visited historical places like Santa Maria in Trastevere Basilica, the undergrounds of Spirito Di Vino restaurants, apparently connected with the undergrounds of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere Basilica via a tunnel, and the history behind Via dell’Atleta street.

I joined this Trastevere food tour with my husband and we enjoyed every stop. Our guide, Luca, was knowledgeable and very entertaining, sprucing up the tour with jokes, Italian habits and traditions, and an interesting narrative behind dishes and places.

What is this Rome Trastevere food tour called and who runs it?

dinner trastevere food tour

The full name of this Rome food walking tour is Twilight Trastevere: Timeless Traditions . It’s run by Eating Europe (formerly Eating Italy), a large company that runs food tours all over Europe. In Italy, apart from Rome , you can find them also in Florence and Naples, while in the other European countries they offer tours in Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Prague, London, and Strasbourg.

READ MORE: Check out our full guide to the best food tours of Rome .

How long does this food tour of Trastevere last?

This Trastevere food tour lasts between 3.5 to 4 hours but count easily 4 hours as there are plenty of tastings, historical anecdotes, and jokes.

What are the stops of this Rome food tour in Trastevere neighborhood?

cacio e pepe rome tastevere walking tour

We started our Trastevere walking tour in Piazza di San Bartolomeo all’Isola on the Tiber island and our guide Luca introduced the tour and the neighborhood to us. After introducing ourselves to the group, we started our walk.

In total, we made 6 stops:

  • First stop was Da Enzo al 29 in Via dei Vascellari, truly, deeply one of the best traditional trattorias in Rome. After a glass of Prosecco bubbles, we tried a typical Italian starter, melon and prosciutto crudo ham. Since I’m vegetarian, for me was the melon and a delicious sample of grilled eggplant and bell peppers. Finally, they offered organic olive oil from Viterbo to dip homemade whole grain bread.
  • The second stop in our Trastevere food tour was not a trattoria but a more upscale restaurant, Spirito Di Vino (Via dei Genovesi 31A). This was a very fascinating stop as we descended into the wine cave from ancient Roman times which is some 150 years older than the Colosseum . Here, too, Luca told us about the history behind these walls and their purpose in the centuries, including serving as an old Synagogue. The treat for the group was a pork stew made following an authentic ancient Roman recipe and using several of the ingredients now seldom used in the Italian cuisine , such as lavender, cumin and garum , fermented fish used as salt when the actual salt was more of a luxury good used to preserve the food instead of cooking. For me, a mouthwatering pumpkin and carrot velvety soup.
  • Off to our third stop, we tried the historical Norcineria deli run by the Iacozzilli family (Via Natale del Grande 15), a popular street food place in Rome . Another great stop to try Italian delicacies such as porchetta , spit-roasted or bakes pork previously stuffed with herbs, typical from Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria regions. A generous slice of porchetta on top of pizza bianca (white pizza), a type of focaccia very common in Rome, and a sample of 36-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano and the local Pecorino Romano were given to the group. For me, instead of porchetta, was a delicious piece of fresh ricotta topped with honey and accompanied with a slice of pizza bianca. Alongside water, who wanted could taste a sample of high-quality craft beer.
  • As the popular Trapizzino (Piazza Trilussa) opened in Trastevere too, our fourth stop was there to try their delicious supplì fried rice balls. Classic with beef ragout for the group, and with garlic, olive oil and chili pepper for me.
  • The fifth stop of our walking food tour in Trastevere was for dinner, and the restaurant A Casa Mia (Via della Renella 88) was waiting for us. The group was served a very much appreciated mezze maniche all’Amatriciana pasta and for me a well-prepared and creamy cacio e pepe . Red and white wine were paired with the dishes.
  • The last stop couldn’t be other than gelato. And the treat was at Fata Morgana, one of the top gelaterias in Rome . I took a cone with two scoops, Bacio del Principe (hazelnut and chocolate) and Venus rice with rose buds. Absolutely delicious, but I knew it already as Fata Morgana sees me quite often in many of her shops scattered around Rome.

Click here to book your spot in the Twilight Trastevere Food Tour of Rome.

What were our favorite stops in this Rome food walking tour?

Hardly to choose one stop. Each place had its own character and reason for a visit. We did eat everywhere we stopped, but the historical explanations were very interesting and added to the value of this Rome food tour in Trastevere.

If I had to choose, I would say that I enjoyed the stop at the Norcineria as my ricotta topped with honey was delicious, and the one at Fata Morgana as it really is one of my favorite gelato shops in Rome .

My husband thoroughly appreciated the pasta all’Amatriciana with his glass of Primitivo red wine from the Puglia region. He also very much enjoyed the second stop at Spirito Di Vino, the restaurant set in the former Synagogue, for its ancient history and undergrounds dating back to Roman times.

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roman pork stew trastevere tour

Our tips to enjoy this Rome food walking tour in Trastevere

  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will stop to eat plenty of times, but there is also a fair share of walking involved. And it’s all around the cobbled alleys of Trastevere, so you don’t want to wear high heels.
  • Keep a bit of empty stomach. Lots of tastings in this 4 hours Rome food walking tour, delicious and authentic food that you don’t want to miss.
  • Don’t be late. The tour takes place in the evening and it’s pretty full of activities so you want it to start on time.
  • Ask questions. If something is not clear or you want more explanation, ask away to your local guide, they will be happy to answer and give more tips.
  • Stay close to the group. Your guide will give tips and anecdotes both at the stops and long the way. It’s very interesting so you want to take in as much as you can.
  • Bring a bottle of water. You will have drinks at every stop, but especially in summer, you want to keep hydrated when walking. You can fill your bottle at the public fountains very common in Rome.
  • Bring a camera. The neighborhood is very photogenic and so are the places you will visit and the dishes you will eat. You might want to take home some visual souvenir.

spirito di vino restaurant trastevere walking tour rome

Location and how to reach your meeting point

The meeting point for this tour is Piazza San Bartolomeo all’Isola on the Tiber Island. Right between the Fatebenefratelli Ospital and San Bartolomeo all’Isola Basilica.

Located between the Trastevere neighborhood and the Jewish Ghetto, it’s pretty easy to reach. If you are coming from Trastevere railway station, you can take tram 8 and get off at Belli stop. If you are in the Trastevere neighborhood, you can reach on foot, and once along the Lungotevere, you cross Ponte Cestio Bridge and you’ll immediately spot the church and your guide.

If you are coming from the Jewish Ghetto, you will need to cross the ancient Ponte Fabricio bridge from Lungotevere de’ Cenci and you will be quickly at your meeting point.

Why take this Trastevere food walking tour in Rome?

If it’s your first time in Rome and you are not familiar with the flavors of the local cuisine, this Trastevere food tour is for you. As this is part of the city center, it’s easy to fall into the tourist trap. This is one of the main reasons I recommend booking a tour with a local expert.

Not only you will enjoy an evening of delicious food, but you will also get to know the right places where to eat authentic Italian cuisine rather than tourist menus. Trastevere is very popular among tourists as well as locals, and it’s important to know where to go.

On top of that, the neighborhood has a very old history hardly known by most. This type of Rome walking tour takes new travelers to discover a side of the city that otherwise they won’t probably understand fully.


best walking food tour rome

About The Author: Angela Corrias

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Angels and Demons Half-Day Guided Tour with Private Transport

Rating: ⭐️ 4.5/5 ( 1064 reviews )

“This was such a fun tour! (…) Highly recommend it to anyone who is a Dan Brown fan” cindy, viator

“Angels and Demons” tours in Rome are a unique twist on a typical city walking tour. There are plenty of visits to memorable sites and facts to add depth to what you observe.

What sets this City Wonders Ltd tour apart is the addition of sites made famous in Dan Brown’s book and movie. Follow a well-informed guide on a half-day tour to Roman locales featured in both fact and fiction.

The engaging guides clearly are fans of Dan Brown, and reviewers endorse them for their storytelling and charisma. We recommend reading the book or seeing the movie before embarking on the tour.

  • Angels and Demons tours in Rome

8 – Free Walking Tour of Rome

Free Walking Tour of Rome

Rating: ⭐️ 4.6/5 ( 1562 reviews )

“The activity was very complete, our guide explained everything with details and anecdotes. We had a very good time!” LAURA, CIVITATIS

The word “free” makes a lot of things more attractive. Add it to a walking tour of Rome led by true aficionados and you can’t go wrong. Rome Bites Tours has created a free walking tour to places no tourist wants to pass over.

Passionate guides have a staggering amount of information to share. The inclusion of headsets to make sure you don’t miss one tidbit given by your guide makes it hard to believe this is a free tour.

Rome Bites free walking tours consistently earn high reviews for their likable guides and ample information about the sites. We recommend taking this fact-filled tour in the cooler seasons for a more pleasant walk.

  • free walking tours in Rome

9 – Best of Rome Walking Tour

Best of Rome Walking Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 347 reviews )

“Fantastic tour, super information, great host, really friendly and knowledgeable.” simon, viator

Seize that first day in the city on a Carpe Diem Best of Rome tour. In just two hours, get a feel for Rome’s layout, its countless monuments and buzzing piazzas. This affordable tour will set you up for a stay in Rome that’s filled with everything you want to witness and more.

Along with hundreds of five-star reviews, there are many reasons why this tour stands out among others. The cost, accessibility and route make it an attractive option. This is one of the only Rome tours that takes you inside the Pantheon.

10 – Rome Private 90 Minute Kickstart Tour With a Local

Rome Private 90 Minute Kickstart Tour With a Local

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 156 reviews )

“We had a terrific time and the tour was exceptionally planned.” MARK, VIATOR

“Kickoff” tours are aptly named. Intended to introduce you to Rome on your first day, these tours are brimming with facts, tips and fun. Withlocals tours’s private reservation can be whatever you like. Customize the tour to your interests, or trust the guide to show you the best sites in town. Leave with advice to make your stay in Rome unforgettable.

This tour has earned over 90% five-star reviews. Highlights are well-read and kind guides, the customizable itinerary and the helpful orientation to the city. The price is also very reasonable for a private jaunt.

11 – Rome: Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour

Rome: Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 4.6/5 ( 154 reviews )

“This was a very very inspirational tour. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and was able to tell the story of the Jewish people who lived in this area.” BONNIE, GET YOUR GUIDE

In a city renowned for relics of the Roman Empire, often other captivating areas are overlooked. Rome’s Jewish Quarter, or “Jewish Ghetto,” is worth getting to know for a wealth of reasons. The neighborhood features its share of antiquities that reach back several millennia. However, its specifically Jewish heritage goes back centuries.

Tours with Roman Vacations provide you an in-depth exploration of the quarter, covering historic sites, cultural gems and the Ghetto’s tantalizing food scene.

Rome Jewish Ghetto tours receive rave reviews for the knowledge and enthusiastic guides. Guides help make the tour inspirational despite the heaviness of the topic, and the gelato is a refreshing pick-me-up between sites!

  • Jewish Ghetto tours

12 – Rome: Domus Aurea Guided Walking Tour

Rome: Domus Aurea Guided Walking Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 4.5/5 ( 369 reviews )

“Exceptional tour and our guide was amazing and really knowledgeable. Highly recommend!” dace eva, get your guide

The name “Domus Aurea,” or “Golden House,” is a pretty straightforward way to describe the pleasure palace designed by Emperor Nero. The nearly 2,000-year-old luxury complex features still-visible frescoes, baths, marble walls and even a rotating dining room.

Book a guided tour of Domus Aurea through Ticketstation Srl for a glimpse of Nero’s ego-fueled palace and grounds. Imagine golden and gem-encrusted decor and land rich with wildlife, trees and vineyards. Although much of the grandeur is no longer present, your archeologist guide will paint a picture of the riches once on display.

The plethora of five-star reviews tout the information given by the guides as well as their engaging personalities. The video and 3D viewing will prep you to explore the structures and ruins, and the Domus’s cool interior temperatures are a lovely perk on hot summer days!

13 – Rome by Night Private Walking Tour

Rome by Night Private Walking Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 5/5 ( 168 reviews )

“We family of 4 have now been doing 4 tours in Rome. The other tours have also been good, though this was THE BEST.” jostein, viator

There are so many benefits to taking a private tour, especially if it’s affordable! Add the entrancing look that Rome takes on after sunset, and you have a winning combination. Rome by Night private walking tours by Rome Guides take you to the city’s most significant spots in the comfort of the company you choose.

This stellar tour is led by skillful guides who engage all participants in the group, including more reluctant members. Guides happily provide advice for dining and sightseeing after the tour. We recommend this tour for people who want to escape the crowds of the daytime and summer heat.

14 – Rome: City Walking Tour

Rome: City Walking Tour

Rating: ⭐️ 4.8/5 ( 193 reviews )

“Tour guide was excellent, knew his history from ancient to modern. Perfect way to start a trip to Rome!” steven, get your guide

With Rome’s twisty streets and tourist masses, finding your way around the city can be daunting. Hiring a guide for an affordable tour can save you a lot of stress and headache. Rome city walking tours by Carpe Diem Tours offer a lot of variety. Book a morning, evening or night group tour, or opt for a private outing.

If you’re starting out your visit to Rome and need to get the lay of the land, this is an optimal tour for you. We praise this tour for its guides and how helpful the tour is in orienting visitors to Rome. Another plus is the affordability of the tour.

15 – Rome by Night Walking Tour – Legends & Criminal Stories

Rome by Night Walking Tour - Legends & Criminal Stories

Rating: ⭐️ 4.5/5 ( 955 reviews )

“Excellent host and such an interesting tour!! Got to hear some interesting stories about the legends and ghosts of Rome!” ANDREA, viator

With Rome’s past spanning millennia, the city has had plenty of time to be marred by tragedy, evil and crime. On a City Wonders “Legends and Criminal Stories” walking tour, you’ll hear the darker side of some of the city’s most celebrated places. Even skeptics will be entranced by the guide’s deft storytelling and fascinating legends.

Among the many five-star reviews, our compliments go to the engaging guides as well as how they keep the material appropriate for older children.

  • Ghosts & Legends Tours in Rome

How to book walking tours in Rome?

Whether you want to hit the major sites in Rome or you want a more off-beat outing, there are a wealth of tours to sift through. There are a hefty number of travel websites available to help you with your search.

Use our search engine to simplify your search with a curated list of some of Rome’s highest-rated walking tours.

The Best Tours in Rome

SD › Rome › Best Tours Updated: October 26, 2023 By Santorini Dave

  • Best Hotels in Rome
  • Best Family Hotels in Rome
  • Best Neighborhoods in Rome
  • Rome Hotel Map
  • Food Tour: Historic Centre • Taste of Testaccio
  • Walking Tour: Rome in a Day
  • Best Family Tour: Ancient Rome for Kids • Gladiator School
  • Free Tour: Rome’s Ultimate Free Walking Tour
  • History Tour: Roma Antica with Skip-the-Line Tickets • Catacombs & Underground Rome
  • Bike Tour: Fat Tire • Appian Way E-bike
  • Vespa Tour: Countryside • Street Art
  • Vatican Tour: Pristine Sistine Early Entrance with Breakfast
  • Cooking Class: Farmers Market Shopping & Five Course Meal • Pizza & Pasta on the Appian Way
  • Day Trip: Pompeii & Amalfi Coast • Tuscany Vineyards & Wine Tasting
  • Night Tour: Trastevere Sunset Food Tour • Colosseum Night Walking Tour

Map showing the starting location of the 18 best tours in Rome, Italy.

1. Rome in a Day

The Roman Colosseum as seen from above, with groups of tourists gathered around the edges.

  • Duration: 7.5 hours
  • Fantastic way to get your bearings, learn about Rome, and visit the most popular sights. Highly recommended for travelers short on time, or at the beginning of a longer stay.
  • Meeting Point: Oppio Caffè, directly north of the Colosseum.
  • Tour Highlights: Roman Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Included: Private, air-conditioned transport between stops, skip-the-line tickets to Colosseum, Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Not Included: Tickets to the Dome in St. Peter’s.
  • Food included? No. There is a one-hour break for lunch, and your tour guide will recommend local restaurants, but the cost of food is not included.
  • Good for kids? It’s a long day and even with the provided transportation it’s a lot of walking, so probably best for older kids.
  • Tour Operator: Walks Tours

2. Pristine Sistine Early Entrance Tour with Breakfast

A tour group walks down a beautiful hallway lined with murals in the Vatican Museums.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • See the Sistine Chapel before it opens to the general public, then enjoy a breakfast buffet in the Vatican’s Pinecone Courtyard and an expert-guided tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Meeting Point: The Green Bar (called l’Ottagono) in Piazza del Risorgimento.
  • Tour Highlights: Breakfast on a terrace inside the Vatican Museums (for 2021 tours), Works by Michelangelo (including the Sistine Chapel before the crowds, and his Pietá ), rooms painted by Raphael.
  • Included: Early entry to the Vatican, skip-the-line access into the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, buffet breakfast.
  • Food included? Yes, a buffet breakfast in the Vatican’s Pinecone Courtyard is included.
  • Good for kids? Yes.
  • Alternative booking through Get Your Guide

3. Ancient Rome for Kids

A female tour guide shows a map to two young girls who are sitting on some rocky ruins

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • History comes alive for kids as they explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum with hands-on, interactive activities in this private tour. Great for Adults, too.
  • Tour Highlights: Colosseum, Roman Forum.
  • Included: Expert scholar guide, specially trained to teach children; skip-the-line tickets to the Colosseum.
  • Food included? No.
  • Good for kids? The best.
  • Tour Operator: Context Travel

4. Trastevere Sunset Food Tour

A man in a chef's hat tempts the viewer with a tray of ricotta and balsamic vinegar

  • Visit four locally loved venues for over 20 delicious tastings in Rome’s picturesque Trastevere district at sunset.
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Trilussa 46 (outside the venue Trapizzino)
  • Tour Highlights: 30 year aged balsamic vinegar, truffles, fine cheeses and artisanal hams, D.O.C.G wine, incredible pizza, homemade pasta, authentic gelato.
  • Included: All food and wine, friendly local guide.
  • Food included? Yes, so much food.
  • Good for kids? Yes
  • Tour Operator: The Roman Food Tour

5. Fat Tire Rome Bike Tour

Tourists on a bike tour overlook Rome's historic center with Roman Forum ancient ruins

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Super fun way to orient yourself to the city, learn some history, and explore the Historic City Center.
  • Meeting Point: Via dei Delfini 35/36, near Piazza Venezia.
  • Tour Highlights: Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Imperial Forum, Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Circus Maximus, Theatre of Marcellus, Roman Ghetto, Campo de Fiore, Piazza Navona
  • Included: Fun and knowledgeable guide, bike and helmet (helmet provided but not required).
  • Good for kids? Yes, for kids that are comfortable riding a bike. 20″ and 24″ bikes are available for children, but must be booked in advance. No tricycles, tandems, or training wheels are available.
  • Tour Operator: Fat Tire Tours

6. Gladiator School

A father and son dressed in ancient Roman costume play-fight in a small dirt arena as others look on

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Why stop at just learning about history? This cool experience also lets you don a tunic and fight like a warrior of Ancient Rome. Great for kids and adults alike.
  • Meeting Point: Gruppo Storico Romano, Via Appia Antica
  • Tour Highlights: Introduction to Roman history, 2 hours of Roman gladiator lessons in historical costumes and weaponry, Gladiator School of Rome Museum.
  • Included: Museum admission fee, training with individual wooden sword, Roman citizenship’s certificate, rental of the “Roman military tunic” that the customer will wear during the class, free drink.
  • Food included? No. A free drink is included.
  • Good for kids? Totally.
  • Tour Operator: Gruppo Storico Romano

7. Farmers’ Market Shopping & Four-Course Meal

A woman picks produce from a colorful and bountiful farmers' market stall.

  • Duration: 4 to 5 hours
  • Shop for fresh produce at Campo de Fiore with a trained chef, then prepare and enjoy a seasonal four-course lunch inside an airy 17th-century palazzo. An excellent class for those looking for more than just pizza-making.
  • Meeting Point: Campo de Fiore
  • Tour Highlights: Guided farmers’ market visit, cooking class, four-course meal.
  • Included: Farmers’ market shopping, hands-on cooking class, English-speaking chef, prosecco and snacks reception, all ingredients and equipment, homemade meal with wine and soft drinks, recipes emailed as PDF.
  • Food included? Yes, lots.
  • Tour Operator: InRome Cooking Classes

8. Countryside Vespa Tour

View of Castel Gandolfo lake from a winding road above

  • Duration: 5.5 hours, including transport
  • Get out of town and experience the Ancient Roman roads and striking Renaissance villas of Castelli Romani astride a Vespa scooter.
  • Meeting Point: Hotel pick-up is offered, or guests can take the train and meet the group at Castel Gandolfo.
  • Tour Highlights: Villages of Frascati and Castel Gandolfo (home to the Papal summer residence), guided visit at a beautiful Byzantine abbey, authentic Roman countryside lunch.
  • Included: Hotel pick-up, Vespa scooter and helmet, guided abbey and village tours, countryside lunch.
  • Not included: Transport back to central Rome from Frascati.
  • Food included? Yes. An authentic countryside lunch of ‘porchetta’ seasoned pork, locally baked bread, and regional cheeses and red wine is provided.
  • Good for kids? No.
  • Tour Operator: Scooteroma Tours

9. Rome Historic Centre Food Tour

A man in a baker's uniform pulls a huge, onlong pizza from a wall oven and shows it to the camera.

  • Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours
  • Sample pizzas, homemade pastas and Supplí (risotto balls), fine cheeses and wines, and artisanal gelato amid the monuments, markets, and restaurants in the heart of Rome.
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Navona
  • Tour Highlights: Historic café visit for espresso or cappuccino; authentic pizza and supplí, gourmet shop for tastings of artisanal cured meats, cheeses, and wine; authentic Sicilian cannoli, regional pasta in a beloved local restaurant, handmade gelato.
  • Included: All food and drinks, knowledgeable guide. Upgraded drinks packages are available.
  • Food included? So much food.
  • Good for kids? Definitely.
  • Tour Operator: Secret Food Tours

10. Roma Antica with Skip-the-Line Tickets

Sightseeing walking tour of Ancient Rome.

  • In-depth guided tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill led by a PhD or MA-level archaeologist or classical historian guide.
  • Tour Highlights: Palatine Hill & Museum, Via Sacra and Forum Square, Colosseum.
  • Included: Knowledgeable academic guide, skip-the-line tickets
  • Food included? No
  • Good for kids? Yes for older kids, but kids under 12 would do better with this company’s Ancient Rome for Kids tour.

11. Pizza & Pasta on the Appian Way

A pile of freshly-cut pasta sits on a table in the outdoors, with a greenery backdrop

  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Learn the secrets to making incredible pizza and homemade pasta from a true licensed master in a beautiful countryside setting. Great for families.
  • Meeting Point: Laurentina metro station (the last stop on line B).
  • Tour Highlights: Excellent instruction by charismatic master chefs, charming setting.
  • Included: Pasta and pizza-making cooking class; homemade wine, limoncello, and tiramisù; bottled water; transfer from the metro station to the cooking school.
  • Food included? Yes, plenty.
  • Good for kids? Nope, great for kids.
  • Tour Operator: Once in Rome Authentic Experiences

12. Street Art Vespa Tour

Motorbikes parked near a colorful wall adorned with graffiti in the bohemian-artsy neighborhood of San Lorenzo.

  • Duration: 3 hours (a private 4-hour option is also available)
  • Hop on and be inspired by Instagram-worthy street art in the off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods of Ostiense, Quadraro Vecchio, and Pigneto.
  • Meeting Point: This tour offers hotel pick-up.
  • Tour Highlights: Vibrant murals, fun scooter ride!
  • Included: Vespa scooter and helmet, knowledgeable guide, coffee or gelato.
  • Food included? There is one stop for coffee or gelato.

13. Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Day Trip

Colorful houses and buildings terraced up the steep cliffs of the Amalfi coastline.

  • Duration: 13 Hours
  • Experience an archaeologist-guided tour of Pompeii, then a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast to beautiful Positano, where you’re free to eat, shop, swim, and explore.
  • Meeting Point: Piazzale Flaminio
  • Tour Highlights: Guided tour of the death-casts, shops, temples, private houses, and public baths of Pompeii (and a brothel, if age-appropriate), scenic panoramic drive, free time in a charming Italian beach town.
  • Included: Private round-trip transportation by air-conditioned minibus, skip-the-line Pompeii tickets and guided tour.
  • Food included? No. Your guide will recommend lunch spots, but the cost is extra.
  • In low season (November – March) most businesses in Positano close; during this time, the tour visits Amalfi or Sorrento instead.

14. Ancient Appian Way E-bike Tour

Cobblestone path, lined with cypress trees, meandering across a meadow

  • A fun and easy way to explore Rome’s ancient main road and experience the countryside’s monuments, aqueducts, and ruins.
  • Meeting Point: Starbike Roma Offices, just east of the Colosseum.
  • Tour Highlights: Porta San Sebastiano, Parco della Caffarella, Ninfeo di Egeria, Parco degli Acquedotti, Villa dei Quintili, Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella, Circo di Massenzio, Catacombs of San Callisto, Terme di Caracalla.
  • Included: High-quality electric-assisted mountain bike and helmet, child bike seats by request, mobile phone and object holder, friendly and knowledgeable guide.
  • Good for kids? Yes. Child bike seats, children’s bikes, and tag-along bikes can be reserved in advance.
  • Tour Operator: Starbike Roma

15. Tuscany Vineyards & Wine Tasting

Landscape of the Tuscany seen from the walls of Montepulciano, Italy

  • Guided tour of Montepulciano and Pienza, with a three-course vineyard lunch and wine pairing.
  • Meeting Point: Piazza del Popolo
  • Tour Highlights: Guided Montepulciano tour, Renaissance Church of St. Biagio, Vineyard lunch, free time in the medieval Tuscan town of Pienza.
  • Included: Private round-trip air-conditioned transportation; Guided Montepulciano tour, 3-course gourmet lunch and wine tasting, Visit to St. Biagio Church and hill town of Pienza.
  • Food included? Yes, lunch.
  • Tour Operator: City Wonders

16. Taste of Testaccio

Entrance of the new Testaccio Neighborhood market in Rome, Italy

  • Eat your way through Rome’s original foodie neighborhood, exploring the local markets and learning about the area’s history and culture along the way.
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Testaccio
  • Tour Highlights: Family-owned Italian bakery; cured meat, cheese, and wine tasting; bruschetta and buffalo mozzarella at Testaccio Market; 3 classic Roman pastas at a beloved neighborhood restaurant, and the best gelato in Testaccio.
  • Included: All food and drinks.
  • Good for kids? Yes, very. Children are booked at a reduced fare.
  • Tour Operator: Eating Europe

17. Colosseum Night Walking Tour

The Roman Colosseum lit from below at night

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • A fun way to see the sights at night (when they’re cooler and less crowded), and learn some spine-tingling tales of Rome’s past that you won’t read in history books.
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Venezia
  • Tour Highlights: Palazzo Venezia, Capitoline Hill, Romulus and Remus, Fori Imperiali, Monti, Palace of Pope Borgia, Colosseum.
  • Included: Expert story-teller guide.
  • Good for kids? For older kids, yes. Some younger kids might like it too, if they can handle some dark material; it’s more grisly than it is scary.
  • Tour Operator: More of Rome

18. Catacombs & Underground Rome

Courtyard of the Basilica of San Clemente al Laterano in Rome, Italy.

  • Duration:2.5 hours
  • Go underground on this guided tour to two amazing archeological sites: the Basilica of San Clemente and the Catacombs of Santa Domitilla.
  • Meeting Point: San Clemente
  • Tour Highlights: Subterranean artistic masterpieces from the 2nd century to the 15th century AD, mysterious ancient Christian burial crypt.
  • Included: Expert guide, private taxi service between sites, private taxi service back to central Rome at the end of the tour.
  • Good for kids? For older kids, maybe. The surroundings and subject matter may be too scary for smaller kids.
  • Tour Operator: Livitaly Tours

19. Rome’s Ultimate Free Walking Tour

View of the Pantheon from Piazza della Rotunda in Rome

  • Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours
  • Twice-daily tip-based walking tour that’s a fun introduction to Roman history, local sightseeing, and the city’s best restaurants and nightlife.
  • Meeting Point: Underneath the Porta Flaminia at Piazza del Popolo.
  • Tour Highlights: Piazza del Popolo, Mausoleum of Augustus, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Ponte Sant’Angelo, Castel Sant’Angelo, intro to the Vatican and view of St. Peter’s Square.
  • Included: Friendly, fun, and knowledgeable guide with a background in history or architecture.
  • Small groups of 4 to 15 guests.
  • Tour Operator: Rome’s Ultimate
  • Where to Stay in Rome
  • Best Hotels in Rome for Families

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    This evening food tour in Rome will show you the best this former working-class, now gentrified district has lined up for you. In 4 hours, this walking food tour of Rome will give you chance to sample some of the Italian classic eats like pizza, pasta, cold cuts and cheese, as well as visit a deli that is a perfect Roman street food place. You ...

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    Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour. 99. Explore Rome's Trastevere neighborhood at night, when the temperatures drop and tourist crowds disperse. Visit bars to sample wines and cocktails; stop at restaurants to taste cured meats and pasta dishes; and venture through charming back streets with your guide.

  7. Rome Food Tours

    Max 12. From €109. Book Now View Details. Old School Roman. (3985) Taste of Testaccio: Food & Market Tour. A culinary and historical journey through the neighborhood where locals have been eating and drinking since the ancient Roman times. Duration: 4 hours.

  8. 8 BEST Food Tours in Rome, Italy (2024 Guide)

    This is packed full of activities when the sun's out and is more of a summer guide than the one above. Contents: Best Food Tours in Rome. 1. Street Food and Sightseeing Guided Tour in Rome. 2. Jewish Quarter Food Tour. 3. Wine and Cheese Tasting in Rome.

  9. Rome Wine & Food Tour in Trastevere Jewish Ghetto Campo de Fiori

    Traveler's choice 2023 winner, this Food walking tour of Rome is perfect for anyone looking for a greater understanding of Roman culture and how food plays a part. Don't eat before you come: the food is delicious and abundant like the wine. Meeting the locals in their daily routine, visiting historical venues with priority access in Campo de Fiori, Jewish Ghetto & Trastevere. Real foodies and ...

  10. Walkingourmet

    james f. 2024-02-17. Best food and an unforgettable wander. Absolutely loved the tour! Our guide skillfully weaved together history, culture, and tasty bites, from the best Roman Pizza Rossa to unique specialties. Huge thanks to our guide for making this experience truly unforgettable!

  11. The Best Rome Food Tours To Take in 2024 and Why + Videos

    A great option for couples. See tour itinerary, price, and description. 3. Testaccio Small-Group Food Tour. Known as the birthplace of Roman cuisine, Testaccio is where classic dishes like Cacio e Pepe and Carbonara were born. Rough and rugged Testaccio is a version of the real Rome that very few tourists ever see.

  12. Rome Food Tours: 9 Best Tours To Take In 2024

    To see a good chunk of Rome while exploring the food scene of the city, book the Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours. BOOK Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours. 8. Rome: Food Tour and Wine Tasting in a Traditional Trattoria. ⭐ RATING: 4.7 out of 5 Stars (800+ reviews) | ⌛ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours |.

  13. THE 10 BEST Rome Food Tours (Updated 2024)

    Written 26 March 2024. Food tour in Rome with Claudio. Written 27 March 2024. A local view of the city which was fun and delicious. Written 27 March 2024. Hamburg, Germany21 contributions. Best tour with the nicest guide. Written 18 March 2024. Cleveland, OH3 contributions.

  14. The Best Food Tours in Rome, Italy

    A guide to the best food tours in Rome as well as the best cooking classes in Rome, all based on our personal experiences in the Eternal City. Finding the Universe. Travel tales, photography and a dash of humor. ... If you are wanting to do a walking food tour in the Trastevere, but the recommended tour with Take Walks doesn't work with your ...

  15. Rome Food Tour

    Our food tours in Rome offer the ultimate foodie experience, exploring the Roman culinary scene for the real taste of Italian cuisine. During our food tour, Rome will be revealed through a gastronomic journey, visiting the most authentic restaurants and best places to eat in Rome. Meet beloved chefs from Italy and within the Lazio region, to ...

  16. Food Tours of Rome

    FOOD TOURS OF ROME - First and Original Since 2008!. We offer hi-quality food tours and culinary experiences in Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence and many other cities in Italy including the lovely countryside.Thousands of guests have loved our food tours since 2008.We kept the most popular itineraries and introduced new ones recently. Check them out!. OUR FOOD TOURS IN & AROUND ROME

  17. 19 Best Rome Tours of 2024: Food, The Vatican & More

    Walks of Italy - Gladiator's Gate: Special Access Colosseum Tour with Arena Floor. Price: Adults from $105; kids from $99. Duration: 3 hours. On this three-hour tour, you'll enter the Colosseum ...

  18. Trastevere Local Food Tour in Rome

    Come hungry and wear comfortable shoes, since you'll be walking between tasting stops. show more frequently asked questions. Reserve Now $105.04 / per person. Take a stroll through trendy Trastevere with a Roman culinary guide and sample the best of Rome's local food and wine! Small group evening walking tour.

  19. Twilight Trastevere Food Tour With Eating Europe

    The full name of this Rome food walking tour is Twilight Trastevere: Timeless Traditions.It's run by Eating Europe (formerly Eating Italy), a large company that runs food tours all over Europe. In Italy, apart from Rome, you can find them also in Florence and Naples, while in the other European countries they offer tours in Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Prague, London, and Strasbourg.

  20. 15 Best Walking Tours in Rome Unveiling the Secrets of ...

    2 - Rome Night Tour. 3 - Rome: Foodie Walking Tour of Roman Neighborhoods. 4 - Rome: Fountains and Squares Small-Group Walking Tour. 5 - Rome Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours. 6 - Private Walking Tour of Rome. 7 - Angels and Demons Half-Day Guided Tour with Private Transport. 8 - Free Walking Tour of Rome.

  21. THE 10 BEST Rome Food Tours (Updated 2024)

    Rochester Hills, MI13 contributions. Incredible Food and Walking Tour! Review of: Rome Wine & Food Tour in Trastevere Jewish Ghetto Campo de fiori. Written 6 April 2024. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

  22. 19 Best Rome Tours

    Food Tour: Historic Centre • Taste of Testaccio. Walking Tour: Rome in a Day. Best Family Tour: Ancient Rome for Kids • Gladiator School. Free Tour: Rome's Ultimate Free Walking Tour. History Tour: Roma Antica with Skip-the-Line Tickets • Catacombs & Underground Rome. Bike Tour: Fat Tire • Appian Way E-bike.

  23. Carpe Diem Tours

    Trastevere Rome Food Tour. 5 (248) From €99 €89. LIKELY TO SELL OUT. Spritz & Spaghetti Cooking Class. 4.97 (1994) From €120 €89. LIMITED TIME OFFER ... Best of Rome Private Walking Tour. 5 (1467) From €150. LIMITED TIME OFFER. Colosseum Arena Tour with Palatine Hill & Roman Forum ...