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11 best lightweight strollers for hassle-free and compact travel with your little one

Whether for everyday trips or travel abroad, set out with these lightweight and collapsible pushchairs, article bookmarked.

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We tested these for their ease of use, folding ability and durability in a range of weather conditions

best travel buggy john lewis

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Travel-style buggies have become the pram of choice for city dwellers and frequent fliers alike thanks to their smaller footprint and ease of maneuverability. Being able to fold small enough to fit in an overhead locker also means parents can easily store these smaller buggies easily in tighter living spaces.

Like many parents we bought a larger buggy ahead of our baby being born, not considering at all how cumbersome it might be on public transport, or how much space it would take up in our London home. We resigned ourselves to having to buy a cheap travel buggy separately to take on flights, along with the separate running buggy we had accumulated too.

In reality, living in the city meant we only really need the larger buggy for the odd occasion where you want to pile the basket full of shopping, or take on especially muddy paths – and even then that’s a convenience thing, not an essential.

It’s possible to have just one buggy for both travel and everyday use. Of course the smaller wheels make uneven surfaces more difficult, but if you live in a city and navigating a bus or train are more likely than a country lane, a compact travel buggy can absolutely be your only purchase.

Travel buggies typically have the following features in common; a fold compatible with an airline overhead locker, and are lightweight and have some sort of SPF protection sun canopy. The models suitable for everyday use tend to have a comfier seat, suspension, a decent recline system and the option to add accessories such as a footmuff or bassinet.

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Something to watch out for with these buggies versus traditional travel systems is that the accessories you’d expect to be included are often sold separately – such as footrests and rain covers which can make the cost mount up.

How we tested

Over the course of three months we tested using a one-year-old and a three-year-old. We tested in all weather conditions and graded the buggies on ease of fold, weight, handling, look and feel and durability. We have covered both crossover buggies we believe are truly sturdy enough for everyday use, and those realistically designed for travel-only.

The best compact strollers for 2024 are:

  • Best compact stroller overall – Joolz aer+: £449,
  • Best for air travel – Babyzen yoyo2: £430,
  • Best for taller parents – Ergobaby metro + deluxe: £310.99,
  • Best budget all-rounder – Mamas and Papas airo: £239,
  • Best budget travel option – Didofy aster 2: £299,

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best compact stroller

  • Best : Compact stroller overall
  • Folded dimensions : 53.5cm x 45cm x 21.5cm
  • Weight : 6kg
  • Age suitability : From six months up to four years old

We are obsessed with this buggy. Not only does it look chic, weigh just 6kg and folds seamlessly to aircraft overhead cabin size even with the footmuff on, but it also has some serious green credentials with its transferable ten year warranty, the material being made from recycled plastic bottles and in a rather sweet touch, Joolz plants a tree with every purchase.

For travel or city life parents need look no further than this elegant and thoughtful design. It is simply best in class for so many of the features, from the sturdy, comfortable handle for the person pushing, to the impressive full recline for the baby. But the feature we felt set it apart was the quality of the wheels. Coated in a soft EVA foam rubber material they are noticeably silent and make for a smoother ride. It seems a small plus, but the clattering of plastic on a pavement doesn’t calm the jangled nerves of a parent enjoying a rare moment of peace.

Everything about this buggy looks and feels premium, from the canvas material, to the soft handlebar. The canopy is also excellent for warm weather and folds nearly completely down with a handy peekaboo gauze above the baby. The other excellent feature is the fully flat recline.

The only downside we could find was that, while we were getting used to the buggy, we accidentally kicked the centrally located brake a couple of times. So if we were being super picky we would suggest those with larger feet opt for something slightly easier to handle.

Bugaboo butterfly

best compact stroller

  • Best : For comfort
  • Folded dimensions : 54cm x 23cm x 45cm
  • Weight : 7.3kg

For those familiar with the quality of the Bugaboo brand, the butterfly does not disappoint. Its simple and chic design also makes it a nice looking option, particularly in the smart stormy blue colour we tested. Another plus is that all the Bugaboo accessories fit, such as the universal footmuff. The buggy folds and is able to free stand even with the footmuff attached – again making this a serious contender for only needing the one buggy.

The fold is excellent and it is International Air Transport Authority (IATA) compatible, meaning it’s small enough to be classed as hand luggage when folded. It also has a handy over the shoulder strap for carrying. And while it doesn’t quite lay flat, more like 145 degrees, our babies had no issues sleeping in it. In fact, the chair is noticeably more cushioned and roomy than many other buggies we tried. For the quality and comfort of the seat we rank the butterfly as top in class. The recline mechanism of the pulley strap is also pretty much silent and easy to use even with the weight of the baby.

The brake is in the middle at the back between the back wheels, but the smaller design means larger footed parents don’t kick it. Another nice piece of design is the sprung-loaded and roomy basket – it can comfortably carry up to 8kgs and is noticeably larger than the competition – again, handy if this is your only pushchair. The spring loaded basket also makes putting things into it easier when the baby is reclined – which can be tricky on other models.

The only downsides we noted are the plasticky wheels and the fact that it is only suitable from six months old because there is no option to attach a separate bassinet. However, the Bugaboo has an impressive four year warranty too so you should get your money’s worth for years to come.

Babyzen yoyo2

best compact stroller

  • Best : For air travel
  • Folded dimensions : 52cm x 44cm x 18cm
  • Weight : 6.2kg
  • Age suitability : From birth up to toddlers up to 22 kg

The yoyo2 is the buggy du jour in the city. Originally designed for air travel this gorgeous piece has gone beyond just a good piece of kit and is now also somewhat of a fashion item, and we can see why...

There are several things we love about the yoyo but the fold is probably the best feature because it goes way smaller than any of the other buggies and is super lightweight to carry at 6.2kgs. It is the buggy most airlines recognise as being suitable for the overhead lockers so frequent travellers will have no issues here.

The recline doesn’t go quite flat, but nearly, and our baby had no issue sleeping in it. The pulley system is also silent and easy to use. The brake is sturdy and off to the side too, which is great if wearing sandals. And the peekaboo window is in just the right spot on the generous canopy (which is made with SPF 50 material). Storage underneath is also ample – and is able to carry much more than you think.

Another quiet plus point is the curvature of the side bars, which make it easy to carry up and down steps, or out of train doors. Of course this isn’t “safe”, but needs must in London, and we found it very useful. In another small plus, the strap and buckle system is very well thought out – there are no fiddly bits of material to fall down over any of the adjusting parts – something any parent will be grateful of with a wriggly passenger.

The only cons to the yoyo, and we are being picky, are the slightly fiddly fold compared to that of the Joolz (£449, ) and Bugaboo butterfly (£419, ), then again the slightly noisy wheels (this seems to be the norm with the smaller buggies). The fact it doesn’t fold well with the footmuff attached is also a bit annoying – the velcro attachment and the smaller fold size means you have to reattach it at the bottom when you unfold it again. It also doesn’t free stand when folded with the footmuff, but this is really not a major detractor.

Baby Jogger city tour 2

best compact stroller

  • Best : Suspension
  • Folded dimensions : 59.5cm x 49.5cm x 19cm
  • Weight : 6.5kg
  • Age suitability : From birth up to 22kg

This is a great option for users who want an affordable compact buggy suitable from birth for both travel and at home, as it comes in significantly cheaper than the premium models. It also comes with the option of adding a bassinet (£129, ) at a reasonable price compared to the pricier buggies. And despite its diminutive size, the buggy feels very spacious and was particularly comfortable when testing with our taller, older children. There is plenty of room in the padded, generous seat and the adjustable calf support and footrest make it comfortable for sleeping babies and toddlers alike.

Folded, it is larger than the other travel options, but still collapses tightly enough to fit in most airline overhead lockers – but like with all of the travel buggies, many airlines may ask you to store it in the hold. If this happens the Baby Jogger comes with a handy travel bag.

The stroller also only weighs 6.5kgs, but the feature that sets it apart is the very good suspension and handling – if you find yourself on uneven surfaces a lot, this buggy fares very well and is akin to our best buy in terms of a smooth ride and and maneuverability. The recline is also near flat and silent and easy to use with the pulley system. While the canopy is also generous and has SPF 50+ protection. So though it doesn’t share the chic design of pricier models, this buggy is excellent value for a very good quality product.

Ergobaby metro + deluxe

best compact stroller

  • Best : For taller parents
  • Folded dimensions : 54cm x 45cm x 24cm
  • Weight : 7.8kg
  • Age suitability : From birth up to four years old (or up to 22 kg)

We loved the sturdy and comfortable Ergobaby, not only for its no nonsense look and feel, but also the fact that it is a premium product at a decent price point, without the need to buy extras apart from the footmuff (£94.90, ) if you needed to. It is slightly heavier than other models at 7.8kg, but the extra weight is coming from the fully adjustable handle and the solid, lockable frame, which makes the buggy best in class for bigger children and taller parents.

Another benefit to the Ergobaby is that it requires no extra bassinet to be suitable for newborns, thanks to a clever feature called the newborn nest, where the footrest is adapted to create a bassinet out of the existing seat. Like the aer+ it also has rubber wheels which make for a much smoother ride than the plastic-wheeled competition, and the generous basket has plenty of room for a decent amount of shopping.

The seat itself is exceptionally well padded and our testers who could talk opted for this buggy over many of the others in terms of comfort. The seat itself is also nicely elevated away from the ground. In fact, the only con we would note about the Ergobaby is the weight when folded, but it more than makes up for this in terms of reassuring stability and functionality. It also folds down very tightly to 54cm x 45cm x 24cm.

Out ‘n’ About GT

best compact stroller

  • Best : For off road
  • Folded dimensions : 56.5cm x 36cm x 95cm
  • Weight : 8.8kg
  • Age suitability : From birth up to ‎22kg

While the Out ‘n’ About does not fold tightly enough for an aircraft overhead bin, it does fold very flat into a small car boot. It is also narrow enough to fit down the aisle of a London bus, and boasts the off road capability of a much larger model, making it ideal for both in the city and a muddy park walk. The handle also adjusts which makes this another buggy great for the taller parent and it’s spongy and feels nice to push. The material is also easy to clean mud or snacks off of – something we found very useful.

Another plus is that it is completely lie-flat so suitable from birth with no added purchases required. The buggy is also car seat compatible with select brands, so it’s effectively a very cost-effective and compact multi-terrain travel system. At 8.8kgs it’s not lightweight like some of the other models, but the weight is coming from the heavy-duty wheels and excellent suspension. Speaking of the wheels, they are puncture-proof and incredibly durable and silent, like tiny bike wheels, and the buggy comes with a rain cover and bumper bar as standard.

We really liked this buggy for its price point, versatility and capability on tough terrain too.

Mamas and Papas airo

best compact stroller

  • Best : Budget all-rounder
  • Folded dimensions : 25cm x 45cm x 55cm
  • Weight : 7.6kg
  • Age suitability : From birth up to four years old (or up to 22kg)

We really like the look and feel of the airo, which has a premium finish and is incredibly sturdy. The fold on it is excellent and it very neatly locks and freestands – ideal for holidays or storing in tight spaces. It’s pretty lightweight at 7.6kgs, but not flyweight like some other models. It also comes with a separate sun shield and rain cover as standard, both of which are very high quality.

The airo also looks nice – it has an attractive padded seat and is consistent with the high quality of other Mamas and Papa’s products. It can be used with a footmuff and a separate newborn pack is also available to buy separately (£149, ). The only downside for the airo is the weight compared to the competition, but it is quite nice having a sturdier-feeling pushchair in many respects.

Didofy aster 2

best compact stroller

  • Best : Budget travel option
  • Folded dimensions : 55cm x 47cm x25cm

The great thing about the Aster 2 is that it comes with everything you need with no need to buy any extra accessories – even the footmuff and drinks holder. It is also incredibly lightweight at just 6.2kg, which makes it ideal for slinging in an overhead locker, or into the boot of a car.

Like many of the others we tested, the fold is easy to achieve single handedly and folds down seamlessly into a freestanding square. The recline on the aster is also pretty much flat, and it has the same drawstring mechanism of many of the others which allows a silent recline in any position.

We liked design of the handlebar is nice too – this pops to the side with no faff – while the underbasket is also generous and it comes complete with a footrest, ideal for taller passengers. We also loved that the canopy not only has SPF 50 protection, but that it is waterproof too – so there is no need to faff with the raincover in a light shower. The only real cons to consider are that the wheels and narrow wheelbase, like many of the pure travel options, feel less premium and thus the buggy does rattle on very uneven ground. It felt more difficult to steer with our larger passengers too.

Inglesina quid 2

best compact stroller

  • Best : For budget air travel
  • Folded dimensions : 46.5cm x 58cm x 19cm
  • Weight : 5.9kg
  • Age suitability : From birth up to 22 kg

The premium feel of the Inglesina and the fact it is the lightest in class at 5.9kgs should pique the interest of frequent fliers. It really is flyweight, and looks great – we tested in the gecko green and loved it. The material is high quality and it has a nice, wide wheelbase – something you come to notice when your passengers are heavier – and it also has a taller handlebar.

Small but thoughtful touches with this buggy made us fall in love with it, such as the excellent and smartly designed carrying handle which sits on the side when folded, and the fact it freestands without any of the fabric touching the ground – a valuable hygiene plus. Another nice touch is the baby snug pad (£68, ) which is similar to a newborn insert on a car seat, allowing the buggy to be used from birth with no need for a bassinet.

The buggy seat also feels slightly more elevated, so the child is not so low to the ground, again, a nice plus, particularly for taller parents. The fold is one-handed and without faff, and the recline is a silent drawstring. A really good-looking, thoughtfully designed travel option, it’s ideal for frequent fliers, though like many of these buggies the extra accessories mount up.

Cybex orfeo

best compact stroller

  • Best : Bright travel option
  • Folded dimensions : 15.5cm x 47.5cm x 52.5cm
  • Age suitability : From birth to 4 years (or up to 22kg)

Like the quid 2 (£299, ), the orfeo weighs just 5.9kgs and looks poppy and summery in its cheery colourways. And that’s not where the similarities end. It too has a simple fold, is extremely lightweight and performance-wise pushes and sounds similar on the pavement. The difference with this one though, is that it has a handy over the shoulder carrying strap, as opposed to a handle. The colour palettes are also a bit more fun and in-keeping with a summer holiday vibe – we tested the beach blue and loved how it stood out in the street.

A small thing, but the harness is great on this buggy and performs more like a car seat with one pull tightening all the straps. We loved this time saver and our baby was always safe and snug. We also really loved that the fabric is machine washable at 30C – ideal after a healthy cover of sunscreen and ice cream!

Like all the top travel options it’s a seamless one-handed fold into a small square shape, with a decent silent recline. Folded it really does feel tiny with a depth of just 15.5cm – so handy in small spaces. Those with a Cybex car set can also attach it to the orfeo – a plus if you’re a fan of the brand and want to mix and match.

Nuna triv next compact pushchair

  • Best : Premium compact stroller
  • Folded dimensions : 31.5 x 57.5 x 69 cm
  • Weight : 8.72kg
  • Age suitability : From birth to 22kg

The Nuna triv next compact pushchair combines practical simplicity with a premium feel. It’s easy to fold (no matter which way it’s facing) and doesn’t take up too much space. It’s not the lightest travel buggy but, at just under 9kg, it’s light enough to tackle stairs regularly and the handy carry strap is a simple touch that makes it relatively easy to juggle the pram and baby at the same. You only need one hand to fold it, which is great, and it stands up on its own when folded.

It’s compatible with other Nuna products (bought separately), converting it into a complete travel system with a 360 car seat, making it a sort of hybrid between a purpose-built travel buggy and the full range. The zip-off canopy is smart, with a flip-out eyeshade, and it’s UPF 50+. Baby’s comfort is ensured by an all-season chair with breathable mesh for summer and the bigger back wheels make it pretty sturdy and robust.

We tried the caviar version, all black with a brown leatherette handle, which was slick enough to stand out but not garish – just how we like it. The main downside to the Nuna triv next is the price tag. At £600 it’s one of the most expensive buggies we reviewed, but that does include a rain cover. It also comes with the adaptors to attach any Nuna infant carrier, making it pretty versatile. Having said that, it is a premium item in both look and feel, and feels worth it.

Compact strollers FAQs

Which brands sell the lightest pushchairs.

Both the Inglesina quid 2 stroller and the Cybex orfeo weigh in at just 5.9kg which is markedly lighter than many other models on the market. While our best buy iboasts a weight of just of just 6kg – comparatively slight when compared to our most weighty pick at 8.8kg.

What pushchairs are recommended for airlines?

Whether you can bring yours onto the plane as hand luggage will depend on the airline you’re flying with. That being said, very small and foldable strollers can often be placed in the overhead luggage (provided there is enough space).

Which pushchairs are best for small cars?

Small and foldable pushchairs will lend themselves well to fitting into the boot of your car. Better still, an especially helpful feature to consider is whether the chassis is compatible with a car seat. This will make transporting your child to and from the car less of a hassle, while it can also save you some space.

Can the prams collapse as one unit?

Collapse mechanisms with buggies and pushcairs vary, but there are models that allow you to collapse your buggy with one quick and easy motion, often with the click of a button. Then there are models which require a few steps to fold down – these may not always be as compact as those that can close in one simple motion.

The verdict: Compact strollers

The testing of these buggies took months, and we really put them through their paces in all weather and terrain conditions. All of the buggies that make this shortlist are excellent purchases – we tested many more which didn’t make the cut – but for us the Joolz aer+ is very much the standout in terms of comfort, features, handling and style. It also has a fantastic guarantee and is kind to the planet. You need buy no other buggy from birth to toddler with this excellent and stylish product.

Help little ones drift off with the best night lights and children’s mattresses

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Best travel stroller 2024: lightweight buggies for holidays

The best travel strollers are lightweight, compact and easily maneuvrable... here are our top picks

A family walking through an airport terminal with one of the best travel strollers

Best travel strollers 2024: Jump Menu

00. T3's top 3 ↴ 01. Best overall : BABYZEN YOYO2 02. Best flexible option : Silver Cross Zest 03. Best lightweight option : Joie Aire Pact Lite 04. Best adaptable option : Silver Cross Jet 05. Best compact option : Ickle Bubba Globe Ultra Compact 06. Best small option : GB Pockit+ Stroller 07. Best affordable option : Red Kite Baby Push Me 2U 08. Best comfortable option : Chicco Echo 09. How we test

The best travel strollers are essential for long flights and trips away. If you’ve ever tried to cram a large pram into a car boot or stash a pushchair on a plane, you know exactly how important they are! Your child may only be in a pushchair for a few short years, but if you have one that’s heavy, awkward and cumbersome, it can feel like an eternity.

Whether you’re an aspiring jetsetter or simply like to have a buggy at the ready, a quality lightweight travel stroller that’s compact and easy to maneuver is a must (as well as one that’s comfortable for a baby or toddler…of course). Lightweight buggies come into their own for trips around town (when your child decides to walk you can push them one-handed), for journeys on public transport and of course, on holiday… especially if you’re flying or hiring a small car.

Of course, if you're planning on travelling soon you'll want to make sure you're using the  best suitcase or the best carry-on luggage , but for the best travel strollers, keep reading for our top picks to buy today.

Lizzie is T3's Home Staff Writer, also covering style, living and wellness. She works closely with Bethan Girdler-Maslen, T3's Home Editor, ensuring all the latest Home news, trends and recommendations are covered. Outside of T3, Lizzie can be found mooching around Bath, attempting (or at least trying to) a new DIY project or spending time with family and friends.

T3's top three

The best overall travel stroller 

The BABYZEN YOYO2 is a lightweight pushchair perfect for frequent users, especially as it’s one of the more comfortable and study designs with lots of extras. 

Read more below 

The best flexible travel stroller

The Silver Cross Zest folds into a long, thin shape, making it perhaps more preferable for driving holidays than flying…at least not for stashing in the cabin. Coming in at a diminutive 5.8kg, this stroller isn’t the cheapest, but we bet you’ll use it way beyond your holiday.

Read more below

The best lightweight travel stroller

If you’re in the market for a lightweight holiday buggy or an extra for short trips around town, Joie’s Pact Lite ticks lots of boxes. At 5.5kg, it’s both physically and financially lightweight.

Best travel stroller 2024 ranking

Why you can trust T3 Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

The best travel stroller overall

1. babyzen yoyo2, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

The BABYZEN YOYO2 is a lightweight pushchair perfect for frequent users, as it’s one of the more comfortable and study designs with lots of extras. It weighs 6.2kg, which is pretty light, but more featherweight alternatives are out there. Designed for city living and everyday errands, it’s suitable for children from six months and up to a maximum weight of 22kg, is designed to by comfy, with a removable and washable seat pad and 5-point harness, 4-wheel suspension and multi-position reclining seat for dreamy naps. 

Parents will like that it’s one-hand folding, unfolding and driving capabilities, shoulder strap and shopping basket and for holiday makers, this one comes with a UPF 50+ sun protection canopy and fits into most overhead plane storage when folded (H52 x W44 x D18cm).

  • Back to the top ⤴

2. Silver Cross Zest

The Silver Cross Zest folds into a long, thin shape, making it perhaps more preferable for driving holidays than flying…at least not for stashing in the cabin. Unlike some travel buggies, this one if built to last, including accommodating toddlers up to 25kg, who can get incredibly tired and grumpy about walking anywhere. The seat is padded but roomy and reclinable in a few positions, and there’s a 5-point safety harness as you would expect. A fully extendable ventilated UPF50+ hood, rain cover and basket has got you covered in all conditions, while the aluminium chassis helps the Zest weigh in at a diminutive 5.8kg. This stroller isn’t the cheapest, but we bet you’ll use it way beyond your holiday.

3. Joie Aire Pact Lite

If you’re in the market for a lightweight holiday buggy or an extra for short trips around town, Joie’s Pact Lite ticks lots of boxes. The forward-facing pushchair has a flat reclining seat that can be used from birth (technically) but lots of parents like parent-facing buggies at the beginning. That aside, the buggy reclines flat and has other reclining positions to keep napping youngsters comfy, and has an extendable canopy with visor for protection from the elements as well as all-wheel suspension. The Pact Lite is Joie's easiest, quickest and most compact folding chassis and comes with a carry strap for easy travelling. One handed fold, it’s designed to be free standing for easy storage – a godsend if you have a small hallway or use public transport. And at 5.5kg it’s both physically and financially lightweight.

The best adaptable travel stroller

4. silver cross jet.

The Jet ultra-compact stroller weighs in at 5.9kg and folds small enough to be a piece of cabin luggage at 90cm x 45cm x 96cm and can even be wheeled along like a little suitcase. It has an ergonomic seat for better baby comfort, with wider front wheels and improved suspension providing the best ride yet. The standout design features softly textured weave fabrics, with a tan leatherette handle and bumper bar and stylish matt black chassis. Suitable from birth up to 15kg, Jet has a soft padded lie-flat seat, multi-position recline and adjustable calf support to keep babies and toddlers comfortable, as well as a fully extendable UPF50+ hood with an air-flow ventilation system and pop-out sun visor to keep them cool and safe. The flip-flop-friendly brakes are easy to use, while the lockable front swivel wheels and suspension provide a smooth ride for baby. It’s not the cheapest option for a short holiday, but with so many features it would be handy option for short trips at home too.

The best compact travel stroller

5. ickle bubba globe ultra compact travel stroller.

Ickle Bubba’s Globe is designed for tiny travellers who like first class touches, like leatherette handles and an adjustable leg rest. Weighing in at 6.4kg and costing not-too-much, it’s a good middle-of-the-road package an folds to a dinky 45 x 55 x 25cm, making it easy to stash in overhead lockers on planes and trains. Like other offerings, the stroller is travel system compatible (meaning you can buy into the brand), and it has lots of room for holiday souvenirs, with a storage basket and handy pouch for essential items. A hood viewing window means you can keep an eye on your little one without disturbing them, while a full length protective rain over has got you covered for all weather scenarios. There’s a one handed 3 position seat recline feature and front and rear suspension for a smoother ride for toddlers, as well as a large extendable UPF 50 hood to protect from harmful sun rays and ventilated roll up fabrics to keep them cool, making the stroller a great choice is you’re holidaying somewhere sunny.

The best small travel stroller

6. gb pockit+ stroller.

If you’re after a lightweight stroller, why not choose the most compact out there? The lightweight gb Gold Pockit+ is the world's smallest folding stroller, which in only two steps can fold into a 34 x 20 x 42 cm handbag-shaped package. With the ability to switch from pushing to carrying in seconds, the Pockit is travel stroller perfect for places with lots of steps, or can be easily stashed on a boat, bus, or the corner of an atmospheric café, plus it’s free-standing. Despite its size, the buggy is suitable for kids from 6 months to 17kg (approx. 4 years). It’s well priced, but you’ll need to buy extras like a sub shield or rain cover.

The best affordable travel stroller

7. red kite baby push me 2u.

If you only want a buggy for one holiday you don’t want to spend much, this is where Red Kite’s Baby Push Me 2U stroller comes in. It’s cheaper than a round of all-day breakfasts at the airport and has a surprising number of handy features despite its bargain status. Suitable from 6 months, the buggy offers two positions to sit or lie back, lockable swivel wheels and a removable canopy which is handy if you’re going somewhere sunny. There’s also a shopping basket and rain cover for all eventualities. At 5.6kg the buggy isn’t the lightest out there, but it does boast an extra deep seat, which is brilliant for older babies and toddlers who fancy a break from all that arduous walking.

The best comfortable travel stroller

8. chicco echo.

Chicco is a trusted brand and its Echo stroller offers plenty of comfort and decent looks for less than £70/$100. Compared to other budget options, this buggy shows attention to detail, with an embroidered seat and ritzy wheels as well as a fully reclining backrest with four options and an adjustable leg rest to make sure your bundle of joy is comfortable. At 8.5kg this stroller isn’t the lightest of travel buggies, but it is one of the better-looking options. Suitable from birth to 22kgs, and is very affordable, giving it longevity and plenty of bang for its buck.

How to choose the best travel strollers

Weight vs comfort: Like sports cars, some pushchairs are as light as possible at the cost of creature comforts and one that’s super stripped-back may not suit everyone. So consider how much padding your little one likes (especially if they’re a light sleeper) as well as features like whether the pushchair is parent or world-facing (not all buggies are both) and whether they have multiple reclining positions. If your child likes a little nap on the go, you will not want a buggy that doesn’t recline!

Age: It sounds obvious, but it’s important to consider whether lightweight buggies are suitable for the age of your baby. Some with less padding are only designed for babies aged six months or one or over, for example.

The weather: If you’re buying a light buggy for use in the UK, you’re going to want a rain cover and a sun cover (well, if you’re feeling optimistic). Not all buggies, especially the lightweight ones, come with rain covers, and they can cost quite a lot, so it’s worth noticing whether they come fitted as standard when budgeting. Similarly, the very lightest designs can sometimes have no hood or sun canopy, or one that’s incredibly small. So if you’re shopping for a light buggy for a holiday in the sun, this is a factor that you’ll want to look at carefully. 

Parental extras: Lightweight buggies seldom come with extras like cup holders but you might want to check the size and sturdiness of a buggy’s shopping basket as this can be a curse or saviour if you use a buggy frequently. 

Size: As well as being light, some buggies are designed to fold up incredibly small. This is great if you’re a frequent flier, use public transport or have a small car, but this feature can make some models more expensive, so if you’re not bothered, you might want to pass. Similarly, folding mechanisms vary massively, and you need to find one that’s easy for you and suitable for your needs. If you can, we recommend trying before you buy.

Vanity: Like with cars, sometimes looks matter almost as much as practicality. Some buggies look better than others and come in a rainbow of colours. So whether you want a fun one for a holiday vibe or have a favourite colour, you may as well pick one you like the look of as you’ll probably be using it a lot.

How we test

There are more lightweight and compact buggies than ever that are designed to make navigating customs (and most important Duty-Free) a breeze, while being easy to fold and stow in the hold, or even squeezed into the overhead lockers, without breaking into the sort of sweat you’d expect from an adventure holiday somewhere on the equator. 

Unfortunately, we can't always take every single one on holiday to see how they perform (unless someone wants to start a GoFundMe for us and this vital research), but we can test them out in more everyday situations.

We'll test these travel strollers on trips to the supermarket, shopping centre, and city centres, some of the most demanding and stressful locations known to parenthood. This, of course, involves taking the strollers on trains, buses and cars, so it does give us a great idea of how they perform. We'll also check if they're easy to fold, if they're comfortable for baby, and how practical they are.

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The 15 Best Travel Strollers of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

We tested the best travel strollers on the market for maneuverability, design, durability, and portability.

best travel buggy john lewis

In This Article

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Our Testing Process

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  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Phoebe Cheong

If you're traveling with a child under 4 years old or so, you need a stroller. But your everyday stroller might not be your best bet when you hit the road: Today's models are big with lots of storage space, wide canopies, and large wheels for challenging terrain. Not ideal for packing into trains, planes, and automobiles or for bringing in and out of a hotel. If you plan to travel even somewhat often with your little ones, you might want to invest in a travel stroller.

So, what is a travel stroller? A travel stroller is a smaller, more scaled-back stroller with a collapsible frame that can be folded up tightly. Many travel strollers fold multiple ways to reduce the length, width, and height; some, like umbrella strollers, fold one way into a narrow but still-long piece. In the end, you want your travel stroller to be comfortable and safe for your child while folding up into a very compact, easy-to-carry package.

We tested more than 32 travel strollers from top brands such as Uppababy, Nuna, and Babyzen. We measured and weighed them, then spent eight and a half hours in our New York City lab putting them all through the wringer, looking at each stroller's maneuverability, design features, durability, and portability. We then sent them out intro the real world to be used by families like yours to guarantee stroller longevity and functionality.

Best Overall

Joolz aer+ baby stroller.


  • Design 4.6 /5
  • Portability 4.9 /5
  • Maneuverability 4.9 /5
  • Durability 5 /5
  • Value 4.6 /5

It folds up into an extremely compact, easy-to-carry package that is great for storing at home or on flights.

The seat can only be hand-washed and air-dried.

The Joolz Aer+ looks great, rolls smoothly, and features plenty of padding for the little rider sitting in it. It wow-ed us right out of the box and was one of the quickest strollers to assemble with just a quick-snap connection to a secure and stable stroller. While the Aer+ is about one pound lighter than earlier models, it is still the same size and features all of the perks parents look for in a high-quality stroller. The roomy shopping basket can hold up to 11 pounds, the canopy is adjustable, and the seat reclines to multiple settings to help keep your little one comfortable as they grow.

Throughout our tests, we tossed the stroller off of a counter to see how it held up and it remained in impeccable condition with little to no scratching and no major breaks or rips. Even when fully loaded up, the wheels moved smoothly and limited turbulence as they are designed to absorb shock from pebbles, rocks, and other rough terrain. We could easily collapse the stroller down using only one hand — which is perfect for use when flying — and it can once again be assembled with just the click of a button. At just over 13 pounds, it's also easy to carry, so you can transport this stroller just about anywhere life takes you.

The Details: 13.2 pounds | 41.5 x 32.7 x 17.7 inches assembled | 8.5 x 21 x 17.7 x inches folded | 50-pound weight limit

Best Overall, Runner-up

Nuna trvl lightweight stroller.

  • Design 4.8 /5
  • Portability 4.2 /5
  • Maneuverability 5 /5
  • Value 4.7 /5

Not only does it roll well, but the one-handed folding process was the smoothest of all the strollers we tested.

It's not especially small when folded and is a little unwieldy to carry.

During testing, when we pressed the buttons to collapse and fold the Nuna Trvl, it felt like some spring-loaded mechanism started the process for us and made it easier. That's the kind of helpful detail any parent or caretaker appreciates. And that folding process was quick, easy, and doable with one hand. The Trvl isn't quite as light as some of the other strollers, however, and it has no strap for carrying over the shoulder (although the bumper bar turns into a handle for carrying when the stroller is collapsed). It's also not clear whether the Nuna Trvl will fit in all airplane overhead compartments; It was a tight squeeze when we placed it in ours, with the wheels sticking out a bit.

The Trvl has a lot of great design features, including an adjustable leg rest and simple, adjustable reclining system for your baby. The strap clasp is magnetic to save a little time, and the canopy has a peekaboo window and good ventilation. The bottom storage basket is also on the larger side for a travel stroller and can comfortably fit a backpack. The stroller gilded beautifully over each surface we tried; there was no difference between rolling over the smooth hardwood and the shag carpet, and it handled gravel without issue. And it held up just fine in the durability test.

The Details: 15.4 pounds | 41 x 26 x 20.5 inches assembled | 11 x 27.25 x 20.25 inches folded | 50-pound weight limit

Travel + Leisure / Claire Cohen

Learn About Our Testing Process

Best budget, kolcraft cloud plus stroller.

  • Design 3.9 /5
  • Portability 3 /5
  • Maneuverability 4.2 /5
  • Durability 4.5 /5
  • Value 4.8 /5

It comes with a tray for baby's food and drink but is still extremely lightweight and easy to fold.

There isn't a ton of space in the undercarriage for storage.

Strollers are unnervingly expensive; many new parents experience sticker shock when they first see those price tags. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is not. And while it's not the prettiest of the bunch (there's some loud branding), it folds easily — it can even be done one-handed with a little effort and coordination. We love that unfolding can also be done one-handed.

The Cloud Plus doesn't fold down quite as small as most every other one we're testing; the shape is somewhere between an umbrella and normal travel stroller. It's very lightweight, which we love, but since it doesn't fold small enough to fit in an overhead bin and doesn't have a strap or handle, it's not as portable as other options.

This stroller is the only one we tested with a tray for the baby's food and drink; the tray is removable if you're looking to save space. There are also two small cup holders for the adults, though our travel mug did not fit in them. The storage basket can fit a small backpack. The recline system is pretty easy to use and goes back three-fourths of the way to horizontal, and the canopy is good but not great. Same goes for the seat padding.

It rolled well on smooth surfaces, though there was some resistance on the carpet and a lot more on the grave. But we were able to push it through, and the stroller is light enough that when the wheels aren't rolling you can still keep moving. It's not the smoothest ride, but passable. The tray came unclasped during the durability test, but there was no actual damage. Overall, the price-to-performance ratio of the Cloud Plus is so good that it's an excellent budget option.

The Details: 11.8 pounds | 38 x 27 x 18 inches assembled | 10 x 33 x 17.5 inches folded | 50-pound weight limit

Travel & Leisure / Phoebe Cheong

Best for Warm Weather

Gb qbit+ all city stroller.

  • Portability 4 /5

It reminds us of the very top-tier travel strollers, but its price is meaningfully lower.

The handlebar isn't adjustable and the stroller is a bit heavier than other options.

The GB Qbit+ All City reminded us of the Nuna Trvl, but at a significantly cheaper price. The only areas the stroller fell short of the Nuna model are the canopy, which is not especially nice or expansive, and the fact that it's slightly harder to carry since it's a little heavier and has no actual carrying strap. That said, there's plenty to love about the Qbit. One-handed folding is smooth, and buckling and unbuckling the straps is easy. The seat is nicely padded, the entire back is made of breathable mesh to keep your child from overheating. The leg rest is simple to maneuver and goes all the way flat. The seat also reclines almost all the way back so that your baby can take a comfortable snooze. The included bumper bar comes off and on easily, and the handlebar looks and feels nice. There's enough storage for a backpack, too. As for maneuverability, it rolled great on all our testing surfaces and made crisp, tight turns. If you want something similar to and almost as good as the Nuna Trvl, this is your travel stroller.

The Details: 17.6 pounds | 41 x 24 x 17 inches assembled | 10.5 x 23 x 16.5 inches folded | 54.8-pound weight limit

Travel + Leisure / Phoebe Cheong

Best Folding

Uppababy minu v2 stroller.

  • Assembly 3.8 /5

It folds up far more compactly than other UPPAbaby models.

The canopy sticks out a bit when the stroller is folded.

The Minu has a lot of the features familiar to UPPAbaby devotees — unstructured rear storage pouch, locking clasp to keep the stroller folded, excellent canopy — but unlike the brand's G-Luxe and G-Link models, this one is not an umbrella stroller. We actually think that makes for a better travel stroller. The Minu folds up more easily than other UPPAbaby models and far more compactly than an umbrella model. The fold can be done with one hand, but keep in mind the canopy needs to be tucked in once it's folded. A padded carrying strap easily fits over the shoulder. When carried, the Minu isn't the lightest or smallest option on our list, but it's portable enough and fits fine in an overhead compartment.

The Minu's seat back reclines nicely and easily for naps, and the handlebar feels good on the palms. The canopy's magnetic mesh window is handy and easy to keep open, and the sun shade for keeping the brightness out of your baby's eyes is one of the best we saw in our tests. The seat's padding is ample, though we'd like it if the leg rest were adjustable. We did appreciate the sizable bottom storage basket.

In terms of maneuverability, the Minu performed fine. It didn't make quite as tight turns as the Joolz or Nuna, and it felt a bit heavier to push, but it handled the gravel really well. A canopy rod popped out of place when we pushed the stroller off the table, but we were able to fix it pretty easily. Overall, while the stroller is expensive, it's not the priciest on the list and is worth it for the well-crafted features.

The Details: 14.75 pounds | 41 x 31 x 20.5 inches assembled | 12 x 22.5 x 20.25 inches folded | 50-pound weight limit

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Best for Cities

Babyzen yoyo2 stroller.

  • Assembly 3.5 /5
  • Design 4.5 /5
  • Portability 5 /5
  • Maneuverability 4.5 /5

It's very well-padded, folds up into a tidy package, and has a convenient carrying strap.

The clips and buckles can be hard to maneuver.

Folding the Babyzen Yoyo 2 took two hands and, while not difficult, was a little more involved a process than with some other strollers. Unfolding is pretty easy, except we noticed our feet getting caught in straps a few times. While folding and unfolding were slightly disappointing, we love how portable this stroller is. It folds up very small and has a comfortable padded shoulder strap as well as a metal bar for easy carrying. And it fits easily into an overhead storage bin. It's a great option for a stroller you plan to fly with.

The Yoyo 2 has nice features, too. The seat padding is especially cushy, and the seat reclines three-fourths of the way back to horizontal (though the recliner is a bit tricky to figure out). There's also a pocket in the back and a decent storage basket underneath that can fit a small bag. The canopy is good, though we'd prefer the peekaboo window to be mesh instead of plastic.

This stroller especially stands out for its handling. We were able to maneuver this stroller through the safety cones with such ease, we could really see this stroller being helpful at a crowded grocery store or airport.

The Details: 14.7 pounds | 41 x 28.8 x 17 inches assembled | 8 x 20 x 16 inches folded | 40-pound weight limit

Best Double

Uppababy g-link v2 stroller.

  • Assembly 4.9 /5
  • Design 5 /5
  • Portability 4.4 /5

It folds more easily and rolls more smoothly than we expected from a stroller this size.

It doesn't fold down very small, and unfolding it could be easier.

For such a large contraption, this double stroller folds with surprising ease. We were even able to do it one-handed with a little effort, which none of us expected. Unfolding is a little trickier, as it takes some force to unhook the locking clasp. As a double stroller, the G-Link 2 is not the most compact package when folded. Plus, it's an umbrella structure, so this one probably isn't fitting in many overhead bins. Carrying it was a little unwieldy, as should be expected with a double stroller, but there is a helpful handle, and the stroller is lighter than it looks. You can actually wheel it along when it's folded instead of carrying it, but it's not easy, and it bumped into us when we did so.

We like the canopies on the G-Link 2: quality material and good coverage. There are little storage pockets behind each seat, and it comes with a cup holder. You can also fit a purse or very small backpack in the undercarriage basket. The seats have generous padding, which extends to form a sort of calf rest for the riders. The straps buckle easily and have different height options; the seat backs have two recline positions and are super easy to adjust.

The stroller rolled well over all the surfaces, even the gravel, and it made much tighter turns than we anticipated. We also like that there are no wheels in the middle of the frame (as most double umbrella strollers have), which makes it easier to push without kicking the wheels or frame. Finally, it showed no damage after our durability tests.

The Details: 21.8 pounds | 41 x 25 x 28.25 inches assembled | 14 x 40 x 17.5 inches folded | 55-pound weight limit per seat

Cybex Libelle Compact Stroller

  • Durability 4.6 /5

It's a modern-looking stroller that's easy to move.

It lacked some of the features we'd have liked to see at its price.

The Cybex Libelle Stroller looks sleek and is easy to fold down into an easy-to-store size. Unfolding this stroller is incredibly easy — perfect for families on the go. The wheels of this stroller turn more easily than some other styles and provides a smooth ride over most surfaces.

Due to its simplistic design, this stroller doesn't have extra pockets or cupholders, but its lightweight and compact style makes this a great option for traveling since the stroller can fit in the overhead bins of most airplanes. Just be aware that this model does not include a carrying strap, so if you plan to walk for long periods of time with the folded stroller, you'll have to carry it by its medal frame.

It handled pretty well over the smooth hard surfaces with no noticeable hiccups, but it struggled a bit on the gravel.

The Details: 13.7 pounds | 41 x 20 x 20 inches assembled | 8 x 22 x 14 inches folded | 55-pound weight limit

Best Maneuverability

Bugaboo butterfly stroller.

  • Assembly 4.8 /5
  • Design 4.9 /5
  • Portability 4.5 /5

It takes next to no effort to push this stroller over terrains of all types.

The instructions have pictures rather than words, so they’re a bit unclear.

From sharp turns to steep curbs to rocky terrain, the Bugaboo Butterfly Seat Stroller easily traverses it all. Built with advanced four-wheel suspension and a lightweight frame, we loved how little effort it took to push the stroller, even with one hand. The wheels seemed to absorb bumps and shock well, keeping the seat stable and the baby in place. 

We were equally impressed with the stroller’s packing and traveling capabilities. Weighing in at just over 16 pounds and boasting a compact size when folded down, the Butterfly is easy to carry and even hoist in the air to stow in a plane’s overhead bin. It’s also simple to assemble, and it remained perfectly intact and undamaged after we dropped it.

Other useful features of this stroller include a Velcro rain cover, seat cover, spacious under-seat basket, padded handlebar with a wrist strap, reclining mechanism, and an easy-to-use foot brake. 

The Details: 16.1 pounds | 36.4 x 17.7 x 40.3 inches assembled | 17.7 x 9.1 x 21.3 inches folded | 48.5-pound weight limit

Best for Air Travel

  • Assembly 4.7 /5

It easily fits in overhead bins and is a high-quality, durable option.

At 14.6 pounds, it's one of the heavier strollers we tested.

The Cybex Coya is a stylish and durable stroller families will be happy to use for their daily activities and while traveling. It folds up quickly and easily slides into airplane overhead bins for easy access as you board and de-board. The comfortable seat padding is removable for cleaning and the canopy comes down for sun and rain protection. The five-point harness is also incredibly easy to adjust and the seat itself reclines to be almost flat. Pair that with the adjustable leg rest and you have the perfect spot for your youngster to nap on the go.

We also love the cushioned handlebar that adds some extra comfort when pushing the stroller and the zippered pocket in the back of the canopy where you can store your phone or wallet for convenience. The cargo area is also a great size considering the overall compact nature of this stroller and easily fit our packed diaper bag. After our toss test, the stroller is still in great condition, although we do recommend investing in a dust bag if you're nervous about bumps and scratches while traveling.

The Details: 14.6 pounds | 38.2 x 17.3 x 31.1 inches assembled | 7.1 x 17.3 x 20.5 inches folded | 55-pound weight limit

Best Compact

Contours itsy.

Buy Buy Baby

  • Assembly 5 /5
  • Maneuverability 4 /5

There’s almost no assembly required.

Parents of older, larger children may not find it as useful.

If you like to live your life simply, the compact and convenient Contours Itsy may be the stroller for you. Right out of the box, it’s already nearly fully assembled — all you have to do is snap the bumper bar into place, which takes almost no effort. On top of that, it’s a no-frills option, so there’s no cup holder or oversized basket to weigh it down, take up space, or make things complicated. 

We did, however, love features like the secure bumper bar, easy-to-use harness, canopy with UV 50 sun protection, and padding on the crotch strap, which makes the stroller look comfortable. They also appreciated the small size of the foot rest, basket, and entire stroller in general, because it made using and transporting it a breeze.

When it was time to stow the stroller away (or pack it up for travel), we got a kick out of just how tiny it folds up — in its simplest form, it’s not much larger than a grocery bag. It’s also ultra-lightweight and easily folds with just one hand. 

The Details: 12.3 pounds | 32 x 39 x 18.2 inches assembled | 11 x 22 x 11 inches folded | 40-pound weight limit

Best Comfort

Baby jogger city tour 2 stroller.

  • Maneuverability 4.8 /5

The price is reasonable considering how solidly it performed on all our tests.

It did not fit in our overhead bin and isn't easy to fold one-handed.

Folding this stroller was pretty simple, though not quite as smooth as it was with some of the others. The unfolding process was a little finicky as well and took some practice. So what do we like about the Baby Jogger City Tour 2? The price is reasonable, it performed solidly on most of our tests, and it maneuvered exceptionally well over all surfaces. We noticed little perceptible difference between its rolling over the shag carpet and smooth wood surface, and while other strollers struggled a bit on the gravel, this one navigated it with ease.

In terms of portability, the City Tour 2 doesn't feel bulky and has a good hand carrying handle. We would have liked to see a shoulder strap, however, and it did not fit in our overhead bin. The seat back has a lot of recline, and the drawstring to pull and push the seat forward and back is easy to use. The seat has good structure and good padding; the straps work well and can be adjusted to different height levels. There's lots of leg room and adjustable calf support for the baby, and the canopy has a peekaboo window and goes up and down smoothly. We'd have appreciated some more storage space; you can't fit a backpack anywhere. When we pushed the City Tour 2 off a table, we did notice that a small foam pad came off, though we couldn't even figure out where it came from, and it did not structurally damage the stroller.

The Details: 14 pounds | 40 x 26 x 20 inches assembled | 7 x 22.5 x 19.5 inches folded | 45-pound weight limit

Best Umbrella

Uppababy jordan g-luxe stroller.

  • Portability 3.9 /5
  • Maneuverability 4.7 /5
  • Value 4.5 /5

The recline system is particularly easy to use, and the stroller stands well on its own when folded.

The button/ring-pull combination for folding it is a bit finicky and has to be timed perfectly.

The first thing to note here is that ​​umbrella strollers only fold one-dimensionally, so the result is narrow but long…like an umbrella. The other strollers on this list fold down via multiple joints and in multiple directions for a smaller and more squarish package; neither is necessarily better, but you'll want to decide what you want before buying a travel stroller.

This particular UPPAbaby model is a bit tricky to fold because the handle/ring combination used to do so is finicky and has to be timed perfectly. Once you get that, the folding is smooth, but the whole button-and-ring thing is a little annoying. As with most UPPAbaby products, however, the G-Luxe's features are pretty nice. There's an included cup holder that fits a travel mug easily, and the canopy is expansive with extra sun shade (there is no peekaboo window, however). The leg rest for the child is easy to adjust, and the straps feature a five-point harness and adjustable height levels. The seat padding is substantial without looking bulky, and the recline system, while only providing two settings, is exceptionally easy to use. The unstructured (perhaps too unstructured) pocket behind the seat is pretty spacious and in a good location, but the storage basket at the bottom of the stroller isn't particularly big.

The G-Luxe maneuvers well, with good tight turns, though it rattled noticeably over the gravel. It held up well during our durability tests and sustained no damage.

The Details : 16.5 pounds | 42.5 x 23.5 x 18.5 inches assembled | 15 x 41 x 11.75 inches folded | 55 pounds weight limit

Best Lightweight

Zoe the traveler.

  • Design 3.5 /5

The removable seat liner is machine washable.

The attachable snack tray is sold separately.

If you're heading off on a family trip and looking for a simple, lightweight travel stroller, this minimalistic design will do the trick. It's incredibly easy to assemble and takes just a few minutes to click the wheels and bumper bar into place. It also comes with a parent cupholder and back pocket to help keep your hands free throughout your journey. We did note that the cargo area is the perfect size for a small tote bag or purse, but it may not be large enough to fit diaper bags or weekender bags.

We love that this stroller comes with a removable seat liner that can be thrown in the washing machine after a trip to keep clean and fresh. The canopy can also be unzipped to expand and it has a peek-a-boo feature on top so you can check on your child without stopping. This stroller is also easy to push around on every type of terrain — especially around tight corners. The stroller is light enough to lift up stairs, but we do recommend you use two hands when carrying down the stairs. When it's time to disassemble the stroller, simply press a button on the handlebar and bend the stroller forward. It’s so easy we didn’t even need instructions to figure out how to do it. You can even fold and unfold this one-handed, perfect for on-the-go travels.

The Details : 13 pounds | 41 x 30 x 18 inches assembled | 22 x 19 x 10 inches folded | 45 pounds weight limit

Most Adjustable

Thule shine.

  • Design 4.2 /5
  • Durability 4.8 /5

Assembly is quick and easy, perfect for first-time parents.

It can be hard to turn on sharp corners.

For such a compact stroller, the Thule Shine has plenty of storage, an expandable canopy with UPF 50+ protection, a reclining seat, and adjustable leg rests — everything you need for a busy parent and growing youngster to travel comfortably. We love the fast assembly of this stroller and the security of knowing everything clicks together when positioned and popped in correctly. There is an adjustable handlebar that is super easy to figure out, an extra rain canopy that you can pack and bring with you, and it is so easy to fold down. The harness does need to be clipped in a specific order before it can be fully buckled, which might become difficult with a fussy child, but we did find the seat to be comfortable and loved that it was extremely adjustable.

During our tests, it only suffered minimal scuffing and we never felt as though it would tip or fall while maneuvering through an obstacle course. We were able to fold the stroller with just one hand, but it was difficult to get it fully locked into the travel position without using two hands. It does stand upright once folded, so you can pop it down quickly for storage, whether you're coming back home and stashing it in a closet or boarding a plane. The stroller also fits easily into car trunks, but is most suitable for gate checking and is not likely to fit in overhead airplane bins. Overall, the stroller felt durable and was light enough that most parents would be able to carry it when needed. We felt like it would last through at least a couple of kids should your family use it multiple times, which is perfect for growing families.

The Details : 21.6 pounds | 35 x 42 x 20 inches assembled | 13 x 27 x 20 inches folded | 49 pounds weight limit

Other Travel Strollers We Liked

Some of the travel strollers we tested did not make our list of recommendations. They all had positive attributes, but a few things held them back.

Summer Infant 3DLite : This is a decent budget option, but the price-to-performance ratio was just not quite as good as the Kolcraft Cloud Plus.

Doona Infant Car Seat and Latch Base : The easy-to-maneuver pick collapses into a car seat but the use case for this is too specific to pay as much as it costs, and many other stroller frames can fit a car seat.

Gb Pockit Air All Terrain : This one is incredibly light and folds easily, but there are basically zero features.

Ergobaby Metro+ Compact Stroller : While this is a sleek and stylish option, i t's not easy to carry, and the canopy adjustment makes a lot of noise, which could wake up a sleeping baby.

Munchkin Sparrow : The lightweight design is smart and thoughtful, but everything from the canopy to the storage bin is simply too small. 

Travel + Leisure / Conor Ralph

Once we fully assembled all strollers in our New York City testing lab, we measured their height, length, and width, both fully opened and fully folded down. We also weighed each one, since weight is a particularly important aspect if anyone will be carrying the stroller during a trip. Then after carefully reading instructions, we repeatedly folded and unfolded each stroller. We took copious notes to record whether the folding process was intuitive and easy to execute. We considered how difficult it would be to do with a baby in one arm or with a whiny toddler pulling at our legs.

While each stroller was in its most compact setup, we tested it for portability. Is it easy to pick up? Comfortable to carry? Are there good handles and straps? Is it compact enough to fit in an airplane overhead bin (we constructed our own makeshift one according to standard airline measurements using a storage rack and a box). We recorded all this and more.

Next we carefully examined each stroller for included features. We looked for seat reclining and cushioning, cup holders, baskets and other storage space, canopy cover for protection from the weather, seat cushioning and reclining, and more. We tried the features out and took detailed notes on whether they were functional and helpful. We also practiced buckling and unbuckling the straps.

Then we put 25-pound sandbags in every stroller. We wheeled them forward and backward over hard floor, carpet, and gravel. We practiced U-turns and pivots and even wheeled them through a miniature obstacle course of cones. We also noted how well the brakes worked and if they were easy to engage.

Finally, we gave all of the strollers a durability test. We dropped each one from waist height and then pushed each off of a table slightly higher than that. We examined each after the falls to see if there was any damage.

After completing our lab tests, we sent each stroller out to real families to use these strollers over a period of six months to really put them to the test. Throughout the testing period, we asked how each stroller was holding up in terms of durability, comfort, portability, and more and updated our findings here.

Tips for Buying a Travel Stroller

Consider the types of travel strollers.

Not all travel strollers are designed with the same priorities in mind. Some may emphasize a lightweight and packable style while others are focused on maneuverability or durability. There are umbrella strollers, that are best for toddlers, but light enough for travel; jogging strollers with advanced suspension for smooth rides; and even full-sized strollers that may not seem best for air travel, but often include great features like storage compartments and padded seats when portability is less of an issue. When it comes to selecting the best travel stroller for your family, think about portability and convenience, but don't forget about comfort and bonus accessories to make your trip a smooth and unforgettable experience.

Pay attention to folded size

The biggest differentiator between a regular stroller and a travel stroller is that a travel stroller should pack up more compactly. You'll want it to fit easily into car trunks or train/airplane compartments without taking up much space. The Joolz Aer , our top pick, folds down to 8.5 (height) x 21 (length) x 17.75 (width) inches. That's a good guide for a stroller that will fit nicely into the aforementioned compartments.

Remember storage space and other features

Just because your travel stroller might be a smaller and more scaled-down version of your everyday stroller, you shouldn't have to suffer from a lack of convenience. Good travel strollers still offer some storage space for small bags, toys, snacks, etc. Remember, you can always add a drink caddy for both your stroller and luggage. The seat for your baby should be padded and comfortable and able to recline; keep an eye out for a canopy that offers good coverage and buckles and straps that are easy to use. So, while compact folding and good portability are what make a travel stroller a travel stroller, be sure to look closely at the other features a stroller does (or does not) include.

Prioritize comfort and safety

At the end of the day, your stroller needs to be safe and comfortable for your child. Check for good, padded seats that recline. Make sure the straps don't look like they'd cut into your baby's shoulder or chest, and take note if there are leg rests. Note if the wheels can handle different surfaces well enough to keep the stroller from shaking and rattling too much.

If you can fit it in the overhead, you can bring it on board. If you have an umbrella model or are using your regular (non-travel) stroller, your best bet is to gate check it. But many travel strollers fold down so compactly that they fit easily into an overhead bin. In general, carry-on luggage should be 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 inches) or less. You can reference the FAA website for more guidance.

In short, a travel stroller is lighter than an everyday stroller and folds down far smaller. This means that the frames are usually thinner and have several folding joints, and the wheels will be smaller and less suited for rough terrain. Storage space, cup holders, and other accessories will usually be kept to a minimum. But a good travel stroller should give you everything you really need and even function well enough to be used every day — all while folding down nice and small and being easy to carry or pack away.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

Chris Abell is the Associate Editorial Director at Travel + Leisure , and he is a parent and frequent traveler. He's owned the Uppababy G-Luxe and the Joolz Aer, and he helped design and execute the testing for all the strollers on this list. Chris and associate commerce editor Hillary Maglin worked with a team of other editors and parents to test these strollers in our New York City lab space.

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best travel buggy john lewis

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Best travel stroller

Gemma Brushneen

  • Most compact travel stroller :
  • Most popular travel stroller :
  • Easiest travel stroller to fold :
  • Best value travel stroller :
  • Most stylish travel stroller :
  • Easiest travel stroller to carry :
  • Most comfortable travel stroller :
  • Most lightweight travel stroller :

As your baby gets older, if you use public transport, or you travel a lot, having a smaller, lightweight travel stroller or buggy can be handy. They are also a great option if you have a smaller car, or lack storage.

We’ve done the research for you on the best lightweight and easy to fold travel strollers on the market.

What is the difference between a regular pram or pushchair and a travel stroller?

Sarah Hurst, mum of three and writer of the parenting blog Arthur Wears Opens a new window explains “Whilst a regular pram will focus on style, longevity and helpful features to make getting out and about with a baby as easy as possible …, a pram for travelling will prioritise key features such as weight, size and ease of use whilst in transit. Your leather handlebar and quilted cream hood might look the part on the high street, but is it going to come through customs unscathed?”

What are the most important features of a travel stroller?

Sarah is an experienced traveller both on public transport and on aeroplanes. She has told us her top features to consider when purchasing a travel stroller:

  • A one-piece stroller . This means it collapses and opens up without having to take any of it apart or remove any pieces.
  • Easy to collapse and assemble . Whilst you’re teetering on a platform or at an airport with your luggage, the last thing you want is to lose sight of a child whilst spending far too long trying to work out how to put your stroller up and down quickly, especially if you have to collapse it at the bottom of the aeroplane steps! Test them out and find one that is simple and quick.
  • Lightweight . You are going to have to carry your stroller, or at the very least lift it for part of your journey. Add in weight restrictions at airports and this becomes even more important. Go for the most lightweight travel stroller option possible!
  • Small size . Your travel stroller will need to be stored in small spaces so check that it collapses to a reasonably small size, whether it’s going on a plane or in the boot of your car.
  • Sun hood . There are options available to increase the shade of a stroller but if you can find one that comes down far enough to block the sun and wind from your baby or toddler this will make life much easier. This is especially important if you’re buying a travel stroller for a sunny holiday.
  • Reclining seat . Chances are your little one will have to nap on the go, so being able to lay them back when they are tired will help all round.

When you're travelling, it is important that you know your baby is safe and secure. To aid this, Sarah advises “All strollers should have a five-point harness to keep your little one safe when in there.”

Sarah also highlighted the importance of checking that the weight limit of the stroller you’re going to buy. “Also make sure the stroller is sturdy enough to take the weight (and fidgeting) of your child. Finally, a safety strap on the handlebar is also a nice extra to make sure your stroller doesn’t roll or blow away!”

How much should you spend on a travel stroller?

As you’ll know, prams and strollers don’t usually come cheap and as a travel stroller is most likely going to be used as a second stroller which may not get as much use as your regular pram or pushchair – how much should you spend? “As much as you can afford to cover the points above, whilst being aware that the stroller will be for occasional use or could be subject to lots of wear and tear in transit. Saying that, strollers, especially travel strollers have a great resale value too!” Sarah suggests.

Our picks of the best travel strollers in the UK 2024

Most compact travel stroller, babyzen yoyo2.

Lightweight and small enough to fit in the smallest boot or overhead storage on a plane, the Babyzen Yoyo2 is a consistently popular choice when it comes to travel strollers and well known for being one of the best travel strollers for flying. It folds up super small, has a carry handle and reclines - although not completely flat. You can customise it with a colour pack and the current colours include grey, aqua, ginger and navy. Some retailers offer a bundle where you can purchase the stroller and colour pack together. With its five-point harness, it is suitable from six months to a maximum weight of 22kg. The seat is really tall so great for older or taller children. It’s also a contender for the best travel pram as if you’d like to use this stroller for a newborn, there is an optional bassinet which is sold separately. One thing to note is if you need a rain cover this doesn’t come included but can be purchased separately. You also need two hands to fold this down and it does a take a bit of practice! Parents in our BabyCentre community love it because : "We bought a yoyo2 as our secondary pram for holidays and it was worth it as international airlines recognise the model and it goes with you in the plane and into the cabin."

  • Suitable from : 6 months +
  • Weight : 6.2kg
  • Folded dimensions : 52 x 44 x 18cm

Most popular travel stroller

Silver cross pop.

With the ability to lie flat, the Silver Cross Pop stroller is suitable for use from birth up to 22kg. It has a drawstring recline which means it is easy to lie your child back smoothly without waking them. It features swivel wheels, a padded bumper bar, a five-point harness and a decently sized under seat basket. The hood has an extendable section that zips open, perfect for sunnier days as it has an air flow panel to keep baby shaded and cool.

When folded it's long and narrow so should fit comfortably into most car boots. It is easy to fold. You just push the levers with your foot and then you fold it forwards to collapse it. It also has a carry handle for ease of transporting when needed and comes with a rain cover.  Parents in our BabyCentre community love it because : "I find it so easy to move around as it’s much lighter than my travel system and I love that it has a full shade that comes right down to protect from sun or wind."

  • Suitable from : birth 
  • Weight : 9.3kg
  • Folded dimensions : L105 x W31 x H35cm

Easiest travel stroller to fold

Bugaboo butterfly.

Available in black, green and blue colour ways, easy to fold and unfold one-handed in just a second, the Bugaboo Butterfly is stylish and well thought out. It folds down small enough to fit in most airlines’ overhead storage. At 7.3kg it is lightweight and easy to carry - which you can do using the carry strap or the handle on the leg rest.

The seat reclines to an almost fully flat position, meaning the Bugaboo Butterfly can be used from six months to 22kg. The four wheels are puncture-proof and come with advanced suspension for a smooth ride. It also has a large under seat basket and comes with a rain cover.  Parents in our BabyCentre community love it because : "The Bugaboo Butterfly is really light and compact."

  • Suitable from : 6 months
  • Weight : 7.3kg
  • Folded dimensions : 45 x 23 x 54 cm

Best value travel stroller

Hauck sport.

If you’re looking for a bargain pram or stroller and have a set budget, then the Hauck Sport pushchair may be the one for you. Usually available for under £100, it’s suitable from birth to 15kg and is a practical pushchair with a great price tag. The main travel stroller is black, but there are options to have a brighter sun canopy, and it comes with a rain cover too. The Hauck Sport pushchair is also one of the lightest on the market, weighing just 5.9kg, and making outings that bit easier. The swivelling front wheels and large shopping basket with great storage space also mean this is one of the best pushchairs on the market for a small price. 

Parents in our BabyCentre community love it because: "It’s so light and easy to flip up. It was a bargain, and came with a rain cover. It’s easy to push around and easy to lower the back rest, but you need an extra hand to put it back up. Overall, it's a great little pushchair for the price."

  • Weight : 5.9kg 
  • Folded dimensions : 81 x 45 x 24 cm 

Most stylish travel stroller

Cosatto supa3.

Coming in several fun prints from flamingos to foxes, the Cosatto Supa3 weighs in at 7.9kg and really packs a punch with all its features. Coming with lots of accessories including a storage basket, cup holder, foot muff and extendable sunshade, you’ll be prepared for all weathers.

Reclining flat, it is suitable for use from birth up to 25kg. It has an easy umbrella fold and although it isn’t the most compact when folded compared to some travel strollers, its great features make it a really sturdy and comfortable option.  Parents in our BabyCentre community love it because : "The Cosatto Supa 3, has a huge extendable hood, very easy to fold and can be used up until your baby is 25kg."

  • Suitable from : birth
  • Weight : 7.9kg
  • Folded dimensions : 100cm x 27cm x 36cm

Easiest travel stroller to carry

Baby jogger city tour 2.

Suitable from birth with its almost completely flat recline, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is a popular choice amongst parents in our community. You can also use it with a bassinet or car seat which are both sold separately. It has a one-handed fold and auto locks for transportation.

This stroller also folds into a standing position meaning you won’t be fighting to hold on to a baby and stop it falling over in the middle of the airport. It features an extendable sun canopy, an easy access storage basket and even comes with its own carry bag to protect it when travelling. It is suitable for use until your child is 22kg.  Parents in our BabyCentre community love it because : "We bought the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 and I found it very sturdy and amazingly compact. Will be taking on a long-haul flight soon."

  • Weight : 6.5kg
  • Folded dimensions : 59.5 x 49.5 x 19cm

Most comfortable travel stroller

Ergobaby metro+.

The one-handed fold travel stroller from Ergobaby is lightweight at only 7.8kg and folds down small enough to fit in the overhead compartment in most airlines. The padded seat and five-point harness are comfortable and lay down flat with ventilation plus it has the option to adjust the footrest to make it in to a nest that is more enclosed for smaller babies.

Unusually for a travel stroller, it also features an adjustable height handlebar for parent comfort. This Ergobaby stroller also has a large easy access shopping basket.  Parents in our BabyCentre community love it because : "I got the Ergobaby Metro + for a holiday and ended up using it way more, especially on weekends and when I have to go on public transport in London."

  • Weight : 7.8kg
  • Folded dimensions : 54 x 44 x 25cm

Most lightweight travel stroller

Cybex libelle.

The lightest in our choices of travel strollers, the Cybex Libelle weighs in at just 5.9kg. It is ultra-compact and suitable from six months to up to 22kg. It features an adjustable back and leg rest, and an extending sun canopy. It folds one handed and once folded will stay upright by itself.

It also has front wheel suspension to make it a smooth comfortable ride for your child whist also being easy to handle. Finally, the five point ‘one pull’ harness makes it easy to secure your child quickly on the go.  Parents in our BabyCentre Community love it because : "I have my son (2.5) in a Cybex Libelle stroller now - super lightweight and folds down super small - and not sure I can bring myself to go back to the big bulky buggy."

  • Weight : 5.9kg
  • Folded dimensions : 32 x 20 x 48cm

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Gemma Brushneen

best lightweight strollers uk 2023, travel buggies

The best lightweight strollers for travel, holidays and city living

Our pick of the best light and compact buggies for urban life, holidays and popping into town

If you struggle with space at home, you're always on the move and need a pram that is sturdy when in use but easy to fold and pack away, or you're looking for a super-lightweight model to take on holiday, you have come to the right place.

From Beyoncé's favourite buggy brand, to the pushchair Kim Kardashian's never seen without, we've tested the best travel-friendly strollers on the market to help you choose your ideal ride.

While you're here, don't forget to treat yourself to a buggy organiser too, and maybe even extra attachments to house your valuables or mitts to keep your hands warm in the cold weather.

Best lightweight strollers to shop now

In a hurry? Here are the best lightweight pushchairs at a glance. Keep scrolling for the full list.

Mamas & Papas Airo Stroller


Mamas & papas airo stroller.

Clic 2023 Edition Pushchair - Almond


Silver cross clic 2023 edition pushchair - almond.

Joolz Aer+ buggy


Joolz joolz aer+ buggy.

Silver Cross Clic Stroller


Silver cross clic stroller.

Cosatto Whoosh 3


Cosatto whoosh 3.

Bugaboo Bee 6


Bugaboo bee 6.

Silver Cross Jet 3 Compact Stroller


Silver cross jet 3 compact stroller.

Babyzen YoYo2


Babyzen babyzen yoyo2.

Micralite ProFold Stroller

Best foldable cabin size buggy

Micralite micralite profold stroller.

Ickle Bubba Globe Prime Stroller


Ickle bubba ickle bubba globe prime stroller, how we tested our buggies.

Our lightweight stroller shortlist has been compiled with the help of our panel of WH mum testers, in-house experts and those that have been well-reviewed online. To put the buggies through their paces, we looked at size, weight, foldability, steering and comfort for both mum and baby.

We also chose not to list them in order of preference, as each stroller we reviewed has been selected for stand-out features that we believe make it a great contender. The best pushchair for your family ultimately comes down to personal choice. So, keep scrolling for our pick of the best lightweight strollers on the market and see which one works for you.

What is a lightweight buggy?

Most standard buggies weigh 15kg, while the super-light strollers on our list range from 5.4kg to 7.6kg in weight. But anything that's light enough to comfortably carry in one hand is considered a lightweight buggy, according to Ella Henshaw from baby and toddler retail service Buggy Baby .

'Lightweight strollers differ from traditional buggies, as an everyday model is usually more bulky, heavier and has bigger wheels and accessories like snack trays, shopping bags and cup holders,' says Henshaw.

Lightweight buggy benefits

While more substantial pushchairs tend to be sturdier in construction and often come with extra storage and seat adjustable options, lightweight buggies have a number of benefits for busy parents.

Simple set up

If you're ever struggled with an awkward pram and a wriggly toddler by a waiting taxi in the rain, you will know how important buggy set-up speed can be. Easy assembly (known as one-hand fold) wins!

Constantly tripping over monster pushchairs in the hallway? Switching to a buggy that can be easily folded and stowed will free up space at home and on the move.

Getting about town

As the name suggests, lightweight strollers tend to be much lighter and easier to manoeuvre about town. 'They help parents attend to a child and manage a buggy at the same time, such as having to carry both upstairs,' say Henshaw.

Frequent flyer, bus hopper or day tripper? 'Having a stroller that folds down small enough to fit in the boot of a car or overhead compartment will save hours of grappling,' says Henshaw.

Travel systems include everything you could possibly need for getting about with your little one in tow, but they often come at a price. If you're on a budget, a lightweight buggy is often a cost-effective option for new parents.

Help choosing a lightweight buggy

For help choosing your ideal lightweight buggy we've narrowed down our faves below. But it's also worth keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Shop for trusted brands : All pushchairs must comply with the British Standard for safety testing, so you know your baby will be in safe hands. But if you're not sure, 'look for a trusted, high-quality brand', says Henshaw.
  • Age is important : How old is your little one? 'Consider the age of the child and whether a bassinet is needed, plus recline options or parent-facing swivel' suggests Henshaw, as not all strollers on our list have these functions.
  • Consider the terrain : Are you planning to go off-road with your pushchair? 'Look at the wheel size, as most lightweight buggies are better suited to pavements.'
  • Think about your stroller's main function : If you need a buggy for a holiday, that would be different than for use on a daily basis.
  • The benefits of a bundle : Most lightweight buggies don't come with a rain cover as standard, but you can often buy accessories as add-ons or part of a package.
  • Shop for cabin-approved : Consider if you'll be taking your stroller on a plane. If so, look for 'cabin-approved' buggies so that you have your pram as soon as you step off the plane.
  • Storage : Snack access is surprisingly important for some little people and most smaller buggies have limited pockets. If your mini-me has a big appetite opt for a buggy with space to store snacks on the move!

The best lightweight strollers to shop now

To help you choose the right pram for your family, we've narrowed down the best lightweight buggies for parents on the move.

Mamas & Papas Airo Stroller

This own-brand stroller from Mamas & Papas replaced our bulky bassinet when my son Woody turned 18 months old, and I'm not sure how we ever coped without it. Although it's not technically the lightest buggy on our list, the Airo feels really lightweight and super-easy to wheel about town. But most importantly, the entire thing folds up to marginally bigger than my laptop bag.

We've put it through its paces over city streets and rainy parks, facing milk spillages and impromptu naps along the way, and I honestly can't fault it. I particularly like how light it feels but without being flimsy, and the fabric hood is high quality.

Extras : The extendable hood is handy for bad weather and nap times, plus the plush harness and front bumper makes the whole thing feel really secure. You can also purchase a complete bundle , which includes a lie-flat baby seat, newborn pack, changing bag, car seat, foot muff and cup holder.

Key specifications

If you're looking for a travel-friendly stroller that's small enough to take on-board your flight in the run up to holiday season, we might just have the solution. Our mama tester Rosie recently tried the Clic 2023 Edition Pushchair from Silver Cross out for size and was impressed with the results.

'It looks fantastic', says Rosie, Mum to 4-year-old Daisy. 'And has a water-resistant hood which withstood an accidental spill of a full bottle of water on it without making any marks or soaking through!'

The latest model features an improved one-handed seat recline and super compact fold that will keep your little ones cosy and safe from birth right up to four years old. Extras : Comes with one-hand recline, adjustable calf support, a magnetic buckle plus a UPF50+ hood and sun visor.

Thanks to the toddler board and funky colour range, the Joolz travel buggy is a real conversation starter in the mum club and it's just been updated in time for the holiday season.

The Joolz Aer + looks very similar to the original Aer, however, the new tweaks to the design make for a comfier experience for mum and bub. First off, there is a 15 per cent increase in the seat recline allowing baby to nap virtually flat - good news for tiny travellers. Next up, the sun canopy can be unzipped to offer extendable coverage.

Other updates include a slightly bigger shopping basket, easier-to-adjust shoulder straps and chic new seat fabrics. So, that's what's new. But what's stayed the same? In our tester's opinion, Joolz' travel buggy is sturdier than other compact prams and is one of few travel buggies to offer a buggy board , which if you’re a Two Under Two mum, is a must. Easy to attach, the Joolz Footboard (now £71.21) can be used as a seat or a place to stand. You can even fold down the buggy with it attached. And btw , the one-button fold is a breeze.

The other major point of difference between Joolz and other brands is their eco-credentials. The Joolz team used recycled plastic bottles in the seat fabric design and they plant a tree for each pushchair sold. Even the pram packaging can be recycled into an aeroplane for your kiddo. [ Disclaimer: This beat our exhausted brains, but it did kill an hour between bath and bed!]. We also love the brand's commitment to making products that last. So much so that each Aer + comes with a lifetime warranty if you register within 6 months.

The only bugbears we found when testing the Aer and Aer + - and we had to try really hard to find them - are the seat recline requires two hands (read: not that easy while clutching a coffee) and you need to keep one hand on the pushchair when a toddler is on the footboard. Should they use the handlebar as support to stand up then the whole pram can fly back.

Extras: This is where things can get expensive. The pushchair is from 6 months to 4 years. Should you want to use it from birth you’ll need to purchase the cot , which has a genius compact fold, or use car seat adapters . There is also the option to purchase a leg rest so toddler legs don’t dangle. Other add-ons include the bumper bar , mosquito net and a seriously snuggly footmuff .

British brand Silver Cross has been manufacturing baby products in North Yorkshire since 1877, and continue to make trusted prams, car seats and nursery furniture . The Clic is suitable from newborn to toddler and comes with plenty of parent-friendly features including easy folding.

'This stroller is so super light, our standard buggy now feels like a real workout to push!' says Sophie, Mum to 2-year-old Rita. 'When we take the train I can carry it up the stairs with my toddler strapped in and it's totally manageable on my own, which is game-changing,' she says. 'And most of all I really love the bright colour! Plus it's nice and slim so much easier navigating shops, and when we go to the pub or a restaurant we can have it right by the table.'

Extras : The buggy features a lie-flat seat which is great for nap times, plus you can squeeze up to 5kg of shopping in the under-seat compartment. You can also purchase the corresponding foot muff separately.

In a world of beige buggies, why blend in when you can stand out? If you've seen one of these vibrant strollers out in the wild, you'll no doubt wish you had one too. We've heard on the Mum grapevine that the Whoosh handles well and folds up pretty small, and online reviews have praised its foldability, weight, and overall comfort for little ones. But most of all we just love the funky fabric! So if colour is your thing, head over to Cosatto and check out the brand's great range of flamboyant strollers, car seats, high chairs and even dolly prams.

Extras : You can purchase extras including a corresponding rain cover or parasol as part of a bundle. You can also buy a (mismatched if you're feeling funky) foot muff separately on Amazon.

Another big brand in baby circles, a number of A-list parents have been spotted pushing a Bugaboo around town including Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian. But while we can't argue that it's a popular buggy, is it worth the price tag?

'We live in a titchy apartment with two kids, and the Bugaboo has been a lifesaver!' says Lisa, mum to one-year-old Bo and three-year-old Ronnie. 'I particularly like the way it folds up neatly in the hallway,' she says. 'It's a great pushchair and handles well. But it really comes into its own with two little ones, as we added the wheeled board so I could push both of my kids around and it saved us from having to buy yet another buggy. So in that sense, it's worth the investment.'

Extras : If you'd prefer a more stable option for your new baby, you can also purchase a complete carrycot and seat pushchair for newborns, plus extras including a sun canopy and cup holder .

If you thought cabin-approved buggies were a ‘baby essential’ too far then take the Silver Cross Jet 3 for a spin - or flight.

'Having a means to secure an overtired toddler when all you want to do is get through security and all they want to do is run wild is game changing,' says mum-of-two Amy.

But why spend on the Jet 3 when Silver Cross has the Clic for £100+ less? Think of Jet 3 as the premium sibling of the Clic. It offers features modern mums will love such as a completely lie-flat seat, adjustable calf support, a fancy magnetic buckle and the option to pull it along like a suitcase when folded - which is super handy in airports.

Unlike many other travel strollers that only offer a partial recline the Jet 3 allows your tiny human to lie horizontal - a must for many babies napping on the go.

The only drawback was storage. ‘Although the shopping basket is roomy, I struggled to get larger items in there because of the middle bar but pushchair clips for my baby changing bag helped solve this issue,’ adds Amy.

Extras: Jet 3 can transform into an agile travel system when used with compatible car seats - a winning design feature for those traveling with tiny humans - and you can use a foot muff on cold winter days making this an all-year round buggy, not just one for sun soaked hols in Greece.

If you spend any time at the school gates, chances are you'll have spotted the BabyZen about town. The go-to buggy for suburban parents, the French brand burst onto the baby scene in 2012 and has been a global success story ever since. Thanks to attention to detail (yes it fits into the overhead compartment on planes, folds up really small and still has good suspension), this compact stroller makes a great all-rounder for city life and transatlantic travel.

'We've had this buggy since the baby was born and it has been brilliant,' says Nadia, mum to two-year-old Roman. 'We've taken it on planes, trains and buses with no trouble, and it's still going strong after over two years of use.' The buggy is suitable from birth up to 22kg. 'Roman started as a tiny baby lying down and graduated to using it as a stroller, and it's always felt sturdy enough.'

Extras : The brand stocks all the extras you could think of including newborn bassinet, rain cover, leg rests and a wheeled board for toddlers, so it's super easy to adapt to the changing needs of your tot. You can also purchase a twin travel bundle, which includes two bassinets to transform your buggy into a double pushchair.

At 7 kg, the Micralite ProFold is the brand’s lightest and most compact stroller. But, it’s the fold-mechanism that really earns this cabin-approved stroller brownie points. ‘You truly are able to put this buggy up and down in one second,’ says our tester Edith, who trialed the pram while on holiday with her 6 month old daughter Amelie.

‘I found the simplicity of this buggy’s design really good for travelling as we didn’t need the bells and whistles that more expensive travel buggies have. Plus, the shopping basket is quite roomy for a travel buggy.'

Sounds good. But what about back at home? ‘I would use the Profold as a second, smaller buggy for occasional use. I found that the wheels struggled on rougher ground and I’d worry that they’d get worn down quickly but around the supermarket or the shops they were brilliant'.

Extras: The Micralite design team have already added a few cheeky extras: a reversible (and washable) seat liner, rain cover, a carry strap and a secure pouch on the hood. If you want more you can add a foot muff .

This good-value stroller from family-run UK brand Ickle Bubba has been designed with travel in mind. Thanks to an aluminium frame it's fairly lightweight, and when collapsed it's one of the smallest buggies on our list. It also has a little window in the hood so you can check-in with your precious cargo on the move. And according to our Mum tester plus multiple online reviews, this is one of the easiest strollers to dismantle.

'This buggy is really small,' says Alice, Mum to new baby Wilfred. 'We have an old Mini Cooper with a titchy boot and it fits in easily. It’ll be a handy to have for trips away due to it being compact and easy to fold.'

Extras : The brand provides a 4-year warranty for their travel systems and strollers should anything go wrong. You can also purchase corresponding extras including a buggy organiser and pram mitts separately.

GB GOLD GB Gold Pockit+ All Terrain Ultra Compact Pushchair

GB Gold Pockit+ All Terrain Ultra Compact Pushchair

If space is an important consideration, the Pockit+ from GB Gold claims to be the most compact stroller in the world. While we can't confirm this, it's certainly the dinkiest buggy on our list and folds up smaller than your average briefcase. While our panel of testers haven't got their hands on a model yet, online reviews have praised its impressive size, weight and value for money. It folds up so small, one mum even pops it under her main buggy to use if her older child gets tired.

Extras : The buggy can be stored in overhead compartments on most airlines and features an extendable sunshade. You can also purchase extras including a corresponding rain cover and parasol separately.

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Best travel system for babies 2023: Car seat, carrycot and pushchair in one

  • Catherine Hufton
  • Kat de Naoum

best travel buggy john lewis

Getting out and about with your little one needn’t be a faff, with our pick of the best travel systems that offer the perfect solution

Finding the best travel system for your baby can feel a little daunting. After all, there’s plenty to consider when making your choice – they need to be able to transport your little one safely; they need to be comfortable to manoeuvre, while remaining relatively portable; and they need to be compatible with carrycots, car seats, and toddler seats to accommodate your baby from birth well into their toddler years. With an array of models vying for your attention, there’s a lot to think about with, potentially, a significant cost.

As is the case when you buy almost anything, what you pick will often come down to your own circumstances and lifestyle. If you travel frequently and use public transport often, then a travel system that’s lightweight and folds down with minimal effort will likely be a priority. If you’re more of an off-road adventurer with a dog or two to walk, then sturdy suspension and durable wheels will top your list of requirements. If size or road conditions aren’t a concern, then you might be free to prioritise style over more practical elements.

Whatever your needs, we’ve put together a brief buying guide with some FAQs and rated some of the top travel systems on the market to help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Best travel system: At a glance

  • Best luxury travel system: Bugaboo Fox 5 | £1,115
  • Best overall complete travel system:  Mamas & Papas Ocarro | £1,509
  • Best travel system for city living: Nuna Triv 4 Piece | £1,050
  • Best affordable travel system: KinderKraft XMoov 3-in-1 Travel System | £279

How to choose the best travel system for you

What is a travel system.

It’s a do-it-all pushchair with a modular design that allows you to slot in a carrycot, car seat or toddler seat as needed. The majority of models are presented in a variety of different packages, or bundles as they’re commonly known, ranging from the barebones with just the frame or stroller, right through to deluxe versions comprising everything from the carrycot, car seat, and accessories such as footmuffs, canopy, nappy bag, and even cup holder bundled as standard.

Do I need a travel system?

Not necessarily. You could instead choose to buy a separate pushchair with a carrycot, a stroller , a third-party car seat – or any combination of products that works for you. The appeal of a travel system is integration and the convenience that it brings.

Everything in a travel system is designed to work together, so it potentially means less overlap. For instance, you can just click the car seat onto the travel system chassis and push your baby around town, which saves you transferring your child from a car seat to a pushchair or cot.

What key features should I look for?

Size and weight are crucial, meaning it’s a good idea to go to a store or showroom to have a good play around with the models you’re considering. Will it fit in your boot and/or hallway? Can you carry it upstairs, if you live in a flat? Make sure you’re happy with the folding mechanism, too, since some are more tricky to operate than others.

Note that babies need to lie flat in a pram until they’re six months old, so you’ll need to ensure you’re happy with the size and comfort level of the carrycot. Don’t forget to check details such as whether it’s suitable for occasional overnight sleeping, too.

The size of the wheels is also important: big sturdy wheels are great if you walk a lot on rougher terrain, while slimmer wheels are better suited to city life. It’s worth noting the smaller details, too, such as built-in sunshades, buggy boards for older children, the size of the shopping basket and the stroller seat. Will the travel system accommodate your baby as they grow into a toddler, or will you need to spend more money further down the line? Can it accommodate two (or more) kids, if and when you have more?

How much should I spend?

It’s tempting to assume that the more expensive a travel system is, the better it will perform; but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are a variety of models on offer, at all kinds of price points (starting at around £300 and soaring to well over £1,000), so the best place to start will be to prioritise your main needs and work from there.

At the other end of the spectrum, while the high price of some of these travel systems may appear extortionate at first, factor in the cost of buying all the parts that feature in the bundle separately, and you may well find that an all-in-one travel system actually offers good value for money.

How we test travel systems

To test the best travel systems on the market, our reviewers spend several days putting each pram through its paces. As well as assessing how easy each travel system is to assemble, we also evaluate how it performs in everyday life, covering the school run, trips to the supermarket, as well as on public transport. We also consider extra details such as how easy it is to load and how well it fits into the boot of the car, and the amount of space it takes up in the hallway.

This real-life testing means we can highlight any areas that could prove problematic, or where a product truly shines. In addition, such testing allows us to more accurately categorise each travel system according to people’s different needs, such as storing in a small space, carrying up a flight of stairs, or navigating a muddy sports field. Finally, we include details such as the age range for which each travel system is suitable, the type of wheels it has, and its dimensions.

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The best travel systems you can buy in 2023

1. bugaboo fox 5: best luxury travel system.

best travel buggy john lewis

For those who wish to personalise their pram, they can choose from 12 different colourways and add-on many of the luxury Bugaboo accessories, such as the baby bag and cup holder. We recently tested the Bugaboo Fox 3, which similarly feels weightless to push and manoeuvre; but the Fox 5 is even more comfortable to use.

This is a great travel system to use right from your front door, taking you from the school run to out and about on all terrains. It’s a little big for folding down frequently as a result of its large wheels, and you may find lugging it in and out of the car a little annoying. Likewise, if you need to pull it up stairs and fold it down in a hallway, there are more lightweight travel systems that may be better. But if comfort and style are your main needs, and you have the space for it in your car and your home, this is one of the best travel systems we’ve tested.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 4 years or 22kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel; Unfolded Dimensions: 93 x 60 x 105cm; One-piece standing fold: 44 x 60 x 90cm; Weight: 10.4-12.2kg

Check price at John Lewis

2. Ocarro 9 Piece Complete Bundle: Best overall complete travel system

best travel buggy john lewis

This bundle is also available with a carrycot and cushioned mattress that can be used from birth, a foot muff, changing bag, cup holder, baby blanket, Cybex Aton 5 Car Seat and the base fixing to fit it in the car. Overall, we found this pram super-easy to assemble and fold down, which will be music to the ears of any sleep-deprived new parent.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable for 0 to 4 years or 22kg; Wheels: Lockable swivel; Dimensions: 101 x 59 x 101cm; Weight: 13.7kg

Check price at Mamas & Papas

3. Cybex Priam Travel System: Best high-end travel system

best travel buggy john lewis

Suitable from birth, when it’s used with the carrycot included in this bundle, right up to when your child is four years old (or 22kg), this stroller can handle any on- and off-road terrain thanks to its rubber wheels and impressive all-wheel suspension that make for a super comfy, and quiet, ride.

Extra features include an SPF50+ canopy, a backrest pocket to store your smaller valuables, and a shopping basket that folds down when not needed. Almost everything you require comes in this bundle, except for the extension pack that replaces the front wheels with a pair of skis for when you head to Meribel.

Key specs – Age range : Suitable for 0 years to 22kg in weight; Wheels : All-terrain wheels; Folded dimensions : 83.5 x 51.5 x 31.5cm; Unfolded dimensions : 92-83 x 60 x 98.5-108cm; Weight : 12.6kg

Check price at Pramworld

4. Nuna Triv 4 Piece: Best travel system for city living

best travel buggy john lewis

The main pram in this travel system has an easy-to-fold design and a large storage basket underneath, while the spacious flip-fold seat features an adjustable leg rest that can easily accommodate a toddler up to the age of around three.

The additional carrycot can be attached for newborns and this bundle includes a Pipa Next i-Size car seat. The stroller also includes lots of thoughtful details such as a wallet slip at the back of the seat, attractive leather detailing and a peekaboo panel along the back of the canopy.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to 22kg max; Wheels: Front swivel wheels; Folded dimensions: 32 x 52 x 65cm (LWH); Unfolded dimensions: 77-87 x 106-110cm (LH); Weight: 8.8kg (without canopy, armbar and insert)

Check price at Little Angels

5. Ickle Bubba Eclipse All-In-One: Best affordable travel system bundle

best travel buggy john lewis

The car seat comes with the Isofix car seat fitting system base that makes carrying the baby in and out of the car a breeze: this eliminates the need to faff around with a seat belt as the baby is already securely strapped into its 5-point car seat harness. Just clip the car seat into the Isofix’s two metal clip fixing points to lock it into place, and unclip to release. Other perks include a full winter footmuff, a smart baby bag that fits neatly on the back handle, an extendable UPF 50+ hood, puncture-proof, high-grip tyres and a wallet slip across the back of the buggy seat.

While the pram is lightweight and incredibly easy to push or lift up onto high pavements, that’s not to say it’s by any means a small buggy. In fact, it’s rather on the larger side, partly due to its bigger wheels which make it great for active families who love the great outdoors. It also, unfortunately, doesn’t fold down completely flat, which may be slightly cumbersome if you have limited storage space.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to approximately 4 years old; Wheels: Lockable front 360-degree swivel wheels; Folded dimensions: 58 x 80 x 37cm (WLH); Unfolded dimensions: 58 x 116 x 106cm (WLH); Weight: 8.6kg (chassis with wheels)

Image of Ickle Bubba Eclipse 3 in 1 Travel System, with Galaxy Car Seat, Isofix Base & Built in 'Bubba Board (Black with Tan Handles)

Ickle Bubba Eclipse 3 in 1 Travel System, with Galaxy Car Seat, Isofix Base & Built in 'Bubba Board (Black with Tan Handles)

6. micralite getgo: best for affordable style and great design.

best travel buggy john lewis

If you enjoy long walks and trips into the countryside, the multi-terrain, puncture-proof tyres and dynamic four-wheel suspension will come in handy too. The carrycot is lined with a super soft antibacterial bamboo fabric and is fitted with an integrated pull-out sun visor. There’s also a built-in storage pocket for your purse and keys.

Once your baby has outgrown the carrycot, you can switch it out for the seat unit, which has adjustable calf support and a lie-flat design. We also love the extra details such as the extendable hood with UPF50 protection, zip-out airflow panel and pull-out sunshade.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to 22kg; Wheels: Four-wheel suspension; Folded dimensions: 76 x 59 x 38cm (LWH); Unfolded dimensions: 72 x 59 x 89-105cm (LWH); Weight: 10.8kg

Check price at Micralite

7. KinderKraft XMoov 3-in-1: Best affordable travel system

best travel buggy john lewis

A nappy bag with removable changing mat, a rain cover, cup holder, footmuff, extendable canopy and a height-adjustable handle are just some of the XMoov’s features, and the reclinable car seat has adjustable shoulder straps with protectors for the baby’s optimal safety and comfort.

For strolling, the all-terrain pumped wheels have a shock-absorbing mechanism allowing it to glide effortlessly on all kinds of roads, making it the perfect option whether you live in a busy city or in the country. The front wheels swivel and can be locked in position for solely going straight, while back wheel brakes have a simultaneous double clamp.

Key specs – Age range : Suitable for 0 years to 22kg in weight; Wheels : Pumped, all-terrain, locking, swivel, self-aligning; Folded dimensions : 92-116 x 110 x 60cm; Unfolded dimensions : 75 x 42 x 62cm ; Weight : 11.8-14kg

Check price at Baby and Child Store

8. iCandy Peach 7: The most comfortable travel system

best travel buggy john lewis

While this pram is super-stylish, it’s also loaded with ultra-practical details such as the zipped pocket on the back of the seat, and the integrated stand-on board – which is invaluable if you have an older child. One of the other major pros about this pram is the comfort and security it offers your little one and the fact that it just makes a day-to-day routine feel much easier.

We really liked that the main bundle comes with everything you need to get started, including a carrycot, seat unit, chassis, removable ‘Pip-Zip’ bag, car seat adaptors and elevator adaptors. But you can also add on lots of personalised extras, such as the matching baby bag, footmuff and liner and cup holder, to really make it your own.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to 25kg; Wheels: Puncture-proof, ultra-smooth rolling PU tyres; Folded Dimensions: No wheels (cm) L70 x W54 x D28; Weight: 12.9kg

9. BabaBing Raffi: Best iCandy alternative

best travel buggy john lewis

The travel bundle also comes with everything you need to navigate all four seasons, such as an adjustable forward- and rear-facing seat unit, a UPF50+ canopy, a spacious carry cot with a Kose Cool breathable lining, 2-in-1 rain cover and an Ubersnugg Footmuff. That’s a lot of kit for a very reasonable price.

This is a great travel system that’s super stylish, pleasurable to push and with plenty of storage space to boot. It’s definitely worthy of serious consideration and is a much more affordable option to some of the very expensive options in this list.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to 15kg; Wheels: Full suspension off-road tyres; Folded Dimensions: 70cm x 60cm x 29cm; Weight: 12.5kg

Image of BABABING Raffi Pushchair 3-in-1 Travel System, Baby Pushchair Buggy with Infant Car Seat Adapter & Rain Cover, Adjustable Stroller for Newborn - Navy Blue

BABABING Raffi Pushchair 3-in-1 Travel System, Baby Pushchair Buggy with Infant Car Seat Adapter & Rain Cover, Adjustable Stroller for Newborn - Navy Blue

10. thule urban glide 2 complete bundle: best running buggy.

best travel buggy john lewis

There’s a twist hand brake for quickly stopping safely and it offers superior control even on hilly terrain. You can fold this buggy with just one hand while holding the baby in the other, and it weighs a touch over 11kg, so you can easily lift it in and out of the car’s boot and even up stairs.

The sun canopy can be adjusted to multiple positions and offers side ventilation and a peekaboo window that closes with a magnet. The complete travel bundle comes with a bassinet that can make the stroller suitable from birth onwards, and you’ll also get the Cabriofix i-Size car seat along with the base and adaptors.

Key specs – Age range : Suitable for 0 to 4 years, or 22kg; Wheels : Swivel front wheel, 16-inch rear wheels; Folded Dimensions : 87 x 69 x 34cm; Weight : 11.4kg

12. iCandy Core: The best travel system for second babies

best travel buggy john lewis

This premium travel system from iCandy is a great option if you have other children and regularly interchange between urban and rural environments. It can be used from birth, starting with the fleece-lined carrycot that can be used for permanent overnight sleeping. When your baby grows into a toddler, simply switch over to the adjustable clamshell seat, which can also be used with the compatible car seat (if you purchase the full travel system bundle).

One of our favourite design features with this travel system is the built-in buggy board; it’s a lifesaver if you have older children. It will also save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to buy an additional buggy board or a double buggy, depending on the age of your other children.

Other details to note are the front-wheel swivel lock, bag hooks, an on/off brake indicator (which is flip-flop friendly), and ergonomic adjustable handlebar. Plus, the one-handed fold with the chassis still attached. The basket is also a good size at 48 litres, providing plenty of room for shopping and the baby bag. Finally, it comes with interchangeable wheels: the lighter wheels make it more of a compact city stroller, while the second set is more substantial and ideal for more rural areas. All in all, this is a smart and stylish travel system that will take you from birth to toddlerhood with ease and comfort.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to 25kg; Wheels: Interchangeable and removable (1 x rural wheel set and 1 x urban wheel set); Folded dimensions: L69 x W61 x H24; Unfolded dimensions: L68 x W61 x H105; Weight: 12.6kg

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Can you take a pram on a plane? Everything you need to know about travelling with a pushchair or a lightweight stroller

Travelling with a baby doesn’t need to be stressful. If you’re planning to jet off with the family, here’s everything you need to know about boarding a flight with a pushchair in tow, including tips and advice from parents.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Dec 18, 2023

pram on a plane

No one said that travelling with kids was easy, but taking a pushchair on a plane is entirely possible, as long as you know all about airline restrictions and follow them carefully.

Whether you’ve booked a family holiday with Jet2 , Ryanair , easyJet , British Airways or Thomas Cook , we’ve got all the details you need to know before heading off on a family holiday .

Do you have to pay to take a buggy onboard a flight? What are the size and weight limits for strollers? Can you take my pram as cabin luggage ? Fear not. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

We strongly recommend double-checking with your airline before you fly but we’ve put together a handy guide that addresses all of the key questions to consider, including tried-and-tested pram recommendations that are perfect for planes, and travel tips from the Mumsnet forums .

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Can you take a pram on a plane?

As long as you’re travelling with a young child, most airlines will allow you to check in a lie-flat, collapsible pushchair free of charge. However, airlines have different rules and restrictions in place when it comes to pram size and where pushchairs can be stored onboard a flight.

Some airlines insist that your pram, pushchair (and car seat if you need to take one) are stored in the hold, while others allow smaller, fold-down buggies and strollers to be taken on board and stored in the overhead locker compartments. If you’re taking a pram onboard with you, there are strict size and weight restrictions to comply with so it’s important to be aware of the latest advice from the airline you’re flying with.

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Can you take a pram as cabin baggage?

Some airlines will allow you to take a cabin-approved stroller as carry-on/ hand luggage , subject to size and weight restrictions. It’s worth noting however that in most cases, this is instead of your own hand luggage (so you won't be able to have another bag of your own).

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What size pram can you take on a plane?

As a general rule, pushchairs going into the hold need to be fully collapsible and weigh less than 10kg.

According to the International Air Transport Associations’ passenger baggage rules guide , a pushchair should have maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm to be ‘cabin approved’ (and be placed in the overhead lockers as carry-on/hand luggage).

That said, the size and weight of the pram you’re allowed to take on a plane varies from one airline to the next so we’ve looked at guidance from a range of airlines below.

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Do you have to pay extra to take a pram on a plane?

No. In most cases, taking a pram or a stroller onto a plane is free of charge if you’re travelling with a child.

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What’s the best pram to take on a plane?

Whether you’re placing a pram in the hold or in the overhead lockers, here are the best pushchairs to take on a plane, as tried, tested and recommended by Mumsnet users.

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1. BabyZen Yoyo2

Price: RRP £430 | Buy now from John Lewis

When it comes to travel-friendly lightweight strollers, Mumsnet users can’t speak highly enough of the BabyZen Yoyo2 . This compact pram has cabin-friendly dimensions when it’s folded down (52 x 44 x 18 cm) so it’s small enough to meet most airlines' cabin luggage requirements. Being able to put a sleeping (or wriggly) baby straight into a pram as soon as you land can make for a smooth start to a family holiday. The downside? At £400+, it doesn’t come cheap but if you're a frequent flyer it’s worth the expense.

What Mumsnet users say

“Baby Zen Yoyo!! Fits in the overhead compartment!! I’ve flown with 6-month-old alone and checked a bag and brought buggy as a carry-on so I have it as soon as I leave the plane - also have a tiny flat so it takes up no space” - tried and tested by Mumsnet user, Fupoffyagrasshole

“We have three kids, four buggies and family in different countries. Seriously, if you will travel a bit or are planning more than one kid, get a Yoyo. Nothing else even comes close in terms of making flights with kids easier.”  - Recommended by Mumsnet user, badg3r

Related: The best scooters, tried and tested by Mumsnetters

2. Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller

Price: RRP £299 | Buy now from John Lewis

The Ergobaby Metro+ folds down to a very compact and slimline size making it a convenient option small enough to fit in most overhead cabin compartments. It looks similar to the BabyZen Yoyo but is a more affordable option.

“Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our Ergobaby Metro+. And it's got the AGR seal of approval so designed to be good for bad backs!” - recommended by Mumsnet user, EisforElephants )

3. Silver Cross Pop

Price: RRP £245 | Buy now from Amazon

The one-handed ‘pop’ unfold of this lightweight stroller makes it an ideal travel companion. It’s too big to store in an overhead locker so you’ll need to check it in or drop it off with baggage handlers at the gate but this lightweight all-terrain pushchair is a popular choice to take on a family holiday, whatever your destination.

“Silver Cross Pop, I bought mine second hand and I’ve taken it on flights several times.” -  rated by Mumsnet user, Sakura03

"I love mine, it is so lightweight & a fab town buggy. Used it from when my DS was 3 and half months old... travelled to NZ with it" - recommended by Mumsnet user, bounty007

4. Joie Pact

Price: RRP £160 | Buy now from John Lewis

This affordable travel buggy is a fraction of the price of other cabin-approved pushchairs. With a large SPF sun hood, it’s ideal for summer beach holidays. It doesn’t sit entirely upright though and it’s better suited to smooth terrain.

“Joie Pact! Took it to Tenerife & it was great. Prefer it to my expensive Maclaren.” - tried and tested by Mumsnet user, DigitalGhost

5. Micralite Profold

Price: RRP £240 | Buy now from Micralite

This great all-rounder works well as an everyday pram as well as a lightweight cabin-approved buggy. Weighing just 7kg, this compact, easy-fold stroller is surprisingly robust for its size, making it a great travel option when flying with toddlers.

“Have a look at the Micralite Profold. Much cheaper than the Yoyo.” - recommended by Mumsnet user, Monstamio

“I have the Micralite ProFold for my almost seven-month-old and love it. It weighs under 7kg and is cabin-approved when folded down (with one hand)!” - rated by Mumsnet user, Theeasypeasywoman

Do you need to use a pram cover when flying?

While it’s not compulsory to use a pram cover when putting your pushchair in the hold, we’d recommend using one to protect your stroller and prevent it from getting broken or damaged during transit.

“We've always used them - they're great" - recommended by Mumsnet user, IwishIhadtimetoreadnewspapers

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Top tips for flying with a pram from Mumsnet users

1. get a stroller bag to protect your pram.

Baggage handlers can be a little well…. haphazard when loading and unloading luggage, so if you’re putting a pushchair in the hold, a stroller bag is recommended. Not only are they waterproof to keep your pushchair dry and hygienic, but they can prevent scuffs and scratches to the frame, chassis or fabric.

“I've never had a pram be damaged while flying but they do get thrown around. Some airlines (Emirates and Air Canada that I've used) give you big bags to put prams and car seats in. They are only plastic though so wouldn't protect against more than scratches.” - experience of Mumsnet user, Jestem

“We had a stroller bag from Amazon (think the brand was Diono?) and it was great. We did 5/6 overseas trips with no damage.” - recommended by Mumsnet user Daisy2990

2. Opt for a pushchair you can take on board

Storing a pushchair in the hold is fine for most people, but if you have a very young child or struggle to carry a toddler, it’s worth bearing in mind that you won’t get it back until luggage collection, meaning the journey through passport control could be challenging with a babe in arms. Unless you’re using a baby carrier or a baby carrier backpack , you may find it easier to opt for a stroller that meets your airline’s hand luggage/carry on requirements, allowing you to travel with it from door to door.

“You can always take it to the gate when you board but I rarely get it back when we get off, it always goes to luggage collection. I ended up buying one I could take on board with me and put in the overhead bin or under the seat. Lifesaver when I travelled solo with my son.” - advice from Mumsnet user, MissMooMoo

“I’d definitely recommend a carry-on stroller. Super easy to use and no having to carry your baby through the airport if they don’t bring it up to the aircraft door.” - recommendation from Mumsnet user, TroubledLichen

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3. Protect it from knocks and scuffs

Before you put your pushchair in the hold, try and protect it as much as possible. You can wrap the handlebars in bubble wrap or foam to protect them or consider cable ties to hold the pushchair shut. You may also want to remove accessories like cupholders or bump bars to prevent them from getting lost or discarded. Some airports have a plastic wrap machine, which can be a useful way for sealing the entire unit if you don’t have a stroller bag.

“If you have to check in a pram with your luggage there’s that plastic wrap machine you could use. Squeeze it as tightly shut as possible and wrap away - may prevent some damage.” - tip from Mumsnet user, KathArtic

4. Buy a cheap stroller specifically for travelling

Unless you’re travelling regularly, it may not be worth investing in an expensive fold-down pushchair, particularly as they’re handled roughly at times. The alternative is to pick up a cheap stroller specifically for travel, one that will meet your short-term needs without being a huge loss if it gets lost or broken during the return trip.

“Don't take an expensive pram on a plane. They get chucked all over the place. It could get broken or lost. Get a cheap holiday one.” - advice from Mumsnet user, DearMrDilkington

5. Use a sling or a baby carrier

If you’re putting your pushchair in the hold, you may want to consider taking a sling or baby carrier in your hand luggage. The walk-through to baggage reclaim can be quite challenging without a pushchair and a sling will allow you to have both hands free for passport control and luggage reclaim.

“I'd recommend a sling as while you drop the stroller off at the gate on departure you often don't get it back till baggage reclaim on the other side and it's a bit of a walk sometimes!” - tip from Mumsnet user, Bipbipbipbip

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6. Check your insurance

If you’re travelling with an expensive pushchair, it’s worth checking your travel insurance before you leave in the event of loss or damage during your journey.

“Check out your insurance, I paid an excess waiver for less than £10 for a year. That way if it's damaged I'm covered.” - advice from Mumsnet user, wwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Alternatives to flying with a pram

If the thought of flying with a pram is enough to put you off booking a family holiday , there are some alternative options to consider.

Hire a pushchair

Many modern hotels now provide concierge or rental services, particularly at family-friendly resorts . While this won’t help at the airport itself, once you’ve got to your hotel it means your travel around the resort is covered for the duration of your stay

“We found a rental company that worked with our hotel. We hired a baby jogger city mini and a bouncer for £50ish for the week. Delivered & picked up from our hotel. Used a carrier at the airport. DS was 6 months then.” - recommended by Mumsnet user, anonymouse

“I wouldn’t take the risk and arranged to hire one. The guy from the hire shop was at the hotel as we arrived, left it with us and even collected it again so we didn’t have to traipse up with my daughter!” - a positive experience from Mumsnet user, ROSEgarden

Take a sling or a baby carrier

Depending on your destination and the age of your child, you might not even need a pushchair at all. When travelling with  younger babies, you may find it easier to simply take a baby carrier or a baby carrier backpack , which can offer a less restrictive and hands-free travel experience.

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Can you take a pram on a Ryanair flight?

Yes, Ryanair allows two items of baby equipment per child (e.g. a pushchair and a car seat , a booster seat or a travel cot ) free of charge.

Ryanair doesn’t allow carry-on pushchairs, however, in most cases Ryanair will allow you to take your tagged pushchair right up to the aircraft steps, reducing the need to walk long distances while carrying your baby.

Can you take a pram on an easyJet flight?

Yes, easyJet allows two additional items for your child to be put in the hold free of charge (travel cot, pushchair, car seat, collapsible or non-collapsible pram, booster seat and/or baby back carrier). The items can then be collected at baggage reclaim when you arrive at your destination.

easyJet also allows you to take a carry-on pushchair that meets its hand luggage dimension requirements (45 x 36 x 20 cm, including handles and wheels) and weighs less than 15kg.

Can you take a pram on a British Airways flight?

Yes, a pram or pushchair can be placed in the hold on a British Airways flight, so long as it is a single-piece, slimline and fully collapsible pushchair. Pushchairs with maximum dimensions of 38cm x 117cm x 38cm can be taken up to the aircraft door, whereas larger pushchairs will need to be collected at baggage reclaim.

Pushchairs that fold down to meet carry-on baggage requirements can be taken on board, subject to space and in place of your own hand luggage bag. Maximum carry bag dimensions vary depending on your destination, so check your flight details before you travel.

Can you take a pram on a Jet2 flight?

Yes, Jet2 allows a collapsible pushchair and/or a car seat or a travel cot to be carried in the hold for free, subject to a maximum weight of 10kg.

Alternatively, you can use a carry-on pushchair in place of your own carry-on hand luggage, subject to a 10kg weight limit and maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (including any wheels or handles).

About the author

Lucy Cotterill is a mum of two and Content Writer at Mumsnet, specialising in baby/child and lifestyle product reviews and round-ups. Having written product reviews on her own blog Real Mum Reviews since 2012, Lucy loves to research and explore the pros and cons of baby products, scrutinising reviews and consumer feedback to help parents make confident purchases that benefit their families.

Originally from a HR background with a degree in Business Studies, Lucy developed a real passion for blogging and writing when her children were young, going on to write for several online publications including US parenting site Pregistry and the Evening Standard. When she’s not manically tapping the keys of her laptop, Lucy loves nothing more than to cosy up with her Kindle and enjoy the latest thriller, or compete in Nintendo Switch rallies with her daughters aged six and 10.

  • Pushchairs, Buggies and Strollers

John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller

best travel buggy john lewis

This John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller has a single-seat, is lightweight, forward-facing, looks smart and is well priced for a pushchair given the features included.

Here's what our tester Chris, dad to Dominic, 11 months, thought of the John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller.

This product has also won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award in the Best Lightweight Stroller category.

1. John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller

John Lewis Stroller

  • Easy to collapse
  • Lightweight
  • On suitable on smooth pavements

Testing the John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller

Although we think very highly of the umbrella pram , my wife and I use (iCandy Peach 2019) there are some situations, such as when we need to quickly nip to the shops, where having something that it is lighter and more compact makes getting our baby around easier and less stressful – and that’s definitely the case with John Lewis’ everyday stroller. It’s far more suited to getting around shops with narrow spaces between displays as well.

Being easy to both collapse and fold open, it’s become our preferred choice for when we decide to take shorter walks to get out of the house. It’s also proven to be an invaluable failsafe for those situations where one of us has ‘forgot’ that the pram is in the boot of whichever car they happen to have driven off to work in, meaning we don’t have to carry baby far on the way to nursery.

best travel buggy john lewis

The seat back can be made to recline with a single hand, the calf rest is adjustable and it includes a rain cover (something that not all strollers at this price point do).

The carry handle is well-positioned to evenly distribute the weight of the stroller when folded and as the seat base isn’t overly narrow, we’re confident we will get many years use out of it (our son is currently 11 months old).

The basket underneath of the Everyday Stroller is robust for a stroller and although it doesn’t boast anywhere close to the same capacity as our pram, we felt the available space was quite generous given the size of the frame (although disappointingly, it’s not large enough for our changing bag).

It’s perhaps obvious to point out that being a stroller it isn’t the best for any surfaces other than smooth pavements, with vibrations going up through the frame and being felt through the foam grip handles. It does though easily change direction.

As yet we have (somehow) avoided any accidents, so cannot comment on how easy the materials are to wipe clean.

Assembly took less than 10 minutes, which we felt was quite quick.

With affordability and style in mind, this stroller we feel is a strong contender. For parents that are looking for a stroller that isn’t finished in a vibrant hue (as many strollers on the market seem to be) it’s ideal – the diamond stitching to the seat back and calf rest, in particular, looks very smart.

Our pram remains our go-to option for getting our baby around – we do not regularly use public transport, nor do we use our stroller every day – so for the occasional use we tend towards it’s ideal. That said, my wife initially had her reservations about the seating position – being one of the more inexpensive strollers on the market, it does not offer the option to be parent-facing (like our pram does) – but this certainly isn’t as a big a concern now as it was initially.

best travel buggy john lewis

Final verdict

A larger selection of recline positions would be useful, although the lie-flat position is certainly helpful for encouraging our son to go to sleep.

Although assembling the John Lewis & Partners Everyday Stroller was straightforward for the most part, there was an element of head-scratching when it came to attaching the hood to the stroller – the instructions really could’ve been clearer, although we did eventually figure it out.

With my wife and I both being over 5’ 10” tall, we would appreciate the handles being adjustable – in their current fixed position, they feel a bit low for us. Neither my wife nor I found that, at 7.1kg, it was especially heavy, though we’re aware there are lighter options on the market.

Any additional features (such as smaller dimensions, parent-facing seat position etc.) would justifiably inflate the price well above £100 and not make the stroller as affordable, therefore – which we consider to be one of its strengths.

Lorna White is the Senior Digital Writer for Mother&Baby. After running the Yours magazine website, specialising in content about caring for kids and grandchildren, Lorna brought her expertise to Mother&Baby in 2020. She has a keen interest in a range of topics from potty training and nutrition to baby names and early development and has a wide range of experienced medical experts and professionals at her fingertips. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two young sisters, dog walking and enjoying the outdoors with her family.

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Baby Travel Systems & Travel Bundles

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Babyzen YOYO² Chassis & Colour Pack Bundle, Stone/Black

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Coco/ Black

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Coco/ Black

Save £43.98 (bundle price includes saving)

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Black/Essential Black

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Black/Essential Black

Save £43.98 (Bundle price includes saving)

BABYZEN YOYO² Chassis, Bassinet & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Aqua

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Save £149.98 (Bundle price includes saving)

Bugaboo Dragonfly Pushchair, Carrycot & Accessories Essential Bundle, Midnight Black

Bugaboo Dragonfly Pushchair, Carrycot & Accessories Essential Bundle, Midnight Black

Save £184.80 (Bundle price includes saving)

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Midnight Black/Essential Black

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Midnight Black/Essential Black

Save £119.60 (Bundle price includes saving)

Bugaboo Dragonfly Pushchair, Carrycot & Accessories Essential Bundle, Forest Green

Bugaboo Dragonfly Pushchair, Carrycot & Accessories Essential Bundle, Forest Green

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Biscotti/Black

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Biscotti/Black

BABYZEN YOYO² Chassis, Newborn Kit & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Aqua

Babyzen YOYO² Chassis, Newborn Kit & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Aqua

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Truffle/Essential Black

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Truffle/Essential Black

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Grey/Essential Black

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Grey/Essential Black

BABYZEN YOYO² Chassis & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Ginger

Babyzen YOYO² Chassis & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Ginger

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair, Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat with Base & Accessories Ultimate Bundle, Forest Green

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair, Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat with Base & Accessories Ultimate Bundle, Forest Green

Save £185.70 (Bundle price includes saving)

BABYZEN YOYO² Chassis & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Air France Blue

Babyzen YOYO² Chassis & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Air France Blue

Babyzen YOYO² Chassis & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Taupe

Babyzen YOYO² Chassis & Colour Pack Bundle, Black/Taupe

Silver Cross Reef Pushchair, Carrycot & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size Car Seat and FamilyFix 360 Pro Base Bundle, Earth/ Black

Silver Cross Reef Pushchair, Carrycot & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size Car Seat and FamilyFix 360 Pro Base Bundle, Earth/ Black

Babyzen YOYO² Chassis, Newborn Kit & Colour Pack Bundle, Stone/Black

Babyzen YOYO² Chassis, Newborn Kit & Colour Pack Bundle, Stone/Black

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair, Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat with Base & Accessories Ultimate Bundle, Midnight Black

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair, Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat with Base & Accessories Ultimate Bundle, Midnight Black

Bugaboo Dragonfly Pushchair & Carrycot, Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat with Base & Accessories Ultimate Bundle, Midnight Black

Bugaboo Dragonfly Pushchair & Carrycot, Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat with Base & Accessories Ultimate Bundle, Midnight Black

Save £248.75 (Bundle price includes saving)

Uppababy Cruz V2 Pushchair with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Noa/Essential Black

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Pushchair with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Noa/Essential Black

Save £104.95

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair & Accessories Essential Bundle, Forest Green

Bugaboo Fox 5 Pushchair & Accessories Essential Bundle, Forest Green

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Truffle/Essential Graphite

iCandy Peach 7 Pushchair & Accessories with Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Baby Car Seat and Base Bundle, Truffle/Essential Graphite

best travel buggy john lewis

10 of the best all-terrain and 3-wheeler buggies for 2024

Whether it's on muddy woodland walks, uneven cobbles or even wet sand on the beach, we've chosen the best pushchairs and travel systems that are specially made for handling rough terrain

best travel buggy john lewis

  • Emily Longman Wall
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All-terrain pushchairs do exactly what they say on the tin – they are designed to tackle all and any terrain, from smooth tarmac to rough, uneven and bumpy ground. Most models have special features, such as sturdy suspension and large puncture-proof types, making them an ideal choice if you live in the countryside or regularly take your pushchair off-road. There’s a whole range of 3- and 4-wheelers on the market made with this purpose in mind, we have chosen the very best across a wide range of prices and features.

For more buggy options, take a look at our best lightweight buggies and strollers . Plus, the best compact-folding buggies can help you save space if you're limited with it at home.

Best all-terrain and 3-wheeler buggies at a glance

  • Best value all-terrain stroller: Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger Stroller & Newborn Cocoon, £319
  • Best compact all-terrain buggy: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, from £489
  • Best all-terrain buggy for uneven terrain: UPPAbaby Ridge, from £819.99
  • Best 4-wheeler all-terrain pushchair: Bugaboo Fox 5, from £1115
  • Best lightweight all-terrain stroller: Out'n'About Nipper v5, £425
  • Best all-terrain buggy for active families: Thule Urban Glide 2, £799.99
  • Best all-terrain buggy for all weathers: Noordi Fjordi travel system, from £1049
  • Best all-terrain buggy for city and country living: iCandy Core, from £995
  • Best slimline all-terrain double: Mountain Buggy Duet V3, £709
  • Best for colourful pattern choices: Roma Atlas, £450

What to consider when buying an all-terrain pushchair

Wheel size – The general principle is the larger the wheel, the better it will handle rough terrain. Many regular pushchairs have two larger wheels at the back and two smaller ones at the front. All-terrains with large wheels both front and back will give you and your baby the easiest ride and lightest push even over very rough terrain.

Tyre type – Air-filled tyres give the smoothest of rides on the bumpiest of grounds, so if you’re looking for a really tough all-terrain or a buggy you can jog with, these are a great option. However, they are prone to punctures and you’ll need to carry a repair kit. Increasingly, we’re seeing all-terrain pushchairs designed with foam- or gel-filled tyres, which handle rough terrain very well but can add weight.

Suspension – Good suspension will also help to make off-road pushing easier and the journey more comfortable for your baby. Some all-terrains feature adjustable or heavy-duty suspension and shock absorbers.

More like this

Number of wheels – A 4-wheel pushchair offers stability and often a bigger shopping basket, as they don’t narrow at the front. However, 3-wheel models tend to be easier to manoeuvre over rough ground (particularly lumps and bumps, such as high kerbs and tree roots) due to the single steer at the front.

Weight and size – All-terrain pushchairs tend to be quite heavy and bulky compared to standard pushchairs. Think about how often you’re going to be lifting your pushchair when folded (e.g. loading it into a car boot or carrying up stairs). Often, 3-wheelers have large back wheels, which can make the pushchair quite wide. While you can also use an all-terrain pushchair for walking around town, it is worth noting that the width of some models can make it difficult to navigate the smaller spaces and aisles inside shops.

Accessories – The joys of UK weather mean that we can encounter rain all year round. If you’re out on long walks a rain cover will be essential, so check if this is included in the price or if you have to buy it separately, along with other accessories such as a footmuff for winter or a cup holder.

Fabric – Are the fabrics waterproof? If you plan to take your pushchair off-road, then you will certainly have to factor in getting it muddy and damp, especially with 3-wheelers being closer to the ground, so check if the fabric is water and mud resistant.

Do I need to buy an all-terrain pushchair?

Yes – If you regularly encounter bumpy terrain, especially if you live in a rural area, a standard pushchair or pram might not have the features to help you tackle this with ease. For example, regular pushchairs that have small wheels at the front can quickly get clogged up with grass, sticks and mud that may prevent the wheels from turning.

Probably not – If you’re looking for a buggy that will be able to handle occasional country walks and regular trips to the park. A regular pushchair is likely to be able to handle these kinds of terrains, as long as it has reasonable-sized rear wheels. The only buggies that really struggle with very rough terrain are strollers with small front and rear wheels and little suspension.

Are all-terrain pushchairs suitable from birth?

Most of the pushchairs on our list are suitable from birth, either with a separate carrycot or a lie-flat seat. However, according to standards that assess whether a pushchair is suitable from birth, "lie-flat" only has to be 150°, not 180°.

Given the scientific evidence behind keeping your newborn baby lying flat in a pushchair , we recommend that if you’re using this pushchair on a frequent and regular basis with your newborn, you use either a carrycot or choose a model with a full 180° flat recline.

How much does an all-terrain pushchair cost?

Depending on your budget size and how much you are willing to spend, prices can vary significantly. All-terrain pushchairs tend to start in the mid-range market and go up to higher-end models – we have highlighted models starting from £199 to over £1,000.

Consider how much you are willing to invest, but leave some wiggle room in case you want to buy extra accessories such as a newborn carrycot or raincover, which sometimes don’t come included.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best all-terrain pushchairs and 3-wheelers:

1. ickle bubba venus prime jogger stroller & newborn cocoon, £319, — best value all-terrain stroller.

Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger Stroller & Newborn Cocoon tester picture and product shot

Suitable from: birth (with newborn cocoon) to 22kg | Weight: 12.3kg | Unfolded dimensions: H107.5cm x W60cm x L118cm | Folded dimensions: H40cm x W60cm x L90cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Raincover included: Yes | Awards: Gold — All-terrain pushchair, MadeForMums Awards

With a strong and robust chassis, large air-filled tyres with reflective trims, a self-locking front wheel and wrist strap — the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger stroller is a high-performing all-terrain option that truly offers excellent value for money. Thanks to its great all-terrain features, it handles really well when going over rough ground and is a dream to push. "I can't fault the steering of the pushchair," said MFM reviewer Alice (pictured above), who tested the all-terrain stroller with her newborn baby. "On our walks across the local bumpy football field, it handles the terrain with ease. My 5-week-old happily sleeps through the bumps."

The newborn cocoon is included in the price and, according to reviewer Alice, it's "padded, breathable, cosy and warm," making this a great all-terrain option for newborns. However, the cocoon is narrower and smaller than most traditional carrycots and it can be fiddly to remove from the chassis. The seat unit is roomy, padded and ventilated and should be comfortable for your baby or toddler, even when going off-road thanks to its impressive suspension. There is also an adjustable handlebar and an easy-to-access roomy shopping basket.

Once your baby is old enough, you can also jog with the pushchair. Parent tester Michaela tried jogging with it with her 10-month-old baby: "we have used this buggy for everyday use as well as for running and enjoy pushing it as it is super smooth on all terrains. I will 100% be recommending it to anyone looking for one either in the running community or for general use."

The Venus Prime Jogger also has one of the most compact folds in our list and, to make it even smaller, the large wheels are easy to take off. Parent tester Michaela said "the stroller is compact when folded, it took up hardly any space in the car boot or whilst storing at home, Once folded, it's easy to pick up and carry whilst being fairly lightweight."

Pros: Stylish, very smooth ride, great value, compact when folded, good basket, able to jog with, accessories included Cons: Larger babies might outgrow the newborn cocoon, only one colour option

Read our full MadeForMums Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger Stroller & Newborn Cocoon review

Available from: Ickle Bubba , Jolly Tots , Lily Cuddles

2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, £489 (+ £244 for carrycot)

— best compact all-terrain buggy.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 tester picture and product shots

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 10.3kg | Unfolded dimensions: H112.5cm x W65cm x L105cm | Folded dimensions: H26.5cm x W65cm x L78cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type : Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 8.5″ | Suspension: All-wheel suspension | Raincover included: No | Awards: Silver — All-terrain pushchair, MadeForMums Awards

Proving that all-terrain pushchairs don’t have to be large and cumbersome, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is a streamlined design that offers lots of all-terrain handling in a smaller package.

Despite having relatively small wheels for an all-terrain buggy, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 boasts all-wheel suspension that allows you to negotiate any terrain with speed and ease. “It glides across all surfaces, giving your child a smooth ride,” said MFM reviewer Becky (pictured above). “Its agility makes it a great option for those who like rugged family adventures off the beaten track.”

But the real standout feature for our MFM reviewer and testers was its super simple one-handed fold – you just pull on the 2 separate loops located on the seat. One of our testers did note that the seat fabric is left exposed on the outside once folded which “could easily get muddy/worn when in storage/being taken in and out of the car boot”. However, this is where the freestanding fold comes in handy, making it easier to keep clean and store.

Another popular feature is its hand-operated brake on the right-hand side. “Although I found the handbrake a little hard to get used to, its position means there is no chance of kicking the brake by accident while walking along,” commented MFM reviewer Becky – particularly useful when pushing across uneven ground.

Pros: Compact size, one-hand fold, puncture-free, hand-operated brake Cons: Seat left exposed once folded, not as smooth off-road as bigger all-terrains

Read our full MadeForMums Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 review

Available from: Amazon , Boots , Very and John Lewis

3. UPPAbaby Ridge, £819.99 (+£239.99 for carrycot)

— best all-terrain buggy for uneven terrain.

UPPAbaby Ridge tester picture and products shots of carrycot, pushchair and pushchair folded

Suitable from: birth (with additional carrycot) to 22kg (approx. 4 years old) | Weight: pushchair 13.2kg; carrycot 4kg | Unfolded dimensions: H120cm x W66cm x L104cm | Folded dimensions: H92.7cm x W66cm x L47cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 40.6cm | Suspension: Two-stage suspension | Raincover included: Yes

UPPAbaby's all-terrain offering, the Ridge, has a host of brilliant features that make handling a range of terrains easy and will provide a comfortable ride for your baby or toddler. As well as large, foam-filled tyres and great suspension, it also has an adjustable handlebar, an easy one-handed fold and generous storage space — including a large, covered basket and a handy zipped pocket on the pushchair's hood.

Whether you're nipping around town or headed on a muddy, woodland walk, the responsive suspension system with variable coil springs allows the Ridge to tackle either terrain with ease. The impressive suspension, along with a deep, padded seat means that your child should remain comfy and secure no matter what surfaces you're tackling. Parent tester Aisling, who tested the pushchair with her 15-month-old son (pictured above) really rated how comfortable the Ridge was for her child, saying "the seat is very well padded and the harness is very secure. My child seemed very content, he normally hates going over really rough terrain but I didn't hear a peep out of him while traversing the bumps when heading into the forest across large rocks and fallen branches."

Its ease of steering and handling is really one of the pushchair's standout features. MFM reviewer Hayley, who tested the Ridge with her 7 month old, particularly rated how easy it is to push: "the incredibly light steering is one of the best things about the Ridge, it feels really nippy and agile. It's very easy to manoeuvre around tight corners and easy to go up and down kerbs." Christy, head of Consumer Content at MadeForMums, tested the Ridge with her 21 month old on bumpy woodland and long grass and was also really impressed by how well it handled, particularly across trickier surfaces: "the large wheels and good suspension meant I felt confident putting the Ridge through its paces on rougher ground, and it coped well, even when going over large tree roots on a slope."

You can easily lock the front wheel with a push of a button and the foam-filled never-flat tyres means you're not at risk of getting a puncture. All 3 testers did note that the rear wheels are considerably large which can make storing the pushchair (especially when folded in a car boot) quite tricky. The wheels do click off easily which will make it easier to store, but do bear in mind that you may need to do this when the wheels are dirty.

The seat unit is world-facing only and is suitable for babies from 6 months old, however it is compatible with an UPPAbaby carrycot , or you can buy car seat adaptors and attach a compatible infant carrier.

Pros: Sleek, robust, exceptional steering, large basket Cons: Expensive, bulky wheels

Read our full MadeForMums UPPAbaby Ridge review

Available from: John Lewis , Very and Pramworld

4. Bugaboo Fox 5, from £1115

— best 4-wheeler all-terrain pushchair.

Bugaboo Fox 5 pushchair tester picture and product shot with carrycot, pushchair and pushchair folded

Suitable from: birth (with carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 10.4-12.2kg | Unfolded dimensions: H105cm x W60cm x L93cm | Folded dimension (one-piece): H90cm x W60cm x L44cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 30cm | Suspension: Central joint suspension | Raincover included: Yes

For a pushchair that suits both city and country life, Bugaboo’s popular Fox 5 has impressive all-terrain features including smooth suspension, a robust chassis and large puncture-proof wheels. Plus, there's some great parent-friendly features as well, such a generous 10kg basket, a one-handed fold and a one-handed adjustable handlebar.

MFM reviewer Alex (pictured above) tested the Fox 5 with her 8-week-old son and 2-year-old daughter and thought the buggy was a joy to push, saying "it feels very light to push with both the baby and toddler inside." She was also impressed by how well the Fox 5 handled on difficult different terrain: "on pavements, wooden decking and roads, it glides along, and I didn't have a problem going through water or muddy/boggier areas. Uneven ground including tree roots and stones were, of course, less smooth, but my baby didn't complain. Going up an down kerbs is a dream."

The Fox 5 is definitely one of the pricier all-terrain buggy options on our list, but the carrycot comes included in the price, which reviewer Alex really rated: "it feels very spacious... my eight-week-old baby was content inside and slept happily in it on walks out an about," making this a great all-terrain option for a newborn. The carrycot is also suitable for overnight sleeping when used the additional Bugaboo carrycot stand. Once your baby has outgrown the bassinet, it then easily converts into a toddler seat, which is a brilliant concept that saves on money and space. The seat unit can both world and parent face and impressively grows with your child, with its highest setting being 59cm from floor to seat.

We also like that you can adapt the fold depending on your storage space. The most compact fold comes from removing the seat and storing it in 2 pieces (however, it can be quite tricky to fold this way). You can also fold it with the seat (and even carrycot) attached and leave it free-standing. Alex said that when folded, "the buggy doesn't take up much space, picking it up is very straightforward and we found it fitted easily inside our car boot."

Pros: Excellent suspension, spacious carrycot, eco-friendly materials, responsive Cons: Expensive, tricky to build, tricky fold

Read our full MadeForMums Bugaboo Fox 5 review

Available from: Bugaboo , John Lewis and Mamas&Papas

5. Out ‘n’ About Nipper V5, £425

— best lightweight all-terrain stroller.

Out n About Nipper v5 product shots

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat seat or carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 9.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: H97cm x W61.5cm x L116cm | Folded dimensions: H42.5cm x W61.5cm x L94cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 12″ | Suspension: Front and rear suspension | Raincover included: Yes

Out 'n' About has a well-established reputation when it comes to all-terrain pushchairs and the latest version of their Nipper pushchair is a worthy addition to the range. There’s no denying that the Nipper is ideal for long walks over multiple terrains and it's a great option if you're looking for a multi-purpose pushchair that can also handle going off-road and jogging. Its 360 swivel lockable front wheel, air-filled tyres and great suspension will make going over rough ground a breeze and it's also suitable for jogging with, once your baby is old enough. Other great features on the new V5 include technical water-resistant fabrics, a large extendable hood and a new one-handed fold.

The seat is world-facing only and does recline flat so can be used from birth, but you can also attach a carrycot or car seat. The seat itself is spacious and padded with an improved 5-point harness so your baby or toddler should remain comfortable and secure as you navigate off-road. For an all-terrain buggy, the storage options are impressive too. There's a reasonably-sized removable shopping basket, zip pockets in the hood and a pouch on the rear of the seat unit which is great for keeping essentials to hand.

It's one of the lower priced options on our list but its quality is clear — it's a great off-road buggy that will help you navigate rough ground and muddy walks — plus, accessories such as a bumper bar and raincover come included.

Pros: Smooth ride, lightweight, able to jog with, one-piece and one-handed fold, accessories included Cons: Long length

Available from: Out'n'About , Amazon and Very

6. Thule Urban Glide 2, £799.99

— best all-terrain buggy for active families.

Thule Urban Glide 2 tester picture and products shots with carrycot and seat unit

Suitable from: birth (carrycot) to 22kg (approx 4 years old) | Weight: 11.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: H101.6cm x W68.6cm x L104.5cm | Folded dimensions: H87.5cm x W69cm x L34cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 16″ | Suspension: Rear only | Raincover included: Yes

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is a sleek option in the all-terrain market, especially if you're looking for an option you can run with. There's an ergonomic handle, the front swivel wheel can be locked to provide greater control over rougher terrain, it has large 16'' air-filled rear wheels, great suspension and an integrated twist handbrake. Plus reflective rims on the wheels and canopy are useful if you're out and about in dark or low light conditions.

MFM reviewer Kath, who tested the Urban Glide 2 with her newborn and 3 year old (pictured above), was really impressed with the buggy when she put its terrain-tackling capabilities to the test: "it navigates well over grass, bumpy pavements, cobbles and dirt tracks and I found it easy to get up and down kerbs." She also found it quite pleasant to jog with, saying "the 16″ rear wheels and lockable ‘swivel’ front wheel, make for a stable jogging experience. The tyres are inflatable so need pumping every now and again, and the stroller has built-in suspension, making it a smooth ride for anyone on board." For extra comfort for your baby or toddler, there is integrated ventilation in the seat (that can be reclined using one hand) and there's even 2 mesh pockets on the inside of the seat that can be used for snacks or toys.

If you're looking for an all-terrain option that will still be useful day-to-day, the Urban Glide 2 has some great features that help it go from hills to the high street — the standout one being its storage. As MFM reviewer Kath said, "this buggy is blessed for storage space" — it has a spacious basket with a zip-top cover, a rear mesh pocket handy for keeping essentials like your phone and keys, plus the 2 smaller mesh pockets on the inside of the seat unit.

However, although the large wheels make this a great buggy for jogging with and for tackling tricky terrain, it does mean that the buggy's footprint is quite wide and it may struggle to get through some more narrow spaces. This is something to consider when it's folded too — although the fold is relatively compact for this type of buggy, you may need to take the wheels off (which is easily done) to get it to fit in more compact spaces like a small car boot.

Pros: Stylish, great manoeuvrability, good storage, able to jog with Cons: Expensive, large width

Read the full MadeForMums Thule Urban Glide 2 review

Available from: John Lewis

7. Noordi Fjordi travel system, from £1049

— best all-terrain buggy for all-weathers.

Noordi Fjordi travel system tester picture and product shots of carrycot, pushchair and pushchair folded

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and carrycot) | Weight: pushchair 8.8kg; carrycot 4kg | Unfolded dimensions: H114.5 – 121cm x W60cm x L102.5cm | Folded dimensions: H106cm x W60cm x L99cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Real-Gel | Suspension: Four-wheel shock absorption system | Raincover included: Yes

Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, the Noordi Fjordi travel system focuses on keeping children comfortable in all types of weather. For £1049 you get an all-terrain pushchair, carrycot, infant car seat and adaptors, as well as a changing bag, raincover and cup holder – representing great value for money. Parent tester Rachel, who tested the pushchair with her 4 month old, found that all parts of the travel system worked seamlessly with each other and said that "each attachment feels built to last and all connect together really well."

When you are walking over bumpy trails and footpaths, an important consideration for an all-terrain pushchair is the quality of the suspension – especially if your baby is sleeping! The Fjordi doesn't disappoint. It boasts adjustable four-wheel suspension and puncture-proof gel wheels. MFM reviewer Sadia, who tested the travel system with her 5 month old (pictured above) and 3 year old said that it "was a joy to push around. It handles beautifully, can be steered easily with one hand and veered between pavement and indoor shop floors without so much as a bump, navigating cracked pavements and tree roots rising through paving slabs with ease."

Our testers were also impressed with the buggy's ergonomic features, such as the height-adjustable handle. Parent tester Verity, who tested the travel system with her baby and toddler added, "well made, gorgeous to push and stacked with clever features, the Noordi offers a comfortable place for both my baby and my toddler and it’s held up in good condition on our many (many) lockdown walks!"

Pros: Adjustable suspension, all-weather fabrics, robust Cons: Bulky to fold

Read our full MadeForMums Noordi Fjordi travel system review

Available from: Johnston Prams , Pram Centre and Pramworld

8. iCandy Core, from £995

— best all-terrain buggy for city and country living.

iCandy Core tester picture and product shots including pushchair folded and with different wheelbase

Suitable from: birth (carrycot) to 25kg | Weight: 11.5kg with urban wheelbase, 12.6kg with rural wheelbase | Unfolded dimensions: H105cm x W61cm x L68cm | Folded dimensions: H75.5cm x W61.5cm x L69cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type : Foam-filled | Suspension: All-wheel suspension | Raincover included: Yes

Although not a traditional all-terrain pushchair, the latest offering from iCandy — the Core — has a range of features that make it a worthy contender if you're looking for a pushchair to use on multiple types of terrains such as woodland walks or strolls on the high street.

One of the standout features of the Core, and what makes it a great all-terrain option, is the multi-mode wheelbase. The pushchair comes with two sets of wheels: a 'rural' set which is a longer, more substantial wheelbase for handling tricky terrain and an 'urban' set which is shorter and lighter, transforming the Core into more of a lightweight, compact stroller. MFM reviewer Tara, who tested the pushchair with her 5 month old (pictured) and 3 year old, says "it's simple to adjust the chassis from country to city mode and swap to the smaller wheels."

The rural wheelbase, whilst offering larger wheels that, according to MFM reviewer Tara "perform really well on the open forest, grass, gravel tracks and market town cobbles," understandably doesn't handle as well on rougher ground as some of the other options on our list with larger wheels. However, if you're looking for a compact or lightweight pushchair that you can transform to take on woodland or forest walks, the Core quite efficiently ticks both boxes.

There's also a host of other impressive features such as an adjustable handlebar, integrated toddler ride-on board, spacious basket with drainage hole, large padded seat unit as well as the game-changing LED Visibility lights located on each side of the buggy. The lights are easy to use, rechargeable and really help to improve visibility if you're out walking in dark or low light conditions.

The Core has a sleek and stylish design and knitted jersey fabrics that will keep your baby or toddler comfortable. Although one of the more expensive options on our list, the features and various ways of using the buggy really make it stand out — plus for the price you get a range of accessories including seat elevators, a bag for the wheels, car seat adaptors and a raincover.

Pros: Interchangeable rural and urban wheels, LED hub light, large and comfy seat, stylish Cons: Expensive, tricky to fold, won't perform as well on rougher terrain

Read our full MadeForMums iCandy Core review

Available from: John Lewis , iCandy and Mamas&Papas

9. Mountain Buggy Duet V3, £709 (+ £189 per carrycot)

— best slimline all-terrain double buggy.

3 Product shots of Mountain Buggy Duet V3

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and carrycot) to 4 years | Weight: 14.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: H115cm x W63cm x L115cm | Folded dimensions: H63cm x W89cm x L31cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type : Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 10″ | Suspension: All-round suspension | Raincover included: No

Mountain Buggy has designed the Duet to be the slimmest side-by-side double on the market at 63cm, taking up the same footprint as a single. “Despite the seat’s narrow width both my 3- and 4-year-old girls fit into the toddler seat very comfortably,” commented MFM reviewer Sybilla.

Patience is definitely needed when trying to assemble the Duet, taking our reviewer around 45 minutes to put it together. However, once assembled its suspension and the air-filled tyres make steering this a breeze over bumpy terrain. “You won’t have any problems changing direction or lifting the Duet onto the pavement or kerb,” said Sybilla. “Not only is it light, but it’s also easy to steer and you can change direction at the drop of a hat.”

The hand-operated brake also gives a little more control going downhill or over uneven ground, which can be a welcome addition when pushing 2 children on steep ground.

Its 1-piece fold removes the hassle of having to take off the seats, but this also means it doesn’t offer the most compact of folds. Although it’s light to push, at 14.7kg, it’s not so light to lift once folded as one MFM user found: “It’s quite heavy to lift into a car.”

Pros: Ultra-slim, lighter weight for a double, easy to manoeuvre Cons: Narrow seats and bassinet, difficult to assemble

Read our full MadeForMums Mountain Buggy Duet review

Available from: Samuel Johnston , Amazon and Mountain Buggy

10. Roma Atlas, £450

— best for colourful pattern choices.

Roma Atlas product shots

Suitable from: 3 months to 15kg (approx 3 years old) | Weight: 10.4kg | Unfolded dimensions: H110cm x W67cm x L90cm | Folded dimensions: H35cm x W67cm x L90cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 10″ | Raincover included: Yes

If you're looking for a buggy you can use everyday but can also handle rougher ground on all-terrain walks, the Roma Atlas is a great option. As well as great features such as an easy-to-use and responsive brake pedal, adjustable handlebar, a generously-sized sturdy basket and a large, extendable 50+ UV hood, it also copes really well on tricky terrain.

Parent tester Rebecca thought that the standout quality of the Roma Atlas was how well it performs as an off-road buggy, saying "it moves smoothly and easily, turning corners nimbly and goes up and down hills without working up too much of a sweat. It glides over pavements, leaps over grass and tackles cobbles and woodland paths happily." Parent tester Kayleigh, who also tested the Atlas agreed that it is "an absolute breeze" to push on pavements even one-handed. She continued, "the stroller tackled mud, grass, gravel, woodland and rocky pathways in the park all without any difficulty in steering."

The large, puncture proof tyres are robust and durable, plus you can easily lock the front wheel to help tackle tricker terrains. However, Rebecca noted that they are very wide: "they stick out well beyond the width of the handlebar and chassis. This size might cause struggled down narrow paths or tracks and it would not fit through the back door from my garden without removing the rear wheels." The wheels, however, are easy to remove and the pushchair is relatively compact when folded, as parent tester Kayleigh said, "it fits into the boot of our small Skoda Fabia with only one rear wheel needing to be removed (which is easily done)."

The Atlas is also great if you're looking for something that will stand out — there's a choice of reversible seat liner options with bright and colourful patterns such as Khaki Leopard, Sunflower and Dalmatian. The seat liner itself is thick, padded and comfortable and helps to absorb some of the bumpiness of rougher ground.

Pros: Great basket size, sturdy, good hood size Cons: Heavy to lift, not ergonomic, not carrycot compatible

Available from: Roma

How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

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