Effective Travel Advertising Strategy for 2022 + 16 Ad Examples

Ana Predescu

You can’t rely solely on people’s wanderlust when advertising travel services because while it may keep your business afloat, it’s not enough to help you make waves in the industry.

Besides, people’s appetite for traveling is dependent on many factors and may decrease as a result of unforeseen events.

We’ve seen this happen when traveling took a hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is reflected in the industry’s spending data on digital advertising from previous years. While things are improving, a lot is riding on travel ads performing well.

For your vacation advertising efforts to be truly successful, you need a combination of good strategy and creative ads .

Stick with me as I walk you through the steps of building an actionable travel advertising strategy, including identifying your target audience, knowing the customer journey, setting your campaign goals, and measuring ads’ effectiveness.

We’ll also look at 16 travel ad examples from big names in the industry that will surely inspire your future campaign creatives.

If you’re more interested in the ad examples rather than the strategy, use the summary below to jump to that part.

Create Ad Campaigns 1

A. Steps for the perfect advertising strategy 

1. Identify your target audience

2. know the traveler’s customer journey.

3. Set campaign goals

4. Create ads with seasonality in mind

5. Choose the right advertising platform

6. measure your ads’ effectiveness.

B. Inspiring travel advertising examples and templates

A. Steps for The Perfect Advertising Strategy

Advertising takes time, money, as well as other resources, so needless to say, the end goal is to maximize ROI.

The surest way to achieve this is by devising a strategy beforehand, meaning a step-by-step plan to reach the right audience and persuade prospects to choose your travel services over those of your competitors.

On top of giving you a precise course of action, having a strategy also provides a reference to assess your results along the way and re-evaluate the plan if need be.

Here are the key steps you must check to build a strong tourism advertising strategy:

A well-defined target audience is the foundation of any good travel advertising strategy. 

Just think what a waste of resources it would be to target users with no potential to become customers. Narrowing down the group allows you to focus your efforts on reaching those who would benefit most from your travel services.

Plus, with a clear target audience in mind, you can create travel ads that double as personalized customer experiences, proven to be more successful in converting to sales.

To define your audience, make a list of different attributes you’d like your ideal customer to have, a.k.a. build a buyer persona. These attributes can be geographic, demographic, psychographic, or behavioral. 

  • Geographic : anything related to location, including customers’ country, region, city, or even postal code;
  • Demographic : population-based attributes, such as gender, age, education, income, marital status, and so on;
  • Psychographic : personality traits, values, interests, hobbies, and lifestyle aspects;
  • Behavioral : online behaviors according to browsing patterns, spending and purchasing habits, and many others.

The customer journey sums up all interactions a prospect has with a brand during the purchase process, from the first encounter, up until a transaction is completed. 

Commonly, it’s divided into three main stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

However, a traveler’s customer journey differs from the typical model because booking a trip isn’t an easy-to-make purchase decision; quite the opposite—a lot of thought and planning is put into it. 

I mean, would you buy plane tickets as quickly as you would a chocolate bar? Me neither.

So, the customer’s travel journey can be split into the following four to five stages: 

  • Dreaming: whether it’s picturing themselves in a gondola on the canals of Venice or sunbathing in Greece, all soon-to-be travelers begin here.
  • Planning: even the most spontaneous people make some sort of arrangement for their trip, even if it only implies picking a hotel to stay at.
  • Booking: prospects are ready to buy plane tickets and book accommodation. 
  • Experiencing: travelers are enjoying their vacation and making lasting memories.
  • Remembering: this is an optional stage that comes after the traveler’s journey is completed, where you can consolidate the relationship with your brand .

Understanding this customer journey allows you to time your travel advertising to the most favorable moments, specifically when prospects are in the planning and booking stages.

3. Set your travel campaign goals

Goals or objectives give your travel campaigns a clear direction and help you measure progress along the way, so you don’t lose sight of the value of your work.

To yield the best results, you should set your campaign goals according to the S.M.A.R.T. criteria. The acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, all qualities your goals should have.

A few of the most common goals that can aid your campaign’s success are the following:

  • Increase brand awareness by getting your travel services on the radar of potential customers;
  • Grow website traffic or attract new visitors to your company’s website;
  • Drive consideration through campaigns that promote different travel services;
  • Generate leads , whether that means new subscribers to a newsletter or prospects filling out a form to find out more about an offer;
  • Boost conversions , a.k.a. make sales.

4. Create travel ads with seasonality in mind

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain . 

Well, not really. It falls along Spain’s northern coast and mountains. But the country has its meteorological particularities, as do all travel destinations .

Tourism is highly dependent on weather conditions. As a general rule, there are three seasons in the travel industry: peak season, shoulder season, and off-season.

Demand usually hits an all-year high in summertime (mid-June through August), known as the peak season or high season.

From April to mid-June and from September to October is the shoulder season, during which people still travel, but not as much as they do during peak season.

All travel businesses experience a decline in sales from November to March during what is known as the off-season.

However, seasonality isn’t necessarily a negative thing for travel marketing as it allows you to have a clear perspective over the following months.

Try to stay mindful of seasonal patterns and trends as you will understand when prospects want to purchase plane tickets, accommodation, or all-inclusive offers to specific destinations. Timing your creative ads and tailoring your messaging according to these seasons might help you influence purchase decisions.

There are numerous advertising platforms available, and the easiest way to identify the most suitable ones for your brand is to look where your customers are spending time.

Generally, the following three platforms are obvious choices for most businesses:

Google Ads: Running search or display campaigns on the Google ad network allows you to leverage Google’s massive reach and advanced targeting options to get in front of potential customers exactly when they are looking for travel services.

Social media ads: Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, advertising on social media helps you increase brand recognition and reach a wider audience at the same time. Plus, it gives you the chance to experiment with a wide range of ad formats, including image and video ads.

Email marketing: Email offers a direct communication channel with customers that you can use to send personalized messaging, as well as discounts and special offers. Besides, it’s a cost-effective marketing method that provides easily measurable results.

Even with a killer strategy up your sleeve, things might not go as expected. And even if they do, measuring the success of your travel campaign is vital to understanding how your vacation ads are performing. 

If everything is going well, you’ll know what to repeat with future campaigns, and in the opposite scenario, you’ll figure out how to optimize ads for success.

Luckily each advertising platform, including Google and Facebook , offers relevant metrics known as KPIs (key performance indicators) to track for the most popular campaign objectives. Hence, you know exactly what to look at.

Things work differently for email marketing campaigns, as you need third-party tools that also enable email automation to measure campaign performance.

B. Inspiring Travel Advertising Examples and Templates

On to the part everyone has been waiting for, here are 17 travel ad examples that succeed in capturing audiences’ attention in one way or another:

Expedia: Chase new experiences

expedia display ad sea

Let’s kick things off with an industry giant—Expedia. These two creative ads from the same campaign work so well because they promote experiences tourists can have in Marocco rather than the destination itself.

The font pairing is a match made in heaven, and the copy conveys a powerful message when teamed up with the beautiful scenery photos.

Kayak: Group trip without the drama

kayak group trip ad

This Kayak display ad gets the struggle of planning a trip with a large group of friends. No matter how tight the relationships are, it’s bound to be a bumpy road.

While design-wise, the ad might not be too impressive, the copy makes audiences feel understood, which is why I think it deserves a place on this travel ad examples list.

JetBlue: Stretch your legs, not your wallet

JetBlue leg room static ad

Moving on to a different traveling pain point, we have this witty JetBlue Facebook ad that promotes the airline’s extra option to have up to 7″ more legroom in coach class.

The simple illustrated design is elevated by the ad copy that manages to capture viewers’ attention and say so much with so few words.

As this is one of my favorite travel ads on this list, I couldn’t resist including a second Facebook ad from the same campaign, a video one this time.

Once again, the funny ad copy is the star, suggesting you don’t have to be a billionaire such as the likes of Jeff Bezos to get to space, which is a clever way of saying JetBlue travelers can get more legroom at an affordable price.

Carta Travel: Tailor made travel experiences

creatopy travel ad template carta travel

Edit this template

Pictures have the power to transport viewers to different locations, so many travel ads use them to do just that. This template is no exception, using a photograph of a beautiful sunset as its main focus.

If you’d like to create similar designs for your business, open this template in Creatopy and customize it with different elements from our extensive library.

Lufthansa: The joy of flying

lufthansa display ad

The view from an airplane window has become representative of traveling. Many people pay extra money to sit in the window seat when flying or rejoice when randomly assigned to it.

The German company Lufthansa chose this specific image to evoke the joy of flying and invite viewers to click this half-page display ad promoting the over 200 worldwide destinations in their portfolio.

Air France: Le Rendez-Vous

This animated Air France display ad compares a trip in business class to an anticipated first date, embodying the french elegance and romantic spirit. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from France’s flag carrier.

The ad is also a lesson in consistency, as the brand’s distinctive personality is instantly recognizable thanks to the blue, white, and red color palette, as well as the emblematic logo.

Tripadvisor & Visit Orlando: Explore Unexpected

tripadvisor and visit orlando facebook ad

The Tripadvisor Facebook ad above encourages users to take a different kind of trip from the comfort of their own home—an interactive voice tour of Orlando.

The different shades of teal used for the ad’s design help it stand out on the Facebook feed, while the choice to use a single font ensures the text’s high readability.

Delta Air Lines: Your ticket to more travels

Delta Air Lines uses footage of an idyllic destination to catch the eye right before inviting users to learn more about the miles reward program through the CTA of this Facebook video ad.

The copy aims to persuade by linking the reward card to states of wonder, serenity, and inspiration, all of which can be achieved through traveling.

Hilton: Where the pets stay

hilton hotels facebook ad

Now, this ad will make a lot of pet owners go aww . I mean, it can’t be just me swooning at the idea of traveling with my cat.

It’s true Hilton is targeting a niche audience with this adorable Facebook ad that announces pets are welcome in their hotels. Still, even travelers outside the ad’s target audience are likely to smile at the cute animal photos and the pet-away wordplay in the copy.

Traveloom: A great stay is a happy memory

creatopy travel ad template

Is there a more effective way to advertise for hotels and resorts than by using actual pictures from the location? I don’t think so, as all travelers want to see where they will stay before booking accommodation.

This fully customizable Facebook template can be adjusted for any use case by adding and replacing design elements in Creatopy’s drag and drop editor. Find your perfect somewhere knows how important compatibility between a tourist and its booked hotel is. So much so that they compare it to that between lovers, stressing the importance of choosing the right hotel.

The hotel description narrated in the first person by the personified boutique hotel immediately draws viewers into this upbeat ad. It is reminiscent of about me sections on match-making websites, further supported by the tagline Find your perfect somewhere , which sounds similar to Find your perfect someone . Overall, a great example of video storytelling.

Airbnb: Turn the world into a field trip

airbnb newsletter ad

This colorful newsletter ad promotes Airbnb’s Field Trips, a collection of online experiences from around the world targeted at kids. 

This time around, the visual part outshines the ad copy, as the bright-colored background catches the eye instantly, and the exciting collage image prompts viewers to click the CTA button that invites them to Explore Field Trips .

Vacasa: Make check-in a breeze

vacasa newsletter ad

The vacation rental company Vacasa aims to increase app installs with this clean and sharp-looking newsletter ad that promises a stress-free trip experience where travelers needn’t worry about aspects like hotel check-in, home entry codes, or wi-fi connection.

Viewers get a glimpse of how the app looks thanks to two mobile phone screens placed on a color block backdrop, which is a great selling point.

Visit Greece: All you want is Greece

The classic problem and solution approach works here because the ad’s characters are so relatable that viewers can easily identify with them. 

Wrapping It Up

As seen from the strategy tips and ad examples in this article, understanding and connecting with the customer is key in the travel industry. 

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new that you can implement when planning your future travel campaign or designing ads for it.

Let us know what you found most helpful, and feel free to share your own travel advertising tips in the comment section below.

Ana Predescu

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5 Best Travel Facebook Ad Examples (And What Works)

  • International Tour Operators
  • Group & Multi-Day travel
  • Wellness & Retreats

As you probably already know, social media works really in the travel industry. As the largest social advertising platform with a reach of over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook should be forming an integral part of your social advertising strategy.

Facebook's advertising platform is really intuitive which makes setting up an ad fairly easy, even for a first timer. However, getting an ad to perform according to your desired outcomes is a much greater challenge. In this post, we will take a look at a few Facebook ad examples for travel companies and highlight the key attributes that made them a success.

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5 Successful Travel Company Facebook Ad Examples

The first of our travel Facebook ad examples is TourRadar , a well-known online travel marketplace that specializes in multi-day tour group offerings. To boost conversions on their website they set up a campaign using Facebook travel ads and destination ads.

Results they achieved

The campaign was a great success, and over a twelve-month period they doubled their conversion rate and halved their cost per booking. Additionally, they reached over 1.2 million people with relevant ads every month.

Ad format used

How did they do it? They used carousel ads which provided tour headlines, gave prices, showed destination images, mentioned discounts, and had a call to action to showcase their tours to interested travelers who had browsed online but not booked.

To pack more punch, they also set up destination ads which used relevant images and product information to target people who had shown interest online in a destination. The goal here was to entice them to visit the TourRadar website. These ads were also directed to people who had viewed specific tours on their own website.

TourRadar targeted travelers who had already shown interest in a particular tour or destination with key information curated into one visually appealing ad. As a result of using their own first party data which they passed onto Facebook, they were able to fulfill the objectives of the campaign.

TourRadar Facebook ad examples

Trentino Marketing

Next on our list of success stories is Trentino Marketing . This public tourist board wanted to develop tourism in the very scenic Trentino in Italy. We’ve included them as one of our Facebook ad examples to show how they managed to raise awareness and reach new markets for the destination.

Campaign results

Their four-month Facebook advertising campaign saw a 4.2X year-on-year increase in holiday offers viewed, resulted in an 18.4% increase in organic search traffic on brand keywords after the campaign, and reached 13 million people across Europe and the US in that timeframe. Additionally, 1.5 million people viewed their videos adverts in full, indicating their relevance to the target group.

How did they do it

All of this was achieved using canvas with video ads and the carousel format. Canvas is an interactive media experience ad which encourages viewers to interact with it by swiping and clicking around to see it.

To kick off the campaign and grab travelers attention, Trentino used short eye-catching videos which encapsulated the scenery of the destination.

Next, they progressed to retargeting carousel ads to travelers who had either watched the video for a certain amount of time or who had clicked through to their website. These ads showcased the four different types of holidays travelers could to choose from.

Lastly, they set up five different travel Facebook ad examples in three different languages to take the final step and push conversions.

Ultimately the combination of ad formats captured travelers attention and drove people to the Trentino Marketing website. Furthermore, they helped raise the visibility of both the company as well as the destination on search engines.

Visit Trentino Facebook ad examples

Meliá Hotels International

As one of the best Facebook ad examples showcasing how dynamic ads for travel can be successfully used to target a broad audience and find new customers, we have selected  Melia Hotels International success story.

Their success story

The Spanish Hotel chain wanted to target new customers in the UK and drive down the cost per booking compared to their previous UK ad campaigns.

This time they managed to secure a 3.2X lower cost per booking, as well as a 2.8X higher return on ad spend compared to previous campaigns.

Ad solution

Melia Hotels had previously used dynamic ads for travel and been successful with it. However, they wanted to find a way to continuously draw-in new customers from around the world. This led them to try out the ad format using a broad audience target.

They ran their dynamic ads for travel with a broad audience target for one month and delivered them to people in the UK who had travel plans to a specific destination. The ads were customized to each individual, displaying a hotel in a specific destination that was likely to suit their needs.

Why they were a hit

After the trial run had achieved impressive results, Melia setup similar campaigns to run for all of its’ global markets. The very relevant and personally tailored experience that these Facebook ad examples delivered to their target audience made the campaign a huge success for the company.

Melia Hotels Facebook ad examples

Now we will take a look at an example of how Facebook ads for travel companies generated interest in El Al's flight fares and improved their click-through rate over a period of five months.

Campaign goals

The Israeli airline wanted to promote special fares and new routes, as well as increase flight searches on its’ website. Ultimately they achieved 5X more flight searches, had a 25% higher click-through rate, and 50% lower cost per flight search than previous campaigns using Facebook ad examples.

Products used

Using Facebook ads for retargeting with a website conversion ad objective, Fialkov Digital put together a campaign that saw El Al retarget travelers who had browsed flights within the last 21 days but not yet booked. The campaign featured ads showing the exact routes people had searched, and appeared across Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, they linked to flight auction site bid2fly to give travelers an even more attractive incentive to book.

Winning all the way

Because the Facebook pixel gives you the power to target a highly relevant audience, El Al was able to match their product with interested travelers. With a prominent CTA, their click-through rate shot up and their website views increased greatly.

El Al Facebook ad examples

Travel Department

To end off our list of Facebook ad examples that travel companies have successfully used to promote their business, we will examine a case study on Travel Department . This holiday company wanted to try out a new way of advertising, as well as boost awareness and sales.

Results of their campaign

They too worked with an agency, Wolfgang Digital. A three-phase campaign was put together and run for three months. Their video ads saw a 27X return on spend, the dynamic and slideshow ads saw a 30X return, while the dynamic ads saw a 131X return.

Formats used

To start with, they used video ads to showcase the stunning destinations and describe their expert services.

In the second phase, they retargeted carousel and slideshow ads to people who had interacted with videos from phase one of the campaign. Carousel ads allowed them to showcase up to ten destinations in one space, and the slideshow ads have almost the same effect of video ads without the related costs.

In the final phase, they used dynamic ads with the Facebook pixel to retarget travelers who had viewed products on the site or added to their basket without completing checkout.

The end story

Again, the various ad formats provided Travel Department with the opportunity to reach a wide audience. They were then able to narrow their audience down to those who expressed interest in their product and successfully target them with relevant ads.

Travel Department Facebook ad examples

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The Ultimate Playbook for Travel Advertising: Taboola’s Data-Backed Creative Strategies and Recommendations

The  global tourism industry grew by over 40%  in 2022 after steep drops in 2020 and 2021. And it’s expected to rise another 14% in 2023, reaching nearly $2.29 trillion.

Now, how can advertisers take advantage of this travel boom and increase revenue? By reaching consumers with optimized campaigns that speak to their needs and wanderlust.

That’s where the  Taboola Creative Playbook: Travel  comes in — built just for advertisers of booking sites, airlines, hotels, tourism boards, and travel products.

The Taboola Creative Shop  — a global team of experts and strategists — pulled readership trends, insights, and engagement data from our network of over 9,000 premium publisher properties and 5.6 billion travel pageviews. And they compiled it all into the ultimate creative guide for travel marketers.

Download Taboola's Travel Creative Playbook

Here’s just some of what they found:

  • Convey ease and inspiration for travel.  Use your ads to share how your product or services can make the travel experience easier and more convenient, and share tips and offers for specific trips.
  • Write first-person headlines.  Craft ad titles written from the perspective of a real traveler, often in the form of a review.
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to increase clicks.  DKI automatically customizes ad copy  to each user based on specifics like their location or device. For example, you can use DKI to personalize headlines like “People in [Los Angeles] Love These Weekend Travel Tips.”
  • Include suggested calls to action (CTAs).  Taboola recommends travel advertisers use CTAs like “Book Now,” “Get Offer,” and “Read More” to drive ad clicks.
  • Make it all-inclusive.  Put pricing and saving opportunities front-and-center by highlighting actual travel costs, savings opportunities, and added benefits. For example: “These Affordable All-Inclusives Are Under $400 Plus Bonus Perks.”
  • Add visuals and social proof to your landing pages.  Improve on-page engagement with moving images, GIFs, and videos. Also, add testimonials and featured press snippets to build trust and credibility.

Ready to help your travel ad campaigns take flight with data-backed strategies for enhanced performance? Download the  Taboola Creative Playbook: Travel to learn more.

Create Your Content Campaign Today!

The Media Ant

Advertising made simpler for you. Read about new Advertising Trends, Campaigns, and Strategies.

Tourism Advertisement | Why Is It Important And Examples

Last updated on: February 13, 2024

Tourism Advertising

Tourism is a steadily growing industry in India, with ever increasing competition. According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), in 2028 the Indian Tourism and Hospitality is expected to earn $ 50.9 billion as visitor exports compared with $ 28.9 billion in 2018.

This means a growth of over $2 billion per year, and from this data it is clear that tourism is a fast-growing industry in the country.

As such, if you are involved in tourism business of any kind, be it a travel agency or a food and beverages establishment, you should expect an intense competition in the coming years.

The first step towards tackling such competition would be to get your marketing right, for no matter how good your services are, unless people know about them, there is nothing to stop them from choosing your competitors over you. And judging by the above stated data, there is going to be no shortage of them in the next five years.

Here are three quick and comprehensive tips for tourism advertisement:

1.   Enlist on Rating Websites : Today, most people check the online ratings before making a booking. Rating websites help market your brand by way of social proof by enabling you to borrow the goodwill of the well-established website.

Having your enterprise enlisted on a website like Expedia or TripAdvisor is a discreet yet very powerful type of tourism advertisement and prospects are far more likely to respond to your call to action if they have previously found you on a list on a popular ratings website.

2. Have a Strong Social Media Presence : Digital marketing is an unavoidable part of any business’s marketing mix today. Imagine you are about to book a hotel you’ve never been to before and decide to check it out on Instagram and don’t find it there.

What are the odds you would still go ahead with the booking versus you start looking for other options? Exactly.

In 2022, putting out a stellar tourism advertisement is just not enough; if you don’t exist on social media, it’s like you don’t exist at all.

Other than providing a platform to advertise your services and special offers and so on, in the digital age of today, having an active social media presence gives your enterprise a mainstream and reliable appearance, which can really help you get new clients.

3.     Advertise in Newspapers : Tourists like to feel they are in safe hands when they venture out into the unknown. When they go looking for a hotel or a travel agency, they are not just looking to avail the services of the enterprise, but want to be connected to a reliable organisation so that they have someone to turn to in a land of strangers.

It’s about providing them a safe space in an unfamiliar place so that they can feel secure and freely enjoy the experience without having to worry about unforeseeable eventualities.

Newspapers are the most widely trusted of all media in the country and putting out your advertisements in them lends a quality of authenticity to your ads. Especially if you are an SME, newspaper advertising , with its widely flexible rates, is a particularly good option for you. The country abounds in newspaper publications in various languages, and you are sure to find one that suits your budget and other requirements.

 Although essential, these tips are by no means the end all be all of tourism advertisement . There is much more to it than can be put in three quick points; like any other industry, tourism comes with its own sets of subtle complexities and nuances, and so does any tourism advertisement .

Read on for a more descriptive and in-depth discussion/exposition about the challenges of tourism advertisements and simple yet efficient ways to tackle them.

Table of Contents

Optimal Tourism Ads

A peculiar problem advertisers might run into is that some of the techniques that work perfectly well for other industries might actually backfire for tourism ads .

For instance, the tried and tested advertising formula that essentially says ”everybody’s doing it, don’t be the one to miss out!” doesn’t work for many sectors of the tourism industry.

Used in an advertisement for a ski resort, restaurant/bar, or an amusement park, it may drive away prospects who presume the place is going to be over crowded. Similarly, the potential customers of a hotel, during peak season, might be driven away by the idea of possibly having to wait for the previous occupants of their room to clear out.

So, you need to beware of indiscriminately using general advertising strategies for your tourism ads and be conscious of the oddities and specific demands of your industry.

While formulating the ad, you need to keep in view the oddities of the industry and not fall into the error of taking a generalised approach with your tourism ads . This becomes even more important if your particular sector is subject to seasonality.

For instance, the ads of a travel service primarily catering to pilgrims (like Sri Amar Naath Yaatra) or a ski resort, would have to be customised differently for the peak and the lean season every year.

This is yet another reason why you might need to be extra careful with taking general advertising advice for tourism ads. Not only in terms of the message of the ad but also the medium and format of it.

However, unless it aligns with your particular advertising goals, the medium is generally not a matter of much consideration for tourism ads . They allow for a great scope for creativity, and all kinds of media from lifestyle magazines to digital marketing of different kinds are perfectly suitable for them.

Tourism Magazines

Another factor that makes tourism ads somewhat exacting is the restricted demographic they target. On top of other things, advertisers also need to consider that tourism ads are supposed to be predominantly aimed at:

  • People with a relatively high disposable income.
  • Groups of people like a family, friends, colleagues or a couple, rather than individuals.

However, although at first glance it may look like a limitation, actually, it only gives you a more precise idea of your target audience. All you need to turn this seeming downside to your advantage is to simply keep this demographic in mind while designing your ad.

Your ad may, for instance, play on the idea of shared experience or creating memories, and showcase a family or a group of friends having the time of their lives in the destination of their dreams, courtesy: your enterprise.

Tourism Advertisement Examples

One can find numerous tourism advertisement examples on Indian television. Among them, the most memorable ones are listed below.

Khushboo Gujarat Ki   (Gujarat Tourism)

Jaane kya dikh jaye ( rajasthan tourism).

The Heart of Incredible India ( Madhya Pradesh Tourism)

God’s Own Country (Kerala Tourism)

Kahin Chhut Na Jaye Chhath ( Bihar Tourism)

Paradise Unexplored ( North East Tourism )

Where Time Stands Still ( Jammu And Kashmir Tourism )

Tourism Advertisement in India

Tourism Advertisement In India

Television has been the most popular medium for tourism advertisement in India and the ‘Incredible India’ campaign has been the greatest tourism advertisement campaign in the country till date.

India has a very rich cultural heritage with great diversity, which makes the country a great attraction for tourists, both domestic and inbound. The landscape of the country, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, is spotted with all kinds of tourist destinations from snow-capped mountains to serene sand deserts and tropical forests.

Apart from cultural and eco- tourism, India with its great ancient religious heritage, is a very important destination for religious and spiritual tourism as well. 

As such, it is no wonder that tourism is emerging as a major industry and tourism related businesses, big and small, are springing up all over the country.

With the improvement in airport infrastructure and the widespread digitalisation of the processes involved in the planning and booking of journeys, the tourism industry in the country is growing every day, and quite rapidly.

TV channels have also been running tourism advertisements for several states like Gujarat, Bihar, Rajasthan, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka; often with nation-wide famous celebrities like Amitaabh Bachchan and Virat Kohli as ambassadors.

Atithi Devo Bhava and Incredible India are the most popular tourism advertisement slogans for the tourism advertisements inviting inbound tourists to the country.

Best Tourism Advertising Agency

The Media Ant is a renowned media buying company that can help you plan and carry out your very best tourism advertising campaign till date. 

We provide guidance for advertising in a multitude of sectors and tourism is only one of them. Our dedicated team is always there to help with any queries you may have about the process of media buying.

Although it is not exclusively dedicated to tourism advertising, The Media Ant can help you plan, execute and monitor your tourism ad campaign seamlessly at generous rates. On our website you can find discounted rates for various media options, both traditional and non traditional. 

You can book ads in newspapers , magazines , radio , television , hoardings , and also various different kinds of digital media like OOT platforms, Google ads, Influencer marketing and so on.

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FAQs Related to Tourism Advertisement

How to market your tourism business.

The answer to how to market your tourism business is more or less the same as that to the question of how to market any business. The best practices of marketing that hold for most service based industries also hold for tourism advertising.  Having said that, here are some suggestions if you are wondering how to market your tourism business.  1. Play on the themes like ‘’ you only live once ‘’ and ‘’creating memories’’ in your ads.  2. Tie up with travel vloggers by way of affiliate and influencer marketing.  3. Use content marketing to build an industry expert online persona through educational blogs. 4. Frame the message of your ad to make the tourist destination look one with your enterprise. For example, ‘’Explore the Mughal Gardens of Kashmir with Rehbar Tour And Travels.’’ 5. Capitalise on the popularity of social media and make use of the feature of reels.  6. Strike a  balance between traditional and non traditional media in your marketing mix.

How do you make a Tourism Advertisement?

If all that information about tourism ads has you wondering how do you make a tourism advertisement , let it be said at the outset that it is pretty simple.  A tourism advertisement is a result of three major things- the right body copy, graphics/video and music. So, the things to consider are the aesthetics and the message. 

First and foremost, you need to figure out the message of your advertisement which would depend on the specific objective of your advertisement. The message should highlight the unique qualities of your enterprise that give it an edge over the competition. At the same time care should be taken that  it does not come across as an information-dump. And that is where creativity comes in. After all the market research, target audience analysis, and other technical considerations, the single most important thing is the creativity in your ad.

You want to craft it in such a manner that it is creative enough to make it stand out, and at the same time it should  not be overly artsy either. Avoid making the mistake of going overboard with the creativity and obscure the message itself.

Once the message is done, the next step is to decide on the aesthetics. This is the area where you have a greater leeway with creativity as what looks good is largely a subjective question. Though, again, you should try to keep it professional and avoid getting too self-indulgent with the creativity.

What is Marketing in the Tourism Industry?

Now, what is marketing in the tourism industry ? Well, it is basically highlighting the attractions of a tourist destination and prompting people to avail your services to enjoy them.

If you own a tourism related business that has limited itself  to certain marketing practices in the past, now would be a good time to upgrade your advertising. You would be well advised to broaden the scope of your marketing and extend your ads out of the traditional forms of marketing and include innovative modes of advertising in your marketing mix.

Advertisements are crucial for generating brand awareness and driving sales for any industry, and tourism advertisements are no exception. No matter how good your products and services are, unless you don’t advertise them properly, you cannot expect people to be drawn to your brand. 

How Important is Advertising to Tourism?

Advertising is very important to any industry and tourism is no exception. As the old adage goes, out of sight, out of mind. 

You can have the best product and services in the world but as long as you don’t advertise them well, it’s almost impossible to convince prospects to try them out without advertising.

Especially in 2022 when sectors like accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, travel agencies and tour operators, and tourist entertainment are seeing a major rise after the slump of the pandemic and everybody is trying to capitalise on this steady bounce back of the tourism industry, advertising is of even greater importance. 

Your ads need to stand apart now more than ever as everybody is aggressively advertising to make up for the losses incurred in the tourism industry during the two years of the pandemic. 

What is the best form of Advertisement when it comes to Tourism?

Television is the most widely used medium for tourism advertisement in the country. Other than that newspapers, magazines and radio see quite a few advertisements for hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies of varied kinds. 

As to the question of what is the best form of advertisement when it comes to tourism , there really is no one size fits all. It depends largely on your particular target audience and the budget. For, instance if you own a five star hotel, taking out full page advertisements in in-flight magazines is a great option for you. 

That said, in the digital age of today, various kinds of digital marketing is perhaps the best form of advertisement when it comes to tourism. Tourists today rely heavily on the internet for everything from planning the journey to booking hotels. And so if you put your ads on the internet, you are more likely to reach people with higher intent.

For instance, if you book a google ad, it will appear to the people who are looking for what you offer, or if you tie up with a travel vlogger, your message will reach the people who are watching travel vlogs and are, in all likelihood, interested in travel. 

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The Complete Guide to Online Advertising for Tour Operators

Theresa Rappensperger

Table of Content

Search engine marketing (sem), social media marketing, metasearch engine marketing, measure, measure, measure.

The tourism industry is massive  (valued at $8.27 trillion in 2017) and it is expected to grow at a higher rate in coming years. In order to participate in this growth as a tour operator, you need to join the “modern” tour advertising school of thought.

That’s right. Your customers are no longer in the 90s but 2021. You need to meet them where they are today: online. That means on search engines, social media, and travel sites like TripAdvisor.

This article will go over how to find your customers online and how to advertise your tours to them effectively; using channels like Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor, among others.

Let’s first start by breaking up the relevant online advertising channels by medium. We will break them up into three categories: Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Metasearch Engine marketing.

Let’s get to it.

New call-to-action

Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

There’s no question that Google is the king of search engines. With over 63,000 searches per second  every day, advertisers have a great opportunity to get their share of visibility in Google’s massive network. Yes, that means you as a tour and activity operator can get your brand out there in front of thousands of eyes each month.

Google Ads gives you the opportunity to display text ads on Google’s search results page as well as their network of search partners. The best way to make the most of this opportunity is to first understand your specific business model inside out.

Here’s how you can understand that, and start creating effective ads on Google Ads:

1. Set Your Goal

Your goal is to first and foremost boost bookings for your tour and activity business, right? Then you need to note that and clearly define it.

Your goal could also be to get more referrals or to increase awareness. Whatever the goal, define it.

2. Figure out a way to measure it

Once you’ve defined your advertising goals, you need to ensure that you’re able to measure them. Otherwise, your marketing efforts would be fruitless.

For example, if your goal is to drive more bookings, you need to ensure that you can measure that goal by using an activity booking software, like Regiondo, that enables Google Ads tracking . You should also add Google Ads conversion tracking codes to thank you pages on your website.

If your goal is to build awareness, you should track that by looking at the volume of users who visit your site, visit specific pages, or an increase in email subscribers during your Google Ads campaign period. You can pull up this information in Google Analytics .

So now, you’ve defined your goals and found a way to measure progress towards that goal. You should comfortably be able to state your goal and measurement of that goal in a simple sentence. For example, it could be “Increase bookings and measure that goal with Google Ads conversions.”

3. Set Your Target Audience

You already know who your ideal customers are, right? If not, check out this guide  on how to define your ideal audience. Before you start running campaigns on Google Ads, you should jot down everything you know about your ideal customer so you can accurately target your ads and minimize unnecessary costs.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is most likely to book my tours and activities? Men or women?
  • Which age range books more of my tours and activities?
  • Has that audience visited my website lately? (You can find out specific demographic data from Google Analytics.)
  • Which tours and activities are most likely to be booked by that demographic?

4. Keyword Research

Now that you know your goals; how to measure those goals, and properly defined your target audience; you can now move onto keyword research. Keywords are the words or phrases your audience uses to find your offerings.

An easy way for you to figure this out is to answer the following questions:

  • Will your audience easily find you with branded keywords, i.e., your business name or the names of your tours and activities?
  • Which terms are your target audience most likely to use to find tours and activities like yours? Perhaps you could ask your customers how they found you online to get more insight into this.
  • Which location keywords can you pair with your main keywords to create location-specific keywords?
  • Which broad search terms could your audience use to find you? If for example, it’s “activities around me” (a very broad search term), you could pair it with your location for more accurate targeting.
  • Which keywords are your competitors bidding on? (You can find this out by googling some keywords and checking which of your competitors show up in ads for those keywords. An alternative is to use SEMrush  to easily obtain that information.)

Once you’ve identified some keywords, you need to filter through and find the best ones by relevance, volume, competition, and cost. You can use SEMrush to do that.

5. Create Your Campaign

How you structure your campaign largely depends on how you answered the questions above. The Google Ads structure isn’t much different from a Facebook Ad in that the highest level is the campaign, where you decide the campaign type, bidding strategy, and campaign budget.

The next level is the Ad Group where you set your targeting, keywords, and cost per click rate.

The last level is where you create the ads and messaging.

Keep the following things in mind when you set up a campaign:

  • If you’re bidding on generic or branded keywords, keep them under a separate campaign.
  • Break your keywords into categories so you can create Ad Groups for each category. For example, you would want day-to-day consumer bookings under one Ad Group and corporate bookings under another since those two categories require different target audiences.

Each Google Ads campaign requires a daily spend – the amount you want to spend daily. We recommend you set the daily budget based on a multiple of the profit you earn per customer. For example, if the tour you’re advertising goes for $125 (per customer) and your profit is $100 (per customer), you could set your daily budget at $100.

The logic behind this is that if you spend $100 per day on Google Ads and get one customer per day from those ads, you’d break even. If you don’t get at least one new customer per day, you’d lose money meaning Google Ads may not be the best way for you to market your business.

However, you can still choose to set a weekly target of let’s say $200. Make two new customers every week and you’d break even.

7. Create Ads

Before we dive into the next part, let’s talk about why picking the right keywords, URL and creating the right ads can make Google Ads really work for your business.

When a user searches for a tour online, whether it is a generic or specific search term, Google will show them the most relevant ad that contains the information the user is looking for. That greatly increases the chance of a booking, right?

However, in order for Google to serve up the most relevant ad, they rely on the details you submit about your tour and activities. See what we are getting at?

You need to provide thorough and high-quality information about the tours and activities you’re offering so that Google can recognize your offerings as relevant to searches.

Alright, next: creating ads. There are quite a few sections in this area to fill out, including:

  • Final URL: The URL the ad will direct users to. Could be your website or a landing page. The URL needs to be clean as it will show up in your ad.
  • Headlines: There are 3 fields to populate headlines for an ad. You can use all three or just one (Google adds a “|” character between the headlines)
  • Display path: This is where you input the display URL for an ad.
  • Descriptions: There are two fields for descriptions. These come below the display URL in the final ad copy. (Don’t worry, you’ll see a preview of your Ad as you populate in fields in Google Ads.) The first description always shows but the second may not due to Google’s character limit of the character constraints of their partners.

Here is how text ads look on the desktop. These are from results that came up when we did a generic search of “tours in Germany”.

pasted image 0 1

Here’s how they look on mobile:

Screenshot 20200214 213657 Chrome

Now, Bing is a smaller search engine than Google, but its market share is growing faster than Google’s . It is the second biggest search engine in the United States, meaning that you’re missing out on a big opportunity if you ditch Bing for Google Ads.

Additionally, there is less competition on Bing Ads and a lower cost per click rate. Translation: you’ll get a higher ad position and a better click-through-rate on Bing Ads. It is relatively cost-effective for tour and activity providers ( check out  their target audiences – 35 percent are planning domestic travel while 14 percent are planning international travel).

If you have already created a Google Ads campaign, you can copy and paste the campaign into Bing Ads in a single click. You’ll just need to tweak a few campaign settings like location targeting, language, negative keywords, automated rules, and CPC (CPA is not available in Bing Ads).

Yup, Bing Ads follows a similar format to Google Ads so we won’t bore you by getting into it.

Here is a preview of desktop and mobile ads for the search term “tours in Germany”.

pasted image 0 6

Desktop version

20200215 140647

Mobile version

As you can see, there aren’t any ad results for “tours in Germany”. There’s a big untapped market there that you could take advantage of.

So, Bing or Google Ads?

Yes, Google Ads is the market leader in search but Bing Ads has a lot to offer you as a tour and activity provider.

We recommend using both as they are equally good platforms to market your offerings on. Plus, they are also very similar (once you get a hang of Google Ads, you’d be able to transition to Bing Ads quite easily) so there is no real learning curve when switching between the two.

Use both to reach untapped audiences and get the most bang for your advertising bucks.

Facebook Travel Ads

Did you know that social media advertising accounted for 30 percent of ad spend for travel marketers  in 2018? That number has grown since then as Facebook and Instagram launched Facebook Travel Ads (formerly Facebook Dynamic Ads) to address the specific needs of travel marketers.

Additionally, travelers spend five times more time on Facebook than travel apps, sites, and searches; and 76 percent of Americans use Facebook weekly to spotlight their travel experiences, and ask their friends for travel recommendations. Furthermore, 96 percent of travelers use Instagram to get travel inspiration.

That means that you’re missing out on a massive opportunity if you’re not advertising your tours via Facebook Travel Ads.

How to Create Effective Facebook Travel Ads

Facebook Travel Ads  are different from standard Facebook Ads in that they are designed specifically to help travel companies reach audiences that are most likely to book their offerings.

If you want to run Facebook Travel Ads, you’ll need to set up a Facebook pixel on your site and then upload your trip inventory with all the details to Facebook. (You can actually integrate Facebook pixels in Regiondo .) You can then create a template with ad creatives like images and information you’d like customers to know.

The good thing is that your ads only need to be set up once; the campaign runs at the appropriate time based on factors like your tour inventory and online/offline behaviors of potential customers.

Let’s now move on to factors that impact Facebook Ads and how to get the most out of Facebook Ads.

It’s All About Targeting

As we mentioned earlier when we discussed SEM ads, it is important to have a very clear and specific idea of who you are marketing to. Who is your target audience? What do they like? Where do they live? What do they do professionally? How old are they? What are their hobbies?

It’s important to note that Facebook users have different intent than they do on other channels: they may not be looking to purchase anything, unlike someone who searches for a tour in Google.

For that reason, it’s important to accurately target your Facebook ads to the right audience who are most likely to be interested in your tours and activities. So as a tour and activity company, you’ll want to target people who are interested in travel, in your destination and the type of tour you offer. You’ll also want to target those who have taken trips before, are currently on a trip, or are planning to take one.

Let’s dive into more specific targeting tips for effective Facebook advertising.

1. Target Tourists

The good thing about Facebook is that you can use various demographic, behavioral, and interest-based targeting criteria to hone in on your ideal customers. The most relevant of these targeting options is arguably location.

Facebook offers four different location targeting options. Of those, “People traveling in this location” would be the best option for tour and activity providers. With a good enough budget, you’d be able to reach practically every Facebook user traveling in your city for a few days.

2. Target Families

If you offer “family-friendly” tours, you can easily target them in the Behaviors > Travel > Family Vacations section. To narrow it down further, you can choose to advertise to “Parents with early school-age children (06-08 years)” in the demographics section.

3. Welcome New Visitors to Your City

How about putting out a welcome offer to new visitors? Sounds neat, huh? Ads that offer something for free, be it tips or a free tour manual, perform quite well with a lot of engagement.

4. Target Based on Interests

Now, this is a great idea if you offer specific travel interests. For example, if you specialize in scuba diving activities or adventure travel, you can target those who are traveling to your destination and are interested in scuba diving or adventure travel. You can add as many interests that are pertinent to your company in order to create a highly specific and converting audience.

Remember, you don’t have to stick to a single way of using Facebook Ads. We just provided effective tips you could use but recommend that you try out different strategies to figure out what works best for you. So go ahead and experiment with Facebook Travel Ads or even regular ads. You can boost posts, create new campaigns, target different audiences (even your email list!), and see how it goes.

Tour and activity providers have a massive opportunity this year to make use of the largest social media network in the world to grow their businesses. It’s an untapped market that you can easily tap into (using the tips and strategies above) and make substantial sales.

Check out our complete guide to tour advertising with Facebook .

Pinterest boasts 332 million active monthly users who are looking for new ideas and inspiration, with the focus of the platform being beautiful imagery. How does it pertain to your business though?

Well, 68 percent of Pinterest users  create Boards for places they’d like to visit and even hotels they would like to stay in. What does that mean for you?

A great opportunity to show off your offerings, which could translate into significant sales if you play your cards right. More accurately, if you employ the right advertising strategy for Pinterest.

(If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, check out this article .)

Pinterest Ads are relatively easy to execute (in comparison to Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads). Once you create a Pinterest page for your business, you can create several posts (pins) that highlight your tour or activity.

Remember that it’s a visual platform so make sure the photos you post are visually appealing. Once users see your posts, they can save them to their own board or head to your website.

Now, to make your pins more visible, you can promote them via Promoted Pins. Promoted Pins essentially make it easier for users to quickly and easily find you among thousands of Boards.

Pinterest Ads are relatively easy to execute, please refer to Pinterest’s various Ad formats guide  to see your tour advertising options.

YouTube Ads

Oh yes, YouTube Ads. Travel marketers fear them because video is time-consuming and expensive to produce. True, it is expensive, initially, but it pays off as video is the most interactive and engaging medium  for all audience types.

The reason why many brands are now producing videos, hosting, and marketing them on YouTube is the sheer size and power of Youtube as a video social media network. Users watch over 1 billion hours of video daily …yes, 1 BILLION HOURS. Don’t you want your content to be among those views?

Lucky for you, we’ve already created a complete guide to YouTube marketing! Here it is .

TripAdvisor Ads

Google is undeniably the king of search, but TripAdvisor  is the “Google of travel.” Millions of travelers use the site monthly to search and book the best tours and activities in their travel destination. Not to mention that TripAdvisor houses over 700 million user-generated travel reviews.

The appealing thing about TripAdvisor is that it has an easy to use search engine for tours and activities, coupled with a good reputation. Tour and activity operators should take advantage of that by listing and advertising tours and activities to an active and engaged audience.

If you want to create organic search listings, your tour or activity will show up only when a user makes a relevant search query. However, with TripAdvisor Sponsored Placements, you can boost your listing to get higher quality traffic and visibility.

For more on TripAdvisor advertising, please refer to this recent post .

When you start running ads, the first few weeks will primarily revolve around testing and optimizing. You should actually create several a/b tests to see which versions of your ads work best. Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads usually serve the best performing ads based on customer interests, so you should create as many ad variations as you can on those platforms.

You can also a/b test your targeting criteria. For example, you can target people who are about to travel as well as people who are already in your destination. Consider a/b testing different demographics and interests criteria to see which is most effective for your business.

The point is that you have to keep testing, measuring, and optimizing your ads in order to create really effective ones. This is not restricted to ads only, you should also test and tweak your landing pages to ensure that people are getting all the information they need to take the next step: booking with you.

Online advertising channels are great drivers of growth for any business in the travel industry, particularly tour and activity providers. However, your efforts will only bear fruit if you set up advertising campaigns based on your unique business goals and needs.

That is why it is so important to define your advertising goals, target audience, keyword strategy, and messaging before you create your first campaign.

This method will help you determine what you want to achieve and how to go about doing so. It will also help speed up the campaign creation process on all platforms.

This should be an ongoing process – as long as your advertising campaigns are active, you need to test, measure, and optimize.

Ready to dive in? Go for it! Online marketing is where it’s at in 2021.

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Copywriting Agency: MarketSmiths

How to Write Travel Advertising in 2021 (Or Any Other Year)

Even in the midst of a pandemic, it's possible to write good travel copy. Here are seven evergreen pointers to guide your writing in an industry facing notable challenges.

How to Write a Travel Advertisement in 2021 (Or Any Other Year)

To say that the travel (let alone travel advertising) were hit hard by the pandemic may be the understatement of the year.

With lockdown still very much in effect, tight travel restrictions in place, and millions of people apprehensive about just leaving the house, it’s no wonder international arrivals are estimated to have dropped upwards of 80% in 2020.

That said, with vaccines being rolled out slowly but surely, the travel and tourism sectors may begin making a comeback sooner rather than later—and the savviest players will be well-positioned to capitalize on pent-up demand.

The signs of this resurgence are starting to appear in the media. The other day I came across this advertisement for Regent cruises: 

galvanize download

For travel marketers looking for ways to use persuasive copywriting to entice people out of the house, this ad provides some clues as to how it can be done:

1. Stop your reader in their tracks. 

If you fail at this step, nothing that comes after matters. It’s why David Ogilvy said you should spend 80 cents in your dollar writing headlines. In today’s scrolling culture, there’s more noise than ever—and your words need to cut through. This ad uses just four, paired with a perfect image, that force the reader to pause:

Do you feel it? 

This line works for multiple reasons. The question creates instant engagement. The reader can’t help but be involved. It? What is it ? You’ve got to read on to find out. Teasing your reader—creating curiosity and then delaying the payoff—is crucial to tugging them into the copy. Importantly, the line employs the most irresistible word to the human ear (or is it ego): “You.

2. Meet them where they are. 

You’ve momentarily arrested your reader’s attention—well done. But you won’t have it for long unless you can establish some rapport; something that says “I get you.” This writer does it by speaking to the current reality of the reader—someone who’s been in lockdown for a year, and perhaps longing for an escape, either consciously or subconsciously. It doesn’t take much: 

The world. It’s still out there.

“Ah yes,” nods the reader, “I’d almost forgotten.” No talk of new normals or uncertainty or any of the tired phrases that have become ubiquitous in the media. Instead, this travel advertising reaches beyond cliché, appealing to the reader’s imaginative side. In doing so, they unite writer and reader in a place of shared understanding— somewhere only we know , as a band once put it.

3. Speak to their aspirations

Having established some common ground, we can now make the crucial leap from what is to what could be . Creating this contrast is key to stirring desire. In her popular TED Talk , Nancy Duarte brilliantly illustrates how Martin Luther King Jr. employs this see-sawing back and forth between reality and possibility to great effect in his “I Have a Dream” speech. Here, the application is far more subtle, but no less effective: 

The city you’ve longed to explore.

The beach you can feel as you close your eyes and breathe it in. 

This is where we long to escape to, isn’t it? Notice how the writer touches on the yin and the yang of vacation—urban excitement and rural tranquillity—in two tidy examples, city and beach. A lovely economy; whichever you’re pining for, this ad has you covered.

4. Use sensory language. 

Close your eyes and breathe it in.

Who can read these words and not have a visceral reaction? If you’ve read this far, you’re interested. And this sensory bit brings you even further into the picture.

The natural wonder dancing in your soul, pulling you toward the door.

A bit lofty, yeah? But somehow they get away with it. Perhaps because, as a luxury cruise company, Regent knows they’re appealing to a more affluent audience. The people they’re addressing are likely economically unscathed by the pandemic and generally live their lives trying to satisfy the upper reaches of Maslow’s Hierarchy . So this ad can get away with a little puffery—as long as it sings like poetry.

Copy Not Converting? Quality Is The Key.

5. Introduce yourself. 

At this point, the reader is officially in the mood for exploration. It’s now time to bring the story full circle—and make yourself known:

The world. It’s waiting for you.

We feel it too.

With a deft turn, Regents introduces itself into the picture. Suddenly we’re all in this quest for a new experience together. (And there’s that all-important “you” again).

6. Invite them into an experience. 

From here, it’s a matter of describing how Regent’s offering delivers on the promise—in this case, to whisk the reader off to the world they’ve been missing:

Come sale the most luxurious fleet in the world and rediscover the comfort and security found aboard our smaller ships, with never a crowd and with every luxury included. 

The copy evokes opulence and adventure, with a subtle nod to safety—just to reassure that, yes, Regents is using its travel advertising, in other words, to put health first.

MarketSmiths Case Study

Picturing a luxury holiday in the Caribbean is easy . Writing about it is far harder. That’s exactly the challenge Nick and Nicky Parker, owners of the Silver Moon catamaran fleet, faced before tapping MarketSmiths. Just as well they did: we soon brought their website to vivid life, helping readers touch and taste the treasures of Barbados all while sitting at their computers. By the time we were done, Nick and Nicky were thrilled with our work—and excited to welcome hundreds more holidaymakers to their corner of paradise. 

> Read the full case study here

7. Deliver a call to action.

Finally, of course, is the call to action—the part where you tell your reader what to do next:

Begin your journey with Regent.

The word “journey,” keeps this message right on theme, and brings the whole piece to an artful close—leaving the right reader excited to hop on board. 

Well-crafted travel advertising copy gets readers excited to go where you want to take them. If you’d like help creating that language, get in touch with MarketSmiths today. 

Paul Rosevear

Paul Rosevear

What do you get when you combine the soul of a musician with the mind of a writer? Copy that sings. And for the last decade, that’s precisely what Paul has delivered for global brands, bootstrap startups, and everything in between. When he’s not hard at work crafting top-notch communications, you can find Paul hanging with his wife and two young daughters, singing and playing guitar for The Vice Rags, or roaming the streets in search of the nearest slice of pizza.

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tour advertisement samples

10 best travel ads that will make you book your next vacation in seconds

November 10, 2023

Header_ Best travel ads article (2)

As the world recovers from the pandemic, travelers are keener than ever to find their next vacation spot. And the companies’ and countries’ tourist offices are wasting no time trying to attract as many visitors as possible to their destinations. 

To show you some of the true gems in travel advertising, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best travel marketing campaigns that will make you want to book your next holiday ASAP. Plus, a little background on tourism marketing.

So let’s dig in!

What is tourism marketing?

Tourism marketing refers to strategically promoting travel destinations, attractions, and services to potential visitors. As part of tourism marketing, companies from the various aspects of the tourism industry develop targeted marketing campaigns on various channels to spread compelling messages to attract tourists.

Each tourism campaign aims to increase awareness, generate interest, and ultimately drive visits from local and international visitors.

10 best tourism marketing campaigns

Here are the ten best tourism campaigns and ads:

1. Switzerland – Yodel Ay Hee Hoo

Is there a better way to promote the countryside than by inviting various people from a train station to spontaneously take a day off from work and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful Alps?

That’s exactly what the Switzerland tourist office did in one of their endearing tourism campaigns and sent the important message of how often we forget to take a step back to relax from our busy daily schedules. 

The creators made the travel ad even more authentic by live streaming from the Alps, with an elderly man inviting everyone from the Zurich train station to come join him. 

Intending to inspire travelers, this innovative approach caught daily commuters off guard and made them question whether to take a free daily ticket to the Alps or to continue their regular trip to work. 

2. Travel Oregon – Only Slightly Exaggerated 

Whether you’re watching an ad for the latest toothpaste or a fantastic new trip destination, they all have one thing in common – they exaggerate how great they are. 

Travel Oregon used this common motive in their “Only Slightly Exaggerated” tourism campaign to paint Oregon as a unique, dreamy, cartoon-like destination. 

The ad shows that Oregon mountains are more magical than anywhere else, rivers hide secrets never seen, and the streets offer entertainment like nowhere else. Just like in your childhood dreams! 

3. Iceland – OutHorse Your Emails

Being able to disconnect from work when on vacation is something that many of us struggle with these days. Luckily, Iceland found a perfect solution for the problem – outsourcing your emails to Icelandic horses. All you have to do for that is come to Iceland, and the rest will be taken care of.

This quirky ad is an amazing example of how creative and funny countries can get in attracting new tourists. 

4. Sweden – Spellbound

Have you heard of Dark Tourism? If you’re a fan of horror stories and mystic movies, then you certainly did! And you’ll absolutely love what Visit Sweden released this year as an attempt to attract a specific target audience with their unique tourist marketing campaign.

Their Spellbound campaign invites mystique lovers to Sweden to explore beautiful nature while enjoying the unique experience of listening to a chilling audio story. The campaign was set up so that a Spotify playlist would only become available to visitors once they came to a specific location. 

This way, they had to visit the location to get the unforgettable and scary experience. Who would’ve thought that horror stories could be such a great way to advertise a country?

5. Tourism Ireland – What Fills Your Heart?

You can never go wrong with a heartwarming tourist marketing campaign that celebrates good spirits, brings nostalgia, and connects people to the nature and the culture of one place. Tourism Ireland managed to do all that in one of their recent campaigns titled “What Fills Your Heart?”

In a series of ads with famous Irish actresses in the main roles, including Derry Girls and Sharon Horgan , the Irish tourist board told the story of Irish history, culture, and customs. 

tour advertisement samples


6. Vienna – What Does A Belly Do In Vienna?

There is no better place for a hungry and heartbroken belly to indulge in life’s beauties than Vienna. That’s the story Vienna’s tourist board told in their highly creative and surrealistic short film. 

As the belly walks through the streets of Vienna, trying to forget his dear human who didn’t treat him well, we get a glimpse of what tourists can see and enjoy during their next visit to the city. 

The creator’s unique approach to promoting Austria’s capital wins the creativity award and is an excellent magnet for new tourists. 

7. Only in Scotland – Why Scotland Needs You

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries struggled to attract tourists. People were concerned about their safety and if the location could provide memorable experiences despite numerous restrictions. 

At that time, Scotland released a beautiful ad showing why Scotland needs people while showing tourists why they’re the ones who actually need a holiday in this astonishing place. The ad is in the spirit of hope, serenity, and relaxation – everything people needed during the pandemic. 

8. KLM – Live Hologram Bar

Imagine spending hours at the airport talking to almost anyone in the world. You could learn about different cultures, what to visit in your next destination, or chat to make the time go by faster. 

In their 2019 marketing campaign, KLM placed hologram bars in airports around the world and allowed travelers from different parts of the world to connect and exchange their stories. Not a bad way to spend your time waiting for your next plane. 

9. Croatia Full of Life – Ode To Joy

What is a summer vacation in Croatia other than your own yearly ode to joy? 

This famous symbolic motif is what Croatian Tourist Board chose for the promotional campaign in 2012, and earned a prestigious travel industry ‘Oscars’ award, ‘Das Goldene Stadttor,’ at the International Tourism Film Festival. 

Beethoven’s inspiring music narrative, led by cellist Ana Rucner carries the video highlighting the rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage of Croatia as well as many Croatian beauties. 

10. Chicago Not in Chicago

In 2022, Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot announced the launch of the “Chicago Not in Chicago” campaign to show how Chicago has inspired many other iconic cities worldwide. 

This creative campaign featured city tour buses across major US cities where people got a tour of Chicago instead of the city they were visiting. And by first confusing and then entertaining the visitors, the campaign sent a powerful message that every city has a story – a Chicago story. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to travel marketing campaigns, the sky’s the limit. Countries and companies can use many different sources of inspiration to tell unique stories about a location or a travel service. 

And these travel marketing campaigns are a great example of how creativity combined with emotional appeal is a recipe for success. The only question remains: “In which of these locations did you book your next vacation?”

Nika Prpic


tour advertisement samples

7 best Nike ads and marketing campaigns that get our approval

The greatest storyteller of all times? In my view it isn’t Roald Dahl, Stephen King, or Banksy.  It’s Nike. The company consistently manages to inspire the young, old, and everyone in between. Their ads are fun, engaging, and personal in a way that hits you right in the feels.

Klaas Hermans

tour advertisement samples

10 best TikTok ads that are changing the world of advertising 

Whether we like it or not, TikTok is becoming a serious advertising channel for more and more brands. To help you get in the TikTok game, we bring you a selection of the 10 best TikTok ads, with a little background story about each successful campaign.

tour advertisement samples

11 best food ads that will make your senses tingle

Food advertisements have a unique power to get our attention and make our taste buds tingle. Whether it's the sizzling of a juicy steak, the oozing cheese on a pizza, or the decadent layers of a chocolate cake, these advertisements have a way of making us drool.

tour advertisement samples

7 best Mother’s Day marketing campaigns that break the mold

May is for mothers, and it’s no surprise that in the coming months we’ll be seeing an influx of Mother’s Day marketing campaigns across all platforms. Ensuring that our moms are truly spoiled with the best perfect gift, it goes without saying that the market is increasingly competitive between brands.

Amber Howells

tour advertisement samples

8 McDonald’s marketing campaigns that get our approval

There are few brands as iconic as McDonald’s. And whether you like or loathe their food, you can’t knock their marketing. Let’s look at some of their best ads and campaigns over the last five years.

tour advertisement samples

6 Valentine’s Day ads that get our approval (and 3 that don’t)

Like other holidays, Valentine’s Day ads can bring out the best and worst in brands. Some are poignant. Others have a playful twist that stands out against the noise. And then there are those Valentine’s Day campaigns that simply never should have been made.

Katie Garrett

tour advertisement samples

OOHs and ahhs: 18 best billboard ads that made the world stop and stare

Out of home advertising (OOH) can be a breath of fresh air in the constant chatter about data, social strategies, and geotargeting tactics. And when looking at the best ads of all time, billboards take up many of the top spots. Because billboard advertising is created for everyone passing by, it has no choice but to be strikingly simple. And that’s one of the key components of a great ad. 

Valerie O'Connor

tour advertisement samples

19 best Christmas ads to get you in the festive spirit

They say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Well, for brands and marketers, it’s also one of the most lucrative.

tour advertisement samples

How to create banner ads in 13 bitesize steps

Looking to delve into the world of display advertising? I don’t blame you! Banner ads are a fantastic and cost-effective way to reach a vast online audience, boost your brand’s visibility, and deliver targeted messages to potential customers. 

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Table of Contents

5 steps in making a travel advertisement, travel advertisement templates, 1. travel agency magazine ad template, 2. bi-fold travel ad brochure template, 3. vintage travel ad flyer template, 4. tropical travel ad brochure template, 5. travel destinations magazine ad template, 6. travel package ad magazine sample, 7. free travel advertising poster template, 8. free travel ad magazine template, 9. city travel poster ad sample, 10. travel blog business card template, 11. package travel ad flyers.

  • Graphic Design

Design Templates

10+ travel advertisement templates.

The advancement of time paved way to more accessible travel anywhere in the world. Truly, it’s a small world after all. People can hop from country to country, exploring new ventures, and living life to the fullest. Tourists save up for their travel plans and itinerary whether the dream destination is located on the tropical beaches of the Bahamas or on the cold ski resorts of Switzerland. The tourists should be pleased with a wide array of choices. Show them what they deserve through travel ads that are convincing and commendable.

tour advertisement samples

Step 1: Feature a tourist spot.

Step 2: pick out the best advertisement medium., step 3: collate high-quality photos., step 4: get creative., step 5: proceed to printing..

travel agency magazine ads template

  • Illustrator

vintage travel ad flyer template

More in Design Templates

Travel & tour bi-fold brochure template, travel brochure template, modern vacation rental tri-fold brochure template, modern vacation rental bi-fold brochure template, travel sale tri-fold brochure template, travel agency tri-fold brochure template, travel agency bi-fold brochure template, travel & tour tri-fold brochure template, beach vacation rental tri-fold brochure template.

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  • 68+ Happy Valentines Day Cards PSD Designs

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Publicizing or promoting a product, service, or event in a public medium is defined as an advertisement. A potential customer buys a product or service only when he/she is aware of it and advertising plays a major role by conveying the product details & features to the customer. It helps people in discovering best and updated products in the market. A travel advertisement is intended for the customers to book their travel with the travel agency/agent instead of choosing another company or doing it by them. Travel Ads play a major role in attracting tourist for a specific destination and planning a trip. Massive competition in the market and the rising number of aspiring visitors each year has resulted in the booming of the travel advertisement sector.

Travel Advertisement comes in many forms like banners, print media, social media, online promotion , and others. This article will cover examples, templates, and sample related to different kinds of travel ads.

Travel Ads Examples & Templates

1. travel banner ads template.

Travel Banner Ads Template

Size: 8.5×11 inches

Banners are a general method of advertising and have evolved as a digital banner advertising medium in the age of the internet. Banner of varied design, texture, and size are used in online in the promotion of travel agency Ads. This file is one such editable template of travel banner advertising. It is available for download in ten different sizes.

2. Travel Agency Magazine Ads

Travel Agency Magazine Ads Template

Size: 8.5×11, 8.5×7.25, 8.5×5.5, 4.25×11 inches

Magazines are the best method of target advertisement. If you intend to advertise for your travel agency in a magazine, then download the above travel agency magazine advertisement template and conveniently customize it according to your requirement. The template has a serene background image featuring the mountains and a traveler. It is available for download in four default advertising size.

3. Travel Email Ad Design

Travel Email Ad Template

Size: 8.5×11 inches

Email promotions have turned out to be effective and emerging forms of marketing. The above file is an editable template of travel email advertisement. It has been professionally designed and smart objects have been used for an instant image change. Download this template and publish your travel agency advertisement in an email for promotion.

4. Travel Agency Facebook Ad Banner

Travel Agency Facebook Ad Banner Template

Size: 1200x628px

Facebook is one of the best advertising media for a travel agency due to the presence of a large audience. This file is an example of a travel agency ad banner template for advertisement on Facebook. It has a simple design with original artwork and is fully editable. It is also compatible for advertisement on Snapchat.

5. Travel Instagram Ad Template

Travel Instagram Ad Template

Size: 1080×1080

Instagram achieved popularity in the last decade and has managed to sign up billions of users on its platform making it a potential advertising hub. The above file is an editable template of travel advertisement for Instagram. It has a unique design and convenient customizations open.

6. Travel Magazine Ads Template

Travel Magazine Ads Template

  • Apple Pages
  • MS Publisher

Size: 148 KB

7. Travel Magazine Ads Layout Template

Travel Magazine Ads Layout Template

Size: 142 KB

8. Simple Travel Magazine Ads Template

Simple Travel Magazine Ads Template

Size: 182 KB

9. Printable Travel Magazine Ads Template

Printable Travel Magazine Ads Template

Size: 150 KB

10. Sample Travel Magazine Ads Template

Sample Travel Magazine Ads Template

Size: 155 KB

11. Commercial Travel Magazine Ads Template

Commercial Travel Magazine Ads Template

Size: 133 KB

12. DIY Travel Magazine Ads Template

DIY Travel Magazine Ads Template

Size: 130 KB

13. Editable Travel Magazine Ads Template

Editable Travel Magazine Ads Template

Size: 112 KB

14. Basic Travel Magazine Ads Template

Basic Travel Magazine Ads Template

Size: 167 KB

15. Customizable Travel Magazine ads Template

Customizable Travel Magazine ads Template

Size: 146 KB

16. Travel Advertising Magazine Ads Template

Travel Advertising Magazine Ads Template

17. Travel Agency Magazine Ads Template

Travel Agency Magazine Ads Template

Size: 169 KB

18. Travel Agent Magazine Ads Template

Travel Agent Magazine Ads Template

Size: 152 KB

19. Travel Guide Magazine Ads Template

Travel Guide Magazine Ads Template

Size: 136 KB

20. Travel Photography Magazine Ads Template

Travel Photography Magazine Ads Template

21. Travel Photographer Magazine Ads Template

Travel Photographer Magazine Ads Template

Size: 183 KB

22. Travel Agency Banner Ads Template

Travel Agency Banner Ads Template

23. Travel Agency Magazine Ads Template

Travel Agency Magazine Ads Template Example

Size: 199 KB

24. Travel Ad Banners in PSD

Travel Ad Banners

This file is an editable template for creating a travel advertising banner . One can download the template in fifteen standard ad banner sizes. It has vector shapes and editable layer. The file is fully organized and can be easily customized in Adobe Photoshop.

25. Tour Travel Flyer Ad Template

Tour Travel Ad Flyer

Flyers are an affordable medium of promotion. The above file consists of three layouts of A4 magazine travel ad/flyer. It is designed in a basic white background with simple graphics. Download this file and easily prepare an ad flyer for your travel agency.

26. Travel Ad Example

Travel Ads Example

This file is a vintage 1963 advertisement of British Travel with the theme of Shakespeare. It includes two pages with texts and neat photographs. It can be purchased for an antique collection and as a gift for a traveler or for a Shakespeare fan.

27. Cherry Blossom Tour Travel Ads

Cherry blossom tour Travel Ads

Are you looking for a travel advertisement template? Download this cherry blossom tour ad editable template to prepare a customized attractive advertisement for your agency. It includes flying flowers and aircraft in 3D illustrations. With basic formatting and sufficient space to accommodate the advertisement matter, this template is one of the best available online templates.

28. Travel Advertisement Sample

Travel Ads Sample

The above is a sample advertising template of Tabung Haji Travel Ads. It is a pictorial advertisement featuring magnificent monuments and the rich cultural heritage of the city. Contrasting font colors and style make it an ideal pictorial advertisement sample for reference.

29. Travel Ad Banner Template

Travel Ad Banner

A classy and elegant travel ad banner attracts tourists. This editable file template is designed in a lighter shade of grey with a combination of yellow for a travel advertisement. It comes in twelve standard banner ad sizes. It is layered and sliced ready. It is a fully organized one of its kind template available for download.

30. Travel Facebook Ad Banners

Travel Facebook Ad Banners

A simple travel agency advertisement banner with an unbeatable promotional scheme can generate a considerable promotion. This file is one such example of an editable travel Facebook ad banner template. It comes in two different sizes with free fonts and convenient customization options.

31. Sky Tourist Travel Ad

Sky Tourist Travel Ad

This vintage advertisement sample is a 1955 Trans World Airlines Travel Advertisement published in a magazine. It has wonderful artwork and contains a comparison of price & time difference between TWA, train, and bus travel. It has bright vibrant colors and a frame covering the wrinkling of light at the top.

32. Travel Guide Advertisement

This file is an editable template of fall color autumn travel guide for a travel agency advertisement. It includes elegant maples frame, luggage, and camera elements in a 3D illustration which makes the advertisement attractive and eye-catchy. It is a fully editable file and can be modified as required by the travel agency advertisement campaign requirements.

33. Luxury Travel Ad Design

Travel Ads Sample

The above file is a traveling advertisement sample of Arabco Travels. The template has superior graphics and high-resolution images. It is published in multiple designs with varied color variants and travel packages. Download this sample for reference to build similar travel advertisement.

34. Tourism Travel Ad Banner

Tourism Travel Ad Banners

Tourism banners come in different sizes and the above template of tourism travel banner is available for download in fifteen standard sizes for publication. It has an organized and clean design with free fonts. Vector shapes are used and the editable layer is also present.

35. Travel Advertising Ads

travel Ads Advertising

An animated advertising template has a separate fan base which can be beneficial for the promotion of product/service. This file is one such template of a traveling advertisement ad with an illustration of an airplane combined with a golden & blue color theme. It is customizable and has a standard size for convenience in publication.

36. Transit Tour Travel Ad

Transit Tour Travel Ads

The above file is an ideal sample of pictorial travel advertisement by Transit Tour & Travels. It has a perfectly balanced brightness & contrast sync for the background with focused images of attractive destinations of the world. The last page of the ad includes relevant contact information for further details about different packages.

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10 Examples of Public speaking

20 Examples of Gas lighting

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How to set up email tracking in GA4

How to set up email tracking in GA4

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How to write a tour script that your customers will rave about

Carla Vianna

There’s nothing worse than leading a tour to a group of bored guests. When your guests lose interest in the tour experience, it’s hard to grab their attention back.

This is why the most successful tours are based on a bulletproof tour scripts, a blueprint for the experience that’s been tested and revised over time.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the art of tour script along with sharing best practices and potential pitfalls to avoid.

What is a tour script?

A tour script is the backbone of a guided experience. 

On paper, it’s a well-organized outline of the information, stories, facts, and interactions that a guide will deliver during a tour.

A tour script not only provides the structure for an experience, but also weaves a narrative that keeps guests engaged. It sort of serves as a guide’s compass, ensuring that they cover key points, interact with their audience, and maintain a consistent flow throughout the tour.

What are the benefits of writing a tour script?

Even the most experienced tour guides can benefit from a well-written tour script — here’s why:

  • Provides structure and clarity: A tour script acts as a roadmap, ensuring that your tour follows a clear and logical structure. It helps tour guides organize their thoughts, preventing any confusion or stumbling during the tour.
  • Keeps the experience consistent: With a script in hand, each tour becomes a uniform, high-quality presentation of information and anecdotes.
  • Engages your audience: A well-written script captivates an audience with engaging stories, facts, and insights.
  • Gives your guide a chance to introduce themselves: A script should feature a fun introduction, allowing guests to build a personal connection with your guides right away.
  • A confidence boost for guides: Armed with a ready-to-go script, tour guides feel more confident and prepared — which, in turn, translates into a more enjoyable delivery.

5 steps for writing a tour script

Let’s take a look at how you might create a compelling tour script that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Step 1: Define your tour’s theme and goals

Begin by clarifying the central theme and objectives of your tour. Are you highlighting historical sites, local cuisine, or natural landmarks?

Then, define your goals. Are you educating, entertaining, or both?

Let’s say you live in Philadelphia: The city has heavy historical significance, so you design a walking tour that takes guests on a chronological journey of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

With your tour’s theme and goal in mind — “historical” and “to inform” in the example above — you can start to create a cohesive and memorable storyline.

Step 2: Research your content thoroughly

Gather detailed information about the sites, facts, and anecdotes you plan to include in your script. Double- and triple-check your facts with reputable sources, historical records, and local experts.

While you’re researching, take special note of interesting tidbits and any quirky stories that come up. These can be used as “fun facts” throughout the tour.

The more knowledgeable you are, the more engaging your narrative will be. Your research will give your tour credibility and provide you with the proper ammunition to answer guests’ questions.

Step 3: Write a captivating introduction

An engaging opening sets the tone and captures your guests’ interest from the start.

With that in mind, write an attention-grabbing introduction for each segment of your tour. 

For example, at the city’s oldest building, you might start with, “Welcome to the cornerstone of our journey, the Old Town Hall. Let’s unlock its secrets together.”

This will hook your guests’ attention and keep them interested in each stop of the tour.

Step 4: Make the script interactive

Include interactive elements that encourage guest participation, like thought-provoking questions, fun facts, or challenges.

For example, when visiting a site that used to be a market, pose the following questions to your guests: “Can you imagine the bustling market that once surrounded this square? What do you think was the most popular item sold here?”

When guests actively participate in the storytelling, the experience becomes more memorable for them.

Step 5: End with a memorable conclusion

Craft a conclusion that ties together the main themes and emotions of the tour.

Let’s say your tour ends at the city square. You might say something like, “Our journey has unveiled the stories etched in these stones. As you leave, remember the resilience and spirit that continue to shape this city.”

A strong conclusion leaves guests with a sense of fulfillment and a positive impression of the tour, increasing their likelihood of sharing positive feedback.

Don’t forget to remind your guests to leace you a review on your preferred OTA platform and/or website. Including this quick call to action will motivate guests to provide you feedback once they leave your tour.

How to write a tour script for an in-person live tour

When writing a tour script for an in-person live tour, you need to consider all the factors that can make or break a face-to-face interaction.

The more your interact with your guests — like prompting them with trivia questions and sharing anecdotes — the more engaging the tour will be.

In a live tour, you can also use body language and facial expressions to enhance the storytelling experience. Think through how your gestures can complement key points, and where to establish eye contact to connect with different audience members.

Finally, pay close attention to your audience’s reactions. Adjust the pacing and delivery of your speech based on their engagement level. Make sure to leave room for spontaneous interactions and allow time for guests to ask questions.

How to write a tour script for a self-guided audio tour

Unlike live tours, where guides lead in real-time, audio tours rely solely on your  script to captivate visitors.

Begin with clear and concise descriptions of each point of interest. Since you won’t be there to address questions, the script should be comprehensive and help listeners visualize their surroundings. Use navigation cues so they can progress from one point to another. Mention landmarks, specific directions, and a logical sequence to guide them.

Storytelling is just as important in a self-guided audio tour — if not more. Your script is the only thing that will keep visitors engaged; fill it with anecdotes and background information about each point of interest.

Finally, timing is key to preventing listener fatigue. Leave ample room for reflection between each audio segment.

How to write a tour script for a virtual tour

Virtual tours, like audio tours, rely solely on your script to take participants on a journey from the comfort of their screens.

Here, you’re not limited by physical constraints, so you can create a fluid narrative that transitions smoothly. Your script will guide viewers through different locations, so make sure to describe the surroundings in detail to enhance the visual component of the tour.

Again, storytelling remains essential. Your narration should foster a sense of exploration — the better the narration, the more immersed the viewer will feel. 

Similar to an in-person tour, interactive prompts should also be used to keep viewers engaged throughout.

3 examples of great tour scripts

Here we’ll dissect three great tour scripts — from a cathedral in Dublin, a safari in Toronto, and a museum in Milwaukee.

9KT7ntVmGRz7ULXSyy05rL1I33N lnx63OHNrkG5oyr7zvbQSfkfqI6JnMPUgJKSwPhCZD7yfqv8BrqyT7hcOgO4APReQsAKUSy 3qfHehkVP2b9qXYah8x9r1DkUGT 6Ifru4SlWzJTxetm2 RX7Bk

We will start from here (presuming you are standing near Celtic Gravestone at shop); walk down into the north transept, or left arm, of the Cathedral. We will stop again at the Choir and then loop around into the south transept finally ending up back roughly where we started. The tour will last approximately 40 minutes and if you have any questions as we go please don’t hesitate to ask.

Then, the script begins by sharing the story of St Patrick himself.

“You may not be familiar with the story of our patron saint,” it says, ensuring that everyone in the group is on the same page. Rather than just pointing to the pictures on a window of the cathedral, the script tells the saint’s story through those pictures. The ongoing narrative captures the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged throughout the tour.

This script also includes several “optional extras,” such as an organ containing over four thousand pipes. This is a great way to give the guide some flexibility. Tour guides have the ability to read a crowd — they can then make extra stops that align with the interests of each group.

Self-guided tour

E2THG 8E9eKPQQWHNBsFSAmzrGC61AYky0jlAQcvbbzxYSb0hNRNPxPATJpZsikLOkmOP0ez8rjsQFvQxyehcss42an0ZI0TlxKsM FQytXLd2ulNNKpz5ju9Zo80yRs7tnagn43Ih8243zKND RB Y

Toronto Zoo’s Scenic Safari drive-thru tour is a self-guided adventure.

The audio script starts with a message from the CEO warmly welcoming visitors to the zoo. It’s followed by important safety rules that remind visitors to remain in their vehicles, keep noise to a minimum, and drive no faster than 5 km per hour. It’s important to start a self-guided tour with any guidelines that apply to the visit since there is no physical guide present.

The zoo points out interesting facts to pique visitors’ curiosity throughout the tour, like “Did you know that a tiger can bite down with the force of 1,000 pounds” and “A ‘long call’ from an orangutan can be heard up to 2 kilometers away.”

It also uses trivia questions to keep them engaged: “What color do you think a yak’s milk is?”

Mixing educational elements with storytelling makes the safari tour even more memorable for visitors.

Virtual tour

kNArEb5iV30kzBQpaR4V1DjxDlXnqYhsE xI9pfZ5pQNNox0zBZHW kNJyWMu9ThyBgOT2TUwewwHmk YwI9gVe QKlusCP0fFRDdTL2Jh9rUHa0hbfF9DweOU guoMWHQshTMsxz7EO7zJL4w4Zpnw

The Milwaukee Public Museum offers 360° virtual tours , including one of a gallery focused on the common traits shared by all civilizations.

The virtual tour starts at the entrance and moves through an interactive screen that showcases each section of the Crossroads of Civilization exhibit. The script has clear navigational cues, like “You are standing before a model of the First Courtyard of that temple while it is under construction.” This gives the visitor a sense of direction within the virtual experience.

The script also keeps users engaged by offering additional features only available online — like a PDF about colors used in ancient Egyptian art. Viewers can then choose to delve into the topics they’re most interested in, making the tour feel more personalized.

6 best practices for writing an engaging tour script

Breathe life into your tour script with these key strategies:

1. Use humor

Infusing humor into your script can transform a mundane description into a memorable anecdote. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine — and don’t hold back on witty stories or lighthearted observations that make your visitors laugh

For example, during a historical walking tour, you might playfully mention how a renowned figure’s statue seems to have witnessed centuries of gossip.

2. Tell stories 

A well-told narrative can transport visitors into the past or alternate realities. Being a good storyteller is key to captivating your audience’s imagination. While guiding a tour through an art gallery, you could share the fascinating backstory behind a masterpiece, revealing the artist’s personal struggles and triumphs.

3. Use clear and simple language

Make your script easy to understand. Avoid jargon or technical language that non-experts on the subject wouldn’t understand. Imagine leading a wine-tasting tour: Instead of delving into technical terminology, you would describe the flavors and aromas in relatable terms like “notes of ripe berries” or “subtle hints of oak.”

4. Incorporate interactive elements

Engagement flourishes when your guests are actively involved. Questions, prompts, or challenges encourage them to interact with their surroundings, keeping the group interested from start to finish. For instance, while guiding a hiking trip, you could prompt hikers to look for specific bird species and share their discoveries with the group.

5. Create emotional connections

Always start your tour script by introducing yourself in a friendly manner. Then, make your passion for the said activity known. When guests see how excited you are about the tour, this excitement will translate back to them. During a walking tour, for example, you might share your history with the city, including your favorite memories there.

6. Embrace surprise and curiosity 

Unexpected twists or intriguing facts spark curiosity and attract your guests’ attention. On that same walking tour, for example, you might reveal a hidden alleyway with a captivating history, leaving them eager to explore further.

3 common mistakes in tour script writing

There are a few common pitfalls that can dampen a tour script’s impact. Here are three mistakes to avoid:

1. Information overload

One of the most common mistakes is overwhelming participants with too many details. Bombarding them with an abundance of historical facts, dates, and figures can lead to information fatigue.

Instead, focus on delivering key highlights that are relevant to your narrative. For instance, on an architecture tour, avoid inundating participants with every structural detail and instead focus on the stories behind the most interesting buildings.

2. No interaction

Tour scripts that merely deliver a monologue can fall flat. Neglecting interactive elements can leave participants feeling disconnected from the experience.

To avoid this, leave room for your guests to ask questions, share their observations, or even participate in mini-activities. 

During a food tour, for instance, you might ask guests to talk about their favorite meal, fostering a sense of participation.

3. Ignoring pace and timing

You can quickly lose a crowd by rushing through explanations or dwelling excessively on minor details. Dragging out a segment can also bored your guests to death.

Tour guides need to strike a balance between information overload and conciseness. They can do so by allocating appropriate time for each stop and topic. For example, on a museum tour, you’ll allot extra time to explore a major exhibit, ensuring that visitors have ample time to absorb the information.

A well-written tour script possesses the power to immerse guests in your experience. By marrying your storytelling techniques with thoughtful interactions and original humor, your scripts will result in tours that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Writer Carla Vianna

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Tours and Travels Advertisement Examples

' src=

Fresh Reads

These ads announce new tour/travel schemes launched by travel agencies to attract new customers and retain the old ones.

Important points for writing Tour and Travel advertisements.

  • Begin with ‘Package Available’ etc.
  • State name of travel agency.
  • Specify destination and duration.
  • Supply details of package— food/boarding lodging, sight-seeing etc.
  • Give estimated cost and special discounts.
  • End with contact address and phone number.

Q. Global Travels C-89, Connaught Place, New Delhi offers its patrons cheapest air tickets for any destination by an airline besides offering consultancy and exchange service. Draft an advertisement for publication in a national daily in about 50 words.

Q. Sita travels, 284, Rohini Enclave, Delhi offers a package tour for 3 nights/4 days in Mauritius for Z 10000 per person. Draft an advertisement for publication in a national daily in about 50 words. Give necessary details.

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Why I Write by George Orwell

What is fascism by george orwell, the shoemaker and the devil by anton chekhov.

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List on

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 connects travelers and travel agents directly to the tour operators. Tour operators that specialize in specific destinations are the best ones to provide the best experience, and the latest information and packages suitable for any budget for individual or group travel.  With complete information, travelers as well as travel agents are able to make the best decision to maximize time and dollar investment.

Increase Your Visibility   We reach approximately 143,000+ travel agents & travel professionals (primarily in North America) through Travel-Intel Newsletter which is distributed 2 times each month, reinforcing our stability in the tour & travel marketplace as well as VR Tourism New which is distributed once monthly. 

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Net Explanations

Advertisement Writing on Tour and Travels

Are you looking for the Advertisement Writing on Tour and Travels? If Yes, then you are the right place. Here in this page we have provided Tour and Travels Advertisement Writing, Format and Examples for students of CBSE class.

Advertisement Writing on Tour and Travels Format

Now, let us focus on the following points that can be included in ‘TOUR AND TRAVELS ’ type advertisement.

  • Must have the title – ‘TOUR AND TRAVEL’or any other suitable heading in capital letters.
  • Must include the name of the destination and the duration of the trip.
  • Must include the available packages and sightseeing.
  • Must include if any special discount available.
  • Must have the detail contact information of the advertiser.

Advertisement Writing on Tour and Travels Examples

Nomadic Matt Travels offers an exciting vacation package of 3 nights and 4 days to North Sikkim at reasonable price. Draft an advertisement for Local daily in about 50 words.

Nomadic Matt Travels offers an exciting vacation package of 5 nights and 6 days to Andaman Island at reasonable price. Draft an advertisement for Local daily in about 50 words.

Stay tuned with Net Explanations for more information regarding Advertisement Writing on Tour and Travels for CBSE Class 6 to 12.

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    Each Google Ads campaign requires a daily spend - the amount you want to spend daily. We recommend you set the daily budget based on a multiple of the profit you earn per customer. For example, if the tour you're advertising goes for $125 (per customer) and your profit is $100 (per customer), you could set your daily budget at $100.

  10. How to Write Travel Advertising in 2021 (Or Any Other Year)

    7. Deliver a call to action. Finally, of course, is the call to action—the part where you tell your reader what to do next: Begin your journey with Regent. The word "journey," keeps this message right on theme, and brings the whole piece to an artful close—leaving the right reader excited to hop on board.

  11. 10 Best Travel Ads to Inspire Your Next Vacation

    Luckily, Iceland found a perfect solution for the problem - outsourcing your emails to Icelandic horses. All you have to do for that is come to Iceland, and the rest will be taken care of. This quirky ad is an amazing example of how creative and funny countries can get in attracting new tourists. 4. Sweden - Spellbound.

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    Travel Ads Examples & Templates. 1. Travel Banner Ads Template. Details. File Format. Photoshop. Size: 8.5×11 inches. Download. Banners are a general method of advertising and have evolved as a digital banner advertising medium in the age of the internet.

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    3 examples of great tour scripts. Here we'll dissect three great tour scripts — from a cathedral in Dublin, a safari in Toronto, and a museum in Milwaukee. Live tour. Here's a script written for Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. Right off the bat, the script addresses what visitors can expect from this tour:

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    17,270+ Free Travel Templates. Promote your travel agency in minutes with professionally designed flyers, videos and social media graphics. Perfect for printing and sharing online! 4.8 / 5 (791) Designs Emails. Filters. Sizes. All. Travel Free Poster Templates in other sizes: Google+ Cover Image, Facebook Cover Video (16:9), Flyer (US Letter ...

  18. Tours and Travels Advertisement Examples

    These ads announce new tour/travel schemes launched by travel agencies to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Important points for writing Tour and Travel advertisements. Begin with 'Package Available' etc. State name of travel agency. Specify destination and duration. Supply details of package— food/boarding lodging, sight ...

  19. The best travel agency ads to get inspired by

    What your travel agency advertisements need to accomplish. 4 examples of travel agency advertisements to get inspired by. Travel agency campaigns on Google Search Ads. Travel Leaders. Go Wheel the World. Travel agency campaigns on paid social platforms. Muscatine Travel. Levon Travel Bureau. Facebook Travel Ads.

  20. Free and customizable tour templates

    Skip to start of list. 11,526 templates. Black Minimalist Concert Tour Dates Announcement Poster. Poster by Fatih Kaya. Graffiti Abstract Music Tour Concert Poster. Poster by Bayu Rakhmadio. Blue Black Grey White Modern Photo Illustration Decorative City Tour And Trip Organizer Traveling Agent Flyer. Flyer by ziehefzie.

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    2,040+ Free Templates for 'Tour packages'. Fast. Affordable. Effective. Design like a pro. Designs Emails. Filters. Create free tour packages flyers, posters, social media graphics and videos in minutes. Choose from 2,040+ eye-catching templates to wow your audience.

  22. Advertising Rates & Examples :

    Tour operators that specialize in specific destinations are the best ones to provide the best experience, and the latest information and packages suitable for any budget for individual or group travel. ... An advertising campaign that is affordable and puts your products or services in front of your audience. Cost: $3000. to $4000 Per week ...

  23. Advertisement Writing on Tour and Travels Format and Example

    Must have the title - 'TOUR AND TRAVEL'or any other suitable heading in capital letters. Must include the name of the destination and the duration of the trip. Must include the available packages and sightseeing. Must include if any special discount available. Must have the detail contact information of the advertiser.