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spock is gay compilation

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star trek heritage post (July 3rd, 2020)

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happy pride month from the tribbles 

star trek heritage post (June 7th, 2017)

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star trek heritage post (May 25th, 2022)

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I live for agender Odo (from Star Trek Waypoint, 2017).

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I looked it up and this is Kira going “I can’t do this mother/daughter pilgrimage thing because my mom died during the occupation”, and then everyone’s immediately like “I’LL BE YOUR SYMBOLIC MOM” I’m crying??? and need to read Star Trek comics maybe??????????


a family can be *squints; counts* 8 moms of varying race, gender, and solidity, and their symbolic daughter

star trek heritage post (December 1st, 2017)

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A Vulcan named Stork works at the Terran adoption agency. Parents always request that he be the one to deliver their child to them.

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It’s years before anyone explains it to him.

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People keep gifting him robes with long white birds on them.


The fun thing is he would understand why people were getting him outfits with storks on them. That’s a word, it’s his name, straightforward. All the humans get him the same gag gift, but like, they’re putting effort in at least. This is a genuinely nice outfit. Stork will be a walking zero-effort pun sometimes, rather than waste a perfectly fine robe.

It’s fine. This is a readily comprehensible human illogic. Exactly the kind of thing he expected from moving to Earth.

Six years in he finds out about the stork bringing babies.

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Stork has a good long meditation session about this myth, his name, his job, the outfits, the whole shebang (or whatever Vulcan concept is the equivalent).

And he decides he’s honored by it, in a humanly illogical way.

The humans are asking him to do what is after all his job, and specifically requesting him for the joy his name brings them on top of an already agreeable and satisfying task. He has no objection to engendering positive emotions in others. Harm hastens the heat-death of the universe, Surak teaches, so happiness must logically slow it down. 

Plus, Vulcans of his generation love  puns. There were two decades of punning competitions in colleges across the planet. So when he realizes that he is  a walking zero-effort pun, and that the humans also  love the pun, he is all for it. He is the Joe Cool of the entire Vulcan population in his city. 

And via this pun, the humans are including him in a cherished and traditional myth, by casting him as the literal bringer of life and the expander of families. 

There’s no downside. Stork wears his robes, pins, keychains, and other bird-related tchotchkes with genuine pride. 

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For real though working together with some human social workers, a Vulcan would be an excellent caretaker for children in an adoption center.

Child has a meltdown? Imagine Stork, perfectly calm and unbothered, approaching the kid and saying “You appear quite upset, Eliza. If you would please allow me to relocate you to the ‘bean-bag-chair,’ we can discuss the source of your distress.”

A Vulcan educated in medicine and child psychology would be endlessly patient with a kid with behavioral issues. Stork wouldn’t get or upset or frustrated. After all, these are children with medical and psychological conditions. It would be illogical to blame the child or to not treat them with the appropriate care.

Even if the a little one was having a bad day or was just overtired, Stork wouldn’t get angry. He might even be a calming presence. Any new kids acting out would learn real quick that they’d have better luck trying to arm-wrestle a Klingon than get a rise out of Stork.

Not only that, Vulcans live much longer than humans. Imagine Stork looking virtually unchanged as decades pass. Kids he’d helped years ago would turn up fully grown, maybe there to adopt their own kids, and run into Stork, looking almost exactly as they remember him.

And he’d probably remember them too. “Welcome back, Eliza.”

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“…Harm hastens the heat-death of the universe, Surak teaches, so logically happiness must slow it down…”

Will reblog every time it crosses my dash 🖖🏾

star trek heritage post (November 14th, 2020)

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star trek heritage post (December 20th, 2015)

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on september 15, 1967, spock and kirk gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named slash fanfiction

star trek heritage post (June 6th, 2023)

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star trek heritage post (February 6th, 2018)

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its a shame spock wasnt raised on earth bc vulcan children were vicious with their insults “you have no place in the universe” “your father’s a traitor and your mother’s a whore”

meanwhile kids on earth would just be like


star trek heritage post (March 31st, 2014)

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Spock is the fakest hoe in Star Trek. That guy has cried in every single movie. Get out of here with that vulcans don’t have emotions bullshit. You aint fooling nobody, you sensitive fuck


star trek heritage post (July 25th, 2018)

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star trek tumblr

quarkslobes :

star trek has always handled trauma/mental illness well imo but sisko explaining to the prophets in the first episode that humans live in linear time and can’t ever go back… and then the prophets are so confused and show him his wife dying and ask “but you exist here?” that was. that one…. hit

t00thpasteface :

at the risk of sounding like a raving lunatic, i think one of my favorite trekkie memes/posts is that one where someone comments on a screenshot of tos and asks if sulu is texting, because it PERFECTLY encapsulates star trek’s strange little place at the intersection of pop culture and the tech world: like listen… 55+ years ago a bunch of actors had to use a mix of existing habits and wild imagination to come up with what they felt would be believable movements and muscle-memory for someone using completely unbelievable tech a few hundred years in the future. like tv had less than ten channels and the screen was a foot across, and they had to go “ok how would someone who’s used to a tiny wireless gadget with a screen hold it and use it? how would they talk to a computer? how would the computer sound when she talked back?” and over half a century later our own tech has surpassed the clunky retrofuture gizmos in so many ways, no doubt inspired by it, that now someone two decades into the 21st century sees an actor in the 60s holding some tiny rectangular plastic prop in both hands and immediately recognizes it as “oh, sulu’s texting!” now THAT is a called shot. hell, that’s putting your money on a roulette wheel in a casino that hasn’t been built yet. i LOVE it. it’s so star trek. sulu is absolutely texting.

iamthecutestofborg :

royal-fizzbin : cumaeansibyl : textsfromstarfleet : textsfromstarfleet : i think star trek should write an in universe reason why some series don’t have swearing and some do. make it a universal translator glitch or something.

the captain of each ship can turn the swears on or off when they want to

Kirk would have kept the swears on but any ship carrying Dr. Leonard McCoy is required by Starfleet regulations to turn them off

How dare you keep this in the tags @narwhalsarefalling


garak-pussy-indulgence :

femmchantress : Quick while everyone’s distracting unify Ireland


u got 2 years get going

slashygirl :

This deleted scene is insane!!!

santijpg-gone-deactivated202303 :

Before kirk and spock no two men had ever been homosexual

daggerofthemind :

McCoy to Enterprise, McCoy to Enterprise…

seriesfive :

me following my roommates around the apartment: and then in s1e7 ‘what are little girls made of,’ spock questions chapel’s ability to recognize her fiancé, roger, over an audio call, and she implies that if he were engaged, he would be able to recognize that person’s voice without a doubt . so then after kirk beams down to the planet to see roger, he’s held hostage by a droid who imitates kirk’s exact voice to spock when he calls, and spock becomes concerned for the captain because he doesn’t sound right . and then while kirk himself is being cloned, he ensures that the clone will be different from him by thinking unkind thoughts about spock. when the clone boards the enterprise, spock realizes that he’s not the captain by the way he speaks to him (despite having no prior knowledge that any cloning was taking place on the planet ) and beams down the planet to find the real kirk. and then it turns out that chapel herself wasn’t actually able to tell that her own fiancé’s voice was a clone, but spock-
there’s a difference between a bad episode of star trek, a bad episode of star trek and a bad episode of star trek

plant-dad-sulu :

numberlover1729 : jurgenronaaz : narwhalsarefalling :

Wasn’t this episode banned in the UK for that specific reason?

2 more years

existentialcrisistime :

Saavik my beloved (who absolutely deserved better) just a quick one from the other day, brush pen and inkwash on paper, glad to see I’ve not lost my touch with the brush pen after months away instagram | twitter

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just some hands

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Li'l Voyager - The Swarm

“Look at all this useless information floating around your buffer: friendships with the crew, relationships with… women? Do they find you attractive?”

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Li'l Voyager - The Chute

“I’m only in the mood for good news today, ambassador.”

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#30DaysofDS9 - Day 29 - Best Nog momentYeah, I’ve gone off script for this one as I can’t pick a director and we didn’t have a best Nog moment which for me is how proud he is to wear the cadet uniform that Rom got him.

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 29 - Best Nog moment

#30daysofDS9 - Day 28 - Best episode writerYeah I got cheeky here and drew David Gerrold who of course wrote The Trouble With Tribbles and appears on screen in Trials and Tribble'ations .I couldn’t really pinpoint a writer specifically so I drew one...

#30daysofDS9 - Day 28 - Best episode writer

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 27 - Favourite actorAcademy Award winner Louise Fletcher brought such amazing presence to Winn Adami - it always stands out to me because I have such a strong reaction to her which is what you want.

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 27 - Favourite actor

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 26 - Favourite Antagonist I thought Weyoun added a valuable figurehead to represent the Dominion, especially with Jeffrey Combs compelling performance.

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 26 - Favourite Antagonist

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 25 - Favourite ShipAn odd choice I’m sure but I love the idea of these old Bajoran Raiders sprinkled around the system and I loved it when Kira and Dax resurrected one to fly to Bajor

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 25 - Favourite Ship

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 24 - Favourite Bajoran StoryI liked Kai Opaka’s story it was unexpected which is often a joy to have happen in a television show. I often wonder when watching that first season what became of Opaka and I wish there was time to...

#30DaysofDS9 - Day 24 - Favourite Bajoran Story

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#30DaysofDS9 - Day 23 Favourite Cardassian Story

I’m not debating that - obviously in a television show it would be hard for them to inflict a fifty-year occupation on Cardassia to “even things up” so exercise chill  ;)

#30DaysofDS9 Day 22 - Favourite Klingon storyCan’t go past my TOS Klingons in Blood Oath (though Way of the Warrior is very close) - I love how much DS9 honoured TOS whilst going its own way.

#30DaysofDS9 Day 22 - Favourite Klingon story

Can’t go past my TOS Klingons in Blood Oath (though Way of the Warrior is very close) - I love how much DS9 honoured TOS whilst going its own way.

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star trek tumblr

star trek episodes plot & themes

@ startrekplotnthemes

Season 6 Episode 6 True Q

Amanda Rogers joins the crew of the Enterprise as an intern from Starfleet. She expresses her multifaceted interests, not quite sure how she wants to advance her career. Talking with Beverly she determines it is okay for her to take her time and learn in various fields to come to that determination. While she is on the ship she experiences several startling phenomena such as creating several puppies and using her powers to save Riker’s life. After preventing an explosion in the core, Q finally shows up, clarifying that she is a Q herself. Her parents took human form when they had her and that it is imperative that he begin to teach her about her powers.

Q approaches Amanda initially wanting to take her with him to the continuum but after her initial refusal to go with him he concedes, deciding instead to reach her. Meanwhile Picard begins research into her biological parents wishing to find out more about them. Amanda finds herself confused and out of place with her powers not knowing whether the right decision is to use them or retain her humanity. Q trains her, allowing her to see her birth parents and teleporting her all around the ship to acknowledge her status as a Q. This runs in conflict with her humanity after Beverly grows frustrated after Q encourages Amanda to speed up an experiment. Amanda even learns the selfish aspects of being Q using her powers to have a liaison with Riker, even manipulating him to be in love with her but quickly realizes it is wrong and only exists via her manipulation.

Finding more information on looking into Amanda’s parents’ death, Picard confronts Q claiming the tornado that struck them did not line up with weather patterns at the time, accusing the Q continuum of killing Amanda’s parents. Q comes clean telling Amanda all of this and that he was sent to determine if she was full Q or a human Q hybrid that he would have to kill. He determines she is Q and gives her the same choice her parents were given, to decide whether or not suppress her powers and live as human or accept her status as Q. Amanda chooses her humanity but is quickly confronted when a planet nearby reports its anti pollution systems are failing and the sun is almost blocked out. Q taunts her claiming she won't be able to do anything to help if she claims with her humanity. Faced with the loss of life on a large scale Amanda uses her powers sealing her fate to be taken to the Q continuum. She does insist on being given time to say goodbye to the crew members as well as her adoptive parents before she leaves for good.

Amanda’s character in this episode further explores the idea of why Q operates the way he does. Yet unlike Q, her cornerstone of humanity keeps her powers in check. She egregiously uses her powers in order to place her and Riker in a scene together, even shifting his mind to be in love with her, yet ultimately comes to the realization that this is not real. The episode is her being at odds with her humanity and nature as Q. If she can have anything she wants then what happens to her future desires. Beverly is consistent throughout the episode guiding her humanity whereas Q seeks to tempt her and get her to embrace her difference from the rest of the humans. It is ultimately her humanity that gets her sent to the Q continuum as she cannot stand to see suffering and not intervene. True Q marks the difference between Q and humans, it is a question of how long Amanda spends with the Q before she becomes similar to them.

Season 6 Episode 5 Fractures

Trying to stay awake through a poetry reading, Riker finds himself growing increasingly irritable as he feels he has gotten a lack of sleep. Talking with Troi she reports several other members on the Enterprise who have been reporting similar circumstances. One such being La Forge who detects a time his visor was not online. Forming a group of individuals who have felt similar things, Troi tries to encourage them to recall what it is that they've seen. Their efforts take them to the holodeck where they are able to successfully recall being placed on a metallic table with a scalpel, also recollecting a clicking sound.

While this is happening Data and La Forge discover a subspace rift in a cargo bay performing a probe to discover more about it. In order to close the rift they need to trace it to its source. Connecting one thread to another, from close medical inspection Beverly comes to the conclusion that Riker and several other crew members have been abducted while sleeping before being returned. A scan revealing that a couple crew members are missing from the ship. Devising a plan to find out more about the rift, Riker volunteers to have himself tracked and given a stimulant to counteract the sedatives the mysterious abductors are distributing.

Pretending to be asleep, Riker waits for the perfect moment to act while the aliens go about their business. Hooded and mysterious they ambulate around with a mysterious purpose. Data and La Forge use the tracking to begin to close the rift. Using the opportunity of the aliens being distracted by the portal being affected, Riker takes action grabbing the missing crewmate and heading through the portal. The aliens send a mysterious pulse through the rift which the Enterprise is unable to identify the purpose of.

This episode explores aspects of horror with the mysterious aliens functioning as the role of aliens in a public conception of them. Mysterious creatures abducting humans for an unknown purpose. It has an aspect of horror, coming from the fact that the creature's intent and purposes are never fully realized. It also explores the world of the unconscious with the bizarre scene in which Troi recreates the table with the help of the victims. It is an exercise in exploring the details of the mind under a layer of fog. Trying to recall details and building off of it from details the others were giving was a surreal experience. Sometimes Star Trek deals in literal fights and wars, but what can be scarier is the threats one cannot fully recall or understand.

Season 6 Episode 4 Relics 

Discovering a Dyson sphere, a large superstructure that encompasses a sun to absorb its energy and distribute it, the Enterprise also encounters a distress signal from the USS Jenolan, a ship that had been missing for 75 years. Warping aboard the ship La Forge discovers that the transporter has been jury rigged to maintain two signals indefinitely. Reversing the process, La Forge is able to bring back Montgomery Scott but is unable to reconstitute the other signal. Returning to the Enterprise, Scotty marvels at the new technology and after getting cleared by Beverly makes his way to engineering. He quickly discovers however that some of his knowledge is obsolete such as when he grows concerned about some crystals in their casing. An annoyed La Forge asks him to leave engineering and a dejected Scotty complies.

Making his way to ten forward and the bar, he orders a scotch before realizing that all the alcohol has been replaced by synthehol, Days offers him some actual liquor from Guinan’s supply and he makes his way to the holodeck where he recreates the bridge of the original Enterprise. He wallows in self pity before Picard finds him and the two begin to exchange stories of their history with StarFleet. Picard identifies the alcohol he has obtained as Aldebrean whiskey until Scotty decides he's had enough pouting and ends the simulation. Picard asks La Forge to travel with Scotty to the Jenolan in order to recover survey data.

The two slowly repair their relationship aboard the old ship as Scotty is able to show off his expertise and know-how while using the older systems. He corrects La Forge in a couple of areas, including a part where he wrote the book for the engine La Forge is working on, explaining its real capacity he committed for safety reasons. While this occurs the Enterprise approaches a hatch on the Dyson sphere. Thinking it is some sort of communication huh they send out a signal, yet that ends up triggering the hatch to open and the gravitational pull of the ship inside. Coming within range of the star inside they find it is emitting deadly amounts of radiation and that the shields can only hold out for so long. 

Back on the Jenolan Scotty and La Forge work out how to get the ship flight worthy after finding the signal of the Enterprise has disappeared they take the ship to the hatch where Scotty is able to deduce they were dragged in. Coming up with a risky plans Scotty has the hatch open and uses the Jenolan to jam the hatch from closing, giving the Enterprise the opportunity to slip through, beaming the two engineers aboard before blowing up the Jenolan to clear the way. Back aboard and post disaster, Scotty talks with the La Forge telling him to appreciate his time as chief engineer since he can only feel that sort of feeling once before he is led to shuttle bay. The senior staff of the Enterprise see Scotty off, awarding him with a shuttle craft to go where he wants.

This episode is heavily nostalgic with the return of Scotty. Despite the aspects of fan service, the episode managed to hit on aspects of living your best life and addressing older people who feel like they have hit their peak a long time ago. Scotty spends a lot of his time recalling his glory days and when he was at his peak as chief engineer. In telling La Forge to treasure his time aboard the Enterprise it is a message to appreciate ones youth and when you're operating at your prime. He waxes poetics about women and ships that one can only experience their first time once, such as Picard recalling his first time captaining aboard a rickety ship. By the end of the episode Scotty has come to have a vigor as he rediscovers his ability to contribute and be useful while working on the Jenolan. It is communication between the Original Series and the Next Generation. Things have changed but the advances of the Next Generation would not have been possible without the original.

Season 6 Episode 3 Man of the People

Encountering the transport ship the Dorian the Enterprise comes to its aid as it is under attack by hostile ships. Beaming aboard, the passenger introduces himself as Ramid Vas Alkar a Lumerian ambassador currently on his way to negotiate peace talks between the two planets Rekag and Seroni. Sev Maylor, an elderly woman and Alkar’s mother, glares at Troi telling her to stay away from Alkar. She grows increasingly hostile whenever encountering Troi until she meets her end from mysterious causes. Troi approaches Alkar giving condolences for his loss and asking if there's anything she can do. Alkar asks to perform a Lumerian funeral right with her, where he has her repeat several phrases and touches two rocks that the two hold together, causing a faint blue glow.

From there Troi begins to show strange signs, coming off coldly to fellow crew members as well as putting sexual advances onto Alkar. When he refuses she comes onto several crew members, including Riker, growing more and more irritated as she is rebuffed. Her hair also begins to gray and she shows signs of getting older in a more rapid fashion. When Alkar stops spending time with her and instead spends time with a woman named Liva who is part of his people who have arrived on the planet, Troi grows increasingly needy and paranoid, insisting she travel with him to the planet side while Alkar insists that she stay in her quarters. Things escalate to the point that when Alkar and Liva are sent to go aboard the planet to negotiate peace talks, Troi attacks the duo with a knife, lightly wounding Picard who is in the room at the time.

Finding higher neurotransmitter residue on Troi which was also found on Maylor, Beverly requests Picard to overturn Alkar’s previous request to not perform an autopsy on Maylor’s body. With Troi in peril, Picard gives Beverly permission with startling results. Maylor was not Alkar's mother and was only 30 years old. Picard warps onto the planet confronting Alkar who calmly explains that he performs a ritual where he selects another person and gives them his negative emotions, funneling it into them as a “receptacle”. He explains further, that due to Troi’s empathic abilities she was apparently more susceptible to the negative symptoms of being such a receptacle. Picard is outraged and demands Alkar to releases her, to which Alkar cites the greater importance of negotiating peace with a clear head, refusing Picard’s request.

Quickly coming up with a plan, Beverly suggests they put Troi in a death like state in order to throw off Alkar. Alkar returns to the ship after being told Troi is dead and quickly seeks out Liva as a new receptacle. Before the ritual can be completed, Troi is revived after the neurotransmitter residue are purged from her system and the resulting emotions and particles are sent back to Alkar. As Liva is beamed out of the room Alkar receives all the negative emotions he has pushed onto Troi quickly aging and dying while she recovers.

From the initial name of the ship to the ending, the show has a strong affiliation to The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is the story of a bright man who becomes seduced by the pleasures of life, with a painting that absorbs the negative emotions and aging that he might sustain. It is with outright calmness that Alkar refuses Picard’s request, simply believing that his existence is worth the continued advances of Troi. While Dorian in the books has somewhat homosexual undertones with the man who painted him as well as Dorian’s mentor, Alkar has a contempt for the affection of the women who he uses as receptacles. It is almost as if in addition to his positive emotions his compassion for the women he uses is lost as well. 

Season 6 Episode 2 Realm of Fear

Assisting the USS Yosemite after a transporter accident caused the disappearance of several crew members, those aboard the Enterprise discover that they are unable to transport to the Yosemite due to interference. Barclay suggests linking the two transporter systems which results in a longer dematerialization process. When called by La Forge to assist in the away team Barclay flees the scene. Talking with Troi and O’Brien it is revealed that Barclay has a mortal terror of the transporter system. He feels incredibly anxious till Troi shows him a Betaziod meditation technique involving stimulating a part of the brain via small taps. Employing this technique Barclay successfully transports to the Yosemite. On the way back however he sees a creature in the stream which subsequently bites his arm.

Going from there Barclay begins a slow descent into madness stemming from the creature he saw in the stream. He talks with La Forge and Troi where he becomes increasingly paranoid that he has contracted transporter psychosis. Troi ultimately relieves him of duty due to his irritability and he attempts to get some rest until he sees his arm glowing again. He approaches O’Brien who reports an anomaly from when he was transported aboard the Yosemite. O’Brien recreates the conditions and he sees the creature in the stream once again. Convinced he is onto something he calls the senior staff for a meeting. Picard orders a higher alert status and asks for the transporters to be shut off. While working in Engineering Barclay is found collapsed on the ground, his whole body glowing.

A deeper scan of his arm reveals that there are microbes in his arm that got caught in the stream when he was transporting. They can get the microbes out but only by putting him in the transporter to allow the bio filter to remove the microbes. Reluctantly agreeing, Barclay is put into the transport and while in it finds more of the worm creatures coming at him. Gathering his courage, he reaches out to grab one in his arms pulling it back with him. As he is reconstituted it is revealed that the creatures are actually crewmates from the Yosemite preserved in the stream. Taking note from Barclay the security team swiftly retrieves the rest of the crewmates. Afterwards Barclay converses with O’Brien about confronting fear with O’Brien leaving him with his pet tarantula.

This episode delves deeper into the transporter system, something briefly touched upon by Dr. Pulaski from season two of the series. Fear is the main focus of the episode with O’Brien and Troi representing two separate solutions. Troi offers meditation as a style of dealing with fear offering the technique where Barclay taps his neck to stimulate the cerebral cortex. Meanwhile O’Brien is much more direct with his style of confrontation recommending a head on approach to Barclay. What always is so notable about his episodes is how open and honest Barclay remains in each of his episodes. He is part of the cast but not one of the illustrious senior members who dive into each mission and problem with gusto. It is why it is more rewarding when he confronts his fears despite his weakness.

Season 5 Episodes 26/ Season 6 Episode 1 Time’s Arrow

Reporting back to Earth, investigating evidence of alien activity from 500 years ago, Picard questions why they were called specifically when they find Data’s disembodied head in the cavern. They find evidence of alien fossils originating in Devidia II. La Forge and several of the members aboard the Enterprise express concern for Data and his implied death, to which Data responds neutrally. Landing in the cavern they soon discover that the aliens present are out of phase with time. Data assures a worried Picard that the phase distorter in his head is the best way to reach them. As he phases he sees aliens absorbing strands of light from a glowing entrance and as two aliens use it he is brought inside.

Finding himself in San Francisco, Data approaches a hotel, making a ton of money using his android abilities in a game of poker. He befriends the bellhop who fetches him components of the device he needs. He is working on a device to detect the aliens but as he peruses the newspaper he finds an article about Guinan. He approaches her later at a party where she is engaged with philosophical talk with Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). When Data approaches her talking of star ships she takes him aside and he quickly puts together that she is not the Guinan from the 24th century but is instead incredibly long lived. While explaining what is going on Clemens listens in with great suspicion.

Back in the present time the crew has built a phase discriminator which allows them to finally see the aliens. They are horrified to learn that the strands of light are humans who are about to die, funneling through the portal. Picard, La Forge, Riker, Troi and Beverly all enter the portal in search of Data and to stop the aliens. Adapting to life in 1893 the crew finds themselves living as an acting group, they discover the cholera cases are likely a front for the aliens to steal more life. Beverly encounters the two aliens and has an altercation with them and the police. Heading out of the hospital, the group reunite with Data and beat a hasty retreat back to where they are staying.

With Data’s intel the group find the location of the cave and are able to follow the alien time travelers back to the mine with Guinan among them and Clemens tailing the group. Finding the aliens, Data has an altercations where he wrests the cane away from them which subsequently causes his head to be removed and a new portal to be opened. Everyone but Picard, Guinan, one of the aliens, and Data’s discarded head go through the open portal back to the 24th century. Picard left behind in the 19th century talks with one of the aliens, discovering that if the portal is destroyed in the future that the past earth will be in jeopardy due to the effects of time-shifts.

Using the head they discovered in the present, Geordi reattaches Data’s head, discovering iron filings in Data’s head that warn about the risk to the Earth. Stopping Riker and Worf from launching the torpedoes they come up with a plan to launch them at the phase of the aliens, so as to not risk the Earth. Concerned about Picard, the group find themself at a stalemate as the cane can only take one person back and allow one person forward. Clemens steps up, agreeing to travel back and get Picard back to the 24th century. Picard encourages Clemens as an author and ensures that Guinan will be taken care of. Clemens assures Picard that he will take care of everything in the past and Picard travels back through the portal one time, getting phased back to the ship right before the torpedoes hit.

This two parter explores two interesting elements with the death of Data being forewarned as well as the character or Samuel Clemens. La Forge and several others aboard the Enterprise become alarmed at the prospect of Data dying, whereas he looks forward to the fact that he can feel more human knowing there will be an eventual termination to his life like any other lifeform. This ends up being a non-issue as his head ends up reattached but it is worth noting the way Data accepts his death as a sign of his wanted humanity.

Clemens is a constant figure in this episode, initially starting out as more of a snoop trying to obstruct Data, his discovery of the future seems to change his attitude and role in the episode. He changes his tune after a discussion with Troi where he learns that the future has changed for the better as far as Troi attempts to convince him of how humanity has improved. A self made man, an icon of American literature, Star Trek writers make sure that Clemens occupies the role they think he deserves, ultimately stepping up to save Picard.

Season 5 Episode 25 The Inner Light

The Enterprise encounters a probe that is made of unknown technology, it approaches quickly and shoots out an energy beam connecting with Picard. Picard finds himself in a small home with a woman named Eline who claims to be his wife. She refers to him as Kamin and wonders if his memories are from the intense fever he woke up from. Talking with Batai as well, Picard discovers Kamin was an iron weaver and enjoyed playing the flute. Initially Picard is averse to this idea, embracing the role of Kamin to which he has woken up to, yet soon years pass. In this time he embraces his identity as Kamin, learning to play the flute and even having children with Eline.

Aboard the Enterprise they attempt to block the feed of the probe to Picard but quickly find that causes his vitals to drop forcing them to quickly try and reestablish the connection. They are able to identify the probe as coming from a system whose sun went nova, making life uninhabitable. Kamin, (as Picard has begun to accept himself as) comes to this conclusion from testing the soil and checking his Dobsonian Telescope. He talks with his daughter, Meribor who confirms his suspicions that the worsening conditions spell out worse than a drought. His second child seeks out a career in music having been captured by the artistry of it, a stubborn Kamin relents, seeing the passion it inspired in his son.

Yet further time passes with his close friend Batai dying. He finally gets into contact with a government official who admits to Kamin that he is correct but that the government does not want to cause mass panic. As he learns this, his wife Eline is on her deathbed meeting her end after one final conversation with Kamin. More time elapses finding Kamin playing with his grandson, morose over the fact that his grandchild will not have a future to inhabit. Meribor insists that he comes and watch the rocket with them, Kamin doesn't see the point but reluctantly agrees to spend the time with his family. As he arrives outside questioning what manner of rocket is to be launched, Batai shows up looking like his former self, explaining to Kamin that he has seen the rocket before. Eline shows up next along with the rest of his family, informing Kamin that what is being launched is a probe containing information about their species.

Kamin has a moment of dissonance remembering his confusion when he first arrived in Ressik. Realizing that he is who the probe came into contact with, he finally comes back as Picard aboard the Enterprise. Bewildered, he asks Riker how much time has passed, to which he is told, only about 25 minutes. The probe, having finished its transmission, shuts off yet exploration inside reveals a small wooden box. Riker gives this box to Picard who opens it revealing the flute he played as Kamin. Kamin, or Picard, hauntingly plays a melody he learned while living in Ressik as the episode ends.

What Picard experiences in this episode is a complete ideatic death of himself as he once was. It is over the course of several years that Picard learns to accept his role as Kamin. Not only that, he comes to care about the people of his village, with their ultimate fate only revealed to him after he has lived a lifetime on the planet. It makes me recall “The Paradise Syndrome” where Kirk loses his memories and lives among a people, based upon Native Americans. Unlike Kirk, Picard retains his memories of being a starship Captain but learns to put his history behind to accept his role as Kamin. He commits himself to learning the flute, a role Kamin occupied as well as agreeing to have children with Eline. Picard becomes Kamin in mind, carrying that piece of him as he plays the flute in his chambers.

Season 5 Episode 24 The Next Phase

The Enterprise encounters a Romulan ship in distress after a device blows up on the vessel. La Forge and Ro beam back to the Enterprise to fetch supplies but seemingly don't reappear from their end. The two awaken aboard the Enterprise, yet can go through walls and objects with others aboard the ship ignoring them entirely. After Beverly pronounces the two dead, Ro jumps to the conclusion that they are dead and need to come to peace with it, whereas La Forge determinedly seeks out a solution. Following Data back to the Romulan vessel, La Forge discovers the phase inverter, coming to the conclusion that they have been subject to experimental technology that both phased and cloaked them, leaving them in an in-between state. They also overhear a plot from the Romulans to cause the destruction of the Enterprise, and as the two seek their way back to find a way to warn them, they are followed by a Romulan in a similar state.

While they move about the ship, Data has been detecting chronoton emissions with his scanner, which Geordi quickly deduces is caused by the movements of him and Ro. He also realizes after Data performs another sweep with anyon particles, that they cause him to partially dephase. He theorizes that with a strong enough sweep of anyone particles the two could become visible to the Enterprise. Ro is captured by the Romulan who intends to end the two's attempts at warning, yet a scuffle between her and the Romulan is ended after La Forge pushes him through a wall out into space.

The Enterprise is delayed in its departure as long as the chronoton particles are in effect, so using the Romulan disruptor La Forge decides to go to their own funeral where Data has orchestrated a jazz party where people reminisce and enjoy the music. Using fire from the disruptor does not cause a powerful enough dispersal of anyan particles so Ro suggests an overloading of the device. Data orders for a sweep of the room, powerful enough that he and Picard are able to briefly see the two. This provides enough pieces of the puzzle for Data to also deduce what has happened to the two of them. A sweep of anyan particles at the highest level finally allows La Forge and Ro to decloak and dephase and impart their warning.

While it is all revealed to be because of a phase inverter, the episode has strong ties to themes of death and moving on. Multiple characters reveal their feelings, such as Worf who is happy instead of upset that La Forge is dead because he is now in a better place, having died while doing his duty. Ro talks with La Forge about her own people and culture, having thought she was dead and thinking about the ghosts according to her culture. Even if it was disproved by La Forge she was getting ready to accept her own death and believed a cultural phenomenon she had forgotten about was real. Data also synthesizes what he hears from Worf compared with other traditions to host a jazz party as the funeral for the event. La Forge himself appreciates the event as it gives people something to talk about and is uplifting instead of a much more somber event.

Season 5 Episode 23 I, Borg

The Enterprise discovers a wrecked Borg ship where they find a young Borg among the wreckage who still lives. Picard requests that both Beverly and La Forge assist in helping the Borg recover. La Forge and Data come up with a plan to implant the young Borg with a virus then sending him back to the Borg to infect the network. Picard plays this plan to the horror of Beverly who compares his actions to genocide of a species. Picard is stalwart about the fact that the Borg are not a species and only seek to destroy.

While working with the drone who is initially called “Three of Five” La Forge starts talking with the Borg and in an effort to humanize him, gives him the name Hugh. Hugh slowly understands that La Forge does not wish to be assimilated. La Forge approaches Gainan who has a troubled history with the Borg, alarmed when sparring with Picard and realizing he is keeping a Borg aboard. La Forge convinces Gainan to at least meet Hugh, to which she reluctantly agrees. She finds his sense of individuality holds up, even teaching him that resistance is not futile. A shaken Guinan convinces Picard to at least meet with Hugh before sending him to his death.

Picard poses as Locutus attempting to rattle the young Borg and inspire compliance but Hugh stands strong, even referring to himself as I when pushed to attack La Forge. This convinces Picard and he offers refuge to Hugh. Hugh recognizes that while he remains on the ship the Borg will hunt him down, so he ultimately agrees to be transported back to the crash site. The Borg arrive and terminate the other Borg before taking Hugh with them, who gives one last look over at La Forge. Picard only hopes that Hugh’s individuality and respect for life might be transmitted to the rest of the Borg.

This episode focuses on individuality, specifically through the lens of High. While initially portrayed as one of the Borg and evil, it is revealed he is used to being one of many and the statements he tells other's such as “Resistance is futile'' is learned dialogue. He is just as able to learn other concepts, such as resistance is not futile after interacting with Geordi. It is a question of if Hugh is a changed person or simply receptive to his outside or if all Borg are capable of change. The episode is also about overcoming trauma in the form of Guinan and Picard, both of whom have a history with the Borg. Guinan wishes to get rid of Hugh initially while Picard is on the path to war and destruction of the Borg. Hugh’s growing sense of self forces both of them to run in contrast with the trauma and vendetta they may have with the Borg, realizing they would potentially be snuffing out millions of lives in the counterattack. 

Season 5 Episode 22 Imaginary Friend

Deanna Troi is having a counseling session with Clara, a young girl aboard the Enterprise who struggles to make friends, placing instead an imaginary individual called Isabella to interact and play with. While traveling in a neutron based nebula called FGC-47 an energy-based entity enters the ship finding Clara and taking the form of Isabella. She turns invisible when adults are around, encouraging Clara to go to engineering and do other things that get her in trouble. Troi begins to grow worried about Clara attempting to encourage her to get out of her shell. This seeming abandoning of Isabella enrages her, causing her to cause minor setbacks to the Enterprise.

One such effect is the ship losing its velocity while traveling through space. When they encounter the problem again Data turns on shields revealing a gas that interacts with the shield forming strands of energy that restrain the ship. Isabella is causing minor inconveniences, spilling Troi’s hot chocolate and messing up Alexander’s pottery. A distressed Clara runs to the arboretum growing distraught with Isabella. Isabella is insulted by Clara’s frustration and claims that she does not care about her anymore and she can die with the others. A terrified Clara attempts to warn the others but only is taken seriously when Isabella attacks Troi.

The strands strangle the ship and Picard travels with Clara to the arboretum where they first met. Isabella reveals herself as an energy based life form who was scouting the ship for her species. As she talks more of her people drain the shields. She expresses disappointment in how the adults have treated Clara, disbelieving and punishing her. Picard makes an impassioned speech informing Isabella that the treatment was not to punish but to protect, and that the adults aboard the ship seek the best for Clara. After Clara herself asks Isabella to stop she is convinced, leaving the ship and taking the energy based life forms with her. Clara and Isabella have one last interaction where Clara agrees to come find Isabella again when she is older.

The episode attempts to address the way adults treat children with overactive imaginations, with Troi initially being very receptive to it, yet she grows hesitant as it starts to see Clara getting in trouble due to Isabella’s actions. We get to see Guinan again who speaks of her own imaginary friend, a Tarcassian razor beast. It carries some thematics to the episode “Hero Worship” where Timothy copes with the loss of his family and the painful feelings by pretending he is an android. Isabella represents a manifestation of childishness, punishing adults who often do not take the time to appreciate the imaginary. It comments on the fact that seemingly children aren't taken seriously, as Isabella is the central problem aboard the Enterprise, but by not believing and paying closer attention to Clara initially the problem cannot be identified till much later. It is worth accepting and giving the proper space to childish things and issues children may be dealing with, because without proper communication a very real and serious problem for a child can be swept under the rug.

Season 5 Episode 21 The Perfect Mate

The Enterprise is acting as the middle ground between Krios and Valt Minor, a warring people who have agreed to come to peace talks. The ambassador Briam asks Picard to secure the cargo bay which carries a gift for the people of Valt Minor but Picard assures him of its safety. The Enterprise comes across a Ferengi vessel warping the two stationed there onto the ship before the vessel explodes. This turns out to be a planned maneuver by the Ferengi. One of whom harasses the ambassadors with a proposal the other sneaks into the cargo bay, tampering with the cargo brought on by the Kriosians. She is a young Kriosian named Kamala, a metamorph who releases pheromones and has been trained to empathically detect the desires of men and adjust herself accordingly.

Initially Briam has her kept within her quarters as her charms prove dangerous with her quickly seducing Riker. Picard has a talk with Beverly where she informs him of her entrapment and Picard seeks to allow her free reign of the ship, despite Briam’s misgivings. Data escorts Kamala where she draws the attention of some miners, flirting with both them and Worf before Data escorts her out. The Ferengi attempt to purchase Kamala from Briam who refuses their offers but as they struggle to keep him around they shove him down causing him to hit his head and be temporarily out of commission. The Ferengi are made to stand trial but Enterprise is left in a difficult position as Briam was meant to help Kamala perform the ceremony.

Picard steps up with Kamala training him to fill in Briam's role. In this time Picard resists and fails to avoid falling for her, who fascinates him with her knowledge of history, claiming to like the person she becomes around him. At one point she asks to hear him talk simply wanting to hear the sound of his voice. They are able to complete the ceremony and Chancellor Alrik arrives, seemingly uninterested in Kamala, much more concerned with the upcoming trade agreements resulting from the treaty. Kamala in a moment of solitude with Picard informs him she has bonded with him but having learned his sense of duty she is determined to see through her marriage to Alrik to see peace between her people. A somber Picard gives Kamala away to Alrik and the two are wed. Picard converses with Briam afterwards who asks how he managed to resist Kamala’s charms, to which Picard somberly does not answer.

Kamala’s agency is a big question of this episode, with Beverly frankly commenting that she is being sold to prostitution. Picard brings out a version of her that claims to love the version of who she is when she is with him, but a question remains of who she is in general. She was essentially trained by Kriosians to perform the role of ideal female to any male that passed by. She is presented as a blank doll who adapts herself to the standards of the men she is in the room with. Is it perhaps the premise of the character or concept that is to blame, her status as a metamorph and empath meaning she would adapt to the next man who approached her. Yet what she says to Picard are her own words, she claims to dream of a person like him who elevates her as she seems to be his ideal woman. It is still in the service of pleasing a man, but she claims to be happy bonding to him. Yet even that happiness cannot stand as not Kamala and Picard choose duty over their feelings. Picard has the prime directive and Kamala has learned this sense of duty and devotion to her people which is why she consigns herself to a loveless marriage to see peace blossom for her people.

Season 5 Episode 20 Cost of Living

The Enterprise starts off by destroying an asteroid in aiding a planet while accidentally allowing an invisible parasite onto the ship. Worf argues with his son Alexander while in a group counseling session with Deanna Troi. The two are struggling to get along with Worf growing frustrated with his son's inability to complete chores while Alexander grows frustrated with Worf's discipline and yelling. Troi suggests a contract between the two in an attempt to mediate a middle ground between the two. This plan proceeds accordingly when everything is interrupted Lwaxana Troi arrives, announcing she is to be married.

Deanna questions her, especially when it is revealed that she has met her groom to be Campio through exchanged profiles. Deanna states her misgivings over Lwaxana not even knowing this stranger aside from the profile and critiques Lwaxana strongly after she learns she will not be attending the wedding naked, a proud Betazoir custom. Lwaxana poshes all of this, learning of Alexander's contract and criticizing that too. Claiming that Alexander and Worf are father and son and a contract should be unnecessary, and even if there was one that it favors Worf. She takes Alexander and treats him to the Parallax Colony, one famous for its philosophical and bodily delights, teaching Alexander to talk and think more freely. Worf and Deanna grow frustrated with Lwaxana claiming she is teaching Alexander the opposite lesson they are attempting to enforce.

While this occurs Campio and his protocol master Erko arrive, quickly policing Lwaxana’s time, making demands of how she should address Campio demanding she give him her time. Alexander interrupts his dinner time with Worf, raising his ire as he goes to spend time with Lwaxana keeping his promise to her. Lwaxana is bombarded by all sides by her husband-to-be, Worf and Deanna. She escapes with Alexander to the Parallax fair once more where the two converse. Alexander notices Lwaxana’s  distress, giving her the advice of one of the philosophers of the colony, and to let her animals out that exist inside to defend her. Lwaxana thanks Alexander for his advice commenting on how it was her helping him just the other day.

The parasites from earlier in the episode by this point are causing chaos on the ship as they eat through the ship’s nitra. Causing replicators to screw up orders and eventually leading to life support issues. Data is instructed to fire a Nitrous heavy beam at the Pelloris colony they were at to draw the parasites back to their natural territory. As everyone loses consciousness from the lack of the oxygen, Data is able to perform the maneuver averting the crisis. While the crisis is resolved for the Enterprise the day of the wedding occurs. Lwaxana is late to the wedding before respecting her own customs and showing up naked, honoring herself. An aghast Erko covers Campio’s eyes and walls him out of the room. Later Worf, Alexander, Lwaxana and Deanna recline in a mud bath in the holodeck enjoying the leisure of relaxation.

This episode pairs the unlikely duo of Alexander and Lwaxana setting them up as a pair to learn from each other. What Lwaxana attempts to instill in Alexander with her introduction of the Parallax Colony is a sense of whimsy and freedom in comparison to the strict tightness of Worf’s parenting. Yet Lwaxana is living contrary to this ideal of freedom in picking Campio and adhering to her own internal sense of freedom. It is why when she is interrogated by Alexander she realizes she has become desperate to find a partnership sacrificing her inner voice in order to be wed. It is charming to see her live up to her ideals and the final scene where she shows up to the wedding naked, baring herself and her traditions is her following her own advice and listening to Alexander.

Season 5 Episode 19 The First Duty

Picard is on his way to give the commencement address at Starfleet Academy’s graduation ceremony when it comes to his attention that Wesley Crusher was injured while attempting to perform a “Yeager Loop” in orbit, with another student, Joshua Albert, colliding with another ship leading to his death. What follows is an inquiry into the event, where fellow member of the Nova Squadron, Nick Locarno remakes that Joshua was nervous about flying and that it was his nerves that caused the accident. He blames himself for not making the call and allowing Joshua to fly despite his hesitance around flying the ship. The board reviewing the case accepts this fact yet also notes that the ships were not in their designated places while performing the said loop, leading to further investigation.

Picard performs a further investigation coming to the conclusion that Wesley and the rest of the squadron were attempting to perform the “Kolvoord Starburst” , a much more dangerous technique that had been banned due to the death of several officers who performed it. He brings his evidence to Westley who prefers not to answer the accusations. Picard informs him that an officer’s first duty is to the truth suggesting Westley come clean at the hearing or that he will be forced to do so himself. Westley is bombarded soon after by Nick who calls Westley selfish for not thinking of the whole squadron, encouraging him to cover up the story and look out for him and the others.

Cooking under the pressure Westley provides his recordings, feigning ignorance and incompetence. Faced with no further evidence beyond the smaller failures of the Nova Squadron members the admiral is prepared to drop the case when Westley speaks out. Unable to take the guilt, Westley cracks under the pressure and admits to having attempted the Kolvoord Starburst. Nick takes the blame insisting it was his pressuring that encouraged the members of the squadron to perform the loop. Nick is subsequently expelled while the rest of the members lose flight privileges and a year's worth of credits. Picard informs Westley that his future will be difficult as he pays for concealing the truth but commends him for coming out with it when he did.

This episode actually presents a moral dilemma many people face, though Nick Locarno does employ some heinous tactics in his manipulation of Westley. It is about following rules as written versus supporting people in your age group. People who ride and die with you and Nick who has gathered everyone together and sought to protect the squadron from dishonor. Knowing the writing and morals of the show and Starfleet it is obvious that Westley came out with the information, especially with Picard coming out with evidence against him but it has the very real counterargument of snitches get stitches. It can be difficult siding against your peers in favor of the rules yet Westley is a good member of Starfleet and reveals the truth in the end.

Season 5 Episode 18 Cause and Effect

The episode starts with the Enterprise in an emergency situation as they investigate a spatial anomaly. As they do so Riker suggests a decompressing of the shuttle bay while Data recommends using the tractor beam to guide the Enterprise away from the other Federation ship. The tactic is only partially effective causing damage to the Enterprise which leads to a critical failure and the ship's destruction. This action however leads to the restarting of a time loop taking the crew back in time at the start of a poker game. Beverly Crusher swears by a sensation of deja vu and calls Riker's bluff in the poker game. What follows are a series of events including La Forge reporting an earache, Crusher tending to her plants and hearing a noise, and a meeting the next day. What follows is a repeat of the start of the episode where they encounter a copy of the ship and are subsequently destroyed.

What follows is Beverly slowly catching on in the next time loop, able to accurately call Data’s hand and predicting La Forge’s arrival in med bay. This time when she hears voices while tending to her plants she is able to record it and have it processed, determining it is a recording of voices from the previous loop. Data makes plans to send a recording of their discoveries ahead to the Data of the next loop. Things play out similarly resulting in a looping of events once more after the destruction of the Enterprise. In this loop however Data deals out 3s in the poker game with a recurring theme. They are able to once again identify it is a time loop but have no means to recall how to avoid looping. When all hope seems lost and the collision is about to occur Data sees Riker and the three marks on his shirt and suggests Riker’s plan of decompressing the shuttle bay. This plan works getting them successfully out of the time loop where they are able to inform the USS Bozeman that they have been trapped in a loop for 90 years.

It is a hellish trap the Enterprise gets stuck into, having to loop through moments over and over again with only a vague sense that something has happened. It is emphasized even more with the Bozeman who have been trapped in an even longer period of time. One terrifying aspect of it is aside from the sense of deja vu Picard and Beverly talk about, one would not realize that they were trapped in the loop living out the same moment over and over. 

Season 5 Episode 17 The Outcast

The Enterprise is assisting the J’naii, an androgynous group of aliens, in finding a shuttle that has ended up in null space. Riker ends up chatting with Soren, a member of the J’naii where they explain that their species lacks a gender as they saw it as archaic, using a pronoun specific to their language. Soren has conversations with Riker interrogating gender politics of humans and how their binary system works. The two end up piloting a shuttle into null space in an attempt to rescue those who have been lost. While on the shuttle the null space causes Soren to be injured with a light concussion. They interrogate Crusher as to what it means to be a woman asking probing questions about roles and the status of women.

Eventually Soren comes to Riker admitting they have feelings for him but a place as a female. She explains how the J’naii have evolved, giving one haunting case of a kid in her school who identified as male and was relentlessly teased until he was later exposed to psycotectic therapy and proudly presented without gender once more. She expresses that she has an attraction to Riker and the two begin a liaison that goes on for a time until her people catch on. Riker attempts to interfere admitting his feelings to be one sided but Soren refuses to keep her truth hidden any longer, passionately rallying against the oppression of J'naii who identify as male or female. The judge at the hearing coldly thanks Soren for making things easier scheduling her to have the therapy.

An outraged Riker plans to help her escape, seeking Picard to see if there is a way to allow her escape. He informs Riker that this would be a violation of the prime directive and that he cannot assist him in the matter. While risking his career and position aboard the Enterprise Riker attempts a daring rescue of Soren but it is revealed that she has already had the surgery performed, informing Riker that she was sick but is better now. A discouraged Riker returns to the Enterprise as Soren returns to her place among her people.

It is working with the fascinating lens of Star Trek that such fascinating points of view can be explored with a lens of science fiction. In the case of this episode there are lots of ways in which the J'naii make fascinating points about gender. The fact that they have only one pronoun is impressive, though looking back on things now they could have easily used they/them as a pronoun. Framing acts of transphobia and conversion therapy through the lens of a gender neutral society that oppresses individuals who stray into the binary is perhaps a little on the nose but still a clever way of tackling the issue. It fails to address certain elements when Riker and Soren have talked about interaction between the sexes and the act of reproduction, framing such interactions as archaic and ignores the fact that homosexuality exists.

While initially off put by the ending, wishing Soren hadn't simply been subject to the conversion therapy, it does function as a condemnation of the act. The audience is left with a lurching discomfort as Soren proclaims herself cured of her sickness. The episode also addresses elements of transphobia and deviates from the norm in her recounting of the school mate who identified as a man. That he was bullied so ruthlessly and all he was met with the institution was a cure was deeply disturbing. One interesting comment from the actor who played Riker was that he thought it would have been interesting if Soren had been played by a man and depicted in a more masculine manner. I think in the ways Shakespeare played with gender knowing that the actors were men playing women at times it would have been an interesting choice that emphasized the gender neutrality of the species.

Season 5 Episode 16 Ethics

Worf is in the storage bay when a barrel falls directly on his spine disabling him from the waist down. Seeing his life as a warrior over Worf is severely off put by this deciding to consult Riker in performing the Hegh’bat a ritualistic suicide meant for Klingon warriors who are no longer able to fight. Riker is outraged at this heading to Picard who informs him that it is not something Worf asks for lightly. Meanwhile Dr. Crusher calls the neurological specialist Toby Russell aboard the Enterprise to assist her with Worf. Dr. Russell presents Crusher with an experimental technology, the genatronic replicator, suggesting they make a copy of his spine. Noting that the experimental technology has not yet been used on a humanoid Crusher vetoes the idea, also telling Russell not to lead Worf on with false hopes.

Crusher gives Worf the option of a surgery that would give him 60% of his movement back by estimation, yet Worf refuses this not wanting to stumble around like a mockery of his old self. Riker, still unable to accept Worf wanting to kill himself, studies Klingon law informing Worf that by the ruling Alexander (his son) should be the one to assist Worf in this ritual. Worf shuts down the possibility and Riker acts as if things are out of his hands. While this occurs Russell and Crusher continue to butt heads over Russell's experimental technology. She tests out an experimental medicine on a miner who died and a frustrated Crusher expresses that Russell has to try traditional methods first. Left without the option to die, Worf decides to go for Russell’s potential cure. 

The surgery goes well but as the life support is turned off Worf’s condition worsens with his vitals flat lining as he goes into cardiac arrest. They attempt to send electric signals to restart his brain functions but nothing works and he is pronounced dead. Crusher begins to comfort a distraught Troi and Alexander, the latter of whom resolutely asks to see the body. Yet as Alexander grieves Worf shows signs of life stirring as he is resuscitated. This miracle is due to Brak’lul a redundancy in the Klingons where all organs possess a secondary copy which Russell previously is derisive for earlier in the episode. This redundancy allows Worf’s brain to restart function of the body, saving his life. A gloating Russell is reprimanded by Crusher for endangering patient lives to pursue her theoretical projects and ideas. Worf goes through physical therapy adapting to his new spine and the procedure he went through allowing Alexander to assist him in the process.

This episode addresses two concepts societally, cleverly linking them under the title of ethics. The first involves Riker and Word with Worf’s desire to commit the Hegh'bat. I expressed my own annoyance at his desire to end his life but Picard’s conversation with Riker is very insightful. Worf is coming from standards of both human and Klingon, seeing the death of himself as a warrior as a death of who he is. He does not ask Riker to finish the job lightly, doing so because he sees him as a trusted one. Often assisted or ritual suicide is treated by many with indignation and outright refusal when it can be important to consider the opinion of the individual involved. Worf carries additional complexities with his warrior culture.

The second dilemma is in the vein of stem cell research in the form of the work and experimental medical science that Russell performs. She is presented negatively and like a villain when compared to Crusher. The only reason Worf is able to survive is due to a redundancy in his body that she dismisses. Yet her research carries the potentiality to save more lives than it might damage. While Crusher is correct that she should perform other known forms of research before her own experimental forms of medicine it is ultimately her genetic replicator that allows Worf to walk again. Sometimes only by taking risks and presenting unforeseen outcomes can advances in medicine occur. 

Season 5 Episode 15 Power Play

The Enterprise follows a distress signal of a ship that was supposed to have been destroyed 200 years before to the moon of Mab-Bu VI. Taking a shuttle down to the surface, Riker, Troi, and Data experience a bumpy landing crash landing on the surface of the moon. O’Brien joins them with the aim to help perform repairs. A shock of lightning bowls the group over and mysterious orbs enter their bodies but are unable to enter Riker. With the mission seemingly unsuccessful the four return to the Enterprise only for Troi, Data and O’Brien to begin acting strangely. They attack fellow members of the Enterprise seizing hostages and holding themselves up in Ten Forward. Troi claims to be the captain of the USA Essex, becoming a wandering spirit in the electromagnetic storm of the planet, and that he only seeks burial so he and his crew members can rest, yet Picard does not believe this supernatural claim.

Coming up with a plan, using the fact that Riker was not possessed with the others, Crusher is able to determine that experiencing a certain amount of pain will cause the spirits to be unable to stay in the bodies. Using this information Picard turns himself over while Ro and La Forge position themselves in the grating above, launching a containment field with electromagnetic pulses to get the spirits to leave their bodies. The plan works as intended except for the individual who possesses Data managing to escape the range of the attack, choking Picard and making him rescind his orders.

Picard gets the three to relocate to Cargo Bay Four with the hostages in tow. Troi reveals she is not actually the captain of the Essex but the essence of prisoners and that the moon was a penal colony. Their previous escape attempt is what caused the Essex to crash in the first place. O’Brien brings aboard more of these entities with the intent to possess everyone in the Enterprise, but this is when Picard springs his ultimatum. He threatens to open the doors to the cargo bay, killing everyone in the room. He speaks to the determination of his crew and the willingness they all have to prevent this take over occuring. Faced with utter obliteration the spirits in the three abandon their vessels and the groups part ways.

Star Trek dives into possession once again leaving traumatic scars on the crew involved. Troi describes herself as being pushed to the side, forced to watch the entities puppet their bodies. O’Brien's interactions with Keiko bring up concerning questions as the entity that was inside him expressed a familiarity with her that she rejects as O’Brien is not in control. It is only due to the steadfast willingness of Picard that the entities are chased off, yet it is a convenience that he saw through their bluff. With the knowledge retained by the entities he could not have fully denied that they were not the captain of the Essex trying to seek their burial, but the violent actions taken by these entities would suggest otherwise. It also poses the danger of Data’s keen intellect and knowledge when in the hands of another, yet this possibility has been explored before with the scientist who previously sought to usurp control of his mind. There is also a light play with gender as the entity who possessed Troi seemed to be male yet acted with her body as a figure of authority.

Season 5 Episode 14 Conundrum

A beam hits the Enterprise and suddenly none of the cast can remember who they are. They are able to remember their previous experience, with Picard remembering his leadership skills and being the captain of the Enterprise. But personal details and relationships are forgotten. In this state, Ensign Ro and Riker find themselves attracted to each other, where previously the two were at each other's throats. While this occurs the Enterprise is on a mission to destroy the Lysians targeting their central command.

The crew is able to recover everyone's roles and names though to the unsuspecting crew one Kieran MacDuff is second in command. He volunteers in the procedure to have his memories restored and reacts as if the procedure is hazardous, discouraging more attempts. He spurs Picard on as they proceed deeper into Lysian space, but Picard and Riker find the lack of technology shown from the Lysians to be concerning. MacDuff attempts to get involved when Riker and Picard refuse to launch the finishing blow on the central command but is subdued by Worf. It is revealed to have been a plot of the Satarrans which MacDuff was a member of, harnessing the power of the Enterprise to eliminate their enemies. At the end, Riker has to confront Ro and Troi who assure him things can stay limited to that event.

The episode ends with the Enterprise apologizing to the Lysians and making their retreat, yet this episode demonstrates a potential danger of the Federation. While Picard held off from making the killing blow he was still successfully manipulated into assisting the Satarrans and steamrolling through the fleet. Without one's memories and connections they are a tool that can be manipulated to kill others. Though in defense of this interpretation Picard does hold off on killing them, so there's an aspect that can be defended of them possessing the training to determine that something is not right.

Season 5 Episode 13 The Masterpiece Society

Tracking a fragment of a neuron star, the Enterprise comes upon Moab IV where a man named Aaron Conor runs a tight knit colony. Only taking up the Enterprises hailing due to the nature of the emergency, Conor reveals that everyone on the planet has been selectively bred to fulfill their roles on the planet and that the whole society functions as a collective unit. It is similar to a machine with gears, the various parts working together to make the whole work properly. He has contacted the Enterprise despite certain misgivings because he believes an evacuation would doom his society and the world they have constructed. To avert this Conor is willing to release one Hannah Bates, bred to be one of the top scientists of the planet to board the Enterprise and search for a solution.

Bates meets La Forge aboard the Enterprise, marveling at what the Federation technology can accomplish she finds herself unable to deflect the fragments with the power from the devices available. Her multiple phaser tractor beam is enhanced by La Forge’s VISOR per his suggestion. He blithely comments that her perfect society would not have been able to come up with the solution due to them filtering out disabilities such as blindness. While this is going on Troi experiences a liaison with Conor feeling ashamed for getting so strictly involved with a planet in aid. Bates’s plan works using La Forge’s VISOR as a model saving Moab IV from destruction.

Just as the situation seems to be resolved Bates notices a fracture on the planet and she calls for an evacuation. Looking with his visor La Forge confronts her on the matter, getting her to admit she has made up the emergency in order to get off of the planet. With her lie exposed Bates asks for asylum aboard the Enterprise along with 22 other refugees. Both Picard and Conor ask them to reconsider or take time to think of their choice as their departure will leave gaps in the society that has been perfectly engineered to run smoothly. Bates will not be swayed however and Picard acknowledges her write to seek asylum and not have to stay in one location. Even as they depart Picard observes that this disaster is why the prime directive is so important, wondering about the damage the Enterprise has done to the colony through interference.

I believe La Forge’s derision for this perfected little society is a solid critique of its shaky foundations. Only because of someone blind, someone who would not be allowed in this perfect society exists the possibility and technology to save the world. Taking care of those that are differently abled, having the capacity to understand and care for such possibilities instead of just breeding them out is a crucial part of human understanding. Eugenics is a slippery slope, and the society Conor runs participates in a formulary weirdly similar to this. Picard laments over the destruction or harm done to this society but if this level of interaction and interference does them in because they are not able to fill in the gaps that falls on the failing of the society to adapt to the changes. Bates and the others who wished to leave noticed this discrepancy and could not stand to live in this isolated bubble any longer.

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  • LiveLong&Podcast on TikTok 100+ eps, o7 to the unsung hero Lt. Rae @realtraceecocco Tracee Cocco was the original Lower Deck star having appeared in over 100 episodes TikTok

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Listen to me very carefully. Hellbird. Repeat, Hellbird. And Jean-Luc. No Starfleet. Trust no one.


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“The female that you call Number One has the superior mind…”

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“I don’t bite. Well…actually, I do.”

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Absolutely adore this cover.

ST: SNW - The Illyrian Enigma #3

Cover by Andy Price.

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New Life, New Civilizations, and other Weird S#!%.

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Entry 804: Nommapus

Home World: Unknown, somewhere in the Mirror Universe

Occupation: Breakfast of the week

First Appearance: “The Wolf Inside” (DIS 2018)

Summary: These semiaquatic creatures are often served as a breakfast food in the Terran Empire. However, keep in mind that the Terrans have also been known to make meals out of other sapient humanoids, so you might wanna skip this particular course.

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Entry 803: The Pahvans

Home World: Pahvo

Occupation: Energy aliens of the week

First Appearance: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” (DIS 2017)

Summary: These energy-based entities were a part of Pahvo’s astounding biosphere. In said biosphere, every living thing (and some non-living things) on the planet’s surface vibrated in complete harmony with a distinct tone. The vibration made a strange sort of “music” that was broadcasted into space via a massive biocrystalline antenna. First contact with the Pahvans was made by the USS Discovery in 2256, and the Pahvans were overjoyed to have made contact with beings from another world.

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Entry 802: Gormaganders

Home World: None

Occupation: Space Whale of the week

First Appearance: “Magic to make the Sanest Man go Mad” (DIS 2017)

Summary: These immense space-dwelling beings were on the Federation’s Endangered Species list as of 2256. They fed on alpha particles in solar winds, and had virtually no reproductive instincts. Add to that the fact that some species, such as Orions, were known to hunt them for meat, and the Gormaganders were in serious trouble. Between 2246 and 2256, only 57 encounters with these gentle giants were recorded by the United Federation of Planets.

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Entry 801: The Cancri

Home World: Cancri IV

Occupation: Neutral aliens of the week

First Appearance: “Lethe” (DIS 2017)

Summary: These tall, pale humanoids are generally neutral in galactic politics, often allowing their home world to be used as a neutral ground for warring species. The Klingons and the Federation have used the planet as a neutral region for diplomacy in the past, though the Klingons have also tended to take advantage of their light armaments, and more than one Cancri has met a bloody end at the blade of a bat'leth.

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Entry 800: Stuart

Home World: Unknown

Occupation: Recurring Pet/Assistant of the series

First Appearance: “Choose Your Pain” (DIS 2017)

Summary: This small, semi-intelligent arthropod was the pet and assistant of legendary conman and grifter Harcourt Fenton Mudd in the mid-2250s. Stuart’s species remains unknown, but he showed loyalty to Mudd, gleefully stealing food for the man when Mudd was thrown into a Klingon prison. The little creature later helped Mudd escape from the prison, though later, when Mudd seemed to be in serious trouble, Stuart wasted no time in making a break for it and vanishing on a remote planet.

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Entry 799: Airiam

Occupation: Cyborg minor character of the series

First Appearance: “Context is for Kings” (DIS 2017)

Summary: Little is known of this strange cyborg. Her species, her role, even her identity changes depending on whom you ask.

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Entry 798: “Ripper” the Tardigrade

Occupation: Plot device of the story arc

Summary: This mysterious alien lived in a kind of symbiosis with the fungus Prototaxites stellaviatori, feeding on the fungus’s spores and using the mycelial network to travel across space. It may or may not have been sapient. It resembled a gigantic version of an Earth tardigrade, and may or may not have been related to them. It was amazingly powerful and resilient; not only could it survive a phaser blast and exposure to the vacuum of space, but it was strong enough to tear through a duranium-reinforced door (though force fields gave it a much harder time). Though capable of gentleness, the entity was extremely aggressive when it sensed a direct threat, and would tear the threat to pieces with ease. For a time, it was used as a kind of “wetware” for the Spore Drive of the USS Discovery before modified people were used instead, as “Ripper” was put under extreme pain every time the Spore Drive was used. When freed, the tardigrade vanished to parts unknown.

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Entry 797: Prototaxites stellaviatori

Home World: Everywhere

Occupation: Plot device of the series

Summary: This distinctive fungus is found in limited numbers across the entire universe and in all known parallel ones. They are made up of a remarkable substance that exists not only in normal space, but also in a distinct subspace domain known as the mycelial network. Their fungal roots fan out across the entire known multiverse and beyond. Their spores were of great interest to the Federation for a time in the mid-23 century during the Klingon War, as harnessing the mycelial network using the spores would allow for incredible interstellar travel speeds. Two Crossfield-class starships - the USS Discovery and the USS Glenn - had prototype “Spore Drive” systems that would allow for access to the network. Unfortunately, the Spore Drive ultimately had to be abandoned by the Federation, as the cost of its use would prove too high - the mycelial network was misused by Terran scientist Paul Stamets, giving the network a disease that threatened the nature of the Prime Universe and the Mirror Universe alike.

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Entry 796: Species GS54

Home World: None, the organism is spaceborne

Occupation: Plot device of the episode

Summary: These small, swarming spaceborne organisms are known for their distinctive blue bio-luminescence. They tend to feed on the power from passing spacecraft. They are capable of draining an entire ship unless “scrubbed” from the hull, which can result in death from freezing, starvation, or asphyxiation.

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Entry 795: The Tulians

Occupation: Disposable crewmember of the episode

First Appearance: “The Vulcan Hello” (DIS 2017)

Summary: A cousin species to the Bolians, the Tulians embraced cybernetic implants into their species to the point where few of them don’t have any at all. This remarkable ability to mesh tissue with machines makes some species nervous.

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here’s a collection of some of my dumb hannibal memes

The best collection of Hannibal memes. Ever.

Please don’t ever forget that Bread and Circuses literally begins with the entire bridge crew staring as Spock bends over the scanner with Jim right behind him.


I just laughed so hard I started crying.

Retro References ★ Star Trek Beyond → Star Trek Original Series I ripped my shirt again.

The new “Star Trek Trilogy: The Kelvin Timeline “ 4k UHD set of films will make its debut on July 15 and it’s on pre-order at Amazon now. A Blu-Ray version is available here.

This special release features all three films in both 4K UHD and Blu-ray and also includes three discs with all the extras that came with the films (except the one exclusive of iTunes). There is also a fold-out poster which shows the main cast from all three movies and a graphic showing the origin of the parallel reality.

[What are the most interesting domino effects in history?]
[ Star Trek: Voyager was not as well received as previous Star Trek series.  In 1997, producers decided to add a new character in an attempt to boost ratings.  Actress Jeri Ryan was brought in to play Seven of Nine.  Jeri’s frequent separations from her husband, Jack Ryan, due to her acting schedule contributed to their decision to divorce in 1999.
In 2004, Jack Ryan became the Republican nominee for an open Senate seat in Illinois.  During the campaign, the proceedings from Ryan’s divorce became public, and contained details of his sex life that did not make him look good.
The scandal forced Ryan to drop out of the Senate race in July, leaving the GOP time to only find token opposition to Democratic nominee Barack Obama.  Obama’s landslide victory in the Senate race helped launch him onto the national stage, allowing him to pull off an upset victory in the 2008 Democratic primary and win the presidential election.
TL;DR- The lackluster writing of Star Trek: Voyager helped pave the way for the Obama presidency.]

Thanks, Voyager !

I belong in space, either put me out there or bury me.

“How do you feel?” “About what? About my crew and my family being slaughtered? About my ship being destroyed? About the federation, the thing I put all my trust in, being corrupt? About dying? You tell me.”

now she’s gone..

“I’m gonna miss you.”

What I’m reaching for.

What's going on with the TOS crew during Discovery? Masterpost.

What’s going on with the TOS crew during Discovery? 

To provide some context:

The first episode of Discovery takes place in the year 2256, ten years prior

All of the Original Series episodes except for the first pilot takes place during and after the year 2266

Discovery takes place is three years  after the Canon events of the first Original Series pilot and the flashback in the later TOS episode “The Menagerie,” (2253)

During the time of the first Discovery episode:

The Enterprise (NCC 1701) launched around 2245. The Enterprise is 11 years old in Discovery and still very much a new starship.(it looks likes the above picture till the 2260′s when the spikes are removed from the nacelles) *

During the time of the first Discovery episode Christopher Pike is still in command of the USS Enterprise and is finishing up a 5 year exploratory mission. *

Spock is 26 years old and is a lieutenant junior grade serving on the USS Enterprise as its science officer, and second officer, under Captain Pike.  It has been 8 years since Spock has spoken with his father Sarek, over a disagreement relating to spock going into starfleet. *  

According to the EV comic “ cloak and dagger ,” close to this time period Spock will reassess his life after an incident with a lost tribe of vulcans . after the incident Spock will choose to undergo a purification ritual, removing what few Human emotions he did have and devoting himself fully to a life of logic and intellect.  this would serve to explain why spock is less inhibited on displaying his emotions in the first pilot “The Cage.” *

James T. Kirk is 23 years old.

 Kirk is a Lieutenant  aboard the USS Republic. He is finishing his last year in a five year officer training regimen through Starfleet Academy. it will be 9 years till Kirk takes command of the Enterprise. *

Nyota Uhura is 17 years old and is more than likely attending classes at Starfleet Academy for advanced phonology and advanced acoustical engineering. Close to canon sources suggest that she is also a rising star in Starfleet Academy’s Chorale Ensemble. *

 It will be 10 years till she is a Lieutenant assigned aboard the Enterprise.

Montgomery Scott is 34 years old and has been in starfleet for 14 years. it can be assumed that he is serving in an engineering department of a starship or as an engineering advisor for the Deneva colony. *

It will be 9 years before he is assigned to the Enterprise.

Leonard McCoy is 29 years old.

Unlike the Alternate Universe where Bones goes to Starfleet Academy, the Prime Universe Bones was not initially educated at Starfleet and went to the University of Mississippi from 2245-2253. Bones graduated and received doctorates for medicine in multiple fields in 2253 and after separating from his wife he was commissioned as an officer by starfleet that same year, 3 years before the start of Discovery. In 2256 Bones is on Starbase 7, and is just ending a relationship with Nancy Crator , the woman who will be replaced by a monster in the original series episode “the man trap.” *

Bones will be assigned to the Enterprise in 10 years.

Christine Chapel is 19 years old.

Ms. Chapel is most likely in her first years of studying nursing at Starfleet Medical. It is implied by writers notes and close to canon resources that she had an interest or career in Ballet and/or Law before going into a nursing program. **  

It will be ten years before she gets her commission as a nurse on the Enterprise.*

Pavel Chekov is 11 years old

Primary sources don’t have much to draw from when it comes to his life at this particular point in history. Secondary sources suggest that Chekov has had an interest in space exploration for the majority of his formative years, and that close to this point in his childhood Chekhov’s mother passes away, causing a rift between him and his father. Highly intelligent at such a young age, it has been suggested in close to canon sources that he has a developing interest in computer language and code, and may be taking a course in language with Uhura at starfleet academy through an accelerated education program. **

It will be 7 years till he is assigned to the enterprise as a Navigator

Hikaru Sulu is 19 years old

Sulu has just started his second year at starfleet academy. He is a competitive fencer with the academy’s team and just won the previous year’s championship title.   He excels in his courses in spatial navigation, and his elective courses in botany have more than likely led to a buildup of plants he’s taking care of in his dormitory as a hobby. **

It will be 9 years till he is assigned to the Enterprise as Helmsman.


Hi all, thank you for your support with these posts. This is a masterpost of my previous posts that have gotten popular.  I plan to create more posts like this in the future. Dax is on my radar so be prepared for that in the coming weeks, and Yeoman Rand after that.

**My primary sources are Memory Alpha the Star Trek Wikia and the Star Trek websites database. When not enough information is present (like my post on Chekov) in primary sources i go to any official production notes and Memory Beta, which is the repository for close-to-canon information from books, comics, games, etc. when it comes to the secondary sources i try to synthesize information that would logically fill in the gaps, and don’t come close to conflicting with canon sources, but i would like to clarify that since some points are from secondary sources they aren’t set in stone, so in my summaries i try to qualify them with “it can be assumed that…” or something to that effect.

Quality research and A+ info ***

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This is it, this is the post that finally did me in.

Can you imagine? He could.

For all of the times I never could, I'll be good, I'll be good.

Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Higher Love - a McKirk playlist by 2spooky .

I've been listening to this very playlist on repeat for two years.

*~the space between us~*

The origins of Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

I love the girl in the second one, obviously thinking, “Oh, there goes the Captain, hauling some unconscious body again.” 

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Star Trek Legacy

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The gorgeous and talented Ed Speleers as handsome Jack Crusher Picard

Crusher Family Hug !!!

Star Trek The Cruise VII

See how good it could look.... this needs to become a reality! #startreklegacy

I like this ship! You know, it's exciting!

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Ottawa Comic con - 2014

Year & Place of Birth of Enterprise main crew in AOS

James T. Kirk: Born 2233 aboard U.S.S. Kelvin Shuttle 37.

Spock: Born 2230 on Vulcan.

Leonard “Bones” Mccoy: Born 2227 in Marietta, Georgia, Earth.

Hikaru Sulu: Born 2237 in San Francisco, California, Earth.

Pavel Chekov: Born 2241 in Taganrog, Russia, Earth.

Nyota Uhura: Born 2233 in Kitui, Kenya, Earth.

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott: Born 2222 in Linlithgow, Scotland, Earth.

GIF request meme — Star Trek + favorite character requested by @anon

I hate him I’m so angry

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what on earth IS chris pine


― Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun  [ insp .]

Chris Pine running with coffee

AU where the crew gets turned into ducklings except for Bones and they follow him around everywhere

ok ok I meant to post these earlier today but got sidetracked and went out to the cinema and saw two movies instead and when I got home I got sidetracked again and started making playlists and organising my music until I fell asleep on my couch omg anyway here you go!!! @demigodofhoolemere​

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Star Trek Beyond (2016) dir. Justin Lin

I thought we were gonna get a drink.

I don’t know why but I felt absolutely compelled to make these at 4 AM with no sleep yesterday

wow i cant believe how much bones has changed since star trek (2009)

Happy Birthday Star Trek!!!!

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the genderbent trio if they were ladies with a niche for 1960s mod fashion! inspired by a request on my post for a fem!spock (had originally started out with just spock but got inspired to do the two others with my spare time)

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Chinese exclusive Star Trek Beyond posters

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That’s the spirit, Bones.

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Read the pinned post and I'm so glad you're still taking requests for Star Trek!! I was wondering if you could do something for Bones with loads of banter and friends to lovers? Like they work together on the enterprise and are super close. They're always flirting and making fun of eachother, etc until one day R gets hurt and they both confess. I'm a sucker for sick fics/hurt comfort.

'Stay Safe' - leonard 'bones' mccoy

There’s never a dull moment when you’re up amongst the stars.

At times like this, when everything is going south, it’s important to remember that you signed up for this. You were the one who decided that a simple life back on your home planet was too boring for you. You were the one who chose to put yourself through the most rigorous courses you could find in Starfleet Academy. You were the one who somehow thought that pestering Jim Kirk (that’s Captain to you) to let you onto the Enterprise would be the best possible career plan.

Make My Heart Stop - Spock x Reader

Warning - angst, slight fluff, sad Spock

Mccoy gazed down at his patient and the only thing that went through his mind is that 'Spock must be spared of this.' God, he wished he would be spared of this. His friend laid unconscious and no one including himself knows when she will wake up. The captain sits at the doorway watching McCoy work. Praying silently that the stats, the scans, the tests were wrong. They know Spock will be there any second, and they don't know if they have the strength to tell him. They don't know if they have the strength to watch.

They both stop and turn in hesitation when they find Spock just behind Kirk. Staring, gaping at the sight. He hesitantly tries to come in, but Kirk holds him back. "Spock?" His voice shaky, but he doesn't answer he pushes past him. Stopping at the edge of her bed. Her body supine, her eyes closed. Her breathing slowed that is what he hated the most. He steps closer lowering his ear just above her lips. His heart stopped. There was barely any air, barely breath. He lifted his head his brows furrow "Y/n," he whispered painfully as he lowers his head in the crook of her neck.

just for a second the vulcan teared up, before gathering his composure. "When will she wake up?" He asked Mccoy, the doctor looks down shaking his head. "I don't know." Spock winced, "Will she live?" "I don't know." Spock looked at the doctor blankly, before pulling over a chair. he sat down and stared at her. He did not speak, he did not look away, he didn't even want to breath. Kirk and Mccoy glance at each other warily. They have never seen him like this. "Spock, I promise I will work around the clock. I will find out what is going on and stop it!" Mccoy promised but the Spock only nodded. "Captain, I believe I will be unable to for fill my duties until this situation has concluded." Spock informed quietly, absentmindedly it didn't even sound like him. Like he was a million miles off. "I understand Spock."

Days, weeks, months went past, and Spock stayed by her side. She laid gracefully and he watched her with yearning. The only way to get him to leave is by captain's orders. Even at that the most he will be gone is thirty minutes. He sat unemotional barely speaks, barely sleeps, barely eats. Mccoy was doing his daily scans, when he suddenly asked. "Why didn't you tell her?"

"I do not know what you're inferring."

"Yes, you do. Why didn't you tell Y/n you're in love with her?" "I don't see the logic in -" Maccoy interrupted "Yes you do. Now tell me are you scared?" Spock slowly trailed his eyes to Mccoy's, "terrified." He answered, "why?"

"I am Vulcan. I am emotionless. I have been chained to a woman who of which I do not love since I was seven years old. Y/n is lovely, she is free, she is only emotions. She cries at illogical times, she laughs at illogical times, and overall is just illogical. We are polar opposites. I should want nothing to do with her." Mccoy sat down his tools and leaned on his counter now intrigued.


"Yet I am in love with her. Every time I am around her, I am terrified, she looks into my eyes and my heart stops. I cannot control myself when I am around her. I have this illogical need to protect her even though I know with full certainty she does not need it, but I wasn't there. Now is she being in a coma all because of me? If I was there, I would have protected her! I would have held her and told her everything is going to all right! I would give nothing more to have her look into my eyes now. I want her to make my heart stop." Spock stops himself looking back down covering his watery eyes.

Mccoy walks over to him and places a hand on his shoulder "I will fix this." Before walking into his office. Spock Grabs her wrist bringing it to his lips. Holding her hand to his cheek, whispering "please make my heart stop."

[AOS] Spock - The Other Kirk

♫ - Spring Day - BTS

Bonded - part 1

Spock x reader

The day you step onto the Enterprise is the day you begin a new life, you tell yourself. A life where you make friends and keep them, where you work hard to not lose yourself in work anymore. You strive to be a better person.

But then the Lieutenant in front of you steps aside to shake the Captain’s hand and you come eye to eye with the first officer, a vulcan, male, about your age.

You’ve seen more than one Vulcan in your lifetime, even though you had hardly time to get to know any of them, but never has the sight of one of them made your brain and heart and body react in the way it does now.

Your heart jumps in your chest, your hands curl into fists and your brain manages barely more than one coherent thought. He’s gorgeous.

You do, what you’d always do when you find someone attractive.

You step away.

You’re pretty lucky with your new job.

After working your ass off on different starships and starbases, you have made yourself a name as a doctor, qualified to treat a diversity of species.

As the Enterprise is going to be the one to find places no one has before and the Captain has the tendency to get himself and everyone else into danger, they’ve had reasons to ask specifically for you.

And you do make a good team.

Grumpy McCoy takes care of the humans - complaining about them all the same - while M’Benga concentrates on the Vulcan team members. And you get all the rest. There’s one more doctor who covers the nightshift, but so far she’s only spoken french when you’re around and you’re not sure if she does not speak anything else or just didn’t want to include you into the conversation at that time.

And you’ve made friends. Well, you call them that, at least, because you’re on better terms with them than you’ve been with most people.

“Coffee?” McCoy waltzes through your office to use your Replicator.

“Why yes, why don’t you use my Replicator?” You snark at him, but he doesn’t stop, just punches in what he needs.

“Mine’s broken.”

He snorts, rolls his eyes at you and drops the first cup of coffee on your desk, next to the empty cup you’ve had drunk out before.

“That damn hobgoblin is coming around for an exam he needs for his away mission and he’s getting on my nerves.”

“Everyone is getting on your nerves.”

“Right, why are you in here again?”

“This is my office,” you send him a pointed glare as he takes the chair across from your desk, “Wait, who’s the hobgoblin?”

“Spock,” he growls and you pull a face before you can stop yourself.

“Oh! What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Your face.”

“Yeah, that’s my face, what about it?”

He smirks at you. “You don’t like him either?”

You grab your PADD and get up. “As you are so adamant on making me leave the room, I’ll follow your request.”

“No! Don’t leave! Spock’s out there!” He warns you, laughter hiding in his voice.

You roll your eyes at him.

“I’m able to be in the same room with people I don’t find comfortable. I’m not a child.”

You step out of the office before you can rethink your choice to insult your CMO only to find yourself face to face with the Commander Spock.

“Greetings,” you tell him in a voice so stiff you can’t believe it’s coming from you.

You turn away and leave before he can answer, slipping into an empty exam room on the way to calm down your heart.

It’s easy to forget the way you react to the first officer as long as he’s not crossing your way.

But he crosses your way. Way too often for your liking and if you’d allowed to, you’d stay in your office all the time just to avoid him.

It’s hard to be professional when just the sight of a blue shirt and black hair makes your heart jump in your chest and your mouth dry.

“Great news,” McCoy barges into your office again, slapping a PADD down on your desk, “There is an away mission and you’re on the team.”

“What?” You grab the PADD, reading through it, “This says M’Benga.”

“M’Benga got an ear infection, he’s been out since yesterday, didn’t you notice Lefebvre working his shifts?”

“I think she’s avoiding me,” you tell him, “Or I’m avoiding her, I don’t know. Does she only speak french?”

“I’ve never heard her speak anything else,” McCoy shrugs, “Doesn’t matter, you’re on the mission and it’s leaving in about an hour, so get ready.”

You get up from your chair, annoyed of this short notice change in plans, but delighted for the chance to go down to a planet again. It’s been quite some time since the last chance you’ve got.

But as soon as you step into the transporter room, your happiness subsides when you see Spock standing there, waiting for the rest of the team to trickle in.

You send a greeting nod in his direction and leave it at that. There’s no sense in talking to him when you can’t trust your voice anyway.

“I am glad that you are accompanying us as replacement of M’Benga, Doctor Y/N,” he addresses you before you can run away another time.

You stare at him, unable to speak. He obviously takes your silence as a sign of surprise or shock, because he elaborates, talking about the amount of experience you have. It almost sounds like he’s praising you, but giving your further experience with Vulcan’s it could also be the standard awkward smalltalk as they are trying to improve the team’s morale.

You’re glad when he stops talking, as you’ve been unable to speak anyway and you’re glad when he leads the team across the planet’s surface, addressing each of you with a task.

As the medical officer you’re just there to be of use when necessary and you stand back and watch the pack of science officers taking samples of literally everything.

You’re also a bit ashamed to admit that most of the time you’re sneaking peeks at Commander Spock’s figure, amazed how a guy that’s actually not even your type can have such an effect at you.

Maybe you should just talk to him. Maybe that will make the feelings go away.

And just as you think that, you feel a rumble going through the cliff you’re standing on.

“Commander!” You yell and he looks back at you, nodding. He’s felt it too.

“Everyone run towards the forest!” You order, a strange mixture of intuition, reflexes and your experience on a particular nasty planet kicking in, “Now!”

You pull a girl up that’s just two steps left from you and give her a well meant push, ushering everyone towards the forest. Spock’s got his Comm in hand and you can hear him ask to be beamed up over the sound of another rumbling.

You grab his hand, as he does not move and pull him with you, over the cracks that start to form in the formerly thick stone. Something gives way right beneath you, your left leg slipping through the crack, your knee hitting hard against the rock.

You scream in agony, your hand slipping out of Spock’s.

“This is going to hurt,” he says and then there’s a cracking sound, an agonizing pain shooting up your leg and he pulls you free and into his arms, carrying you while running.

If not for the pain that’s threatening to take your consciousness with it, you’d be ashamed of the position you’re currently in, but your head falls against his collarbone and you take deep breaths, trying to calm your down.

Your body feels very hot where he touches you. Vulcan body temperature is higher than humans, you remember as your mind slips into something you can’t explain.

You can see your own body in Spock’s arms, but not from above, more like it must look like through his eyes. You can see the forest coming closer, gold light taking away one team member after the other. You can feel weirdly calm and above all of this, no worry, no panic, just one intake of breath after another as if all your emotions are far far away from you.

And then, with that sickening feeling of falling, you know the rock is giving way beneath you. Gold light blinds you before your back crashes hard against the floor of the Enterprise’s transporter room, a heavy body crashing into you, knocking the breath out of you and your consciousness as well.

When you wake up again, your foot is resting on a pillow and McCoy glares at you from where he’s handling the osteo regen.

“I let you go on one away mission and you manage to break your leg in two places while the planet falls apart.”

You’re too tired to answer, just stick your tongue out at him and close your eyes.

There’s a weird feeling right at the back of your skull. You must your head pretty hard.

Two days later the feeling hasn’t left and you find yourself sitting in your office, staring at the wall across from you after a rather disturbing daydream.

Disturbing as in how realistic the dream had been. For the whole time it had happened you had been convinced Commander Spock had walked into your office, demanding to drink a cup of tea with you.

And your body reacts to dream Spock just the same as it does to the real Spock.

You manage it through three days before you go to talk to someone you trust.

“McCoy, can you take a look at my head?”

“Yeah, sure, it’s round and has skin on it,” he jokes but turns serious when he sees your face, “Turn around.”

A few tests later the results are in. He lets you look over them.

“Nothing?” You look at them a second time. “But I have this weird feeling at the back of my skull and I’ve been daydreaming. Really strange dreams of Spock wanting to talk to me. It was very realistic and-” You stop yourself as you see the look on McCoy’s face.

‘Wait, you know what this is about, right?”

“Yes,” he heaves a sigh and you can feel your blood turning cold.

“No, not that, goddamnit woman, don’t think of the worst right away.”

“How can I not when you act like this!”

“It’s a damn bond, that’s all,” he snaps, “You and Spock have bonded. You must have touched quite a lot during that mission…”

“Stop right there,” you interrupt him, “The amount of touching was nothing but necessary to get both of us out there alive. If this would happen so easily there would be way more humans and vulcans bonded out there.”

“He must like you then, because I can’t imagine Spock letting his guard down by accident either. Hasn’t he tried talking to you yet? Have you felt something unusual from his side?”

“Wait, this bond… are you insinuating that he can feel what I feel?”

“As far as I understand it, yes, he can.”

You think of the way you’ve reacted to the daydream of him and put your head in your hands with a groan.

“I’m so fucked.”

He laughs. “I do agree with you on that. But I guess you’d better talk this out with the man itself.”

“Do I have to?”

“No, go on and have some more weird daydreams about that man, if you’d like that better,” McCoy jokes and slaps your arm lightly with his PADD,” Now get out of my exam room, you’re relieved for the rest of the day.”

You find Commander Spock in his ready room.

The moment he turns to look at you, you can feel that weird thing on the back of your skull, pulling like an elastic band, accompanied with a weird feeling of contentment.

“I’m taking that you’re happy to see me?”

“I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way about the other,” he respons and you glare at him, knowing full well he will feel your shame through the bond.

“What are we going to do about this bond?” You ask him, still standing in the doorway.

“I have a proposal,” he starts, getting up from his chair, “We sit down, drink a cup of tea and discuss this. If we don’t find this bond acceptable after we’ve gotten to know each other, there are ways to undo this bond.”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” You mock him.

You can feel his amusement at your wording.

“Yes, I believe I do.”

Falling, Ch.4: Attack

Summary: Bones x Reader, Bones tries to put some distance between you and you don’t understand why. Will a crisis on the Enterprise bring you back together?

Word Count: 10,000 (I know…)

Warnings: Swearing, angst, description of injuries (non-graphic), OC death.

A/N: Sorry it’s been a month since the last instalment, but I hope this stupidly long update makes up for it. Thank you to all the people who have liked, reblogged and commented on the other parts of the story, you’re all amazing! I’m totally feeling the pressure to live up to your kind words!

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3

You didn’t know how Christine Chapel did it all.  Managing patients and nurses and doctors’ demands, keeping on top of the endless Starfleet paperwork, supplies mandates, updating protocols, and that’s before you even got to your own patient care, and certainly before you threw keeping up with Doctor McCoy into the mix. What’s more she usually did it with a calm composure that suggested it was all no more taxing than making a sandwich.

As you washed your hands in the decontamination area you glanced up at the image of yourself in the mirror, hair adrift from your usual careful style and slightly manic expression in your eyes and you cursed damned Christine Chapel and her perfect blonde bob and her stupid notion that you would make the perfect substitute for her, “just for a few weeks - just to keep things ticking over.”

Chapel had had to take some personal leave to care for her partner who was recovering from an unexpected surgery, and you had been unable to deny the sweet southern charm she wielded like a weapon, when she had practically begged you to take on some of the additional responsibilities of a Head Nurse. 

“You know Doctor McCoy won’t put up with anyone else for more than five minutes. He told me it was you or nobody,” Christine confided, “I can’t come back to that kind of chaos!  Please Y/F/N.” Despite your misgivings you had acquiesced and here you were three weeks in looking like you could conceivably claim to have been knocked over by a shuttle.

Shaking off the water droplets you leaned on the edge of the sink, closed your eyes and breathed deeply.  You stifled a groan as the familiar swoosh of the door behind you signalled the end of your momentary peace.

“Y/L/N, I need your assist in five please,” the gruff voice of McCoy came from the doorway.  You turned and plastered on the bright smile of someone who was not completely out of their depth and nodded.

Keep reading

Falling, Ch.2: (Let’s Get) Physicals

Summary: Bones x Reader. 2/6, Annual physicals are due and you have to get the crew to attend, including a reluctant Captain.  Bones comes to a realisation.

Word Count: 5000 *eep*

Warnings: Swearing 

A/N: So part 2 ended up being a bit epic and a fic in itself (must practice drabbles…).  It’s also more plotty than part 1. But there’s some Jim, and a little Spock, and Halloween so I needed all those words. 

I still need to work out how to link to part 1… spot the tumblr noob.

“October,” Doctor McCoy announced with a sigh, dropping a couple of padds on the station between you and Christine and perching on the edge, legs stretched out in front of him and arms crossed, “you know what that means?” “Halloween?” you supplied without looking up from your console. McCoy grimaced, “worse than that, guess again.” Your head shot up. “Back up a minute there Doctor! What do you mean, worse than Halloween? Halloween is awesome! Costumes, trick or treating, pumpkins, unreasonably vast quantities of candy! What’s not to like?” Christine chuckled and you shot her a look. “Try all of the above,” McCoy retorted. “Damned pagan nonsense is a recipe for stomachache, cavities and general ridiculousness. Guess again.” You rolled your eyes and shrugged. “I give up.” “Annual physicals!” Christine chipped in, clapping in what you could only assume was mock excitement. “You’re in for a treat Y/F/N.” “You needn’t sound so damn pleased about it Chapel. A month of mind numbingly tedious work and that’s when you can get the damn crew to an appointment. Hell, it almost makes me long for shore leave on a planet full of pregnant Gorns.”

Falling, Ch 1: Physician’s Advice

Summary: Bones x Reader. Bones has been unbearably moody for a couple of days and you are sent to try and find out why.

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: Swearing, mild parental angst

A/N: This started as a ‘five times…’ idea for a Bones and Reader developing relationship, but got a bit longer than I intended. So this is part 1 of 6. I have not written for a long time, and this is my first reader insert. Be gentle!

“That man is impossible!” Christine Chapel declared as she stalked out of the CMO’s office and the door swooshed shut behind her. “Stubborn as a damned mule and twice as ornery! I swear I am this close to inflicting some kind of untraceable bodily harm on him!” Christine leaned in towards you gesturing with her thumb and forefinger a mere half inch apart. “Untraceable except for the fact that you just told the whole medbay. I think, technically, that counts as pre-meditation.” You pulled a chair out at the nurse’s station and encouraged Christine to sit down. “What did he do now?” “There’s a whole damn list, but the cherry on the fucking top was him telling Nurse Edouwu he is, and I quote, ‘a damned incompetent jackass who couldn’t tell a protoplaser from a petri dish’ and then yelling at me to ‘get my goddamn nurses under proper supervision before they fucking kill someone!’ I am the best damned nurse in the Fleet, and I did not sign up to put up with his shit.” The Head Nurse slammed her padd down on the desk with enough force to make you wince. Doctor McCoy had a reputation for being a hard taskmaster, and for general grumpiness, but his behaviour over the last couple of days had been out of character even for him. His usual serious demeanour was now downright murderous. Nothing was done fast enough, or to his impossibly high standards. Nurse Edouwu was not the first of the medbay staff to feel his wrath, and everyone had been treading on eggshells waiting for the next explosion. If any further proof of how bad things were was needed, it was sitting slumped over the station in front of you. Christine Chapel, normally a beacon of competence and serenity, bringing order to chaos, and hitherto a McCoy-wrangler extraordinaire had used the f-word. Twice. You perched on the desk next to her, eyeing her with concern.

Star Trek - Leonard "Bones" McCoy x reader - Southern Charm - Words: 3,556

A/N: While I did write this with TOS in mind, I do believe it is fairly AOS compliant as well. Enjoy!

"Lieutenant Commander Y/N L/N, Chief Medical Officer of the Starship Serenity."

"Welcome aboard the Enterprise, Doctor L/N. I'm Captain James T. Kirk. This is my first officer, Commander Spock and our CMO, Doctor McCoy. We're looking forward to having you as the first trainee in the Starship Exchange Training program."

"Pleasure to meet you all. And I'm looking forward to it as well," You replied, stepping off the transporter pad. You gave the Captain a handshake, the First Officer a Vulcan salute and then turned to the grumpy looking CMO.

"How old are you?" He demanded to know.

"Old enough," You assured him, crossing your arms. "Why do you ask?"

"Just don't see many youngsters like you with that rank," He trailed off, leaving the statement open ended.

"Well, I happen to be an outlier. Or haven't you heard of that, Doctor? Besides, I'm not that young," You replied, curtly. You didn't often become confrontational this quickly but questions on your age and suspicions on how you got your rank were a sore spot for you.

"Just because I have to train you doesn't mean I have to like it," McCoy grumbled.

"I never asked you to." You quickly grabbed your bag that was transported with you and walked to the doors. Just before you stepped out to the hallway, you turned back around. "Captain, Commander, have a good evening. I am looking forward to working with you two over the next few weeks. Don't worry, I know where my quarters are. Doctor, I will see you at 6."

As you unpacked your bag, you thought over what happened in the transporter room. You had really been looking forward to this training and you had heard many great things about the Doctor. Of course, you had also heard he was a bit of a grump, but you hadn't thought it was this bad! You decided to stay in your room for the rest of that evening, as it was already late when you arrived, and try for a fresh start in the morning.

"Are you out of your mind? I'm a doctor, not an assassin!"

"I was simply saying, Doctor McCoy, that Starfleet medical personnel are completely untrained in self defense techniques! We are trained to save lives, not take them. That I completely agree with. But we must also be trained how to defend and disable. Defend ourselves, disable our opponents. Otherwise we may become a hindrance to any away missions we get assigned on!"

"Look, even if you're right, and you're not, when would we have the time to train?" He yelled. "Have you ever been to medical school? Do you know how stressful that is?"

"Of course I went to med school! I happened to graduate top of my class! And I remember very clearly how stressful it is! But they need to make it work! Even another month would be enough for most!"

"Another month?" He screeched. He raked his fingers through his hair and rubbed his forehead. "Look, I have plenty of training to defend myself in the field. Let's just agree to disagree and get this over with."

"Alright, Doctor," You sighed. The first 2 weeks of training slowly passed with the only change in attitude being on your side. You'd gotten to disliking the Doctor as much as he disliked you. Every day you trained was near constant arguing and insulting.

Unbeknownst to you, Kirk had started taking bets from the senior crew members on when in the final week you two would get together. Whoever won would get 3 days vacation. The current bets on Kirk's paper were:

  • Uhura: As she steps on the transporter to leave Thursday
  • Scotty: Monday
  • Chekov: End of shift Tuesday
  • Sulu: Beginning of shift Wednesday
  • Spock: At precisely 07:35 in the evening Friday

Kirk looked oddly at Spock when he submitted his estimate. "Spock, you do realize she is scheduled to leave Thursday afternoon."

"Yes, Jim."

"So why-"

"I have my reasons."

"Logical, I'm sure."

"Quite. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm needed in engineering."

"Ok, Spock. But don't get your hopes high about any vacation!"

Monday: Scotty's Day

You got up early and headed down to the rec room to get breakfast. Usually you had breakfast in your room but this morning, oddly enough, Scotty had invited you to join him for breakfast. Once you entered the rec room you mentally groaned. Of course McCoy would be there!

"Good morning, Scotty," You greeted, walking up to his table which was unfortunately right next to Kirk, Spock, and McCoy's table.

"Aye! And an even lovelier morning with you here, lassie!" You blushed slightly, surprised at the engineer's comment.

"Oh please!" You scoffed. You were about to walk away to the replicators to get your food when Spock cleared his throat.

"I believe Mister Scott is correct, Doctor. Your hair and makeup accentuate your natural beauty quite well."

"Spock!" You, Kirk and McCoy gasped at the same time.

"Look here," You finally said, gathering your composure. "I appreciate a compliment here and there but really! I'm going to go get my breakfast and I don't want to hear one more peep out of any of you when I return! Understand?" They all nodded and stuck to their word, not another compliment for the rest of the day.

Tuesday - Chekov's Day

Your shift had gone fairly well. Training with Doctor McCoy was finally becoming almost bearable and there hadn't been any major disasters. "Doctor, was there anything else you needed me for today?" You asked, stepping into the open doorway of his office.

"No, you can go if you'd like," He sighed, not lifting his eyes from his PADD.

"Is something troubling you, Doctor?"

"Just a lot of paperwork, darlin'," He said absently. You blushed brightly and he quickly tried to correct himself. "I mean, Doctor. Sorry." He finally looked at you, face as red as yours. You nodded and attempted to make a hasty exit but you ran into a gold blur.

"Oh! Ezcuze me!" Chekov quickly said, helping you up. "I'm wery sorry! Are you hurt?"

"Only my pride, Pavel," You replied, dusting yourself off.

"What in blazes happened out here?" McCoy yelled, stomping out.

"Oh nothing, Doctor," You assured him.

"Well watch where you're going next time!" He ordered. With that he marched back to his office and closed the doors. You sighed and wished Chekov goodnight before leaving.

"No vacation," Chekov mumbled softly before leaving Medbay too.

Wednesday - Sulu's Day

You walked into Medbay to start your shift only to find Sulu already there. "What are you doing here so early?" You asked. "Your check-up isn't for another 45 minutes."

"I wanted to make sure I got here on time. You know how it is on the bridge sometimes," He chuckled. You nodded and chuckled lightly. You checked the schedule on the PADD and noticed the Ensign before him had cancelled.

"Well, Sulu, you just managed to get an early appointment. Step on up!" You had him sit on the nearest biobed and grabbed your Tricorder. As you started running over the usual check-up points, Dr. McCoy walked in.

"You're here early," He commented. Sulu nodded and you explained what happened. "Alright. Y/N, I'm going to leave you to it. I have a headache this morning and I think I'll just sit in my office for a bit with the lights down." You looked at him a little better, noticing how exhausted he looked. His hair was a mess and there were dark bags under his eyes. He may be a pain but he was still human and you felt for him.

"Did you need me to get you anything, Doctor?" You asked. He shook his head but groaned at the movement. "Just comm me if you need anything." He made a noise of agreement and you went on with Sulu's checkup.

Thursday - Uhura's Day

"Good morning, Y/N," Uhura greeted you in the turbolift on your way to Medbay.

"Good morning, Uhura," You replied abit sadly.

"You alright, sweetheart?"

"I'm going to miss you all. I love my ship and my crew, don't get me wrong, but," You trailed off, unsure of how to explain yourself.

"You don't feel like family there?" She filled in. You nodded slightly. "Oh honey, I understand. Don't feel bad, alright? Who knows! Maybe you'll get a transfer one day even!"

"That would be nice I guess," You admitted. The doors swooshed open and as you stepped out, Dr. McCoy walked by.

"Doctor L/N," He said, sounding somewhat frustrated. "I need you to gather all the anti-toxin hypos we have."

"Of course. Is everything alright?"

"Spock just told me we're going on a mission tomorrow. He should have told me at least 2 days ago. The new colony on Oliza 6 sent out a distress call about 1 week ago saying that something was wrong. They said some of the younger people were having strange reactions to some of the foods."

"That's odd. Isn't the food on a planet usually tested first?"

"Yes but apparently they forgot to test on the younger adults. Blasted regulations. Test one adult you've tested them all." At this point you had nodded a silent goodbye to Uhura and started walking with Doctor McCoy down the hall. "Let's see if we can't find out what's on that planet and run some tests of our own. Might save some time."

"Doctor?" You said, somewhat hesitantly.


"I do have to go back to my ship this afternoon. I," you paused. McCoy had finally started to be nice with you and now you had to go. You didn't want to upset him again on your last day. "I'll help as much as I can on the tests of course, Doctor, but I-"

"No, no," He said with a sigh. "I didn't realize it was Thursday." He smiled slightly and put his hand on your shoulder. "If you tell anyone what I'm about to say, I'll have to kill you," He joked. "Your work has been excellent. Your skill set is beyond your years and please don't take that wrong. You've impressed me." You blushed at his praise. "Of course, I still don't agree with the extra combat training," He added. You rolled your eyes and he chuckled. "But I guess you're not so bad."

"Well thank you, Doctor. I, uh, I guess I'll get the hypos for you now."

"Oh, um, yes, thank you," he replied somewhat awkwardly. The rest of your shift went about the same. You and the Doctor awkwardly dancing around each other. Eventually, though, the time came for you to finish packing, and leave the Enterprise.

As you headed to the transporter room, Uhura came running up to you with a small package in her hands. "What's this?" You asked.

"Oh, just a little going away present that a few of us put together for you."

"That's really sweet of you. Thanks so-"

"Bridge to Lt. Uhura," The Captain's voice rang through her comm.

"Duty calls!" She exclaimed. "Keep in touch!"

"Will do!" You replied, heading off to the transporters. Once you got there though, you saw Scotty talking to the Captain through the comm. He seemed upset about something.

"But Captain! I-"

"Scotty, we need to help that colony. There's no time."

"Aye, Captain. Scott out," He sighed. "I cannae believe 'at."

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, lassie. I'm so sorry! The Captain just got an emergency message from Oliza 6. We're heading there straight away."

"So I'll be staying another night?"

"At least." Your brows furrowed in thought. While you did want to get back to your ship to start your transfer application, a few more days here was not all that bad.

"Ok," You replied. Scotty seemed surprised. "I'll just take this back to my room and then head to Medbay. They'll probably need me handy."

"Aye. I'll let the Captain and Doctor know." You nodded in reply and headed off. When you returned to Medbay, you could have sworn you saw a look of relief on McCoy's face.

"Doctor L/N," McCoy said. "I'm putting you in charge of Medbay for the time being." Your eyebrows raised in surprise. "Jim's put me on the landing party and you technically are the next ranking medical officer on this ship."

"Well, thank you, I guess," You said. "Have you made any progress on the tests?"

"I believe so," He pulled up some test results on his PADD and showed them to you. "The hobgoblin ended up helping me but he was actually of some use." He looked around furtively. "Don't tell him I said so though."

"I promise," you said seriously. You stared at each other for a moment before you both broke out into a fit of laughter.

"Really though, the fruits on Oliza 6 seem to be causing a buildup of adrenaline in their systems causing aggression, anxiety and heart problems."

"Hm, interesting."

"That's what the hobgoblin said," McCoy grunted. You chuckled and he finished explaining their plan to administer hypos to everyone. The comm suddenly whistled.

"Bridge to Dr. McCoy," Uhura said.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" He replied.

"The Captain is preparing to beam down now and would like you to meet him in the transporter room."

"Alright, I'm on my way." You followed the Doctor as he gathered a few last minute items from his office. When he grabbed his phaser from his desk you couldn't help yourself.

"Doctor, that phaser is last year's model. Didn't you get your new one?"

"Oh, must not've. I'll ask Scotty for one." He grabbed his communicator and flipped it open. "McCoy to Scott."

"Scott here. Whaddya need, Doctor?"

"L/N said my phaser is old. Got a new one for me?"

"Sure do, Doc. I'll have her all polished up for ya when ya get to the transporters. Just remember, this one's a wee bit more powerful than the last. She's got a bit of a kick!"

"Don't worry, Scotty, I'm sure I can handle it. McCoy out." You looked worriedly at him because, knowing his views on defense training and based on what he said, this new phaser would throw him for a loop.

"Doctor, perhaps you should just stay with your old pha-"

"Doctor L/N," He said stiffly. "I do not want to hear anything more about training. I am perfectly capable of defending myself. Please do not worry yourself. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a mission to attend to. Do you think you'll be able to handle Medbay while I'm gone?"

"Of course, Doctor McCoy," You snapped. You heard the Medbay doors swoosh closed and sighed, leaning on he's desk in his office. You closed the office doors and locked them, needing a moment to gather yourself. "Gah! That man is so annoying!" You yelled to yourself. "If he doesn't get himself killed on this mission-" you left your threat unfinished. "Oh! I could just kiss him," You seethed. "I mean, kick." You paused, mid-pace, and shook your head vigorously. Your brain had apparently taken a left turn without telling you. "Did I seriously just-and now I'm talking to myself. Ok, Y/N, get yourself together. You'll figure it out later." You finished your little pep talk and headed back out.

The first few hours were fine. One or two clumsy engineers with a few cuts and bruises. A sniffle here and a headache there. It was actually somewhat relaxing. You decided to be a little helpful and got some paperwork done for Dr. McCoy. As you sat in his office tapping away on your PADD, you found yourself lost in thought. You hoped he wouldn't be upset that you did some extra work for him. "That's not what I asked you to do, Doctor!" You mocked under your breath. Chuckling slightly you continued your quiet monologue, "Oh wouldn't he be upset if I ran a report on him. He definitely is overworked. He'd come in here, yelling and screaming in that adorable southern accent of his, and he would proba-" You interrupted yourself again. Staring off for a second, realizing what you just said. "Adorable? Good grief. I'm either unconscious or demented."

The rest of the shift went fairly well and you heard that the landing party was making good progress too. Finally you turned everything over to the night shift doctor and went to your quarters to get some rest before your shift began again in the morning. Your sleep that night was restless, though, and when your alarm went off you didn't think you had slept a wink.

Friday - Spock's Day

"Good morning, Doctor L/N," one of the nurses greeted you as you walked into Medbay.

"Good morning," You replied tiredly. "Anything on the schedule?" You asked as you got a cup of coffee from the replicator.

"No. Just a couple of vaccines that the nurses can take care of."

"Good. I'll be in the office if you need me then."

"Are you alright, Doctor?"

"Fine. Just couldn't sleep last night."

"Oh, I understand. I'm worried about Dr. McCoy too. As I understand, the reaction the youths are having is fairly viol-"

"I am not worried about the good doctor!" You yelled, angrily. "Just in case you didn't notice, he's not exactly my type. And even if he was, that is no concern of yours, nurse!"

"Permission to speak freely, Doctor?" She asked with a slight smirk.

"Of course," You replied, rubbing your forehead. "I'm not the dang Captain." She giggled lightly before replying.

"That's exactly what McCoy would say. No go get some rest. We'll hold down the fort, Doctor." With that she walked off to get a few things prepped for the day. As you walked into the office and sat down, you thought about her observation.

"Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit."

A few hours later, after a short nap and another cup of coffee, you were reorganizing the supply room when Scotty called through on the comm. "Doctor L/N! We're gonna need a team down here immediately! The captain and Dr. McCoy were injured and we're beaming them aboard right now!"

"Ok, Scotty, we'll be right there, how serious is it?" You replied. Chills had run up your spine when he said Dr. McCoy had been injured but you kept yourself focused.

"The Captain's not too bad. I think he said a broken arm. Doctor McCoy though. He's in pretty rough shape."

"Alright. L/N out," You signed off. You started to grab emergency supplies and sent the emergency team down to the transporter room. Just like Scotty said, McCoy was in critical condition by the time you saw him. He was completely unconscious, had multiple broken ribs, a broken right arm, a fractured left leg, and a concussion. After about 3 hours in surgery, he was finally patched up. You looked at the chronometer and saw it was about 3 in the afternoon. Deciding that you needed to talk to him as soon as he woke, you opted to sit guard on a chair next to his bed.

"Doctor L/N?" A nurse called out. You opened your eyes with a start. Looking at the chronometer again you realized another 4 hours had passed.

"Has he woken up?" The nurse nodded. "Well why didn't you wake me?" You whisper yelled, not wanting to wake him now.

"For the same reason you're whispering now. He didn't want to wake you." You shook your head and looked back at him sleeping on the biobed. "His vitals are good and he will likely make a full recovery in about a week."

"Oh no! This doctor is getting a prescription for some real R&R for at least a month. He's been far too overworked." You immediately grabbed the PADD with his chart information and put him on medical leave for a month. The nurse smiled at you and shook her head.

"You know, you're technically off duty now. You can head back to your quarters."

"I think I'll stay here a bit longer," You said slowly, a blush rising to your cheeks.

"I thought so," She nodded. You settled back down in the chair and got a bit more paperwork done on your PADD. Looking at the chronometer again you saw it just turned to 7:33pm. You heard a groan from the bed and saw the Doctor waking up.

"Well hello there, darlin'," He smirked.

"Hello, Dr. McCoy," You smiled.

"Oh for Pete's sake, would you please just call me Leonard!"

"I'll consider it," You grinned. You stared at him for a moment, realizing again just how scared you had been.

"You alright, Y/N?"

"I was just so scared, Leonard," You admitted. "I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to tell you-" you stopped mid-sentence, nervous to continue.

"Tell me what?" You decided to chance it so you bent over and gave him a quick kiss. Standing up quickly, you looked away embarrassed. "Well, I'm not sure I understood. Can I hear that again?" He smirked. You smiled and leaned forward again for another kiss. You vaguely heard the doors open but neither you nor Leonard paid attention.

"So, any plans for your 3 days vacation, Spock?"

game night ; bones

fandom: star trek

pairing: bones x reader

summary: after accidentally injuring yourself, you refuse to go to MedBay before attending a games night with the crew and your favourite grumpy (and very jealous) doctor

notes: this is bad!!! i am very sorry!!! i didn’t want to abandon it, so i forced myself to finish and it took several days, it is very disjointed, but i hope readable? let me know what you think!

important -

in this fic, the crew play pool (or billiard) but i am australian and to avoid confusion (because we probably play it differently / wrong, and i am not a professional lol) here are some notes:

  • the balls with the band of colour (more white) are called ‘bigs’ and the full colour balls are called ‘smalls’
  • you get a second shot if you sink one of your own balls
  • your opponent gets two shots if you sink the white ball

word count: 5363 (oops)

“Shit,” you snatch your hand away from the machinery in front of you, shaking it as if the movement would rid you of the hot stinging sensation spreading through your fingers. You look at your gloves and curse again, finding all four of the material fingertips burnt through.

“Are you okay?” Clarke, one of the newer lieutenants on board, asks as he approaches your workbench. He’s very handsome, with sandy blond hair and bright green eyes, there were five people in this room alone that would sell a kidney for just one date with him. You, on the other hand, had forgotten about his existence less than ten seconds after he handed you the tool you’d asked for this morning.

You snatch the gloves off and stare at the hot pink flesh of your fingers, “Fine, just frustrated.”

He gingerly grabs your hand, turning it toward himself, “come over here, you need cold water.”

He tows you toward the large trough across the lab, where a spread of tools and parts were waiting to be washed or drying out on the nearby benchtops. You spot a small square contained with several labels reading ‘KEENSER’S LUNCH – DO NOT EAT’ in a variety of languages, and you can’t help but giggle. The little alien was yet to find out that it was best friend Mr. Scott always stealing his food.

Clarke turns on the faucet and checks that the water is cool before pulling your hand under it. You only realise then how close you are to him, and that his eyes aren’t just green but have little flecks of gold in them, and that there are several sets of eyes glaring at you from across the room.

dr. dreamy ; bones

summary: it’s been a while since you’ve been laid, and it’s starting to affect your mood so jim offers his help before quickly realising that you’re still hung up on a mysterious ‘mr. dreamy’ from your academy days… but he soon finds out that the man you’ve been in love with for the past five years is, in fact, the enterprise’s best doctor

notes: did somebody say hyper-fixation? also, if you haven’t noticed already, i have a favourite formula… i wrote this while sick, so apologies if its crap, but let me know what you think!

warnings: swearing and horny

word count: 4173

The turbolift halts when it reaches the deck on which the upper-most access to the warp core is located. Your steps are sluggish, and the lace on your left boot is about five strides from falling untied, but you don’t really care to fix it even as you feel your boot go lax. Your heel begins to slip in and out of place just as you reach the door to one of the larger maintenance rooms.

“What’s got your knickers in a twist?” Scotty asks as soon as he sees you.

You shrug, “just tired.”

“Too tired to remember where you’re s’pposed to be?” he stops you from picking up the spare pair of gloves from the bench, “first aid trainin’?”

A vague memory fights its way to the front of your mind, and you recall being ordered by Jim to attend the annual first aid training course that at least two crew members from each division were required to attend.

“Why me?” you sigh, “why can’t you be the first aid officer, or-or Ayden?” The young brunette lieutenant who was half-concealed behind a large metal tank pokes his head out.

“Because,” Scotty says, dismissing Ayden with a wave of his hand, “the capt’n requested you specifically, and I know he’s a bit of bastard sometimes but he’s still our capt’n.”

“He just wants me to suffer because he has to,” you grumble.

He chuckles as he grips your shoulders and physically turns you back toward the door, “I doubt you’ll be sufferin’ much, lassie, I heard the CMO himself is runnin’ this one.”

Your feet forget their steps and you stumble before catching yourself on the doorjamb. “W-Why is Bones running it? Isn’t he busy? He never does this kind of thing,” you say as you turn back to face Scotty.

He shrugs, “capt’n’s orders, I guess. Now go before you’re late .”

Doctor of My Word (Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader) [Request!]

“request: leonard mccoy x femreader (trope: thing happens- people exchange money in the back; au: same heartbeat soulmates)”, - @spaceyravenclaw  .

THANK YOU GUYS FOR 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!! I can’t believe this blog has gotten so far ♡ thanks for sticking around!

Hi there!! Thank you for your requests :) ❤︎ This one just kinda snapped and I was trying to finish older requests first but I was just so excited to write this omg nobody’s requested a soulmate one yet and I’ve been dyingggg to write one! 

Sorry for lack of updates :( I’ve had some nasty writer’s block ugh

This is dedicated to my good friend @bahharrington28 !!! Thanks for the support and happy belated birthday!! :D

REMINDER!!! Tumblr likes to eat requests! If your request hasn’t been filled, it’s been gobbled up :( send it in again!

Word Count: 1614 Warnings: fluff, swearing

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To almost everyone on the Enterprise, it was totally and utterly obvious that you were pining after the one and only Doctor Leonard McCoy. Everyone also found it glaringly obvious the CMO was pining right back. 

because why ; bones

summary: after five long years of pining for the doctor and a whole month of him acting weirdly distant you finally decide to go on a date, but when you get called in for your routine medical you end up finding out exactly why bones has been acting so strange

notes: i kind of like this even though it’s a bit messy, but i think i’m finally getting through my writer’s block! let me know what you think!

word count: 3958

“He asked you out?” Nyota gasps and turns to face you, abandoning the control panel she was previously very focused on.

You scowl, “keep your voice down, but yes , he asked me out.”

“Who asked you out?” Jim asks, appearing beside you.

“Great,” you sigh as Nyota offers an apologetic smile. You turn to your captain, “Finn asked me out.”

“The new nurse?” he queries, and you nod. “I’ve heard he’s pretty hot.”

“And tall ,” Nyota says, a smirk on her lips.

You roll your eyes, “ and a good nurse, and a nice guy.”

Jim chuckles, “you don’t have to justify yourself to me, we all need to get laid.”

You stand abruptly and smack him on the shoulder, “I’m not trying to get laid, I’m just going on a date with a nice guy, and if- well, I mean, I wouldn’t say no .”

“Been a while?” he asks, still giggling with a stupid grin on his face.

You sigh, “yes, Jim, it’s been a while.”

“Been a while since what?” Leonard asks as he comes up behind Jim, his PADD in hand.

Your cheeks burn and you lock eyes with Jim, a silent plea for him to – for once – keep his mouth shut.

“Since Y/N has been on a date,” he replies, and you let out a small breath of relief.

“Well, that’s a little hard to believe,” Bones says, at which point Nyota turns once again from her control panel.

“Why’s that, Doctor?” she asks.

He finally looks up, his gaze lingering on you before quickly averting to Nyota. “From what I’ve heard, she gets plenty of male attention,” he says before returning his attention to his PADD.

Jim and Nyota glance at you, and you can feel your cheeks burn even hotter. “Not from anyone that matters,” you turn on your heel and storm toward the door, almost stumbling in frustration as you exit the bridge.

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Disclaimer: I am not the author of these stories, just sharing my favourite Leonard McCoy x Reader fan-fiction. Find the authors' links below. If you want your work removed, message me privately.

Legend: 〔E〕 ⇢ Erotic/Steamy | 〔F〕 ⇢ Fluff | 〔A〕 ⇢ Angst/Hurt 〔M〕 ⇢ Minor Angst/Hurt | 〔C〕 ⇢ Comfort | ♥︎ ⇢ Established Relationship | 𑁍 ⇢ Pregnancy/Children | 🚫 ⇢ Content Warning

Request:  can u do a bones fic where reader is jims little sister and he finds out about them?

A/N: I got a little excited, so, uh, this has four parts. This first part is a little heavier than it should be so

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

of bar brawls and bruises

summary: you, captain pike's daughter, are one of bones' best friends, so when he discovers his feelings for you may run deeper than friendship he has a hard time acting normal about it... and then your ex comes back into the picture

word count: 6272

warnings: swearing, drinking, bar fights

notes: I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to write this after part 1 but here it is! this is the same fic as part 1 but told entirely from bones' perspective (both fics can be read in any order)

of fractures and fabrications

pairing:  bones x reader

summary:  you are captain pike’s daughter and have become inseparable from the enterprise crew, especially jim kirk and leonard mccoy… so when your terrible ex makes a reappearance right when you’re discovering your deeper feelings for bones, only chaos and heartache could ensue

word count: 5380

warnings: swearing, drinking

notes:  my first time posting a fic, hope y’all like it! this took me a full month longer to write than I anticipated, and I may be writing this whole fic from bones’ perspective as well…

A Vulcan Smile Part Seven

[Part One] [ Part Two ] [ Part Three ] [ Part Four ] [ Part Five] [Part Six]

Sensory Prompt: Being so close that you can feel your lips brush when you whisper

Part Two Here

Requested by: Anonymous

Note: This is my first time writing for Spock, so hopefully it’s enough in-character :)

Pairing: Spock x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral      Triggers: None

You waited impatiently as Spock contacted the Captain, this was the second stealth mission you had done, and the first with Spock, which only made it worse. Your feelings for Spock were, confusing, to say the least. You weren’t even sure how much he could feel, and if he would feel anything for you. 

Shaking yourself our of your thoughts, you tried to concentrate, this was not the time to start day dreaming, especially about one of your commanding officers. You turned and looked back at Spock, hearing the Captain speak to the two of you through your coms one more time.

“Okay guys, just get the weapon, get back to the storage bay and we’ll beam you out of there, we wont be able to communicate with either of you until then, try to get in and out before they detect you” Jim’s voice was quiet in your ear as you and Spock hid behind large crates.

“Yes Captain” Spock returned before looking at you, giving you the signal to move with him.

Staying crouched you hid behind a wall, listening and checking for any enemies, hearing nothing, you quickly, and quietly made your way down the ship corridor. At the end of the hallway you were faced with two separate hallways  “Which way is it?” you asked checking behind you.

“I’m not sure” seeing you give him a questioning look he looks back down at his scanner  “There is too much interference from their engines, I can’t get a clear signal”

“Okay. You take right, I’ll take left” you suggested.

“No, that would be too much of a risk, we should stay together” he thought to himself for a moment  “I believe the weapons bay is on the right side of the ship, we’ll go there first”

As he continued down the hallway you followed quickly behind, a short time later finding yourselves outside the weapons bay. Carefully, you headed inside, looking for the weapon. A small bomb these aliens had been devising, small enough to go undetected, big enough explosion to destroy a large ship. Luckily there was only one so far. After finding it you made you way back out and down the same hall.

You didn’t get far before a loud siren sounded  “They’ve detected us!” Spock yelled. The sound of running and shouting could be heard behind you.

When you got back to the split corridors, you heard more men running towards you from the way you needed to go. Looking at each other, you both silently made the decision to run down the left side hallway. About halfway down the hall you were suddenly pulled by your arm to the left. 

Spock had pulled you into a small open space hidden just enough by storage crates. Hearing the aliens running by shouting, you both held your breath, fazers in hand, prepared to fight if needed.

As a large group passed, you turned to ask Spock what to do, but you were silenced when you realized just how small the space was. Your bodies were pressed against each other, so close that when Spock turned to speak to you as well, your faces were so close you swore you felt his lips brush yours. Such a faint feeling, like a light breeze touching your face, you weren’t sure if it actually happened.

Spock was silenced by the sudden realization as well. You two stayed in this position for a moment before you choked out a whisper  “Should we move? ”

Spock swallowed, unsure of why he was being so affected by the close proximity of your bodies, and lips.  “No” he answered quickly “ I hear more coming”

You turned your face slightly to listen, as well as to not be so close to your commanding officer, hoping he didn’t notice the red flush crawling across your face. You could hear a group slowly coming closer. As you waited, breath hitched, for them to pass. Spock was staring at the side of your face, unsure of why he couldn’t look away. He had never been this close to you before, he had never seen the imperfections on your face, the small freckles and scars, unnoticeable from afar. 

After the second group passed you turned to look at Spock again, forgetting briefly how close your faces were, startled again by the closeness as your noses brushed, your lips too close for comfort. 

“We go on three” Spock whispered, trying not to react to the fact that as he spoke, his lips brushed ever-so-lightly against your cheek, right next to your lips. He desperately tired to ignore the sudden urge to kiss you, something he had never thought of doing before, well, never thought of doing so fervently. He had always been attracted to you, but tried to ignore it, afraid that he might become emotionally compromised getting involved with you. 

He could feel your heart pounding against his chest, unaware that it was because of him, not the fact that you were on an enemy ship. His lips were so close, part of you was waiting for him to kiss you, something you had found yourself day-dreaming about before, but the other part of you knew that he wasn’t going to, he probably didn’t want to, and now, in the midst of an enemy ship, was not the time to begin day dreaming. 

“One” your heart began pounding harder, his lips brushed against your cheek “Two” your grip tightened around your fazer, his lips moving ever so slightly brushing lightly against your own “Three” you both slid out, much more gracefully that would seem possible, before running down the hall, towards the beam point.

Hearing shouting from behind you, you knew that you had been seen. Both of your turned firing your fazers down the hall at the oncoming enemies. Rushing into the storage room, you turned, firing your gun at the door pad, stopping it from being opened.

“Spock to the bridge two to beam up!” he shouted through his coms as the aliens began pounding and firing at the door.

“Do you have the weapon Spock?!” Jim asked.

You and Spock looked at each other as you began to beam, your eyes locked. As the enterprise appeared around you, you looked around, seeing Scotty clap, glad you were successfully beamed out without trouble.

Looking back at Spock, you stared at each other, an almost knowing look in both of your eyes.

“That was a close” Jim said as he entered the room.

“What?” you asked slightly startled, turning and looking at the Captain  “Oh, uh, yes I suppose it was”

Jim squinted slightly, looking between the two of you. Something obviously happened while you were out of com range.

Looking back at Spock he was looking at you with a curious look, one you’ve never seen before. Quickly, you left the platform and made your way out of the room, a smile forming on your face.

Spock watched you leave, unaware that a small smile formed on his face as well  “Spock?”

Turning to the Captain he rose his brow  “Yes Captain?”

“Did something happen down there?”

“I’m not sure what you are eluding to Captain” Spock said as he walked past Jim, leaving the room and a curious Captain behind him.

I could possibly do a part two to this if enough people want it.

Pairing : Khan x reader 

Song: Looking too closely — Fink

Warnings: Fluff, Angst and Fluff 

A/N: Khan interpreted by Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favourite characters of him, right next to Sherlock and Doctor Strange. 

Words:  2828

    ”He may know who you are” Said Carol at your side. 

    Both of you were in the way to the interrogation room, where Kirk, Bones, Spock and the topic of discussion— Jhon Harrison. 

    “ And even if he knows, there is nothing that assures me anything beyond him knowing me” You tried reasoning, it was a simple way of saying ‘ and what if he knows, then what?’. 

    “ Something is better than nothing” 

    You were surprised at how she had used your words against you. You had been the one to convince her to know what was inside the torpedoes as you knew that she wouldn’t leave the topic alone. 

    You on the other side had been assigned to be a medical officer of the U.S.S enterprise, on hopes that Bones could help you become calmer on renewing your pass job.

    “ What did you told Kirk?” You weren’t really sure he could’ve agreed to this, talking to a criminal.

    “ The truth” The way she had said it made you think that there was more to it.

    You two were now outside the interrogation room and you couldn’t help but stop. 

Cute Jealous Khan x Reader

Summary: you and Khan go out for a nice walk and go to a cafe when a friendly guy comes to talk to you.

You and Khan had decided to go out for a nice walk through the city of London. The season was just becoming fall so the air was starting to get cold outside. Khan had let you use his scarf so you wouldn't get cold or get sick. You appreciated the thought as it always kept you warm. He wanted you to be as warm as possible because it will feel as if it was his fault for getting you sick.

To him he enjoyed these walks with you and didn't mind any where you took. If long as he was by your side it didn't matter he loved to see you smile. He may seem a rough and intimidating on the outside to knew faces but inside he was sweet only for you.

Being with you on these walks relaxed him just you and him enjoying the outside world. He keeps your arm hooked around his like a gentleman having you safe with him when you go out. You both went to a nearby cafe that you regularly go to, and wanted something warm to drink.

When you walked in feeling the warm air hit you and the smell of fresh baked goods mixing with the smell of coffee. You enjoyed that sent it always made you hungry. Khan closed his eyes lifting his nose to the air and smelt the air. You could see the bliss across his face enjoying the sent, that same blissful look he has when with you. Khan looked to you and rubbed your hand lightly then walked to a empty area of the cafe.

"Do you want anything warm to drink khan?" You asked him with a loving smile.

He shook his head saying "no it's alright love, you get yourself something i will wait over here for you."

His deep voice always sent a shiver through your body just loving the way it sounded. When he calls you love that always made your heart flutter. You gave him a smile and walked into the line feeling khans eyes on you the whole way.

Khan was protective of you, scared that he will lose you but let you do things on your own. When you got to the counter you ordered two hot chocolates, getting one for Khan since you know his love for chocolate. He never asked for anything really, but you being sweet you always gave him things.

After paying for the drinks you stood off to the side to wait for your order when a nice looking guy smiled at you. His bright friendly smile flashed as he walked over to you saying his hellos. Khan watched you and the other people with his hands buried in his coat pockets then watched the man walk up to you. His light brown hair comb back to his head and blues eyes that were pretty but not as gorgeous as khans. In khans eyes you got lost in them seeing many colors mixed in them.

The guy held out his hand you saying his name as you smiled and shook his hand greeting yourself to him. He went on to tell you he seen you in here many times and never got a chance to talk to you becuase he worked there and couldn't stop to have a conversation. You told him you seen him there and just made small talk with him being the friendly person you are. He then complemented on how beautiful you looked. You smiled and thanked him for his words.

Khan stood in his spot watching and heard every word due to his advance hearing. He trusted you and made no move to interrupt the two of you. He loved how sweet and friendly you are, nothing like he will ever be but only to you. The man looked over to Khan then said "your boyfriend looks grumpy does he ever smile."

You looked at Khan seeing him look away slightly then back to him saying "yea he can be grumpy sometimes but I am used to it." The both of you let out a chuckle mainly becuase you thought how cute Khan looked when he pouts. Once the drinks were done you took them into your hands and said your goodbye to the guy as he told you good bye and to be careful. You thanked him for his words walked off back to khan.

Khan saw the drinks in your hands as you handed one to him. He took it into his hand and stared at it for a moment then glanced at the man then back to you. "Thank you for the hot chocolate". He said as you tilted you head to the side knowing something was wrong. You looked to the man seeing him smile and wave at you then looked back to Khan. "Khan, are you jealous"?

His face snapped to you saying "what? No...its just yea he is're beautiful". You saw a blush color appearing on his face and a small pout causing you to let out a giggle. "Khan you have nothing to worry about, I have eyes for you only." He looked to you eyes full of embarrassment and worries. "Am I to grumpy for you?"

You let put a chuckle saying "what Khan? You are crazy, no you're not. Besides you look cute when you pout. No need to be jealous of other men you are far more better and I love you." Khan blushed more looking away mumbling "I am not cute."

You move closer to him and wrapped your arm around him trying not to spill your drink. Placing a kiss to his cheek and hugged him tight as he let out a relived breath. His arms wrapped around you and mutter "I love you as well (y/n)." Hearing his words mumble against your ear a wide smile appeared on your face.

You pulled away from him and laced your fingers in his free hand feeling the rough but softness of it. "Come on grumpy let go take a walk in the park." You pulled him with you as he smirked then took a sip of his hot chocolate as he walked with you.

Khan was jealous of men complementing you or obviously flirting with you becuase he saw him self as a monster made in a lab. To him you are perfect and beautiful and thought he wasn't good for you. But his jealousy slowly wisps away becuase of all the love you drilled into his brain. You constantly telling him you love him and he was perfect just for you. For the rest of the time Khan sipped on his drink with his hand in yours and smirked at the men who stared at you. Becuase he knew that you were all his.

🐱awe Khan is so cute when he pouts.

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Star Trek Imagines

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Damage report, Mister LaForge

my internal monologue in meetings

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we surely do


Living, Not Just Surviving

Fandom:  Star Trek AOS. Pairing: Leonard McCoy X Reader. Word Count: 2064. Rating:   Adult (18+). Summary: Three years in space takes its toll on a body, and you decide you want to get as far away from the Enterprise as possible for a week, even if it means facing the wildnerness. Author’s Note:  For @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse ‘s birthday challenge!  Happy now horribly belated birthday you gorgeous, lovely lady!  Love you tons!  Somewhat inspired by Kid Rock’s All Summer Long and with references to Camping with Bones .

Living, Not Just Surviving “I still can’t believe we’re doing this again.” Leonard chuckles from where he’s sunning himself on the beach next to you and turns his head to look at you. “We’ve been here for three days, darlin’,” he teases gently.  “And if memory serves, it was your idea.” You roll your eyes behind your sunglasses and sit up from where you’re lying on the blanket beneath a large umbrella at the edge of the lake Leonard had first brought you to on your first ever camping trip three years before under the guise of getting you survival certified. You’d hated it less than you’d thought you would back then, and while it’s painful to admit it, right now you’re really, genuinely enjoying yourself, even if you know you’ve got another night of getting bled dry by mosquitoes and sleeping on a camp cot ahead of you. “If you ever say you told me so, they’ll never find your body,” you threaten darkly as you shift to a standing position, brushing some sand from between your toes.

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In the vastness of space, there’s only yourself, your ship, your crew.

@StarTrekMovie : Didn’t know @Rihanna was a #StarTrekMovie fan? Watch her talk about why she loves Star Trek in this featurette.

Actor Anton Yelchin died on Sunday at the age of 27 in a car accident. Best known for his role as Chekov in the Star Trek reboot, the young actor had already built an impressive — and impressively varied — body of work, appearing in blockbusters and indie films, alike . 

Anton Yelchin (March 11, 1989 - June 19, 2016)

Live long and prosper.

Live long and prosper, Anton Yelchin. (1989-2016)

Jesus Christ. Anton Yelchin. People aren’t supposed to die in their 20s. That isn’t how the world is supposed to work.

You brought a beautiful touch to Star Trek and we will miss you terribly.

Rest in peace.

Beam him up, Mr. Scott. 💔

RIP to Anton Yelchin

2016 is too cruel

“I prefer when movies target my heart instead of my mind.” – Anton Yelchin, Rest in Peace.

Anton Yelchin. 1989 - 2016. One to beam up, Mr. Scott.

                      new crews.   new villains.   new heroes.   new worlds.

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remember when Jim introduced Spock to his own parents lmao we stan a legend

They definitely brought this story up during the wedding.

Sarek did it.

“Not so many know, but once James introduced me to my own son…”

Funny as that is, this reads as an absolute POWER MOVE to a father not proud of his son. “Look at that, he’s my First Officer because he’s AWESOME. You know who isn’t? You.”

No no no. You don’t understand. Kirk DOESN’T KNOW that this is Spock’s father. He’s talking up his first mate to the Vulcan Ambassador that Spock never bothered to mention is his DAD because their father-son relationship is THAT BAD. This is a power move but it’s not Kirk’s, it’s Spock’s XD

You take one look at that vulcan salute and tell me it isn’t the BIGGEST shit-eating grin

🖖 (derogatory)

live long and fuck you

live long and prosper (condescending)

is Spock’s brand in every universe

WHY did they bring brainless remote control spock with them i’m CRYING

They correctly assume that the brain won’t survive long outside The Brain Jail, so they need something to put it in. May as well bring the original container.

“the original container” I’M SCREAMING

God i don’t even like TNG that much but unquestionably the best parts of TNG are the bits where everyone else on the fucking starship is constantly googling klingon culture to make Worf feel at home and accepted and Worf constantly reacting to this by being like “ARRRRGH STOP KNOWING THINGS ABOUT MY CULTURE”

“HI Worf we saw on your official starfleet paperwork that it’s your birthday today so we are throwing you a Traditional Klingon Combat Party! :)” “WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THE TRADITIONAL KLINGON COMBAT PARTY”

did… did she really say that? iconic

“Excuse You, i am Black and i Fuck”

Nichelle Nichols adlibbed that line, because she’s just that amazing

Nobody gets away with calling Uhura a pale virgin

a scientist and an icon

But how can you leave out the line where our girl says “You didnt really think I was in love with you?”

Shit was iconic

here you go:

love the really good context of the fact she DID love him & still was cold as hell to this dude because of her allegiance to her crew and to humanity

can you imagine domestic spirk on the enterprise during their five year mission

they start off as friends and they share a bathroom. in the morning rush to head to the bridge it just makes sense not to waste time and so they brush their teeth together. standing side-by-side, elbows brushing together in that tiny crammed bathroom of theirs. and jim would hum outdated terran music while he brushed and would loudly gargle mouthwash and spock would just be staring at him the mirror the first time that it happened, looking logically scandalized at his captain’s odd behaviour. and they would argue over who left the cap off the toothpaste (it was 100% spock but he’s too proud to admit it) without ever realizing that they had started sharing in the first place. and they would fight over mirror space because you’re hogging it spock my hair is just as important as yours now move jim would whine and try to shove the vulcan out of the way so he he could even catch a glimpse of his own bedhead in the reflection but spock would not budge, just calmly combing through his own hair as if he couldn’t even feel jim attempting to shoulder him aside (jim would get his revenge by ruffling the neat bowl cut before quite literally sprinting from the mess to the bridge)

they would also eat together in the mess every chance they got, even going as far as to make time in their busy day to meet for a bite to eat. jim would steal the alien-looking fruit off of spock’s plate when he tought the vulcan wasn’t looking (spock always knew though - jim was anything but subtle about it). and jim would also encourage spock to try new food (like italian) and in turn jim would try something new too. that was how spock ended up with a mouth full of fudge (which was blue of all colours) looking faintly disgusted and jim would be trying not to gag at yet another cup of some spicy vulcan tea. it was an unusual way of bonding but it was how they found out that jim was allergic to slaka tea and spock liked s'mores of all things (which the vulcan would deny but jim knew better & later on in their journey, they would sit together in the empty mess after a particularly gruelling mission & eat their feelings and jim wouldn’t tell anyone that spock liked s'mores and spock wouldn’t tell mccoy that jim had broken his diet plan again )

and they’ll spend time together too, like reading together - spock with his data reports and research articles and jim with his shakespeare and his poetry. sometimes they’ll be in spock’s room, spock working diligently and quietly at his desk and the only sounds coming from jim as he turns the page in his book from where he is sprawled across the couch in spock’s room, shoes kicked off somewhere on the floor beside him and his not-so-secret reading glasses perched on his nose. or they’ll play chess in jim’s room. jim sitting cross-legged on the chair opposite him, chatting away about the daily going-on on the ship and asking about new experiments in the labs and if that plant sulu had was legal and spock (for some reason) let jim have his small talk and chattiness and would listen to him ramble on for hours and hours without ever growing bored

and then their relationship starts to change and develop. nothing new happened but it was suddenly different . they would stand in the bathroom, elbows occasionally bumping together as they brushed their teeth as usual but now there was like an electric current between them. in the mess they would sit together, practically hip-to-hip, close enough for their hands to brush together and they never once withdrew their hands away from each other. not even at bone’s raised eyebrow and uhura’s knowing smile hid behind her hand. they would still read together, crammed unnecessarily onto that small couch in spock’s room (unnecessary bc jim insisted on keeping his feet up to relax rather than just sitting like a normal person). but jim would find himself peeking at spock over his book, and he would not-so-subtly stretch his legs until his feet nudged Spock’s thigh and spock would subconsciously place a conforting hand on his leg without even looking up from his padd. if jim had kept peeking over his book he would have seen the exact moment spock realised what he had done and would also notice that despite that he never once removed his hand

it happens slowly then all at once. they’re in love and then they’re a couple and yet nothing has changed. except maybe now spock would be brushing his teeth and jim would be singing loudly and obnoxiously in the shower behind him. and yes the song choice is terrible and jim’s singing could use some serious work but spock can’t help the warm feeling that spreads through him when jim pops his soaking-wet, soap-covered head through the shower door and asks for a towel. and they would still read together. only now jim would be resting his head in spock’s lap, reading yet another tragic piece of literature, comforted only by the nimble fingers softly stroking his hair and he wonders how he ever got so lucky

this is a lot longer than i had intended lmao but pls i need more domestic spirk on the enterprise

You ever invite your coworker to watch you give birth just to spite a racist

can we talk about the fact that the novelisation of the motion picture is set up as a novel kirk essentially had commissioned to make sure the whole event didn’t get over-glorified and that the facts were all accurate

can we talk about how the “author” is a separate character who explains that all the bridge crew spoke to him to give their versions of events, and then they all helped edit it before it was published, and all agreed it was correct and accurate and what they were happy to have revealed to the public

can we now talk about how fu ck i ng hilarious the footnote is when you consider this context and the fact that its in the same book as the “t’hy’la” passages and kirk thinking about how their “touching of minds” was “superior even to the wild physical love” of pon farr 

like kirk  especially put in a footnote awkwardly and vaguely proclaiming “no homo” 


If Q had a pet, it would be the Goose from Untitled Goose Game

Galaxy Brain: Q is  the Goose from Untitled Goose Game

*honks omnipotently*

Went to a friend’s for a bad movie night, and there was a bad movie, but we also wound up team playing through the entirety of Untitled Goose Game. It was awesome, but I couldn’t stop thinking of the goose as Q the whole time.

I was asked “What is on the Qoose’s to-do list?”

  • Eat 10 chocolate sundaes
  • Waddle nude onto the bridge, honk *red alert*
  • Put cigar into Picard’s hand (must time precisely to when he says “Engage” to check off list)
  • Wake up Janeway from nap by honking
  • Steal Janeway’s coffee
  • Bring Janeway a puppy, then abscond with it
  • Dodge Sisko’s baseball bat attacks
  • Steal Sisko’s baseball, put in wormhole
  • Make all combadges play mariachi music
  • Take pint glass from Ten Forward, drop down Jefferies Tube (sneak past Guinan)
  • Tickle Data with your omnipotent feathers until he laughs for real
  • Trap Riker in the turbolift
  • Knock off Geordi’s VISOR, make him wear the wrong glasses
  • Ruin a game of poker
  • Steal Beverly’s tricorder
  • Push starship into path of Borg cube
  • Judge all of humanity

Disco spent 20 minutes explaining why Spock kept Michael a secret but like he also never talked about Sybok and was about to zoom into the future without so much as a goodbye to his parents so really an easier explanation is he’s an emo binch who keeps his feelings inside

he didn’t tell jim who his parents were until they were literally right in front of him and he was forced to lol. he didn’t tell anyone about t’pring either until she fucking called the ship even when his apparent choices were

1. tell the captain about her

2. hijack a fucking starship

so the only explanation we need for spock not talking about michael is he’s just Like That (aka an emo binch like op said)

my favorite underappreciated star trek trope is when someone tries to end an argument by speedwalking away but the person they were arguing with just. follows them by speedwalking equally as fast and then they’re just arguing while power walking through the corridors of a spaceship and everyone around them doesn’t react at all in any way

star trek command teams

Sometimes when Spock makes a really good point in a debate, Kirk punctuates it with this HAH  face. It makes him look overwhelmingly like someone whose boyfriend just won a rap battle.

People who know nothing: Captain Kirk is a douchebag

Me: *actually watches Star Trek* This boy? This teddy bear man? This bouncing baby boy? This sweet pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust topped with homemade buttercream icing? This precious angel cupcake? This little glitter sprinkled bumblebee? This twinkly eyed ball of snuggles? This marshmallow dipped in sunshine? This tiny entity of rainbows and-

….i’m just gonna leave this here

[Gif description: two gifs showing off a parallel. The first is of Aziraphale and Crowley walking along, when Aziraphale holds his arm out in front of Crowley, who turns to him and stops walking. The second gifs shows Kirk and Spock doing the exact same thing, with Kirk holding his arm out and Spock stopping. End desc.]

I like how Nero, the main antagonist from Star Trek (2009), isn’t even a dictator or soldier. He’s a miner. But he can terrorize the galaxy because his mining vessel has technology from the future.

It’s like if a 15th century France was terrorized by a guy with a bulldozer.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this post.

people can claim spock x kirk is a platonic relationship all they want but it doesn’t change the fact that this is how spock canonically describes jim:

Journey to Babel

There are 4 most memorable Spock lines in Star Trek history:

1. Ambassador Sarek and his wife ARE my parents 2. For the first time in my life I was happy 3. They are not the hell your whales 4. Please Captain, not in front of the Klingons

I applaud Kirk for keeping his shock in check if it were me, I would have been like


Star Trek Imagines

Hanna | 18 | Completely infatuated with the Star Trek universe. Law Student, aspiring Starfleet cadet. Requests OPEN

Guess what… I turned 18 today haha. I’m actually an adult

star trek tumblr

“And thats why I love you -” he wheezed out through fits of laughter. 

“What?” You gasped, looking up to meet the petrified gaze of the Russian in front of you who was no longer laughing. 

“Ehhhh…” He trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck nervously as his mind raced to determine whether to repeat it or not.

“Please.” You place a hand on top of his shaking one as you beg him to repeat it just one last time. For no other reason than so that you can respond with the same three words you have been dying to hear since you first met him. 

“I love you.” 

Guess who is back!

Spoiler alert, it’s me! I’m coming back relatively full time to imagines writing. I’ve been in Europe for a couple of months but I’m back home now and ready to write. If you want to, send in some requests to get me started again. :)

Sorry the updates haven’t been as regular as you would probably like, i’ve been at work for 8.5 hours a day and have been quite sick so I am soooo drained. Regardless of this, I still intend on writing imagines for you beautiful people so I will aim to have 1 short one and 1 long one up by the end of the week. x

Jealous Chekov

Requested by anon: A jealous Chekov when he sees you get close with another guy on the enterprise.

The laughter rang like a bell across the bridge as you reached out to grasp onto the shoulder of the Lieutenant you were talking to. Chekov clenched his jaw tightly, his knuckles clenched so tightly around the console that they were going white. He refused to move his gaze from your direction and kept a dagger gaze fixed on the communications officer whose arm was wrapped around your shoulders. His mind was a jumble of profanities and feelings as he struggled to understand how he felt towards you. This was jealousy he knew that for sure but how could he love someone he has never dated before? Never woken up together or spilled dark secrets over late night drinks — but he did, oh how he loved you. Now he only wished that you knew. With a sudden burst of insane courage he stood up and strode across the room, determined to seize any opportunity he may have left to make you his.

I’m back and ready to get going on all your fabulous requests. x

Star Trek Imagine Community - Super Cheesy Appreciation Post

wonders-of-the-enterprise :

Hi all! It’s me again…  So after getting some feedback, I started to reply by writing a novel on how appreciative I am for everything. I then decided it’s probably better as a separate post, so here it is! I just want to say that this Star Trek community is utterly amazing and supportive. As a fairly new-ish blog, I can honestly say never have i felt more welcomed in to it before. I started of as a reader, whenever i needed an escape from the pressures around me I would take to the Star Trek tag, but eventually I found the urge to write myself and give back- hence the creation of this blog. But I really want to take the time to ‘shout out’ to some of the people who make this community great! (This is just from the top of my head, so if I have missed anyone at all or you have any additions yourself that I might not be aware of, tag them in! they deserve it!) First of lets start with the writers. There are so many awe inspiring writers which help to fill the Imagine Tag with their creations! Whether they are large blogs and post daily, or smaller and post less frequently each and every one of them deserve some recognition for their posts. Each and everyone one of these people have a talent that they should be proud of, and to name a few that pop to my head (check them out): @outside-the-government ​, @fandomheadrush ​ @youre-on-a-starship ​ @mybullshitsensesaretingling ​ @littlecarowrites @carlysenterprise @imaginestartrek @coyoteimagines @startrek-imagines @paigeinastory @musingsongbird @mission-enterprise @trekimagine @bkwrm523 @trekken81 @starshiphufflebadger @anotherstartrekimagineblog   @imagineangryspacegrump Secondly we have blogs such as @yourtropegirl @spnstarships @trekken81 who help to support and signal boost writers by taking the time to create reading lists and recommendations for everyone to see! I can honestly say, that by being featured on a few of these lists my writing has been given a boost! I know you guys probably get it a lot, but thank you for the time you put in to do these, we/I really appreciate it! And if I have missed anyone again: tag them! Last but not at all least, it’s the readers which deserve a massive thank you aswell! To all the people who take the time to open the fiction and the anonymous prompts, feedback, likes and re blogs- you guys complete the community! Now it would take me ages to tag a bunch of readers, because there are hundreds but you all know who you are! We know as well! I think I can easily name a whole bunch of people who I see read my fictions from the top of my head! Thank you for your time and your support, it really does inspire me as a writer (well all writers to be honest) to continue and to post more work for others to enjoy! We know you don’t need to leave a comment, but the fact you do makes it special. There we go, appreciation post over! Again If i have missed anyone, its most likely because I have slipped up (there are so many tags) or I might not have discovered you myself yet- So if you feel other people need a big pat on the back and a thanks- tag them! This community is so wonderful, and I hope it grows bigger and stronger in 2017! Anyway- Back to writing I go! There’s Imagines to be posted!

Omg thank you so much for tagging me there. You are such an awe aspiring writer too and I can’t wait to see how big your blog becomes. x

(via wonders-of-the-multiverse-deact )

Hi everyone. Sorry for my lack of updates. I’m currently in the mountains for the week so I haven’t had any internet to post anything but I’ll be back this Friday. Oh and by the way, Happy New Year. x

Chekov Falling In Love

- It would start out like a kind of puppy love, him trailing from behind staring wistfully.

- He is also quite awkward (my poor Russian bby). He would probably accept that your relationship would never be more than his crush so he keeps himself content with glances across the room. 

- He thinks that he has kept his secret well but the reality is that everyone on the ships knows, I mean everyone.

- Once you finally talk for the first time (probably in the mess hall at 2am about Russian vodka or something random) he would begin to develop a crush not only on just your voice but also on your eyes and personality. 

- His accent would get really think around you and he would probably curse at himself in Russian a lot for being an idiot. 

- “ë-moë”

- Finally, after months of small talk on the bridge, he would ask you out on a date. A blush would rise up your face and he would fall head over heels again.

- He would be over the moon (literally) once you became a couple. This was more of a relief than a surprise to the rest of the crew who had been trying to get you together for years. 

- Chekov knew that he loved you from the moment he set eyes on you but he was too scared to admit it to you whilst you were dating.

- You said it first, in Russian to Chekov’s biggest surprise. His face immediately lit up with pure admiration to the three words he had been dying to hear since he first heard you speak.

“Я люблю тебя.”

Catching up on requests after a hiatus so they should be up before the end of the year. (Yes its that time of year again.)

star trek tumblr

star trek tumblr

Star trek discovery

@ star--trek--discovery

MARY WISEMAN Photographed by Ben Lamberty for Out Magazine (February 2022)

Michael Burnham for @burnhamsmichael

Sometimes the only way to find out where you fit in is to step out of the routine. Because sometimes, where you really belong was waiting right around the corner all along.

Back to my under-Saru look, as season 4 of @startrekcbs Discovery begins filming this week! . No one makes me do this, it’s my own decision to save the extra step and time of bald capping before my Kelpien prosthetics are applied. . #startrekdiscovery #startrek #saru #kelpien #shavedhead #baldguy #shirtlessbaldman #shirtlessoldguy #actor #actorslife

The crew of the USS Discovery coming into Season 3

Characteristics most often sighted (in Starfleet’s most decorated captains) include…
M i c h a e l B u r n h a m a n d e m o t i o n s
Star Trek Discovery | Season 3
And action!
That hope is you, Commander Burnham.

Inside tv portraits | san Diego comic con 2019

Star trek discovery panel | san Diego comic con 2019 | 20th July 2019

First look photos from season 3 of Michael Burnham and introduces a new character cleveland (book) booker played by David Ajala

Doug jones photographed by Bruce smith

#justbecause Photo by Manager Bruce @beepsmith . . #photography #portraitphotography #actor #actorslife #fedora #charactershot

I think it's a powerful message that in the future we will have same sex couples and little brown people in space who are doctors and scientists discovering the universe - Wilson Cruz for entertainment weekly

Wishing a happy birthday to @actordougjones thank you for all the incredible and unforgettable characters and for your immense talent

Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz. for attitude magazine

Sonequa martin-green, shazad Latif and Jason issacs atend the star trek discovery photocall at

Behind the scenes

SHAZAD LATIF. Photographed by David needleman

Wilson Cruz photographed by Clinton gaughran

What is Helios?

Helios  is a multi-media fanfiction project set in the Star Trek universe, told form the perspective of Commander Gail Miller as she pieces together logs, documents, and other clues as to the disappearance of the U.S.S. Helios about a century ago. 

What’s the deal with canon?

Star Trek is a vast network of conflicting canons. As a general rule, I try to stick to anything canonized in the prime timeline TV shows and films, and the events of Star Trek Online.

Do you make money from this?

Nope! This project is a pure love letter to Star Trek. Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made film intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures. (Please don’t sue me.)

Who created Helios?

Scorpion Design - I’m an nerd, illustrator, and player of Dungeons & Dragons. My pronouns are they/them.

What’s the deal with the ship? What’s up with the triangles?

The USS Helios is a prototype light cruiser designed to serve as a mobile sensor platform. The sensors in question are the triangular panels built into the cutouts of the saucer. They can be detached from the mother ship and left in orbit so that the Helios’ power signature doesn’t draw attention to the sensor array.

When does Helios take place?

Between the events of The Original Series and The Next Generation . The story starts in the year 2312, during the time of the Enterprise-B. 

Isn’t there already a ship called the USS Helios?

Yes, there is. An Akira class that first featured in Picard season 2 - well after I was months into developing this project. Star Trek canon is a mess - maybe that ship was a coverup for the old USS Helios.

star trek tumblr

star trek tumblr

@ star-trek-reblog

I Could Really Use A Hug - William Riker x Reader

Word Count: 1000+

Summary: You find yourself in a situation you never expected - in a relationship with your First Officer. New to relationships and not wanting to do anything wrong, you struggle to convey your wants.

A/N: My reading comprehension is as bad as my writing I completely misinterpreted this request and wrote this one with a little too much of my thoughts; which I generally try to avoid.

TW for negative self-talk. 


Grumpy Doctor

Pairing: AOS Bones x Reader

Plot: (requested by @alkaia23 ) AOS Bones being grumpy and having lots of cuddles with the reader.

A/N: HII!!! I REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS!! Also I found this on Pinterest and thought it was pretty

You noticed that Bones was being more grumpier than usual. You tried to ask him what was wrong, but all you got was a glare. It didn't stop you two from sitting with each other in the rec room.

"How's your shift so far?" You asked.

He glared as he sat his tray down. "Absolute shit."

"I think someone needs some rest," you teased with a sing-song voice, causing another glare. "But I'm being serious, Bones, you need some time off, I think you've been working yourself too hard. Let M'Benga take over tomorrow and we can have a day in, yeah?"


"Leonard, I want to see you in my quarters after your shift and if you don't show up I'll embarrass you in front of everyone in Medbay," you smiled sweetly.

"Fine, fine, I'll do it. Just don't do whatever you were gonna do," he sighed.

"Great, see you tonight Bones," you told him while standing up and kissing his cheek.

You walked around your quarters, getting things ready. You wanted Bones to relax so you found a bunch of pillows and blankets and made some hot chocolate. A happy doctor is a good doctor and a good doctor means an even better boyfriend.

"I swear to God if someone comes down with another case of Andorian Shingles then I'll get off at the next star base," Bones griped as he walked in. He stopped in his tracks when he saw what you prepared on the couch. "Is this for me?"

"Yep, now come over! Don't be shy!"

He made his way over and sat down on the couch and you sat next to him. "So tell me, why are you so grumpy? Has work been stressful?"

"It's been stressful all week, darlin'. Every day there's been new cases of weird space diseases that we don't know about and people are getting injured by the dozens."

"Each day?"

"Each day! And then Kirk and Spock, they always want me to go on away missions when I can't, I have a Sickbay full of people and it's something I can't leave Doctor M'Benga and Nurse Chapel to attend them on their own. Pisses me off," he muttered.

You scooted over and cuddled into his side. "At least we don't have any shifts tomorrow and we don't have to do anything."

"Yeah, at least," he noted while wrapping his arm around your shoulder. "Still, all of this just for me?"

"Of course, it's what I do when I'm stressed. I even made us hot chocolate."

"Sometimes I really don't deserve you, (Y/N)," Bones told you sincerely.

"Oh be quiet," you giggled, "You'd kill everyone if it wasn't for me. I'm gonna go get the hot chocolate, don't go anywhere."

"Don't plan on it," he told you as you got up and you went into the kitchen area.

You had the milk ready and all you had to do was mix it with cocoa powder and you did. You brought the cups back and you saw Bones spread out on the couch, partially asleep. You smiled softly and sat the cups down on the coffee table. You knew that he hasn't been getting enough sleep, which also explained why he was so grumpy.

You laid down on top of him and wrapped your arms around his torso. He smelled like whiskey and bleach, like he always does but you couldn't help but to love it.

"What are you doing?" Bones asked.

"What does it look like? I want to cuddle with you."

"Alright," he said before going back asleep. He wrapped his arms around you and held you close to him. "We're gonna do this tomorrow too, aren't we?"

"Yep, so get comfortable."

For the first time this week he laughed, then he kissed your forehead.


Leonard McCoy x Reader

Medical Override  

Not That Bad

Dark Circles

Greenhouse Planet


Act of Guilt

Spock x Reader

Second in Command

Getting Acquainted

I Almost Lost You

A/N : The first thing I saw when I opened Tumblr was a Star Trek meme sooooo… Star Trek story! It’s been a really long time since I’ve watched it so this is based of the script of Stark Trek 2009 and movie clips. Might do a Sulu one later, same part of the movie but slightly different plot, we’ll see.

Day 2 of Writer’s Block Challenge

Pairing(s) : Leonard McCoy (Bones) 2009 x Reader

Summary : You, Bones’s girlfriend and James’s best friend, sustain a near-fatal injury during the rescue mission to Vulcan resulting in a lecture from him about how he almost lost you.

Warning(s) : Injury(not graphic), says “thank fucking god” once, swearing (it’s Bones and Kirk).

Word Count : 2,897


Summary: You’re out on a mission with the ground team and Leonard accidentally sends you into anaphylactic shock by momentarily forgetting about your nut allergy. Featuring worried bones™.

Leonard x Reader

A/N: I wrote this at about 5am unable to sleep from a reaction I had yesterday. Definitely not perfect but take from it what you will.

Word Count: 1584

You adjusted the straps of your backpack looking up at the mountain you were to begin climbing.

Commander Spock led the way closely followed by your Captain, you and Doctor McCoy fell slightly behind, followed by the rest of the ground team.

“I trust you’ve all been for your pre-field check ups” Doctor McCoy announced to the group, shooting an annoyed glance at Jim, who he had just about given up all medical hope on “And you’re all in physical shape to get up this mountain at speed, we’re against the clock.” He dug around in his bag pulling out a smaller bag which contained bars resembling cereal bars, he handed one to each member of the team “If the going gets tough that’ll help you release more energy, my advice, save it for when you need it because it don’t taste good.”

Prompt : ( ty @write-it-motherfuckers ) 

“How the hell are you still alive?”

“Honestly, I’m just as confused as you are”

 Word count: 2755

 TW: OC death, blood mention, medbay

 A/N: you ever make up your own planet and species? me too apparently.

  Greenhouse Planet:

“Jim stand still will you.” You watched as Leonard McCoy struggled through the small gathering in the transporter room completing his pre-mission checks. Usually he liked to be more prepared but with Jim Kirk - the worst patient in the fleet - leading the Enterprise, he had to make exceptions. 

 “Bones, please, I had a check-up last month.” Kirk said punching co-ordinates into the control desk, much to Scotty’s dismay.

 “You had 6 broken bones that month, Jim.”  

 “Yeh and I’m sure they’ve healed.” 

You watched Lee’s face curl looking at the results of the little readings he’d gathered from Jim before admitting defeat and sliding his tricorder back into his pocket. 

You followed the others onto the transporter platform ready to face whatever was waiting planetside when you felt familiar hands wrap round your waist. Instinctively, you let yourself relax into the curves of your partner. Every inch of you belonged together, bodies fitting seamlessly.

The Rescue.

Summary: You are MIA while the crew try desperately to get you back and try to avoid your boyfriend, Spock. 

TW: Some strong language. Injury mention.

A/N: This was hecking hard. To say there’s plot holes is an understatement but just enjoy it anyway. It’s nice.

Word Count: 3224

“Y/N NOW!” Jim shouted as he stretched out his arm to you as the shuttle in front of you began to fall forwards,

You reached out to grab his hand only managing to brush fingers before he disappeared, leaving you and a falling death trap together. Great.

You ran holding your side which had already been gashed in action, flipping open your comm you attempted to contact the transporter room.

The shuttle fell with a deafening crash quicker than expected.

Before you knew it, everything went black.

“And someone keep Spock off the bridge, the last thing I need right now is a pissed off Vulcan.” Jim said entering the lift to the bridge.

“Aye sir.” an officer barked back as the doors closed

“Has anyone got signal or transmissions of  Lieutenant Y/L/N yet?” Jim asked as he walked towards the captain’s chair to pick up his PADD.

Summary: You have the severity of your injuries in a twist sending Leonard McCoy’s blood pressure through the roof

TW: injury descriptions and strong language 

ft. bestie Jim Kirk <333


Word Count: 1737

“Yes. No. I understand Mr Spock. Cuttings on your desk in 40 minutes. Got it.” You closed your comm and checked your watch. 

 You’d spent 16 hours Planetside and after a complication that had landed most crew in the MedBay, you agreed to help out botany to complete the mission report. Really you didn’t have a clue what you were doing but you concluded it couldn’t be that hard. 

 Cross referencing the plants in front of you to the list on your PADD, you picked up the plier looking utensil and began clipping the stems from the root. 

 “Maybe I should transfer to science.” You muttered to yourself after you’d successfully pressed the first few cuttings into their sample bags. 

Medical Override.

Summary: You are badly hurt on a mission but after a fight with Leonard you must decide whether you can face him or not.

TW: Injury mentions, strong language, blackouts.

A/N: yikes. that’s all.

Word Count: 2988

“You what?” Leonard shouted after you down the corridors of the enterprise.

“Len, please,” you said looking around trying not to attract attention from the others starting their shifts “This is my job.”

“This is a suicide mission!” He yelled grabbing your elbow, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Because I knew this would happen.” You said shaking free of his grip,

“You are no way near skilled enough for this!”

“Wow,” you said looking over your shoulder at him, anger at the pit of your stomach “Thank you so much. I really appreciate that, and I’m sure everyone who trained me will to.” You shook your head and scoffed,

“So what now? You leave and I’ll see you in the medbay if you ever make it back!” You could see the frustration growing into anger on his face.

“Calm down.” You said in a hushed voice “It’s just a mission. I’ll be back before you know it.”

“This is much more than just a mission Y/N and you know it.” He said imitating you, attracting the attention of many as you entered the main area of the ship.

Dr. Leonard McCoy x Reader: Cranium Conundrum

Word Count: 912

Notes: The Reader puts up a good fight down in Engineering. However, now McCoy has to help them.

Engineering was like a second home to you. And to be technically correct, it was. At least for the currently assigned five year mission. You absolutely loved your job and nearly everything that it entailed. There was always the added bonus that there was nearly never a dull moment with Chief Engineer Scotty around.

Presently, all you knew was that the Enterprise had picked up a being from a drifting ship and in doing so, was now in route to dropping them off on their planet a little ways away. Thankfully, it was in the same direction that the Enterprise was already headed.

Smiling to yourself, you had just finished checking the core in sync with Scotty who was up on the Bridge for the time being. Sometimes you took a moment to appreciate the technology of the time period. There were things that you could not help but still be amazed about.

Then, there was a noise. You spun around to see an unidentifiable person, one you could only assume was the visitor. However, as far as you knew, they had no permission or clearance to be in the Engineering room, much less to be touching something.

What disturbed you the most was how they showed no fear when you had spotted them. With a stern and determined look on their face, they came at you unbelievably fast. At least you had training, hand-to-hand combat training more specifically.

Star Trek TOS/AOS Masterlist


❄️ Seven Days Of Christmas Imagines

🌸 Fluff/Cute

🥀 Angst/Suggestive Themes (ex: loss of loved ones, gore, mental health issues, etc.)

🔥 Smut/Implied Smut

💐 Series/Multiple Parts

🍀 Both TOS/AOS (I will put the imagine down twice in each respective area)

🌻 Requested

👑 Fairytale AU

Bones McCoy (TOS)

🌸🥀 Dreams and Disasters: Taking place after the events of “The Empath”, the reader keeps on having nightmares about what happened. She can’t sleep and Bones does everything to make her better.

🥀 I Won’t Give You Up: Sybok decides to free Bones’ mind of pain, but in the end, it made it all worse.

💐🌸🔥🌻 All Over Again: McCoy doesn’t believe that he can find love again, well that and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong and he believes that he’s too old. After the Enterprise gets a new group of crewmen, he accidentally falls in love with a medical officer younger than him. 

🌸 Boys Need To Be Held Too: Bones is tired and had a rough day and he discreetly wants to be held.

🍀🥀 I’ll Be There: An emotion you’d thought would never surface again surfaces again and you need some support.

🍀🌸 Back Home: A peaceful evening at Bones’ childhood home.

🌸 Peach Kisses: A shore leave in Georgia with a sweet surprise

🌸💐🌻 Confetti Falling: A night at the Starfleet Ball leads you towards a certain southern doctor, but what happens when you return to the Enterprise and the doctor keeps on dropping hints? 

🍀🌸 If I Fell: You’re just listening to records as you wait for Bones.

❄️🌸 A Mistletoe Kiss: You, Bones, Christmas ball, and mistletoe

🌸🥀 Blue and Grey: You’re not in the best mindset but Bones eventually figures out and helps you in anyway you can

🌸🌻 County Pumpkin: Requested by @/groovyfluxie: Bones and the reader go to a costume party dressed up as a cowboy and his sweetheart.

🌸🌻🍀 Green With Envy: Requested by @paper-and-stardust: Could I have some jealous!Bones/reader? Like maybe they’re at a party somewhere and someone keeps hitting on them, bonus points if they weren’t together yet

Spock (TOS)

Are you OK: You patch up Spock’s wounds after a mission 

🌸🌻 Special Day: Spock and the reader on their 3rd anniversary date.

🌸🌻 Royalty: You and Spock dress up as Snow White and Prince Florian for a costume party on the Enterprise

🌸👑🌻 Snow White: You and Spock are transported to a strange planet where each region is centered by a different fairytale and the only way to get out is by living through that tale. So what happens when you get to be Snow White?

🌸🌻 Flower: Requested by @/groovyfluxie Hi!!! May I please request a Soulmate AU where TOS!Spock and Reader are reincarnated soulmates who have a matching soulmark (maybe like a red chrysanthemum with a red fate string tied on the stem)?

🌸🌻 Vulcan Dialect: Requested by @/the-named-anon: Would you mind doing a TOS!Spock x Reader soulmate au where your soulmate’s first words are tattooed on your wrist but the reader always has their’s covered because they’re self-conscious about it? Maybe it says something in Vulcan and people have teased the reader about it?

🌸🌻 Curiosity: Requested by @/praisethesharp: You get lost trying to find your parents on the Enterprise and you manage to run into a green man with pointy ears

🌸🌻 Hanukkah Night: Requested by @/groovyfluxie; Celebrating Hanukkah with Spock as a married couple

🌸🌻👑 Sleeping Beauty: Requested by @/groovy-lady; a Part 2 to my previous request (the planet that each region is a different fairy tale) but this time it’s the tale of Sleeping Beauty!

🍀🌸❄️🌻 Let It Snow: McSpirk spending the day in the snow and then cuddling afterwards

Bones McCoy (AOS)

🌸🔥 Kiss and Make Up: The reader is tired of Bones being overprotective of them, which causes an argument between the two

🌸 Moon: “You are my planet, I’m just a moon to you, your little star that lights up your heart. You are my Earth and all I see is you, just staring at you like this way.”

🌸🌻 Grumpy Doctor: AOS Bones being grumpy and having lots of cuddles with you.

🌸❄️ Carol of the Doctors: You try to get the ship into the holiday spirit so you drag Bones along to sing carols .

Spock (AOS)

🌸🥀 Go To Bed Angry: The reader gets angry at Spock for almost dying without thinking about her first (see Star Trek: Into Darkness)

🌸 Late Nights and Vulcan Kisses: Reader has a nightmare and Spock helps them go back to sleep.

🌸🥀 Yesterday: You try to comfort Spock after learning that his mom died.

i saw your requests are open um… could you maybe do a Bones X Reader fic, maybe comforting you after a nightmare that you have and cuddling you.

When ever you have time :)

hello! thanks for requesting, i hope you like this blurb :)

Safe With Me

leonard “bones” mccoy x reader
gender neutral pronouns
TW: nightmares
requested by @alaskasorchids

running. stumbling through the darkness. i t was coming after you, and while you had no idea what i t was you knew you didn’t want to see. so you kept running, your chest tight and breathes coming out unevenly. you ducked into the cover of some trees, only to appear in a completely empty and white room. there was no sound, you couldn’t even hear your own voice. and then you saw i t, dark tendrils of void seeping through the seams and reaching out for you. you couldn’t move, you couldn’t breath, and when you tried to scream nothing came out.

“Y/n, wake up, wake up love, it’s okay, I’m here, I’m here.”

Y/n’s eyes opened and they gasped for breath, the air filling their lungs. Their throat felt rough and scratchy- they must’ve actually been screaming- and Y/n could feel their body shaking. Their heart was racing, and tears started flowing from their eyes and they finally realized they were safe.

The whole time Leonard stay by Y/n’s side, doing a quick physical check to make sure his SO was okay. When he finished, he handed them a glass of water and a anti-anxiety pill that would help them relax. Gratefully Y/n took the water and medicine, focusing on the feeling of cool liquid going down their esophagus. When they were done, Leonard set aside the glass, then wrapped his arms around Y/n and pulled them down onto his chest. They eagerly obliged, knowing nothing made them feel safer than Leonard holding them close. He ran his hands through Y/n’s hair with one hand and rubbed their back with his other, two motions he knew calmed them.

Slowly, Y/n matched their breathing to Leonard’s; lying in his arms helped them remember that they were safe, and his strong, steady heartbeat was like a lullaby to their ears. As they watched their starlight nightlight cast a glow across the wall and ceiling, Y/n felt so grateful. Despite the intense nightmare, they had a good man who loved them so deeply. Holding Leonard closer, Y/n slowly drifted off to sleep, this time dreaming of the happy days with their beloved.

I love your writing sm ahhh. I hope you don’t mind but can I request something where the reader gets made fun of how they messed up something in engineering on accident and how Riker reacts to it? Also can Riker and the reader be dating ^^. Angsty but really really sweet in the end. Also never stop writing I love it so much <3

Hope you like it!

Your boyfriend Riker overhearing you being ‘teased’ over a mistake would include:

•the minute he was notified you’d been injured on shift the Commander sought Picard’s permission to leave the bridge and meet you in sickbay. And of course, he allowed it in an instant!

•Riker arrived just after you and held your hand as you cried- it was very very painful! You’d been working in Engineering and had notice how the panel you were working on was about to explode due to high pressure!

•it was a rookie mistake really. Anyone could’ve made it though…but at your rank on the Fleet’s flagship, it shouldn’t have happened.

•so along with the broken arm and bad chemical burns on your body causing you agony, you were crying out of frustration and embarrassment too.

•Will kept a hold of your uninjured hand, wiped your cheeks and kissed your forehead. Without him you would’ve surely panicked, but he kept you calms

•but Dr Crusher is a professional. Your arm is fixed and the burns are totally healed with no scarring within three hours, leaving you clear to return to duty for the last hour of your shift.

•when you decide to return to duty for the final hour Will walks you back to engineering. Geordi is relieved that you’re ok, and explains that he finished the work you’d been doing. Your embarrassment returned, but neither Geordi nor Will let you wallow in it. It could’ve happened to anyone, and they’re just glad you’re ok.

• but things take a turn for the worse as Will leaves. When he walks away he overhears your so called ‘friends’ saying things about the accident- about how it’s a rookie error, how they don’t think you deserve to be on Enterprise if you can’t even change or fix a panel without hearing killing your self.

•you try to ignore them. But their not so subtle whispers and cruel teasing hurt! And so you start to cry.

•the minute Will hears your sniffles he’s back like a shot! His hand finds your lower back and he pulls you into a hug, gently shushing you and keeping you close. He just sees red! They shouldn’t be saying things like that!

•Will becomes quite rude and tells them to “shut up!” At the shout from the First Officer the tittering does stop. They all gulp and turn to find you being held by Riker.

•and he lets rip! He starts to shout at them, so furious that you’ve been reduced to tears over an accident! Geordi comes running in too, and as he discovers the situation he’s angry as well. He orders the bullies straight to the bridge to face his wrath as well as Captain Picard’s.

•Riker signs both you and him off duty for the rest of the shift and takes you back to his quarters, he does his best to cheer you up. Naturally, it works.

Masterlist  Updated 09/08/22

I want Bones (AOS) standing up for you. Don't mind the context, I'll leave that up to you 😊

Of course, smashing idea. Hope you like it!

AOS Bones standing up for you would include:

•you’re new to the Enterprise, the brightest and most interesting addition to the crew. They’d selected you out of thousands of candidates that had applied for the role; you were straight out of the Academy, no experience in the stars yet…and yet, here you were on Enterprise.

•what none of the staff on the ship was expecting was that you would be quite so accident prone. Oh nothing major, just the odd cut, lots of bruises, the occasional broken finger that Bones could fix in the blink of an eye.

•you ended up garnering a little bit of a reputation for your clumsiness though- your work was beyond brilliant- yet all anyone ever talked about was your clumsiness.

•and that’s how you found yourself back in Medbay, for the third time in as many days…and this time it was the worst injury yet. A broken wrist, elbow and shoulder. And what had happened? You’d fallen down a ladder in the turbo lift shaft while repairing the broken down lift. But you had at least landed inside the lift you’d managed to fix, so you could head straight to Sickbay!

•so there you were crying on the bio bed from the pain of yet more injuries, not to mention the embarrassment and fear that you’d end up out on your ear for having so many accidents!

•and then your embarrassment and self-hatred got infinitely worse as a nurse came over and jabbed you with painkillers. She started telling you off, and saying how the ship would be a million times better off because you’re not worth the time and effort to fix up if you’re going to get injured every time you have a repair job to see to!

•you stayed silent and agreed, nodding your head. Perhaps she was right.

•little did you know that Bones had overheard everything. He stormed round the curtain and into your private bay, the nurse went ashen. And rightly so.

•you’d heard of the ferocious temper of Bones, as Captain Kirk had called him when he took you on a tour of the ship to welcome you, but you’d yet to see it. He’d always been incredibly kind and patient with you. But now you were witnessing his poker hot anger as he unleashed it towards the ‘incompetent, unreliable, pathetic excuse of a nurse, who has no shred of sympathy or kindness’ (Bones’s words). The nurse ran away in floods of tears and Bones just rolled his eyes, he’d deal formally with her gross misconduct later.

•but for now he turned to you and healed you as quickly as he could, and it didn’t take long. You were fine in no time…save for the embarrassment and self-pity.

•Bones smiled at you and patted your now perfectly fine hand. He spoke earnestly, reminding you of how you’d earned your place on Enterprise, of how everything was running much more smoothly since your arrival. Slowly you started to smile again and blush under his praise.

•when he was satisfied you were feeling better Bones let you leave, he waved you out of Medbay with a wink…he almost couldn’t wait for the next time you came in for him to fix you up.

Wake Me - William Riker X Reader

Word Count: 1200+

Summary: You try to hid away after a nightmare leave you shaken; William Riker won't let you suffer alone.

A/N: This is what happens when I have to come up with my own ideas.

William Riker x Reader


Last Updated: 17/04/2022

Will Riker - “I love you.”

Requested by @catherinedm ​:  Could you maybe please do something about Will Riker telling you(the reader insert) his fellow enterprise officer he’s been datuing for a while that he loves you for the first time? Word count: 445 Warnings/Notes: None that I can think of Tag list: @tngbabe , @dancingwith-thesunflowers , @sinschesters , @groovyfluxie - if you want to be added to or removed from a tag list, please let me know!

As you opened the door to your quarters, you turned to smile at Will. “I had a really fun time tonight.”

He smiled back at you. “I did, too.”

“Be sure to thank Geordi for me for letting us use his program,” you said.

Will dipped his head. “I’ll make sure to give it a five-star rating.”

You laughed lightly. “Do you want to stay for a bit?”

“I thought you’d never asked,” he said as he followed you into your quarters.

You and Will had been dating for a few months now. Deanna had initially set the two of you, claiming you were perfect for one another. Turns out she was right. The two of you had been nearly inseparable ever since your first date, and pretty much everyone on board knew you two were an item.

“Want something to drink?” you asked, heading for your replicator.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” he replied.

You replicated two glasses of your favourite drink and handed one to Will. “Cheers,” you said, clinking your glass against his.

He grinned as he took a sip. “Are you looking forward to the away mission next week?”

“Yeah, it should be fun,” you said. “So long as none of us catch any weird virus from the surface.”

Will chuckled. “If you do, I’ll make sure to nurse you back to health.”

The corners of your eyes wrinkled slightly as you smiled. “What do you know about nursing someone back to health?”

“Well,” he said, moving closer to you, “I know that lots of rest is required, and if you didn’t know, I’m a pretty great cuddler.”

“Believe me, I know.”

He smiled down at you and kissed your forehead. “And I’m a good chef, so I could make any meal your heart desired.”

“That sounds nice,” you murmured.

“And I can provide you with as much love and comfort as you needed.”

“You’re almost making me wish that I do contract some illness, just so you can pamper me afterwards,” you mused with a smirk.

Will laughed and you started to laugh wit him. At the sound of your laughter, his heart fluttered and he trailed off, watching you with admiration.

“What?” you asked, brow furrowing as he stared at you.

“Nothing,” he said. “I just… Y/N, I love you.”

Your eyes widened and you felt a blush creep to your cheeks. A wide smile pulled at your lips. “I love you, too.”

Will put his free hand on your waist and he gently pulled you closer to him until your bodies were touching. You tilted your chin up and smiled as you felt his lips press onto yours.

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Without You - William Riker x Reader

Rating: SFW

Word Count: 1300+

Summary: An injury leaves you confined to Medbay, and William Riker must face the night alone for the first time in a long while.

Author’s Note: Titling this was hard. Usually I just use a quote, but there is no dialogue here. It is sort of a mess, but more importantly it’s just angst. 

Requests: Open - Please suggest to me fluff or smut to write next this got too angsty for me.

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‘star trek: picard’ showrunner terry matalas tackling remake of 1980s sci-fi movie ‘enemy mine’ (exclusive).

The original movie starred Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr.

By Borys Kit

Senior Film Writer

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Enemy Mine Terry Matalas

Terry Matalas, the showrunner who steered the final season of Star Trek: Picard to new ratings and critical heights, has been tapped to write an update of the 1985 cult sci-fi movie Enemy Mine for 20 th Century Studios.

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Mine was the English-language debut of German filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen , who took over the project after 20th Century Fox fired original director Richard Loncraine during production. The imbroglio, which necessitated reshooting the film, ballooned the budget, with more woe coming when the movie crash landed at the box office.

Years later, however, the movie enjoyed a reappraisal, with many lauding its themes of tolerance and respect, earning it a cult following.

The original film was based on a novella by the sci-fi author Barry B. Longyear. The novella was originally published in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine in 1979. The story won the Nebula Award that year for best novella. It was followed by two sequels and eventually published as a trilogy titled The Enemy Papers .

No producer or director is currently on board.

Matalas earned his stripes in the sci-fi TV world, where he was the creator and showrunner of the 12 Monkeys TV series and exec producer and showrunner of season four of the rebooted  MacGyver  series.

However, it was his work on Picard that made studio heads into fans. First joining Picard as a writer in season two, Matalas became the showrunner for the third season, injecting a focused energy on a listless show  and making that final season one for the Star Trek books. Fans and audiences perked up – the show cracked the Nielsen streaming charts – as did critics, with Matalas earning a WGA nomination for his work.

And Picard also caught the eye of 20th Century Studios president and fellow Trekker Steve Asbell, who invited the multi-hyphenate into his portfolio. Mine now marks Matalas’ first film deal since the success of Picard . (Fun fact: Matalas, Feige and Asbell were on Trek podcast Inglorious Treksperts earlier this year together defending Star Trek III: The Search for Spock .)

He is repped by CAA and Anonymous Content.

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Tony awards: every best play winner since 1947.

  • ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Creator Mike McMahan On Making His “Dream Animated” Series: “Five Years Later, It Still Feels Like A Miracle”

By Ryan Fleming

Ryan Fleming

Crafts Editor, Awards

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  • ‘Palm Royale’, ‘The Crown’ & ‘The Gilded Age’ Costume Designers On Dressing For A Higher Social Standing

'Star Trek: Lower Decks'

Even though the end is on the horizon for Star Trek: Lower Decks , creator Mike McMahan says this experience has still felt like a miracle. When he came in with the idea for an animated Star Trek series, following the comedic adventures of lower-level officers, he was prepared to be shown the door. Instead, McMahan ended up creating an Emmy-nominated series for Paramount+ with a fifth, and final, season on the way.

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'Star Trek: Lower Decks'

DEADLINE: Where did the idea come from to have an animated  Star Trek  that can kind of make fun of itself?

DEADLINE: For season four, can you talk about exploring more of Mariner [Tawny Newsome]’s character arc, beginning with that promotion in the first episode?

MCMAHAN : When we’re planning this stuff out for character arcs, you don’t want the comedy to be affected. You don’t want the show to be affected. You don’t want it to feel like it isn’t the show, right? There’s a reason why the Simpsons stay the same age, because you’ve got a great format with the show that you want to still be telling jokes and stories in. Being able to do character arcs, seeing people grow and change season to season was something that was available to me that I really didn’t have access to before. If we were going to do serialized stuff before, it had to be very lightly serialized previously and not rely on you having seen everything.

But in this, there is the fun of getting to arc people out. In writing the character of Mariner and in seeing Tawny interpret her, there was a cool thing to get to do because the theme of the show is all about finding yourself in your 20s and the funny stuff that’s happening around then while you’re still figuring stuff out. Mariner was a star fleet officer who was great at her job, but was still dealing with stuff and figuring stuff out. And then we were finding a lower deck story to tell with her where she loved to rage against the machine, but slowly there was less and less of a machine to rage against. So, once you’re promoted and people aren’t feeding into your chaotic persona, if there’s nobody else to fight, you have to address the stuff that may have been motivating you to do fight the whole time.

Trying to do that in a way that felt honest, felt like  Star Trek  and was still fun and funny, was the best kind of problem to have as a writer. That was something that was really exciting to me. And then, leading into season five, you’ll see that Mariner’s come out the other side of a pretty heavy emotional arc for her in season four, but she’s still funny and she’s still herself. I think it really speaks a lot to how  Star Trek  can let characters do that and then it doesn’t make them less likable or less interesting, but actually enhances them moving forward.

DEADLINE: Speaking of Tawny, you have some incredible improvisors doing the voice acting. Are you ever able to use improvised dialogue, or is everything scripted?

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Julianne moore leads ‘lost leonardo’ series from ‘crazy stupid love’ duo & studiocanal.

star trek tumblr

White House Hits “Cheap Fake” Biden Videos That Parrot Trump Talking Points

Sweet emotion with 2nd-best u.s. toon bow ever at $155m; $295m global, filmla to raise permit fees next month, citing production slump & rising costs.

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star trek tumblr

@ star-trek101

Elliott Stardew Valley has eyelashes that NO man deserves and gazes at his friends and crushes alike like he's seconds away from kissing them, change my mind


I would like to fall to my knees and proclaim my adoration for @ask-farmer-mona who graciously offered to flat this completely impulsive monster of a comic for me....I would die for you

This literally actually came about bc i thought about Elliott wearing his coat on his shoulders like Howl 🤦🏾‍♀️ and also bc I've been wanting to give him a proper dreamboat wardrobe since he's trying to get to romance novel love interest but his only shopping options are a mouse with a hat shop and a local grocer...bless his heart

|| I do Commissions 🎨😉 ||

“Our Lady of New Frontiers, Nichelle Nichols”

My last painting of 2022, and I wanted it to be a painting carrying me into the new year, a tribute to an amazing and inspirational woman.

Star Trek has been a show I have watched since I was a wee one. I started with TNG as a child, but when I finally watched TOS in college, its impact was undeniable, both today and especially during the time it aired.

Although the famous speech says “final frontier”, Nichelle Nichols was a woman leading the way onto new frontiers, a beacon of hope, resilience and possibility. So that is what I wish to carry with me into the new year.

prints can be found through my site:

Star Trek (2009) dir. J.J. Abrams

“I don’t believe in no-win scenarios.”
Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013) dir. J.J. Abrams

Maintaining a New Life

Chapter 2: Evasion Tactics

previous | next

Read it on AO3 here

Kuroo Tetsurou x Fem!Reader

Rating: Teen and Up for Violence and Language

A/N: Hey guys! I know this chapter wasn’t as long but we’re getting to some good stuff here in the upcoming chapters. My life has been hectic as fuck (mostly just shit from job) but I’m really happy to be writing to take my mind off of everything. Hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!

Tooru and Hajime tense, the sound of a pen dropping the only thing that fills the room. You continue to stare at the paperwork, waiting for them to say something.

“What do you mean?” Hajime is the first to speak. His voice is quiet and unsure, but he wouldn’t let the silence drown them.

“I mean, they’re getting closer to the Agency, to us.” Straightening out a stack of papers, you slide them into a file folder, cleaning up your desk area. “The case from today involved a company that Washijo bought several years ago.” Tooru clenches his fists as you continue. “They were working on one of his experiments.” 

“Did the others find out?” Tooru interjects, you glance at him but look away to file some more paperwork.

“The others only know what the police know. None of the reports from those experiments mentioned the Port Mafia or Washijo’s name as per usual.” You slip the last few bits of paper into a pile before stretching out your arms above your head, shoulders and back popping loud enough for the two others to hear. “I just thought it was concerning that more and more mafia connections are making appearances in our line of work.”

“It makes sense, though. We are a detective agency and they make up almost 60% of Yokohama’s crimes.” Iwaizumi explains, folding his arms over his chest and biting his lip in contemplation.

“I understand that and I knew when I joined the agency that seeing them was unavoidable. I just wanted to tell you both that it’s been happening more, and that they’re making moves.” You stand up from your chair, grabbing your belongings and placing it back under the desk.

They all go quiet, either thinking of what to say next or simply wanting the conversation to be over. Tooru speaks, letting his thoughts out. “So do we just… ignore it?”

You begin to put on your coat which you had forgotten earlier, buttoning it as you speak. “What else can we do? You two are more safe in this scenario than I am. If I get recognized by any of them, it’s game over.” You don’t bother looking at them, knowing that Iwaizumi’s fists would be clenched and that Tooru’s lips were going to be pursued. Both of them are doing what you predicted, but Iwaizumi releases his tension first, instead tapping his foot on the ground in contemplation.

“I would suggest we just keep laying low.” He looks between his two friends, gauging your reactions before he speaks further. Tooru nods in agreement while looking at you who takes a second to make eye contact. You give him one small nod before he continues. “You probably shouldn’t take any more jobs that could relate to them in any way. Oikawa and I will cover for you in the meantime.”

Keep reading

hello! i love your blog sm that i decided to send a request! (๑>◡<๑) this idea has been in my head for so long, but what if the haikyuu boys started tearing up a bit because of how much they love you? the characters are up to you, but if you could include tsukishima that would be awesome! much love 💗💗


characters - timeskip !miya atsumu, miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, tsukishima kei, kuroo tetsurō
a/n - omg bye this request is literally so sweet, i am a puddle on the floor! i hope i did it justice bby <3

☾ ATSUMU sat next to you on the couch as he analysed the plays he’d made in the most recent game the team msby lost. feeling him tense at missed spikes and low sets before you sighed and finally turned to face him, his eyes locking onto yours as you cupped his cheeks, feeling him lean into the touch “ you can cry you know. ” and he does, miya atsumu breaks as he lays his soul bare to you in the living room of his apartment because loss was frustrating. but as you pulled him into your chest, your heartbeat seeming to slow the racing of his, it makes the trail his new tears blaze down his cheeks feel that much warmer, his head raising as his teary eyes meet your own “ a love ya so damn much. ” breaking the silence because he realises that even if he’d lost, the love he found in you always made him feel like he’d won.

☾ OSAMU sat on the floor of the empty restaurant as unopened boxes littered the space after a day of finally moving everything in, you sat inbetween his legs as your back pressed against his chest - humming the love song youd heard on the radio on the way here as he felt a warmth bloom in his chest at the sound despite how tired he was. swallowing a lump in his throat as he admired his future, smiling because nothing made these four walls feel just like they were supposed to like the sight of your figure in front of him. as his forehead comes to rest against your shoulder you don’t flinch when you feel your shirt dampen under him, feeling the tremble run through his arms as they wrap around you because he deserved this . lips moving gently against your skin as his words came out a raspy whisper “ thank ya, for believin’ in me. god a love ya. ” because whenever osamu had thought about the future he’d only hoped it would be just like this .

☾ IWAIZUMI blinked lazily as he turned the key in the lock of your shared apartment, feeling every hour of work through the ache in his muscles as he entered - a small smile on his face because he had always came home to you . his smile wavered slightly as he walked into the kitchen, seeing your figure sway to the quiet lull of his favourite song as you finished up dinner, the smell of agedashi tofu settling in the air as he smiled at the way his old high school jersey still looked like it was made for you. his hand moving to gently rest over your shoulder as he turned your figure to meet his, you softened at the way the sunset looked prettier in a canvas of olive. strong arms looping around your waist as he swayed clumsily alongside you, mumbling the lyrics into your hairline as he tried to blink away the tears in his eyes that accompanied the warmth in his chest, you pulled away as you heard him sniff - your hand coming to cup his cheek as you wiped a stray tear because solid, strong iwaizumi could finally just be hajime , because you always reminded him that you’d love him anyway.

☾ TSUKISHIMA sighed as he adjusted his glasses, his fingers coming to rub at his temple as he tried to ease his headache - he almost flinched as you pushed open the bedroom door, apologetic smile on your face as he softened when you handed him some water and a heat pad - your eyes gazing into his as he felt his fingers twitch as they longed to reach out for you, a warmth rising up his neck as you crouched to place the pad against his head, that same smile that always made his breath hitch appearing again except this time a little blurrier as he tried to focus on you, taking off his glasses as he tried to discreetly rub his eyes - blinking as they meet yours once again to only be met with love in place of any teasing he expected, your hand reaching out to intertwine with his as you squeezed gently because you knew, he’d never have any shame in taking it.

☾ KUROO hadn’t had high expectations of love, he was born from a family who he felt never believed in it. but as your head lay on his shoulder, your figure pressed against his on the couch while you both watched re-runs of old tv shows he can’t help but feel himself get choked up, because how else could he explain the beats his heart seems to skip whenever his eyes caught sight of you, chest tightening as you let out a gentle whine when he moves to pull you onto his chest instead, shifting slightly as he cups the back of your head before placing a gentle kiss to your hairline, hoping his soft breathing lulls you to sleep before you notice the tear that slips from his eyes as he whispers a raspy “ i love you kitten. ” - kuroo tetsurō cries because he’s relieved, because with you he realised that maybe love is for him.

BEHIND THE SCENES SERIES: Karl Urban & Zachary Quinto Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

how many rounds they can go

a/n : sometimes the lists shift bc it just depends on what they’re feeling that day :) anniversaries are automatically +1 round

1 ROUND… quality > quantity:

—suna, ushijima, goshiki, koganegawa, yahaba, kindaichi, kunimi, kenma, lev, sugawara, ennoshita

2 ROUNDS… they were down for just one but gave in when you said with cute, pleading eyes, “again?”:

—kita, daishou, shirabu, akaashi, konoha, futakuchi, mattsun, makki, kai, inuoka, asahi, hinata, yamaguchi

3 ROUNDS… third time’s the charm and the perfect number for railing you from above, below, and behind:

—hirugami, sakusa, semi, tendou, aone, oikawa, kuroo, yaku, daichi, nishinoya, tsukishima

4 ROUNDS… had to make sure they fucked you till you finally squirted, after all:

—osamu, hoshiumi, terushima, iwaizumi, yamamoto, tanaka

5+ ROUNDS… aka you won’t be getting sleep tonight:

—aran, atsumu, bokuto, kyoutani, keishin, kageyama

oh but if it’s your birthday it’s +3 rounds

MSBY (+ Osamu) firefighter AU where they posed for a firefighter calendar


♡ gn!reader x various hq characters

characters: kuroo tetsurou, kageyama tobio, atsumu miya

cw: angst, unrequited love, right person wrong time, falling out of love, relationships falling apart, timeskip!au

synopsis: there are a lot of words one could say to another. with you, however, he misses out on a lot of important ones

notes from mei !

i miss writing angst :(( so i wrote dis !! like the last hc ,,, it gets longer with each hc… im working on it swear

if tumblr does that thing where on mobile it unitalicizes itself,, i will sob my eyeballs out  

kuroo tetsurou

maybe, he thinks for a moment, this was for the better.

however, when he sees you with that guy he played against once in high school, he wishes that he selfishly intervened before it became… what he’s seeing in front of his eyes.

Starfleet Science/Medical’s version of the Kobayashi Maru is the Hypospray Maru. You’re left in a room containing just a random hypospray, told its use has the potential to stop someone’s suffering but it’s never been tried before, and if you inject it into yourself to see what it does, you’re officially crazy enough to lead a department.

I’m just picturing a timed test situation though where the cadets are supposed to deduce and delegate resources to figure out what’s in the hypospray.

Then Bones just rolls in, injects himself immediately, tests his own blood, and calls it a day.

To this day, he holds the record for fastest time completing the test.

#bones is the Jim Kirk of the medical world

That Fucking Tag oh my god

okay but for a true parallel Bones would have to be the first person to try that. like. can you imagine?

proctor: “W….why the fuck did you inject yourself?!”

doctor leonard horatio “bones” mccoy: “Well we were on a time limit and we wouldn’t know if it worked until it went to human trials, so…”

proctor: “And it didn’t occur to you to inform the rest of the group of your thought process? Maybe see if anyone had any other ideas or select a test subject?”

bones: “Nah they would’ve stopped me or wasted time discussing it. This was faster.”

proctor: “And if you died?!”

bones: “Eh, I could’ve fixed it in time. And I left notes, so. No biggie.”

Bones passes with flying colors and a therapy referral for either egoism or suicidal depression.

spock and kirk: constantly teasing each other and flirting

bones, just trying to get through this mission without dying: 

missed you | hinata shoyo, kuroo tetsurou, sakusa kiyoomi, & sugawara koushi x gender neutral! reader

💜 request: “any haikyuu boys with a s/o that misses them so much during corona that they cry when they finally see him”

💜 spoilers: time skip

STAR TREK BEYOND   2016, dir. Justin Lin

[ masterlist ]

taglist: @dorkyama
  • akaashi is the type of boy that gets away with everything because of his good looks and wits. 
  • you wouldn't have imagined that he was a fuckboy. i mean, honey, he looks like an angel 😔
  • anyways, you meet him in college. he's your seatmate in your literature class. 
  • one day, he asked you for an extra pen and you gave him just that. 
  • he makes an effort to make you talk everyday and even goes far to giving you gifts. 
  • he walks you to your next class and even pats your head when he says goodbye. 
  • he asks for your number and puts a little “❤️” at the end of your name. 
  • you're like, “ oh, maybe he actually likes me .”
  • he shows signs that he is genuinely interested in you. 
  • you feel appreciated and love. 
  • until, one day, he stops doing everything he does to make you feel loved.
  • he doesn't show up in class anymore, he doesn't text back, and whenever you'd call, it would go straight to voice mail. 
  • at first you're confused, maybe he's busy? you would try to convince yourself but it still stays within your mind everytime. 
  • as you walk with your friends to your next class, you spot him leaning against the wall. 
  • your heart flutters as you debate whether you should walk up to him or–
  • suddenly a girl appears in front of him. 
  • your 😃 becomes ☹️
  • akaashi smiles at her, the same smile that he would give to you, and walks with her to her next class. 
  • “(name)? what's wrong?” nishinoya asked, looking at the direction you were looking at. 
  • he was about to pounce on akaashi but you stopped him, shaking your head at your friend. 
  • “it's fine. it was bound to happen. should've listened to you when i had the chance.”
  • spoiler: it was not fine. 
  • akaashi went on with his fuckboy ways, bringing this new girl a bento every now and then. 
  • but then, he would always put your favorite dish in it – to which this girl was allergic to. 
  • “akaashi, you know i'm allergic to this.”
  • huh ? then who used to steal mine whenever i would bring her this ? he taps his feet. 
  • the bento is neatly wrapped again as he looks around for that certain girl. 
  • he's looking for you. 
  • you always had that gleam in your eyes that tugged his heartstrings. 
  • of course it was new to him. he hadn't felt that in a long time and he was afraid. 
  • he walks into class again, the one he has with you but he couldn't find you. 
  • it goes on for a week – no signs of you in the classroom nor in the halls. 
  • he was freaking the fuck out. 
  • he wanted to text you but that would make him look like an asshole for ghosting you and then coming back again. 
  • oh, who was he kidding? he is an asshole. 
  • highkey feels bad, lowkey feels like he's not going to see you again. 
  • as he walks into the campus, he spots your friend, nishinoya. 
  • he sprints towards him and taps his shoulder. nishinoya looks towards him and glares. 
  • yeah, he knows what's up. 
  • “where's (name)?” 
  • nishinoya clenched his hands into fists. 
  • this fucker had the audacity to ghost you and now he's– 
  • nishinoya smiles wickedly. 
  • 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
  • “(name)? ah, i heard she was transferring schools today.”
  • akaashi froze as nishinoya continued, “i think she's still at the train station as we speak but it'll be hard to catch u–” akaashi runs out of the campus. 
  • nishinoya laughs, running a hand through his hair. 
  • “i'm, like, the best wing man there is.”
  • akaashi runs towards the train station – walking pass the people walking in the opposite direction as him. 
  • his mind: fuckfuckfuck im not letting her go. not right now. fuckfuckfuck
  • he spots a familiar (hair-color) blur, passing in front of him and he stops. 
  • “(name)!” you flinched, looking back to see akaashi standing there. he's panting, sweat trickling down his forehead and neck. 
  • “a-akaashi?” 
  • “please don't go!” he grabs your wrist, blue-ish green eyes looking straight at yours. 
  • you blush furiously, looking around to see everyone looking at you. 
  • “but i need to–” he pulls you in a hug. 
  • “i don't want you to go.”
  • “i need to go, akaashi. how am i going to finish my project if i don't?” 
  • “project?” 
  • you explain to him that you were just picking up a groupmate from the station, they left some materials in their house and so you thought to pick them up while you bought snacks at the store. 
  • it's also the reason why you haven't showed up to class – your professor already permitted you to be absent from his class, granted that you take the test you missed after the project. 
  • akaashi: (///∇///)
  • also akaashi: (;へ:)
  • and also akaashi at noya: ( `_ゝ´)
  • you laugh softly, “what made you run here anyways?” 
  • “nishinoya told me you were transferring schools.”
  • nishinoya: 1 akaashi: 0
  • you smile widely, patting his shoulder, “i mean, it's kinda your fault for believing that devil.”
  • point taken. 
  • after that, he continues on walking with you and bringing you gifts – this time only with you. 
  • he apologized to the other girls, only because you told him too. 
  • and here he was now, sitting in your apartment as you do an assignment. 
  • “ow.” you pout as you cut your finger on the paper. he laughs, “big baby.” 
  • you stick your tongue out at him and walk towards the bathroom to get a first aid kit. 
  • meanwhile, he grabs his phone and emails the teachers why they should just use tablets instead of papers. 
  • reason one: it made you bleed .
  • when you come back, he wraps his arms around you and lets you sit on his lap while you do the assignment. 
  • “(name),” he calls out. 
  • “do you wanna be my girlfriend?” 
  • you look at him and he nervously smiles at you. 
  • “ yes ! i mean, yes. it's cool. totally cool. i'm not freaking out. do i look like i'm freaking out?” 
  • he kisses your nose, “you look adorable.”
  • your heart? flying out of your chest. 

kita shinsuke is the dude that your mom meets out in the open and later when she comes home she tells you to marry a guy like him or marry him and u stare at her like ??? who the fuck is kita shinsuke


kageyama | kita | suna | tendou

  • oh everyone already knows
  • him and his brother are notorious for their reputation of being the school resident pretty boys
  • it was inevitable
  • he had the looks and everything else u dont have
  • and not to mention he’s a jock or a volleyball player lmao
  • bonus points: he can cook
  • so its safe to assume he knows how to win any woman’s heart
  • or the entire school population
  • like he got everyone by the palm of his hand
  • in all seriousness he did this whole fuckboy act as big joke
  • cs he wanted to mock his brother for doing this shit so seriously like its his job to be a fuckboy
  • osamu : are you doing this to pay rent?
  • atsumu : wha? what rent? we live with our parents??????
  • he even wonders why atsumu wont give the same energy to his studies and shit
  • “why don’t you have the same energy when doing your school works ‘tsumu?” he casually brings up as he was doing his homework unlike his brother who’s busy texting 5 different people at the same time
  • “fuck off ‘samu” his brother grumbles from his bunk (bottom bunk)
  • and now he’s stuck with all these little to no good people just wanting to fuck him for practically nothing  
  • so he gotta keep this act of being suave and shit but if you looked more closer in his eyes,,,, 
  • hes showing signs that he wants to fucking die 
  • literally and figuratively 
  • like he just wants to eat his food and go
  • without being mobbed by people
  • occasionally he’ll see someone cute and pretty and thats it
  • but a fuckboy gotta do what they gotta do yk??
  • by that i mean take them out on small dates
  • cs he doesnt see the point in fucking them
  • and like i said before, he doesn’t even take his reputation seriously lol
  • so in all fairness, he’d just take that “fling” out on dates and shit 
  • and then he lets the fling do its thing by falling for him 
  • and BAM!! he’s done w you
  • “next fling please” he laughs to himself, as if his flings are just some receipt you get from eating at a restaurant 
  • but all the fuckboy-ery of his ended when he began to take notice of you
  • like he noticed your lunch box had different fillings everyday
  • making his mouth water out of envy
  • like how??? do??? you?? make?? those?? weird??? looking?? shrimp?? look?? so?? appetizing????
  • obviously you knew about the miya twins’ reputation
  • you must be living under a rock if you didnt know who they were
  • but you being you, u just focused on making your lunch tasting good instead of drooling over those mediocre lookin dudes if you say so yourself
  • what you didn’t know is that you caught no other than miya osamu’s attention
  • one day osamu casually slid in your table looking at you with wide eyes
  • “hey” osamu greets politely
  • “at least this twin has manners” you thought to yourself as you stared right back at him in confusion
  • “did you need something from me?” you raised a brow at the grey haired boy
  • osamu shakes his head and points to your bento box of the day
  • “those look good. i want to try some” he says boldly, mouth watering staring at the golden brown tempura 
  • “sure” you pushed your bento box near him and he started eating
  • and boi i think he just fell in love with you on the spot
  • “A GIRL WHO CAN COOK?????” was basically the thought that was running in his head the entire time
  • so after that amazing lunch he had with you, he knew he had to get your contact so y’all can text each other abt recipes and what not
  • “hey this shit was amazing and i want to get your number so you can text me what your lunch is for the day so i can come up with something that could counter yours if thats okay?” osamu asked with his mouth full
  • “hey don’t talk with your mouth is full” you scold him playfully, grabbing your hanky and wiping those stray rice on the corner of his lips
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • so a few days pass by and y’all were just non stop texting each other food related shit
  • “hey wyd” - u
  •  “cooking onigiris, hbu?” - osamu
  • “OOH SHOW ME” - u
  • and y’all be having a blast doe cs osamu was actually rlly funny?? 
  • like his dry humor was top notch and made you choke in front of him too many times for him to count
  • and osamu was just dreamily staring at you while you almost die right in front of him like: mhmmmm thats my girl
  • MY GIRL??????
  • yeah so at this point osamu got the hots for u bae 
  • like u’re all he thinks about
  • with the exception of food of course
  • i mean how could he not??
  • you can cook, you look pretty, you take his sarcasm to the next level and reply with something even more sarcastic?? all in one
  • and he was trying to think of a way to ask you out on a date but only one thing came to mind 
  • and that was to take a italian cuisine cooking class
  • “oh yeah before i forget, i booked us to this italian cooking class i saw on the way home yesterday” 
  • and your eyes sparkles cs you absolutely love learning new recipes 
  • “omg??? i’m so excited!!” you giggled, feeling giddy
  • and osamu again,, just smiles dreamily staring at you 
  • but that had to be ruined by the school bell ringing meaning lunch was over :(((
  • “have to go now ‘samu. i’ll see you around” you waved goodbye to him as you rush to your next class
  • so the day finally comes
  • he picks you up at your house just like planned and before you know it you’ve arrived at the italian cooking class 
  • so it starts kinda slow like learning the basics and shit
  • and finally the good part, the part y’all make pasta
  • you two were having a blast on this lil class
  • like osamu making pasta puns here and there as you knead the dough
  • and thats where you start noticing how,,, c*te osamu is like,, was he always this playful?? 
  • “hey y/n?” osamu calls out
  • “yeah?” you turned your head to face him
  • “i’m feeling a little saucy” he wiggles his eyebrows making you burst out laughing
  • “You are tortellini awesome, ‘samu” you managed to hiccup in between laughs
  • making osamu smile so widely to the point his cheeks hurt
  • “This is pastably the worst pasta pun i’ve ever heard!” osamu points out
  • at this point you two were hysterical 
  • it was just too… punny ;) 
  • “I’m so gnocchi to have you” osamu suddenly quips up
  • “how so?” you smiled, while stirring the pot
  • “You are tortellini beautiful” he compliments, stroking a finger on your cheek making you blush intently
  • “how ramentic” you coo, giving him a kiss on the cheek
  • “Holy Cannelloni!“ osamu gasps, cupping the cheek you kissed
  • “i’m guessing this whole class was just a date to ask me out?” you chuckled, fixing up your dish
  • now it was osamu’s turn to blush
  • “That is tortellini accurate.“ 

[ masterlist ] ♡ kinda sad that this one is my last one :(( it's been amazing doing this collab and super fun! <33

taglist : @dorkyama
  • semi is the type of person who's straightforward, but at the same time, he isn't. 
  • you've known him since the both of you were little and you knew all his little ways. 
  • if he's interested in someone, he'd either make a move or wait until that person moves first. 
  • you watched as girls would fall for his tricks and when he got bored, he'd simply dump them. 
  • you've always been friends with him, so every time you hear that he broke another girl's heart, you always scold him. 
  • does he listen? barely. he lets it slip through his other ear. 
  • the day started out like any other day, you went to school early and went straight to your classroom. 
  • tendou was already there by the time you stepped in and so you greeted him with a smile. 
  • “good morning! tendou–” 
  • “(NAME)!” semi's distressed voice floated throughout the classroom as he sprinted next to you. 
  • he grabs your shoulders, making you look at him. 
  • he's panting, sweat trickling down on the sides of his face as a tensed expression was painted across his face.
  • you blink at him, tilting your head to the side, “semi? what's wro–” 
  • “please pretend to be my girlfriend !” 
  • you blinked again. tendou just glanced at semi before smirking to himself. 
  • “ eh !? why would i–” 
  • “semi-kun!” a high pitched voice from outside interrupted you, making semi grip your shoulders. 
  • please , was written across his face and you sighed.
  • he smiled and looked at the door, just in time for the girl to come inside.
  • “semi? why are you with (name)-senpai?” 
  • “ she's my girlfriend. why wouldn't i be ?” 
  • by lunchtime, you sit across him as he's got his head bowed down. 
  • reon and ushijima sit beside you, eating the contents within their lunch trays, peacefully waiting for semi's explanation. 
  • “listen, it was the only thing i could come up.”
  • tendou poked semi's head with his fork, smirking at him, “oh? are you sure it isn't because of–” 
  • semi glares at tendou, making the red-haired male laugh. 
  • you sigh, rubbing your forehead, “it is what it is now, semi. how long are we going to keep this up?” 
  • “until they stop swarming me?” 
  • tendou hummed, “so, like, forever?” 
  • the first few days were okay, before all of this happened, semi was already trailing behind wherever you would go. 
  • it's just different now. 
  • now, he holds your hand, carries your bag, and kisses your forehead. 
  • he also calls you after he has walked you to your dorm. he says he has to make sure that none of the girls had killed you yet. 
  • he brings you cartons of milk every break and lunch time – a simple gesture that you've grown fond of. 
  • he also uses his cheesy pickup lines at you. 
  • “oi, (name). are you religious?” he asked as you walk besides him. 
  • “' cause you're the answer to all my prayers .” 
  • SKSJAJAJS also, your personal favorite: “that's funny. you look like a cab.”
  • you blinked at him, tilting your head to the side. 
  • “ because you should take me home then .”
  • it doesn't end there. no, honey, he sends you random texts at 3 am. just random ass texts about anything. 
  • semi is attached to you like glue and there was no denying it. 
  • yet, as the weeks flew by, your feelings for him made you fall deeper. 
  • it's not true , you'd tell yourself as you look at his picture within your phone. he's not your boyfriend, he'll never be .
  • he was gorgeous – the prettiest boy you've ever seen and you couldn't blame him for having so many girls running towards him. 
  • you sigh, placing your phone down before looking out of the window. 
  • meanwhile, semi was looking out through the window as well. 
  • the morning rolled by and semi walked towards your dorm. by the time he's by your door, you come out. 
  • his heart races. 
  • you're wearing his jacket. the one he uses for their matches. 
  • you look beautiful in it.
  • “oh? morning, semi!” 
  • he blushed, looking up, “good morning.” he was looking away to hide the evident redness of his cheeks. 
  • you smiled at him, “are you here to tell me the deal's over?” 
  • you admit that hurt your feelings, but a deal's a deal. 
  • semi is a guy with great potential and he should be out there with someone better. 
  • semi looked back at you, “about that, uh .” why was he so afraid to tell you how he felt? 
  • was it because you were way out of his league? 
  • “(name),” he let out a deep breath. 
  • he grabbed your hands, making you look up at him with a blush across your face. 
  • “i- i like you!” 
  • now, three years later, you lay above him as he runs his slender fingers through your hair.
  • “semi,” you look up at him. 
  • “did you ask me to be your fake girlfriend cause you were afraid to actually ask me out?” 
  • he blushed. 
  • “what? no! of course no! who- who would do that?” he replied, a nervous laugh following after. 
  • you smirked, “ tendou may have or may have not told me last night .”

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Cyndi Lauper Announces 2024 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour: See the Dates

The North American trek, her first major run in a decade, begins in October.

By Mitchell Peters

Mitchell Peters

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Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper is saying goodbye to the road.

Cyndi Lauper Biopic ‘Let the Canary Sing’ Gets Paramount+ Debut Date: Watch…

On Monday (June 3), the veteran pop star announced her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour , a 23-city North American trek that marks the singer’s first major run in more than a decade.

The Live Nation-produced jaunt is scheduled to launch Oct. 18 at the Bell Centre in Montreal and wrap Dec. 5 at the United Center in Chicago. The tour will also visit major such major cities as New York, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta and Houston. See the full list of dates below.

Special guests on the trek will be revealed at a later date.

Trending on Billboard

Lauper’s farewell tour announcement arrives alongside the release of her upcoming biopic , Let the Canary Sing , which debuts June 4 on Paramount+. The feature-length film, directed by Emmy-winning documentarian Alison Ellwood ( Laurel Canyon ), premiered at last year’s Tribeca Festival in New York.

Legacy Recordings will release a career-spanning companion album that takes listeners from the singer’s early days in the group Blue Angel (“I’m Gonna Be Strong”) through the global breakout success of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and other iconic hits such as “True Colors,” “I Drove All Night,” “Money Changes Everything,” “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough,” “She Bop,” “All Through the Night” and more.

See the dates to Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour below.

Oct. 18 : Montreal (Bell Centre) Oct. 20 : Toronto (Scotiabank Arena) Oct. 24 : Detroit (Fox Theatre) Oct. 26 : Boston (MGM Music Hall at Fenway) Oct. 27 : Washington, D.C. (Capital One Arena) Oct. 30 : New York (Madison Square Garden) Nov. 1 : Nashville (Bridgestone Arena) Nov. 3 : Columbus, Ohio (Schottenstein Center) Nov. 6 : Tampa, Fla. (Amalie Arena) Nov. 8 : Hollywood, Fla. (Hard Rock Hollywood) Nov. 10 : Atlanta (State Farm Arena) Nov. 12 : Dallas (American Airlines Center) Nov. 14 : Austin, Texas (Moody Center) Nov. 16 : Houston (Toyota Center) Nov. 19 : Phoenix (Footprint Center) Nov. 20 : San Diego (Viejas Arena) Nov. 23 : Los Angeles (Intuit Dome) Nov. 24 : Palm Desert, Calif. (Acrisure Arena) Nov. 26 : San Francisco (Chase Center) Nov. 30 : Portland, Ore. (Moda Center) Dec. 1 : Seattle (Climate Pledge Arena) Dec. 4 : Minneapolis (Target Center) Dec. 5 : Chicago (United Center)

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