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From the start, Slipknot has carved out its own unique space in the world of metal, taking things to a whole new level.

Slipknot was formed in 1995 by local Des Moines musicians Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray. The pair brought on other local musicians and started to experiment with their sound.

After self-financing the band’s debut album, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat., in 1996 and failing to pick up any major attention, Slipknot changed musical direction, adding melodic vocals to their music. The band also went through many lineup changes before settling on the core nine members of the group: Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor.

This new musical style and the band’s strong set of members attracted the attention of Roadrunner Records. which signed the band for a seven-album deal. The band’s first album on the label, Slipknot, was released in 1999 and did favorably on the U.S. album charts for a first album. Nonetheless, the album went on to eventually be certified platinum after the band’s extensive touring schedule picked up hordes of fans between 1999 and 2000.

This large fan base proved vital with the release of the band’s second album, Iowa, in 2001, which shot to number one in the UK album charts and hit number three in the U.S.

Slipknot’s popularity and mainstream success have earned the band recognition from multiple awarding bodies such as the Kerrang! Awards and even the Grammy Awards after the band’s 2005 single “Before I Forget” from its album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) won them an award for Best Metal Performance.

Inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin, the band has put its own chaotic stamp on the genre of nu metal. Slipknot is a band that is prepared to constantly experiment and evolve, and its fans love them because of this.

With a recently released album — The End, So Far — Slipknot is taking to the stage in a global tour, continuing to deliver a show unlike any other. For Slipknot maggots, there has never been a better time than now to find a nearby concert.

Live reviews

Origionally written for

Since I hadn’t seen them since Vol. 3, there is a lot of material I have never caught live yet. As I said, I like every Slipknot album. (Probably every Slipknot song if you don’t count demos and remixes). Unfortunately, they didn’t play anything off of ‘Gray Chapter this time, which I was a bit gutted by. I really like that album and would have loved to see something like ‘Custer,’ ‘AOV’ or ‘Sarcastrophe’ live. ‘Custer’ especially. From the first time I heard it I said to myself ”that is a song that will be in their setlists forevermore.” They also only played one song from All Hope Is Gone. I guess that’s reason enough to try see them a few more times, as I really want to catch more songs I haven’t heard live before. I’m keen to hear it all.

But given how great the new album is, I was most keen to see material from We Are Not Your Kind live. I was thinking about how much I wanted it on such a regular basis since end of the week that the album was released and it had all started to click with me. Turns out I was in luck, because if you count the 2018 stand-alone single ‘All Out Life’ which technically isn’t on the album (but which features the lyric ‘we are not your kind’ repeatedly chanted and I always mentally count as being part of that album, and have attached to the album in my itunes and on my phone and just pretend it is on the album anyway), then they played 5 new songs. Aforementioned ‘All Out Life.’ Big single ‘Unsainted,’ which opened the show. The dark, weird, almost formless album closer ‘Solway Firth.’ The groovy ‘Birth Of The Cruel’ and the stompy new single ‘Nero Forte.’ It was great to see this much new material live. It shows you how much confidence the band must have in the new album, and given the audience reaction, this confidence was well placed.

Not counting intros and outros over the speakers, there were 17 tracks. 6 of which I had never seen live before. Pretty great value. No wonder they didn’t have room for much material off All Hope’ or ‘Gray Chapter. The rest of the set featured the big singles from Vol 3; ‘Duality,’ ‘Before I Forget’ and ‘Vermillion’ as well as many classic concert favourites from the debut like ‘(Sic),’ ‘Surfacing’ and ‘Eyeless’ and topped off with a few of the heavier numbers from Iowa, like ‘Disasterpiece’ and ‘People=Shit.’

Slipknot are pretty great at mixing up sets, and not just playing the same thing every tour, swapping in a surprise or two, and dropping a few expected tunes now and again for a deep cut. The (sort of) surprises in the set were first album bonus-track ‘Eeyore’ and Iowa deepish-cut ‘New Abortion’ although I have seen both live before and both have been on official live releases so not super surprising if you want to be pedantic, but I was satisfied. In terms of dropping an expected tune, this time they dropped ‘Spit It Out’ which is almost unfathomable, as therefore they didn’t do the ‘’Jump The Fuck Up’’ moment, (where they make the whole crowd crouch for a few minutes then jump up in unison) but I’ve had that three times and on all their live albums too, so I was glad to lose it if it meant more time for new songs.

In terms of stage show, it was the biggest and best I’d ever seen them. There were videoscreens all over the place (even on the drums). There was pyro and steam. There were fireworks. There was a Nikki Sixx style bass guitar flamethrower like on Motley Crue’s The End DVD. There were treadmills which the more expendable members like the DJ, Sid, would go and play about on when not needed musically. He did the moonwalk on a treadmill at one point. Their setlist didn’t feature many turn-table focused songs this time so I guess he’s got to do something. Clown got a flaming baseball bat out for the keg smashes on ‘Duality.’

Performance and sound wise, it was really good. That’s not always a given. As much as love this band, they aren’t what I’d call consistent. Some bands are just perfect every single time (Hatebreed spring to mind). Slipknot are not one of those bands. I mean, when you have 9 members, complex awkward songs with atypical structures, and a singer inside a mask running around, its hard to get everything sounding perfect…

If you look across all of Slipknot’s official and unofficial live releases, you’ll notice they have been really hit and miss over the years in terms of both vocals and audio mix. Even on just their Voliminal DVD, which features footage from a few different shows, the live stuff goes from amazing to quite poor. The 9.0 live album which I mentioned earlier features material from across a whole tour, and that album has quite poor live vocals and subpar sound mixes. Conversely though the Disasterpeices and (Sic)nesses DVDs have superb live vocals and mixes and are absolutely must-own. The pro shot live stuff from various festivals on the first two album cycles is really mixed also. I remember MTV2 used to have footage of the band on the Iowa cycle in Germany, where Corey’s vocals were really muffled and the kick drums overpowered all the guitars. When I first got into them, on the debut album cycle, the only live stuff available was bootlegs, and they were always pretty rough. You could get pirate CDs from shows like their first time in London or from dates on the US Ozzfest, but you could tell from the CD that Corey was running around, bouncing and going crazy so much, that the vocals would suffer. Even my own live experiences of the band were mixed. When I saw them live myself in Belfast the mix and vocals were brilliant and its still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. When I saw them headlining on the Vol. 3 cycle, the vocals were poor (he has discussed in interviews over the years that he was drinking heavily in that period) but the mix was great. When I saw them supporting Metallica on that same album cycle, the mix was poor but the vocals were good. As I said, its not a given.

I guess there’s a lot of variables for the soundmen to get right and lots of chances to get it wrong. Depending on how much running and bouncing singer Corey Taylor does, and how his mask affects the microphones, there’s a big gap between his best and his worst shows.

However, tonight it was great. It was pretty close to a perfect show. I mean, if I had to pick pedantic holes in it then I guess the guitar-intro to ‘Surfacing’ sounded a bit weird, and the vocals on the chorus to ‘Nero Forte’ were a bit thin, but otherwise it was magnificent.

The sound mix was perfectly balanced. Even the additional percussion was actually audible and you could tell why they have three drummers. The bass was thick. The guitars were clear and didn’t go muddy. The drum kit was powerful and you could pick every element out individually. The vocals were just right. I couldn’t have asked for a better mix.

The band were energetic and enthusiastic and played like a band on the rise. Drums were absolutely battered. Riffs were practically thrown into the crowd. I guess buoyed by the success of the new album, they are revitalised and fired-up. This was definitely the 2nd-best I ever seen them live; sceond only to that very first time I saw them, back in Belfast in 2002, which boasted many more songs from my favourite album, Iowa, in the set, and featured the classic line-up when they were still mysterious and I was wide-eyed and young. (And to be fair, my memory of that could in fact be a little clouded in a rose-tinted teenage nostalgia).

I always regretted not seeing them live on the last two album cycles, but I would have been heartbroken to miss them this time. Thank goodness for the weird phone/website discrepancy! This was awesome. One of the bands that have meant the most to me in my whole life, playing brilliantly, with a great setlist and sounding great. This is going to be a show I remember for a long time.

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james-neeson’s profile image

While still buzzed with energy from Carolina Rebellion 2015 I was on my songkick, browsing the next shows for some of the artists. I tapped on the image for Slipknot and began scrolling their tour dates. I litterally jumped to my feet when I saw they were coming to Virginia Beach. I knew I wasn't missing that show. I tapped on the link to get tickets and a short, very excited while later I was the proud owner of 2 pit tickets for my daughter and me. The songkick and live nation apps made it so easy to get tickets.

On the day of the show our energy was off the Richter. The other bands that played were perfect for priming the crowd for one of the best performances I've ever seen. We stood just a foot from the baracade and the energy was physically palpable as we waited while the stage hands made quick work of converting a simple stage into a formidable backdrop equivalent to the stuff nightmares are made of.

The buzzing started and the crowd roared and the logo encrusted curtain opened. One by one they appeared and carried us all away, into their world. We embarked on an ear bleeding, mind blowing, perfectly performed chaotic journey that could rival a Rob Zombie movie. It wasn't just a show, it was an adventure full of flashing lights, flames so big we could feel the heat, and Slipknot hypnotizing our minds and our bodies with their dark, poetic, brain melting music. Riffs and lyrics not just entering our ear drums but leeching into every fiber of our human form, putting us all into a head banging trance as only slipknot is capable of doing.

By the end of the night our voices were gone from singing along, our ears buzzing with the echo of what we just witnessed. And our minds, we'll they will never be the same again. Will I go see another Slipknot show, absolutely every chance I get and I will be in the pit for every one of them. It was the most epic night of my life. Thank you, Slipknot, for one hell of an adventure. Let's do it again sometime, real soon.

tracy-mouton’s profile image

Slipknot's reputation is legendary. This cult classic band has developed a huge following and is one of the most successful metal and hard rock bands in history.

Slipknot's live show is an incredible experience. Frontman Corey Taylor is so energetic and gets the audience basically eating out of the palm of his hand. The rest of the band are like an intense ball of anger and energy.

The band often opens up with their best seller, "Duality", a high energy, fast paced nu metal track that crushes the audience, especially those of us in the epic mosh pit.

In that moment, you get absorbed: Slipknot are chugging away with their roaring vocals wailing and wailing on, striking every nerve in my body and making me want to thrash and scream the lyrics along with all of my passion.

Seeing this band live and in person is an incredible experience, and I seriously recommend every metal fan to go see them whenever they are given a chance. They are incredible. Their presence is phenomenal and their loud, abrasive sound is so clear and powerful.

Slipknot have always had a distinct style and it is heavy and far above other bands in the genre. The singer, Corey Taylor, has a lot of drive, and ambition, and the band is very creative. I truly cannot recommend this band enough.

This was a really, amazing concert, Slipknot is one of the best live bands in the world in my opinion. They're an energetic band and they know how to bring the noise. The guys in the band are really nice to the fans. I hung around near the tours buses after the show and met Mick and Jay, who were more than willing to come say 'hello' and sign things. Really great guys.

The show itself was perfect, but I do need to warn you if you wanna be in the pit, you gotta be careful and stay safe. The crowd does get really rowdy and people will shove. Careful with the crowd surfers too, try to avoid getting kicked in the face. Other than that, everyone in the crowd was really kind and will help you out if there's a lot of pushing.

This was my first Slipknot concert and my fourth concert I've been to. This band really did make quite an impression, and from everyone that's seen them live before, they aren't lying at how incredible these guys are. Chris was very active the entire show and so was Corey, despite his broken neck. The guys will recognize you if you call their name or something, Mick and Jim did wave and point at my friends and I.

I really urge you to see Slipknot live if your considering it. I promise you won't regret it.

leilei0’s profile image

A giant curtain concealed the stage for a half hour as the men in masks built their carnival of horror, so it wasn’t until 9:30pm when Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With the Devil” predicted the start of the show. Still in secretive mode, “XIX” was piped over the PA before any member of the band was shown. As the anticipation became something you could feel in the air, I wondered if Slipknot would deliver. I always have a hard time enjoying bands that I’ve never really listened to, so I couldn’t help but doubt that some nu metal band from Iowa would entertain me more than Lamb of God. But as the curtain split in half, to reveal an 8-piece band surrounded by a river of fire, I realized that Slipknot were in another league when it came to stage presence. The multi-level setup reminded me of King Diamond’s latest tour, but with a trio of percussionists (two of whom were beating kegs from spinning platforms), more pyrotechnics than I’ve ever seen at Red Rocks, a giant horned mask and funhouse mirror, it was the metal concert equivalent of Cirque du Soleil.

- See more at:

kmartini’s profile image

As usual...SLIPKNOT shows why they are one of the biggest headlining acts in metal today...In metal history...The set list was a perfect blend touching on every one of their albums...Lamb Of God was also phenomenal as always...I missed the first 2 bands but I'm glad I didn't have to spend one minute more than I had to at that god awful venue...$60 ticket and what a terrible setup...It's almost a mile walk from anywhere you park to the door...And the staff??? WOW!!! Slower than any trip to the DMV and even worse attitude...If you're gonna charge me $13 for a beer that costs $1.29 at the store LEARN HOW TO POUR!!! The merch booth staff were on point though...However...I'll never attend ANY show at this horrible venue as long as I live...Had that not been 2 of the best bands on this planet I would've had a lot worse to say...

MikeyMurder’s profile image

Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!Absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible!!!

milducci’s profile image

First Niagara Pavillion is ill equipped to provide concert goers with a topnotch music experience. Halfway through Marilyn Manson's set the power went out and we sat in the dark for 2 hours waiting for the show to resume. Meanwhile, we stood, drenched with rain, watching drunken fools slide down the hill on mudslides and throw mudballs at everyone. Finally, they announced the show was cancelled due to lack of power, and the mud-sliders started chanting "F*ck You", kicking over garbage cans and breaking things. The worst concert of my life, and it had zero to do with any of the live acts. Actually, what I saw of Of Mice & Men, which I wasn't really familiar with, was pretty good. I've never really cared for Manson, but the show before the power went out was pretty good.

Unzonked’s profile image

Slipknot were amazing, first time seeing them live. However... the sound system was dire, we really had to shift forward to hear what was going on. We could only hear the bassline and some drums. Couldn’t hear guitars or vocals clear. My videos picked the sound up a little, but you can hear everyone talking it was that quiet. Only reason I say this is that I saw Korn play with Limp Bizkit at this same venue (Arena Birmingham) in 2016... and Ray Luziers drums standing at the back of the venue near where you walk in, his snares and kicks hit you in the chest like thunder, and you could hear the clarity of the vocals, guitars, bass, everything. This time around for Slipknot unfortunately the sound just wasn’t on par which is a shame

ashley-barrett-6’s profile image

I've seen Slipknot quite a few times now, and they ALLWAYS deliver a remarkable show, with proper energy, musical quality in their performance, and almost theatrical charismatics that keeps blowing me away.

The Telenor Arena's sound ALMOST ruined the experience, as it just can't handle this sort of scale audience, the whole audio-experience seems dull and horribly low quality if you move anywhere towards the middle of the crowd or backwards in the standing section of the audience.

First part of slipknot and All of behemoth was simply drowned out, and they somehow managed to turn the sound up a notch throughout the show.. but I won't be going back there, unless they either lower the prices or upp their sound-quality.

karriihh’s profile image

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