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  • Mr.Gao a 10-Bungalow Beachfront Resort

KO PHAYAM       AOW KAO KWAI a.k.a  northern BUFFALO BAY

mr trip phayam

One - bedroom Bungalow for two

Fan. Ensuite shower and toilet.

Two - bedroom Bungalow for four

Fan. Each bedroom with ensuite shower and toilet. The rooms are connected to eachother by a roofed balcony.

mr trip phayam

  Fan. Ensuite hot shower and toilet.

mr trip phayam

Double bed with two seperated mattresses.

Square mosquito net.

A cot / bed for a baby / child is not available.

Nightly rates 800 to 2000 baht.

Special rates, depending on date, may apply.

These bungalows are open all year.

mr trip phayam

  Sand between toes. Free use of deck chairs and kayaks.

You can go for a swim even when the tide is low.

mr trip phayam

Beachfront. Restaurant &Terrace

All-day dining, snacks and drinks. 

There is free basic WiFi.

mr trip phayam

Getting there

By land or air to Ranong town.


To Ko Phayam by frequently running speedboats or ferries.

Distance from the pier to MR.GAO is 3,0 km / 10 min by motorcycle.

mr trip phayam

  Mr.Trip   Own 3-engine speedboat --->   Link to Facebook

Snorkelling in the Surin Islands Marine National Park

The day trip includes mask, fins and lunch.

One way to / from the N.P. is available.

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mr trip phayam

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Boat trips and diving on Ko Phayam

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Some great options

Published/Last edited on 9th January, 2017.

Travelfish says:

While much of the coral in this part of the world has suffered from bleaching caused by warming seas in recent years, you’ll still find plenty of vibrant marine life. Advertised under the name, Mr Trip , the most popular day trips use a speedboat operated by Mr Gao that launches from the resort of the same name on North Ao Khao Kwai. Running from 08:30 to 15:30, a trip to the stunning twin islands of Ko Surin costs 2,600 baht per person and includes the national park fee, snorkeling equipment and lunch. Mr Gao also runs a group trip to Ko Kum and other small islands in Laem Son Marine Park, which is a little shorter than the Ko Surin trip and costs 1,500 baht per person. These trips take place only once or twice a week in high season and can be booked directly at Mr Gao Resort or through any travel agent. It takes about an hour and a half to reach Ko Surin from Phayam by speedboat. Due to the infrequent departures from Phayam, you’re better off departing from Khuraburi on the mainland if wanting to camp on Ko Surin. Snorkelers can also look into tagging along with some of the diving boats. Run by a European expat, Koh Phayam Fisherman leads fishing trips around Phayam and Ko Chang Noi for 2,000 to 4,000 baht per boat. They can also arrange private longtail boats for snorkeling and beach lounging around Ko Kum for 6,000 baht, total, for up to four people, with the price going up for more heads. Private speedboats can be chartered for 15,000 to 40,000 baht per day through Phayam Lodge and Buffalo Bay Vacation Club. A-One Diving , Phayam Divers and Aladdin Dive Safari all have offices on Phayam offering day trips to Richilieu Rock and Ko Surin, or live-aboard trips lasting from two to eight nights that can reach all the way down to the Similans and other Thai islands to the south, or up north to Burma Banks, Black Rock and other sites in the Mergui Archipelago. Hitting the Burma sites entails being stamped out of Thailand so keep that in mind if you have a single-entry visa. Ranong-based dive outfits can also pick up divers on Phayam. Aladdin Dive Safari Office on road running away from central Ao Yai. T: (087) 278 6908 ; (087) 274 7601. A-One Diving Office in Ko Phayam village. T: (077) 832 984 ; (081) 891 5510 Koh Phayam Divers Phayam Lodge, Ao Yai. T: (086) 995 2598. Koh Phayam Fisherman Took’s Place, Ko Phayam village. T: (093) 713 8380 ; (087) 060 9360 [email protected] Mr Trip Mr Gao Resort, North Ao Khao Kwai. T: (086) 266 0223.

Reviewed by David Luekens

David Luekens first came to Thailand in 2005 when Thai friends from his former home of Burlington, Vermont led him on a life-changing trip. Based in Thailand since 2011, he spends much of his time eating in Bangkok street markets and island hopping the Andaman Sea. David is also the founder of Thai Island Quest —a newsletter focused on covering every island and beach in Thailand.

More to see in Ko Phayam

The beaches of Ko Phayam Boat trips and diving on Ko Phayam Wat Ko Phayam


Koh Phayam, Thailand: All You Need to Know

Koh Phayam is a tranquil and unspoiled island located in the Andaman Sea, off the western coast of Thailand. Known for its serene beaches, crystal-clear waters, and laid-back vibe, Koh Phayam is exactly what you would expect from a Thai island. With no cars and only a handful of motorbikes on the island, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while exploring the island’s natural beauty on foot or by bicycle. The island’s eco-friendly approach to tourism also makes it a wonderful destination for conscious travelers seeking a more sustainable and responsible travel experience.

Koh Phayam, Thailand

Long Beach, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Long Beach, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Koh Phayam is a wonderful island in the Andaman Sea. It’s one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets and I hope that, by writing this post, I am not contributing to this island getting more commercialized! 

At Koh Phayam, you can still experience the local authentic Thai island culture and a relaxed island vibe. it’s not been discovered by mass tourism yet but, accommodation can fill up easily in high season, simply because there aren’t that many, and that is exactly what is so lovely about this island. 

If touristy Thai islands like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Lanta are not your cup of tea, I expect that this island will be what your dreams are made of. In this post, I will tell you about the best things to do on Koh Phayam, its beaches, my favorite places to eat, how to get there, and where to stay!

By the way, if you like things to be even more remote, don’t forget to check out the neighboring island of Koh Chang!

Koh Phayam Beaches

Koh Phayam in only 10 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide but boosts some incredible beaches. The great thing about the beaches in Koh Phayam is that they still have a wild feel. 

It’s forbidden to put sunbeds on the beach and as a result, you can still feel immersed in nature here when taking walks on the beach. Of course, the beaches are lined with bungalows and a few restaurants but they are hidden away in the jungle.

Long Beach and Buffalo Bay are the most popular areas to stay on the island. In addition, you can visit the beautiful deserted beach of Monkey Bay and visit the beaches around the Koh Phayam Pier. 

Long beach (Aow Yai Beach)

Long Beach (Aow Yai), Koh Phayam, Thailand

Long beach, Koh Phayam

If you want to visit the island and stay in the liveliest part of it, then consider booking your accommodation near Long Beach. At Long beach, you can find a few bars and restaurants that host parties regularly and have a distinct Hippie vibe. 

If you want to stay at Long Beach but are looking for a quiet spot stay, consider walking all the way to the left of the beach, where you can find Big Tree Bungalows, a lovely local accommodation with decent snorkeling opportunities just in front of the restaurant. 

At Long Beach, you can also find some great stores, like Shambhala and Koy Shop.

Buffalo Bay (Ao Khao Kwai)

Buffalo Bay, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Buffalo Bay, Koh Phayam

Buffalo Bay is another long stretch of white sand beach that is locally referred to as Ao Khao Kwai. The left part of this bay is conveniently located in the middle of the island which makes it a great spot to stay to easy reach other places on the island.

Buffalo Bay, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Buffalo Bay, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Buffalo Bay boosts a more relaxed vibe than Long Beach and you won’t find any parties on the left strip of the beach, past Hin Talu. On the right stretch of the beach, you can find the famous Hippy Bar, a bar and restaurant that hosts regular parties and is completely built up out of driftwood.

Buffalo Bay has some great accommodations to stay on the island and the southern part of the beach is in close proximity to several restaurants and shops. 

Gulf Kwangpeeb (Monkey beach), Koh Phayam

Gulf Kwangpeeb (Monkey beach), Koh Phayam

Gulf Kwangpeeb or Monkey Bay is a beautiful stretch of Beach in the north of the island. There is no accommodation near the beach and you can only reach it by taking a gravel road that is not accessible by Tuk-tuks. 

It looks the most idyllic of all the beaches on Koh Phayam and makes for a great day trip. Do note that there can be small jellyfish in the water. It’s impossible to see them, but you can occasionally feel little stings while swimming. 

There’s a wooden bar and restaurant on the beach where you can buy snacks and drinks. 

More beaches

Beach near Phayam Pier, Thailand

Beaches near Koh Phayam pier

The eastern part of the island also has a few good beaches but they don’t have exact names. Some of them are privately owned by a few more upscale resorts on the island like Phayamas Private Beach Resort , Nitiporn Resort , and The Blue Sky Resort while others are freely accessible. 

Pier, Koh Phayam, Thailand

One of the best spots on the island to snorkel and see colorful tropical fish is the beach near the pier with the temple over the sea. The beach isn’t as scenic as Long Beach and Buffalo Bay but if you love to see aquatic life, then this is the place you need to be. 

→ PRO TIP: Traveling soon? check out my ultimate packing list for Thailand !

Things to do on Koh Phayam

While relaxing seems to be the main goal for travelers coming to Koh Phayam, there are plenty of things to do on the island that can keep you busy for days!

Tropical fish in the andaman Sea, Thailand

Koh Phayam snorkeling: Tropical fish in the Andaman Sea

The best snorkeling can be found around the pier with the Bhumibol statue and small temple and near the rocks at Bamboo bungalows at Long Beach. Other travel blogs also mentioned Monkey Bay as a good spot to snorkel but I didn’t see anything here in the water.

Don’t expect too much of snorkeling on Koh Phayam. There isn’t that much to see. Experienced divers and snorkelers can opt to book a trip to the Surin Islands or Laem Son National Park. Trips can normally be booked through your accommodation.

Landscape of Koh Phayam, Thailand

Viewpoint on Koh Phayam Thailand

Most travelers hire a motorbike to get around the island but hiking is very rewarding and you will see a lot more than by rushing by on a motorbike. 

There are various viewpoints on the island from which you have wonderful views of the surrounding area and other nearby islands like Koh Kham. The area between the Moken Village and Long Beach is a lovely area to hike around. 

To find the hiking trail, check out the app 

Look for the hornbills

Hornbills at Koh Phayam, Thailand

Koh Phayam things to do: Searching for the hornbills

Koh Phayam is known for its many hornbills and seeing them is one of the most wonderful experiences to have on Koh Phayam. They travel in group and, once you see one of them, many more will follow. 

I’ve seen them at several places on Koh Phayam, mainly in the trees around Vijit Bungalows in Buffalo Bay but also across the street from the Thai restaurant ‘Back to December” and in the garden of Rabbit Bungalows . 

Kayak the mangroves

Kayaking in Koh Phayam, Thailand

Kayaking on Koh Phayam

At the southern tip of Buffalo Bay is a river that goes inland. You can rent a kayak and explore the mangrove forest that surrounds the river at high tide. Kayaks are for rent at a few accommodations. Vijit Bungalows rents them out at 100 THB per hour. 

Alternatively, you can also kayak to the small rocky islands which you can see from the bay or to one of the other beaches. 

Visit Wat Koh Phayam

Pier with temple on Koh Phayam, Thailand

Temple over the sea

A great walk on the island is to the local temples which are located to the left of the Koh Phayam Pier when facing the sea. There are a few sites to explore here. The first one is a pier with a small temple and a statue of the former King Bhumibol. From the pier, you can also see many colorful fish in the water.

Buddha statue, Thailand

Buddha statues

Furthermore, you can visit a large and scenic Buddha statue with next to it a statue of another god. One of the great things to do here is walk around the monk village. The village consists of little domes, some of them funny looking, in which the monks live or retreat for meditation. 

Go on a diving trip

While diving is not possible on Koh Phayam itself, there are some nearby islands with amazing diving opportunities. Trips to the Surin Islands, Laem Son National Park, or Richelieu Rock are all possible from Koh Phayam and even overnight trips to the Surin Islands are on offer.

Inquire about prices at your accommodation or contact Buffalo Bay Vacation Club . 

Cruise around the island on a bicycle

Koh Phayam is car-free and that’s great but what even would be greater if fewer travelers would use a motorbike on the island. Koh Phayam is beautiful but the noise from the many motorbikes driving around sometimes spoils the peaceful atmosphere.

Welcome sign

Cashew nut trees

Renting a bike is a better choice to reduce noise and pollution on the island and additionally, it’s also better for your health. Since Koh Phayam is a relatively small island it’s very easy to get around by bicycle.

Mountain bikes can be rented at Rabbit Bungalows . 

Walk to Koh Kham

Koh Kham island, Thailand

Koh Kham island, Thailand

Koh Kham is another small island located southeast of Koh Phayam. There’s a story that goes around on the island that a former inhabitant of Koh Phayam was an avid snake catcher and, not wanting to kill them, rowed his boat to the tiny island, releasing them on Koh Kham. 

At a black moon and full moon, the tide of the sea allows you to walk all the way from Koh Phayam to Koh Kham. If you’re not visiting when this occurs, you can also rent a private boat to make a trip to Koh Kham. 

Visit the Moken Village

Moken village, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Moken village

At the Southern tip of Long Beach, across the river lies a Moken Village. You can normally reach it by taking the bridge but it was broken at the time of my visit (Feb 2023) so you’ll need to wade through the water. 

The Moken people are sea gypsies that live a nomadic life on the water. Unfortunately, due to Westernization, the cultural identity of the Moken people decreases at a rapid pace. Instead of living on their boats, they now mainly live in small settlements on the island in the Andaman sea near the Thai and Burmese mainland. 

Hin Talu, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Hin Talu, Koh Phayam

Hin Talu is a beautiful rock formation that juts out of the water in the middle of Buffalo Bay. It’s a scenic photo spot and you spot a variety of sea creatures in between the rocks when the sea is withdrawing itself. 

Hin Talu, Koh Phayam, Thailand

It’s also a good place to find a shady spot inside the rock when the sun is at its highest point during the day!

Swim with bioluminescent plankton

Late in the evening and at night, bioluminescent plankton can be seen on the beaches of Koh Phayam. Bioluminescence is produced by chemical reactions in the Plankton causing them to emit a blueish glow. 

To check if the Plankton is there, watch the waves that crash onto the beach or splash in the water with your hand to see if there’s anything sparkling in the water. Fireflies can also be seen on the island. 

Visit a cool bar

Eagle Bar, Koh Phayam, Thailand

Koh Phayam has some very scenic bars with the Hippie Bar being the most spectacular one. If you like to bar-hop around the island, try out Eagle Bar near the Moken Village or the Rock Bar and Viewpoint which cuts Buffalo Bay in the middle into two separate bays.

Welness on Koh Phayam

Looking for a massage or yoga on the island? There are several small beauty parlors on the island offering traditional Thai massage. Rose Massage, located on the main rod of the island gets good reviews.

For yoga, visit Art Yoga Koh Phayam for daily classes. 


Here are the websites I personally use whenever I travel to Thailand:

ACCOMMODATION : For the best guesthouses, homestays, or small hotels

Hostelworld : To find the best hostels located in the cities

Homestay : For a unique immersive homestay experience in the big cities or the countryside

12GO and Bookaway : The best transport websites for long-distance buses and train travel in Thailand

Thai Railway : To check timetables and connections for trains

Grab : The Uber of Southeast Asia is a convenient and cheap ride-hailing app 

Skyscanner : For affordable flights to Bangkok or Phuket

Viator and Get Your Guide : book all kinds of activities from a vegan cooking class in Bangkok to a half-day meditation retreat at a waterfall temple with a monk . 

Thailand is very easy to enter because you can stay in the country for up to 45 days with a tourist visa on arrival. If you want to spend more time in Thailand, check out the official Thai e-Visa website. 

If you’re looking for travel insurance, the one with the best benefits online is without a doubt Heymondo ! It’s very easy to ask for a quote on the website and if you book with this link you’ll get 5% off!

Get access to mobile data straight away when entering the country with a Thai E-sim or an Asialink E-sim when traveling through multiple countries. If you are already in Thailand, the best local prepaid sim card is AIS.

Koh Phayam: how to get there

Boat in the Andaman Sea, Thailand

Boat in the Andaman Sea

Getting to Koh Phayam will require you to make on overland trip first to the city of Ranong, followed by a boat trip from Ranong to Koh Phayam island. 

How to get to Ranong

Ranong is a well-connected city in Thailand and can be reached by air, bus, or a train+bus combination. From Bangkok, you can reach Koh Phayam by plane in one and a half hours but taking the train and a bus is more environmentally friendly and better for your wallet.

Busses depart Bangkok daily and can be booked on 12GoAsia . Busses also make the drive to Ranong from Ao Nang and Krabi. You’ll need to change buses in Takua Pu if you’re coming from Khao Sok National Park.

Coming from Bangkok, the southbound train is an excellent choice if you want to avoid a hassle of a long bus ride. You’ll need to get off the train at the town of Chumphon where you will be able to find minivans that ply the route to Ranong. If you’re coming from southern Thailand (Koh Phangan & Koh Samui), taking the train from Surat Thani is also the best way to reach Ranong.

Train tickets can also be booked at 12GoAsia . 

How to get from Ranong to Koh Phayam

Once you arrive in Ranong you have two options: You can take the local ferry at Tai Kak Pier which will reach Koh Phayam in two hours or take a speed boat at Ranong Pier that covers the same distance in only 45 minutes. 

Check out my guide about how to get from Ranong to Koh Phayam to learn about these two transport options. 

Getting around Koh Phayam

Hiking trails on Koh Phayam, Thailand

There are no cars on Koh Phayam which makes it a delight to spend time walking around the island. The best way to explore the island is by using your own two feet or bicycle. The island is not large in size and if you stay in the middle of the island you can easily plan day hikes to every corner. With a bicycle, you can even get to all the corners of the island in one day. 

Tuk-tuks are also widely available on the island and are especially handy if you are arriving on the island and you need to get to your accommodation. 

Lastly, you can opt to hire a motorbike but I found that this was not necessary to get around the island. Moreover, I found them annoying since the streets near the beaches are small and you’ll need to get off the road every minute to let them pass by. 

Motorbikes cost 250 THB and you can find a good mountain bike for 100 THB.

Koh Phayam accommodation

Beach restaurant at Koh Phayam, Thailand

Beachside restaurants and accommodation

While there are a few resorts on the island, most accommodation on Koh Phayam mainly consists of wooden bungalows near the main beaches or in a garden setting.

If you travel to Koh Phayam in peak season, it’s wise to book accommodation beforehand and with beforehand, I mean, at least a few weeks in advance. Places tend to fill up quickly in high season and it can be hard to find something decent if you arrive on the island without a booking.

I had to change accommodations several times during my stay due to this and it makes your stay less relaxed if you need to pack up your bags again every few days. On the other hand, this gave me a good insight into what Koh Phayam has to offer.

Here are my favorite choices on Koh Phayam!

  • Big Tree Bungalows : located on the left tip of Long Beach these bungalows are a great option if you’re looking for a bit of isolation. This locally-owned guesthouse offers a dozen wooden bungalows right by the beach in a jungle setting. The restaurant serves great meals and you can snorkel near the rocks just in front of the bungalows.
  • Kyulum Resort : this resort is not really a resort but a small guesthouse of only three bungalows hidden away in lush greenery on a cliff near a small beach. Dum, the owner is a very kind host, and her small restaurant is one of the best on Koh Phayam. 
  • Green beach Hut : eco-friendly accommodation in a quiet area of Long Beach with wooden bungalows. 

Buffalo Bay

  • Phayam Valley : Phayam Valley offers lovely bungalows in a tranquil garden setting about 200 meters from Buffalo Bay Beach. It’s my favorite place on the island, not only because the rooms look fantastic but also because the food at the restaurant is the best you can find on the island! 
  • Rabbit Bungalows : Rabbit Bungalows are located 200 meters from Buffalo Bay Beach and in a nice garden setting. I stayed at the most basic bungalows here but note they are not very convenient and I found the price too high for the quality. It’s better to pay a little more and stay at a wooden bungalow.
  • M.P. Resort : Colorful bungalows in Buffalo Bay right by the beach with a nice restaurant area overlooking the sea. 
  • Vijit Bungalows : Vijit Bungalows offers rooms on but aside from these ones they also rent out cheap digs for as low as 300 BHT that aren’t advertised online. Do note that these rooms have little luxury but it’s a good choice for backpackers on a shoestring and the rooms are right by the sea.

Center of the island

  • Phayam Garden View : If you don’t mind staying away from the sea then you can find a little slice of heaven at the bungalows of Phayam Garden View. You are staying in the garden of a Thai family here that also owns the local restaurant “Back to December” on the road that leads to the pier.

Koh Phayam restaurants

Gypsy Bar, Koh Phayam

Gypsy Bar, Koh Phayam, Thailand

You won’t be short on good food on Koh Phayam no matter where you are staying on the island! Here are my favorite restaurants on Koh Phayam that are excellent choices for vegan travelers. 

Vegan Thai Fried Cashew Nuts with Vegetables

Fried cashews with vegetables

  • Tan restaurant : This restaurant is not pinned on Google Maps but you can find it near the Shambhala shop. It offers a wide array of plant-based dishes with fried cashew nuts with vegetables being my favorite. 
  • Munchies Café : good place if you fancy some guacamole toast in the morning or delicious bruschetta for lunch.

Buffalo bay

Vegan Burmese Samosa with dipping sauce

Burmese samosas

  • Phayam Valley : The restaurant of Phayam Valley is by far the best restaurant on Koh Phayam. The price/quality is amazing here and on the menu, you can find Thai and Burmese dishes as well as Western grub like pasta and pizza. It’s the best place on the island for vegans in Thailand .
  • Gypsy Bar : The Gypsy Bar is a great place on the beach where you can chill with a beer while watching the sunset. The fried rice , Pad Thai and green curry are very good. 

center of the island

Vegan in Thailand: banana leaf with sticky rice and schredded coconut

Sticky rice with grated coconut

  • Joker Restaurant : located on the main road, this little restaurant is owned by a sweet local family that offers Thai food and a few sandwiches at cheap prices. It’s a good place to stop for a lunch break.  
  • Rut 66 : More a bar than a restaurant this restaurant with only a few tables offers decent vegan options and nice music. 
  • Sri shop : This is a small supermarket selling fresh fruit and vegetables on the main road to Long Beach. The best thing to buy here is their sticky rice with shredded coconut in banana leaf wrappers. Beware, you’ll have to go early in the morning if you want to get your hands on some of that goodness. They sell out rapidly. 

Koh Phayam weather: best time to visit

Koh Phayam, Thailand

Koh Phayam Pier

Koh Phayam experiences two distinct seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. The best time to visit Koh Phayam is during the dry season which runs from November up to April. During these months the weather is nice and sunny with little rain. 

Note that a lot of the accommodations and restaurants close down during low season. It’s best to inquire if it’s worth visiting from May to October. 

The island has a great Facebook group where you can drop any questions you might have. 

Koh Phayam: final thoughts

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this Koh Phayam Travel Guide. As you can see, Koh Phayam is a great island for slow travelers who like to experience Thai island vibes away from the tourist trail. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or drop me a message through my contact page . 

Also, don’t forget to check out my resources page with my favorite booking platforms and tips to start planning your trip. Additionally, have a look at my favorite travel gear if you want to pack more consciously!

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links. If you click on them, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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The Ultimate Koh Phayam travel guide

  • November 19, 2023

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mr trip phayam

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" did not stay, only took the snorkeltrip "
" Mr Gao's is far enough away from the earth-shattering all night music of the Hippy Bar so that you can sleep well. Rent a m/bike from the International Restaurant in town for 150 bahts a day and you'll enjoy the concrete paths at Mr Gao's. "

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Mr Gao - Reviews & Photos (Ranong, Thailand) - Hotel - Tripadvisor

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mr trip phayam

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Koh Phayam - Getting There and First Impressions

Dieser Artikel ist auch verfügbar auf: Deutsch

Koh Phayam is a comparatively little-visited island in the Andaman Sea. Even though more and more tourists visit Koh Phayam, in high season it’s still rarely crowded.

I recently spent 5 days on the island and explored it. Here is a first travel report for Koh Phayam including some travel tips.

Koh Phayam – Thailand’s easygoing hippie island

Hippie Bar at Ao Khao Kwai (Buffalo Bay)

How to get to Koh Phayam

Koh Phayam is located in the province of Ranong in southern Thailand, which borders the southern tip of Myanmar. The same-named capital of Ranong Province, from which you have to travel to Koh Phayam, also has a small airport. However, at the moment you can only fly with NokAir from Bangkok to Ranong.

In addition, Ranong Town has bus services from many locations in southern Thailand, e.g. Phuket , Krabi , Khao Lak or Surat Thani. I arrived from Surat Thani by minivan, which took just over 3 hours.

By the way, a great website for booking bus and train tickets in Thailand is .

The bus terminal is located on the outskirts and the airport about 20 kilometers outside the city. It takes about 15 minutes from the Ranong bus terminal to the Ranong pier . A Songthaew drives regularly from the bus terminal directly to the pier and costs 50 baht per person. Of course, if you travel alone and don’t have a lot of luggage with you, you can also take a motorbike taxi.

From the boat pier you finally have 2 options to get to Koh Phayam: by ferry and speedboat.

At the Ranong pier in Ranong

While the slower ferry is the cheaper option, it takes about 2 ½ hours. It goes twice a day to Koh Phayam at 9.30 A.M. and 14.00 P.M.

Speed boats go to Koh Phayam for 350 baht several times a day from 8.00 A.M. The journey takes only 40 minutes. Note, however, that the speed boats only run in the main season from November to about May.

Since the journey from Koh Phangan via Surat Thani to Ranong was very long and exhausting, I opted for the speed boat. The high season was as good as over in early May and accordingly, the boat was empty.

Accommodation in Koh Phayam – our hotel tip

Sunset view from the restaurant of the JJ Beach Resort on Koh Phayam

First impressions

Welcome to Koh Phayam - at the pier of Koh Phayam

After a speedboat ride, which was quite fast, we arrived at the pier of Koh Phayam in the late afternoon. The small main town at the pier seemed a bit hectic at the beginning. The first goal was to find a scooter rental, which was easily found after just a few steps. Passport was not necessary and after a few minutes we went to the southwest of the island to the Ao Yai (Long Beach) .

A less relaxed first ride with 2 pieces of luggage across the island ended after just 15 minutes. Over the very narrow streets, our accommodation, the Little Hut , was quickly reached with some help from Google Maps.

Many accommodations and bungalows on Koh Phayam are very simply furnished. Lots of the rooms are fan-only and the island occasionally has blackouts and water shortages during low season. You should get used to it quickly.

Of course, as a beach lover, I had to go straight to the Long Beach , but I honestly expected a bit more. Maybe it was just the low tide, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a paradise beach. But the eternally long beach was almost deserted and the sunsets are fantastic. Low season is definitely something nice!

The deserted Long Beach (Ao Yai) on Koh Phayam

The next day we headed back across the island to Ao Khao Kwai (Buffalo Bay) and then to Ao Kwang Peeb (Monkey Bay) . The Ao Khao Kwai is the second largest beach on the island and in my opinion a bit nicer than the Long Beach. Even if it is only partially suitable for swimming at low tide.

At the northern end of Buffalo Bay lies the famous Hippie Bar . A bar built by two Thai Rastas in the form of a large ship. Absolutely worth seeing! I asked them: they took over 10 years to build it!

We then discovered the first beach highlight with the Monkey Bay . At the northern end of Koh Phayam you can find this small bay, which was also – how could it be otherwise – quite deserted. I could almost call it an insider tip.

The way there is not paved and just a gravel road, which also leads uphill. Either you have your scooter well under control or you park it in front of it and walk the rest of the way. The name of the beach comes from the monkeys that you meet here in the short jungle section, just before the beach.

Marcel at Ao Kwang Peeb (Monkey Beach)

Driving across the island, you quickly realize that Koh Phayam is a small hippie and Rasta island. Everywhere you will find small wooden and bamboo bars with Rastafarian colors and Bob Marleys. Small vegan restaurants and yoga offers complete the whole thing. Reminded me of our first visit to the Gili Islands . That is really to my taste!

Hippie wooden bar at the Koh Phayam viewpoint

But the island is not only full of (wannabe) hippies, stoners and backpackers. You see – especially in the better resorts – also couples or older vacationers who want to enjoy the peace and the atmosphere of Koh Phayam for a few days.

The next couple of days we visited more beaches. Soon you can read more about it in our beach guide…

In any case, Koh Phayam has the spirit that I love, if I need to visit a quiet place. In the off-season it is really quiet and there are at most a few Thai visitors on long weekends or holidays. Only from the main beaches I expected a bit more paradise feeling, even if they were mostly very lonely and natural.

Marcel during the sunset on Long Beach

Plan your trip to Koh Phayam now

  • Routes and tickets

More hotel recommendations for Koh Koh Phayam:

  • Highlight: Blue Sky Resort
  • Long Beach: JJ Beach Resort
  • Buffalo Bay: Buffalo Bay Vacation Club
  • Ao Hin Kao: Phayamas Private Beach Resort

Popular routes to Koh Phayam:

  • Bangkok – Koh Phayam
  • Ranong – Koh Phayam
  • Surat Thani – Koh Phayam

Have you ever been to Koh Phayam? How did you like it and what are your impressions? Let us know directly in the comments!

mr trip phayam

Hi, I'm Marcel! Blogger, author, web & graphic designer and digital nomad. I love traveling in Southeast Asia and exploring wonderful beaches and trying delicious food. My home base is Koh Phangan, Thailand. Follow me on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram .


mr trip phayam

Loved in in Dec. 2014. Full day trip out to other islands snorkeling was a highlight, the hippy driftwood place, warm swims, sunsets, and kayaking. And I really loved the toucans!

mr trip phayam

Hi guys Planning our first trip there are inns Xmas and wondering if it’s dog friendly. We have two golden retrievers.

mr trip phayam

Hi Donna, Not sure, to be honest. Please keep in mind that there are many street dogs in Thailand, also on small islands like Koh Phayam (especially on the beaches). If you take your dogs to the beach etc., be careful so the other dogs won’t attack your Golden Retrievers. Depending on the resort, you should also contact them and ask if pets are allowed. Marcel

mr trip phayam

Hi guys I too have discovered Koh Phayam a few years ago and then I couldn’t do without it. It is a very quiet island, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the wonderful nature that distinguishes it. I would recommend Flower Power Village located in Buffalo Bay inside a fabulous tropical garden where it is possible to meet many animals such as horbills, monkeys, sunbird, squirrels etc …

Hi Simona, Thanks for your tip. Flower Power Village sounds great! 🙂 Will check it out next time on Koh Phayam for sure.

mr trip phayam

I m realy said to not have the chance to return to my ” second home” this year, because you all know Covid. I have been quite a few times on this beautiful island, know a lot of people there, I realy care for them. I do not know, how they are, some of them , I suppose are getting on, but the rest??? If possible, I will surely come in early 2022 In the meantime, I wish everybody on the island only my very Best and be strong, we will win the war against the Virus

Hi Dieter, Thanks for your Comment. We hope you can return to your second home as soon as possible. We also do miss wonderful Koh Phayam. 🙂

mr trip phayam

It seems very quiet there. Have you been to Koh Mak or Koh Kood? Is it quieter there than those islands?

Not yet but it’s indeed very quiet on Koh Phayam. It’s really worth a trip! 😉

I have been on Koh Kood, its nice, but very touristic and quite crowded with all kind of people, even those comming from Pattaya and quite expensive.

ITS easy to go from Bangkok, thats why. I stoped there few years ago, before I went to Cambodia, thats ok. You cannot compare it to Koh Payam, ( much harder getting there,hahaha) thats good!

mr trip phayam

wow island awesome picture ! thanks for sharing

mr trip phayam

This island looks brilliant Marcel. Off the Thailand tourist path for sure.

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mr trip phayam

  • Koh Phayam – 8 Things to Do on Thailand’s Best Kept Secret Island

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Ah beautiful Koh Phayam, a reminder of what Thailand was like before it became just so, so, so popular! I’ll take your Koh Samui’s, Koh Changs and Koh Phangan’s and raise you my perfect Koh Phayam, an island on Thailand’s Andaman coast that the tourist boom seemed to bypass. And it’s all the better for it. I just spent 4 days at what is now my favourite Thai island.

Koh Phayam has only recently started supplying its beachside bungalows with 24-hour electricity, and the WiFi is a bit hit and miss, but if you want to know what Thailand was like 20 years ago, welcome to Koh Phayam. It’s heaven.

At any given time there are probably only around 100 foreigners on the island, and given that there are about 5 amazing white-sand beaches to choose from, one of which is over 2km long, you’ll have a beach seemingly to yourself. Without the tourist hordes the prices have been kept Thai style so enjoy the cheap fruit shakes and local food for a fraction of the Koh Phi Phi prices. 

Table of contents

Where is koh phayam, step 1: get to ranong, step 2: ferry from ranong to koh phayam, 1) aow yai (big bay) beach, 2) aow kao kwai (buffalo bay), 3) take a diving or snorkelling trip – especially to koh khang kao and koh surin, 4) try kite-surfing or surfing lessons in koh phayam, 5) wat ko phayam, 6) kayak through the mangroves, 7) drink at the hippy bar, 8) drive the island and discover the 3 best beaches in koh phayam, where to stay in koh phayam; koh phayam accommodation , getting around koh phayam:.

Koh Phayam Thailand

It’s on Thailand’s west coast (the opposite side to the famous Koh Phangan, Koh Samui etc), right on the Myanmar border. Koh Phayam is also about 30km from Ranong City (see below), which itself is a 9-hour drive from Bangkok or a 1-hour flight. 

How to Get to Koh Phayam:

First, you have to get yourself to Ranong Thailand (the City, not the province). To get from Bangkok to Ranong you can either take a night bus, a minivan or a flight. You can book your overland tickets here. You can also take buses from Surat Thani to Ranong, and Phuket to Ranong (6 hours)

From Ranong, you go to the Pier and there are ferries from Ranong to Koh Phayam every day (also ferries to Thailand’s second Koh Chang). 

In high season, slow ferries will take you to Koh Phayam from Ranong Pier at 09:30, 10:00 and 14:00 (200 THB, about $7) and they take two hours. You can also take a speedboat (45 minutes) at least every two hours from 09:30 to 16:30 (350THB/$11). If you come in low season, there’s just 1 way to get to Koh Phayam, the daily slow boat leaving from Ranong Pier at 09:30.

When it’s time to leave Koh Phayam, you can take the boat back to Ranong Pier in high season at 08:30, 14:00 and 15:00, with the speedboats running hourly in peak season. 

welcome to Koh Phayam

8 Things to do in Koh Phayam

You can’t spend ALL your time gloating about finding the one paradise island left untouched in Thailand! So check out the 8 main things to do in Koh Phayam during your time here:

Ao Yai: The flagship beach on the island, 2km of white sand with no ugly resorts of note. There are a couple of beach restaurants and bars (although this is certainly no party island) dotted along the stretch meaning you can spend your entire day here should you choose to. Sunsets are spectacular here too.

Aow Yai Koh Phayam Thailand

Aow Yai’s little brother doesn’t match up with size but it’s a great combo for privacy yet still with long stretches of white sand. Only a couple of places to eat/drink and you’d be pushed to see 10 other people in an afternoon here. Amazing. This is the perfect spot for sunset, blue skies turning orange, then pink, then red and no-one there to interrupt the moment. Possibly my best sunset experience ever

Buffalo Bay Koh Phayam Thailand

Some of Thailand’s best diving is found on this coast, so it’s starting to attract the diving crew. Personally I’m not a diver though, so I stuck with snorkelling. Combine it with an island-hopping trip, and make sure to include at least one of either Koh Khang Kao or Koh Surin. More paradise is waiting for you there, and it may literally just be you on these little islands.

Koh Khang Kao

Always good to try something new, and it’s pretty cheap here to do that. You can organise it through these guys . 

This one is a freebie, as it’s on the pier so you can’t miss it! Wat Ko Phayam is Phayam’s only ‘proper’ temple, and you can’t visit a place in Thailand without at least one temple pic, right?

mr trip phayam

Just off the 2nd main beach, Aow Kao Kwai, are Koh Phayam’s Mangrove forests. If you wander around the beach, you’ll be offered the chance to kayak amongst them for an hour or two, or your hotel can arrange it too. You can also arrange it through the same place as the surfing above

Koh Phayam Kayak

Thai islands have a reputation for parties, but Koh Phayam is a different vibe. People don’t come here for the nightlife, but that’s not to say there aren’t a couple of cool bars to have a couple of drinks. The Hippy Bar has become the most famous bar on the island, partly because of the construction, so hit it up around sunset for a perfect atmosphere, and a banging sunset.

mr trip phayam

Scooter rental in Koh Phayam is 200THB ($7 per day), and there is very little traffic. So grabbing a scooter and driving around the island is perhaps the best way to spend the day. Of course check out Aow Yai as mentioned first in the ‘things to do in Koh Phayam’ list, and Buffalow Bay, but be sure to make an extra effort to hit up Ao Kwang Peap

Ao Kwang Peep is a hidden gem of a beach within this hidden gem of an island. This is found in the extreme north of Koh Phayam, after the ‘road’ has ended you can brush up on your scooter driving skills across the dirt trek. Then a couple of hundred metres walk through the jungle to the bottom of the hill where a resourceful dude has set up a quaint Thai bar/restaurant. The beach is about 90m long, white sand (standard by this stage), crystal clear water and has great snorkelling. Don’t miss this out in your trip here.

Ao Kwang Peeb beach Koh Phayam

There are 3 higher-end resorts ($130 per night), the best of which is Blue Sky just at the pier where you’ll land. It’s heavenly, wifi, on the beach etc. I was splashing out and stayed here with my girlfriend for a few nights.

Backpacker accommodation is much easier to find though with bungalows all across the island, ranging from 150 baht ($5) for a basic hut with limited electricity and a fan if you’re lucky to around 1500 baht ($50) for air-con, 24 hr electricity, western bathroom etc. Ao Yai is your best bet for budget bungalows, for an extra $2 or $3 you can get it literally on the cusp of the beach.

Blue Sky Resort Koh Phayam

As soon as you get off the Ranong Koh Phyam Ferry, right at the Pier, you can rent a scooter, and from then on you’re free to find accommodation, sample the different hotspots etc. If you’re not confident on a bike, motorbike taxis are all-round just look for their green or pink vests and call them over, they’ll be happy to take you wherever you need to go.

Ok, guys, that’s all you should need to be convinced to whack this on your Thailand itinerary. Just do me a favour and don’t tell too many people about it, deal?! Happy travels!

Koh Phayam Thailand

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mr trip phayam

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Resort in front of Ocean. - Ziggy Stardust Resort

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  • Ko Phayam B&Bs / Inns    
  • Ziggy Stardust Resort

Resort in front of Ocean.

Location is superb in front of ocean in Aow Yai beach. Mr. Tom manager, very efficient, charming and fluent in English. Staff friendly. Food very good and correctly priced. Bungalows are nice but it need renovation to actualized them to comfortable standards.

  • Sleep Quality

mr trip phayam

  • Free parking

mr trip phayam

We're sorry, but it is currently not possible to make reservations for this hotel on our site. Click here to see nearby hotels

Mr Gao, Ko Phayam

47 M.1, Ko Phayam, 85000 Ko Phayam, Thailand – Excellent location - show map

Excellent location — rated 9.4/10! (score from 9 reviews)

Real guests • Real stays • Real opinions


Value for money

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buffalo bay is a beautiful location. The beds are very comfortable with lovely bed linen. Very good quality power shower. Comfortable balcony and modern powerful room fan. Excellent mosquito net over the bed. Tasty breakfasts and fresh coffee 👍 All the staff were warm, friendly and full of smiles. Mr. Goa is a lovely place to be.

mr trip phayam

La situation au bord d'une jolie plage et proche de tout dans l'île, des bungalows simples mais bien agencés, les bons plats du restaurant

mr trip phayam

Guesthouse très tranquille. Mr et Mme Gao sont adorables , serviable et très prévenants. Notre chambre, au dessus du restaurant était simple mais très lumineuse avec une grande terrasse, très apprécié

mr trip phayam

Mr Gao, Ko Phayam Reserve now

Lock in a great price for Mr Gao, Ko Phayam - rated 9.2 by recent guests.

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mr trip phayam

Mr Gao, Ko Phayam has sea views, free WiFi and free private parking, set in Ko Phayam, a few steps from Ao Khao Kwai North Beach. A terrace is available for guests at the bed and breakfast to use. Ao Khao Kwai South Beach is 700 metres from Mr Gao, Ko Phayam, while Ao Kwangpeeb Beach is 2.1 km from the property.

Couples particularly like the location — they rated it 9.6 for a two-person trip.

Distance in property description is calculated using © OpenStreetMap

  • Family rooms
  • Free parking

Property highlights

Top location: Highly rated by recent guests (9.4)

Free private parking available on-site


Select dates to see this property's availability and prices

See what guests loved the most:

mr trip phayam

Property surroundings

Facilities of mr gao, ko phayam great facilities review score, 8.3.

  • Toilet paper
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  • Private bathroom
  • Sun terrace
  • Clothes rack
  • Snorkelling Additional charge
  • Fishing Additional charge Off-site
  • Wine/champagne
  • Laundry Additional charge

House rules

From 13:00 to 17:30

From 08:30 to 11:00

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The fine print Need-to-know information for guests at this property

Payment before arrival via bank transfer is required. The property will contact you after you book to provide instructions.

This property will not accommodate hen, stag or similar parties.

Quiet hours are between 22:00:00 and 10:00:00.

The best of Ko Phayam

Most popular cities

  • Koh Chang Ranong
  • Ban Bang Kluai Nai
  • Ban Bang Ben
  • Ban Sin Hai (1)

mr trip phayam

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  1. Mr.Gao a 10-Bungalow Beachfront Resort

    mr trip phayam

  2. TOP 5 des plages de Koh Phayam

    mr trip phayam

  3. The Curious Case Of Koh Phayam: Thailand's Secret Island Getaway

    mr trip phayam

  4. Koh Phayam, Thailand: A No FOMO Guide to one of the Best Thai Islands

    mr trip phayam

  5. Mr Trip

    mr trip phayam

  6. Mr Trip Digital Art by TerpeneTom

    mr trip phayam


  1. Mr.Gao a 10-Bungalow Beachfront Resort

    Seaview One - bedroom Bungalow for two Fan. Ensuite hot shower and toilet. Double bed with two seperated mattresses. Square mosquito net. A cot / bed for a baby / child is not available. Nightly rates 800 to 2000 baht. Special rates, depending on date, may apply. These bungalows are open all year. Sand between toes.

  2. MR GAO

    33 reviews #3 of 21 small hotels in Ranong 47 M.1, Ko Phayam, Ranong 85 000 Thailand Write a review View all photos (34) Traveler (34) Dining (3) Room & Suite (3) View prices for your travel dates Check In — / — / — Check Out — / — / — Guests — Contact accommodation for availability. There are similar hotels available. About 4.0 Very good

  3. MR TRIP & MR GAO Bungalow

    One day trip from Koh Phayam to Surin Islands. MR TRIP & MR GAO Bungalow, Ranong. 136 likes · 21 talking about this · 10 were here. One day trip from Koh Phayam to Surin Islands.

  4. Snorkeling tour

    Answer 1 of 12: Hi! May i ask is there any snorkeling tour services on Ko Phayam? If any how much it will be and where i can find them? Thank you in advanced. Ko Phayam Ko Phayam Tourism Ko Phayam Hotels Ko Phayam Bed and Breakfast Flights to Ko Phayam Ko Phayam Restaurants Things to Do in Ko Phayam Ko Phayam Travel Forum Ko Phayam Photos

  5. Boat trips and diving on Ko Phayam

    Ko Phayam is perfectly positioned for day trips and live-aboard journeys to a raft of idyllic beaches and great snorkeling and diving sites dotted around Thai national park islands to the south and Burma's islands up north. Travelfish says:

  6. MR. TRIP and MR. GAO ready for SURIN ISLANDS from the 20th December

    MR. TRIP and MR. GAO ready for SURIN ISLANDS from the 20th December.. FLOWER POWER VILLAGE CAN BOOK FOR YOU!!

  7. Mr Gao, Ko Phayam

    Book best deals on Mr Gao, Ko Phayam in Koh Phayam with, where real guest reviews, high definition up-to-date hotel photos and the like can be checked. Find great deals on hotels for your trip to Koh Phayam. ... Mr Gao, Ko Phayam has sea views, free WiFi and free private parking, set in Ko Phayam, a few steps from Ao Khao Kwai North ...

  8. Trip to Surin island! First in this...

    Trip to Surin island! First in this season on 23 of December. Book your trip at Buffalo Bay Vacation CLub - Ko Phayam family resort or MR TRIP & MR GAO...

  9. Koh Phayam, Thailand: All You Need to Know

    Koh Phayam is a tranquil and unspoiled island located in the Andaman Sea, off the western coast of Thailand. Known for its serene beaches, crystal-clear waters, and laid-back vibe, Koh Phayam is exactly what you would expect from a Thai island.

  10. Mr Gao, Ko Phayam Ko Phayam, Ranong Province, Thailand (8 guest reviews

    Set in Ko Phayam, Mr Gao, Ko Phayam offers a restaurant and sea views, a few steps from Ao Khao Kwai North Beach and 700 m from Ao Khao Kwai South Beach. This beachfront property offers access to a terrace, free private parking and free WiFi. Book 1,199,000+ Hotels, Apartments, B&B and Hostels! US$

  11. 12 Things to Do on Koh Phayam

    Koh Phayam is located in western Thailand, at the Andaman Sea, near the town of Ranong, which you must also travel to. Currently you can fly to the Ranong airport from Bangkok with AirAsia and Nok Air. Prices, times and tickets can be found at Skyscanner.

  12. Review of Mr Gao, Ko Phayam

    Ko Phayam. Book Hotels. Thailand. South Thailand. Ranong Province. Ko Phayam hotels. Mr Gao, Ko Phayam; Search. 77 hotels Choose dates to see prices. Check-in. Check-out. Adults. Children. Price (per night) 0 US$ - 50 US$ 68; 50 US$ - 100 US$ 8; 100 US$ - 150 US$ 1; Star Rating. 46; 6; 13; 10; 2;

  13. Mr Gao

    33 reviews #3 of 21 small hotels in Ranong 47 M.1, Ko Phayam, Ranong 85 000 Thailand Write a review View all photos (34) Traveller (34) Dining (3) Room & Suite (3) View prices for your travel dates Check In — / — / — Check Out — / — / — Guests — Contact accommodation for availability. There are similar hotels available. About 4.0 Very good

  14. 10 Exciting Things To Do In Ko Phayam, Thailand

    The waters surrounding Koh Phayam are bursting with colorful coral and sea creatures. One of the best ways to view them is on a dive trip. Buffalo Bay Vacation club organizes 2 to 3 day trips to visit three of the best diving spots: Richelieu Rock, Ko Bon Island, and Ko Tachai. Richelieu Rock is known to be one of the world's best dive spots.

  15. Koh Phayam

    From the boat pier you finally have 2 options to get to Koh Phayam: by ferry and speedboat. Ranong Pier. While the slower ferry is the cheaper option, it takes about 2 ½ hours. It goes twice a day to Koh Phayam at 9.30 A.M. and 14.00 P.M. Speed boats go to Koh Phayam for 350 baht several times a day from 8.00 A.M.

  16. Specialty Resort Reviews (Ko Phayam, Thailand)

    King Paradise Payam Resort, Ko Phayam: See 41 traveler reviews, 70 candid photos, and great deals for King Paradise Payam Resort, ranked #41 of 54 specialty lodging in Ko Phayam and rated 3 of 5 at Tripadvisor. ... (120 baht for pad thai with 3 small shrimp) and took a long time. I would recommend many other places on the island - Mr. Gao's or ...

  17. Mr Gao, Ko Phayam

    Book a room at Mr Gao, Ko Phayam, Thailand. Bed and breakfast is located in 3 km from the centre. Read reviews and choose a room with Discover our every-day special offers and best prices available.

  18. This Trip have to postponed...

    MR TRIP & MR GAO Bungalow · December 12, 2022 · December 12, 2022

  19. Koh Phayam

    3) Take A Diving or Snorkelling Trip - especially to Koh Khang Kao and Koh Surin. 4) Try Kite-surfing or Surfing Lessons in Koh Phayam. 5) Wat Ko Phayam. 6) Kayak through the Mangroves. 7) Drink at the Hippy Bar. 8) Drive the island and discover the 3 Best Beaches in Koh Phayam.

  20. Bed and Breakfast Mr Gao, Ko Phayam, Thailand

    47 M.1, Ko Phayam, 85000 Ko Phayam, Thailand - Excellent location - show map 9.2 Wonderful 9 reviews buffalo bay is a beautiful location. The beds are very comfortable with lovely bed linen. Very good quality power shower. Comfortable balcony and modern powerful room fan. Excellent … Natalie United Kingdom

  21. Resort in front of Ocean.

    Review of Ziggy Stardust Resort. Reviewed January 31, 2023. Location is superb in front of ocean in Aow Yai beach. Mr. Tom manager, very efficient, charming and fluent in English. Staff friendly. Food very good and correctly priced. Bungalows are nice but it need renovation to actualized them to comfortable standards.

  22. Mr Gao, Ko Phayam, Ko Phayam, Thailand

    Mr Gao, Ko Phayam has sea views, free WiFi and free private parking, set in Ko Phayam, a few steps from Ao Khao Kwai North Beach. A terrace is available for guests at the bed and breakfast to use. Ao Khao Kwai South Beach is 700 metres from Mr Gao, Ko Phayam, while Ao Kwangpeeb Beach is 2.1 km from the property.

  23. Bed and Breakfast Mr Gao, Ko Phayam, Thailand

    Mr Gao, Ko Phayam 47 M.1, Ko Phayam, 85000 Ko Phayam, Thailand - Excellent location - show map 9.2 Superb 9 reviews buffalo bay is a beautiful location. The beds are very comfortable with lovely bed linen. Very good quality power shower. Comfortable balcony and modern powerful room fan. Excellent … Natalie United Kingdom Staff