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Expeditions @ earth’s most unique island, main navigation, we are operators born and raised on the island, and have worked in the local tourism industry for more than 30 years., we offer the most comprehensive, excellent, and comfortable tours in madagascar, to all corners, farther and better than any other ground dmc or handler for the island, period, guaranteed, come see madagascar , a whole other planet on an island with mtt., take a look around our site, view our tours, or ask us a question. welcome, safe and award-winning tour operators, our operators, suppliers, and guides are the safest, best-reviewed, most established, and professional in the business. we will deliver you a better quality trip than anything you can find online or in the market..

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  • Andasibe Rainforest
  • Sainte-Marie Island
  • Ifaty Beach
  • Anakao Beach
  • Motorcycle Tours
  • Honeymoon in Madagascar
  • Grand Tsingy de Bemahara, Baobab Avenue, and Kirindy Forest Adventure (West)
  • Makay – The Most Remote Rainforest in MG, Tour
  • Masoala National Park and Rainforest Expedition (East Madagascar) Tour
  • Pangalanes Canal & Andasibe-Mantadia Park: Rainforest & River Tour
  • Madagascar Vanilla Coast & Marojejy Park: Tour of SAVA from Sambava
  • Masoala Forest and Madagascar’s Haunted Places Scary Tour
  • Madagascar’s Marvelous Food Tour – 3 Days of Tasting Delight! (Hotels Are Included)
  • Kayaking Around Manga Be and Masoala – Masoala Peninsula and Nosy Manga Be Sea Kayaking Tour from Maroantsetra Madagascar
  • West Coast Rough Road Tour – Offroading Tulear to Morondava – Hit the Beaches and Baobabs
  • Madagascar Best Birding (Birdwatching) and Panoramic Photography Tour (The Grand Bird Tour of Endemics)
  • Zombitse and Isalo National Park, Spectacular Sapphires, and Beautiful Baobabs Tour : Zombitse , Ilakaka, and Southern Madagascar’s Sapphire mines
  • SAVA Axis of Adventure in Northeast Mada: The Whole Vanilla Coast
  • Rough & Remote Mada: Tamatave to Maroantsetra
  • Rough & Remote Mada: Tamatave to Farafangana
  • Rough & Remote Mada: Nosy Be to Maroantsetra
  • Adventure in the Madagascar Islands – a 5 Days Trip
  • 3 Day Cruise Tour Of Nosy Be – Sail the Bays of the Be!
  • 5 Day Panoramic Cruise Tour Of Nosy Be – Sail all the Blue Bays of the Be!
  • Nosy Be Aerial Adventure (Helicopter) and Ultimate Ground Tour of 5 Days – Nosy Be “Air & Ground” Tour
  • Nosy Be Grand Island Hopping 5 Day Package Tour – Nosy Be, Komba, Tanikely, Sakatia, and Iranja Tour
  • Nosy Be 6 Day Lemurs and Lovely Beaches Tour – 6 Day Package Lokobe, Nosy Komba, Nosy Iranja, Snorkeling
  • Nosy Be and Northern Madagascar 9 Day Grand Tour with Ankarana and Amber Mountains Park
  • Ultimate North Madagascar Circuit 12 Days – Nosy Be, Lokobe, Ankarana, Amber Mountains, Diego Suarez, Coast, 3 Bays, Nosy Komba & Tanikely
  • Madagascar 11 Day Value Tour from Nosy Be – North Circuit
  • Mount Maramokotro & Tsaratanana Trekking Tour in Madagascar from Nosy Be/Ambanja
  • Nosy Be Motorcycle and Motorbike Rental and Touring
  • Kayaking Camping Tour…with Lemurs
  • 3 Day Kayaking : Nature & Lemurs
  • 3 Day Kayaking : Party Beaches
  • Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Saba, Nosy Mitsio Aviation
  • Madagascar to Mozambique by boat crossing service:
  • Masoala Park – Rainforest Adventure (4 days)
  • Masoala Park – Beach Adventure (4 days)
  • Masoala Park – Honeymoon Adventure (8 days)
  • Masoala Park – Malagasy Culture Tour (6 days)
  • Masoala Park – Explore And Relax Tour (11 days)
  • Antalaha Day Tour – Macolline Forest and UNESCO Site
  • Rough and Remote Mada: Cycle Across the Entire Island : North to South in 2 months
  • Sambava Day Tour – Vanilla Coast and SAVA River Ride
  • SAVA Axis of Adventure in Northeast Madagascar: The Entire Vanilla Coast and Parks
  • Aerial Tourism, Survey, and Photography Private Plane Charter Tours of Madagascar – Direct and Low Price and Satisfaction Guaranteed – Booking Portal for Clients and Agents
  • Madagascar Lemurs Tour
  • Extended Stay – Andasibe Rainforest
  • Extended Stay – Sainte-Marie Island
  • Adventure in the Mayotte Islands – 4 Days Trip
  • Baobab Avenue Tour
  • West Circuit – Baobab Avenue, Riverboat Voyage, and Rainforests
  • Grand Tsingy Express (from Morondava)
  • September – 15 Days – Lowest (Direct) Tour Operator Price – Group Trip 3 (South and West)
  • South Circuit – Classic Tour Route: Route 7, Anja, Isalo Mountains, Desert Dunes, and Baobabs
  • Rainforest Route 7 Express
  • September – 15 Days – English – Highlights Around Madagascar Including Flights and Food – Group 3
  • August – 15 Days – English – Madagascar Adventure Expedition Including Flights and Food – Group 2
  • Mada Motorcycle Tours
  • Grand Tour of Madagascar
  • Extended Stay – Anakao Beach
  • Extended Stay – Ifaty Beach
  • Rough and Remote Mada: Cycle Across the Entire Island Track 2
  • Madagascar Real Frontier Tour (The toughest trip on the island) – Overlanding by Off-Road Car from Nosy Be South to Maroansetra and Masoala
  • Madagascar Real Frontier Tour: Overlanding by Off-Road Car and Canal Boat from Tamatave South to Farafangana and Manakara
  • Madagascar Real Frontier Tour: Overlanding by Off-Road Car from Tamatave North to Maroansetra and Masoala
  • Madathon Marathon: Kayak Hike and Bike all Madagascar
  • Discovering Madagascar’s Aquatic Wonderland: 6-Day Ile Sainte Marie Ultimate Island Hopping and Scuba Diving Adventure
  • Discovering Madagascar’s Aquatic Wonderland: 6-Day Nosy Be Ultimate Island Hopping and Scuba Diving Adventure
  • Madagascar Marine Adventure: 10-Day Nosy Be to Ile Sainte Marie Scuba Diving and Whale Watching Adventure
  • Antananarivo and Lemurs
  • Cooking & Cuisine Day Tour From Tana – Malagasy Fine Foodie Madagascar Tour!
  • Andasibe Rainforest and Vakona Forest Lodge and Reserve
  • Nosy Be & Nosy Komba Day Tour, Boat Cruise, & Island Hop
  • Half Day Lots of Lemurs Tour from Nosy Be (Hotel or Cruiseport) – Private Trip | Low Price Guaranteed
  • Custom Day Tours from Nosy Be and Attractions near Nosy Be Main Island
  • Sea Kayaking Day Tour with Lemurs
  • Lokobe Reserve Full Day Tour with Lunch
  • Lokobe Reserve Half Day Tour for Cruises
  • Nosy Be Wildlife and Waterfalls Half-Day Hiking Tour
  • Diego to Montagne des français, Parakeet Valley, and Ramena
  • Diego to the Red Tsingy (Tsingy Rouge) Geo Park & Mountains
  • 3 Bays (Trois Baies) from Diego Suarez
  • Amber Mountains Adventure (“Mouse Lemur Mountains”) from Diego
  • Amber Mountains and 3 Bays Combo Tour – Long Day from Diego
  • Diego Suarez Emerald Bay – (Baie d”Emeraude)
  • Diego Suarez Night Tour : Black Lemur Safari and Andrafiamena Park
  • Luxury Private Tour from Diego with Lunch (Great for VIP’s/Luxury Bracket Travelers)
  • Tour for the Japanese “Peaceboat” from Ehoala Fort Dauphin
  • Tour for the Japanese “Peaceboat” from Tulear Toliara
  • Sainte Marie Day Tour to Rock Pools and Ile Aux Nattes
  • Tulear , Arboretum Reserve, and Museum
  • Fort Dauphin and Berenty Reserve
  • Mahajanga and the Cirque Rouge (Red Circuit)
  • Tamatave (Toamasina) and Ivoloina Park
  • Morondava Day Tour – Baobab Avenue, Kirindy Forest, & Lovers Baobabs Tour
  • Half Day Reserve of Reniala Tour from Tulear
  • Full Day Reserve of Reniala and Antsokay Arboretum Tour from Tulear
  • Fort Dauphin Tôlanaro (Ehoala Port) Culture and Culinary Discovery Day Tour
  • Fianaratsoa Day Trip to Sapphires and Scenic Geologic Parks
  • Lemurs Tour
  • July – 15 Days – Lowest (Direct) Tour Operator Price – Group Trip 1 (South and East)
  • August – 15 Days – Lowest (Direct) Tour Operator Price – Group Trip 2 (South and East)
  • September – 15 Days – Lowest (Direct) Tour Operator Price – Group Trip 3 (South and West)
  • Abril (April) – 15 Dias (Days) – Madagascar Grupo Espanol 1
  • Agosto (August) – 15 Dias (Days) – Madagascar Grupo Espanol 2
  • Extend: Comoros, Mayotte, Mauritius, Seychelles
  • Madagascar Import Agent and Customs Broker
  • Private Security Service
  • Security Convoy and Escort Service
  • Madagascar Film and Journalism Permits Services – Filming Permits and TV/Movie Production Personnel for Madagascar
  • Madagascar Real Homestay (With Meals)
  • Cargo (Boat and Truck)
  • Madagascar Business Registration
  • Madagascar Residence Permit Application
  • Malagasy / English / French / Chinese / Formal Business Translation
  • Madagascar Aircraft Recovery and Search & Rescue SAR
  • Madagascar to Mozambique by boat crossing service
  • Liveaboard Boat and Diving for Comoros and Mayotte
  • Book a Flight (ShareAir Shuttle)
  • Book a Flight
  • Tsingy Aerial Tour
  • Tsingy and Baobab Avenue Maximum Speed Tour from Tana and Back Dash!
  • Baobab Avenue Aerial Tour
  • Rent An Aircraft
  • Helicopter Tour from Nosy Be
  • Rental AS350 Helicopter trip in Madagascar
  • Helicopter Rental Tour: Soar in the skies of Madagascar
  • Comoros Tours
  • Mayotte Tours
  • La Digue Self Guided Cycling Shore Excursion with Anse Source d’Argent Access
  • Mahe Island Shore Excursion with Takamaka Rum Tasting
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Logo Eskapadi

Unravel the wonders of madagascar

We offer personalized, high-end tours designed to immerse you in the culture and natural beauty of this unique island nation

Escape to a land unlike any other, where the wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth, the landscapes are breathtaking, and the people and culture are as vibrant as they are welcoming.

Madagascar is home to over 200,000 known species, of which more than 150,000 are endemic to the island.

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Madagascar has a total land area of approximately 587,000 square kilometers, with diverse ecosystems ranging from rainforests to deserts.

There are 18 different ethnic groups in Madagascar, each with their own unique traditions and customs. The country has over 20 different dialects.

Madagascar offers a range of adventure activities, including surfing on the east coast, diving in the coral reefs of Nosy Be, and trekking through the forests of Andasibe and so much more.



Explore stunning landscapes, wildlife, and local communities on our 8-day Western Madagascar tour. From Baobab Avenue to UNESCO-listed Grand Tsingy, experience the best of Madagascar's natural wonders.









Nosy Be

We are a Malagasy boutique travel company that offers bespoke high-end tours throughout Madagascar, providing an unforgettable travel experience that connects you with the culture, wildlife, and nature of this unique island.


Cultural Tours

Immerse yourself in the unique culture and traditions of Madagascar


High-end Tours


Wildlife Tours

From playful lemurs to elusive fosa, embark on a thrilling wildlife adventure


Adventure Tours

At Eskapadi, we believe that travel should be more than just a vacation. It should be a transformative experience that leaves you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the world around us.

That’s why we specialize in personalized, immersive tours of Madagascar that are designed to connect you with the local culture, people, and environment.

madagascar tour locale

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter vacation. Let Eskapadi take you on a journey of a lifetime to the magical island of Madagascar. Contact us today to start planning your personalized tour.


IVL 176 A Anosivavaka Ambohimanarina Antananarivo, TANA 101, MADAGASCAR License N°017- MINTOUR/SG/DG/DAIT/SAT-EDBM.23

madagascar tour locale

Snorkeling & Diving

Madagascar is a top destination for snorkeling and scuba diving, offering crystal-clear waters, diverse marine life, and stunning coral reefs. Some of the best spots include Nosy Be, Sainte Marie Island, and Anakao, where visitors can encounter a variety of marine life such as sea turtles and tropical fish. There are diving schools and centers throughout Madagascar that offer guided tours for beginners and experienced divers, as well as PADI certification courses.


Madagascar is a top honeymoon destination, offering stunning scenery, unique wildlife, and secluded romantic locations. Couples can enjoy private beach villas, candlelit dinners, and walks on deserted beaches. The island of Nosy Be is a popular choice, with beach resorts, turquoise waters, and coral reefs. For adventurous couples, Madagascar’s national parks offer incredible wildlife experiences, from exploring rainforests to spotting lemurs.

madagascar tour locale


Madagascar is a top destination for birdwatchers, with 120 endemic species, 5 endemic families, and 1 endemic subfamily. Some prime birdwatching locations include Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Masoala National Park, Berenty Private Reserve, Isalo National Park, and Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park. The best time for birding in Madagascar is between September and November, during the mating and nesting season when fruits and insects are abundant.

madagascar tour locale

Madagascar offers a range of trekking trails suitable for all levels, from easy walks to challenging hikes. Andringitra National Park is a popular destination for exploring granite peaks and spotting ring-tailed lemurs. Other options include Montagne d’Ambre National Park, Ankarana Reserve, and Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Marojejy National Park is ideal for experienced trekkers seeking rugged terrain and rare wildlife encounters, such as silky sifaka lemurs and helmet vanga birds.

madagascar tour locale


Madagascar offers excellent whale-watching opportunities, particularly from the months of July to September. During this time, humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warm waters off Madagascar to mate, give birth and nurse their calves. Visitors can witness these majestic creatures breaching, tail slapping and performing other impressive displays. Some of the best locations for whale-watching in Madagascar include the Ile Sainte Mariea, Nosy Be and Ifaty. Boat tours are available in these areas, giving visitors the opportunity to observe the whales up close in their natural habitat. Additionally, visitors can learn about these amazing creatures and the conservation efforts being made to protect them.

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History & Local Culture

Madagascar’s rich history and culture offer travelers a wealth of activities, including visiting local villages, learning about traditional crafts, and participating in cultural festivals. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Ambohimanga, the royal hill of the Merina people, is a popular destination for exploring the royal palace and tombs and learning about the Merina people’s history and traditions. Visitors can also immerse themselves in local culture by exploring bustling markets like Zoma Market in Antananarivo or visiting artisan workshops to learn about traditional crafts.


Surf & Kitesurf

Madagascar offers uncrowded and unspoiled waves for surfers and kitesurfers. The south coast, particularly the area around Tulear and Fort-Dauphin, has consistent waves suitable for all levels of surfers, with popular spots including Anakao, Ifaty, and Ankoba Beach. The best time to surf is September-October. The northern coast has exceptional spots for kitesurfing and windsurfing, with Babaomby Bay, Nosy Be, and Sakalava Bay being popular spots with side-on winds and calm lagoons for freestyle and freeride. Experienced surfers can also find waves up to 3m on the reef.

Anjajavy l'Oasis

Madagascar may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of luxury travel, but the island offers a range of high-end experiences for those seeking luxury and exclusivity. From private lodges in remote areas to luxurious beach resorts, Madagascar has plenty to offer for those seeking a luxurious escape. We have a large collection of high-end accommodation throughout Madagascar, such as Miavana by Time + Tide, Mandrare River Camp, Anjajavy Le Lodge, Constance Tsarabanjina to name a few

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Madagascar boasts over 5,000 kilometers of stunning coastline with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and an abundance of marine life. Some of the most popular beach destinations in Madagascar include Nosy Be, Ifaty, and Sainte Marie Island, which offer a range of activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, and sunbathing. There are also many secluded and untouched beaches to be found along the coast, perfect for those seeking a more private and tranquil experience.


Parks and Reserves

Madagascar’s national parks and reserves cover 7 million hectares (17 million acres) and are home to over half of the world’s primate species, along with numerous endemic species like lemurs, chameleons, and aye-ayes. Madagascar has exceptionally high biodiversity, with 80% of its flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. Ranomafana, Andasibe-Mantadia, Masoala, Bemaraha, and Isalo are among the popular national parks and reserves that showcase the island’s diverse wildlife and landscapes, while also promoting sustainable tourism and conservation efforts.


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Madagascar Tours & Safari Packages

There is no other place like Madagascar. That might sound like brochure talk, but it is true. Madagascar is unique. Of roughly 200,000 known animal species found in Madagascar, 150,000 are endemic, meaning they occur nowhere else in the world. The same applies to the island’s weird and wonderful flora. How this incredible biodiversity came about is much up for debate. But there is nothing debatable about the sense of wonder one experiences when setting foot on this magnificently intriguing country, often referred to as the eighth continent.

11-Day Madagascar Family Adventure Tour

11-Day Madagascar Family Adventure Tour

$7,577 to $8,335 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Mid-range Lodge & Resort

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Morondava (Town) , Kirindy Forest, Anjajavy, Antananarivo (End)

Tour operator has an office in United States

4.9 /5  –  149 Reviews

15-Day Adventure and Beach

15-Day Adventure and Beach

$2,678 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Shared tour (max 20 people per vehicle) Mid-range Lodge & Hotel

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Ankafobe, Antsirabe (City) , Fianarantsoa (City) , Isalo NP, Ambalavao (City) , Nosy Be, Antananarivo (End)

Malagasya Travel   Tour operator has an office in Madagascar

4.8 /5  –  13 Reviews

12-Day Madagascar 1000 Views Tour

12-Day Madagascar 1000 Views Tour

$3,135 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Budget Lodge & Hotel

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Antsirabe (City) , Ranomafana NP, Isalo NP, Isalo NP, Ifaty (Town & Beach) , Antananarivo (End)

Safari With Us

5.0 /5  –  215 Reviews

8-Day Trekking - in the Ridges and Canyons of Isalo

8-Day Trekking - in the Ridges and Canyons of Isalo

$1,150 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Budget Camping & Guest House

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Antsirabe (City) , Fianarantsoa (City) , Ranohira (Town) , Isalo NP, Ambositra (City) , Antananarivo (End)

Go Travel Madagascar   Tour operator has an office in Madagascar

5.0 /5  –  1 Reviews

madagascar tour locale

8-Day Trip from Antananarivo to Morondava & Tsingy

$1,670 to $1,908 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Mid-range Hotel

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Miandrivazo (Town) , Morondava (Town) , Allee Des Baobabs (Highlight) , Bemaraha NP, Antsirabe (City) , Ampefy (Village) , Antananarivo (End)

Explorer MDG

Not yet rated

madagascar tour locale

6-Day Time + Tide Miavana

$4,070 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Luxury+ Resort

You Visit: Antsiranana (Start) , Ankao, Antsiranana (End)

East Cape Tours

4.8 /5  –  60 Reviews

madagascar tour locale

16-Day Mystical Madagascar

$8,751 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Shared tour (max 6 people per vehicle) Mid-range Camping & Lodge

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Kirindy Forest, Morondava (Town) , Tsimanampetsotsa NP, Maroantsetra (Town) , Masoala NP, Nosy Mangabe SR, Farankaraina Reserve, Antananarivo (End)

Pictus Safaris

4.3 /5  –  6 Reviews

madagascar tour locale

12-Day Madagascar off the Beaten Track

$20,308 to $23,570 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Mid-range Lodge & Tented Camp

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Bemaraha NP, Morondava (Town) , Isalo NP, Ifotaka Forest, Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

15-Day Baobabs, Lemurs and Rainforest

$2,220 pp (USD)

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Antsirabe (City) , Miandrivazo (Town) , Kirindy Forest, Morondava (Town) , Ambalavao (City) , Isalo NP, Ranomafana NP, Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

10-Day Trekking - High Peak of Andringitra

$1,513 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Budget Camping & Lodge

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Ambositra (City) , Ambalavao (City) , Andringitra NP, Antsirabe (City) , Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

9-Day Unique Adventure Trip from Antananarivo to Tulear

$1,551 to $1,789 pp (USD)

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Antsirabe (City) , Ranohira (Town) , Toliara (City) , Anakao (Town & Beach) , Isalo NP, Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

6-Day Madagascar Adventure & Beach Honeymoon

$4,924 to $5,934 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Luxury Resort & Guest House

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Anjajavy, Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

5-Day Andasibe Mid-Range Tour

$942 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Budget Hotel

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

7-Day Nature and Little Paradise

$995 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Shared tour (max 15 people per vehicle) Mid-range Guest House & Hotel

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Palmarium Reserve, Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

17-Day Highlights of Madagascar

$11,236 to $12,915 pp (USD)

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Isalo NP, Toliara (City) , Ifotaka Forest, Komba, Antananarivo (End)

madagascar tour locale

15-Day Tired of Staying Home - Discover Madagascar

$2,903 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Shared tour (max 8 people per vehicle) Mid-range Lodge & Hotel

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Palmarium Reserve, Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Antsirabe (City) , Fianarantsoa (City) , Isalo NP, Ifaty (Town & Beach) , Ambalavao (City) , Ranomafana NP, Antananarivo (End)

16-Day Aventure & Beach - in the West and Nosy Be

$2,198 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Mid-range Lodge & Guest House

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Miandrivazo (Town) , Kirindy Forest, Bemaraha NP, Morondava (Town) , Antsirabe (City) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Nosy Be, Komba, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Be (End)

madagascar tour locale

12-Day Luxury Madagascar Tour

$27,774 pp (USD)

Madagascar: Private tour Luxury Lodge & Resort

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Ankao, Antananarivo (End)

4-Day Leisure Time in Nosy Be

$626 pp (USD)

You Visit: Nosy Be (Start) , Komba, Nosy Be (End)

madagascar tour locale

12-Day Classic Madagascar Tour

$10,100 to $12,360 pp (USD)

You Visit: Antananarivo (Start) , Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Fort Dauphin (Town) , Masoala NP, Antananarivo (End)

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Why should I go to Madagascar?

“There are many good reasons to go to Madagascar. The immense tropical island of Madagascar is a special destination. For some people it’s the idyllic white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that are the main attractions. Others are lured by the fascinating animal world. There are cuddly lemurs, chameleons ranging from tiny to huge, slinky fossas, leaf-tailed geckos (the ultimate masters of camouflage), and much more. The wildlife is protected in a network of about 50 parks and reserves. These natural places are as diverse as the animals that live in them. Habitats range from pristine rainforest to dry spiny forest, dominated by the weird-looking octopus trees. Then there are oddities, such as the serrated limestone formations known as tsingy, and picture-perfect landmarks, such as the Avenue of the Baobabs.”

Where should I go on a Madagascar trip?

“Madagascar is a very big island and there is a surprising number of places to visit. When going on a road trip, you’ll probably need to choose between highlights of the north or the south. You can’t really do it all in one tour. If you incorporate one or more flights, your options to mix and match increase. Most tours start in Antananarivo. A popular tour takes you to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, the best place to see the world’s largest lemur, the indri. From there you follow the N7 south, spending time in Ranomafana National Park to see a large variety of lemurs and reptiles, and Isalo National Park for some hiking in spectacular sandstone formations. The tour ends on the west coast at Toliara or Ifaty, which are great places to relax on the beach. Highlights of the north include the rainforest of Amber Mountain National Park with its waterfalls, crater lakes and abundance of chameleons. Ankarana Special Reserve with its tsingy landscapes is another not-to-be-missed destination up north. Both parks can be visited from Madagascar’s most popular beach destination, Nosy Be. A great bush-and-beach combo is a tour combining time in two properties run as all-inclusive bush lodges: Mandrare River Camp at Ifotaka Community Forest and Manafiafy Lodge at Sainte Luce reserve. You’ll be spoiled for choice of guided activities on this tour. There’s lemur watching, night walks, cultural tours, whale watching, kayaking and much more.”

How long do I need in Madagascar?

“Unless you’re mainly going on a beach holiday in Madagascar, you’ll ideally need at least 12 days to visit some of the highlights. Many roads are in bad condition and the driving time between parks is often long. You might have to overnight in small towns along the way. Luckily, this is never wasted time. You’ll learn about the traditional cultures and the many crafts and arts the Malagasy people are known for. To take in the main highlights of the north and the south of the country, you’ll need about 20 days, even when making use of a couple of domestic flights. With limited time available, a return trip from the capital city, Antananarivo, to Andasibe-Mantadia NP is a great option. The driving time each way is three hours, and you can see a lot on a 4-day tour to this popular park. You’ll have a chance to see different lemur species and a variety of reptiles and amphibians. A night walk is a great opportunity to see some nocturnal species. This tour is a great introduction to Madagascar or a possible stopover on an Africa trip of a lifetime covering highlights of different countries.”

What is the best time of the year for a Madagascar safari?

“Madagascar can be visited at any time of the year. However, the wettest months of January, February and March are perhaps best avoided. September to November is a lovely time for a beach holiday, but the cool, dry months from May to October are better for hiking. The coldest months aren’t ideal to see some animals. Therefore, the best wildlife-viewing months are the shoulder months of April, May, October and November. These months are warm enough for all animals to be active, but not too wet. Having said all this, you have to keep in mind that there are wide regional variations. The east of the island sees the most rain, so avoiding the peak of the Wet season is more important here than in drier parts of the country.”

Do I need to be physically fit for a Madagascar safari?

“As all wildlife viewing in Madagascar is done on foot, you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness for a safari on the island. The rainforest parks tend to be wet and the paths can be very muddy and slippery. Walking in the dry parks in the southeast of the country is usually easier. There are different trails with different lengths and difficulties available in all the parks. Even the short trails are very rewarding and give great opportunities to see lemurs and other wildlife. There are also many sanctuaries and private reserves in the country where it is sometimes possible to see animals within the immediate vicinity of the lodge. So, while you’ll get the most out of a Madagascar safari with a level of fitness allowing you to take on some of the longer hikes, you can in fact see a lot without having to walk very far. However fit you are, it is important to come well prepared with good shoes, a hat and rain gear. A walking stick can also come in handy to keep you steady on slippery slopes.”

How much will this tour cost?

“There are many variables determining the price of a Madagascar tour. However, as a guideline, you can expect a 12-day mid-range package to start at around US$2,000 per person. The level of accommodation is a big factor. Taking a few local flights can save valuable time otherwise spent driving long distances, but it also increases the overall cost. Another variable is the choice between a private or group tour. Spending time on the beach is usually cheaper than moving around on tour. Taking all these variables into account makes for a wide range of prices.”

Madagascar Holiday Reviews

madagascar tour locale

Anthony is a photographer and writer for travel magazines and Lonely Planet, including the guides to Kenya and Botswana & Namibia.

Madagascar: land of lemurs

Often referred to as the ‘Eighth Continent’, Madagascar is epic in scale, a unique world that I love for its wildness, vast tracts of wilderness, and wildlife. Separated from Africa for millions of years, its wildlife is found nowhere...

Full Review

madagascar tour locale

Philip is an acclaimed travel writer and author of many guidebooks, including the Bradt guides to Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

A world apart

Madagascar is, in a word, strange. Mind-bogglingly so, in certain respects. The world’s fourth-largest island, it is sometimes referred to as the Eighth Continent on account of its unique biodiversity and high level of endemism. Home to...

United States

Wonderful Wildlife!

I thought my trip to Madagascar was amazing. I went for 2 weeks with Natural Habitat Adventures in the Summer of 2013. We saw 21 species of lemurs, an endless number of birds, with many endemics, and lots of chameleons. Our accommodations...


Great place for close ecounters with wildlife

We had a 8 days trip to Madagascar in November 2019. We spend the time on east cost of the island - Andasibe & Palmarium Reserve. The wildlife was very good - lemurs are close and provide excelent opportunites for photography. Birds in...


The smile island

Go to Madagascar for the smiles! They have nothing but they are all smiling and friendly. Hotel of quality with ready good food, this is the secret destination where you have to go to enjoy meeting peoples.


Madagascar : country of landscape and light !

Wildlife is unique and amazing, sceneries are exceptionnal ! Wheater, let's say : hot in september , accomodations are at the opposite : you can get high level comfort as well poor with sanitaries very very ... simple (forget hot water !). ...

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Aerial view of a misty golden sunrise at the famous Avenue de Baobabs in western Madagascar

Madagascar showcases the very best of our wild, weird but oh so wonderful world.

With biodiversity to rival the Galapagos Islands, towns of historical significance, beautiful beaches of golden sand and a remarkable culture influenced by Europe, Africa and the East, Madagascar's rare riches are well worth discovering. Venture into national parks to experience profound moments in nature, mellow out on idyllic islands, stroll through heritage towns and spot quirky wildlife not found anywhere else on this earth.

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Madagascar at a glance

Capital city.


29.5 million

French, Malagasy

(GMT+03:00) Nairobi



Type C (European 2-pin) Type D (Old British 3-pin) Type E (French 2-pin, female earth) Type J (Swiss 3-pin) Type K (Danish 3-pin)

Learn more about Madagascar

Best time to visit.

With such a unique ecosystem and environment, going on holiday to Madagascar at different times of the year offers a variety of challenges and benefits. September to November is considered one of the best times to visit, as these months sit right in between the cool, dry winter and the hot, rainy season. This time is also considered the best time to view birdlife.

July to August offers cooler temperatures and the best chances for whale watching on the coast.

January to March is cyclone season, but this is also the best time to see flowering orchids.

Learn more about the best time to visit Madagascar.

Culture and customs

Madagascar is a relatively young nation with inhabitants only traced back 1,300 years. Throughout its history, multiple nations and peoples have influenced the culture and customs of modern-day Madagascar. While some of this history can only be speculated, it's known that much of it has come from Indonesian origins, alongside neighboring African and Arab cultures.

The official languages of Madagascar are Malagasy and French. French is still widely spoken across the country due to the nation being a former French colony.

Today, about 90% of the population identifies as Malagasy, further split into 20 ethnic groups. The largest of these groups is known as the Merina, who lived on the plateau. The country's religious practices are split between Christian and the traditional beliefs of the Malagasy people.

Geography and environment

This iconic island nation sitting off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean, is home to one of the most precious and unique natural environments in the world. Its isolated location means that a distinct variety of animal and plant species have been able to thrive without outside genetic influences.

Possessing extinct volcanoes, hidden waterfalls, cool highlands, grassy plains, pristine beaches, and islands, Madagascar was once completely covered in forest - but due to high levels of deforestation, most forest cover has been lost. Some tracts of rainforest do endure today, but it's estimated that the current level of forest cover is only 1-2 percent of what it once was. Despite this loss, hundreds of species of plants and trees thrive all over the island, from huge, ancient baobab trees to thorny cacti and resplendent ferns.

Eating and drinking

Malagasy cuisine is highlighted by its fresh and tasty homegrown exotic produce alongside its unique local livestock, such as the zebu (a species of cow), and a variety of seafood. Many cultures across the world have contributed to the Malagasy cuisine of today including French, Indonesian, Indian, and nearby African nations.

Food to try in Madagascar

This national dish is made of cubed zebu meat (a local type of cow) and served with a light broth, tomato sauce, and rice. With all the bright colors, it resembles the Malagasy flag.

2. Henakisoa sy Ravitoto

This dish is made up of braised pork and pounded cassava leaves with an assortment of spices.

3. Malagasy chocolate

Because of the unique environment it's created in, Madagascan chocolate has a unique fruity, citrusy, and even forest flavor profile.

4.Henakisoa sy Amalona

One of the seven royal dishes, this traditional meal is made of pork and eel. While an unusual duo to most, this dish is a delicacy in Madagascar.

5.Tsaramaso Malagasy

A slow-cooked white bean and tomato dish cooked with zebu or pork as a stew.

Top things to do in Madagascar

Avenue of the baobabs.

Arguably one of Madagascar's most famous icons is the baobab tree. Walk under the towering trunks of the Adansonia Grandidieri variety, the tallest of the species, at the Avenue of the Baobabs found near the coastal town of Morondava.

Take a sunset stroll under these magnificent trees on our 11 days Madagascar Baobabs & Beyond tour.

Andasibe National Park

If you were hoping to see lemurs in Madagascar, Andasibe National Park is the place to be. Home to 11 species of lemur alongside many other native birds, reptiles, and frogs, the park feels alive with activity.

Enjoy Andasibe National Park by day and night on our 14 day Madagascar Adventure

The Small Tsingy and Great Tsingy

Come across the forest of rocks known as the Tsingys, roughly translated to ‘place where one cannot walk barefoot,' and you can definitely see why. Found in the Bemaraha National Park, these spiky natural limestone formations jut out from the ground. But don't worry; there are rope bridges to get you through.

Trek through and wander over the Big and Small Tsingy on our 24 day Madagascar in Depth adventure

Ranomafana National Park

A government-protected park, the Ranomafana is home to a huge variety of wildlife, from the world's smallest chameleon and striped civet to the famous golden bamboo lemur. Alongside the rare species, walk among stunning forestry and even some carnivorous plants.

Explore the Anja Community Reserve, Ranomafana, and Andasibe National Parks on a 14 day Madagascar Wildlife Adventure

Stop by the country's arts and crafts capital to see the beautiful creations handmade by the local people. See a woodcarver demonstration when you stop by a workshop to learn more about the region's crafts.

Meet the people and learn about their incredible craft during an Ambositra village visit when on our 24 day Madagascar in Depth tour

Chocolate making demonstration

Learn the secrets to the famous Madagascan chocolate during a hands-on demonstration class led by a local chef in Antananarivo.

What a perfect way to finish off your 14 day Madagascar Adventure than with a chocolate class.

Top 5 strange species of Madagascar

1. fat-tailed dwarf lemur.

Known to hibernate for up to eight months of the year, this cute critter lives off fat reserves stored in its hefty tail - saved especially for these months of inactivity.

This odd-looking lemur can be found mainly on the east coast of Madagascar. While it won't win any beauty contests, it can lay claim to being the largest nocturnal primate in the world. Its unique way of finding food (knocking on trees then gnawing through the wood to access the hidden grubs) makes the aye aye similar to the woodpecker.

With a cat-like body and a dog-like face, this strange beast endemic to Madagascar is actually closely related to the mongoose species. A carnivorous predator, the fossa roams forests day and night in search of prey - preferably lemurs, rodents, and other small mammals.

This bizarre little species can bear resemblance to many different animals due to the unique circumstances of its evolution. Sharing ancestry with animals as diverse as elephants, sea cows, and aardvarks, most tenrecs look like small hedgehogs or otters and can range in size from a tiny 4cm to a robust 39cm.

5. Satanic leaf-tailed gecko

Home to a whole raft of interesting and unusual reptiles, Madagascar's most devilish creation has to be the satanic leaf-tailed gecko. With red eyes, a tail shaped like a leaf, and a head like Lucifer, it's no wonder locals are afraid of them.

Madagascar is popular around the world for its specialty produce items such as coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, but there are many other unique souvenirs to find while on the Great Red Island.

It's also a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are able to bring certain items back into your home country. Australia and New Zealand generally have strict quarantine laws.

Things to buy in Madagascar

Vanilla is arguably one of the most famous exports to come out of Madagascar. Shop around for vanilla beans, paste, essence, and more.

Silk shawls (lambas)

Silk weaving is an important part of culture, especially in certain parts of Madagascar. In Sandrandahy villages, generations of mothers have passed the craft of making lambas to their daughters.

Wood carvings

Madagascan wood carvers are known for their woodwork. Find artwork, chess sets, wooden figures, and more.

Madagascan chocolate is shipped all over the world due to its rich and flavourful profile.

Just like chocolate, Madagascan coffee is world-famous and highly sought after.

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Madagascar travel FAQs

Do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do I need a visa to travel to Madagascar?

If you are visiting Madagascar as a tourist for over 15 days, you will need to purchase a visa. A 30 or 60 day tourist visa can be purchased at the Antananarivo airport on arrival. You may also be able to apply in advance at your nearest Madagascan Embassy.

You may be asked to provide evidence of onward travel or a return ticket.

If you are visiting Madagascar for less than 15 days, you may not need to purchase a visa, however, you will still need to pay a border control administration fee. If you wish to extend your tourist visa, you can apply to the immigration service to extend it for up to 90 days.

  • 15 days or less: approximately 10 Euros (48,299 MGA)
  • 30 day traveller visa: approximately 35 Euros (169,043 MGA)
  • 60 day traveller visa: approximately 40 Euros (193,192 MGA)

The page is for general information only and may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to obtain relevant visa and travel information required for entry, departure, and travel to each country or region you visit on your trip. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. 

Last updated: 06/11/2023

Is tipping customary in Madagascar?

Tipping isn’t mandatory, but a little generosity will be received positively especially when considering the low wages that most service workers are typically paid. Setting aside a small amount for porters, guides and drivers is wise, as is leaving spare change or rounding up the bill at restaurants.

What is the internet access like in Madagascar?

Cyber cafes are found in some of the larger cities like Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa and Antananarivo. Smaller towns and remote areas will have far less access, so prepare to disconnect when traveling out of urban centers.

Can I use my cell phone while in Madagascar?

Cell phone coverage is generally good in Madagascar's large cities and towns, but less so in rural areas and on remote islands. Ensure you have global roaming activated before leaving home if you wish to use your phone.

What are the toilets like in Madagascar?

Squat/pit toilets are the standard in Madagascar except for western-style flushable toilets that are sometimes available in large hotels and other modern buildings. Carry your own supply of soap and toilet paper, as this is rarely provided.

What will it cost for a…?

  • Short city bus ride = 650 MGA
  • Cappuccino = 5,500 MGA
  • Bottle of beer in a restaurant or bar = 6,000 MGA
  • A basic meal in a café or restaurant = 30,000 MGA

Can I drink the water in Madagascar?

Drinking tap water isn't recommended in Madagascar. For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water. Fill a reusable water bottle or canteen with filtered water. Ask your leader where filtered water can be found, some hotels we stay in may have drinking water available. It's also advisable to avoid ice in drinks and peel fruit and vegetables before eating.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Madagascar?

Major credit cards like Visa are usually accepted by large hotels and western-style restaurants in the capital but not by smaller vendors. Ensure you have adequate cash to cover purchases not able to be made on credit.

What is ATM access like in Madagascar?

ATMs that accept foreign cards can be found in large cities and the airport, although they're often unreliable or out of service. Be sure to carry a back-up method of payment in case ATM access becomes difficult.

Madagascar safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travellers?

Discretion is advised for LGBTQIA+ travellers in Madagascar. While same-sex relationships are legal, public attitudes in Madagascar are not widely accepting of LGBTQIA+ people. The age of consent for same-sex relations is 21. Same-sex marriage is not recognised. It is advised to be discreet and avoid public displays of affection.

For more detailed and up-to-date advice, we recommend visiting Equaldex or ILGA before you travel.

If you are travelling solo on an Intrepid group tour, you will share accommodation with a passenger of the same gender as per your passport information. If you don’t identify with the gender assigned on your passport, please let us know at the time of booking and we’ll arrange the rooming configuration accordingly. A single supplement is available on some tours for travellers who do not wish to share a room.

What public holidays are celebrated in Madagascar?

1: Jan New Year's Day

29 Mar: Martyrs' Day

31 Mar: Easter Sunday*

1 Apr: Easter Monday*

1 May: Labour Day

9 May: Ascension Day

19 May: Whit Sunday

20 May: Whit Monday

26 Jun: Independence Day

15 Aug: Assumption Day

1 Nov: All Saints' Day

25 Dec: Christmas Day

*Please note: Madagascan public holidays may vary.

Does my trip support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. Trips to this country directly support our global Intrepid Foundation partners, Eden Reforestation Projects and World Bicycle Relief. Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects are helping to mitigate climate change by restoring forests worldwide; they also hire locally and create job opportunities within vulnerable communities. Donations from our trips support restoration across planting sites in 10 countries around the globe. Find out more or make a donation World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief provides people in low-income communities with bicycles to mobilize school kids, health workers, and farmers in far-out areas – giving them access to vital education, healthcare, and income. Donations help provide Buffalo Bicycles – specifically designed to withstand the rugged terrain and harsh environment of rural regions – to those who need them most. Find out more or make a donation

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

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Between the baobabs and perfect beaches, the French-flavored hill towns and the smiles of the loving Malagasy people, Madagascar guides from tourHQ showcase one of the real gems of the Indian Ocean.

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I was born and grew up in the north east of the highland in Madagascar: Near the largest lake of ...



I began this work around 20 years ago and I am the first organizer of the boat trip on Tsiribihina ...

Danielos Tony

Danielos Tony

I am Danielos Tony, a passionate and experienced tour guide specializing in Madagascar. With a deep ...



We organised a tour all arround Madagascar according to our client request, Family tour, Honey ...

Jahya Shad

I'm jahya from Madagascar and I am  a tour guide freelancer in Madagascar and South ...

Ndimby Rabeniamina

Ndimby Rabeniamina

Hi! I have been guiding all over Madagascar for over 10 yeas. I love nature and adventures and can ...


About meMy name is Gera, from Morondava, Native Guide in the West Coast of Madagascar, I have four ...

Elodie et Manantsoa  Guides Madagascar

Elodie et Manantsoa Guides Madagascar

Nous sommes des guides accompagnateurs nationaux agrées et titulaire des badges par le ...

Josaia Rafane

Josaia Rafane

Hi everyone!!! I'm Josaia but you can just call Saia!! I live in Morondava, the areas where I grow ...

Rija Randriamahenintsoa

Rija Randriamahenintsoa

I'm a tour guide, driver, and tour organizer. I can organize all the tours and activities you want ...

Valahara Vonjy

Valahara Vonjy

Hello My name is Harilanto Vonjy, I am Malagasy, native of Madagascar. I choose Valahara as my ...

ARMEL Andriniaina

ARMEL Andriniaina

I am passionate about wildlife and travel especially in Madagascar. So I lead, guide and organize ...

Luc Rabearison

Luc Rabearison

My name is Luc and I work as tour guide and tour organizer in Madagascar. Since ...



Guiding tourists along miles in the rainforest, tracking and calling wild lemurs and bird for ...

Niry from Madagascar Founder of WhyMadagascar

Niry from Madagascar Founder of WhyMadagascar

My name is Niry. I have been guiding around Madagascar for 9 years. I was a student of the National ...

Maminirina Rodin José Randriamanantena

Maminirina Rodin José Randriamanantena

I'm a NATIONAL GUIDE  and a TOUR LEADER from Antananarivo, working all around Madagascar ...

To visit this colossal, gem-shaped island just off the coast of East Africa is to delve into a kaleidoscopic and colourful world of wondrous oddities. Between the multi-coloured chameleons and the fluffy, cloud-like sifaka lemurs, there are blushing periwinkles and bushy groves of wavy tamarind trees. Under the towering gaze of bulbous baobabs, travellers seek out some of world’s most fascinating habitats and natural phenomenon; from the hoodoo rocks of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, to the rugged gorges and craggy creeks of the Isalo National Park. And between it all linger the Malagasy people; hearty, friendly and curiously infused with worldly traditions ranging from Southeast Asia and China, to France and the United Kingdom. So, whether you’ve come here in search of stunning sunrises and sunsets by the beach, or a taste of spicy Bambara curry, to ride the wind-swept waves of the Emerald Sea, to hike your way over the Central Highlands, or to experience the heady cultural mix of the capital city at Tana, your Madagascar tourist guide will certainly be able to help.

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Snow-white travertines of Pamukkale - a thermal spa in Turkey

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Our local private tour guides know Madagascar and the surrounding region very well, speak the local French, Malagasy language plus the other languages, too, and can help you to understand the local people of Madagascar, culture, traditions, and history better while you are in Madagascar. During the tour around Madagascar, you will not have any problems with locals if a tour guide is by your side. Your personal local tour guide in Madagascar will help you learn a lot about the region, and share with you only the most exciting knowledge and best experiences. Check out some of the local sights & attractions in Madagascar, wildlife & nature, and ask your personal tour guide to show you the local gems of Madagascar hidden from a regular tourist without a local professional tourist guide. Before you travel to Madagascar, be sure you have enough local currency MGA with you in case you need to buy a souvenir or tip a tour guide!


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10 Best Madagascar Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 best madagascar tour operators 2024.

Are you planning to visit Madagascar, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

Are you planning on traveling to Madagascar ? Are you wondering what the best tours of Madagascar are? Are you looking for the highest rated and safest Madagascar tour operators to plan your trip?

Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean approximately 250 miles off the coast of East Africa. It is the world’s second largest island country. The island nation is a biodiversity hotspot, comprising over 90% of amazing wildlife that is found nowhere else in the world. The island’s diverse and unique ecosystem and wildlife make it a terrific travel destination for many, especially for those who enjoy beach holidays.

While touring Madagascar is a special experience to be remembered for a lifetime, it can get complicated when you start looking for tours in Madagascar. The minute you Google tour operators in Madagascar, hundreds of results pop up, all claiming to be as good as each other. Some however aren’t trustworthy – so how do you know which one to select? Choosing the wrong tour company in Madagascar could have terrible consequences for your safari holiday.

That’s why we’re here to help. At TravellersQuest, we don’t want see choosing the wrong Madagascar tour operator and potentially threatening the quality of your trip. We want you to find a safe and reputable tour operator to organize your trip to Madagascar. To save you time, we did the hard work for you. We spent thousands of hours researching, and found the safest and best Madagascar tour companies for you.

In this article, we’ll present to you an unbiased selection of the 10 best Madagascar tour operators of the world.

Keep reading to discover the best travel packages with 10 of the most highly rated Madagascar tour companies.

Table update Oct 5, 2023

Scuba Nosy Be

Scuba Nosy Be

Scuba Nosy Be is a highly regarded tour and diving center in Madagascar, specifically located in Nosy Be. They take safety and quality very seriously. They make sure that your diving experience is safe and personalized by using small boats with a maximum of 8 divers and 2 instructors, and they limit the number of beginner divers to 3 per instructor.

If you’re looking for more adventures besides diving, they also offer exciting excursions like quad rides, horseback treks, and island explorations around Nosy Be. Whether you’re a diver or an adventurer, Scuba Nosy Be is a great choice for a fantastic experience.

Scuba Nosy Be Best Madagascar Tour Packages

Explore the enchanting island of Nosy Be in Madagascar with an array of captivating Madagascar tour packages offered by Scuba Nosy Be . Venture to the idyllic Nosy Iranja, a turtle haven with its pristine turquoise waters and white sandy shores.

Discover the cultural riches of Hell Ville, the capital, through visits to its vibrant markets, colonial buildings, and local handicraft markets. For those seeking adventure, quad biking allows you to explore the mainland’s volcanic lakes and rugged paths, while horseback riding offers a unique way to traverse the island’s less accessible trails.

Besides, you call also dive or take diving training with the company.

Scuba Nosy Be Reviews

Scuba Nosy Be stands as the premier tour company in Madagascar, celebrated for its exceptional offerings. With an impressive 5.0-star rating derived from a total of 516 glowing reviews, it holds the distinguished honor of being the most highly reviewed tour company in the region.

Really efficient. Hannah and Morgan were great dive masters and super friendly. The skippers were helpful and we got light snacks and drinks on our day trips. Fogg81

Read all reviews of Scuba Nosy Be on TripAdvisor .

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Cactus Tours Madagascar

Cactus Tours Madagascar  is a Madagascar tour operator that has been in operation since 1998. The travel company provides a wide range of Madagascar wildlife safari and nature tours.

With a team of dedicated professionals on the ground crafting one-of-a-kind packages, Cacturs Tours Madagascar’s tours can be customized and made flexible to cater to each traveler’s time and budget. The company is a member of a number of reputable travel associations such as ASTA, Atta, the Adventure Travel Trade Association, AFTA, ASITY, and the International Ecotourism Society.

Cactus Tours Madagascar Best Madagascar Tour Packages

In Madagascar, Cactus Tours Madagascar offers a variety of Madagascar tour packages. Some of its popular packages include  The Evegreen East of Madagascar , a tour that will take you to the evergreen rainforest in eastern Madagascar which goes through the famous National Park of Andasibe.

The Combo East-Overland Great South  is  a fantastic discovery journey from the mountainous central Highlands to the rainforest of the Eastern slope, then the semi-arid savannah and the canyons of the south, ending in idyllic and wild beaches.

The  Birding Extension   is a one-of-a-kind tour combining birdwatching, adventure, and discovery. Also popular are the  Madagascar Bicycle Tours .

Cactus Tours Madagascar Reviews

Cactus Tours Madagascar is a very dependable Madagascar tour operator with a perfect score of happy customers. The tour operator in Madagascar reviews show that Cactus Tours Madagascar’s client satisfaction is at 100%, out of the total of 174 reviews made on Trip Advisor. Overall, a great tour operator, and probably the best in Madagascar. The organization was 100% – never having to wait or be concerned about…DKYYZ Read all reviews of  Cactus Tours Madagascar on TripAdvisor .

Lemur Tours

Lemur Tours

Lemur Tours is a Madagascar tour operator owned by a man named Jeremia Zafimananjara who has experience organizing tours around Madagascar and being a guide since 2007. The aim of the company is to allow visitors to discover the island-nation.

With Lemur Tours, you can visit all the best places of Madagascar and have an unforgettable holiday. With a 100% excellent Madagascar review rating on Trip Advisor, and having been awarded the famed Certificate of Excellence.

Lemur Tours Best Madagascar Tour Packages

In Madagascar, Lemur Tours offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its popular Madagascar tours include  The Jungle Express , where an old diesel locomotive takes its way through the dense, green jungle along with its innumerable wagons through Madagascar’s jungle terrain.

The  Nosy Be package is a trip to the big island of volcanic origin located ten kilometers off the northwest coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The  Desert Adventure (18 days) is the journey starting and ending in Antananarivo and the following stopovers: Antsirabe, Miandrivazo, Tsiribihina, Bekopa, Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park and more.

Lemur Tours Reviews

Lemur Tours is one of the top Madagascar tour operators with a number of reviews. The tour operator in Madagascar reviews shows that Lemur Tours’ client satisfaction rate is high. Of the total of 167 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 100% of the customers of Lemur Tours rated the operator as very good and excellent. 

Lemur tours gave us a amazing experience on our private, 3 week tour. Jeremiah tailored an itinerary for us so that we got to stay in our preferred accommodation…Liam Read all reviews of Lemur Tours on TripAdvisor .

Jean Be Tours

Jean Be Tours

Jean Be Tours is a highly respected tour company based in Madagascar, offering a comprehensive and enriching experience for travelers. With a professional and licensed tour guide who is fluent in both English and French, they are dedicated to ensuring your stay on “the Big Island” is enjoyable and informative.

Whether you’re interested in learning about Madagascar’s diverse nature, various cultures, or captivating legends, Jean Be Tours provides the opportunity to connect with local people, capture stunning photographs, and create cherished memories. Their commitment to quality, convenience, and safety ensures that you’ll have a well-planned and secure exploration of Madagascar’s best sights and attractions.

Jean Be Tours’ Best Madagascar Tour Packages

Jean Be Tours offers a captivating array of Madagascar tour packages that promise unforgettable adventures. Experience the tranquility of a pirogue tour along the Tsiribihina river , coupled with a visit to the iconic Baobab Avenue. For a scenic journey, the South tour takes you through diverse landscapes, from highlands and rice fields to tropical forests and vast deserts.

The Madagascar Explorer package offers a comprehensive exploration of the island’s highlights, including Andasibe National Park, the central Highlands, Tsiribihina River, Baobab Avenue, and Nosy Be Island.

And for wildlife enthusiasts, the Indri Indri Tour in eastern Madagascar presents lush rainforests, a visit to Andasibe National Park, and encounters with lemurs, including the impressive Indri Indri, chameleons, and orchids. Jean Be Tours ensures your journey through Madagascar is filled with discovery and relaxation.

Jean Be Tours Reviews

Jean Be Tours is the top-rated tour company in Madagascar, earning its reputation through a remarkable 137 rave reviews. Ranked at an impressive #3 out of 124 Tours & Activities in Antananarivo, it has secured the Travelers’ Choice award by TripAdvisor in 2023. These accolades reflect the outstanding experiences travelers have enjoyed with Jean Be Tours, making it a highly trusted choice for exploring the wonders of Madagascar.

I spent 4 days with Jeanbe Tour… Guide was friendly and always helpful! Excellent service. Clear recommendation! Hogya

Read all reviews of Jean Be Tours on TripAdvisor .

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Madagascar Tropic Voyage

Madagascar Tropic Voyage

Madagascar Tropic Voyage is the no 1 ranked tour operator in Madagascar. The company is the brainchild of Lanto Andrianasolo, a dedicated entrepreneur with a deep passion for showcasing the wonders of Madagascar. Born on 02/10/1984 and married, Lanto is fluent in both French and English, ensuring seamless communication with travelers. His journey began with two years of experience as a tourist guide, but in 2006, he took the bold step of establishing his own company, Madagascar Tropic Voyage.

What started as a solo endeavor has since blossomed into a thriving enterprise with three experienced guides on board. With a wealth of experience and a boundless passion for Madagascar, Lanto eagerly looks forward to sharing the enchantment of this remarkable destination with you through Madagascar Tropic Voyage.

Madagascar Tropic Voyage Best Madagascar Tour Packages:

Madagascar Tropic Voyage offers a variety of Madagascar tour packages . Some of its popular packages include the rainforest tour, where explorers can enjoy hiking in rainforests and discover interesting animals.

The Madagascar Northeast Endemics Tour offers you to explore Masoala National Park and Nosy Mangabe’s highlights. The Andasibe Tour, where adventurers can observe Madagascar’s largest lemur species.

Madagascar Tropic Voyage Reviews

Madagascar Tropic Voyage has garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest tour companies in Madagascar. With a stellar 5-star rating based on 138 rave reviews, Madagascar Tropic Voyage is the go-to choice for travelers seeking the best of Madagascar’s attractions and adventures. Their dedication to providing top-notch tours has propelled them to the top, securing the #1 rank out of 25 Tours & Activities in Antsirabe.

Highly recommend touring Madagascar with Lanto and his welcoming, experienced guides. I was able to coordinate everything with Lanto ahead of time from the United States…Jill C

Read all reviews of Madagascar Tropic Voyage on TripAdvisor .

Great Madagascar Tours

Established in 2011, Great Madagascar Tours (GMT+3) is a premier tour operator and car rental service in Antananarivo, Madagascar. They cater to all travel preferences, offering luxury, mid-range, and budget options for an authentic travel experience.

With 24/7 flexibility, GMT+3’s dedicated team is committed to crafting unique trips tailored to your expectations and budget. Their professionalism ensures your travel dreams become a reality, be it a family, group, individual, or business trip, honeymoon, custom adventure, car rental, trekking, or cruises.

Great Madagascar Tours Best Madagascar Tour Packages

Great Madagascar Tours offers a captivating selection of Madagascar’s best tour packages , promising unforgettable adventures. The “Berenty & the RN7 to Ifaty” tour spans 13 days, taking you through lemurs, birds, spiny forests, and botanical gardens. You’ll explore the Nahampoana reserve, Fort Dauphin, Ambatolampy’s aluminum foundry, Antsirabe’s handicrafts, Ambositra’s wood-carving workshops, and Ranomafana National Park.

“The Great East” tour unfolds over 6 days, showcasing Madagascar’s eastern wonders, from the Aye Aye lemur to the impressive Indri Indri, set against beaches, forests, and orchids. Lastly, “The Tsingy of Bemaraha” tour spans 7 days, an extraordinary journey into UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park. You’ll encounter unique limestone formations, endemic flora, and a rich array of wildlife.

Great Madagascar Tours Reviews

Great Madagascar Tours is a top-rated tour company in Madagascar, with a remarkable 194 amazing reviews. It has earned the prestigious Travelers’ Choice award from TripAdvisor and is ranked #6 out of 124 Tours & Activities in Antananarivo. Travelers consistently choose Great Madagascar Tours for exceptional experiences in exploring Madagascar’s splendors.

Thanks Anja for helping us to arrange the journey and everything is perfect with the stays!! Thanks to Carl, Gilbert, Andry and the rest of local tour guides…summar soh

Read all reviews of Great Madagascar Tours on TripAdvisor .

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Nosy Be Original

Nosy Be Original

Nosy Be Original , a respected Madagascar tour agency, boasts a fleet of vehicles, including air-conditioned minibuses, a 4×4 pickup, and traditional motorized canoes. They even have a private beach with various amenities. Their offerings span excursions, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and quad biking.

What makes them stand out is their dedication to quality, a skilled team, and extensive industry experience. They prioritize customer happiness by overseeing services, selecting reliable partners, and providing flexible options.

Nosy Be Original Best Madagascar Tour Packages

Nosy Be Original presents an enticing array of Madagascar’s best tour packages. For those embarking on a romantic journey, the 9 Days Honeymoon Cruise Trip offers an unforgettable experience. The Lokobe Reserve trip unveils the island’s living treasures and rich legends in a friendly atmosphere.

Explore Nosy Be in a 4×4 adventure , visiting villages, the historic Hell Ville, and its bustling markets. Horseback riding on Ile Aux Parfums lets you traverse sacred lakes and beautiful beaches, with sea swims on horseback for added fun. And, don’t miss the chance to witness the majestic humpback whales that grace the warm waters of Nosy Be during their reproductive season.

Nosy Be Original Reviews

Nosy Be Original, a top-rated tour company in Madagascar, has garnered widespread acclaim with an impressive 268 excellent reviews from satisfied travelers. Their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences has earned them a high rank at #4 out of 70 Outdoor Activities in Nosy Be. These reviews and rankings underscore the company’s dedication to providing top-notch outdoor adventures and ensuring a memorable visit to Nosy Be.

Very professional staff. Offers a great variety of activities and tours on Nosy Be. I would recommend Nosy Komba tour, the reserve tour and Quad biking. Cristina G

Read all reviews of Nosy Be Original on TripAdvisor .

Les Baleines Rand’eau

Les Baleines Rand’eau is one of the best Madagascar tour companies. Founded in 2012 by passionate travelers, the company is your gateway to marine wonderlands Madagascar. With over a decade of experience, they offer whale watching, dolphin encounters, swimming with whale sharks, and more.

Their commitment to marine conservation shines through collaborations with scientists. They’ve even hosted journalists for TV and print media. Explore Nosy Be’s marine treasures with Les Baleines Rand’eau, where adventure meets environmental awareness.

Les Baleines Rand’eau Best Madagascar Tour Packages

Les Baleines Rand’eau presents an exciting array of Madagascar tour packages, allowing you to explore the marine wonders of Nosy Be in unique ways. With Freedive Nosy Be , you’ll experience the underwater world through freediving, learning valuable breath-holding techniques.

Their “ Marine Safari Nosy Iranja ” excursion takes you to the paradise island of Nosy Iranja for cetacean spotting in pristine natural surroundings. The “ Snorkeling Trip Nosy Tanikely/Nosy Sakatia ” lets you discover vibrant coral reefs and encounter green turtles.

The “ Whale Shark Trip ” offers an exceptional opportunity to swim with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, followed by snorkeling with sea turtles. Les Baleines Rand’eau promises unforgettable marine adventures in Nosy Be’s turquoise waters.

Les Baleines Rand’eau Reviews

Les Baleines Rand’eau has received widespread acclaim, boasting an impressive 326 reviews that position it as the #3 choice out of 70 Outdoor Activities in Nosy Be. These reviews highlight the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding outdoor experiences in Madagascar.

A great way to spend the night on Nosy Iranja. They were very responsive with the planning and our guide was excellent. Ariel L

Read all reviews of Les Baleines Rand’eau on TripAdvisor .

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Madarako Tours

Madarako Tours

Madarako Tours  is a local Madagascar tour operator based in Antananarivo, Madagascar set up by a local called Olivier Rakotoarisoa. The company is apt at setting up tours that place focus on exploring the country of Madagascar and sharing the rich history with visitors, from the very personal viewpoint of its founder.

Crafting tailor-made and one-of-a-kind tours in and around Madagascar, the company, though young, has become reputable over the years and is a member of credible travel associations such as ASTA, ATTA, Adventure Travel Trade Association, MBA, and CBI.

Madarako Tours Best Madagascar Tour Packages

Madarako Tours offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its most popular packages include Expedition Tour, traveling from east to west, seeing all the major sights and sounds of Madagascar along the way.

The Madagascar Water tour is filled with the Water Fall of Lily and surroundings, known for its volcanic landscapes, fertile soil and its endearing people.

The Exploring Some New Areas is a package where you’ll visit the village of Ranomafana and swim in the hot spring swimming pool, and more.

Madarako Tours Reviews

Madarako Tours is a reputable Madagascar tour operator with a number of glowing reviews. The tour operator in Madagascar reviews shows that Madarako Tours’ client satisfaction rate is perfect. Of the total of 94 reviews made on Trip Advisor, a phenomenal 100% of the customers of Madarako Tours rated the operator as very good and excellent.

Had a very short stay in Madagascar and was super important to me to see the Baobab…Got to see the Boababs but delta I saw so much of the culture too. Was a great trip! Trhoden

Read all reviews of Madarako Tours on TripAdvisor .

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Travelers of Madagascar  

Travelers of Madagascar  is a Madagascar tour operator based in Antananarivo that is local and licensed, specializing in creating custom-made Madagascar tours. The travel company is able to craft anything from single-day trips to exceptional multiday trips in the land where lemurs reign.

With a team of highly experienced and expert travel professionals creating one-of-a-kind Madagascar tours, the company prides itself in guaranteeing safety before all, some of the best rates, and first-class service at all times.

Travelers of Madagascar Best Madagascar Tour Packages

Travelers of Madagascar offers a variety of Madagascar holiday tour packages. Some of its popular tour packages include  Madagascar Wild West , a 17-day trip through some of the most amazing sights and places of Madagascar.

The North and the Nosy Be is a 6-day tour around the island with stops at Diego Suarez, Sakalava Bay, The Emerald Sea, Amber Mountain National Park and more.

A Cycling Madagascar is a 20-day Madagascar cycling tour with stops at Ranomafana National Park, Anja Reserve, Lake Tritriva and more.

Travelers of Madagascar Reviews

The tour operator in Madagascar reviews shows that Travelers of Madagascar’s client satisfaction rate is promising. Of the total of 78 reviews made on Trip Advisor, 98% of the customers of Travelers of Madagascar rated the operator as very good and excellent.

Roberto and his team are very professional and easy to work with. We enjoyed the visit to the Lemur Park close to Tana…Alistair S

Read all reviews of Travelers of Madagascar on TripAdvisor .

Madagascar Green Tours

Madagascar Green Tours

Madagascar Green Tours is a Madagascar tour operator that offers a variety of Madagascar wildlife safaris for every keen wildlife enthusiast, photographer as well as small group keen to explore the genuine wilderness of Madagascar. The company organizes private tours and group tours through Madagascar. All tours are with a driver/guide. The company also offers car rental with English-speaking drivers or French-speaking.

The company organizes a plethora of tours where visitors can join in on Madagascar wildlife tours that will be sure to leave lasting memories. The company has a team of dedicated and expert local guides to craft one-of-a-king Madagascar tours and safaris.

Madagascar Green Tours Best Madagascar Tour Packages

In Madagascar, Madagascar Green Tours offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its popular packages include the  Adventure Tour , a fun tour through all the sights and sounds of Madagascar.

The  Pangalanes Tour combines a visit of the Andasibe National Park, where you can witness the indri, a stay in Akanin’nyNofy at Ampitabe Lake and a relaxing boat trip along the Pangalanes channel with the white sand beaches of Marie Island.

Madagascar Green Tours Reviews

Madagascar Green Tours is a good Madagascar tour operator with a 100% satisfaction rate on Trip Advisor, out of the small number of 52 Madagascar reviews made on the travel platform. 

We would like to express our gratitude and share our posivitve feedback for Madagascar Green Tours. The company completely responded to our needs and our 21-day trip was outstanding. Carme

Read all reviews of Madagascar Green Tours on TripAdvisor .

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My Madagascar

My Madagascar

My Madagascar is an Italian-speaking Madagascar tour operator based in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The travel company is able to craft anything from  single day trips to exceptional multiday trips  in the land where lemurs reign.

My Madagascar Best Madagascar Tour Packages

My Madagascar offers a variety of tour packages. Some of its most popular Madagascar tour packages include  L’isola di Sainte Marie , a tour around the island of Sainte Marie.

The  tour nord e nosy be is a tour around the big island of volcanic origin located ten kilometers off the northwest coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

The  Una vacanza unica in Madagascar  a mini-tour of the island’s famed genus of trees (Adansonia).

My Madagascar Reviews

Of the total of 94 Madagascar reviews made on Trip Advisor, 98.7% of the customers of My Madagascar rated the operator as excellent.

Giorgio and his team always promptly answered our emails and questions regarding every aspect of the tour and the payment options. LukeSka

Read all reviews of My Madagascar on TripAdvisor .

Madagascar can be budget-friendly or luxurious, depending on your choices. Accommodation, dining, and activities vary, allowing travelers to tailor their expenses to their preferences.

Accommodation costs range from affordable guesthouses to high-end resorts. On average, a mid-range hotel may cost around $50-100 per night, while budget options can be found for $20-50.

A two-week trip is ideal to explore the highlights, but even a shorter stay can offer a meaningful experience. The duration depends on your interests and the regions you wish to cover.

Madagascar offers unique wildlife safaris where you can spot lemurs, chameleons, and other endemic species. The safaris typically involve guided treks through national parks and reserves.

No, there are no lions in Madagascar. The island’s unique wildlife includes lemurs, chameleons, and fossas, but it lacks large predators like lions.

Yes, Madagascar is renowned for its exceptional scuba diving opportunities. The crystal-clear waters are teeming with diverse marine life, making it a top destination for divers.

The cost of scuba diving varies depending on the location, dive center, and the number of dives. On average, a single dive can range from $30 to $60, with discounts for multiple dives.

Madagascar offers numerous fantastic dive spots, but some of the best include Nosy Be, Nosy Tanikely, and the Radama Islands, known for their vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine species.

You can enjoy scuba diving in various locations around Madagascar, including Nosy Be, Nosy Tanikely, Île Sainte-Marie, and the Mitsio Islands, each offering unique underwater experiences.

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Fully Guided Tours & Trips in Madagascar

Find the right fully guided tour for you in Madagascar. There are 73 trips to choose from, that range from 4 days in length, up to 24 days. The month with the most departures is September, making it the most popular time to visit Madagascar.

Filters applied

73 fully guided tour packages in madagascar with 170 reviews.

Highlights of Madagascar Tour

Highlights of Madagascar

The tour was very good, but the country is very intense with really bad roads and poor population. It would have been nicer if the daily stops could have been after less time sitting on the bus, and the accommodation would have been more in par with what we are accustom to in the West

Madagascar Baobabs & Beyond Tour

  • Hiking & Trekking

Madagascar Baobabs & Beyond

Really enjoyed the tour. It was actually more luxurious than I was expecting. Bus rides are long but they do try to break them up with interesting stops. Branabus was a fantastic guide.

11 Days Customized Private Madagascar Vacation Tour

  • Christmas & New Year

11 Days Customized Private Madagascar Vacation

It was absolutely lovely to take a recent amazing private tour! The vacation was amazing because to the group of amiable native guides and our fantastic private driver.
  • Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

15 Days Details Madagascar ( Comfort) Tour

15 Days Details Madagascar ( Comfort)

Great way to get around and see a lot of Madagascar, excellent organization and guides

Tsiribihina River Expedition and Alley of Baobab Tour

Tsiribihina River Expedition and Alley of Baobab

Madagasacar 4x4 Overland Expedition to Mananara and Maroantsetra Tour

Madagasacar 4x4 Overland Expedition to Mananara and Maroantsetra

Tsingy De Bemaraha Tour

Tsingy De Bemaraha

Incredible tour experience with an amazing sight. We kind of planned world tour, we started with Madagascar throught HT Agency Tours for 5 days adventure to the western part to see especially Tsingy Bemara, it was incredibly amazing and adventurious. We were in touch with Garcihel who customized our program, he responded promptly at any time. Angelin was our tour guide, the atmosphere was totally different from the point he picked us up, he animated the group and always found things to surprise us, he is knowledgable. The visit corresponded to what we really wanted to discover. Thank you to the team for making this trip an unforgettable experience.

Baobab Safari Tour

Baobab Safari

I had a great experience visiting Madagascar on this tour with Travelia Safari. The CEO, Aristide, was reliable and very responsive. The guide and driver were great. I saw lots of lemurs, baobabs and unique sights - Tsingy de Bemaraha was a highlight. Be prepared for an adventure - the roads are very poor and driving days can be long (especially in December when the temperature is exceptionally hot and you risk the rain) - but with the right attitude you’ll have a fantastic time!

Southern to the Highland Tour

Southern to the Highland

Just had trip with this tour operator over dec 2021, it was amazing!!! We almost gave up and canceled our booking as our flight with air austral was delayed twice, but we did it smoothly. Madagascar is the 43rd country we visited, it was literally pleasant. We booked the classic tour program, unfortunately our arrival date, due to the delay, in addition the 48h quarantine at the hotel messed up completely the program, especially the domestic flight because seemingly there are only two flights a week that connect tulear and antananarivo which is supposed to be on the last day. The agency had to reorganize the tour by starting the program from the last point, we approved the idea as it suits to the domestic flight schedule. After being released from the quarantine we flew to tulear, it was so pleasant to start the journey with relaxing on the beach. We left tulear the next day and made the rest of the trip « mora mora », the first malagasy word we learned from our guide (Solofo). He was funny and knowledgeable; there was a lot of drives but we made it safely. Regarding the country, madagascar is a magnificent country, the landscape changes like every hour from one point to one another, the history, the culture, the fauna we were amazed. Also, we would be happy to share: PCR test is mandatory on arrival which costs 30USD, then the hotel we have booked for quarantine is the only allowed to be in charge of pick up at the airport. The quarantine is about 24 to 48hours, released after receiving negative test result. Before leaving the Madagascar, PCR test or Antigen test (a rapid test) is also obligatory but depending on the requirements of your country; this, until further notice. Hope that helps the future travelers. For us, everything was well organized by HT.

Western Madagascar Adventure 6 Days/5 Nights ( Comfort) Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Western Madagascar Adventure 6 Days/5 Nights ( Comfort)

The South destination kaleidoscope discovery Tour

The South destination kaleidoscope discovery

Comfortable 4x4 with an excellent driver

Madagascar: The Lost Continent Tour

Madagascar: The Lost Continent

Great tour with a fantastic guide highly recommended
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

10 Days Tailor-Made Best Madagascar Tour, Daily Start Tour

10 Days Tailor-Made Best Madagascar Tour, Daily Start

Tsiribihina River Trip Tour

  • River Cruise

Tsiribihina River Trip

Thank you Vivace Colègue and Aristide for this memorable tour and getting to know the variety of Madagascar, both in terms of the magnificent nature as well as the people. Thank you for your coordination and deep insights about your country. A truly special experience beyond the ordinary, whilst feeling well guided and in good hands all the days. Definitely would recommend this personal way to travel to Madagascar again.

Unique Madagascar Tour

Unique Madagascar

It was a very memorable, interesting and enjoyable trip! We both feel like we understand Madagascar so much better and thoroughly enjoyed seeing and learning about the animals, plants and people. Fhurisco really cares about his country and we appreciated his passion both for his country and people but also the nature. Don’t feel we could have spent the days we had any better!

What people love about Fully Guided Tours in Madagascar

Overall was a good tour ! Just read well ! You will not see the baobab avenue! There only 3 meals inc'ude in all the tour so its add on the budget !!! The restaureant we went were kind of expansive ! ( still ok for sure but if you were tight on a budget it male a big difference) Otherwise i really enjoy my tour and the time spend in the home stay this is the real higtlight of the tour for me ! The ceo was nice and the driver amazingly good we all feel really safe ! Most of the activity are walking tour ! So if you dont like to walk this is not for you ! But you will see a lot of lemurs! most hotels only have one power outlet so provide a double usb port. I loved my tour and can recommand it for sure !
The tour guide Patrick was outstanding. He went above and beyond his job. Always extremely helpful. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty when I needed him.. He took good care of his group and had a friendly and helpful attitude.

Travel Styles

  • Fully Guided
  • Madagascar Travel Guide | All You Need to Know

International Versions

  • Deutsch: Geführte Rundreisen in Madagaskar
  • Français: Madagascar : Circuits entièrement guidés 2024/2025
  • Español: Totalmente guidado Circuitos en Madagascar
  • Nederlands: Volledig begeleid Rondreizen in Madagaskar

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Madagascar private tour

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The best hotels in Madagascar, chosen by our expert


Miavana by Time +Tide

Miavana by Time + Tide, a luxury eco-lodge on a private Madagascan island.

  • From $100 person/night


Anjajavy Le Lodge

  • Northwest coast

Anjajavy, nestled on Madagascar’s northwest coast, is a tranquil luxury retreat.


Constance Tsarabanjina

  • Nosy Tsarabanjina

 Harmoniously combines luxury with nature on the pristine shores of Nosy Komba, Madagascar.

The best trips in Madagascar, chosen by our expert

Stay in nosy be, stay in nosy be, a paradise offering breathtaking panoramic views, encounters with marine wildlife, rich sakalava cultural immersion, and exploration of the surrounding archipelagos..

  • National Parks
  • Paradise Island
  • 7 Days From 820 €

Lemurs Meeting

In 3 days, visit andasibe national park, a jewel of eastern madagascar, where you can observe lemurs, endemic birds and chameleons in a preserved primary forest, and meet the indri-indri, the largest lemur in the world..

  • Local culture
  • 3 Days From 350 €

Malagasy Essentials

Set off to discover madagascar, starting with the andasibe forest and its lemurs, then on to morondava with its baobab avenues, and ending in kirindy, a national park famous for its varied fauna, including the fossa..

  • Baobab Avenue
  • Andasibe NP
  • 7 Days From 1200 €


Private immersion in the wilderness and Malagasy culture

Get inspired by our trip suggestions, carefully selected to maximize your experience and meet your most demanding expectations.

Gather all your desires for experiences, visits, everything you dream of discovering, and share them with us to create your trip together.

We'll organize your itineraries, book your hotels, and take care of all the details to ensure you have a carefree trip.

Create your Madagascar private tours accompanied by our expert guides.


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Welcome … tonga soa.

If you are planning to visit Madagascar, we are here to help. We are an award-winning Malagasy incoming tour operator, based in Antananarivo with over 24 years experience as a Destination Management Company – DMC. We are providing wildlife and cultural tours as well as beach holidays. With Cactus Tours, you will be able to choose among a wide range of flexible guided tours and vacation programs, either alone or in a group. Off-the-beaten track or on classical tours, we can propose the best combinations matching your interests, budget and trip length anytime.

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Every trip is personalized and handled by local native experts. Through our guided tours and custom trips, you will take advantage of the most beautiful spots and corners of the island.

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A lifetime experience

The wildlife of Madagascar is one of the most amazing on the planet as 80% of them are unique to the Island and found nowhere else. With Cactus Tours, you will be able to choose among a wide range of flexible guided tours and vacation programs, either alone or in a group. Off-the-beaten track or on classical tours, we have the best combinations matching your interests, budget and trip length anytime.

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We are acting decisively to benefit the local community and to preserve the natural environment of Madagascar, providing our Guests with innovative hand-crafted trips and tours, and ever more personalized services and creating social values.

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What are lemurs ?

Best Madagascar's Wildlife Tours

These amazing animals are the oldest living primates on earth!. Read more >>

Why use Cactus Tours ?

Ranked amongst the best tour operators on the island, Cactus Tours Madagascar is a reliable partner and holiday maker. The company is composed of a Malagasy expert team, committed to offer quality services and the best experience possible to the Guests.

As a local tour company, we are here to provide you the necessary guarantee and safety for your trip. We also have the best logistics, expertise and reactivity to make your lifetime trip the most successful.


Madagascar tours & beach destinations by areas

  • Diego Suarez – Mountain d’Ambre
  • Tsingy of Ankarana – Nosy Be
  • Andringitra National Parks
  • Kinkony Lake
  • Ankarafantsika – Ampijoroa
  • Fort Dauphin – Berenty
  • Nosy Be archipelago
  • Nosy Iranja
  • Sainte Marie Island
  • Morondava – Belo sur Mer – Ifaty
  • Nosy Mangabe – Masoala Reserve
  • Marojejy National Park
  • Perinet – Mpangalanes
  • Ranomafana – Isalo – Tulear – Ifaty
  • Anakao – Tsimanapetsotsa
  • Tsiribihina – Tsingy de Bemaraha
  • Baobab Avenue – Kirindy
  • Fort Dauphin – Lavanono – Anakao

Madagascar vacation ideas & inspirations

Baobab safari adventure tours

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Cactus Tours Madagascar Head office: 146 B – Antanetibe Ivato P.o. Box 206 Ivato Airport – 101 Antananarivo – Madagascar


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  • Tsingy-Tsiribihina
  • Tsiribihina

Choose the genuine trip

With local tour guide operator, who is rija tours rija is local guide operator madagascar.

Manao ahoana e ! I would like to welcome you to my site. You can simply call me Rija. One word about my 'route', question of learning more about each other. One says 'studying law leads to all...with the proviso of getting out of it!' One day, I made decision to leave it to launch out into the tourism matters that I have not left any more. In fact, as a native of Morondava in the south-west of Madagasikara that is always combined with Vezo, with the beam dugouts, the baobab trees... nothing is so surprising! Successively regional and then provincial guide, today I am national guide free lance authorized by the State. And I've got much experience of collaboration with several tour operators.


East coast destination

Andasibe - toamasina - sainte marie - whale.

Discover the mythical east coast of Madagascar, the green lung of the big island, which hides a lot of natural resources. Start your visit on Andasibe and its unavoidable nature reserves. Then head for the province of Toamasina to Mahambo and its turquoise waters. Finish the trip to Sainte Marie to discover the famous humpback whales...

South tour Madagascar

Ranomafana park- isalo national park.

Let yourself be seduced by the south of Madagascar where the route begins on the water town Antsirabe before joining Ambositra, the capital of marquetry. Continue the path in south and enter the heart of Ranomafana where nature is at your fingertips. Fianarantsoa awaits you with open arms before reaching Ambalavao, the center of crafts. Do not miss Isalo and its legendary rocks before entering the province of Tulear called La Blanche....

North tour Madagascar

Red tsingy - tsingy of ankarana.

The north of Madagascar has many surprises for you. After visiting the sanctuary of pigeons and dunes in Sakalava, come against Amber Mountain and its national park. A well deserved getaway awaits you in this part of the island. Enjoy the emerald green sea and the sandy beach. The red Tsingy, the sacred lake, Ankarana and its tsingy and natural reserve await your arrival in the heart of the province of Antsiranana...

Berenty Tour


Berenty Tour is a special offer that invites you to discover the natural park of Berenty and its various species of lemurs, birds, chameleons, etc. In the early morning, these lemurs come against you and invite you to admire them more closely. No need to look for them deep in the forest. Another feasible program in Berenty: the visit of the ethnological museum devoted to the Antandroy tribe, typical of the southern region of Madagascar...


Tsingy tours.

Dive to southwest Madagascar through Tsingy Tours. It is an unforgettable excursion during which you fly over the legendary places of this locality. Once on land, you start your adventure on Morondava and the famous baobabs. The Kirindy Forest welcomes you and introduces you to the place of endemic animals like the Fosa and Vositse. You end the trip to Bemaraha where the fabulous Tsingy are easily « tamed ».

Descent Tsiribihina river

An extraordinary journey awaits you during the descent of Tsiribihina. This recognized river from the west of the Big Island invites you to see biodiversity from another angle. A lunar frame with playful and lush vegetation decorates the place. You will be amazed by rare species of birds, reptiles and lemurs. During your visit, do not forget to take a look at the ancestral tombs buried in the heart of the gorge. These beautiful breakaways will end with a crossing on the alley of baobabs in Morondava.

East + Pangalana

This offer invites you to discover the east and its Pangalane canal. You start the journey by visiting the Mandraka Gorge followed by Andasibe Nature Reserves. Do not hurry to reach the province of Toamasina without a stroll along the Pangalane canal. A magical place where nature and biodiversity come together, a complete discovery of endemic species of plants and animals awaits you there. Then, you continue on Toamasina, Soanierana Ivongo then Saint Marie.

Tsiribihina -Tsingy tours

Another way to distinguish the west? Choose this offer Tsiribihina - Tsingy Tours. You first walk along the majestic river and its gorges, then you arrive at the heart of Tsingy de Bemaraha, a unique site in the world abounding with amazing fauna and flora. The route takes another version, as if you were going back to the center-west. This is really the case because after the famous Tsingy, you finish the walk on the avenue of Baobabs in Morondava.


The rice: Respecting the children, mothers, old people, and rice plantations are recommended by the tradition. Rice, the basic food of Malagasy people, is cultivated in the draughtboard-fields or as in Fianarantsoa region sometimes in terrace cultivation on the hillsides... +++ Read more +++


RIJATOURS MADAGASCAR TOUR OPERATOR RCS: 2011200755 - NIF: 4000369268 STAT: 71110 11 2006 0 042722 Email: [email protected] Tel: +26132 07 558 48/+26134 07 558 48 Web:

Choose the genuine trip with local tour guide operator RIJA TOURS

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The Beauty of the South Eastern Greenery The Richness of the North Nosy Be: The Perfume Island Descent of the Tsiribihina & the Tsingy of Bemaraha


madagascar tour locale

Lemurs, Tsingy & Baobabs Between Forest & Sea at Masoala NP Unusual Encounters in Marojejy NP Trekking in Andringitra NP


madagascar tour locale

Western Loop & the National 7 Combined South & North Exceptional Discovery & Adventure The Makay Massif


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Miavana by Time and Tide Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar Tsara Komba Luxury Beach & Forest Lodge Princesse Bora Lodge & Spa


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Olô Bé Lodge Five Senses Lodge Lodge des Terres Blanches Bakuba Lodge


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Masoala Forest Lodge Mandrare River Camp Mantadia Lodge Manga Soa Lodge

madagascar tour locale

To Radama Islands To the Mitsio Archipelago


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Tany Malandy Cruise Libertalia Cruise


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Around Nosy Be Majunga to Nosy Be

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Aboard a Catamaran

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“Like everything else in life, a beautiful travel is a work of art: a creation. From the humblest to the highest, the creation bears witness to a creator.” André SUARÈS, Le Voyage du Condottière (1932)

[ Trust a professional Tour Operator to organise your trip to Madagascar  ]

Travel designer composed of a passionate, dynamic and experienced team, Temea Tour will be delighted to share with you its experiences and knowledge by making you discover…

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madagascar tour locale


madagascar tour locale


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We are at your disposal for your particular needs 

"I asked Temea Tour to surprise my wife for our honeymoon, it was successful! We spent 6 wonderful days on Noussy Koumba. It was one of the most memorable moments of our lives. We are delighted with their sympathy towards us. Thanks the whole team and for the gifts"
"Hello Sandra, we have arrived! Yesterday we had our family over for lunch and just by telling them about our great adventure they were amazed. For our next trip to Madagascar we will all go together, hopefully. This is to tell you that all this is thanks to you! Say hello to Gino from us."
"Rien qu’à la première communication par e-mail avec Mme. Sandra tout était parfait, personnel accueillant, aimable et aux petits soins de ses clients."
"From the beginning to the end of our trip, we had a dream trip, top hotels and very present staff making sure of all our needs. 100% satisfied"
"Excelente primera experiencia con Temea en la maravillosa isla de Madagascar para un viaje a medida. Un agradecimiento especial a nuestro conductor Christian y a Haja, nuestro guía"
"Premier voyage avec ma famille à Madagascar avec des circuits et visites adaptés au rythme de chacun même pour ma mère agée de 63 ans. Nous avons sillonné la région sud. Une deuxième aventure est fort souhaitée."
"We did the National 2 in July. Despite the state of the roads, every place we visited and the people we met made this trip an unforgettable experience. A must do!"
"Nous étions 5 amis qui voulaient visiter Madagascar à notre façon. On a seulement loué une voiture chez Temea Tour. On leur a exposé ce que nous voulions voir (tsingy et baobabs). Notre chauffeur Christian, nous a conduit vers ces sites. Notre voyage s’est terminé à Andasibe, c’était la première fois qu’on a rencontré le indri indri. Misotra Temea Tour et surtout à Sandra et Christian"
"Christian y nuestro súper guía Haja que nos acompañó en nuestro viaje al sur nos mostraron mucho más de lo que esperábamos. Es evidente que dominan su trabajo y aman a su país. Es incluso una pasión para ellos porque nos explicaron con orgullo y precisión todo lo que les preguntamos. Gracias Temea Tour"

THE 10 BEST Madagascar Nature & Wildlife Tours

Nature & wildlife tours in madagascar.

  • Nature & Wildlife Tours
  • 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours
  • Hiking & Camping Tours
  • Up to 1 hour
  • 1 to 4 hours
  • 4 hours to 1 day
  • 5.0 of 5 bubbles
  • 4.0 of 5 bubbles & up
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  • 2.0 of 5 bubbles & up
  • Analamazaotra Special Reserve
  • Isalo National Park
  • Vakona Private Reserve
  • Reserve Peyrieras Madagascar Exotic
  • Special Offers
  • The ranking of tours, activities, and experiences available on Tripadvisor is determined by several factors including the revenue generated by Tripadvisor from these bookings, the frequency of user clicks, and the volume and quality of customer reviews. Occasionally, newly listed offerings may be prioritized and appear higher in the list. The specific placement of these new listings may vary.

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1. Half-Day Private Tour in Lemur's Park

madagascar tour locale

2. Guided day tour to the Nosy Iranja Natural Island

madagascar tour locale

3. Guided tour of the Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely Islands

madagascar tour locale

4. Hiking Tours Madagascar

madagascar tour locale

5. Full-day jungle trek on Nosy Komba (Lemur island) with the Black Lemur Sanctuary

madagascar tour locale

6. Private Tour for the Highlights of Madagascar

madagascar tour locale

7. 3-Day Private Tour to Andasibe National Park

madagascar tour locale

8. Madagascar 7 Days Baobabs and Lemurs Tour

madagascar tour locale

9. Full Day Private Tour to Ampefy village

madagascar tour locale

10. The National Route 7, 7 days throughout the landscapes and National Parks

madagascar tour locale

11. 14-Day Classic RN7 Route Tour in Madagascar

madagascar tour locale

12. Madagascar is a dream destination for outdoors enthusiasts.

madagascar tour locale

13. Trekking, Hiking And Tours Madagascar

madagascar tour locale

14. 10 Days South of Madagascar Classic Tour

madagascar tour locale

15. Private cruise in the Mitsio or Radame archipelagos: 6 days / 5 nights

madagascar tour locale

16. Tsingy of Bemaraha and Morondava in detail

madagascar tour locale

17. Madagascar Wildlife Tour 14D/13N

madagascar tour locale

18. Morondava Day Tour to Kirindy Park and Baobab Avenue

madagascar tour locale

19. 6 Days Madagascar Group Tour

madagascar tour locale

20. 5 Days Private Tour to Lemurs Island

madagascar tour locale

21. 11-Day Highlights of Madagascar

madagascar tour locale

22. 9 days of Unique Private Adventure to Tuléar from Antananarivo

madagascar tour locale

23. 5 Days Private Tour in Eastern Madagascar

madagascar tour locale

24. Madagascar 4x4 Tamatave - Soanierana - Mananara - Maroantsetra

madagascar tour locale

25. 2-Day Private Tour of Andasibe National Park

madagascar tour locale

26. descent river trip with canôe, the national park of Tsingy of Bemaraha ( 8days )

madagascar tour locale

27. Private 9-Day Morondava Baobabs and Andasibe Lemurs Tour

madagascar tour locale

28. Exclusive Private Tour to Lokobe National Park (Home of the dwarf chameleons)

madagascar tour locale

29. 9 Days East of Madagascar Tour

madagascar tour locale

30. Madagascar Classic Tour 10D/9N ( Comfort)

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baobab avenue in morondava

Baobab avenue in morondava

antananarivo city

City of antananarivo

ring tail lemurs

Ring tail lemurs

baobab avenue

baobab avenue

local people

local people

tsingy of bemaraha

tsingy of bemaraha


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12 Day Classic Madagascar

pp Twin Share

From pp Twin Share

Partially Escorted

Moderate Pace

Small Group

A portion of this tour runs as a group tour where you will be escorted by an expert tour leader. Another portion is self-guided, whether conducted by rail, cruise or land, and you will travel between destinations on your own, with free time to explore at your own pace.

This tour is conducted at a medium-fast pace. Some long travel days may be required to complete this itinerary and you will typically spend two nights at each destination, with some one night stays required. This trip includes a mix of sightseeing and free time to explore at your own pace. You will be required to move about unassisted, including getting on and off vehicles, walking up and down stairs and some activities will be conducted on uneven or steep terrain. You will be required to handle your own luggage.

These tours are our proudest creations. They have been crafted for Inspiring Vacations travellers exclusively, with personal and unique experiences in mind. Please see the Important Information on your selected tour for exact group size. Enjoy features such as hand-picked accommodation, a sampling of the region’s best culinary delights, and a range of optional activities to choose from to best suit your travel style.

Take advantage of our 7 day cooling-off period. 

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✓ Small group tour, up to 10 guests only ✓ Incredible sightseeing including lemur spotting at the Natural Reserve of Andasibe and Ranomafana National Park, nature hikes through the picturesque Isalo National Park and visit to Reniala Park home to baobabs, the spiny forest and some of the largest chameleons in the world ✓ 11 nights in hand-picked 3 and 4-star accommodation and lodges in prime locations ✓ Breakfast daily ✓ Domestic flight from Tulear to Antananarivo ✓ Comfortable, dedicated transportation throughout ✓ In-depth sightseeing and entrance fees as per the itinerary 

madagascar tour locale

Travel with the experts for a carefully curated, value-packed discovery of the world's most iconic destinations. Our tours are bursting with must-see sights, rich experiences and quality inclusions, all at an unbeatable price. Bucket list dreams are ticked off on these all-encompassing journeys.

Day 1 Antananarivo

On arrival in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, you will be welcomed and provided with assistance by one of our friendly staff before transferring to your hotel in the city.

Spend the rest of the day at your leisure.

Day 2 Antananarivo Andasibe

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel this morning before we start our journey with a drive to Andasibe through the green and luxuriant vegetation of eastern Madagascar. Along the way we will see Merina villages spread in the rocky mountains before arriving at Andasibe in the afternoon and check-in to the hotel. This evening experience the forest from a different perspective as we enjoy a night walk. Your guide will point out night active lemurs and other nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.

Day 3 Andasibe

We start our morning with a visit to the Special Reserve of Andasibe to see the Indri, the largest lemurs on the island. This 810 ha reserve is unique with its endemic fauna and flora and contains a wide variety of orchids, canopy, and endemic animals like chameleons, tenrecs, and many birds. In the afternoon, we visit the V.O.I.I.M.A Community Reserve. Here you will also come across a variety of wildlife, ranging from brown lemurs, indri, chameleons, geckos and birds. This reserve provides a sustainable way of saving the remaining rainforests in the area by creating a livelihood for the local communities through reforestation projects.

Return to your hotel where the rest of the evening is at leisure. 

Day 4 Andasibe Antsirabe

Leave early this morning and head south to Antsirabe, across the highland landscape with its beautiful rice fields on display. The spectacular eroded hills called ‘lavaka’ remind us of the Far East with its rice fields and green landscape with vegetables and fruit trees. We stop in Ambatolampy for a quick visit to this huge agricultural city which is also known for its aluminium founderies where most of the countries utensils are produced in this town. We continue arriving in Antsirabe early in the evening. 

Antsirabe, known as the ‘The place of salt’ is an elegant city and known as the centre of the beer industry and home of the local Star Brewery. Founded by Norwegians in 1856, Antsirabe has many elements that makes it look and feel like a European city in the middle of Africa.

Day 5 Antsirabe Ranomafana National Park

After breakfast we drive to Ambositra, the centre of Madagascar's wood carving industry. The highlands are characterised by its architecture: The houses are made with ornately carved wooden balconies and shutters with bright colours. Further on we pass the ‘le col de tapia’, a type of tree resistant to bush fires. The landscape is still dominated by rice fields, pine forests, eucalyptus trees and rocky mountains. We turn off from the main road to reach our destination late this afternoon: Ranomafana National Park.

Check into your hotel where your evening is at leisure.

Day 6 Ranomafana National Park

The approximately 40,000 ha of Parc National de Ranomafana with its rain forest covered hills and abundant wildlife, has long been considered one of Madagascar’s highlights, and is one of the country’s most popular national parks.

Its entrance lies about 7 km from Ranomafana village and altitudes in the Park Range from 800 m to 1200 m. In addition to its densely forested hills, Ranomafana’s terrain is characterised by numerous small streams which plummet down to the beautiful Namorona River. Here, enjoy long walks in the national park spotting some of the lemurs, chameleons and other animals.

Day 7 Ranomafana Fianarantsoa Isalo

Enjoy an early breakfast before we leave Ranomafana and visit a local wine farm for a wine tasting near Fianarantsoa. 

We then head southwards to Ambalavao and visit the ‘Anteimoro Paper Factory’ which is a vestige of the Arabian civilization on the island. Afterwards, we take time to stop at a community-based silk weaving project run by the women's association "Soalandy" and learn the skillful techniques of this art and meet the women and how the cooperative is making a difference to the local community.

Later, we pass through the mountain chain of Andringitra, which serves as a transition between the dry south and green highlands with its famous ‘3 hillocks’ and its huge ‘Archbishop's Cape’. Along the way we will see from afar a spectacular huge granite dome with twin rock towers called ‘The Gate of The South’, which in fact marks the end of the highland and the beginning of the south. The ‘Bishop's Hat’ is another noticeable, imposing formation and a sacred location for the local people.

We then continue to Ihosy, the capital of the Bara tribes where we arrive at our retreat in the late afternoon/early evening. Positioned high in the Sandstone Mountains, enjoy incredible views from your lodge overlooking the Isalo National Park.

Day 8 Isalo National Park

Today, enjoy a hike in the incredible Isalo National Park. The park covers an area of 81,540 ha, comprising of the entire stretch of the Isalo massif. This huge mountain is spectacular with its eroded sandstone elevations. Along the way we will see vegetation like Uapaca bojeri, Pachypodium rosulatum or ‘elephant's foot’ and Aloe isaloensis, a native species of aloe endemic to Isalo. The eroded mountains also served as a place where the Bara kept their dead before they could bury them in their actual tombs. 

We start our climb and reach the massif after walking about 20 minutes, where we will have a spectacular view of the huge sandstone mountains with its beautiful colours and its strange and battered formations creating many different images like ‘the tortoise’, ‘the masks’ and ‘the crocodiles’. We see small streams of water, and rivers which are marked by lines of brilliant green, generally made up of numerous Pandanus pulcher and the delicate, slim-stemmed, feathery leaved palm Chrysalidocarpus isaloensis. Along the way, keep your eye out for sifakas, brown lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs, as well as fifty-five species of birds.

Day 9 Isalo Ifaty

Today we continue to Tuléar where this part of our journey brings us to new scenery among the dry forests of the west and the spiny desert of the south. On the way, we admire the different ‘Mahafaly tombs’ and the ‘Antandroy tombs’. After a short visit of Tuléar we drive to Ifaty, the driest part of the country. Situated in the Deep South, the landscape is dominated by the cactus-like, spiny forest of different euphorbiaceae and didieraceae.

Mangrove trees line the coast alternated by Vezo communities which earn their living from fishing. We will see many small pirogues with men who go out fishing twice a day, while children and women wait on the coast to collect the fish before taking them to Tuléar for sale.

Check into you charming hotel late this afternoon overlooking the magnificent lagoon of Ifaty.

Day 10 Ifaty

Today is free to enjoy the beautiful beach of Ifaty and the many experiences available to be purchased from the hotel. 

You may choose to partake in a diving or snorkelling excursion, or experience the Vezo fishermen's life. Why not visit the Reniala Forest where you can see two kinds of baobabs, spiny bush, and the ‘chameleon parsoni’, which is one of the largest chameleons in the world. Whale tours are available from July to mid-September where they come to the cool seas of Madagascar to give birth to their young.

Day 11 Ifaty Tuléar Antananarivo

Early in the morning we transfer to the airport for the flight back to Antananarivo. After check-in at the hotel, you have the afternoon free to explore the capital on your own. 

The capital of Madagascar is also called the ‘City of Thousands’ and it is where the first King started to unify the different kingdoms of the island. Tana was built in three stages: The high city, the first area occupied during the regal period where the old queen's palace is situated; the mid-city, where all the chic boutiques of the capital are found; and then the low city, which is the commercial area of the town. Walk from the high city to see the Rova, the queen's palace, and the house of the first minister during these days, which is now a museum. All of these were built by Frenchman Jean Laborde during the royal period. The mid-city, or the administration area, ends at the Rainiharo tombs and the lower town is situated in the main avenue called ‘L'avenue de l'independence’ dominated by the railway station.

Day 12 Antananarivo

Today is the end of our tour and you will be transferred to the airport for your onward flight.

What's Included

  • Small, intimate group experience – no more than 10 people
  • Partially Escorted - This tour is fully escorted from days 1-9. On days 10-12 to you will be assisted locally.
  • 11 nights’ accommodation in selected 3- and 4-star hotels and lodges 
  • 11 breakfasts Included 
  • Internal flights in economy class from Tulear to Antananarivo
  • Incredible sightseeing as specified in the itinerary 
  • Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary

Sightseeing Highlights

  • Natural Reserve of Andasibe – Great location for finding lemurs
  • Ranomafana National Park - Known for its rain forest covered hills and abundant wildlife
  • Fianarantsoa - The centre of wine industry in Madagascar
  • Ihosy - Drive through the capital of the Bara tribes
  • Isalo National Park - Hike in the park known for its beautiful vegetation and natural pool
  • Ifaty - An ideal place for diving, snorkelling, seasonal whale watching. 
  • Reniala Park - A small reserve hosting baobabs, spiny forest and some of the largest chameleons in the world.

Inspiring Sights

Experience unique wildlife endemic to Madagascar

Payment Terms

Important information.

Travelling in Madagascar Travelling by road in Madagascar can include some long travel days.  Road quality can vary from comfortable sealed roads to rough & bumpy dirt roads.  Distances covered can be in excess of 300 km (180 miles) per day or more than 6 hours journey time, subject to the road conditions.    

Luggage Due to limited storage capacity of your safari vehicle, we ask that luggage is kept to a manageable amount in a small soft bag – 15kg (33 pounds) max. Hard suitcases are not suitable.  It is also recommended to bring a day pack for use throughout the day.

Fitness Requirements While the tour itinerary should give you some guidance and overview to the expected requirements, to determine if this tour is right for you we categorise each of our tours in terms of their intensity. These guidelines are to ensure that each tour group is conducted as expected and to ensure the overall satisfaction of all Inspiring Vacations customers.

As a general rule, porterage is not included, therefore at all times you are expected to handle your own luggage where help may not be available.

This particular tour is categorised as a”3”

Moderate Tour : A good level of fitness and mobility is required, as this tour includes a moderate level of physical activity and is considered a medium-fast paced tour. You should be able to walk up and down stairs, get on and off the coach and able to walk reasonable distances of approximately 2 kilometres per day or more with ease. Any physical ailments you may have must be disclosed at the time of booking to determine your suitability. If you have any form of walking aids, other than a walking stick or hiking poles, then this tour is not suitable.

Tipping A friendly reminder that tipping is not included in your package. Tipping is not compulsory on your trip, but they can make a big difference to locals employed in the tourism industry and is a welcome way to show your appreciation. If you feel that your guide/s and driver have done an impeccable job, you can choose to give a gratuity, but this is entirely your decision.

The suggested tipping amounts for Africa is AUD$5-7 per person per day for the guide and AUD$3 per person person day for your driver, to be paid in either local currency or USD, so you will need to convert your currency depending on your preference. Please note that this information is to be used as a guideline only and is subject to change based on the recommendations that we receive from our ground operator. Tipping is not compulsory and should be done at your discretion.

Accommodation The accommodation listed is subject to change. Any changes will be of an equal or higher standard. Bedding configurations (double or twin) are requests only. All efforts will be made to meet your preferences, however, any changes are beyond our control.

Single Supplement Single supplement is $932.00 per person, in addition to the twin-share price.

Triple Share Not available.

Travel Insurance Travel insurance is compulsory for this tour to protect yourself against the unexpected. In addition to the support that a policy may provide, you may be asked to present a copy of your travel insurance documentation while traveling.

Visa & Passport information It is the traveller's responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the intended date of return.

Visas may be required.

Please note that these details are subject to change without notice. We recommend visiting for up to date information in terms of entry requirements.

Group Size Minimum of 2 people Maximum of 10 people

Children Children must be 12 years old or above (subject to confirmation) and share a room with parents at all times. Children are charged the same price as adults.

Age Limits Due to the physical nature of this trip and the remote locations visited, there is an age limit of 80 years. Every client over the age of 65 is required to submit a medical certificate or self-declaration of medical fitness before the start of the tour (please request this form from your travel consultant). 

Tour Style To meet the needs of various types of travelers, we choose to operate various types of tours, and depending on your selected package will mean different services are provided throughout your trip. The following descriptions of each tour style we hope will ensure that each traveller has appropriate expectations before they start their travels: 

  • Partially Escorted - This tour is fully escorted from days 1-9 by an expert English-speaking guide who will accompany you throughout the tour.  On days 10-12 to you will be assisted by regional guides.

Flight requests & booking information

This package is sold as land only, however you do have the option of adding international airfares to your booking. Simply click on’ book now’, and under upgrades ,  you will be asked “Would you like us to contact you around our flight service?” By selecting this option Inspiring Vacations will contact you to discuss adding flights to your chosen destination. We can assist with flying the airline of your choice to turn your booking into a flight inclusive package. We would be more than happy to provide you with a quote for the following requests:

  • Airline Preferences - You may wish to fly with a particular airline
  • Cabin Preferences - These include upgrading to premium economy or business class
  • Extensions (start and end cities must remain the same) - You may request to extend your stay pre or post tour.
  • Meal Requests - You may request a specific meal for dietary requirements.
  • Seat Requests - If you would like to request particular seating. However please note, not all airlines allow the selection of pre-purchased seat arrangements.

We are currently unable to provide a quote for the following requests:

  • Stopovers - Is where you might want to stop in transit for a certain amount of days prior to your tour or after your tour.
  • One way flights
  • Different start or end city to the tour - you may not amend the arrival or departure city of your itinerary. 
  • Around the world tickets  - Is when a ticket includes multiple stops in different continents.
  • Return home to a different city from the one you departed.
  • Frequent Flyer point redemption - Is when an airline allows you to redeem points to pay for your flights or upgrade your ticket.  

Online check-in 

Some airlines may not permit online check-in where flights have been booked by a travel company. Where unavailable to do so online, you will be required to check-in at the airport. Inspiring Vacations cannot check-in online on behalf of our customers.

  • International airfares
  • Airport Transfer
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Optional activities
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Departure Dates

Select your departure month

Choose your departure month

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The 5 Best Madagascar Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Posted on Last updated: October 13, 2023

Categories Tours , Africa , Madagascar

The 5 Best Madagascar Tours For Unforgettable Adventures That Are Achievable & Affordable

Expert travel storyteller Jordan Adkins, founder of, brings a decade of adventures across 101 countries and 450+ UNESCO sites into rich, off-the-beaten-path narratives, melding ecological expertise with genuine, seasoned travel insights. His full bio can be found here.

Are you looking for somewhere off the beaten track for your next bucket list destination? The unique country of Madagascar is a stunning blend of tropical beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible wildlife. If you want to take the road less traveled, Madagascar could be just the place for you.  

With its balmy sub-tropical climate, expect wide-open blue skies and tropical vibes.  The seasons are divided into the dry season, lasting from May to October, and the wet season, which takes place from November to April.  

Madagascar has numerous national parks and wildlife reserves to visit.  The incredible biodiversity, endemic flora, and fauna are a big draw to travelers visiting the country. Due to the distinct ecosystems and the country’s geographical isolation, many of Madagascar’s animals and plant life are found nowhere else in the world. 

A highlight for many visitors to the country is the opportunity to observe Lemurs.  Found only in Madagascar, these incredible creatures have recognizably different personalities.  They are highly social creatures and live in groups.  Many national parks and reserves offer precious areas of protected habitat for lemurs to take sanctuary in.  Get your cameras ready to capture these charming creatures and their cheeky antics.  

In addition to Lemurs, Madagascar is home to over half of the species of the world’s chameleons.  Spot these incredibly unique creatures as you explore.  With your expert guide’s help, you will learn more about the country’s amazing wildlife and habitat.  

Recognized as one of the world’s most biodiverse locations – up there with Brazil , China and Peru , nature lovers will be in their element. The eastern part of the country is covered with dense rainforest, which harbors a dazzling array of orchids.  Spectacular volcanic mountains run through the center of the country.  To the west of the country lies a drier savannah-like grassland.  

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Marvel at the silhouettes of the mighty baobab tree, otherwise known as the eternal tree.  These incredibly long-lived trees play an essential part in Madagascar’s ecosystem.  Their unique shape captures the imagination with their imposing presence and bare root-like branches.  Stroll along the Avenue of Baobabs to enjoy a stunning view of these giant trees.  

For those wanting to experience the country’s wildlife, a group tour is an ideal way to cover a lot of ground quickly, maximizing your experience while on the ground. The roads in Madagascar can be challenging to navigate, although infrastructure has been steadily improving.  By choosing a tour, you can be assured of a professional driver to help you reach your destinations safely and comfortably.  

As one of the largest islands in the world, Madagascar has an abundance of coast to explore. The east coast looks out towards the Indian Ocean.  To the country’s north lies the lush waters of the Emerald Sea, a sheltered lagoon with crystal clear turquoise waters littered with the palm-fringed islands of the Nosy Be archipelago, one of Madagascar’s premier beach destinations.  The picture-perfect islands attract visitors to enjoy a relaxed stay on the tranquil shores.

The Emerald Sea glistens invitingly under the sun’s warm rays and vibrant blue skies. This stunning lagoon conjures dreams of a tropical paradise.  Underneath, white sand frames the seabed, and turtles, rays, and tropical fish flit amongst its warm waters.  

The archipelago of Nosy Be is the perfect spot to indulge in island hopping.  There are fantastic snorkeling opportunities around the islands and the chance to spot an array of marine life, including turtles and dolphins. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the sun, sand, and calm waters.  

If your considering Madagascar as your next destination, a group tour is a fantastic way to make the most of your vacation.  Tour Radar has an incredible selection of tours to suit various tastes and budgets.  

Take the stress out of your holiday and book now for an unforgettable adventure to Madagascar.  You won’t be disappointed.  

best tour operators in Madagascar - best Madagascar tour package - best tours in Madagascar - best tour companies in Madagascar - best Madagascar tours

Page Contents

Madagascar Baobabs and Beyond

Eco beach tour in nosy be, highlights of madagascar, 10-day madagascar tour, bike and hike wild madagascar, intrepid travel.

Join travel experts Intrepid Travel for a thrilling 11-day tour around Madagascar.  

Intrepid Travel is a world leader in facilitating small-group tours for adventurous travelers, providing tours that take you off the beaten track to experience the very best of your chosen destination.  With over 30 years in business, they have learned a few tricks along the way, so you can be assured you are in expert hands.  

They work exclusively with local leaders who delight in sharing their home countries’ best-kept secrets, allowing their guests to get under the skin of the destination they are visiting.  

The tour kicks off from the capital Antananarivo.  Meet with your group at 5 pm for a welcome meeting. This energetic city is full of character, with colorful building facades, markets, and cobbled streets.  It is known for its upscale restaurants, so grab some dinner reservations from your guide and head out to experience the city’s vibrant food scene.  

Your journey sees you head west toward the Tsiribihina River and the city of Miandrivano. It is a long 12-hour drive to reach your destination, but the travel time is worth it to explore this ecologically important area.  

Return to nature as you cruise the delta waters, gliding past mangrove forests and salt flats.  This remote and secluded location offers a peaceful, serene, nature-focused experience soaking in the area’s natural beauty. Experience two and a half-day boat cruise on a traditional flat-bottomed barge. Stop off to see cascading waterfalls and enjoy an overnight camping experience both on the banks of the river and in a local village.  

Next, travel to Bekopaka, a town near the southern boundary of the Bemaraha National Park.  Here observe the spectacular natural phenomenon of the ancient karstic landscape.  These limestone needles form a strange yet beautiful terrain that houses patches of dense, dry deciduous forest supporting a wealth of rare wildlife.  

Spiking dramatically into the air, the stone forest began forming over 200 million years ago.  The area protects many of Madagascar’s endemic species, from lemurs to reptiles and chameleons. 

Spend two days exploring the area.  Visit the small tsingy before taking a leisurely vacation down the Manambolo River in a traditional pirogue, a small wooden canoe.  Take in the dramatic, steep riverside walls and stop at caves on the riverbanks.  

Rise early the next day to beat the crowds and the heat to explore the great tsingy.  Traverse suspension bridges, climb amongst towering rock formations and dense forest.  Keep your eyes peeled for leaping lemurs and camouflaged chameleons.  This imposing landscape’s grandiose and otherworldly beauty must be seen to be believed.  

From here, head towards the banks of the Mozambique Channel and the seaside town of Morondova.  Arrive as the sun sets to view the avenue of magnificent Babob trees in the most specular lighting.  These giant trees line a dirt road rising tall and proud with mammoth trunks, towering into the sky.  The species is native to Madagascar, and many of these beautiful specimens are estimated to be over 800 years old.  

As you make your way back to Antananarivo, stop off at the charming city of Antsirabe, enjoying stops on the way to hike in the verdant Madagascan countryside and marvel a the glimmering green of the emerald-colored volcanic crater lake of Triviva.  

This spectacular tour takes in some of Madagascar’s most diverse and remote areas of outstanding natural beauty.  It allows plenty of opportunities to spot the country’s unique wildlife.  

If you are looking for a carefully thought-out and well-organized tour with hotel-style accommodations plus a two-night camping experience, this could be just the adventure for you.  

Madagascar Baobabs and Beyond Intrepid Travel - best tour operators in Madagascar

Sifaka Voyages

Ready to go beachside with this fantastic eight-day tour taking in the highlights of Madagscars premier island destination.  

This is the perfect trip for those wanting to explore the glistening waters, sandy beaches, and secluded islands of the Nosy Be archipelago.  

Fly to the main island of Nosy Be, which is nestled off the northwest coast of Madagascar.  Get ready to soak in the sunshine and sand of this exotic locale.  Settle into your accommodation, sit back, relax with a tasty cocktail, and get prepared for your tropical adventure.  

Day two sees your group head off to the tranquil shores of the small island of Nosy Sakatia, with its forested shores, white-sand beaches, and crystal-clear aquamarine waters.  Explore the rich vegetation of the inner island with your guide before heading to a private beach to relax or snorkel. You might spot turtles or a host of other marine life that frequent the seabeds around the island.  Or kick back, relax, enjoy the island lifestyle, and indulge in a relaxing beachside massage.  

Explore the Nosy Komba and Tanikely islands and cruise between destinations in a comfortable catamaran.  Traverse the dense forests, stunning shores, and volcanic landscape.  Visit the Fisherman’s Village to meet with local island residents and stop at the market where locally made handicrafts are sold.  

A highlight of visiting the island is spotting the population of lemurs that call Nosy Komba their home.  Observe these friendly creatures who undertake their daily routines of gathering fruit.  From here, head to Nosy Tanikely to snorkel amongst its incredible coral reef.  Immerse yourself in the underwater world and its multi-colored array of tropical fish and majestic turtles. You may even see dolphins playing in the water.  

After a free day to enjoy Nosy Be as you wish, travel by speedboat to Nosy Iranja, otherwise known as turtle island. With an oasis-like feel, this island is a spectacular nature reserve known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.    The thrilling hour and half-speedboat ride will put the wind in your hair as you blast across the open ocean.  Spend a day in paradise enjoying this perfect tropical destination.  

Your last two days are spent exploring the main island of Nosy Be. Visit Hellvile and meander the local market. Observe the unusual Banyan tree with its ariel roots. These trees can survive for centuries.  Catch a mesmerizing sunset and a glimpse of beautiful crater lakes topped off with sweeping ocean views from the Island’s highest point Mont Passot.  

With the aid of your guide, journey into the Lokobe forest reserve. This protected area is home to 1000-year-old trees and endemic vegetation and is teeming with wildlife, from lemurs to reptiles, insects, and chameleons.  Exploring the luscious tropical forest makes for a nice contrast to your beachside adventure.  

This relaxed tour allows you to take in the stunning sights of this magical tropical archipelago with the help of a professional, friendly guide, ensuring you experience a holiday of a lifetime.  

Eco Beach Tour in Nosy Be Sifaka Voyages - best tour operators in Madagascar

G Adventures

If you want to discover Madagscars wildlife and natural beauty in a social and fun way.  A trip with G Adventures could be the answer. 

This “highlights” tour provides a mix of sightseeing and wildlife spotting, giving guests a comprehensive introduction to the spectacular country.

As specialists in providing group tours for solo travelers, G Adventures loves to bring like-minded travelers together and empower people to broaden their travel horizons with new cultural experiences and discoveries.  Perfect for those wanting to get off the beaten track but wishing to have an expert backup while on the road.  

You can be guaranteed an enjoyable, rich travel experience with on-the-ground support from your group leader.  

Beginning in the capital Antananarivo this epic journey takes you right across Madagascar.  Join an optional city tour of the capital on the first day, or use your time to explore as you wish before heading out to the Andasibe-Perinet National Park.  

Your group will spend two days exploring the rainforested reserve, which comprises approximately 155 square kilometers of protected habitat.  Accommodation will be in simple bungalows in a quiet area of the Andasibe. 

A host of wildlife calls the park home, including a large population of Indri Lemurs.  Marvel at the sights and sounds of this humid, tropical forest. The park offers excellent hiking opportunities and has a natural pool where guests can swim.  Take your time exploring this tranquil and vibrant area, soaking in the beauty of this protected, lush rainforest.

From here, travel toward Antsirabe, nestled on the slopes of Madagascar’s second-highest peak Tsiafajavona.  Famous for the abundance of water surrounding the city, the area has three surrounding lakes and thermal springs.  Numerous thermal baths use the thermal spring’s water, which reportedly has therapeutic properties.  

A visit to the village of Fiadanana offers the chance to gain insight into life in a local village.  Visit a village healer and enjoy a traditional dinner while staying overnight.  This is a perfect way to connect with local people and learn more about their daily routines and rituals.  

The rest of your journey sees you pass through the rural village of Ranomafana, taking a trek en route to see the rolling hills and soaring peak of Mt Ifasina. Explore the surrounding area and the Ranomafana National Park: bursting with orchids, butterflies, and lemurs. On the way to the hotel, stop by a local paper factory to see traditional paper-making methods.  

Stop off at the Anja community reserve wildlife hotspots looking out for ring-tailed lemurs.  Spend a full day exploring the savannah landscape of the Isalo National Park and escape from the heat in a natural swimming hole.  Wash the dust and sand off your feet in a pool with a cascading waterfall.  The unforgettable memories of the sun-searched landscapes and glimpses of personality-filled lemurs will stay with you forever.  

Join the G Adventure tree-planting program, which is working to create a green corridor to protect the biodiversity of the park and the surrounding area, before heading towards the beachside town of Ifaty.  

Hike in the area, or spend the day relaxing on the sand. There are good snorkeling opportunities with a large coral reef off the coast.  The nearby spiny forest makes an interesting trip with its collection of cactuses and baobab trees.  It is a perfect spot for bird watching and spotting chameleons in the trees.  

This G Adventures Tour combines just the right amount of free time to explore in the way you want, with a mix of guided excursions.  

Highlights of Madagascar G Adventures - best tour operators in Madagascar

Agate Travel

If you want a private tour of Madagascar that takes in some of the country’s premier hotspots, consider this 10-day package by Agate Travel.  

Travelwise, Madagascar can be a difficult country to navigate.  Choosing a tour means the stress of your travel logistics will be well-taken care of, so you can concentrate on relaxing.  Agate Travel has been providing tailor-made travel solutions since 1997.  With one-on-one service and twenty-four-hour support, you can be confident your trip will run smoothly. 

 On arrival, your driver will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel to freshen up and relax before your journey departs the next day.  Head to the sea with a tour of the picturesque Three Bays.  Fly to Antsiranana before exploring these delightful beaches and calm, turquoise waters.  Spend the day with the sea breeze in your hair and water lapping at your toes as you take in the secluded beachside vistas.  

Spend the day exploring Madagscars first ever National Park, established in 1956 and located at the country’s northern tip. The park’s mountainous terrain has a distinct microclimate with lush, rich vegetation, waterfalls, and many endemic species to Madagascar. Relax and take in the spectacular surroundings.

Experience the otherworldly, desert-tinged landscape of the Red Tingy.  This eerily-shaped natural phenomenon is formed from red sand and mudflows.   From here, you are whisked away for a beachy vacation for a three-night overnight stay in Nosy Be, Madagascar’s premier island destination.  

With some of the most remote tropical islands, choose your little slice of paradise. Explore the sandy beaches, swim, snorkel, or relax in the sun. Each island has its unique character and charm. Your guide can arrange trips to the surrounding islands.  

This amazing vacation provides some of the best beaches, island destinations, and opportunities to explore the country’s rugged scenery and unique wildlife.  

10-Day Madagascar Tour Agate Travel - best tour operators in Madagascar

SpiceRoads Cycling

Experience Madagascar from your bike saddle, getting you up close and personal with the spectacular scenery and out amongst this incredible country, its people, and wildlife.  

Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar is an active adventure perfect for intrepid travelers that love to be on the move.  This epic road trip guarantees to challenge you while giving you incredible memories, experiences, and newfound friendships.  

Facilitating a cycle tour in a foreign country isn’t always easy.  SpiceRoad Cycling is a cycling expert with over twenty years of experience organizing cycling tours in far-flung destinations. They use their knowledge to help guests push themselves out of their comfort zones and into their best-ever adventure holiday, ensuring you are well-supported and looked after during your trip.  

This epic journey has nine cycling days and covers approximately 519 kilometers by bike with a mix of terrain, from road riding to dirt lanes, mammoth downhill rides, and challenging uphill climbs.

Transfer from your hotel in Antananarivo to Antsirabe to pick up your bike and get familiarized with your ride.

Day one sees your group explore the stunning volcanic crater lakes of Andraikiba and Tritriva. Get the chance to marvel at the lush vegetation surrounding the tranquil emerald-colored waters.  From here, you will enjoy a long downhill section of cycling as your head to your accommodation for the night.  

The longest ride of the trip takes you to the city of Ambositra.  The city is known as the capital of woodwork due to the native people, the Zafimaniry’s skill in carving and craftsmanship.  Many local artisans sell their products in the area, and it is the perfect spot to pick up a unique gift and observe the native people’s cultural heritage and how it translates into their work.  

Your group will bike to the Ranomafana National Park, where you will spend a day exploring on foot, delighting in the park’s abundant wildlife.  Located in the southeast of Madagascar, the park comprises mountainous terrain supporting various forest ecosystems.  This is a magnificent spot to get off your bike and pop your walking shoes on.  

As you cycle through Madagascar’s countryside, take in the surrounding scenery with its terraced mountain hillsides and rice paddies.  Your journey continues through the country’s growing region, Ambalavao, with its sprawling vineyards.  

Continue to the community reserve of Anja to explore the rocky landscape of this reserve, which is home to ring-tailed lemurs.  From here, hike around the Massif of Andringitra and explore the area’s sharp cliffs and hiking trails.  You will be rewarded with phenomenal views over the surrounding landscape.  

Cycle on towards the magnificent Isalo National Park.  The park’s rugged and dramatic scenery is formed from sandstone mountains.   Explore the canyons and cliffs both on foot and by bike. Natural pools are scattered throughout the park to cool off if the day’s heat gets too much.  

Spend your last day in the beachside town of Toliara.  With your accommodation minutes away from the Indian Ocean, relax on the beach or swim in the ocean, taking a well-deserved rest after your epic journey. 

If you want a holiday that gets you outside and amongst Madagascar’s diverse landscape, this cycling adventure should be on your list.   

Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar SpiceRoads Cycling - best tour operators in Madagascar

If none of these tours work for you in Madagascar, please do not worry. There is a wide variety of tour options in the country, and we are confident that there will be something that fits your needs and interests.

Take a look at all the group tours in Madagascar now , which you can sort by private or group, maximum sizing, budget, dates and much (much more). The team at TourRadar is also always more than happy to answer any questions, provide further information or assist in any way in finding the perfect tour for you.

Worldwide Multi Day Tour Deals

Ortour – Orbit of tourism  – Tour Operator, Travel Agency Madagascar

Ortour , Madagascar tour operator

A unique landscape …, warm encounters, endemic fauna & flora…, an extraordinary experience.

ORTOUR has always offered till now a memorable and an affordable trip for his tourists in whom they find happiness and satisfaction. In fact, for over a decade now, it gives an excellent qualified services and flexibility in order to satisfy the tourists from different social class, group of people in the different tour and trip, the vehicle rent, the walk in the rice field and the booking flight.

Most of our clients know our company by our flexibility and our reliable guides and drivers. Our excellent reputation has been built upon an ability to give quick reply to the specific requirements of our clients, varied itineraries resulting in memorable and unique wildlife tours.We offer a wide variety of tailor-made-itineraries boat trip and few groupto suits all ages: honeymooners looking for something a little different; families with young and older children, keen to educate them about the natural world; empty nesters; and active adults enjoying their well-earned retirement. We are proud of the fact that, each year, more than sixty per cent of bookings are made by repeat and word-of-mouth clients. Our recommendations on the trip advisor and lonely planet are proof of the high degree of satisfaction experienced by our clients, most of whom are seasoned travellers with exacting standards.

We design, offer and undertake more assured, guaranteed and authentic tours. We are specialized in designing trips that are most of the time active and adventurous for mind and spirit. Our goal is to satisfy the request of the traveler from the World. Our guide’s areable physically, professional, expert and trustworthy young people with a genuine passion for the nature, travelling, culture, eager and ready to share their knowledge and experiences.

Our service quality remains OVER THE TOP as we target to :

Prioritize and improve the overall quality of products and services we offer related to accommodation, restaurants, tour guides, local guides, and other tourism-related service providers. Such quality implies aglobal vision and strategy, practical aspects like staff training, customer service and workplace systems and procedures. Also, we evaluate andassess our capacities, knowledge and expertise levels making appropriate recommendations for most suitable itineraries that fit your travel with us by providing valuable and reliable information on quality standards for the tourists regarding their holiday.

Besides, ORTOUR, primarily labeled a very FLEXIBLE Tour Company, raises the levels of demand from our clients, allowing any individual, from different class and background, retaining our purpose to better respond, satisfy and meet their needs and demands.

We work professionnally. When traveling with us, our tour leaders are entirely professional, expert in the world of tourism, having excellent knowledge in languages, fauna and flora, being nature oriented, specializing in birds, and other animals. Most of our clients really appreciate our English-speaking local tour leaders. The reactions we receive are often enthusiastic, especially in the field of their extraordinary knowledge of their country or region.

With Ortour, your trip is generally looking into the lasting development of the entire community especially in the biodiversity conservation.

We are composed of solid team. Our teams are trust worthy and reliable agents. Guides and tour leaders know their destinations inside-out. They know quite everything regarding the hotels, the best restaurants and the most appealing bars and cafes. They are keen on culture, history and the local etiquette of the destination. Furthermore, concerning any emergency incident, you can rest assured that they have access to many resources as facilitators. Their performance is closely and constantly monitored and they have cultural understanding. Our local guides represent ourselves and they tend to be well-trained and motivated. The most important thing is that they are flexible and have an open-minded approach. We welcome people of all ages to join our tours and enjoy discovering these beautiful places, amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery, local cultures and fascinating people. We look forward to hearing from you and feel free to call us or send email for any enquiries!

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Tours in Madagascar

Tsingy Sifaka

Andasibe for 4 days

madagascar tour locale

Birding tour

Ghecko in Masoala forest

Masoala & Nosy Manga Be

madagascar tour locale

Honey Moon “1”

Honey moon “2”.

madagascar tour locale

Andringitra & Marojejy

Tsiribihina river

Tsiribihina & Tsingy of Bemaraha

madagascar tour locale

Parc & Cultures along the RN7

madagascar tour locale

The Northwest

madagascar tour locale

The Fauna and Flora of the East and the Landscape of the West

Zebu market on the road to Berenty

Andasibe – Berenty

Ranomafana rainforest

Beautiful South


Splendid North


Baobab & the Tsingy

palmarium aye aye

Aye-Aye Trekking


South trekking

madagascar tour locale

Coastal flamboyant


Group tour 1


Group tour 2

Tsingy of Ankarana

Ankarana & Montagne d’Ambre


Indri-Indri & Aye Aye

Madagascar national parks.

The Virginian-Pilot

Outdoors | Virginia Aquarium launches new boat tour

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e-Pilot Evening Edition

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Things To Do

Staff headshot of Kari Pugh.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is adding a new boat tour experience starting on April 20, called Owls Creek Marsh Cruise.

Search for osprey, eagles, herons and other wildlife during this 45-minute creek cruise for ages 6 and up on the Atlantic Scout.

Join aquarium educators and the boat captain on a slow cruise to explore the native habitat and fauna that make Owls Creek and Lake Rudee among Virginia Beach’s most valuable natural resources.

Tickets are $19.95 and on sale now. The nature tours will continue through May 31 when dolphin tours begin for the season.

Tickets can be purchased on .

More in Outdoors

Registration is open for the 42nd Annual 50+ Chesapeake Games to be held April 22-27 across the city.

Local News | Senior games return to Chesapeake in April

What a trip: a paradise for birds in Costa Rica

Things To Do | What a trip: a paradise for birds in Costa Rica

Landyn’s Ride will include a motorcycle cruise, with reserved parking on Atlantic Avenue, along with family-friendly activities, food, candy, entertainment and more than $20,000 so far in silent auction and raffle prizes.

Things To Do | Fundraiser will benefit 8-year-old struck by bullet in Virginia Beach

Eighteen family members, including her husband Jon, will help Laura McKail — nursing a broken foot — get through the 8K race Saturday in a wheelchair.

Outdoors | She’ll race in the Shamrock 8K, but this 9/11 responder battling breast cancer will get help from 18 family members

Trending nationally.

  • What you need to know about today’s total solar eclipse
  • Engine cover detaches from Southwest Airlines plane, forcing emergency landing
  • Crews begin removing shipping containers off the Dali, ship that collapsed Key Bridge
  • A town has a serious problem with pigs destroying lawns and gardens. Now, piglets are arriving.
  • Melania Trump spent ‘all hours’ in her bathrobe as first lady, holing up in the White House residence, author says

Local News | Service dogs take Duck Tour through Boston

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  • Your Tax Dollars
  • Massachusetts

NEADS service animals, ambassadors take ride on bus to celebrate partnership

Danny the service dog sits in the driver seat of the duck boat Sunday. (Libby O’Neill/Boston Herald)

NEADS World Class Service Dogs celebrated Boston Duck Tours’ philanthropic initiative, ‘Quack-Quack, Give Back!” on Sunday with ambassadors and partners taking a private tour ride through the city.

The two organizations celebrated their 12-year partnership a week after Duck Tours’ 2024 season kicked off with the tour ride for service dogs and their handlers. For pooches too young for the tour, there was and a training course that included basic obedience, good manners and socialization, NEADS officials said.

Cathy Zemaitis, Chief Development and Programs Officer at NEADS lauded Boston Duck Tours for allocating proceeds made throughout the year to support NEADS. Zemaitis said a service dog in training was named Kilroy, in honor of the very first Duck Boat.

Harbor Sweets, based out of Salem, MA, also provided paw-shaped chocolates for those joining the tour, with a portion of proceeds from chocolates sold being donated to NEADS.

“Hosting NEADS Puppy Raisers and the Service Dogs in Training on our Duck Boats is one of our favorite events, and we are thrilled that they will join us for this fun, yet educational trip,” Boston Duck Tours CEO Cindy Brown said in a statement.

Boston, MA - April 7: NEADS hearing dog Kona sits outside of the duck boat. (Libby O'Neill/Boston Herald)

More in Local News

Projected budgetary woes in Boston that led Mayor Michelle Wu to roll out a proposal to increase property taxes on businesses beyond the state limit are not driven by unpaid real estate taxes, given city data that shows a 99% collection rate. 


Politics | boston reports $6.35m in unpaid property taxes as mayor wu pushes commercial rate increase.

Nine months after the Curley Center reopened its doors in South Boston after a $31.2 million renovation, a clogged drain combined with Thursday’s wicked rain caused the facility to close Friday.

South Boston community center closed due to clogged drain, heavy rain after recent $31.2M renovation

Boston Medical Center officials admit the scope of their proposed Shattuck Hospital redevelopment needs to be reduced, but community members remain unsettled about the project as a whole.

Proposed Shattuck Hospital redevelopment needs to shrink, council told

Boston-based U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested two illegally present immigrants charged with raping Massachusetts children as well as another charged with murder in his home country.

Crime & Public Safety | ICE arrests 2 accused of raping Massachusetts girls, 1 wanted for murder

Willow Glen Lifestyles Home Tour celebrates…

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Willow Glen Lifestyles Home Tour celebrates 40th year

Benefit for san jose day nursery set for may 4-5.

Each of the five homes on the 40th annual Willow Glen Lifestyles Home Tour, including this one, is no more than a five-minute drive from the next. Docents will be on site at each home to answer questions. The self-guided tour is set for May 4-5. (Courtesy photo)

The Willow Glen Lifestyles Home Tour is celebrating its 40th year on May 4-5. As ever, the event benefits the San Jose Day Nursery (SJDN), a nonprofit early learning center founded in 1916 in downtown San Jose. Funds raised from the tour will enhance SJDN programs and provide scholarships for children of low-income working parents.

Each of the five homes on the self-guided tour is no more than a five-minute drive from the next. Docents will be on site at each home to answer questions.

Featured homes this year include the historic 110-plus-year-old former Wilcox Manor on Pine Avenue with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Just across the street is a lovely Carmel -style contemporary five-bedroom, 4.5-bath home.

A renovated cottage, a modern farmhouse and a two-bedroom, two-story Spanish-influenced home in downtown Willow Glen round out the tour this year.

One of the homes on Pine Avenue has been designated this year’s “garden home,” where attendees will be able to enjoy beverages and refreshments in a garden setting, mingle over complimentary wine tasting and purchase snacks and gift items from local vendors and artisans.

Tickets for the tour, set for 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on both days, are $50 in advance at or in person at D’Anna’s Florist, 1712 Meridian Ave., and Bella James, 1371 Lincoln Ave. Home addresses will be revealed after purchase of a ticket. No pets or children under 12.

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More in Local News

Concept mage of a small plaza with line drawings of people socializing.

Local News | Gilroy begins construction on pedestrian-only public plaza

A suspect is being sought in the Friday shooting of a driver on an on-ramp to I-80 in Berkeley.

Crime and Public Safety | Driver shot on Berkeley freeway on-ramp

Authorities are trying to identify a pedestrian killed in a hit-and-run collision in Oakland Monday morning.

Crime and Public Safety | Pedestrian killed in Oakland hit-and-run collision

“It’s one of those places ... where you go for hours without seeing another soul. There’s no evidence of civilization in an area of 7.5 million people.”

Environment | Bay Area’s 27-mile wilderness trail is a model for preserving open space

Little Big Town tour with Sugarland coming to Target Center

madagascar tour locale

(Little Big Town / YouTube / MGN)

Two powerhouse country music groups are coming to Minneapolis this fall as part of a new tour.

Little Big Town is teaming up with Sugarland for their “Take Me Home” tour, named for their rendition of the Phil Collins hit in 1985, which they premiered Sunday night during the CMT Music Awards. The tour includes a stop at Target Center on Nov. 7.

The Castellows will also appear on the tour, which will kick off on Oct. 24 and end Dec. 13.

The two headlining groups have won dozens of major awards over the past 20-plus years. Little Big Town has won more than 20 awards, including multiple Grammy, AMA, CMA, ACM and People’s Choice awards, plus an Emmy Award. Sugarland won five consecutive CMA Awards for vocal duo of the year starting in 2007 and several other ACM and Grammy awards. Castellows, a neo-traditional country group made up of three sisters from Georgia, has landed on several 2024 award watch lists.

Tickets for the Minneapolis show go on sale Friday at 10 a.m., with a special presale starting 24 hours earlier. Click here for more details.

Watch CBS News

Biden in Baltimore announces more federal assistance after bridge collapse

By Kathryn Watson

Updated on: April 5, 2024 / 7:54 PM EDT / CBS News

President Biden went to Baltimore Friday as a show of support after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge , announcing additional federal financial support to buoy the city's economy and commerce. 

The president surveyed the devastation from his helicopter, Marine One, Friday afternoon before receiving a briefing from local officials. The bridge fell on March 26 when the Dali, a Singapore-flagged container ship, struck one of the bridge's main supports. Six men who were working on the bridge fell into the Patapsco River below and were killed. Mr. Biden  met with their families Friday.

"I've come here to grieve with you," the president told Baltimore residents near where the bridge stood. 

He announced the first tranche of grants for dislocated workers to help replace jobs affected by the collapse. The federal government will also provide $8 million in grant funds for infrastructure improvements at Sparrows Point, the only port unaffected by the collapse. That will allow the port to receive more ships, the president said. He also urged businesses to keep workers in the area on their payroll. Mr. Biden said the full channel will reopen by the end of May. 

"We're coming back. We're coming back soon," the president promised, adding that the government was "going to move heaven and earth to rebuild this bridge as rapidly as humanly possible."

President Biden speaks about the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge as Maryland Gov. Wes Moore looks on in Baltimore on April 5, 2024.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, a Democrat, thanked Mr. Biden for his support. 

"We get knocked down, we stand back up, and we dust ourselves off, and we move forward," Moore said, as he stood next to the president. "That is what we do. And the people — and the people of Maryland are grateful to have a full partner in this work like President Biden." 

"President Biden might not be a Marylander by birth, but I tell ya, he's proven what it means to be Maryland tough and Baltimore strong," Moore said. 

Maryland Bridge Collapse Biden

At the president's briefing in Baltimore, Brigadier Gen. John Lloyd of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers described the situation as a "mangled mess" below the water. The president was shown a 3D underwater scan of the debris and wreckage. 

Mr. Biden says the federal government should pay for the entire cost of the bridge's reconstruction, which Congress would need to approve. 

It's not yet clear what that will cost, and some Republicans have expressed opposition to having the federal government foot the bill. The Biden administration has approved $60 million in immediate aid to help clean the wreckage. 

"My vow is that we will not rest ... until the cement has dried on the entirety of a new bridge," the president said Friday. 

White House Office of Management and Budget director Shalanda Young on Friday wrote to Congress and called on lawmakers to authorize "a 100 percent federal cost share for rebuilding the bridge." She reminded them that "Congress acted in a bipartisan manner within days" to provide similar funding after the 2007 collapse of the I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota.

Next Tuesday, Maryland's congressional delegation will be meeting with Gov. Wes Moore and Young Tuesday to discuss emergency funding for Baltimore and its response to the  bridge  collapse.

  • Families of victims in Baltimore bridge collapse speak out: "Tremendous agony"

A second temporary channel opened this week for some water traffic to proceed, but it will take years to rebuild the bridge, a key artery for the city, state, and Northeast corridor. The fall of the bridge has been a drag on the local economy, too. About 35,000 cars crossed the bridge each day, and those travelers will now need to take longer and more congested routes.

  • United States Congress
  • Francis Scott Key Bridge


Kathryn Watson is a politics reporter for CBS News Digital based in Washington, D.C.

More from CBS News

Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles collectively donate $10 Million to Key Bridge Emergency Fund

President Biden vows Key Bridge will be rebuilt, grieves with family members of those killed in collapse

Dali's containers being removed in big step to clear Key Bridge from cargo ship

Body of third construction worker recovered in Key Bridge wreckage


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    Take a private Madagascar tour and discover this incredible island nation with a friendly and knowledgeable local guide. Using Madagascar's dramatic capital city, Antananarivo, as a base, you can hike through stunning highland landscapes, meet ring-tailed lemurs, and visit World Heritage Sites, such as the Queen's Palace.

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    "There are many variables determining the price of a Madagascar tour. However, as a guideline, you can expect a 12-day mid-range package to start at around US$2,000 per person. The level of accommodation is a big factor. Taking a few local flights can save valuable time otherwise spent driving long distances, but it also increases the overall ...

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    Great trip to discover the beautiful country of Madagascar! 100% recommended. National parks and landscapes are very diverse. Walks are easy , just a bit adventure spirit and good hiking shoes are required. I loved watching so many lemurs and chameleons! Our tour guide Bruno and the local tour guides were excellent. Very proffesional and ...

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    Find the top-rated and best-reviewed tours and activities in Madagascar for 2024. From prices and availability to skip-the-line options and mobile tickets, get all the information you need to make the most of your trip to Madagascar. ... Antanavario: Private custom tour with a local guide. Antanavario can sometimes feel inaccessible to foreign ...

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    Madagascar. To visit this colossal, gem-shaped island just off the coast of East Africa is to delve into a kaleidoscopic and colourful world of wondrous oddities. Between the multi-coloured chameleons and the fluffy, cloud-like sifaka lemurs, there are blushing periwinkles and bushy groves of wavy tamarind trees.

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    Two days wildlife tour to Andasibe NP. 4. Andasibe National Park is a protected area located in eastern Madagascar. It is renowned for its rich biodiversity and lush rainforests. It is a popular destination for tourists interested in experiencing Madagascar's unique flora and fauna. The best place for nature lovers.

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    Your personal local tour guide in Madagascar will help you learn a lot about the region, and share with you only the most exciting knowledge and best experiences. Check out some of the local sights & attractions in Madagascar, wildlife & nature, and ask your personal tour guide to show you the local gems of Madagascar hidden from a regular ...

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    This week-long expedition promises to unveil the breathtaking beauty of Madagascar's eastern coast, taking us on a journey from the capital city to the picturesque Sainte Marie Island. So book this tour as soon as possible to get the best hotel in every location. from. $4,267.74. per adult.

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    Keep reading to discover the best travel packages with 10 of the most highly rated Madagascar tour companies. Get Free Quotes From 10 Best Madagascar Tour Operators. Providers. Reviews. Scuba Nosy Be. Trip - 516 reviews. Cactus Tours Madagascar. Trip Advisor - 174 reviews. Lemur Tours.

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    Fully Guided Tours & Trips in Madagascar. Find the right fully guided tour for you in Madagascar. There are 73 trips to choose from, that range from 4 days in length, up to 24 days. The month with the most departures is September, making it the most popular time to visit Madagascar.

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    Vivy Travel is a sustainable Tour operator/DMC that introduces you to the wilderness and local culture through luxury private tours. Entrust the creation of your private itinerary in Madagascar to professionals. ... Plan your ideal Madagascar tour with the help of local experts: Visit the must-see attractions and stay in top hotels. CALL AN ...

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    Madagascar tailor-made wildlife tours and journeys to suit your time and your budget. Explore the unique and extraordinary fauna and flora in their natural habitats. An authentic experience in Madagascar. ... As a local tour company, we are here to provide you the necessary guarantee and safety for your trip. We also have the best logistics ...

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    An experienced local Tour Operator will make you feel that you are really in Madagascar. Started as a local guide, and with more than 15 years of experiences in tourism, Rija Tours , a travel company founded on passion: a passion for people, a passion for wildlife and a passion for the picturesque landscapes of Madagascar , will offer you the best of his ability, through many different kinds ...

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    EDDY JUMA. "Nous étions 5 amis qui voulaient visiter Madagascar à notre façon. On a seulement loué une voiture chez Temea Tour. On leur a exposé ce que nous voulions voir (tsingy et baobabs). Notre chauffeur Christian, nous a conduit vers ces sites. Notre voyage s'est terminé à Andasibe, c'était la première fois qu'on a ...

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    6. 3-Day Private Tour to Andasibe National Park. This wildlife tour, will allow you to Spot more than 10 species of lemurs (nocturnal and diurnal), including the Indri-Indri…. 7. Madagascar 7 Days Baobabs and Lemurs Tour. In this tour, you will see the most iconic flora and fauna in Madagascar, Baobab and Lemurs.

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    Travelling in Madagascar Travelling by road in Madagascar can include some long travel days. Road quality can vary from comfortable sealed roads to rough & bumpy dirt roads. Distances covered can be in excess of 300 km (180 miles) per day or more than 6 hours journey time, subject to the road conditions. Luggage

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    Orbit of Tourism Madagascar - Travel agency - Tour operator - Car rental Adress : Lot IF30 Fitroafana, Mandrosoa, Talatamaty, ANTANANARIVO 105 MADAGASCAR NIF : 400029345 / Stat. : 79110 11 2004 0 10331

  24. Virginia Aquarium launches new boat tour

    April 7, 2024 at 10:16 a.m. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is adding a new boat tour experience starting on April 20, called Owls Creek Marsh Cruise. Search for osprey, eagles ...

  25. Service dogs take Duck Tour through Boston

    April 7, 2024 at 7:12 p.m. NEADS World Class Service Dogs celebrated Boston Duck Tours' philanthropic initiative, 'Quack-Quack, Give Back!" on Sunday with ambassadors and partners taking a ...

  26. Willow Glen Lifestyles Home Tour celebrates 40th year

    April 7, 2024 at 7:37 a.m. The Willow Glen Lifestyles Home Tour is celebrating its 40th year on May 4-5. As ever, the event benefits the San Jose Day Nursery (SJDN), a nonprofit early learning ...

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    The tour includes a stop at Target Center on Nov. 7. The Castellows will also appear on the tour, which will kick off on Oct. 24 and end Dec. 13. The two headlining groups have won dozens of major ...

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    President Joe Biden, aboard Marine One, takes an aerial tour of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Friday, April 5, 2024, as seen from an accompanying aircraft. Manuel Balce ...