Where to buy cheap Legoland California Tickets

The distinctive plastic bricks known universally as Lego continue to play a prominent role in the formative years of children across the world. LEGOLAND pays homage to this enduring popularity with a myriad of displays and rides spread across this vast theme park, miniature park and aquarium located in Carlsbad, just 30 minutes’ north of San Diego, which each year draws huge numbers of visitors from far and wide.

ares travel legoland

A moustachioed man made of lego at Legoland California (Photo: Josh Hallettvia Flickr)

There are several ways of purchasing LEGOLAND tickets online, and there are usually some pretty good deals to be had when it comes to snapping up discounted tickets and other special ticket deals. For the cheapest tickets, take a look at our list below of three online vendors, all of whom are reputable names with a history of selling cheap tickets along with excellent customer service.

aRes Travel

Book at arestravel.com

ares travel legoland

Book at tripster.com

ares travel legoland

Go San Diego

Book at gocity.com

ares travel legoland

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Global Munchkins

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September 4, 2021

9 [Super Easy Ways] to Purchase Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

There’s no doubt that we are pretty huge Disney fans. We absolutely love traveling to Florida to visit the parks and have so many incredible memories in the Orlando area. Even we know, though, that switching things up a little bit can be really nice. Sliding different experiences into your Orlando trip can make it even more magical. After all, the city does have quite a lot to offer besides Disney World . This time we’re turning our attention to Legoland Florida. It’s an amazing option if you have younger kids and a more relaxed environment than many other Orlando theme parks. So here are 9 Super Easy Ways to Purchase Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

Legoland FLorida Discount Tickets

First off all of our methods are simple ways to get discount tickets. There are NO hoops to jump through, No weird pick up places, No timeshare presentations. Simply the best deals out there from legitimate sources which we either have personally tried or verified by one of our writers.

ARES Travel – Great Single Day Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

ARES Travel is definitely my #1 go to when it comes to discount theme park tickets. The tickets can be ordered online, they are typically the best prices and you get the tickets emailed to you instantly. They also have great combo prices if you are looking for multiple park tickets or tickets and hotel discounts. Check Current Prices Here!

Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

Check out Undercover Tourists ’ Deals – Great 1 & 2 Day Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

Discounted Legoland Tickets

Undercover Tourist is a great site to check out when planning any sort of family vacation. It is jam packed full of tips and discount offers. They are an authorized dealer of Legoland tickets, so you can trust that your discounted tickets will work when you show up. They usually have an especially great deal for two-day tickets! Check Current Prices Here !

Best of Orlando

Best of Orlando is another great site to grab discount tickets. Just like ARES travel, the tickets are delivered within minutes via email. Right now you can save up to 35% OFF Tickets on there most popular ticket packages.

Check Current Prices Here!

Hotel Packages

Legoland Hotel Ticket Packages

If you’re still in the early planning stages and have kids under 12, you should look into booking a hotel package through Legoland . It’s an extremely family friendly environment and you will end up getting your tickets at a great discount. They have two hotels with restaurants and pools that you will love as well. They’re very interactive with awesome LEGO models throughout and the chance to build some of your own. When you book a hotel here, there are often package deals or 2 day for the price of 1 tickets offered. Can’t beat the convenience and such a great deal!

Buy Tickets at Costco

A Costco membership seems to never fail you. We love Costco for a whole lot of reasons, but purchasing various discount tickets through them is a huge bonus. It’s not a guarantee that they will have Legoland tickets every time you check, but they do carry them quite often. You should check online and at the Costco nearest the park to see their current offers.

Legoland attractions mini land

American Express Membership Rewards

If you have an American Express Card, you can actually earn completely free tickets through their membership rewards program . With everyday purchases alone you can reach your goal of a free Legoland ticket. Their membership rewards program is great, especially for families who love to travel. However, in my personal opinion it is much better to use Amex Rewards for transferring for airline tickets.

Military Discount/Florida Teachers/Homeschool Days

Legoland offers some pretty sweet discounts. First, to those who have served in our military they offer a completely free ticket. All you have to do is show your military ID at the ticket window. The next super cool offer is to all Florida teachers who can actually get a completely free annual pass ! They just need to show their most recent pay stub. On the more unique side of things, Legoland Florida also hosts Homeschool Days. You can purchase discounted tickets for a small homeschool group or even just your family that homeschools. Here are the dates and details.

  • Skip the Food- By no means are we saying starve yourselves on your visit to Legoland, but by packing snacks or sharing meals you can save a good chunk of cash. There’s plenty of places to sit down, take a break, and eat your favorite packed lunch throughout the park. If packing food just isn’t your thing, many of the meals at Legoland Florida have large portions and it’s totally doable to share them among a couple people.
  • Skip the Souvenirs too- It’s always so hard to say no to souvenirs when you have had such a special day full of memories, but buying lego sets in the park is way more expensive than what you can find elsewhere. Let your kiddo know that you will find some new legos at home and get to building as opposed to starting with a Legoland purchase.
  • Purchase Parking Online- Another incredibly simple way to save some money at Legoland Florida is to purchase parking ahead of time online. It saves you $2 per day, which isn’t much but the little things add up when traveling! They also offer a shuttle at $5 per person, so if you’re not bringing a car along this may be cheaper than an uber or taxi.


Go Orlando Card

We told you the whole city is magic, but we do know this magic seems to come at a price. To make the most of your visit, you should check out the Go Orlando Card . They have a couple different options and a long list of attractions to choose from. You will choose which pass option you’d like, pay that one set price and then visit the different attractions as you please. This is a really great option if you will be in Orlando for a couple of days and know you want to do Legoland along with a few other things.

Simply Buy Online Ahead

The most simple way to save money on tickets is to purchase them online ahead of time, rather than at the gate day of. You can purchase these tickets right through Legoland, so there is hardly any searching required for this steal. The amount of savings flexes, but it’s always worth checking out. This is their website discount page , which offers different seasonal specials as well as the discounted buy ahead of time tickets.

Hopefully, these simple tips to get Legoland Florida Discount tickets will help your family save a little dough on your upcoming vacay. If you know of any other tips, let us know in the comments.

Pin 9 Easy Tips To Get Legoland Florida Discount Tickets Global Munchkins

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Pin for Later – 9 [Super Easy Ways] to Purchase Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

How much does it cost to go to Legoland Florida

A one-day pass to Legoland costs  $80 for an adult  or $70 for a child 2-12 years old or seniors older than 60.

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Is aRes Travel Legit? (Our Experience Buying Tickets)

Affiliate Disclaimer

Looking for discount tickets to theme parks or city attractions, but wondering if the aRes Travel company is a legit and safe company to buy tickets from?

We’re always looking for good deals when traveling and since we’ve personally used aRes Travel, we’ve got all the expert info on buying discount tickets through them.

While some customers have had poor experiences with aRes Travel tickets (usually because of the fine print), we had no problems getting discount tickets, and the whole process was simple and easy.

🗺 Overview: Is aRes Travel Legit?

👉 On our recent trip to Los Angeles, we personally used aRes Travel to buy discount tickets so we can share all the details on this company, whether or not it’s legit, explain problems some have experienced, share our personal experience, and list a few places aRes Travel tickets are available.

This company is pretty popular in California but they also sell discount tickets to attractions in other locations like Orlando.

🎟 What Is aRes Travel Exactly?

aRes Travel is a company that offers authorized/certified discount tickets/rates to:

~ Theme Parks ~ City Attractions ~ Hotel Rooms ~ Vacation Packages

This company is a great way to check for discount tickets to theme parks and other popular attractions in different cities.

While they do offer discount tickets to a variety of attractions across the country, their tickets aren’t always a good deal (more on this later) so be sure to check around to make sure it’s the best option.

✅ So, Is aRes Travel Legit?

aRes travel is a legit company that has been in business since 1995 . Our experience with them was smooth and easy, but others have experienced problems.

One of the biggest questions about their legitimacy seems to come from customers who purchase a ticket or reservation, and don’t realize that most are non-refundable .

aRes travel seems to be a legit company but with some bad reviews, you have to decide if the discount is worth it.

👉 If plans are concrete and definitely not going to change, aRes travel seems to be safe and legit, but if plans have to be cancelled, it might seem sketchy that there is a no refund or return policy for most tickets and reservations.

*️⃣ Tip : Avoid paying for aRes Travel tickets with a debit card to ensure an extra safe, legit experience (a credit card that can be easily frozen or the charges disputed is the best option).

🎥 Our Experience Buying Tickets

After checking Groupon and other discount sites, we found aRes Travel tickets to the Warner Bros Studio Tour (mostly to see Big Bang Theory stuff).

We went back and forth a few times, but finally decided to purchase the aRes Travel discount tickets to find out if they were legit or not. This was our experience:

➡️ For this specific attraction we had to choose a specific date and time (that couldn’t be changed later) before adding them to the cart.

➡️ After filling out the guest and billing information, we purchased the tickets on their website.

➡️ We shortly received an email from “Central Reservation System” (confirmation@areshotelsandtickets) with a link to print our tickets (for this attraction we had to print them and bring them with us).

We bought tickets to the Warner Bros Studio Tour through ares travel and everything went smoothly and the company was legit in our experience.

➡️ In the email it clearly stated that tickets were non-refundable, non-transferable, and unable to receive exchanges even if the tickets were lost, stolen, or damaged.

➡️ At the studio they scanned our paper tickets (we had to have the printed tickets not just an email or digital ticket), and we had no problems going on our tour.

*️⃣ FAQ : The Warner Bros Hollywood Studio is actually not super close to Hollywood (it’s in Burbank), and rides can be pretty expensive here.

✅ For us, going with aRes Travel was a super simple, easy, safe, and legit experience that was worth it to get a little discount .

👎 aRes Travel Bad Reviews

Despite our positive, safe, and legit experience, many aRes Travel customer reviews have complained of problems with the company and their tickets (many from issues with the non-refundable small print).

Ares doesn't always have the best reviews from the past but our experience was quick and easy with them.

⬇️ Most Common Bad aRes Travel Reviews ⬇️

❌ Certain attraction tickets having expiration dates

❌ A lot of small print that many didn’t read before buying

❌ Non-refundable or transferrable tickets

❌ Some email problems receiving tickets or emails never arriving with the tickets

❌ Unhelpful/rude customer service

❌ Some fraud alerts on credit cards when trying to purchase tickets

*️⃣ Tip : Don’t use aRes Travel Tickets if plans could be changed or affected by things like the weather (because there are no rain-checks ).

🎫 Where Are aRes Travel Tickets Available?

If aRes Travel discount tickets seem legit and worth it, these are some of the most popular deals they offer all over the country.

Popular Theme Park Ticket Options : ~ Disneyland ~ Disneyworld ~ Legoland ~ Universal Studios ~ Knott’s Berry Farm

Popular Attraction Destinations : ~ Orlando ~ Los Angeles ~ San Diego ~ San Francisco ~ Washington DC ~ Nashville ~ Chicago ~ New York ~ San Antonio ~ Dallas/Fort Worth ~ Baltimore ~ New Orleans

*️⃣ Tip : Not all aRes Travel tickets are good deals, be sure to check around to make sure it’s the best price before buying.

Both Universal Studios locations in California and Florida have tickets through this company.

Popular Hotel Destinations : ~ Anaheim ~ Hollywood ~ Orange County ~ San Diego ~ Orlando

Top Vacation Packages : ~ Disneyland ~ Universal Studios ~ Knott’s Berry Farm ~ San Diego ~ Orlando ~ San Francisco ~ the Cincinnati Zoo ~ Williamsburg

👉 For prepaid hotel bookings , aRes Travel does offer a guarantee that it’s the lowest rate for that specific room on those specific dates. If there’s a lower price on another site, they will match it within 24 hours of making the booking.

If you are certain you will be using the tickets and you will not have to cancel, these discount tickets seem to be safe and legit.

⬇️ A Few Current aRes Travel Ticket Cost Examples ⬇️

✅ Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood: Regularly $70, aRes Travel Tickets $58

✅ Columbus Zoo: Regularly $30, aRes Travel Tickets $23

✅ Kennedy Space Center: Regularly $75, aRes Travel Tickets $65

❌ Legoland California: Regularly $89, aRes Travel Tickets $110

❌ Legoland Florida: Regularly $74, aRes Travel Tickets $93

One of the most popular tickets to get from ares travel is to Disneyland in California.

*️⃣ Tip : If you’re visiting Orlando with kids, Venice Beach isn’t that far and you can search for and keep fossilized shark teeth here.

🔁 Wrap Up: Is aRes Travel Legit?

Despite some mixed reviews, aRes travel seems to be legit and great for discount tickets to various city attractions . As long as plans won’t be affected by weather or changed for any reason, buying tickets through aRes Travel should be safe and easy.

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An illustration of a lawyer holding books. He’s standing on large piles of cash that make him equal in height to the basketball player standing next to him.

Pay for Lawyers Is So High People Are Comparing It to the N.B.A.

Enormous pay packages are popping up for top lawyers, especially those favored by well-heeled private equity clients.

Credit... Guillem Casasús

Supported by

By Maureen Farrell and Anupreeta Das

  • Published July 1, 2024 Updated July 2, 2024

Hotshot Wall Street lawyers are now so in demand that bidding wars between firms for their services can resemble the frenzy among teams to sign star athletes.

Eight-figure pay packages — rare a decade ago — are increasingly common for corporate lawyers at the top of their game, and many of these new heavy hitters have one thing in common: private equity.

In recent years, highly profitable private equity giants like Apollo, Blackstone and KKR have moved beyond company buyouts into real estate, private lending, insurance and other businesses, amassing trillions of dollars in assets. As their demand for legal services has skyrocketed, they have become big revenue drivers for law firms.

This is pushing up lawyers’ pay across the industry, including at some of Wall Street’s most prestigious firms, such as Kirkland & Ellis; Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Davis Polk; Latham & Watkins; and Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. Lawyers with close ties to private equity increasingly enjoy pay and prestige similar to those of star lawyers who represent America’s blue-chip companies and advise them on high-profile mergers, takeover battles and litigation.

Numerous people compared it to a star-centric system like the N.B.A., but others worried that higher and higher pay had gotten out of hand and could strain the law firms forced to stretch their budgets to keep talent from leaving.

“Twenty million dollars is the new $10 million,” said Sabina Lippman, a partner and co-founder of the legal recruiter Lippman Jungers. In the past few years, at least 10 law firms have spent — or acknowledged to Ms. Lippman that they need to spend — around $20 million a year or more to lure the highest-profile lawyers.

One hiring partner at a law firm said $20 million pay packages were usually reserved for those who could bring in more than $100 million in annual revenue for a firm.

Sabina Lippman, wearing a black dress.

Last year, six partners at Kirkland, including some who were recruited during the year, each made at least $25 million, according to people with knowledge of the arrangements who weren’t authorized to discuss pay publicly. Several others in its London office made around $20 million.

One partner at a law firm said pay for top lawyers had roughly tripled in the past five years.

The take-home pay of some top lawyers is now approaching that of big bank chiefs. Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank, made roughly $36 million last year. David Solomon of Goldman Sachs earned about $31 million over the same period.

At the center of the action is Kirkland, a 115-year-old law firm founded in Chicago that made an early play for private equity clients when few rivals saw them as big moneymakers. About a decade ago, Kirkland began poaching heavy hitters at rival law firms — many based in New York — who had longstanding relationships with the biggest private equity players.

That inspired fierce competition among top law firms, including Simpson, Latham, Davis Polk and Paul, Weiss. Some have changed their compensation structures or stretched their budgets to keep stars from leaving. Others have countered by raiding Kirkland to build their own private equity businesses.

“Firms do not feel like they can only think about being defensive with respect to their talent,” said Scott Yaccarino, co-founder of the legal recruiting firm Empire Search Partners. “They have to be on the offense, too.”

Lawyers have earned multimillion-dollar pay packages for more than a decade. When Scott A. Barshay, one of the industry’s pre-eminent mergers-and-acquisitions lawyers, left Cravath, Swaine & Moore to join Paul, Weiss in 2016, his pay package of $9.5 million created a stir in the industry. (Mr. Barshay’s compensation has risen significantly since then, two people with knowledge of the contract said.)

But the recent jump in pay has happened at a dizzying pace and for many more lawyers. Coupled with the fierce poaching, it is swiftly reshaping the economics of major law firms. Kirkland has even guaranteed some hires fixed shares in the partnership for several years, according to several people with knowledge of the contracts. In some instances, it has extended forgivable loans as sweeteners.

Last year, Kirkland hired away Alvaro Membrillera, a noted private equity lawyer in London who counts KKR as a key client, from Paul, Weiss for around $14 million and a multiyear guarantee, according to two people with knowledge of the contract.

White & Case recently hired O. Keith Hallam III, a partner from Cravath with private equity clients, for roughly $14 million a year, according to a person with knowledge of the contract. The firm also hired Taurie M. Zeitzer, a private equity lawyer at Paul, Weiss, for around the same amount, another person with knowledge of the contract said.

To some, the changing landscape represents a more meritocratic system in which partners can expect pay based on talent rather than seniority. Cravath, a storied, 205-year-old firm, long followed the so-called lock-step system linked to seniority, but modified it in 2021. Debevoise & Plimpton is one of the few remaining firms that continue to follow the lock-step model.

“Law firms have gotten a lot more commercial in how they run themselves,” said Neil Barr, the chair and managing partner of Davis Polk. “Firms are operating like businesses rather than old-school partnerships, and it’s led to more rational business behavior.”

Kirkland’s early bet on private equity has paid off handsomely. Globally, private equity firms managed $8.7 trillion in assets in 2023 — more than five times what they oversaw at the onset of the financial crisis in 2007, according to the data provider Preqin. Blackstone alone manages more than $1 trillion in assets , and other firms, including Apollo, Ares, KKR and Brookfield, collectively oversee trillions more.

As the private equity business took off, Kirkland’s clients began directing hundreds of millions of dollars in business its way each year. In 2023, Kirkland made more than $7 billion in gross revenue, according to The American Lawyer’s annual ranking , making it the highest-grossing law firm in the world.

A single firm like Blackstone or KKR can generate legal work from the constellation of companies, banks and others in its universe. For instance, even though Blackstone’s main law firm is Simpson, it paid Kirkland — one of its secondary law firms — $41.6 million in 2023, according to a regulatory filing.

“The private equity clients of these firms — they mint money,” said Mark Rosen, the chief executive and chairman of the legal recruiting firm Mark Bruce International.

Simpson, an illustrious Wall Street firm with roots in the Gilded Age and one of the largest private equity practices, has been a particular target of poaching by Kirkland. One person with knowledge of the rivalry called the firm Kirkland’s “farm team.” Kate Slaasted, a spokeswoman for Kirkland, said in an email: “As a firm, we have the highest regard for Simpson Thacher.”

At least seven top partners from Simpson, including Andrew Calder and Peter Martelli, have jumped to Kirkland in the past decade. Kirkland also poached Jennifer S. Perkins, a star lawyer from Latham who has represented KKR on some of its deals, to join its private equity practice.

Mr. Calder and Jon A. Ballis, the chairman of Kirkland, were among the partners who made at least $25 million last year, according to three people with knowledge of the compensation details. Mr. Calder and Melissa D. Kalka, also a partner at Kirkland, work closely with Global Infrastructure Partners, the private equity firm that recently announced a deal to sell itself to BlackRock for $12.5 billion .

In 2023, Paul, Weiss — which counts Apollo Global Management among its top clients and is aggressively building its private equity business — poached several Kirkland lawyers to build out its London office. The firm also hired Eric J. Wedel, whose clients include Bain Capital, KKR and Warburg Pincus, away from Kirkland, and Jim Langston, another private equity-focused lawyer, from Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton.

Simpson has altered its pay structure in the past year so that it can be more competitive with Kirkland and other rivals. “We intentionally made the decision to adjust our compensation structure to attract and retain the best talent in strategically important practices across our global platform,” Alden Millard, chair of Simpson’s executive committee, wrote in an email.

One sign of the frenzied nature of hiring: the use of multiyear compensation guarantees to attract lawyers. These fell out of favor after Dewey & LeBoeuf filed for bankruptcy in 2012, unable to meet millions of dollars in fixed payments and bonuses it had promised partners. Now, a different type of guaranteed payment has become popular.

Some firms are awarding new hires a number of shares in the partnership for a set period, typically in the range of two to five years. Such offers are attractive because they ensure a specific share of a firm’s profits irrespective of its annual performance.

This frenzy has meant that even lawyers without private equity connections have seen their pay rise. Freshfields — a big British firm that is building a beachhead in the United States — has recruited lawyers in the range of $10 million to $15 million, and provided additional pay guarantees to some, according to three people with direct knowledge of the compensation details.

“Law firms want people who are going to be motivated based on culture,” said Ms. Lippman, the recruiter. “But at some point if you have this big difference between firms, everyone has a price.”

Maureen Farrell writes about Wall Street, focusing on private equity, hedge funds and billionaires and how they influence the world of investing. More about Maureen Farrell

Anupreeta Das is the finance editor of The New York Times, overseeing broad coverage of Wall Street, including banking, investing, markets and consumer finance. She was previously the deputy business editor of The Wall Street Journal. More about Anupreeta Das

Explore Our Business and Tech Coverage

Dive deeper into the people, issues and trends shaping the worlds of business and technology..

Scrutinizing Students’ Behavior: A prominent Wall Street law firm is requiring job applicants to explain their participation in anti-Israel protests , which could be a disqualifying factor in hiring.

Ferrari Enters the E.V. Race: Growth in electric vehicle sales has been slowing, but the Italian luxury carmaker is stepping up investment and setting ambitious targets .

Moving In Together Early: Citing high housing costs, some young couples are sharing apartments after dating for just a short period. Not all relationships survive .

Tesla and Musk’s Politics: Elon Musk’s right-wing statements have alienated some potential Tesla buyers  and may help explain a recent slump in sales.

America’s Divided Summer Economy: The gulf between higher- and lower-income consumers has been widening for years, but it is expected to show up especially clearly in travel this summer .


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  7. Where to buy cheap Legoland California Tickets

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    AWESOME AWAITS at LEGOLAND® California Resort with more than 60 rides, shows and attractions for families with children ages 2-12. Explore the newest land, Dino Valley, with three ROARsome rides: Coastersaurus, Explorer River Quest, and DUPLO ® Little Dino Trail. Count the teeth on the ginormous LEGO ® T-Rex or dig for fossils at Dino Outpost. From your imagination to the racetrack...

  14. Is aRes Travel Legit? (Our Experience Buying Tickets)

    Kennedy Space Center: Regularly $75, aRes Travel Tickets $65. Legoland California: Regularly $89, aRes Travel Tickets $110. Legoland Florida: Regularly $74, aRes Travel Tickets $93. Disneyland. *️⃣ Tip: If you're visiting Orlando with kids, Venice Beach isn't that far and you can search for and keep fossilized shark teeth here.

  15. Ares website

    Answer 1 of 5: Is this a legitimate site to buy legoland tickets? the 2 day legoland/waterpark hopper is also get second day free but is 10 dollars a ticket less. Anyone use this site?

  16. Moscow to Legoland Billund Resort

    Legoland Billund, the original Legoland park, opened on June 7, 1968 in Billund, Denmark. The park is located next to the original Lego factory and Denmark's second busiest airport Billund Airport. Over 1.9 million guests visited the park in 2011 and since the opening more than 50 million guests have visited the park.

  17. Moscow to Legoland California

    Legoland California. Legoland California is a theme park, miniature park, and aquarium located in Carlsbad, California, based on the Lego toy brand. Opening on March 20, 1999, it was the third Legoland park to open, and the first outside of Europe. The park is currently owned by Merlin Entertainments, which took a controlling interest in 2005.

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    Richard and Greg Davies attempt to extract the essence of Moscow in two days, as they clash with army tanks, head into space and visit one of the strangest c...

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