Picard's Final Season Makes Way for a Star Trek TOS Spinoff

Star Trek: The Original Series planned a spinoff for Gary Seven, a protector of human history much like Picard's Tallinn and Wesley Crusher.

Star Trek: Picard is inching closer to its series finale on Paramount+. When the final episode drops on the streamer on April 20, there will undoubtedly be demand for more Star Trek content. Instead of exploring new worlds in the far-flung future, Paramount could go back to the franchise's past to create an adventure right here on Earth.

Star Trek has enjoyed a loyal fan following since its original series debut in 1966. Fifty-seven years later, the franchise can lay claim to eight total series, 13 feature films and a fan base that keeps growing and demanding more. Now that Picard and his crew from the Enterprise-D are taking their final bows, the demand for more Trek adventures will only grow. With the popularity of Strange New Worlds , it seems clear that audiences want to see more of the late Gene Roddenberry's original vision on their screens, making this an excellent time to revisit another one of his unrealized dreams.

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Assignment: Earth Debuted Gary Seven as a Secret Agent with Star Trek Values

On March 29, 1968, NBC aired the Star Trek TOS episode "Assignment: Earth" as the Season 2 finale. The episode, intended to be a backdoor pilot for a series of the same name, introduced Gary Seven, a human being who'd been raised, trained and modified by an alien race to serve as a covert protector of human history. Seven accidentally crossed paths with Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise on a mission to study the past while he was teleporting to Earth to begin his mission. As a backdoor pilot, the episode also introduced two supporting characters, Roberta Lincoln, a human woman who was meant to be Seven's assistant, and Isis the cat, who was implied to be a shape-shifter with a sexy human form.

To accomplish his mission, Gary Seven was equipped with a long-range teleporter and a multipurpose tool called a servo, which looked like a pen and could do just about anything, much like a certain Time Lord's sonic screwdriver. Despite Kirk and Spock's interference, Gary Seven, also known as "Supervisor 194," was able to complete his first mission, and in the episode's dénouement, Spock revealed that Seven and Roberta had many adventures ahead of them. Sadly, the proposed series was never picked up, but Gary Seven's place in Star Trek lore would be highlighted decades later.

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Picard Season 2 Substantiated Gary Seven’s Place in Star Trek’s History

In Season 2 of Picard , Jean-Luc met a woman in 2024 named Tallinn. Tallinn identified herself as a "Supervisor" who'd been tasked with overseeing the life of Picard's ancestor. Jean-Luc recognized the designation and Tallinn's technology from Starfleet's records of Kirk's encounter with Gary Seven in 1968, and knowing that he could trust her, he enlisted her help to restore a corrupted timeline. Unfortunately, to fulfill her mission, Tallinn had to sacrifice herself so that Picard's ancestor could live to fulfill her destiny.

Tallinn's death left a void that needed to be filled. The Season 2 finale, "Farewell," showed her replacement being recruited by Wesley Crusher. Wesley, who became a Traveler in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 episode, "Journey's End," reveals that the Travelers created the Supervisors. Since Travelers are capable of traveling through space and time, it makes sense that they would have an interest in the preservation of history. Being the only human among them, Wesley would likely have been responsible for the recruitment of human Supervisors and could have even been the one who sent Gary Seven on his mission in the first place.

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A Gary Seven Series Can Continue Star Trek’s Greatest Mission Here on Earth

While Star Trek has always been about the exploration of new worlds and civilizations, its larger purpose has always been one of social commentary. This was most often achieved through allegory, with some alien civilization standing in for humanity at a time in the future when we will have overcome many of our issues and created a paradise. But sometimes Star Trek presented complex issues more bluntly. "Assignment: Earth," with its story of nuclear proliferation, was a prime example of such overt messaging. If a Gary Seven series were to be made today it would still need to be set in the time the episode was originally produced, and that would work perfectly. Presenting issues that remain relevant today in the context of over fifty years ago would be an effective way of showing the progress that's been made while making the point that there's still a long way to go.

Star Trek , in all its forms, has left an indelible mark on popular culture and will continue to for years to come. Picard reintroduced one of Roddenberry's unique characters into Trek lore. With Picard on its way out , and Strange New Worlds demonstrating fans' desire to take "what might have been" into ambitious new directions, the time is ripe to fulfill the promise of "Assignment: Earth." After all, Spock pointed out that Gary Seven and Roberta had "some interesting experiences in store for them." Wouldn't it be great to find out just what those experiences were?

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Biography [ ]

Howell was called in by the Aegis five days after his 35th birthday by a man . He given his the assignment of protecting Earth and to safeguard its history. He was given the name Gary Seven and partnered up with Isis . ( TOS - Year Five - Weaker Than Man comic : " Issue 17 ")

Assignment: Earth [ ]

Seven took on many assignments for Aegis. In 1206 , he was an advisor and friend to Genghis Khan about conquering the world. In 1588 , he helped the British defeat the Spanish Armada. In 1914 , Seven stood by as Gavrilo Princip carried out his assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. ( TOS - Year Five - Weaker Than Man comic : " Issue 17 ")

Seven was sent back to Earth in 1968 to complete the work of Agent 201 and Agent 347 , who were killed in an automobile accident. Before reaching Earth, his transporter beam was intercepted by the USS Enterprise , who were orbiting Earth on a research mission. Seven managed to escape to the agents's New York City apartment .

With assistance from his aides Roberta Lincoln and Isis , and in spite of hindrance from Captain James T. Kirk , Seven managed to stop mankind from launching into a nuclear war. ( TOS episode : " Assignment: Earth ")

Upon returning to headquarters however, Seven furiously confronted Isis about her earlier falsehood, having seen the incontrovertible evidence that 201 and 347 had already completed their mission prior to their demise. Isis noted that the mission had been necessary to introduce Seven to Kirk before informing of Aegis' true agenda: to freeze the societal development of the Milky Way galaxy by making the consonant Tholian Assembly the sole power. ( TOS - Year Five - Weaker Than Man comic : " Issue 17 ")

Assignment: Eternity [ ]

One of the many assassination attempts on the life of Mao Tse-Tung was averted at the Great Wall of China by Seven and Lincoln. ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

The two agents were responsible for preventing Professor Tepesch from brainwashing John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy , as well as apprehending the Watergate burglars in Washington, DC . ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

They also aided a pair of British intelligence operatives in defeating cybernauts . ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

Seven and Lincoln watched the television footage of Neil Armstrong stepping onto Luna on 20 July , 1969 , which Seven helped enable.( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

In 1969 , Seven once shared a "joint" of cannabis with Jimi Hendrix at the Woodstock music festival. ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity ; TOS - Year Five - Weaker Than Man comic : " Issue 17 ")

In the 1970s , the incident at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility was lessened by their intervention, as was an incident that involved the crashing to Earth of Skylab . ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

They joined Carl Kolchak [ citation needed ] in 1974 in gaining possession of plans by the Pentagon to build an android called Questor . ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

In 1989, Seven and Lincoln prevented an alien incident from causing a planetwide panic as a unknown extraterrestrial landed in the USSR, as reported by TASS. TASS also reported that the USSR lost 20-30 Hind-24 gunship/assault helicopters fighting the lone UFO. [ citation needed ]

On stardate 6021.4 in 2269 , Seven created a wormhole that brought the Enterprise from Federation space into Romulan space. Seven ended up stuck on a planet used as the base of operations for Agent 146 (a.k.a. Septos ) with James T. Kirk , Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov and without other assistance. Later, assistance was found in the form of Seven's associate, the tiger-like, rhinoceros-like Osiris . ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

Romulan agent Commander Dellas killed Septos, and then Osiris, before Seven could stop her. When Dellas later attempted to kill Spock at the Khitomer Conference in 2293 , Seven sent her into the past with his servo. Seven told Kirk he knew Dellas as she was the only Romulan who covered her face at the Conference. ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

Seven later returned the Enterprise to Federation space. ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

Eugenics Wars [ ]

Seven once assisted the scientists later dramatized in the 1973 film The Andromeda Strain.

On 13 March , 1974 , Seven discovered that nearly six Russian geneticists and biochemists had gone missing since 1973 .

The next day, Seven hired a "today only" secretary to cover Lincoln's duties. This woman was called Allison and was not privy to the true work done by the agents.

By 18 May , Seven had infiltrated Sarina Kaur 's Chrysalis Project , but gotten caught and locked in an animal cage. When Kaur activated Seven's servo, Lincoln answered the hail, blowing both their covers. Later that day, Seven escaped the cage and destroyed Chrysalis. Kaur refused to leave and so died with her project.

On 19 May , Seven took Khan Noonien Singh to his new foster parents, Prabhot Singh and Sharan Singh .

On 1 November , 1984 , Seven took Khan away from the riots caused by Indira Gandhi 's assassination, after which Khan told Seven he owed Seven a debt. Seven returned Khan back to India two days later, but recruited Khan for a mission on 2 December of that year to the Da Vinci Research Base in Antarctica to visit Wilson Evergreen . Evergreen resented the visit and attacked Khan, who stabbed him to death in response. After Evergreen got up unharmed (being Akharin , aka Flint ), he was told by Seven that his research had been modified by his sponsors to create, and not close, holes in the ozone layer .

On 10 October , 1986 , Seven and Khan infiltrated Vladimir Lenin 's tomb in Moscow , but Seven was captured by the guards. Khan then rescued him, repaying his debt. That evening, Lincoln mentioned Seven's friend, Robert McCall .

After Khan began his visions of world domination on 4 December , 1984 , Seven encrypted the collected and encrypted data on Chrysalis held by the Beta 5 computer , though this later proved futile. In the 1990s , through Roberta Lincoln, Seven had advanced technical data funneled to Project F at Area 51 in order for them to complete the creation of the DY-100 transport. This was partly because Seven intended to use the craft as a means of sending the last remnants of humanity to a new world in case he failed to stop World War III. Furthermore, he was heavily involved in the shadowy conflict of the Eugenics Wars that was being waged by the various genetically engineered supermen from the Chrysalis Project which included Khan Noonien Singh. He used information and intelligence sent to him by Isis, who was disguised as Khan's advisor Ament, to force the various supermen to fight against one another, thus destroying each one of them in turn except for Khan himself. With Khan the last survivor and the world against him, Singh intended to use his Morning Star satellite weapon to destroy the Earth's ozone layer and exterminate the entire human race as a result. However, Seven had Roberta Lincoln steal the DY-100 prototype and used it to exile Khan and his followers from the planet in exchange for the deactivation of Morning Star. Though Khan agreed and had his followers board the SS Botany Bay , Joaquin Weiss , his bodyguard , resisted and threw a dagger at Roberta Lincoln. However, Isis turned to her human form and jumped in the way of the blade, thus sacrificing her life for Lincoln. This left Gary Seven greatly saddened and bitter, as he believed that he should have left all the genetically engineered children of Chrysalis to die with the project instead of saving them. Though Khan offered the life of Joaquin, Seven refused to take another being's life and instead allowed Khan to depart the planet. This saw the end of the Eugenics Wars in the year 1996 . ( TOS novel : The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 )

Afterwards, Roberta Lincoln asked if they had unleashed Khan on the Universe, to which Seven replied that the cosmos had survived things far worse than Khan Noonien Singh. He later informed his protégé that he was leaving and intended for her to be his replacement to guard the planet Earth. At the time, a mist of purple light unveiled a tomcat that Gary Seven revealed was Roberta's partner, Ramses . He later departed the planet in order to get time to mourn the death of Isis, whom he believed deserved better than the grim death she had received. ( TOS - The Eugenics Wars novel : The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 )

Future events [ ]

On 11 September , 2001 , Seven prevented Shaun Christopher from boarding one of the planes which crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City . As a result, Christopher survived to command the first manned mission to Saturn aboard USS Lewis & Clark in 2020 , a pivotal event in the history of human space travel. ( TOS short story : " Assignment: One ")

Seven later used his time-travel abilities to visit the 23rd century . He journeyed to the starship Enterprise over the planet Sycorax on stardate 7004.2 where he gave his own opinion about the UFP 's debate over the entry of the genetically engineered inhabitants of the Paragon Colony . Seven explained to James T. Kirk the dangers of genetically enhanced beings and his belief that it was not DNA that decided a person's values but their teachings and morals. Afterwards, he once more departed into a purple mist for parts unknown. His words had a great impact on Captain Kirk, who decided that the Paragon Colony would not be admitted into the Federation but instead face a quarantine, and that they would gain protection but would otherwise be isolated from the rest of the Federation. ( TOS - The Eugenics Wars novel : The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 )

Back in the 21st century, Seven and Isis were secretly aboard the T'Plana-Hath during Earth's first contact with the Vulcans. Seven and Mestral witnessed the launch of Friendship One from the control center in New York City in the year 2067. ( TOS - Year Five - Weaker Than Man comic : " Issue 17 "; TNG novel : Hearts and Minds )

In 2270 , Seven and Isis had begun manipulating the Tholians , providing them with the technology necessary to overcome the United Federation of Planets . ( TOS - Year Five - The Wine-Dark Deep comics : " Issue 7 ", " Issue 8 ")

After the Enterprise had left I'Qos , Seven beamed aboard, sabotaging the ship to force an evacuation as he confronted Kirk. Though Kirk proved the better fighter, Seven pulled out a hidden blaster to force his surrender. Before Seven could force Kirk to crash the vessel, Spock managed to beam aboard, the two managing to force Seven to retreat. ( TOS - Year Five - The Wine-Dark Deep comics : " Issue 11 ", " Issue 12 ")

Continuing to sow chaos across the Federation, Seven manipulated Harry Mudd , the Originalist front runner for presidency , to drop out of the race and suggested that Renei , far more passionate about the cause's xenophobia, run in his stead. ( TOS - Year Five - Weaker Than Man comics : " Issue 14 ", " Issue 15 ")

Isis was later sent to unleash a plague on Proxima Centauri only to be killed by Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov , her absence having a detrimental affect on Seven's sanity. After the Enterprise had stumbled onto a Tholian stasis tower on Vulcan , Spock was sent back in time and changed Vulcan history. With the trap not ready to be sprung, Seven beamed aboard the Enterprise and advised the crew what to do, though swearing that he would his revenge. ( TOS - Year Five - Experienced in Loss comic : " Issue 21 ")

Following the completion of the Enterprise 's five-year mission , the Tholians begun their invasion. Seeing potential in Spock, Seven abducted him and showed him the chaos that the Federation would cause over the next nine centuries. Unconvinced by Seven's dogma, Spock beamed away and reported his coordinates to Kirk. When the captain arrived, Seven realized that Isis had kept him in line with Aegis' rules and he could end Kirk's legacy by killing him in the past. ( TOS - Year Five - Experienced in Loss comics : " Issue 22 ", " Issue 23 ")

Using his servo , Seven travelled back to Kirk first taking command of the Enterprise only to be met by the Kirk of 2270. Stunned, Seven travelled ever further back to key moments in Kirk's life only for Kirk to always beat him there. At wit's end, Seven travelled to the USS Kelvin in 2233 where Kirk was again waiting for him. After the two briefly came to blows, they found common ground in the sense of purpose they derived from their respective missions. When Seven agreed to stand down, Kirk brought him to the moment of their confrontation in 2270. At Kirk's advice, Seven approached the younger Kirk and gave the captain his servo , telling him exactly what to do. In the aftermath, Seven surrendered himself to Starfleet Medical in the hopes that they could undo his body's forced homeostasis and allow him to live a normal, human life. Though he was held in stasis at the time of the Presidential election, Leonard McCoy was confident that Seven would be living a normal life on Earth within a year's time. ( TOS - Year Five - Experienced in Loss comic : " Issue 24 ")

Physical health and description [ ]

Having a textbook intelligence quotient of almost 200, Seven was at the peak of human , non- augmented performance. He was able to tolerate and resist a Vulcan nerve pinch . ( TOS episode : " Assignment: Earth ")

Seven was the result of genetic engineering and augmentation by the Aegis . ( TOS - The Eugenics Wars novel : The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1 )

Seven stated that many Vulcanoids were recruited from across the galaxy into his organization. ( TOS novel : Assignment: Eternity )

Even in later years, his vitals matched those taken more than twenty years earlier, by Doctor McCoy . Fluent in many domestic and extra-terrestrial dialects, Gary was able to comprehend and reply (in English mostly) to Isis , and later Osiris .

Appendices [ ]

Connections [ ], background [ ].

The writers of his episodic appearance showed Gary Seven's knowledge of extraterrestrial events, as evident when he recognizes Spock as a Vulcan , stating aloud that Humans and Vulcans have yet to meet, in 1968 . Later sources established that Gary's Aegis masters extend their operations throughout time , meaning that their time travelers would have foreknowledge of the eventual first contact at Bozeman , Montana in the 21st century .

Appearances and references [ ]

Appearances [ ], external link [ ].

  • Gary Seven article at Memory Alpha , the wiki for canon Star Trek .
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  • #49: " The Peacekeeper Part One "
  • #50: " The Peacekeeper Part Two: The Conclusion "
  • #1: " Split Infinities "
  • #2: " Future Imperiled "

Background information [ ]

  • Bob Pinaha was credited in this collection as doing letters on all issues, but only worked on the first two issues.

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  • Howard Weinstein (all issues)
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  • Rod Whigham (pencils – "The Peacekeeper")
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Screen Rant

Star trek: why 1 episode from tos season 2 shouldn't be canon.

An out-of-place episode from Star Trek: The Original Series season 2 should be left out of Trek canon because of its behind-the-scenes context.

The final episode  Star Trek: The Original Series  season 2 shouldn’t be considered canon, considering its production background. The episode was never intended to be a Star Trek episode but rather a pilot episode of a different show. A character from the episode is referenced in season 2 of Picard , but it would be better if the episode was simply forgotten.

“Assignment: Earth” is the 26th and final episode of Star Trek: The Original Series season 2. The episode depicts the 1960s excursion of a time-traveling being named Gary Seven who has come to Earth to prevent World War III from occurring. It originally an episode originally created to be the pilot of a new sci-fi series called Assignment: Earth , but it had to be reworked to fit into Star Trek's second season as a backdoor pilot when there was no network interest in the property. In the finalized TOS season 2 episode, Gary’s path intersects with Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, who have coincidentally traveled to the same time period to monitor Earth communications. After several misunderstandings, Kirk and Spock choose to trust Gary Seven’s mission and a crisis is averted. Star Trek: Picard recently revealed in season 2 that Gary Seven connects to the Watcher.

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There are a few plot holes in the episode “Assignment: Earth” that have given the episode a bad reputation compared to other classic Star Trek: The Original Series episodes. Namely, the purposeful use of time-traveling by the crew is not a technique explained in the show prior to this episode, which raises questions about Starfleet’s technological advancement, as time-travel is often shown to be an anomalous event. An example of this traces back to episode 19 of season 1 “Tomorrow is Yesterday,” where a black star thrusts the Enterprise back in time. The out-of-place season 2 episode also focuses the majority of its screen time on Gary Seven, taking away from the Enterprise's mission which is central to every TOS episode. It feels like a pilot to a separate show, with characters like Spock and Kirk sprinkled in to its dissonant narrative about interfering with the time continuum. The episode's original intent as the start to another show takes away from the importance of Star Trek’s  extensive lore. The franchise depends on continuity that respects each preceding episode, and “Assignment: Earth” simply doesn’t.

The reference to Gary Seven in Picard season 2 episode 4 feels equally out of place as “Assignment Earth” does in TOS because of Jean-Luc Picard’s knowledge of the character, not to mention the fact that the episode has never felt like a Star Trek episode to begin with and for good reason. Star Trek 's Picard discovers that Gary Seven was employed by the same alien world that employs the Watcher, who is a supervisor assigned to watch over the destinies of events and specific individuals in history. While it is a unique niche reference, the implication of Gary being a Watcher doesn’t align with the ending of “Assignment: Earth,” where Kirk and Spock note their awareness of Gary’s future adventures. If Picard is unaware of Watchers in his time, then Kirk and Spock being aware of Gary Seven’s placement in the history books lacks sense. It translates as a stretch for Picard to remember a random case file from the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 , where an alien from an unknown planet intercepted Captain Kirk’s crew.

The season 2 finale of TOS  has never felt like a legitimate  Star Trek: The Original Series  episode and shouldn’t be treated as solid canon. Picard referencing the character of Gary Seven by adding lore on top of the continuity-destructive “Assignment: Earth” comes across as nostalgia bait. While the episode should have been aired separately from the original series, it has obviously not been disregarded.

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Star Trek: Picard continues Thursdays on Paramount+.


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Interview: Orla Brady On Playing Two Characters And Bringing A Gary Seven Vibe To ‘Star Trek: Picard’

star trek tos gary seven

| April 2, 2022 | By: Anthony Pascale 18 comments so far

Orla Brady was only in three episodes, but her portrayal as the strong-willed, protective Romulan Laris was a highlight of the first season of Star Trek: Picard . For season two the Irish actress was brought back with Laris playing a pivotal role for Picard , and Brady was also tasked with a new role that is tied into classic Star Trek. TrekMovie had a chance to speak to the actress about doing double duty, and even about a popular feline theory about her new role as Tallin the Supervisor (aka “The Watcher”).

How did you feel when they let you know not only about coming back for season two, but you were going to play two characters?

Well, I didn’t know about the second character at the beginning. At first, I was asked to come back as Laris and I was completely delighted because I had gone in as a guest role in season one for two episodes. And that became three. Going into the job, I thought, ‘Lovely, my mom is a Trekkie. So she’ll be very pleased.’ So I will do this guest role as one does and pop out of it. And then when it was finished, I was sad. I thought, I really liked her. For someone who is only there for a few episodes, they had written her in a very cool way. I felt who she was, and I missed it. So when they asked me to be part of season two, I was absolutely delighted. It was a little bit down the line that they mentioned the other one. I think there was an evolution of the story from the original thought on season two, and they told me about the second character.

star trek tos gary seven

From season one: Orla Brady as Laris with Jamie McShane as Zhaban and Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

So how did you feel about Tallin when they came back with this second character?

I think for Tallin, her primary role, obviously in the story, is that she is The Watcher. She is the Supervisor, which references Gary Seven , as you know. And she is the one who has all the knowledge on this point in history; this person who changes history, but might not be able to in this break in time. So she’s very essential to how they crack the mystery and go forward.

However, the twist is that she is clearly reminiscent of Laris. Now, I interpreted that as [Picard] has not been able to… With Laris in episode one we see that although he has deep feelings for Laris and they have a bond, he has spent a lifetime pulling back from that big commitment, if you like. So he wants to, but he’s not quite ready. And he does what he classically does, which is he’s going to do what he’s good at. He’s going to save the planet and space. That’s what he’s good at, that’s where he puts his passion. But it’s like the universe won’t let him off the hook. They throw a person in his path, who reminds him so deeply of someone he loves. And I think he sees her as more reminiscent of Laris than other people would because it’s on his mind. His feelings were unprocessed if you like.

In the latest episode Raffi brings up how Tallin looks just like Laris, so it’s not just in Picard’s eye, is it? Doesn’t everyone see it?

Yes, she does! [laughs] She does look very like her. More classically, a choice would be if you had an actor playing a different role would be to do a wig or change the color of the eyes or really make them look markedly different. But that was not the producer’s vision. She looks like me. She looks like Laris in human form. I guess what I’m saying is, it’s more that is what is still on his mind and what he is trying to get away from, in some sense, is the very thing that has been pushed into the path. And that is why it’s played by the same actor to make that very clear to everybody, and to him.

star trek tos gary seven

Orla Brady as Tallin in episode five

One of the surprises for season two was this romance. Of course, Laris was married , but did you see it coming or have any inklings of a romantic connection in season one?

No, I didn’t see it coming. That’s not what I was asked to do in season one. My role was as a fierce and loyal Tal Shiar agent who has been assigned and has been in Picard’s life for a long time. What I did discover is that she does love Picard. And when I say “love,” I don’t mean where there’s any endpoint or endgame. Just she loves him. He had been very instrumental in accounting for and partly succeeding to save the Romulans. He advocated for them and tried to do the right thing for a species that was formerly enemies, but who he feels should be treated equally and with the same respect as humans. So with all that history, she loves him. She was married and so it would never have entered her head that there would be anything more than her loyalty. However, it’s there in the writing at the beginning of season two that Zhaban does die and she is somebody who is very, very straightforward emotionally, as Romulans are. And she is particularly. So she is able to love again very, very deeply. And that’s how it happens.

When we last saw Laris in that first episode, it looked like she was getting ready to leave the Chateau for good. Is that what was going on?

Yes. She’s somebody that is not willing to sit around thinking, ‘Oh, God, I’ve been rejected and this is the love of my life.’ She does love him very much. It is a rejection. It’s not that it doesn’t hurt. It’s not that there isn’t a disappointment. But she has a sense of self-worth that will tell her that if somebody doesn’t want her, then they’re not for her and she will find love that is equal to her own. So she is leaving. She’s going off to her own life and her own adventures and different people.

Can you say if we will see Laris again?

I would say so. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. Surely not. That would not be a good moment to end.

star trek tos gary seven

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard and Orla Brady as Laris in the first episode of season two

Laris and Tallin are central to this season. So did you just learn as you were going along or did you know where things were going? So when you are doing episode five, is your performance informed by what’s coming?

One has the outline. Certain details change. Yes, I knew the trajectory pretty much. I knew what the outcome of the particular Tallin and Laris stories would be. You don’t see the writing and you don’t see the fineness of the moments. Sometimes you’re surprised when you read it and you see a beat that you hadn’t foreseen before. But broadly, yes, an actor would want to see where on the journey you are. So, of course, we were made aware of that.

You mentioned Gary Seven, so I assume you did your research and watched “Assignment Earth”  to get into the mindset of a Supervisor?

Of course. I had seen it before because there were several classic episodes that I had seen across several of the Star Trek series. I loved that episode, partly because it was realized very beautifully by Robert Lansing with a really wonderful performance. There’s a lot of richness in there. And I like the idea. Maybe it’s because I’m an ex-Catholic, but the idea of somebody who would watch over humans, like a guardian angel. Now, I don’t believe in that. But I just like the idea that we all find comfort in the fact that there might be someone… especially when people feel alone. There might be a being who cares and who sees them.

star trek tos gary seven

One of the striking things about Lansing’s portrayal and that character was how he stood up to Captain Kirk and dealt with him on his own level. There seems to be an element of that with Tallin and how she sees Picard, which is totally different than the dynamic between Laris and Picard.

Yeah. Tallin thinks, ‘Who the heck is this old guy? What is he doing here messing around?’ She learns in short order he is a time traveler. She doesn’t like that, at all. He’s clearly entitled and bossy because he’s used to having people who have a reverence for him. Remember, he is one of the most well-known people in the galaxy as Admiral Picard, and he has this legendary lifetime, in the timeline we’re normally in. But in this timeline, she just has this white man in front of her. And remember, this is her patch. She has been taking care of this particular girl and taking care of her very well and watching and doing her job that she committed to and sort of her whole sense of self-worth or vindication is in the execution of this job. And then this guy comes in and without explaining anything to her start telling her what she’s going to do. But understandably she is: ‘Hang on a sec.’ If anything, it’s the other way around. So yes, I did notice that as well about Gary Seven, that they were very equally matched.

While they didn’t change your look for Tallin, besides the ears, you did change your accent to the more American accent…

We wanted to not be obviously Irish because there is a story behind Laris. Remember, season one was essentially an immigration story. It was a story about a people who no longer have a home. This could be akin to Syria or Ukraine currently where people have had to leave their own country and have had to go and find lives in other places which the Romulans had to do. Laris was assigned to Ireland because they wanted several actors who were not American to use their own accents. Star Trek being a human phenomenon, not an American phenomenon. So Laris when Romulus was destroyed, that’s where she found a home. And that’s where she learned her English. So her accent would be an Irish accent. There was no such rationale for Tallin, so we just decided to make her more neutral, if you like more.

star trek tos gary seven

Sir Patrick Stewart as Picard and Orla Brady as Tallin in episode four

Before we wrap up, was there anything else…

You know what I will tell you… yes, I will, is that a lovely thing that is happening with the fans, who are just, I mean, honestly, the best part of this job. Well, there are many best parts to the job, including working with Patrick and playing a character I love. But one of the things is what fans say to you. And so many people have said that they think that Tallin is Isis , the cat in human form. [laughs] And it’s just my favorite theory. Whether it is true or not we do not know, but it’s just rather lovely. So it made me laugh.

Maybe you just have a feline essence?

There you go. Maybe that. I think it’s just so heavily referenced. And I think Isis the cat was rather wonderful. I think there is some talk about that [episode] as pilot for a spinoff series. Had that been the case, Isis would have become a character in human form because she is shapeshifting. So I rather love that as a theory. I just think Trek fans are so inventive, and always make me laugh, in a good way.

star trek tos gary seven

Isis in her human form in “Assignment Earth”

Keep up with all the  Star Trek: Picard  news and analysis .

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star trek tos gary seven

Discovery , Interview

Interview: Wilson Cruz, Mary Wiseman And Blu Del Barrio On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5

star trek tos gary seven

Interview: Sonequa Martin-Green Talks Burnham’s Journey Into The Final Season Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

star trek tos gary seven

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Interview: David Ajala And Doug Jones On Saying Goodbye To Book And Saru

star trek tos gary seven

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunners On Season 5 Themes And The ‘Indiana Jones’ Style Adventure

What a lovely interview with such a great actress. Thank you.

Very nice interview. I’ve always enjoyed her work and thought she was quite underused in season 1, for someone with that talent. Glad to see she has a bigger part in season 2.

I met her once, briefly. Such a lovely, friendly, approachable person, as likable as she is beautiful.

Yeah, but she is not playing two characters………..

If you look closely Tallins padd has Romulan script on it, people think they’re one and the same character. It could be a red herring tho

She referenced being a cat in her twitter a couple of days ago – so…hmm

She is a very underrated actress, so glad they are utilizing her more this season. I said at the beginning of the season that she will be the secret MVP of this season and I feel like that will be true.

Wow. Thought she was in her 40’s, but she’s actually 61! Good for you, Orla!

Same here. I would have said early 40’s.

She’s MY age? Geezus, Indy was right, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage. And she is, in my opinion, what somebody writing TNG s1 would call a low-mileage pit woofie, if I remember THE NEUTRAL ZONE correctly (it has been 25 years since I watched it.) Pretty sensational looking, aging like a Vulcanoid.

Great interview! Also, I hope Orla Brady will be coming to the Las Vegas convention this year and be able to meet the woman who played the human form of Isis all those years back: April Tatro (who is confirmed for the convention).

Other reason Orla Brady needs to come to Las Vegas this summer: John Noble is already one of the featured guests, and Orla played Walter Bishop’s wife on “Fringe.” Get that dual photo op session scheduled now, Creation!

Well, lookee here. Gary Seven. There’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Since all before you were born. A very long time.

Ok, we’ll see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6lmBbV3VWo&t=4s

So does this confirm that the Supervisor and Laris are not connected and that they happen to both be portrayed by Oral Brady because the Supervisor’s face reminds Picard how much he wants to tie the knot with Laris?

Great interview; thanks.

I also always liked Robert Lansing’s portrayal of Gary 7. The sequence near the beginning of the episode when on stepping off the transporter platform he initially dismisses Kirk’s explanation that he is from earth’s future until he see’s “humans with a Vulcan”, always makes me smile.

I love everything about that opening.

I loved Orla Brady as Laris right from the first episode of season 1. I always felt that she and Jean-Luc had serious chemistry. I’m glad that the old fool Picard has stopped running away from love and finally admitted his feelings for Laris. I’m hoping and praying for a wedding between the two in season 3.

star trek tos gary seven

Character » Gary Seven appears in 34 issues .

A descendant of humans who were taken from Earth several thousand years ago by the Aegis to be trained to serve as agents of the Aegis.

Summary short summary describing this character..

Star Trek: Year Five

Star Trek: Year Five

Star Trek: Assignment: Earth

Star Trek: Assignment: Earth

Star Trek: Leonard McCoy - Frontier Doctor

Star Trek: Leonard McCoy - Frontier Doctor

Star Trek

Gary Seven last edited by mshirley27 on 11/20/22 11:43AM View full history

No Caption Provided

The ancestor of a group of humans abducted by unidentified aliens around the year 4000 BC, Gary Seven is the latest in a line of secret guardians charged with protecting the Earth against threats that could destroy the planet. Seven encountered the crew of the original U.S.S. Enterprise in the year 1968, when they found him attempting to tamper with the launch of a nuclear missile that Seven claimed would be the opening shot in a third World War. After initially interfering with Seven's efforts, the Enterprise's commanding officer, Captain James T. Kirk, eventually allowed Seven to remotely detonate the missile before its nuclear capabilities could be armed, thus preventing World War III and saving the planet from inevitable destruction.

Gary Seven remained active throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, accompanied by his shape-changing cat Isis and his secretary Roberta Lincoln. Seven's last documented assignment took place in 1972, when he prevented a Soviet plot to replace U.S. President Richard Nixon with a surgically-altered lookalike.

Gary Seven possesses no real superhuman abilities, save for a resistance to the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, a very rare genetic trait in humanoids. Seven has access to many forms of high-tech equipment, including teleporters, matter replicators and his signature "servo", a multi-use tool capable of functioning as a communication or personal teleportation device. Seven's servo was also able to access computers remotely, physically manipulate objects at a distance, alter people's memories or perceptions and serve as an energy weapon with both lethal and non-lethal settings.

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star trek tos gary seven

Star Trek (TV Series)

Assignment: earth (1968).

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In 1968, at the end of the second season of Star Trek the Original Series, Gene Roddenberry, seeing the writing on the wall when the show was about to be canceled (before the famed letter writing campaign that brought it back for a third season) wrote an episode finale called Assignment: Earth that he hoped would be a spin off for a new series of the same name. It was ingeniously centered around a character that the crew of the Enterprise comes in contact with who is essentially James Bond from outer space.

The character, played by Robert Lansing, was called Gary Seven. (It took me years to see the correlation with 007 -- I know...it really it did. I wonder if it was subconscious on Roddenberry's part. Surely not. It seems too obvious now.) At any rate, Seven was a human whose ancestors had been plucked from Earth thousands of years ago, brought to another planet to train for generations until this time in Earth history. The product of all this training was Supervisor 194 -- codename Gary Seven. And as he said, he was here at "the most critical time in Earth's history." He was here to help us poor dumb humans from blowing ourselves up and such.

Mr. Seven had a black cat named Isis, his companion,we find out is more than she seems. Also, In her first TV appearance, a young Teri Garr as his, 60's youth point of view, nice to look at, bit of a comedic foil, assistant. And a whole arsenal of gadgets and devices that the Star Trek episode cleverly displays within the confines of a single episode. In fact the episode cleverly and efficiently introduces all the key players and premise of this new show while leaving the viewer wanting the answers to many more intriguing unanswered questions.

Among these gadgets was a powerful computer with artificial intelligence known as the Beta5 computer (voiced by Barbara Babcock -- who also did the growls and meows for Isis the cat). There was a little green cube that was a tie in device to this computer when he was away from it that seems to be the worlds first PDA or Blackberry. A far out hidden wall safe bank vault served as his transporter device to go carry out missions. And I think the coolest device of all -- a Servo. The Servo looked like a silver fountain pen but was really a catch all device for anything he might need in any given circumstance. James Bond had Q to make and introduce the latest gadget to him that he ironically just happened to have a use for in every James Bond movie. The servo, we see in the Star Trek episode is a weapon that can be set on a groovy neutralizing effect that sedated victims. It could do all variations in between and up to a setting of kill. It was also demonstrated to be a lock pick and it was inferred to be a remote control for other devices too. In the recent Star Trek novels that have utilized the Gary Seven character it is extrapolated (and really a logical progression/assumption) that it was also a communication device, a flashlight, and it activated Seven's transporter to retrieve him when the mission was done. It was a major cool spy gadget. I want one when Master Replicas comes out with it.

This show was primed perfectly for the 60's. It was the height of the fascination with all things Bond; with gadgets and gadgetry. Admittedly and unapologetically there was a certain amount of chauvinism, style and sensibility that I think would have worked to make this show unique just in this time period. Also in the 60's the imagination of things to come and the understanding of technology (or lack of knowledge of what was possible) of the times that could have really made this show unique. I really think this show would have worked best in the 60's. Although if Paramount wants to update it I hope they consider doing it in a retro 60's type of way.

Now we come to why this site exist.

Late one night in Feb (05) I was up at 3:00 in the morning. It was the middle of the work week, I was beat and still couldn't sleep. I got up as to not wake the woman with my stirrings and went in and sat at the computer. I typed Gary Seven into Google for whatever reason. I noticed lot's of references and sites discussing the character. I had long thought, along with my brothers and friends what a cool episode that was and what a cool show it could have been had it been picked up. As I sat there sleepy eyed at 3:00 in the morning I thought all the things outlined above. The 60's was really the only time it could have been done right,...sensibilities of the time...all things Bond...cool gadgets...and then it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

"What a cool theme song it would have had!"

That really was the impetus. Having kind of been a student of TV themes and movie music...I thought "Wow." "Who would have written it?" "Dave Grusin (Baretta, theme)?" "John Williams (Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, themes and killer incidental music...check out those old Lost in Space sometime)?" "Stu Phillips (The Monkees, incidental music, Battlestar Galactica theme)?" "Gerry Goldsmith(Twilight Zone, incidental music)?" "Elmer Bernstein (Magnificent 7, Ghostbusters)?" I knew that given the times and the subject matter it would have been super cool. Let's face it...the theme song and opening credits of some shows have elevated TV shows in the minds of viewers and vaulted them to legendary cult status. A mediocre show can be made fun and faddish by a good opening theme. A good show is made a classic by a great opening theme. I'm convinced that's why I watched some shows as a kid that I hated like Cagney and Lacey. I wanted to hear Ernie Watts multiple sax lines of that show's theme. It's always to me, about the theme song.

I would have watched The Incredible Hulk anyway because I was a Marvel Comics fan and a fan of Bill Bixby, however it just wouldn't have been the same show without Joe Harnell's sad piano theme called "The Lonely Man" at the end of each show.

This to me this is crucial. The music.

For the next few days I was consumed by this notion of a theme song for a show that never was. Ideas just came popping through my head all day at work. "What would this song have sounded like?" I decided, "I'll write one myself."

For the next three days I wrote one theme song a day. I actually have four versions but settled on just two. The first was more of an espionage "Man From Uncle", "Mission Impossible" style theme. Seven was slick looking, to the point; a cool customer in a suit and tie. I tried to write something appropriate to that approach to the show. That cold war feel. This version's credits would have been very straight forward, with pictures of armies and bombs, explosions, action sequences with perhaps some of the above mentioned soldiers, and of course all the gizmos Seven has at his disposal.

Then I thought, since it was apparent to me they were trying to sell Lansing's as a cool looking playboy type towards the end of the Assignment: Earth episode with his groovy red turtle neck and white sweater then I'd write another theme that was more jazzy or playboyish. In this version the opening credits might show Seven and Roberta in a casino (for some reason if you're a spy you have to go to a casino at least once) with a rolling roulette wheel and drinks flowing, maybe show Teri Garr on the slope of a ski resort, more action sequences and again scenes of all the gizmos Seven has at his disposal.

These are my two approaches to a theme as they might have sounded with the show going in two slightly different directions. In each case I tried to write something that sounded appropriate of the genre and something that might come out of 1968.

Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures. This website is for entertainment and review purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

No part of this site may be reproduced in any form without permission. Please DO NOT link directly to ANY file

This site was created, designed and is maintained by Supervisor194.com. Questions and comments are welcome!

Copyright � 2006 Andy Patterson All rights reserved.

star trek tos gary seven

15 Star Trek Actors In The Mission: Impossible Franchise

  • Mission: Impossible and Star Trek: The Original Series both originated with Desilu, and both franchises have shared talent in front and behind the camera.
  • Iconic actors like William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Ricardo Montalban showed their range in the realm of Mission: Impossible, crafting captivating characters.
  • The links between Star Trek and Mission: Impossible continues to this day in the Tom Cruise-led movie franchise.

Given their shared origins, it's no surprise that multiple actors have appeared in both the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises. While Mission: Impossible is now best known as a multi-million dollar movie franchise led by Tom Cruise, it originated on TV in 1966, the same year that Star Trek: The Original Series debuted. Like Mission: Impossible , Star Trek was made possible by Lucille Ball and her production company, Desilu. While Star Trek: The Original Series was sold to NBC, and ran for three seasons, Mission: Impossible aired on CBS and clocked up seven seasons between 1966 and 1973 .

Given that Star Trek: The Original Series and Mission: Impossible were Desilu productions, there was considerable crossover of talent between both franchises. For example, before playing Rollin Hand in the first three seasons of Mission: Impossible , Martin Landau turned down playing Spock on TOS . The crossover between the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises continues long into the 21st century. In 2006, J.J. Abrams made his feature debut directing Mission: Impossible III . Three years later, Abrams would direct the 2009 Star Trek reboot, bringing along M:I 3 star Simon Pegg as the Kelvin Timeline's version of Scotty.

What Simon Pegg Has Done Since Star Trek Beyond

William shatner as tommy kroll and joseph conrad, mission: impossible season 6, episode 2, "encore" & season 7, episode 6, "cocaine".

William Shatner was one of many actors who found work on Mission: Impossible after Star Trek: TOS was canceled in 1969. Shatner made two appearances in Mission: Impossible , first as aging gangster Tommy Kroll in the season 6 episode "Encore". Tommy Kroll was Shatner's most memorable M:I role, because of the high-concept plot of his episode, "Encore." To solve a decades-old murder, the Impossible Mission Force convinced Kroll that he had time traveled to the year 1937 . By watching Kroll repeat the events of decades earlier, the IMF were able to uncover new evidence to close the case.

William Shatner returned a year later to play Joseph Conrad, the trusted lieutenant of a cocaine smuggler, Carl Reid. In the appropriately named Mission: Impossible episode "Cocaine", the IMF convince Shatner's playboy gangster to lead them to the location of Reid's latest shipment. The ruse this time involves a machine that can create synthetic cocaine, something that the IMF correctly surmise will drive a wedge between Conrad and his employer.

Both of William Shatner's Mission: Impossible episodes were written by Harold Livingston, who would later write the script for Star Trek: The Motion Picture .

Mark Lenard as Felipe Mora, Col. Cardoza, Aristo Skora and Col. Bakram

Mission: impossible 107. "wheels", 202. "trek", 321. "nitro", 511. "the rebel".

Prolific character actor and the man who played Spock's father in Star Trek: The Original Series , Mark Lenard also played four different characters in Mission: Impossible . The most notable of these roles was Colonel Bakram in M:I season 5, episode 11, "The Rebel". The episode sees the Mission: Impossible team captured by government forces in a Latin American nation, headed by Mark Lenard's Colonel Bakram. "The Rebel" was a family reunion for the Spock and Sarek actors, as Leonard Nimoy's Paris became a nemesis to Mark Lenard's Bakram as the IMF tried to get their people out alive.

Leonard Nimoy as The Great Paris

Mission: impossible seasons 4 & 5.

Spock actor Leonard Nimoy joined the regular cast of Mission: Impossible in 1970, after NBC canceled Star Trek: The Original Series . Nimoy played The Great Paris, an actor, magician, and master of disguise, who aided the IMF's missions in Mission: Impossible seasons 4 and 5 . Paris replaced the IMF's resident master of disguise and role-play, Rollin Hand (Martin Landau). While the Great Paris' real name was never revealed, he did reveal a tragic backstory involving a love triangle between him, his magician mentor, and the mentor's assistant. Paris' talents as a magician allowed the team to infiltrate a royal palace and avert a military coup in the three-part episode "The Falcon".

In an odd coincidence, years after he took a role first offered to Martin Landau, Leonard Nimoy replaced the actor on Mission: Impossible when he left after season 3.

John Colicos as Commissioner Taal Jankowski

Mission: impossible, season 1, episode 16, "the reluctant dragon".

John Colicos played Star Trek: The Original Series ' first Klingon antagonist, debuting as Kor in 1967's "Errand of Mercy" . Earlier that year, John Colicos played Commissioner Taal Jankowski in the Mission: Impossible episode "The Reluctant Dragon". Colicos' character was a Soviet security chief who suspected rocket scientist Dr. Helmut Cherlotov (Joseph Campanella) of wishing to defect to the West. However, Cherlotov is loyal to his country, forcing Rollin to show the scientist the bleak truth about his country and how it treats its scientific community. Eventually, the IMF convince the scientist to emerge from the Iron Curtain, just as Colicos' character feared.

DS9 Brought Back (& Changed) 3 Classic TOS Klingons

Ricardo montalban as gerard sefra, mission: impossible, season 1, episode 21, "snowball in hell".

Best known as Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek , Ricardo Montalban was a prolific character actor, who also made an appearance in Mission: Impossible season 1. Montalban played Gerard Sefra, the villain-of-the-week in the episode "Snowball in Hell" . Like Khan, Gerard Sefra was a cruel tyrant, who ran a penal colony that doled out sadistic and old-fashioned punishments to its prisoners. Sera has also come into possession of cesium, an element that can be used in the construction of nuclear weapons. At the end of "Snowball in Hell", Ricardo Montalban's character is undone when his new weapon explodes in his face, not unlike the Genesis Device in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan .

Paul Winfield as Klaus

Mission: impossible, season 2, episode 24, "trial by fury".

Ricardo Montalban's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan co-star, Paul Winfield appeared as Klaus in the Mission: Impossible episode "Trial by Fury" . Set in a Latin American prison, it sees Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) try to save the life of an innocent man accused of being a snitch, by revealing the true informer. Paul Winfield's Klaus is one of the hardened prisoners who wants to have Cardoza killed for passing information to the Commandante. Klaus was one of Winfield's earliest roles, and he makes a strong impression in a tense episode of Mission: Impossible that has a thorny dilemma at its core.

The prison's Commandante was played by Joseph Bernard, who played Tark in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Wolf in the Fold".

Joan Collins as Nicole Vedette

Mission: impossible, season 3, episode 22, "nicole".

In 1967's "The City on the Edge of Forever", Joan Collins played Edith Keeler, the best of Captain Kirk's love interests in Star Trek: The Original Series . Years later, Joan Collins played Nicole Vedette in Mission: Impossible , an enemy agent with whom Jim Phelps fell in love. In the episode, named after Joan Collins' character, Jim Phelps is wounded during a mission, and receives aid from Nicole, who risks her life to help an enemy. The two begin to fall in love, but Nicole is tragically killed, just like Edith Keeler in Star Trek , allowing a grieving Phelps to escape with Rollin before the enemy guards regroup.

The villain of the week in "Nicole" is General Valdas, played by Logan Ramsey, the Proconsul from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "Bread and Circuses".

Michael Ansara as Ed Stoner

Mission: impossible, season 7, episode 21, "the western".

Michael Ansara played the Klingon Warrior Kang in Star Trek: The Original Series , season 3, episode 7, "Day of the Dove", later reprising the role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's "Blood Oath". Ansara had a long list of acting credits between Kang performances, including roles in the short-lived Shaft TV series, Fantasy Island , and Mission: Impossible . Playing the small role Ed Stoner, Michael Ansara was underused in the episode , essentially a gun-toting ranch manager who tries to scare Jim Phelps and Barney Collier (Greg Morris) off the land owned by the villain-of-the-week, Van Cleve (Ed Nelson).

Barry Atwater as Dr. Carlos Enero, Matthew Royce and Others

Mission: impossible, season 1, episode 13, "elena" and season 7, episode 21, "the western".

Barry Atwater also appeared in the Mission: Impossible episode "The Western", playing Matthew Royce, the betrayed criminal partner of Van Cleve, who gets killed in the opening minutes. Atwater had a more substantial role as the psychiatrist Dr. Carlos Enero in the season 1 episode, "Elena". Paired up with Martin Landau's Rollin, Enero has to figure out why an agent is acting so erratically, so they can avoid an international incident.

In Star Trek: The Original Series , Barry Atwater played the Excaliban projection of the legendary Vulcan, Surak in the episode "The Savage Curtain". Atwater also played three more Mission: Impossible characters between Dr. Enero and Matthew Royce. He played Premier Leon Vados in season 3's "The Play", Grand Duke Clements in season 4's "Gitano", and General Marin in season 5's "The Field".

Bruce Gray played another version of Atwater's Surak in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes "Awakening" and "Kir'Shara".

Star Trek's 10 Best Vulcans Ranked

Arlene martel as atheda, mission: impossible, season 4, episode 20, "terror".

Another notable Vulcan to appear in Mission: Impossible is Arlene Martel, who played Spock's fiancée T'Pring in Star Trek: The Original Series . Martel played Atheda in the Mission: Impossible episode "Terror" . Atheda is the right-hand woman of El Kabir (Michael Tolan), a terrorist whom the IMF are trying to prevent from leaving prison. The episode was from Leonard Nimoy's first season as The Great Paris. Sadly for fans of Spock and T'Pring , however, Nimoy and Martel don't share much screen time in "Terror".

Brock Peters as Walter DuBruis

Mission: impossible, season 2, episode 8, "the money machine".

Before he was crooked Admiral Cartwright in the Star Trek movies, Brock Peters played crooked financier Walter DuBruis in Mission: Impossible . The IMF uses counterfeit money and DuBruis' own greed to con him into making a huge business deal. When DuBruis is discovered to be using counterfeit money, he is arrested, losing all of his investments and his freedom, saving the West African nation's economy from further damage. It's a villainous role for Peters who, while sharing something in common with Cartwright, was miles away from Joseph Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine .

Gary Lockwood as Nicholas Varsi

Mission: impossible, season 7, episode 16, "the question".

Gary Lockwood played Kirk's friend and enemy Gary Mitchell in Star Trek: The Original Series ' second pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before". Lockwood later appeared in the final season of Mission: Impossible as Nicholas Varsi , a notorious assassin and enemy agent who wants to defect. The IMF interrogate Varsi, but can't tell if he really wants to defect, or if it's a deception as part of his next mission. Varsi is let go, with the IMF hot on his trail as he completes his next assignment; revenge. Much like in the TOS pilot, Lockwood's suspicious character quickly charms one of the female characters as part of his mission.

George Takei as Roger Lee

Mission: impossible, season 1, episode 10, "the carriers".

Best known as Mr. Sulu in Star Trek: The Original Series , George Takei appeared as Roger Lee in "The Carriers", from Mission: Impossible season 1 . Takei's character was another member of the IMF, who made his sole appearance investigating an artificial town where enemy agents are trained to impersonate westerners. As a bacteriologist, Roger was an important addition to the team, given that the entire town was infected with a deadly plague. Presumably, Takei's commitments to Star Trek and his movie career meant that he couldn't make future appearances as Roger Lee in Mission: Impossible .

One scene from "The Carriers" redresses the corridor of the starship Enterprise to represent a subterranean corridor leading to the villain's underground laboratory.

George Takei Has A Surprising Link To Star Trek: Enterprise

John de lancie as matthew drake, mission: impossible (1988), season 1, episode 1, "the killer".

John de Lancie has the distinction of helping to reboot two Desilu shows in the late 1980s. That's because, after appearing as Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation , John de Lancie played Matthew Drake in the pilot of the 1988 Mission: Impossible revival . Drake was an international assassin who had killed Jim Phelps' successor at the IMF, forcing Phelps to come out of retirement to avenge his death. It's a typically fruity John de Lancie performance, as he's clearly relishing the chance to play a charismatic contract killer.

"The Killer" was directed by Cliff Bole, who directed 25 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation , including the episode "Hide and Q".

Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn

Mission: impossible 3 to mission: impossible - dead reckoning parts 1 & 2.

Simon Pegg's Benji Dunn is J.J. Abrams' lasting impact on the Mission: Impossible franchise , as it was his movie that introduced the long-serving character. While it's hoped that Simon Pegg will return for the long-delayed Star Trek 4 , he continues to play Benji alongside Tom Cruise in the two-part Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning. Much like Scotty in Star Trek , Benji is an incredibly skilled technician in the Mission: Impossible movies, making him an invaluable member of the team. Both of Simon Pegg's characters aren't afraid to voice their frustrations with their commanders, be it Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, or Chris Pine's Captain Kirk.

All episodes of Mission: Impossible and the movies are available to stream on Paramount Plus.

15 Star Trek Actors In The Mission: Impossible Franchise


  1. Roberta Lincoln (Teri Garr), Gary Seven, Supervisor 194 (Robert Lansing

    star trek tos gary seven

  2. Gary Seven, Supervisor 194 (Robert Lansing)

    star trek tos gary seven

  3. Gary Seven, Supervisor 194 (Robert Lansing)

    star trek tos gary seven

  4. Gary Seven

    star trek tos gary seven

  5. Robert Lansing as "Gary Seven" in Star Trek (Season 2, Episode 26

    star trek tos gary seven

  6. Gary Seven, Supervisor 194 (Robert Lansing) and Mr. Spock (Leonard

    star trek tos gary seven


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  1. Gary Seven

    Apocrypha. Gary Seven was a central character in the first two Eugenics Wars novels, beginning with the discovery of a secret laboratory beneath the deserts of India in 1974, where Khan Noonien Singh and his fellow Augments were created. Seven, who had rescued Khan and his fellows from the laboratory before its destruction, had hoped to groom ...

  2. Gary Seven

    Star Trek novels. In Greg Cox 's The Eugenics Wars novels, Gary Seven had numerous dealings with Khan Noonien Singh and initially hopes to train Khan as his successor. Along with his now-partner Roberta Lincoln, Seven tries to prevent World War III in a variety of ways. Seven leaves Earth in 1996, after sending Khan on the DY-100 class sleeper ...

  3. "Star Trek" Assignment: Earth (TV Episode 1968)

    Assignment: Earth: Directed by Marc Daniels. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Robert Lansing. While back in time observing Earth in 1968, the Enterprise crew encounters the mysterious Gary Seven who has his own agenda on the planet.

  4. Picard's Watcher Is the Successor to TOS' Gary Seven

    Gary Seven and his supporting characters were intended to star in their own spinoff series from Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, with "Assignment: Earth" serving as a backdoor pilot episode. However, the network passed on picking up the pilot for a full series order, leaving the TOS episode as their sole on-screen appearance.

  5. Picard's Watcher Identity Confirmed: Star Trek TOS Connection Explained

    "Assignment: Earth" continued in Star Trek novels and comic books but Star Trek: Picard is the first time it's been woven back into official canon since Star Trek: The Original Series. Whether or not Gary Seven is also still alive in Star Trek: Picard's 2024 timeframe remains to be seen. Next: Picard's Major Character Death Fixes A Season 1 ...

  6. 'Star Trek' Mystery Solved

    The focus of the episode was on the mysterious character Gary Seven, trained by aliens to save the Earth from itself. Gary's constant companion was a shapeshifting pet cat named Isis. While Isis ...

  7. Picard's Final Season Makes Way for Star Trek's Gary Seven Series

    By Mathew Scheer. Published Apr 16, 2023. Star Trek: The Original Series planned a spinoff for Gary Seven, a protector of human history much like Picard's Tallinn and Wesley Crusher. Star Trek: Picard is inching closer to its series finale on Paramount+. When the final episode drops on the streamer on April 20, there will undoubtedly be demand ...

  8. Gary Seven

    Gary Seven was the code name used by Supervisor 194 of the mysterious alien group known as the Aegis. He was a human male, born as Caleb Howell on a cloaked planet in System Zeta Gamma 537 in 1932, the descendant of humans captured by the Aegis circa 4000 BC, in order to train them as agents to aid in the development and survival of humanity. (TOS episode: "Assignment: Earth"; TOS novel: The ...

  9. Assignment: Earth

    Star Trek: The Original Series season 2. List of episodes. " Assignment: Earth " is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. Written by Art Wallace (based on a story by Wallace and Gene Roddenberry) and directed by Marc Daniels, it was first broadcast on 29 March 1968.

  10. Best of Gary Seven

    From the back cover Collecting four issues of the fan-favorite Star Trek comic books released by DC Comics in the 1990s, written by Howard Weinstein and Michael Jan Friedman, IDW's Star Trek: Archives, Vol. 3: The Gary Seven Collection explores the continued adventures of alien-agent-on-Earth Gary Seven. First seen crossing paths with the crew of the USS Enterprise™ in the 1968 Star Trek ...

  11. star trek

    Assignment: Earth was originally intended as the pilot to a proposed spin-off featuring Gary 7, basically a sci-fi version of Roger Moore's The Saint.When the episode did poorly, the idea was dropped. While a lot of information about Gary 7 has been released in the form of novels, as @Richard states, some of it is contradictory and none of it ever appeared onscreen, making it non-canon.

  12. Review: 'Star Trek Year Five' Series Finale—All Good Things Must Come

    It only took 55 years, but the 5-year mission is finally complete. Strong from the start, IDW delivered a thrilling, complex narrative that was everything we could've wished for in a loosely ...

  13. Star Trek: Why 1 Episode From TOS Season 2 Shouldn't Be Canon

    The reference to Gary Seven in Picard season 2 episode 4 feels equally out of place as "Assignment Earth" does in TOS because of Jean-Luc Picard's knowledge of the character, not to mention the fact that the episode has never felt like a Star Trek episode to begin with and for good reason.Star Trek's Picard discovers that Gary Seven was employed by the same alien world that employs the ...

  14. Interview: Orla Brady On Playing Two Characters And Bringing A Gary

    Orla Brady was only in three episodes, but her portrayal as the strong-willed, protective Romulan Laris was a highlight of the first season of Star Trek: Picard.For season two the Irish actress ...

  15. Gary Seven (Character)

    Star Trek: Year Five. 10 appearances; Star Trek: Assignment: Earth. ... Gary Seven remained active throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, accompanied by his shape-changing cat Isis and his ...

  16. "Star Trek" Assignment: Earth (TV Episode 1968)

    So begins "Assignment: Earth", a Star Trek episode that was actually a pilot for a proposed series, a marrying of Ian Flemming's James Bond with Gene Rodenberry's socially relevant themes. Robert Lansing plays Gary Seven, a human trained by an unnamed alien race to protect humanity against threats to world peace.

  17. About Gary Seven

    In 1968, at the end of the second season of Star Trek the Original Series, Gene Roddenberry, seeing the writing on the wall when the show was about to be canceled (before the famed letter writing campaign that brought it back for a third season) wrote an episode finale called Assignment: Earth that he hoped would be a spin off for a new series of the same name.

  18. Gary Seven

    Gary Seven. He too was recruited by superior beings as an agent who would, in your words, protect the tapestry of history." Give good old Wikipedia a great new look. Gary Seven is the major character in the last episode of the second season of the original Star Trek television series, "Assignment: Earth". He is portrayed by Robert Lansing.

  19. Star Trek Picard References Gary Seven from TOS "Assignment Earth

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/NitpickingNerdsci fi reviews channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrLsxBysUHnpSKRpXMbMVzgAll parody Edits : https://w...

  20. 15 Star Trek Actors In The Mission: Impossible Franchise

    Michael Ansara played the Klingon Warrior Kang in Star Trek: The Original Series, season 3, episode 7, "Day of the Dove", later reprising the role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's "Blood Oath".