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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Neil young's 2022 year in review: the year of the harvest 50th anniversary & so much more.

neil young germany tour 2022

  • Neil Young Official Release Series #4 (Vinyl Box Set)
  • Neil Young's 1991 "Road of Plenty"/Eldorado Japan EP: "NOW AVAILABLE ON LP AND CD**"  

neil young germany tour 2022

As we conclude 2022, once again, we ponder that age old question: Is Neil Young burning out or fading away? 

We argue that he is neither. Neil Young is the quintessential survivor .  So we here at Thrasher's Wheat say thank you so much for all of the love and support over the past decades from the rustie grains fan communities.

Similar to the end of 2021 -- when we were down on a frown when a messenger brought us a letter , we were raised by the praise of The Man himself.

neil young germany tour 2022

It is these note's for us that keep us going, such as this one from The Extraordinary Grain Man Dan on  Thanks for Supporting Thrasher's Wheat .

Last week, we wrapped up the year with a post on Thrasher's Wheat's future in light of the strong possibility that Neil Young might never tour again on  Where Do We Go Now ... or Where Did We Go From There?  

neil young germany tour 2022

At the moment, everyone can relax somewhat because Thrasher's Wheat will continue to celebrate Neil Young, his music and the fan communities. So stay tuned for some hopefully exciting announcements in the months ahead as we celebrate our remarkable little milestone as the 2nd longest running music blog in the  history of the internet . 

Our work is far from done.  So we'll see you down the road in 2023.

neil young germany tour 2022

Maintaining a robust, healthy, engaged community that allows open, honest and free speech is paramount for us here in Neil / RUST & TW grain communities .  There is simply nothing whatsoever which is more important to us and what we do and stand for .  Again, thank you so much for reading our articles, sharing them throughout the web, and contributing your own thoughts through comments and messages. Today, more than ever, we need independent thinkers like you folks out there in the rustie-grains village that rely on a solid moral compass – not a pre-determined agenda – to understand this circus, to stand up, to speak up, and to fight for what is right .

Lastly, if you would like to support what we do here at Thrasher's Wheat, you can make a donation on PayPal link below:

neil young germany tour 2022

peace & love, thrasher & thrashette #CrazyHorse4HoF #Willie4Nobel #WT1sWBW4

neil young germany tour 2022

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Thanks to you both for all you do, and I look forward to 2023 with you. Happy Christmas and may the new year be filled with peace and unity for all. Peace 🙏

What a year! And what years to come… Glad to hear the Thrasher family’s gonna keep in thrashin’. We can make one major addition to this already hearty list. At some point this year, the song Canerican was extended on digital platforms to include the full ending. Wikipedia says Canerican is 3:12 long. But it now plays for a full 3:17 instead of fading out. True rusties will remember the significant controversy over this faded version, especially after seeing the Barn documentary and hearing the tune in all its unabridged glory. What does this mean as we round out 2022? MORE BARN, of course.

incredible year, I really appreciate all you do Thrasher and Thrashette. A usual highlight of my day, taking a break and checking in here. The diversity of projects, events, and releases from Neil Young this year has to be some kind of record. Through time, past times, present time, new songs, old songs, classics, concerts, film, and endless connections. what a blast. I wish everyone a great holiday. -10 right now on the Plains. White and windy Christmas.

I plan on buying NYA3 when it comes out. It is chock full 0’ Treasures. I seem to have lost my “A Treasure” CD, so I am happy it will be expanded on NYA3 box. There is just so much in there. I hope some of it comes on Blu ray, but I am ok with CD’s too. When Neil says they settled in “the South of CA” I think he is kidding around and also being sensible. I am sure we are talking So Cal, and Neil is just hitting a chord when he says “the South.” “Does your conscience bother you? -Tell the Truth!” My answer is “I bloody well hope so!” (Re: Watergate break-in to DNC office by Nixon’s hoods. This was a time when a politician who was a crook might get forced out of office, or become willing to resign as in the British system (Down with Monarchy! And God Save the Queen” from answering for the untaxed offshore billions the UK Royals possess. The Brits love their monarchs so much they won’t even demand room and board for all. Not that we Americans have anything to say about “Bang for our Buck” - We forgot to demand health care for all like every other western nation has! @ Stills : For those who missed it, a tour is highly unlikely, at least until Neil figures out how to do it without food service done w/o immoral factory farm cruelty dropping Karma on your plate. And a Green Electric Bus. Hopefully you have gotten to see a few tours thus far. But with so much on the way, NYA vol 3, “Neil Claus” will continue to really deliver the goods in 2023. @ Thrasher : Your end of year tally gave me an appetite for NYA3 physical product. I hope Barefoot Floors does make the Snapshot in time disc; I am sure it will, as I recall this song, & fan questions about it, is what gave Neil the idea to do this anachronistic disc! I am stoked that Neil is creating a new railroad diorama train world, which also features small zero emission matchbox cars too. I take this as a very good sign. Grandpa Neil, Grandma, & the kiddos will have a lot of good times with that. @ Dan : Thanks for asking about the video record of Neil’s developing train world! The fans are interacting with Neil in ways that we never could in the past. @ All: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, hug a tree, open your Neil Young albums by the fire with loved ones. My Unboxing video will be forthcoming! I am kidding about that! But perhaps…. (It would give me free rent in someone’s head! Hahaha. All in good humor! Your Brother Alan in Seattle

What a year? Heck, what a week. First the surprise discovery of nearly five seconds MORE BARN, and now this epic Holiday Concert Of The Moment. Killer set. I need to listen again to Free World and see where the edits are. Hey, what’s he saying near the end there? Sounds like “I put a dime down”

Timeline Concert Of The Holidays! Thrash on!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you all at (and contributors) Following Neil from Australia has always felt a bit distant in that we’ve never had the regular tours here (although that’s not unique to us at the moment sadly!) - you’ve continually kept me in touch with the world of Neil for the last 20years and I greatly appreciate it!) (A quick note On the distance thing: I could not get World Record on CD locally this year for my father in law for Xmas - only the vinyl got a local release here - it’s the first time ever I’ve had to source a copy of a new Neil release for him from overseas - are CDs really that dead??) Another amazing year from Neil and the Archives team The jewel in the crown this year? TOAST - it exceeded my lofty expectations- it bridged the gap in the poncho/crazy horse discography between Broken Arrow and American/Psychedelic Pill - and as a standalone studio album its nothing short of brilliant - definitely in my top 5 Neil albums in the post-2000 era Coming in at second for me is the Noise and Flowers blu-ray. Long had I read on TW about the epic 3hr shows with Promise of the Real - dusting off deep cuts some not played live for decades, some maybe never played live ever! Anyway this film captures this period beautifully- for me it’s the ultimate Neil and POTR release. It also stands as a document of Neil’s last tour (although murmurs of a CH tour with Micah Nelson as a stand in for Nils may change that). And as a tribute to the great Elliot Roberts. I’m still awaiting my Harvest 50th from greedy hand (another release not receiving a local release here!) so ‘22 ain’t over for me yet….. Hopes for next year? - Vol3, Alchemy, Early Dayze and Neil returning to the live stage

Hey Thomas being a fellow Aussie I share your pain re CDs ,fortunately my local independent record shop jumped through many hoops to get me World Record before Christmas but I'm sharing your angst re CDs on a lot of my musical needs ,the vinyl is usually no worries but at the ripe old age of 72 I find CDs preferable to the physicality of playing vinyl , I like having product in my hand and having the ease of replaying particular tracks without having to get up and risk scratching the vinyl while I'm here ,thank you Thrasher

Hey Still Young Great to hear from another Aussie - isn’t it bizarre that vinyl is the easier option these days - when I got my first Neil CDs in 96 - broken arrow and unplugged - vinyl was very hard to come by - from silver and gold onwards I’ve managed to get literally everything he’s put out on vinyl and have been able to go back through and fill the whole discography through 2nd hand shopping too - well everything except for unplugged and broken arrow funnily enough I completely agree with you the physical product can’t be beaten (and can’t be deleted at the whim of some tech giant) - for me it’s vinyl but for my father in law and yourself it’s CDs - Hey there’s probably some Neil cassette collectors out there - I noticed Barn and World Record both got released on cassette

Top 3 Neil 2022 highlights for me (no particular order) 1. Toast 2. Bottom Line Club on vinyl 3. Full version of El Dorado available on the NYA archives site. Top non-Neil 2022 highlight was getting hold of copies of the re-issued two Bluetile Lounge albums on vinyl - especially as only 400/500 were produced (this might mean something to the Aussie contributors to the thread...) Happy New Year everyone when it arrives for you.

Gday Thomas Never had options when I started this Neil journey in 1966 ,used to copy the vinyl onto cassettes for the car.Started buying CDs with Freedom ,kept wanting to hear Someday ,kept buying both vinyl and Cds till Are you passionate and have only duplicated with five vinyls since.As to bootlegs only got Chandler on coloured vinyl ,all the others were on CD

Thomas Forgot to mention ,I have downloaded my whole Neil collection to my iPod for the car

Sorry Thomas ,have duplicated all my vinyl with CDs

Still Young: You’ve been a fan since since ‘66!!! Incredible- what a journey!!

Still Young: I’ve got a lot of duplicates over the years too - mainly to have the bonus DVD that would come with CDs or just to have a copy to play in the car - Greendale was over the top: vinyl box set, 1st edition CD/DVD, 2nd edition CD/DVD, Greendale the movie DVD and now in recent years the Return to Greendale box set

Thomas Must apologise but don't get many chances to journey through the past.Did the whole Greendale trip ,all the CDs and videos as well as the box set, only ever played the single ,even kept the bumper sticker.Got the Vicar solo performance.As to my journey Neil was the start of my musical obsessions ,started with The Byrds , Buffalo and the Beach Boys .My first Neil album was EKTIN as this was the first album as it came first here in Australia, even then it came as an import. Neil was just the start as Im now continuing my musical obsessions ,mainly Chicago and New Orleans blues.No music no life

Neil Young, the gift that keeps on giving! Happy New Year to you Thrasher(ette) and all the Wheats! ~ SONY

I can't stop singing "Four Strong Winds" in my head. Ian Tyson, beloved and beautifully ragged country-folk dude passed away just a few days ago. Year in review- let's remember the guy.

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neil young germany tour 2022

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Nobel Peace Prize for Willie Nelson for Farm Aid


Induct Neil Young & Crazy Horse into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

neil young germany tour 2022

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neil young germany tour 2022

neil young germany tour 2022

Speak not because it is safe, but because it is right. — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) February 11, 2017

neil young germany tour 2022

Neil Young at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl by Ros O'Gorman

Neil Young and Crazy Horse To Tour For First Time In A Decade

by Paul Cashmere on February 14, 2024

Neil Young and Crazy Horse will regroup for their first major tour in a decade despite having released three albums together in that time.

Neil’s ‘Colorado’ (2019), ‘Barn’ (2021) and ‘World Record’ (2022) were all Crazy Horse albums. Crazy Horse is Nils Lofgren, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina. Young previously recorded with Crazy Horse for two albums ‘Psychedelic Pill’ and ‘Americana’ in 2012 when Frank ‘Poncho’ Sampedro was in the band. Sampedro retired in 2014 and now lives in Hawaii.

Crazy Horse also backed Neil Young on ‘Greendale’ (2003), ‘Broken Arrow’ (1996), ‘Sleeps With Angels’ (1994), ‘Ragged Glory’ (1990), ‘Life’ (1987), ‘Re-Ac-tor’ (1981), ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ (1979), ‘American Stars n Bars’ (1977), ‘Zuma’ (1975) and ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’ (1969). (There was also the 2022 release of the 2000/2001 recordings for Toast).

Young and Crazy Horse performed two shows in 2023 for the 50th anniversary of LA venue The Roxy.

As well as the Love Earth tour, there will be a new nine-track album “F**king Up” released.

At time of purchase, fans can opt in to receive a physical CD of the Neil Young + Crazy Horse new album FU##IN’ UPincluded with their tickets for no additional cost. FU##IN’ UP reveals Neil Young + Crazy Horse in all their ragged glory, playing songs from their long relationship. Neil and The Horse have played together for over 50 years and the performances of these familiar songs, recorded in 2023, is a true highlight. As Neil explains, “In the spirit it’s offered…made this for the Horse lovers. I can’t stop it. The horse is runnin’. What a ride we have. I don’t want to mess with the vibe. I am so happy to have this to share.” FU##IN’ UP contains 9 songs on 2 LPs. The album will be released in limited edition color vinyl pressing on Record Store Day April 20 with a wider, all format release starting April 26.

The last Crazy Horse world tour ended in 2014 but there were North American dates in 2018. The Love Earth tour will commence in San Diego on 24 April.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse tour dates

• Apr 24 | San Diego, CA | Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre • Apr 25 | San Diego, CA | Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre • Apr 27 | Phoenix, AZ | Talking Stick Resort Amphitheatre • May 1 | Austin, TX | Germania Insurance Amphitheater • May 2 Dallas, TX | Dos Equis Pavilion • May 5 | Huntsville, AL | Orion Amphitheater • May 7 | Atlanta, GA | Ameris Bank Amphitheatre • May 8 | Franklin, TN | FirstBank Amphitheater • May 11 | Bristow, VA | Jiffy Lube Live • May 12 | Camden, NJ | Freedom Mortgage Pavilion • May 14 | Queens, NY | Forest Hills Stadium • May 17 | Mansfield, MA | Xfinity Center • May 18 | Bridgeport, CT | Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater • May 20 | Toronto, ON | Budweiser Stage • May 22 | Clarkston, MI | Pine Knob Music Theatre • May 23 | Chicago, IL | Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island

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neil young germany tour 2022

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    Similar to those years of Neil Young past-- 2022 was as "newsworthy" as ever -- both in terms of quantity and quality. While 2022 was Year #3 of the concert tour hiatus, Neil Young did manage to make the most of it and definitely made it memorable.

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    Neil Young and Crazy Horse will regroup for their first major tour in a decade despite having released three albums together in that time. ... (There was also the 2022 release of the 2000/2001 ...