1. Our Guide to the Most Common Travel Accidents

    what is an travel related disaster

  2. Most Disastrous Travel Nightmares Of All Time

    what is an travel related disaster

  3. How to Prepare for a Travel Disaster

    what is an travel related disaster

  4. How to Prepare for a Travel Disaster

    what is an travel related disaster

  5. Disaster tourism obstructing rescue and relief

    what is an travel related disaster

  6. How to rescue your vacation from a travel disaster

    what is an travel related disaster


  1. Global Trend of Disasters

  2. Preparing for a Natural Disaster

  3. How was this Disaster Missed?😱 Pilot Calm. Declares ‼️ #aviation #planespotting #atc #cockpit

  4. Parking, lost bags & cancellations: Tips for flying on the 'worst travel day'


  1. What to do if you're caught in a disaster while travelling

    Ensure the policy covers repatriation in the event you need to return home earlier than planned in the wake of a disaster. All good policies should cover cancellation as well as curtailment of a ...

  2. 7 Common Travel Disasters: How to Avoid Them and What to Do if One

    Chances are that none of these travel disasters will happen to you when on the road. If something does happen, it's usually minor and simply using common sense can get you out of the situation unscathed. But if you do encounter one of these disasters when traveling, it's always good to be prepared and to have done your homework.

  3. What Is Disaster Tourism And Is It Ethical?

    It is considered a sub-sector of dark tourism. Disaster tourism destinations can be permanently popular with tourists, such as Chernobyl, or they can be popular only in the aftermath of the disaster, such as Kathmandu after the 2015 earthquake or New Orleans after the 2005 hurricane. A temple being rebuilt after the Kathmandu earthquake in 2015.

  4. 4 Common Travel Disasters and How to Prevent Them

    Go to your airline's ticket counter and ask if it can locate your bags. The airline may be able to hold your bags until you arrive at your destination. This is just one of many reasons ...

  5. Disaster tourism

    Disaster tourism. Disaster tourism is the practice of visiting locations at which an environmental disaster, either natural or human-made, has occurred. Although a variety of disasters are the subject of subsequent disaster tourism, the most common disaster tourist sites are areas surrounding volcanic eruptions. [citation needed]

  6. Travel insurance and natural disasters

    Travel insurance with natural disaster cover compensates you for certain travel and accommodation costs if your holiday is disrupted by a natural disaster. Our lowest cover level (Admiral) doesn't offer cover for catastrophes as standard, but Gold and Platinum cover includes cover for costs caused by delays or disruption because of a natural ...

  7. Can tourism help recovery after a disaster?

    After all, those reassurances are important: according to a report by the World Travel and Tourism Council in 2018, "public perceptions of safety and attractiveness following a disaster [are ...

  8. Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters can seriously injure large numbers of people, contribute to the spread of some diseases, disrupt sanitation, and interrupt normal public services. Travelers should be familiar with risks for natural disasters at their destination and local warning systems, evacuation routes, and shelters.

  9. Travel Assistance 101: How Does Natural Disaster Evacuation Work?

    In 2012, there were 905 natural catastrophes worldwide, 93% of which were weather-related disasters. In recent years, we have witnessed some unforgettable natural disasters that had a tremendous impact on travelers— the 2012 Typhoon in the Philippines, the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti (just to name a few).

  10. List of spaceflight-related accidents and incidents

    As of March 2024, in-flight accidents have killed 15 astronauts and 4 cosmonauts in five separate incidents. [2] Three of the flights had flown above the Kármán line (edge of space), and one was intended to do so. In each of these accidents the entire crew was killed. As of November 2023, a total of 676 people have flown into space and 19 of ...

  11. Should You Travel After a Natural Disaster?

    Disaster tourism is a type of dark tourism where you travel to the site of a disaster — natural or manmade — with the specific purpose of witnessing the atrocity. Now, there is a difference, however slight, between disaster tourism and going to a country or region that has recently suffered a disaster.

  12. Crisis and Disasters Abroad

    April through November. Storm surges, high winds, heavy rain, flooding, mudslides, and tornadoes can cause widespread damage to infrastructure (such as roads, electricity, and phone and internet service) and serious shortages of habitable accommodations, food, water, and medical facilities. Storms can result in airport closures or limit flight ...

  13. Crisis and Disaster Abroad: Be Ready

    A crisis event may make some roads unpassable or unsafe. A crisis may also prevent or delay emergency responders' ability to get to you as there may be many people in need of help. Follow instructions from local authorities. Monitor local radio, television, social media, and other sources for updates. If you are staying in a hotel, talk to ...

  14. How To Find Travel Insurance For Severe Weather

    The right travel insurance plan can compensate you for weather-related travel woes, but it's important to know what your policy covers—and what it doesn't. ... Once a natural disaster is a ...

  15. Disaster

    disaster, any natural or human-generated calamitous event that produces great loss of human life or destruction of the natural environment, private property, or public infrastructure. A disaster may be relatively sudden, such as an earthquake or an oil spill, or it may unfold over a longer period, such as the effects of an ongoing pandemic or ...

  16. Air Travel Is a Disaster Right Now. Here's Why.

    But 2020 travel was down 70 percent. Airlines were worried about surviving. That meant laying off staff, shedding pilots, selling airplanes, and retiring aircraft. Now, as travel rebounds, we are ...

  17. When disaster strikes: what airports and airlines should do when a

    From hurricanes to flooding, earthquakes to landslides; there have been some deadly natural disasters in recent months, shaking the Americas and the Caribbean and causing mass disruption for ...

  18. What causes travel-related disasters?

    What causes travel-related disasters? - Geography. Advertisements. Advertisements. Answer in Brief. What causes travel-related disasters? Advertisements. Solution Show Solution. Accidents during train, road and flight journeys are common. It becomes a disaster when a large number of people die. Most of such incidents occur due to equipment ...

  19. Severe weather alert: Disaster crews brace for flooding, damaging

    Disaster management teams in the KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape are on high alert amid the South African Weather Service's (SAWS) forecast for severe weather conditions lashing these provinces ...

  20. Taiwan shaken but unbowed as biggest quake in 25 years spotlights ...

    Wednesday's earthquake shook more parts of Taiwan with greater intensity than any other quake since 1999, when a 7.7 magnitude tremor hit the middle of the island, killing 2,400 people and ...

  21. Direct and Indirect Disaster-related Deaths

    To determine whether death is related to a disaster, you need to know the different types of disaster-related deaths. As medical certifiers, the key determination for you to make is whether the death is disaster-related. You do not need to distinguish between direct and indirect disaster-related deaths, but knowing and understanding both types ...

  22. March 27, 2024

    The bodies of two of the construction workers who died after a 984-foot-long cargo ship hit a pillar of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge have been recovered, officials said Wednesday.

  23. What is travel related disaster?

    What is a travel related disaster? Anything where large amounts of people are killed while travelling. Examples would include plane crashes, train crashes, pile-ups on roads, ships sinking etc.

  24. Indonesia's railway sector assures all travel safety during Hari Raya

    Indonesian Chief of the National Police (Polri) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo assured of the safety of train travel during Haro Raya Aidilfitr homecoming period after a review of Senen Station ...

  25. Flood-ravaged areas across NSW declared natural disaster, triggering

    The New South Wales government has, in collaboration with the federal government, declared areas of natural disaster in the wake of the recent rains and floods across the state. The announcement ...

  26. Impacted by Two Disasters

    Survivors in the designated counties who have disaster-caused damage or loss from either storm can apply for federal disaster assistance in several ways: Call the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362. Help is available in most languages. The toll-free numbers are open daily from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. ET.

  27. Why April's total solar eclipse will be a historic event in the US

    Due to the fact April's total solar eclipse will be the last of its kind to occur in North America for 20 years, it is projected to be the U.S.'s largest mass travel event in 2024, Michael Zeiler ...

  28. 2023 Disasters in numbers

    Executive Summary. In 2023,1 the Emergency Events Database (EM-DAT) recorded a total of 399 disasters related to natural hazards.2 These events resulted in 86,473 fatalities and affected 93.1 ...

  29. Who Is Responsible for Paying for the Baltimore Bridge Collapse?

    President Joe Biden said on Tuesday the federal government should be responsible for paying to reconstruct the damaged Francis Scott Key Bridge. "It is my intention that the federal government ...