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Naval Action - Travel Balloon is a consumable non-refundable DLC. A truly revolutionary idea of two talented inventors and brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier. The first flying vessel made of a globe of taffeta filled with air and an attached basket carried first passengers and landed in safety on the 27th of August in Paris, France. Several experiments of the like nature have been made since. It allows you to travel around the world using air currents. It is a non-refundable DLC that allows you to receive the travel balloon every 24 hours. Once used you can keep one forever (if you dont delete or sell it)

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naval action travel balloon

Naval Action

naval action travel balloon

  • pros/cons of playing solo or with a clan
  • rankings and analysis of DLC content
  • Game update reviews and analysis
  • Essential links and tools
  • Game Update Section - Because the game is being regularly updated, the Updates section at the bottom will contain my analysis of updates that occur since the guide has been posted.
  • Parts of this Guide are still under development - Please bear with me while I work on completing it.
  • If you appreciate the content and want to help me keep this updated, feel free to send me comments or messages and give the guide a thumbs up.
  • Where are you from – many people play in the nation where they hail from.
  • Size of the Nation – In terms of both population and number of ports, this question is important. The ports that a faction controls will determine the trade routes it has access to, and how proximate it is to various events that occur on the map. The number of players will factor into how active its markets are, etc.
  • Location of its Ports - Check out the Map [] to see how central (or not) the faction is
  • Player Development - The three nations with the most new players are GB, US and Pirates. See comments below on the specifics.
  • Great Britain (GB) - Lots of very strong pros and cons for new players. English speaking with a great community/clans for development, very big/active markets and centrally located near all the action. Has above average trade routes but a more dangerous economy due to its central location. GB and Pirates get near constant attention from every other nation on the map. Good if you want the action to come to you, but can be tough for new players. A solid starting choice.
  • Pirates - Like GB, pirates are centrally located with alot of new players and some very good clans for development. Economy is a bit worse - a lot of russian and spanish spoken in Pirates, but theres a few english groups as well.
  • United States (US) - Has a lot of new players, places to develop and above average trade routes. English speaking, and like the two above, has issues with attracting gankers, especially now that Russia has moved in. Solid starting choice, with some interesting player movement over there recently.
  • Russia - Russia has some of the better clans in the game and relatively active internal markets but for new players it may be hard to find english speaking starter clans. They have good trade routes and crafting ports.
  • Netherlands (VP) - An interesting choice right now, as they have kind of taken over the role France had with limited but profitable/safe trade routes, good crafting and a strong, active community. Pretty much all the groups there speak english, and they've had a number of players move over lately.
  • France - France has struggled since its breakup with VNGD. Still a lovely place to trade/craft in a nice corner part of the map. Mostly speak french now, but a few above average trade routes that are safer than most. Its a decent spot for new player economy, but language and choice are limited.
  • Denmark - Smaller nation with a great community and a good mix of excellent clans and developmental ones, with a few that speak english. Its a solid choice, but its trade routes are a little less safe than France/VP, and its been getting hit hard in RVR.
  • Sweden - Sweden has been getting picked apart a bit after de-zerging the map. They still have great crafting, but their trade routes are greatly diminished. There are still some good clans here that speak english.
  • Prussia - One of the more interesting picks right now - Strong pros/cons: Very limited internal markets, but some of the best trade routes in the game but they get ganked a lot. Basically only one english speaking clan, but its one of the best in the game.
  • Poland - Like Prussia they have seen a lot of development recently from top tier clan movement. Like Prussia, they have limited internal markets, limited clan choice, and one extremely good clan. A key difference is that Polish trade routes are a bit worse than Prussian imo, making them a harder pick for new players.
  • China - Good LORD VNGD! They have been a ton of fun to watch recently, taking on all comers and actively engaging across the map. Basically the same pros/cons should be listed as with Prussia/Poland - they are basically a single clan nation, except unlike the other two their focus is US timezone rather than EU.
  • Spain - Spain was doing great last year before it collapsed again. They are a niche nation for spanish speakers right now, but you can expect them to get back on their feet again in the future.
  • Making Money - You need to be able to trade to make enough money to comfortably allow yourself to build up your fleet, develop outposts, and take the inevitable losses.
  • Gaining battle experience - You need to experience the battle mechanics as early as possible because there will be pirates you encounter – and it’s the only way to level yourself.
  • Finishing the tutorial - the tutorial will act as a way of fast forwarding your progress by boosting your level a great deal after you finish the final exam (with a few other less noteworthy perks).
  • 10 hull repair cycles
  • 10 Rig repair cycles
  • 4 Rum cycles
  • Capital – Your Nation’s capital will likely be the hub of most trade, there will likely be a ton of ships for sale at varying prices and even 1st rate and up ships built by the admiralty – it will take time to figure out how much a ship is worth, but I’ll put in some rough ship price guidelines in the Ship section for certain basic ships everyone uses. In GB, the capital is Kingston Port Royale (KPR).
  • Shipcrafting Ports – Ports where a clan has levelled up shipcrafting bonusses. While these ports tend to have fewer ships than your capital, you will often find ships with very good port bonusses here. Shipcrafting ports are good places to find ships with highly developed port bonusses (which cannot be added on later). You can find out more about your ports by reviewing the NA Map in the links or asking players. In GB, these ports include Santiago De Cuba (SDC), Port Au Prince (PAP), Belize (BEL) and Salamanca (SALA).
  • All other faction ports – These ports have very little to do with ship trading. You will likely be able to buy only lower rate ships from the admiralty at these ports and they will likely have less in the shop as well.
  • Free or Neutral Ports – Sometimes people will sell various good ships at free ports, but usually at very high prices. A few of these ports can be a goldmine, and can be very helpful if you need something specific, but youll have to travel there and figure it out since it depends strongly on the particular port (La Tortue is a good example). Recommend using very fast lynx or basic cutter to do this sort of exploring or outpost (OP) building.
  • Windboosts are items you can see while at sea that will give you massive speed boosts when you sail close enough to them that you can click on them and press “Use.”
  • The longer the duration of the boost, the wider the circle where it can be grabbed. Usually shorter boosts you have to sail right underneath have faster boosts.

naval action travel balloon

  • To turn through the wind most on a Square Rigged ship you will need to learn how to turn on manual sailing (most staysail rigged ships/smaller crafts can turn through the wind without ever getting off automatic pilot just fine).
  • Use the R/Q buttons to turn front sails and the Z/C buttons to turn bottom sails.
  • Turn off Staysails/Depower by pressing [T] to turn more quickly
  • To put your sails back on auto press [F] and make sure to restore your Staysails with [T].

naval action travel balloon

  • To turn through the wind with the wind at your stern (back) you will want to convert to manually point your sails in a V shape with the point facing the wind.
  • To put your sails back on auto press [F].

naval action travel balloon

  • To turn through the wind with the wind at your bow (front) you will want to manually point your sails in a V shape with the legs spread to the wind (direction you're going).
  • So looking at the tacking image below, you can see us tacking to the right with our V open to the right.

naval action travel balloon

  • Angling your ship so that incoming fire will not hit you directly will greatly mitigate the damage you take and can cause shots to bounce off you.
  • When sailing a ship with multiple gun decks you can turn them on/off by pressing [F1-4]
  • Its near pointless to target sails while they have rig repair up, just hit hull during this time. When youre escaping and know the enemy will try to hit your sails down, a good idea is to pop a sail rep even before you need it to greatly decrease the effects of damage.
  • Good rule of thumb: Once youre in the 50-70% hull damage on a side, its time to protect that side and to consider a rep cycle.
  • Turn off your cannons during rep cycles (press 7)
  • Water - Best for normal hull attacks/causing leaks. This will be your standard firing mode.
  • Parallell - Use for sail damage/demasting.
  • Random - Don't use this regularly; only really useful for sail damage attacks. Use with care.
  • For the definitive guide on boarding, use Freddy Krueger's [] .
  • Understanding the information screen at the top is essential (will add screenshot promptly):
  • Marines/Muskets are straightforward how many you have coming into the battle
  • Firepower - How much firepower you and the enemy will use THAT TURN. This is an essential thing to look at when figuring out what the enemy is going to do.
  • Melee - Just like firepower, if the number is high you know the enemy is trying to attack you and you should defend.
  • You can fire your broadside cannons while boarding by pressing the '[' and ']' keys.
  • Marines are basically essential for boarding and can be bought at the admiralty for doubloons
  • Change Firezone Visuals in Graphic Settings to Geometric over Projected.
  • The various options will tell you what they counter if you forget
  • Because of timing and last minute switches, the boarding game is a chess-match with particular moves that you will see happen over time and counters based on them. Begin by boarding NPCs, but beware - they are now doing last minute switches as well, although usually only in response to your own actions.
  • BR the enemy has as compared to you
  • damage done
  • kills and assists.
  • Starting out I recommend taking 7th rate kill missions in your basic cutter. At first, you will want to gain some experience so start with the easy missions against 7th rates, and work your way up to taking on 6th rates, etc. At its best you want to be taking on 2 6th rates for a max reward 7th rate mission.
  • To maximize xp, drop the basic cutter for a privateer (ideal) or pickle (still works) - and continue farming 6th rates.
  • To maximize your time, do this in a port that spawns gold chest 6th and 7th rate missions - ask in Nation Chat if anyone knows of any in your faction. They won't spawn all the time but keep an outpost there and just farm 7th rate missions in a privateer against 2 sixth rates. You should net 400xp a go. This is a solid safe way to build up.
  • Gold/Silver chest missions are rare spawns that get determined after the server reset. That means if a port has a gold chest mission available that you can take, you can farm it continuously until the server resets.
  • Certain ports appear to have "gold chest" days more regularly than others (some appear not to have them at all). Find out by talking to other players which faction ports tend to have 7th and 6th rate gold chest spawns and make an outpost there.
  • For awhile after getting your final exam promo you will be stuck in 5th rates, which is a fun class even if slightly disadvantaged in the meta right now. But xp grinding becomes most difficult here.
  • Doing 5th rate missions against 4th rates is usually not my advice during this period unless you really know what you're doing; theyre better ships and can't be camped easily.
  • As Trincos will likely be your bread and butter ship here, my advice is to find an indefatigable spawn route and camp it mercilessly .
  • You can net about 1000x per battle, and picking your 4th rate targets will make your life much easier than the random spawn you'll see in mission.
  • Find yourself a friendly/free port near large enemy areas where you can create an outpost.
  • If you ask in Nation chat you may be able to get some advice on where enemy elites seem to spawn or sail more regularly. This does not pertain to HDFs, discussed elsewhere.
  • Take as large a ship as you can crew fully and farm elites of comparable size either solo or in smaller fleets. If you are taking on a bunch of ships much smaller than you thats fine - you will get a bonus to xp based on the increased damage you are doing to the elites, and they will have elite drops for you so make sure you loot them.
  • This is an extremely profitable way to level up and a good use of your time.
  • Once you can crew one of the meatier third rates, i.e. a redout or implac, you can grind 1st rate kills solo and net a ton of xp per battle (if i recall, about 2400xp per battle).
  • Doing the missions is perfect for this if you want a set amount of dbls and upgrades
  • You can sometimes get better drops if you hit NPCs on the map
  • If you have the redout dlc, you can do this with a crew as low as 500 but you have to be much more careful. Remember you can repair and they can't.
  • Perks can be managed in port by clicking on the button at the top right of your screen or by pressing . You will access additional “Perk Points” as you level to a maximum of 10.
  • Perks can be reset by purchasing a perk reset permit, which usually run about 400k.
  • There are various perk setups you can use the value of which varies depending on what you’re trying to do. I will lay out the basics.
  • For new players or players focused on trading your perk order should be: Sextant, Fleet Control 1. If you want Hold Optimization, that should come next but its optional if your main ship is going to be an escort. Then you can work in the others like determined defender and prepared.
  • Sextant – Keep it on. This perk is almost mandatory, and by the time you take it off it will be for very specific reasons late in the game when you are running RvR. It is good for everyone, and especially for traders. [uses 2 points]
  • Determined Defender – Excellent Perk. With the recent buff requiring an enemy to have 30% higher crew capacity than you in order to board, it is basically a requirement if you are doing pvp or elite NPCs – as it allows you to prevent/control boarding actions. I love this perk and always have it on. [uses 2 points]
  • Prepared – Excellent Perk. Starting with all guns loaded can be an enormous advantage in almost any engagement. I love this perk and always have it on. [uses 1 points]
  • Fleet Control 1 – Excellent Perk. The first fleet control perk allows you to put two ships in your fleet which is useful for trading. More than that is usually not worth it; too hard to crew and prevents you from using other important perks. If you don’t trade at all and are just doing pvp, you don’t need this ever. [uses 4 points].
  • Expert Carpenter – Excellent Perk. If you want to be a seal clubber, this is core. +5% repair to hull repair is substantial. But it now costs 4 points, which is also substantial. Only take it if you aren't trading and can use it instead of Fleet Control 1. [uses 4 points]
  • Area Control - Good Perk. If you are hunting smaller/faster ships, this can be a key perk for keeping them in. But its expensive. Best if used when hunting in packs, with only one person taking it.
  • Rigging Specialist - Good Perk. 5% rig repair in the current demasting meta is awesome and it only costs 2 points. You can run it even with fleet control on in a general perk setup. Not needed at all if you are just fighting NPCs, even elites, which don't target your sails. Can replace prepared. [uses 2 points]
  • Hold Optimization – Excellent Perk. Allows your main ship to carry 20% more items. If you are doing primarily PvP it isn’t always needed, but if youre trading with a tradeship main, involved in elite NPC fleet actions (to pickup loot), or hunting traders far from a friendly port you'll want those reps without the speed loss. Even when not at max cargo capacity, it will allow you to go faster as your speed decreases based on hold capacity used up and not weight. [uses 1 points]
  • Emergency Master – Reduces cooldown of urgent repairs by 50%. This is extremely helpful in fleet NPC engagements with elites, but tends to take a slight backseat in regular engagements or even PVP. Not a bad perk though. [uses 2 points]
  • Double Shot – Allows you to fire two balls at a time with long guns (or medium guns), but not carronades. This can be devastating if you are primarily using larger ships and fighting slower enemies. [uses 1 points]
  • Double Charge – This perk loads more gunpowder into a single shot allowing more penetration. It can be very helpful for demasting, but given that demasting and penetration have been boosted in recent updates, its use has become more limited and I don’t keep it on. [uses 1 points]
  • Defense Drill – Not bad. This perk only helps during boarding actions by reducing the cost of the defend command. If you are farming gold chest missions by rageboarding (for instance on a lareq against 5th rates), this can be an awesome perk to throw on. [uses 2 points]
  • Crafting/Economy Perks – As far as the crafting perks go, they can be pretty powerful but you won’t need to worry about them until you’re pretty far in the game at which point you’ll have a better idea about what you’re crafting and how much you’re relying on it for income. If you are doing a lot of it, you may want to consider putting one or two on.
  • Fisher - The boost to drops is significant and if you want to farm sealed bottles then absolutely use it, but I don’t think fishing is generally worth your time. Just keep it on passively and you’ll collect this stuff without giving up on very powerful ship perks. [uses 2 points]
  • Morter Officer – Extremely situational. If you are using this, its because someone is asking you to take on an extremely specific role. [uses 2 points]
  • Trimming Expert/Pump Inventor/Carronade Master – Not worth it.
  • Outposts give you access to a harbor (ship storage), warehouse (item storage), and allow you to teleport your character (without any ship) between your other outposts for a few doubloons an unlimited amount of time per day. They also provide destinations for "Tows" (aka Ship Teleporting), which you can do once per day.
  • Outposts can be placed in any faction or free port on the map.
  • You can have up to 8 outposts at a time
  • If you close an outpost, all ships in the harbor and items in the warehouse will deleted forever.
  • To teleport your character, press z and then select which outpost you would like to go to.
  • As indicated above, you can tow any of your ships to any other outpost you have opened but you only have one tow per day and more cannot be purchased or sold.
  • To tow a ship, right click on it while it is docked (ship cannot be set as your main) and click "tow" - a screen will then open up with a list of your other outposts. Click on the desired outpost to tow it there.
  • Ships cannot be towed with items in the hold, however, all items equipped on your ship are towed with it - cannons, upgrades, etc.
  • It will cost you some reals based on the distance teleported (usually less than 10k).
  • You can store and/or transport your ship upgrades anywhere you go without keeping them in a warehouse by placing them in your upgrade chest.
  • I recommend keeping the upgrades you typically use or plan to use in this chest so that you don't have to waste doubloons teleported back to the place where you store them.
  • Cannot be looted when sunk.
  • Your doubloons and combat medals are automatically sent here when completing missions
  • When looted from enemy ships, they cannot be moved from your ship hold to your money chest until you return to port.
  • Once an enemy ship's hull health (center bar in combat) goes to zero, there will be a short wait while they finish sinking.
  • If you are in a ship with much less crew than the enemy, do not approach them until they actually sink or you risk being boarded and taken before they sink - even NPCs will do this.
  • After a ship has been sunk, there is a limited period where the ship can be looted before it disappears underwater (at which point it can no longer be looted).
  • To loot enemies with the new mechanics while a battle is ongoing you need to be nearly on top of them before the x will appear, and you need to be going below 2.5kn (still testing, could still be 3.5 but have seen mixed results - 2.5 will guarantee you are slow enough). Depower your sails with [T] to aid in slowing yourself down.
  • If that is the last or only enemy remaining, you can loot ships from a much farther distance with the new mechanics - allowing you to loot multiple enemies from a single location if they have not sunk too far.
  • Run Upwind Ahead of Them - You want to stay just ahead of the enemy ships, using your stern chasers to hit their masts. This will reduce the amount of damage they can do to you, and allow you to repair easier while still demasting them. Going as much against the wind as you can will make your life easier once their ships are canoed.
  • Focus Fire - In two ways. First demast one ship, then the other; but also, fire single shots and not broadsides anytime you are to the side of the enemy ship to carefully and meticulously gun down their 3 masts. Stern or bow raking the cerbs are the only time youre timing might be such to warrant a broadside bc youll lose your firing zone more quickly and can hit more of their sails/masts at once.
  • Repairing - NPC enemies will not repair - and you can. You have 15 hull cycles you can use to finish the tutorial. Even though it takes time and patience you can always run and repair because youre faster, should be aiming at their masts, and can go get better and come back. You have time!
  • Do not use chain shot - you do not need to rip down enemy sails, you want to use cannons to strike the puny cerb masts into oblivion. Cannons are more accurate, reload faster, and can be shot from further away.
  • Firing Mode - Switch the firing mode to Parallel or the 100/250 ranges and do not use water line mode until you are trying to sink them.
  • Graphics Mode - switch your graphics setting "Firezone Visuals" from projected to Geometric, which will not blur your lines and give you better reads on shots.
  • Finishing - Once the two ships are floating hulks, sail to their stern or slightly off their broadside range and just finish them off at your leisure.
  • Reals - The primary form of currency in the game, allows you to basically buy anything else in the game except for specific improvements and buildings.
  • Doubloons - An important currency in the game used primarily for building craft buildings and port improvements (shipyards, etc.) but can also be used at the Admiralty store (notably for buying ship knowledge items you can't get elsewhere). Doubloons are farmed primarily through missions or looting NPC ships.
  • Combat Medals - Important for buying port improvements and can be used at the admiralty store. Farmed mainly through events like the Patrol Zone.
  • Traders Cutter – 500 Hold Capacity
  • Traders Lynx (Tlynx) – 500 Hold Capacity
  • Traders Snow (TSnow) – 900 Hold Capacity
  • Traders Brig (TBrig) – 1750 Hold Capacity
  • Le Gros Ventre – 1900 Hold Capacity
  • Indiaman – 4000 Hold Capacity
  • Start by working on economy missions and work towards getting yourself a fast cheap trading ship.
  • In the beginning, while using a basic cutter, you won’t have the hold space for cargo missions (800 hold), and will have to ferry a few passengers around before you can afford a trade ship. Only TSnows and above are able to perform cargo missions - and your staple in the beginning will likely be Traders Brigs. Tlynx are better late in game when you want to ferry high value blueprints, etc. without getting caught.
  • As soon as you have enough to get an adeqaute trade ship (or 2), you should start running cargo missions that go TO PORTS IN YOUR OWN FACTION . These can be difficult to find, but the best bet is to go to either Free ports or friendly ports a little ways away from your capital, where they will regularly have missions that go to your own faction’s ports. Take these.
  • Don’t be worried about getting rid of these missions. In fact, in the beginning the only missions you should ever try and hold onto are gold chest missions which you think you can do by yourself.
  • Try to save your money up while you do this until you get to a minimum of 200k. 400k if you want to play it more safely. At this point you have enough to buy 2 Traders brigs which makes the time investment more worthwhile. Try to buy them for less than 30k if you can, and make sure they are as fast as possible.
  • Rule of Thumb : Don’t trade when the server pop is over 450, if you can help it. Experienced players know the good trade routes and will often camp them or the wind boosts near them. This won’t prevent you from getting ganked, but trading when server pop is low will boost the likelihood of success. If you do, try shorter safe routes or routes that involve using shallow water trading ships.
  • Great Trading Tool : This tool [] will help you understand good trade routes and prices
  • Be wary of Alts : Enemy players will often keep an Alt character in your nation to do things like monitor nation chat and keep an eye on common trading ports. They will often keep their hunting ship logged off nearby to jump on you when youre close. Be wary of saying anything revealing in nation chat, and if you see someone talking about doing a run where you’re going perhaps its time to switch to a kill mission bc alts will monitor this. Alts at sea are often players of low-ish rank and no clan or some random clan which you will never have heard of. When you see them, consider altering course to go back to a nearby port.
  • Sailing Profile : For many of the smaller trading ships, you will have a different sailing profiles than enemy hunters. Use this to your advantage, sail off of their best profile and on yours. For instance if you get “tagged” by a Le Requin, you know that they can beat any ship sailing upwind, but are horrible going downwind. Sail with the wind directly to your back and you can usually outrun them. For more on sailing profiles look at this link []
  • Crewing Your Ships – While you always want your ships crewed to the max possible, you can gamble on speed by maxing your escort main ship and putting the remainder in Indiaman under fully crewed. In all likelihood, you’ll be pressing [M] and telling them to retreat. In that case they won’t be using their guns anyway so the harm is mitigated.
  • Endymions – Very mobile, and pack a punch.
  • La Reqs – Can sail very fast upwind and are boarding nightmares with their super high crew capacity. Try to sail with the wind to your back and outrun them.
  • Constitutions
  • Pirate Frigates/Frigates
  • Constitution – very valuable, but they can usually 1v1 any pirate ship.
  • 3-5th rate DLC ships – use ones that are expendable, i.e. not gold, or ones that you would break down for parts the next day. They can be used to block enemy hunters and will still pack a punch.
  • Aggies – High crew requirements but they are great ships that can usually be found at reasonable prices and don’t require a permit to build.
  • Indefatigable/Inger – Like the connie they aren’t expendable but they do a good job of requiring little crew, and can pvp well.
  • Chest/upgrade farming can be done at any time – and it is a particularly good way to level up when you are just starting out, which I will cover it in more detail in the levelling section.
  • The basic idea is to find a method of obtaining upgrades, determining how much they are worth, and selling them. This isn’t my preferred method because you will eventually want many of these upgrades and I like to make sure I have a good personal stockpile. But many upgrades can be sold for 500k or more so it’s a good way of earning money when you need it.
  • Route 1 : Gold Chests – find ports that drop gold/silver chest missions and farm them – particularly good when they are 7th rate and 6th rate missions because they are usually the easiest to farm. Talk to people in your nation and find out what ports drop gold chest missions (doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes it can last for a week when it starts and the ports will always be the same).
  • Route 2 : Attacking NPCs/Fleets – NPCs holds will be filled with random items, but even low level ships can have good upgrades that you can sell. Fleets are a particularly good way of hitting
  • I’ll cover this in more detail in the crafting section but in brief: You need an outpost, then you need to build the proper structure for the items you want to craft, then you need to stock it with the ingredients, then you need to get the product where you want to sell it. You may also need various permits along the way. Any of those links in the chain can be disrupted by gankers.\
  • You need to know where people need which items and for that you need to play the game to get a feel for shipcrafting ports, HDF ports, etc. You also need to know what ports produce the items you’ll need.
  • The NA map is a good resource for this and it also includes the recipes you might need, but it doesn’t include faction port upgrades – so a port where you can produce coal may not say it on the map if it was a faction upgrade.
  • Have an outpost at all these points, and in particular, where you’re putting up Sell Contracts – so you can tp there and collect it when its done.
  • Selling cannons and repairs at a major premium in ports where you know people farm for experience (targeting npc fleets, running HDFs, etc.) can be a good way to make money. Create an outpost at free ports close to your own production facility and haul your cargo the short distance there and sell at a premium. There are never enough and they usually go for a ton.
  • A second but also good place to do this is at shipcrafting ports where people will often buy ships but be unable to equip them. I wouldn’t recommend selling cannons/reps at the capital because the market is likely oversaturated already.
  • Sell ships with good port bonusses (from shipcrafting ports) at places with a high volume of players (capital is great, some free ports, and really good trade route hubs, for instance) – especially if you know that that location won’t have a lot of ships with good port bonusses.
  • NOTE: To craft ships with port bonusses you need your shipyard to be in a port that a clan has upgraded, and to be in that clan or in a clan that is on their friends list. Most of the major clans will be on each others friends lists, so basically this just means if you want to craft your own ships, you’ll want the port bonusses that being in a clan brings.
  • Many new players will try to explicitly go fishing to earn a profit and they’ll base this on outdated guides that say how valuable certain items like bull sharks are. Yes, some random people will buy these from you but by and large you’re talking about 200 reals per RARE fish.
  • Fishing is still very useful and when you are sailing most of the time you can just keep it on while you are doing other things. Fish can be broken down into Provisions, which are used for shipcrafting. So selling them at shipcrafting ports is a good way to make a lot of money on them.
  • The only item of real monetary value is the Sealed Bottle , which usually sells for around 1million reals on the market ( DO NOT SELL IT DIRECTLY INTO THE STORE – use the place contract system or else you will get next to nothing for it).
  • Sealed bottle drops are extremely rare/random and will contain the location of a shipwreck. You can only pop 1 at a time. A traders brig will be large enough in most cases to claim the shipwreck. Just be aware that your main ship must be large enough to collect the entire load. You cannot separate the shipwreck cargo up until after it has been claimed. I have heard but have not confirmed that in some rare cases, you may need a le gros ventre or Indiaman to claim the shipwreck. If you go in a brig and can’t claim it, that’s not a big deal (other than time wasted). Go back and get a bigger trade ship (or just go in an Indiaman and save yourself the hassle).
  • Only claim shipwrecks when server pop is low or you know there are never enemies in that area.
  • Tier 1 – Unseasoned Standard Woods – can be farmed around the map where they are naturally occurring (can be found here [] ) or where they have been created by port improvements. Since port improvements are not tracked in the NA map, you have to find these out yourself. Most clans will have a list of the port improvements for specific regions which are very helpful.
  • Tier 2 – Seasoned Standard Woods – These are standard woods that have gone through a seasoning shed. On top of the construction costs, these woods require a permit for both the seasoning shed and the specific seasoned woods themselves. Both of these are rare drops and are usually hard to find/expensive to buy. DLC ships can pick any of the seasoned woods when they are redeemed.
  • Tier 3 – Rare Woods (Cannot be Farmed) – the new tier 3 woods can only be used on crafted ships (not DLC), and cannot be farmed – they will spawn randomly in specific ports and are quite expensive – use the NA map to see where they most often spawn. These woods include: New England Fir, Riga Fir, Rangoon Teak, Italian Larch, African Teak, Malibar Teak, Danzic Oak, African Oak, and Greenheart.
  • Heavy Woods – These are the oaks of the world, they boast slow speeds but good health and armor. Can be used for frames or planking.
  • Light Woods – The fir/pines of the world, they are the fastest woods in the game boasting little health and armor.
  • Hard Woods – These are the teaks of the world plus Mahogany. They boast good speed and armor but lower HP. These were typically great woods for swiss army knife builds that don’t want to sacrifice too much of anything. They have been somewhat nerfed by the recent updates which greatly increased armor pen, putting an emphasis on total health over armor. They can be used for frames or planking.
  • Framewoods – Cannot be used as planking and are almost always very solid choices for tanky ship builds. Framewoods include: African Oak, Live Oak, Greenheart, and Locust.
  • Seasoned woods are very expensive to craft and will significantly enhance the ship, as well as increase its price.
  • Teak/hardwoods have been nerfed slightly in latest update but they are still your best swiss army knife frame.
  • Grey - 1 Permanent Upgrades/Slots. Only found in admiralty crafted ships or captured npcs.
  • Green (Substandard) – 2 Permanent Upgrades/Slots. Only found in admiralty crafted ships or captured npcs.
  • Blue (Standard) – 3 Permanent Upgrades/Slots. The vast majority of the ships you craft or see available will be blue, and that’s fine.
  • Purple (Rare) – 4 Permanent Upgrades/Slots. Usually you won’t want to throw away good purple ships, and you can often sell them at a premium. For DLCs, you typically will want to keep these around and not break them up for parts.
  • Orange (Exceptional) – 5 Permanent Upgrades/Slots. These are the unicorns, they sell for a ton – often even when the woods are very average.

naval action travel balloon

  • Purple Box (left) - "Guns:" indicates the total number of weapons that can be placed on the ship (i.e. the minimum amount of them you need to buy to equip that slot.
  • Red Box (left) - the "g:" indicates the number and size of the cannons that can fit
  • Green Box (left) - the "c:" indicates the number and size of the carronades that can fit
  • Blue Box (center) - Permanent Upgrades that can be placed on this ship, the number is based on the crafting tier level (see Crafting Tiers in Ships - Part I). They can be destroyed and replaced but the upgrade will be lost.
  • Yellow Box (center) - Ship Levels, unlocked by fighting in the ship, are where you can place knowledge boosts obtained by reading books. These can be changed anytime in port.
  • Naval Clock - Huge increase in speed (3.6%) and crew transfer.
  • Navy Hull Refit - Bought at admiralty, big increase to speed (3.4%)
  • Copper Plating - 3.3% speed increase
  • Improved Sextant - 3.2% speed increase
  • Basic Quadrant - 2% speed increase
  • Bovinwinds Refit - 1.7% speed increase and yard power, but big increase to sailing crew requirements .
  • Cotton Sails - Common speed increase mod 1.7%.
  • Northern Master Carpenters - best in game, elite. +8.5pp
  • Northern Carpenters - elite. +5.5pp
  • Navy Carpenters - elite. +5.3pp
  • Steel Toolbox
  • Sea Service Toolbox
  • Navy Orlop Refit - repair time decrease
  • Journeyman Carpenters - +2.0pp
  • Basic Carpentry Toolbox
  • Apprentice Carpenters - +1.0pp
  • Navy Planking
  • Cartagena Caulking Refit
  • Navy Structure Refit
  • Strong Bow and Stern
  • British Gunnery Sergeant - Elite
  • British Gunners - Good
  • Guacuata Gunpowder - Elite
  • Almeria Gunpowder - Good
  • Double Hammocks - highly valuable, always sought after.
  • All "Boarders" upgrades - replace crew with high level boarders.
  • This carries over across all ships of that kind. So if you battle in a rattlesnake, even if you lose it your next rattlesnake will have the xp you gained earlier, etc.
  • Each ship can be levelled up 5 times, unlocking 5 "Knowledge Slots" (shown in image below) where you can put book upgrades in.
  • Unlike permanent upgrades, ship upgrades can be changed at port at any time
  • Ship upgrades are based on the books you have "read" already.
  • Encyclopedias - Crafted by putting together other rare books to give your ship a singular advantage.
  • Rare Craft Books - The books YOU SHOULD NOT READ which you will use to craft encyclopedias. Once you have the encyclopedia you can sell these for usually 1m or more. They are listed below in the requirements for encylopedias.
  • Rare Standard Books - Very few of these, includes: Seeferkel Last Log
  • Common Standard Books - Books that you should find and use without worry found through normal drops or the admiralty.
  • Expert Carpentry Handbook - Excellent Book. Increases Repair Amount by 2.5pp and reduces leak repair time by 7.5%.
  • Carpenter Combat Reports Book - Excellent Book. Rare pvp book with 2.5pp increased repair amount.
  • Book of Repairing - Excellent Book. Increases repair amount by 1.8pp and crew transfer speed; reduces repair time by 3%.
  • Carpenter - Good Book. A worse version of the expert book above, can be stacked. Increases repair amount by 1.0pp and reduces leaks by 7%.
  • Survival Book - Good Book. Reduces repair time and crew needed; good for hunters but does gets knocked down a bit because no increase to repair amount.
  • Planking - Highly Situational. Because of the steep cost to speed, this is only for true floating battery builds.
  • Art of Cargo Distribution - 2nd best speedbook behind the encyclopedia ( use it to craft first )
  • Navy Loodsman Reports - Excellent Book. Increase speed 1.3%
  • Trim - Speed Book - Excellent Book. Max Speed 1.2% but reduces turn speed and sail hit points.
  • Treatise on Square Sail Trim - Excellent Book. Massive boost to square sail power, with large reduction to staysails. You will be more effective going directly downwind.
  • Treatise on Staysails Trim - Excellent Book. The inverse of the above, with massive boost to staysail power allowing you to be more effective off or upwind.
  • Instructions au Canonneers - Excellent Book. Reduces reload, crew requirements, and dispersion. Especially good for newer players who will want all the forgiveness they can get if they miss shots.
  • Old Flag Captain - Excellent Book, for the same reasons listed above. Can be used in conjunction or until you get the above.
  • Reloading Book - Reduces reload time and crew requirements. Its good, but not as good as the other two.
  • Marines 15 - Essential Book. Bought at the Admiralty and usually paired with Marines 5, this book converts 15% of your crew to marines for boarding purposes.
  • Crew Shifts - Excellent Book. Although it has an unfortunate hit to morale, its one of the earliest books you can use to boost your ship crew by 7%.
  • Mandatory Elite Spanish or Pirate Rrig Refit on fast builds - Meta for Open World PVP is speed. Expect large ships to be going 17kn downwind, etc.
  • Use Teak/Mah type builds to give yourself the ability to angle, with all speed mods maybe Navy Planking (Thickness) or Northern Master Carpenters (Repair) in your off-speed mod slot.
  • Framing : Live Oak(s) or Locust(s) Locust has more HP than Live Oak, which is powerful in the current meta – but it is slower, has less armor, and repairs much less quickly. All of these are pretty important – so consider how often you’ll have to repair in battle when making the choice between these two great woods.
  • Planking : Sabicu(s) Sab is a personal fav right now, although White Oak is a good backup option (and can work decently for the frame in a pinch).
  • Elite : Greenheart/Danzic Oak.
  • Carpenter Slot (2) - i.e. Northern Masters Carpenters (NMCs)
  • Structure Slot (1-2) - i.e. Navy Planking, Naval Mast Bands (NMB), Cartagena Caulking Refit (CCR)
  • Gunnery Slot (1-2) - i.e. British Gunnery Sargeant
  • Survival Slots (2-3) - i.e. Seeferkels, Expert Carpenters (ECs), Combat Carps (CCs)
  • Gunnery Slot (1-2) - i.e. Seeferkels, Gunnery Encycopedia, Instructions au Cannoneers
  • Framing : Teak(s), Mah(s)
  • Planking : Teak(s), Mah(s), Sab(s) You can throw white oak on for planking if you're unlocking the ship - will give you a bit more staying power without reducing your speed. You can also try bermuda planking if you really need that extra speed and are willing to sacrifice a bit. Sabicu is my preferred build if you have speed books unlocked, as itll give u a nice HP boost.
  • Elite - Malabar Teak/Malabar Teak
  • Speed (2-4) - i.e. Elite Spanish, Naval Clock, Navy Hull Refit, Copper Sheathing
  • Survival (1-2) - i.e. Northern Masters Carpenters (NMCs), Navy Planking (NP).
  • Speed (2-3) - i.e. Art of Ship Handling, Navy Loodsman, plus context specific choice
  • Survival (2-3) - i.e. Seeferkel, Expert Carp, Combat Carp
  • Framing/Planking – Bermuda(s) for both. The cheaper backup being fir/fir.
  • Elite - New England Fir/New England Fir
  • You won’t be fighting your trade ships if you’re doing it right. What matters is speed.
  • For Indiaman, try and use ones with at least 11.46kn which is a fir/fir build.
  • Bermuda is fastest standard wood, and new England fir is the fastest wood in the game. You can use for frame and planking, but I wouldn’t recommend putting elite woods on any trader unless youre absolutely rolling in the game.
  • On the Santi build: The mods on the Santi were to test the HP cap given the new changes to pen making HP more important.
  • Greenheart/Danzig Oak is still the most raw hp you can get from 2 woodtypes in game
  • On the Endy build: he would remove the elite french for navy mast bands now or even another speed upgrade. Elite French doesn't have the stats that it used to.

naval action travel balloon

  • Best - Privateer - with 30 BR, you can get good ones which will net you the most xp when running 7th rate gold chest missions and will allow you to take down 6th rates with ease. Will sometimes be used for shallow water PBs.
  • Runner Up - Pickle - 35 BR and rides high out of the water, but will do the same job as the privateer if you cant find one or there is a big difference in cost.
  • Useful - Basic Cutter - 10 BR, but for those starting out the elimination of ANY risk of loss is amazing, plus infinite repairs.

naval action travel balloon

  • Snow - still the meta, great for practicing stern camping against larger slower ships and will often be used for shallow water defense. Great XP grinder if you can take down large foes.
  • Niagara - new to meta, and seen in some PBs.
  • LaReq - Rageboarder, massive crew capacity for boarding 5th rates quickly in 6th rate gold chest missions. About the only time you want to use Crew Capacity planking is for a mission-boarding lareq.

naval action travel balloon

  • Endymion - Expensive and awesome, this little guy packs a punch and is incredibly maneuverable. If you find one for less than 500k even if the woods aren't great, it makes sense to pick it up simply in order to unlock it. Most commonly used by trade hunters and in the PZ.
  • Trincomalee - Great for 5th rate NPC kill missions, these are carro machines. They are tricky to handle because of their heeling but are excellent ships.
  • Shallow Water PZ Specialists: La Renommee , Hercules , and Surprise are all favorites as 5th rates who can tangle in the shallows. All three are good ships, with the Ren getting a slight nod due to her speed and beautifully round sides that facilitate shots bouncing off her, the Surprise going more as the heavy hitter.

naval action travel balloon

  • All-Rounder - Agamemnon - Amazing ship, can be built to do a ton of different roles.
  • Patrol Zone - Rattvisan (DLC) - Great tank pvp ship.
  • Hunter - Ingermanland - Fast, low crew cap, packs a punch. The inger is great going downwind and is a favorite for pvpers, plus has uses in some PBs.

  • Generally - Implact/De Ruyter/Redout - The Implac and Redout are two of the best, most frequently used ships in the game. The Du Ruyter is a rarer ship but also quite good - if you have your hands on one, handle it with care.
  • Hunting - Constitution

naval action travel balloon

  • Christian - The best second rate still, but rare permit-wise. Best turn rate and sailing profile of any of the ships.
  • Le Buc may still be the best to unlock first, as it is used in PBs as well.

naval action travel balloon

  • Santísima Trinidad - The best first rate in the game may look like a pretty square box, but she is a beast. L'Océan - The other primary line of battle ship which you'll unlock first, bc PBs. Great ship though.
  • Victory - With far less crew capacity, the Vic has a different role than the other two - she outclasses smaller ships but isn't usually used against other first rates unless its with DLCs to mitigate loss. She is a PZ favorite though, and is incredibly good for players just able to crew her 850 in order to get them into HDF actions. She is also great for solo farming elites.

naval action travel balloon

  • Indiaman - 5th Rate - 4,000 Ton Hold: The massive ship of largescale traders carries over twice the cargo of its peers and can carry some pretty heavy carros. Still, its slow plodding pace makes it an easy target for pirates. Best used with an escort. No other ship can replace it in terms of capacity. Even with seasoned bermuda and decent speed upgrades it tops out around 14.7kn.
  • Le Gros Ventre (LGV) - 5th Rate - 1900 Ton Hold: A ship you may find yourself using regularly when starting but gets replaced by Indiaman very quickly as a square rigged trader and fast enough to outrun most pirates. On its best point of sail with ber(s)/ber(s) and decent speed upgrades it maxes out at 15.3 without anything in the hold. Nothing to sneer at but many hunters can hit 16kn, so not as good as the actual speed traders.
  • Traders Brig - 6th Rate - 1750 Ton Hold: Very similar to the LGV, except usually cheaper and with the same woods/upgrades you can see better results sailing upwind, making it a preferred option for some who want the best of both speed and hold space.
  • Traders Lynx - 7th Rate - 500 Ton Hold: The best speed trader, with upgrades it can hit absurd upwind speeds that can only be matched by a La Req. Even with its restrictive cargo capacity, it will be your go to for high value item moving when you don't have a large group of friends helping escort.
  • The Rest - Trader's Snow really doesn't fit the meta that well but will likely be a target for very new players running cargo missions if they find a cheap one. Tcutters are hardly seen but are basically just the tlynx.

naval action travel balloon

  • A higher crafting level gives you a higher labor hour limit and the ability to craft better ships.
  • The best way to level up crafting is by crafting ships.
  • Hovering over the ship you want to craft in your shipyard will tell you how much experience you will recieve when crafting it.

naval action travel balloon

  • Certain ships require a blueprint to craft, use the NA Map tool (linked at bottom) for updated info or the wiki linked above for a rough check on multiple ships.
  • Every blueprint you obtain will permit you to craft 1 ship of that type.
  • To make sure you information is uptodate, use the NA Map Tool [] and select port bonusses.
  • The best port to begin developing might change based on the clan you join or its likelihood of being lost, and doesn't matter at all if you're playing solo (I suppose you could make your own clan, and get added to another's friend list but I'm not sure about the mechanics of it).
  • Vera Cruz - 4/4/4/3/4
  • Nouvelle-Orléans - 4/4/4/3/4
  • Santo Domingo - 4/4/4/2/4
  • Campeche - 4/3/4/2/4
  • Saint John's - 4/4/4/1/4
  • Oranjestad - 4/3/3/2/4
  • Santiago de Cuba - 4/4/4/1/4
  • Salamanca - 4/4/4/1/2
  • San Juan - 4/4/4/1/3
  • Santa Marta - 4/4/2/1/4
  • Bridgetown - 4/4/3/1/4
  • Caracas - 4/4/3/1/4
  • Baracoa - 4/4/3/0/4
  • Nuevitas - 4/2/4/0/4
  • San Agustin - 4/3/4/0/4
  • Remedios - 4/3/3/2/4
  • Batabano - 4/3/3/2/4
  • 1170 Tools, 3510 Dubs, 50,310 labor hours or 101 labor contracts (worth 500 hours per contract).
  • If you're not crafting them, labor contracts usually go for about 100-250k per on the market - So just this ship in labor could cost you over 25million reals just for the labor contracts. At 100k per, it may be worth buying (since value of materials to craft is about 50k), but much beyond that and it is better to do it yourself.
  • Tools, at their cheapest, go at around 1.8k and are often much more - so even if you were to buy all the tools at 1.8k, it would cost you over 2million reals.
  • As you can see, this is expensive to set up but it can be worthwhile if you have people helping you out - but it is usually a team effort.
  • This is by far the most time/cost efficient way to obtain seasoned woods (or the permits themselves).
  • The "Wooden Chest" is only one chest in the game that (to my knowledge) drops seasoned woods and seasoned wood/shed permits. Highly valuable for a variety of reasons because it is also used to improve clan owned ports.
  • Dropping them are elite NPC fleets which guard enemy ports and which will attack player ships. They will have a skull next to their name identifying them as Elite.
  • At least 7 people using first rates for optimal success/hold capacity. And more is definitely better.
  • When you open the map, hover your mouse cursor over an enemy port - a circle will show up around that port. This is the defended circle wherein HDFs will spawn and hunt.
  • You need to find a spot in that circle to be grouped up where the HDF will see you and attack.
  • Typically you will be attacked by extremely fast 1st rates and trincs. They can all drop wooden chests so make sure to have someone grab them as soon as an enemy is sunk.
  • Be careful to not get boarded - these ships will have every boarding mod equipped.
  • Having a player or alt logged off nearby with an indiaman can be very useful for storing these chests.
  • The longer you wait to start creating resource reserves the more labor hours you're wasting. Start early with cheap basic resources you know you will need down the road and use all your labor hours each day starting to build up your stockpile.
  • Identify which port you will use as a shipyard (don't need to build it yet)
  • Identify which (2) woods you plan to use for frame and planking. Find the closest ports to your shipyard with these woods.
  • Create outposts at these ports and build at least a level 1 forest - tp to these ports every day and begin to use your labor hours to build up these wood reserves.
  • Shipyard Build at a location where you recieve best port bonusses. To get lvl 3 Requires: 85k Doubloons 4.25m Reals
  • Workshop Requires 500k Reals and 5k Doubloons.
  • Forge Requires 500k Reals and 10k Doubloons.
  • Academy Build at capital or shipyard depending on safety of port. Requires 1m Reals and 10k Doubloons.
  • Seasoning Shed Build at Shipyard. Requires: 15k Doubloons 500k Reals Seasoning Shed Permit.
  • Forest 1 - Frame Wood. Between 450k-850k reals depending on wood type to get level 3.
  • Forest 2 - Planking Wood. Between 450k-850k reals depending on wood type to get level 3.
  • Coal Mine 600,000 Reals to get to level 3
  • Iron Ore Mine 1,750,000 Reals to get level 3
  • Fir Forest - You need fir to craft every ship, and even if its cheap to buy you won't always have it available when you need it. Having your own source of fir is a good way of remedying this problem. Or just buy it at good prices whenever you see it and build up a stockpile.
  • Oak Forest - You will also need oak to craft any of the larger ships, like 1st rates. So having a stockpile can be helpful.
  • Hemp Farm - Same logic as above. Hemp you don't need much of and its usually cheap to buy.
  • Stone Mine - Same as above.
  • The reputation update will allow you to enter enemy ports in any ship and build there, as long as your reputation has not been decreased by participating in RVR (realm vs realm) battles against that Nation. Solo players, not being forced into RVR defense of ports, will have the entire map at their disposal.
  • The admiralty DLC is a good consideration for solo players as it will expand your warehouses and give you more dock space.
  • Crafters - Will not recieve port bonusses unless they are in a clan that is friends with the port owner
  • Easier Access to Party-Based Action - Clans make participating in RVR (Realm vs Realm), HDFs (Home Defense Fleets of elite NPCs), etc. more easy, and in some cases mandatory, since you won't be able to join certain battles unless you are on a clans friends list (port battles, for instance).
  • A good way to narrow your selection of clans is to open the Leaderboards screen [Shortcut: L], and select Clan Leaderboard. This will show you basic information about the largest/most active clans in your Nation. It won't provide all the important information and could leave out some elite small groups, but for someone with absolutely no idea what clans are in their nation this is a much better way to look for a group than simply by asking in Nation.
  • Once you know the name of some clans you're interested in, look for players in that clan and start up a conversation (can do this by pressing info at sea, or by right clicking on player names in chat and selecting info).
  • Most clans want you to have finished the final exam first
  • You will likely need access to Teamspeak, Discord or both - and having a mic is important.
  • Use nation chat to ask if clans are recruiting, find information out about which clans are most active, etc.
  • The non-ship DLCs are some of the most powerful in the game. Especially Naval Connections.
  • You probably want at least one ship DLC.
  • The vic is the one you'll use the most in the endgame.
  • The redout is the best dlc ship you can get as compared to its peers and does everything.
  • The laReq can be used the entire time you play and is unique.
  • Your main in-game bottlenecks are Crew Capacity and Money, and the former has an impact on how useful the DLC ships will be to you. You won’t even be able to use the Redoutable until you can crew at least 500, and even then it is going to be very undercrewed. So keep that in mind. If you buy a DLC out of the gate, it will only be good as a way to get a few resources from breaking it down and hoping for good rolls you can save for later.
  • DLC ships can use any of the Tier 2 seasoned woods (not the rare tier 3 woods but extremely good) and you can redeem a new one every 24 hours.
  • By putting your current DLC ships in your Fleet and clicking Redeem, you can get another DLC ship in your shipyard. That means you can keep 3 (or potentially even 4) DLC ships around at any given time.
  • DLC ships are not at the top of their respective classes, but they are almost all pretty decent and give you an expendable ship that you can always fall back on.
  • DLC ships have the same RNG as when you craft a ship. Meaning you can get 5 slot orange DLC (rarest), a purple (rare) or blue (common), just as you might when crafting, and your port bonusses will be random as well.
  • DLC ships can be broken down just like any other ship, so you can get resources from them. This isn’t as great a bonus as it sounds, since good breakdown rolls are very very rare. Usually youre looking at like 12 coal and 20 fir, or the equivalent.
  • Redoutable – An incredibly good ship that is better than all 3rd rates but the Implac and perhaps the Du Ruyter. If you’re going to spend money on any DLC, it should be this one. Just keep in mind what I said before – it requires 690 crew, so even if it can be fought with 500 crew, its at a disadvantage.
  • Victory 1765 - After discussing this with Freddy Kreuger, he's convinced me to move this up. Its the perfect ship for getting new players who can't crew first rates into HDFs for training and wooden chests much earlier than otherwise bc of its low crew requirements or as a throwaway ship to use around the PZ (note - you need a 4th rate or lower to get PZ combat medals). I'll leave part of my original take below, and i'm going to remove the "outclassed" language: "The Victory (DLC or regular) is a great ship but like the Leopard below, it doesn't really comp well with other first rates and acts kind of like a kind of larger 2nd, fitting the meta weird. That said, it is beautifully designed, and it can be good for farming Elites (single or fleets of enemies that have a skull next to their name, and are much much more difficult to kill but will drop great items like elite cannons)."
  • La Req – A ship that fills a particular role like nothing else in the game because of its high crew capacity (for boarding) and its ability to run upwind. It can be used for port battles later on as a screening ship or scout, it can be used as a hunter, and it can be used to quickly grind gold chest missions by boarding 5th rates.
  • Rattvisan – A good 4th rate, which is one of the most useful classes of ship in the game. You’ll be able to use this as a swiss army knife – as an escort, pvp/Patrol zone, or simply to hunt NPC fleets. Understand that it is the least mobile of any 4th rate, but with the right seasoned woods you can either try and overcome that deficiency or make it a very solid tank.
  • Hercules - Nice ship for people who love Shallow water patrol zones, and its the least expensive. An awesome way for new players to begin getting pvp experience at low risk.
  • Victory - moved up.
  • The Leopard is another beautiful ship, and it isn’t bad, per se, but its role doesn’t really fit its class so its in an awkward position. It can take on slow heavier ships better than the Ratt or even the Aggie, but that isn’t saying much – no 4th rate is going to take on 3rd rates+ and live to tell the tale without some elite play/build, etc. and its not like the Leop is great at stern camping either. It does have VERY good base speed, so you can use her as a trade hunter in a pinch.
  • Naval Connections Probably the most power DLC in the game, this is a real ease of life DLC with more tow permits allowing you to move your ships around the map with ease, more outposts allowing you greater crafting and war-time flexibility, etc.
  • Admiralty Connection – Very helpful if you're a crafter or play solo but not mandatory. Once you’ve put a lot of time in, the 20 Ship limit is pretty tough if you run a lot of trade and have DLC ships, and the 5 extra building slots makes shipcraft chains more efficient even it can be more time consuming. Definitely a good ease of life purchase though.
  • Painter – I love it, but its not cheap and you can only paint 1 ship per day. This is truly an aesthetic dlc and the devs did a nice job with it. Just understand what you’re getting before you purchase!
  • Speed was increased across for all vessels to get Endymion to their target speed. (19% increase)
  • Bonuses to sail presets tweaked (all turning bonuses removed, mast bonuses reduced for stationary ships, and penalties were slightly reduced at full sail)
  • Hardwoods are back baby. Expect to see a lot more teak endys/trincos. teak/teak or teak/bermuda for speed armor combo. Bermuda/bermuda may work on some of the default tanky ships but its still gonna give you a paper tiger that you likely want to avoid.
  • We're going to be seeing a surge of people relying on the speed upgrades such as: Copper plating, Navy Planking, Navy Hull Refit, etc. because the percentage increase is now much more powerful.
  • Raised speed cap to 18 knots.
  • Reduced speed by about 6%
  • Keeping hardwoods viable without nerfing slower builds, this was obviously needed if they wanted to keep the hardwoods viable after the pen update without making them obsolete.

naval action travel balloon

  • The NA Map [] - An incredible tool designed by iB aka Felix Victor (BSTD). Provides a TON of information based on the server data, from port production to route mapping to item recipes and ship comparisons.
  • NA Trade Tool [] - Essential tool for figuring out trade routes, designed by Ryanjuk over on Reddit which tells you items to buy/sell at the ports your at, and where to sell your goods for highest amount. As his note indicates, this tool uses the API data from the server reset, so it is updated daily not minute to minute.
  • The Naval Action wiki [] , containing a ton of good information but be careful as some of it may be outdated.
  • Mike's NA Assistant [] - A lot of good ship info including frame/planking data, sailing profiles, etc. Some info may be outdated, use with care or in conjunction with the NA Map.
  • Lord Michael Sharp's NA Youtube Channel - Top notch video tutorials, game update analysis, dlc ship reviews, and more.
  • Freddy Krueger's Boarding Guide [] - Top notch work by Freddy giving players all the essentials they'll need to know for boarding enemy ships.
  • Unofficial [] NA Discord
  • Official [] NA Discord
  • There are three categories of guns: Carronades, Medium Guns, and Long Guns - the descriptions are detailed below.
  • Make sure that you purchase both the correct caliber of weapon for the ship, the correct size, and the correct amount.
  • After a brief description of their names I will provide a quick update on Captain Collister's excellent gun guide at bottom.
  • Medium Guns - Bad. Average Accuracy, Average Range, Fast Reload.
  • Edinorogs - Elite, dropped by elite NPCs. Cannot be produced.
  • Congreves - Elite, dropped by elite NPCs. Cannot be produced.
  • Long Guns - Good Accuracy and Range, Medium Reload. Can be produced by players.
  • Navy Guns - Elite, dropped by elite NPCs. Cannot be produced.
  • Blomefield Guns - Elite, dropped by elite NPCs. Cannot be produced.
  • Carronades - Can be produced by players.
  • Obusiers - Elite, dropped by elite NPCs. Cannot be produced.
  • As soon as you can move on from medium guns, do so. Both longs and carros are significantly better. Personally, I will equip long guns anytime I can fit 18pnders or higher. Below that, I’ll frequently man carros.
  • 6-7th rate ships are usually better off with carros.
  • If you want a ship to perform a specific role, use this link to see what its broadside weight is for carros or longs.

naval action travel balloon

naval action travel balloon

Naval Action: Travel Balloon


Buy Naval Action: Travel Balloon

Click the button below to purchase Naval Action: Travel Balloon.

naval action travel balloon

Naval Action - Travel Balloon is a consumable non-refundable DLC.

A truly revolutionary idea of two talented inventors and brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier. The first flying vessel made of a globe of taffeta filled with air and an attached basket carried first passengers and landed in safety on the 27th of August in Paris, France. Several experiments of the like nature have been made since. It allows you to travel around the world using air currents.

It is a non-refundable DLC that allows you to receive the travel balloon every 24 hours. Once used you can keep one forever (if you dont delete or sell it)


naval action travel balloon

Naval Action Craft

Calculator for building ships in Naval Action

  • Traders Cutter
  • Traders Lynx
  • Traders Brig
  • Travel Balloon (i)
  • Traders Snow
  • Yacht Silver (i)
  • Rattlesnake Heavy
  • Rattlesnake
  • Prince de Neufchu00E2tel
  • Mortar Brig
  • Le Requin (i)
  • Hercules (i)
  • Le Gros Ventre
  • Pandora (i)
  • La Renommu00E9e
  • La Belle-Poule
  • Pirate Frigate
  • L'Hermione (i)
  • Santa Cecilia
  • Le Gros Ventre Refit
  • Rotterdam (i)
  • Indefatigable
  • Trincomalee
  • Constitution
  • Ru00E4ttvisan (i)
  • Leopard (i)
  • Ingermanland
  • Wapen von Hamburg
  • USS United States
  • Admiraal de Ruyter
  • Redoutable (i)
  • Le Bucentaure
  • San Pedro (i)
  • Santu00EDsima Trinidad

Santa Ana (i)

  • Victory 1765 (i)
  • L'Ocu00E9an
  • Duke of Kent
  • Bermuda Cedar

Set Custom Prices

  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Naval Action
  • Naval Action - Travel Balloon

Naval Action - Travel Balloon

Buy Naval Action - Travel Balloon PC

This DLC requires base game Naval Action .

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Naval action dlc list.

Naval Action - Santa Ana

Release date

28 May 2021

Primary platform

Playable on, developer / publisher.

Game-Labs / Game-Labs

About Naval Action - Travel Balloon

Naval Action - Travel Balloon

DLC description

Related links.

  • Visit the website
  • Search on YouTube

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS *: 64 bit Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 3.2 GHz or AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B60 3.3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 1GB or AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB (must support shader 5 model)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 32bit OS versions is not supported
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-9370 4.4 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB (must support shader 5 model)

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naval action travel balloon

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naval action travel balloon

Play Naval Action

Content for this game browse all (17).

“My Favorite Pain and Suffering Simulator” GamePressure “None of them are quite like Naval Action” MMOs

About This Game

naval action travel balloon

Here is what you can expect:

naval action travel balloon

Conquest and PVP Activities

naval action travel balloon

Other activities

naval action travel balloon

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS *: 64 bit Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 3.2 GHz or AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 B60 3.3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 1GB or AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB (must support shader 5 model)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 32bit OS versions is not supported
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-9370 4.4 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB (must support shader 5 model)

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Valve Software

THE 10 BEST Moscow Balloon Rides

Balloon rides in moscow.

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  • Balloon Rides
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  • Hidden Gems
  • Adventurous
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  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

naval action travel balloon

1. Aeronaft

naval action travel balloon

2. Club Bozdukhoplavateli

3. club aeronautics moscow.

naval action travel balloon


naval action travel balloon

6. Travellum

naval action travel balloon

7. Private Tour

naval action travel balloon

8. #1 Russia -Tanzania | Zanzibar, Serengeti Safari & Kilimanjaro Agency | BURIGI CHATO SAFARIS CO LTD

naval action travel balloon

9. Tripoholidays ( Russia )

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10. Hotel RESID

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Not just hot air: Ballooning takes off in Russia

Source: Nikolai Riabtsev

Source: Nikolai Riabtsev

Alexander Yevdokimov may have a mundane job from Monday to Friday, but his weekends are anything but down to earth. In fact, Yevdokimov spends most of his free time up in the air. The energy engineer is devoted to an activity that is growing in popularity across Russia - hot air ballooning. For three years now, he has been an independent pilot and even takes part in competitions.

"The first time I paid any serious attention to hot air ballooning was when I was in my first year at university and went on a trip to the Moscow Region,” says Yevdokimov, who first became interested in hot air ballooning five years ago. “Back then, I had no idea how to pilot a balloon or where, how and how long one has to learn to do it, but I couldn’t get the sight of it out of my mind," the young man recalls.

Later, a friend of Yevdokimov's started a business offering balloon rides in a Moscow park and Yevdokimov began to assist him. "Later, I got a pilot license myself. Now it is a hobby of mine that I spend all my free time on," he says.

To boldly go

One of the founders of hot air ballooning in modern Russia, who declined to give his name, recalls that as the Soviet empire was entering its decline, people developed an adventurous urge to become pilots and to make money from the pursuit too.

"Besides, this hobby allowed you to visit other countries, which was very attractive given that previously foreign travel had been practically banned,” he recalls. “So a group of enthusiasts got together and began to build a balloon of their own. Later a company making light aircraft was set up and hot air balloons became one of its branches."

There are two factors that make hot air ballooning in Russia difficult: shortcomings in the law and a poor road network. The former means that not all airspace is open and it takes a long time to get the relevant permission. The latter creates inconveniences, as he explains:

"These consist of the fact that the kit is taken to the launch site by road because it weighs 300 kg (47 stone), then the balloon goes up in the air and the vehicle needs to get to the spot where the balloon is expected to land as quickly as possible. But that is not always possible, and carrying 300 kg back to the vehicle is not easy," he says.

25 years of hot air ballooning

Ivan Menyalo, a balloon flight instructor and a member of the Russian hot air ballooning federation, says that the laws in recent years have been seriously liberalized and flying has become easier, although still there are not that many balloon pilots in Russia.

"This year marks the 25th anniversary since hot air ballooning came to Russia. The first balloon went up in the air in 1989 at the Tushino airfield. Since then, some 650 people have received pilot licenses and there are some 600 balloons in the country, both imported and domestically manufactured,” says Menyalo.

“Hot air ballooning is something that a person can live without, it’s a hobby for those who have the money and time for it. That is why ours is a small community: Counting [competition] judges and passengers, [there are] just several thousand people," he says.

According to Menyalo, hot air ballooning began to boom in Russia in the mid-2000s, when people who had enough funds to purchase balloons for their private use first appeared. Those who were passionate about flying would get together and buy a balloon to share and to travel in it.

"This is one of the most affordable and safest means of air travel. It’s also very pleasing aesthetically. There are people of different ages among the pilots, there are even whole dynasties now,” says Menyalo, who adds that while part of the community is made up of former professional pilots who have just switched to a quieter way of air travel, others are those who have dreamed about flying since childhood and those who were hooked the very first time they saw a balloon.

naval action travel balloon

“Whenever I see a balloon up in the air, I want to stop, take a picture and wave to the pilot. There is no turbulence, no rocking and shaking, everything is smooth and beautiful; and there is no need for any airports or complex maintenance," he continues.

It takes two to three weeks to learn how to pilot a hot air balloon. The training costs from 100,000 to 150,000 rubles ($3,000-5,000), while a Russian-made balloon costs about a million rubles ($30,000). About 50 more people get pilot licenses every year.

Menyalo is convinced that hot air ballooning in Russia has great prospects: "It can develop both as a sport and an event business,” he says. “There are many places in Russia where you can fly, far more than abroad." 

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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naval action travel balloon

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    Naval Action - Travel Balloon is a consumable non-refundable DLC. A truly revolutionary idea of two talented inventors and brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier.

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    Naval Action is a beautiful, complex game. It has a steep learning curve, and regular updates have meant that the metas have changed drastically without much corresponding updates to most of the commonly available guides online. ... but youll have to travel there and figure it out since it depends strongly on the particular port (La Tortue is a ...

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  11. NAVAL ACTION update may 2021 Balloons and trade messed up

    Travel Balloons..whaha what a joke, even slower to move around the map and you cant even do it afk cus you drift off quickly...secondly they eliminated the hunting on players trading high value goods like books.

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    Naval Action - Travel Balloon is a consumable non-refundable DLC. A truly revolutionary idea of two talented inventors and brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier.

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    13 positive reviews 21 negative reviews 38.24% positive reviews SteamDB has been running ad-free since 2012. Donate or contribute. The first flying vessel made of a globe of taffeta filled with air and an attached basket Naval Action - Travel Balloon Steam charts, data, update history.

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    About Naval Action - Travel Balloon. Naval Action - Travel Balloon is a Simulation, Action, Indie, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, and Strategy DLC developed by Game-Labs.On 5/28/2021, it was released on the Steam Store by Game-Labs.Naval Action - Travel Balloon can be played and ran on Windows systems. At the moment, there is no confirmed information regarding Steam Deck support for this ...

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    200 x. Stone Block. 1,200 Gold. Total. 345,250 Gold. * Prices differ in each port. The displayed prices are just a reference. The Ship Craft Helper helps you to organize your shopping and crafting ships for Naval Action. All Information for the Santa Ana (i).

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    Naval Action - Travel Balloon is a package available to download and play for $9.99 which is a 50% discount off its base price. It includes 1 app and is referenced by 0 bundles. Naval Action - Travel Balloon can be played and ran on Windows systems. At the moment, there is no confirmed information regarding Steam Deck support for this package. ...

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    Compare prices of over 50 stores to find best deals for Naval Action - Travel Balloon in digital distribution. Check the price history, create a price alert, buy games cheaper with

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    Naval Action is one of the few games where hacking is made impossible by design. Every battle action is calculated on the servers, even water and wave shapes. Yes - you have heard it right: there is a special server that calculates and replicates waves to all users in battle. When fighting in Naval action you can be sure you are only facing ...

  19. THE 10 BEST Moscow Balloon Rides (Updated 2024)

    These places are best for balloon rides in Moscow: Travellum; UTS GROUP; TALARII #1 Russia -Tanzania | Zanzibar, Serengeti Safari & Kilimanjaro Agency | BURIGI CHATO SAFARIS CO LTD; Tripoholidays ( Russia ) See more balloon rides in Moscow on Tripadvisor

  20. Not just hot air: Ballooning takes off in Russia

    The training costs from 100,000 to 150,000 rubles ($3,000-5,000), while a Russian-made balloon costs about a million rubles ($30,000). About 50 more people get pilot licenses every year. Menyalo ...

  21. Barrage balloon

    Barrage balloon. A barrage balloon is a type of airborne barrage, a large uncrewed tethered balloon used to defend ground targets against aircraft attack, by raising aloft steel cables which pose a severe risk of collision to hostile aircraft, making the attacker's approach difficult and hazardous. Early barrage balloons were often spherical.

  22. Ukrainian sea drone attack: Russian warship seen listing in Black Sea

    Ukrainian sea drones attacked a major naval base in Russia on Friday, leaving a damaged Russian warship listing in the Black Sea in a brazen strike carried out hundreds of miles from Ukrainian ...