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About singapore : rated 4.2 /5 (based on 2318 reviews) | Packages starting from ₹36,500/-

Singapore Cruise Package

Enjoy an enthralling cruise experience with top-notch services and activities. Sail through the mighty waves of the ocean and see the many destinations and attractions on the way.

5 Leading Destinations that can be Enjoyed with Singapore Cruise Packages

Singapore is popular as a rising hub of commerce and finance sectors. There are manifolds of attraction in Singapore; the amazing is will showcase you much more with the Singapore cruise package for 2 nights. We have etched a few of those dubious destinations and mentioned them in our list of Singapore cruise tours. Let’s have a look at the pleasant destinations –

1. Sentosa Island

What’s Special: It's not just an island, it’s a resort as well

Nearby Attractions: Gardens by the Bay

Entry Fees: Chargeable only for cars and taxis

Timings: 9 am to 10 pm, changes for different attractions

Built By: Jurong Town Corporation and Alan Choe

Built In: 1975

Distance from Airport: 22 km

Sentosa Island is a key attraction for the tourists of Singapore cruise trip. The island has a series of joy that is embraced by Resorts World, Tiger Sky Tower and many more. Here you can also enjoy Universal Studios, which is a prime attraction for many years here.

2. Coney Island

What’s Special: Also known as Pulau Serangoon

Nearby Attractions: Punggol Waterway Park, Gardens by the Bay, Pasir Ris Park

Entry Fees: Free

Timings: 7 am to 7 pm

Built By: Initially started by Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par

Built In: 1950

Distance from Airport: 9.2 km

Coney Island covers around 50 hectares of the Singapore land and ranks itself as a great spot to explore and enjoy. This is surrounded by forests, meadows, mangroves, casuarinas, woodlands and much more. You can enter the park and start having fun as the gateway of this trip.

3. Kusu Island

What’s Special: Legend has it that if you make a wish here, and it comes true, you have to come back to offer thanks

Nearby Attractions: Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Universal Studios Singapore, Saint John's Island, Merlion

Entry Fees: Ferry ticket costs 18 SGD

Timings: Monday to Friday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Weekends: 6:30 am to 7:00 pm

Distance from Airport: 30 km

If you want to visit the most fascinating island of your Singapore cruise holiday packages Kusu Island is here. You can spot the tortoises’ statues here as KUSU means Turtle in the Chinese language. There is a Chinese temple, where you can visit to grab the benedictions. This is a great place for a picnic and swimming opportunities are also here.

4. Changi Beach

What’s Special: Special areas for biking and barbecuing

Nearby Attractions: Pasir Ris Town Park, Coney Island Park

Timings: 24 hours

Distance from Airport: 11 kms

This is such an alluring and mesmerizing place that is located in the eastern part of Singapore. You can head over the beach along with your friends and family; the place with never disappoint you. The best part of this beach is, the overnight picnic is a boom of joy.

5. Palawan Beach

What’s Special: Most popular family beach, perfect for day picnics

Nearby Attractions: Siloso Beach, Universal Studios, Fort Silos

Distance from Airport: 27 kms

Palawan Beach is an idyllic beach of Singapore where you can set all the fun of the beach. The place is rich in every term, all you need to have is beach assets. Grab the sunglasses, towels and especially lots of sunscreens. You will have a gala time through our Singapore cruise holiday packages .

What is the Best Time to Visit Singapore for Best Cruise Experiences?

Cruising is a pleasant experience that is worth to adopt and when you are getting two eminent together, the blend becomes more exciting. Singapore and Cruise, both are complementing each other with our other in our Singapore cruise trip plan . The months from November to March are very popular for Cruise season in Singapore as this is the time when the weather is quite cool. This also popular because it is the holiday time, and December month celebrates the Chinese New Year too.

Being a country near the equator, Singapore does not witness the typical four seasons of summer, winter, fall and spring. Instead, it witnesses a more tropical climate, with two primary seasons, namely, the dry season and the wet season. The average temperature of Singapore remains between 25° C to 31° C, almost all through the year.

The dry season in Singapore lasts from April to May, when there is comparatively less rainfall than the rest of the year. In fact, April is the hottest month in Singapore, with hot and humid days even though it gets quite pleasant during the evenings. These might not be the best of times to go on a cruise in Singapore, since the humidity and the incessant sunshine might dampen your enthusiasm about hanging out at the beaches.

There are two main monsoon seasons in Singapore, although rains fall on a regular basis. These two seasons fall from December to March, when Singapore experiences the Northeast Monsoon Season, and during June to September when it experiences the Southwest Monsoon Season. November is the wettest month here, whereas January is the coldest. These are good months to go for cruises, since the humidity is unlikely to affect tourists much.

Offering a host of customizable and affordable Singapore tour packages , TravelTriangle gives you a wonderful opportunity to relive the best of Singapore in the smoothest way possible. These packages are customizable which offer you a chance to make any modifications you want. If you wish to include a few more facilities or exclude a few, you can easily do that with our customization options. These packages not only offer you all sorts of facilities but also create a proper, planned itinerary where you get to see all the stunning places and do all the different types of activities. Whether you want to explore Singapore with friends or go on a vacation with family, every individual can enjoy Singapore according to their own preferences. Now travel to Singapore without any worry and come back with a bag full of cherishable memories. Book today for an exciting holiday tomorrow!

Bestselling Singapore Cruise Packages

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Hotel Star Rating

Showing 28 Singapore Cruise Packages

Amazing Singapore Cruise Package

Amazing Singapore Cruise Package

₹ 68,000/- ₹ 74,800/-.

Per Person on twin sharing

  • Night Safari
  • Sentosa Island
  • Universal Studios
  • Hollywood Dreams Parade

Hotel included in package:

  • Singapore (8D)

Singapore tour packages are all about splendor....

Upto 5 Stars

  • Sightseeing

Spectacular Singapore Honeymoon Package

Spectacular Singapore Honeymoon Package

₹ 59,000/- ₹ 65,556/-.

  • Ideal for couples
  • Dinner Cruise
  • Watersports
  • Singapore (3D)
  • Seminyak (3D)

Planning a perfect honeymoon holiday gets easier with this 7 nights 8 days

Upto 3 Stars

No Room(s) Selected

Sensational Singapore Tour Package From Kolkata

₹ 111,999/- ₹ 123,076/-.

  • Singapore (7D)

Undertake a spirited respite from the daily frets with the best of Singapore to....

Singapore Malaysia Dream Cruise Package

Singapore Malaysia Tour Package with Cruise

₹ 90,000/- ₹ 96,774/-.

  • Sentosa Island tour
  • Adventure Activities
  • Singapore (5D)
  • Kuala Lumpur (3D)

Singapore is a country which is situated in South East Asia. Being a small island natio....

View Singapore Tour Packages from

Great Singapore Family Tour Package

Great Singapore Family Tour Package

₹ 86,800/- ₹ 95,385/-.

  • Cable car rides
  • Hill station
  • Singapore (6D)

Singapore is one of the top-rated destinations in Asia among the travelers. An island c....

Upto 4 Stars

Singapore Dream Cruise Tour Package

Singapore Dream Cruise Tour Package

₹ 36,500/- ₹ 40,110/-.

  • Leisure Day
  • Entertainment shows

Are you planning for a perfect getaway with your kith and kin in your much-fantasized c....

Amazing Singapore Honeymoon Package With Cruise

Amazing Singapore Honeymoon Package With Cruise

₹ 66,000/- ₹ 73,333/-.

  • onboard activities

A matchless experience of excitement and splendor awaits you with Singapore packages wi....

Supreme Singapore Tour Package With Cruise

Supreme Singapore Tour Package With Cruise

₹ 55,000/- ₹ 60,440/-.

  • Ideal for families
  • Ideal for Couples
  • Architecture

Singapore is the major hub of travel destinations in the world. This ever developing na....

Incredible Singapore Honeymoon Tour With Cruise

Fascinating Singapore Honeymoon Tour Packages for a Romantic Vacation

₹ 60,000/- ₹ 65,217/-.

  • Penang Tour (via Cruise)
  • Scuba Diving

Upto 2 Stars

Singapore Cruise Tour Package

Singapore Cruise Tour Package

₹ 36,500/- ₹ 39,247/-.

  • Entertainment Shows
  • Optional activities
  • Local sightseeing

Singapore is a small island country which is located in Southeast Asia. Popular for its....

Magnificent Singapore And Malaysia Summer Honeymoon Package

Magnificent Singapore And Malaysia Summer Honeymoon Package

₹ 88,000/- ₹ 96,148/-.

Set off to discover cultural roots of South Asia with a Singapore Malaysia summ....

Singapore Cruise Family Package

Singapore Cruise Family Package

₹ 52,000/- ₹ 56,522/-.

  • Singapore (4D)

Planning to make this holiday an unforgettable everlasting sweet memory with family mem....

Strikingly Wonderful Singapore Trip Plan

Strikingly Wonderful Singapore Trip Plan

₹ 48,000/- ₹ 52,747/-.

Synonymous with the iconic skyline, this beautiful island country is the best destinati....

Singapore 7 Days Luxury Tour Package

Singapore 7 Days Luxury Tour Package

₹ 115,000/- ₹ 125,000/-.

  • Gardens by the Bay

Singapore, a city of humongous vegetation and urbanization that covers the skyline and ....

Singapore Royal Caribbean Package

Top-Rated Singapore Royal Caribbean Package

₹ 61,800/- ₹ 67,174/-.

  • Leisure stroll

Singapore Malaysia Cruise Honeymoon Package

Singapore Malaysia Cruise Honeymoon Package

₹ 109,000/- ₹ 117,204/-.

  • Genting Highlands

Singapore is a small island country located in Southeast Asia. Known for being a super ....

Singapore Cruise Honeymoon Package

Singapore Cruise Honeymoon Package

  • Optional Activities
  • Sightseeing Tours

Planning for a holiday with your loved one? Thinking about spending quality time with y....

Honeymoon Tour Of Scintillating Singapore

Honeymoon Tour Of Scintillating Singapore

₹ 85,000/- ₹ 93,407/-.

From traditional spaces to modern skyscrapers, and colonial remnants to sun-baked beach....

Singapore Malaysia Cruise Tour Package

Singapore Malaysia Cruise Tour Package

₹ 75,999/- ₹ 82,608/-.

Singapore is a small island city-state located in South East Asia. It is popular for it....

Splendid Singapore 8 Days Tour Package With Airfare

Singapore: Funnest Destination Ever

₹ 69,999/- ₹ 76,086/-.

Splendid Singapore Tour Package From Mumbai

Splendid Singapore Tour Package From Mumbai

₹ 80,399/- ₹ 88,351/-.

Embark on a breathtaking holiday with our reasonably priced tour packages to Si....

Plan A Soul-Rejunevating Trip To Singapore

6 Nights 7 Days Singapore Trip Packages From Bangalore

₹ 105,000/- ₹ 116,667/-.

Book A Memorable Trip To Singapore

6 Nights 7 Days Singapore Trip Packages From Kolkata

₹ 103,000/- ₹ 115,730/-.

Embark On An Unforgettable Journey To Singapore

6 Nights 7 Days Singapore Trip Packages From Pune

₹ 101,000/- ₹ 114,773/-.

Singapore Sightseeing & Cruise Package

6 Nights 7 Days Singapore Trip Packages From Chennai

₹ 73,000/- ₹ 82,955/-, singapore tour packages by theme, hotels in singapore by star ratings, hotels in singapore by themes, property types in singapore, faqs for singapore, how can i explore coney island.

You can rent or hire a bicycle for entering the park of Coney Island; this will help you to explore the place better.

Where can I enjoy fishing and other water sports?

Changi Beach is the place where you can enjoy fishing and water sports along with your picnic.

Who are the deities in the Chinese temple on Kusu Beach?

Kusu Beach has a Chinese temple which is a house of two major Deities, Da Bo Gong and The Gua Yin who is also known as the Goddess of Mercy.

What are the timings to visit Sentosa Island?

You can visit is all seven days of the week, from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Which month is referred to as the hottest month in Singapore?

April month remains hottest every year in Singapore that you may avoid visiting on a Cruise trip.

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Only The Best Agents

Travelers deal with only the top 10% reviewed agents who are selected after a 23 step rigorous assessment procedure by TravelTriangle.

Ensuring Quality

TravelTriangle ensures quality service via verified partners by releasing the payment only after the booking vouchers/receipts are received by the traveler.

24*7 On-trip assistance by Local Travel Agents

singapore Tour Packages

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

Mohammed's 4 days trip to Singapore

Mohammed Hidayathullah

Nishant's 6 days trip to Singapore

Nishant Hadole

Krishnasreepillai's 6 days trip to Singapore


Nandeesha's 6 days trip to Singapore

Nandeesha Hollatti

Pratyusha's 6 days trip to Singapore

Pratyusha Srinivas

Shafi's 7 days trip to Singapore

Shafi Ahmed

Angad's 7 days trip to Singapore

Angad Deep Singh

Dinesh's 6 days trip to Singapore

Alzeeniafq's 5 days trip to singapore, kunal's 7 days trip to singapore.

Kunal Vinayak

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Places To Visit In Singapore

Let the experts guide you to the best of this mesmerizing destination

Esplanade Theatres In Singapore

The Esplanade theatres on the bay Singapore are a performing arts center and considered to be one of the best ones located in Downtown core near the mouth of the Singapore River. As per the belief, the theatre was named after the Esplanade Park which is located just nearby it. The Esplanade theatres on the Bay is having a c...

  • Esplanade Theatres
  • Ideal for friends

Clarke Quay In Singapore

Located within the River Planning Area, Clarke Quay is a historical riverside location in Singapore. Located upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River and Boat Quay, Clarke Quay Singapore is one of the famous quays in the city. Named after the city’s second governor, Sir Andrew Clarke, Clarke Quay history says that it ...

  • Ideal For Family

Adventure Cove Waterpark In Singapore

Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore is located inside the Marine Life Park, which is a part of Resorts World Singapore. It also houses the S.E.A. Aquarium. Founded in 2012, the Marine Life Park was home to the largest oceanarium in the world for two years, before being surpassed. Located in the Southern part of Singapore, A...

MacRitchie Reservoir In Singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir is a 12 hectares park which is heaven for all nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts who like to spend some leisure time in the company of nature and like to soothe their senses, mind, body, and soul. It is a great place to spend some peaceful time amidst greenery and freshness. MacRitchie Reservoir is C...

Night Safari In Singapore

The world’s first nocturnal zoo , Night Safari Singapore is a prime attraction for tourists coming to Singapore from all over the world. Even though the plan for this place was suggested around the 1980s, the zoo officially opened its door in the year 1994. There are over 2500 animals from over 130 species living comfortably...

Things To Do In Singapore

Your list of the best things to do, compiled on the basis of actual traveler experiences

Cable Car Ride In Singapore

The Singapore Cable Car opened for the first time on the 15 th of February 1974 for the common masses. It happens to be the world’s first ever aerial ropeway system to span across a harbour. The Singapore cable car route goes over 6 stations on its way while presenting panoramic and gorgeous views underneath. These are the M...

  • Cable Car Ride

Battlestar Galactica In Singapore

Battlestar Galactica Singapore is a duelling roller coaster. Its blue inverted coaster represents the Cylone while the red human seating coaster represents the humans. As a reason, people often regard the Battlestar Roller Coaster as Battlestar Galactica:  Cylone v/s Human. It opened its gates back in 2010 but remained inac...

  • Amazing rides
  • Thrilling rides

Singapore Flyer Ride In Singapore

The Singapore Flyer in Singapore is a giant ferris wheel which happens to be the main center of attention of nearly every tourist visiting Singapore. This giant wheel is often considered as an observation wheel by the people who experience it. It was opened for the first time in the year 2008 after a period of two and a hal...

Lau Pa Sat In Singapore

The Lau Pa Sat , also called Telok Ayer Market is a historic building which is located in the central area of Singapore, more particularly within its downtown core. In the present times, it is a food center. There are a number of shops inside the Lau Pa Sat Market which happens to be a home to many shops and stores. The even...

Mega Adventure Park In Singapore

A perfect amalgamation of natural and man-made rides, Mega Adventure Park is meant to keep one’s heart racing every time. Nestled at Siloso Beach of Sentosa Island, here one can sail through the skies, fly above a lush jungle, experience a bird’s eye view, and much more to have an exhilarating experience. Get your adrenalin...

With our Singapore tour package with cruise, you can explore the different world of joys, where you are not only enjoying the incredible atmosphere but you can also explore seafood. This will be proved as the remarkable and amazing excursion of your life. There are night safari wildlife park, Merlion Park, Marina Bay and many more to serve your trip with splendors. Singapore Zoo is also one of the most eminent places here. Singapore has a great staple of enjoying the underwater life where you can watch the fish closely without being drenched with water. By placing all the delights together, we can say that Singapore is a place which is worth to visit and explore, and if all is coming along with Cruise experience, no better paradise can be here.

Sampling Cuisine of Singapore

With this Singapore cruise trip plan relish on the local delicacies of Singapore comprising of pork ribs soup, wanton mee, fried carrot cake, dim sum, kaya toast with soft-boiled eggs, chili crabs, and laksa. Singaporean cuisine is influenced by Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and Indonesia cuisine. For a fine dining experience visit the famous restaurant such as La Brasserie, Forlino, Min Jiang, and Patar Thai restaurants.

Shopping in Singapore

Singapore is a true delight for shopaholics and the best places to shop in Singapore are Orchard Road, Marina Bay, Chinatown, Little India, VivoCity, Haji Lane, and Clarke Quay. Singapore is famous for the Great Singapore Sale where the famous brands give you massive discounts as low as 70% off on the majority of the products. It starts from 3rd week of June and ends in the last week of July. Even apart from the shopping festivals, this destination is one of the biggest shopping hubs of the entire world, and for good reason too.

Safety Measures for Singapore

  • Avoid beach hopping late at night
  • Do not stray into known areas of ill repute
  • Do not carry all your money in one pocket or purse
  • Keep your valuables in a locker at the hotel
  • Keep your passport and visa in the hotel locker, and carry their copies with you
  • To avoid being scammed by taxi drivers, keep a GPS device with you
  • Make sure the driver repeats the name of the destination that you are going to
  • Follow all safety instructions for watersports and other water related activities
  • Do not loiter on cruise decks unless geared up in life jackets, especially if you are not a strong swimmer.
  • Avoid drinking tap water at restaurants or beach shacks
  • Keep emergency numbers of SIngapore handy

What to Carry for Singapore?

  • Copies of passport and visa
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Rain covers for travel bags
  • Water bottles
  • Light, cotton apparels
  • Extra towels
  • Light jacket for late nights or winters
  • Adapter for charger
  • All required medications
  • Extra batteries for electronic equipment

Any Recommendations to the Tourists?

Even if you are willing to enjoy your love time with these experiences, our Singapore honeymoon package with cruise is all here to make your time more special. We will blend more amours in your honeymoon and Singapore ambiance will play the catalyst role. The tourists are recommended to visit our website and pick all the joys from there as we have mentioned the best packages for your lifetime memories. Once you have selected, we are all here to cherish your times.

So, go ahead and book a Singapore cruise packages from TravelTriangle to get the best deals and discounts. Enjoy a fun-filled and enthralling holiday in a remarkable location.

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Singapore with Cruise

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  • To and fro economy class air travel for ‘Mumbai to Mumbai Tour’ guests as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Airfare, Airport taxes and Visa Fees
  • Baggage Allowance as per the airline policy
  • Tour Manager Services throughout the tour
  • Travel by comfortable A/C coach as per the tour itinerary
  • Entrance fees of all sightseeing places to be visited from inside
  • Accommodation in comfortable and convenient hotels on twin sharing basis
  • All Meals – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (set menu) as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All Tips – Guide, Driver & Restaurants
  • Cost of internal airfare as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Complimentary insurance up to 59 years of age
  • Govt Tax of 5.00% over and above the Tour Cost mentioned
  • Any increase in Airfare, Visa fees, Airport taxes, Govt Taxes, Fuel Surcharges and any applicability of new taxes from Govt
  • Any up gradation in Airline class or hotel room category
  • Cost of Air ticket deviation charges
  • Any Increase in the rate of exchange leading to an increase in all land arrangements which may come in to effect prior to departure
  • Cost of pre or post tour hotel accommodation
  • Any extra expense such as route change, Airline change, Date change, Accommodation facilities, etc incurred due to the unforeseen, unavoidable forced majeuere circumstances during the tour
  • Cost of insurance
  • Porterage, laundry, telephone charges, shopping, wines & alcoholic beverages, mineral water, items of personal nature and food or drink which is not part of a set group menu
  • Any extra cost incurred on behalf of an individual due to illness, accident, hospitalisation, or any personal emergency
  • Any services or activity charges other than those included in the group tour itinerary
  • To and fro Air fare, Airport transfers, visa fees to join/leave the group and Airport snack hamper for joining and leaving guests
  • Anything specifically not mentioned in the ‘tour price includes’ column
  • As everyone is becoming a frequent traveller now, we suggest that you make your own travel accessories kit to ensure a stress free holiday.
  • Always make sure to carry less and light luggage, use a four wheel small or medium suitcase and please make sure that you are carrying only one suitcase per person. This will ensure that you will travel smartly and without any inconveniences.
  • It is also recommended that you have one cross shoulder bag or haversack for your handy needs which will ensure that you are comfortable at the time of sightseeing and also easy for photography during your tour.
  • A smart cap/hat and sunglasses are definitely something that you should have in your kit.
  • Though Veena World provides all three meals, that is breakfast, lunch, dinner and Veena World treats as per the itinerary, you can carry dry snacks of your choice in small sealed packets for munching during air travel or road journeys.
  • If you are travelling during the monsoon or to destinations where it is rainy, please carry a small umbrella or poncho.
  • For international tours, please carry a universal adapter for charging your cameras and mobile phones.
  • Ensure that your clothing and footwear is suitable for the destination you are travelling to.

Things to consider before the trip!

  • Warm & humid with tropical rains, unexpected showers during the day
  • For detailed Information about weather kindly visit www.accuweather.com

Air Travel:

  • Mumbai - Singapore //Singapore - Mumbai.
  • We use combination of Airlines like Air India, Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines etc.

Coach Tavel

  • A/C coach - Seating capacity depends upon group size

Documents Required for Travel

  • Original passport with minimum 6 months validity from the date of tour arrival along with sufficient blank pages for the stamping of visa
  • A valid Tourist Visa for the duration of the tour
  • Handwritten passport is not acceptable

Cancellation Policy & Payment Terms

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Payment Terms

Payments can be made by Cheque, Demand Draft, NEFT, RTGS or IMPS. Cheque/Demand Draft should be in favour of "Veena Patil Hospitality Pvt Ltd"

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Need to upgrade to business or first class? Please get in touch with our team on 1800 22 7979 for more details.

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singapore tour with cruise

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Enjoy 75% off your second guest’s cruise fare and get bonus savings of up to $200.

Singapore Cruises

Tabs view singapore cruises.

  • Singapore Port Guide

Singapore Shore Excursions

  • Asia Cruises
  • View Singapore Cruises

Singapore Cruise Port Guide

Sparkling Singapore is an exciting city that prides itself on its architectural beauty with a modern twist. With an abundance of green spaces and stunning landmarks, you’ll find no shortage of sites to discover during an Asia cruise that departs from Singapore. Take a stroll down the sprawling Singapore Botanic Gardens or marvel at the futuristic waterfront park of Gardens by the Bay. Soak in the city-wide views from the top of the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel or walk along the Marina Bay and explore historic hotels and bars. Singapore has a little something for everyone, including outdoor adventure, a world-class dining scene, unrivaled shopping, and everything in between.

On cruises from Singapore, you’ll stop in stunning ports in Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, along the way. Even better, on some itineraries, you’ll spend an overnight in Singapore, which will allow you to discover the city’s thrilling nightlife and breathtaking skyline views that come alive once the sun goes down.


Amazing experiences coming soon.

Please, come back later to show you what we have available

View All Cruises to and from Singapore

Featured destinations.

Discover ancient landmarks, bustling cities, and delicious cuisine in Vietnam, an alluring destination that fuses French colonial history with modern Asian influences. Make your way around Ho Chi Minh’s five-star restaurants and lively markets. Admire the towering Marble Mountains in Da Nang and the ancient ruins and temples in Hue. During a stop in Hanoi, discover the natural beauty of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you’ll be in awe of its towering limestone structures, hidden caves, and emerald waters.

Marvel at natural wonders, religious landmarks, and stunning landscapes during a Singapore cruise that stops in Japan. Stroll around tranquil Japanese gardens and admire the dazzling architecture in Kobe, a city also known for its famous mouthwatering beef. While at Mount Fuji, experience the wonder of Japan’s highest mountain, one of the country’s most sacred sites, and climb up to the top for unbeatable views of Shizuoka and Tokyo in the distance. 

Explore colorful destinations in Thailand during one of our cruises from Singapore. Most of our itineraries include an overnight stay in Bangkok, giving you a fantastic opportunity to discover the City of Angels. Spend two days visiting golden temples, admiring magnificent Buddhas, and scouring the floating markets, where you’re sure to find a variety of local treasures to bring back home.

Our Ship Cruising to Singapore

Celebrity Solstice

Why Sail from Singapore with Celebrity Cruises

Experience the magic of a cruise from Singapore aboard one of our award-winning ships, where you’ll be surrounded by the utmost comfort and luxury throughout your journey. Travel to spectacular destinations in Asia, including ports in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. All of our cruises from Singapore are open-jaw itineraries that depart and disembark in different ports, which allows you to discover more places in the region than ever before. 

Depending on the sailing, cruises from Singapore can include overnight stays in exciting cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Manila, Bangkok, or Kobe. And on some cruises, you can even take advantage of overnight stays in two different cities, helping you maximize your time during your vacation around Asia.  

Spend your trip exploring fascinating ports of call and later unwind aboard a cutting-edge during days at sea. On your cruise, you’ll savor world-class cuisine that includes global-inspired menus crafted by a Michelin-starred chef. Throughout your vacation, you’ll also enjoy impeccable service from our team of concierges and butlers, as well as unlimited entertainment offerings at our visionary venues. 

Sip artisanal cocktails at an upscale bar or dance the night away in one of the lounges. Watch riveting performances in the theater and listen to live music at the open air Lawn Club, an alfresco area with more than a half-acre of real grass. Lounge under the sun at the outdoor pool or take a break at the serene indoor solarium. For a truly unforgettable vacation, book a stay at The Retreat, our luxury vacation experience that includes suite accommodations and access to a private restaurant, sun deck, and lounge. 

Whether you’re traveling alone, on your honeymoon, or with your entire family, you’ll find there’s no shortage of fun things to do while aboard a Celebrity Cruise.

Singapore Port Facilities & Location

Your Celebrity cruise from Singapore will be waiting for you at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, or MBCCS. The cruise terminal is equipped with free wifi, souvenir shopping, and currency exchange. Plus, the Marina South Pier metro station is a short walk away, making it easy to get to or from your cruise ship to the city’s financial and business district. The city of Singapore has greatly invested in making its cruise facilities modern, luxurious, and state of the art.

Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises to Singapore

Gardens by the bay.

The Gardens by the Bay have become completely synonymous with Singapore. Here you’ll find sculptures in the shape of funky flowers lit up in bright colors. The garden is home to multiple greenhouses, like the Flower Dome, where the temperatures and the plant life are always in spring. In the Cloud Forest, a small mountain was built for visitors to scale, bringing a tropical mountain climate all the way to Singapore. Guided tours and shows happen daily, and there’s something for all ages here, including a children’s garden and a sculpture park.

Singapore Botanic Garden

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the few places to see the island’s rarest vegetation and greenery, making it not only a paradise but also one of the most important preservation efforts in all of Asia. When you cruise Singapore, take a leisurely walk through the grounds, where you can literally stop and smell the flowers. The Orchid Garden offers the largest collection of orchids in the world, and imported swans float along Swan Lake for a romantic afternoon out.

Singapore Flyer

Take a ride on the incredible Singapore flyer, a massive Ferris wheel in the heart of Singapore. Rides last about 30 minutes and offer incredible, panoramic views of the city during the adventure. Watch the futuristic skyline on one side and the peaceful harbor as ships float in and out on the other. At night, the Flyer even lights up.

Night Safari

For a close look at some of Singapore’s most exotic wildlife, take an unforgettable night safari, where you’ll enjoy a tram ride through this nocturnal zoo in the heart of the rainforest while on your cruise to Singapore. Nearly 150 species call this ecosystem their home, and 38 of them are endangered. There are even shows like fire-twirling and dancing, and smaller group buggy rides through the park with an expert guide.

Learn More About Singapore Shore Excursions

Top things to do in singapore, go shopping on orchard road.

The definitive spot for shopping in Singapore is Orchard Road, the shopping district home to over 5,000 businesses. You can lose track of time here while on a cruise to Singapore, whether you’re looking to explore art galleries, try on new clothes, or browse for high-end goods. There’s even a rare whisky museum where you can enjoy whisky tastings. Orchard Road is also home to many bars and restaurants that add to Singapore’s gourmet scene.

Board a Bumboat

One of the best ways to admire the Singapore skyline is by taking a scenic bumboat cruise down the Singapore River. From the water, you’ll marvel at the historic Boat Quay, as well as the city’s more modern architectural sites, including the towering Marina Bay Sands and Helix Bridge. If you board a bumboat at night, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy a thrilling laser show with music, light, and water that come together for a magnificent visual experience.

Walk Singapore’s Chinatown

When stopped before your cruise from Singapore, you’ll see the city has a vibrant energy that is infectious. Singapore’s Chinatown is a must-see for some of the cheapest, best street food in the city, shops featuring local artists and designers, and beautifully preserved temples. Walk the narrow streets, stop for a bite to eat, or tour the restored temple Thian Hock Keng.

Where should I eat in Singapore?

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Make a reservation for one of the top spots for dim sum and its namesake, peking duck, here. There’s a location very close to the shopping along Orchard Road. This cozy spot is ideal for lunch after a long stretch of boutique hopping. You’ll want to plan ahead. Advanced orders are required if you want to nosh on the Beijing-style roasted duck.

Tarts at Tarte by Cheryl Koh

Address: #01-12, 1 Scotts Road, Singapore

When you’re craving sweets, Tarts at Tarte bring you pretty much every variety of tart, cake, and truffle available. Here you’ll find 66% dark chocolate tarts, blood orange tarts, and light-as-air sponge cakes. Bring some back to the ship with you as you cruise Singapore. Coffee and tea are menu staples, too. 

Address: #01-03 Dorsett Residences, Singapore

The one Michelin-starred Candlenut frequently makes “best of” lists in Singapore for its gourmet takes on Peranakan cuisine. The menu changes based on seasonal and available produce, and also offers luxe a la carte options from baby squid to chicken curry. Chef Malcolm Lee brings an extravagance to recipes passed down through generations of family.

Park Bench Deli

Address: 179 Telok Ayer St., Singapore 068627

Unpretentious and styled like an American deli, Park Bench Deli is a place to hang out with a juicy sandwich and a cold beer. From a classic fried chicken sandwich to the more adventurous pastrami tater tots, head here for comfort food in the heart of Singapore.

What’s the culture and history of Singapore?

The island of Singapore was settled by the British in the early 19th century, who then built up the port and encouraged international trade to the area. Singapore gained independence in 1965 and quickly became one of the wealthiest and most expensive places in the world as investments in housing, education, and trade began to expand. Singapore’s culture is a melting pot, known for influences from both Asia and Europe, where you’ll hear residents speaking many languages from English to Mandarin to Tamil. Its warm climate year-round makes it a favorite for tropical weather lovers.

Where can I go shopping near the Singapore cruise port?

Find luxury brands and well-known names when you’re shopping at the Marina Bay Sands Mall, which is just a short 15-minute ride from the cruise center, particularly if you’re interested in high fashion and Singaporean designers. Singapore’s Chinatown is also a must-see for its energy, where vendors not only sell cheap eats at their stalls, but also offer fashion from independent and emerging designers and artists looking to support their craft. Because so many vendors also sell food, you can hop from boutique to boutique and stay close to some of the best food before your cruise from Singapore. 

How can I get around Singapore?  

Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is comprehensive and easy to navigate, not to mention efficient and clean. Hop off at the Marina South Pier station, just a short walk from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, after spending time in downtown Singapore and the city’s main sights. Of course, taxis are very common in Singapore, but only stop at designated stands to drop you off once you’re in the city to curb traffic and make the drop-off process smoother for the city. Singapore doesn’t host ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft currently. The city’s trishaws are mostly a tourist activity now, so be careful not to pay too much for one. 

What are the local currency and tipping customs?

The official currency of Singapore is the Singaporean dollar (S$). Tipping isn’t common practice in Singapore, and credit cards are considered the norm here. You can find currency exchange at banks and conveniently at the cruise port, called the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore.

Find Cruises to and from Singapore

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New Delhi to Singapore

Singapore Cruise Packages

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About Singapore Cruise Packages:

Browse other popular Holiday packages in International: International Tour Packages , International Honeymoon Packages , International Cruise Packages , International Beach Packages , International Family Packages , International Adventure Packages , International Luxury Packages , International Leisure Packages , International Pilgrimage Packages , International Wildlife Packages

Popular Singapore Cruise Packages

Set sail for a dream holiday with a singapore cruise package, what is a cruise.

A cruise ship is a luxury sea vessel that takes you on a voyage. What makes a Singapore cruise package a distinct holiday experience is a fact that it offers a panoramic view of the city, a dream cruise in Singapore and much more.

Tour operators offer varied kinds of packages for Singapore cruises, ranging from a leisure boat cruise around Marina Bay to an adventure cruise.

Why Go On a Cruise Holiday?

A Singapore cruise package has become popular amongst travellers since the offering is wholesome, diverse as well as inclusive. An ideal Singapore cruise package has experiences that include world-class amenities, luxurious accommodation options, a host of enjoyable activities, an excellent mix of entertainment options, and the availability of various cuisines.

Types of International Cruises

Owing to the locational advantage, Singapore tourism has witnessed a boom. The city-state has become a major departure point for Singapore cruises that cover exotic destinations across neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand. Many holiday tour packages are designed by India tours & travel companies, enabling convenience for tourists from India to book a Singapore cruise .

The Singapore cruise package options are listed below:

Ocean Cruises & Ferries

The ocean cruise ships are large and typically accommodate hundreds of passengers. A package for Singapore cruise involves sailing along the coastline of other countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & China.

For an economical Singapore cruise package, check out: Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services as well as Horizon Ferry.

River Cruises

A river tour in Singapore is a short ride on bumboats to witness the beauty of the city from near with a Singapore cruise package. The expert commentary alongside gives you an essence of the rich history of the sites along the river, namely The Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, The Merlion, and Raffles Landing Site, etc.

For a river-based Singapore cruise package, check out: Singapore River Cruise.

Adventure Cruises

There are two ferry Singapore tour packages available - Marina South Ferry and Singapore Island Cruise. One can also opt for a private yacht or a sailboat. Complimentary activities included in a normal Singapore cruise package are snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, etc.

To book a Singapore cruise for adventure , check out: Victoria Yacht, Le Tara & Southern Island Yacht Tour.

Luxury Cruises With Family

A luxury Singapore cruise package is great when travelling with family and friends. Several packages for a Singapore cruise will offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, top-notch accommodation options and plenty of bars and restaurants.

For a luxury Malaysia Singapore cruise tour package , check out: Sapphire Princess Cruise, The Royal Caribbean Cruise, Costa & Celebrity Millennium Cruise

Popular Sailing Destinations in Singapore

You can find a Singapore cruise package that offers a host of affordable and customisable experiences. Let us have a look at the popular sailing destinations:

Southern Islands of Singapore

Island-hopping is a perfect weekend activity. The Southern islands of Singapore are ideal for a one-day sailing experience. Most famous among the islands are:

  • Kusu Islands
  • John’s Island

With an abundance of greenery and rich biodiversity, these islands are a must to visit for nature lovers.

Tioman Island

This volcanic island of Tioman is a perfect place for nature lovers who are interested in a Singapore cruise to Malaysia. The Malaysia Singapore cruise tour package will take you to the rainforests, mountains and waterfalls of Tioman Island. It is just 164 km away from Singapore.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is also known as a vacationer’s paradise. It is a good destination for a Singapore cruise . It has adventure and fun-filled activities like Universal Studios Singapore, SEA Aquarium, Butterfly Kingdom, etc. Several holiday packages for Singapore include a stop at Sentosa Island.

Pulau Hantu

This island is known for its white-sand beaches and clear water. It is a perfect place to camp overnight and scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing. On a low-tide day, a walk around Pulau Hantu Island is recommended. A few packages of Singapore cruise include this island in their itinerary.

The Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore is not only famous for its wide variety of adventure sports but is also known for its rich history. This island played a major role in World War as it was a granite quarry. There are packages of Singapore cruises that have a stop at this island.

These were some of the sailing destinations around Singapore, but Singapore offers a wide range of sailing destinations across the world, for example, Singapore cruise to Bali , Singapore cruise to Malaysia , etc.

Domestic Cruises to Check Out in Singapore

Before you book a Singapore cruise as part of the tour package , do check out the popular international cruises that operate from Singapore:

The Royal Caribbean Cruise

An epitome of luxury, this package for a Singapore cruise has everything that one can imagine- a world-class ice-skating rink, rock climbing wall, basketball, mini-golf, fitness club, volleyball and pools. The duration of the cruise is 5 days and it will take you to exotic locations of Malaysia and Thailand.

Dream Cruises

The first-ever Asian cruise liner, Dream Cruises offers multiple Singapore cruise package options. The first ship by Dream Cruises was The Genting Dream Cruise in Singapore. To book a Singapore cruise, you can check out the Malaysia Singapore cruise tour package.

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  • City Experience

Fantastic Singapore & Thailand C...

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  • Safari World
  • Universal Studio Singa...

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Singapore Spectacular - Group Tou...

  • Universal Studio Singapore

Marvels of Singapore - Group Tour...

  • Sea Aquarium & Universal Studios

Singapore & Malaysia Discovery -...

singapore tour with cruise

Experience the spectacular landscapes of Singapore with your loved ones. Admire the c...

My Singapore My Way Cruise Package

Group tours.

Best of MMT Group tours

Vacations are Better on a Cruise!

Enjoy a magical holiday with a cruise experience on the Genting Dream.

Genting Dream 3 Nights Cruise wit...

Starting from :  Singapore Cruise

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  • Genting Tour With Indo...

Incredible Singapore Holiday with...

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Up to $950 off.

ovation singapore 25 26 v2







Anthem of the Seas Aerial Stern Sailing



singapore tour with cruise

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Star of the Seas Sunset


There are so many ways to conquer your bucket list while we await the arrival of the next Icon Class ship, Star of the Seas℠. From the game changing Oasis Class to the Icon of Vacations℠, explore our newest, best ships.

Star of the Seas Aerial Aft Night Time



Utopia of the Seas Sunset Aft


Icon of the Seas Night Sailing Render


Wonder of the Seas Mount Vesuvius Sunset


Odyssey of the Seas Aerial Night Time



symphony of the seas new york sailing city skyline




Everyone deserves a holiday. you’ll find endless opportunities to make the most of every moment — like game-changing activities, world-class dining, show-stopping entertainment, and plenty of ways to unwind in the sun..

Spectrum of the Seas


Singapoure, Marina Bay and Downtown


shortcaribb 700x570


Coco Beach Club Floating Cabanas Aerial, Perfect Day at Coco Cay


navigator mediterranean village coast water tile3


Family Jumping Through Rocks, Oranjestad, Aruba



When you are seeking that ultimate family holiday–an epic adventure you’ll never forget–look no further than a Royal Caribbean® cruise. With game-changing ships, first-at-sea activities and wow-worthy destinations, expect every second of your voyage to be extra-special. Stay close to home on a cruise to Malaysia, discovering cultural and natural marvels in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Venture to Vietnam and find your chi in bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Wander to the postcard-perfect beaches of the South Pacific, island hopping through paradise. Meander the Mediterranean coast or explore awe-mazing Australia–wherever you go, you’ll get to know your destination like a local.

Even when you are tight on time, there’s a perfect option to fit your schedule, such as a 3 day-2 night cruise from Singapore On an ocean cruise you have unlimited opportunities to dive deep into the wonders on your ship. Like landing bragging rights on the high-flying skydiving simulator, Sky Pad®. Catching a wave on FlowRider® and impressing with your surfing skills. Sipping something cold whipped together by robots at the futuristic Bionic Bar®, then springing for bumper car action at Seaplex®. Pampering your palate with binge-worthy bites at a wide array of can’t-miss eateries, from quick and casual to multi-course extravaganzas. Along with showstopping original productions, live music, parties and parades and next-level spa treatments–an unrivaled world of thrills and chills awaits you.

At the end of a day well spent, retire to your beautiful accommodations, including the amazing Suite Club where your exclusive amenities include private dining rooms and lounges, as well as a Solarium. If you’re staying at the two-storey Ultimate Family Suite, you may never want to leave. An incredible space with its own private game room, 3D cinema and slide, the Ultimate Family Suite also features a sprawling balcony with a jacuzzi and breathtaking ocean views.

As a world-class cruise center, Singapore offers many of the best cruise itineraries available. While your unforgettable holiday can begin practically from your backyard, it will take you on a far-flung adventure of bold and irresistible discovery.

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singapore tour with cruise

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