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Cliff Greece Village and Beach Santorini


Greece & greek isles cruises.

Discover idyllic beaches and ancient ruins in the birthplace of poetry and art with a cruise to Greece and the Greek Isles.

Cruise to Greece and Greek Isles where temples, amphitheaters and villages preserved in volcanic ash still reveal the mysteries of the past. Enjoy dramatic sunsets across translucent waters while exploring the white cliffs of Milos, or transport yourself to the ancient past at ruins found on nearly every Greek island. The Temple of Aphaia looms over Aegina, while Delos Island hosts the incredible Terrace of the Lions. You'll find the world-famous Acropolis on Rhodes Island and the Akrotiri on Santorini. But don't forget to watch the sun rise over the Aegean while visiting the renowned windmills of Mykonos. Discover the magic with a Greece and Greek Isles cruise.

Boats docked on the pier at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia

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Corfu Cave Beach Rock Greece


Get in touch with traditional customs and soak in the Mediterranean waves on the sun-soaked Greek Isles onboard the best Greece and Greek Isles cruises. 

Restaurant  Tables Near Ocean in Santorini, Greece


Santorini only has villages, not towns, and these diverse areas provide a firsthand glimpse into Greek life. Because the whole island is less than 28 square miles, it's not difficult to take in most of the sights from the looming cliffs and still have time for shopping, eating and some down time on the Aegean Sea.

Greece Marine Life and Scuba Diver


Greece's underwater worlds complete with seahorses, eels and plenty of fish are almost too perfect not to grab your scuba gear and take the plunge. Santorini has an excellent dive center that will get you into the water fast with instructors who will guide you through the warm Mediterranean waters.

Greece Nea Kameni Volcano


Another great thing to do while in Greece are the daily tours of the volcano Nea Kameni, which is located on an uninhabited island close to Santorini, begin with a short boat ride, followed by a climb up to the volcanic craters that takes just over an hour. The tour then takes in hot springs and mud baths, where you can recharge your batteries.

Greek Isles Archaeological Site


Go on an archaeological exploration of the ancient world's most renowned sites, from Bronze Age excavations to temples dedicated to the Greek gods with your cruise to Greece and Greek Isles. 

Greek Isles Ancient Ruins


The largest of the Greek islands, Crete is both a beach paradise and home to some of the country's premier archaeological finds and attractions. Visit Greece and tour the Palace at Knossos, built by the Minoans more than 4,000 years ago, before exploring the Archaeological Museum, where the treasures of Knossos — including sculptures, jewelry and mosaics — are exhibited.

Akrotiri Historical Site Santorini Greece

Excavations of Akrotiri on Santorini Island date back to the Manoan Bronze Age, where the settlement was preserved in ash following a volcanic eruption in 1627 B.C. The site is still being excavated today, and you can witness history firsthand by exploring the vast settlement and the enormous ongoing archaeological dig.

Ancient Greece Ruins Delos Apollo and Artemis


Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, and it's also the mythological birthplace of the sun god, Apollo, and his twin, Artemis, goddess of the moon and the hunt. You can spend hours exploring the ruins and learning about Greek history on the most sacred place of worship in Ancient Greece. Even the nearby old port has its own charm, with an amphitheater, sanctuary and various dwellings waiting to be explored.

Beach Cave in Greece


This is not your average summer vacation in Europe — it’s an all-out culture trip you’ll never forget. Offering longer stays in port, Odyssey of the Seas℠ takes you deeper into the culture, history and natural beauty of some of Europe’s most incredible destinations. Cruise to Greece and explore the most beautiful isles in the Aegean.

Sunset in Santorini, Greece


There’s nothing like spending a summer in Greece, and an adventure on Odyssey of the Seas℠ , is the perfect way to experience it. Scope picture-perfect sunsets in Santorini. Tour a local vineyard in Crete. And spend a day soaking up the sun on a golden-sand beach in Mykonos . You’re in for adventure no matter how you choose to isle away the time.


The ancient city of Ephesus Selcuk Izmir Turkey


Experience the journey of a lifetime on a 12-night cruise on Odyssey of the Seas℠. Explore the stunning landscapes and rich history of Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Indulge in exquisite cuisine, relax in luxury, and embark on unforgettable shore excursions, all while enjoying the world-class amenities of our cruise ship.


WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Greece and Greek Isles Cruises Insider

You'll find excellent weather on the Greek islands throughout the year, but the best time to visit is between April and October, when temperatures range from the low 70s to the mid 80s, and the sun is nearly guaranteed.

Countless ruins like the Acropolis and the Akrotiri overlook the world-class beaches that are around nearly every corner on the islands. Whether you're more interested in a private cove on Zakynthos or a central beach with a party scene on Mykonos, the options are limitless.

While you will have no difficulty finding a wealth of fish and seafood on the islands, the history of trade on the islands create amazing international cuisine.

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Fashion Week Places to Visit in Paris

February 5, 2024

Find all the top fashion places to visit in Paris and how to get there during Fashion Week getaway travels. Plan your France vacation!

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The Ultimate Guide to a Blue Lagoon Iceland Vacation

Plan the ultimate Blue Lagoon Iceland vacation. Our guide covers top attractions, insider tips, and expert recommendations. Start planning now.

Closeup view of Urquhart Castle.

Best Scotland Castle Tours

There are over 1,500 Scotland castle tours to choose from. We've narrowed down a list of the most; historic, cultural, famous, and royal significance.

Aerial view of Barcelona beach and city during sunrise. Spain.

Planning a Barcelona Vacation From the Sea

January 26, 2024

A Barcelona vacation is always a good idea, but arriving at this iconic port of call by sea is a truly unique experience. Here's why.

Coco Beach Club Woman Swimming Infinity Pool, Perfect Day at Coco Cay

Plan Your Best Spa Getaways | Royal Caribbean Cruises

January 24, 2024

Plan the best spa getaway possible with experiences being tailored to suit your vacation needs. Rest and rejuvenate in exotic destinations around the world.

Sun Star on Whitby Abbey  The Gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey with the suns rays producing a star

Visiting Historic Abbeys in England | Royal Caribbean Cruises

January 11, 2024

Did you know some abbeys in England are still open for visits? This guide will help you discover the most glorious and influential abbeys in England.

Pathway in catacombs. Old skulls and bones form walls. Grim lighting. Underground cemetery.

The Spookiest Places in Europe for Ghost Hunters | Royal Caribbean Cruises

Seeking scary places to visit? These are some of the spookiest places in Europe, from the streets of London to the forests of Transylvania.

View seen when visiting the famous Millennium Bridge in London. UK

The Most Famous European Cathedrals | Royal Caribbean Cruises

From Notre Dame to the iconic La Sagrada Família, here are some of the most famous European cathedrals.

abstract drawing, woman head in cubist art style

Pablo Picasso Facts and How He Influenced the Art World | Royal Caribbean Cruises

Headed to Europe on a cruise for art immersion? Enjoy these Pablo Picasso facts for your vacation travels and save your favorite destinations.

Hamburg, Germany, Christmas Market

The Best Holiday Destinations To Visit This Season | Royal Caribbean Cruises

January 8, 2024

The best holiday destinations are those that allow you to forget your stresses back home and spend time with your closest loved ones.

View of Big Ben over Westminster Bridge on a sunny day. United Kingdom.

Big Ben Facts to Know Before Your Next Vacation | Royal Caribbean Cruises

January 4, 2024

Discover the most fun Big Ben facts, plus facts about the royal family and its connection to Elizabeth Tower and the Houses of Parliament.

Barcelona Spain La Rambla Restaurants

Top Secret Vacation Spots in Europe | Royal Caribbean Cruises

Take your best European vacation with access to the top secret vacation spots to visit when traveling in Europe. Pick and save your favorite.

Italy Sardina Spiaggia Rosa Pink Beach

The Best Secret Mediterranean Beaches | Royal Caribbean Cruises

From the mainstream French and Italian Rivieras to secluded idylls in the Balkans, your search for the best Mediterranean beaches ends here.

View of a Dock and a Fjord, Flam, Norway

Underrated European Travel Destinations | Royal Caribbean Cruises

Take your best European vacation with access to the top underrated travel destinations to visit when taking a vacation in Europe. Pick and save your favorite.

Mountain River during Sunrise, Geiranger, Norway

Rock Climbing on Norway Fjords Cruise

January 3, 2024

Discover the best rock climbing locations while on your Norway fjords cruise. Adventure awaits those who seek it, enjoy the ultimate guide made for you.

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Roman Forum

Italian Architecture | Italy Tours

Uncover the history of Italy through Italian architecture and art tours as you travel to Rome, Florence, and Milan. Visit the best cities in the world.

Pulpí Geode lined with beautiful crystals in the crystal caves in Spain

Traveling to the Crystal Caves in Spain

December 11, 2023

Visit the crystal caves in Spain as you take a travel vacation to uncover a view of the magnificent Pulpí Geode. Enjoy a tour guide tailored to you.

France Paris Couple by Arc De Triomphe

The Best European Summer Vacations

Planning the best European summer vacations? We’ve curated the ultimate guide to visiting some of the most relaxing and legendary destinations to travel to in Europe.

Royal Suite, Champagne Balcony

The Ultimate Sparkling Wine Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Sparkling Wine Cheat Sheet. Before you say "cheers" with your next glass of sparkling wine, take a moment to learn about what's inside the glass you're clinking.

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ultimate World Cruise: An Epic Journey Around the World | Royal Caribbean Cruises

October 23, 2023

Tick countless items off your bucket list in an epic journey around the world when you book the Ultimate World Cruise — Hurry, it will soon set sail!

Contemporary home exterior on lakeshore with flat roof and large feature windows

9 Tips for Preparing Your House for an Extended Vacation | Royal Caribbean Cruises

October 16, 2023

Preparing your house for an extended vacation can seem like a huge task, but doing a few things before you go will make your trip carefree.

Picture of Park Guell of Barcelona captured during golden hour

How to Get Travel Tuesday Cruise Deals | Royal Caribbean Cruises

October 10, 2023

Travel Tuesday cruise deals go live at midnight on Cyber Monday, and are designed to bring you discounts on experiences that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Kotor Montenegro Castle During Sunset

Best Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

October 2, 2023

Uncover 8 of the best Mediterranean cruise destinations while on your travel vacation. Adventure awaits those who seek it, enjoy a guide tailored to you.

Spain Barcelona La Sagrada Familia Interior

Local Things to Do in Barcelona

September 29, 2023

Discover the best things to do as a local while traveling to Spain for your own Barcelona vacation experience with these helpful ideas & travel tips.


Where to Find the Best Skiing in the Alps

Here's everything you need to know about skiing in the Alps, including where to stay and when to visit.

Norway Mountain Landscape

Wildlife You'll See on Your Norway Vacation

A Norway vacation will help you take in all the wild north has to offer. You'll be able to see an incredible range of wildlife during your stay.

Rhapsody of the Seas Sailing Through Alaska

How to Have an Epic Family Vacation Onboard Rhapsody of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Cruises

September 22, 2023

Planning your next epic family vacation starts today onboard Rhapsody of the Seas, a mid-sized cruise ship that is part of the Royal Caribbean Vision Class.

Singapore City Landscape at Sunset

Top 10 Most Beautiful Port Cities | Royal Caribbean Cruises

September 20, 2023

Cruising is a wonderful thing. It can bring you to some of the most beautiful port cities in the world.

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy Aerial View

Enjoying Breakfast in Rome

September 12, 2023

While it's true that many Italians take a quick, casual approach to the day's first meal, your breakfast in Rome will be anything but forgettable.

Plan the Best London Day Trips Ever

August 22, 2023

Set sail on a getaway cruise vacation and discover the best things to do in London while enjoying your day trips. Experience history, Harry Potter, and more!

Athens (Piraeus), Greece, View of city and Acropolis

Best Things To Do in Athens, Greece, on Your Cruise Vacation

August 10, 2023

There is no shortage of things to do in Athens. The Greek capital has a history of more than 3,400 years to entertain you.

Italy Rome Family Colosseum Tour

Fun European Cities to Visit With Kids

August 7, 2023

Traveling with kids? Here are some fun European cities to visit on your next European cruise — plus tips to make it a memorable, stress-free experience.


Israeli Food: Top 10 Must-Trys

Here's a list of some of the best Israeli food found in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and beyond including sabich, shakshuka and bourekas.


Planning a Rome Vacation From the Sea and Beyond

August 4, 2023

Here are some Rome vacation must-sees and tips on how to navigate travel when arriving or departing via cruise through Civitavecchia.

Navigator of the Seas Aerial Front View

Cruise Ports Near Me: Midwest United States

August 2, 2023

As you browse cruises, the first question you ask will be "Where are cruise ports near me?" Here's how to choose a port, and what to do once you're there.

Greece Athens Family Selfie with Greek Temple in the Background

Ancient Greek Architecture

February 27, 2023

Learn about the types of Greek architecture you can explore during your next Mediterranean vacation. When in Greece, you're sure to discover hidden gems of ancient ruins that still stand alongside modern buildings.

Spoon pouring oil as a traveler chooses the best olive oil to use. Mediterranean.

How to Choose the Best Olive Oil

February 22, 2023

Uncover the secrets to having the best olive oil in the world as well as the know-how on all the many types and their uses. Enjoy a guide tailored to you.

Greece Fira Principal Town View

Plan a Greek Island Hopping Getaway

Take a moment to make the most of your Greek island hopping travels, reveal the best places to visit in Greece. Plan your unique vacation with ease.

View of the Salvador Dali House in Spain in a coastal hillside. Spain

Visiting the Salvador Dali Museum in Spain

Explore the Salvador Dali Museum and Garden in Spain as you make the most of your cultural traveling adventures. Enjoy a guide tailored to your vacation.

Turkish desert baklava with peanut,  pistachio, hand on fork and Turkish tea

Turkish Desserts to Sweeten your Vacation

Turkish desserts are as pivotal to the experience of traveling in Turkey as a cruise through the Bosphorus Strait. Enjoy a guide tailored to your vacation.

Inside of a tranquil Turkish hammam, with stars on the ceiling. Turkey

Vacation with Turkish Baths & Hammam Spas

Uncover the ultimate Turkish baths & hammam spa experiences to making the most of your vacation to Turkey. Enjoy a guide tailored to your travels.

Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey, Celsus Library Close Up

10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

February 21, 2023

Cruising to Ephesus soon? Here are the 10 best places to visit in Turkey, with something for every traveler.

the golden fountain of the Piazza de Spagna at sunrise. Europe.

Europe Vacation: Best Places to Visit

January 13, 2023

There's more to a European cruise vacation than just packing your bags! Plan the perfect trip on your travel getaway to visit the best places in Europe.

Traditional Spain Street with Tables

6 Popular Farm Foods from Spain

January 4, 2023

Here are six of the most popular farm foods from Spain. The headstrong Spanish farmers continue to produce some of the world's finest oranges, olives, and hams.

Mediterranean Italy Colorful Homes by the Coast

Top 11 Must-Try Mediterranean Foods

December 15, 2022

Mediterranean food is renowned worldwide for being exceptionally healthy and balanced. Here are the top 11 must-try Mediterranean foods.

Original Italian Gelato

Eating in Italy | Local Food Traveling

December 14, 2022

Uncover the ultimate guide to eating locally in Italy as you make the most of your vacation travels. Adventure awaits those who seek it.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Gladiators of the Roman Colosseum

December 13, 2022

Plan a cultural vacation to Italy by setting sail for the Roman Colosseum. Enjoy a tour guide tailored to you on the history of Rome & its gladiator.

Colorful hot air balloon riders hovering over the rock formations of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Turkey

Find a new perspective from high in the sky with a hot air balloon ride in Turkey. Adventure awaits those who seek it, enjoy a guide tailored to you.

Visiting the famous Stonehenge landmark. British Isles

Visit Famous Landmarks in the British Isles

Uncover the most famous landmarks while making the most of your British Isles vacation. Adventure awaits those who seek it, enjoy a tailored guide.

Olive orchards often offer tours and tastings, so grab the chance to try it fresh from the tree.

Santorini is known for one-day yacht tours that give you a unique view of the island and its neighbors.

Ftelia Beach, on the northern side of Mykonos, is the place for watersports and windsurfing, as well as those sunsets everyone dreams about.


The Greek islands are known for famous foods like feta cheese, but the location is also home to a slew of other delicacies. Olive oil plays a big part in the local cuisine, as does local produce such as tomatoes and other Mediterranean vegetables. Feast on feta me meli, baked feta wrapped in filo, or choriatiki, greek salad with tons of vegetables. While meat such as lamb, pork and veal are found everywhere, especially in gyros or keftethes (meatballs), fish and seafood are the undisputed stars, due to proximity to the sea.

Greek Feta Cheese and Kalamata Olives


Kefalonia is home to the legendary tiropita cheese puff, which is basically cheese baked in cheese, although you'll also find puffs filled with vegetables, particularly spinach, and even sometimes meat. You can also find local cheeses like feta, manuri or kefalotiri everywhere.

Greek Kreatopita Meat Pie


Meat pies filled with lamb, veal or sometimes pork are called kreatopita, and they are cooked with wine and tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon and nutmeg, creating a medley of flavors. There's also a variety called pastitsio that combines pasta and meat.

Greek Fresh Seafood Platter


Your choices are endless when it comes to fresh seafood prepared according to local tradition. Try a simple shrimp and pasta dish, or go wild with octapodi kokkinisto, octopus in tomato sauce during your Greece cruise.


The beautiful Greece and Greek Isles cruise ports, from the in-progress archaeological digs at Delos to the Old Towns of Crete and Rhodes, the Greek Islands are brimming with history. And while it's wonderful to explore the past, the beaches of Mykonos and the architecture of Santorini and Athens are just a few of the many pleasures that await you.

Argostoli, Greece Kalamia Beach

Argostoli, Greece

Mykonos, Greece Windmills From Restaurant

Mykonos, Greece

Santorini, Greece Oia White Blue

Santorini, Greece

Chania, Crete Pristine Beach

Chania (Souda), Crete

Katakolon, Greece, Ancient Pilar Ruins

Olympia (Katakolon), Greece

Athens (Piraeus), Greece, View of city and Acropolis

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Rhodes, Greece, Beach

Rhodes, Greece

Corfu, Greece, Paleokastritsa Beach

Corfu, Greece

Aerial view of Porto Zorro Azzurro beach in Zakynthos (Zante) island, in Greece

Zakynthos, Greece

Saint Paul cathedral in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece

Skiathos Old Port with a Blue Sky, Skiathos, Greece

Skiathos, Greece

Street view of Pirgi, a village in Chios, Greece

Chios, Greece

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Could any Greek island be more a picture of perfection than …


“There is a homeland for everyone, while there is Thes…

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Ancient Ephesus and the Terrace Houses

Ancient Ephesus and the Terrace Houses

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House of Virgin Mary & Ancient Ephesus

Classical Athens and its Monuments

Classical Athens and its Monuments

The Acropolis & The New Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis & The New Acropolis Museum

Athens monuments and the Acropolis

Athens monuments and the Acropolis

Athens tour and the New Acropolis Museum

Athens tour and the New Acropolis Museum

Ancient Ephesus

Ancient Ephesus

Classic Cairo

Classic Cairo

Jerusalem & Bethlehem

Jerusalem & Bethlehem

Discover the Holy Land This wonderful excursion takes you on… more

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greece cruise deals 2024

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greece cruise deals 2024

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greece cruise deals 2024




Begin with a tour of our brochure

Explore the Mediterranean as you flick between the pages of our 2024-2025 Cruise Brochure. Where will your journey take you?

greece cruise deals 2024

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greece cruise deals 2024

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Cheap Greece Cruises - Cruises to Greece

  • Europe    

10 Night Cruise to Greece

  • You want a sailing ship with the amenities of a cruise ship
  • You enjoy port-intensive itineraries geared toward adults
  • You like quiet evenings socializing with your fellow guests
  • You need a cabin with a balcony; there are none onboard
  • You want plenty of organized activities by day and night
  • You want a true "wind-power-only" sailing ship experience

9 Night Cruise to Greece

  • You want a small-ship cruise that touches on luxury travel
  • You enjoy port-intensive itineraries and overnight stays
  • You like the nautical ambiance of a smaller cruise ship
  • You like your ships big, busy and packed with activities
  • You want a fully all-inclusive luxury experience; this isn’t it

8 Night Cruise to Greece

7 night cruise to greece.

  • You want a sailing cruise on a larger ship with more features
  • You enjoy mingling with your fellow guests as entertainment
  • You love wide open teak decking and brilliant, billowing sails
  • You prefer the more intimate ambiance of a smaller ship
  • You want nonstop scheduled activities by day and night
  • You need oversized luxury suites and big-ship amenities
  • You want a small-ship sailing experience with lots of perks
  • You love relaxing days socializing out on deck or over drinks
  • You appreciate the thoroughly nautical ambiance onboard
  • You're looking for vibrant, active nightlife and activities
  • You typically book a balcony cabin; there are none here
  • You are a purist and want to be under sail for the entire cruise

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greece cruise deals 2024

Explore Greece

Best Greece cruises: Top 5 ships sailing the Greek isles

Ashley Kosciolek

From ancient mythology to wine and olives, there's a lot to love about Greece . There's something magical about the contrast between the deep-blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the ancient ruins and white buildings found on the Greek islands.

The best Greece cruises are those that offer a well-rounded mix of islands and key Greece destinations: Athens for its ruins, Santorini for its blue-roofed churches, Mykonos for its shopping and nightlife, and Rhodes for its palace and charming cobblestone streets. You might even luck out and snag a visit to places like Turkey or Montenegro, too.

If you're not sure which ships to consider, here's a list of the best cruises to Greece for different kinds of travelers.

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Best Greek isles cruises for families: Disney Dream

greece cruise deals 2024

Disney Cruise Line is ideal for families. If a Disney cruise to Greece with kids sounds appealing, Disney Dream is the ship that will take you there.

The vessel is not the line's newest, but it's also not the oldest, so you'll still find plenty to do on board. The 2,500-passenger ship's small size means it's easy to learn your way around. Even better, Disney Dream is typically more affordable than the line's newer vessels.

Your children likely won't be bored on the ship. Dream offers jaw-dropping entertainment and daily character appearances. Its magical kids clubs feature a replica of Andy's room from "Toy Story" and the Millennium Falcon's cockpit from "Star Wars." (Expect surprise visits from R2-D2 or a squad of stormtroopers.)

Also, Greece is wrapped in tons of ancient history to spark your family's imagination. For example, in Athens, your family might choose to take a guided tour of the Acropolis, followed by a "day in the life of an archeologist" experience, where you'll search for treasures in a faux archeological dig.

If the kids prefer something sportier, they might enjoy an excursion that takes visitors to the Panathenaic Stadium for a tour and a talk about the first Olympic games of the modern era.

Disney Dream sails eight-, nine- and 11-night voyages from $416 per person, per night, for a windowless inside cabin. Some itineraries sail round-trip from Rome, while others cruise one-way between Rome and Barcelona with calls on Athens, Mykonos and other ports in Greece.

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Best adults-only Greece cruises for party animals: Resilient Lady

greece cruise deals 2024

If you enjoy a lively megaship party atmosphere but you don't want an environment that's overrun with kids, Virgin Voyages ' Resilient Lady will likely be the best Greece cruise option for you.

Although Virgin's Greece itineraries are pretty standard, its onboard experience is what sets it apart in the region.

The adults-only ship combines a casual vibe with a ramped-up nightlife. You'll find passengers dressed up like mermaids, crew dressed up like drag queens and performers that more accurately represent a cross-section of real life than those whom you'll find on most other lines' vessels.

Nighttime shows run the gamut from lounge singers and seemingly impromptu atrium dance parties to secret below-deck visits to the "crew bar" for a tipple. There's also Scarlet Night — a rave-like pool-deck dance party where everyone wears red.

If that's not wild enough for you, there's also an app that lets you order Champagne to wherever you are on board, free fitness classes that encourage you to dress up in your '80s best and even a tattoo parlor so you can make some bad decisions.

Resilient Lady sails seven-, 10- and 14-night cruises, starting at $148 per person, per night, for an inside cabin. The voyages feature stops in Croatia, Turkey and Montenegro, in addition to Greece (Santorini, Rhodes and overnight in Mykonos from Athens), depending on the specific itinerary you choose.

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Best budget-friendly Greece cruises: Rhapsody of the Seas

greece cruise deals 2024

Want to check out Greece but have limited funds? Although you'll have to factor in potentially expensive flights to Israel to board, a voyage on Royal Caribbean 's Rhapsody of the Seas could be right up your alley.

The ship is one of Royal Caribbean's older ships — it debuted in 1997 — but that doesn't mean you won't find fun onboard activities such as trivia, pool games, nightly theater performances, game shows, dancing and live music.

The best part if you're on a budget is the price. You can snag sailings of five or seven nights, round-trip from Haifa, from just $65 per person, per night, for an inside cabin. Voyages include calls to ports in Rhodes, Athens, Santorini and Mykonos, as well as Cyprus.

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Best small-ship luxury Greece cruises: Windstar's Wind Star

greece cruise deals 2024

Windstar Cruises ' namesake, Wind Star, is a 148-passenger masted sailing yacht that offers a special Greek islands experience.

The ship is great for sailing aficionados. Because of its small size, the ship can visit smaller ports that larger vessels can't access. (Think Patmos, known to theology buffs as the place where the book of Revelation was written; Monemvasia, a town carved into rock; and Nafplion, modern Greece's original capital and now the site of museums, churches and castles.)

Also, Wind Star is an upscale ship, which means you'll find elevated dining and service on board. All cabins offer at least one window. When you purchase an all-inclusive fare, Wi-Fi, gratuities and alcohol are rolled into the price.

The vessel sails weeklong Greece cruises round-trip from Athens and calls on Mykonos, Santorini, Patmos, Monemvasia and Nafplion in Greece, as well as Kusadasi in Turkey. Rates start from $500 per person, per night, for an outside cabin.

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Best locally based Greek isles cruises: Celestyal Journey

greece cruise deals 2024

Celestyal Cruises is a line you don't hear about too often, but it's based in Greece, which means it has a unique perspective on Greek island sailings.

If you're looking for a cruise vacation that's full of local Greek flare, check out the brand's Celestyal Journey. Set to debut for the line in September 2023, the ship isn't new, but following an extensive refurbishment, it will become the youngest member of the line's fleet.

Holding about 1,200 passengers, Celestyal Journey is small enough that you'll still receive a personalized experience but large enough to offer a multitude of onboard amenities. Enjoy yourself at the spa and fitness center, eight bars, seven restaurants, a chef's table experience and two pools. The ship offers 630 cabins, including 149 balcony cabins, 120 junior suites and 28 full-fledged suite accommodations.

Itineraries offered by Celestyal Journey range from four to 28 nights, departing from either Athens or Thessaloniki. Most voyages include calls on well-known Greek ports like Santorini, Rhodes and Mykonos, while longer sailings also venture to places in Turkey and Montenegro. Pricing is not yet available.

Bottom line

The best cruises to Greece combine a mix of fascinating destinations with a ship that fits your budget and travel style. If you're still unsure which cruise to choose, check with a knowledgeable cruise travel agent who can help you sort through the options.

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Aerial view of the Greek Isles

Greek Cruises

Greek Isle cruises deliver ancient wonders and once-in-a-lifetime excursions along with some of the bluest water on earth. See ruins from the dawn of democracy, wind down on a beach, and then indulge in fresh Mediterranean fare, all in one day. Our Greek Isle cruises offer a striking balance between popular attractions and seldom-visited ports. Whether you have 7 days, 12 days, or more, you’ll find just the right itinerary in our wide selection. Wander a brilliant-white maze of shops, restaurants, and homes to a breathtaking overlook. Stand in the same place as the greatest thinkers of all time. Sample flavorful cuisine at a taverna you’ll talk about for years to come. From ancient Athens to sun-dappled Mykonos, colorful Chania to the incredible Olympia, find the best Greek Isle cruises right here.

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Highlights from Cruises to Greece

The best greek isle cruises.

women wearing traditional garb in greece

History & Culture

greece cruise deals 2024

Greek Isle Beauty

Explore greek isle ports.

Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Step back in time on your cruise to Greece. Visit the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, and other ancient ruins. Follow your tour with an open-air dinner in the Plaka neighborhood.

Crete (Souda), Greece

On the northwest coast of the island of Crete, Souda beckons with a romantic Venetian harbor, Old Town’s tangle of streets, and a 500-year-old lighthouse.

Katakolon (Olympia), Greece

The region reveals what it means to be Greek: traditions that go back thousands of years, simple but delicious and healthy cuisine, towering mountains, and crystal blue seas.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a top choice among the glamourous. Chic tavernas with open terraces line the sea and after the sun dips down, the island sizzles with youthful energy.

Kerkira (Corfu), Greece

Come ashore to Corfu on your Greek Islands cruise, a muse for some of history’s most notable writers. Be inspired with a swim in its azure waters or wander verdant, cypress-dotted hills.

Rhodes, Greece

Even without its immense Helios statue, Rhodes remains one of the most-visited Greek islands with its white-sand beaches, glittering coves and fascinating ruins.

Thira (Santorini), Greece

Santorini has a dizzying array of archeological treasures, sun-bleached villages and world-renowned wines. To top it all, it’s home to one of the most beautiful volcanic calderas in the world.

Gythion (Sparta), Greece

Once the port of ancient Sparta, this lovely fishing town draws its name from gi theon, which means “land of the gods” in Greek. It’s the entryway to the rugged, mountainous realm of the Spartans—the fiercely independent people who rejected foreign rule time and time again.

Kavala (Neapolis), Greece

Northern Greece is often overlooked as a Greek Isle cruise destination, and many will not even have heard of the Macedonian port of Kavála. But the city, and the region it opens into, are both picturesque and culturally important, with a history that encompasses classical times as well as the more modern era.

Mytilene, Nisos Lesbos

Lesbos, Greece is well known for olives and ouzo production, and visitors can see evidence of both everywhere. The island's charms extend beyond those pleasures, though: It’s a beautiful place of open plains, sweeping hills, and sandy beaches with views of Turkey across the water.

Pylos, Greece

Pine-covered hills wrap around the lovely town of Pylos (often referred to as Navarino, its Italian name), in the Messenia region of Greece's Peloponnese. Cobblestoned streets lead down to the harbor, where outdoor cafés overlook the bay. This pleasant scene, however, belies a turbulent history.

Featured Greek Isle Shore Excursions

View of the Archaeological Museum of Olympia

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Greece and greek islands cruises

Cruising to a land rich with history and stunning islands.

Greece, the birthplace of philosophy , the Olympic Games and Western literature , offers an incomparable insight into ancient history and cultural heritage. No exploration of the Mediterranean is truly complete without MSC Greek Island Cruises , which journey through some of the most breath-taking landscapes this part of the world has on display.   Athens , the capital of Greece, has been inhabited for over 3,000 years. Discover more about these ancient roots at archaeological sites such as the Parthenon temple, a symbol of the city and of Greece. Located at the top of the Acropolis, it’s one of the most important cultural monuments in the world.   But beyond the borders of the ancient city are the Greek islands that can only be properly seen on one of our Greek Islands cruises. One-fifth of Greece’s territory is made up of more than 3000 islands, famed the world over for their fantastic variety of beaches. Ranging from extensive white sand beaches to tiny bays surrounded by steep, ocean carved cliffs, there’s a hidden cove for every visitor.   Sail with us on the MSC Greece and Greek Islands Cruise 2024 - 2025 season and you will discover magnificent places such as Mykonos , an eye-catching, white-and-blue stone city offering a fantastic nightlife, or Rhodes , with its old town centre where you can sample delicious Greek yoghurt, served with fresh honey and walnuts.   Throughout the year, there is also a host of cultural and folkloric events that are not to be missed. For visitors, these are an opportunity to enjoy the typical music and dancing, all making for an unforgettable holiday with MSC Greece cruises.   Book an MSC Mediterranean voyage that includes Greek Islands cruises today, and you’ll experience Greece, its islands, and a truly memorable holiday.

  • Cephalonia, Greece
  • Chania (Crete), Greece
  • Corfu, Greece
  • Heraklion (Crete), Greece
  • Katakolon (Olympia), Greece
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Piraeus (Athens), Greece
  • Rhodes (Lindos), Greece
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Zakynthos, Greece

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Greece Cruises

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  • Santorini : Rising from the remnants of a volcanic crater, Santorini's beaches, breathtaking vistas, and iconic sunsets embody quintessential Greek charm. Home to the village of Oia, renowned for its whitewashed buildings and blue-domed churches.
  • Mykonos : Nestled in the Cyclades, Mykono’s labyrinthine streets, whitewashed abodes, and lively beach parties are framed by 16th-century windmills. Remember to explore the historic district of Little Venice.
  • Delos : Steeped in mythology as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, Delos reveals an archaeological trove of ruins that tell ancient tales. Its Sacred Way and Terrace of Lions are must-see highlights.
  • Corfu : Known as the emerald jewel of the Greek Isles, Corfu welcomes cruisers from international routes. Discover its Venetian architecture in the Old Town and stroll through Spianada Square.
  • Tinos: Nestled among terraced hills and marble quarries, Tinos hosts Greece's holiest sanctuary, Panagia Evangelistria. The island is famed for its intricate dovecotes.
  • Rhodes : Rich in historical grandeur, Rhodes features archaeological sites and coastal resorts that echo bygone eras. Its medieval Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Crete : Explore the legend of the Minotaur in the ancient city of Knossos near Rethymnon . Then, uncover Kythira's emerging allure and Chania's vibrant Venetian Harbor.
  • Naxos: As the largest of the Cyclades, Naxos captivates with diverse landscapes. Don't miss the monumental Portara, a massive marble doorway from an ancient temple.
  • Paros : With white-marble villages and traditional charm, Paros invites exploration of cobblestone alleys and historic churches. Delve into its history at ancient marble quarries.
  • Skiathos: Embrace Skiathos' blend of pine forests and golden beaches, harmonizing natural beauty and nightlife. Visit the iconic Evangelistria Monastery.
  • Patmos : A spiritual haven where the Book of Revelation was authored, Patmos beckons reflection at the Monastery of Saint John. Its Cave of the Apocalypse is UNESCO-listed.
  • Symi: Exuding elegance through pastel neoclassical architecture, Symi's harbor town offers tranquility. Explore the Panormitis Monastery's intricate frescoes.

Greece Overview

  • Athens : A testament to Ancient Greece's glory, Athens brims with historical significance. Unearth intriguing archaeological sites, from the iconic Parthenon atop the Acropolis to the vibrant Agora. Wander through the historic Plaka district to embrace its rich heritage.
  • Nafplion : Embraced by the Argolic Gulf, Nafplion holds both ancient myths and modern charm. Its captivating port town, believed to be founded by Poseidon's son, boasts cobbled streets adorned with quaint shops, inviting cafes, and enlightening museums. Explore the Palamidi Fortress gracing the skyline.
  • Katakolon : A gateway to Olympia's archaeological marvel, Katakolo unveils the origins of the Olympic Games. Delve into history at the archaeological site and museum, immersing yourself in the sacred past of this hallowed ground.
  • Heraklion: The capital of Crete, Heraklion seamlessly merges history and modernity. Discover the renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum and delve into the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos, where myths take shape.
  • Kavala: This coastal haven invites leisurely strolls along its scenic harbor, adorned with neoclassical buildings and vibrant cafes. Ascend to Kavala Castle for panoramic vistas of the city and the Aegean Sea.
  • Volos: In the heart of Thessaly, Volos strikes a balance between tradition and innovation. Embrace the allure of Portaria village on Mount Pelion, with its cobblestone streets and charming guesthouses.
  • Rhodes Town: Beyond its island allure, Rhodes Town offers a passage through history. Traverse the medieval UNESCO-listed Old Town and glimpse the storied past at the Palace of the Grand Master.
  • Thessaloniki: As Greece's second-largest city, Thessaloniki is a melting pot of cultures and history. Byzantine walls, diverse architecture, and the iconic White Tower invite exploration into its myriad layers.
  • Croatia & the Dalmatian Coast: Setting sail on this captivating journey, you'll explore the maritime wonders of the Adriatic. Your adventure begins with the iconic city of Athens, and as you sail northward, you'll encounter the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Olympia and the legendary realm of Ithaca. Further enriching your experience, the voyage continues to unveil the hidden gems of Albania and Montenegro , inviting you to explore their cultures and history. Croatia's rugged beauty takes center stage as you dock at the famed Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea . Gaze upon the historic walls that have witnessed centuries of maritime history, a testament to the region's enduring charm.
  • Southern Cyclades & Turkey: The allure of this journey lies in its blend of enchanting Greek isles and the Turkish mystique. Rhodes, with its medieval marvels, sets the stage as you journey through history. Hydra beckons with its timeless elegance, followed by Athens, a city that marries ancient legacies with modern energy. The mesmerizing vistas of Santorini unfold, captivating all who visit. The Turkish port of Bodrum awaits, offering a glimpse into a culture where east meets west, as you indulge in the art, history, and maritime allure that define this enchanting region.
  • Italy , Greek Isles, Turkey & Athens: Departing from the eternal city of Rome, your voyage traverses the Mediterranean's most captivating destinations. Crete's archaeological treasures and Santorini's awe-inspiring caldera views set the stage for an unforgettable journey. As you approach the Turkish coast, Kusadasi emerges, offering a gateway to ancient Ephesus and a taste of Turkey's coastal allure. 

How to Choose a Mediterranean Cruise

  • Exquisite Itineraries: Mediterranean cruises are carefully crafted to present the best of Greece and its neighboring gems. Explore iconic cities like Athens, traverse the Greek Isles, and set foot in coastal treasures across Turkey.
  • Luxurious Accommodation: Cruise ships are designed to provide utmost comfort. Enjoy spacious cabins, luxurious amenities, and breathtaking views right from your accommodation.
  • Variety of Cruise Lines: Whether you seek opulent luxury or family-friendly experiences, numerous cruise lines cater to different preferences, ensuring a personalized journey.
  • World Cruises on Your Doorstep: Greece serves as a gateway to world cruises. Embark on extended voyages that span continents, offering an unparalleled exploration of global destinations.
  • Expertly Crafted Shore Excursions: Discover the region's highlights through meticulously planned shore excursions. Explore archaeological wonders, cultural landmarks, and natural beauty with knowledgeable guides.
  • Private Tours: Indulge in the ultimate luxury by opting for private tours. Tailor your experience to your interests, with personalized attention and flexible schedules.
  • Special Offers: Mediterranean cruise packages often come with special offers, making your journey even more enticing. Look out for deals that offer added value and savings.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean's diverse cultures. From ancient history to modern vibrancy, each destination unveils a unique facet of this captivating region.
  • Stress-Free Travel: A Mediterranean cruise simplifies travel logistics. Unpack once and let the cruise ship transport you effortlessly between ports.
  • Breathtaking Scenery: Revel in the ever-changing views of the Mediterranean coast. Whether you're on deck or in your cabin, the stunning scenery will be your constant companion.
  • Acropolis of Athens: This iconic site showcases the architectural wonders of Ancient Greece, including the Parthenon and other ancient structures, perched atop the Acropolis hill overlooking Athens.
  • Medieval City of Rhodes: The medieval Old Town of Rhodes, with its well-preserved fortifications and historical architecture, is a testament to the island's medieval past and the influences of different civilizations.
  • Archaeological Site of Olympia: As the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia features ancient ruins and temples that offer a glimpse into the origins of this celebrated sporting event.
  • Archaeological Sites of Mycenae and Tiryns: These archaeological sites reveal the impressive remains of ancient Mycenaean civilizations, including fortifications, tombs, and palaces.
  • Archaeological Site of Delphi: Delphi was considered the center of the world in ancient Greek mythology and is home to the Temple of Apollo, the Oracle of Delphi, and other important structures.
  • Archaeological Site of Delos: T his uninhabited island near Mykonos is an archaeological treasure trove, featuring ruins of temples, houses, and monuments from various periods.
  • Meteora Monasteries: Although not directly visited through Greek cruises, the Meteora monasteries are often included in extended land tours. These monasteries are perched atop towering rock formations and offer breathtaking views.
  • Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus: This ancient healing center is renowned for its well-preserved theater and other structures that exemplify the architectural and medical achievements of the ancient Greeks.
  • Archaeological Site of Mystras: Mystras is a medieval town with well-preserved ruins, including palaces, churches, and fortifications, providing insight into Byzantine history and culture.
  • Archaeological Site of Knossos: Located on the island of Crete, Knossos is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on the island, showcasing the Minoan civilization's advanced architecture and art.

Best Greece Small Ship Cruise Lines for 2024-2025

  • Ponant  - has voyages that include transfers to and from the ship, talks and discussions aboard ship by world-class Smithsonian experts, and a shore excursion in each port of call that immerses guests in the sights and sounds of their destination. Journey to the very heart of the Mediterranean on a cruise to Greece and the Cyclades on the  Le Bellot . 
  • Silversea Cruises  -  lets you discover the spellbinding beauty of Greece on an all-inclusive luxury cruise aboard the 254 guest  Silver Cloud . Stroll through labyrinthine streets gaze at iconic windmills and beaches with turquoise waters.
  • Lindblad Expeditions  -  visits some places largely unknown to all but residents and discerning travelers. Discover the romance and exhilaration of a tall ship sailing the Mediterranean aboard the legendary  Sea Cloud . Guests will have ample opportunities to stand on deck and watch the orchestrated frenzy of crew members going high aloft in the riggings to handset 30 sails.
  • Star Clippers Americas   - immerse travelers in the thrill of a true tall ship by delivering innovative itineraries and distinctive ports throughout the Mediterranean. The 379 feet long  Star Clipper  carries 166 guests in pampered comfort, over 36,000 square feet of sails. 
  • Variety Cruises  -  is a privately owned yacht cruise line based in Athens, Greece. Embark on the 72 guest  Variety Voyager  to explore the stunning Greek Islands of Athens, the Acropolis, Cyclades, Kea, Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Crete, Kythira, Peloponnese, Nafplion, and Hydra. 
  • Emerald Waterways   - has a fleet of Star-Ships that cater from just 84 to a maximum of 186 guests, letting you meet like-minded travelers in a more intimate group. So much is included in the price of your holiday so you can have complete peace of mind while you travel. The attentive onboard crew, expert cruise directors, and knowledgeable onshore guides help to make your Greek island holiday truly memorable.
  • Sea Cloud Cruises  - has always preserved the true value of windjammers, where the beat of the wind and waves determines the rhythm and direction of life on board.  Sea Cloud II  perfectly combines spaciousness for up to 94 passengers with the lifestyle of a private yacht.
  • CroisiEurope   -   has been a French independent family business for 45 years. Venturing on a cruise on the Mediterranean coast aboard  MV La Belle de L'Adriatique  is always an excellent way to escape the dreariness of winter or to enjoy the summer fully.

Greek Cruise Video - Athens & Cyclades

Greece Travel FAQs

Top greece travel destinations.

  • Corinth Canal
  • Mediterranean

Greece Trips by Departure Date

  • 2024 Greece trips (60)
  • 2025 Greece trips (21)
  • 2026 Greece trips (4)
  • April 2024 (11)
  • May 2024 (15)
  • June 2024 (14)
  • July 2024 (26)
  • August 2024 (20)
  • September 2024 (12)
  • October 2024 (14)
  • June 2025 (12)
  • July 2025 (15)

Top Experiences in Greece

  • Greece Cruises (61)
  • Greece Beaches (19)
  • Greece Luxury (13)
  • Greece Cultural (10)
  • Greece Most Popular (4)
  • Greece Land Tours (3)

Greece Trips by Duration

  • 8 day trips (35)
  • 10 day trips (3)
  • 11 day trips (4)
  • 12 day trips (8)
  • 15 day trips (3)

Greece Trips by Activity

  • Greece small ship cruises (51)
  • Greece archaeological site visits (39)
  • Greece village visits (25)
  • Greece small ship sailing (18)
  • Greece snorkeling (7)
  • Greece urban exploration (7)
  • Greece local market visits (6)
  • Greece wine tasting (5)
  • Greece hiking (3)

Why Travel With Adventure Life

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greece cruise deals 2024

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Greece & Greek Island Cruises

Destinations, Greece | MSC Cruises

Cruising to a Land Rich with History and Stunning Islands

Destinations, Corfu | MSC Cruises

view all Greece and greek islands ports

  • Cephalonia, Greece
  • Chania (Crete), Greece
  • Corfu, Greece
  • Heraklion (Crete), Greece
  • Katakolon (Olympia), Greece
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Piraeus (Athens), Greece
  • Rhodes (Lindos), Greece
  • Santorini, Greece

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MSC Cruises

greece cruise deals 2024

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greece cruise deals 2024

9-Night Greek Isles: Santorini, Mykonos & Croatia

October 10-19, 2024 | norwegian cruise line.

Call WorldMark by Wyndham Travel at 1-800-953-5511  to book this cruise.

greece cruise deals 2024

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greece cruise deals 2024


greece cruise deals 2024

Small Enchanting Ports. Windstar Style Cruising. See More of the Greek Isles with Windstar.

greece cruise deals 2024

Treasures of the Greek Isles

greece cruise deals 2024

Adriatic Archipelagos & Greek Goddesses

greece cruise deals 2024

Icons of the Ancient World: Greece & Israel

greece cruise deals 2024

James Beard Foundation: Adriatic Archipelagos & Greek Goddesses

greece cruise deals 2024

A Piece of Greece, a Slice of Sicily & the Corinth Canal

greece cruise deals 2024

Aegean Sea Odyssey via the Corinth Canal

greece cruise deals 2024

Ancient Wonders of Greece & Ephesus

greece cruise deals 2024

Cappadocia & Aegean Rhapsody Cruise Tour

greece cruise deals 2024

Delphi & Meteora: Grecian Treasures Cruise Tour

greece cruise deals 2024

Enchanting Greece & the Amalfi Coast

greece cruise deals 2024

Istanbul Icons & Aegean Artifacts Cruise Tour

greece cruise deals 2024

James Beard Foundation & Wine Cruise: Adriatic Archipelagos & Greek Goddesses

greece cruise deals 2024

Myths & Marvels of the Aegean

greece cruise deals 2024

Red Sea Revelries via the Suez Canal

greece cruise deals 2024

Star Collector: Adriatic Old Towns & Aegean Islands

greece cruise deals 2024

Star Collector: Echoes of Italian & Greek Isles via the Corinth Canal

greece cruise deals 2024

Star Collector: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land & Beyond: Israel, Greece & Turkey

greece cruise deals 2024

Star Collector: Racing for the Prix du Monde Along the Rivieras

greece cruise deals 2024

Star Collector: Stories of Italy, Croatia & Greece

greece cruise deals 2024

Star Collector: Winter Rhapsody in Italy and Croatia

greece cruise deals 2024

Winter in Croatia & Greece

greece cruise deals 2024

Winter in Italy and the Adriatic

greece cruise deals 2024


Greece Cruises

Explore ancient temples and historic monuments. Shop for artisanal crafts. Chill on a white sandy beach. Party until the wee small hours. From Athens to Zakynthos, a cruise to Greece offers a simply stunning variety of experiences that make it one of the most beloved destinations on earth.

Popular cruise ports in Greece

Being the capital city of Crete, which is the largest of the Greek Isles, Heraklion is a proud city known for its rich history and cultural heritage.

Located on the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, Katakolon is a popular port of call on any Greek cruise.

Located in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is one of the most visited Greek islands, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Athens (Piraeus)

Located in the Attica region, Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the world's oldest cities, known for its many ancient landmarks and monuments.

Located on the Aegean Sea and being the spectacular result of a volcano eruption in 1650 BC, Santorini is one of the most popular Greek Islands.

Being Europe's largest inhabited medieval town and the largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is a beautiful Greek Island on the Aegean Sea.

Greece cruise deals

Browse all our amazing Greece cruise deals below. Use the filters to narrow down the results to find the perfect cruise for you.

Direct Flights to Europe for Summer 2024 from only £49* - Call 0344 493 2043 to find out more.

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Up to 75% off 2nd guests

Get up to 75% off second guests.

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Greek Island Cruises

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Romance and culture await on a Greek Island cruise

It’s no wonder the Greek Islands have always been a perennial favorite of travelers. Greece is a magical, romantic destination where you can wander alongside stunning coastlines, explore the ruins of ancient cultures, and dine on fresh Mediterranean cuisine all in one vacation.

On one of our luxury Greek Island cruises, explore far-flung beaches, drift out to sea on catamarans and kayaks, and duck into tiny tavernas where you can eat and drink like a local. From the sun-soaked stone buildings in Santorini to the white-sand beaches that beckon in Mykonos, a Greece cruise is the best way to experience the captivating Greek Islands.

Greek Island Cruise Highlights

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

There is no shortage of unforgettable experiences to be had in Greece. Its seascapes and cityscapes are wondrous, from the mighty ruins of the Acropolis to the buzzing, modern city center of Athens. Visit an olive farm in Crete, or embark on a tour of Mykonos Town’s organic wineries. Or, take an intimate, exclusive cooking lesson on how to make local favorites in Santorini’s main square, right in the middle of it all.

Ancient History

Greece is a world-renowned destination for history buffs. Stroll through the Acropolis and marvel at human achievement, or visit the Museum of Cycladic Art to study Aegean and Cypriot artifacts. Examine the 400-year-old remains of a town buried under volcanic ash outside of Santorini. Explore the historic forts of Corfu, or hop on a boat ride to Delos, said to be the birthplace of Apollo.

Natural Wonders

Discover Elafonisi Beach, a paradise of pink, powdery sand and shallow waters off the island of Crete. Take an unforgettable cruise through the impressive Corinth Canal on a shore excursion in Athens. Stand in awe at the base of Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest mountain and the fabled home of the Greek gods. In Zakynthos, don’t miss a visit to the awe-inspiring Shipwreck Beach, which often tops best-of lists.

Featured Ports

Santorini, Greece

Travelers flock to Santorini for its cobalt-roofed homes, friendly locals, and fine local wine. On this crescent-shaped island, soak up the sun at black-sand beaches like Perissa, or spend a day at the Santorini Caldera, one of the only places in the world to see submerged remnants of an erupted volcano. Sample Greek wines at family-owned wineries dotting the Aegean coast, and take the time to marvel at the incredible panoramas all around you.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is the quintessential Mediterranean beach destination. Choose your favorite to spend the day on, or book a sailing excursion to go beach hopping. Take a day trip beyond Mykonos to the nearby island of Delos, an uninhabited archeological site said to be the birthplace of Greek gods. Experience an authentic side of the island with a home-cooking class, where you’ll sample and prepare delicious local specialties.

Athens, Greece

To visit the capital of Greece is to take a trip back in time, whether you’re exploring the narrow streets of the Plaka District or hiking the Acropolis for well-earned views of the Parthenon. After a day of exploration, pop into a taverna for Mediterranean meze and a cold beer.

Greek Island Cruise Itineraries

Explore the wonders of Greece on 10- to 12-night itineraries from May to October. Along with ports of call in the country’s best destinations, our cruises to Greece also include stops in Turkey, Italy, Malta, and beyond. You’ll depart from Rome, Venice, or Barcelona, making it easy to extend your vacation in one of these stunning cities before or after your cruise.


View all greece cruises, europe is closer than ever with flights by celebrity.

Not only do we offer the best way to explore Europe, but we also make it easy to get there with Flights by Celebrity℠. Relax knowing you’re booking the lowest airfare and have a dedicated team helping you get to your ship—and back.

Corfu, Greece

Chania (Souda), Crete, Greece

Olympia (Katakolon), Greece

Rhodes, Greece

Hydra, Greece

Set Sail on a Greek Island Cruise with Celebrity

Before you ride a donkey to the top of Santorini Island, before you stare in awe at the Acropolis, and before you lose track of time on a warm Mediterranean beach with a cocktail in hand, your journey on board one of our luxury cruise ships is all part of the unforgettable experience. 

Your vacation begins the moment you step on board. Discover the unparalleled service, delectable culinary creations, innovative venues, thrilling performances, and indulgent wellness treatments that take your vacation from good to extraordinary. You’ve never seen Greece like this before.

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Magnificent Castles in Greece

Unique Places to Visit in Greece

Best Souvenirs From Greece

Italy and Greece Cruises

Cruise from Venice to Greece

Cruises to Santorini and Mykonos

The Points Guy

Wave season cruise deals 2024: Book early and save big on your next sailing

H appy New Year! With the dawn of another trip around the sun, it's time to start thinking about your travels for 2024. Cruise lines are rolling out a host of enticing wave season deals for passengers looking to get a jump on their vacation planning.

What's wave season , you ask? It's the time, typically in the first quarter of each new year, when cold winter weather in many parts of the U.S. has potential cruisers dreaming of warmer climates. Cruise lines have taken note, luring travelers with discounted fares and inclusions like free Wi-Fi, drinks and more.

If you missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, here's a roundup of the lines' latest offers.

For more cruise guides, news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .


Enjoy deep discounts on river cruises in summer 2024 with this wave season offer from AmaWaterways. Take $2,000 off per cabin for voyages of seven to 11 nights or $4,000 per cabin for sailings of 14 nights or longer. The deal also includes complimentary cabin upgrades and up to $100 per cabin in onboard credit, depending on the length of the cruise.

This promotion is valid on select sailings in July and August and can be combined with the line's fixed-price economy airfare offer. Also, available for select Europe river sailings in 2024 and 2025, you can score a free pre- or post-cruise land add-on of up to four days for free . Be sure to book both of these offers by March 31.

American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines , which specializes in river cruises and coastal sailings along U.S. waterways, is extending a special wave season promotion to potential cruisers. Until further notice, book select 2024 Historic Mississippi River itineraries, round trip from New Orleans. You'll save up to $1,500 on fares and be entitled to free domestic airfare.

Atlas Ocean Voyages

Through Feb. 3, Atlas Ocean Voyages has launched a January Savings Event . It combines the line's existing "second passenger sails free" promotion with $2,000 in savings on fares and up to four free shore excursions on select voyages throughout 2024. Check out this relatively new small-ship cruise line to explore remote locations like Antarctica, the Arctic and more on luxurious and intimate vessels with fewer than 200 passengers.

Avalon Waterways

For more river cruise savings in the new year, check out Avalon Waterways' Suite Dreams Sales Event , which grants travelers up to $500 per cabin ($250 per person) in savings on select 2024 European voyages. Or, snag free airfare on select sailings. These promotions are available to book through March 2 for voyages departing through Dec. 31.

This wave season, Azamara is giving cruisers up to $2,000 off sailings , per cabin, when they book voyages departing between April 1 and Dec. 31. With a penchant for extended port stays and AzAmazing evenings that connect passengers with authentic local performances, Azamara is a great way to experience destinations in small-ship style. Book by March 21.

Carnival Cruise Line

As part of its current promotion, which runs through Jan. 21, Carnival is offering up to 35% off cruise fares and reduced deposits of 50% per person. This offer also includes up to $100 per cabin in onboard credit and a complimentary cabin upgrade on select voyages setting sail through April 2026.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity cruisers will rake in savings of 75% on cruise fares for a second passenger during the line's Semi-Annual Sale . This offer is valid on voyages departing through April 30, 2026. The promotion applies only to nonrefundable fares. (Passengers booking refundable fares will save 50% on the second person in the same cabin.) The offer does not apply to Alaska cruisetours or Galapagos sailings.

Celestyal Cruises

Two-ship Greek cruise operator Celestyal is also in the wave season game this year, offering 50% off select cruise fares and 70% off fares for kids sharing a cabin with two paying adults. Cruising by yourself? The line is also extending savings on single supplements, which are only 30% for a limited time. Take advantage of these promotions by Feb. 29.

Through Jan. 31, book a sailing with Crystal and receive a free upgrade up to three categories — from an Aquamarine Veranda Suite to a Sapphire Veranda Suite or from a Double Guest Room with Veranda to an Aquamarine Veranda Suite — for all departures in 2024 as part of the line's "Suite Dreams" promotion .

Also, when you reserve a cabin for a sailing that's 10 days or longer, you'll snag complimentary dry-cleaning for up to five pieces of clothing, a bag of laundry for every 10 days and pressing for up to five pieces of clothing every three days.

Disney Cruise Line

Although this isn't exactly a sale, Disney Cruise Line — which rarely offers promotions of any kind — is taking half off the amount of money you'll have to pay upfront when you book a sailing with the line. This offer is valid on select cruises, for which final payment is not immediately due, departing between June 17, 2024, and May 31, 2025. Book by Feb. 16, and your deposit will be reduced by 50% .

If discounted fares are what you're seeking, check out the line's reduced-price voyages , which include 30% off voyages departing from Sydney; 25% off sailings leaving out of Fort Lauderdale and Southampton in the United Kingdom; and 20% off departures from Port Canaveral near Orlando.

Explora Journeys

Through Jan. 31, save up to 40% on select cabin categories on select voyages departing through April 2026 with the new luxury cruise line Explora Journeys. With the brand's "Total Luxury Offer," you'll also enjoy onboard credit of up to 400 euros (about $438) per cabin, plus a reduced deposit of just 10%.

Grand Circle Cruise Line

If you'd rather scrap the perks in favor of straight-up savings, Grand Circle is offering $750 off all 2024 voyages when you book a cabin by Feb. 2. Call the line at 800-221-2610, and mention code "SAVE2024" to make reservations. This river cruise operator is a great choice for solo cruisers since its ships offer smaller cabin sizes and prices designed for one person.

Holland America

With its "Time of Your Life" wave season offer, Holland America is extending discounts of up to 40% on cruise fares. The line is also tossing in free cabin upgrades (inside to ocean-view or ocean-view to balcony), reduced deposits and free kids fares (when children are the third and fourth passengers in a cabin with two paying adults). This offer is available through Feb. 29, but travelers who book by Jan. 31 will also receive up to $400 per room in onboard credit, depending on cabin category.

HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions)

To kick off its new rebrand as HX, Hurtigruten Expeditions is offering up to $2,000 in flight credits (depending on itinerary) for passengers who book by Jan. 31 for an expedition cruise departing between March 29, 2024, and March 30, 2025. You'll also enjoy an additional 10% savings if you're a member of the line's Ambassador loyalty program. Choose from bucket-list destinations such as the Galapagos, Alaska and Antarctica.

Margaritaville at Sea

Whether you're a Jimmy Buffett fan or you just want a short, inexpensive getaway, Margaritaville at Sea provides a cheap and cheerful cruise experience from the Port of Palm Beach to Freeport in the Bahamas on Paradise or from Tampa to Key West, Florida, and Cozumel and Progreso in Mexico on Islander.

During the line's wave season promotion, which runs through Feb. 12, you can snag up to three free cruise fares when you buy one. Just purchase one full fare for a sailing departing on or before Dec. 30, and the second, third and fourth passengers sail free when staying in the same cabin. This is also a great deal for solo cruisers, as the offer means there's no single supplement.

MSC Cruises

Looking for a big-ship cruise that offers tons of activities and dining options at affordable prices? MSC Cruises is providing passengers with up to 40% off cruise fares (depending on cabin type), free basic Wi-Fi and a basic drink package; it's also offering a "kids sail free" deal that will allow children younger than 18 to cruise for free as the third and fourth people in a cabin shared with two adults paying the full fare. This offer is available through Jan. 23.

Norwegian Cruise Line

This year, Norwegian has made its usual Free at Sea inclusions even more enticing. It has thrown in discounts of 50% on cruise fares through Jan. 19, plus $250 in CruiseFirst prepaid cruise credits to use toward booking a voyage. Cruisers who book under this promotion will also enjoy free basic Wi-Fi and alcohol packages, included alternative dining, shore excursions, third and fourth cruisers from just $99 when sharing a cabin with two full-fare paying passengers. They can even receive free airfare for a second person on select voyages with the purchase of one full-price airfare.

Oceania Cruises

To kick off the New Year, you can save up to 50% on select sailings from luxury brand Oceania Cruises . The offer, which runs through April 1, applies to certain voyages departing in 2024 and 2025. When you reserve your cabin under this promotion, you'll also receive up to $1,400 in shore excursion credit, depending on the cruise booked.

Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.)

From now until Feb. 2, Overseas Adventure Travel and its sister brands are touting three promotions for 2024 voyages. The first offer will save you up to $5,698 per person on sailings departing February through April (using code "ARKH 101"). With the second, net yourself as much as $2,000 off each person's fare for May through August sailing dates (using code "ARKI 101"). Or take $750 in savings on any departure (code "NEWYEAR 24"). O.A.T. also routinely waives single supplements or deeply discounts them, making travel more affordable for solo cruisers.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

One-ship French Polynesia-based line Paul Gauguin Cruises is running its Take Your Sweetie to Tahiti offer, which doubles as both a Valentine's Day deal and a wave season promotion. When you book by Feb. 16, you'll enjoy up to $500 in onboard credit, per cabin, on select voyages ranging from seven to 14 nights.

Pearl Seas Cruises

Want to stick closer to home when you cruise this year? Consider Pearl Seas Cruises, which operates small-ship sailings to New England and Canada and on the Great Lakes. Until further notice, the line is offering savings of $2,000 on its newly announced 15-night Canadian Maritimes and St. Lawrence Seaway itinerary , which sails from Portland, Maine, to Toronto on May 9. This deal also includes free airfare from the U.S. or Canada.


Through Jan. 19, you can earn up to $2,000 per cabin in onboard credit when you book a Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity, Princess or Holland America cruise through the online travel agency Priceline.com. Plus, depending on the cruise line you choose to sail, you'll receive additional perks and savings based on that line's current wave season offers. You might snag free Wi-Fi and a drinks package or save on the cruise fare for the second person in your cabin. There are also several lines running kids-sail-free promotions right now.

Princess Cruises

Want to save up to 40% on your next Princess cruise? Check out the line's wave season offer, which runs through Feb. 29. It includes the discount, as well as a free cabin upgrade (same category of cabin but in a better location) and free third and fourth passengers when sharing a room with two paying guests. This deal applies to select sailings into 2026.

Riverside Luxury Cruises

New luxury river cruise line Riverside — which took over operation of the river vessels formerly operated by the old Crystal Cruises — is offering an onboard credit bonus for wave season. When you book by Feb. 29 for sailings of five nights or longer departing between March 23 and Aug. 31, you'll earn €150 (about $163) per person (up to €300 or $327 per cabin) in onboard credit. Just be sure to use booking code WINTER24 when making your reservations.

Royal Caribbean International

Passengers booking Royal Caribbean voyages can save up to $600 on cruise fares plus an additional 60%. Kids 12 and younger sail free as the third and fourth guests in a cabin with two paying adults. This offer is valid through Jan. 17.

Luxury line Seabourn 's aptly named " Sail of the Year " promo is slashing voyage prices for cruises by up to 25% and reducing deposits to just 15%. Travelers who reserve a sailing with the line will save up to 15% on ocean sailings and up to 25% on expedition cruises. This offer is valid through Feb. 29, but if you book by Jan. 31, you'll also be eligible for up to $1,000 per cabin in onboard credit, depending on cabin type.

This year, small sailing ship line Sea Cloud is running its biggest wave season deal ever. With the Sail the Wave promotion , you'll receive savings and perks on bookings made through Feb. 29, depending on which ship you choose.

For the line's newest vessel, Sea Cloud Spirit, you'll save 25% off fares and receive $500 in onboard credit to use during your voyage. If you select one of the brand's older two ships, Sea Cloud or Sea Cloud II, you can expect a one-category cabin upgrade. This promotion is valid on select sailings through December 2025.

Silversea Cruises

Book select sailings with Silversea , and you'll save up to $2,000 per person on door-to-door fares (which include round-trip transportation from your home) to places like the Mediterranean, the Galapagos and Alaska. You'll also pay a reduced deposit of just 15%. Passengers who book regular fares that do not include door-to-door will save up to $1,000 per person. This offer is valid through Feb. 29.

Star Clippers

If a small-ship cruise experience on a masted vessel with real sails is something that intrigues you, don't miss this offer from Star Clippers. Book by March 31 to earn up to $240 in airfare credit and $100 in onboard credit per person to spend during select voyages on Star Clipper and Star Flyer departing through October 2025.

Uniworld River Cruises

Through Jan. 31, ultra-luxury river cruise line Uniworld is also in on the wave season game with a revival of its popular " Cruise + Air " offer, which allows passengers to save up to $3,000 when they book their cruise and airfare together through the cruise line. Destinations include places like the Peruvian Amazon, India's Golden Triangle and Germany's Rhine Gorge, known for its stunning castles.

Virgin Voyages

Always on the cutting edge of the cruise industry, Virgin Voyages is granting cruisers a BOGO 70% off deal. (For those who don't know, BOGO stands for "buy one get one.") Book one fare at full price by Jan. 31, and your companion will sail for a 70% discount. Plus, the line will throw in up to $600 in drink credit, based on the length of the cruise you select. Need a reason to give Virgin a try? All food is free, and the three ships in its fleet have some of the best entertainment at sea .

Viking Cruises

For savings on both river and ocean cruises, check out Viking Cruises ' wave season offer. When you book select sailings of either type by Jan. 31, you'll save up to $800 on fares, with deposits of as little as $25 per person. Plus, you'll also receive complimentary round-trip airfare.

Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises , known for its high-end sailings in French Polynesia, has brought back its " Pick Your Perk " promo. The offer, which runs through Feb. 29, allows travelers to select either one free hotel night (pre- or post-cruise) or up to $1,000 in onboard credit, depending on cruise length. Passengers booked in Premium suites also have a third option, which allows them to upgrade for free to an all-inclusive package that entitles them to complimentary Wi-Fi, alcohol and gratuities.

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Bring out your Aloha spirit with this two-part journey through the Hawaiian Islands. Come along as we trek atop volcanos, surf infamous waves, indulge in authentic cuisine, snorkel through crystal-clear waters and immerse in the local culture.

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Enjoy the most inclusive cruise holiday with NCL's Free at Sea. Upgrade your cruise and choose from offers, like Open Bar, and Speciality Dining, to customise your holiday to any destination, any time of year. Plus, enjoy Airfare Credits on select cruises.

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The biggest travel deals, discounts, and openings in early 2024

If a new year has you thinking about new travel opportunities, you’re in luck. As 2024 gets underway, many of the world's top hotels , all-inclusive resorts , tour companies , cruise lines , and theme parks are offering discounts, deals, and plenty of free perks to help families save cash while planning their next vacation. 

Whether you want to plan a multigenerational trip to Walt Disney World Resort , an unforgettable European river cruise , or an escape to a tropical beachfront hotel , there’s a deal out there just waiting for you. Plus, if you’re a fan of the latest and greatest, I've got the scoop on some new and refreshed hotels and attractions you may want to add to your must-visit list.

I've gone deep, finding the best deals on family travel this year. Read on for my top deals and news for traveling families in the first quarter of 2024.

1. Deals on hotels and resorts

▶ Beaches and Sandals on sale

If a trip to an all-inclusive tropical resort sounds pretty good at this time of year, check out the Winter Blues sale offering discounts on stays at Beaches Resorts (for families) and Sandal Resorts (for couples). Book by March 3, 2024, for an up to $1,500 air credit and a $150 resort credit for stays of seven nights or more between now and January 31, 2025, at select resorts, which include family-favorites Beaches Turks & Caicos , Beaches Negril , and Beaches Ochos Rios .

More about Beaches and Sandals Resorts:

  • Beaches Resorts vacations: Everything you need to know before you book
  • 10 best Sandals resorts for adults-only all-inclusive Caribbean vacations

▶ Expedia and Priceline deals

If you’re a OneKey member , Expedia is offering 25% off or more on select hotels for bookings made by January 31, 2024. Travel can take place up until August 31, 2024.

Priceline wants to help you extend that vacation feeling. Use code STAYLONGER8 for stays of two nights to save 8% on hotel Express Deals or use code STAYLONGER12 for stays of three nights or more to save 12% on hotel Express Deals. The travel company also recently announced that it will automatically extend VIP members 2023 VIP status all the way through 2024.

More about travel booking sites:

  • 12 best hotel booking sites for cheap prices
  • 17 best flight booking sites for cheap airfares
  • 10 best car rental sites for great deals
  • 17 best vacation rental booking sites for families

▶ Snow season deals in Vermont

Vermont’s Topnotch Resort helps families take advantage of ski season in Stowe with its Stowe Days package . Available through April 22, the deal includes complimentary fitness classes at the resort’s recently renovated fitness center, daily breakfast per person, a nightly $25 resort credit, and late checkout based on availability for departures Sunday to Thursday, with rates starting at $330 a night (plus taxes and fees).

More winter fun:

  • Get outside this winter at these top cross-country ski resorts in the U.S.  
  • In Vermont, an Austrian-inspired lodge that brings Nordic ski culture to life  
  • 11 best winter vacations in the U.S. for families  
  • 11 best family ski resorts in the U.S.

▶ Coastal Georgia winter specials

The Jekyll Island Club Resort recently completed a major renovation of its historic Jekyll Island Club property. To show off its fresh new look that still honors its past, the coastal Georgia resort is offering special rates starting from $188 (commemorating the opening of the club in January 1888) for stays through February 29.

▶ Aqua-Aston and OUTRIGGER Hawaii sales

Take advantage of the winter sale from Aqua-Aston Hospitality to get up to 20% off at one of Aqua-Aston Hospitality’s participating Hawaii properties, which include the condo-style Aston Waikiki Beach Tower and oceanfront Aston Islander on the Beach in Kauai. Book by February 2, 2024, using promo code “Escape” for travel by June 30, 2024. 

OUTRIGGER Resorts & Hotels is currently offering savings of up to 35% off rooms at Hawaii properties like OUTRIGGER Waikiki Beach Resort and OUTRIGGER Kāʻanapali Beach Resort.

More about Hawaii hotels:

  • 6 best Hawaii all-inclusive resorts for families
  • 10 best family resorts in Hawaii
  • 15 most romantic Hawaii resorts for couples
  • 50 best family vacation ideas for all ages

▶ Florida winter deals

Guests who check in to The Vinoy Resort & Golf Club, Autograph Collection will enjoy newly renovated guest rooms that take inspiration from the Florida coast as well as a new spa and wellness area and other refreshed spaces throughout the St. Petersburg property. The Vinoy is also serving as the official hotel partner for the exhibition “Dalí & The Impressionists” at The Dalí Museum, which runs through April 28, 2024. Two exclusive room packages offer admission to the museum and other perks, and the hotel’s dining venues will be offering special menu items inspired by the exhibition.

Is a trip to the Orlando theme parks on your travel itinerary for 2024? Then check out this deal from Villatel , which offers private villa rentals with “luxury hotel standards” in Central Florida that can accommodate groups as large as 24. Use coupon code 1FREENIGHT at checkout to book seven nights and get one night free for travel through December 15, 2024. The offer is valid at all Villatel resorts, including the newly opened Villatel Orlando Resort, but there are some date exclusions. 

More Florida vacation ideas:

  • 7 best all-inclusive resorts in Florida for families  
  • 10 best beach resorts in Florida for families  
  • Something for each family: The 14 best Florida beaches

▶ Marriott Cancun reopens as an all-inclusive

Marriott Cancun, An All-Inclusive Resort will re-open in spring 2024 as the first Marriott-branded all-inclusive resort in the world. The former Marriott Cancun has been a popular Yucatan Peninsula property for decades and will now feature redesigned rooms and suites, new restaurants, and the new CAMP Club offering guided arts and crafts workshops, games, and other activities for kids that incorporate sensory, visual, and experiential play.

More Mexico vacation ideas:

  • 13 all-inclusive Mexico resorts that have it all 
  • 12 best Cancun resorts for families with kids and teens
  • 9 best all-inclusive resorts in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • 7 best all-inclusive resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico  

▶ National park packages 

Xanterra Travel Collection—which operates national park lodges , hotels, and concessions at several U.S. national parks like Yellowstone, Zion, and the Grand Canyon South Rim—still has rooms, cabins, and campgrounds available for spring, summer, and fall 2024 travel. Head to Xanterra’s website for info on packages, value-added programs, and availability.

▶ Marriott Bonvoy offers

Marriott Bonvoy members can enjoy a 10,000-point reduction when booking select dates at Maui hotels for travel until March 2024. 

▶ New hotel openings

New family-friendly hotels opening in the beginning of 2024 include the expansive Loews Arlington Hotel , luxe Four Seasons Resort and Residences Cabo San Lucas at Cabo Del Sol , and the Embassy Suites by Hilton Gatlinburg Resort that will make a great home base for a family trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. 

2. Vacation rentals news and deals

▶ Vrbo releases booking recommendations

Vrbo recently released its “book-by dates” for major travel periods in 2024. In order to have the widest selection of properties from which to choose, the vacation rental site recommends booking spring break rentals by February 9, Memorial Day weekend rentals by April 15, and summer rentals by April 26. And if you’re interested in some of the site’s most popular homes on Instagram, like Shipyard 2.0 in North Carolina and The Elf’s Aerie in the Lost Pines Shire in Texas, you might want to book even earlier.

3. Deals on tours and cruises

▶ Kids sail free (plus savings) from Holland America Line

Holland America Line wants you to have the “Time of Your Life” with an incentive offering balcony upgrades, savings up to 40% on select sailings, and free fares for kids. The offer is available through February 29, 2024, for select 2024 and 2025 departures. 

More about cruises:

  • Kids sail free in 2024: 7 cruise lines with kids cruise free deals
  • 7 great cruise lines for families (and their 12 most kid-friendly ships)  
  • These 6 cruise lines offer the best Caribbean cruises for families  
  • 7 best all-inclusive cruise lines in the world  

▶ NCL new ship offers

Norwegian Cruise Line has recently opened its newest ship, Norwegian Aqua , for sale. Debuting in 2025, the Norwegian Aqua will be the first ship in the cruise line’s next-generation Prima Plus Class and will offer features like the world’s first hybrid rollercoaster waterslide. You’ll also want to check the company’s offers page for its latest flash sales and deals, which include last-minute cruise deals and other savings.

▶ Adventures by Disney new itineraries (and a sale!)

Adventures by Disney is offering two new itineraries to Holland and Belgium beginning in 2025. The eight-day, seven-night river cruise includes a “Discovering Holland and Belgium Tour” itinerary and a spring tulip sailing option that highlights the area’s famous flower. The family-favorite tour company is also offering savings of $500 or more per person on select 2025 departures (including the traditional Holland and Belgium river cruise) for bookings made by April 15, 2024.

▶ Uniworld cruise + air bundles

Save some money on a Uniworld Boutique River Cruises trip with the company’s Cruise + Air offer . Travelers can get savings of up to $3,000 when purchasing a cruise and flights together on select 2024 itineraries, which include the 16-day Peruvian Amazon & Machu Picchu Exploration itinerary and eight-day Castles Along the Rhine trip. New bookings must be made by January 31, 2024, for travel through 2024.

▶ Tour company deals

Book by January 31, 2024, to get $500 off custom land and/or cruise tours exceeding $5,000 from Unforgettable Travel . Known for its personalized service and local expertise, the luxury travel company offers excursions to more than 30 popular destinations in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Global guided vacation company Trafalgar is offering 15 to 20% off select itineraries through February 15, 2024. Options include the 10-day Best of Morocco itinerary that visits Casablanca, Fes, and Marrakesh; and the new two-week Western Discoverer itinerary across California, Nevada, and Arizona that features visits to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park.

Women-owned and -operated tour company AdventureWomen recently announced its first multi-generational trip to Costa Rica. Taking place June 23 to July 1, 2024, Costa Rica: A Multi-Generational Adventure will include experiences like kayaking through Tortuguero National Park, ziplining, and a chocolate tasting and Costa Rican cooking class for multigenerational female travelers ages 13 and older.

More about guided tours:

  • Best tour companies for travelers Over 50
  • Best tour companies for families
  • Best tour companies that offer trips around the world
  • Best active trip ideas for seniors age 50+

4. Theme parks deals and news

▶ Walt Disney World deals

There’s a lot going on at Walt Disney World Resort as 2024 gets into gear. Prices for annual passes and parking have gone up, but restrictions on park hopping ended on January 9. Disney Dining Plans have also returned for guests of Disney Resort hotels.

There are currently a number of special offers and discounts to help reduce the cost of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation, including 50% off theme park tickets and dining plans for kids ages three to nine (valid for arrivals most nights March 3 to 24, 2024 and April 7, 2024, through June 30, 2024) and deals for Florida residents and U.S. military members. You can read more about the deals here and here . 

▶ Disneyland news

There are new restaurants to enjoy at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and we’ve got a whole roundup of 2024 festivals and special events at Disneyland here . Disneyland Resort’s Pixar Place Hotel (a transformation of the Paradise Pier Hotel) opens at the end of January.

Universal Orlando specials

Universal Orlando Resort is also offering a range of special offers and deals, including savings of 25% on a three-park, five-night vacation package and a " four days for the price of two " ticket offer.


LEGOLAND California Resort is celebrating its 25th birthday in a big way in 2024. The new Dino Valley Land opens in the spring with three themed rides and a reimagined Dino Dig area, and North America’s first-ever LEGO World Parade launches during the summer at the park, which is also a Certified Autism Center .

SeaWorld Orlando (and Aquatica)

If you’re a Florida resident, you can get a free 2024 Preschool Card for SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando . Available for children ages five and under, the card offers free unlimited admission at both sites for little ones through December 31, 2024. Online registration is required by February 4, 2024. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay also has a similar offer.

The Biggest Travel Deals, Discounts, and Openings in Early 2024 originally appeared on FamilyVacationist.com .

More from FamilyVacationist:

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  • 10 luxury Caribbean resorts for a splurge family vacation  
  • From toddlers to teens, the best all-inclusive family resorts for every age and interest  

The views and opinions expressed in this column are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of USA TODAY. FamilyVacationist.com and TourScoop.com are owned and operated by Vacationist Media LLC. Using the FamilyVacationist travel recommendation methodology , we review and select family vacation ideas , family vacation spots , all-inclusive family resorts , and classic family vacations for all ages. TourScoop covers guided group tours and tour operators , tour operator reviews , tour itinerary reviews and travel gear recommendations .


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