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19 Top-Rated Cozumel Shore Excursions for Your Next Cruise

ruins of Tulum. Text overlay says

Cruisers looking for a little bit of everything should consider a cruise itinerary that includes Cozumel Mexico. Officially known as San Miguel de Cozumel, this fantastic island is located just south of Cancun and offers some of the best shore excursions and day trips on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The list of things to do in Cozumel is quite varied. The island is has everything from beautiful beaches and coral reefs for snorkeling and diving, to ancient Maya ruins and vibrant culture. So there’s plenty to keep you entertained!

Passengers walking toward ships offering cheap Cozumel cruises in San Miguel de Cozumel Mexico.

19 best Cozumel shore excursions

With dozens of Cozumel cruise excursions to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to take. So we did our research and looked at which Cozumel day trips are the most popular and get good reviews.

Here’s a list of the best excursions Cozumel has to offer you as a cruise ship passenger. With such a wide variety of things to do in Cozumel , we’re sure you’ll find the perfect activity for your day in port!

1. Enjoy a catamaran cruise, snorkel, and beach party

Beach parties are popular Celebrity Cozumel excursions. Here, a woman is sunbathing on a catamaran.

El Cielo Beach tops the list of cruise shore excursions in Cozumel—a secluded sandbar that can only be reached by boat. Here, you can snorkel and play in shallow waters surrounded by starfish.

This 5-hour catamaran excursion includes El Cielo plus a private white-sand beach where you can relax on a lounge chair or hammock, play on a floating water park, kayak, or paddleboard. A delicious lunch and unlimited drinks are included.

2. Soak up the sun at Paradise Beach Club

Aerial view of Paradise Beach Club in Cozumel Mexico, one of the most popular Cozumel cruise excursions

Beaches rank among the best Royal Caribbean excursions in Cozumel. There are plenty you can visit on your own.

However, if you’re looking for Cozumel beach excursions, all inclusive is the way to go. Many cruisers say that Paradise Beach Club is one of the best beach clubs in Cozumel. The beach here is beautiful, and the staff is very friendly and attentive. Buy an all-inclusive pass to hang out all day.

You’ll lounge on chairs shaded by palm trees, grab lunch at an onsite restaurant or have lunch served to you on the beach, and drink your fill of domestic liquors, beers, and soft drinks from the open bar. It’s the perfect beach break—no planning required.

ⓘ TIP: The easiest way to get to Paradise Beach is by taking a taxi from your cruise ship or hotel. It is about a 10-15 minute taxi ride and costs about $16 each way (per TAXI not per person) for a car for up to four people. There are also taxi VANS that take up to 8 people.

3. Explore Mayan ruins in Tulum

Some of the Mayan ruins in Tulum Mexico

It’s easy to see why so many cruise passengers say Tulum is one of the best carnival excursions in Cozumel. Tulum is a well-preserved Maya walled city that was once a major port. It’s located an hour south of Playa del Carmen on the coast and makes for a great day trip from Cozumel.

The site has several structures you can explore, including El Castillo, which sits atop a cliff 40 feet (12 meters) above the Caribbean Sea.

If you want to learn more about Maya culture and history, there is a small on-site museum with some interesting artifacts. You can also stroll along the beach below the ruins or go for a swim to see the ruins from the water.

Some Cozumel tours combine visiting the Tulum ruins with other attractions. For example, this excursion takes you to both the Tulum and Coba ruins and ends with swimming in a cenote.

4. Snorkel and swim with stingrays

person wearing snorkel gear and looking at a stingray.

Swimming with sharks and rays at Stingray Beach has to rank as one of the most unique Cozumel excursions of all. This lets you interact up close with this iconic marine species in crystal clear waters. You’ll get to hold, touch, feed, and snorkel with stingrays and hear about the coral restoration efforts at the park.

This tour is 1.5 hours, starting with meeting the stingrays in waist-deep water for 30 minutes. After feeling the rays softly brush against your legs, you’ll get to move to a deeper enclosure where you can snorkel with rays and a myriad of colorful coral reef fish.

5. Spend a day at Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

girl swimming with a dolphin at Chankanaab National Park

If you’re looking for cheap Cozumel excursions or a Cozumel excursion for families, this one’s for you! Located in the National Reef Marine Park, Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park has plenty of activities for kids and adults alike. In our opinions, Chankanaab deserves its reputation as one of the best Carnival excursions in Cozumel.

Be prepared, because Chankanaab National Park isn’t your normal national park. A day pass to Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park gives you sea lion and manatee shows, a botanical garden, a beach club, a crocodile farm, and access to the beach and marine park. This is a good option if you just want to lounge by the pool, snorkel offshore, soak up some sun, and take a dip in the lagoon.

However, if you’re looking for a Cozumel excursion that includes more adventure, Chankanaab has more to offer you. There may be an additional fee, but you can snorkel with manatees , scuba, snuba, swim with dolphins , enjoy a tequila tasting, participate in a temazcal , and more.

6. Tour the island of Cozumel

Colorful letters spell out Cozumel on the beach

If you’d like to explore Cozumel and learn more about the history and culture of the island, then a 5-hour private island tour with an expert guide is a must. You’ll also get to know more about Cozumel’s fascinating archaeological wonders.

After pickup, you’ll be taken to some of the main sights on the island. This includes the local market, parks, iconic neighborhoods and religious buildings. You’ll also get to visit Chen Rio Beach on the east of the island, before arriving at the famous rock formation known as ‘El Mirador’.

To learn about the island’s history, you’ll visit San Gervasio Mayan ruins and drive through the traditional lands of the Cedral where there’s a Mayan settlement. On this tour you’ll also learn about the interesting Holy Cross traditions from your tour guide.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an exciting and unique way to explore Cozumel, the Amazing Cozumel Race is definitely worth considering. This interactive half-day clue based adventure game is a perfect combination of sightseeing tour and scavenger hunt.

Teams of two to eight people will compete to solve mysteries and crack clues as they navigate self-guided stops around the city. It’s a great way to see the sights and have fun with friends, family, or coworkers.

At the end of the Amazing Race, there will be an awards ceremony with prizes for the top finishers, as well as complimentary beverages and snacks for all participants.

7. Take a food tour

Mexican food: steak, avocado guacamole with tortilla chips, jalapenos and beans

You can take a variety of food tours in Cozumel, ranging from tequila tastings to chocolate tours. You can also find Cozumel cooking classes where you can learn how to make local Mexican dishes yourself!

No matter which tour you choose, you’re sure to leave with a full stomach and a new appreciation for Yucatecan cuisine.

8. Visit Isla Mujeres

sign on the beach that says Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a picturesque small island not far from Cozumel, famous for its white sandy beaches, Mayan temple and sea turtle sanctuary.

If you’re keen to visit Isla Mujeres as a day trip from Cozumel, one of the best ways is on a scenic catamaran tour. Spend the day relaxing in the sunshine, snorkeling, and taking in some of the most idyllic Caribbean ocean views.

There are several tour options to choose from. This 10-hour catamaran tour with lunch and an open bar , includes hotel transfers and stops off for snorkeling at a coral reef park on the way to Isla Mujeres. Prepare to be mesmerized by all the fish that gather near the boat as your guide sprinkles fish food into the sea. Enjoy a buffet lunch on the beach and sit under a palm tree if it gets too sunny.

Another option is a flexible and high-speed round-trip ferry ride from Cancun to Isla Mujeres . This luxury ferry ride features reclining leather seats, a kids area and a snack bar as well as other amenities. Carrying up to 800 passengers, there are multiple ferry crossing times each day which means that you can easily visit Isla Mujeres as a day trip and plan your own itinerary while there. It is, however, advisable to book your ferry tickets in advance.

9. Go on an Atlantis Submarine expedition

Atlantis Sub on the sea floor

Want to explore the undersea world but stay dry? The Atlantis Submarine is perfect for you! This 63-foot-long, 48-passenger submarine will take you on an underwater tour of Cozumel’s stunning reef system.

You don’t need to be a certified diver to go on this tour, and the submarine provides all the necessary safety gear. The submarine descends to a depth of 100 feet (30 meters), where you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, eels, and turtles.

The Atlantis Sub is a great activity for families with children, as it is both safe and educational. Your knowledgeable guide will provide lots of insightful information as you journey along the reef.

10. Enjoy a beach break at Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park

The beachfront at Playa Mia Water Park in Cozumel

A day pass to Playa Mia gives you access to one of the best public beaches in Cozumel Mexico. Playa Mia has more than 20 water park attractions, lounge chairs on a white sand beach, kayaks and sailboats, a kids’ playground, a swim-up pool bar, and more.

You can also upgrade to an all-you-can-eat buffet, open bar, Hobie cat and clear kayak access, towels, lockers, and beach umbrellas.

11. Scuba dive the second-largest coral reef in the world

The clear turquoise waters around Cozumel are the home of the second-largest barrier reef in the world: the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. With visibility over 100 feet, this makes Cozumel a top destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Palancar Reef is home to a wide variety of marine life, including turtles, stingrays, eels, and over 500 species of fish. The reef is also home to a shipwreck, the El Cid, which sunk in 1961.

On this two-tank scuba diving tour , you’ll dive with a local guide who shares commentary about the marine ecosystem in Mexico. The excursion includes two tanks for two dives, a guide, and boat transportation from Cozumel

Or if you prefer, you can do a one-tank reef dive with full-day access to Chankanaab National Park . This is the perfect scuba diving excursion for certified and noncertified divers. You can easily enjoy the tropical fish, underwater sculptures, and coral reef formations, then relax at Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. Enjoy full access to the amenities including the beach, hammocks, shaded palapas, sea lion show, and crocodile exhibits.

12. Snorkel in the Caribbean

Surrounded by coral reefs that are brimming with brightly colored marine life, snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on Cozumel. If you want to experience the best snorkeling spots and learn about the local biodiversity, then this fully guided half day snorkeling tour to Palancar and Columbia reefs, El Cielo Sandbar and El Cielito Beach is an unmissable opportunity.

Palancar reef on the southwest of Cozumel is known for its abundant marine life including sunfish, parrotfish, sea turtles, moray eels, nurse sharks and barracuda. The Colombia reef is well known for frequent turtle sightings and dive-throughs, and the El Cielo Sandbar is a shallow water area that’s popular for seeing large starfish in magnificent turquoise waters. And the pristine El Cielito Beach lives up to its name of being a “little heaven”.

13. Zipline through the jungle

Woman in Cozumel Mexico zip lining

If you enjoy adventure and fancy an adrenaline rush, then you might like to try ziplining through the Mexican jungle on Cozumel .

You’ll get to see Cozumel from a different perspective above the trees from 6 different canopy platforms where you’ll then zip along lines in a harness. This is a great thrill-seeking activity for families and children and usually lasts around an hour.

Your tour starts with a safety briefing where you’ll be given a helmet. You’ll then climb up about 45 feet to the first platform where your harness will be secured. And then you can start cruising above the trees on the zip lines, with views of the ocean in the distance.

14. Go horseback riding on the beach

Person riding a horse on the beach

With miles of white sandy beaches, Cozumel is an island paradise for horseback riding. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice, you can take a horseback beach riding tour that pairs you with a horse for your skill level.

Enjoy 30-minutes in the saddle on Mr Sanchos Beach where you’ll pass mangroves, forests, farms and sparkling Caribbean waters. This tour is perfect for families, couples and friends, although it is not recommended if you have back problems, are pregnant, or are over 200 pounds.

15. Explore cenotes and underground caves

Yucatan cenote with grab rope

Cenotes are naturally formed water reservoirs or sinkholes that are common in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Formed by limestone bedrock that collapsed leaving a hole or underground water cave, cenotes come in many shapes and sizes – some forming underground labyrinths of connected caves.

You can spend 3 to 3.5 hours in a small group tour exploring the cenote at Rio Secreto in Playa del Carmen. This cenote is dramatically decorated with natural stalactites and stalagmites, perfect for taking plenty of incredible instagram-worthy photos.

Your tour leader will guide you through a network of rivers and underground caves, after kitting you out with a wetsuit for swimming. After all the swimming, you’re bound to have worked up an appetite – luckily your light lunch offers lots of local foods.

16. ATV adventure/dune buggy excursion

two people riding on atv vehicles

Are you an adrenaline junkie or an outdoor adventure enthusiast? Then you might like to combine three of the top adventure tours near Cozumel in one action-packed day tour. This 4-hour family-friendly tour includes ziplining, riding through the jungle on a 4×4 ATV, and exploring an underwater cenote.

After being collected from your hotel in Cancun or Riviera Maya, you’ll  be taken to the heart of the jungle where you’ll zip through the air between canopy platforms, along 6 zip lines and 3 interactive bridges.

You’ll then have 50 minutes to explore the jungle on a Honda 220cc ATV with your guide, getting a glimpse of the local wildlife and scenery.

Finish off your tour with a refreshing dip in a Mayan cenote at “Ruta de los Cenotes” before being dropped back at your hotel.

17. Visit Mayan Bee Sanctuary

Two people learning about the Mayan Bee Sanctuary

Bees are one of the most famous insects on the planet and according to Mayan folklore, their honey is a gift from the gods.

Learn about bees and the nutritional and medicinal properties of honey, as well and how ancient Mayans valued honey for its healing powers when you visit the Mayan Bee Sanctuary in Cozumel .

Your guide will explain how bee hives are intricately structured, how colonies organizational structures work, and the role of the queen bee and her drones, the guardian, and the princesses.

And at the end of the tour you’ll also get to sample some different honey varieties and learn about what other products bees can help us to make.

18. Take a glass-bottom boat ride

Child in foreground with mask and snorkel. Glass bottom boat in the background with people on it

If you want to observe sea life from the ocean, then a glass bottom boat ride is a great way to do it.

Perfect for non-swimmers as a way to get a glimpse of underwater life, you can hop on a Cozumel 2-hour glass bottom boat tour that includes optional snorkeling at 3 of the island’s best-known reefs.

This glass-bottom boat has a sun deck for those who want to catch some rays and enjoy the above-water views. And its glass bottom allows you to watch life underwater without having to get wet.

19. Play at Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park on Riviera Maya Mexico

Xcaret Park on the Maya Riviera is one of the top Yucatan Peninsula tourist attractions. Boasting over 40 attractions, this expansive nature park is definitely a place you can spend a full day exploring and being entertained.

That’s why purchasing the full day Xcaret Park pass —which includes lunch PLUS a nighttime cultural show—may be the highlight of your vacation.

Some of the top things to do at Xcaret include the Coral Reef Aquarium, the Manatee Lagoon, the Butterfly Pavilion and Spider Monkey Island.

Float along a network of below ground-level rivers that flow into a cenote; relax on pristine beaches and snorkel in sheltered coves; visit a Mayan village and Mexican cemetery; take a raft tour down the Paradise River; explore authentic Mayan temple ruins; walk along lush jungle trails; and explore Jaguar Island. There are an abundance of things to do and see at Xcaret – which means you’ll have to plan your day carefully.

There are also a range of activities in the park that are an additional charge, but worth considering. For example you can swim with dolphins, swim with nurse sharks, or have a close encounter with a stingray.

The evening performance with dinner is another highlight of visiting Xcaret. The Xcaret México Espectacular will give you an overview of ancient history and folklore at the Gran Tlachco arena where over 300 performers in bright costumes will entertain you.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, no matter what you’re into, there’s a Cozumel shore excursion that you’ll enjoy. When you start planning a vacation to this Mexican island, be sure to include one or more of the experiences mentioned in this article to make the most of your time there.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or simply want to relax on the beach, you’re sure to find the perfect excursion in Cozumel.

Want to save these Cozumel excursions for later?

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Scuba diver on Palancar Reef. The text overlay says

Is it better to book excursions through the cruise ship?

You can take excursions through the cruise line, book tours yourself, or visit Cozumel attractions on your own with advice from a good travel guide .

Each option has pros and cons. Your decision will depend on your budget, how much time you want to spend onshore, and whether you prefer the convenience of having everything taken care of for you.

Here are some things to consider:

Booking excursions through the cruise line

  • Good if you like traveling with a large group
  • Can get a full refund if the weather is bad
  • Transportation, guide, and admission fees are often included
  • More likely to get back on the ship on time
  • Can be more expensive than booking a tour yourself
  • You may not be able to customize the itinerary to your interests
  • You may not get the same level of service as you would with a private tour guide
  • You may not be able to hear your guide
  • May require a minimum number of people to run

Booking tours yourself

  • Can be cheaper than booking through the cruise line
  • More options to choose from
  • You can customize the itinerary to your interests and any special needs
  • Your guide can answer all your questions
  • You can choose smaller tour groups or go solo with a private guide
  • A smaller group size means you can spend more time at each stop
  • You can usually change plans if you want to stay longer or leave early
  • Have to do your research to find reputable tour operators
  • No guarantee you’ll get back on the ship on time
  • Admission and transportation fees are not always included
  • Doesn’t usually have a minimum number of people required to run
  • Usually can’t be canceled at the last minute

Going on your own

  • Can be the cheapest option
  • You’re free to come and go as you please
  • You have total control over your itinerary
  • You’re responsible for getting back on the ship on time
  • It may be more difficult to find your way around
  • Admission fees are not always included
  • May require more research in advance

ⓘ TIP: You can easily get to Playa del Carmen from Cozumel by ferry. Buy tickets here.

Frequently asked questions about cruising to Cozumel (FAQ)

Yes, the Port of Cozumel is open to cruise ships.

Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It lies about 10 miles (16 km) off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

The best way to get to Cozumel is by plane or cruise ship. There are many direct flights from major airports in the US and Canada. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Playa del Carmen.

The best time to visit Cozumel is between December and April when there is no risk of hurricanes and average temperatures range in the 70s and 80s (21°-30°C).

Climbing the ancient Mayan structures in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo is not allowed, in order to prevent injury and preserve the sites. There are 3 Mayan pyramids that tourists can climb: Coba, Izamal, and Uxmal.

Chichen Itza is not recommended for cruise ship passengers stopping in Cozumel. You can visit the ruins if your cruise stops in Progreso, though. Otherwise, we recommend visiting either Tulum or Coba instead.

The Mexican Peso (MXN) is the official currency of Mexico. However, US dollars are widely accepted in Cozumel.

Spanish is the primary language spoken in Cozumel. However, English is also widely spoken, particularly in tourist areas.

Cozumel is in the Central Time Zone (GMT-6).

Tipping is common in Cozumel, especially for service workers such as waiters, bartenders, and tour guides. A general rule of thumb is to tip 10-15% of the bill.

Yes, you can walk to a beach from the Cozumel port. The beaches of San Francisco and Playa Azul are both within walking distance.

The best way to get around Cozumel is by taxi, bus, or rental car. You can also rent a scooter or bicycle, but be aware that traffic can be chaotic and roads are often in poor condition.

There are no mandatory vaccinations for travel to Mexico.

It is not mandatory to have travel insurance to enter Mexico, but it is highly recommended.

Yes, Cozumel is a safe place to visit. It’s located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which is considered one of the safest parts of Mexico. There’s a heavy police presence on the island, and tourists rarely run into any trouble. Of course, it’s always important to use common sense and be aware of your surroundings. As long as you do that, you should have no trouble enjoying your time in Cozumel.

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old.

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Forever Karen

15 Best Cozumel Excursions When On A Cruise

San Gervasio Mayan Ruins in Cozumel

A common island stop on a western Caribbean cruise , Cozumel attracts visitors to its sandy beaches and spectacular diving sites. Second, in size to the Great Barrier Reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef off Cozumel’s coast is a diver’s paradise. While the best Cozumel excursions are water-based, there are plenty of inexpensive land activities too.

The majority of travelers arrive by cruise ship since flying to mainland Mexico is significantly less expensive than getting to Cozumel. With the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef being the star attraction, most Cozumel cruise excursions include a dip in the ocean.

For those who’d rather stay dry, mainland tours are accessible by ferry. While most places accept American dollars, some only take Pesos.

With approximately three million cruise passengers visiting each year, it’s surprising the island remains widely unprogressive. Should you arrive by cruise ship, vessels dock at San Miguel de Cozumel on the east coast. There are many options for exploration from the Cozumel cruise port.

Where Is Cozumel?

Located off the Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Cozumel is a long island across from Playa del Carmen. Unlike its neighbors, Cozumel’s island is mostly undeveloped, more laid back, and has an abundance of untouched coastline.

While travelers transcend Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Cozumel visitors enjoy a more remote and unurbanized locale. You can easily visit Cozumel on a day trip from Cancun, if you’re staying there instead.

The eastern side of the island, which faces the Caribbean Sea, has stronger currents and larger waves. For diving, snorkeling, or just enjoying a lazy day at the beach, the west coast fits the bill.

Cozumel’s Best Port Excursions

Docking in San Miguel, most Cozumel attractions are a taxi ride away. Therefore, it’s best to book Cozumel excursions in advance of arrival. Alternatively, review the island tours and grab a last-minute excursion on a port day.

Cozumel direction and distance sign, dolphins and salsa

1. Visit San Gervasio Mayan Ruins

  • Duration:  1-1/2 to 4 hours |  Cost:  USD 9.50 entrance fee, USD 40.00 for the San Gervasio tour with chocolate tasting

When travelers arrive in Mexico, they often conjure up ideas of visiting a Mayan ruin. Yet, cruisers don’t need to travel to the mainland to see one.

San Gervasio may not be as impressive as Chichen Itza , but at 11 miles from San Miguel , it’s a hidden gem on Cozumel Island .  Located in a bug-filled jungle, participants should use mosquito repellent as well as sunscreen.

Dating back to 100 BC, San Gervasio was home to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility and midwifery. In ancient times, young women traveled to this religious site to worship the goddess.

Today, the ruin is remarkably preserved, with the archeological area presenting many temples and shrines. Spread out over several kilometers, only a small section of the site is viewable. The rest remains unexcavated on private land.

There are several ways to access the Cozumel ruin. Travelers can take a taxi from Cozumel and pay an entrance fee of US 9.50. The optional guide of US 20.00 is well worth the money, and you’ll learn the history of the ruin and the people who lived there.

Cruise ships combine the Mayan ruin with chocolate tasting at the cost of US 40.00. Touring the ruin takes one to one and a half hours, while the cruise tour takes up to four hours.

2. Swim With Dolphins

  • Duration:  1 hour to 1-1/2 hours |  Cost: USD 109.00 to USD 199.00+ per person

Located in Chankanaab National Park, the Dolphin Discovery sells interactive tours with dolphins and manatees. While I’m not an advocate for keeping wild creatures in captivity and would not do this excursion myself, others have enjoyed the experience.

Chankanaab National Park offers swims with dolphins

The dolphin encounter features a kiss and a handshake with a dolphin and watching some tricks. A dolphin swim tour includes the above, plus a belly ride across the pool riding on the dolphin’s back. The granddaddy and most expensive activity is the royal dolphin swim.

It includes a ride across the pool while holding two dorsal fins, a dorsal tow, and a foot push. Although tours range from one hour to ninety minutes, the total time in the pool is thirty to forty minutes.

During the excursion, cameras are not allowed. Should you choose to purchase an observer’s ticket, the observation area is so far from the pool that photography is not possible. Instead, Dolphin Discovery will attempt to sell you an expensive photography package of the event.

Like the dolphin tour, a manatee encounter offers an experience with the “mermaids of the sea.” At USD 89.00, this 45-minute excursion includes feeding the gentle giants and learning about these marine mammals. Tours with the dolphins and manatees include admission to Chankanaab National Park.

3. Learn To Make Salsa

  •   Duration: 4-1/2 hours |  Cost: USD 94.00+

When seeking a less active excursion, consider a more relaxed outing on the salsa, salsa, and more salsa tour. The Cozumel cruise tour includes a cooking class, a dancing class, and time at the beach.

At Playa Mia, the informative class teaches three different versions of authentic salsa (the food). The recipes are simple and delicious, and participants discover the various steps to each recipe. During the class, complimentary drinks of tequila, mango margaritas, and virgin margaritas (for the non-drinkers) keep flowing.

After the cooking class and too many drinks, take to the dance floor for a salsa dancing lesson. Even if you have two left feet, the primary five steps are easy to master. After a lunch buffet and drinks from the open bar, head to the beach for some relaxation.

The Playa Mia resort is pristine and offers water slides, inflatable water toys, and plenty of loungers to enjoy the views. With tequila, salsa, guacamole, and quesadillas; is this not the best Cozumel shore excursion?

The Playa Mia resort is pristine and offers water slides, inflatable water toys, and plenty of loungers to enjoy the views. With tequila, salsa, guacamole, and quesadillas; is this not the best Cozumel port excursion?

4. Enjoy Cozumel On Horseback

  • Duration:  1 to 4-1/2 hours |  Cost: USD 85.00 to USD 99.00

While most tours center around water activities, get off the beaten path on a horseback adventure. There are various tours, from a quick 30-minute trip with Mr Sanchos Beach Club or much longer excursions through the local jungle.

While most areas don’t allow horses on the beach, in Cozumel, Mr Sanchos’ 30-minute beach ride also includes unlimited drinks, food, and use of their float toys at their beach club. And it’s a bargain at USD 85.00+.

If you prefer a port excursion from the port, it’s best to arrange one through your cruise line. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and NCL have a 4-1/2-hour tour which includes transportation to and from the horse ranch.

Although the tour lasts 4-1/2 hours, the horseback ride is just 1-1/2 hours. The rest of the time is spent in transit, orientation with a horse, and 1-1/2 hours of free time to eat, swim, or relax on a beach.

It’s advisable to wear long pants on this excursion (to prevent sores from the saddle) and closed-toe shoes. Due to the heat, it’s also best to use sunscreen, bring water, and your camera, of course.

Since the cruise line’s tour doesn’t include lunch, you’ll need some cash for food and souvenirs. After the half-day excursion, there’s still plenty of time for shopping in San Miguel.

Other horseback excursions take paths through the jungle to Mayan ruins. Cenote rides combine an adventure on horseback with a refreshing swim in a local sinkhole.

5. Take A Jeep Tour

  • Duratio n:  6 hours |  Cost: USD 70.00+ per person

Direction sign at Punta Sur EcoPark

What better way to discover Cozumel than with the wind in your hair and some beach time? A Jeep Tour excursion makes for the perfect family adventure with admiring views, water-based activities, and delicious Mexican food.

With a local guide, the adventure begins in San Miguel, close to the cruise terminal. Relax in the comfort of a Jeep Wrangler and drive to Punta Sur EcoPark on Cozumel’s southern tip.

This ecological park is a natural paradise where crocodiles and birds call the lagoons their home. With a steep climb to the top of Faro Celarain Lighthouse, visitors can appreciate panoramic views.

From Punta Sur EcoPark, the tour continues to Chankanaab Park for some snorkeling and a buffet lunch. At Chankanaab Park, the little ones will enjoy the complimentary sea lion show.

6. Spend A Day At Chankanaab National Park

  • Duration:  1 hour to all day |  Cost: USD 21.00+ per person

Chankanaab National Park offers a wide selection of activities, but it’s impossible to take them all in during a day visit. However, a day there is fun-filled, and the activities you choose determine how much you spend. With so many activities, Chankanaab Park is considered one of the best Cozumel excursions for families.

To get to the marine park, grab a taxi which should cost approximately USD 12.00 one-way. But throw away your ideas of a “real” national park, which I associate with Yosemite or Yellowstone. This park is over-commercialized and does little to preserve what’s natural.

The entrance fee is USD 21.00 for adults and USD 14.00 for children (3 to 11 years). It includes swimming, a sea lion show, exotic flower gardens, a crocodile exhibit, and the use of umbrellas and chairs.

But, like cruise vacations, additional fees can add up fast if you participate in add-ons. These include ziplining, tequila tasting, snorkel equipment rental, snub, spa treatments, and excursions at the Dolphin Discovery.

Scattered around the large park, the replica Mayan artwork is impressive and looks authentic. Snorkeling off the coast offers chances to view some underwater sculptures of the Virgin Mary and a 14-foot-tall statue of Christ. At the park, the cruise ships are viewable across the water.

7. Snorkeling Or Diving At Palancar Reef

  • Duration:  4 hours to 4-1/2 hours |  Cost:  USD 55.00+ for snorkeling, USD 75.00+ for diving

Without a diving certificate, snorkelers can enjoy the pristine waters of Palancar Reef with its calm waters and gentle currents. While it’s a popular dive site, some areas of the reef rise to just below the water’s surface, offering an excellent destination for those not comfortable in deep water.

Snorkeling areas up to 20 feet deep are teeming with tropical fish and provide chances to see sea turtles, spotted rays, barracudas, and nurse sharks.

The Mexican government protected Palancar Reef from overfishing, so the underwater habitat is rich in marine life, algae, and colorful coral. Although not accessible from the coastline, there are plenty of local operators offering excursions.

Seasoned divers often return to the underwater garden of Eden again and again because the experience is never the same. With numerous dive points, the underwater landscape varies widely due to the caverns, walls, and overhead environments.

During his career as an oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau came to Mexico to film the Palancar Reef. While he declared it one of the best diving destinations globally, film clips never made it into his documentaries.

However, even without a Cousteau documentary, the popularity of diving the Caribbean reef grew tremendously. Alternatively, if your ship stops in Belize, you can take a Caye Caulker snorkel tour.

8. Escape To A Secluded Island

  • Duration:  5 hours |  Cost: USD 90.00

Dolphin Discovery and a Mayan ruin in Cozumel, Mexico

Get away from the hustle and bustle of San Miguel by taking a Cozumel excursion to secluded Isla Pasion or Passion Island. Located on the north end of Cozumel, it’s not accessible by vehicle, only by boat. Should there be many cruise ships in port, this beach escape can get quite crowded.

The boat ride to Isla Pasion takes 45 minutes but seems shorter since the views are so spectacular. On this beach break, lunch consists of a Mexican buffet of salsa, chips, rice, beans, chicken, fish, beef, and fajitas. The drinks are plentiful, and the service is attentive.

The excursion includes complimentary kayaks, beach chairs, and the hammocks and swings over the water are a nice touch.

9. Explore A Cenote And Underground Caverns

  • Duration:   7 to 8-1/2 hours |  Cost: USD 84.00+

Suitable for those five years and above, explore the fantastic underground caves and waterways on the mainland. This is a unique excursion that feels like a journey to the center of the earth. It’s a whole day excursion that requires a good level of fitness and staying power.

The tour starts with a 45-minute ferry ride to Playa del Carmen . From there, you have options to visit Cenote Azul , Rio Secreto Natural Reserve (Amazing Secret River), or Chaak Tun Cenotes.

Amazing Secret River

At the reserve, water shoes, short wetsuits, and helmets are provided, along with lockers and towels. Walking sticks are also available, and most people recommend them.

During the excursion through the underground waterway, participants cannot bring a GoPro or cellphone for photos. A photographer accompanies the group and takes individual and group photos.

Before the cenote journey, the group receives a Mayan blessing. Wading through the caverns, and there are many of them (each with names), the natural beauty is breathtaking. The limestone stalactites and stalagmites formations are beyond words.

The experience of seeing underwater caverns that have remained undiscovered for many years is majestic. After the cave adventure, an authentic Mexico buffet follows.

Since the Amazing Secret River does not allow cameras, pictures are purchasable at the cost of USD 25 for one or USD 99 for the whole package.

A short ride back to Playa del Carmen allows for some shopping time before catching the return ferry to San Miguel.

Chaak Tun Cenotes

The Chaak Tun Cenotes excursion includes water shoes, wetsuits, and snorkel gear. Unlike the Amazing Secret River, the Chaak Tun Cenotes tour does allow waterproof cameras .

The excursion explores the underground waterways that feed the Riviera Maya. The caves are impressive, with endless passageways shooting outwards. At the second cave, a descending spiral staircase allows for magnificent views of the cavern from above.

During the tour, participants will experience Temezcal, a traditional Mayan steam bath meant to cleanse the soul. Afterward, learn the process of making tequila and enjoy a Mayan-inspired lunch.

The Chaak Tun Cenotes excursion concludes in Playa del Carmen before the ferry ride back to San Miguel. Since these tours are on the mainland, the only way to guarantee to make it back to the ship on time is to book through the cruise line. As of March 2021, here is the pricing:

10. Discover Chichen Itza

  • Duration:   8 hours |  Cost: USD 120.00 to USD 190.00

Like the cenotes near Playa del Carmen, a trip to see the Chichen Itza pyramid requires a ferry ride to the mainland. Chichén Itzá is one of the top Mexican Mayan ruins and if it’s on your bucket list, cruise lines make this tour possible from Cozumel.

However, expect to spend approximately 3-1/2 traveling each way, with only one hour at the ruins. In all, it’s a 45-minute ferry ride combined with a 2-1/2-hour bus trip. When prone to motion sickness, it’s advisable to give this tour a miss.

As the largest city in the Mayan world, archeologists are still uncovering new discoveries. At its height, the city was home to 50,000 Mayans from the Yucatan Peninsula. El Castillo, also known as the Temple of Kukulcan, is the most recognizable structure with its pyramid shape and 364 steps flanked on four sides.

El Castillo is the most recognizable structure at Chichén Itzá

Unfortunately, visitors cannot ascent the pyramid, and much of the site is behind ropes to preserve the archeological environment. With 2 million tourists visiting each year, it’s understandable that it was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

11. Visit Pueblo del Maiz

  • Duration:   8 hours |  Cost: USD 20.00+

Pueblo del Maiz or Village of Corn is a hidden gem on Cozumel. This Cozumel excursion transcends to the ancient Mayan times. During the interactive tour through the park, discover the Mayan gods’ structures, watch a tortilla-making demonstration, and see how chocolate is made.

At the Chicle (chewing gum) camp, see how the resin is extracted from the chicozapote tree and made into gum, long before Wrigley’s invented it.

A Pueblo del Maiz excursion is ideal for all ages with face painting, weaving, and playing an ancient Mayan ball game. At the end of the tour, a fire-dancing local treats the visitors with Mayan song and dance.

12. Catamaran To Playa Norte

  • Duration:   5 hours |  Cost: USD 85.00+

During the busy season (November to April), Cozumel can see as many as eight cruise ships a day. With over 20,000 passengers converging on a town, this might not be the recipe for a relaxing day in paradise.

While busy, it’s a nice place to cruise in February for good weather and great prices, while avoiding wave season.

Instead, consider a catamaran sail across the turquoise waters to Playa Norte. Playa Norte is considered by most to be the best beach in Mexico. Located on Isla Mujeres, across from Cancun, the laid-back island exudes a feeling of tranquility.

The one-hour sail to the small island is relaxing and complemented with lunch, margaritas, and fresh local fruits. If this isn’t a recipe for relaxation, I don’t know what is? Arriving at the island, the white sand beach with palm trees is breathtaking.

Expect to spend 2-1/2 hours enjoying the island’s activities away from San Miguel’s crowds.

On Isla Norte, the excursion includes snorkeling equipment and paddleboards. Additional food and drinks are available at a restaurant for an extra fee. After relaxing on a hammock and a refreshing swim in the ocean, head back to your catamaran for another one-hour sail back.

The return route sometimes offers an additional opportunity to snorkel off the vessel.

13. Get Dirty On A Jungle Adventure

  • Duration:   3-1/2 hours |  Cost: USD 75.00+

Do you remember your childhood days of jumping in muddy puddles? On the Jungle ATV and Jade Cavern excursion, you can relive those memories by driving an all-terrain vehicle on dusty and dirty jungle paths to see a freshwater cenote.

Guests have the option of a single-person ATV or a double occupancy buggy. It’s important to note this excursion has a minimum age of 16 and a maximum age of 70.

Participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes, and it’s advisable not to wear their best clothes due to the dirt and mud. The operator supplies helmets, goggles, and bandanas, and lockers are available for a small fee.

If Cozumel has experienced lots of rain, riders should expect muddy conditions. However, lack of rain makes the pathway very dusty instead.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Jade Cavern, which gets its name from its water’s color. Depending on the conditions, participants have the option to swim in the cenote. Do note; that sunscreen is not allowed to prevent possible damage to coral.

Instead, use Rashguard clothing over your bathing suit as it generally has a UPF 50 rating. Being a dirty excursion , a change of clothes is necessary for the trip back to port.

14. Visit The Mayan Bee Sanctuary

  • Duration:   1-1/2 hours |  Cost: USD 8.00+

A relatively new facility, the Mayan Bee Sanctuary introduces visitors to the rare stingless bee. The Mayan bees are declining in population in the Yucatan region. So, it’s nice to see a place that protects and educates the public on the life cycle of this rare species.

Stingless bees, called Melipona, don’t create honeycombs like traditional bees. Instead, they make nests in trees that resemble pots. The honey produced has a floral, citrus flavor with a long after taste.

These bees produce less honey, making the golden syrup more valuable. For this reason, the use of Melipona honey is preferable in medicine as opposed to a food sweetener.

While the entrance fee of USD 8.00 makes for a great budget-friendly excursion, expect to pay USD 50.00 through a cruise line. Cruise companies generally combine the bee sanctuary with a stop at a cocoa farm for some chocolate and tequila tasting.

Chocolate, tequila, and honey; could life be any sweeter? My only question is, why can’t all bees be stingless?

15. Explore A Pearl Farm

  • Duration:   6 hours |  Cost: USD 110.00 +

On the north side of Cozumel Island, a small family-owned operation started cultivating pearls in 2001. Since 2012, visitors to Cozumel can tour the remote farm to see the farm’s operation.

The family uses Atlantic Pearl Oysters, almost extinct in the Caribbean. Visitors can see the first cultivated pearls and learn about the long-cultivated process. After the cultivation class, take to the turquoise waters to view the oyster hatchery.

Under the water, a sizable statue of Our Lady Guadalupe welcomes sea goers. Unique pearl jewelry is available for purchase during the tour. The pearl farm tour includes a lunch of cheeseburgers, grilled pineapple, and Mexican beer before the boat ride back to San Miguel.

Final Thoughts

As one of the top diving destinations globally, visitors have the opportunity to play, relax, and enjoy good food.

Weather-wise, Cozumel’s temperatures are ideal year-round, although fall to spring is more popular and brings bigger crowds. Whatever your interests and whoever you travel with, there’s something for everyone on this Mexican island.

With a one-day itinerary, it’s often hard to choose from the many tours in Cozumel. However, don’t fret because the variety of tours gives an excellent reason to return. Should you decide to take a ferry to Playa del Carmen or Cancun, be mindful of your cruise’s departure time.

Happy travels ~ Karen

Wednesday 13th of July 2022

Great information! We ended up doing the private jeep tour as our excursion in Cozumel.

Forever Karen

Thank you. Cozumel has lots of options for fun in the sun and I'm glad you found the one you enjoyed.

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Top 10 Best Cruise Excursions In Cozumel For 2024

the port of Cozumel

Looking for the best cruise excursions in Cozumel? Look no further! We’ve compiled our picks for the best Cozumel excursions for cruise passengers, so you can be sure to have an amazing time while you’re on this tropical island.

Looking For The Best Cozumel Cruise Excursions?

You’ve come to the right place! All the best Cozumel cruise excursions are featured right here, so you are sure to find the one that fits your particular needs. Every single one of these tours comes very highly rated, and we’ve even highlighted user reviews to help guide you in making your choice.

My husband and I have been to Cozumel many times over the years while on Caribbean cruises . We know the breathtaking beauty and the thrilling adventures found in Cozumel firsthand, as we’ve done so many of these ourselves. To experience it yourself, all you have to do is book a tour, and enjoy this beautiful port of call!

A couple in the water in Mexico

Don’t have time to read this whole article? Buy passes to Mr. Sanchos Beach Club now. It’s an incredible all-inclusive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ excursion!

Cozumel has something to offer everyone, no matter what you’re into. For the adventure seekers, there are thrilling water sports and snorkeling opportunities in the crystal-clear turquoise waters. If you prefer a more laid-back vibe, the island boasts beautiful beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun.

History buffs can explore ancient Mayan ruins, while foodies can indulge in delicious Mexican cuisine and tropical drinks. Whether you’re a nature lover, a shopper, or just looking to unwind, Cozumel has got you covered with its diverse range of activities and experiences.

Our Top 3 Picks: Best Cruise Excursions In Cozumel

Mr. Sanchos is the best among cruise excursions in cozumel.

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club

A table of cooking ingredients

Authentic Mayan Cooking Class

two people in water with snorkel gear

El Cielo Snorkel by Private Boat

Top cozumel cruise excursions, #1. mr. sancho’s beach club all-inclusive day pass.

Rating: 5 Stars | Tour Length: 1-9 hours | Check Rates And Availability

Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club is the ultimate excursion for cruise passengers in Cozumel, offering a fantastic all-inclusive beach experience. With its stunning beach, clear waters, and convenient location on the western side of the island, it’s probably the most popular choice for an excursion in Cozumel.

For a fixed fee, you gain access to a range of amenities, including beach loungers, freshwater pools, and non-motorized water sports. If you’re a thrill-seeker like me, optional activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, and parasailing are available for an additional fee. Meanwhile, those looking for relaxation can indulge in massage services by the shore.

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club is amazing! The staff was excellent. They worked super hard to make our visit comfortable and enjoyable. There were fun activities for all age groups. The food and drinks were excellent. The water and beach is beyond beautiful. I would recommend Mr. Sanchos Beach Club to anyone who wants an amazing, restful experience. Paula ( see more reviews )

Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club stands out as the top choice for cruise passengers looking to make the most of their visit to Cozumel because of its idyllic location, and fantastic amenities. This family-friendly destination ensures a safe and welcoming environment for all, making it ideal for both solo travelers and groups.

Couples looking for a romantic Cozumel excursion can choose to indulge in Mr. Sancho’s Romantic Day Pass For Two . This package gets you each a 30-minute massage, a beautiful rose, and a private cabana, along with all the other amenities offered at Mr. Sancho’s.

#2. Authentic Mayan Cooking Class in Cozumel

a table full of cooking ingredients

Rating: 5 Stars | Tour Length: 2 hours 45 minutes | Check Rates And Availability

This amazing authentic Mayan cooking class allows you to step back in time into the ancient world of the Mayan people. Led by a private instructor, you’ll uncover the secrets of typical Mayan dishes made with ancient ingredients, taking you on a journey through history and culture.

You’ll have a knowledgeable instructor walking you through the cooking process, while also teaching you about the history and culture of the Mayans. After creating these delectable dishes, you get to the best part- enjoying the satisfying results of your labor!

Incredible. Amazing. Wonderful. So informative and yummy food. Great staff. Recommend to all. Our group of 5 had so much fun. SusanElaine ( see more reviews )

This Mayan cooking experience arms you with knowledge you need to recreate these dishes once you get back home. It’s fun, informative, delicious, and the perfect way to spend a few hours while you’re in Cozumel.

#3. El Cielo Snorkel by Private Boat

Snorkeling is one of the best things to do on cruise excursions in Cozumel

Rating: 5 Stars | Tour Length: 4 hours | Check Rates And Availability

Snorkeling in Cozumel is one of the most popular activities among visitors, and this private boat excursion will give you the best opportunity to experience it yourself. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve snorkeled a million times before, you’re sure to be amazed by the crystal clear water and abundance of marine life.

You get a private boat and an experienced crew to take you to the best snorkeling spots, plus you can enjoy delicious snacks and beverages. Once you’re done snorkeling, they’ll take you to a beautiful secluded beach where you can relax away from all the crowds.

Amazing experience! Definitely coming back whenever I’m in Mexico. Everything was simply perfect and I could not ask for better boat day. Do yourself a favor and book this one! Sonia ( see more reviews )

This private snorkeling tour in Cozumel is sure to be the highlight of your trip. It’s great for all ages, couples, families, friends, or even solo travelers. You are sure to have a fantastic time with this Cozumel excursion!

#4. Cozumel Sightseeing Trike Tour with Lunch

a white and orange trike motorbike

Rating: 5 Stars | Tour Length: 3 hours 30 minutes | Check Rates And Availability

If you want a unique way to explore Cozumel this trike sightseeing tour is for you. You start off with a quick driving lesson and then hit the road to see some of the best landmarks on the island.

You get to see breathtaking scenery, stop for a tequila tasting, have a delicious lunch, and explore the beauty of Cozumel all while driving in fun trike motorbikes. The open air is so refreshing, and your guides will take fantastic photos for you.

An amazing way to see the island of Cozumel. Guides were awesome and very friendly. We made plenty of stops to stretch our legs and to get a break from the hot sun. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!! William ( see more reviews )

This trike sightseeing tour in Cozumel is the perfect way to leisurely explore the island and also enjoy a fantastic Mexican lunch. Book your spot now and get ready to have a blast while making lifelong memories before you head back to your cruise ship.

#5. Cozumel Beach Horseback Riding Tour

a laughing couple on a horse on the beach

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Stars | Tour Length: 30 minutes | Check Rates And Availability

Once again we have to mention Mr. Sancho’s, but this time for their fantastic horseback riding excursion in Cozumel ! It’s a quick 30-minute tour but we find it to be well worth it, and perfect for all ages 7 and up!

You get paired up with your horse and then you take a leisurely stroll through the jungle, a farm, and finally on to the pristine white-sand beach. You can clearly see these beautiful creatures are tame and well cared for, which makes the world of a difference on this type of excursion.

Our Horseback Riding at Mr. Sancho’s was fantastic! Ernesto and Martin were our guides. They were patient and encouraging. The whole crew was friendly and personable. They spoke English well and made our ride enjoyable. After the ride we had drinks and food on the beach. This was a memorable afternoon and highly recommend it. Moira ( see more reviews )

Once you’ve finished with this lovely horseback riding tour in Cozumel , you get use of the Mr. Sancho facilities. It does not include the typical all-inclusive food and drinks option, so you may want to book that and then add this on for when you’re enjoying your time at Mr. Sancho’s!

#6. Food Tour Excursion In Cozumel

tacos on a table

Rating: 5 Stars | Tour Length: 3 hours | Check Rates And Availability

This absolutely wonderful Cozumel food tour is ideal for anyone who loves trying out local foods and eating delicious meals. A guide takes you around the island to various local spots where you can try delectable dishes like tacos, tortas, empanadas, and more.

As you’re being guided around the island you also get to sip refreshing cerveza and learn about the Caribbean and Yucatan influences on Cozumel’s cuisine. You even get to check out an open-air market where exotic fruits and spices await, and eat at a local family-owned restaurant.

This has been one of the best tours we have ever done in Cozumel! We come to the island every year for a couple of weeks and try something new each time and I am ashamed we haven’t done this sooner. The guide was amazing, the food absolutely delicious and the overall experience was one of a kind . This is truly a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the island culture. I would highly recommend! Jennifer ( see more reviews )

After you’ve eaten your fill, you then stop at a Mexican bakery, where you can indulge in sweet pastries (if you can find the room!) before returning to downtown Cozumel. This food excursion in Cozumel is one of the best excursions on the island, especially if you happen to be a foodie like me!

#7. Private Tour Of Cozumel Mayan Ruins and Beach

Some cruise excursions in Cozumel take you to see Mayan ruins.

Rating: 5 Stars | Tour Length: 5 hours | Check Rates And Availability

This private tour of Cozumel takes you to the island’s best sites where you can discover the fascinating Mayan heritage and rich history of Cozumel in a completely personalized way. You get to see Mayan ruins, historical monuments, gorgeous scenery, relax on beautiful beaches, and taste delicious tequila. What more could you ask for?

Your knowledgeable guide will share captivating insights into Mayan history and the arrival of the Spaniards in Cozumel and Mexico. You’ll visit archaeological sites and lounge on pristine beaches. They even provide transportation right from the port, so no need to grab a taxi.

I have nothing but good things to say. .. Our tour guide Jose was so welcoming and knowledgeable about Cozumel. He made sure to answer all of our questions and he made us feel safe the whole time. We got to see so many different spots within the 4 1/2 hours! We especially loved the San Gervasio national park! Would definitely recommend. Ciara ( see more reviews )

This fantastic private tour in Cozumel gives you the best of historical immersion and white-beach relaxation all in one day. It’s perfect for any age and sure to be a highlight of your trip to Cozumel.

#8. Custom Private All-Inclusive Cozumel Jeep Tour

a couple with a Jeep on the beach on Cozumel

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Stars | Tour Length: 5-6 hours | Check Rates And Availability

This unforgettable all-inclusive private Jeep tour allows you to explore the best of Cozumel at your own pace. With a custom itinerary that matches your interests and travel plans, you’ll have the freedom to visit the area’s highlights with a personal driver-guide to chauffeur you around.

Snorkel among tropical fish and vibrant reefs, discover hidden caves, and even take the wheel for an adventurous drive. You get to choose what to do- explore Mayan ruins, take a tequila tasting tour, see a lighthouse, you name it, you can do it. And you’ll have a wonderful guide telling you all about everything you’re seeing, fully immersing you in the history and culture of Cozumel.

Our tour guide – for the second time pulled out all the stops to make us have the most amazing day for our group of 11. We snorkeled had lunch and saw all the sights. “Little strawberry ” is the most knowledgeable and kind guide we have had in any of our travels and would highly recommend this tour!! Courtney ( see more reviews )

With admission tickets included and an expert guide by your side, this private Jeep tour ensures an exceptional and tailor-made experience of Cozumel’s beauty, culture, and thrilling activities. Whether you’re snorkeling in the vibrant reefs or sipping tequila, get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in this tropical paradise.

#9. ATV Adventure to Jade Cavern

4 people standing on ATVs

Rating: 4 and 1/2 Stars | Tour Length: 3 hours 30 minutes | Check Rates And Availability

Discover the heart of Cozumel’s jungle with an exhilarating ATV tour , perfect for adventure-seekers with limited time. Take the off-road route through the wilderness, dive into a cenote and swim in a coral cave, all while immersing yourself in Maya culture.

You get a safety briefing before riding your ATV through the jungles of Cozumel. Depending on the season and weather this may be a muddy ride, so consider yourself forewarned! You stop at Jade Cavern where stalactites and bats hang from the ceiling, and you can swim in a cenote if you wish. There’s also a tequila tasting that you can partake in.

Fantastic excursion! So fun to drive the ATV’s over rough trails. Be prepared to get muddy! We had a blast and the guides we had (Jorge and Willy) were fantastic! Don’t miss this one! Kristie ( see more reviews )

You’re definitely going to have an adventure when you take this Cozumel ATV tour . Just be sure you have enough time to get to the pickup point from the port where your cruise ship docks.

#10. Glass Bottom Boat Cozumel Coral Reef Snorkeling

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Rating: 5 Stars | Tour Length: 2 hours | Check Rates And Availability

Have yourself a snorkeling adventure in Cozumel with this glass bottom boat excursion , perfect for cruise passengers with limited time. You get to cruise along the coastline of Cozumel and snorkel in the best spots. You might see all kinds of tropical fish, sea turtles, stingrays and more!

They provide clean equipment for everyone, plus life vests, and all the drinks your heart desires. Even if you aren’t the strongest of swimmers, the guides are patient and thorough, ensuring you have a fantastic time during your excursion. If you choose this excursion in the morning, it still leaves you plenty of time to explore other parts of Cozumel too!

Amazing experience for the whole family! It was the highlight of our trip. The crew was great and they made sure we saw lots of sea life. Grace ( see more reviews )

This glass bottom boat excursion in Cozumel is sure to be a highlight of your trip to the island. It’s short, inexpensive, and guaranteed to give you lifelong memories. Book your excursion now and get ready for a great time in the Caribbean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cruise Excursions In Cozumel

Got questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers to the most frequently asked questions about cruise excursions in Cozumel.

What do I wear on a cruise excursion in Cozumel?

What you wear is going to depend on your particular excursion. If you’re going to the beach you’ll need a swimsuit and coverup, sandals, and maybe snorkel gear. If you’re exploring ancient ruins or taking an ATV or Jeep tour you’ll want comfortable, light clothing, and comfortable closed-toed shoes.

You definitely want to remember sunglasses, and/or a hat, and sunscreen. If you’re going in the ocean, you need to have reef-safe sunscreen , meaning it does not contain Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, or Octocrylene, among other ingredients. Just because the label says “reef-safe” it does not mean that it is. Instead, opt for a mineral sunscreen, like Blue Lizard , Thinksport, or Sun Bum Mineral .

Remember to also pack any necessary personal items, such as a camera, insect repellent, and any medications you may need. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast for the day of your excursion to ensure you’re prepared for any changes in weather conditions.

Is Cozumel a good place to cruise to?

Cozumel is a fantastic place to cruise to, with SO many options for activities. You can explore Mayan ruins, lounge on gorgeous beaches, snorkel in crystal clear waters, eat at authentic restaurants, go shopping in a variety of stores, and so much more. It has some of the best snorkel and scuba diving spots in all of Mexico, and has access to the second longest coral reef system in the world.

Do I need to bring my passport with me on an excursion in Cozumel?

No, we do not recommend bringing your passport with you off the cruise ship when you are taking a shore excursion in Cozumel. Instead, we recommend taking photos of your passport with your phone, and keeping your passport in your room safe.

Do I need pesos on an excursion in Cozumel?

You’ll be able to use US dollars in Cozumel, but any change you receive will be in pesos. You also may get a better deal when using pesos, as the exchange rate can fluctuate, so it’s a far better idea to exchange currency into pesos before you arrive in Cozumel.

Do you tip on cruise excursions in Cozumel?

Yes, it is customary to tip your tour guides on Cozumel cruise excursions. Generally, it’s recommended to tip between 10-20% of the cost of the excursion, depending on length of tour and quality of service.

Final Thoughts On Cruise Excursions In Cozumel

Cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel, and these cruise ship excursions are sure to make it one of yours too. Any one of these are sure to give you an incredible adventure during your time in Cozumel.

We featured the 10 best Cozumel cruise excursions in this article, but if you still can’t decide, let me help you make that choice!

Still unsure about the best cruise excursion in Cozumel? Buy your tickets to Mr. Sanchos Beach Club now! It’s the most popular Cozumel excursion!

Cozumel cruise excursions vary from private tours of anything you want to see, to beach trips, to historical ruins, and more. No matter what you pick, you can be sure that you’re going to see beautiful landscapes and have amazing adventures along the way.

Book one of these tours as a  present for the special Dad in your life , or  give Mom a gift she’ll cherish forever : an unforgettable tropical experience. Regardless which of these shore excursions in Cozumel you choose, you know you’re in for a treat!

Additional Caribbean and Cruise Resources and Information

My husband and I absolutely LOVE the Caribbean. It’s our go-to vacation location, whether with or without the kids. We take Caribbean cruises, stay in all-inclusive resorts, and go back time and time again. Here are some of our other articles that you may find helpful and informative.

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The 10 Best St. Lucia Piton Tours

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Hi there! My name is Rachel, and I'm a travel enthusiast, writer, and lifelong learner. With over 16 years of marriage and two amazing kids, I've learned that traveling is one of the best ways to bond and create lasting memories with loved ones. I'll share everything I learn, from tips and tricks to specific product and business reviews, so you can make memories around the world too!

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The Ultimate All Inclusive Packing List + FREE Printable Checklist

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10 Best Cruise Excursions In Grand Cayman For 2024

10 Best Cruise Excursions In Grand Cayman For 2024

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Excursions & Tours

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  • Mayan Ruins of Tulum

4.5 Stars

  • Atlantis Submarine Adventure

5 Stars

Dolphin Swim Adventure at Chankanaab National Marine Park

Playa Mia Deluxe Beach Shore Excursion in Cozumel with Open Bar and Buffet

Beach Day at Playa Mia Deluxe with Transfers

Jungle Jeep Adventure to Mayan Caverns and Snorkel

Jungle Jeep Adventure to Mayan Caverns and Snorkel

Cozumel El Cielo Reef & Colombia Reef Snorkel & Beach Dive | Shore Trip

Snorkel El Cielo and Colombia Reef with Playa Mia

Manatee Swim Encounter Shore Trip at Chankanaab Park in Cozumel

Manatee Swim and Chankanaab Park

City Tour by Cozumel Trolley

City Tour by Cozumel Trolley

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Cozumel Lucha Libre Spectacular

Cozumel Jeep & Beach Cruise Excursion Adventure

Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure

Resort Day Pass

Resort Day Pass (Iberostar Cozumel)

Beach Day Excursion at Playa Mia in Cozumel

Beach Day at Playa Mia with Transfers

Cozumel Royal Swim with Dolphins at Chankanaab Marine Park

Dolphins - The Royal Swim at Chankanaab

Cozumel Submarine Shore Trip & Tour

Minisub Dive Tour

Cozumel Dolphin Encounter at Chankanaab Marine Park | Port Cruise Excursion

Dolphin Encounter and Chankanaab National Marine Park

Cozumel City Tour by E-bike

  • Cozumel City Tour by E-bike

Amazing Shore Snorkel and Taco Workshop

Amazing Shore Snorkel and Taco Workshop

One Tank Scuba Dive at Chankanaab

One Tank Scuba Dive at Chankanaab

Cozumel Playa Mia Beach Buffet Shore Excursions | Port Tours

All You Can Eat Beach Break with Transfers

Cozumel Sea Trek Helmet Diving | Caribbean Cruise Excursion

  • Sea Trek Helmet Diving

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Art and Alebrijes in Oaxaca

Cozumel's Jeep And Snorkel Adventure Tour

Cozumel's Jeep and RZR Adventure Tour

Cozumel Taco Culture and Beach

Cozumel Taco Culture and Beach

Cozumel Scavenger Hunt Shore Trip | Cruise Tours

Amazing Cozumel Race

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Beachfront Fresh Fish Feast

Chankanaab Snorkel with Lunch

Chankanaab Snorkel with Lunch

Ultimate All inclusive Escape at Playa Uvas Beach Getaway (Beverages & Food)

Playa Uvas Beach Getaway (Beverages & Food)

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Zoom and Dive Cozumel Adventure

History Walking Tour

History Walking Tour

Power Scooter and Taste of Mexico

Power Scooter and Taste of Mexico

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

A Taste of Mexican Spirit

Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa!

Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa!

All Terrain Xrail Expedition Excursion through Jade Caverns in Cozumel

ATX-Rails Expedition

Cozumel Resort Pass

Cozumel Resort Pass (El Cid La Ceiba)

Ultimate Thrilling  Adventure in Chankanaab

An Adventure in Chankanaab with Lunch

Cozumel Shore Snorkel with Lunch Shore Trip

Cozumel Shore Snorkel with Lunch

Taco Tasting E-Bike Tour

Taco Tasting E-Bike Tour

Sea Lion Encounter in Cozumel Chankanaab Park - Cruise Excursions

Sea Lion Encounter and Chankanaab Park

Playa Uvas Admission and Snorkel with Transportation

Playa Uvas Admission and Snorkel with Transfers

PADI Instructor Two Tank Scuba Dive Day Trip in Cozumel

Two Tank Certified Dive with Equipment

North Shore E-bike and Beach Break

  • North Shore E-bike and Beach Break

Cozumel Learn to Scuba Dive Shore Trip

Introduction to Scuba

Cozumel Coral Reef Snorkeling & Marine Life Shore Trip

Cozumel Shore Snorkel

Cozumel Playa Uvas Beach Day Tour

Playa Uvas Beach Break (Beverages Only)

Cozumel Scuba Diving with Dolphins - Cruise Shore Trips

Diving with Dolphins

Two Tank Certified Dive with out Equipment

Two Tank Certified Dive without Equipment

Cozumel Shore Snuba Dive Experience | Cruise Shore Trips

Two Tank Certified Dive

Discover Scuba 2 hour Cozumel Cruise Excursion

Discover Scuba

Marine Park & Barrier Reef One Tank Dive in Cozumel for Certified Divers

One Tank Afternoon Boat Dive for Certified Divers

Local Cantina Experience

Local Cantina Experience

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Cigar Rolling Mastery Class with Beach Break

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Cozumel 4WD, Jade Caverns, and Beach Break

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Cozumel Tequila Tasting, Snorkel, and Lunch

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Cozumel Triple Reef Snorkeling Adventure

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Glass Bottom Boat Snorkel Beach Day

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Invisible Boat Adventure

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Mayan Extreme Park Zip and Sip

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Open Top Downtown City Tour and Beach Break

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Pirate Tales, Tequila, and Chocolate Tasting

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Serene Fish Spa and Beach Break

Private Deep Sea Fishing Excursion | Cozumel Shore Tour

Private Deep Sea Fishing

Cozumel, mexico.

Cozumel excursions are renowned for offering diverse activities, including snorkeling in the Mesoamerican Reef and exploring ancient Mayan ruins. Cozumel, Mexico excursions also provide unique experiences such as swimming with dolphins, glass bottom boat tours, and visiting ecological parks, appealing to adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Hint: Excursions in Cozumel are in high demand and are likely to sell out. Book now!

Experience Cozumel snorkeling and scuba diving among Caribbean marine life, exploring Mayan ruins in Tulum, and sipping on the finest Mexican tequila on Punta Sur or Palancar beach. These are just a few of the many reasons to explore our Cozumel cruise excursion. When you step off your cruise ship, you'll see firsthand why Cozumel Island is one of Mexico's most popular and incredibly breathtaking Caribbean destinations. This lovely paradise was first settled by the Mayans when they arrived on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula. The absolute magnificence of this beautiful region can only be truly appreciated by experiencing a shore excursion. Whether by air, land, or sea, you must explore Cozumel with one of our island excursions - it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Shore Up a Good Time

Our excursions feature a variety of the best things to do in Cozumel, from snorkeling beautiful beach breaks and coral reefs to exciting water sports activities. Perfect for its warm, tropical climate, popular Cozumel shore excursions include snorkel tours, zip-lining, off-road, dune buggy tours, sailing, catamaran sport fishing, scuba diving, tequila tasting, Cozumel Jeep tours, horseback riding, and encounters with dolphins and sea lions at Chankanaab Marine Park. Take an adventurous journey along the coast or into the jungle with Jeep tours, visit historic Mayan sites, or get a day pass to a beach club. Craving something delicious? Let the Flavors of Mexico tour treat your taste buds. No matter where your tour guide takes you, there is never a shortage of beach activities and things to do. Do you prefer to experience Cozumel excursions on your own? Check out our private excursions - a deep sea fishing charter. Sail the Caribbean Sea and see what you can reel in! There’s even an option for a guided snorkel tour.

Popular Cozumel Cruise Excursions

Note the following are sample tours and may not work with your itinerary. Find excursions for your cruise itinerary here .

  • Snorkel El Cielo and Colombia Reef With Playa Mia
  • Jungle Jeep Adventure to Jade Caverns and Snorkel
  • Taco Tasting & E-bike Tour

Best Beaches Year-Round

The island of Cozumel, Mexico is a prominent Caribbean cruise port year-round! From October through April cruise lines can expect clear skies, low rainfall, and crystal-clear waters. Average high temperatures will hover in the low to mid-80s, with nighttime temperatures rarely dropping below 65 degrees. Between June and September, temperatures rise to the high 80s or low 90s, rainfall rates increase, and the water is wonderfully warm to swim in. Staying in Cancun or Playa del Carmen and don't want to miss out on Cozumel? The island is accessible by a quick 45-minute ferry that leaves every hour, on the hour from Playa del Carmen on Mexico's mainland.

Make Every Peso Count

Whether it's a snorkeling adventure with sea turtles or taking a small group tour to Tulum or the Cenotes, our island tours offer non-stop fun and excitement. Don't forget about all the fun shopping and dining that awaits in their largest city, San Miguel. Not into sipping on margaritas, enjoying a snorkeling excursion, or exploring the Chichen Itza ruins? No worries, there is bound to be something here just for you. Browse our selection of hand-picked cruise ship excursions to experience the small island's unique wildlife, white sand beaches, archeological ruins, and local culinary flavors. We have the best Cozumel tours at the best prices, guaranteed!

Cozumel cruise excursions to beach destination.

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Advice, best excursion in Cozumel from Royal Caribbean boat

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Thats a very difficult question to answer as we know nothing about what you want. Do you just want to sit on a sand beach? Do you want to shore snorkel? Do you want to take a guided snorkel trip on a boat? Do you want to deep sea fish? Do you want to try all the different food on the island? Do you want to shop? Let us know what you think might be fun or what you like to do, at that point we can give you suggestions.

Also we dont know what options RC offers on their boats, we just know what there is to do on the island. A specific question like that might be better asked a a RC specific forum. But we will try to help.

I should’ve been more specific. We don’t want to fish, shop, or scuba. Just looking for advice on excursions. And I was wondering which locations we should snorkel in. I was just looking for different recommendations.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

That IS a good sounding "excursion"! Some of all for the one day folks.

' class=

I'll go way out on a limb and say he booked directly, learned that here :)

duffer: LOL!

Tripadvisor staff removed this post at the original author's request.

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  • April Trip Followup Apr 27, 2024
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  • Adventure Park, Zip Line, and Snorkel - worth it? 13 replies
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  • Secrets/Sunscape coming to Cozumel 26 replies
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Cozumel Hotels and Places to Stay

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best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

While I'm Young


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Best shore excursion in Cozumel, Mexico with Royal Caribbean

Cozumel Royal Caribbean Excursion: Mayan Ruins and Beach

Caribbean , Travel | December 9, 2019

The third and final stop on my Royal Caribbean press trip in the Western Caribbean was Cozumel in Mexico. We hopped off the ship (well, not literally) for our shore excursion: ‘Mayan Ruins, Island Tour & Beach’.

Just like our port day in Jamaica two days before, Cozumel was another return trip for me. I spent a day in Cozumel when I was exploring Mexico with a digital nomad work and travel company a few years back. On that trip, we took the ferry to the island and hired the most charming clapped-out car. It was an amazing day so I was excited to be back again!

Cozumel, Royal Caribbean cruise excursion

If you want to rent a car in Cozumel when you dock there on a cruise, be aware that it’s very expensive and the pickings are slim! Seriously, you’ll be lucky if the car has seatbelts…

Rather than spend on a rental car, it made sense to do a Royal Caribbean shore excursion in Cozumel. There’s a huge bonus to planning your onshore activities using the official excursions: you’re guaranteed to be brought back to the ship in time for departure.

My worse fear during a cruise would be to miss back on board time. Can you imagine everyone waving at you from the top deck as you stand on the pier, morosely watching them sail away?

Why I loved my shore excursion in Cozumel

Watch my Mexico City travel vlog on Youtube

The first part of our Cozumel excursion was seeing some of Cozumel’s native Mayan ruins at San Gervasio.

We had a brilliant guide called Juan who kept us all entertained as we strode around the archeological ruins and he explained all about the Mayan calendar, which was genuinely SO interesting. It made me want to go away and read more about the topic.

I enjoy seeing historic places like this but I do think that once you’ve seen one pile of rocks, you’ve seen them all. For this reason, I was pleased that we only visited the most important main ruins for a brief overview.

Culture sufficiently soaked up, we then headed to a beach – one that I had been to on my first visit – and ate tacos barefoot in the sand.

Food in Cozumel

I had trouble finding genuinely good food in Mexico last time so was happy to go wherever the cruise line endorsed. Thankfully, the food was delicious. So were the cocktails!

Drinks in Cozumel

The food and drink isn’t included in this particular Cozumel excursion so you do need to carry dollars if you choose this trip.

Best shore excursion in Cozumel, Mexico

The beach itself is stunning; completely unspoilt with no big developments spilling onto the sand. I’ve heard there are sea turtles in the area but I didn’t see any on either visit.

Beaches in Cozumel

When the bus dropped us back at the cruise ship terminal, we realised we still had some time to kill so we had a stroll around the streets near the seafront.

What to do in Cozumel on a cruise

I just love all the colours in Mexico!

Other shore excursions we did on our cruise

River tubing and beach party in Jamaica

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line in Labadee

If you want to see all of my updates from my Caribbean cruise, follow me  @danniellelily  and check out my ‘Royal Caribbean Cruise’ highlight. I also wrote a full  review of Harmony of the Seas , in case you’re thinking of sailing on her or her sister ship, Allure!

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was a guest of Royal Caribbean UK. Views are my own.

Cozumel, Mexico: best Royal Caribbean excursion

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Royal Beach Club Cozumel To Open in 2026

R oyal Beach Club Cozumel is the next private destination to be added to Royal Caribbean’s already amazing line up. Allowing for Western Caribbean itineraries to be more sought after.

Royal Beach Club Cozumel

Royal Caribbean International is putting a new beach club on the map. The world’s largest cruise line has announced the expansion of its destination lineup with  Royal Beach Club Cozumel   in Mexico ,  opening in 2026 .

“We are delighted to build on our longstanding partnership with the local community and government to continue bringing our guests to Mexico,” said Jason Liberty, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group. “The expansion of our destination offerings aligns with the growing global demand for the ultimate vacation experiences and enables our guests to connect with the beauty of local cultures and people in the places they visit.”

“The anticipation for what’s next when it comes to Royal Caribbean destinations has only continued to build since we revealed Royal Beach Club Paradise Island in The Bahamas that opens in 2025. Now is the perfect time to announce the next iteration of this collection with Royal Beach Club Cozumel,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International. “Cozumel is an incredible destination, and the beach club will perfectly complement all the island has to offer as an experience that combines familiar Royal Caribbean touches with the spirit of Mexico, alongside amenities and activities for every type of vacationer.”

Featuring striking beaches, views and pools for every vibe, Royal Beach Club Cozumel will welcome vacationers to their ultimate beach day in Mexico, complete with Royal Caribbean’s signature attention to detail across the experience, service and design. Everyone can make memories with a combination of experiences that span from kicking back to adventuring across  swim-up bars ,  dedicated pools for relaxation enthusiasts and families ,  private cabanas ,  snorkeling ,  kayaking , and more. And for a taste of Mexico and quintessential beach day favorites, coming to the table will be a variety of dining spots like a  restaurant, bar and lounge   with views  – and flavors – for days and a  street market  as well as  hands-on experiences  like  tequila tastings  and  cooking classes .

“We are very proud that Royal Caribbean International has chosen Quintana Roo to build Royal Beach Club Cozumel as a new attraction for many of their guests visiting our magical island. My administration will always be committed to partnering and working very closely with the private sector to build modern and sustainable infrastructure and create local jobs for our people. These kinds of projects reaffirm our commitment to continue to be the top port of call in Latin America,” said Mara Lezama, governor of Quintana Roo.

The new beach club experience is the latest in the cruise line’s growing lineup of destinations, which includes the top-rated Perfect Day at CocoCay, The Bahamas, that set the bar for private islands after a $250 million transformation in 2019. From ongoing expansions to the island – like the newly opened adults-only Hideaway Beach – to Labadee, Haiti, and the Royal Beach Club Collection, Royal Caribbean has set the stage for vacationers to create their perfect vacation day in more ways than one in The Bahamas and the eastern and western Caribbean.

More details about Royal Beach Club Cozumel will be revealed in the coming months. The Royal Beach Club Collection also includes  Royal Beach Club Paradise Island , a 17-acre Bahamian beach experience located on Nassau’s Paradise Island, opening in 2025.

The post Royal Beach Club Cozumel To Open in 2026 appeared first on JOURNEYS WITH JENN .

Royal Beach Club Cozumel is the next private destination to be added to Royal Caribbean’s already amazing line up. Allowing for Western Caribbean itineraries to be more sought after. Royal Beach Club Cozumel Royal Caribbean International is putting a new beach club on the map. The world’s largest cruise line has announced...

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Allure of the Seas Chops Grille

Best Cruise Ship Food Planner for Families and Couples [Infographic]

Onboard dining made easy for couples and families.

By Mary Luz Mejia | Published on May 3, 2024

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One of the best things about cruising is exploring a whole new world onboard. Cruise ships are massive and feel like their own city sailing on the open seas. Much like a city, cruise ship dining is delicious, diverse, and easily accessible. If you're cruising with your kids or are dreaming of a romantic night out, there are loads of options to enjoy. This handy guide breaks down the best cruise ship food for you faster than a teppanyaki chef can chop that volcano onion! Check this infographic for more ideas.

Cruise Ship food

No matter what sort of cruise you have planned — a boisterous family adventure or a relaxing getaway for two — follow this handy guide for the best dining options on the high seas.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine

Push culinary boundaries with molecular gastronomy that’s a feast for the senses.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Chops Grille ℠

This popular hot spot features a classic menu of steaks, lobsters and grilled fish.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Sorrento's Pizza

Bring the whole gang for New York-style slices with all your favorite toppings.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

El Loco Fresh ®

At this mexican spot, look for breakfast burritos, crispy fish tacos and a salsa bar.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

150 Central Park

This elegantly appointed space serves up dishes that showcase seasonal ingredients.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Chef's Table

Make it a night out with an unforgettable five-course meal and wines to match.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Izumi Hibachi & Sushi ℠

At this interactive Japanese restaurant, hibachi comes with a side of pyrotechnics.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Samba Grill Brazilian Steakhouse

This all-you-can-eat Brazilian rodizio restaurant will launch your gang’s night out right.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean

Jamie's Italian By Jamie Oliver

The Oliver-designed menu includes sharable charcuterie boards for the table.

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Getting There

Check out onboard dining options when you cruise.

Family-Friendly Fare, Ahoy!

M y favorite part of dining at Royal Caribbean restaurants is that they go beyond formal to bring you have crowd-pleasing, casual options the whole fam will love. Show me a kid who doesn't devour pizza. Sorrento's Pizza offers a variety of NYC style 'za by the slice. Bonus: They're open late, so you can grab a slice when the craving strikes.

Another family-favorite spot is Johnny Rockets. This restaurant brings their best burger game onboard along with their famous waffle fries and frosty milkshakes in a retro setting. At Dog House, hot dogs and sausages get dressed up with a variety of tasty toppings. And El Loco Fresh offers insanely delicious Mexican staples featuring nachos, burritos and quesadillas that you can grab and dig into poolside. Cruise ship dining is great because you can take away your meal and dine anywhere onboard. Dinner with a view? Order your favorite meal and post up on the deck at sunset for a perfect end to the day.

Picky eaters will find plenty to choose from. Enjoy meals at the cruise ship dining room where waiter-served dishes are available from the daily menu, which you can review ahead of time. For even more options, head over to the Windjammer Buffet, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for some of the tastiest food at sea., During breakfast this cruise ship mainstay offers a custom egg ordering station, so you can get your omelet or sunny-side-up eggs just the way you like. And a tea and coffee station provides you with your best start to the day. For lunch, enjoy a fresh soup and salad bar, plus delicious international food stations, and countless mouthwatering desserts.

Lunch and dinner options at the buffet include American fare but it's the theme menus that are the biggest hits. You might eat at a Mongolian grill one night, have a Mexican feast the next or indulge in dishes made to order from a pasta station. Vegetarian and gluten-free choices are also available, and your head waiter can help if you have other dietary needs.

The Most Romantic Cruise Ship Dining

Cruises can be so romantic, and the specialty dining options speak to that. If you're traveling with your children, they'll have fun at the ship's award-winning Adventure Ocean® Youth Program while you savor dinner and drinks with your sweetheart. Make it special and take your VIP seats at the Chef's Table, where a freshly prepared, six-course meal is expertly paired with wines to match. Or, head to the elegantly appointed 150 Central Park, where locally sourced ingredients are the star of each plate. For steak lovers, Chops Grille is a popular cruise ship restaurant featuring perfectly grilled prime beef, Maine lobsters and grilled branzino alongside perfectly paired wine offerings. If you're celebrating an anniversary or other special moment, let the restaurant know when you make reservations — you may be in for a fun surprise!

Or, if getting dressed up for a night out isn't on the menu, stay in and order room service, where your meal for two is delivered to your stateroom. This is also the ideal option for those who like to dine later or have a midnight snack attack, since room service is available 24/7.

Dining on a cruise vacation is a great opportunity to try something new. Make dinner for two a sensory experience at the interactive Izumi Hibachi and Sushi experience. This Japanese restaurant offers traditional teppanyaki with trained chefs that will slice, dice and julienne over a hot griddle right in front of your eyes. Your entrée comes with a side of pyrotechnical, tasty showmanship.

I recommend making reservations at one of my favorites, the Samba Grill, where an all-you-can-eat Brazilian rodizio restaurant puts you in the driver's seat regarding how much you'd like and when. Push culinary boundaries at Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine, where molecular gastronomy dazzles with a feast for the senses. This is one of the best cruise ship restaurants at sea — here, you can enjoy crispy crab cones topped with an airy avocado mousse, for example, and dreamy, show-stopping desserts are always photo-worthy!

For those who adore Italian fare, Royal Caribbean restaurants include Giovanni's Italian Kitchen, the newest addition, followed by Giovanni's Table and Jamie's Italian by celeb chef Jamie Oliver. Think: eggplant or chicken Parmigiana, pasta carbonara, Chianti-braised short ribs. There's a lot of amore to share in these plates for two or the whole family!

Can You Bring Food on a Cruise?

One of the most commonly asked questions is: Can you bring snacks on a cruise? Yes, you can bring non-perishable, pre-packaged food in limited quantities onboard. As for snacks, things like chips, sodas and candies are permissible, while fresh fruit, vegetables, homemade treats and meat are not. This comes in handy especially when traveling with babies and young children who may have a favorite snack. Keep in mind that the quick-service, casual eateries onboard — including Sorrento's, Wipe Out Café, Johnny Rocket's and El Loco Fresh — are all included in your cruise fare and offer treats to make your cruising experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

best cozumel excursions royal caribbean


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    At Dog House, hot dogs and sausages get dressed up with a variety of tasty toppings. And El Loco Fresh offers insanely delicious Mexican staples featuring nachos, burritos and quesadillas that you can grab and dig into poolside. Cruise ship dining is great because you can take away your meal and dine anywhere onboard.