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new world visit faction representative to switch

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How to switch factions.

Allegiance to a faction in New World isn't permanent. If you want to change or switch factions to join friends, get new rewards, or for other reasons, you'll have limited opportunities to do so. In this guide you'll learn the rules of switching Factions in New World.

You can view your Faction  by opening the Bio screen > Press "K" to bring up the Character screen > Select Bio > Select Change Faction on the bottom of your Faction banner.


Here you can decide on the other two factions you want to swap to.


After the first time in changing your faction, you will not be allowed to change it again for 120 days . Changing Factions will reset your Faction Rank alongside Faction Tokens.

You cannot change Factions to another that currently controls the most territory. There is an underdog mechanic in play, so no Faction is left behind in catching up, but we have yet to see this mechanic properly implemented.


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New World: How to Change the Faction

Erik Hasenknopf

There are three different factions in New World , and you can change between them in the game. This guide will tell you exactly how this works and why you can’t switch at will.

What it’s about : Marauders, Covenant, or would you prefer the Syndicate? In New World, you’ll be spoiled for choice as to which faction you’ll join. But your decision is not permanent, and you can change factions. However, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. Now you can find out what you have to pay attention to and how you can join another group.

  • Never miss guides and news for New World again — Guided Social Media

How to Change your Faction

Leaving your faction behind and becoming a member of another group is relatively easy in New World. All you need is 100 Azoth. But first, you have to make sure that you are not a member of a company so that you can change factions,

Now we will tell you how to leave your company:

  • Go to the Company menu. (G key)
  • Click on “Leave Company” in the lower left corner.
  • Confirm with “Yes”.

Afterward, you can change your faction with these simple steps:

  • Open the Character menu (K key).
  • Go to the Bio menu.
  • There you can click on “Change Faction” at the bottom left.
  • Select one of the two possible groups to change.

Hint : Note that you cannot switch to the dominant faction. This is not measured by the number of players per group but by the territories that belong to the faction. You only have the option to switch to the two weaker groups. Also, your faction rank and tokens will be reset.

You want to join our community and discuss about New World? Then join our Discord server or visit us on Facebook , we are looking forward to you!

new world visit faction representative to switch

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How to Change Faction in New World

We see you finally found the Spark too.

new world visit faction representative to switch

  • Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Covenant New World Faction 300x300 1

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New World is an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role playing game) that aims to merge both PvE instanced content with world conquest familiar to Elder Scrolls Online. Players create their characters and join a faction, allowing you to join PvP guilds working for the greater good of their faction, conquering the many zones of Aeternum. While Amazon Games want you to pick a faction and stick to it, there is a way to change a faction if you wish. Here is how to change faction in New World.

How Factions work

The first thing you need to know about New World is the importance of joining a faction. During your tutorial, you’ll make your way to the nearest settlement and follow the main quest. Eventually, you’ll speak to all three of the factions: the Syndicate, Marauders and Covenant. After talking to all three, you’ll eventually enlist with one of them, fighting on their behalf in Aeternum’s bloody landscape. If you want a more detailed guide on New World factions, why not check out our in-depth overview?

When you head to the faction you want to join, speak to its representative in your starting settlement. The representative will ask you to lock in your choice. If you feel you made a mistake, the game currently allows you to switch faction. However, Amazon Games has developed a system that stops players from transferring to the faction with the most land. So, we highly advise picking what you want the first time around.

So you want to change faction?

The process of changing faction in New World is easy. Simply load your character and press “K” (the default key to open the character screen). When the new menu opens up, click on the Bio tab. You’ll notice the faction you are currently a part of on the left side of the menu. At the bottom left of the screen, you can see a Change Faction button. Clicking on that button opens a new menu showing the two other factions in New World. However, you cannot switch to the faction which owns the most territory. If you want to join that faction, you’ll need to wait for your gang to take over or the third faction to collect some more land.

If you do successfully switch faction, you’ll enter a 120-day lockout from changing faction again. You’ll also lose your faction rank and all faction badges earned through missions. It is safe to say changing your faction will set you back in terms of progression on titles and gear (if you opt to gear through your faction’s quartermaster). Amazon Games appear to have gone out of their way to ensure that one faction doesn’t immediately dominate the server, making the faction rivalries somewhat competitive by design.

There you go, you now know how to change faction in New World. If you are switching faction, let us know why, as it could be useful feedback for Amazon Games to ensure the game stays balanced in its post-launch life.

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2 thoughts on “How to Change Faction in New World”

Most people leave factions because (like in my case) forced merges. The other companies players inside the faction (who are from the new world that we were thrown into) behaviors are so toxic and the faction nor the company leaders never correct those players behaviors. These players will stand over you when you die and dance an you or use the X key and crawl all over you and let you die (unflagged) and another factions company player will come over and revive you, then message you about how toxic that company and faction is. Our old world (Brazir) while it dwindled away due to all of the nerfing and buffing, loss of coin and objects from sales in the store, and all of the other crappy updates and bug fixes (that broke everything else) we were still a very close knit world and community. No man left behind mentality. In our new world (which sucks for green because they are so toxic) most of us are going to other factions because they are all about themselves and working the games system. They manipulate the market, and throw their own faction under a bus in wars (anything really) just to benefit themselves and get ahead. No one wants to be a part of that, at least no one with a normal mindset capacity.

Wow, that’s crazy :O. My old server (Diana’s Grove) had drama between the orange guilds within the first week of it launching. One guild wanted other guilds to be the Warhawks, while they overpopulated and took things for themselves. Eventually, the faction turned on itself and the underdog green faction took over the server. Faction drama in that game is certainly interesting.

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new world visit faction representative to switch

New World Faction Guide

by redbyrd | Last updated Oct 9, 2023

new world visit faction representative to switch

  • Introduction

There are 3 New World factions players can choose from. The Marauders, The Covenant, and the Syndicate.

The Marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation. One where anyone with the strength to do so can prosper and profit.

The Covenant is a fervent group of individuals that has charged itself with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers. They do this so that its true holy nature can flourish and justice can be restored.

The Syndicate is a secretive organization of immeasurable cunning and intellect in search of forbidden knowledge. Their plan is to usher in a new age of enlightenment.

  • How to Join a Faction in New World

Once you wash up on the shores of Aeternum you’ll be guided through a series of beginner quests. You will need to complete those quests to unlock factions. If you do not complete those quests you will not be able to access the quests in town.  So, do not skip these.  

Once you complete the first few quests you will then be directed to the closest town. You will need to continue to progress through the quest line. This will eventually you to meet the leaders of each faction. Once you have met each one you will then be faced with a choice of which faction to join. 

  • Faction Enclaves

Each Faction has an Enclave located in the Everfall. These will act as the “quest hub” for your faction as you travel through the main quest line. Below is a quick preview of each Enclave.

  • Syndicate Enclaves

new world visit faction representative to switch

  • Marauder Enclaves

new world visit faction representative to switch

  • Covenant Enclaves

new world visit faction representative to switch

  • How to Switch Factions

To change factions, you simply need to press the default key of “K” and go to the Bio tab. In the bottom left-hand corner, there is a Change Faction button. If you are in a company you must first leave the company before you can join a different faction. You can change your faction once every 60 days. Upon changing factions you will auto-complete the faction advancement quests, so you will not have to regain faction reputation again. Additionally, any faction gear that you have purchased from your old faction will be yours to keep.

new world visit faction representative to switch

  • Open World Faction PvP

Anyone from any faction can opt-in to  PvP while in the open world .   Once you have joined a faction, you can flag up for PvP in any settlement, outpost, or spirit shine. You can flag by pressing the default key of U. There is a cooldown period once you leave the safe zone before your PvP Flag becomes enabled. You can learn more about open-world PvP in our  open-world PvP guide .  

  • Faction Missions

In order to control territory, you must win a war . Before you can actually declare war on another faction, that faction’s control of its territory must first be undermined. This is done during daily influence races .

Upon accepting a PvP mission, you will be tasked with completing a specific quest.

These include recovering tactical information, patrolling a specific area, and more. It’s very important to note that upon accepting a PvP mission you will be auto-flagged for PvP. If you unflag, you will automatically fail that mission. If you die at any time during the mission you will also fail the mission. You will keep the mission but will have to start the mission over from square one. 

Upon successful completion of a PvP mission, you will gain faction currency and influence for your faction within that territory. This will increase your factions influence and help your faction win the influence race. You will also receive experience towards your PvP reward track and receive PvP salt currency that can be used to purchase items from your PvP reward track.

Keep in mind that influence is only gained during the influence race window. However, the other rewards can be obtained at any time when completing a faction mission.

new world faction missions

You can also do PvE missions for your faction which include things like crafting supplies, defeating mobs, and gathering resources. When you complete a PvE mission you are rewarded with faction currency but will NOT gain territory influence.

  • How to Increase Faction Rank in New World

In order to progress within your faction, you will need to run faction missions and perform other faction activities that grant you a faction reputation. As you gain faction reputation you will hit milestones within your faction. Once you reach these milestones you will then be directed to your faction representative to complete a faction-specific “trial” quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will be rewarded with the next rank within your faction. 

These quests will automatically appear in your quest log under the “side quest” category, once you reach the necessary reputation to unlock the next milestone. From the quest log, you can view the quest information and the area in which you need to go in order to complete the trial quest. 

It’s important to rank up within your faction so you can increase the cap of faction tokens that you can have and unlock the higher-tier faction gear and items that’s available to you within the faction store. The faction rank milestones are as follows (These are the Syndicate names, the names will vary per faction but the ranks will not):

Adept (Rank 1) – 0 Reputation  Scrivener (Rank 2) – 3,000 Reputation Chronicler (Rank 3)- 11,000 Reputation Cabalist (Rank 4)- 26,000 Reputation Alchemist (Rank 5) – 49,000 Reputation Magus (Rank 6) – 85,000 Reputation (Requires Expansion – Rise of the Angry Earth)

  • The Faction Vendor

Each faction representative will allow you to spend your faction tokens and gold to purchase faction-specific items. There are also valuable resources available from the faction vendors. These include items such as the Chomatic Seal , Azoth Inductor , and more. The faction vendor is also the only place you can obtain Runes of holding which you need to increase your storage space when crafting storage-related items.

Along with the resources you can also purchase faction-specific gear. It’s also important to note that all the faction gear comes equipped with set attributes. However these attributes can be adjusted by using a faction seal.

  • Faction Seals

You change your desired attributes by purchasing a faction seal from the faction vendor. The seals only cost faction tokens and are cheap to buy. They are located in the first tier of the store. You must not have the piece of gear equipped, and you can only change your attributes once per piece of gear, so make sure you don’t apply the wrong seal to the wrong item.

In order to apply the faction seal, you need to first purchase the seal and then make your way to the appropriate crafting station. For example, if you purchase a piece of light armor you would need to have the seal and be at the Outfitting Station to apply the seal. If you purchase heavy armor then you would need to be at the forge.

It’s important to note that you can can only convert your gear with a seal once. Applying the craft will finalize the gear and prevent you from changing it again. Additionally, you will lose any gems you have in the item when you craft the new version of it, so make sure to add gems after you have the version you want. 

  • Faction Store Exclusive Items

There are certain items in the game that will important for your progression that can only be obtained via the faction vendor. Some of the items have a cooldown. This means you can only purchase a certain amount within a certain time period. Some of the items are also available at multiple tiers within the shop. The below chart lists the highest tier available, and the costs at the highest tier:

  • Do I Have to Join a Faction in New World?

In short, no, you are not forced to join a faction in New World. If you do not join one, then you will not be able to participate in aspects of the game. You can still join a company without a faction. However, you can not be the governor or participate in a war if you do not belong to a faction.

  • New World Faction Guide Conclusion

That concludes our New World Faction Guide. For more on territory control and faction warfare, check out our New World War Guide!

  • FirstHeading

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How to Change Faction in New World?

This guide will explain how you can change Faction in New World . In many MMO games selecting a side is a very important choice. That's because a player can’t switch the side later on. Fortunately, this is not about New World. In this game, you can change from one alliance to any other immediately. But there are some restrictions.

All you need to do is to open your Character menu and then open the “BIO” tab. You will see the following image:

Change faction in New World

Find the “ Change Faction ” button at the bottom below the Tokens counter. Click this button and you are done. You will be offered to select a new side. As you see the process is pretty straightforward.


You can switch sides for the first time without any restrictions. You can even do it right after you make your first choice. But after this, you can change the alliance only once every 120 days (4 months). This restriction will prevent players from flipping alliances every several days.

What do you need to know?

Keep in mind that changing alliances will affect your bonuses. You will lose all the bonuses of your current faction. But you will grant all the bonuses of the new alliance.

Why is this possible?

Developers decided to give players more freedom. Selecting an alliance is a very important choice but a beginner can make a mistake at this step. If the alliance choice is permanent, a player has to create a new character to switch sides. But in New World, things are more player-friendly. You can start as a Syndicate member, then switch to Marauders and end up being a Covenant follower. Isn’t this great?

Some players don’t like this system. They think this may affect faction balance. But this isn’t correct. 120 days lock will prevent players from flipping side frequently.

Is 8GB of RAM enough

How to find a place of your last death, minimum and recommended system requirements, how to respec / reset skills and attributes, where to get oil.

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How to change your faction in New World

Jon Bitner

More than anything else, New World is a game built around its faction system. This splits the community into three rival groups that are vying for control of the land. Join a powerful faction, and you’ll reap the rewards of conquest — including better gear, better stats, and increased gold production.

What factions are available?

How to change factions in new world.

If you think you’ve made a mistake when picking your faction, it’s not the end of the world. There are a few stipulations, but Amazon makes it easy to change your faction in New World with just a few minutes of work.

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  • The best MMORPGs

Picking the right faction is one of the first big choices you’re given in New World . All three function the same way — that is, there are no exclusive perks for choosing one over the other — although you’ll gain a variety of benefits depending on how much territory your faction controls throughout Aeternum. You’re also limited to joining companies within your faction, so you’ll want to make sure you’re joining the same one as your friends. Otherwise, you’ll be going head-to-head in all of New World ‘s PvP content.

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Here’s a quick look at the factions of New World along with their background and beliefs:

Amazon Games said the Marauders are a group of “proud warriors who fight with honor for glory and self-improvement.” This faction believes the best way to grow is through conflict and overcoming any obstacles in your path. If you’re of the mindset that brute force can get you through any battle, the Marauders might be your perfect faction. Marauders’ main color in New World is green.

Adventurers who join the Syndicate are typically “clever disciples who fight with cunning for the sake of truth and progress.” They’re a bit more scholarly than the Covenant and Marauders — although they’re not beyond drawing swords if needed. Inquisitive minds and curious explorers will find the Syndicate to be a perfect home. This faction’s main color is purple.

As the most faithful faction in all Aeternum, Covenant members fight to protect the living from the dangerous Lost and Corrupted roaming the land. Amazon Games calls the Covenant “the protective stewards of the Spark — the light of intelligence and spirit that animates all beings.” In other words, they’re a bit like the Templars or Paladins of New World . The Covenant’s main color is yellow.

While factions play a crucial role in New World , Amazon Games makes it surprisingly easy to swap to another team. You’ll want to think carefully before doing this, however, as it’ll reset your faction rank and tokens — and if you’ve already sunk dozens of hours into your current alliance, this means you’ll have a long slog ahead of you.

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and still want to change your faction, here’s how it works:

  • Open the Character menu .
  • Select the Bio tab .
  • Look to the left side of the screen and you’ll see an icon for your faction.
  • Below the faction icon, select Change Faction .

Keep in mind that you can only change factions once every 120 days, and it’ll cost you 100 Azoth. Beyond those requirements, you’re free to switch factions as many times as you’d like.

If you’ve yet to join a faction, don’t worry — after a few hours of gameplay, you’ll be tasked with meeting all three faction leaders and asked to decide on which to join. Weigh your options carefully, as you can only change it a few times each year.

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After you arrive at Pilgrim's Rest and explore, you will be led to the small base that's full of notes, among dozens of other items. Your objective is behind a locked door that asks you a few questions that you're supposed to learn the answers to by hunting down and reading all the notes. This isn't a door you can lockpick no matter how high your skill level is, so selecting the right answers is the only way forward. Here are all the questions you will be asked, and the correct responses:

Even though you will be spending the majority of your time in Starfield sitting in your ship or exploring the various planets across the universe, you won't have a true place to call your own unless you buy a house. Unlike your ship or the room you're given in Constellation, getting your own home lets you decorate, rest, and really just have a place to make your own. Getting a house isn't mandatory, nor is it even that easy to do. You'll need more than just a pocket full of Credits, so here are the ways you can get yourself a house in Starfield. Ways to get a house

There are a couple of ways to get a house in Starfield, with the easiest to simply take the Dream Home trait when building your character. This will automatically give you a home after a quick quest, but it isn't free. You will need to pay off a huge 125,000 Credit mortgage before it's officially yours.

Unless you decide to completely forgo the lockpicking skill in Starfield, then Digipicks, alongside Med Packs and ammo, will be among the most sought-after items on your shopping list for the entire game. These little devices allow you to pick locks and hack terminals, which makes them very handy. Partially because of how many things there are to lockpick, and also how easy it is to miss these little devices in the environment, you will be running out of them far too often. Thankfully you can go out and buy these items, but not from every vendor out there. Here are the best shops in the Settled Systems to stock up on Digipicks in Starfield. Where to buy Digipicks

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Factions Guide | New World

Last Updated January 23, 2023 By Johnny Salib / FlamingGaymer Leave a Comment

The time has come to start talking about one of the main portions of New World, Factions. While a player’s involvement with Factions is going to depend on whether or not they enjoy playing PVP, even PVE players will want to join a Faction due to the perks and quests they provide you. 

Factions are essentially tribes that players will select and while their main purpose is connected to PVP, there is a great amount of use for PVE such as Gypsum or resources for crafting bags, chests and trial resources.

While players could technically avoid doing anything to do regarding Factions, I would strongly advise against this as even if you don’t heavily focus on the tasks for Factions you can make a good amount of Gold from them and who can say no to Gold?

There are a total of 3 Factions in the game being: Mauraders, Covenant and Syndicate. Although there are only three Factions, players will then want to split off into companies that are related to these Factions in order to take part in PVP tasks. With that being said, the Faction that you choose does not really matter as long as you are playing with folks you want to play with. All Factions will provide you with the same rewards for the most part and while I will cover the subtle differences, I’m happy to tell you that they do not matter at all. 

The following guide will take you through everything you need to know about Factions including how to efficiently farm Faction Quests, what the rewards for each Faction are and more.

Note: If you are looking for a new Twitch Streamer to check out or have questions you’d like to ask me live about the game, check out my Twitch Streams here .

new world visit faction representative to switch


As mentioned, there aren’t many differences between the Factions and overall they all end up in the same place by the end of a player’s journey. For the most part the differences include:

Different Lore that’s based on the Faction’s worldview

Faction-specific Gear which all has the same stats, however, varies in different weight, making some Factions much more appealing to some playstyles over others. Though this is true, the Faction Gear is all entry-level PVP Gear and will want to be traded out even at its highest level, making this a bit… well pointless. I’ll be honest, you’re probably better off buying cheap Gear off the Trading Post rather than using your Faction for PVP Gear.

The faction’s theme for cosmetics and colour scheme. 

Unique types of quests and areas where the quests are located, though there isn’t a major difference to this or one Faction that’s better than another.


Absolutely! In fact, I strongly recommend that you do complete all of the Faction quests if not for the experience, but to ensure that you understand the lore and understand what team you’re aligning with. Though not every player is going to be invested in the lore of the game and the majority aren’t going to read or watch the main story, there are a number of players and companies who get heavily involved in roleplaying. 

Now, this is going to be on a case-by-case basis and the way that I chose my Faction was based on my friends and ended up switching when my Company merged with another. 

new world visit faction representative to switch


Absolutely! Though there is a cooldown period for this and there are some rules when it comes to switching Factions. Most importantly for this section, if you already have a Faction selected you will only be able to change your faction every  60 Days . The amount of time has switched twice since I started New World. It was originally only 30 days and it’s unclear if the amount of time is based on your server size or if it is something that the devs keep fiddling with. 

Nonetheless, players will be warned about this cooldown even with the first Faction that they join, explicitly being told how long it will take to switch 

When I joined my first Faction I was given a free chance to change my Faction with no cooldown. This should still be implemented in the game at all points, especially as most players will not have friends on New World for the first few weeks. 


It’s a little bit of a shame, but to conserve the health of PVP in New World the devs have made it so a player cannot switch to a Faction that has covered the majority of the map by taking over Settlements. 

Now, while this can be frustrating for players who want to be part of “the best Faction” since they are probably some of the better PVP-ers, we’ve actually seen what happens when a single Faction dominates a server and it is not good. 

While you would think that a dominant Faction will only affect PVP, the reality is that it will also heavily impact PVE as the Faction in charge will typically begin manipulating the market making it extremely inaccessible for newer or more casual players. The way this is managed is due to the massive amounts of money a Faction can gain from taxes, allowing them to shop up all of the cheap resources, forcing the Trading Post to get more and more expensive to the point where all players are locked out. 

This is honestly why the system works in regards to not allowing players to switch to the dominant Faction as it raises the chance that Territories will flip, though as PVP is heavily gear dependent there is a very strong chance this will not be possible as the Faction in charge will refuse to sell good Gear and if any Gear appears on the Trading Post they will buy it immediately to secure their spot.

No matter what, this will somewhat be the case on any server, though when a server is more balanced the chances for a flip are relatively high.

new world visit faction representative to switch


Yes and no. There are some elements of PVP a player can engage in without having a Faction such as 3v3 Arenas, however, if players want to be marked for PVP in the Overworld or want to regularly participate in Wars they will need to join a Faction before they can be flagged for PVP . 

That being said, when it comes to OPR and Wars you don’t actually need to be on the team of the players you are playing with, allowing for a higher chance of queues not taking forever as otherwise, these would simply take too long to even participate in especially if you are on a lower population server. 

With that being said, I would still strongly recommend that you know who you are playing with as it will make any form of PVP a lot more fluid and more successful, though with the in-game voice it’s not the absolute worst. 

The ideal situation is that you join a well-formed company that has a large community in hopes of joining their discord so you can have regular and open communication with them. Let it be known this is most important for players who want to regularly engage in PVP and for the PVE-focused players who are simply trying to play those aspects of the game it truly doesn’t matter. 

That being said, there are a number of ways to engage in PVP content without a company and you can even complete the PVP Track without taking part in “real” PVP content, which I have covered here .


Similar to Town Project Boards , there are a few different types of tasks available for players from their Faction, these are segregated by PVP and PVE. 

PVE Missions include explorer quests that require players to either kill mobs or pillage chests for goodies, cull animals to retrieve or the most sought quests being the ones that require you to head into particular Expeditions to complete. In regards to the Expeditions, players will only be able to accept Expeditions from the location where the Expedition is, so Starstone will be accepted from Everfall or Ennead from Brimstone and so on and so forth. 

Players can also claim a Faction Mission that requires them to seal a Corruption Portal and this is the only quest that can be done in any area, even one you didn’t claim it from.  PVE Missions are best for Territory Standing and Gold. 

PVP Missions are quite boring and are typically used for throwing Territories into conflict so a war can be started. With that being said, PVP Missions are the best and simplest way to get your PVP Track up even as a solo player, though without a company it doesn’t feel as worth it to do them as again it’s just a running simulator.

PVP Missions will simply help you get your PVP points in, though they offer some of the better and easier Faction Tokens (especially with the daily multiplier) and a decent amount of Gold. I personally recommend that players complete at least 3 of these a day for the bonuses, but repeating them over and over again like I do is extremely long-winded and not really worth the time and effort in comparison to other forms of farming. 

At the end of the day, it really matters what you’re trying to do in the game, if you’re trying to get your Territory Standing up, spend more time focussing on PVE Missions, if you’re trying to get your PVP Track up, focus on PVP Missions. 

new world visit faction representative to switch


There are a few different reasons a player will gain more Faction Tokens or experience from completing Faction Quests. Firstly, players will have three opportunities a day to get a multiplier on their Faction Quests, so I strongly recommend you use these dailies on the highest-yielding Faction Quests to make the most of your time. 

Secondly, players will gain more rewards from more difficult content to complete, for example, Expeditions give the highest yield with the lowest going to Corruption Portals as you can technically do a level 25 Corruption Portal even when you’ve accepted the quest in Brimstone. 

Lastly, the amount of Faction Tokens and experience you gain is dependent on the area you accept your Quests in as for the most part you will have to complete the quests in the area you have accepted them in so if you’re in Brimstone content is obviously going to be more difficult than if you were in First Light. Due to this it’s even worth completing Faction Quests in Shattered Mountain or an area that doesn’t have Territory Standing as the Quests will provide you with the highest rewards.

If you are min-maxing I would strongly recommend you always do your first three Missions a day in a level 60+ area such as Brimstone Sands or Shattered Mountains and then do the rest of your quests in an area you actually want to level up. If you are ever running Mutations set your Inn to the location the Expedition is in and keep checking your Faction to see if there are missions in regards to the Expedition you are running. 

The way I run Faction Quests is as follows:

Every day I run 3 PVP Missions unless I am too lazy, I always double-check for Expedition Quests whenever I am in a Territory with an Expedition and leave it until it’s the week of Mutations and don’t turn them in the last time I complete the Expedition so that I can utilize it on a day that I am too lazy to run a PVP Mission. 

Realistically I find that Town Projects are much better for Territory Standing than Faction Quests, but much like most things in New World, I will try to run most things at the same time to optimize on time. 


Yes, different Factions have different Missions, however, every Faction has the same type of Mission, they just have different locations for each. 

As mentioned earlier, this should not be a reason to switch Factions, however, it might be a factor that makes players enjoy certain Territories over others. 

There is no shame to this, but it does tend to affect what Territory a Company takes over as certain PVP quests are just abysmal to run if a Faction’s quest is too far. 

That being said, the actual level-up Missions for Factions are all in different areas, though I will cover these in separate posts. That also being said, the quest to unlock Brimstone Sands will be in a different location based on what Faction you are a part of.

new world visit faction representative to switch


One of the most important Factors to being part of a Faction is throwing Territories into conflict so your Company can take it over. This is predominantly done by completing the PVP Missions from your Faction Leader in each Settlement, though a player can also do this by completing Corruption Portals at the moment. 

When a Faction completes enough of these quests an alert will appear on the server saying a certain Faction has thrown the Territory into conflict and will allow players to declare a war on the current reigning Company.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of RNG to this portion as any Company (even those who have not participated in the PVP Missions can declare War and then RNG will select which company is actually going to fight in the War. Due to this mechanic, it’s going to be important that you get to know other Companies in your Faction in order to ensure that there isn’t a great deal of stepping on toes or conflict among the Companies as realistically players will often need to request the assistance of other Companies in order to successfully win a War. 

Wars will require a large group of PVP players in order to attack or defend the current reigning company. This is not an easy feat and tends to be relatively gear-dependant, meaning a richer company tends to have the upper hand in these situations. 

As best-in-slot Gear needs to be crafted in almost all situations, Companies with more Gold will be able to dump hoards of Gold into their best players, essentially helping secure a win on the War. While skill is still a factor in Wars a player with no PVP Gear will be at an extreme disadvantage to a player with 1 PVP perks, who would be at a disadvantage to a player with two and so on. 

Unfortunately, the reality of PVP perks is that they provide players with large stat bonuses that cannot be combated with PVE stats. 

Luckily players can get a good amount of PVP gear in Expeditions, so you will have a decent chance to get at least 2 PVP perks on all of your Gear. 


Although the following section will not cover each individual item you can purchase from your Faction, as most of them aren’t useful, I will take you through the majority of them. 

Essentially, I will be skipping every piece of Armour as all you need to know is that all pieces can be purchased from any Faction though Mauraders gear is typically Heavy, Syndicate is typically Medium and Covenant is typically Light. 

While different playstyles would benefit from a specific weight, I really wouldn’t recommend choosing your Faction based on what weight their Armour is as the Faction Armour is actual trash and realistically you can get much better gear from the Trading Post for cheaper or for free from an Expedition.

There is a different Gear Set per tier, so if for some reason you want these, you will have many options for styles. 

Similar to Armour, players will be able to purchase Potions, though this is probably not something you want to do as Potions are extremely common from drops and players can easily make them in Arcana. 

Now, the following are the best purchases in my opinion per tier:

Tier 1 does not require players to gain any experience in order to purchase any items. The majority of the items players can purchase in this tier are not necessarily the most useful unless you are a crafter. 

The following are all the useful items of this tier. 


The Barbarian Seal allows players to change their Faction Gear to Strength and Constitution. It costs 95 Faction Tokens and no Gold.


The Brigand Seal allows players to change their Faction Gear to Dexterity and Constitution. It costs 95 Faction Tokens and no Gold.


The Occult Seal allows players to change their Faction Gear to Intelligence and Constitution. It costs 95 Faction Tokens and no Gold.


The Cleric Seal allows players to change their Faction Gear to Focusand Constitution. It costs 95 Faction Tokens and no Gold.


The Minor Rune of holding costs 1,000 Faction Tokens and 250 Gold and can only be purchased through your Faction Vendor. 

Admittedly this item is only useful in the early game, so if you are on a Server with a number of newer players then you will want to capitalize on buying these to craft either Hew Log Storage Chests or Coarse Leather Adventurers Satchels. 

In order to reach Tier 2 players must gain 3,000 Reputation with their Faction and complete a quest.


The Major Rune of holding costs 3,000 Faction Tokens as well as 500 Gold, players will need these to craft Hope Storage Chest, Iron Chests and Layered Leather Adventurers Satchel.


Common Material Converters cost 100 Faction Tokens and 0 Gold, being the least expensive item on the Faction Shop. 

These are one-time use items that allow you to convert different refining materials into others. These are perfect when you are in a pinch and do not want to loot chests or purchase items on the Trading Post. 

I personally don’t use these as they are not a 1 to 1 trade off and realistically I never run out of the Materials they convert because I’m constantly grinding resources, but still worth a check out for those of you who do.

In order to acquire Tier 3 players must gain 11,000 Reputation with their Faction and complete a quest.


The Greater Rune of Holding costs 5,000 Faction Tokens and 1,000 Gold and will be able to craft Hope Storage Chest and Layered Leather Adventurers Satchel.


The Starmetal Chisel costs 2000 Tokens and 150 Gold to purchase. While many players ignore this resource, I personally really enjoy it as it will help you craft Orbs for Trials which are essentially bosses in the overworld.

While Trials do not provide players with the best Gear, they are extremely fun and quite a rarity to see, though this is dependent on what server you are on.


Gem Setting Pins cost 300 Faction Tokens and 100 Gold and can be used for Jewellery Crafting.


Depending on what Faction you are a part of you will be able to purchase their colour in a dye for 300 Faction Tokens and 100 Gold.

In order to gain Tier 4 with your Faction players will need to acquire 26,000 Faction Reputation and complete a quest.


The Grand Rune of holding costs 7,000 Faction Tokens and 1,500 Gold. They are used for Golden Steel Storage Chest and Infused Leather Adventurers Satchel.

In order to get Tier 5 players must gain 49,000 Reputation with their Faction and complete a quest.


The Chunk of Consecrated Iron is a Craft Mod that allows you to place the Resilient Perk on any of the pieces of Gear you are making. 

It costs 3,000 Faction Tokens and 10 Gold. 

Gypsum Orbs are going to be the main priority for players to purchase from their Faction as it will guarantee that they receive at least one piece of Gear that is in their Expertise range per day. 

Depending on where a player is completing their Faction Quests they should be able to get both Gypsum per day every day as they are only 7,000 Faction Tokens and no Gold. 

I would strongly recommend you purchase both every day so you can either hoard the Gypsum Casts until you are 625 Expertise or use them immediately if you are trying to get to 600 Expertise. 


Writ of Adventure are the most expensive purchase a player will make, however, they are one of the most useful as they will allow you to upgrade your Heartgem up to the third tier. 

Writs of Adventure cost 20,000 Faction Tokens and 1,000Gold and while players can get one from the Main Story quest, many players will upgrade multiple Heartgems so they can switch based on the task they need based on what the rest of the team is running or what Expedition they are in. 

While I personally do not have all of my Heargems up, this is a priority for the future so I can see myself purchasing a lot of Writs of Adventure. 

As a warning, if you are preparing to have multiple Heartrunes, you may want to purchase Writs of Adventure in advance as you can only buy one per day. 

' src=

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Johnny is also a sound designer/composer , writing for theatre and film and recently becoming interested in video game soundtracks , and is a big animal enthusiast . All of his music is DMCA-Free making it available for use for other streamers or content creators.

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Screen Rant

New world: how to switch factions.

Switching factions in New World is a simple procedure; however, players should be aware of the Azoth cost and long-time restraints before changing.

Within the first few hours of one's journey in Aeternum, players will be granted a choice of joining a   New World   Faction of their choosing; however, some players might wish to rethink their decision and switch to another coalition. There are several reasons why a player in  New World  would want to change their Faction. Maybe they eventually dislike the ideology or cosmetics a sect provides, or perhaps they began playing  New World , only to have their friends join the game and decide to pick another Faction.

Another reason players might wish to join a  different Faction in  New World  is that they are looking to join a particular Company. Aeternum's Companies are faction-specific, meaning players can only register within a Company of their Faction. Fortunately, changing between the three big coalitions is simple but comes at a cost with a heavy time restriction. Continue reading to learn how to switch Factions in  New World .

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To change  one's Faction in  New World , players will first need to open the Character menu by either selecting the tab or pressing the "K" key. Players can choose the "Bio" tab on the Character window to view the Faction to which they currently belong. At the lower-left of the screen is the option to "Change Faction." Click it to open a new screen that provides the opportunity to join another Faction for 100x Azoth.

Switching Factions In New World: Costs & Timers

The best way to  farm Azoth in  New World   is by going through the main questline. The major quests provide players with plenty of Azoth for fast-traveling, enhancing crafted items, and switching Factions. Another way players can amass Azoth is through Azoth Extraction, a unique perk that allows actions such as Gathering to have a chance at collecting Azoth. For example, players might have a 25% chance to receive 1x Azoth every time they mine ore with a pickaxe infused with Azoth Extraction. Although it is not the most reliable method, it's an excellent way for players to farm essential resources and materials while gaining bonus Azoth on the side.

Once a player has gathered enough Azoth and successfully changed their Faction, they are unable to switch sides again for a 120-day duration. With this system in place, players will only be able to change their Faction about three times a year. Keeping this in mind, players should be wary not to frivolously switch between Factions, as they cannot go back on their decision for quite a while.

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New World  is available on PC through Steam.

New World: A Complete Guide To Factions

Choosing between the three factions in New World can be a layered decision. Here's everything players need to know before diving in.

There was a time when the MMORPG was a niche market for hardcore gamers. Today, it really is a whole New World , and Amazon's foray into massively multiplayer gaming is getting a lot of attention. The game is different from others in a lot of interesting ways that immerse players and keep them engaged. The conventional leveling system makes progression easy to follow, and the game features plenty of exciting survivalist action.

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Most MMOs have opposing or warring factions, and players have to choose one side or the other as part of the character creation process or after advancing a few levels in the game. In New World , there are three factions vying for control of Aeterneum . Gamers can choose between the zealous Covenant, the ambitious Mauraders, or the mysterious Syndicate . It helps to have a New World Faction guide when choosing a side. Be advised that every server has a different dynamic when it comes to which factions control what regions, and this has some influence on the one that players will choose.

Updated on November 11, 2022, by Kristy Ambrose: New World has gone through a lot of changes since it was first released, including several fixes, patches, and a whole new expansion, the Brimstone Sands. Aeternum is still the home of three competing Factions, and each has its own benefits and advantages, with some new additions for their most trusted members. This guide includes all the information new and returning players need regarding joining a faction, the perks they can enjoy, and the activities they can experience by joining one of Aeternum's three warring groups.

Joining A Faction

There are plenty of reasons to join a faction, and it's essential to experience the full in-game content available. By the time the player has fought their way from the shipwreck on the beach to the nearest hamlet any of the territories intended for newbies between levels 1 to 25, they will have reached or will be very close to reaching level 10.

There are four starting areas in each of these zones, and each has its own main city. The player's starting area is chosen at random when a character is created, depending on the composition of players on each server. New characters always start on a beach only a short trip away from a settlement, and the journey serves as a tutorial for new players .

Once the player hits level 10, they'll get a quest from an NPC in the center of town called " Commitment to the Cause, " which requires the player to do the pertinent research and align with a New World faction. This person isn't a faction representative themselves, but has the title of Magistrate and is considered to be one of the settlement's leaders. This NPC also provides several starting quests related to simple tasks, like binding at an inn, so the player already knows this quest-giver by the time they hit level 10.

  • Everfall: The most northerly location and also the furthest inland, this shipwreck had to come pretty deep into the fjord before washing up on the beach. The settlement is close to the middle of the zone. The quest NPC here is named Balian Clark.
  • First Light: The zone on the southeastern point of Aeternum is a likely place for shipwrecks. The settlement is close to the water to the west of the starting point. Players can talk to Sylvia Oakes to get the quest.
  • Monarch Bluffs: The zone south of Everfall shares a border with the same fjord, but has more water access. The starting point is just downhill from the settlement. Urbanus Bixford is the quest NPC.
  • Windsward: This zone is north of First Light and has much smaller access to the beach, but it's enough for a shipwreck. The settlement is nearby at the top of a hill. The Magistrate here is Deepti Korrapati.

Before choosing, keep in mind all of the following points that can affect how powerful, influential, or useful each alliance would be for an individual character. Each hamlet in every region, regardless of who controls it, has Faction representation and they are happy to hand every character all of the pertinent literature.

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Changing Factions

Joining a faction isn't a permanent decision that can't be reversed, so if a player feels they've made a mistake, they have the option of joining another faction. To start the process , open the Character screen using the "K" key and open the "Bio" tab. This screen lists the character's basic information, including their Company if they belong to one, any titles they've earned, and their faction.

Underneath the New World faction name and banner is a button that says "Change Faction." Click this to make a popup screen appear with all three factions listed. Before joining another faction, the player has to complete a different set of initiation quests in a certain location, which is noted in the "Select Faction" screen. This isn't used to change the character's faction but gives them the information they need to start the process.

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Control Points

Every Territory has a fort, which is the faction's control point for the region. The map shows who controls which forts, and which ones are contested. The more players from one faction are present in the fort, the faster that faction takes over the fort and eventually the region if they succeed. In order to enter a fort, a player must be flagged for PvP, which can be easily turned on and off using the "u" key.

The exact Territories each New World faction controls are always in flux, and the player's membership in a faction determines their ability to fish, farm, or hunt in these areas as well. That means that Aetereum looks different on every server in New World, so the player's choice of faction depends heavily on the server of choice.

Members of the dominating faction get a 5% bonus to their XP gain while leveling and a 20% to their Influence gain within that territory . This is similar to "grinding reputation," a common experience in other MMOs like World of Warcraft. In New World , players can also access special items, rewards, and other quests by making friends in high places.

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Declaring War

Declaring War in New World is a fairly complex process . It starts with a Company, the New World version of a guild, declaring war on a Territory. There are a total of 12 territories that make up the vast island of Aetereum, and War can only be declared on a Territory that's currently in Conflict . How that happens involves Faction Influence, the New World version of a reputation grind, and the opposing factions.

There are two different kinds of Faction quests in New World: PvE and PvP. The PvE quests reward money, reputation points, and Faction tokens, but they don't generate influence for the player's faction within that zone. That's where the PvP quests come in. These are often done in groups and they fall under five categories.

  • Assassination: Find and kill a high-level threat, usually an elite enemy related to an opposing faction.
  • Control Points: Players band together and take control of an enemy Fort.
  • Elites: Several players need to form a group and take out an Elite enemy, not of an opposing faction but in an Expedition or other special area.
  • Intercept: This basic PvP quest requires players to fight and kill members of opposing factions in a world PvP environment.
  • War Camp Loot: In this espionage mission, players sneak into the enemy camp and steal important intelligence information.

A state of Conflict occurs when an opposing Faction has gained 100% Influence in the territory, usually through competing in enough relevant PvP missions. A War consists of taking over the enemy Fort in the opposing Territory, an operation that includes siege engines and cannons for the event.

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Special Gear

Being part of one of the New World Factions isn't all about doing chores and getting beat up in a PvP event. Players can enjoy unique perks depending on the side they choose to take, including currency for new gear and accessories. As a player advances in rank with their Faction, they can purchase better gear at the Faction's Shop.

Different factions offer a variety of armor sets that players can buy with the currency earned from doing the Faction quests in New World . Most of these are PvP-oriented, but players can also collect resources and explore unknown areas as part of earning their money. The higher rank a player has with their Faction, the better quality gear they can acquire.

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Further Reading

  • New World: Faction Benefits Explained
  • New World's Main Issue With Factions Explained
  • New World: How to Join a Faction
  • New World Players Want the Option to Rebel Against Their Own Factions
  • New World Player Hits Level 60 Without Ever Joining a Faction

The Factions

The covenant.

  • Colors: Gold, yellow, and orange
  • Tier Sets and Ranks: The Covenant armor sets have names that recall a historic religious order. The Initiate is the lowest rank and wears Tier I. Templar is Tier II, followed by Excubitor at Tier III and Lumen at Tier IV. The Adjudicator is the second-highest rank at Tier 5. The highest and most intimidating rank is Inquisitor , whose gear is also considered Tier 5 but is of Epic quality as opposed to Rare.

This faction rose from the wreckage on that muddy beach determined to do some good. The Covenant is the faction for players who aspire to rise as passionate warriors to fight back and battle corruption.

Those who usually play Lawful Good characters in RPGs would gravitate toward their mission. The role of the Covenant is not only to purge the land of the mysterious power seeping from it but also to cleanse it of vice or immoral behavior. The avarice of the Marauders must be kept in check. And what dangerous secrets are the Syndicate hiding?

The Syndicate

  • Colors: Purple, blue, and white
  • Tier Sets and Ranks: The ranks given to ranking members of the Syndicate resemble those of an ancient secret society. Adepts are the new players, and start at Tier I. Scrivener follows at Tier II, Chroniclers at Tier III, Cabalist at Tier IV, and finally Alchemists at Tier V.

Knowledge is more than power. It's money, prestige, and social standing. The Syndicate is focused on Intelligence and Focus, two of the ability scores that govern the use of magical items. Thus, this faction attracts magic users , but it can extend to other character builds as well. Any players interested in espionage , for example, would feel at home in the Syndicate.

All New World Factions require their members to complete quests and rank up in level, but this is slightly more involved with the Syndicate, which gives players a specific set of quests to follow as part of the Initiation process. Every Tier advancement also consists of a Trial at level 20 or higher. Keep a watchful eye on the other factions while leveling and training to discover their secrets and subvert their plans.

The Marauders

  • Colors: Green, in varying shades
  • Tier Sets and Ranks: The Marauders could be compared to a military force. In organization and discipline that might be true, but only if the army in question was made up of ruthless mercenaries. The Tier I rank is Soldier , and the titles get more dramatic after that. Tier II is Gladiator , then Ravager at Tier III, Destroyer at Tier IV, and finally Commander at Tier V. Like in the Covenant Faction, there's an even higher rank, Legatus , that is also considered Tier V but is of Epic quality instead.

The Marauders have a refreshingly simple philosophy. Aetereum is for commercial and personal gain, and this faction is here to exploit it. That could mean natural resources, magical knowledge, real estate, or whatever the land offers.

This Faction is fairly strict when it comes to advancement, requiring that players reach the reputation cap before they can undertake their initial trials and gain their first rank . There's no set of morals to follow, no divine mission — just good old-fashioned shoot, burn, and build as much as possible. Grab some gear and get busy out there, and don't even worry about what the other New World factions are doing.

  • New World Faction 'The Syndicate' Explained
  • New World: Marauder Advancement Gladiator Guide
  • New World Faction 'The Covenant' Explained
  • New World's Aeternum Setting Explained
  • New World Faction 'The Marauders' Explained

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New World: How to Choose and Change Your Faction

What is the best faction in New World? The answer depends on your preferences, each faction's popularity, and who you're playing with.

new world visit faction representative to switch

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New World

Amazon’s New World is one of the most ambitious PvP-focused MMO experiences in the last few years, but you’re not going to get the most out of the game’s marquee feature if you don’t join one of New World ‘s three factions and help your fellow faction members quite literally take over the world .

Of course, the prominence of the game’s faction features will undoubtedly leave most New World players desperately trying to answer the seemingly complicated question, “Which New World faction should I join?”

The good news is that New World ‘s faction system isn’t like World of Warcraft: Shadowland ‘s Covenant system and other “faction” mechanics in popular MMOs. In other words, you’re not immediately going to miss out on some incredible gameplay benefit or risk nerfing your own character simply because you chose to join the “wrong” faction.

The bad news is that the similarities between New World ‘s three factions can sometimes make it more difficult to choose which is the best for you since there isn’t always an obvious best option. That being the case, here’s a better look at how New World ‘s faction system works and a little advice on how to pick the “right” faction.

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How Many Factions Are in New World?

There are three player-driven factions in New World : the Marauders, Covenant, and Syndicate. Here’s a brief breakdown of the stylistic/narrative differences between each:

Marauders – A military-like group of warriors looking to establish a “free” nation where the strongest are able to stake their claim to the land.

Covenant – A divine order tasked with cleansing the land of evil forces and heretics so that they can establish a new world in their image.

Syndicate – A mysterious organization that relies on intellect and subterfuge to acquire incredible knowledge they believe will help them reshape the world.

At this time, it doesn’t seem like your faction choice greatly impacts the game’s overall narrative (though that could change down the line). However, those who like to role-play as their created character may prefer to join the faction that best fits their personality.

When Can You Choose to Join a Faction in New World?

You won’t be able to join a faction in New World until you complete the “Commitment to the Cause” story quest. Thankfully, that’s one of the game’s earliest quests, so you should expect to reach it within the first hour of play (assuming you can queue into the game that quickly).

This buildup to that quest requires you to speak to all three faction representatives before making your choice, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn a little more about each before making your decision.

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What Unique Benefits do New World’s Factions Offer?

Surprisingly, New World ‘s factions don’t offer a lot of unique gameplay benefits. If you’re worried about picking the faction that will make your character as strong as possible, you’ll be happy to know that your faction choice won’t greatly impact your personal overall power level (at least not directly, but we’ll get to that in a bit).

However, it is worth noting that each faction vendor does offer unique gear. While those items all offer relatively similar power levels in the long run, their unique visual designs mean that you might ultimately decide to side with the faction that offers the coolest set of endgame armor (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Along with emphasizing your faction’s primary color (orange/yellow for Covenant, green for Marauders, purple for Syndicate), these unique sets of armor stylistically represent the goals and lore of each faction. High-end Marauder armor tends to be heavy plate gear, Covenant armor is clearly based on Knights Templar gear, and Syndicate armor pieces are typically cloth-based items that will ultimately leave you looking like a plague doctor.

Each faction also offers a series of objectives and quests via the job board system, though there doesn’t appear to be a lot of differences between the quests at this time as most of them are variations of gathering missions and PvP objectives.

On the PvP-side of things, being in the most “dominant” faction is certainly preferable. Not only does that mean there are theoretically always more faction members around to help you conquer and defend territories, but playing in a territory controlled by your faction yields additional bonuses. On the other hand, playing in a territory dominated by another faction will likely result in having to pay higher service taxes and, you know, getting killed more often.

What is the Best Faction In New World?

It would be lovely to say that the best faction in New World is the one that’s right for you, but the truth is that the best faction in New World has a lot to do with which is the most popular and which faction your friends want to play in.

Simply put, the faction that has the most members on a particular server is most likely to eventually dominate that server. While New World ‘s developers have hinted at “underdog mechanics” designed to help the second and third most popular factions on a server regain territory, it’s not clear at this time exactly how those mechanics work.

Unfortunately, there is also no official way to tell which faction is the most popular on your server prior to picking your faction (though there is an “unofficial” way to acquire that information that we’ll discuss in a bit). While this feels like an intentional design decision meant to help ensure that everyone doesn’t just join the most popular faction right away, it’s still fairly easy to tell which faction is the most popular by keeping an eye out for how many members of each faction are running around the map and which factions currently control which territories.

Anyone who plans on playing New World with their friends should also know that the game’s Companies (essentially New World ‘s version of MMO Guilds) can only be joined by people in the same faction. As such, it’s highly recommended that you coordinate with your friends to make sure you all intend to join the same faction if you’re hoping to get the most out of this title’s social features.

So while it hurts a little to say this, it really does seem like the best faction in New World is the one that’s the most popular on your server. So far as that goes, it’s worth noting that the Syndicate and Marauder factions seem to be the most popular at the moment across most servers, though some servers are certainly already dominated by Covenant players.

Of course, those fortunate enough to be playing on servers where there isn’t a significant difference between faction populations can feel free to choose the one they like best and simply see how things play out from there.

How Can You Change Factions in New World?

To change your New World faction, you first need to open up your character menu by hitting the “K” key. From there, click on the “Bio” tab and look for the “Change Faction” option at the bottom left of the screen. This will allow you to swap to one of the game’s other factions, though there are some rules and restrictions you need to know about this process.

  • It costs 100 Azoth (a magical mineral found throughout New World ) to swap factions.
  • After you swap factions, you’ll trigger a 120 day “lockout” period. During that time, you will not be able to change factions again.
  • Each faction swap will cause you to lose your previous faction rank and faction badges, and you’ll pretty much be starting from scratch with the new faction you choose to join.
  • You are not currently able to swap to the faction who controls the most territory on your server (if territories are equally conrolled between the three factions, this restriction seems to be based on faction population). Interstingly, this restriction could be used as a way to see which faction on your server is the most popular, though you will need help from another player who has already reached this point in the game to make the most of this information before choosing your first faction.

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New World: How To Change Faction At Any Time | Allegiance Guide

Unhappy with your faction? Swap out at any time.

new world visit faction representative to switch

Your faction is your life in New World — your faction determines what companies you can join, and what faction rewards you’ll earn. And you really won’t know what Faction is best for you right at the start of your adventure. The three factions (Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate) each have strengths, and depending on your server, they might have already claimed the most territory. Each server only carries 2,000~ players max, so each mini-ecosystem can have plenty of variance. One big group of players can easily dominate the map, leaving you in the lurch if you picked the dirt worst faction on the island. Especially if you don’t want to get crushed in PVP.

And that’s just one theoretical reason why you might want to change your faction in New World . There are plenty of others, and thankfully the developers realized that making a totally new character isn’t the best solution. Yes, you can swap factions at any time in-game with your character — if you’ve played to Level 60 in one faction, you can swap to a different faction. There’s a little more you need to know about this system, so this is how it works. Here’s how to change your faction whenever you’re ready to jump ship.

More New World guides:

How To Earn Money Early | How To Craft 600 Gear Score | How To Earn Unique Buffs For Your Faction | Best Ways To Earn XP & Reach Max Level

How To Change Factions | Allegiance Guide

In New World , you join a faction at Level 10 . That’s very early in the game, and if you feel like you need to swap factions, that option is available to your character. No need to restart with a fresh start. You can change mid-game using a slightly obscure system.

  • You can only change factions AFTER leaving your Company . This button won’t auto-kick you out of your current Company.
  • You can only change your faction once every 120 days .
  • You can NOT change to the current most powerful faction on the island .

That is a lot of caveats. The 120 day timer only begins AFTER using the “Change Faction” button for the first time, so you can change your faction much faster after joining your first faction at Level 10.

You’re also limited to only joining the factions that are not the most dominant. This is the developer’s way of making sure you try to fight for dominance instead of simply swapping to the most powerful faction — but, you can always make a new character and join the most powerful faction on a server at Level 10. That’s still available if you’re really that desperate.

Factions and Companies are incredibly important to getting the most out of New World . If you want to have as much fun as you can, you owe it to yourself to sign up with a friendly Company (and swap to a friendly Faction) as early as possible. That’ll make the long grind so much easier.

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new world visit faction representative to switch

How to Change Factions in New World

Choose your friends and enemies carefully

new world visit faction representative to switch

The Brimstone Sands update for New World is live, so if you’re looking to try the game or get back into it, now may be the best time. Like many MMOs, New World presents numerous decisions for you to make, especially in the early part of the game. One of the most impactful is the faction you wish to join, with it being a decision that influences how you play and approach certain quest zones. Luckily, it isn’t permanent, though there is a lengthy cooldown on when you can do it again.

Changing Your New World Faction

Once you reach level 10, New World will ask you to choose a faction to ally yourself with. The decision can be reversed, but it should be noted there is a 120-day cooldown to do it, so pick wisely. If you want to switch factions, open your character menu by pressing “K,” then go to your character’s “Bio.” While there, your faction’s banner is visible and the option to change it is below. After paying 100 Azoth, your allegiance will officially change and you can continue playing.

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What are the Factions in New World?

If you’re a new player, it can be difficult to decide which faction to initially ally yourself with. Before committing, New World gives you a brief glimpse into what each faction believes and their overall demeanor. You can find the game’s descriptions for each below to help you decide:

  • Covenant – A divine order charged with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers so that its true holy nature and justice can be restored.
  • Marauders – A ruthless military force hell-bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength to do so can prosper and profit.
  • Syndicate – A secretive organization of boundless guile and intellect in search of forbidden knowledge to usher in a new age of enlightenment.

Another aspect to take into consideration is how much of the map each faction controls, as it can make adventuring easier. Overall, it’s a big choice, but not something to stress out too much about.

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new world visit faction representative to switch

Michael Freeman

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New World Wiki

Faction Representative NPCs

  • View history

Faction Representatives can be found around Settlements with their faction's banner behind them.

See the Faction Representative NPCs Category for a list of these NPCs.

  • 2 Expeditions
  • 3 Attributes

new world visit faction representative to switch

New World Factions: Effects and How to Change Faction

Which New World faction is for you? Choose wisely, you won't be able to change for some time.

new world visit faction representative to switch

Like with any MMORPG, New World has a ton of different choices to make, especially in the early game. The faction you choose in New World does affect a few things and it takes a long time before you can swap, so you’ll need to choose wisely.

The faction you join will have a major effect on your time in the world of Aeturnum, especially if you want to take part in New World’s PvP elements. There are three different factions to choose from:

  • Marauders (green)
  • Covenant (yellow/gold)
  • Syndicate (purple)

The three different factions of New World will control different regions, and you’ll get various bonuses in a region if your faction controls it, like boosts in crafting or receiving extra loot from dead enemies. With all of that in mind, here’s how to decide which faction to pick in New World . 

New World Factions Explained

new world visit faction representative to switch

While factions controlling a region can influence the bonuses you get, the actual factions themselves don’t have any major differences. You won’t be able to pick a faction until you reach level 10, but just follow the main story and it’ll guide you through the process of picking a faction. 

A small factor in choosing a faction may come down to whichever one’s goals you align with the most. Here’s how the game describes each before we jump into other factors. 

  • Marauders — A ruthless military force hell-bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength to do so can prosper and profit.
  • Covenant — A divine order charged with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers so that its true holy nature and justice can be restored.
  • Syndicate — A secretive organization of boundless guile and intellect in search of forbidden knowledge to usher in a new age of enlightenment.

As you choose a faction you’ll want to keep a couple of things in mind: which one controls the most of the map, and which one your friends are in.

Companies/guilds are tied to Factions , so if you want to be in a Company with your friends make sure you all join the same Faction. Even if you don’t want to join a Company together, if your friends are in other factions you’ll find yourself facing them in the game’s PvP and siege battles. 

Once you’ve joined a Faction you’ll unlock one of the major features of New World , Faction Missions. By talking to a Faction Representative in any settlement you can take on up to six Faction Missions at any time.

When looking at the mission board you’ll see three PvE missions and three PvP missions. Keep in mind that taking PvP missions will flag you after you leave the settlement, and open you up to being attacked by players of opposing Factions.

You’ll absolutely want to complete Faction Missions while adventuring through New World , as they reward you with both gold and Faction Tokens that you can redeem for special equipment and items.

How to Change Your Faction in New World

How to change your faction in New World.

Joining a Faction in New World doesn’t mean it has to be permanent, but there is one major catch. You won’t be able to change your Faction for 120 days after picking one, but after that time is up you’ll want to open your character menu by hitting “K,” and then go to your character’s “Bio.”

There you’ll see your Faction’s banner with a button to change it just below. It does, however, cost 100 Azoth to change Factions, which is a valuable resource also used for fast travel. 

That should be everything you need to know about joining a Faction and making the most of your time in Aeturnum.

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new world visit faction representative to switch

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    If you want to switch factions, open your character menu by pressing "K," then go to your character's "Bio." While there, your faction's banner is visible and the option to change it is below. After paying 100 Azoth, your allegiance will officially change and you can continue playing. What are the Factions in New World?

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    9,429 pages Explore New World Gameplay Items Useful Links in: Factions, Faction Representative NPCs Faction Representative NPCs Sign in to edit Faction Representatives can be found around Settlements with their faction's banner behind them. See the Faction Representative NPCs Category for a list of these NPCs. Categories

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