5 Best Guam Tours + What to Know About Guam (2023)

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If you’re looking to escape to an island paradise that’s smaller and even more remote than Tahiti, consider Guam! This secluded island is situated in the Northern Pacific Ocean and offers visitors a wealth of activities to choose from. But one of the best ways to explore this breathtaking island is by doing one of the many exhilarating Guam tours!

And to help you find the perfect tour, I’ve created a list of the 5 best Guam tours that I recommend checking out! This way, you’ll be able to book the best tour that suits your interests, and fully experience the beautiful culture and island with a knowledgeable local!

An aerial picture of a rainforest with a river running through. Exploring the Valley of the Latte is one of the best Guam tours to discover about the ancient Chamorro culture.

🌴 The Best Guam Tour

Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise

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For those who aren’t familiar with Guam, it’s a territory of the United States and the island functioned as a crucial military base for the Allies during World War II. As such, you’ll realize that there are several historic sites honoring the efforts of people who served there during the war.

In terms of geography, Guam is a tropical island with gorgeous beaches and a lush mountainous interior, but not one quite as mountainous as Tahiti . It has everything from waterfalls to rainforests to tons of rivers! Truly, it’s a nature lovers paradise with all the places to explore.

guam tour length

The atmosphere in Guam is also very laid back, but there’s still ever-present respect for the ancient Chamorro culture – which you’ll quickly learn to appreciate as you explore this beautiful destination!

Each year, the tropical destination sees about 1.4 million tourists, which easily eclipses the island’s only 170,000 inhabitants. But, with such an abundance of activities and Guam tours to partake in, it’s easy to understand why!

Now that you have a bit of background information on Gaum, let’s dive into all the incredible experiences you can partake in during your visit!

1. Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise

✅🌴 BOOK Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise

⭐️ RATING: 5.0 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours

The Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise includes:

  • Start time 10:00 am
  • Round-trip hotel pick up & drop off if needed
  • Friendly English-speaking local guides
  • Exploring the Valley of the Latte
  • Cruising along the Talofofo and Ugum Rivers
  • Discovering the ancient history and culture of an ancient Latte site
  • Learning about the flora and fauna of the region
  • Walking through the ruins of an ancient Chamorro village (1,000+ years old)
  • Traditional basket weaving demonstrations
  • Seeing how ancient Chamorros started fires
  • A fresh and delicious lunch

Why choose this tour?

This is the highest-rated and most popular tour of Guam! It also offers visitors a chance to explore the island off the beaten path and to get a glimpse into the ancient Chamorro culture.

The guides are knowledgeable and friendly, making sure you are comfortable and have an amazing experience from start to finish.

And, of course, you also get to try some tasty local food! So if you’re looking for something different from your beach break and want to delve into Guam’s beautiful culture, then this tour is perfect for you!

“I loved everything about this adventure. Although I was solo, everyone made me feel welcome and part of the group. The tour guide was very informative and funny, the lunch stop was very enjoyable and even the food was good. The water buffalo guy was awesome and definitely deserves a raise. This was definitely the highlight of my trip to Guam.”

– Darrien S. (see more reviews )

2. Guam’s Best Beach Diving – Beginner and Advanced Dives

A picture of a turtle that Kristin saw while snorkeling. Try one of the snorkeling tours in Guam if you want to see turtles and other sea creatures up close!

✅🌴 BOOK Guam’s Best Beach Diving – Beginner and Advanced Dives

⭐️ RATING: 5.0 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours

Guam’s Best Beach Diving – Beginner and Advanced Dives includes:

  • Start time 9:00 am
  • English-speaking knowledgeable guide
  • Private dive tour
  • Diving at Dog Leg Reef
  • Getting up close with colorful corals and tropical fish
  • Spotting Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles
  • Seeing various wrecked World War II artifacts on the ocean floor
  • All the required diving equipment is provided
  • Can opt to do 2 dives if you have time

If you’re looking to escape the tourist crowds and experience Guam’s stunning underwater life up close, then this is the tour for you! Whether you’re a beginner looking to try scuba diving for the first time or an experienced diver, this tour is a great option.

The guides are also highly experienced and are passionate about showing visitors the wonders of Guam’s underwater world. So if you’re like me and love getting up close and with all kinds of sea creatures, this is the tour for you!

“Bob was the absolute best! This was my first time ever diving and he made it fun and easy to catch on. I felt completely safe during the adventure. Even when I panicked, he was right there by my side to make sure I stayed out of harm’s way. It was absolutely beautiful and one of the most fun things I did while in Guam. I highly recommend!”

– Kenya L. (see more reviews )

3. Off-Road Buggy Adventure

A picture of several red off road ATVs lined up in a jungle. If you're craving an adrenaline rush, try the off roading tours in Guam.

✅🌴 BOOK Off-Road Buggy Adventure

⭐️ RATING: 5.0 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1-2 hours

The Off-Road Buggy Adventure includes:

  • Selecting your ride: solo buggy, double buggy, or off-road ATV
  • Practice riding in a safe off-road park
  • 1-hour ride through the verdant jungle
  • Gorgeous views over the Marianas Trench
  • Helmet included
  • Souvenir photos & DVD available for purchase
  • Can accommodate up to 15 people

This tour is a must-do for those seeking an adrenaline rush and wanting to get their heart rate pumping in a safe yet exhilarating environment! Plus, you get to experience the beautiful beaches of Guam from a higher perspective.

And if you’re worried about never having gone off-roading before, the tour guides will help you practice in a controlled environment first! So if you’re chasing after a fast-paced excursion, try this unforgettable experience.

“Awesome experience! Extremely fun!!! The guide and camera guy are amazing!!! Highly recommend! They make sure you feel comfortable on the practice course before doing the real deal. The driving course is super fun!!”

– Tyesha M. (see more reviews )

4. Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard & Guided Snorkeling Tour

A picture of a lush mountainside and clear blue waters while snorkeling.

✅🌴 BOOK Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard & Guided Snorkeling Tour

⭐️ RATING: 5.0 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours

The Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard & Guided Snorkeling Tour includes:

  • 2.5 hours exploring a private beach in Guam’s Apra Harbor
  • Mask, snorkel, reef shoes, and safety vest included for snorkeling
  • Stand Up Paddleboard w/ leash and paddle for SUP Lesson.
  • A personable English-speaking guide
  • Constant communication
  • Complimentary drinking water
  • Showers for rinsing off
  • Can accommodate up to 12 people

If you’re looking for something to do that’s both fun, exciting, and relaxing, then this Guam tour is a perfect choice!

Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in some of Guam’s most pristine waters and see all its beautiful sea creatures, but also you’ll get a chance to try stand-up paddle boarding in a safe and comfortable environment.

Thus, if you want to foray into the more hidden gem side of Guam and observe the vibrant underwater world, consider this awesome tour!

“The beach was very private and breathtakingly beautiful. All the equipments we used were top notch and Bob took some amazing photos of me and my friend. In addition to the stunning scenery, Bob is such a sweet person and a friendly instructor. I cannot recommend this trip more. It was hands down a 100/10 experience!”

– Tour guest (see more reviews )

5. Sunset Cruise – Dinner & Dolphin Watching in Guam

A picture of a gorgeous sunset in Guam.

✅ 🌅 BOOK Sunset Cruise – Dinner & Dolphin Watching in Guam

⭐️ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 – 3 hours

The Sunset Cruise – Dinner & Dolphin Watching in Guam includes:

  • Round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle from pre-determined meeting points and select hotels
  • 2-hour sunset sightseeing dinner cruise in a 53-foot catamaran
  • All-you-can-eat barbecue buffet
  • Unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks
  • Can upgrade to dine with the captain

The tour offers a great mix of relaxation, exploration, and delicious food!

It’s ideal for those who want a completely hassle-free excursion that allows you to just sit back, relax, and eat/drink as much as you can while enjoying stunning sunset views over Guam’s water!

“It’s a nice trip and dinner. The staff are fascinating and very hospitable. Food is nice and place is wonderful. The whole adventure is fun and worth to repeat. We enjoy the show, and the company of the the other guests.”

– Gonzales (see more reviews )

It’s worth taking a tour while staying in Guam because it often offers you the opportunity to travel off the beaten path for a bit!

Furthermore, with a tour guide or local expert by your side, you can get a more intimate and personal look into the island’s history and culture. And, you can ask your guide any questions you have about Guam and get insider tips on lesser-known gems. Because who better to ask than a knowledgeable local!?

A picture of a sea turtle that was spotted in guam with a diver in the background!

Plus, I’ve found that going on mini excursions always enriches my vacation experience as a whole. Because once you leave the super tourist places, you’ll realize how much more there is to discover! 

So, if you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in the unique beauty that Guam has to offer, consider taking a tour while staying there!

  • Tumon Bay Mall – For those who fancy a bit of shopping, this is the most popular place to get some retail therapy in. It’s located right along the scenic and often crowded Tumon Bay. At this shopping center, you’ll find everything from restaurants and cafes to cheap goods and high-end luxuries. (Beware the crowds! – it’s pretty touristy)
  • War in the Pacific National Historical Park – This is a site I highly recommend making an effort to visit. At this memorial site, there are tons of historic monuments, interactive exhibits, a wall with names of the fallen from the war, and benches that you can even have a picnic on afterward. The park is extremely well maintained by the rangers, so try and make an effort to see the memorial park — you won’t regret it!

A picture of cannons at the World War II memorial site in Guam.

  • Tagachang Beach – This beach is an absolute hidden gem that’s located on the northern side of the island. Because of its remote location, you’ll find that it’s much less crowded and not as well maintained. Regardless, this white-sand beach is a lovely spot to soak up the sun and relax!
  • Puntan Dos Amantes – If you want to witness sweeping views of the island, then you simply can’t miss Puntan Dos Amantes, otherwise known as Two Lover’s Point. This spot provides one of the best vantage points of Guam, with beautiful views of Tumon Bay stretching out before you. There’s a $3 entrance fee, but it’s worth it!

Despite Guam having a reputation for higher crime rates compared to other remote places like Zakopane or Carcassonne , I would say the island is relatively safe.

But, as with any destination, it’s important to practice common safety measures. For example, here are three ways to stay safe and help you enjoy your time in Guam!

First, avoid leaving your personal items unattended. Secondly, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings, especially at night. And lastly, the one that most people forget, know the emergency numbers for the area so you know who to contact if something happens!

A picture of a park with several palm trees in Guam.

Nine times out of ten, you have nothing to worry about. But, I find it’s always better to be prepared and safe rather than sorry.

If you couldn’t tell from the general tone of my post and how enthusiastic I am about all the adventure possibilities that you can embark on…Guam is definitely worth visiting!

For those looking for a relaxing island getaway away from the hustle and bustle, it’s hard to beat Guam. This destination has everything that you would expect in an idyllic tropical escape – stunning beaches, friendly locals, delicious cuisine, luxury resorts and so much more.

The island also provides you the opportunity to recenter yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually in the island’s magnificent beauty. And within the tropical paradise awaits the compelling history and culture of the ancient Chamorros, which dates back over a thousand years!

Of course, if none of this sounds appealing to you in the slightest bit then Guam may not be worth it for you…However, I would encourage you to keep researching because new places can be worth visiting in unexpected ways!

Guam has a tropical climate and its weather remains constant almost year-round.

What this means is throughout the entire year, the average high temperature is about 88°F and the average low temperature is 77°F.

The only thing that really varies is the amount of precipitation that the island receives. During the wet season, which lasts from July to November, Guam can experience around 22 days of rain per month!

A picture of Guam's stunning coastline with flourishing greenery everywhere.

Meanwhile, during the dry season, which lasts from December until June, the island has about 12-17 rain days per month. Obviously, this still is a significant amount, especially if you’re like me and from an area that receives very little rain, but “ dry season ” is just a comparative metric.

But based purely on the climate and weather conditions, the best time to visit Guam is between February and April! This is during the dry season and when you’ll have the best chances of not seeing so much rain. Of course, the weather can be fickle, so make sure to arrive prepared, and don’t let the weather deter you too much from exploring this gorgeous island!

I won’t lie, similar to most island destinations, it can be pretty expensive to visit Guam, especially for us Americans.

This is mainly due to the fact that there are no direct flights from the US to Guam, so you’ll have to plan for a layover in either Hawaii or Toyko if you’re coming from the United States.

And unfortunately, unless you’ve got serious credit card points or have found a golden unicorn flight route, round-trip flights typically cost well over $1000! In fact, the cheapest one-way flight I found was a whopping $800, and I have some pretty good flight search tools and techniques.

Another reason Guam is expensive to visit is that a decent portion of the goods that Guam needs has to be imported from other countries. This then causes prices to increase.

But don’t worry! There are ways to keep costs down and it’s possible to travel to Guam on a budget! Almost all of the ways I discussed traveling to Tahiti with a tight budget can be applied to Guam as well, so have a peek at that if you’re looking to save!

✈️ NOTE : If you’re trying to find cheap flights, I like to use both Skyscanner and StudentUniverse .

If you’re looking for places to stay, I recommend using the interactive map below to check out the different housing options available! You’ll be able to view up-to-date prices and easily tell where you would be located!

A picture from above of the beautiful tropical coastline in Guam.

Prices differ depending on the tour you select to do, but they range from about $70 – $130 USD. This may be expensive if you’re working on a tight budget, but again, I really do believe these tours are worth the money. Plus, you’ve already spent a good bit on getting to Guam, so you might as well enjoy it! 🤠

Again, different tours may have different protocols, so make sure to check that on the official tour page! In general, though, I would recommend a nice travel umbrella (in case of fickle weather), a bottle of water, reef-safe sunscreen , study sandals, and a camera to record your adventure!! I absolutely love my GoPro Hero9 Black camera so much and would highly recommend it if it fits your budget 🙂 And if you’re in shopping around for sandal recommendations, check out Chacos ! They are amazing for traveling through tropical conditions, very breathable, and offer lots of support!

The shortest distance from Hawaii to Guam is 3,945.08 mi or 6370 km. This equates to about a 7-hour and 45-minute flight if you’re going direct!

Guam is a wonderful destination for any traveler looking for a unique getaway experience that combines adventure and relaxation.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or just looking to explore further than the traditional tourist hot spots, there are plenty of amazing tours in Guam that can provide an unforgettable experience.

Regardless if you decide to take a tour or not, I hope this has helped enlighten you on some of the wonders you can discover across the island! And with that, I wish you the best time in Guam!

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Tour companies offer a wide range of land and sea tours designed to make Guam's finest sights and most popular activities readily accessible to visitors.The companies listed here can provide you with everything from  sailing  to  golf ,  dining  to  shopping .

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  • 401 Pale San Vitores Road Tumon, GU 96913
  • 671.646.5278

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These Tours Provide The Best Experiences In Guam

Guam is one of America's tropical and stunning overseas territories and has many tours that open up the island to visitors.

Quick Links

Guam - where america's day begins, guam adventure river cruise, guam kayak adventure tour, guam city sightseeing tour.

Guam is famously "Where America's Day Begins" and is an organized, unincorporated territory of the United States. It is a stunning tropical island in the Micronesian region of the Pacific Ocean. It is the westernmost territory of the United States. Guam is only a small island, so it is possible to see all of its must-see attractions on one trip; there are a number of guided tours to consider while in Guam.

Guam is a very interesting and curious island and one that is ideal for both beachgoers and history buffs . As a territory of the United States, no visa is required for American visitors. That being said, even U.S. citizens are required to possess an American passport when going there (although sometimes other proof of citizenship may be accepted).

Guam was colonized by Spain in 1668 but was won by the Americans during the Spanish-American War of 1898. It was one of the few pieces of US territory that were occupied by the Japanese during World War Two. Today the island is noted for its tourism and significant U.S. military presence.

  • Capital: Hagåtña
  • Most Populous Village: Dededo
  • Population: Approx. 170,000

Guam is only a smaller island that is around 30 miles long and between 4 and 12 miles wild. So one can explore any point of the island during the day regardless of where one is staying.

  • Length: 30 Miles or 50 km
  • Width: 4-12 Miles or 6-19 km
  • Size: 212 Square Miles

One of the best ways to explore Guam and get the most out of it is to take guided tours of the island.

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Guam is tropical and has jungles to explore. These are best explored with a river cruise along the Talofofo & Ugum Rivers. On tour, guests see replicas of an ancient Chamorro village and see the practices of leaf weaving and fire making. Also, see Guam's mysterious latte stones and visit a cave.

  • Attractions: River Cruise, Ancient River Village Replica, Fire Making, Coconut Leaf Weaving, Latte Stones
  • When: Daily
  • Duration: Morning Tour 5 Hours, Afternoon Tour 3.5 Hours

The tour includes hotel pickup, with the morning pickup times being between 7.25 am, and 8.15 am and the afternoon times between 12.55 pm and 13.45 pm.

Regular Prices:

  • Adult: $106.00
  • Child: $69.00 (Aged 5 to 11)

The price includes transportation for and from one's hotel, a guide, admission to the River Village, and a drink. For another $15.00, one can also have a professional photograph to take home as a souvenir.

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Another great way to explore Guam is with a kayak tour. Jump into a two-person kayak and explore two of Guam's tropical rivers. Experience and learn about the culture and wildlife of Guam. Be guided on Guam's exotic rivers and see a different perspective of the island.

This tour, offered by Turtle Tours Guam, also offers hotel pickup. The pickup is between 7.25 am, and 8.15 am - the tour starts at 9.00 am. Transportation from and to the hotel is included as well as a guide, kayak, and lunch.

  • When: Daily (Except Sunday)
  • Duration: 5.5 Hours With Hotel Pickup or 4 Hours without
  • Age Restriction: 12 Years Old and over
  • Price: $124.99

On tour, guests paddle up the Talofofo River and see crabs and fish while learning about the life around the river. After a few hours on the river, it's time for lunch (BBQ Spareribs, chicken, potato & Daigo salad, and rice). After lunch, the tour heads to explore an ancient village and see Latte Stone - that's over 1,500 years old. Learn about basket weaving and the native Chamorro culture.

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Another tour option is to take Turtle Tours Guam's Guam City Sightseeing Tour . This tour delves into the nature, culture, and historical spots of Guam. The tour leaves from T-Galleria, with everyone needing to be there by 10.15 am. The tour lasts 3 hours and has no age limits.

  • Included: Guide And Admission To Pacific War Museum and Two Lovers Point Observatory
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Adult: $35.00
  • Child: $23.00 (Aged 5 to 11)

Next time planning a trip, consider America's far-flung island territory on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

Guam - Old Spanish Fort, Guam

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Guam travel guide

Guam is a vibrant, tropical paradise, complete with powdery beaches, and coral reefs teeming with underwater life. Away from the beach, find historic buildings in the bustling capital, Hagåtña, swinging nightlife in Tumon and a melting pot of Asian, European, Pacific Rim and American cultures.

Those looking to get active can lace up those walking boots and climb Mount Lam Lam, or hop on a jet ski and whizz over the surrounding crystal clear waters. Guam is the largest and most southerly island of the Marianas Islands and has been an important US strategic base since World War II.

The most populated island in Micronesia, this unincorporated US territory is full of American accents, and sadly the Chamorro language is less spoken today than it once was. Glamorous, modern Tumon Bay is where most of the hotels are, and it's pretty commercial with duty-free shopping being the order of the day.

There is much more to Guam, though. It's a thoroughly multicultural island for one thing, and Chamorro culture is starting to be pushed more than it has been in recent decades. There are many pretty villages to explore, while a singular local cuisine is being celebrated more.

If you leave Tumon Bay behind, you'll find Guam full of rustic settlements, with many immaculate, secluded beaches, and a few glorious waterfalls. Don't pass up opportunities to meet the locals on your travels, either, who are known for their charm and warmth towards visitors, and are increasingly passionate about making their traditional culture as prominent as it used to be.

The US' somewhat overbearing presence in Guam is perhaps best typified by its military base, which dominates the north of the island. Even so, the area harbours a spectacular coastline of palm trees and turquoise waters, so don't miss it.

544 sq km (210 sq miles).

172,094 (UN estimate 2016).

297 per sq km.


US External Territory (unincorporated). 

President Joe Biden since 2021.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero since 2019.

Travel Advice

This travel advice also covers American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and United States Virgin Islands.

Before you travel

No travel can be guaranteed safe. Read all the advice in this guide and any specific travel advice that applies to you: 

  • women travellers
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LGBT+ travellers

  • solo and independent travel
  • volunteering and adventure travel

Travel insurance

If you choose to travel, research your destinations and  get appropriate travel insurance . Insurance should cover your itinerary, planned activities and expenses in an emergency.

About FCDO travel advice

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office ( FCDO ) provides advice about risks of travel to help British nationals make informed decisions. Find out  more about  FCDO  travel advice .

Follow and contact  FCDO  travel on  Twitter ,  Facebook  and  Instagram . You can also sign up to  get email notifications  when this advice is updated.

This information is for people travelling on a full ‘British citizen’ passport from the UK. It is based on the UK government’s understanding of the current rules for the most common types of travel. 

The authorities in the US set and enforce entry rules. If you’re not sure how these requirements apply to you, contact the US Embassy or a consulate in the UK .

COVID-19 rules

There are no COVID-19 testing or vaccination requirements for travellers entering the US.

Passport validity requirements

To enter the US, your passport must be valid for the length of your planned stay.

If you’re travelling through another country on your way to or from the US, check the entry requirements for that country. Many countries will only allow entry if you have at least 6 months validity remaining on your passport. 

Dual nationals  

US law requires US citizens to enter and exit the US using a US passport. Contact the US Embassy or a consulate in the UK for more information.

Visa requirements

To enter or transit through the US, you must have either an  Electronic System for Travel Authorisation ( ESTA ) visa waiver  or a visa .

The US State Department has more information on visas .

Applying for an ESTA visa waiver 

Apply for an ESTA visa waiver through US Customs and Border Protection. You can also apply using the ESTA Mobile app on android or on iOS .

You cannot apply for an ESTA visa waiver if you have:

  • been arrested (even if the arrest did not result in a criminal conviction)
  • a criminal record
  • been refused admission into, or have been deported from the US
  • previously overstayed under an ESTA visa waiver

You cannot normally apply for an ESTA visa waiver if you were in the following countries on or after March 2011: 

  • North Korea

You cannot apply for an ESTA visa waiver if you travelled to or were in Cuba on or after 12 January 2021. 

If you are not eligible for an ESTA , you must instead apply for a US visa.

Applying for a visa

The US Embassy in London has information on how to apply for a visa .

US visa appointments

Visa appointments at the US Embassy in London are limited. Plan your application as far ahead as possible before travel. If you need to travel urgently, you can request an expedited interview through the US Embassy’s appointment service provider.

The US Embassy has more information on visa appointments .

Children and young people

Anyone aged 17 and under must:

  • have a valid visa or ESTA visa waiver on arrival
  • be able to provide evidence about the purpose, location and length of their visit if asked by immigration officials
  • have written consent from one or both parents if travelling alone, with only one parent, or with someone who is not a parent or legal guardian

The US authorities can stop you entering the country if they have safeguarding concerns about a child. If this happens, the US authorities will take the child into their care, and their return from the US could take months. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office ( FCDO ) cannot speed up the return of British nationals aged 17 and under from the US.

The US government has information about children travelling to the US . If you have questions, contact the US Embassy in the UK .

Vaccine requirements

For details about medical entry requirements and recommended vaccinations, see TravelHealthPro’s US guide .

Customs rules 

There are strict rules about goods you can take into or out of the US . You must declare anything that may be prohibited or subject to tax or duty.

Global Entry programme

The US Customs and Border Protection programme Global Entry allows pre-approved travellers through border control faster at some US airports. If you’re a British citizen, you can  register to get a UK background check . If you pass the background checks, you’ll be invited to apply for Global Entry.

There is a high threat of terrorist attack globally affecting UK interests and British nationals, including from groups and individuals who view the UK and British nationals as targets. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times.   

UK Counter Terrorism Policing has information and advice on  staying safe abroad  and what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Find out  how to reduce your risk from terrorism while abroad .

Terrorism in the USA

Terrorists are very likely to try and carry out attacks in the US.

Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. You should remain aware of your surroundings, keep up to date with local media reports and follow the advice of local authorities. Targets could include:

  • crowded areas
  • transportation networks
  • public events

The  US Department of Homeland Security  provides current alerts within the US and its territories.

Protecting your belongings

Do not leave passports in rental cars, especially not in the boot. Gangs may target vehicles driven by people who look like tourists.

Violent crime

Violent crime and gun crime rarely affect tourists, but take care in unfamiliar areas. Try not to walk through quieter areas alone, especially at night. You can find public advisories and information about recent incidents on local law enforcement websites.

Mass shooting incidents can happen but are a very small percentage of murders. The US Department of Homeland Security has advice on what to do in an active shooter incident .

Research your destination before you travel and follow the advice of local authorities. Crime linked to illegal drugs is a major issue in Mexican states bordering Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. Some foreign nationals have been victims of crime in the border regions, but there is no evidence they were targeted because of their nationality.

Protests are common and can become violent. Follow the instructions of local authorities who may introduce curfews or emergency orders. If you attend peaceful protests:

  • be mindful of your surroundings
  • move away if there are signs of trouble
  • follow the instructions of local authorities

Laws and cultural differences

US states may have different laws. While you are in a state, you are subject to both that state’s laws as well as national (federal) law.

Personal ID

Always carry a passport showing you have permission to enter or remain in the US.

Alcohol laws

The national legal age for buying and drinking alcohol is 21. Some states have different laws. If you are aged 20 or under, check state laws before drinking or buying alcohol.

Illegal drugs and prison sentences

Possession or trafficking of illegal drugs in the US can carry a long prison sentence and a fine. Check state laws to make sure you follow laws on possession and use of controlled substances. The US Department of Justice provides a list of all controlled substances .

The US is a very diverse society and attitudes towards LGBT+ people differ hugely across the country. You can find more detail on LGBT+ issues in the US on the  Human Rights Campaign website.

Read more advice for LGBT+ travellers . 

Transport risks

Road travel.

If you are planning to drive in the US, see information on driving abroad  and  check the driving rules in the states you’ll be visiting .

You can use a UK photocard driving licence to drive in the US. You may need to get the 1949 version of the international driving permit ( IDP ) as well. IDP requirements vary in each state. For more information, consult individual states’ Department of Motor Vehicles as well as the  American Automobile Association (AAA) .

You cannot buy an IDP outside the UK, so get one before you travel.

If you still have a paper driving licence, you must take another form of photo ID, such as your passport. You can also exchange your paper driving licence for a photocard licence .

Hire car companies often have stricter requirements for their customers, such as a year of driving experience, a higher minimum age and holding an IDP .

Vehicle safety

When travelling by car, you should:

  • check weather conditions before a long car journey, particularly in mountainous, isolated or desert areas where services may be limited
  • not sleep in your car by the road or in rest areas
  • avoid leaving any items on display in your car
  • stay on main roads
  • use well-lit car parks

If you’re in an accident, ask any other drivers involved to follow you to a public place and call the police.

Petrol stations

Petrol stations that do not display the price of fuel usually charge considerably more than the national average. They’re often close to tourist destinations and airports. Make sure you know the price of fuel before using these services.

Before you travel, check the security measures you’re likely to face at the airport on the  Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ) website. If you have a medical condition or disability and need assistance, contact TSA Cares .

To monitor airport conditions in the US, check the Federal Aviation Administration website.

Extreme weather and natural disasters

Find out what you can do to prepare for and respond to extreme weather and natural hazards . 

Snowstorms can disrupt critical infrastructure, and cause power cuts, or delays and cancellations in major transport hubs. Contact your travel company or airline before you travel.

The Atlantic hurricane season normally runs from June to November. The Pacific hurricane season normally runs from May to November. Hurricanes can affect coastal regions, Hawaii and Guam. The South Pacific tropical cyclone season normally runs from November to May and can affect American Samoa.

You should:

  • monitor approaching storms on the  US National Hurricane Center website
  • follow instructions from local authorities, including evacuation orders
  • visit the  Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) website  for information on preparing for extreme weather and evacuating


While earthquakes can happen anywhere without warning in the US, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Washington and the entire Mississippi River Valley are at higher risk for earthquakes.

The FEMA website has advice about what to do before, during and after an earthquake .

Tornadoes can happen anytime depending on weather conditions. The FEMA website has advice about what to do before, during and after a tornado .

Volcanic eruptions  

There is volcanic activity across parts of the US with Alaska, Hawaii, California, Washington and Oregon having the largest number of active volcanoes. You should follow the advice of local authorities, including any evacuation orders.

The FEMA website has advice about what to do before, during and after a volcanic eruption .

Forest and brush fires (wildfires) are a danger in many dry areas, particularly in canyons, hills and forests. High winds can mean fires spread rapidly.

  • monitor local media and  weather reports
  • follow the advice of local authorities, including any evacuation orders
  • be careful in areas recently affected by wildfires, as there may be mudslides during heavy rainfall

For more information visit the  National Interagency Fire Center  and  Fire Research and Management Exchange System  websites.

For information about wildfires in California, see the  CAL FIRE website.

Arctic travel

Parts of the US are in the Arctic Circle, including some very remote areas of land and sea. Emergency medical assistance and search and rescue are limited in these areas. See  Arctic travel safety advice .

Before you travel check that:

  • your destination can provide the healthcare you may need
  • you have  appropriate travel insurance  for local treatment or unexpected medical evacuation

This is particularly important if you have a health condition or are pregnant.

Emergency medical number

Dial 911 and ask for an ambulance.

Contact your insurance or medical assistance company quickly if you’re referred to a medical facility for treatment.

Vaccine recommendations and health risks 

At least 8 weeks before your trip:  

  • check the latest vaccine recommendations for the US (or the US Virgin Islands , Puerto Rico and American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands )
  • see where to get vaccines and whether you have to pay on the NHS travel vaccinations page

See what health risks you’ll face in the US (or the US Virgin Islands , Puerto Rico and American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands ), including:  

  • West Nile virus

Altitude sickness is a risk in parts of the US. Read more about altitude sickness on TravelHealthPro . 

The legal status and regulation of some medicines prescribed or bought in the UK can be different in other countries.

You cannot take some prescription drugs into the US. The US Food and Drug Administration provides information on bringing medicines into the US .

UK prescriptions are not valid in the US. To get pharmacy drugs, you need a prescription from a US provider (available from an urgent care facility, emergency room or a doctor).

TravelHealthPro explains  best practice when travelling with medicines .

The NHS has information on  whether you can take your medicine abroad .

Healthcare in the US

Medical treatment is expensive and there are no special arrangements for British visitors.

Some hospitals ask non-US residents to pay a deposit when admitted. Send any requests for funds to your travel insurance provider first; only pay the hospital if you’re advised to do so by your travel insurance company. Your medical care will not be affected while your claim is processed.

Medical facilities in American Samoa are basic and you may need medical evacuation by air ambulance to Hawaii, New Zealand or Australia.

Make sure you have adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation.

Travel and mental health

Read  FCDO guidance on travel and mental health . There is also  guidance on TravelHealthPro .

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office ( FCDO ) cannot provide tailored advice for individual trips. Read this travel advice and carry out your own research before deciding whether to travel.

Emergency services in the US

Telephone: 911 (ambulance, fire, police).

Contact your travel provider and insurer

Contact your travel provider and your insurer if you are involved in a serious incident or emergency abroad. They will tell you if they can help and what you need to do.

Refunds and changes to travel

For refunds or changes to travel, contact your travel provider. You may also be able to make a claim through insurance. However, insurers usually require you to talk to your travel provider first.

Find out more about  changing or cancelling travel plans , including:

  • where to get advice if you are in a dispute with a provider
  • how to access previous versions of travel advice to support a claim

Support from  FCDO

FCDO  has guidance on staying safe and what to do if you need help or support abroad, including:

  • finding lawyers in the US
  • dealing with a  death in the US
  • being  arrested in the US
  • getting help if you’re a  victim of crime
  • what to do if you’re  in hospital
  • if you are  affected by a crisis , such as a terrorist attack

Contacting  FCDO

Follow and contact  FCDO  travel on  Twitter ,  Facebook  and  Instagram . You can also sign up to  get email notifications  when this travel advice is updated.

You can also  contact  FCDO  online .

Help abroad in an emergency

If you are in the US and you need emergency help from the UK government, contact the nearest British embassy or consulate .

FCDO  in London

You can call  FCDO  in London if you need urgent help because something has happened to a friend or relative abroad.

Telephone: 020 7008 5000 (24 hours)

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Things to do in Guam – the complete guide to Guam

Things to do in Guam – the complete guide to Guam

This article was first published in January 2017 and was updated in December 2019.

Guam is an island in the North Pacific, around one third of the way between the Philippines and Hawaii, that is politically associated with the US as an unincorporated territory . No doubt some of the best things to do in Guam involve the beach, but there is so much more to explore. 

As the airport hub in the Micronesia region, Guam is a common stop-over place and a popular tourist destination with over 1,5 million visitors a year . Although it seems so popular, mostly the Japanese, Koreans and mainland Americans have heard of this little paradise of beaches, marine life, duty-free shopping and strong naval military links.

Read on to find out all the things to do in Guam including places to visit, beaches to relax on, what and where to eat and also the best hotels in Guam. 

Guam’s multi-cultural past

Traditional Chamorro dancing

Guam was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 on behalf of the Spanish Crown and was incorporated into the Spanish Empire under whose control it remained until 1898 when Spain ceded first and then sold it, together with other Mariana islands, to the US. This was also the year Spain lost its last colonies in Cuba and the Philippines.

Guam, and the islands around it, received the name of Mariana Islands from the Spanish Queen at the time. Even though this happened over four centuries ago, the Spanish influence is still strong today and can be felt in the language (which sounds like an ancient version of Spanish), the food, the religion and the traditions, like the Fiestas which are celebrated to honor the patron saints in each village.

guam tour length

The Spanish brought Catholicism to Guam, a religion that is very much still alive today . Jesuit Missionaries arrived a century after discovery and brought with them the religion and modern trading and farming techniques, as well as clothing.

From then on, Guam became a popular stop over island for Spanish ships en route between Mexico , in the New World, and the Philippines and Asia. The metals and gold mined from Mexico were being exchanged for silk and fine goods in China and the galleons that transported them often stopped in Guam.

After the Spanish left, Guam ended up in the hands of the US until WWII, when the Japanese Forces occupied Guam for the 3 years of the war, until the American army recovered it in 1944 as a stronghold and naval base in the Pacific, which it has remained until today. The Chamorro consider the recovery as their Liberation day and it has been celebrated since.

Tumon Bay

But before the West discovered Guam, the island was home to the Chamorro , a strong culture that is believed to be one of the oldest in Micronesia and which inhabited the islands for 4,000 years before the European explorers arrived.

The first settlers are believed to have come in canoes from Southeast Asia, navigating with the stars through the Pacific. It is this ancient Chamorro culture as well as the traditions that blended with the West’s influence to create today’s fascinating cultural melting pot.

An interesting fact about Guam is that it’s a US unincorporated territory, which means that Guam has limited freedom of self-governance. Its population are US citizens when born but cannot vote for the President, just like American Samoans . 

Because Guam is located across the dateline from the US, it is often referred to as “Where America’s day begins”. On the other end, American Samoa is the last part of the US to wave goodbye to every day.

Tourism in Guam

Sunset from the Sheraton Laguna Guam

After WWII and independence, an inaugural PanAm flight in 1964 kicked off tourism for the island and things have never been the same again. Among all the countries and islands in the Pacific, Guam is the most developed. Solid infrastructure and luxury hotels coupled with shopping malls and great facilities make Guam the Jewel of Micronesia. 

Its relatively small size of about 45km by 20km makes it easy to cover entirely during a holiday, although there is a lot to do so you will need a week to truly immerse yourself.

Guam is a compact but exciting destination. As a Pacific island with a combination of beach and volcanic shores, it is a great sun and sea escape. Its rich heritage, with Spanish and Japanese influences, provides a great insight into Chamorro culture, a very unique and fascinating tradition, especially to someone like me who comes from Spain. 

Life at sea is fantastic as well, with plenty of opportunities for diving, dolphin spotting, swimming with turtles and snorkeling. On land, there are waterfalls, natural swimming and sink holes, mangroves, rivers and mountains. In short,  the are many things to do in Guam.

With Chamorro dance master

Perhaps the most interesting and warm part of Guam is the “Hafa Adai” (Hello) spirit, the pre-disposition to welcoming visitors with open arms. You will first experience this spirit without a question as soon as you arrive from the officers at the Immigration check point to all the people you will meet along the way.

I felt it in my own skin when Regina, from the Tourism Board of Guam, invited me to her house on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the new year and the A Novena , a 9-day prayer done in honor of special occasions and saints. The whole extended family amounting to 300 welcomed us as if we were long term friends. I only wished I did not have a fly to Yap that evening.

Although you may have never heard of Guam, about 1,5 million visitors arrive in Guam every year, though they come mostly from the Far East. Koreans are currently the number one nationality followed by Japanese, but countries like China and Russia are growing fast. As a US territory, Guam also receives a lot of mainland visitors, especially families of army personnel stationed in Guam.

The US has three bases in Guam, including a naval base, a hospital and a naval airport. It is estimated that there are 15,000 soldiers and naval personnel stationed at Guam. However, as a visitor, unless one of the large naval ships is stationed in Guam during your visit, you are unlikely to see any army presence. The Naval bases are tucked away in fenced off areas and you cannot even tell they are there.

Things to do in Guam

You could go to Guam over and over again and have a different holiday every time. I felt that the island was a bit like Bali which also offers many different types of holidays.

Visit the best Guam Beaches

Ritidian Beach in Guam

Note : Save the map above for offline use as it has all the locations of the beaches mentioned below.

Contrary to other Micronesian islands like Yap or Chuuk , Guam has plenty of sand to play on, much like the South Pacific islands. Some parts of Guam are protected by a reef and provide calmer and shallow waters in a turquoise dreamy blue. The area where the luxury hotels are in, Tumon Bay, is crowded but has a nice beach.

Tanguisson Beach in Guam

In the north, there are two beaches worth checking out. One is Ritidian Beach which features white sand and clear waters and is considered a Wildlife Refuge.  As such, opening times are reduced to 4 days a week.

Ritidian is also Guam’s Crown Jewel and the best looked after and most beautiful beach. The other one is Tanguisson Beach Park which has interesting volcanic rock formations and there is a sinkhole near the beach. There is both white sand as well as rocky outcrops that display interesting rock formations.

Gun Beach in Guam

In the center, Mata’pang Beach Park is a good place to spot outrigger canoes at sunset and there are pavilions that can be used for BBQs or picnics. Since there is a lifeguard on duty here this is a safer beach for the little ones.

The same can be said of East Agana Bay Beach where the beach clubs offer water sports and there are plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you well fed. Gun Beach, right under Two Lovers Point, has some of the most beautiful waters in that turquoise blue that is so postcard perfect.

There is also a beach bar and the access road has now been paved for an easier drive. The beach’s name comes from one of the WWII guns that is still there, at one end of the beach.

Talofofo Bay

In the south, the black sand beach at Talofofo Bay is an unusual spot. The large closed bay is popular with surfers .

The Inarajan Pools Beach is a nice protected series of natural pools with BBQ spots and green fluffy grass where you can lay down.

Inarajan pools

As it is protected from the sea by volcanic walls, the waters are clear and calm like a pool. This is a very popular spot on weekends. Originally, the pools had a pavilion but the many typhoons that occasionally hit Guam destroyed it and now there are just the ruins.

Snorkeling, kayaking and other water sports in Guam

Guam's water sports

Guam has kilometers of beach on which all sorts of water sports can be enjoyed. Pretty much every beach resort will have equipment like kayaks, snorkels, wind surfing, surfing, jet skiing, fishing, you name it.

Guam’s protected waters are also a great place to see some marine life, even if you are not a diver. You can go snorkeling with turtles and even spot a dolphin or two. The corals are also great. The waters around Guam can have strong currents, so be careful where you snorkel.

I went on a dolphin watching and snorkeling tour with Shotguns which was great. They provide all equipment and the boat is pretty solid. We saw plenty of dolphins and then snorkeled with turtles at one spot and explored corals in another.

Dolphin watching

Dolphin watching in Guam

And talking about the cute critters, dolphins are in Guam all year round. Because swimming with them is forbidden and they are protected, they are not shy. If you go on a dolphin watching tour you are sure to see them.

Watching dolphins in Guam

Dolphin tours can be easily combined with a snorkeling trip for a half day excursion and I did mine with Shot Guns who had a lovely crew who knew what they were doing and were careful about safety.

Diving in Guam

Diving in Guam is cheaper and more accessible than other places in Micronesia. You can dive WWI and WWII ship wrecks as well as corals and spot some large fish. There are 150 dive sites in Guam but what the island is known for in terms of diving, is its Blue Hole.

This is a 90m hole in the reef that drops far down but there is a hole on the side of the reef at 38m which allows divers who can go that deep to ascend back through the hole.

Lastly, although Guam is not as much a wreck capital as Chuuk is, the island is home to the unique double wrecks of Cormoran and Tokai Maru . These are two ships from two different wars that happened to sink in the same spot and are touching, one on top of the other.

Valley of the Latte Adventure Park

Canoe house at the Valley of the Latte

The Valley of the Latte is a great cultural experience that combines a river cruise through lush and green mangroves with some cultural opportunities to learn more about latte, canoe making and Chamorro heritage.

Your adventure starts with a river cruise and then you can pick how long and how much you want to do. There are kayaks, stand up paddle boards, the chance to come up and close with the local animals, including the native water buffalo or Karabao, see how baskets are weaved, and learn about the ancient tradition of latte.

You can also chat to one of Guam’s only remaining seafaring canoe Master makers, Ron, the founder of non-profit organization Ulitao who are charged with preserving the Chamorro tradition of canoe making.

Guam is a golfer’s paradise . The tiny island has seven golf courses and one driving range. Some have been designed by world class players and are visited by repeat visitors regularly. As the weather in Guam is always pleasant but never too hot, golf can be played all year round.

Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market

The Chamorro Village can be visited at anytime but it is best experienced on Wednesday night when the local market is on. There, you will be able to find plenty of local food, crafts, learn more about the local skills and traditions and buy lots of souvenirs.

Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers Point Guam

Guam’s most famous landmark, Two Lovers Point, is a lookout from where the entire bay can be seen. It is also a place where lovers can hang locks with hearts and wishes.

The area is filled with hundreds of colourful heart-shaped notes in all languages professing feelings to all four cardinal points. This is Guam’s most visited sight so it is best seen in the early morning when the tourist buses haven’t arrived yet.

Two Lovers Point

The legend of Two Lovers Point is that of a forbidden love. The story has it that a wealthy Spanish man had arranged for his daughter to marry a famous captain. When the girl found out, she ran away to Two Lovers Point where she met a local Chamorro warrior and fell in love.

Running away from the father and the Spanish army, the two lovers met at sunset and, faced with their inevitable fate, tied their hair together, kissed one last time and leaped into the ocean.

Two Lovers Point

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty in Guam

Not as big as the original one in New York , Guam’s Statue of Liberty was built by the Boy Scouts of America in 1950 to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The statue faces the sea and has a nice view over the bay.

Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana in Guam

Another popular sight among visitors, Plaza de Espana used to be the residence of the Spanish Governor during the colonial times. The structure was damaged during the Liberation in 1944 but you can still see the main archway, the patio and the small building which used to be the chocolate house.

The gardens around the remaining ruins are peaceful with some incredibly old and beautiful trees.

Dulce nombre de Maria Cathedral

Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica in Guam

Right next to the Plaza de Espana, this church is believed to have been built in the original site of the first church in Guam and remains the most important and beautiful.

Inside, you can see Guam’s patron saint, our Lady of Camarin. Right across the street from the cathedral you will see a small rotating statue of Pope John Paul II to commemorate his first visit to the Marianas in 1981.

Latte stone park

Latte Park

The Latte Stone Park or Senator Angel Santos Latte Park is an opportunity to see the ancient Marian Island structures used to build Chamorro houses. The latte as made of two pieces of stone, a column made of limestone and a capstone made of natural coral heads.

Latte stones can only be found across the Marianas, Guam, Rota, Saipan, Tinian and Pagan but the easiest place to see them is at Guam’s Latte Stone Park which has a group of 8 on display.

Historically, the elderly’s jewelry and bones were buried under the Latte to signify that the “knowledge of oral history, legends, songs, chants, lamentations and navigational heritage built from the past would become the literal latte pillars guiding and protecting the house or the next generation”, as research indicates.

Latte Stone Park

Lattes were built from as early as 500 AC and their use started to decline with the discovery of the island by Magellan. Most of the structures are made of pairs of 6-8 lattes arranged in parallel to each other. A roof was placed on top of the pillars. The largest latte found has 20 columns.

Cocos Island

A good day trip is a ferry ride to Cocos Island  (website only in Japanese), a sort of sandbank about 4km from the southern most tip of Guam where you can enjoy true island life at their day resort just a short ferry ride away.

There is a bar and restaurant, all sort of water sports and even an ice cream parlour.

Fort Santa Agueda

Creator of coconut sashimi in Guam

A remnant from the Spanish period, three canons are still located at this view point over the bay. Make sure to try the coconut sashimi by the fort. Joe Roberto, a coconut stall vendor, came up with the idea of scooping the young coconut meat and mixing it with soy sauce and wasabi.

The consistency of the young coconut gives it a sashimi like texture and the savory soy sauce and wasabi are a fantastic combination. Although you will find this snack everywhere in Guam, the original one is by the Fort.

Coconut sashimi in Guam

Joe usually sells out by noon so come in the morning. He likes to come early, as early as 5am, to see the sunrise. He has been doing this for 26 years and the formula clearly works.

Namo Falls tropical Garden

Guam is lush and rainy. So much so that the locals told me it is one of the best places to spot a rainbow as there are several every day as rain drops when the sun is still shining.

The large amounts of rain also feed mangroves, rivers and waterfalls, of which there are many on Guam. Namo Falls tropical Garden is a pretty park with two waterfalls on opposite ends and lovely gardens.

Pacific War Museum

Pacific War Museum Guam

The Pacific War Museum  is a private museum started by a veteran and is today one of the largest collections of WWII relics in the Pacific, welcoming 100,000 visitors a year. The collection is hosted in a group of freight containers, airport jetways and a quonset hut that have been adapted to contain all the items.

Both American and Japanese memorabilia and artefacts are on display, with proper labels and translations in both languages. You are encouraged by the care taker, also a volunteer, to get into the guts of the tanks, the cars and everything that is on display and, I warn you, WWII tanks are pretty dangerous inside, filled with sharp ends and rusty bits.

For a private collection gathered out of love, it is pretty impressive to see. The Museum also has a couple of sections with documents and other smaller relics that are not war equipment.

You will also be able to read the story of the Japanese soldier who managed to hide in the Guam jungle for 27 years after WWII ended, living in a cave and being completely self-sufficient, until he was found, in pretty good health considering the circumstances.

Sheraton Cultural Dance Show

Chamorro traditional dance at Sheraton Laguna Guam

This is the only dinner show on Guam that features Chamorro culture and traditional dances and not the Polynesian versions that you can find at other hotels. After all, you are in Guam so it is best to discover the local heritage.

The Sheraton Island feast BBQ dinner offers a buffet and a table side BBQ, Korean style , for guests to pick their raw meats and seafood and cook it to their preferences. During dinner, a local Chamorro dance group called Pa’a Taotao Tano’ will share the dances and singing of the island in a colourful feast to the senses.

I loved this because it was special and genuine. It was not a tourist show put up without tradition like the ones I saw in Hawaii, but a genuine group of people loving Chamorro culture and wanting to share it with the guests.

Chamorro traditional dance at Sheraton Laguna Guam

One of the island’s most famous Master dancers was also present as he manages the group. The title of Master is only given to distinguished experts in a specific guild. You will also get the chance to get on stage and participate.

The best Guam food to try

Chamorro feast at Terry's Comfort Food

Guam’s multi-cultural past has given it a very rich and distinctive cuisine with lots of Spanish, Japanese, American and native influences. Talking about Guam is talking about Guam food. It is as much an integral part of the culture as anything else. Some of the foods you should definitively try are below. 

Unlike Bhutan , Guam’s red rice has been coloured and flavoured by the annatto seed and is reminiscent of Mexican red rice . The seeds release the color when soaked in water.

Chamorro kelaguen

My favourite dish in Guam is traditionally prepared with chicken but can also be made with beef, fish and prawns using the same recipe similar to ceviche: chopped meats with lemon juice, salt, grated coconut, and hot red peppers.

Chamoro BBQ

The most typical dish that you can find pretty much on every Chamorro table is the BBQ. Usually, you will get chicken and ribs that have been marinated with soy sauce and vinegar or other rubs and then cooked in the open grill. Finger licking good!

A dipping sauce that goes perfectly well with the BBQ meats and other fried food and that is served on every Chamorro table. Finadenne is made mixing soy sauce, vinegar or lemon juice, chopped white onion, and fresh chili peppers.

The best Guam restaurants

There are countless places to grab a meal in Guam, from the American fast food chains to the restaurants in the large hotels, but here are a few authentic Guam restaurants I tried and tested and which deserve a trip.

Proa Chamorro BBQ

Guam’s best restaurant has two locations, one of which is in Tumon and easily found across the entrance from the Hilton. Proa offers Chamorro food with a decidedly Asian influence and creative fusion dishes.

The portions are enormous, so beware when you order unless, you want to leave with more food packed in your doggy bag than you ate (it happened to us!).

Food at Proa Guam restaurant

Proa has dishes that are as unexpected in Guam as snails, and a Japanese and Filipino flavor in a lot of the recipes. The BBQ is very tasty and the fish dishes are fantastic. Leave space for the coconut banana with ice cream.

Pika’s Cafe

Pika’s Cafe seems to be a local favourite that most people enjoy. It is a great place for a rise and shine brekkie, brunch or lunch, and has recently also opened for dinner. Fill your tummy with yummy foods before setting off to explore the island.

Terry’s Comfort Food

Terry’s Comfort Food  is the most authentic, unpretentious and typically Chamorro place for a meal. Entering Terry’s is like going to visit a friend. The waiters are friendly, the food is just like your mum (if she was Chamorro) would cook and the portions are giant.

The restaurant used to be in the village where Terry grew up and then opened in Tumon on the main road. Everything here is real food and it tastes fresh and delicious.

The kelanguen trio is fantastic, the aubergine with coconut milk creamy, the BBQ ribs are delicious, even the simple red rice is to die for. If you want to experience real Chamorro food, there no better place than Terry’s.

Jeff’s Pirate Cove

Chamorro Fiesta at Jeff's Pirates Cove

Run by Jeff for the last few decades, Jeff’s Pirates Cove is a restaurant and bar that is a great place for lunch with sea views and a breeze. It is right on the beach, it has a fully stocked bar with all sorts of beers, a menu filled with Chamorro specialties with a Greek touch for a healthy serving of feta cheese salad and hummus. It also offers free WiFi.

The beach in front of Jeff's Pirates Cove

Jeff is a character himself and worth a chat, just say hi and I am sure he will be happy to explain how it all began. The restaurant is located on the bay that was originally called Pirate’s Cove as it was indeed the place where pirates used to be anchored. The sea has that perfect turquoise colour.

The Chamorro BBQ is excellent here, truly finger-licking. There is a pirate shop which is a good place for a souvenir. Jeff’s Fiesta dish has a bit of all the Chamorro dishes (BBQ, red rice, kelaguen) and it is great – share it between two, you’ve been warned!

The most luxurious Guam hotels

Sundowner cocktails at the Sheraton Guam

There are almost 9,000 hotel rooms on the island so there is something for all budgets and a long selection of alternatives. Here are the best luxury Guam hotels.

The Dusit Thani

Dusit Thani Guam

The Dusit Thani Resort is the hotel of superlatives. It one out of two 5* resorts in Guam, and the tallest structure. The newest arrival, which also shares 5* status is The Tsubaki Tower , which opened in April 2020.

The rooms are modern and sleek and some of them have outdoor swimming pools with sea views. If you are looking to splurge this is the only place to do so.

Book your stay on | Agoda  

Lotte Hotel Guam

Lotte Guam

The second latest addition to Guam is the Korean multi-brand Lotte, famous for their Duty Free shopping, which is also one of the best things to do in Seoul . This modern resort is much smaller than the rest, in fact, for Guam’s standards it could be considered a boutique hotel, although it still features over 200 rooms.

Lotte Hotel is located at one end of Tumon Bay so it also has panoramic views of the bay.

Hilton Guam Resort & Spa

Hilton Guam

The oldest hotel in Guam and the first ever built in the 80s, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa has the experience of a hotel that has been around and almost 650 rooms to prove it.

Its location at the end of Tumon Bay also gives it panoramic views of the bay. There are a few pools and a shopping arcade and the service is friendly. I stayed there and found it to be good value for money. There is a reason it has withstood a few decades. Expect a decent 4* resort.

Westin Resort Guam

Westin Guam

Another institution on Guam, the Westin Hotel has some of the largest rooms in Guam and every guest room has a balcony, although not all are sea facing. It is another big hotel located right next to the Lotte at one end of Tumon Bay.

Book your stay on | Agoda  

Hyatt Regency Guam

Hyatt Regency Guam at Sunset

A large 450-room resort on Tumon Bay, Hyatt Regency Guam has been around for a while. There is everything you would expect from a large resort including three swimming pools and all sorts of facilities for children and families.

There is a chapel for weddings with sea views and a large shopping arcade. If you were looking for an all-inclusive holiday by the sea and without any reason to leave the hotel grounds, the Hyatt would probably fit the bill.

Sheraton Laguna Resort Guam

Sheraton Laguna Resort Guam

The Sheraton Laguna is homey and has a few elements that made me like it. Some of the sea facing suites have outdoor jacuzzis from where to soak while watching the sunset, champagne glass in hand.

Their chapel for weddings is up high on the hill with 360 degree views of the bay and the sunset, simply stunning. Their sunset bar has fabulous views of the sea with the picturesque usual paddlers and surfers to provide some colorful photographs.

And, most importantly, even if you do not stay there, the Sheraton Guam is the only hotel on the island whose island evening feast features Chamorro dances, true locals with a passion for their heritage. It is well worth a trip.

Guam Logistics

Here are a few more pointers on how to get to Guam and the best times to visit so that you can take part in all the best things to do in Guam hassle free. 

How to get to Guam

Guam can be reached from the main Far East cities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Russia and even China. There are also flights from mainland US and Hawaii and connections to other islands in Micronesia like Yap , Chuuk , Kosrae and Pohnpei as well as Palau.

The airport in Guam is an interesting mix of people passing through between the hours of 4-10am and 6-9pm with flights landing and departing to all the destinations in the region. As all arrivals must exit and re-enter the airport after, there is a lot of traffic when collecting luggage.

Map of Guam

United Airlines uses Guam as their main hub in the region and runs a shuttle service connecting Yap , Guam, Chuuk , Kosrae, Pohnpei, Saipan, Hawaii and Palau as well as the other major capital cities. There are charter flights from Korea and Japan as well as regular flights on the local airlines. You can also fly JejuAir from Korea and Cebu Pacific from the Philippines.

Lastly, Guam offers a visa waiver system to a lot of nationalities. In addition to the usual ESTA waiver program from the US, Guam does not require the citizens of 12 countries to even apply for ESTA and they can enter Guam by filling a landing card.

The countries are Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei , Nauru, South Korea , Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom. More details here .

When to visit Guam

Guam has a tropical and temperate weather all year round so it is always a good idea but you should avoid the rainy season between June and November if you want to enjoy the sun and sea.

Although, even in the rainy season, showers are tropical and short. During the first months of the year, the winds are strong so you will not be hot at all and the weather will be great for surfing, windsurfing and other water sports.

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The Complete Guide to Guam

  • Check if you need a visa, get help processing it at iVisa .
  • Never ever leave without travel insurance. Get affordable coverage from World Nomads or long term insurance from Safety Wing .
  • I find all of my flights on KAYAK . Check their Deals section too.
  • Search for all your transportation between destinations on the trusted travel booking platform Bookaway .
  • I book all my day trips and tours via GetYourGuide , they are the best and their tours are refundable up to 24h in advance.
  • Get USD35 off your first booking with Airbnb .
  • Compare hotels EVERYWHERE at HotelsCombined and book with .
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guam tour length

Out of Your Comfort Zone

The art of backpacking & adventures to get out of your comfort zone – tips and advice, 12 hour/1 day guam itinerary (pacific u.s. island) 2024.

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Rodrigo @ OutofYourComfortZone

Two Lovers Point Guam

Guam was never on our original plan.

But thanks to a conveniently-placed layover ( read more about how we grabbed that layover and planned our trip here ) on our flight from Palau to China , we decided to tack it onto our trip.

And we sure are glad we did!

Although we only had 12 hours to explore the island, Guam is small enough that we managed to cover a lot of ground.

Over the course of just one day, we got a taste of Guam’s:

  • Postcard-perfect beaches
  • Diverse blend of Pacific Chamorro, Spanish, Japanese, and American culture
  • Dramatic cliff and ocean views
  • Lingering colonial and World War II history

Of course, we would have loved to stay longer….but this just gives us a reason to head back 🙂

So, we wanted to share our itinerary with you so you can make the most of your layover or short trip to Guam.

Table of Contents

  • 1 How to use this Guam travel itinerary
  • 2    Guam Fast Facts
  • 3   When to Visit Guam
  • 4   How Long to Stay in Guam
  • 5   How to Get to Guam
  • 6   How to Get Around Guam
  • 7   Where to Stay the Night in Guam
  • 8   What to Do in Guam (Our 1 Day/12 Hour Guam Road Trip Itinerary)
  • 9   Have more time in Guam?: Guam Itinerary Alternatives
  • 10   Looking for your next stop?: Where to Go Before or After Guam
  • 11   Bonus Tips for Visiting Guam
  • 12 Other activities, attractions and tours in Guam
  • 13 Planning your next trip?

How to use this Guam travel itinerary

As you’ll see below, our detailed itinerary below is for around 1 day in Guam (about 8-12 hours). We were in Guam from 5:00 AM-5:00 PM, and this itinerary occupied most of our time there. Obviously, feel free to adjust it based on your time of arrival and the length of your stay.   

And as we go through the itinerary, we’ll also offer alternatives for several of the stops if our suggestion doesn’t suit you.

And at the bottom, we’ll give you some extra alternatives to extend your stay either in Guam or beyond it.

P.S: You might notice I didn’t give you that much background history/info about each stop….but I do give you the links to check yourself AND can read about it there with historical signposts everywhere.

   Guam Fast Facts

Guam location map

  • The What and the Where: Guam is an island and U.S. territory located in the Pacific Ocean. It’s closer to Australia and Asia than the United States mainland (it would take you 19 hours to fly from New York)!

Guam prides itself on being “Where America’s Day Begins” as it is 15-18 hours ahead of the mainland.

  • How big is Guam? 30 miles (48 km) long, 4-9 (6-14.5 km) miles wide, population of 163,000 people
  • What is Guam’s currency?  The U.S. Dollar
  • What language do people speak in Guam? English and Chamorro (the language of Guam’s indigenous islanders)
  • IMPORTANT VISA NOTE: Guam is an American territory. So, if you need a visa to visit the American mainland, you also need a visa to visit Guam (it’s the same visa).

Guam Airport

  When to Visit Guam

Guam has been blessed with a tropical climate, so any time of the year is a great time to go.

(But just in case you want to know how to visit North Korea on a budget, just check our article here .)

  How Long to Stay in Guam

Unfortunately, we only had a layover so we had just 12 hours in Guam.

But there would be plenty to do if you wanted to stay longer.

If you’re interested in doing more island exploration, adventure activities, or hiking, you could easily spend several days on Guam.

And if you’d like to add in some days of beach and ocean relaxation, you can extend this even more.

  How to Get to Guam

As we explain in our itinerary-planning article here , we managed to include Guam as a 12 hour layover between Palau and China .

Honestly, finding layovers can be a little tricky and it can take some trial and error.

If you are going direct, keep in mind that it can sometimes be easier to fly to one of the neighboring Asian countries and then buy a separate ticket from there to Guam.

Here’s a look at the flight times from Guam to its neighbors:

Guam flights distance map

For more tips on searching for cheap flights, see our 16 Best Tips for Saving on Plane Tickets .

You can’t take a ferry to Guam from a neighboring island, but cruise ships do occasionally stop here (and this itinerary is perfect for cruisers who just have a day!).

  How to Get Around Guam

Public transportation is infrequent in Guam and is mostly nonexistent outside of the main cities.

So, if you want to maximize your time and get the most from your day (and make sure you don’t miss your connecting flight!), you’ll definitely need to rent a car .

Luckily, it’s pretty cheap! We rented a car for 24 hours for just $25 USD from .

See how to use Priceline and find out how to get a great deal on your Guam rental car with our article  5 best and cheapest websites to rent cars from .

  Where to Stay the Night in Guam

We didn’t personally spend the night on Guam (since our flight left at 5 PM).

But if you have a longer layover or you’ll be staying on Guam overnight, you’ll probably want to stay somewhere close to  Hagåtña , Guam’s capital, or Tumon/Tamuning , Guam’s touristic center.

Staying in either of these places will make you central enough that you can maximize your limited time on the island. Plus, they’ll put you close to the airport so you can easily catch your flight the next day.

There isn’t much Guam budget accommodation , unfortunately. They don’t have any hostels and the cheapest you’ll find for a hotel is about $70.

But here are some of the higher-rated and reasonably priced options (you can click on the images to see more details).

Cheap hotel Guam

Alternatively, you can check out an Airbnb  for your stay. Get $27 off with this discount code here .

P.S: If you are spending the night on Guam on a Wednesday, don’t miss out on the Chamorro night market in the heart of Hagåtña!

  What to Do in Guam (Our 1 Day/12 Hour Guam Road Trip Itinerary)

Even if you have just a day in Guam, there’s a lot of you can do. Here’s a peek at the map of our recommended 12 hour itinerary with 8 stops:

Guam Itinerary map

(Click the image above or here to see a live version of the map above)

If you were to just drive this route straight through without stopping, you could likely make this whole circle in 90-120 minutes.

But if you are going to stop to visit any attractions, look out over any viewpoints, eat lunch , swim, etc. (which hopefully you are!)…this itinerary could easily take your entire day.

Between all of our stops, this itinerary here probably took us 10+ hours …but that was just what worked for us!

Something else to keep in mind is that our itinerary was affected by the time we arrived. We arrived in Guam very early in the morning (5:00 AM) before most things were open, so the first thing we did was hit up places that we knew didn’t have specific hours.  

Guam Sign

Finally, just note that we are not listing all our stops here – there’d just be too many! But we are listing the main ones that’ll give you the general direction to follow. So, as you are driving along, feel free to stop any else you like!

BONUS TIP: Even with our itinerary and map here, you’re going to want to pick up a detailed roadmap at the airport or at the car rental office. Just in case. Then, once you have the map, you can mark up your stops.

So, here we go!

Stop #0.5: After landing, go through immigration, and pick up your car at Guam’s Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport

First things first, after landing at the airport, you’ll have to go through immigration. Expect it to be like U.S. immigration would be anywhere on the American mainland.

If you checked a bag , also keep in mind that you’ll probably have to pick it up, even if you just have a layover in Guam. Ask the attendant when you check in for your flight to confirm.

From there, you’ll have to pick up your car! Likely, you’ll have to take a free shuttle from the airport to the car rental company’s main office to fill out your paperwork and pick up your car.

Car rental Guam

Our “fancy” rental car in Guam

Stop #1: Explore Guam’s capital city, Hagåtña  

After you pick up your car, you’ll likely be in Tumon, not far from the airport. A short drive south will take you to Hagåtña, Guam’s capital.

Begin your time in Hagåtña at the Chamorro Village (it should be labeled on any map you have).

At the entrance, you’ll find a sign for the Hagåtña Heritage Walking Trail.

Hagåtña trail

This entire walking trail is about 1.6 miles (2.5 kilometers) long and a great way to stretch your legs if you’ve just slept on a plane!

It’ll probably take you 1-1.5 hours or so to complete with sightseeing along the way.

Here is the route:

Hagåtña map

Click the image above (or this link here) to see the route in detail and read info about each of the stops.

STOP #1 ALTERNATIVE: Walk Along Tumon’s Beaches

If you arrive early like we did before most things open, you could also begin your day with a stroll along the beaches of Guam’s main tourist district – Tumon.

In general, Tumon can be very busy and highly-commercialized with all the big fancy resorts, but it’s calm and serene early in the morning.

Gun Beach (at the northern end of Tumon Bay) is supposed to be stunning, so that could be a good place to start your walk.

Personally, we chose to skip this and begin exploring Hagåtña as we had just come from a week in beachy Palau .  

Stop #2: Learn about Guam’s Role in WWII at War in the Pacific National Historic Park

If you continue south from Hagåtña, you’ll end up at War in the Pacific National Historic Park.

You may want to set aside a couple of hours or so as the park is very large and has many outdoor sections to explore (Asan Bay Overlook, Piti Guns Unit, Ga’an Point, etc – get more info about each place here ).

Here are some things you can expect to find there:

Old Cannon Guam

The park’s outdoor areas are open at any time.

They also have an indoor visitor center (which we really enjoyed) showcasing Guam’s WWII history and the history of the War in the Pacific as a whole.

War Museum Guam

I’d definitely stop in there to see the displays and talk to the rangers (who are super helpful and friendly!).

The visitor center is free and open from 9 AM – 4:15 PM.

STOP #2 ALTERNATIVE: Head Underwater in the Fish Eye Marine Park

If you want to get some underwater action, just past the War in the Pacific National Historic Park is Fish Eye Marine Park.

Here, you can snorkel, walk on the ocean floor, or watch sea life from the observatory 30 feet under the sea. Prices vary per activity and you may need to book in advance.

Stop #3: Road Trip Down South

As you drive south, your only job is to enjoy the drive, appreciate the lovely coastal views, and pull over whenever you see something you like (like the view below).

Beach Guam 3

Stop #4: Look Out Over Umatac Bay from Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad

And if you like, take a wander through the sleepy village you’ll drive through just before arriving at the fort: Umatac.  

Spanish Fortress Guam 3

Stop #5: Cool Off with a Swim at Inarajan Natural Pools

As you finish up your southern loop and start to head north, you’ll stumble upon the picture-perfect Inarajan Pools. Protected from the strong surf by a natural coral ring, these are an excellent place to go for a quick dip.

Inarajan Pools

If you brought a snorkel and a mask, this is also a great place for it!

The swimming hole even has outdoor freshwater showers. So, you can still “clean up” a bit after your swim.

This is especially important if you are just visiting Guam on a layover and have another flight that same evening!


Don’t feel like swimming? Consider visiting Gadao’s Cave or Gef Pa’go (a Chamorro Cultural Village) nearby.

Stop to Avoid: Talofofo Falls

If you’ve done any sort of research about things to do in Guam, you’ve maybe come across Talofofo Falls.

We had as well, so when we saw the sign for it north of Inajaran Pools, we turned off our main route and head in that direction.

But when we got there, we found out that the waterfall was a bit overpriced ($20). And as we stood looking at the sign, someone walking out told us it definitely wasn’t worth the money.

So, we decided to pass on it.

Later, out of curiosity, I checked Talofofo’s Tripadvisor, and it looks like the reviews are overwhelmingly negative.

Unfortunately, we did waste some of our short time in Guam driving out there….looks like you win some, you lose some.

TALOFOFO FALLS ALTERNATIVE: If you still want to get some waterfallin’ in, I’ve heard great things about Sigua Falls in Yona (see live map above for location).

Stop #6: Head North  

By this point in our trip, we didn’t have a ton of time and we knew there was still one major stop (stop #7) that we wanted to make sure we got to.

So, at this point, we mostly just head north toward stop #7, pulling over occasionally to enjoy the view.

Stop #7: Appreciate the View From Two Lovers’ Point (Puntan Dos Amantes)

We were told if you only have time to do one thing in Guam, it should be visiting Two Lovers’ Point.

Puntan Dos Amantes

And between its sweeping cliff views and dramatic star-crossed lover story (which you can read all about there), it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Two Lovers Point Guam couple

It’s open from 7 AM – 7 PM and costs $3 USD to enter (cash only).

Stop #8: Drive Through Tumon’s Main Shopping Street Back to the Airport

Since we didn’t walk through Tumon in the morning (as this itinerary suggests as an alternative to stop #1), the last thing we did was drive through the main street of Tumon on our way back to the car rental office .

We didn’t stop, but if you want to do some shopping, here’s the place to do it!

Tumon Guam

  Have more time in Guam? : Guam Itinerary Alternatives

If you have more time in Guam, you can add these alternatives to your itinerary. Or, feel free to change up our 12 hour itinerary with some of the activities below.

Reminder: You can see exactly where all the alternatives are by marking the boxes in the live map at the top of the article.

  • Venture north

Overall, we were pretty happy with our itinerary…. but if there was one thing we would change, it’d be this!

Instead of focusing most of our time south (as we did), you can venture north like so:

Guam Itinerary map north

There are two main reasons you’d want to visit the north.

The first is to visit Mount Santa Rosa (point B on the map) .  The views from the top are supposed to be lovely and it’ll also give you a birds-eye view of Andersen Air Force Base. You can drive directly to the top of Mt. Santa Rosa.

The second (and the one thing we are still disappointed we didn’t get to do!) is to visit Guam’s Ritidian Point (point C on the map).

Ritidian, Guam’s northernmost point, is part sandy-white beaches, part animal-filled wildlife refuge, and part Chamorro historical lesson.

Beach Guam

Image via jmiske on Flicker

Based on what we’ve heard about it, you can easily spend an entire day exploring. If you’ve been, let us know in the comments below!

NOTE: Visiting Ritidian Point is free, but it does have slightly limited hours. It’s open from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM most days and you’ll find it closed on federal U.S. holidays.

  • Get some hiking in

Hiking (or “boonie stomping,” as its called in Guam), is plentiful on Guam.

It’s not far from the Spanish fort in Umatac, stop #4.

Want to hike through the jungle to a waterfall? Then try out the hike to Sigua Falls in Yona.

  • Spend more time at the beach

And of course, if you’re into beaches, Guam will give you more than enough to choose from.

You’ll find lovely beaches throughout the island, but some of the more famous ones are Gun Beach, Tanguisson Beach, Gab Gab Beach, and Taga’chang Beach (if you want to watch the sunrise, we’ve been told Taga’chang Beach is one of the best spots!

Remember, all of these have been plotted on the live map above.

  Looking for your next stop? : Where to Go Before or After Guam

Because of the island’s Pacific location, Guam is a practical stop between many Oceania and Asia locations.  

We ourselves used Guam as a midpoint while flying from Palau to China.

So, if you are looking to extend your trip before or after Guam, there’s a lot of places you can get to easily. Here’s a quick list of those places with some links to articles we think can help you keep planning:

  • South Korea (see: 13 Places to Visit in South Korea Outside Seoul )
  • Japan (see: The 2 Most Important Things to Know Before Traveling to Japan )
  • China (see: 25 Things to Know Before Visiting China )
  • Palau (see: The Ultimate Guide to Budget Travel in Palau )
  • Taiwan (see: 4 Things You Should Know before Going to Taiwan & Map to Mukumugi )
  • Australia 

  Bonus Tips for Visiting Guam

We’ve covered a lot of ground, so here are a few last tips to make sure you have a great trip to Guam!

  • You can extend your layover. Want to stay in Guam for more than just 12 hours or 1 day? Look into getting a multi-day layover.
  • Don’t forget to rent a car before you arrive to get the best deal. See our 5 Best and Cheapest Car Rental Companies for help.
  • Want to buy some American goods? K-mart! If you were an American living in Asia (as I was), fear not….Guam has K-mart! After more than a year away from U.S. soil, I was really excited to go to K-mart and get real peanut butter 🙂
  • If you are staying overnight, book accommodation early. Guam isn’t exactly a budget destination, so cheaper accommodation sells out quickly. Take a look here for the best accommodation deals .
  • Talk to the Guam Tourist Office for some tips. The Guam Tourist office is super helpful. We contacted them before our trip with some questions, and they mailed a full “what to do” in Guam brochure all the way to Korea for us. They also sent us an email with the best place and time to watch the sunset per our request! You can contact them here:

Other activities, attractions and tours in Guam

If you are looking for activities and tours in Guam, I recommend that you take a look at the Viator website. There you can find and buy amazing tickets, tours and excursions in Guam.

Best attractions Guam

Anyone out there planning a trip to Guam? Or have you already been and have something to add to the itinerary? Let us know in the comments below!

Planning your next trip?

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Then it’s on to the Last Mission Memorial to learn all about World War II. On the way, this tour will bring you up to speed on the American presence in Guam, the island’s dramatic capture by the Japanese, and the hair-raising tale of an American soldier who evaded capture by hiding out in the jungle for months and months.

Next, get your camera ready because you’ll be arriving at Ritidian Point, the northernmost point on the island. This spot offers some seriously incredible ocean views you’ll want to document!

As you head toward Guam’s southern coast, you’ll hear about the Japanese sergeant who refused to give himself up long after the war had ended. You’ll also hear more about how World War II transformed this island and the unique position it holds in the world today.

Then, marvel at one of Guam’s most impressive golf courses and beaches — maybe even take a quick break from the tour! After that, you’ll pay a visit to the beautiful Malojloj Falls and the shimmering Inarajan Natural Pool, two of the island’s most picturesque attractions.

On your way to the historic Merizo Bell Tower, you’ll learn about the significance of music and dance in Chamorro culture. You’ll also hear one of Guam’s biggest secrets about its beaches.

After that, you’ll visit the Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, a remnant of a bygone era when great Spanish galleons roamed the seven seas.

You probably don’t expect to find a mountain taller than Everest on Guam, but that’s exactly what you’ll see as you pass Mount Lamlam. Don’t worry; you’ll learn how such a thing is possible along the way!

You’ll pay a visit to the Stella Bay Overlook next for another staggering vista, then continue to the Piti Guns. These beautifully decaying artillery pieces were once a serious threat to American forces. Today, they’re gradually being reclaimed by the jungle.

Next, you’ll swing by the Latte of Freedom, an impressive structure emulating New York City’s Statue of Liberty. 

Finally, you’ll end up right back where you began in Hagåtña, near the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica, which dates back to the earliest days of Spanish occupation. The tour concludes here.

Looking to expand your tour? 

  • Tour of California: Explore 14+ self-guided driving tours for just $49.99 per car and save 82%.
  • Hawaii tours: Discover 8+ self-guided driving tours in Hawaii for only $39.99 per car and save 47%. 

Want all of our tours? Upgrade to Action+ :

  • An annual $99.99/year subscription offers access to over 160+ tours.
  • Unlimited use throughout the year.
  • Includes free access to new tours as they are released.

Guam Island Map

Where To Start?

Starting Point Address: Padre Palmo Park, 1, Hagåtña, 96910, Guam

How Does It Work?

  • Once you book a tour, you’ll get a text/email with instructions.
  • Download the app (while in good wifi/signal) and use your unique password to access your tours. If there are multiple versions or entrances for your tour, be sure to download all audio guides.
  • To begin touring, go to the starting point and launch the app.
  • The audio starts automatically once you reach the starting point. Stick to the tour route and speed limit for the best experience.
  • Please note that no one will meet you at the starting point.

What You'll See

Your tour of Guam begins in Hagåtña, the capital of the island. From here, you'll cruise around the whole island, visiting gorgeous beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant towns along the way. Your journey will be packed with not just must-see sights, but also plenty of history to help you understand this complicated and unique place.

Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lover’s Point)

This is one of Guam's most poopular attractions for good reason. A balcony juts out over a dramatic drop to the ocean below, affording visitors breathtaking views of the coastline. This point is also deeply rooted in the history of the indigenous Chamorro people and gets its name from an ancient legend you'll hear when you visit.

WWII Memorial The Last Mission

This simple, unassuming monument commemorates a hugely significant moment in World War II: The final mission of the war. An American bombing run launched from Guam, and on their way back the bombers learned via radio that Japan had surrendered, finally ending the years-long war.

Ritidian Point

Ritidian Point is the northernmost point of Guam. The vista here is one of the best on the entire island, so make sure you have your camera! While you take in the views, you'll also hear about some of the island's most incredible wildlife.

Guam Adventures

Those looking to inject a little adrenaline into their trip will definitely want to stop here. Guam Adventures is your one stop for hiking, go-karting, off-roading, and more! If you plan to visit this establishment, however, it's best to book tickets in advance.

Pagat Cave Trailhead

This moderate, 1.7-mile out and back hike leads to a cave with a glimmering pool of water. It's a great spot to stretch your legs and explore Guam's wilderness in more depth.

Onward Mangilao Golf Club

Folks looking to hit the links can't do much better than this! Designed by world-famous golf course architect Robin Nelson and featuring sweeping, panoramic views of the ocean, Onward Mangilao Golf Course has been named one of the top 100 golf courses in the entire world.

Pago Bay Overlook

Pago Bay Overlook offers more unbelievable Pacific views. Here, you'll also get to hear a dramatic Chamorro legend about this very bay.

Country Club of the Pacific

Another great place to admire the Pacific while practicing your swing. This 18-hole golf course is dotted with coconut trees and feels like a little slice of paradise. It's also one of the oldest on the entire island.

Malojloj Falls

These natural falls are not only beautiful, but they’re also great for more adventurous sorts looking to do some cannonballs! At their highest point, the falls reach about 25 feet. Not too daunting, but great for a bit of adrenaline.

Inarajan Natural Pool

Inajaran Natural Pool is an absolute must-see. The rocky, natural, saltwater pool is fully sheltered from the ocean waves, so it's full of colorful fish flitting around the reefs!

This giant boulder gets its name because it resembles an enormous bear keeping watch over the water below. But don't worry, there are no actual bears on Guam!

Merizo Bell Tower

This bell tower dates back to the early 1900s and hold huge significance for the local community. It nearly collapsed from erosion in the early 2000s, but was repaired and refurbished and now is as sturdy as ever.

Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad

This somber ruin, known in English as Our Lady of Solitude Fort, was built by the Spanish to protect galleons coming into the bay with goods. Rumors of buried treasure have long circled the structure, but no one has ever found so much as a single doubloon.

Magellan Monument and Bay of Umatac

This small white monument is said to mark the site where Europeans first landed on Guam. Here, you'll get the story behind the explorer Magellan and that earliest contact with this remote island.

Mount Lamlam Summit (Actual)

Believe it or not, it’s true! Although it gets there by cheating a little. You see, the vast majority of Mount Lamlam is underwater. In fact, it stretches all the way down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the lowest known point in the entire ocean. At its lowest point, the Mariana Trench is over 36,000 feet deep. So this is TECHNICALLY the world’s tallest mountain, standing at almost 38,000 ft. Everest is only 29,000 ft! And now you have some fun trivia to keep in your back pocket.

Cetti Bay Overlook

Cetti Bay offers more than just a beautiful view. It’s also home to the ancient Chamorro village of Jati. This archaeological site features important historical structures as well as ancient pottery shards.

Stella Bay Overlook

This overlook also boasts a hiking trail down to Stella Bay. It's about a 45 minute walk, but near the end you'll also find an old Spanish bridge that's makes for some great photos.

These three monstrous, 140mm cannons were set up by the Japanese military to defend against an American assault on the island. Today, they're still remarkably intact, though the ever-encroaching jungle has lent them the appearance of having been long, long forgotten.

Fish Eye Marine Park

This small park features a truly unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Guam's marine life. At the end of a 1,000-foot boardwalk is an underwater viewing platform where visitors can watch fish swimming in their natural habitat.

This overlook is one of the best spots on the island to watch the sunset. Seeing the red sun sink into the Pacific is truly a must-have experience during your trip.

Latte of Freedom

“Latte” is a Chamorro word for structures comprised of stone pillars with a cup-shaped stone on top. This enormous cement tower offers great views in all directions, and functions as a Guam equivalent to New York's Statue of Liberty.

Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor's Complex (Adelup)

As you drive, you'll also pass this impressive complex of Guam government offices, where the island's political future is decided.

Pacific War Museum

Those looking to dive deeper into Guam's role during the second World War will find lots to like in this compact and fascinating museum. Perhaps just as interesting as its many exhibits is the fact that this museum was built and filled not by the government, but by one individual!

Hagåtña may be Guam's capital, but it's still a remarkably small village. You'll find out why that is as you enter the town limits.

Plaza de Espana

This beautiful plaza was originally the originally home to the Spanish Governor’s Palace during Spain’s occupation. Over the years, it has traded hands more than a few times, but remains just as picturesque as ever.

Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica

This cathedral dates all the way back to 1669! It has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times over the centuries, and remains today as an important part of Guam's capital.

Preview The Tour

  what is guam most famous for.

Guam is famous for combining beautiful island beaches with rich World War II history. Whether you’re a history buff, a vacationer seeking some sun and surf, or somewhere in between, you’ll find it on Guam.

  How did Guam get its name?

The name “Guam” comes from the word “Guåhan” in the language of the native Chamorro people, though accounts on the meaning differ. One suggestion is that “Guåhan” means “a place with resources.” Another is that it is a greeting with which the Chamorro met incoming sailors, who assumed it was the island’s name.

  Why should I visit Guam?

If you’re seeking pristine beaches, startlingly blue water, and jungle scenery, Guam is a must-visit destination. And if you’re interested in World War II history? Even better!

  What are the top attractions to visit in Guam?

Guam’s beaches are its number one attraction, but the island hides other hidden gems as well. Deep in the jungle you can find the Piti Guns, leftover artillery from World War II. High on the coastal bluffs sits Two Lovers Point, boasting unbelievable ocean views.

  Is Guam good for tourists?

Guam is extremely welcoming to tourists, and makes for a great alternative to more popular islands like Hawaii. If you’re looking for a tropical escape without the crowds, Guam should be near the top of your list!

  What are some interesting facts about Guam?

Guam is a US territory, but not a state. That makes it the first place the sun rises on US land! It was also the site of bitter fighting during World War II, and remnants of this fraught history still remain on the island.

  What is the best time of year to visit Guam?

January through May is the best time to visit, as this is Guam’s dry season. July through November is the rainy season, which can definitely put a damper on beach day plans. December and June aren’t totally dry, but aren’t quite as rainy either.

  What are some popular beaches to visit in Guam?

Ritidian Point is probably the most popular spot for impressive views, but if it’s sun and surf you’re seeking, you’ll want to check out Taga’chang Beach or the ever-popular Tumon Beach.

  When is the rainy season in Guam?

Guam’s rainy season gets started in June, but doesn’t kick into full gear until July. After that, it lasts until about November and peters out throughout December.

  Can I get rental cars for this tour?

Ofcourse! Major rental car providers include Hertz, National, Enterprise, Alamo and Avis, but Guam also offers other rental car brands. Reserve early to get the best-priced rental car for your trip to Guam.

  What are some outdoor activities to do in Guam?

Guam is home to tons of great jungle hikes, as well as opportunities for kayaking, surfing, fishing, and more. If you just want to lounge in the sun, the island’s many beaches are perfect for that as well.

  Are there any local festivals or events that visitors should consider attending during a Guam tour?

July 21st marks Guam’s Liberation Day, so there are always celebrations and festivals unfolding around that time. Those seeking a taste of the tropics will also want to consider visiting in April, when the annual Coconut Festival is held.

  Is Guam good for family vacation?

Guam is an ideal family vacation destination. Not only does it have ample opportunities for younger visitors to safely enjoy the waters of the Pacific, but it also features plenty of fascinating history for those who want to mix their fun with a little bit of learning.

  What are some nearby islands or destinations that visitors can visit while on a Guam tour?

Guam is near a few smaller islands, like the Northern Mariana Islands, but very little is closer than a few hundred miles away. If you want to combine a visit to Guam with a larger trip, Japan or the Philippines are great options!

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Top Things to Do in Guam, Mariana Islands

Places to visit in guam, explore popular experiences, ways to tour guam.

guam tour length

Taotao Tasi the Beach Dinner Show in Guam

guam tour length

Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise

guam tour length

Guam's Top Rated Guided Snorkeling Tour!

guam tour length

Valley of the Latte Kayaking Adventure Tour with Lunch No Transportation

guam tour length

Karera Show at Sand Castle Guam

guam tour length

Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard! With Guided Snorkeling Tour

guam tour length

Guam's Best Beach Diving! - Beginner and Advanced Dives

guam tour length

Guam’s Best Freediving Tour!

guam tour length

Scuba Diving and StandUp PaddleBoard Lesson

guam tour length

Eco Hiking Adventure to Pagat Cave

Water sports.

guam tour length

Top Attractions in Guam

guam tour length

Popular Cities in Guam

guam tour length

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THE 10 BEST Guam Tours & Excursions

  • Cultural Tours
  • Historical & Heritage Tours
  • Walking Tours
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  • Sightseeing Tours
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  • 4 hours to 1 day
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guam tour length

1. Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise

guam tour length

2. Taotao Tasi the Beach Dinner Show in Guam

guam tour length

3. Guam's Top Rated Guided Snorkeling Tour!

guam tour length

4. Karera Show at Sand Castle Guam

guam tour length

5. Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard! With Guided Snorkeling Tour

guam tour length

6. Guam's Best Beach Diving! - Beginner and Advanced Dives

guam tour length

7. Valley of the Latte Kayaking Adventure Tour with Lunch No Transportation

guam tour length

8. Eco Hiking Adventure to Pagat Cave

guam tour length

9. Ultimate Guam Self-Guided Driving Tour

guam tour length

10. Guam’s Best Freediving Tour!

guam tour length

11. Full Day Experience Guam Beach and Waterpark

guam tour length

12. Scuba Diving and StandUp PaddleBoard Lesson

guam tour length

13. Experience Scuba Diving - Explore a whole new world!

What travelers are saying.

Richard Y

Operation Military Kids

  • General Military Questions

How Long Is A Tour Of Duty In The Military?

how long is a tour of duty in the army, navy, air force, and marine corps

The U.S. military utilizes a tour of duty system to rotate personnel to various locations, serving different functions as a means of fulfilling missions and allowing service members a broader experience.

This system enables efficiency and organization in terms of each branch of the Armed Forces and its resources — including service members.

All military personnel are eligible for a tour of duty, depending on their unit, position, military occupational specialty, and many other factors.

Here is an explanation of how long a tour of duty is in the military.

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Table of Contents

What Is Considered A Tour Of Duty In The Military?

soldiers reuniting with their families upon completion of their tour of duty

A military tour of duty (TOD) refers to a period of time in which personnel from one or more of the Armed Forces branches are deployed or stationed outside the U.S., usually overseas.

You may also see a Tour of Duty called a Deployment. They are both orders issued for a specific purpose or mission and both have a defined time period.

This is sometimes confused with a “TDY” — or Temporary Duty orders . Generally, a TDY is a short-term assignment for the purpose of training or performing administrative duties such as audits and inspections. 

A Tour of Duty or Deployment typically means that service members are temporarily relocated from their base to a different region for mission-related activities.

Such regions are generally located in another country and frequently in areas of combat or hostile environments.

Tours of duty set up a method for rotating military personnel so that human resources are not over-stretched in these conditions.

Before a service member is issued with Tour of Duty or Deployment orders, they must complete basic training within their branch.

They must also undergo any additional unit or individual training that is required.

When service members are not assigned to a tour of duty, they perform their jobs and duties at the post or base where they are stationed.

How Long Is A Tour Of Duty?

In the U.S. military, the length of a tour of duty depends on the branch of the Armed Forces, the reason for deployment, location of tour, and mission of the unit.

Each military branch requires different time spent “in the field” which means active training and/or undertaking an active mission.

For example, certain branches such as the Army may face more active combat situations than members of the Navy.

Therefore, the duration of tours of duty vary between the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Different military branches and their sections determine the timing of a tour of duty.

Note that the Department of Defense has policies indicating the maximum length of any assignment based on the location, the mission, and whether the orders include family members.

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soldiers training for an upcoming tour of duty

A tour of duty in the Army to a combat zone is typically between 6 and 12 months, though in some cases it is extended to 15 months.

Deployment tours are dependent on the needs and demands of the Army.

In general, soldiers are eligible for two weeks of leave, known as “R&R” (rest and relaxation), after six months of deployment in a combat zone.

A tour of duty to a non-combat zone overseas may be 12 to 36 months.

If a soldier is assigned an “accompanied” tour of duty overseas, in which dependents and family members go along as well, the time period can be as long as 36 months.

Soldiers with dependents that serve “unaccompanied” tours overseas, in which family members do not go along, are usually in-country for 12 months.

Single soldiers (with no dependents) that are assigned to places such as Europe or Japan typically spend 36 months in tour duration.

In these cases, many service members request extensions to remain in these assignments. This may or may not be approved.

The Army considers several aspects in determining tour of duty length for overseas service.

These aspects include:

  • Readiness of overseas units
  • Stability for soldiers and their families in certain locations
  • Stability for commanders in reducing the need for training new soldiers

In the Navy, a tour of duty indicates the period of time spent at sea, performing operational duties.

These duties may include:

  • Fleet responsibilities
  • Service in a foreign country

A naval tour of duty is part of a rotation that may include a six-month tour on a ship at sea and one month for maintenance in home port with time for training and/or exercises.

Then, there is usually a return to tour of duty at sea for another 6 months.

Most overseas tours for members of the U.S. Navy are limited to two or three years.

However, for naval military personnel assigned to Japan, Guam, and some other areas, tour lengths may last as long as four years.

In some cases, sailors that extend their tour of duty by a year may receive preferential consideration for their next location.

This incentive is offered to enhance the strength and stability of naval forces.

Similar to the Army, a typical tour of duty for Air Force personnel is 12 months in a combat zone.

Most enlisted USAF personnel are not normally involved in direct combat operations, however, which means most tours of duty are usually classified as either accompanied or non-accompanied. 

In this case, accompanied tours are usually for 24-36 months and unaccompanied for 12-24. The timespan will vary depending on the location.

For Air Force pilots and other aircrew members (flight engineers, navigators, loadmasters, etc.), the length of a tour of duty is mission-based. 

USAF members directly assigned to aircraft often do take part in combat missions, although they’re far more mobile than Army forces. Therefore, a tour of duty could be 12-24 months flying out of an installation in a contested region.

It could also be only a month or two providing airlift or air-to-air refueling, flying out of a base in a friendly country (such as Germany, Turkey, or Japan).

On the other hand, it could also mean an accompanied PCS to one of these long-established overseas locations for 36 months. 

Marine Corps

Marine Corps service members typically experience tours of duty overseas between 6 and 12 months, depending on the type of mission.

For example, a Unit Deployment Program (UDP) lasts 6 months, reducing the number of unaccompanied tours for individual Marines.

A deployment for a Marine Air-Ground Task Force lasts up to 6 months and is mission-specific to establish overt U.S. military presence in certain areas.

Marines can also be assigned a tour of duty as an Individual Augmentee.

This takes place when a service member with specific skills is sent to join another military operation for up to 12 months.

Units of Marines can also deploy for combat operations.

In these cases, the tour of duty duration is dependent on the military’s needs in engagement with enemy forces.

However, the length is limited by DoD policy, based on the location.

Conus-side, a stateside tour of duty for Marines is generally 36 months or 3 years. 

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Factors That Influence Tour Of Duty Duration

how long is a tour of duty in the marine corps

In addition to a service member’s branch, there are other factors that influence how long a military tour of duty may last.

Since many TODs are spent in hazardous and/or unfriendly areas, away from family and comforts of home, the pressure and toll they take on military members can be significant.

This is why the military coordinates rotating of personnel as effectively as possible.

The goal is to avoid exhaustion and other risks involved in constant action and to attempt to preserve mental and physical health.

Individual service members may face longer or more frequent TODs depending on their experience and expertise.

Depending on the roles that military personnel play in the field, as well as the amount of stress and pressure they face, some tours are longer than others.

Other influential factors include:

  • Military occupation
  • Mission requirements
  • Prior service experience
  • Type of unit
  • Available resources

Additionally, the reasons for deployment and the location are influential factors that affect the duration of a tour of duty.

For example, active combat missions are generally shorter than tours of duty for the purpose of training exercises or peace-keeping missions.

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Different branches of the U.S. military assign various tours of duty of different duration, depending on many factors and circumstances.

When a military tour of duty is concluded, the service member is generally assigned to a regular duty station or post.

In addition, the service member is ineligible for another tour of duty for a certain period of time.

This ineligibility allows for a break, and recovery, from the intense pressure and action faced by military members that are associated with many deployments and overseas tours.

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  • Marine Raiders (MARSOC) vs. Navy SEALS: 6 Differences - May 22, 2024
  • ASVAB Line Scores: How To Read Them & Their Meaning - May 22, 2024

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  1. PDF Tour Lengths and Tours of Duty OCONUS

    Guam 36 24 10-12-04 Guatemala 36 24 Guyana 24 18 Haiti, Port au Prince 24 12 11-20-07 OSD (P&R/OEPM) memo dated 01-31-2008, established the tour length for a Service member ... Tour lengths for military personnel assigned under COM or SCO authority will remain unchanged. Kyrgyz Republic 24 12 Laos N/A 12 Vientiane 24 12 12-21-06 Latvia, Riga 24 12

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    Guam is a vibrant, tropical paradise, complete with powdery beaches, and coral reefs teeming with underwater life. Away from the beach, find historic buildings in the bustling capital, Hagåtña, swinging nightlife in Tumon and a melting pot of Asian, European, Pacific Rim and American cultures. ... location and length of their visit if asked ...

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    This article was first published in January 2017 and was updated in December 2019. Guam is an island in the North Pacific, around one third of the way between the Philippines and Hawaii, that is politically associated with the US as an unincorporated territory.No doubt some of the best things to do in Guam involve the beach, but there is so much more to explore.

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    Bank of Hawaii. Coast 360 Federal Credit Union. First Hawaiian Bank. There's also a currency exchange desk in the airport. Additionally, credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, are widely accepted around the island. Languages Spoken. Guam has two official languages: English.

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    Cruise through the rainforests, along the Talofofo and Ugum rivers, learn about local flora and fauna, and visit an ancient Chamorro village to learn how old traditions are being kept alive. 4 hours. Free Cancellation. from. $110.00.

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    A: The best tours in Guam according to Viator travelers are: Taotao Tasi the Beach Dinner Show in Guam. Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise. Karera Show at Sand Castle Guam. Valley of the Latte Kayaking Adventure Tour with Lunch No Transportation.

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    As you'll see below, our detailed itinerary below is for around 1 day in Guam (about 8-12 hours). We were in Guam from 5:00 AM-5:00 PM, and this itinerary occupied most of our time there. Obviously, feel free to adjust it based on your time of arrival and the length of your stay.

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    from $29.99. Per group. Guam, Australia & the Pacific. Experience Scuba Diving - Explore a whole new world! 5. from $90.00. Guam, Australia & the Pacific. Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard! With Guided Snorkeling Tour.

  15. Guam Tour: Explore Millennia-Long History and Natural Beauty

    This tour begins in the island's capital of Hagåtña, which boasts a population of only 1,000 people! From here, you'll cruise along Guam's coast and get familiar with the Chamorro people, whose presence here dates back over four millennia. As you reach Two Lovers Point, you'll hear the tragic legend that lends it this name and pick up ...

  16. Top 21 Things To Know About Guam For First-time Visitors

    4. The Chamorro people. The Chamorro people in the Mariana Islands, including Guam, can trace their ancestry back thousands of years - they came from Southeast Asia and were known to be seafarers. Early Chamorro society was divided into castes: there was a lower caste and a higher caste.

  17. THE 30 BEST Places to Visit in Guam (UPDATED 2024)

    3. Two Lovers Point. This cliffside lookout point, the site of a legend of two lovers who leapt to their deaths, offers a spectacular view of Tumon Bay and the ocean. 4. Ritidian Point. This gorgeous, white sand beach offers great swimming, but watch out for the strong current. 5.

  18. THE 10 BEST Guam Tours & Excursions for 2024 (with Prices)

    THE 10 BEST Guam Tours & Excursions. 1. Valley of the Latte Jungle Riverboat Adventure Cruise. Delve deeper into Guam's jungle and Chamorro heritage than you could independently on this riverboat tour. Cruise the Talofofo…. 2. Taotao Tasi the Beach Dinner Show in Guam. Join Guam's most spectacular and unique show.

  19. Guam tour lengths change > Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point > MCAS

    The assistant secretary of defense has approved a tour length change to Guam.Beginning Jan. 1, 2006, accompanied tours will change from 24 to 36 months, and unaccompanied tours will go from 15 to 24 months. This makes an assignment to the island a long,

  20. Incentives and Entitlements

    Incentives and Entitlements. While on Guam, you may be entitled to the following: Overseas Tour Extension Incentives Program (OTEIP): According to MILPERSMAN 1306-300: "OTEIP offers eligible enlisted members the opportunity to choose one of four incentive options for an extension of the Department of Defense (DoD) overseas tour length of 12 months or more.

  21. PDF Tour Lengths and Tours of Duty OCONUS

    06/08/23 1 Tour Lengths Tour Lengths and Tours of Duty . Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) A. DoD Service Members. The table below specifies tour lengths OCONUS (in months) for ... Guam 36 24 10-12-04 Guatemala 36 24 Guyana 24 18 Haiti, Port au Prince 24 12 11-20-07 OSD (P&R/OEPM) memo dated 01-31-2008, established the tour length ...

  22. How Long Is A Tour Of Duty In The Military?

    Most overseas tours for members of the U.S. Navy are limited to two or three years. However, for naval military personnel assigned to Japan, Guam, and some other areas, tour lengths may last as long as four years. In some cases, sailors that extend their tour of duty by a year may receive preferential consideration for their next location.


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