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Ecuador tours & trips.

The snow-covered Cotopaxi volcano is the highest active volcano in the world, and an overnight climb is one of the many adventures available in Ecuador. Another is a visit to the eerie Cloud Forest of Mindo, and not to be missed is a trip to Galapagos Islands .

250+ Ecuador tour packages with 1,118 reviews

Galápagos Adventure: Snorkelling & Sea Lions Tour

  • Active Adventure
  • Fully Guided
  • In-depth Cultural
  • Christmas & New Year

Galápagos Adventure: Snorkelling & Sea Lions

"This was an absolutely amazing tour! I loved everyday of it, from start to finish...."

Best of Galapagos Tour

Best of Galapagos

"the national park guide was very very good. He was very informative and knowledgable...."
  • Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

Galápagos Multisport Tour

  • Ocean Cruise

Galápagos Multisport

"Mauricio was just incredible!! He was so attentive to our needs and informative...."

Galapagos Discovery Tour

Galapagos Discovery

"coming from the airport to the hotel in the early am was difficult. All the flights..."

Ecuador Highlights Tour

Ecuador Highlights

"Well organised, good itinerary. Excellent guide."

6 Day Ecuador Multisport Tour

  • Personalized

6 Day Ecuador Multisport

"The best way to explore the country. We booked the 6 day tour with other 2 friends,..."

Concise Galapagos Tour

  • Partially Guided

Concise Galapagos

Looking for tours beyond just ecuador.

Explore tours with itineraries going through multiple countries, including Ecuador.

Ecuador (Mainland): See & Experience it ALL in 5 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours Tour

Ecuador (Mainland): See & Experience it ALL in 5 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours

"The trip was incredible. Edi was the very best."

Galapagos Insight Tour

  • Island Hopping

Galapagos Insight

Ecuador Multisport Once in a Life Time Tour

Ecuador Multisport Once in a Life Time

"Paul was super enthusiastic amd professional. He always answered questions with great..."

8 Days in Ecuador\'s Heartland: From Mountains to Hot Springs Tour

8 Days in Ecuador's Heartland: From Mountains to Hot Springs

8 Days Ecuadorian Adventure, Exploring Nature, Culture, and Wonders Tour

8 Days Ecuadorian Adventure, Exploring Nature, Culture, and Wonders

Ecuador: Amazon, Hot Springs & Volcanoes National Geographic Journeys Tour

Ecuador: Amazon, Hot Springs & Volcanoes National Geographic Journeys

"It's been awhile but went on small group tour to Ecuador. Had never been. Two thumbs..."

Ultimate Galapagos Islands Adventure Tour

Ultimate Galapagos Islands Adventure

6-Day Galapagos Land Tour: Los Tuneles Program Tour

6-Day Galapagos Land Tour: Los Tuneles Program

  • Go on a cruise around the enchanting Galapagos Islands and spy upon giant sea turtles, iguanas, penguins and other unique wild life.
  • Enjoy an evening cocktail in your rustic style cabaña while you take in the sights and sounds of the remote Amazon jungle.
  • Feel the adrenalin rush through your body as you indulge in some exhilarating mountain biking down the Cotopaxi Volcano.
  • Satisfy your thirst for adventure by white water rafting and trekking through a cloud forest in wild and wet Banos.
  • Catch a glimpse of the elusive pink river dolphin or take a night canoe ride to spot caimans.
  • Have your picture taken with one foot on either hemisphere when you visit the Equator that passes through Ecuador.
  • Walk around the culturally charming town of Cuenca, replete with cathedrals and churches.
  • Buy beautiful tapestries at Otavalo, South America’s biggest indigenous crafts market.
  • Take a few days to get acclimatized to the high altitude of Quito before attempting any strenuous activity.
  • Get the latest travel advice before travelling to areas that have active volcanoes. Your guide will let you know the best time to travel to these locations.
  • If you wish to sample local cuisine, try Tamales, Hornado, Musgaratas, Cuy and Ceviche.
  • If you’re speaking to a police officer, refer to him as ‘Mi Sargento’. It shows respect.
  • Walking around Guayaquil after dark is not recommended.
  • Avoid eating raw food or salads and carry bottled water. Further, use a high grade sun block as UV radiation is very high even when it’s cloudy.
  • If you get into an argument with an Ecuadorian, avoid raising your voice or gesticulating.
  • Get vaccinated against typhoid before you travel to Ecuador.

Ecuador Trip Reviews

"Visiting Ecuador was great and enlightening. The trip gave us everything that we hoped to see. The islands were breathtaking and the culture was fascinating. Even though there were some issues with the weather for the first 2-3 days, we still enjoyed what the islands had to offer. The tour leader (Randy) did great as he tried to accommodate everyone's needs and gave alternatives to those who do not want to join the main expeditions. The trip showed us the lifestyle of the locals, we saw the local transportation and cuisine and even did some shopping accross the towns. It was such an amazing experienced but it would have been better if we could spend more time on those incredible destinations especially on Santa Cruz Island."
"Being part of the Galapagos adventure in an 8-cabin catamaran was such a cozy and intimate experience. We had a small group which made us feel comfortable by receiving personal attention and an action packed itinerary. The highlights of the trip were some of the activities we had which made us feel closer to the wildlife in the Galapagos. We did snorkeling, short hikes, swimming with sea lions, sting rays, turtles, sharks, giant tortoises, blue footed boobies and we did so much more. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, the staff on our floating home were superb as they provided us with every attention we needed and served delicious meals. I highly recommend this tour to those who wants to have an adventure of a lifetime."
"The Galapagos adventure I took was fantasic. The accommodation was basic but it was adequate. I would recommend this trip to anyone who loves to experience Galapagos."

Ecuador Destinations

  • Galapagos Islands (353)
  • Pacific (346)
  • Andes Mountains (211)
  • Ecuador Andean Highlands (134)
  • Avenue of the Volcanoes (113)
  • Amazonian Basin (93)
  • Amazonian Region Ecuador (38)
  • Amazon Rainforest (34)
  • Machu Picchu Galapagos (5)
  • Cotopaxi National Park (36)
  • Yasuni National Park (13)
  • Cayambe Coca National Park (13)
  • Sangay National Park (5)

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  • Luxury (62)
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  • Young Adults (11)
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  • Active Adventure (226)
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  • Personalized (173)
  • Private (100)
  • In-depth Cultural (88)
  • Ocean Cruise (75)
  • Sailing (60)
  • Hiking & Trekking (55)
  • Self-Guided (22)
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  • August 2025 (70)

Ecuador Tours starting in

  • Starting in Quito (275)
  • Starting in Baltra Island (113)
  • Starting in San Cristóbal Island (41)
  • Starting in Galapagos Islands (11)
  • Starting in Guayaquil (9)
  • Starting in Santa Cruz Island (8)
  • Starting in Puerto Baquerizo More... (5)
  • Ecuador Travel Guide | All You Ne...

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Paquetes de Ecuador destacados

tours ecuador isla de margarita

Del PACIFICO a LOS ANDES con Playas (8 Días) “NUEVO”

Galápagos Lion Seal


Salinas Beach

TRIANGULO con RUTA del SOL (13 Días)

Rio Napo


Tarabita en agua Santa




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Tours excursiones y paseos en la isla Margarita y full day Isla Coche

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Sunsol Festival Cruise

Vive la experiencia Sunsol Festival que ofrece una exclusiva excursión a la Isla de Coche.


Full Day Coche Paradise

Disfrute de un relajante y divertido día de playa en la Isla de Coche


Nado Con Delfines

Realizar el nado con delfines es una experiencia unica, en esta actividad puedes convivir directamente con los delfines en el agua, y disfrutar del maravilloso mundo marino. Waterland Mundo Marino



Diversion, Aventura, Relax Catamaranes para todos los gustos!!!


Catamaran NORTH STAR

Experimenta la emoción de navegar a vela en un trimarán de 47 pies


Jeep Safari (Vehiculo abierto)

Recorrido por la isla de Margarita


Jeep Safari (Vehiculo cerrada)

Descuentos de 10-20% en todos nuestros paquetes, hoteles todo incluido, boletos aereos y traslados.

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

Wonderful trips to Isla de Margarita - INTI Tours

A colorful mixture of caribbean and south america.

When traveling to the Isla de Margarita you can expect dream beaches, turquoise blue water as well as a colorful mixture of Caribbean and South America. About 40 kilometers off the mainland of Venezuela lies the mountainous Isla de Margarita with Caribbean-style beaches and South American atmosphere. It actually consists of two islands connected in the middle by the mangrove-filled lagoon of La Restinga National Park. 170 kilometers of white sandy beaches stretch along the coastline of the island and are equally inviting for relaxation as well as all kinds of water sports such as diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing and surfing. The palm-lined dream beaches merge seamlessly into turquoise waters - a true paradise.

Bienvenidos a la Isla de Margarita!

Since the journey always takes place via Caracas on the Venezuelan mainland, a trip to the Isla de Margarita must be well considered at this time!

Country information   Absolutely worth seeing   Dates and Facts   Travel on the Isla de Margarita   Addresses

Our types of travel on Isla de Margarita

tours ecuador isla de margarita

Your dream trip on Isla de Margarita

You would like to choose your own route and travel period? We will be happy to put together your tailor-made travel program.

tours ecuador isla de margarita

Travel in a small group

You like to travel with people of the same interests, because alone is only half the fun? Find the right group tour for you.

tours ecuador isla de margarita

Private trips

You have found a group trip that you would like to do as a couple or with acquaintances at any time?

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

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Country information about Isla de Margarita: "Caribbean South America

The Isla de Margarita belongs geographically and politically to Venezuela and is located in the Southern Caribbean. Isla de Margarita includes the two offshore islands of Coche and Cubagua, together they are located about 40 kilometers from the mainland of Venezuela. They form the state of Nueva Esparta, which was founded in 1909. The three islands of the state belong to the Lesser Antilles and are part of the so-called "Windward Islands". Because of its location, the island of about 1,076 square meters is spared from hurricanes and the climate is balanced throughout the year. The scenic diversity is protected by several national parks. The name Nueva Esparta - New Sparta - is borrowed from the city of Sparta in the Greek Peloponnese, to commemorate the heroism of its inhabitants during the wars of independence. Isla de Margarita is home to the state capital - La Asunción. The island consists of two parts, the eastern part of the island is busy and lush with vegetation. The western half, on the other hand, is almost deserted and desert-like; it is called the Macanao Peninsula.

Capital La Asunción

La Asunción was founded in 1562 by Pedro González and is today the capital of the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta. During its history, the city changed its name several times. It was first called Villa del Espíritu Santo, then Valle de Santa Lucía and La Margarita, and now it is called La Asunción. The city is located at only 67 meters above sea level in the east of the island de Margarita. The population is close to 30,000 people. However, the economic center and the largest city of Isla de Margarita is Porlamar.

Absolutely worth seeing:

  • La Asunción is known for its many beautiful buildings from the colonial era. Thus, the historic center around the Plaza Bolivar of the tranquil city is definitely worth a visit. The oldest church in Venezuela - the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de La Asunción - is also located here. From the 17th century castle Castillo de Santa Rosa you have a fantastic view - also at sunset.
  • The nearby valley El Valle is the most important place of pilgrimage in Venezuela. There is a sanctuary there, the Basílica Menor de Nuestra Señora del Valle, where the pearl fishermen worshipped the miracle-working Virgin of the Valley.
  • Of course, the beaches are the main attraction of all Caribbean islands. Basically, the numerous beaches of the island hardly differ. All of them are beautiful, mostly covered with palm trees, fine sand and shallow slopes. Playa el Agua and Playa Parguito in the northeast of the island are probably the most famous beaches and are also frequented accordingly. Who likes it lively with bars, restaurants and possibilities of all kinds of water sports, is exactly right here. Playa Punta Arenas in the very west of the island is also very popular. The beaches Playa el Cardon, Playa el Tirano, Playa Caribe and Playa Puerto Viejo are more quiet. El Yaque in the south is considered one of the best windsurfing spots in the world!
  • If you want to experience lonely beaches and real seclusion, you will find it on a trip to the islands Isla de Coche with Playa de la Punta and Isla de Cubagua.   
  • The 16,000 hectare Laguna de la Restinga National Park is located in the middle of the island and almost separates the two wings of the island. Typical mangrove forests around the beautiful lagoon with numerous channels form the habitat for cormorants, pelicans and countless other bird species. A boat tour is the best way to explore the area, which usually ends with a visit to the beautiful and over 20 kilometers long beach Playa la Restinga. This beach is considered the longest beach of the Caribbean islands.
  • The western half of the island of Macanao has a rather sparse vegetation and is sparsely populated. Columnar cacti, tranquil villages and the Museo del Mar - the marine museum of Boca de Pozo - as well as the skeleton of a huge whale are waiting to be explored.  
  • Porlamar on the east coast of Isla de Margarita is the largest city on the island with over 200,000 inhabitants. Worth seeing is the pretty old town, the museum for contemporary art Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Francisco Navarez and a tropical garden.
  • The city of Juan Griego is located in the northwestern part of the island, directly on the sea. Here you can stroll through the streets and along the harbor, visit the Fortin de la Galera fortification located above the town, visit nearby beaches and go diving. The place is famous for its spectacular sunsets. 
  • Hikers should visit the Cerro Copey National Park. It is centrally located in the eastern part of the island and is easily accessible by rental car on winding roads. About halfway up to the 1,000 meter high Cerro el Copey, magnificent hiking trails start at parking lots. A variety of unique plants in dense, tropical rainforest as well as numerous bird species, plus deer, squirrels, monkeys and rabbits can be discovered. From a vantage point there is an unforgettable view over the whole Isla de Margarita.

Facts and figures Isla de Margarita:

Land area: 956.8 sq. km population: just under 450,000 Capital: La Asunción with just under 30,000 inhabitants Highest mountain: San Juan (Cerro Grande), 920 meters high Form of government: Presidential Republic History: Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Guaiqueri inhabited the island. During his third voyage of discovery, Christopher Columbus discovered the island in August 1498 and named it "Margarita", meaning pearl, after the massive pearl deposit. Today, Isla de Margarita is a popular vacation and tourist destination in the Southern Caribbean. Economy: Tourism  Currency: US Dollar Language: Spanish Festivals: There are several music festivals and parties throughout the year.

Travel on Isla de Margarita:

Entry Requirements: Since Isla de Margarita belongs to Venezuela, the corresponding entry requirements apply. All travel documents must be valid for six months upon entry. German-Venezuelan dual citizens must enter and leave the country with a Venezuelan passport. German citizens do not need a visa for entry, unless it is by sailing ship. Upon entry, each tourist will be given a tourist card on the plane, which entitles them to a stay of up to 90 days. If you are given a duplicate of the tourist card on arrival, keep it safe in case you are asked for it when leaving the country or during other controls. In Venezuela, foreigners must be able to prove their legal residence status at all times. In case of illegal residence, deportation is imminent after sometimes prolonged detention pending deportation. Vaccinations:  There are no mandatory vaccinations for direct entry from Germany to Venezuela. If entering from a yellow fever area, proof of a yellow fever vaccination may be required. Make sure that you and your children are up to date with the standard vaccinations according to the vaccination calendar of the Robert Koch Institute. As travel vaccinations, vaccinations against hepatitis A are recommended, and also against hepatitis B, typhoid and rabies for long-term stays or special exposure. Climate & Travel Time: Isla de Margarita has a pleasant warm climate all year round. The maximum annual average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius, while the minimum average is 24 degrees Celsius. Because of its location, Isla de Margarita is completely spared from hurricanes. Local time: CET -5 hrs. CEST -6 hrs.

Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela Schillstr. 10 10785 Berlin Tel: +49 (0) 30 8322400 [email protected]

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

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Quito matriz.

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Sector Portugal

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Valle de Los Chillos

096 7787 226

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Quito: (02) 38 22 490

El Comercio E10-93 y La Razón. Edif.: Gutierrez 2º piso. Atras de Quicentro Norte.

Guayaquil: (04) 60 33 777

Joaquin Orrantia y Leopoldo Benítez, Edif.: Trade Building. Mezanine 11. Junto a Mall del Sol.

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Encuentra las mejores ofertas de viaje desde Ecuador

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Caribe - Isla Margarita | Charters - Viajes de familia - Vacaciones Quito - Aeroregional


Isla Margarita

Paquete en Actualización.

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

1. Basílica Nuestra Señora Del Valle


2. Playa el Yaque


3. Laguna de la Restinga


4. Playa el Agua


5. Faro Punta Ballenas


6. Fortín de la Galera


7. Playa Zaragoza


8. Parque El Agua Isla de Margarita

tours ecuador isla de margarita

9. Playa Pampatar


10. Playa Caribe


11. Playa Guacuco


12. Parque Nacional Laguna de La Restinga


13. Playa Parguito


14. Museo Marino de Margarita


15. Castillo San Carlos de Borromeo


16. Parque Diverland


17. Playa Manzanillo


18. Playa Punta Arena


19. Margarita Explore


20. Playa Paraiso


21. Parque Nacional Cerro el Copey


22. El Farallon Isla Blanca


23. Playa Puerto Cruz


24. El Reino de Musipán


25. Catedral Nuestra Señora


26. Hacienda El Tanque


27. Castillo de Santa Rosa


28. Playa La Caracola


29. EL Mercado La Isla


30. Plaza Simon Bolivar


Qué están diciendo los viajeros


  • Playa el Yaque
  • Playa el Agua
  • Laguna de la Restinga
  • Basílica Nuestra Señora Del Valle
  • Playa Parguito
  • Playa Caribe
  • Fortín de la Galera

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tours ecuador isla de margarita

tours ecuador isla de margarita

MI & VI Tours

Operadora de Turismo C. A

Hoteles / Alojamiento / Aereos

[email protected]


DISFRUTA de Viajar por Venezuela y conoce las Maravillas de Nuestro Pais

See details, handpicked offers.

tours ecuador isla de margarita


Un nuevo estilo de vida, planes solo desayuno, ikin hotel & spa             hasta 15 dic           $220   h/1n/2pax, h2o hotel                     hasta 31 jul desde $115     h/1n/2pax, aria  hotel                     hasta 31 jul desde $95      h/1n/2pax, planes todo incluido, palm beach               hasta 31 jul desde $42      p/p/noche, ld plus                       hasta 31 jul desde $85      p/p/noche, sunsol isla caribe     hasta 29 jul desde  $42     p/p/noche, sunsol ecoland      hasta 30 mar desde $52     p/p/noche, planes +55 plus, costa linda hotel, hasta el 15 de diciembre, el costo mensual es us 550 por mes con desayuno , almuerzo, merienda ,y cena, summer destinations.

tours ecuador isla de margarita

Miami A Caracas          ida/retor    $500

Caracas / cancun        ida/retor    $520, caracas / panama       ida/retor    $460.99, caracas / los roques ida/retor    $297, hotel costa linda, isla de margarita.



Bucea con nosotros.



tours ecuador isla de margarita

tours ecuador isla de margarita

tours ecuador isla de margarita

  • Vacaciones Confirmadas 2016
  • Europa Asia Oriente
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  • Paquetes Escolares
  • Reserva de Vuelos

Paquete Turistico a Isla Margarita 04Días/03Noches


Islas Margaritas

Paquete Turístico Isla Margarita

Paquete isla margarita vía copa airlines 04días/03noches.

  • Boleto aéreo Lima / Porlamar / Lima vía Copa Airlines F.(+30)
  • Boleto interno Caracas / Porlamar/ Caracas (*)
  • Traslado aeropuerto / hotel / aeropuerto en Porlamar.
  • 03 noches de alojamiento en hotel a elegir.
  • Sistema todo Incluido.


Isla margarita guia turistica.

Isla Margarita es un lugar con muchas playas hermosas algunas de ellas aislada y prístina. Alojamiento en la isla incluyen hoteles todo incluido, hoteles regulares, posadas, condominios, apartamentos y casas. Hay una gran variedad de tours disponibles para los visitantes, incluyendo una excursión de un día en un catamarán a la isla vecina de Isla Coche y el popular Jeep Safari Tour. Otras excursiones incluyen las excursiones en Isla Redonda, Compras y buceando en Los Frailles. Para el verdadero aventurero hay excursiones fuera de la isla a Los Roques, Orinoco Delta a las cascadas más altas del mundo, el espectacular Salto Ángel.

Que Hacer en Isla Margarita

  • La actividad se centra en torno a las playas y ríos de la isla. La gente va buceo, snorkeling, pesca y windsurf. 
  • Playa El ya que es un buen lugar para practicar windsurf. 
  • Otras actividades populares para los turistas y los residentes están parapente y la escalada.

Puntos de interés

  • Sitios históricos como Catedral de la Asunción, una iglesia construida en 1571, que es el más antiguo de Venezuela; Fortin la Galera, el sitio de una batalla sangrienta contra España durante la Guerra de la Independencia de Venezuela, Castillo de Santa Rosa, un castillo construido en 1677, y las ruinas de Nueva Cádiz.

  • Precios no validos feriados, Fiestas Patrias, eventos, congresos, fechas importantes de la ciudad, grupos, fines de semana largo. Consultar al momento de reservar.
  • Confirmar tarifa al momento de solicitar la reserva
  • Precios sujetos a cambios, sin previo aviso
  • Minimo 02 pasajeros.
  • No incluye boleto interno Caracas/ Porlamar/ Caracas
  • Boleto aéreo no permite cambio una vez emitido el boleto.
  • NOTA: para viajar a Venezuela se requiere VISA (consultar)
  • Todos nuestros precios incluyen IGV e impuestos obligatorios.
  • Emisión: no tiene fecha de emisión, sujeto a cambio sin previo aviso.


Fiestas Año Nuevo

tours ecuador isla de margarita

Margarita Island – Interesting Facts

  • March 19, 2022

Where is Margarita Island?

Margarita Island (Isla de Margarita, Spanish pronunciation) is the largest island of the Venezuelan State and is situated off the northeastern coast of the country, in the Caribbean Sea. Located in the Caribbean Sea between latitudes 10°52’N and 11°11’N and longitudes 63°48’W and 64°23’W, the island, along with the islands of Coche and Cubagua, comprises the state of Nueva Esparta. The island is split into two peninsulas joined by an 18 kilometres (11 mi) long isthmus and covers an area of 1,020 square kilometres (390 sq mi).

How large is Margarita Island?

It is 78 kilometres (48 mi) long and measures roughly 20 kilometres (12 mi) at its widest. The 394-square-mile island, with 106 miles of coastline, has much charm.

Why is Margarita known as the Pearl of the Caribbean?

Somewhat self-proclaimed as in early years it became pretty well known internationally for its pearls.

tours ecuador isla de margarita

When was Margarita Island discovered?

Isla de Margarita was discovered by Columbus in 1498 and quickly became known for its pearls. Through the centuries, settlements on the island were besieged by Indians (in reprisal for slave raids on the mainland) and by British pirates and Dutch forces.

tours ecuador isla de margarita

What does Margarita Island have to offer tourists?

Angel-Eco Tours is offering a unique trekking experience in Canaima National Park. Few people have made this trek by land, except of course the local Pemón of the Purpurken community.

This is an exciting new addition to our portfolio, something really special.. 

Ghost Canyon (la Cueva Fantasma) is a magical location deep in Canaima National Park with paths virtually untrodden by tourist. Some helicopters have landed in the mysterious canyon but very few groups have entered by foot – at least any tourists. 

The indigenous have made a few trips to the canyon to pave the way for ourselves. Two trips are offered one shorter than the other, the second (two nights longer) hikes up to Aicha Falls and then on to the valley below of Kamarata. Expertly guided by a mixture of the indigenous Pemón tribe (Kamarakotos & Taurepanes). We hike virgin paths through primary rainforest, across plains / savannahs, climbing hilly paths, traversing rivers until we reach the entrance of Ghost Canyon. 

Including cultural interaction with the villagers (cultural dancing) of our local hosts. 

Groups must be small 2-6 and we encourage bringing something along to help the local “Pueblo”.

What is the general climate of Margarita Island?

The climate is sunny and dry, with an average temperature is 32 °C (90 °F) with minimums ranging between 22 °C (72 °F) and 23 °C (73 °F). Rainfall is common in the winter months; rainy season begins July–October (although the rain is usually quite rare).

How does one reach Margarita Island?

To get to the island there are only two options, by sea or by air, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. By sea you will always have the option to travel by ferry, where you can also transfer cars, an excellent option as it allows greater comfort once you are on the island, if you go independently. The option by plane is also very comfortable as the flight is a little more than half an hour, 45 minutes approximately, for this is highly recommended to opt for a package tour that includes transfers. The excellent thing about the island is that it can be visited at any time of the year and consists of excellent recreational places as well as beautiful beaches.

The island can be reached by direct flights from Caracas or ferries from Puerto la Cruz, Cumaná, and La Guaira. Occasionally international charter flights are welcomed from Europe, however since the pandemia, there have been very few.

What is the capital of Margarita Island?

La Asunción is the capital of the Federal State of Nueva Esparta with a population of around 28,500. It is the seat of the regional government. The city is overlooked by the Santa Rosa de la Eminencia castle.

What is the Terrain of Margarita Island?

Eastern Isla Margarita eastern is formed by a mountain range which runs roughly north–south, from northern Porlamar to Cabo Negro; north from the town of El Espinal, the massif rises steeply to the culminations of San Juan and Copey hills, at heights of 920 and 890 m, respectively.

The Macanao Peninsula has a mountainous spine of the central west–east, with several culminations, including Macanao Peak, which is the highest, with an altitude of 760 metres above sea level stands.

tours ecuador isla de margarita

Are there any National Parks in Margarita Island?

There are a number of nature parks, but Laguna de La Restinga is designated a national park and is the best known, here one can kayak or join special group tours.

The Tetas de Maria Guevara (“Maria Guevara’s breasts”), located in a coastal plain in the south of the 1,670 hectare Laguna de La Restinga National Park, are two small twin hills with a height of 135 metres (443 ft). The area around the hills is desert, with cacti, prickly pears, yaks and guamaches. The fauna is diverse, including desert lizards, rabbits, rattlesnakes and coral.

The legend, as told by the inhabitants Margarita, tells that the name María Guevara comes from a young white girl who was heavily involved in the War of Independence and that upon her death, the hills rose on her grave. Another Margaritan myth says the source of the name also comes from the same woman, but that she was from Cumaná and came to the island to lead a group of men in fishing activities. As she had small breasts, by way of derision whenever they sighted the hills said, “there are the lady’s tits” and the name was created. The area was declared a national park on February 27, 1974.

What are the major towns on Margarita Island?

The urban area of Pampatar has a population of around 50,000. A number of the island’s larger shopping malls are located in the town, namely Sambil Margarita, Rattan Depot, Centro Comercial La Vela, Centro Comercial Costa Azul, Centro Comercial AB (Avenida Bolivar) and La Redoma. The San Carlos de Borromeo Fortress, constructed in the late 17th century, is located in Pampatar. The town also has several beaches.

The largest town on Margarita Island is Porlamar. The population can reach 125,000 in the high season, while in the low season, the population is about 85,000. Two beaches are located within the town. The island’s major airport, Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport, is located near Porlamar.

Juan Griego is a town on the northern side of Isla Margarita, and is the most northern port in Venezuela. A census in 2001 suggested a population of 28,256 inhabitants and is the capital of the Marcano municipality of the Nueva Esparta state. Its Gothic-style church, constructed in 1850 by Fray Nicholas de Igualdad, is still, along with the lovely bay, the symbol of the town. The La Galera fortress, where in the early 1820s a fierce battle for independence was fought, is located near the town centre. In 1973, the island become a free port and the city once again become the second city of commercial importance after Porlamar.

tours ecuador isla de margarita

What is the general history?

Christopher Columbus was the first European to arrive on Margarita Island in 1498. The local natives were the Guaiqueries people. The coast of the island was abundant in pearls, which represented almost a third of all New World tribute to the Spanish Crown. Margarita Island was fortified against the increasing threat of pirate attacks, and some fortifications remain today. It was the centre of the Spanish colonial Margarita Province, established in 1525.

In 1561, the island was seized by Lope de Aguirre, a notoriously violent and rebellious conquistador. Around 1675, the island was captured again, this time by Red Legs Greaves, a pirate known for his humanity and morality. He captured a fleet of Spanish ships off port, before turning the guns on the forts which he stormed and claimed a large booty of pearls and gold. The story of Greaves’ capture of the island does not appear in historical Spanish records and may be fictional.

Construction of the Santa Rosa de la Eminencia castle was ordered by the governor, Juan Muñoz de Gadea, after the French buccaneer Marquis de Maintenon attacked the island in early 1676.

The island gained independence from the Spanish in 1814, after the collapse of the First Republic of Venezuela. It became the first permanently free territory in Venezuela. In the same year, Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi was detained in a dungeon of the Fortress of Santa Rosa on the island in an attempt to put pressure on her husband Juan Bautista Arismendi, who was fighting for independence. Her detention lasted for over three years.

Simón Bolívar was confirmed as Commander-in-Chief of the Second Republic of Venezuela on the island in 1816. From there, he started a nine-year campaign to free Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia from the Spanish Crown.

Día de muertos: ocho países, ocho tradiciones únicas

Desde la mundialmente conocida festividad mexicana, pasando por los pasacalles de irlanda, hasta miles personas empujando enormes cometas en guatemala, la jornada de muertos está más viva que nunca entre todos aquellos que quieren honrar a sus seres queridos fallecidos.

Day of the Dead

Durante los días 1 y 2 de noviembre en gran parte del planeta los esqueletos abandonan las sepulturas y salen a las calles, toman los bares, se sientan en las mesas para comer con sus familiares vivos , se celebran desfiles de máscaras, se lanzan al vuelo enormes cometas o se bañan las cruces con ron. El Día de Difuntos es también una vistosa expresión cultural a lo largo del mundo de los vivos.

1. México: el país en el que todo el mundo piensa en el Día de los Difuntos

México ocupa, por supuesto, el primer lugar en el imaginario colectivo en los días que se conmemora o se recuerda a los que ya no están. El cementerio de la isla de Janitzio, en el precioso pueblo de Pátzcuaro del Estado de Michoacán, atrae estos dos días a un buen número de visitantes y lugareños por la vistosidad y el misticismo de sus celebraciones. Las tumbas se adornan con velas, flores de cempasúchil, la planta Tagete —la flor es parecida a la margarita—, y platos con la comida favorita del familiar difunto. Además, en muchas localidades del país se celebran coloridos desfiles, se come el pan de muertos con formas de distintos personajes y en puntos como Aguascalientes las calaveras toman las calles en su festival y se consumen como dulces.

Cementerio de la isla de Janitzio, en el precioso pueblo de Pátzcuaro del Estado de Michoacán.

2. Irlanda: la celebración sale a la calle

La creencia general es que la celebración del Samhain —fiesta gaélica que se celebra el 1 de noviembre y que marca el final de la temporada de cosechas—, en Irlanda y de tradición celta, es muy probablemente el origen del Halloween de Estados Unidos y hoy una fiesta ya planetaria. Estos días, en la isla europea las máscaras ocultan el rostro de quienes celebran la fiesta alrededor de las hogueras. La gastronomía local no podía faltar tampoco en Irlanda y el gran protagonista es el dulce Barmbrack —pan con levadura que lleva pasas y sultanas—.

Desfile por el Día de Difuntos en Cork, Irlanda.

3. Estados Unidos: calles plagadas de niños pidiendo caramelos y sus decoraciones pintorescas

Halloween, la fiesta del ¡truco o trato!, ha dejado de ser una celebración puramente estadounidense para exportarse prácticamente a todo el globo. En Estados Unidos se celebra en la noche del 31 de octubre, ya que la tradición irlandesa en el origen de esta fiesta afirmaba que esa noche los muertos caminan junto a los vivos. Las imágenes de los niños disfrazados de bruja y otros seres del inframundo llamando a las puertas de sus vecinos y las calabazas iluminadas ya pueden verse casi en todo el resto de países.

Una casa decorada para Halloween en Nueva York, Estados Unidos.

4. Haití: los rituales vudú

En Haití, donde los ritos del vudú llegados con los esclavos africanos florecieron antes que en ningún otro lugar del continente americano, los días 1 y 2 de noviembre —si la grave situación de violencia y hundimiento del Estado lo permite en esta edición— los celebrantes, envueltos en ropajes rojos y negros y tocados con pañuelos morados, bailan en las calles al ritmo de los tambores durante el Guédé o Festival de los Muertos . Las procesiones van camino de los cementerios —la más tumultuosa es la que se dirige al de la capital, Puerto Príncipe—, donde las sacerdotisas Mambo bañan cruces de madera en ron para prenderles fuego, mientras los vivos depositan flores, comida o café en las sepulturas de sus familiares.

En Haití, las procesiones van camino de los cementerios, siendo la más tumultuosa es la se dirige al de la capital, Puerto Príncipe.

5. Filipinas: bebidas y flores en los cementerios

Filipinas, de gran tradición católica , celebra el Día de Difuntos o Undas —una palabra tagala que procede del español honrar — con auténticos banquetes regados con gran cantidad de bebida en los cementerios, en los que no faltan grandes timbas de naipes y, la afición nacional del archipiélago: divertidos karaokes entre las hogueras. En estos dos días festivos se produce una peregrinación de millones de filipinos desde las localidades donde trabajan hacia los cementerios de sus ciudades de origen.

En estos dos días festivos se produce una peregrinación de millones de filipinos desde las localidades donde trabajan a sus casas para visitar a sus muertos.

6. Ecuador: cementerios y ‘colada morada’

En Ecuador, por ejemplo en la hermosa y colonial Cuenca o en la capital, Quito, los familiares llevan a las tumbas los platos preferidos de los muertos y también la colada morada , una bebida a base de un extracto de maíz negro con frutos rojos. Además, todos hacen acopio de un tipo especial de pan: las guaguas , los bebés en la lengua quechua, que se comen junto a las lápidas.

En Ecuador, los familiares llevan a las tumbas los platos preferidos de los muertos.

7. Guatemala: miles de personas empujan grandes cometas al cielo

En Guatemala el ritual más extravagante se da en el Festival de los barriletes gigantes. Esta tradición originaria de la localidad de Santiago Sacatepéquez —donde hoy se celebra como un gran espectáculo—, consiste en lanzar al aire por la colina próxima a los cementerios esas enormes cometas de colores y diseños diferentes, después de visitar y orar ante las tumbas de los finados. Son los niños los encargados de sostener los barriletes hasta que se sueltan al viento.

Los niños son los encargados de sostener las grandes cometas que se usan el Día de los Difuntos en Guatemala.

8. Rumanía: las sepulturas se adornan con flores

Rumanía no celebra en todas las localidades su Día de los Difuntos en estos primeros días de noviembre, pero sí lo hace en la región que más asociamos a los muertos vivientes: la montañosa Transilvania, cuna por excelencia de las leyendas de los vampiros . En los bonitos cementerios de localidades como Sighişoara y Bistriţa las sepulturas se adornan con flores. Pero algo que diferencia el rito del resto de celebraciones en otros países es que se suelen encender velas también por los muertos desconocidos. Además, las gentes se reúnen ante las tumbas de los familiares para escuchar sus historias, un modo de evitar que caigan en el olvido, y también se reparten dulces y comida a todo aquel que haya acudido al cementerio.

Cementerio de la localidad Sighişoara, en Rumanía.

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Aquisgran Alemania

Un viaje por el Aquisgrán ausente de las guías entre estatuas, modernismo y pintorescos cementerios

Vista del cementerio Père-Lachaise, en París.

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    There are 7 ways to get from Ecuador to Isla Margarita by plane, bus or car Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2Rio's travel planner. Recommended option Fly from Guayaquil, bus 11h 47m $258 - $748 Cheapest option Fly from Tumbes, bus 13h 54m $255 - $749 5 alternative options

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    Call 1.406.541.2677. Start Planning My Trip. Adventure Life's Ecuador tours take you from the heights of the Andes mountains to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the fearless animals of the Galapagos Islands . Straddling the Equator, Ecuador is an intense mix of striking landscapes, diverse wilderness, isolated indigenous populations and ...

  20. De Ecuador a Isla Margarita en 11¾ horas: precios y ...

    Viaja fácilmente desde Ecuador a Isla Margarita con Rome2Rio. Rome2Rio es un motor de información para organizar viajes de puerta a puerta y hacer reservas, que te ayuda a llegar desde y hasta cualquier lugar del mundo" Encuentra aquí todas las opciones de transporte para tu viaje desde Ecuador a Isla Margarita. Rome2Rio dispone de horarios al día, mapas de ruta, tiempos de viaje y precios ...

  21. Alojamiento

    DESDE 50 USD. Somo una Agencia de Turismo que opera desde la Isla de Margarita, Turismo Receptivo y Emisivo, Boletos Aereos, Tours y Paseos, Traslados y Alquiler de Vehiculos y Camionetas Blindadas, Venta de Hospedaje en Hoteles, Sugerencias de Alojamiento dependiendo del tipo de Turismo a Realizar.

  22. Paquete Turístico a Isla Margarita Vía Lan 2023|Viajes a Isla Margarita

    Hay una gran variedad de tours disponibles para los visitantes, incluyendo una excursión de un día en un catamarán a la isla vecina de Isla Coche y el popular Jeep Safari Tour. Otras excursiones incluyen las excursiones en Isla Redonda, Compras y buceando en Los Frailles.

  23. Margarita Island

    Margarita Island (Isla de Margarita, Spanish pronunciation) is the largest island of the Venezuelan State and is situated off the northeastern coast of the country, in the Caribbean Sea. Located in the Caribbean Sea between latitudes 10°52'N and 11°11'N and longitudes 63°48'W and 64°23'W, the island, along with the islands of Coche ...

  24. Día de muertos: ocho países, ocho tradiciones únicas

    8. Durante los días 1 y 2 de noviembre en gran parte del planeta los esqueletos abandonan las sepulturas y salen a las calles, toman los bares, se sientan en las mesas para comer con sus ...