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Metlink: bus, train and ferry.

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s transport network, Metlink, connects the wider Wellington region, including Wellington City, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kāpiti Coast and the Wairarapa.

There are more than 38 million journeys a year on the Metlink bus, rail and harbour ferry transport network. We have 5 rail lines, nearly 100 public bus routes, more than 180 school bus services and a harbour ferry service.

We work with our transport operators to deliver a connected, integrated network with patronage across all modes growing at a rapid rate. Every day we have thousands of people travelling with Metlink (across rail, bus, ferry and total mobility services) and every one of those journeys matters to us.

Plan your journey around Wellington city on buses, trains and ferries with Metlink.

expand_more About the transport network

The Metlink network comprises of:

  • Over 250 public and school bus routes which service over 3,000 stops throughout the region
  • 5 train lines servicing 48 stations
  • 1 harbour ferry servicing 5 docks
  • Total mobility service

We manage the Metlink public transport network. Our work includes:

  • Managing and maintaining many of the local railway stations, bus stops, signage and Park & Ride facilities.
  • Designing routes and manage the delivery of services with our operators on over 250 public and school routes and 5 train lines.
  • Managing contracts with our operators to deliver our network
  • Metlink communications including contact centre, website, and social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Find out  more about Metlink.

expand_more Planning a transport network that works now and in the future

Metlink is the Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) public transport authority which plans and delivers public transport within the wider Wellington region.

Greater Wellington works in partnership with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, KiwiRail and territorial authorities to plan and fund the region’s public transport network. Greater Wellington also works with other regional councils like Horizons on inter-regional transport initiatives. Metlink is focused on providing a great service to our communities across the region and on the welfare and wellbeing of our customers and staff, particularly our frontline staff and drivers.

Metlink is building a world class, low-emission public transport network that is more accessible for people. This involves making extensive and continuous improvements to the Metlink network to deliver faster, affordable, more frequent, and reliable services which links to their three strategic priorities:

1. To continue to improve customer experience on public transport across the network

The customer experience on the Metlink network is being continuously improved based on our customers’ feedback. We have a dedicated focus on understanding customer needs and developing solutions to meet these. This includes refinements to our timetables and routes based on our ongoing reviews of performance, upgrading the usability of our online journey planning and real-time information, introducing digital payment to rail services and ensuring passengers have right information and tracing so they can continue to travel confidently during Covid-19.

2. To reduce public transport carbon emissions decarbonising the public transport fleet

Planning for a fully decarbonised bus fleet by 2030 is already underway with Metlink adding the first of 98 electric vehicles to its fleet in August, this is working towards a target of 108 buses by 2023. When all 108 EVs are on the road, they will make up 22 per cent of Metlink’s bus fleet, shaving 17 per cent off of our total carbon emissions.

3. To contribute to the regional target of a 40% increase in mode share from public transport and active modes

With public transport and active travel accounting for half of all trips into central Wellington, the highest figure in the country, there is already strong appetite for mode shift among the region’s commuters. Metlink is keen to build on this success and recognise that a strong public transport network will help bolster this figure. With initiatives such as Bike and Ride Facilities, investing in infrastructure that makes it easier to access public transport and working with operators to provide a reliable network, Metlink is well on the way to achieving this.

Find out about the:

  • Latest on Metlink network changes .
  • Public transport operating model (PTOM) and bus contracts
  • Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan
  • Wellington Public Transport Spine Study

expand_more Extra passenger services

  • Park your car and ride a train. There are free  Park and Ride areas  at railway stations
  • Take your  bike on public transport  or leave it at the station in our Bike and Ride facilities
  • Passengers with accessibility needs are eligible for  Total Mobility  discounts

Get in touch

Plan your trip with travel time information, traffic cameras, and updates on delays, roadworks and road closures.

Enter where you are travelling from and to.

This website is indicative of journey options only. There may be closures or unplanned events that could make the route shown unsuitable. Please check this section before you travel.

Find regional traffic information to help you plan your journey. See current travel times, traffic updates, information on incidents and roadworks, and traffic cameras in your region.

This section is indicative of journey options only. There may be closures or unplanned events that could make the route shown unsuitable. Please check this section before you travel.

Find road closures, incidents, roadworks and traffic cameras across New Zealand.

View traffic cameras from across New Zealand to see current road conditions, traffic jams and heavy traffic.

Use our holiday journey planner to check traffic predictions before you leave.

Every holiday period and long weekend we see large numbers of people heading out of the main centres to popular holiday destinations and this can cause queues and delays.

To help alleviate these problems we recommend planning your travel well in advance and travelling outside the busiest periods. To make this easier for you, we’ve created an interactive traffic prediction map for holiday periods. The map shows when we expect traffic to be heavy based on travel patterns from previous years.

Electric vehicle charging stations must meet certain requirements to be listed on this map. Find out more about the requirements and the nationwide network of public charging stations. Charging station details are based on information provided by the charging station operators.  Read the full disclaimer .

Plan a journey

Journey planner, travel resources.

  • News and media
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Procurement
  • Privacy policy
  • Accessibility statement
  • Modern slavery statement
  • Help and contact us
  • Where to find us
  • Safe and secure travel

State Government Victoria

Metlink Journey Planner

More details.

trip planner metlink

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Public Transport Fares Guide - Metlink

  • information
  • ptv.vic.gov.au


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<strong>Public</strong> <strong>Transport</strong><br />

<strong>Fares</strong> <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Effective September 2011

Contents<br />

<strong>Fares</strong> guide for trains, trams and buses 1<br />

Travelling with myki 2<br />

myki fares 3<br />

Travelling with Metcard 4<br />

Metcard fares 5<br />

Melbourne’s fares and zones 6<br />

Refunds and replacements 7<br />

Concession, Companion and Carer cards 8<br />

About <strong>Metlink</strong> 9<br />

Passenger information 10<br />

Hours of operation 11<br />

Translated information 11<br />

Maps<br />

City Saver map inside back cover<br />

Tram network map inside back cover<br />

Train network map inside back cover<br />

2<br />

<strong>Fares</strong> guide for trains, trams<br />

and buses.<br />

Melbourne is progressively making the switch to a new ticketing<br />

system called myki. While this is happening you will notice two<br />

types of ticketing equipment on the public transport network.<br />

During this time the number of myki sales and top up outlets<br />

will gradually increase.<br />

You can choose to use either myki or Metcard to travel on<br />

Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses, including V/Line services<br />

in Zone 1 + 2 to Melton and Sunbury. The existing Metcard<br />

ticketing system can still be used and will run alongside myki<br />

until December 2012. You can continue using Metcards until<br />

advised otherwise, or you can make the switch to myki when<br />

you feel ready.<br />

<strong>Public</strong> transport is easy to use in Melbourne as one ticket gives<br />

you flexible travel between the three modes of transport. All Daily,<br />

multi-day and 2 hour tickets validated after 6pm, can be used<br />

until 3am.<br />

When travelling on public transport you must always have<br />

a valid ticket. If you do not have a valid ticket when travelling<br />

on public transport or refuse to show your ticket on request<br />

to an Authorised Officer, you may have committed an offence<br />

under the <strong>Transport</strong> (Compliance & Miscellaneous) Act 1983<br />

or its Regulations.<br />

For information about travelling with a valid ticket, see pages<br />

2 and 4, visit metlinkmelbourne.com.au or call 131 638<br />

6am – midnight daily.<br />

For information about getting started with myki, see page 2,<br />

visit myki.com.au or call 13 6954 (13 myki).<br />

Travelling with myki<br />

myki is a durable, plastic smart card which stores value and can<br />

be used over and over again.<br />

myki can store either a myki pass (travel days – seven consecutive<br />

days or between 28 and 365) or myki money (dollar value – for<br />

example $20, $50) and these are used to pay for your journey.<br />

When your myki money balance gets low or when your pass runs<br />

out, you just top up your card to keep travelling.<br />

You can store both myki pass and myki money on your myki at<br />

the same time. That’s because myki money can be used to pay<br />

for any travel outside of your myki pass zone/s.<br />

Each time you enter a train station, a tram or a bus, you must<br />

touch on at a myki reader. Train and bus users need to touch<br />

off at the end of each trip for the lowest myki money fare. When<br />

travelling on a tram, you only need to touch off to get the lowest<br />

myki money fare if your whole trip is in Zone 2.<br />

You can buy a myki:<br />

• online at myki.com.au<br />

• by calling 13 6954 (13 myki)<br />

• at the customer service centre or ticket window at Premium<br />

Stations §<br />

• at the myki Discovery Centre at Southern Cross Station<br />

• at the MetShop (Melbourne Town Hall, corner of Swanston<br />

and Little Collins streets).<br />

You can top up your myki:<br />

• at myki machines at metropolitan train stations and selected<br />

tram platform stops and bus interchanges<br />

• at selected retailers where you see the myki sign.<br />

Please note: If you top up via the website or call centre allow at<br />

least 24 hours for processing. The money will appear on your<br />

card when you next touch on or use a myki machine.<br />

§ Premium Stations are train stations with a customer service centre staffed<br />

from first to last service seven days a week. See the inside back cover for<br />

a map locating Premium Stations across the network.<br />

myki fares<br />

myki money<br />

Zones 1 2 1 + 2<br />

2 hour myki money Full $3.02 $2.08 $5.10<br />

Concession $1.51 $1.04 $2.55<br />

Daily myki money Full $6.04 $4.16 $10.20<br />

Concession $3.02 $2.08 $5.10<br />

Weekend cap –<br />

Saturday, Sunday<br />

or <strong>Public</strong> Holidays<br />

— — $3.00<br />

Seniors Daily<br />

myki cap<br />

Concession — — $3.30<br />

City Saver fares are not available on a myki.<br />

myki pass<br />

myki pass (7 days) Full $30.20 $20.80 $51.00<br />

(28 – 325 ^ days<br />

per day)<br />

Concession $15.10 $10.40 $25.50<br />

Full $3.70 $2.46 $5.72<br />

Concession $1.85 $1.23 $2.86<br />

^ myki passes purchased for more than 325 days are charged at the same<br />

rate as a 325 day myki pass. When you buy a 365 day myki pass you get<br />

40 days travel free.<br />

myki fares effective from 12 March 2011.<br />

Prices inclusive of Commonwealth Government GST.<br />

Travelling with Metcard<br />

Always validate your Metcard before entering and leaving the paid<br />

area of a train station and each time you board a tram or bus.<br />

You can buy Metcards from:<br />

• Metcard ticket machines at train stations, on trams (coins only)<br />

and most buses (limited selection)<br />

• customer service centres at Premium Stations §<br />

• retail outlets displaying the blue Metcard sign<br />

• the MetShop at the Melbourne Town Hall (corner Swanston<br />

and Little Collins streets)<br />

• the Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square<br />

• the online store at metlinkmelbourne.com.au*<br />

* Accepts Visa or MasterCard (min $10 purchase applies). Includes free<br />

delivery.<br />

For more information about Metcard visit<br />

metlinkmelbourne.com.au or call 131 638 6am – midnight daily.<br />

4<br />

Metcard fares<br />

Short term Metcards<br />

Zones City Saver<br />

City Saver Full $2.90<br />

Concession $1.70<br />

2 hour Full $3.80 $2.90 $6.00<br />

Concession $2.40 $1.80 $3.40<br />

Daily Full $7.00 $5.00 $11.00<br />

Concession $3.80 $2.80 $5.80<br />

Off-Peak Daily Full — — $10.20<br />

Concession — — $5.10<br />

Sunday Saver Full — — $3.20<br />

Seniors Daily Concession — — $3.50<br />

Value Metcards<br />

City Saver × 10 Full $22.40<br />

Concession $11.20<br />

10 × 2 hour<br />

5 × Daily<br />

Weekly<br />

Full<br />

Concession<br />

$30.20<br />

$15.10<br />

$20.80<br />

$10.40<br />

$51.00<br />

$25.50<br />

Monthly Full $113.00 $75.60 $174.20<br />

Concession $56.50 $37.80 $87.10<br />

Yearly Full $1202.50 $799.50 $1859.00<br />

5 × Weekend Daily Full — — $15.00<br />

5 × Seniors Daily Concession — — $16.50<br />

10 × Early Bird (this is a no cost ticket) — — —<br />

Metcard fares effective from 12 March 2011. Types of tickets available and<br />

fares were correct at the time of printing.<br />

Melbourne’s fares and zones<br />

Zones<br />

Most fares are based on two zones, which can be seen on the<br />

network maps (see the inside back cover). Your ticket needs to<br />

be valid for the zone/s you will be travelling in.<br />

For example, travelling from Frankston to the city requires a Zone<br />

1 + 2 ticket, Clayton to Cranbourne requires a Zone 2 ticket and<br />

Prahran to the city requires a Zone 1 ticket.<br />

When travelling in a zone where boundaries overlap, the ticket<br />

only needs to be valid for one of the zones. Check the network<br />

or bus route maps to see what zone/s you are travelling in.<br />

Tram zone boundary<br />

Tram passengers travelling across Zone 1 and 2 pay only a<br />

Zone 1 fare as the Zone 1 and 2 overlap extends to the end of<br />

routes 75, 86 and 109. This means you can travel all the way<br />

to the end of every tram route with a Zone 1 ticket. You should<br />

continue using a Zone 2 ticket for trips taken entirely within the<br />

Zone 1 + 2 overlap.<br />

City Saver<br />

You can use a City Saver Metcard for a single trip (one boarding)<br />

on a train, tram or bus travelling within the City Saver area, as<br />

shown on the map at the back of this guide. The City Saver<br />

Metcard is not transferable between trains, trams and buses.<br />

The City Saver fare is not available for myki customers.<br />

NightRider buses<br />

Normal fares apply. A daily or a 2 hour ticket first validated after<br />

6pm can be used until 3am.<br />

City Circle Tram<br />

City Circle trams are free, so no ticket is required.<br />

6<br />

Refunds and replacements<br />

Under certain conditions, refunds or replacements are available<br />

for damaged or defective mykis or Metcards. A refund application<br />

form needs to be completed and an administration fee of $9.80<br />

may be charged.<br />

For myki refund application forms and information, enquire at<br />

Premium Stations, staffed V/Line stations, the myki Discovery<br />

Centre at Southern Cross Station, the MetShop, by calling<br />

13 6954 (13 myki) or download a form from myki.com.au<br />

For Metcard refund application forms and information, enquire at<br />

Premium Stations, the MetShop, call 131 638 or download a form<br />

from metlinkmelbourne.com.au<br />

Concession, Companion<br />

and Carer cards<br />

Children aged three years and under travel free. Concession fares<br />

are available for children aged four to 16 years or holders of an<br />

approved concession card. It is a condition of concession travel<br />

that your concession card be produced on request. Failure to do<br />

so may result in a fine.<br />

Holders of the following cards are eligible to travel on concession<br />

fares:<br />

• Victorian Health Care Card<br />

• Australian Pensioner Concession Card<br />

• Victorian <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Transport</strong> Student Concession Card<br />

• Victorian or interstate Seniors Card<br />

• Student Pass<br />

• Asylum Seeker Concession Card.<br />

Companion Cards<br />

This card is issued by the Victorian Department of Planning and<br />

Community Development to people who require the assistance<br />

of a companion. It provides free travel for the carer companion<br />

of the cardholder on all public transport services when they are<br />

travelling with the cardholder.<br />

Carer Cards<br />

This card is issued by the Victorian Department of Human<br />

Services to eligible Victorian residents who are carers. Carer<br />

Card holders can apply for a Sunday Pass and travel for free<br />

on Sundays in Zone 1 and 2, on town buses within the Ballarat,<br />

Bendigo and Geelong transit systems and town bus services in<br />

Mildura and Warrnambool. Carer Card holders also receive two<br />

free travel vouchers a year to travel on metropolitan or regional<br />

services in off-peak times.<br />

For more information on companion and carer cards, and<br />

concession entitlements, visit metlinkmelbourne.com.au<br />

or call 131 638 6am – midnight daily.<br />

8<br />

About <strong>Metlink</strong><br />

<strong>Metlink</strong> is a partnership of Melbourne’s public transport<br />

operators. As the face of public transport in Melbourne, <strong>Metlink</strong><br />

is a one-stop-shop for customer information.<br />

It is <strong>Metlink</strong>’s job to make train, tram and bus travel easier by<br />

providing clear and concise information on public transport<br />

services, fares and ticketing, via our call centre, website, mobile<br />

phone tools, brochures, advertising campaigns and signs that<br />

help you find your way.<br />

For train, tram and bus information, visit<br />

Passenger information<br />

The MetShop<br />

The MetShop on the corner of Swanston and Little Collins streets<br />

provides face-to-face contact with friendly staff to help with<br />

your public transport travel needs. You can also use the journey<br />

planner, buy public transport tickets and pick up timetables,<br />

maps and public transport brochures. Open Monday to Friday<br />

9am – 5.30pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm. Closed Sundays and<br />

public holidays.<br />

Southern Cross Station Information Centre<br />

The Southern Cross Station Information Centre provides face-toface<br />

public transport and visitor information for Melbourne and<br />

Victoria. Here you can pick up timetables, maps and brochures for<br />

public transport, plus receive information about what to do on your<br />

visit. The Centre is located on the ground floor at the Collins Street<br />

end of Southern Cross Station underneath the escalators. Open<br />

daily 6.30am – 8.30pm, with the exception of Christmas Day.<br />

<strong>Metlink</strong> journey planner<br />

<strong>Metlink</strong>’s online journey planner helps you plan a journey on<br />

public transport between any two locations in Melbourne or<br />

Victoria. Simply enter your origin and destination and receive<br />

a customised trip plan detailing all services and connections.<br />

You can use the journey planner at metlinkmelbourne.com.au<br />

to plan your next trip.<br />

Mobile phone tools<br />

There are a number of mobile phone tools available to help you<br />

plan your journey. <strong>Metlink</strong>’s free Android, iPhone and Nokia<br />

applications give you train, tram, bus and coach timetables.<br />

The applications also feature the <strong>Metlink</strong> journey planner, live<br />

tram information and maps.<br />

To download an app for your phone, visit the Android Market,<br />

iTunes store (iPhone) or the Nokia Ovi store. Visit metlink.<br />

mobi from any internet enabled mobile phone to use the mobile<br />

departure board.<br />

Platform 1 offers train travel information via SMS and email.<br />

Visit metrotrains.com.au for details.<br />

For real-time tram arrival information, tramTRACKER® is available<br />

by phone, SMS, online or via the free iPhone application.<br />

Visit tramtracker.yarratrams.com.au for details.<br />

V/Line Inform notifies passengers of any problems with<br />

their train via SMS and email. For more information visit<br />

vline.com.au/inform<br />

10<br />

Melbourne Visitor Centre<br />

The Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square is a onestop<br />

shop for all your information needs about the city and other<br />

regions of Victoria including brochures, maps, event listings<br />

and travel booking service. Open 9am to 6pm every day except<br />

Christmas Day.<br />

Hours of operation<br />

Train and tram services normally operate 5am – midnight<br />

Monday to Saturday, with extended hours to around 1.30am<br />

on Friday and Saturday nights. On Sunday, trains and trams<br />

operate 7am – 11pm.<br />

Many of Melbourne’s bus routes have been upgraded and<br />

run 6am – 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 9pm Saturday and<br />

9am – 9pm Sunday.<br />

NightRider buses mostly run 1.30am – 4.30am on Saturday and<br />

between 1.30am – 5.30am on Sunday mornings.<br />

For train, tram and bus timetables, visit<br />

metlinkmelbourne.com.au or call 131 638 6am - midnight daily.<br />

Translated information<br />

For translated information<br />

Arabic 9321 5440<br />

Cantonese 9321 5441<br />

Croatian 9321 5442<br />

Dinka 9321 5452<br />

Greek 9321 5443<br />

Italian 9321 5444<br />

Macedonian 9321 5445<br />

Mandarin 9321 5454<br />

Somali 9321 5446<br />

Spanish 9321 5447<br />

Sudanese 9321 5453<br />

Turkish 9321 5448<br />

Vietnamese 9321 5449<br />

All other foreign 9321 5450<br />

languages<br />

300911<br />

401<br />


216,<br />

219<br />

70<br />

402,<br />

546<br />

Train station<br />

City Saver trains<br />

City Saver trams<br />

3a<br />

City Saver buses<br />

305, 318,<br />

905, 906,<br />

907, 908<br />

Tram terminus<br />

1 , 3 , 3a , 5 , 6 , 8 , 16 , 64 , 67 , 72<br />

216, 219 220, 232<br />

Tram route no.<br />

232<br />

Bus route no.<br />

302, 303, 309<br />

200, 201, 203,<br />

207, 302, 303,<br />

305, 309, 318,<br />

905, 906, 907,<br />

908<br />

250,<br />

251,<br />

253<br />

City Saver boundary<br />

250, 251,<br />

253, 340,<br />

350<br />

City Saver area<br />

302, 303,<br />

305, 309,<br />

318, 905,<br />

906, 907,<br />

216, 219,<br />

220, 250,<br />

251, 253,<br />

302<br />

605<br />

<strong>Public</strong> hospital<br />

340, 350<br />

313, 315,<br />


Shopping precinct<br />

Sporting arena<br />

313, 315<br />

216, 219, 220<br />

3 , 3a , 5 , 6 , 16 , 64 , 67 , 72<br />

NORTH<br />


Effective 25 September 2011<br />

Place of interest<br />

Melbourne City Saver<br />

302, 303, 305, 309, 313,<br />

315, 318, 340, 350, 684,<br />

905, 906, 907, 908<br />

City Saver fares are only<br />

available with Metcard

V/LINE<br />


Laverton<br />

Aircraft<br />

Hoppers Crossing<br />


141010<br />

Sunbury<br />

Diggers Rest<br />

Information<br />

Ticketing zones<br />

Watergardens<br />

Zone 1<br />

Zone 2<br />

Connecting tram<br />

Keilor Plains<br />

St Albans<br />

Westona<br />

Connecting bus<br />

# Showgrounds<br />



Ginifer<br />

Albion<br />

Melton<br />

Rockbank<br />

Deer Park<br />

Ardeer<br />

Sunshine<br />

Tottenham<br />

West Footscray<br />

Middle Footscray<br />

Footscray<br />

South<br />

Kensington<br />

Seddon<br />

Yarraville<br />

Spotswood<br />

Seaholme<br />

Altona<br />

Connecting<br />

V/Line train<br />

V/Line coach<br />

Premium Station<br />


Broadmeadows<br />

Host Station<br />

PORT<br />


Parking<br />

Premium Station:<br />

Customer service centre is staffed from first train to last, seven days a week.<br />

Host Station:<br />

Customer service staff at station during morning peak.<br />

*Flagstaff Station is closed on weekends and public holidays.<br />

# Line to Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse is only open for special events.<br />

For train, tram and bus information call<br />

131 638 / (TTY) 9619 2727 (6am–midnight daily)<br />

or visit metlinkmelbourne.com.au<br />

Roxburgh Park<br />

Coolaroo<br />

Jacana<br />

Glenroy<br />

Oak Park<br />

Pascoe Vale<br />

Strathmore<br />

Glenbervie<br />

Essendon<br />

Moonee Ponds<br />

Ascot Vale<br />

Newmarket<br />

Southern<br />

Cross<br />



Gowrie<br />

Fawkner<br />

Merlynston<br />

Batman<br />

Coburg<br />

Moreland<br />

Anstey<br />

Brunswick<br />

Jewell<br />

Royal Park<br />

Flemington<br />

Bridge<br />

Macaulay<br />

North Melbourne<br />

*Flagstaff<br />

City Loop<br />

Flinders Street<br />

Newport<br />

North Williamstown<br />

Williamstown Beach<br />

© State of Victoria, 2010<br />

Melbourne<br />

Central<br />

EPPING<br />


Lalor<br />

Thomastown<br />

Parliament<br />

Keon Park<br />

Ruthven<br />

Reservoir<br />

Regent<br />

Preston<br />

South Yarra<br />

Prahran<br />

Windsor<br />

Balaclava<br />

Ripponlea<br />

Elsternwick<br />

Gardenvale<br />

North Brighton<br />

Middle Brighton<br />

Brighton Beach<br />

Hampton<br />

Bell<br />

Thornbury<br />

Croxton<br />

Northcote<br />

Merri<br />

Rushall<br />

Clifton Hill<br />

Jolimont<br />


Wattle Glen<br />

Diamond Creek<br />

Eltham<br />

Montmorency<br />

Greensborough<br />

Watsonia<br />

Macleod<br />

Rosanna<br />

Heidelberg<br />

Eaglemont<br />

Ivanhoe<br />

Darebin<br />

Alphington<br />

Fairfield<br />

Dennis<br />

Westgarth<br />

Victoria Park<br />

Collingwood<br />

North Richmond<br />

West Richmond<br />

Heyington Riversdale<br />

Kooyong<br />

Willison<br />

Tooronga<br />

Hartwell<br />

Gardiner<br />

Burwood<br />

Hawksburn<br />

Glen Iris<br />

Ashburton<br />

Toorak<br />

Darling<br />

Armadale<br />


East Malvern<br />

Malvern<br />

Holmesglen<br />

Caulfield<br />

Jordanville<br />

Carnegie<br />

Glenhuntly<br />

Mount Waverley<br />

Murrumbeena<br />

Syndal<br />

Ormond<br />

Hughesdale<br />

Heathmont<br />

Bayswater<br />

Boronia<br />

Ferntree Gully<br />

Upper Ferntree Gully<br />

Upwey<br />

Tecoma<br />


McKinnon<br />

Oakleigh<br />

Huntingdale<br />


Bentleigh<br />

Clayton<br />

Patterson<br />

Westall<br />

Moorabbin<br />

Springvale<br />

Sandown Park<br />

Highett<br />

Noble Park<br />

Cheltenham<br />

Yarraman<br />

Dandenong<br />

Mentone<br />

Parkdale<br />

Merinda Park<br />

Hallam<br />

Narre Warren<br />

Mordialloc<br />


Berwick<br />

Beaconsfield<br />

Aspendale<br />

Officer<br />

Edithvale<br />


Chelsea<br />

Bonbeach<br />

Carrum<br />

Seaford<br />

Kananook<br />



Melbourne train network<br />

Richmond<br />

East<br />

Burnley<br />

Hawthorn<br />

Glenferrie<br />

Auburn<br />

Camberwell<br />

East Camberwell<br />

Canterbury<br />

Chatham<br />

Surrey Hills<br />

Mont Albert<br />

Box Hill<br />

Laburnum<br />

Blackburn<br />

Nunawading<br />

Mitcham<br />

Heatherdale<br />

Ringwood<br />

Leawarra<br />

Baxter<br />

Somerville<br />

Tyabb<br />

Hastings<br />

Bittern<br />

Morradoo<br />

Crib Point<br />



Mooroolbark<br />

Croydon<br />

Ringwood East<br />

Effective 25 July 2010

For metropolitan train, tram and bus information call<br />

<strong>Metlink</strong> on 131 638 (TTY 9619 2727) 6am – midnight daily<br />

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Taking your pet on a V/Line train

<strong>Public</strong> <strong>Transport</strong> <strong>Fares</strong> <strong>Guide</strong> Effective September 2011

  • Page 2: Contents Fares guide for trains, tr
  • Page 6: Travelling with Metcard Always vali
  • Page 10: Concession, Companion and Carer car
  • Page 14: 300911 401 HARBOUR TOWN 216, 219 70
  • Page 20: For metropolitan train, tram and bu

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