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14+ Travel Agency Brochure Examples in Publisher | Word | Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Pages

travel agency

  • Travel Agency Brochures .
  • Brochure Designs & Examples

Travel Agency Tri Fold Brochure Template

travel agency tri fold brochure template

  • Illustrator

Travel Agency Bi Fold Brochure Template

travel agency bi fold brochure template

Bifold Travel Brochure Template

bifold travel brochure template

Catalog Travel Agency Brochure

catalog travel agency brochure

Holiday Travel Brochure Design

holiday travel brochure design

Modern Travel agency Brochure

modern travel agency brochure

Travel Agency Bi-Fold Brochure

travel agency bi fold brochure

Fancy Travel Agency Brochure

travel agency

Travel Agency Brochure Catalog InDesign

travel agency brochure catalog indesign

Company Travel Agency Trifold Brochure

company travel agency trifold brochure

Tourism Travel Brochure Design

tourism travel brochure design

Adventure Travel Agency Brochure

adventure travel agency brochure

Travel Agency Business Brochure

travel agency business brochure

Fancy Travel Agency Brochure

fancy travel agency brochure

Accommodation Travel  Holiday Brochure

accommodation travel holiday brochure

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  • Jul 23, 2019

The Importance of Travel Brochures

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

travel brochures examples

We’ve all got places to go. But finding one that’s actually worth visiting isn’t always easy.

It should be! Traveling is fun. It’s our chance to experience the world, meet new people, and create memories that we’ll never forget. So when travel agents or businesses simplify the process for us, we’re happy campers.

And it all starts with an awesome travel brochure

So, what is a travel brochure? Travel brochures are promotional documents that advertise specific destinations, hotels, tours, vacation packages, or exotic locales. Who makes them? Basically anyone who provides travel and tourism-related services to the public, including companies, agents, hoteliers, and tour guides. Who uses them? Seasoned travelers and newbies alike!

Proper brochure marketing can help hoteliers and travel agencies build relationships, drive more traffic and bookings, showcase expertise, earn loyalty, improve SEO rankings, and tell meaningful stories.

Travel agency brochures are important because they help people find and book exciting vacations. And everyone needs a good vacation from time to time. They’re packed with helpful information, providing travelers with all the details they need to make the most of their trips. These documents also serve as initial points of contact between agents and potential clients.

A boring brochure will ensure that no one ever steps foot in the place you’re trying to promote. A creative one will entice people to visit an area by highlighting its very best features.

And your next question then eventually would be... " How to create beautiful, modern and engaging travel brochures ". Let's check some options.

Create a travel brochure by uploading a PDF

Creating travel-themed brochures has never been easier thanks to content marketing platforms (or CMPs). The world’s top travel agencies are using them. And the best part? Experience isn’t necessary.

Create a brochure by uploading a PDF file and converting it into an editable publication, for example.

PDF brochure

Then add all kinds of interactive elements — like videos, audio files, slideshows, and plugins — to liven up your publication and give customers a crystal clear idea of where they’re headed.

interactive elements

Start Creating Your Travel Brochure Now!

Create a brochure from a template

Hiring a design agency for your brochure? You don’t have to!

The best content marketing platforms also feature online templates. Pick one and quickly edit it to create your very own travel brochure. Templates come in many different layouts, and you can edit them as much or as little as you like.

They’re the perfect sources of inspiration, too. You can develop your own design after getting inspired by one.

5 things to consider when creating a travel brochure

1. Branding: why should travelers choose your brand over another? A great branding strategy can answer that question for you.

2. Branded apps : more and more customers are booking their travel plans via mobile devices. A well-built app can reach customers on the go.

3. Distribution : share your content on social media using short links. Link brochures to your custom domain, or embed them on your own website or blog.

4. Lead generation & management : generate high-quality leads directly from your brochure and manage them all in one place. Yes, some CMPs let you do both!

5. Content analytics : Different travelers want different things, and understanding what those things are is much easier with the right data.

Today’s connected travelers expect a lot from the businesses or agents they do business with. If you’re the latter (and need some helpful tips), check out Joomag’s free white paper .

Get inspired by these travel brochure examples

travel brochure example

Inspired Travel Agency

travel brochure example

tuFLORIDA Travel Agency

travel brochure example

Hotel Alpine Palace

travel brochures examples

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Travel brochure examples

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travel brochures examples

Planets Space Travel Brochure - with student example !

travel brochures examples

  • Google Slides™

travel brochures examples

Ancient World Travel Brochure Project - instructions, examples , & rubric

travel brochures examples

THE GIVER - Travel Brochure Final Project

travel brochures examples

Spanish Travel Brochure Project

travel brochures examples

  • Word Document File

travel brochures examples

Reading Travel Brochures Worksheets

travel brochures examples

Informational Writing | Hometown Travel Brochure | #terrificdollardeals

travel brochures examples

13 Colonies: Travel Brochure Project

travel brochures examples

  • Google Docs™

travel brochures examples

Greek Mythology Odyssey Travel Brochure Project

travel brochures examples

Colonial Regions: Travel Brochure Research Project

travel brochures examples

State Travel Brochure

travel brochures examples

Book Report - Travel Brochure

travel brochures examples

California Regions Travel Brochure

travel brochures examples

Tech Lesson - Hyperlink Destination Mini- Brochure

travel brochures examples

  • Google Apps™

travel brochures examples

Microsoft Publisher Travel Brochure Project

travel brochures examples

Distance Learning Country Brochure or Travel Company Brochure

travel brochures examples

  • Internet Activities

travel brochures examples

Travel Brochure Project

travel brochures examples

Back to School: Travel Brochure of Favorite Places

travel brochures examples

Geography/Social Studies Travel Brochure Country Research Assignment

travel brochures examples

  • Easel Activity

travel brochures examples

Descriptive Writing Lesson & Rubric: Unlikely Travel Brochure

travel brochures examples

Planet Travel Brochure

travel brochures examples

Active Learning : How to create a brochure that rocks

travel brochures examples

Travel Brochure - CUSTOMIZABLE Google Slides Writing Project

travel brochures examples

New Year Bucket List Travel Destination Brochure Project

travel brochures examples

  • Google Drive™ folder

travel brochures examples

Distance Learning Travel Brochure -Another planet, back in time, imaginary place

travel brochures examples

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Get Free Travel Brochure Templates In Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides

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Abstract Green Travel Brochure - Travel Brochures

Abstract Green Travel Brochure

Japanese Travel Brochure

Grey-Blue Travel Brochure

Green Travel Brochure

About UKRAINE Brochure

Clever Travel Brochure

Tri fold Travel Brochure

Do you work for a travel agency and want to create an attractive brochure? We suggest not spending time and money looking for a graphic designer, creating a design from scratch, or other long or expensive processes associated with making a high-quality design to promote your services. With the help of TheGoodocs services, as well as our travel brochure templates, you can get a ready-made, professional design from the best developers.

We suggest a large selection of trendy templates in Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs, with which the creation of any design for a traveling brochure will become much more straightforward and fast. All you need is to select an editable template that conforms to your needs, use the built-in customization tools and get the perfect option to promote your travel services! Even a person who has never used Google editors before will cope with this task because our experienced developers and designers take on the main work! Check out all the benefits of our service now and join the list of satisfied visitors to our platform!

Benefits of Travel Brochures from Our Team

Creating a truly attractive traveling brochure is not an effortless task. There is a lot of competition among travel agencies, so you need to clearly describe the benefits, and choose the right design, illustrations, and add other essential information. We simplify this process to a single point. All that remains for you is to add details about the proposed services, price, and other points. And we create a design, add interesting photos, and choose an attractive font. And you can select from dozens of ready-made options the most suitable one right now!

Free Templates for Personal & Business Needs

We offer to use any printable template for a travel brochure for free right now. There are no annoying constant pop-up ads on our platform, no subscriptions, and paid features. We do not even force you to register or log in with your Google account. You can pick a suitable template, go to its page and click on the red "Edit Template" button now. Immediately after that, you will receive a copy of the template and start editing, printing, and other customization of your template.

All examples are available to you without any hidden fees and other scams. But if you decide to thank our team and help our platform grow, then subscribe to our social media! You can find links at the bottom of the page.

Only Professional Options

Our company employs the best developers with vast experience in creating templates for any need. Therefore, we can guarantee consistently high-quality traveling brochure templates. You can prove this personally.

In addition, only on our website, you will find a unique "Requests" section. We created it so that each visitor can order new relevant templates for their needs and vote for the options already contained in the section.

Customization Without Limits

You can work with a travel brochure template in Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets (depending on the original template format) without restrictions. Use all the tools offered by the editors to achieve the maximum relevance of our template. You can work using any of your devices, including a PC, laptop, phone, tablet, and others. Use our services just once, and you will never spend your money on the services of graphic designers again!

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