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star trek picard new york times

How Patrick Stewart Made the Jump to Warp Speed

In his fond memoir “Making It So,” the actor traces the path from the working class to the Shakespearean stage to “Star Trek” superstardom.

By Ben Brantley

star trek picard new york times

It’s a Spider, Not a Doctor, Captain or Vulcan

On their mission to seek out new life, scientists have named three new spider species Kirk, Spock and McCoy — after characters from the original “Star Trek” series.

By Christine Hauser

star trek picard new york times

30 Shows to Watch This Summer

The highlights includes new seasons of “Black Mirror,” “Reservation Dogs,” “What We Do in the Shadows” and “The Witcher.”

By Mike Hale

star trek picard new york times

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Series Finale Recap: Saying Farewell

In the end, the final season of “Picard” was a worthy send-off for the “Next Generation” crew.

By Sopan Deb

star trek picard new york times

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: A Familiar Home

Home is where the ship is. In this week’s episode of “Picard,” the crew goes home.

star trek picard new york times

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: Consequences Abound

Jean-Luc breaks Data in case of emergency. Vadic makes a move.

star trek picard new york times

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: Moral Ambiguity

It turns out Starfleet is not the force for good that “The Next Generation” had us believe.

star trek picard new york times

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Night at the Museum

Geordi La Forge gets to right some wrongs, but first he has to make up with his daughter in an episode that doubles as a Callback Museum.

star trek picard new york times

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: Old Friends Return

In this week’s “Picard,” Jean-Luc encounters a familiar face. And he must contain his anger.

star trek picard new york times

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: A Sinking Ship

In this week’s “Picard,” the crew of the Titan is powerless in more ways than one.


  • Patrick Stewart: How <i>Star Trek: Picard</i> Was Really Supposed to End

Patrick Stewart: How Star Trek: Picard Was Really Supposed to End

star trek picard new york times

I n 2018, my agent informed me that two acclaimed screenwriters, Alex Kurtzman, who had co-written the Star Trek movie-franchise reboot starring Chris Pine, and Akiva Goldsman, an Oscar winner for Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind , wanted to meet with me about a new TV series they had in mind. Its premise? It revisited Jean-Luc Picard as he was now, in his later years. My instant reaction? “No, definitely not interested. Sorry.”

Fifteen minutes later, perhaps hedging a little, I called my agent back and told him that I would meet with Alex and Akiva, but only to explain why I was not interested in reentering the Star Trek realm. It was the polite thing to do, after all.

I met with Alex at the Hotel Bel-Air for lunch. For some reason, Akiva was not present, but Alex had brought with him Kirsten Beyer, a prolific author of Star Trek novels, and screenwriter James Duff, who co-created the Kyra Sedgwick show The Closer . I sighed inwardly—clearly, I was about to be pitched.

By way of a preamble, I made it clear to my lunch hosts that I was proud of the work we had done on The Next Generation and the four feature films that followed. I had very much enjoyed being Jean-Luc and kept him close in my heart. But. I was done with him. I had said everything I wanted to say about him. His journey, as far as I was concerned, was complete, and for the remainder of my life, I was eager to find work as far away from Star Trek as possible, to keep moving forward as an actor. I thanked Alex, Kirsten, and James for their time and interest, but that was that.

It will not surprise you that they pushed back.

They all said, in different ways, that they did not feel that Picard’s story was over. Seventeen years had passed since Nemesis , the final movie featuring The Next Generation cast. That was a long time ago, but Picard’s life had not ended. In fact, his life might very well have taken a radically different course post- Nemesis .

“How so?” I asked.

My hosts were ready for this and bombarded me with questions. Was Picard still a captain? Was he still in Starfleet? Had he been promoted? Had he retired? Did he still have his château in France? Did he have a wife or partner? What was his relationship with the Borg after all this time?

But mostly, they raised questions about Picard’s emotional state. He was an older man now—was aging changing him, as, perhaps, it was changing me? 

Whew. I needed to think about all of this.

When we adjourned, we agreed that they would get me a memo presenting their ideas and that I would give it some consideration.

The memo that arrived was over 10 pages long, and I studied it very carefully. I had a series of talks with my wife Sunny because committing to such a project would have a big impact on us, tethering me to a fixed schedule and a return to L.A. after our wholehearted embrace of Brooklyn.

Read More: Sir Patrick Stewart: The Photo That Influenced Me Most

We decided that revisiting Picard was worth considering, and I asked for another meeting. This time, Akiva Goldsman was in on the discussion. He spoke compellingly of his personal vision for a new series and mentioned that he was keen to involve Michael Chabon, whose Pulitzer Prize–winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay I had loved. That really got my attention.

I told Akiva and his team that I would return for Star Trek: Picard , as the series was to be called, if they met the following conditions:

  • The series would not be based on a reunion of The Next Generation characters. I wanted it to have little or nothing to do with them. This was not at all a mark of disrespect for my beloved fellow actors. Rather, I simply felt it was essential to place Picard in entirely new settings with entirely new characters. Perhaps Picard might encounter Riker or Dr. Crusher in the second season, but such encounters were not to be the series’ raison d’être.
  • Picard would no longer be serving in Starfleet, and he was not to wear any kind of uniform or badges.
  • The series would run for no more than three seasons.

It was clear to me that the writing team was not entirely thrilled with these conditions, but basically, they were all agreed to. The no-uniform rule was the toughest one for them to stomach, for some reason, and more than once, I was asked to reconsider my hard line. I stuck to my guns.

But once I committed to being Jean-Luc again, I committed fully. I told the new program’s producers that I wanted to announce Star Trek: Picard with a splash—by making a surprise appearance at the 2018 edition of the annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention.

I wanted it all kept hush-hush, with no mention whatsoever of my being in Las Vegas. Somehow, the secret never leaked. When I strode out to center stage, dressed casually in a T-shirt and jeans, I was greeted with a thundering round of applause that I took a moment to enjoy. I told the audience a few familiar stories of my early days on Star Trek: The Next Generation , which were received appreciatively. I talked about how I had long thought that our four feature films marked the end of the line for Jean-Luc. That elicited a few groans.

Then I sprang it on ’em: “Jean-Luc Picard is back.” Whoooo! Hoots of joy, more applause, lunatic shouts of glee. That moment alone made returning to the Star Trek universe worthwhile, and we hadn’t yet shot a scene.

Patrick Stewart as Picard in "The Last Generation" Episode 310, Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+.

Once we started filming, I was relieved and pleased to find myself discovering a new gear in which to play Jean-Luc. Having reviewed my work in Blunt Talk , I’d come to recognize that at times I was being a bit heavy in my delivery, hitting words too firmly and delivering my lines too theatrically. I was determined to remedy that. Also, my voice has grown more ragged with age. So for the Jean-Luc on the precipice of turning 80, I found a tone that was softer and gentler, and it really worked.

My whole career had been, to a degree, defined by my speaking voice and its power. Yet now, in acknowledging the limitations that Picard and I faced as older men, I found my voice more full of expression and spontaneity than before. I could also hear my brain and my feelings connecting to this voice, bringing forward a nuanced, autumnal Picard who was new to me and, I hoped, the show’s viewers.

Read More: Patrick Stewart on That Logan Scene, the Poop Emoji and American Citizenship

The writers did a remarkable job of inventing new characters, such as Picard’s former Starfleet first officer Raffi Musiker, who struggles with substance abuse, and Agnes Jurati, a cybernetics expert who ultimately gets assimilated into the Borg. The producers did an equally fantastic job of landing the blue-chip actors Michelle Hurd to play Raffi and Alison Pill as Agnes. I couldn’t wait to share our show with the world. 

The first season premiered in 2020. We shot the second and third seasons of Star Trek: Picard back-to-back, making up for lost time after COVID-19 shutdowns. Little by little, as the producers wore me down, I softened on my hard-line conditions regarding how I would participate in the series. Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes had reprised their characters in the first season, and Marina Sirtis, whose character Deanna Troi is now married to Riker, made a one-off appearance. By our second season, Q had reared his head, meaning a return for John de Lancie, and Whoopi Goldberg put in a couple of very valuable appearances as Guinan. For good measure, throughout the series we were also joined by the brilliant, beautiful Jeri Ryan, reprising her role as the ex-Borg drone Seven of Nine from the late-1990s TV series Star Trek: Voyager .

For season 3, our last, Terry Matalas, by then Picard ’s showrunner, told me that the studio wanted a full Next Generation reunion. Ugh, just what I had firmly said I didn’t want. But that had been three years ago. Now I was less resistant, having enjoyed working with Jonathan, Brent, Marina, John, and Whoopi. As an executive producer, I had a say in how we might go about achieving such a reunion. I told Terry, “I like the idea, provided that we don’t bring them all back at once. Let’s trickle them back in.”

It was essential to me that each TNG character came into the picture because he or she had a specific contribution to make and it wasn’t just sentimental window dressing. If Jean-Luc had changed so much over the years, so, too, surely, had the other members of the Enterprise crew. The writers, bless them, took this to heart.

Read More: How Star Trek First Made It to the Screen

The final season’s premiere episode, written by Terry, found Picard in a relaxed state of post-Starfleet life, proclaiming to his Romulan minder, Laris, played by the fine Irish actress Orla Brady, “I’m going to sip Saurian brandy and think about writing my memoir.” (Hey, I could relate to that!)

Then, out of nowhere, Jean-Luc receives a distress call from none other than his former chief medical officer and occasional lover, Dr. Beverly Crusher. Hello and welcome back, Gates McFadden!

And as he plots to rescue Dr. Crusher and ward off an unknown enemy who is keen to abduct her son, Jack—who is also, we learn, Picard’s child—Jean-Luc gradually rounds up the only people he can trust: his old Enterprise gang. Hello and welcome back, Gates, Brent, Jonathan, Marina, LeVar Burton, and Michael Dorn! (I especially liked Worf’s pacifist reappearance with a white goatee.)

Patrick Stewart as Picard in "The Last Generation" Episode 310, Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+.

And also, a grudging hello and welcome back to Starfleet badges and uniforms. Everyone else wore them, but Terry Matalas, knowing of my reservations, worked out a compromise. Picard’s outfits had the same silhouette as the Starfleet uniform but looked more like everyday street clothes, with no two-tone color scheme.

The third season came off magnificently. But its final scene, in which the reunited crew is gathered around a table with drinks, sharing a toast, is not how it was originally supposed to end. I had a different idea, which I brought to the writers a few months before we wrapped the series.

“What I’d like to see at the end of the show,” I told them, “is a content Jean-Luc. I want to see Picard perfectly at ease with his situation. Not anxious, not in a frenzy, not depressed. And I think this means that there is a wife in the picture.”

You see, the line between Jean-Luc and me has grown ever more blurred. If I have found true love, shouldn’t he?

The writers came up with a lovely scene. It is dusk at Jean-Luc’s vineyard. His back is to us as he takes in the view, his dog at his side.

Then, off-screen, a woman’s loving voice is heard: “Jean-Luc? Supper’s ready!”

Is it Beverly Crusher’s voice? Laris’s? Someone we don’t know? It isn’t made clear. But Sunny was set to record the lines.

Heeding his wife’s call, Jean-Luc turns around, says to his dog, “C’mon, boy,” and heads inside. Dusk fades to night, and Picard fades into history.

But this scene was never shot. And I am sort of to blame. Our final day of shooting season 3 was a bear, with a very long to-do list. About eight hours in, I realized we were in for a 14- or even 16-hour day. Brutal. And I was booked to fly to New York the first thing the following morning. So I made a suggestion to the production team.

“Look,” I said, “the scene with the dog will take no time to shoot, but it will take hours to set up the lighting and the green screen and all that. We don’t have those hours. So let’s not shoot that scene today. I can come back at any time you like and take care of it. Just me and the dog.”

The production team was grateful and relieved. And I was assured that we would take care of the final scene upon my return from New York.

But I never got a call. When I made a few inquiries, I kept getting put off. Finally, someone told me, “The studio doesn’t want to do it. It’s too expensive and they think it’s unnecessary.” Unnecessary? I thought it was crucial to the completion of Picard’s arc. But so be it: the TV series ended with the toast, which is a warm, emotional send-off to my favorite Starfleet crew. Either way, you now know of my original intent.

So is that it for Jean-Luc Picard?

Most probably, but never say never. I am gently pushing Paramount to let us do one single Picard movie. Not a Next Generation movie, as we have already done four of those. This would be an expansion and deepening of the universe as we’ve seen it in Star Trek: Picard . I’ve discussed this with Jonathan, Brent, and LeVar, and they are all game. Jonathan is my first choice to direct it.

Copyright (c) 2023 by Camm Lane, Inc. From the book Making It So by Patrick Stewart to be published by Gallery Books, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Printed by permission.

Correction, Sept. 28

The original version of this story misstated the writer of the season 3, episode 1 of  Star Trek: Picard . It was Terry Matalas, not Matalas, Akiva Goldsman, and Michael Chabon.

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Star Trek: Picard & Strange New Worlds Casts Reunite For First Time Since Strikes Ended

Posted: December 15, 2023 | Last updated: December 16, 2023

  • Star Trek: Picard and Strange New Worlds cast reunites after strikes for awards season.
  • Terry Matalas shares photos of Picard cast at SAG-AFTRA screening.
  • Strange New Worlds cast holds Zoom roundtable for SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

The casts of Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds reunited for the first time since the end of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Star Trek: Picard season 3 ended in April before the Writer's Guild of America hit the picket lines, but the Strange New Worlds ' cast and creatives were unable to promote the back half of season 2 and start production on season 3 while the dual strikes happened from May to November. However, with the strikes now over, the Picard and Strange New Worlds actors are making up for lost publicity as both shows gear up for awards season.

On Instagram, Star Trek: Picard season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas (@terrymatalas) shared photos of Star Trek: Picard 's cast attending a SAG-AFTRA FYC screening of the season 3 finale in Los Angeles. The event featured Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Jeri Ryan, Gates McFadden, and Michelle Hurd joining a panel after the screening, with Matalas making a surprise appearance. Check out the photos below:

Star Trek: Picard 's Michelle Hurd and Star Trek: Discovery 's Anthony Rapp are National Board members of SAG-AFTRA.

The cast of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds assembled for an hourlong Zoom roundtable to support and raise funds for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. This interview took place before Strange New Worlds season 3 began filming in Toronto on December 11 . Joining the interview were Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, Christina Chong, Celia Rose Gooding, Babs Olusanmokun, Jess Bush, and Melissa Navia, and they covered all manner of topics about Strange New Worlds season 2. Check out the video below:

15 Star Trek Things To Be Thankful For In 2023

Star trek: picard and strange new worlds gear up for awards season, picard, strange new worlds, and star trek: lower decks are up for multiple awards..

The casts of Star Trek: Picard and Strange New Worlds are making the public rounds to support their shows, which are up for multiple awards. Star Trek: Picard season 3 is up for 2 Emmy nominations in the categories of makeup and prosthetics, while Strange New Worlds garnered Critics Choice nods for Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Celia Rose Gooding . Picard and Strange New Worlds are even up against each other at the Saturn Awards, with Picard nabbing 7 awards and Strange New Worlds bowing with 6. Along with Star Trek: Lower Decks , the Star Trek franchise is up for 15 Saturn Awards total.

Both Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are also landing on Best TV Shows of 2023 lists in mainstream outlets like Vanity Fair and USA Today. All of this is deserved recognition for the immense quality of Star Trek on Paramount+'s series. 2023 delivered 30 episodes of Star Trek between Picard, Lower Decks, an d Strange New Worlds , and this year is perhaps the strongest in terms of content Star Trek has delivered since the franchise's 1990s heyday. While the future is uncertain for the cast of Star Trek: Picard , Star Trek: Strange New Worlds i s back in production for season 3, which will hopefully be just as award-worthy.

Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are available to stream on Paramount+.

Source: Instagram, YouTube

Star Trek: Picard

Star trek: strange new worlds.

Star Trek: Picard & Strange New Worlds Casts Reunite For First Time Since Strikes Ended

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Star Trek: Picard release date and new trailer revealed at New York Comic Con

Chris Gates

It has been 17 years since Captain Jean-Luc Picard last appeared on the screen, but the revered captain’s time away from the spotlight is drawing to an end. Star Trek: Picard , in which Patrick Stewart returns to his most famous role, debuts on CBS All Access on January 23, 2020.

Star Trek: Picard ‘s release date was unveiled at the Star Trek Universe panel at New York Comic Con , and came alongside a brand new trailer. In addition to Stewart, the new footage confirmed the return of Picard’s former first mate William Riker and the Enterprise’s one-time counselor, Deanna Troy, who will once again be played by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis, respectively.

The trailer also featured more shots of Jeri Ryan, who appears in Picard as her Star Trek: Voyager character Seven of Nine. Brent Spiner, who played Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation , will also appear in the series .

  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2, episode 1 release date, time, channel, and plot
  • Star Trek: Picard season 3’s ending, explained
  • New Star Trek videos pave the way for Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Picard is set 20 years after Star Trek: Nemesis , the last film in the Star Trek: The Next Generation franchise, and sees the former Starfleet captain called back to action when a mysterious young woman arrives at the Picard family vineyard looking for Jean-Luc’s help. Before long, Picard returns to the stars alongside a new crew, including Star Trek newcomers Alison Pill, Michelle Hurd, and Santiago Cabrera.

The Picard announcements weren’t the only surprises that the Star Trek team had in store for New York Comic-Con attendees. A new trailer for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery , which sees the Discovery and its crew propelled nearly 1,000 years into the future, dropped at the NYCC’s Star Trek Universe panel.

#StarTrekDiscovery takes fans 930 years into the future at #NYCC #StarTrekNYCC &mdash; Star Trek (@StarTrek) October 5, 2019

In addition, Picard and Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman previewed the new season of CBS All Access’ series of Star Trek shorts, Short Treks , and revealed that the first episode of the new batch is available on CBS All Access right now. The next  Short Treks  arrives on October 10, with subsequent episodes dropping once a month through January.

Picard, Discovery , and Short Treks are just a few of the Star Trek projects in the works at CBS All Access. Other upcoming series include a Discovery spin-off starring Michelle Yeoh set in Starfleet’s clandestine Section 31 and an animated series comedy called Lower Decks that details the everyday lives of Starfleet officers.

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  • At SDCC, Strange New Worlds goes full musical and more Star Trek trailers
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 trailer unveils Lower Decks crossover
  • Everything announced at New York Comic Con 2022
  • Star Trek: Picard season 3 brings back Next Generation cast
  • Strange New World’s latest trailer goes old-school Star Trek

Chris Gates

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will explore the cosmos with the original captain of the Enterprise, Christopher Pike, this spring. However, the prequel series apparently has plans for Pike's successor as well. Via Deadline, Paul Wesley has signed on for season two as a younger version of James T. Kirk. William Shatner's Captain Kirk was one of the icons of the original Star Trek. For the reboot films, Chris Pine has assumed the role of Kirk in three movies to date.

Wesley previously headlined The Vampire Diaries for eight seasons as Stefan Salvatore. More recently, he appeared in Tell Me A Story and the Shudder original film History of Evil. Wesley has expanded his career to directing, helming episodes of Shadowhunters, Legacies, and Roswell, New Mexico.

The opening credits of the original Star Trek promised a journey that would "explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!" However, there are only so many times that we can see Klingons, Vulcans, or Romulans before they just aren't "new" anymore. Later this year, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is rolling back the clock to the earliest days of the Enterprise. And from here, the sky is the limit in terms of races and worlds we've never seen before.

Only hardcore Trekkies remember that Captain Kirk and his crew weren't the original main characters of Star Trek. A single pilot episode, "The Cage," was produced with Captain Pike, Number One, and a young Spock. Pike and Number One would have remained in obscurity if they hadn't resurfaced in Star Trek: Discovery season 2. They, along with Spock, will be back for Strange New Worlds. In the first teaser trailer, Pike rediscovers his sense of purpose.

For the first time in 20 years, Whoopi Goldberg is back in the Star Trek universe. In the new trailer for Star Trek: Picard season 2, Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard faces a time-bending problem. But there's no one better-suited to give him advice than his old friend, Guinan (Goldberg). And while the future of humanity and the Federation may be at stake, Guinan tells Picard that the "answers are not in the stars. And they never have been."

The trailer also seems to indicate that John de Lancie's Q was not responsible for the incident that put Picard and his crew into a new timeline. However, Q is definitely taking advantage of the chaos to put Picard through another test. The nearly omnipotent being hasn't appeared to Picard since the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And Q always relishes his mind games, because the trial of humanity never ends.

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  • The Animated Series
  • The Next Generation
  • Deep Space Nine
  • Strange New Worlds
  • Lower Decks
  • Star Trek Movies
  • TrekCore on Twitter
  • TrekCore on Facebook


Star Trek: Picard Season 3 will continue April 13 with “Võx” on Paramount+ the United States, and on CTV Sci Fi Channel and Crave in Canada, following the next day in the UK, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The series is also available on Amazon’s Prime Video service in most other international locations.

  • PIC Season 3
  • Star Trek: Picard
  • The Last Generation
  • Trek Events

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‘rhoslc’ season 4 finale shocker reveals truth about monica garcia & mystery behind heather gay’s black eye, ‘star trek: picard’ brings out tng legends for new york comic con final bow; ‘discovery’ & ‘prodigy’ return to big apple confab.

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Star Trek Comic Con

EXCLUSIVE: Star Trek: Picard has set phasers for legacy in the Paramount+ series latest and perhaps final appearance at New York Comic Con next month – and they will have some friends on deck.

Cast and executive producers of Star Trek: Picard will appear onstage on October 8 at the Big Apple confab to share what’s ahead for the show’s upcoming third and final season. The 4 – 5:30 PM ET panel includes the man himself Sir Patrick Stewart , along with Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn, as well as Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman , Rod Roddenberry and Terry Matalas.

Also beaming down is Comic Con veteran and Star Trek: Discovery lead Sonequa Martin-Green . Filming the latest season of the series up in Toronto, Martin-Green will join EP Kurtzman and others to update fans on where Discovery is at, literally and figuratively.

Additionally, Star Trek: Prodigy returns to the New York Comic Con stage this year with voice cast including Kate Mulgrew, Ella Purnell, Brett Gray and Jameela Jamil, alongside Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Rod Roddenberry, Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman and Ben Hibon.

As was revealed on Star Trek Day on September 8, the final season of Picard is set to debut in early 2023 on Paramount+. A bit closer on the calendar, New York Comic Con runs from October 6 – 9, 2022.

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Brent Spiner Talks ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Roles And Why He’s Still Okay With Data Dying In ‘Nemesis’

star trek picard new york times

| February 20, 2023 | By: Staff 71 comments so far

Brent Spiner hasn’t been a big part of the publicity tour for Star Trek: Picard season 3, even though he, too, is returning to the series as the character Lore, twin brother of his original Star Trek: The Next Generation character Data, who died in the 2002 film Star Trek Nemesis (and died again in the first season of Picard ). However, Spiner did talk to the New York Times (in a conversation with his other TNG castmates) that ended up returning to the subject Nemesis .

Spiner happy with Data’s death in Nemesis

In the New York Times profile, Brent Spiner was asked if he had any regrets about Nemesis , in the context of the new season of Picard :

Brent, there’s a running joke among fans about how every time there’s a new “Star Trek” story, there’s a new character for you to play. [Data has multiple clones and human quasi-ancestors.] Is there a part of you that wishes your original version of Data, who died in “Nemesis,” could be part of this rendition? SPINER I don’t think so, because then I couldn’t have played those other things. You know, I was perfectly happy with the ending of “Nemesis,” even though I know that a lot of fans weren’t. And then I feel that was sort of redeemed, in a way, for the fans in the first season of “Picard.” I would hate to have missed both those moments. So no, I’m perfectly happy with the way it’s gone. I can’t say much more. I haven’t really seen much of the show — they’ve kept it away from me because they know I’ll blow it.

New York Times interviewer Sopan Deb followed up by asking Patrick Stewart about Nemesis , and the Picard star ended up turning the question back to Spiner.

Patrick, did you think you were saying goodbye to Jean-Luc after “Nemesis?” STEWART  Oh, yes, but with disappointment. [To Spiner:] Brent, there had been a lot of conversation about you and John Logan [who co-wrote “Nemesis”] writing a new film script, and that appealed to me enormously. But of course that was dumped along with everything else. And I felt frustration and disappointment about that because what we went out with wasn’t good, I don’t think. SPINER There are things about “Nemesis” that didn’t work. I think we went into it with the feeling that it was probably going to be our last film, which was why we let Data’s demise happen. We thought a great dramatic conclusion to one of the characters would be a fitting end to the series.

star trek picard new york times

Data says goodbye to Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis

TNG cast on Picard season 3 as a do-over for Nemesis

Picard showrunner Terry Matalas has stated that he felt Star Trek: Nemesis did not provide the TNG crew with a proper ending to their stories, something he is trying to rectify with season 3 of Picard . In the NYT profile, TNG actors LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden and Michael Dorn talked about how they also saw Nemesis as a missed opportunity:

BURTON I always felt it was a missed opportunity to create a story and play a storyline that had a fitting and proper conclusion to it. None of us knew that was going to be our last outing. So there was always, at least for me, a sense of a missed opportunity, something unfulfilled. FRAKES Which is what season 3 of “Picard” has been, which we didn’t dare hope for. BURTON That ship had sailed. Two decades have passed. I had long since given up on any hope of a conclusion as satisfying as this one is. McFADDEN I had given up hope. I felt that my character in the movies was practically nonexistent; it was just bizarre. In this one, I felt more like the way I felt in “All Good Things” [the series finale]. “All Good Things” was a brilliant end. We all had great story lines, and in this, I think, the same thing is true. You feel the past — I felt my past connection with each of these characters, and that was something I didn’t feel in the films. Then I felt like I was just filling a role of, “Well, we have to have Crusher in here because she’s part of the cast.” There wasn’t really a sense that I had a through-line or real character intention. So this was unexpected, and I’m very happy with it. I think it’s an incredible season. DORN I didn’t have any idea that [“Nemesis”] was going to be the last one. I thought that there was going to be another shot at some point. After 10 years go by, you go, “I don’t know if it’s going to come back.”

star trek picard new york times

The cast of Star Trek: Nemesis

Spiner’s Lore in season 3 is “complicated”

Spiner’s role in season three of Picard was originally described by showrunner Terry Matalas and executive producer Alex Kurtzman as a “new old” character. When it was revealed what character he would be playing at New York Comic Con last October, Spiner said he was playing Lore but “in a very complicated way.”

star trek picard new york times

Brent Spiner in publicity photo for Picard season 3

star trek picard new york times

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Part of me was relieved when Star Trek: Picard was happening as a series. At long last, the original Star Trek timeline isn’t going to end on a joyless, ugly-looking excuse to make an action movie out of Star Trek that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Just one good episode of Picard and it would have all been worth it. Just one good episode to leave Nemesis behind.

I hope Season 3 finally does it.

Left a bad taste in “everyone’s” mouth. Speak for yourself.

There are plenty of us who actually quite like Nemesis. Just cause you don’t like it doesn’t mean “Everyone” agrees with you.

You don’t like it that is fine and all, but don’t discount those fans who actually enjoyed it for what it was/is.

Is that counting everybody who went to the cinema opening weekend? Cuz it got beat by MAID IN MANHATTAN and a Jessica Alba movie too as I recall. Must have been the only Trek feature that didn’t open at #1, probably close to the only one that didn’t set an opening weekend record, which I’m pretty sure the first few all did.

It’s not that I think NEMESIS is unwatchable (I can watch any of the first 10 and get something out of it, even tho 1, 2 & 5 are the only ones I flat-out like, warts&all); but man, so little in NEM works, or works as intended. Would call it a missed opportunity, but there wasn’t really any opportunity to miss given the fatal miscasting of Baird as director.

Also, if you do any search that rates all of the Trek films, the three movies that always wind up at the bottom on these lists, in various order, are Nemesis, STID and TFF.

That doesn’t make these lists correct, but it does validate the general consensus on how these films are perceived.

I liked Nemesis. The battle between the Enterprise and the Scimitar was great. It certainly wasn’t perfect. The light being reflected on Troi’s eyes while she guides Worf’s hand to find the cloaked Scimitar, and the teeny tiny personal transporter were a couple things that made me roll my eyes a bit. Other than those two examples, I quite enjoyed it.

Remember me?!!!!!??

Enjoyed it for what it is….

  • A Patrick Stewart indulging fest?
  • A bone thrown at a movie editing doctor who didn’t care about Star Trek?
  • A goofy villain story that wore out its popularity when Austin Powers did it?
  • The blatant disregard of essential moments in Picard’s life that would have been useful in his conversations with Shinzon?
  • The 3-way mind rape of Troi?
  • The GNDN Dune Buggy chase?
  • A critical and commercial failure that crippled the franchise for years?

And that last bit is not an understatement. Even though Star Trek V was a critical and financial failure, it didn’t grind the franchise to a halt. Enterprise was canceled shortly after and it wasn’t until the 2009 reboot years later that Star Trek was even considered a thing again.

The only people who seem to care about Nemesis are Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner, the only two people who the film was tailor-made for.

I think the last bit of the film was good, the Scimitar vs Enterprise battle, Data’s death. The Enterprise being worked on in spacedock. But of course those are all lifted from TOS films. Enterprise in Spacedock from TMP, Scimitar battle reminiscent of the duel between the Enterprise and Reliant, Data’s death ripped off of Spock’s. The entire tone of the film lifted from Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country.

well I hated it – and I’ve been a trek fan for over 40 years.

The fact that none of them knew Nemesis was going to be the last movie is very telling, because it was heavily marketed with the tagline “A Generation’s Final Journey.”

What that tells me is that the studio knew it was going to be a huge dud, effectively killing hopes for a sequel, and hoped that maybe by billing it as a goodbye they could sell a few more tickets and salvage the thing.

I seem to recall some of the TNG cast saying they had expected an eighth season, as they were contracted for it. Could be wrong on that, and I can’t remember where I heard/read it. But if that’s the case, it could make sense for some cast members to assume there would be a fifth film.

But yeah, you bring up the tagline for Nemesis , and it seems like perhaps the studio was ready to move on.

Yeah, and even more than that, it’s as if the studio saw a rough cut of the film and knew they had a bomb on their hands. This brings me to a gut feeling I have about Picard S3. I get this feeling that Matalas wanted to call this season something other than “Star Trek: Picard” because it was something so different, but the studio wanted the marketing angle of “The Final Season.”

They did have a contract through season 8. I think it was mistake not to do that eighth year.

I agree. Out of the four TNG films, the only one I really love is First Contact . They could have done an eighth season and then made that film.

First Contact set on the Enterprise-D would have been interesting and different.

They would have had to grapple with the Borg starting to assimilate a ship with large numbers of civilians, including children, aboard.

I think that could have been a good film but perhaps difficult to make for the same mass market (i.e. PG-13/12A).

They actually didn’t know that it wasn’t going to do well. The fact that they released it as counter programming to The Two Towers speaks to their confidence in the film. It was never going to open number 1 at the box office opposite of LOTR, and they knew that, but still figured it would do well as counter programing.

What they didn’t count on was a . J-Lo movie and gangs of New York in limited release making more money than forcast, and taking away the rest of their audience.

That’s gonna be the dumbest counter programming strategy ever. You typically want to counter program with a different genre film, not a film that’s in the same general Science Fiction and Fantasy genre like The Two Towers was.

Yeah, I find it hard to believe that the release date implies they had faith in it. Maybe they had faith in it, idk, but the release date suggests to me they just wanted to kill it.

At about the same time they had faith of the heart

Was pretty sure NEM came out the week before the Tolkien.

It was “A Generation’s Final Journey Begins”. Perhaps they were expecting to end with a multi-movie story arc. I remember that tag line on the movie poster made me think that maybe that would be the case.

“Begins” does not imply anything of the sort. I can’t imagine anyone was thinking of a multi-movie arc, unless someone from the production actually said that. The movie did not end on a tease for a future film that would continue the story (unlike say, STII), and while a follow-up could have been possible, i’ve never heard of anyone having plans for one while NEM was in production.

In the years since we’ve heard several people talk about possible ideas for a sequel that had nothing to do with NEM: a possible crossover film with DS9/VOY, for example, which pretty much negates the notion that NEM was intended as a “Part One.”

They had identified that there was a sequel story planned during the original press junkets that would’ve been released in 2004.

I also recall that there were some attempts to write various Trek films before the 2009 Abrams film.

Both of you, please re-read my comment. I am not suggesting that there were no ideas for sequels. I even said that there were. But the idea that they planned Nemesis to be PART ONE of a multi-movie series is not something i’m ready to believe for a nanosecond unless there’s concrete proof.

Even a quote from Braga wouldn’t convince me, frankly, that dude is famous for rewriting the past.

Well for me it implied it at the time. Also B4 showing a glimmer of Data’s memories emerging at the end while the Enterprise was being rebuilt in space dock also made me think it was a possibility that they could be back. Of course, that never ended up being the case. While not a huge tease, it was enough of one to leave the door open to a possible return. At least for Spiner to play Data again.

That seemed less like a tease for a sequel as a “well here’s our out in case we want to ever bring him back.”

I have no doubt many people WANTED to make a sequel: the writers, the cast, even the producers like Berman, Piller, Braga, etc.

But the studio, not so much, particularly how badly insurrection did, and how poorly Enterprise was doing on TV at the same time (it was in the middle of Season 3 and cancelation rumors were already swirling) I think they were very prepared for this to be the last one, and developed the marketing campaign around that notion, hoping to sell it as “the last time you’ll ever see these characters.”

Sorry, meant Season 2

B4 was supposed to be a way to bring back Data like the remember scene in Star Trek II. Brent Spiner even had a story. Of course Nemesis tanked. And that is all she wrote.

It’s: “A generations final journey BEGINS” – so this could mean “Nemesis” was the beginning of the final journey in case they would had done another film..

I never read “Begins” as a tease, but I suppose it’s possible it was to hedge their bets if they did well. But between the tagline and the way it was generally promoted, the clear message being sent was “this is the last time we’ll ever see this cast.”

Studio gave away big surprise in ‘search/spock’ as well. But I doubt they thought it was a lemon and hoped it would do well

No studio hopes their movie bombs. But I just can’t imagine many people watching the first cut of Nemesis and thinking “yeah, this is going to be a huge hit after the disappointment of Insurrection and opening a week before the sequel to Lord of the Rings.”

By 2002, Trek was no longer popular at all, not like it was when TNG was in its prime. It was very much the goofy nerd property, Insurrection had been a huge letdown after the success of First Contact. It had been four years since that movie and the industry had moved on from this kind of thing, audiences didn’t care about this cast anymore (or Trek in general).

I just find it incredibly hard to believe that the studio was banking on a big hit and had plans for a series of follow-ups.

Much more likely that they knew this would be the last one: the industry was moving more towards blockbusters, they probably saw the film wasn’t very good, and developed a marketing strategy around “the final journey” the same way they had with Undiscovered Country (and before anyone says ST6 wasn’t billed that way, go watch the original teaser trailer where Christopher Plummer invites you to “one last adventure”).

That tagline might well have come some time after production though.

Yes, that’s exactly my point. The fact that “last adventure” implication was not something communicated to the cast, but was a heavy part of the marketing AFTER production, tells me they didn’t have a lot of faith in the movie.

If they’d gone into production telling the cast “hey everyone, enjoy this, it’s your last movie” then it’s a different story.

About Lore here in Season 3:

He could be using the Body of this Backup Data, but somehow the Head has malfunction or someone has the idea to “reset” or “clear” Lore’s Mind and Download that OS Roots of this Data and hopping for the best to haven an Data “backup Clone”. But this clearing of Lore did not goes as planed (Per Aspera Game AI). He could be all 3 at once and none. Somehow Lore has now different personalities where some Subroutines has the Higher Control (aka Subconsciousness) what one of them is dominant

or we have some “Bladerunner” moment where the Android save the Human on his dying moment

But yes, this is again guts feeling aka speculation. Time will tell, when Lore make his appearance

I’m sure there’s another reason, but perhaps Spiner’s comments in the article tell us why he’s not participating in any of the press events?

Of course he’s OK with Data dying in Nemesis, because the Dr Soong/alternate Data wannabe family is the paycheck that keeps getting cut no matter how much the fans groan…lol

I’m not sure if it’s that.

Spiner seems to think that his popularity in TNG was principally about him as the actor inhabiting the character Data. No matter how skilled Spiner is at his craft, that wasn’t what attached the audience.

He and others seem not to understand how appealing Data was as a character. Data’s innocence, his curiosity, his drive to become human, his friendship with Geordi, were among his key appeals.

No character that Spiner will play will replace that.

Of all the creative choices in season one of Picard, I actually found the scene with Data insisting on the termination of his program, a true death, to be the most true to the Data of TNG. So, I was happy to have had that. Otherwise, to me Spiner is just another guest actor.

Well, yeah, of course it’s that too — good point.

It’s interesting seeing Patrick and Brent speak about Nemesis 2 decades later. Both of those actors not only supported, but were enthusiastic about the script that was written by John Logan. The elephant in the room for me has always been Stuart Baird as director. Levar has gone on record saying that his experience working with him was…poor. I didn’t care for the movie at all, but one of the worst things about the film is that it is flat out left me feeling quite depressed at the end. Raise a champagne toast to Data, and lets all move on to other jobs. I think the entire cast (and us fans) deserved far better.

I found out just very recently no one making the movie even wanted Sturat Baird as director. It was Paramount who forced him to direct it because his editing on Tomb Raider supposedly helped saved that movie and he was given that movie to make as a thank you. That tells you everything right there, he only got the job as a favor and it showed. He didn’t care about Star Trek at all and unlike directors like Meyer, didn’t try to understand it either.

I will say though there was a lot of cut footage I thought would’ve made the movie a little better because they were more character based. But those were cut out because Paramount wanted to keep the movie under two hours and, of course, wanted to keep it more action focus so those were gone too.

His direction is so flat and leaden that stuff like the picad/data deleted blab scene just lies there, and for me is best off gone from the movie. There have certainly been good editors turned directors, but Baird ain’t one of them – zero for three even though Goldsmith scored all of his films, and if JG can’t salvage your movie with a hardworking score, then you don’t deserve to employ him.

I’m not all that big on Baird as an editor either; he cut two of the Bond films I most despise and I’m not a big Richard Donner fan either, who was Baird’s most frequent collaborator. SUPERMAN and OUTLAND were handled well, and I think DIE HARD 2 and THE LAST BOY SCOUT are mostly well-edited, but I think LADYHAWKE was off, and the LW series of movies are kind of take-it-or-leave-it for me.

Superman was well edited. The Extended Salkind cut is leaden. I watched it as a fan because i grew up with the TV cut but its not good.

I mean it is obvious that Baird was a horrible director as we can see with the fact that he didn’t direct anything else after Nemesis. I also didn’t like his work on Executive Decision as well as he seemed to be cutting away at the most suspenseful moments of the film and losing all the tension as a result. He did some solid editing work in his career but not all editors should go on to direct things.

It occurred to me that when Data died at the end of Picard it also meant that Lal died with him since he had downloaded her into his positronic brain.

They should have downloaded her into her own body beforehand, no?

It would have been good if she had had a cameo in the final episode.

I believe Nemesis did poorly because the movie before it wasn’t so hot. I remember several friends say they just weren’t very motivated to go see the next movie because Insurrection killed their enthusiasm for the franchise.

Insurrection has been criticized for being a feature-length episode, but it was a pretty good story. Nemesis was just a poorly constructed story.

I literally couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go see Nemesis. It could have been a masterpiece, but it would not have mattered. The opening night and weekend box office numbers prove it, because many fans stayed away.

I remember sitting in the theater opening night and wondering, “Where is everybody?” Because every other Star Trek opening night my entire life was an excited and packed house.

Sorry about your experience. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just didn’t find Insurrection to be a bad movie. Would it have worked better as a big two-part episode? Yes, it would have, but the story was better than what they came up with for Nemesis.

Those of us old enough to remember were amazed how few general viewers went to TWOK (after the big opening weekend.) We finally decided that those folks didn’t come back till TVH, having caught up on TWOK and TSFS via home vhs views and being gunshy after TMP’s relative lethargy.

It took a lot of arm-twisting to get my parents to go see TWOK, about a month into its release, and my stepdad was utterly blown away (except for Kirk not raising the shields, the same idiot thing that set my teeth on edge then & now), though he felt the ‘i don’t believe in the no win scenario’ line of thought was potentially dangerous for fan types to buy into wholeheartedly.

I always enjoyed “Nemesis” much (except Data’s death) and looking so much forward to finally get it on 4K disc!!!! HOPEFULLY WITH DOLBY ATMOS!!!!

I think you can only play the ‘noble death’ thing once in a ST film so data dying was always going to fall flat compared to what happened in ‘khan’

Before Picard season 3 started I did a mini TNG rewatch starting with Encounter at Farpoint and then watching select episodes that focused on each character and Nemesis was the last thing I watched for obvious reasons. To this day it’s still my least favorite film in the franchise although I will say it has improved for me over the years but still pretty bad. I will say it started off great. I really enjoyed it up until they met Shinzon and it started to get worse after that. And yes, the ridiculous dune buggy scene.

I still have many problems with it. I could obviously watch it. I probably seen it about 10 times now over the years but outside a few key moments it just doesn’t do it for me. And yes I didn’t like how Data died either. I didn’t mind that he died just like I didn’t mind that Kirk was killed in Generations, it was how they died that left a bad taste in mine and other people’s mouths.

I still remember how excited I was for the movie. I was probably as excited for it as I was First Contact. I even cut a vacation in Malaysia a few days short so I can be back in L.A. and see it at the Mann Chinese theater opening weekend with my best friend who became a huge Trek fan during high school.. After watching it, I really wished I was back in Malaysia lol.

I too didn’t mind the death of Kirk or Data in theory. It’s that they felt so perfunctory, like they felt for the movie to work they had to kill them off. Particularly Nemesis, the screenwriter was so adamant about recreating TWOK, and well, Spock dies at the end so we should kill off TNG’s resident emotionless character, right?

Except that Picard and Data, while close, were never the best friends that Kirk and Spock were. You can’t just recreate an iconic movie by copying and pasting some plot beats.

That said, i’ve long viewed Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis as if they were any other mediocre episode. I rewatch them on occasion, but don’t love them.

I’m currently binging ST:TOS right now and am really enjoying it, campiness and all. The OG crew really has fantastic chemistry and I enjoy the characters. The trinity Kirk/Spock/Bones are magic together.

My favorite episodes are City on the Edge of Forever followed closely by Errand of Mercy and Balance of Terror.

Wait a second – Data dies in Nemesis?! I’m only on ST4: The Voyage Home. The whales come back, right?

They take over the Earth in ST5. And Kirk asks: What does a whale need with a starship? Magnificent movie.

Spiner was interested in killing off Data as far back as First Contact and Insurrection. In fact a pod I listened to recently said that Spiner only came back for Insurrection with the agreement that Data would be killed of, only to have everyone’s “buddy” Rick Berman say “we’ll do it next time” once filming started.

it could have been TNG’s TUC, especially with them finally making peace with an old foe just as the previous film broke bread with the klingons but it was not to be…

At the time I thought that if anything Picard dying in Nemesis would have made more sense with Riker then staying on and taking over the Enterprise rather than the Titan. Data’s storyline was perhaps the worst to wind up, given it had the potential to go on for centuries (though admittedly there is a practical issue with the actor aging out of the role).

Lucky though that they didn’t go that route or we might not have had a sequel series.

They built in the fact that Brent was going to age as far back as TNG Season 7. In the episode with his “mother” (Inheretence, S7X10) its mentioned that she has an aging program like Lore and Data, so the fact that Data was going to visibly age was already set.

Brent simply wanted to be done playing Data and (frankly) having that be the character he will only be known for. The “Data won’t age” trope is frankly a cop out given that TNG already established he would progressively look older.

My wild theory on Spiner’s character. Anton Soong was dieing and transferred himself to a matching android body . Would explain why he looks old. He also transferred the memories and personalities of others to within himself -including Lore.. Those traits were meant to only be stored but something went wrong and he instead has the android version of multiple personalities

For the record, Nemesis was always going to be a train wreck because of the infighting between Stewart and Spiner for the spotlight. After First Contact, the films become completely lopsided towards Picard and Data which sidelined the other core characters. The end result was poorly-written scripts that had very little substance or story apart from that which presented endless monologues from the Picard/Data battery. I had taken pride on seeing every single Trek film in the cinema up until Nemesis – but was so appalled at Insurrection that I gave the final film a miss (so glad I did). Years later, with egos buried and sense reigning supreme – I hope the final series of Picard can undo the crapfest of the last two TNG films.

I really hope they explain Lore’s physical changes, if they don’t it’s going to be ridiculous. I am truly shocked Spiner continues to agree to play these androids again. He was hesitant after Nemesis, and now 20 years later he not only plays Data but he brings back his identical brother, which I am sorry is ridiculous considering the actor is pushing 75 years old.

I was excited for season 1, disappointed when it finished.

I was cautiously pessimistic of season 2, frustrated when it finished.

I am not cautiously optomistic of season 3, I hope it is a satisfying conclusion we have been sold it is. .

As I said in another comment, which i’ll just copy and paste here..

They built in the fact that Brent was going to age as far back as TNG Season 7. In the episode with his “mother” (Inheretence, S7X10) its mentioned that she has an aging program like Lore and Data, so the fact that Data was going to visibly age was already set. Brent simply wanted to be done playing Data and (frankly) having that be the character he will only be known for. The “Data won’t age” trope is frankly a cop out given that TNG already established he would progressively look older.

Yes, it seems like Spiner and the writers forgot all about “Inheritance”. Lore may be explained to have undergone an early test for mind transfer…with Alton trying to replicate the work of his father and Dr. “Grandpa” Graves. I’ve said this before but Crusher should’ve saved Picard and Data given the golem to become ‘human’

Data’s first death was poignant. His second death was baffling and idiotic. As dumb as Picard dying and becoming a robot.

“ I haven’t really seen much of the show — they’ve kept it away from me because they know I’ll blow it”

I honestly wonder if there are alternate scenes filmed for the last few episodes so that the cast isn’t 100% about the ending until it airs.

The Story Behind How Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Originally Ended, And Why Patrick Stewart's ‘Sort Of To Blame’ For It Not Being Shot

There was a different way Jean-Luc Picard’s story would have wrapped up.

Patrick Stewart holding deck of cards in Star Trek: Picard

On April 20, 2023, Star Trek: Picard concluded its third and final season, and thankfully, Patrick Stewart ’s title character made it out of the Paramount+ show alive. As a nice callback to how Star Trek: The Next Generation ended in 1994, the final minutes of “The Last Generation” saw Jean-Luc Picard and his Enterprise-D family enjoy a game of poker together after having some drinks and sharing a toast. But as it turns out, this wasn’t the original Picard Season 3 ending , though Stewart has admitted that he’s ‘sort of to blame’ for this alternate version not being shot.

In an excerpt from hi his memoir Making It So (via Time ), Stewart revealed that a few months prior to Picard wrapping, he envisioned Season 3 would end with Jean-Luc Picard in a different head space compared to where we saw him the finale that Paramount+ subscribers can stream, though not in a bad way. The actor told the writers:

What I’d like to see at the end of the show is a content Jean-Luc. I want to see Picard perfectly at ease with his situation. Not anxious, not in a frenzy, not depressed. And I think this means that there is a wife in the picture.

Because Patrick Stewart had found love in his life, he felt that Picard should do the same, and as such the writers crafted a scene set at the Picard family’s vineyard at dusk. The protagonist is enjoying the setting with his dog next to him, and then a woman’s voice is heard saying, “Jean-Luc? Supper’s ready!” However, it’s unclear whether we’re hearing Beverly Crusher, Laris or someone else, though Stewart’s wife Sunny was set to record the line. Regardless, Picard and his dog would then walk into the house, and the series would fade to black.

So why was this version of the Star Trek: Picard Season 3 finale ending never shot? Well, it started off because on the last day of shooting the series, Patrick Stewart realized eight hours in that this going to be a 14 or even 16-hour day, and he was already scheduled to fly to New York the next morning. So he instead suggested the following to the production team:

Look, the scene with the dog will take no time to shoot, but it will take hours to set up the lighting and the green screen and all that. We don’t have those hours. So let’s not shoot that scene today. I can come back at any time you like and take care of it. Just me and the dog.

Did Star Trek: Picard Destroy The Borg For Good? Showrunner Terry Matalas Shares His Thoughts

Star Trek: Picard’s Terry Matalas Explains Where Things Stand With Jean-Luc And Beverly After The Finale

Stewart recalled that the production team was “grateful and relieved,” so he flew to New York and expected to shoot that final scene after his trip was over. Instead, that delay ended up backfiring. No one ever called him to come back in, and when the actor inquired multiple times about what was going on, someone eventually told him that the studio wasn’t going to shoot the scene after all, feeling it was “too expensive” and “unnecessary.” This disappointed Stewart, as he felt this moment was “crucial to the completion of Picard’s arc,” but that’s not to say he was displeased with ending things with the poker game, which he called a “warm, emotional send-off to my favorite Starfleet crew.”

As for if we’ll ever Patrick Stewart reprise Jean-Luc Picard in the aftermath of Star Trek: Picard , right now, nothing is officially on the books. That said, fans are championing a Legacy spinoff series , and the Starfleet hero could easily pop back up there, especially if his son Jack Crusher, played by Ed Speleers, is one of the main characters. Stewart also mentioned in his time writeup that he’s “pushing Paramount” to make a Picard movie, and William Rider actor Jonathan Frakes is his first choice to direct. That sounds like it would make for a cool Paramount+ exclusive Star Trek movie to accompany the Michelle Yeoh-led Section 31 .

If such a project is greenlit, we’ll let you know, but until then, Paramount+ is currently holding down the Star Trek front with Lower Decks Season 4, and Discovery Season 5 will follow sometime in 2024, though there's still some great TV left to hit our screens as part of the 2023 TV schedule as well. 


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'Star Trek: Picard' Times Square Events, Metrocards Land In NYC For CBS All Access Debut

January 22, 2020 / 7:41 PM EST / CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - On the eve of the latest chapter of the famed science-fiction franchise, New York City is preparing to mark the launch of "Star Trek: Picard."

The show premieres Thursday, Jan. 23, on CBS All Access .

On Thursday, in addition to huge billboards and a 10-foot-tall "Delta" display in Times Square - a giant version of the Starfleet insignia that has become one of many iconic symbols of the Star Trek series - the MTA will also be selling "Picard"-brand MetroCards from select subway stations.

star trek picard new york times

  • 14th St/7th Ave.
  • 28th St/7th Ave.
  • 57th St. 6th Ave.
  • 5th Ave. 42nd. St.
  • 14th St./ Union Square
  • 28th St. 7th Ave.

The show is led by Brooklyn resident Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, a character he played for seven seasons on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on television and in four feature films.

Stewart is joined by actress Isa Briones , a veteran of the musical "Hamilton" who is now playing Dahj, a young woman with a secret who pulls Picard out of retirement.

MORE: Star Trek: Picard - The Essential Trek Episodes To Watch Before The New Show

The cast also includes a number of familiar faces from "Next Generation," all involved in a plot set after the fall of the Romulan Empire. Actors Jeri Ryan, Isa Briones, Brent Spiner and Marina Sirtis return to roles alongside Trek newcomers Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway and Evan Evagora.

  • Patrick Stewart

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Star Trek: Why Legacy Needs To Happen

Star Trek: Picard opened the doors for a new series that fans have been demanding since Picard's finale.

Quick Links

What star trek: legacy offers, star trek: legacy is in high demand, strike while the iron is hot.

Star Trek: Picard gave fans a look at Jean Luc Picard's (Patrick Stewart) life after he left Starfleet. It also expanded on the Star Trek universe by showing different adventures that were possible outside Starfleet. The biggest thing it did, however, was bring back veteran cast members from The Next Generation and Voyager , igniting interest in a possible spin-off series that showrunner Terry Matalas dubbed Star Trek: Legacy . The potential series would focus on the new Starfleet Captain Seven of Nine commanding the USS Enterprise-G as it explores strange new worlds, seeks out new life and civilizations, and boldly goes where no one has gone before.

Bringing the cast of The Next Generation back together in Picard sparked more interest in a spin-off than the Enterprise appearing in Discovery's first season finale. It's the most talked about project despite Section 31 and Starfleet Academy receiving a thumbs up from the powers that be. That leads fans to wonder if there will ever be a Star Trek: Legacy .

Star Trek: What Happened To Worf After Deep Space 9

The current run of Star Trek shows has given fans a glimpse at the far future, thanks to Discovery taking place in the 32nd century. Strange New Worlds , on the other hand, gives fans a look at the time period ten years before Captain Kirk sat on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. What has sorely been missing from the gamut of Star Trek material has been anything in the franchise's present time period. Picard was the only live-action series that gave fans a look at what the galaxy was like in Star Trek's present.

The USS Enterprise hasn't been the flagship starship of Starfleet since the Next Generation film Star Trek: Nemesis . If Star Trek: Legacy receives a green light, it will follow Captain Annika Hansen/Seven of Nine as she leads the crew of the newly rechristened NCC-1701-G. As she does, she'll have Commander Raffi Musiker as her First Officer and Admiral Jean Luc Picard's son, Ensign Jack Crusher, as the ship's counselor. Deep Space Nine might have opened the doors for more serialized Star Trek stories like Discovery and Picard, but Strange New Worlds has brought the franchise back to form with one-off episodes filling a season. Now, fans want to see the next Next Generation in the same manner.

Star Trek: Legacy could tie up some loose ends left by Picard , such as the Jurati Borg and the trans-warp conduit they committed to overseeing at the end of the second season. With a former Borg drone as the new Enterprise's captain, it could lead to some fascinating stories. Picard season three ended with an after-credits scene revealing the return of John de Lancie as the omnipotent being Q. This opens the door for more Q shenanigans, and with a Picard being present on the starship, Q would likely test him often.

Season three of Picard solidified the demand for Legacy from fans all across the world. An outpouring of support for the sequel series flooded social media with a hashtag and a petition. Then there's the "Letters 4 Legacy" grassroots campaign, where fans write letters directly to the producers at the studio, pushing for them to green-light Legacy without delay. Such a campaign isn't the first in Star Trek's history. When the original series was in danger of getting the axe after its second season, fans wrote letters to NBC to change their mind, and it worked.

Star Trek: Legacy isn't only for fans of The Next Generation either. Characters from Deep Space Nine and Voyager have a chance to appear in the potential series. Picard brought in Voyager alum Tim Russ as the Vulcan Tuvok, but it could also serve as a vehicle to bring back Quark or Jake Sisko from Deep Space Nine . There's no shortage of possibilities for a series like Legacy ​​​​​. Jonathan Frakes already has his ideas for Riker's return, according to an interview with Star Trek Magazine (via TrekMovie ):

Riker would be a captain and have his ship, or he would be promoted to admiral and be a liaison. It would be great for me if the show carries on and I'm like Charlie from 'Charlie's Angels.' They'd have to come to my office one day a week for a meeting with Riker. That'd be perfect. Then I could direct a bunch of the episodes and be around the show.

There is a bit of an urgency for Star Trek: Legacy to happen sooner rather than later if the show hopes to bring back characters from Star Trek's past. Patrick Stewart, while more capable than the majority of 83-year-olds out there, won't be able to do as much as he accomplished in Picard if Legacy takes too long to get off the ground. Fans would love to see him do more than appear as a cameo. The primary cast, from Jeri Ryan to Ed Speelers, are successful actors with constant gigs lining up for them. If Legacy doesn't receive the go-ahead, scheduling conflicts could persist and prevent it from ever making it to the small screen.

The powers that be are heavily focused on projects like Section 31 and Starfleet Academy. These are promising, but they could lose fan interest if they take too long to green-light Legacy . While there's no shortage of Star Trek projects, the actors and fans are interested in it now. Waiting too long could prove catastrophic for the show's success. With the SAG-Aftra strike over, there's no time like the present.

Star Trek: 7 Worst Planets To Live On


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    Star Trek fans in New York City can see the Enterprise -D fly into position every night at 8 p.m. ET until the finale on Thursday, April 20th. Star Trek: Picard Season 3 showrunner...

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