How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Travel insurance is a must have for traveling the world and keeping peace of mind. This applies whether you are traveling for fun or taking a business trip to another area. The benefits of travel insurance include more than just peace of mind, however.

Having travel insurance can save you money on a range of costs in case your trip is interrupted. In the absence of insurance, you could be out of pocket for travel tickets purchased and other expenses that you had prepaid.

Below, find out how travel insurance works, and what it benefits are for the individual traveler.

Types of Travel Insurance

If it’s your first time buying travel insurance, you may be confused at the variety of offers from travel insurance companies. The numerous types of insurance products for travelers is partly responsible for the complexity.

Travel insurance comes in the following broad categories:

  • Trip cancellation – Covers the interruption and cancellation of your trip.
  • Medical and evacuation – Will pay medical costs such as for sudden illness and evacuation to a treatment center
  • Baggage – Covers lost or stolen baggage

You can also buy hybrid insurance plans that cover all aspects of your trip.

Buying Travel Insurance

Before buying travel insurance, you need to determine the right type of insurance for your needs.

If you are traveling close to home, chances are you won’t need medical and evacuation cover. However, if you are traveling to a far off country and engaging in high-risk activities such as sports, injury insurance cover, for example, might be in order.

Once you decide on the right type of travel insurance, check with the major travel insurance providers for your state. Compare multiple providers to make a well-informed selection.

Understanding the Benefits Included in a Plan

When you buy a travel insurance plan, make sure to educate yourself on all the included benefits. This will make sure you know what is available and can make use of the benefit if need arises.

Typical benefits to check out include trip cancellation, lost baggage, and medical assistance. For each benefit offered in your plan, make sure you understand what amount the benefit will provide. Trip cancellation benefits, for example, may cover all or part of your ticket and hotel expenses.

How Travel Insurance Claims Work

When you go on your trip, make sure to bring with you your travel insurance policy credentials. This includes your policy number and any other proof that you are actively enrolled in the policy.

Alert your travel insurance company immediately if the need arises to file a claim. This might be in the form of lost baggage, a cancelled trip, or medical events.

Collect any receipts and documentation that will be necessary to support the claim. This includes, for example, a police report in case of stolen baggage.

Once you submit the claim forms with documentation, the insurer will assess your claim. Check with them after a reasonable time for progress on your claim.

Costs and Fees Associated with Travel Insurance

Costs for insuring your trip depend on the total trip cost. This is true, for example, for vacation packages that cover all your travel expenses such as on a cruise. The travel insurance company might charge anywhere from 5% to 10% of the total trip cost in insurance fees.

Optional add ons such as “cancel for any reason” will cost extra. You may save some money by selecting a higher deductible for your travel insurance plan. Be careful with this, however, as you could end up paying more out of pocket if something goes wrong on your trip.

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How Much Is Travel Insurance?

review racv travel insurance

Going on a dream vacation sounds like paradise, but sometimes, life happens and your plans just don’t work out. Purchasing travel insurance can give you some peace of mind and guard against the unexpected. Travel insurance plans work differently than other forms of insurance . They also have distinct, and often confusing, pricing models. Let’s clear the air about travel insurance policies before you take to the air.

What Does Travel Insurance Really Cover?

Travel insurance coverage varies from one carrier to the next. The most popular type of insurance that travelers purchase in North America is Cancellation & Interruption protection. This covers the non-refundable costs of your trip if you can’t travel due to unforeseen circumstances such as an illness or financial issues of your travel carrier. This plan also covers you if you (and your family, if applicable) would happen to fall ill during your trip and have to return home. You can purchase insurance to cover other aspects of your trip as well, such as protecting against potential flight issues and lost or damaged baggage.

What is the Average Cost for Travel Insurance?

The peace of mind afforded to travelers does come at a cost. The price is dependent on which insurance provider you choose for coverage and how much coverage you desire. If you choose a comprehensive policy, you will generally spend between four and eight percent of the total trip price. This means if your dream getaway costs $8,000, you can expect to pay between $320 and $640 to insure it.

Is Travel Insurance Worth Getting?

Many consumers are unaware that they may already have some hidden insurance benefits. Many credit cards offer coverage for lost luggage. Some even have insurance benefits for trip cancellation (up to a pre-determined limit). Check with your credit card issuer to see what benefits they have for travelers . Also, be sure to know what your health insurance already covers. If it provides you with benefits when traveling out of the country, there would be no need to double up and spend the money on additional coverage through a travel insurance policy.

Why Should You Purchase Travel Insurance?

Having peace of mind while traveling is worth the price for many commuters. Protecting your financial investment in your trip and that warding against unforeseen events are just a couple of the reasons why travelers choose to insure their trips. When the unexpected occurs, it’s better to be prepared with trip insurance.

How Can You Get Travel Insurance?

The best way to get the insurance you desire is to shop around. You may be offered insurance automatically when you book your flight online. Some companies, like Expedia, that offer vacation bundles, will also insure parts of your vacation or the whole package . This may not be the most cost-effective option for you, and it’s always wise to stop by or call a travel agent and see what he or she is able to offer you. There are also plenty of websites that offer free price quotes from several different insurers, all based on your customized needs.

If you can’t bear the thought of your best laid plans falling apart, you can always fly by the seat of your pants with some last minute travel .


review racv travel insurance

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review racv travel insurance

Any comments re your experience with RACV Travel Insurance?

' class=

We purchased an annual, multi trip travel insurance policy through RACV and have been members with RACV for almost 25 years. Next year we will have Gold member status with RACV.

After stage 2 assessment by Tokio Marine, RACV’s travel insurance underwriter, our claim was politely, but ultimately rejected. The basis for the rejection was that RACV travel insurance does not cover travel delays relating to mechanical problems. It was also stated to us that the delay of our flight was less than 6 hours, and this also fell outside the policy.

Perhaps we have been naïve, but we would have thought this was exactly the type of incident RACV travel insurance should cover against. My brother travelled with us and he had an $80, single trip policy with another provider which settled and paid his claim within 2 weeks.

It’s clear that the policy re-sold by RACV is ultimately a low-cost, low inclusions policy with many caveats, one of which does not cover policy holders for flight delays relating to mechanical issues with an aircraft. We naively assumed that RACV would be offering a quality product, but we don’t believe this is the case. This incident has reduced our confidence in RACV’s travel insurance products, and we will cancel our annual policy as we have another trip planned later this year.

We are understandably disappointed with our outcome and just wanted to warn others considering purchasing RACV travel insurance. Yes, we were warned to read the PDS, but there are just so many exclusions, conditions and caveats, you don’t necessarily consider every eventuality. We incorrectly thought that by buying an insurance policy via RACV, we would be covered through their experience with underwriters and we thought we could trust them to select the best travel insurance offerings. Sadly, this is not the case.

' class=

I usually buy the middle or top range package from RACV. When I've had to claim (missing luggage, overnight delay and one substantial medical cost- all on different trips) there's been no hassles other than lots of paperwork.

review racv travel insurance

The reviews are scathing and reflect the experience of poster #1

Forget RACV travel insurance there are lots of highly rated products out there.

We ended up going with Woolworths Insurance as we have our home policy with them and they have always paid without any fuss

Agree with the comments in #3 I used RACV TI for our first few overseas trips partly because I was loyal to the brand having been a member for decades and thankfully didn't have a need to test the policy by lodging a claim.

When looking for TI for overseas trips I now have a look at Canstar to compare TI products and then make a short list of policies that suit my needs I have a good look at the PDS of each company that I have short listed and base my decision to purchase on that basis.

I can relate to your experiance .i will be posting very soon my outrageous experiance with racv travel insurance after a death in the family ..

Adam, a couple of questions?

What financial loss did you incur?

When the claim was denied, did it include details of how to contest decision?

' class=

I will be posting very soon my outrageous experience with RACV travel insurance. please select the best travel insurance offerings and not from RACV.

Yep they put plenty of road blocks up but hang in there,patience will prevail. Your next step will be with afca but they are fair & will award compensation to you if all is in order.. good luck

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review racv travel insurance

RACV Finance Travel Insurance

Important information on terms, conditions and sub-limits.

Thumbnail icon for RACV Finance

Are you considering RACV for your next travel insurance policy? We’ve gone through the fine-print to answer your burning questions about RACV so you can find the right policy for your needs.

About RACV Finance

RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria Limited) is a mutual organisation with over 2 million members. Founded in 1903, RACV began as a social club for car and motorcycle owners, but has grown to become Victoria’s largest mutual organisation with a range of products and services in areas like insurance, motoring services, financial services, member advocacy, and holiday resorts. RACV travel insurance is underwritten by the Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

RACV’s Comprehensive policy won an Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance award in the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards . Check out some more of the winners at our best travel insurance page .

RACV travel insurance policies

RACV offers three tiers of domestic travel insurance , as well as three tiers of international travel insurance . These tiers range from Basics, to Essentials, to Comprehensive. RACV also offers an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy, if you’re looking for an extended policy that will cover multiple holidays within a one-year period.

  • Single Duo Family

Limits shown apply

Covid medical cover

Covid cancellation cover

Overseas emergency hospital expense

Overseas emergency medical assistance

Maximum excess

Cancellation fees

Pay extra for no excess

Luggage and personal effects

Additional accomodation & travel

Emergency companion

Resumption of journey

Hospital cash allowance

Accidental death

Permanent disability

Loss of income

Credit Card fraud and replacement

Travellers cheques

Travel documents

Rental vehicle excess

Alternative travel expenses

Personal liability

Pre existing conditions

Cardiovascular disease

Mental health illness

High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Blood thinning medication

Activities covered

Bungee jumping

Conservation work

Mountain biking


Rock climbing

Scuba diving

Snow sports

Ocean Cruise



Assessment required, may cost extra

Annual Multi-Trip

Any information provided on this page should be considered a summary and general advice only. All information should be verified before purchase via the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Does RACV travel insurance have COVID-19 coverage?

RACV does provide some coverage for COVID-19, however, inclusions will vary depending on your policy and level of cover. For the full story, check the terms and conditions included in the PDS.

What other optional extras can I add to my RACV policy?

Cruise cover

If you’re travelling on a cruise ship, then you’ll need to purchase RACV’s cruise travel insurance on top of your policy, even if your cruise stays within Australian waters. If you do not get this optional extra, then any claims related to any part of your journey on a cruise ship will not be covered. You can pay the premium for cruise cover on any of RACV’s policies, which will cover you for that policy’s included benefits while on the portion of your journey that takes place on a cruise ship. 

Ski and winter sports cover 

Snow travel insurance is important if you’re hitting the slopes, and without it, you may not be covered for any claims relating to snow sports. Through RACV, the ski and winter sports cover is only available if you pay an extra premium on top of either a Comprehensive or Essentials policy, or if you have an annual multi-trip plan. 

Are pre-existing medical conditions covered under RACV’s travel insurance?

RACV automatically includes cover for some pre-existing medical conditions , although you must declare your pre-existing conditions and have them listed on your certificate of insurance in order to be covered. So, make sure you disclose any conditions that you do have at the time of applying. 

While you may have to pay an extra premium for your condition, some conditions are covered under your policy’s premium already. 

If your pre-existing medical condition is not eligible for automatic cover, you must apply to have a medical assessment. Contact RACV on 13 13 29, or complete your medical assessment online, as part of the travel insurance quote process, at . They will then be able to tell you if your condition can be covered. 

What do I do if there’s an emergency during my trip?

If there’s an emergency, contact RACV’s 24-hour emergency assistance and claims line on: 

+61 2 8055 1699

How do I make a claim with RACV travel insurance?

To make a claim, head online to RACV’s website and either register or log in to your account using the email address you used to purchase your policy. You will need to have supporting documents which are relevant to your claim, like receipts, police reports, or hospital invoices. RACV will aim to notify you of the success of your claim within 10 working days. 

Is it possible to cancel my RACV travel insurance policy?

You can cancel your policy and receive a full refund within 21 days of purchasing it, provided you have not started your journey, have not made a claim, or intend to make a claim. If you want to cancel after the 21-day cooling-off period, then you may be able to receive a partial refund, at RACV’s discretion. 

To talk to RACV about cancelling your policy, call them on 13 13 29. 

How does the Mozo Community rate RACV travel insurance?

Scroll down to see how the Mozo community has rated RACV’s travel insurance policies in terms of factors like value for money and trust.

RACV Finance travel insurance

Overall 8.3

Value for money

Policy coverage

Customer service

Claims handling

Recent RACV Finance travel insurance customer reviews Recent RACV Finance travel insurance customer reviews

RACV Finance logo

RACV Finance Travel Insurance review

Overall rating   10 / 10

Reliable, efficient, excellent customer service

Amazing customer service when originally taking out the travel insurance and then when we needed to submit a claim. Extremely reliable and efficient

Full review

Value for money   9 / 10

Policy coverage   9 / 10

Customer service   10 / 10

Claims handling   10 / 10

Trust   10 / 10

Astrid, Western Australia, reviewed about 3 years ago

Overall rating   7 / 10

Highly recommended!

I find this one is the cheapest with the best service, very fast and reliable to process claims!

Value for money   7 / 10

Policy coverage   7 / 10

Customer service   7 / 10

Claims handling   7 / 10

Trust   7 / 10

Steven, Western Australia, reviewed over 3 years ago

Overall rating   8 / 10

Great value for money - much better than others

Our experience is with RACV- great coverage, relatively easy to understand policy, long term, no age discrimination like AAMI.

Value for money   8 / 10

Trust   8 / 10

Marlene, Victoria, reviewed over 9 years ago

Compare RACV travel insurance policies with other travel insurance providers

With so many travel insurance options now available to Aussies, it's important that you research your options before you head off on your trip overseas. Get started by using Mozo's travel insurance comparison tool to find a policy that fits your needs. All you have to do is complete the form, which includes the dates of your travel, your destination and how many people you'll be travelling with, for a quick comparison of some top travel insurance policies for Aussies.

Don't forget to also check out Mozo's  guide to travel insurance , or drop by our  travel hub  for the latest articles and tips to help you save lots on your holiday abroad. 

Compare Travel Insurance from major brands including:

Thumb 9736

Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits may apply to any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website. These terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits could affect the level of benefits and cover available under any of the insurance products shown on the Mozo website. Please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and the Target Market Determination on the provider's website for further information before making any decisions about an insurance product.

review racv travel insurance

Who we are and how we get paid

Our goal at Mozo is to help you make smart financial decisions and our award-winning comparison tools and services are provided free of charge. As a marketplace business, we do earn money from advertising.

We do not compare all brands in the market, or all products offered by all brands. At times certain brands or products may not be available or offered to you. If you proceed with a travel insurance policy through Mozo, Mozo may receive a referral fee.

Compare Travel Insurance

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Need Quotes?

Use our travel insurance comparision to help you save time, worry & loads of money!


Please Note - If you are cruising around Australia you need to select Pacific. With Regions, variances can apply for Bali, Indonesia, Japan and Middle East. You are not required to enter stop-over countries if your stop-over is less than 48 hours.

If you don’t know where you’re traveling to within the next 12 months, choose Worldwide to ensure you’re covered no matter where you go. If you’re travelling to multiple countries choose the region that you are visiting that is furthest away (excluding stopovers less than 48 hours). In most cases you will be covered for the closer regions as well. For example, if you choose Europe, you will also be covered in the Middle East, Asia and Pacific.

Worldwide means anywhere in the world

Americas means USA, Canada, South America, Latin America, Hawaii and the Caribbean

Europe means all European countries, including UK

Middle East refers to the area from Syria to Yemen; Egypt to Iran

Asia generally means Asia and the Indian subcontinent. For some insurers this excludes Japan*

Pacific means the South West Pacific, Australia and Indonesia/Bali*. Select Pacific for domestic cruises in New Zealand waters

New Zealand means domestic travel within New Zealand only

*Note: Variances apply for Bali, Indonesia, Japan and Middle East. Check that your destination is covered once directed to your chosen insurer’s site.

RAC Travel Insurance Reviews

RAC Travel Insurance reviews

Very Disappointed

READ the FINE PRINT. There are so many exemptions that making a claim is almost impossible. Lost...  Read more

READ the FINE PRINT. There are so many exemptions that making a claim is almost impossible. Lost or Stolen passports must be on your person to claim! How does that work? Luggage must be in your possession! How does that work? We were checking into our accomodation and left one bag in the locked car because we couldn't carry everything in one trip. It was obscured from view and locked but RAC refused our claim which included $5000+ of extra expenses related to the bag containing our passports. I was stranded in the UK for 3 weeks until a new passport was issued while my husband had to return to Australia on his own. Very disappointed in the whole experience

0 comment on this review

Your comment text is too long. Max is 700 characters including linebreaks.

DO NOT BUY the RAC Travel insurance (underwriters Tokio Marine) to travel abroad

I bought RAC travel insurance when I was traveling for holidays in December 2022. My mother died and ...  Read more

I bought RAC travel insurance when I was traveling for holidays in December 2022. My mother died and I have to come back. I provided all information as required include cause of death, date and all other documents they required. But they refused to approve the claim. Disgusting and Rude behaviour experienced with RAC travel Insurance - under written by Tokio Marine Company mania branch is in Tokyo. Main point is when we bought the RAC travel Insurance they never informed us that their underwriters company's main branch is in Tokyo and all our communication came from Tokyo. They were pretty rude and gave us so much trouble to push our limit so that we will get fed-up and leave the claim. This is a huge industry malpractice not informing the customers that we are contracting with underwriter company based in Tokyo. I never thought RAC will practice such unethical behaviour. Do not ever take RAC travel insurance or if any travel insurance under written by Tokio Marine company.

I bought insurance to travel for holidays. My mother died and I have to come back. I provided all inf...  Read more

I bought insurance to travel for holidays. My mother died and I have to come back. I provided all information as required include cause of death, date etc. But they refused to approve the claim. Very bad service. Do not ever take RAC travel insurance or if any travel insurance under written by Tokio Marine company.

Awful experience when trying to claim from RACV Travel Insurance

RACV Travel Insurance is operated by Tokio Marine Management Australasia. When taking out the policy,...  Read more

RACV Travel Insurance is operated by Tokio Marine Management Australasia. When taking out the policy, the service was great. BUT my experience when trying to make a claim has been absolutely awful. Only 4 days before our departure on a long-delayed (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) trip to Europe, my husband suddenly and completely unexpectedly became severely ill, and was rushed to hospital. He was diagnosed with acute, sudden onset leukaemia. He has absolutely no medical history that indicated this would happen. Obviously we couldn't go on our trip, and we made a claim for the lost payments for a cruise on the Croatian coast, and the first couple of nights accommodation which were the only parts of the trip not cancellable at short notice. All up, we made a claim for around $6000, having paid $977 for the policy, with a $250 excess. Trying to make the claim has become a nightmare. The approach of RACV/Tokio Marine has been to continually ask for more and more medical information, over a period of more than 3 months. Each time we submit additional medical information, the response comes back that they want more information, or the same information already supplied in a different format. I have now uploaded into their online claim system (you can't email them) a total of 27 documents supporting our claim (from our GP, hospitals and medical specialists), but once again RACV/Tokio Marine has responded that more medical details are required. They have already been provided with more than 2 years of complete medical records, but have rejected them because their assessor, Manus, says (in a recorded telephone conversation) that patient consultation notes have to be sourced from a digital patient medical record system - which our family GP doesn't have - our GP still writes all his patient medical/consultation notes by hand during each consultation, and has already provided scans of 4 pages of his very detailed medical notes to RACV. Our GP has also offered several options that RACV/Tokio Marine can use to confirm all the scanned notes provided are genuine. But RACV/Tokio Marine wont accept his proposed verification solutions. In fact, the RACV/Tokio Marine assessor falsely accused me (in a recorded telephone conversation) that "you could have written them yourself" because the medical notes were handwritten by the GP. I strongly objected to being accused of fraud - there was absolutely no basis for this appalling accusation (call was recorded), but the assessor, Manus Bhatt, refused to retract the false accusation. RACV/Tokio Marine also warns on their claims website that "they are experiencing long delays" and that it can take them up to 20 working days to respond to any messages you send them about your claim. So this means that each time they ask for more information, and you upload more documents into the claim website, it can be up to 20 working days before they turn around a response. Hence our claim has taken more than 3 months of hours and hours of preparing the documents they keep asking for. All this is despite the fact that my husband's medical specialists (at Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), as well as his GP of more than 30 years, have provided written confirmation/documentation provided to RACV/Tokio Marine that his leukaemia was completely and totally "out of the blue" with absolutely no prior medical indication or history that this could happen. Our claim was first lodged on 2 September with RACV/Tokio Marine and 27 supporting documents have been uploaded to their system over this period. But when I provided feedback that our GP does not use a computerised system for patient medical records, and can only provide handwritten notes for the last 2 years of medical consultation notes, our claim was immediately denied by Manus Bhatt. Sharing this so that others (particularly long-standing, 30+ years RACV Club Members like me) are aware that claiming on RACV Travel Insurance can be a total nightmare. They will deny a medical claim if your GP does not keep their patient medical records in their required format (which they don't specify, and seems to change with each communication) and none of this is mentioned in the PDS. Several times I asked that they supply a template of the format they require for medical records, but RACV/Tokio Marine advised the didn't have one. Our GP has also offered several options that RACV/Tokio Marine can use to confirm with him that all the scanned medical notes provided are genuine - but they have refused to accept any of our GP's proposed solutions. RACV, as a 30+ years Gold Club Member, the service provided by Tokio Marine is seriously damaging your brand and reputation as an organisation that purports to look after its members.

Not worth it

Is has been more than 8 weeks since we lodged our claim. Only after we contacted their eastern states...  Read more

Is has been more than 8 weeks since we lodged our claim. Only after we contacted their eastern states office, they admitted they forgot to request additional evidence. We have been placed back in the queue twice so far. As long term RAC members this experience with their travel insurance has been very disappointing!

Don't get travel insurance with these guys

They don't tell you that your not covered if the world gets coranavirus and you cancell your flig...  Read more

They don't tell you that your not covered if the world gets coranavirus and you cancell your flight plans, so you and your family don't get sick or die. Shame on rac They have riped me off and they will rip you off. Please everybody boycott getting any insurance from rac.

Terrible terrible travel insurance

Took out RAC travel insurance and became ill overseas. Had a total of over $2500 in medical expenses,...  Read more

Took out RAC travel insurance and became ill overseas. Had a total of over $2500 in medical expenses, lost flights, accomodation and large roaming bills RE booking from hospital. Was put through to Tokio Marine RACs insurance provider and they are the worst company I have ever dealt with. Takes far too long to reply to emails, disgusting customer service and are incompetent to say the least.

RAC Gadget Cover - TERRIBLE

- Lost my original claim - Delays in replying to my second claim - Ask for unreasonable infor...  Read more

- Lost my original claim - Delays in replying to my second claim - Ask for unreasonable information. After I provided proof of my purchase, IMEI number, police report, proof of address and more I was told that as I did not have a letter from the original purchaser of the handset (of which was impossible to get as I bought it second hand) I was told that they could not process my claim. - They will find any way possible to not help you with your claim. - DO NOT BOTHER to get this cover unless you have done 1 week prep to gather all of the information about your phone. REGARDLESS it is not worth the hassle as the customer service is laughable.

30 day limit

Watch RACQ multi-trip insurance. A good deal obtained by us initially but when we tried to plan a tr...  Read more

Watch RACQ multi-trip insurance. A good deal obtained by us initially but when we tried to plan a trip over 30days we were going to have to take out a completely new policy


How many people can I include in my policy?

Their online quoting engine allows you to purchase for two adults.

Am I covered if I go on a cruise?

Yes, you don’t even need to pick a cruise specific policy. Here’s a top tip: Even if you’re travelling in Aussie water you still need to pick pacific.

Am I covered for skiing and my equipment?

Yes if you purchase extra ski cover. RAC ski & winter sports cover includes unlimited medical, $2,000 equipment hire, $1,000 ski pack, $1,000 piste closure...and more! Dare devils can even ski off piste (with a professional guide).

Can I pay to reduce or cancel my excess?

You can choose to vary Your Excess. Their default international policy Excess is $250 but can be reduced to $100 or $0 for an increased Premium.

What additional extras are there?

New for old cover on luggage, ski cover, rental vehicle excess, and way more!

I'm not an Australian resident- can I buy cover?

Sure! Temporary Residents over the age of 18 are covered, provided: You hold a current Australian Visa that will remain valid beyond the period of Your return from Your Trip; and You hold a return ticket; and You have a Home address in Australia that You intend to return to; and You purchase Your policy before You begin Your Trip; and for international cover Your Trip begins and ends in Australia; or for domestic cover Your Trip must be wholly within Australia.

What size moped or motorbike am I covered to ride overseas?

RAC will cover you for any engine size you ride as long as you’re insured to do so in Australia. Just make sure you get your International Drivers Permit (IDP) before you leave!

How long is their single trip cover for?

Can i extend my policy from overseas.

Having too much fun? No problems! You can extend your policy with RAC as long as you extend five days before your previous policy has not expired.

Do they cover for my rental vehicle excess?

Yes, for up to $5000. Cover includes sedan, station-wagon, coupe and hatchback, SUV, four wheel drive, mini bus or a campervan/motorhome rented or hired by you from a recognised motor vehicle rental company for the carriage of passengers and does not include any vehicle designed to be used for the carriage of commercial goods.

Who underwrites them?

RAC Travel Services Pty Ltd ABN 17 009 164 176, AR 228577 is an authorised representative of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. ABN 80 000 438 291 AFSL 246548, the insurer underwriting this product.

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RACV Travel Insurance

RACV Travel Insurance

Racv has multiple plans tailored to domestic and international travel, but if you’ve got something out of the ordinary on the itinerary, you might not be covered..


In this guide

Summary of RACV's International Comprehensive policy

How does racv travel insurance cover covid-19, what policies does racv offer, here's a breakdown of racv travel insurance features, standard features, optional add-on, how to make an racv travel insurance claim, here's the bottom line about racv travel insurance, frequently asked questions, compare your travel insurance quotes.


  • By becoming an RACV member, you can access generous discounts on its insurance policies. We struggled to find another insurance provider offering similar benefits.
  • Enjoy free cover for dependent children under the age of 25 on any policy. This is better than the industry standard that limits dependants to those under the age of 18 or sometimes 21.
  • RACV doesn't have much choice of optional cover and its detailed list of exclusions could be a turn-off for some. If you're looking for cover for some adventure activities, like sky diving , you'll have to look elsewhere.

Compare other options

Table updated January 2023

RACV covers COVID-19 in a variety of scenarios that include medical expenses and cancellation. Here's what you can expect:

  • Cancellation fees and lost deposits for travel and accommodation arrangements if your trip is cancelled or cut short due to COVID-19
  • Medical, hospital and emergency expenses outside of Australia if you are diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Emergency or additional expenses including travel and accommodation costs if you are diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Funeral expenses if you, your children or your grandchildren die while overseas
  • Boarding kennel or cattery fees if you're delayed beyond your return date
  • Travel delay expenses if your scheduled transport is delayed due to COVID-19

However, some exclusions apply, so it's important to review RACV's product disclosure statement (PDS) to ensure you'll have enough cover when you need it the most.

RACV's COVID-19 benefits are only available under its Comprehensive and Domestic policies. Plus, there is also a combined maximum benefit of up to $3,500 for cancellation, additional and travel delay expenses. This might not be enough cover if you're planning a big trip.

If RACV's COVID-19 cover isn't quite hitting the mark, we've compared all the providers that offer cover for COVID-19 .

RACV has a wide variety of travel insurance to choose from. If you're heading overseas, you've got Comprehensive, Essentials, Basics and Annual Multi-trip policies. For travel around Australia, there are Domestic, Domestic Cancellation and Rental Car Excess policies.

Travel plane luggage passport

International Comprehensive


International Essentials


International Basic


Annual Multi-trip

Australian Map Icon

Domestic Cancellation


Rental Car Excess

This insurance is issued by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd (Tokio Marine & Nichido). It comes with a 21-day cooling-off period and a choice of excess .

The cooling-off period gives you 21 days from the date of issue of your policy to make sure this is the right policy for you. You'll receive a full refund provided you have not started your trip and that you do not want to make a claim or exercise any other right under the policy.

Check icon

These are some of the main insured events that RACV will cover you for if something goes wrong on your trip. Some of these inclusions are only available for certain levels of cover (e.g. Comprehensive versus the Basics policy ).

  • Accidental death and disability
  • Cancellation fees and lost deposit
  • Financial default
  • Funeral expenses overseas
  • Loss of income
  • Overseas medical, dental and hospital
  • Rental car excess
  • Special events
  • Travel delay

plus icon

Even RACV's comprehensive cover doesn't include everything. If you're finding your chosen policy a bit lacking, there are some optional benefits that you can add on for an additional premium.

  • Cruise cover is all about loss or damage when you're exploring the high seas . It covers medical expenses and medical evacuation while on board the ship.
  • Ski and winter sports cover is essential if you plan on hitting the slopes . This add-on covers medical expenses, equipment hire and even prepaid ski passes, ski hire, tuition fees or lift passes if you fall ill.

cross icon

RACV has a ton of standard inclusions, especially if you opt for its Comprehensive cover , but, as with any insurer, there are certain conditions in which your policy won't pay out. They include the following:

  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issuing a "Do Not Travel" advisory to your country or region of intended travel
  • Errors, omissions or failure to obtain the relevant visa , passport or travel documents
  • You drive a vehicle ( including a motorcycle ) without a current Australian driver's licence or a valid licence for the country you're in (even if that country doesn't require you to hold one)
  • Travel booked or undertaken against the advice of your doctor
  • Travel booked or undertaken to seek medical treatment or review
  • Being under the influence or addicted to intoxicating liquor or drugs except a drug prescribed to you
  • Elective surgery including cosmetic treatment, body piercing or tattooing
  • Some adventure activities, including engaging in open water sailing , going rock climbing using ropes or climbing equipment and sky diving
  • Diving underwater using an artificial breathing apparatus
  • Unexpected pregnancy complications after the 26th week or childbirth after the 26th week that is accelerated by accidental injury

Make sure you review RACV's PDS for a detailed breakdown of what you can expect to be covered for, found under its list of general exclusions .

You can contact the RACV claims team at 1300 207 387 to start the claim process. Alternatively, the quickest way to make a claim is by using the online claim lodgement following the steps below.

  • Head to
  • Register with the email address you used to purchase your policy
  • Complete your claim details by answering all sections
  • Upload any supporting documents relevant to your claim
  • Submit and your claim should be assessed within 10 working days

RACV offers one of the most varied suites of travel insurance offerings that we've seen. With 7 different levels of cover, you're likely to find something to fit both your budget and travel plans. Key benefits include free cover for dependent children under 25, no additional premium for motorcycle or scooter riding and new for old replacement of luggage.

The downside of RACV's cover is its lack of optional add-ons and long list of exclusions. Where some of the best travel insurance policies shine is the ability to tailor your insurance to make sure you're fully covered for every scenario. With RACV, if you're planning any high-risk activities or need to insure any of your belongings above the benefit limits , you're out of luck.

RACV not quite hitting the mark? You can compare it to other travel insurance companies here to find a better fit.

What company is the underwriter for RACV insurance?

RACV insurance is issued by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd (Tokio Marine & Nichido) ABN 80 000 438 291, AFSL 246548.

Is RACV Australia owned?

Yes, RACV is a locally-owned, unlisted public company that has been operating since 1903.

Can I make changes to my policies?

Yes. You can extend your cover at no extra charge if your delay is due to a reason covered under your policy. You can apply to extend any single trip policy for any other reason by contacting RACV directly at least 5 days before your policy's expiration date.

Does RACV travel insurance cover adventure activities?

Yes, some adventure activities are covered as standard and others are covered under certain conditions. For example, bungee jumping , jet boating and quad biking are covered provided you use a commercial operator and you don't need any special skills or a high level of fitness to participate.

RACV also has a list of high-risk activities that are excluded from cover altogether. These include motocross, canoeing grade 5 rapids and above and any kind of professional sport.

Use a comma or space to separate ages. Add kids under the age of 1 by typing a “0” 0 traveller(s)

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By submitting this form, you agree to our Privacy & Cookies Policy and Terms of Service


Cristal Dyer

Cristal Dyer is a travel writer at Finder. She has been writing about travel for over five years and has visited over 40 countries around the world. Cristal currently travels full-time, writing about her favourite cities and food finds, and she is always on the lookout for amazing flight deals to share.

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16 Responses

Default Gravatar

Going on a cruise and plan to have a few drinks, not excessive though, wondering if we are covered if we have had a drink and anything happens.


Thank you for getting in touch with Finder.

Normally insurers will have a general exclusion that prohibits claims where alcohol was the root cause. You can learn more about how travel insurers treat alcohol and drug use. To know the level of your travel insurance cover, please contact your provider directly.

I hope this helps.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Cheers, Jeni

does RACV travel insurance cover being picked up from a cruise ship at sea


Thank you for leaving a question.

Upon verifying in the terms and conditions for RACV. If you take out any of the international travel insurance policies, you’re covered with cruise travel insurance which covers the following:

Overseas medical expenses and medical evacuation Cancellations Luggage and personal items 24-hour emergency assistance Emergency expenses overseas Pre-existing medical conditions and pregnancy

Hope this helps! Reggie

Does RACV Travel Insurance cover cost of repatriation to home should I have a serious accident or contract a serious disease or medical condition where I am required to return home on a special stretcher etc. and/or require in flight and travel assistance and/or medical assistance?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Basically, RACV Travel insurance includes “Amendment or Cancellation Costs”. They will cover your trip amendments or cancellation due to circumstances outside your control and unforeseen at the relevant time. So in the event that you are sent home due to a serious accident or you got a serious disease or medical condition while overseas, you may have to contact RACV to confirm if you can get a claim for your trip cancellation costs.

Although they have Resumption of Journey, they will only cover you for this if your repatriation is due to the sudden serious injury, sickness, disease or death *of a relative or business partner in Australia*. RACV can cover you for economy class transport costs.

Cheers, Joshua

I would like to know if RACV travel insurance covers you for a break up of relationship therefore not wanting to travel anymore?


Thanks for your comment.

The Comprehensive RACV travel insurance policy covers amendment or cancellation costs due to circumstances outside your control and unforeseen at the relevant time. Therefore, RACV (or any other travel insurance provider) will not provide any cover for cancellation due to breakup of relationship.

You may try to contact RACV about this as cover varies from policy to policy.

Regards, Jhezelyn

does t/ insurance cover property rental if owners cancel my booking


Thanks for getting in touch. You will need to contact RACV about this as cover varies from provider to provider and policy to policy but generally policies won’t for scheduling and cancellations of that nature.

Cheers, Richard

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Home > Travel Insurance > RACV Travel Insurance Review

RACV Travel Insurance Review

Learn more about RACV’s travel insurance policies to find out about their coverage and fees and compare them with other insurers today.

review racv travel insurance

Fact checked

For more than a century, RACV has provided roadside assistance and a range of other services to its more than two million members. The Melbourne organisation has branched out in that time, widening the scope of its services to products such as home and travel insurance and becoming a leader in those markets.

If you’re looking for the best travel insurance, Savvy can help you compare RACV’s policies with its competitors so you can find the most suitable deal for your next holiday. You’ll be able to weigh up all the factors, from claim limits to benefits to inclusions and exclusions.

Find out what they can offer you here before getting a quote with Savvy today.

*Please note that Savvy does not represent RACV for its insurance products.

review racv travel insurance

More about RACV travel insurance

What travel insurance policies does racv offer.

RACV’s online travel insurance policies include:

  • International Comprehensive: this policy offers unlimited medical treatment and cancellation cover, protection for your luggage and travel documents and even pays for the additional cost of boarding your pet if you’re travel home is delayed. You’re also covered for a range of COVID-19-related expenses such as cancellation, hospital costs and cancellation.
  • International Essentials: offering many of the same benefits as the comprehensive policy, RACV’s cheaper Essentials plan comes without COVID-19 or pet cover and lower claim limits.
  • International Basics: this policy offers protection for the bare necessities, including overseas hospital and dental expenses, funeral costs if you die on holiday, limited coverage for your luggage and generous personal liability cover.
  • Domestic Travel Insurance: this type of domestic travel insurance policy offers cover for lost luggage, cancellation fees and deposits, travel delays and any travel agent fees. RACV also offers domestic travel insurance for seniors .
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: planning a few international or domestic trips across 12 months? This policy is designed for frequent travellers and covers you for cancellation fees and lost deposits, overseas healthcare and any emergency expenses. You’re able to make an unlimited number of trips (up to 60 days in individual length) over the year. However, they must be more than 250km from your home.

However, it pays to compare quotes with Savvy to help you find the best travel insurance policy for your needs, no matter if you’re planning a holiday to Poland or a trip across Australia.

What optional extras are available through RACV?

RACV, like many other providers, provides optional extras for both international and domestic holidays . These include:

  • Ski and winter sports cover: hitting the snow fields on your European holiday or carving up the snow-capped mountains in Thredbo? RACV allows you to purchase a comprehensive, essentials, basics or domestic ski add-on which covers you for a range of incidentals, including equipment hire, piste closure and bad weather or avalanches.
  • Cruise cover: this optional extra provides coverage for any medical expenses and evacuation, lost or delayed bags, cancellation and any emergency expenses.

What exclusions should I be aware of when buying travel insurance through RACV?

Finding the best travel insurance policy can be a bit like striking gold. However, even the product which is best suited to you won’t cover absolutely every incident that occurs on your holiday. Some of the general exclusions on RACV's coverage include:

  • Loss, theft or damage because you don’t take reasonable care
  • Loss of enjoyment or a prospective business opportunity
  • Claims relating to travel to a country against government advice
  • Failure to provide a document your insurer has requested
  • If you’re injured or suffer a loss due to war or a revolution at your destination
  • Claims resulting from you breaking the law
  • Accidents caused by the consumption of alcohol or drugs

If you’ve found a policy that catches your eye, make sure you review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you set your decision in stone.

What we think of RACV travel insurance

What we like, generous personal liability.

While many travel insurance companies offer personal liability coverage in the ballpark of $2.5 million or $5 million, RACV allows you to claim up to $10 million if you’re involved in legal troubles on your holiday.

Children under 25 covered for free

Taking the children or grandchildren on holiday with you? RACV allows you to add anyone under the age of 25 years old to your travel insurance policy at no additional cost.

Ride a motorcycle at no extra cost

Planning on carving up the busy streets of your holiday destination on two wheels? RACV provides automatic coverage for motorcycle , moped or scooter riding while you’re on holiday.

What we don't like

Higher premium for cruises.

Unlike some travel insurance providers who offer cruise coverage automatically as part of their policies, RACV requires you to purchase an add-on to get covered if you’re sailing the high seas.

Limited coverage for pregnancies

If you’re an expectant mother, RACV offers limited cover for pregnancy in its policies. You’ll only be covered for unexpected complications before your 26th week or premature birth.

Modest pre-existing coverage

While RACV’s travel insurance policies automatically cover illnesses such as acne, certain types of diabetes, gout and sleep apnoea, they’ll require you to undergo a medical assessment if you have a more serious illness, such as a heart condition.

Types of travel insurance


International travel insurance can offer cover for a range of events, including medical expenses, lost luggage or items, cancellation fees and more when you're overseas and a long way from home.

If you're journeying within Australia, domestic policies are designed to offer many of the same protections as international travel insurance (with the exception of medical expenses).

Single trip

The most standard and common type of travel insurance, this policy can cover you for one trip starting and ending in Australia (and is available for both international and domestic travel).

Annual multi-trip

As the name suggests, this type of travel insurance covers multiple trips over a 12-month period. Depending on your insurer, you may be able to take an unlimited number of trips up to 90 days each.

You don't have to have a return ticket booked to take out cover while you're overseas. One-way travel insurance enables you to access cover without a set end date, such as if you're moving temporarily.

You may need to take out specialist coverage if you're setting sail on a cruise. Fortunately, cruise insurance can cover emergency evacuation, cabin confinement and more.

Just because you're older doesn't mean travel insurance isn't still important. If you qualify for cover, seniors' travel insurance can offer greater peace of mind for included events while you're travelling.

Adding winter sports or ski cover to your policy can add protection against damage to your equipment, piste closure due to bad weather and activities such as back-country skiing, heliskiing and more.

Adventure sports

Looking to enjoy some adventure sports on holiday? An adventure sports pack can grant you cover for a range of activities, such as hiking, scuba diving and motorcycle or scooter riding.

Jetsetting with the whole clan in tow? Some insurers offer family travel insurance, which enables you to include yourself, your partner and your dependent children under one policy to help you save.

If you're travelling interstate or overseas with your partner (or simply another friend or family member), you may be able to access a discount by taking out a joint or duo travel insurance policy.

Why compare travel insurance with Savvy?

Why compare hotels with savvy, search over 28 million hotels.

You can quickly search more than 28 million hotels worldwide when you make your hotel bookings here through Savvy

No reservation fees

What you see is what you pay – there’s no reservation fee or administration fees when you book here through Savvy online

24/7 support available

Enjoy 24/7 support with a Customer Experience Team available to assist you in more than 40 languages

Frequently asked questions about RACV travel insurance

Yes – RACV provides cover for certain COVID-19-related expenses on its comprehensive international travel insurance policy. This allows you to be covered for any medical costs if you’re diagnosed with coronavirus, lost deposits or cancellation fees if you test positive and can’t travel and any delay to your plans.

If something goes wrong while you’re on holiday, you can make a claim 24/7 through RACV’s website. This involves you setting up an account using the email address that you purchased your policy with and creating a password.

From there, you’ll be required to complete the online claim form and provide ample detail about the incident and evidence through medical or police reports and receipts. Once you’ve filed your claim, RACV’s website says it can take up to ten days for claims to be processed.

The cost of travel insurance is different for everyone, as it’s determined by a unique set of variables, including:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your chosen destination
  • The level of coverage you buy
  • Any optional extras you need
  • Pre-existing medical conditions you need to disclose
  • The policy excess you choose
  • The type of insurer and insurance policy you buy

An annual multi-trip travel insurance allows you to take several journeys across one year (usually allowing up to 60 travel days for each trip) whereas a single-trip policy allows for coverage on only one return holiday. If you haven’t got a return flight, a one-way travel insurance policy protects you for just one leg of the journey for up to 12 months. In most cases, you’ll be able to extend your cover by an extra 12 months.

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Explore your travel insurance options for your next destination

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RACV Travel Insurance offer a great selection of policies to suit a range of travellers, providing the security and reassurance you need to enjoy your journey. You can also easily access and organise your RACV Travel Insurance  online  - so even if you are at the airport ready to fly, there’s time to pack the security of travel insurance for your trip.

RACV Travel Insurance now includes limited COVID-19 cover #  on RACV Comprehensive Travel Insurance  and RACV Domestic Travel Insurance .

If you are overseas, RACV International Travel Insurance gives you access to 24/7 support and a global network of medical and emergency experts to help you. If you're travelling within Australia only, a RACV Domestic Travel Insurance policy provides great insurance cover from the moment you leave home. All RACV Members receive a 15% discount on RACV Travel Insurance.

#Limits and sub-limits apply. Refer to the  Product Disclosure Statement  for full details.

Man at an airport looking at the flight schedules

Choose the travel insurance that's right for you

International travel insurance.

Choose from a range of international travel insurance plans, whether you are going overseas solo for work or holiday, as a family or with a travelling companion.

Domestic Travel Insurance

RACV Domestic Travel Insurance covers you when travelling around Australia, with cover for lost or stolen luggage, cancellation or disruption of your travel and rental car excess cover from the moment you leave your home.

Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

Consider a 12-month travel insurance policy if you travel regularly. An Annual Multi-Trip Plan provides year-round cover for your travel provided it's more than 250km from your home.

Rental Car Excess Insurance

When you rent a vehicle this insurance covers you up to $8,000 against the excess payable if your rental car is involved in an incident, is stolen or damaged.

A cruise can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience so you want to make the most of it. Give yourself some peace of mind when cruising and select the cruise option.

Before setting off to explore new parts of the world or visit the grandkids, it’s important you choose the right travel insurance to suit your holiday.

Families Travel Insurance

Planning a family holiday? Whether you are travelling domestically, overseas or even multiple times throughout the year, you and your loved ones can get coverage in case of emergencies by taking out RACV Travel Insurance.

Activities Travel Insurance

Find information on specific activities, exclusions and advice by visiting the RACV Activities Travel Insurance hub.

Travel alerts, claims and policy documents

Travel alerts.

Think carefully before visiting countries with "Do Not Travel" status, as your RACV Travel Insurance won't cover you for these destinations.

  • Smart traveller
  • Recent travel alerts
  • COVID-19 travel advice & FAQs
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)

Review or manage your policy

For full details on how you’re covered, read the Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement.

  • Make a claim
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  • Contact us on 13 13 29

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Find out if you are eligible for a Travel Insurance refund.

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Very Disappointed

READ the FINE PRINT. There are so many exemptions that making a claim is almost impossible. Lost...

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I bought RAC travel insurance when I was traveling for holidays in December 2022. My mother died and ...

I bought insurance to travel for holidays. My mother died and I have to come back. I provided all inf...

Awful experience when tryi...

RACV Travel Insurance is operated by Tokio Marine Management Australasia. When taking out the policy,...

Not worth it

Is has been more than 8 weeks since we lodged our claim. Only after we contacted their eastern states...

Don't get travel insur...

They don't tell you that your not covered if the world gets coranavirus and you cancell your flig...

Terrible terrible travel i...

Took out RAC travel insurance and became ill overseas. Had a total of over $2500 in medical expenses,...

RAC Gadget Cover - TERRIBL...

- Lost my original claim - Delays in replying to my second claim - Ask for unreasonable infor...

30 day limit

Watch RACQ multi-trip insurance. A good deal obtained by us initially but when we tried to plan a tr...

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