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Orange Tours and Transportation - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

Orange tours and transportation information.

Orange Tours and Transportation

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443 Challenger Rd

Orlando, FL 32837

Serving Orlando Area

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Business Owner

Port Canaveral/Cruise & Orlando Airport(MCO) transportation Specialist! No group is too small or too large. Private SUV/vans to and from Orlando Airport, hotels and cruise terminals designed around your schedule. Pre & Post custom touring options available. From Orlando Airport and Port Canavera/Cruise transfers, to full-blown custom itineraries, we have the ability to make your visit to the Central Florida a memorable, hassle-free experience.Please give us a call,so we can discuss how best to help you enjoy your time in the beautiful Florida. …

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Photo of Felicia B.

I would give them FIVE stars if they were honest! My family used them for our cruise to the Bahamas. We flew down a day before and Orange Transportation picked us up from our hotel and took us to Port Canaveral. (Driver was on time and very friendly.) The driver even allowed a stop to pick up cases of pop and water for the cruise. Payment was due once we arrived. We paid our balance and some of the gratuity that was due on the return. Once back from our cruise the driver (a different driver) called me to make sure we would be outside. He quickly arrived and loaded our luggage. He drove us back to the airport, where he told me the balance due. The amount was incorrect and he called his boss (who was our first driver) so I could discuss the mistake. While on the phone the owner stated that I did not pay any money toward the gratuity, but only gave him the exact amount. I know that was not possible because the exact amount was $252 and no adults had any singles. That was the reason we decided to pay some toward the gratuity. I did not have the energy or patience to debate back and forth with him. We paid the amount requested and headed on our way. They had great service, however I refuse to patronize a business that is dishonest!

Photo of Sarah E.

My family and I have used Dimitre's luxury transportation three times. He is always prompt and his executive shuttle is in pristine condition. He is very knowledgeable about the area and accommodated a stop at the pharmacy on the way to the cruise terminal. Highly recommend.

Photo of Dave R.

We were a group of 19 and I am usually the coordinator. I shopped around and found Dimitre and Orange to have the best price. I was a little leary paying the full balance up front, but he assured me he will be there when we return and he was. Service was excellent. We even got some narration as we drove about the area, the cruise ship, etc. We were pircked up promptly by 2 clean vans that held all our luggage with no problem in front of our Orlando hotel. When cruise ended, we were picked up within 5 minutes of leaving cruise terminal at the exact spot Dimitre said. On the way home we had 1 injured passenger and Dimitre dropped us all at our respective airlines as we had 3 different ones. I would definitely use Orange again if I cruise out of Port Canaveral. Can't beat their price or service!

Photo of V M.

We used Orange Trans while in Orlando for Airport Shuttles and visiting theme parks and Kennedy Space Centre. Pros: The driver was always on time. For shuttling to Disney and Universal Studios, he matched Yellow Cabs (possibly undercut them too. Cons: Dimitri, the driver, was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. He was always trying to find ways to squeeze more money out of us. For a party of 6 that CONSTANTLY tipped 18% he was very unaccommodating. There was one time that we were roughly 15 minutes late and Dimitri went on and on about the delay. He literally spent 30 minutes of the drive educating us about how "time is money". When I pay so much for a service, I don't expect to be treated like a child. This is not how a "professional" driver behaves. He should have made it clear how much he charges for delays. Dimitri also made several rude and racist remarks. We were all international students and he went on and on about how we didn't know anything and that Indians have a reputation for being late. Let me also add that Dimitri seems to have a vendetta against people suffering from obesity. He ranted for 10 minutes on how much he hates seeing obese people at the theme parks and dislikes that "they are always eating" and moving around in wheelchairs. As an international student, this left a very bad impression. I had believed America to be a liberal and tolerant place and Dimitri's thoughtless comments proved otherwise. Dimitri also tried to trick us into paying him a higher gratuity. By the last day, we were sick of his nonsense. We didn't want to tip him at all. He tried to tell us that the 18% gratuity is for tolls and other expenses which is a complete lie. Whatever tolls were passed were charged to us separately. Gratuity is for the driver. Not wanting to make a big fuss, we paid him his 18%, despite the fact that he didn't deserve a single cent of it. He also tried to squeeze more money out of us on the last day. We had 8 hours to kill before our flight and we thought that we would make a mall stop. Dimitri was already dropping us to the airport and said that it would be an extra $40 to wait and hold onto our bags. We felt this was reasonable and accepted his offer. This happened on the first day. On the last day, he tells us that the charge is now $70 because he apparently "didn't know exactly where our hotel was" and that "it was further out than he expected". I accept that maybe on the first day he didn't know where the hotel is. But how does he not figure it out over the course of 4 days? Why would he wait until the very last day to tell us that his charge has gone up? The bottom line is that I shall never ever use Orange Tours services again. I would rather pay Yellow Cabs whatever rate they want to charge me than go through him.

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its a scam ...

its a scam .... nothing more how orange can put its name to this is beyond unethical and cannot be compliant under law, they dont tell you that if you dont register with lots of i.d and other tech gating means within 30 days of buying the e sim you are automatically blocked and they keep your money, you cant call them or contact them , you have no cooling off period to get your money back after youve read the small print which you only get once youve paid its a total and utter scam STAY AWAY ..!

Date of experience : October 19, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Works just fine but ....

I have used the Orange Travel Sim three times, each time about 4 years apart. This time it is an e-Sim which connected just fine when I arrived at CDG. Everything, now, is in English. Phone calls, text messages and data usage has been trouble free. But ... not exactly cheap compared to what I buy in New Zealand. And, annoyingly, you get no txt message telling you your 30 days is about up. So twice this trip, the phone has simply stopped working when Orange disconnected me. Very inconvenient. It is possible to find out when the credit expires and the data, phone minutes and texts still available by dialing #123# and working through the menu.

Date of experience : September 02, 2023

July 2023 Orange eSim for iPhone didn't work.

July 2023, For a trip to Barcelona (I have in iPhone 11 pro) I got a 15 day 60 GB e-Sim providing 4G + LTE coverage. I purchased it online from directly from Orange the day before I left the US and activated it the day I left. It was TERRIBLE. Couldn't make calls, couldn't get or send text message, no map navigation, it was useless!! I ended up buying a Vodaphone physical sim for $30 on my 3rd day in Barcelona. That worked perfectly and as expected. Note, the Orange e-Sim didn't work for other family members with iPhone 14 or iPhone 12 mini either. We waisted $75 in total for no service.

Date of experience : July 14, 2023

Zero Customer Service

I have used the Orange Telecom eSIM for two Europe trips in the last two years. Pros: Reliable once you get it configured and working properly Cons: 1) Could never get a human on the phone 2) Could never find a Tech support phone number that worked 3) Only support is from web page message box 4) Took 3 - 5 DAYS to answer a question 5) Answers were mostly poor 6) Some Messages were never answered at all Overall, I will be using a competitor next year. Many of them do not include a phone number, only voice and data. However, I have found that on my 25 days in Europe over the last two years, I have made only two phone calls (for dinner reservations). Almost everything I need can be done on line.

Date of experience : May 25, 2023

I purchased an esim card from Orange…

I purchased an esim card from Orange for $30 US. Never had any luck installing it and customer service was so poor and unhelpful! I ended up buying a regular sim card from another company when i reached my european destination for like $6 which worked like a charm. I asked several times for my $ back and it was refused. Would never buy from them again. I even took it into an Orange dealer in Spain and they were unable to help me. On return home to canada, i was unable to make local calls and after i.5 hours on phone to my sevice provider, it was determined that the esim was the source of my problem!! So frustrating!!!!

Date of experience : October 04, 2022

I can't get a hold of customer support

I can't get a hold of customer support. I was about to travel to Barcelona, and bought eSim. I got the transaction in my bank account, but I never got the eSIM. And the horror started from there. I keep getting generic messages that I need to reach out from the eSIM number, but I can't cause I never got it. I got a WhatsApp support number as well, but it refuses to help as long as I am not reaching from the Orange number. How can I reach from a number that I paid but still haven't received? Eventually, I had to go to Barcelona and buy myself a physical card from another provider. Now my problem is I can't get a refund on the eSIM that I paid... So probably the next few weeks my focus will be to share the story to as many platforms as possible, or I am directly being contacted with support.

Date of experience : April 17, 2023

Bought a Holiday E-Sim that was good…

Bought a Holiday E-Sim that was good for 14 days, until Sept 22th. This worked fine! But since I needed for 3 weeks, I bought a top up on Sept. 20th, got confirmation, but when I tried to use it on the 22nd, I just couldn't get any data connection in Scotland. On the 24th, I bought a second top up, in case I made a mistake. Again, confirmation in a text message, #123# said everything was fine, but again, couldn't connect to any data server in England... Service was horrible: Got a canned message saying 'We escaladed your issue... blah, blah, blah', but nothing else.... ended up having to buy a new sim from Vodafone. I asked for a refund as service was never provided, but they refused. I might have to check if my credit card would do a charge back!

Date of experience : September 28, 2022

It is a terrible company with no…

It is a terrible company with no service. I transfered 2 times money on my esim and first transfer I did not get on my balance, second transfer I get but esim card is not working in Malta. In description Malta is one of the european county where orange esim works. I try 3 times to write customer support but nobody answered. They have no hotline to call.

Date of experience : July 19, 2022

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