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Ministry of Tourism Maldives

About Tourism Ministry


Our Organization Chart

The Ministry of Tourism envisions to become a benchmark for sustainable tourism development - a nation with an economically profitable tourism industry in harmony with its natural environment, cultural resources, and the values of its people.

On behalf of the people of Maldives we promote and set the best example of sustainable tourism development – a nation with an economically profitable tourism industry in harmony with its natural environment, cultural resources, and the values of its people.

Our Mission

Improve the quality of life of the Maldivian people by optimizing and balancing the economic, environmental, and socio-cultural benefits of tourism, with equitable distribution of these benefits to the society by increasing the representation of Maldivians employed in the sector while minimizing the possible negative impacts of tourism and maintaining the position of Maldives in world Markets.

Roles / Functions

To develop tourism at a national level, and carry out long-term planning, development, monitoring, and regulatory functions to ensure a sustainable tourism industry for the benefit of the people of the Maldives.

The following roles are undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism:

  • Formulation and implementation of development policy and strengthening the Policies to achieve sustainable growth in the tourism sector
  • Long-term planning of tourism development at national level and ensuring the increased benefits of Guesthouse tourism to local communities and achieving sustainable growth in guesthouse tourism sector
  • Coordination of development implementation through stakeholder collaborations.
  • Formulation and implementation of laws and regulations for tourism and Strengthen monitoring capacity and the regulatory framework governing the tourism industry
  • Establishment and administration of facility and service standards
  • Adoption of sound environmental principles in tourism development and operation
  • Statistical collection, compilation and reporting
  • Conducting of research studies and statistical collection, compilation and reporting
  • Planning and execution of human resource development for the tourism industry through strategies on increasing the representation of Maldivians employed in the tourism sector, while working on Increasing the representation of Maldivians employed in the tourism sector
  • Establishment and administration of training standards, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Leasing of land for tourism and registration of all tourism operators and facilities.
  • Formulation of Marketing Policies to strengthen Maldives' position in International Arena while maintaining the position of Maldives in world markets
  • Formulate strategies to diversify the tourism products offered by Maldives.

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ministry of tourism vision

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ministry of tourism vision

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  • Request for Information (RFI)– REF # MT 2022/14 Consultancy to Conduct Diagnostic Study on the Tourism Value Chain System of Jamaica
  • INVITATION TO TENDER– REF #MT2022/07 Consultancy Services to Develop a Data Governance Framework for the Ministry of Tourism and its Public Bodies
  • Consultancy for the Undertaking of a Flood Assessment and Mitigation Study of the Milk River and Its Effect on the Milk River Bath Hotel and Spa, Clarendon
  • Invitation to Tender – REF # MT 2021/01 Re-tender Consultancy Services for a Social Media Services Provider for the Ministry of Tourism
  • INVITATION TO TENDER - Provision of Closed User Group (CUG) Services
  • REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST – REF # MT 2020/04 Consultancy Services for a Socio-economic Assessment and Management Study of the Bath Community, St. Thomas
  • Invitation to Tender – REF # MT 2020/03 Consultancy Services for a Disaster Preparedness Assessment and Disaster Risk Management Plan Template and Guidelines for the Tourism Sector
  • Invitation to Tender – REF # MT 2019/14 Consultancy Services for the Destination Assurance Framework and Strategy
  • Consultancy Services for Preparation of a Tourism Destination Management Plan for the Parish of St. Thomas
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The ministry of tourism’s five- year strategic vision for tourism development in jamaica.

As Minister of Tourism, I am pleased to report that destination Jamaica is poised for great things in the coming years. Over the next five years, my mission will be to ensure that the country’s tourism product achieves unprecedented levels of diversification and expansion which will help to reinforce the sector’s coveted position as the most important contributor to economic growth, job creation and community development in Jamaica. Currently the country is already firmly on track to achieving a record year in tourism, having already recorded earnings of US$2.06 billion from the January to October period which represents an increase of 5.7 per cent over the amount earned for the same period last year. The island also registered an increase of 5.1 per cent in visitor arrivals over the same period last year with an estimated 3,100,235 visitors. I am now more confident than ever before, that, beginning in 2017, our tourism sector can achieve a minimum of 5 per cent per annum for the next five years, increasing arrival numbers by 100,000 per year, US$255 million incremental, moving earnings to US$3.5 billion.

As Minister of Tourism I will continue to proclaim that the time has come for Jamaica to recognize the indispensability of the tourism sector to the country’s sustainable development. Indeed tourism has proven to be our most resilient sector expanding by 36% over the last 10 years compared with total economy growth of 6%, accounting for over 8.4 % of GDP and employing over 106,000 directly or 1 in every 4 Jamaicans.  The induced benefits of tourism to the economy stretches to other linked sectors such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transportation, creative and cultural industries and utilities  and is estimated at 18% of GDP. In real terms, tourism is the leading contributor to GDP, job creation and foreign revenue in the Jamaican economy.

Recent developments in the international realm have indicated that the world now sees destination Jamaica as a major player in global tourism. Just recently, I was so fortunate to have been honoured, at the 2016 World Travel Awards, as The World’s Leading Personality for Outstanding Services to Travel. Destination Jamaica  also copped the prestigious awards of World’s Leading Cruise Destination and  World’s Leading Wedding Destination while several Jamaican resorts received awards including:  the World’s Leading All-Inclusive Company (Sandals Resorts International), World’s Leading All-Inclusive Family Resort Brand (Beaches Resorts), World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company (Island Routes Caribbean Adventures), World’s Leading Luxury Hotel Villa (Ian Fleming Villa at Golden Eye), World’s Leading New Island Resort (Meliá Braco Village), and World’s Leading Villa Resort (Round Hill Hotel & Villas).

I do not take these accolades for granted. For my own part, I will be embarking on a series of initiatives over the next five years to consolidate the gains we have already made and to realize greater economic opportunities from tourism in fulfilment of the mission to significantly expand the overall impact of tourism on Jamaica’s economic development. My strategic Business Plan (2016-2019) targets four broad objectives which I have listed below:

·         Strengthening  linkages with other sectors of the economy particularly the agricultural and manufacturing sectors

·         Strengthening the benefits derived from the industry by local residents and communities

·         Promoting broader participation by all Jamaicans; and

·         Ensuring  the safety, security and sustainability of the natural and built environments

In pursuit of these broad objectives, I have already unveiled my five pillars for double-digit tourism growth.  These are:

  • Identifying and aggressively  targeting new markets

        To this end I have already initiated discussions with JetBlue to introduce new locations to  their Jamaican itinerary , and I also plan to  aggressively target promising markets such as Russia, China, Brazil, Colombia, Chile , Panama and also the Caribbean.

  • Offering new products

Diversification of the country’s tourism product is essential to engendering a globally-competitive tourism industry that is able to deepen economic integration with the local economy while also significantly expanding the country’s share of the global tourism market.  To ensure that Jamaica’s tourism sector becomes better integrated with other sectors (such as agriculture and mining), we have introduced the Tourism Linkages Network which recently expanded its areas of focus to include: sports and entertainment, shopping, knowledge, health and wellness, and gastronomy. We recognize that destination Jamaica has so much more to offer than just rooms, sand and sea and international travellers have become increasingly enthralled by nature, heritage and cultural experiences of the destinations they visit. We strongly believe culturally-rich Jamaica has significant built-in potential to capitalize on these growing areas of tourism interest.  The objective is to increase the consumption of local goods, create employment, and generate and retain more of the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

  • Increasing Investments

Destination Jamaica has traditionally enjoyed considerable success in attracting Foreign- Direct Investment and we intend to continue on this same trajectory.  I will be aggressively targeting a room stock of 50,000 in five years, from which revenue of US$5 billion is projected. We anticipate that between this year and the next over US $550 million will be invested in the country’s hotel industry spanning 10 projects.  The period of 2016-2017 will receive a total of nine hotels coming on-stream amounting to approximately US$$448.1 million in projected capital investment and representing a total of 2,205 new rooms. These investments include newly constructed hotels and hotels that are undergoing major restructuring, rebranding and expansion such as:

·         The former Wyndham Kingston Hotel acquired by Kevin Hendrickson - US$62.6 million and scheduled to open in April 2017

·         Royal Decameron Montego Bay scheduled to open in 2017

·         Royalton Negril, formerly Grand Lido Negril, scheduled to open in late 2016 - projected capital investment of US$150 million

·          Melia Braco Jamaica opened in January 2016 - projected capital investment of US$23 million

·          Grand Bahia Principe expansion completed in April 2016 - projected capital investment of US$120 million.

The projection for 2017 is for more than 1,000 new room to be added to the country’s room stock. These will come from Royalton Negril Resort and Spa, The Hideaway at Royalton, Azul Sensatori, Azul Beach and Spanish Court West.  Karisma Hotels and Resorts also recently confirmed that groundbreaking for its US$900-million mega hotel development project will commence in January 2017. Karisma plans to build 10 hotels over 10 years, with a total of 5,000 rooms. The Llandovery, St. Ann-based development will be the first such project under the Government’s ‘Shovel Ready’ programme, led by the Ministry of Tourism and is expected to generate 10,000 direct and 8,000 indirect jobs.

While foreign direct investment will be pursued to build large hotels, there will also be an increased focus on persuading Jamaicans to invest in the industry. Increased local investments can be achieved through increased provision of services, developing attractions, and transforming small hotels and private homes to meet the needs of special-needs travellers and other groups.

  • Building New Partnerships

The Ministry of Tourism values our network of partners which include hoteliers, the business community, arts and craft vendors, farmers, service providers and community-based enterprises. We are committed to strengthening existing partnerships and forging new ones to ensure a collaborative inclusive approach to tourism development in Jamaica.  The Jamaica Linkages Network continues to forge linkages through activities such as Christmas in July, Speed Networking Event, Jamaica Product Exchange (JAPEX), and Agro-Tourism Farmers’ Market. At JAPEX, local suppliers not only showcase their products but also participate in meetings with buyers in the tourism sector while the primary objective of the Speed Networking Event is to strengthen linkages and increase business between local suppliers and players in the tourism sector, with past events targeting manufacturing, agriculture and development/construction sectors. The Tourism Linkages Network is supported by a Tourism Linkages Council, made up of public- and private-sector partners who oversee the coordination and implementation of effective and sustainable strategies, which strengthen and facilitate linkages.       

  • Renewal of Human Capital       

Tourism remains one of the country’s most labour intensive sectors and we recognize that “quality” service is the most important hallmark of any globally-competitive tourism product.  If community-based enterprises and arts and crafts vendors, in particularly, are to maximize the benefits to be unlocked from our commitment to expanding community-based tourism in the coming years, we must support initiatives that target the provision of training and technical assistance  in  areas such as marketing, business administration,  product development , ICT use for artisans and community-based enterprises.

Our Craft Development Programme is committed to training local vendors in customer services, language, entrepreneurship and craft sales and helping to build capacity for craft producers in craft enhancement and business planning. In September of this year we launched our National Community Tourism Portal which we believe will be an  excellent marketing tool which will help local community-based tourism enterprises to keep pace with the competition by: building awareness of community tourism in Jamaica; providing comprehensive and engaging information on Jamaica’s community tourism product; providing an easy means for making community tourism bookings; and providing Community Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) with affordable and cost effective e-marketing service.

The portal forms part of the government’s US$15 million Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) project, which is being implemented by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), with funding from the World Bank. I also intend to follow through on my promise to develop an Institute of Craft which will enable the country to have goods made in Jamaica, sold by Jamaicans, and to carry the value of Jamaica to the four corners of the world.

To ensure that growth in cruise tourism benefits the our artisans and craft merchandisers we will be constructing three artisan villages at major ports   : one in Ocho Rios, St Ann, transforming the old Reynolds Pier; another in the Freeport, next to the Montego Bay Cruise Pier and replacing the existing craft market in the heart of the city; and the third in Falmouth, Trelawny, by the old wharf building.

In closing, I reiterate my commitment to transforming the country’s tourism product into an enabler of endogenous socio-economic  development  and it is my fervent hope that my strategic vision and plan of action for tourism enhancement and renewal will  position the sector to facilitate sustainable development by building and marketing  Brand Jamaica, fostering community development, supporting the growth of SMEs, creating jobs for thousands of Jamaicans, generating  much-needed tax revenues for government and providing increased spillover effects for other segments of the Jamaican economy.  

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The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts (MTCA)

About the Ministry

ministry of tourism vision

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts (MTCA) is responsible for transforming Trinidad and Tobago into a premier tourist destination, as well as the development of Trinidad and Tobago’s many cultural and artistic forms, through policy and strategic interventions, research, monitoring and evaluating trends, partnering with industry stakeholders, and raising awareness, among other things, to improve the country’s economic and social progress.

The MTCA is on a mission to grow and transform the tourism, culture and heritage resources for the benefit of Trinidad and Tobago. Our vision statement, “The vehicle through which society and the world experience who we are,” reflects our commitment to national socio-economic transformation and growth through the development of sustainable tourism and cultural sectors.

The identification of the new Ministry, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts by Gazette dated 9 September 2020, presented opportunities for synergies between the sectors.

In this regard, the Ministry aspires to establish an enabling environment that will allow these sectors to contribute more to the national economy while also instilling in citizens the importance of tourism and a feeling of national identity.

The Ministry acknowledges that a continuous collaborative effort is required to create and build alliances and partnerships with our stakeholders to achieve these goals. Our executive is led by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Senator the Honourable Randall Mitchell; the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Videsh Maharaj; and the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ms. Jasmine Pascal.


Permanent Secretary (Ag.)

Deputy Permanent Secretary

Deputy Permanent Secretary

Units within the ministry, office of the minister.

Office of the Minister has overall responsibility for the Tourism and Cultural sectors and setting the Ministry’s policy direction. The Minister exercises authority to grant incentives under the Tourism Development Act.

Office of the Permanent Secretary

Office of the Permanent Secretary is in charge of planning and managing the Ministry’s operations and functions and providing technical assistance and policy implementation. The Permanent Secretary is the Ministry’s Accounting Officer and has fiduciary responsibility for the Ministry’s management.

Office of the Deputy Permanent Secretary

Office of the Deputy Permanent Secretary assists with planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the Ministry’s technical and administrative support functions.

Research and Planning   Unit

Research and Planning Unit is primarily responsible for tourism research and provides information and knowledge supporting decision-making. The Unit’s functions include overseeing the implementation of the Ministry’s Development Programme, reporting and preparation of briefs, responses to Parliamentary Questions and Cabinet Notes. The Unit’s research mission includes increasing the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts’ data gathering and analysis capabilities to provide relevant, up-to-date information that leads to evidence-based decision-making.

Tourism Advisory Unit

The Tourism Advisory Unit spearheads the formulation of policies and sub-policies that advance the country’s tourism sector and examines trends that influence tourism. The Unit provides advice, guidance, and recommendations based on the findings of those trends to inform the future of the tourism sector. The TAU also provides policy-driven and strategic advice on tourism-related issues by preparing Technical Reports and Briefs.

Investment, Facilitation and Monitoring Unit

This Investment, Facilitation and Monitoring Unit is primarily responsible for facilitating investment incentives in the tourism sector for Trinidad and Tobago. Essentially there are two categories of tourism incentives: legislated and non-legislated. The legislated tourism incentives are included under the Tourism Development Act (2000), Chapter 87:22 and are mainly to facilitate financial incentives for Accommodation projects (Hotels), Ancillary projects (theme parks) and Transportation projects (vehicles). The non-legislated tourism incentives are programmes approved by the Cabinet. There are currently two non-legislated tourism incentives available: the Government Loan Guarantee Programme (GLG) and the Tourism Accommodation Upgrade Programme (TAUP).

Project & Facilities Management Unit

Project & Facilities Management Unit is responsible for the facility management and upgrades of six (6) sites. These sites are:

Maracas Beach, Las Cuevas Beach, Vessigny Beach, Manzanilla Beach, La Brea & Paramin Look Out

The Projects Unit also collaborates with other Government and State agencies to upgrade tourism sites, such as the Galera Point Lighthouse project. It provides support to the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA), Naparima Bowl and Queen’s Hall, to name a few.

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The formulation, implementation and maintenance of a results-based monitoring and evaluation system that examines whether the Ministry’s policies and initiatives are aligned with the country’s national goals and outcomes. This is measured against the National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016-2030 and the National Performance Framework (NPF) 2017-2020 and whether the Ministry’s and the Tourism Trinidad Destination Management Company’s performance meets their objectives. This Unit also monitors the implementation of the Ministry’s  Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) to ensure that the projects of the Ministry add value and are being implemented transparently.

Legal Services Unit

The Legal Services Unit’s role in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts satisfies legislative compliance requirements, the fulfilment of day-to-day requests for opinions and the drafting, execution and administration of various types of agreements/contracts, contract management, taking proactive and rigorous steps to protect the Ministry from legal exposure and consistently strengthening the Ministry’s legal framework by making constructive inputs at various stages of the legislative review and policy formulation processes.

Communication Unit

This Communication Unit assists the Ministry in achieving its strategic objectives. It is responsible for the Ministry’s image, branding, advertising and public relations. It informs and explains the Ministry’s policies and programmes through internal and external communications by providing timely, accurate and credible information to citizens about the tourism, culture and arts portfolio.

Information Technology Unit

The Information Technology Unit’s objective is to establish and support an ICT strategy in line with the Ministry’s policies and programs. The MTCA’s ICT strategy provides a unique opportunity to rethink tourism products to meet individual demands and satisfy consumer desires. The Unit also develops and maintains high-speed ICT infrastructure and software applications crucial to the MTCA’s success.

Administration Unit

The primary responsibility of the Administration Unit is to provide timely administrative services in records management, office management, messenger and mail support, procurement of office machines and supplies, staff safety and comfort, and facilities management.

Finance & Accounting Unit

The Finance & Accounting Unit manages the payroll and other financial elements of the Ministry. The Unit’s work with the various units of the Ministry to evaluate its financial situation and keeps track of the organization’s planned payments, such as inventory, salary, and other business-related expenses.

Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit guarantees that the Ministry’s accounting systems comply with financial rules and regulations.

Human Resource Management Unit

This Unit’s primary goal is to attract, develop, and keep high-quality staff to meet the company’s strategic goals. The department achieves this through planning, human resource development, training, and personnel orientation. It also focuses on employee relations such as industrial relations, health and safety and employee benefits.

The Library is a support unit within the Ministry which strives to stimulate human capacity by the provision of the most current information resources as well as reference and research services.  The resources – digital and print – aim to foster greater knowledge in the areas of tourism, culture, the arts and other related areas leading to an increase in the creative capacity, innovation and competitive advantage of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts.

Vision & Mission

Vision :  The vehicle through which society and the world experience who we are (Trinidad and Tobago).

Mission :  To grow and transform the tourism, culture and heritage resources for the benefit of Trinidad and Tobago.

Core Values 

RESPECT for the rights and dignity of all persons and respect for the wider environment that sustains life.

TRANSPARENCY  through clear and open communication regarding the conduct of business.

ACCOUNTABILITY by accepting responsibility for decisions and actions and disclosing results in an objective manner.

INTEGRITY through a value system of fairness and justice that compels the Ministry to do what is right morally, legally and ethically.

TEAMWORK through collaboration to build and seek consensus rather than individual interests

PROFESSIONALISM  through competence, skill and good judgment in order to achieve the Ministry’s mandate.

INNOVATION  by promoting an environment that fosters continuous improvement and the use of ground-breaking information communications technology (ICT).

CREATIVITY through the use of imaginative or novel ideas to create value for the Tourism and Culture Sectors.

Culture Division

View Grants & Sponsorships

Festival Development

Festival Development

Development of the Cultural Industries

Development of the Cultural Industries

Development of Competencies in the Visual, Literary and Performing Arts

Development of Competencies in the Visual, Literary and Performing Arts

Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation

Performing Arts Entities

Performing Arts Entities

ministry of tourism vision

Job Opportunities


ministry of tourism vision


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ministry of tourism vision

  • Overview of the ministry

Ministry of Tourism

  • Introduction

Ministry of Tourism was established under the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2187/27, dated 09th August 2020, as   amended by the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2196/27, dated 06th October, 2020.   Strengthening the tourism industry as a high foreign exchange, income, employment and livelihood generating sector and thereby making Sri Lanka an attractive tourist destination highlighting Sri Lankan culture, biodiversity, eco friendliness and the friendly identity of the people are among the main objectives of the establishment of a dedicated Ministry in charge of the subject of tourism.

1.2. Vision, Mission

1.2.1. Vision

To be recognized as the world’s finest island for memorable, authentic and diverse experiences.

1.2.2. Mission

To be a high- value destination offering extraordinary experiences that reflect Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural heritage are socially inclusive and environmentally responsible and provide economic benefits to Communities and the country, while sustaining the flora & fauna 

1. 3. Key Functions

  • Formulating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policies, programmes and projects, related to subjects and functions under the purview of the Ministry.
  • Providing policy guidance to relevant State Ministry, and formulating policies in relation to the subject of Tourism, in conformity with the prescribed Laws, Acts and Ordinances.
  • Implementation of projects under the national budget, state Investment and National Development Programme.
  • State Corporations and Statutory Institutions for the creation of "an environmental  and local culture friendly, high foreign exchange earning tourism industry” based on the national policies implemented by the government, and in accordance with the policy statement "Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor".

1. 3.1.  Special Priorities

  • Formulating a programme for the development of the industry as an environment and local cultural friendly tourism with the broad participation of people.
  • Formulation of a special mechanism for the safety of the tourists.
  • Identifying new attractive destinations for the local/foreign tourist.
  • Provision of facilities for the conduct of business seminars, functions, exhibitions and seminars in order to attract tourists.
  • Providing investments and other facilities to the private sector for the development of tourism industry.
  • Establishing tourist service centers at road junctions connecting the main tourist cities.
  • Regulating the tourist facilities approval process through establishment of regional offices.
  • Establishing tourism training schools in main tourist cities and introduction of attractive skill development courses
  • Development of homestead and community-based tourism industry
  • Initiating actions for the registration, training and certification of identity of all tourist guides and drivers
  • Introduction of a special programme for creation of tourism industry related entrepreneurs.
  • Provision of facilities for tourists by adoption of information technology
  • Adoption of a methodology through one coordinating center under the One Stop concept
  • Establishment of high standard tourism hotels, and doubling the number of hotel rooms currently available
  • Introducing a methodology in imparting accurate knowledge and information to the tourist guides for the dissemination of correct information relating to national heritages and archeological sites among the tourists.

1.4. Organization Chart

Org chart

1.5.  Institutions coming under the Ministry

  • Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau
  • Sri Lanka Convention Bureau
  • Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Department of Botanical Gardens

Hon.Minister of Tourism

  • 7th Floor, Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Galle Road, Colombo 03. Sri Lanka.
  • +94 11 239 5133
  • info(at)
  • No. 696/4, Maradana Road, Colombo 10. Sri Lanka.
  • +94 11 232 1222
  • +94 11 243 6672

State Ministry of Tourism

  • 18th Floor, Suhurupaya, Battaramulla Colombo. Sri Lanka.
  • +94 11 218 7472
  • +94 11 218 7471

අමාත්‍ය කාර්යාලය

  • 7 වන මහල, බටහිර කුළුණ , ශ්‍රී ලංකා සංචාරක හා හෝටල් කළමනාකරණ පුහුණු ආයතනය, ගාලුපාර, කොළඹ 03. ශ්‍රී ලංකාව.

සංචාරක අමාත්‍යාංශය

  • No. 696/4, මරදාන පාර , කොළඹ 10. ශ්‍රී ලංකාව.

සංචාරක රාජ්‍ය අමාත්‍යාංශය

  • 18 වන මහල, සුහුරුපාය , බත්තරමුල්ල, කොළඹ ශ්‍රී ලංකාව.

கௌரவ சுற்றுலாத்துறை அமைச்சர்

  • 7 வது மாடி, இலங்கை சுற்றுலா மற்றும் ஹோட்டல் முகாமைத்துவ நிறுவனம் காலி வீதி, கொழும்பு 03, இலங்கை.

சுற்றுலாத்துறை அமைச்சு

  • 2 வது மாடி, எசெட் ஆர்கேட் (பிரைவேட்) லிமிடெட், இல. 51/2/1, யோர்க் வீதி கொழும்பு 01. இலங்கை.

சுற்றுலாத்துறை இராஜாங்க அமைச்சு

  • 18 வது மாடி, சுஹுருபாய, பத்தரமுல்ல கொழும்பு இலங்கை.

Tourism News

News - tourism.

ministry of tourism vision

Melbourne Rebels team flies to Sri Lanka to promote Rugby and Sports Tourism

Posted on July 20, 2018

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and Agoal Rugby, has organized an exclusive Rugby tournament in order to promote Sri Lanka as a Sports Tourism destination and give an opportunity to young Sri Lankan Ru

Sri Lanka celebrates its milestone surpassing 100,000 Russian arrivals through direct flights

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, in collaboration with Airport and Aviation Services organized a special ceremony to celebrate 100,000 tourist arrivals from Russian Federation through direct flights.

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The official email facility is temporarily out of service. Therefore, please use other contact methods to contact the Ministry of Tourism.

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Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife  Logo

A vibrant and innovative tourism industry supported by sustainable wildlife resources

To facilitate good governance for sustainable development, management and marketing of tourism and wildlife

The Mandate of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife as derived from the Executive Order No. 1 of June 2018 on Organisation of the Government of the Republic of Kenya is:-

  • Tourism Policy and Standards.
  • Wildlife Conservation and Protection Policy.
  • Protection of Wildlife Heritage.
  • Management of National Parks, Reserves and Marine Parks.
  • Development and Promotion of Tourism.
  • Wildlife Conservation Training and Research.
  • Wildlife Conservation and Protection Education and Awareness.
  • Training on Tourism Services.
  • Tourism Financing.
  • Tourism Research and Monitoring.
  • Protection of Tourism and Regulation.
  • Marketing of Kenya to Local and International Tourists.
  • Wildlife Biodiversity Management and Protection.
  • Collaboration with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya.
  • Management of Wildlife Dispersal Areas in collaboration with Partners.

The said mandate is achieved through the through following institutions:-

  • Kenya Tourism Regulatory Authority (Tourism Act, 2011)
  • Kenya Wildlife Service (Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013)
  • Kenya Wildlife Research and Training Institute
  • Kenya Tourism Finance Corporation (Tourism Act, 2011, Cap23)
  • Kenya Utalii College (Tourism Act, 2011)
  • The Kenya Tourism Fund (Tourism Act, 2011)
  • Kenya Tourism Research Institute and Monitoring Mechanism (Tourism Act,2011)
  • Kenya Tourism Protection Service (Tourism Act,2011)
  • Kenya Tourism Board (Tourism Act, 2011)
  • Brand Kenya (Brand Kenya Board Order, No. 109 of 2008)
  • Kenyatta International Conventional Centre (Tourism Act,2011)
  • Bomas of Kenya
  • Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels
  • Kenya Cultural Centre (Kenya Cultural Centre, Cap. 218)


Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Ministry of Tourism

  • Our Responsibilities

The Ministry of Tourism has the responsibility for the sustainable development of tourism with special emphasis on the promotion and marketing of Eco-tourism and the development of products and services in keeping with that emphasis. As part of the marketing and development of the sector the Discover Dominica Authority has been established. The Tourism Sector Development Programme has been setup to assist with infrastructural development technical assistance, community development, as well as destination and service marketing.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission : To provide the enabling environment to facilitate the development and expansion of economic activities in tourism in a manner consistent with development goals, so as to contribute to national economic growth, while maintaining an efficient and effective justice system, that enhances the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

Our Vision : To position Dominica as the premier Eco-tourism destination in the region, supported by an enabling justice system and facilitated by efficient and effective support services.

  • Privacy & Copyright Notices

Copyright © 2023 - Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. All rights reserved.

  • Departments
  • Investing in Dominica
  • Community Tourism Project
  • Press Release
  • Documents for Review
  • Tourism Policies

ministry of tourism vision

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President Xi Jinping Meets with U.S. President Joe Biden

ministry of tourism vision

On November 15 local time, President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden held a summit meeting at the Filoli Estate, San Francisco. The two heads of state had a candid and in-depth exchange of views on strategic and overarching issues critical to the direction of China-U.S. relations and on major issues affecting world peace and development.

President Xi Jinping was warmly received by President Joe Biden upon arrival at the Filoli Estate.

President Xi Jinping noted that China and the United States are faced with two options in the era of global transformations unseen in a century: One is to enhance solidarity and cooperation and join hands to meet global challenges and promote global security and prosperity; and the other is to cling to the zero-sum mentality, provoke rivalry and confrontation, and drive the world toward turmoil and division. The two choices point to two different directions that will decide the future of humanity and Planet Earth. The China-U.S. relationship, which is the most important bilateral relationship in the world, should be perceived and envisioned in this broad context. For China and the United States, turning their back on each other is not an option. It is unrealistic for one side to remodel the other. And conflict and confrontation has unbearable consequences for both sides. Major-country competition cannot solve the problems facing China and the United States or the world. The world is big enough to accommodate both countries, and one country’s success is an opportunity for the other.

President Xi Jinping elaborated on the essential features of Chinese modernization and its significance, China’s development prospects, and its strategic intention. He pointed out that China’s development is driven by its inherent logic and dynamics. China is promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through Chinese modernization. It will not take the old path of colonization and plundering, or the wrong path of seeking hegemony with growing strength. It does not export its ideology. It has no plan to surpass or unseat the United States. Likewise, the United States should not scheme to suppress and contain China.

President Xi Jinping pointed out that mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation are the lessons learned from 50 years of China-U.S. relations as well as the conflicts between major countries in history. China and the United States should put in a lot of efforts to follow them. In San Francisco, the two sides should assume a new vision and build together five pillars for China-U.S. relations.

First, jointly developing a right perception. China is consistently committed to having a stable, healthy and sustainable relationship with the United States. At the same time, China has interests that must be safeguarded, principles that must be upheld, and red lines that must not be crossed. We hope that the two countries could be partners that respect each other and coexist in peace.

Second, jointly managing disagreements effectively. Disagreements should not be a chasm that keeps the two countries apart. Instead, the two sides should look for ways to build bridges to help them walk toward each other. It is important that they appreciate each other’s principles and red lines, and refrain from flip-flopping, being provocative, and crossing the lines. They should have more communications, more dialogues and more consultations, and calmly handle their differences as well as accidents.

Third, jointly advancing mutually beneficial cooperation. China and the United States have broad common interests in a wide range of areas, including traditional areas such as the economy, trade and agriculture, as well as emerging areas such as climate change and artificial intelligence (AI). Under current circumstances, the common interests between China and the United States have increased, not decreased. It is important to fully utilize the restored and new mechanisms in foreign policy, economy, finance, commerce, agriculture and other fields, and carry out cooperation in such areas as counternarcotics, judicial and law enforcement affairs, AI, and science and technology.

Fourth, jointly shouldering responsibilities as major countries. The problems facing human society cannot be solved without cooperation between major countries. China and the United States should lead by example, step up coordination and cooperation on international and regional issues, and provide more public goods for the world. The two sides should keep their initiatives open to each other or coordinate and connect them for synergy to the benefit of the world.

Fifth, jointly promoting people-to-people exchanges. The two sides should increase scheduled flights, advance tourism cooperation, expand subnational exchanges, strengthen cooperation in education and disability affairs, reduce negative factors hindering people-to-people exchanges, and encourage and support greater interactions and communication between their peoples, to cement the foundation for the healthy development of China-U.S. relations.

ministry of tourism vision

President Xi Jinping elaborated on China’s principled position on the Taiwan question. He pointed out that the Taiwan question remains the most important and most sensitive issue in China-U.S. relations. China takes seriously the positive statements made by the United States in the Bali meeting. The U.S. side should take real actions to honor its commitment of not supporting “Taiwan independence”, stop arming Taiwan, and support China’s peaceful reunification. China will realize reunification, and this is unstoppable.

President Xi Jinping pointed out that U.S. actions against China regarding export control, investment screening and unilateral sanctions seriously hurt China’s legitimate interests. Development of China is innovation-driven. Stifling China’s technological progress is nothing but a move to contain China’s high-quality development and deprive the Chinese people of their right to development. China’s development and growth, driven by its own inherent logic, will not be stopped by external forces. It is important that the U.S. side take China’s concerns seriously and adopt tangible steps to lift its unilateral sanctions so as to provide an equal, fair and nondiscriminatory environment for Chinese businesses.

President Joe Biden extended a warm welcome to President Xi Jinping to the United States for the meeting upon invitation. He said that he and President Xi Jinping had an important meeting a year ago in Bali. San Francisco is the gateway for Chinese immigrants to the United States, the place where the United States and China signed the U.N. Charter, and the first to establish a sister city relationship with China. It is fitting that the two presidents have another face-to-face meeting in San Francisco. He said he looked forward to a productive meeting, building on the basis set in Bali.

President Biden noted that he has always believed that the U.S.-China relationship is the most important bilateral relationship in the world. Conflict between the two countries is not inevitable. A stable and growing China is good for the United States and the whole world. When the Chinese economy grows, it benefits the United States and the world. When the United States and China keep their relations stable, prevent conflict, manage differences, and cooperate in areas of shared interest, they will be better able to handle the issues facing themselves and common challenges. He reaffirmed the five commitments he made in Bali, i.e., the United States does not seek a new Cold War, does not seek to change China’s system, does not seek to revitalize its alliances against China, does not support “Taiwan independence”, and has no intention to have a conflict with China. The two economies are mutually dependent. The United States is glad to see prosperity in China. It does not seek to contain or suppress China’s development or to decouple with China. The United States adheres to the one-China policy, welcomes dialogue between government agencies at various levels, and is ready to maintain open and candid communication with China to increase understanding, avoid misperceptions and manage differences. The United States is ready to keep growing economic and trade relations and strengthen cooperation with China in such important areas as fighting climate change, counternarcotics and AI. The U.S. side is glad to see more direct flights and more educational, scientific and technological and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

The two presidents acknowledged the efforts of their respective teams to discuss the development of principles related to China-U.S. relations since the meeting in Bali. They stressed the importance of all countries treating each other with respect and finding a way to live alongside each other peacefully, and of maintaining open lines of communication, preventing conflict, upholding the U.N. Charter, cooperating in areas of shared interest, and responsibly managing competitive aspects of the relationship. The leaders welcomed continued discussions in this regard.

The two presidents agreed to promote and strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the two countries in various areas including China-U.S. government talks on AI and the establishment of a working group on counternarcotics cooperation. They agreed to resume on the basis of equality and respect high-level military-to-military communication, the China-U.S. Defense Policy Coordination Talks, and the China-U.S. Military Maritime Consultative Agreement meetings, and to conduct telephone conversations between theater commanders. They also agreed to commit to work toward a significant further increase in scheduled passenger flights early next year; and expand educational, student, youth, cultural, sports and business exchanges.

The two leaders underscored the importance of working together to accelerate efforts to tackle the climate crisis in this critical decade. They welcomed recent positive discussions between their respective special envoys for climate, including on national actions to reduce emissions in the 2020s and on common approaches toward a successful COP28 and on operationalization of the Working Group on Enhancing Climate Action in the 2020s to accelerate concrete climate actions.

Following the meeting, President Joe Biden hosted a luncheon in honor of President Xi Jinping. The two heads of state exchanged views on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and other international and regional issues of mutual concern.

ministry of tourism vision

President Joe Biden invited President Xi Jinping for a walk in the Filoli Estate, and he escorted President Xi to his limousine to bid farewell.

The meeting was positive, comprehensive and constructive. It has charted the course for improving and developing China-U.S. relations. And San Francisco should be a new starting point for stabilizing China-U.S. relations. They instructed their teams to build on the understandings reached in Bali and to timely follow up on and implement the new vision agreed on at San Francisco. The two heads of state agreed to continue their regular contact.

Cai Qi, Director of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, and Wang Yi, Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, attended the events.

  • Xi Jinping Sends Message of Condolence to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Crash of A Russian Plane
  • Xi Jinping Attends and Delivers a Keynote Speech at the Leaders' Summit of the 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Working Together to Build a Community of All Life on Earth

ministry of tourism vision

  • Publication

The Ministry of Tourism is responsible for Tourism development in Tonga. It is our vision that Tonga will have a growing tourism sector and to be recognized as the leading Pacific destination for tourists that drive a sustainable and resilient tourism and economic growth for Tonga, through increased empowerment of key users and operators at the national, regional and international levels.

Tourism will be the key driver of Tonga’s sustainable and resilient future economic growth, enhancing our unique culture and heritage, supporting healthy, clean environment and increasing wealth for all Tongans.

Our Mission

To support, develop and increase inclusive, sustainable and resilient tourism in partnership with the relevant stakeholders local and abroad.

Whale Watching ACT

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Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MoTAC) Ghana

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  • Ghana Museums and Monuments Board (GMMB)
  • National Theatre of Ghana (NTG)
  • National Commission on Culture (NCC)
  • Ghana Tourism Development Company (GTDC)
  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park (KNMP)
  • W.E.B. Du Bois Centre
  • Hotel Catering and Tourism Training Institute (HOTCATT)
  • Bureau of Ghana Languages (BGL)
  • National Folklore Board (NFB)
  • Pan African Writers Association (PAWA)
  • National Film Authority (NFA)
  • Creative Arts Agency (CAA)
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  • National Register – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ghana
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The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, welcomes you to its website, which is intended to inform you about the rich cultural and diverse heritage which are depicted in forts and castles, festivals, and arts and craft; evergreen forests and wonders of nature like mountains, lakes and waterfalls which abound in Ghana. In addition, you would have the opportunity of being introduced to a myriad of programmes and activities that the sector is engaged in. Through such programmes, you will get first-hand information about the rich and entertaining music, cultural dances and unique languages which surely will spice up your life.

The Ministry exists to create a conducive environment for sustainable growth and development of the sector to enable it to contribute enormously to GDP through effective and efficient use of appropriate policies, plans, programs and projects.

ministry of tourism vision

Sector Minister

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal

ministry of tourism vision

Deputy Minister

Mr. Mark Okraku Mantey

ministry of tourism vision

Chief Director

Mr. John Yao Agbeko

With the able leadership of the Minister, Deputy and Chief Director, the directorates work to ensure proper coordination of policy, resource allocation, and budgeting; research and information management; stable management framework for the overall manpower needs of the sector; proper financial management; judicious use of resources; good communication and client service.

News Updates

Staff of MoTAC undergo training to sharpen skills in Statistical Analysis with Excel

Press Release: Closure of Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & National Museum of Ghana

MoTAC staff receive training in service excellence.

Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey launches 2023 World Tourism Day in Ada

Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey launches Tourism month

Hon. Deputy Minister For Tourism inaugurates twenty-member committee to review Draft Culture Policy

Ghana has been elected to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Council

2023 panafest/Emancipation kick- starts today with Northern Pilgrimage

Minister of Tourism interacts with Board and Management of GTA

President Akufo Addo re-opens refurbished Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

The Ministry together with its agencies and related organizations organizes events in the area of arts, tourism, and culture. Notable events include  The Year of Return, Beyond the Return, World Tourism Day, Festivals, and Paragliding among others.

Attractions & Investment Opportunities

ministry of tourism vision

Government of B.C.

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Hundreds of clean, highly skilled jobs coming to Maple Ridge

New manufacturing plant will bring hundreds of jobs to BC

New act streamlines credential recognition for internationally trained professionals

More from the premier.

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Federal-provincial support helping disaster-affected farmers

Canada, b.c. helps farmers mitigate, adapt to climate change, more from this ministry.

  • Minister's Bio

Celebrate advocates for anti-racism, multiculturalism

Celebrate advocates for anti-racism, multiculturalism

Process updating Money Judgment Enforcement Act complete

Simpcw expands prevention services to urban families through new agreement, minister’s statement on foster family month, more grant recipients promoting bc demographic survey.

More grant recipients promoting BC Demographic Survey

Faster internet coming to two qathet communities

Hundreds of new student spaces coming to coquitlam.

New student spaces coming to Coquitlam

Hundreds of new student spaces coming to Surrey

New emergency management legislation, task force pave way for resilient communities.

A group of firefighters gather around a helicopter

Governments come together to build flood resilience in Nooksack, Sumas watersheds

B.c. making it easier to buy zero-emission vehicles.

B.C. making it easier to buy zero-emission vehicles

Canada, U.S. make progress toward Columbia River Treaty agreement-in-principle

Provincial environmental assessment certificate granted for cariboo gold.

Gold mine will bring hundreds of jobs to central BC - Two people on a worksite consult a clipboard

Nuxalk, Kitasoo Xai’xais guardians appointed with park ranger authority

More transparent job postings mean fairer work environments.

Taking action to close the gender pay gap

Province supporting people by increasing climate action tax credit

Province launches made-in-b.c. conservation tool, takes further action on old-growth forest.

Taking further action on old-growth forest

Value-added wood manufacturing expanded through collaboration

Actions protect people, b.c. communities this respiratory illness season.

Practice healthy habits, flu season has arrived

New long-term care home coming to Nanaimo

Legislation introduced to deliver more homes near transit hubs.

Taking action to build more homes near transit

New affordable homes coming to West Kootenays

Landmark agreement supports first nations participation in forestry, annual report updates collective efforts to achieve objectives of un declaration, b.c.’s highest honour recognizes 14 british columbians.

B.C.’s highest honour recognizes 14 British Columbians

Submit a nomination for the Medal of Good Citizenship

Rural communities will be boosted through value-added manufacturing, fairness coming for gig workers.

Taking action to improve working conditions for app-based gig workers

B.C. minimum wage increases June 1 for lowest-paid workers

Recovery centre helps vancouver island men break addiction cycle.

Recovery centre helps Vancouver Island men break addiction cycle

Sobering centre offers safe space for people in Prince George

New vision connects rural b.c. to a stronger future.

StrongerBC: Good Lives in Strong Communities

Children empowered with lifelong learning through reading

BC passes International Credentials Recognition Act

Apprenticeship Recognition Month acknowledges skilled trades

Enhanced support coming for british columbians impacted by crime.

Enhanced support coming for British Columbians impacted by crime

B.C. takes critical step to address public use of illegal drugs

People in b.c. to benefit from healthier, stronger communities through boost to non-profits.

Non-Profit Recognition Day

Northern B.C. getting better access to nutritious food

Influx of tourists for 111th grey cup will bolster b.c.’s economy.

Influx of tourists for 111th Grey Cup will bolster B.C.’s economy

More infrastructure support creates resilient tourism sector, communities

Permanent climate-resilient bridges completed on coquihalla highway, advanced aerial mapping program delivers better public data, new standardized designs will help build more homes quicker.

Honourable Ravi Kahlon

Honourable Ravi Kahlon

Minister of Housing and Government House Leader

Email: [email protected]


News release, media contacts, ministry of housing.

  • Visit Ministry Website

Featured Topics

  • Progress on Homes for B.C.

Featured Services

  • Strata Housing
  • Building and Safety Standards
  • Residential Tenancy Branch

New standardized designs will help build more homes quicker

Homeowners and builders will soon be able to develop new housing quicker and with less cost as the Province works to create new standardized designs for small-scale, multi-unit homes, such as townhomes, triplexes and laneway homes.

“In order to address our housing crisis, we must use innovative solutions to enable housing to be built faster,” said Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Housing. “Having standardized building designs available can help streamline the permitting process. We will work to add additional designs in the coming years to ensure our communities remain vibrant and have a variety of housing options.”

Through the new Standardized Housing Design Project, the Province is creating new standardized, customizable residential designs for small-scale, multi-unit housing built on single lots. These designs can be adopted by local governments and offered to builders and homeowners at a significantly below-market cost to expedite permitting and development. The Province is seeking to engage a consultant team to provide expert advice on the development of these designs.

Standardized designs can substantially streamline the permitting process to make it easier for local governments to give building-permit approvals quickly and save builders and homeowners the costs that come from expensive design services. They also assist smaller local governments that may not have the resources to develop standardized designs to help approve developments efficiently and quickly.

The move follows the recent introduction of legislation that, when passed, will allow three to four units on land currently zoned for single-family homes and duplexes, and as many as six units near bus stops with frequent transit service. During the consultation process, local governments suggested a catalogue of design options needs to be available to support small-scale developers, builders and homeowners to build these new homes.

A request for proposals to select a consultant was issued Nov. 15, 2023, for the first phase of the project and will close Dec. 13, 2023. The consultant’s scope of work will include collaborative engagement with industry professionals and local governments to develop the design parameters that can be used to create standardized housing designs. The consultant will also support the Province in reviewing the draft and completed designs. 

The Province will work with the consultant for nine months, with the goal to procure design services by spring 2024. Standardized designs and plans are expected to be available to local governments by summer 2024.

As many as 10 different designs will be developed. The designs will comply with the BC Building Code and are expected to be as close as possible to building-permit ready, recognizing minor amendments may be required by local designers or architects to take into account specific site conditions. The designs will be created for various lot sizes and configurations to be widely applicable throughout B.C. and are expected to help builders and homeowners add increased density to their existing properties quickly and more affordably.

In addition to the housing designs, a separate project is underway to develop guidebooks that can act as a blueprint for local governments to implement a pre-approval process and provide guidance to homeowners and small-scale builders about how to add density to their lots with standardized designs.

The Standardized Housing Design Project is in line with a key strategy of the Homes for People action plan to unlock more homes quicker by creating the conditions to encourage faster housing construction while also reducing development costs and approval delays. It also builds on actions such as the Housing Supply Act that allows the Province to set housing targets for municipalities with the greatest housing needs and greatest population growth.

Tom Dyas, mayor of Kelowna –

“We applaud the Province’s initiative to provide standard designs for infill housing, as we have witnessed the benefits of this approach in Kelowna. We initiated a similar design competition in the past that facilitated the accelerated construction of fourplexes on former single-family lots. This helped to improve the attainability, quality and affordability of housing in our existing neighbourhoods, and also boosted the local economy by creating opportunities for local builders.”

Mike Moffatt, founding director, PLACE Centre –

“Making standardized designs available speeds up approval processes, accelerates the adoption of innovative new technologies and techniques and reduces construction costs. British Columbia is once again showing leadership in addressing the housing shortage and providing a model for other provinces to emulate.”

Tamara White, executive director, Small Housing –

“Small Housing’s research shows that standardized designs for laneway homes and multiplexes can reduce uncertainty and costs for builders by significantly simplifying permitting, saving builders and local governments time and money. They also can raise aesthetic and energy efficiency design standards and help community members imagine what new housing options can look like in their neighbourhoods. We commend the work of the Province in recognizing the crucial role that standardized home designs will play in making our communities not just more livable and vibrant, but in ensuring that housing becomes more attainable for the many and not just the few."

Maura Gatensby, architect, lead practice adviser and regulatory liaison, Architectural Institute of B.C. –

“Codes are advancing rapidly and it can be difficult for the construction industry to keep up with the changes. The provision of standard designs of code-compliant homes will assist in addressing affordability, while making high-quality designs of the latest high-performance standards more readily available.”

Quick Facts:

  • This project is part of a $19-billion housing investment by the B.C. government.
  • Since 2017, the Province has nearly 77,000 homes that have been delivered or are underway.
  • In a related move, the Province allocated as much as $91 million over three years for a pilot project encouraging homeowners to develop new secondary suites in 2024.
  • The BC Building Code is a provincial regulation that governs how a building’s construction, alterations and demolitions are required to be carried out.

Learn More:

For information about this request for proposals, visit:

For information about BC Building Codes and Standards, visit:

To learn about the steps the Province is taking to tackle the housing crisis and deliver affordable homes for British Columbians, visit:

For information about B.C. legislation, visit:

A backgrounder follows.


Facts about standardized housing design project.

The Province is launching its Standardized Housing Design project in two phases.

First, the Province will engage a consultant team to provide expert advice on the development of standardized designs for small-scale, multi-unit dwellings and accessory dwelling units.

Second, the Province will select a designer to create as many as 10 designs based on the design parameters determined by the consultant team.

Key points related to the overall project:

  • To make it easier for local governments and faster for builders to construct small-scale multi-unit dwellings (SSMUDs) and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
  • To lower the initial design costs and building costs for SSMUDs and ADUs for homeowners and small-scale builders.
  • To provide a catalogue of quality BC Building Code-compliant building designs.
  • To improve livability of unit layouts.
  • Effective stakeholder engagement with local governments and industry experts to determine the design parameters that take into account various site configurations and conditions, design layouts and unit sizes.
  • Support in drafting the designer procurement materials to ensure accurate guidelines in the request for proposals and provide ministry support in evaluating proposals received and in the selection of a qualified designer.
  • Provide subject matter expertise in evaluating draft and completed designs delivered under the design contract with the selected designer.
  • Six designs for multi-unit infill projects with as many as four units on a lot that are buildable and marketable with a focus on affordability.
  • Designs are to target urban and suburban lots where the greatest uptake would be expected.
  • Designs must account for varying lot configurations, such as laneway access, interior lots and corner lots.
  • Four distinct designs for detached accessory dwelling units.
  • Project launch: December 2023
  • Procurement of designer: spring 2024
  • Final designs available to local governments : summer 2024
  • StandardizedHousing_Chinese(simplified).pdf
  • StandardizedHousing_Chinese(traditional).pdf
  • StandardizedHousing_French.pdf

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New second-stage homes open for women, children leaving violence.

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The Ministry of Tourism will be a global industry leader in destination marketing and management, contributing sustainably to a thriving national economy.

Our Mission

The Ministry of Tourism will achieve its vision through a holistic approach that is research, data, and technology-driven.

In doing so, the Ministry will encourage and facilitate:

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  1. FAITH publishes India Tourism Vision 2035 document

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  2. Notice from Ministry of Tourism

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  3. Namibia Vision 2030

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  4. Ministry of Tourism Re-Opening Update.

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  6. Ministry of Tourism: Sectoral Presentation 2021/2022 by tourismja

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  1. Ministry of Tourism Launches DOTS Reimbursement Grant

  2. Mosque in Jeddah Red Sea🇸🇦 #jeddah #islam #redsea

  3. New Vision Marketplace Ministry

  4. Future of Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Industry and the way forward


  1. Vision & Mission

    Vision StatementThe Ministry of Tourism will be a global industry leader in destination marketing and management, contributing sustainably to a thriving national economy.Mission of The Ministry of TourismThe Ministry of Tourism will achieve its vision through an holistic approach that is research, data, and technology driven.In doing so, the Min...

  2. Our Vision & Mission

    Our Vision "Tourism, the engine of innovation and sustainable economic growth." Our Mission "Create unique tourism experiences that will transform Jamaica's landscape, the talents of its people and vibrant culture into opportunities for a better Jamaica."

  3. Vision and Mission

    Bojanala Reports General Newsletters Access to Information (PAIA) Tourism Annual Report 2021-22 Current Projects National Tourism Careers Expo (NTCE) 2023 South African Tourism Climate Change Communication Strategy Tourist Guiding 2023 Best Practices Workshop

  4. Ministry of Tourism

    Our Vision The Ministry of Tourism envisions to become a benchmark for sustainable tourism development - a nation with an economically profitable tourism industry in harmony with its natural environment, cultural resources, and the values of its people.

  5. The Ministry of Tourism's Five- Year Strategic Vision for Tourism

    The Ministry of Tourism values our network of partners which include hoteliers, the business community, arts and craft vendors, farmers, service providers and community-based enterprises. We are committed to strengthening existing partnerships and forging new ones to ensure a collaborative inclusive approach to tourism development in Jamaica.

  6. Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Vision and Mission Statements

    Vision Statement: The Ministry of Tourism will be a global industry leader in destination marketing and management, contributing sustainably to a thriving national economy. Mission Statement: The Ministry of Tourism will achieve its vision through an holistic approach that is research, data, and technology-driven.

  7. About

    Our vision statement, "The vehicle through which society and the world experience who we are," reflects our commitment to national socio-economic transformation and growth through the development of sustainable tourism and cultural sectors.

  8. VisionMission

    Mission To propel the tourism sector as a key engine of growth. To enhance the visibility of Mauritius as a top class tourist destination in traditional, emerging and new markets. To broaden the tourism product portfolio to include eco-tourism, spa and wellness tourism, cruise tourism, cultural tourism, business tourism and sporting events.

  9. Policy

    VISION Malaysia - Culturally Rich Sustainable Destination MISSION Empowering the Tourism Industry Ecosystem and Culture Inclusiveness MINISTRY'S POLICY STATEMENT ... Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture No. 2, Tower 1, Jalan P5/6 Presint 5, 62200 PUTRAJAYA 03 8000 8000 03 8891 7100

  10. Ministry of Tourism

    The Ministry of Tourism started operations in 2000, focusing on long-term growth. Its main objective is to implement the kingdom's vision for tourism, along with facilitating successful collaborations and developing national human capital

  11. Unparalleled Luxury Has Arrived In The Dominican Republic

    D.R. Ministry of Tourism, David Collado, and Cisneros Real Estate announced plans for the development of Four Seasons Resort and Residences Dominican Republic in Tropicalia.

  12. Mission and Goals / Tourism Industry Minnesota

    VISION. To be a top 10 destination for extraordinary travel in all four seasons. ... Explore Minnesota Tourism 121 7th Place East, Suite 360 St. Paul, MN 55101-2114 (888) 847-4866 or (651) 556-8465 [email protected] Explore Minnesota Website ...

  13. Ministry of Tourism

    Introduction; Ministry of Tourism was established under the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2187/27, dated 09th August 2020, as amended by the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2196/27, dated 06th October, 2020. Strengthening the tourism industry as a high foreign exchange, income, employment and livelihood generating sector and thereby making Sri Lanka an attractive tourist destination highlighting Sri ...

  14. Ministry of Tourism

    Ministry of Tourism | Saudi Arabia ... Loading...

  15. Annual Report 2020-21

    Website Content Managed by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India Designed, Developed and Hosted by National Informatics Centre ( NIC ) Last Update : 14-11-2023Ministry of Tourism, Government of India Designed, Developed and Hosted by National Informatics Centre ( NIC ) Last Update : 14-11-2023

  16. MoECC, Qatar Tourism to develop ecotourism destinations

    MoECC is keen to boost ecotourism in the country, given huge tourism potential in Qatar, such as sand dunes, mangrove forests, mangroves, and coasts. Dahl Al Misfir Cave is one of the most popular ...

  17. Vision, Mission & Mandate

    The Mandate of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife as derived from the Executive Order No. 1 of June 2018 on Organisation of the Government of the Republic of Kenya is:- Tourism Policy and Standards. Wildlife Conservation and Protection Policy. Protection of Wildlife Heritage. Management of National Parks, Reserves and Marine Parks.

  18. Ministry of Tourism

    The Ministry of Tourism started operations in 2000, focusing on long-term growth. Its main objective is to implement the kingdom's vision for tourism, along with facilitating successful collaborations and developing national human capital.

  19. Our Responsibilities

    Mission and Vision Our Mission : To provide the enabling environment to facilitate the development and expansion of economic activities in tourism in a manner consistent with development goals, so as to contribute to national economic growth, while maintaining an efficient and effective justice system, that enhances the quality of life for both ...

  20. President Xi Jinping Meets with U.S. President Joe Biden

    2023-11-16 13:04. On November 15 local time, President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden held a summit meeting at the Filoli Estate, San Francisco. The two heads of state had a candid and in-depth exchange of views on strategic and overarching issues critical to the direction of China-U.S. relations and on major issues affecting world ...

  21. Abdullah Saleh Alhabib on LinkedIn: #tourism #ministry_of_tourism

    Big thanks to the Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia for providing great programs to help us and achieve the vision of 2030 in this industry. #hospitality #management #tourism

  22. About us

    Our Vision Tourism will be the key driver of Tonga's sustainable and resilient future economic growth, enhancing our unique culture and heritage, supporting healthy, clean environment and increasing wealth for all Tongans. Our Mission

  23. Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MoTAC) Ghana

    The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC) is to facilitate the interface between government, implementing bodies in tourism, culture, and the creative industries as well as international civil society partners. The Ministry is to develop sustainable tourism pivoted on Ghanaian culture and creative arts as a key to accelerated national ...

  24. Mission and Goals

    The mission of the Ministry of Tourism (MT) is to pursue a clear and transparent tourism policy protecting the state and the public interest on the basis of the European Union principles. MT will work for positioning Bulgaria as a well known and preferred year-round tourist destination with clearly identifiable national identity, authentic ...

  25. Tourism & Visitors Bureau

    About the Tourism & Visitors Bureau. The Tourism and Visitors Bureau was created when the City's lodging tax was implemented. Ninety-five % (95%) of the proceeds obtained from the collection of lodging taxes must be used to fund a local convention or tourism bureau for the purpose of marketing and promoting the City as a tourist or convention center.

  26. New standardized designs will help build more homes quicker

    New standardized designs will help build more homes quicker. Homeowners and builders will soon be able to develop new housing quicker and with less cost as the Province works to create new standardized designs for small-scale, multi-unit homes, such as townhomes, triplexes and laneway homes. "In order to address our housing crisis, we must ...

  27. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

    Our VisionThe Ministry of Tourism will be a global industry leader in destination marketing and management, contributing sustainably to a thriving national economy.Our MissionThe Ministry of Tourism will achieve its vision through a holistic approach that is research, data, and technology-driven.In doing so, the Ministry will encourage and facilitate:i. the provision of exceptional authentic ...